How to wear white jeans, how to combine them with clothes and shoes

White color in clothes makes the image more expensive and stylish. Universal jeans in this shade by themselves have gained incredible popularity in both women's and men's wardrobe of 2019. What is better to wear white jeans to stay trendy? There are tons of options, just choose what you like.

White jeans for women: looks for all seasons

Summer is the best time for white things. Denim is no exception: thin samples of lightened jeans are very comfortable, they are not hot. The only negative is that any stain is very noticeable, so accuracy is required.

What to wear with white pants in the warm spring and summer? As in the case with standard jeans, all possible options are selected as the top: blouses, tops, t-shirts, shirts, turtlenecks, thin sweatshirts, etc. Blue denim products look beautiful: shirts, jeans.

The style direction can be anything, like the color scheme: everything is combined with white. Universal solutions: black, gray, light pink or white top, contrast jacket.

If a white top is chosen, then its shade must exactly match the trousers, otherwise the thing will look old or dirty.

For skinny models, the top is selected volumetric, multi-layer. For jeans, flared is better to stay on the fitted styles of the upper part of the wardrobe. White boyfriends are not the best solution, especially for owners of curvaceous. Such a thing will create excess volume in the hip area. It is better to give preference to a classic with a shortened bottom.

For autumn, it is recommended to stock up voluminous sweaters and cardigans. Shades can be bright or restrained. Outerwear - from daring leather jackets to light raincoats and oversized plush coats.

White women's jeans are quite suitable for total white bow - a real hit of 2019. A favorite is an ice shade. Companions in this way - T-shirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, cardigans and cardigans of any length, shoes - from sneakers and sandals to "father" sneakers and "Cossacks".

The best shoes for white jeans have a bright print or color. Since most of the look is neutral, choose shoes or boots in an animalistic style, with an interesting decor, in unexpectedly bright colors. Classic black, white, beige and brown shades of shoes are also quite appropriate.

Men's white jeans: how and what to wear

White jeans in the wardrobe of men are quite common. This is a symbol of youth, courage. White pants are a way to freshen up your wardrobe and stand out. The most popular men's jeans styles in white are slim, skinny, straight, loose cut, classic five-pocket.

The best ensemble for the summer - jeans with a loose shirt or t-shirt. In spring, white jeans of a classic cut will complement a jacket in basic shades. This image is a bit close to the official, but at the same time simple and original. As an outerwear in the off-season, a black leather jacket, a classic straight coat, a parka, and a denim will be an excellent choice.

There are no strict rules in terms of shoes for men's jeans: sneakers, sneakers, massive leather shoes, chelsea, suede desert shoes or loafers, etc.

It’s time to break the stereotype that white is fuller and few. Pants of the right style will become a favorite thing in the wardrobe, even if you have an imperfect figure. White jeans are an unconditional trend, no matter what they wear.

How to wear white jeans, how to combine them with clothes and shoes

White jeans are one of the most striking attributes that will help create a light and light summer look. Now that the facets of fashion have almost disappeared, and light dresses began to be worn in winter, combining with tight tights, it is nice to find this little island of sanity, which are white jeans. Despite the fact that they have been in the trend for more than 30 years, they are still considered one of the most relevant outfits for hot weather.

In fact, it is very difficult to find a person who at least once in his life did not wear simple jeans. Clothing that was once considered coarse and working, changed its color from blue to white. With this, she easily proved that in such an option she could become part of the wardrobe of even the richest fashionista.

In this article you can learn how to choose the right model for you, as well as create the right wardrobe that will help to present such jeans most favorably.

How to choose the right white jeans

When white jeans appeared in the 70s of the last century, one of the most successful supermodels of that time, Gene Shrimpton gradually made this trend not only English, but also spread it around the world.

White, the color of integrity and wealth, has always been quite status, especially before. Now, when a whole gallery of bleaches is sold on the shelves, wearing white things is becoming normal, but before, only very wealthy people who had numerous servants could afford such things.

Indeed, even now, when hand-washing machines have been replaced by automatic machines, not everyone decides to wear a beautiful white shirt or blouse, being afraid to easily stain it. And what can we say about white jeans: yes, they are scared to walk in Russian streets, fearing the end result of a walk.

However, in addition to problems with maintaining cleanliness, white jeans have another significant minus - they look advantageous only when the model was truly matched to the figure. Wrong option can easily turn even the most beautiful slender girl with legs from her ears into a chubby short-legged girl.

