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A wardrobe item such as a hat is a must for everyone in the cool season. A child cannot do without a hat, because it is not only protection, but also a beautiful accessory.

Unfortunately, situations such as the inability to choose and the lack of interesting and fashionable hats in the store, as well as their low Chinese quality, become a problem on the way to gaining a unique image.

The solution to the problem may be the creation of a hat with knitting threads using knitting needles. Each mother or grandmother has the strength to tie a stylish accessory for her child.

Of particular importance is the hat for the girl, because from a young age she should look unusual, especially fabulous. A mother with the abilities and makings of needlework is quite capable of connecting a hat with ears, like an animal, to give the child playfulness.

Those things that are created with one's own hands always have some special meaning, warmth and always give care, which store goods are not able to give.

For knitting hats you will need a set of not complicated items:

  • knitting needles (here you can probably use those that are convenient for you, but the optimal size is 2.5 mm)
  • knitting needles (invented for knitting round objects: socks, mittens, hats)
  • yarn (depending on the size of the head, you choose the required amount of yarn for your child, as well as the material from which the thread is made)

Knitting a baby hat in stages:

  • Getting to knitting you need to know that work begins with the ears. Ears have only eight loops and their knitting starts from the wrong side.
  • In the next row, add two more loops: from the beginning and from the end
  • This continues until you form the ear you need.
  • Knit should, alternating the wrong side and the front row
  • The ear should be tied until thirty-two loops on the spoke
  • The eye should be tied with the wrong side, tie and cut the thread
  • After that, the eyelet is transplanted onto the knitting needles (with a special connecting tube) (both ears)
  • We connect two ears, picking up twenty-four facial loops on a knitting needle
  • Every two rows we add two loops on both sides, so that in the end it turns out twenty eight
  • The cloth that turned out in the process of knitting should be fastened in a circle
  • Knit only the front loop thirty-two rows in a row
  • After this, the fabric should be distributed on four stocking needles
  • Knitting should continue on these knitting needles and reduce one loop in each row
  • Reduce the number of loops until there are six
  • At the end we knit the loops, decorate the hat with a bubon

How to tie a hat with ears for a girl?

A hat with ears can decorate a pattern that you can knit with a pattern while knitting with contrasting threads.

Knitting hats for a boy with knitting needles with ears

A DIY product is always prettier and nicer than what can be purchased at the store. Clothing for boys should always be more restrained, modest and stricter than for girls. A good option would be a hat knitted on the knitting needles and decorated with pom-poms in the form of ears.

It’s not difficult to knit such a hat:

  • First of all, you should dial as many as 80 stitches on ordinary knitting needles (you can and less, here you independently adjust, based on the volume of your child’s head)
  • You should knit with an elastic band about four centimeters (that is, 4 front ones are changed by 4 wrong ones)
  • After that, you should smoothly switch only to the front loop
  • Knit stitching should be at least 12 centimeters, and preferably all 15
  • After that, knit “on decrease” until eight loops remain on the knitting needles
  • After this, the loops are knitted and fluffy pompons are formed from the remaining yarn for decoration

How to tie a hat with ears to a boy?

Winter hat with knitting needles with ears, knitting pattern

It is not at all difficult to knit a winter warm hat for your child, for this you only need attentiveness, diligence and a desire to get an excellent work result.

The necessary loop calculation is as follows:

  • Measure the circumference of the head of your child, from the received amount you need to make minus two centimeters so that the cap fits tightly, covers its ears and does not fall
  • Divide the resulting number of centimeters into four parts (that is, if your volume was 42 centimeters, then you need to take two away and 40 divided by 4, you get 10 centimeters)
  • Of these four parts - two on the ears (each ten centimeters)
  • The third part is the rear hinges, the fourth is the front part
  • Density of knitting hats: 22 loops on 32 elastic bands = 10 x 10 centimeters
  • Ears should be knitted gradually adding loops until there are 23 loops on the spoke
  • To add on the ears is only one loop in each row
  • The optimum height of the ear is about seven centimeters
  • When you tie both ears, begin to connect the loops: knit one row with the front loop on the first eye, draw another twelve loops and knit another row on the second eye with stitch
  • This is followed by the formation of the front part of the cap: for this, on the needles, you need to dial about 58 loops and knit about eight rows, adding only one loop to each row
  • Do not worry, you will get a beautiful transition from the ears to the main part of the cap, and the remaining 8 rows on the back of the head are enough to cover the neck of the child
  • On the ninth row, it is already worth knitting 66 stitches and dial another twenty-two to lock the circle on circular (i.e., stocking) knitting needles
  • It should be knit so about 10-11 centimeters and only then go "on the reduction" of stitches. To do this correctly: conditionally divide the entire cap into eight parts and in each loop, connect two loops together