At the moment, due to the rather wide variety of models, choosing the right jeans is not a particularly difficult task. Now we’ll try to find out which models of these trousers will suit your figure:

Skinny, so popular nowadays, that is, very tight trousers, should be worn only by very slim girls. Also mandatory are the owner’s rather narrow hips. If you have wider hips, then choose models that have an elongated top, so jeans visually make the hips narrower,
Classic models with a straight cut can be worn by women with any figure and complexion. However, remember one simple truth - such trousers will not only not hide any slightest flaw in the figure, but will be strengthened many times, so even with the slightest completeness it is better to forget about them.

Now the main question arises: how to choose such a model so that it just fits perfectly on the figure? In fact, we must approach this in all seriousness. Trying is one of the most important steps here.

Do not, putting them on, just look in the mirror and take off. Consider so that gradually any jeans are gradually stretched. That is why it is very important to choose the right size. You should not buy too small, hoping for a stretch, but they should not hang.

Of course, there is an exception here too - these are boyfriend jeans, which should look like they are slightly large.
However, besides this, white jeans that are ideal in size should fit the buttocks, but not cause discomfort. After trying on a little walk in them on the fitting room. Sit down, even feel in these trousers. Do not be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror, your image should cause happiness. If everything suits you in the model, then it's time to buy.

What goes well with women's white jeans

After you have made a purchase of trousers, it's time to pick up the appropriate top that will successfully beat your style. Yes, it's time to find out what to wear with women's white jeans.

One of the most important wardrobe items that needs attention here is special underwear. Such jeans make it very noticeable, which is not considered aesthetic at all.

That is why avoid wearing panties that have different bows or lace. Better stick to smooth, seamless skin or white patterns.
Now that even the laundry has been chosen correctly, you should pay attention to what you put on top. The most successful options will be:

Simple shirt. Yes, maybe it’s been beaten up for a long time, but the classic is the classic to always look advantageous. It doesn’t matter what color it has: just stick to the tone of the pants and avoid the yellow and cream shades. There are many options for wearing such a shirt. You can just roll up your sleeves and wear it on your own. Also, an excellent option would be the ability to slightly tuck it in front and leave it just hanging from behind. If the jeans model has a high waist, then you can even completely refuel your shirt. Just underline your waist with a strap,
Blouses are also considered a great accompaniment to white jeans. Let's go back to the cliche and say that white and black blouses will be great helpers for creating an image. At the moment, the combination of a black silk blouse and white jeans can be safely called one of the most successful and luxurious. Also, a gray blouse will be a great option, which will be a compromise for those who do not want to wear black. Also, one of the most successful colors will be khaki, and indeed the military style,
In very hot weather, choose t-shirts. They can easily cover up some body flaws, for example, slightly full hips. The most suitable colors will be burnt blue and gray. You can also pay attention to the marine style and choose a cute vest.

How to choose

In order for white jeans or trousers to become a truly universal part of your looks, you first need to choose the most suitable model.

So, you need to select them taking into account the proportions of the figure (type of figure). There is an opinion that white color fills and, I must say, that this is indeed so. But there are some nuances: if you select a successful model and correctly combine it with other things, then this effect will no longer be noticeable.

  • Before choosing your perfect white jeans or trousers model, try on about 10 different options. They should sit on you perfectly and you should be comfortable in them; if so, feel free to choose your favorite model.
  • If you have full hips, then it is better to dwell on straight-cut models with high waist, which taper a little down. It is better to refuse boyfriends right away (such a model will only create additional unnecessary volume on the legs), as well as models with different decor: rivets, embroidery, etc. Combining simple white trousers or jeans with a tunic or blouse long to the middle of the thigh or slightly lower, you will be able to align the proportions and this will make you visually slimmer.
  • Option skinny fit more slender girls. Designers even recommend such a model to owners of 44 (or less) size.
  • Flared models look great, but for fashionistas with curvaceous forms they still will not work, because I will make the image too heavy. But tall and slender girls this style will help create a spectacular image.
  • Small girls and women are not recommended models that create folds on the ankles - this effect visually shortens the growth.
  • If you like wide leg pants, then make sure that the fit on the hips in them is perfect for you.

How to wear white jeans or trousers

The whole charm of white things is that they look amazing, always very elegant, they are universal and easily combined with many other colors and things.

This collection is based on compiling images for certain color combinations that look most impressive, it will not be difficult to pick them up even from the simplest things.