do-it-yourself winter hat with ears

To decorate such a hat is very simple with the help of accessories. For example, for a girl you can buy a set of strasses and rubber glue in the store. You can lay out any pattern, inscription or name with pebbles. ”

In order to follow the exact order of knitting, use this scheme, which offers you to connect a baby hat with ears, decorated with pigtails:

scheme for knitting winter hats

A hat with long ears, knitting, how to knit such a hat?

In order to tie a beautiful hat with long ears, each needlewoman should know that knitting begins with the ears. You can use knitting needles of any size, but best in this case are large ones that make the knitting large.

hat with long ears

  • put a few loops on the knitting needle (start with three) and knit them with a stitch, adding one loop in each row until they are fifteen
  • When you have achieved this amount of face loop, you should knit about another fifteen centimeters
  • You can continue to knit like this for another 25 centimeters, however you adjust the length of the ears yourself
  • In the same way, tie the second eye on the knitting needles
  • While you have tied the second eyelet - do not remove it from the knitting needles, dial another fourteen loops, transfer your knitting needles to the left eye and knit about 12 centimeters more with facial loops
  • The decrease begins with the following row: on the first - two loops. When knit with the wrong loop - you should not do the reduction
  • In the third row, knit a row in which you connect every two loops together
  • Wrong row remains unchanged
  • In the fifth row, you should knit every two loops together, those loops that remain - pull the thread and sew your hat together
  • In the frontal part of the cap of the obtained fourteen stitches, you need to dial seventeen and knit a lapel up to eight centimeters long, then close the loops

Hat with cat ears, knitting, how to tie a hat?

  • Start knitting with a set of loops in an amount of about 120 pieces
  • About seven centimeters should be knitted with a rubber band
  • Next is the main part of the cap, it can be knitted with a stitch, or it can be pigtails (three purl loops must be made between the pigtails)
  • In each row, you should knit one loop in descending order, if you want to close the cap, remove two
  • For the eyelet, knit a set of fifteen stitches, visually knit a small square and close the stitches
  • The square should be folded diagonally, and then crochet or sew it on both sides
  • The second ear fits in the same way.

pattern for knitting hats

hat with cat ears for a child

Owl hat with ears knitting, how to knit an owl hat?

In an owl hat, the most important thing is the pattern. You can choose any shape of the product: with long ears, round and even square. The visual perception of the cap depends on the neat and symmetrical pattern in the knitting process. To make the product look beautiful and the picture resembles an owl, use these schemes:

scheme number 1 for creating a pattern-knitting needles

pattern number 2 for knitting an owl cap pattern

owl hat for baby

Hat with ears and pom-poms, knitting pattern

You can tie the cap using the presented schemes. Pompom is also a handmade job. It is not difficult to do using the scheme:

knitting pattern for pompom

You can decorate with pompons:

  • ears caps
  • crown
  • make an imitation of bear ears
  • make pompons that will be fastened to the ties

To make the hat beautiful and neat, you can use the following detailed scheme of knitting a pattern on the product:

detailed knitting pattern caps, knitting pattern

Knitted hat with ears for newborns

Tie a hat for your newborn baby - especially nice. She is a necessary thing in the wardrobe of every newborn baby. She will protect his head from freezing, drafts and frost. You need to knit a hat from soft natural threads - woolen.

hat for newborns

pattern for knitting hats with ears for newborns

simple knitting pattern for knitting hats for newborn babies

Cap with ears Teddy Bear knitting needles from Lisa Gentry

Today at our “guests” there will be a hat Teddy Bear connected with knitting needles from designer Lisa Gentry. The model is pretty and will be interesting for teenagers and children. This hat with ears, which means it will perfectly protect against cold winds, plus decorative elements from above will attract attention.