In fact, with white jeans or trousers you can make a huge number of sets, so look, choose the ones that you like the most.

White tabernacle jeans and combinations

Tight pants, actually modeling leggings - a constant classic. Skinny white jeans can be worn with denim shirts of a turquoise classic tone and colorful topics.

Skinny can be combined with shoes with thin heels and exquisite stilettos. Would you like to look fashionable? Wear white skinny pants with colorful long vests.

In this form, you have the opportunity to confidently go to the office. The most primary thing that you need to focus on when choosing snow-white jeans skinny is the tightness of matter.

They should not light up and show everyone what your beautiful new underwear or pocket lining is. Complement your white office skinny coat with a blouse and a jacket (summer time, such as Friday), a knit top, and a light sweatshirt. In the photo below, the option can also be used for a walk by the sea.

This outfit is complemented with a linen-style satin top and white jeans.

A combination of white skinny jeans, a light sweater and parkas is a great casual option for work in the office and for a walk.

Also look at a bow that demonstrates that white jeans can be successfully combined with a beige top, blue aviators and other interesting accessories.

Bows with White Jeans: Heavy Shoes

Pay attention to the combination of both skinny-white jeans and other models with heavy shoes, look at the photos for possible options.

Short skinny jeans and other cropped white jeans

Tall women and lovers of hairpins from 10 cm and more will like skinnings, the length of which can fluctuate from the bone on the ankle up to half the calf. Such a shape very well distinguishes the length of the legs and their correct shape, however, to repentance, it is extremely merciless to problematic areas.

To "distract attention" you can use large or contrasting accessories and clothing items. To vice versa emphasize slender legs, you can do the same thing.

If you are a low owner of the hourglass figure, then such trousers will attract interest in the most peeking places. But, Kim Kardashian never bothered, like her sister Chloe.

Aloe Kardashian. Splashed Photos

Kim Kardashian in white skinny jeans

It is also a good option to choose your versatile clothing for white cropped skinny jeans: a black leather jacket, jacket, jacket, cardigan, gray top, dark espadrilles, slippers or ballet flats.

White boyfriend jeans: what to wear. Photos, tips

They say that almost all men do not like boyfriend pants. Maybe they are jealous of the name, but at first glance it may seem to us that the problem is that any 2nd young lady walks in traditional blue boyfriends and snow-white T-shirts or vests.

And in our weather, even in sweaters, cardinals and sweatshirts:

If this model is really nice for you, and you look touching and sophisticated in them, change the blue tone to snow-white - in the assortment of many brands you can easily find the right option.

White boyfriend jeans: what to wear? It is important to make the image interesting and add femininity, put the emphasis: a tight-fitting top, hat, shoes. The image should not be rude and wild. On the other hand, if you are a fan of Natalia Oreiro in The Wild Angel, you can do something similar. Let's dwell on more universal bows:

  • Vibrant cropped top
  • An openwork or translucent silk top long just below the belt will perfectly complement white boyfriend jeans, the photo can be viewed above,
  • Various looks with scarves, hats and other accessories will make boyfriend jeans combined more delicate,
  • Beige or gray light pastel colored cardigan fitted

Ripped white jeans: what to wear

If your collection has tattered white jeans and you want to know what to wear with them: our photo selection is for you! absolutely all the colors of turquoise and blue, we recommend that you focus on white modifications in the same genre. In Russia, they are not as common as in Europe, as a result of this you will be able to simply attract attention to yourself.

The most popular are white jeans, torn only on their knees. With them, you can quite simply create adored by bloggers and it girls bows, and in these combinations you can often change white jeans to black.

As in the case of jeans with rhinestones, white ripped jeans go well with attributes in the style of grunge, for example, full hard shoes, straps and leather bracelets. This style is perfect for parties in the fresh air or for friendly walks.

You can also take a closer look at the more romantic combinations of white ripped jeans with a lace top.

White flare jeans

White flared jeans with something to wear: retro options and modern reading, photos with images of which you will find in our article.

White flared jeans give a little retro style and first of all, if you listen to the spirit of the times, you can choose something in the style of the 60s and early 70s, something from a hippie. These will be plaid shirts, as well as shirts in the now fashionable paisley pattern, flower, knitted blouses with bateau cuts, square cuts, as well as denim shirts. Since the flare was very relevant among sailors, you can also create an interesting image with flares in the marine theme.