Crochet Hats with Ears - based on the Jockey

Today I want to offer a fashionable hit of recent seasons - a hat with ears. These little cat ears look very attractive, suitable for a young girl, and for a teenager, and for a little girl. This model is crocheted.

How to knit a beautiful hat with knitting needles with ears: tips and reviews

Arina:“I always knit products for my children. Such things turn out much neater, more beautiful, more interesting and most importantly - with the soul. It’s not at all difficult for me to spend several hours a day and several days giving my favorite item to my child. It’s especially nice to knit hats and scarves, because I know that no one else will have such in the kindergarten, on the street, or in the whole world! ”

Zhenya:“I always use knitting patterns, because I am new to this needlework. I like to create something with my own hands. In this article I found a lot of interesting things for myself and therefore I can say with confidence that in the next cool season my baby will definitely have a beautiful hat with an owlet! ”

Natalya:"Unfortunately, I do not know how to knit. How many did not try, it is impossible to "figure out" accurate work. But, fortunately, my mother is a real needlewoman. This article found interesting ideas for creating fun children's hats. Be sure to ask our grandmother to tie a hat-cat, hat-owl or hat-bear. I think you need to go far from the stereotypes of ordinary hats! ”

For One Evening - Women's hat with large knitting needles with ears

Good afternoon, dear subscribers! Happy New Year! I wish you a good mood, beautiful knitting and creative inspiration! Today I bring to your attention an interesting model for winter frosts - a women's hat with ears.

This hat is knitted on knitting needles of a very large viscous, which is why you can go out on it tomorrow. It can be connected literally in the evening!

Children's hat knitting with cat ears from AleNochka

Friends, today I have prepared for you a model of a children's hat with cat ears from a needlewoman under the pseudonym AleNochka. She is knitted. Children love unusual hats, so this option will be perceived perfectly. I am sure that even a teenager who is fond of anime culture and generally Asian fashion will want to have such a hat in his wardrobe.

Knitted hat with ears for girls up to 6 months old

This simple model is designed for a head circumference of 34 cm. The density of knitting with a garter knitting needles is 27p. by 10cm.

For work you will need:

  • wool yarn 50g with a length of 170m,
  • circular sp. No. 3,
  • direct sp. No. 3 and No. 2,
  • pin,
  • needle,
  • button to match the color of yarn.

Description of knitted hats

On direct sp. dial 6p. We start from the front side.

From the 1st to the 3rd r. -1 edge, 4 persons., 1 edge,

4 p. - tie a buttonhole: 1 cr. 1 l., 1 yarn, 2 p. Together persons., 1 l., 1 cr.

From the 5th to the 11th p. - 1cr. 4 persons., 1 cr.,

12 p. - 1 cr., From one - knit two faces., Then - faces., Until there are two loops - from the penultimate - two faces., 1 cr., It turns out 8p.,

13, 14 p - as 12 p.,

15 p. -1 cr., Facial, 1 cr.,

16, 18, 20 p. - make increases on both sides, as in 12r. It turns out only 20p.,

Next, we knit another 5cm with knitting needles, remove the loops on a pin, cut the thread.

We knit the second eye in the same way, but without a hole for the loop.

When the ears are ready, continue to knit the hat directly. On circular knitting needles, dial 11 p., Then we knit the left ear (20 p.) With the face to it, dial another 34 p., Then the right ear (20 p.), Again -11 p. Only -96 p. We continue the garter 4 cm, finishing out. beside. Go to the front knit and knit 9 cm.

From the next row, we begin to make a decrease on the top of the cap.

1 row - * 2p. - one person., 6 persons *. Repeat from * to * 12 times. It turned out 84 p.

2p and all even - facial p.,

3 p. - * 2p. - 1 persons., 5 persons *. Repeat from * to * 12 times. 72 p.

5 p. - * 2p. –1 persons., 4 persons *. Repeat from * to * 12 times. 60 p.

7 p. - * 2p. –1 persons., 3 persons *. Repeat from * to * 12 times. 48 p.

9 p. - * 2p. –1 persons., 2 persons *. Repeat from * to * 12 times. 36 p.

11 p. - * 2p. –1 persons., 1 persons *. Repeat from * to * 12 times. It turned out 24 p.

13 p. - 2p. - 1 persons. - repeat 12 times. It turned out 12 p.

15 p. - cut the thread, stretch all the loops through it, bring to the outward. side, fasten.

Bow for hats with ears

At c. No. 2 dial 12p and tie 31 p. handkerchief viscous. Close the loop. Bow center - on sp. No. 2 dial 5p. tie circuit boards. viscous 5 cm, close. Sew a ring from the center of the bow. Thread a pre-selected bow into it. Sew the bow down. Sew a button. To give shape to a knitted hat, it is better to wash, put on a round shape and dry it. If desired, you can replace the button with ties. Then we do not knit the loop, and we do the ears of the caps on knitted strings. The hat with ears is ready!

Description and scheme

We knit the strings: on straight knitting needles dial 4p.

1r. and all the odd-1cr., 2l., 1cr.,

2 p. and all are even - out.

Having tied 35 cm with knitting needles, we begin to make an increase in the ears. For this, in every l. R. in front of chrome. P. on both sides we add 1p. So do until 24p is dialed. Remove the loop on the pin. We knit the second with a tie as well.

Type 44p on circular knitting needles. (in front of the cap), 24p of one ear, 28 p. (occipital part), 24p. second. On the needles -120p. Next, we knit a hat with an elastic band 2lits.kh2izn. about 3cm.

Next we make an increase in a row: * 2 l., 2 out., 2 l., 2 out., 2 l., 2 out., 1 person., of 1 person - two facial, 2 fine., 2 person., 2 of. * - repeat from * to * to the end of the row six times. We get 126 p. Next, from the 1st to 53 p. - according to the scheme. The beginning of the rapport is 21 p., Repeated 6 times in a circle according to the same pattern.


54 row - every 2 loops together - front. Received 12 p. Cut the thread, stretch through the remaining loops, withdraw to the wrong side, secure.

For a beautiful design, a knitted hat with ears can be crocheted:

1st row: on the front and occipital part of the cap, knit in 3СБН between every two liters. item on an elastic band,

2nd row: fits only for the ears and ties. On out. side 1 conn. column, 1 air item in each column of the first p.

To make the winter knitted hat with ears warmer, you can knit it double. To do this, first knit the lower cap on the same sizes, but in one thread, with smaller knitting needles - knitting. Then - a hat according to the description. We crochet through two layers of the cap's fabric.

Purple hat with ears

The beautiful and practical design of the hat with purple ears is connected by a braid pattern and 1x1 elastic band. You can make a model both from plain yarn and from melange yarn.
You will need:
- yarn of medium thickness - 100 grams (for example, Lanagold 240),
- knitting needles No. 5, an extra spoke for braids.

Hat cat with ears braids knitting

One of the most beautiful patterns in the world of knitting - braids. They are able to decorate any product, because for a woman, not only warmth is important, but also beauty. Such a pattern will add playfulness and originality to the hat with ears.

Knitting stages

The cap of the little princess should look elegant, magical and unique, and the little prince should be stylish, beautiful and courageous. After looking at the photos of the finished hats with ears, you can make sure that the result of the process is just a chic children's accessory that no one will have.

Things created by caring, loving hands, unlike store items, will give your crumbs tenderness and warmth.

To make a playful hat with ears for a child, it is necessary to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • a set of knitting needles (including knitting needles designed for knitting roundness) - the optimum diameter is 2.5 mm,
  • yarn.

Regarding yarn, its quantity is calculated based on the size of the circumference of the child’s head. Material, thread color is optional.

Before starting work, both the beginning craftswoman, and a rather experienced professional, it is better to familiarize yourself with several schemes and descriptions of knitting hats with ears. This will allow us to understand the meaning of the whole process, to study the algorithm of actions in more detail, and to get an idea of ​​the upcoming work.