High Waist Jeans

Such models "love" when it is not hidden, but in every possible way is demonstrated and emphasized. Fill a blouse, shirt or t-shirt in jeans (trousers), you can throw a jacket or denim jacket on top of your shoulders. All kinds of cropped tops and sweaters are also good.

1. Two or more oversized items in one look

Freedom and convenience are in fashion, so it is not surprising that oversized things have been at their peak for several seasons. But you should avoid a combination of two things of a free cut, otherwise you run the risk of becoming a shapeless figure. A few rules:

  • The item should be 2 sizes larger. If you are tall, you can choose clothes 3-4 sizes larger than yours.
  • Best colors - neutral and pastel.
  • Do not overload the image with accessories.

2. Transparent tights + winter clothes

Do not imitate the models on the catwalks, which often show fur coats in nylon tights or without them at all. This stylistic concept is fundamentally at odds with the realities of ordinary life.
Rules how to wear warm tights with classic clothes:

  • Tight tights of light colors are very good on the catwalk, but, as a rule, look bad in life. Give preference to dark colors.
  • If you have chosen a dress of dark color and black shoes, do not wear transparent bodily tights. Choose dense black tights.
  • The pattern on the pantyhose should not “cut” the leg horizontally with a striped pattern or sharp color transitions, because such an effect makes legs shorter and wider.
  • Modern fashion allows us to break the rule: the “airier” your dress looks, the thinner and more inconspicuous tights should be.

3. Leather pants + leather boots + leather jacket

Leather things have long taken pride of place in our wardrobe. But you need to remember that the best is the enemy of the good. So that you are not accused of lack of taste, we offer an alternative:

  • Leather pants can be replaced with black skinny pants (with dark jeans), complement with an elongated chiffon blouse and boats.
  • A win-win combination there will be leather trousers + a white T-shirt, a denim shirt and moccasins.
  • Play in contrasts. A rough jacket and a dress made of light chiffon are a surprisingly harmonious image.
  • If you want to supplement openwork top and sandals leather trousers, then select a matte leather product.

Useful Tips

  1. Under white jeans or trousers, it is best to wear beige seamless underwear. It, unlike white, will be invisible.
  2. White color is very moody and any, even the smallest speck, will instantly become “public knowledge”. Therefore, always when putting on white things, carry wet wipes with you to quickly clean any contamination.

“What is the best way to wear white jeans and trousers in order to look fashionable?” Is a very simple topic, to make sets, as you see, with such a universal thing you can quickly enough, and at the same time it will certainly look stylish.

Features and Benefits

Jeans are versatile clothing that can be used both for work and for a party. This is the main feature and advantage of this type of clothing. These pants are practical, comfortable and do not go out of style. For the beautiful half of humanity, denim has become diverse - jeans are decorated not only with rivets, but also with chains, rhinestones, guipure inserts and other bold decorative elements.

Popular models

Throughout the history of jeans, they have been repeatedly modernized, changed. And if earlier the focus was primarily on the convenience and durability of the fabric, because trousers were used as work clothes, now fashion designers focus on gloss and style, giving models bold decisions.

Every young girl has fashionable jeans models. The beautiful half of humanity does not lag behind fashion trends and, first of all, demonstrates the delights of new models. Ripped jeans, skinny and high waist, flared trousers and bold skinny are popular. The boyfriends in whom the owners of jeans feel comfortable have become a fashion trend.


Ripped jeans came into fashion not so long ago, but have already become a trend. It is correct to wear them with any clothes, but jeans make claims to the figure - it should be perfect so that the holes do not press on the skin, showing the flaws of the figure.


Skinny jeans look stylish on women with a perfect figure, but they should not be worn by those who have too thin legs. Jeans are also not recommended for people of short stature.

Dressing them means visually shortening the legs and emphasizing the growth feature.

High waisted

High waisted pants can be worn by any woman. Even with wide hips, an unusual belt will distract attention without focusing on the waist. A high waist looks good with short tops and lace shirts.


Skinny will be a profitable option for owners of chiseled figures. They can be worn under everything, trousers clearly emphasize long and slender legs, a thin waist.

Flare jeans are greetings from the past. Nonetheless. Even today they occupy the highest rated places among all models of trousers, because they differ in the beauty of the cut. They are not difficult to pick up for any figure.


Boyfriends got their name because they resemble men's jeans in style. It was like a boyfriend shared his favorite wardrobe item with his girlfriend, so such jeans have their own characteristics on the female figure.