We will provide detailed instructions on how to knit a hat with knitting needles. So, the process will consist of the following steps:

  • prepare the ears, the first row of these parts will consist of eight loops, you need to start knitting them from the wrong row,
  • add one loop from the beginning and one from the end to the next row,
  • add two loops on each side until you get the right eyelet size,
  • the knitting process should take place with alternate changes in the front and back rows,
  • each ear must be knit so that, in total, there are 32 loops on the spoke,
  • knit this part with the wrong seam, fasten the thread, cut it,
  • put the ears on the knitting needles (they are connected by a tube),
  • connect the ears to each other by dialing 24 facial loops,
  • every next 2 rows add 2 loops on each side so that there are 28 in total,
  • stick the resulting fabric in a circle,
  • knit 32 rows in a row with the front seam,
  • divide the resulting yarn into 4 stocking knitting needles,
  • continue knitting on these knitting needles, gradually reducing each row by one loop,
  • the decrease in the number of loops continues until there are 6 in a row,
  • tie the loops and decorate the resulting headpiece with various decorative elements.

Using a simple action algorithm, you can knit a hat with ears with knitting needles in just a few hours, and please your child with an original and interesting new thing.

If the provided sequence causes you misunderstanding, we recommend that you watch a master class on knitting hats for beginners. Special videos will clearly show that it is not difficult to make a hat with ears.

If you do not like to work with knitting needles, but prefer a hook, then such a warm accessory can be created with it. To crochet a hat with ears, it is better to use yarn of medium thickness, or knit a hat in 2-3 threads.

There are many design options for hats with ears, you can associate not only a funny, funny, fairy-tale children's option, but also a stylish, laconic dress for a fashionable girl.

Such an accessory made by one’s own hands will not go unnoticed, it will surely delight those around. Therefore, stock up on the necessary materials, knowledge, free time and boldly embark on the process of creativity.

So, a children's hat with ears. Let's start:

We pick up on needles No. 4 88 p + 1 for joining in a circle,
we knit with an elastic band 1 * 1 about 35 rows.
Here we go to the number 5 knitting needles, knit 36 ​​row and add 2 loops in it. Total we should have 90 loops.
We have a pattern report of 6 facial, 3 wrong, 6 facial, 3 out.
37 row: 6 persons, 3 out of 6 persons, 3 out of
38 row: 3 persons are removed for an extra spoke, left before work, we are knitted 3 people from the main knitting needle, 3 people with an extra knitting needle, 3 out of 6, 6 out of 3,
39-47 series: according to the drawing, 6 persons, 3 out of 6 persons, 3 out of
48 row: 6 persons, 3 out of 3, remove from the additional knitting needle, leave before work, knit 3 persons from the main knitting needle, 3 persons from the extra knitting needle, 3 izn,
49-57 row: according to the drawing, 6 persons, 3 out of 6 persons, 3 out of
If the hat is freer, then we knit another report.

Start to reduce

58 row (decrease): 2 persons together, 2 persons, 2 persons together, 3 out, so until the end of the row (70 loops),
59, 61, 63 we simply knit the rows according to the drawing, we do not decrease
60 row: 2 persons together, 2 persons together, 3 out, so until the end of the row (50 loops),
62 row: 2 persons together, 2 out together, 1 out, so until the end of the row (30 loops),
64 row: 2 faces together, 2 out together, so until the end of the row (20 loops),
65 row: 2 together to the end of the row (10 loops),
Cut the tail about 30 cm, take a needle and tighten our crown, hide the strings.

We knit the ears separately and sew with a needle.

Patterns for hats

You can tie a hat with ears with any pattern. For hats with ears, “leaves” use patterns with braids and fancy weaves. The accessory is decorated with a pompom. Models decorated with fur pompons look elegant. They are supplemented with other decorative elements made independently or bought in stores.
The most popular patterns for knitting hats with "cat" ears are:

  • elastic,
  • garter stitch
  • gum pearl gum.

In order to make the hat warm, it is better to take yarn in several additions. The product is insulated with a fleece lining. You can knit the second cap with the facial loops and sew it to the wrong side of the product.
You can decorate a knitted hat with fur yarn. Such a product will complement a truly winter look and will be combined with fur trim on outerwear.

Hats with “cat” ears give the image fervor and mystery. Following the tips given in the selection of models of hats, each needlewoman will be able to please herself and loved ones with original gifts.

Before starting knitting, measure the volume of the head and tie a sample of the pattern with which the cap will be connected. Having decided on the density of knitting, calculate the number of loops required for work. After that, Proceed to create an exclusive headdress for yourself or your loved ones, following the prompts of experienced craftswomen presented on our website.