First of all, they give carelessness and a certain relaxation to the image, therefore they absolutely do not require a strict top.

Distinctive feature of the model:

  • abrasions on the fabric,
  • holes
  • torn knees or edges,
  • baggy.

Boyfriends are combined with any shoes, and as for the choice of cut, then you need to select them according to the figure. With wide hips, the most profitable model is trousers with narrower legs. And women of small stature need to prefer a straight fit.

What to combine with

With the right choice of wardrobe, you can wear jeans with any clothes, so at least one denim pants is in the wardrobe of every person, whether it be a man or a woman.

When wearing jeans, you should pay a minimum of attention to the top, because denim is combined with T-shirts, tops, t-shirts and sweaters, as well as classic-style clothes.


T-shirts are suitable for jeans of any cut. Look great with boyfriends, emphasizing the ease and ease of style.

The top, as a shortened version of the shirt, will also suit jeans, but the top for pants with high waist looks especially stylish if the hostess of jeans has a thin mill.


Lightweight sweaters for cool evenings or woolen, with a tight knit - all these items are combined with jeans of any cut. The most important thing is to choose a more restrained top so as not to draw attention from the trousers.


Denim sandals are worn in the summer, sandals with cropped jeans look especially good, revealing the beauty of the ankles. Do not use too wide a heel to avoid the old-fashioned look.


If jeans are used as an element of a working style, wearing shoes is inevitable. Do not worry about the combination of these items, because even stiletto shoes are in harmony with jeans, but you should not wear boyfriends.

Denim sneakers are the most harmonious and familiar combination. We see sneakers not only in American films, but also on fashion catwalks, where designers use them annually in jeans.


Shoes with thick soles or with powerful heels are a sneak of youth fashion if they are worn with jeans. Skinny girls should not wear too bulky shoes with a skinny - be careful not to give rudeness.

Stylish looks

Jeans are that versatile clothing that you don’t have to get bored with, both in everyday style and when used for business negotiations or even for parties. They will be appropriate everywhere, if you choose the right accessories and the top of the outfit.


Casual style is a combination of casual wear with fashion trends. Jeans do not seem mundane or boring at all, because to bring to the casual a little enthusiasm and originality is within the power of everyone. A non-standard belt, a denim vest and a denim hairpin look beautiful. Everything that jeans emphasizes no longer makes the image boring and mundane. Minimalism watches or a leather wristband will help complement the style.


Those who think about the impossibility of using jeans in a business style are mistaken. At the meeting you need to look smart, but at the same time, restrained and stylish. So why not embody these ideas with jeans. This versatile piece of clothing is combined with a classic black jacket.

At a business meeting, a strict white shirt, fitted into jeans, will help to emphasize the image.

And to add rigor a tie or bow tie will help, and elegance - a pin, a brooch.


Evening style, together with jeans, will allow you to look not only fashionable, but also moderately restrained. If the evening involves a visit to the theater or restaurant, then do not worry - jeans are suitable for this. Choose a straight fit with a high waist. Then no one will reproach that the trousers are too open, and the length of the trousers does not advise the classic indicators. Strict black jeans will give odds to the most expensive costumes.


To dress stylishly for a party, you need to choose the right jeans. Classic tailoring - for work or study, but for a party with friends, boyfriends or flares are suitable - depending on preferences. If we are talking about a disco, then skinny or seven-eighths are suitable here - a shortened version that emphasizes the beauty of the legs and the coordination of movements.

Stylist Tips

To properly wear jeans, stylist tips will not be needed - the trousers are ideal in combination with any clothes. The main thing is to feel comfortable. To achieve an even greater effect, it is still worth listening to some recommendations of stylists and not to ignore them:

  1. Choose jeans styles for specific purposes. Come to the theater in boyfriends is an impermissible luxury!
  2. Wear a skinny only with a good figure, otherwise the flaws will be obvious.
  3. The low waist in jeans is out of fashion, so it is better to choose a standard silhouette or high models.
  4. When wearing jeans, do not forget about plaid shirts - this is a winning option.
  5. It is better to combine dark trousers with a bright top or wear a colorful scarf.

Wearing jeans is so natural and harmonious that in the 21st century we cannot imagine life without these clothes. Denim turns into a universal image, is easily combined with other clothes, therefore it is convenient both for work and for a party. If you choose the right thing for your jeans, then your own style is formed with comfort and gloss.