  • Yarn with 50% wool and 50% acrylic, 100g / 200m)
  • Knitting needles number 3.5-4.5

Dial 90 loops in the Italian way, connect the row into a ring.

We knit elastic with 1 person., * 2 out., 3 persons. *, Repeat **, finish 2 out., 2 persons.

We knit 10 rows according to the scheme of 1-2 rows.

Next, we knit 3 row patterns. The diagram shows half the fabric, to knit a hat with ears, knit twice. The diagram shows only the front rows.

At the end of the pattern, close the stitches and sew the upper seam. Sew the side arches on the inside of the down line to make cat ears.

Hat with ears, knitting patterns for girls

Knitted set of Pansies by Julia Easy

Knitted set “ANYUTKA” was sent to our competition “Caps and sets”. Seamless hat with ears + a scarf with two-sided braids (both sides of the scarf are front). Yarn - ALIZE lanagold plus (49% wool, 51% acrylic, 100g, 140m). Expense a little

How to knit patterns:

1. 2 loops together, front to the right: insert the right knitting needle into the second, then into the first loop with the left knitting needle and knit together the front for the front walls.

2. 2 loops together, front left: remove the loop, 1 person. Loop, throw the removed loop on the knitted.

3. Double reduction: insert the right knitting needle into the second loop, sweat into the first left knitting needle, remove 2 loops without knitting, 1 person., Throw 2 removed loops on the knitted.

4. Crossing loops to the left: remove 1 loop from an additional knitting needle, leave it before work, we will connect 2 persons. Loops from the left knitting needle, then 1 person. with extra knitting needles.

5. Crossing the loops to the right: remove 2 loops on the extra spoke, leave it at work, tie 1 person. a loop from the left knitting needle, 2 persons.

With ears leaves

Stylish unusual hat with ears in the style of earflaps.
Density: 28 p. = 10 cm
- yarn Phildar Pure Laine Merinos (100% merino wool 118met / 50gr) or another with the same characteristics - 100 grams,
- knitting needles number 3,5.

Pattern with braids: knit 6 loops from the middle of the rhombus pattern. Repeat 6 p.

Description of knitting caps with ears

  1. For abalone, dial 16 p. And knit like this: 3 p. With garter stitch (all loops are facial), 2 p. Purl (on the faces. Side are worn. P., On the wrong side - facial), 6 p. see above), 2 p. izn..glady., 3 p. mating. The fifth cross of the braid corresponds to the cross of the pattern where the rhombus begins. After 18 p. set aside the earpiece.
  2. Tie the second ear in the same way.
  3. Dial 26 loops (half of the back), turn on the loops of the first eye, 50 air loops for the front, the second ear and 26 air loops for the second half of the back. Arrange the loops like this:
    * 2 p. Izn.glady * - 3 times, 2 p. Izn.glady, continue the rhombus, replacing the scarf. knitting faces. smooth, * 2 p. worn., 6 p. braids * - 6 times, 2 p. worn. smooth, continue the rhombus, * 2 p. worn., 6 p. braids * - 3 times, 2 p. out of iron.
  4. When there are 4 crossings on the frontal part and the back of the head in the pattern of braids, go to the faces. Knit braids over diamonds to the end of the work.
  5. To form the crown, evenly reduce 15 p. In 21, 27, 31, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45 p. after braid.
  6. Pull the remaining ones and fasten. Sew a seam. Tie 2 stitches with a reverse stitch of 4 p. And sew to the hat.

A detailed video master class with a description of a knitted hat with ears for women in an interesting brioche technique. This model can be worn on two sides according to the mood. The pattern is quite complex, but in mk the author tells everything step by step:

We knit a hat with ears across

The idea of ​​hats with ears on the top belongs to American designer Anna Sui. Creative was picked up by all the leading fashion houses. Basically, they are worn by young people and children, but models appear on older women. A brown female knitted hat with ears is tied with braids on the knitting needles in the transverse direction. The pattern is a regular rectangle.

You will need:
- Valencia yarn (43% wool 7% Angora 50% acrylic 100g / 220met),
- knitting needles number 3,5

Braid Pattern:
1p .: facial
2 and all are even: according to the drawing
3 pp.: 4 p. Transfer to additional sp. before work, 4 persons., stitches with additional sp.
from 4 to 12 r.: according to the drawing
Repeat the pattern from the 3rd r.

Knitting density:

18 stitches * 30 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Knitting pattern: the front surface, with circular knitting all the loops will be front.

We collect 88 loops on the needles. In a circle we knit 57 rows. In the last row we put markers every 22 loops, marking 4 lines of descent on the crown.

58 row: 2 loops knit tightly in the first loop for the upper lobes, front loops to 3 extreme loops in front of the marker. We knit these three loops as follows: 1 remove, 1 person. For the upper wall, take the first loop removed with the left knitting needle and draw it through the knitted one. Tighten the loop tightly.

So we knit each sector between the markers.

It is necessary to complete the facial loop.

59 row: knit according to the drawing.

Then we repeat the scheme: in even rows we make decreases along the loop at the border of the wedges (8 loops in a row), in odd rows we knit according to the figure.

Continue until there are three loops in each wedge.

Cut the thread leaving a tail that needs to be threaded through the 12 remaining loops. Pull the loops and pull the thread to the wrong side, fasten.

To tie the ears, from the top point of the crown we count 10 loops down and set the marker, marking the beginning of the eye. In a vertical row, lift 10 loops, this can be done with knitting needles or crochet. In the same row, raise another 10 stitches to the second spoke.

Turn the canvas 180 degrees and from the loops of the vertical row, lift 20 loops (10 for each knitting needle) for the rear walls.

The photo shows that they got a total of 40 loops (10 loops on each spoke). Tie the first row of the eyelet with the facial loops behind the front walls.

Next, the rows are knitted with decreases.

Tie the first two loops for 1 person. For the front walls. The hinges must be tightened tightly. You can help yourself with a crochet.

Next, the front loops, up to the last 2, which fit like this: remove the first on the right knitting needle, the front loop for the front wall, we put it on the knitted one.

Then we continue, making reductions (the beginning of the first and third, the end of the second and fourth) bevels on the ears. With the remaining three loops, you can remove the extra knitting needle. There will be 1 working and 2 for loops.

We connect with reductions to two loops. We cut and tighten the thread.

Making the second ear the same way

Knitted hat cat with knitting needles with ears will give any image of playfulness and mystery. Everyone will want to know what is hidden behind the image of a cute and funny girl cat.

Option 4

We calculate the number of loops that will fit on the ears: divide all loops on the inside: 2/5 on the forehead, 1/5 on the stitch and 1/5 on the ears. This way the ears will be a little closer to the back of the head. For example, if the cap is 100 hops, it means 20 pcts are left on the head and 20 pts are set for the ears. Use stocking spokes of a suitable size.

Hat with knitting needles with ears from Valeria

interesting selection on knitka.ru Fishnet Hats for Girl 22 models only for girls

I found at home the remains of a very dense yarn with acrylic and in an hour I knitted such a hat with sports-style ears. 70 loops directly about 20 cm with an elastic band 2 * 2, a seam from above and sideways. If the yarn is thinner, then collect more loops.

Elastic band: 2 * 2: * 2 persons., 2 out., * Repeat from *.

How to knit a hat?

  1. The height of the cap is 24 cm. Tie a sample and make your calculation of the loops. In our case, you need to dial 44 points. Distribute the pattern as follows: 3 points with an elastic band 1x1, 7 points of scarf knitting (all points of faces.), The first braid is 8 points, 6 points of plaiting, the second braid is 12 p.pl.v.
  2. We knit directly 25 cm (in a slightly stretched form, as it will sit on the head). Next, you need to make the wedge a shortened row technique. We agree: where the gum - there is the front part. Short rows must be done in the opposite part. Knit a row, not reaching the end of 7 p., Turn the product, now back. The next p. we knit 1 p. more and turn around, etc. How to tie a shortened p. without holes, see here.
  3. Next, knit until the volume of the cap you need is about (about another 25 cm). Measure the blank on yourself and you will understand how much more you need to knit.
  4. Sew the hat on the short side. Fold so that the seam is in the middle and sew the upper seam. In the corners at a distance of 5-7 cm, make an inconspicuous stitch to fix the eyelet.

You can associate a hat with not one shortening sector, but 2 or 3. Then the ears will be more accurate.

More cat hats here


to select only one of the facial loops of the two middle rows, letting out the old loops, otherwise you will get nice, but very much blowing holes. We fasten the thread by using the hook, passing into any of the loops and tying the knot. And we knit 4 rows of facial loops around, alternately with one and second knitting needles.

For winter cold

It would be nice to have warmer things for winter. Look at the white winter hat. It will not only warm on a cold day, but will undoubtedly attract attention with its original design. In a set we will also connect a scarf.

Two sizes: 54-56 cm and 58 cm
You will need:
- Eskimo yarn (100% wool 50met / 50gr) - 150 grams per cap, 100 grams per scarf,
- knitting needles number 8
Density: 11 p. = 10 cm

Let's go to the deductions.

The first loop with the first spoke is tied to the face, the second is tied to the untied, the third is tied and stretched the second is third, the second is tied to it all the way to the third.
And here is just the same in the opposite order: the first of the remaining three belts is tied, turn back on the left knitting needle and stretch the second to the first, first, second. We will repeat the same manipulations with the second spoke.
We remove the loops in each row by knitting 2 loops together with a large left and 2 clauses with the right at the end of the spokes, each time 4.
Let’s deal with the last removal, knitting 2 middle loops together.

The ties. Children's hat with ears.

Of the remaining 6 loops (in general), we knit the braces, knitting the facial loops, alternately with one and second spokes.
If the thickness of the yarn is less than 100 m and 50 g, it is advisable to reduce the loops up to 4, so that the braces are not obtained, like two long sweaters.
Having tied up about 30 cm of the brace, we remove the loops in the aforementioned manner, tighten the last braid, tie the knot for reliability and tighten the clasp inside.
We knit just the ear and ready.

Baby hat with ears is ready!

Classic hat with ears

This model with earflaps has been popular for several years. But, nevertheless, there are a lot of questions on how to knit a regular Scandinavian hat with ears with knitting needles. Therefore, I propose a knitting accessory scheme.
You will need:
- wool yarn with characteristics 66met / 100gr,
- circular knitting needles No. 8, hosiery No. 5.5 - for decoration.
Density: 11 p. = 10 cm

Children's hat with ears. How to knit a hat with knitting needles for a girl or boy.

Double cap with ear-ties and "horns".
Size: 46-48 (a hat also fit over my son with a size of 49).
Yarn: 100 g of Lana Gatto Super Soft yarn (merino 100%, 125m / 50g).
Knitting needles: length 40 cm No. 3 and 3.5. Or 100-120cm long, for knitting Magic Loop.
Number 3 knitting needles to start knitting.

On knitting needles No. 3 on 4 loops, tie a hollow cord about 25 cm long. Next, proceed to knitting the ears.
Knitting ears: # ne_ushki
For one eyelet on the knitting needles 44 loops - 22 loops on each knitting needle.
It turns out that one side of the eye goes to the outer part, and the second - to the inside.

Knitting the outer (main) part of the cap.
Start with the right eye - 22 loops (mark the beginning of the row with a marker), then dial in any convenient way the open patterned edge of 12 loops (this is the occipital part), knit the left ear, type the open patterned edge of 24 loops (this is the frontal part). There are 80 loops on the needles.
Knit in a circle with front stitch 14 rows.

Go to the knitting needles number 3,5.
Knit front stitch 44 rows.
Then, at the edges, lay 18 loops on the “MOUTH”.
Knit "HORIZONS", making reductions in one loop at the beginning and end of the row. Decrease through a row until 8 loops remain on the knitting needles. Knit further 24 rows or to the desired height.
Then knit all the loops in two together, and close 4 loops.
Similarly, execute the second "horn" 😄. Or a "horn."
The loops between the "MOUTH" close the needle with a seam "loop in the loop."

Reshoot loops of ears, occipital and frontal parts on knitting needles No. 3. Knit 14 rows with front stitch.
Go to knitting needles number 3,5, knit stitch 42 rows.
Close the loop with a needle stitch "loop into loop". Baby hat with ears is ready!

You can make brushes on “HORIZONS”, or you can tie it as in the photo.
Knit with pleasure❤️
# ne_binder

Working process:

We start by knitting the ear of the cap with knitting needles No. 8. Type 3 p. And knit according to the scheme from the 1st to the 8th p.

Similarly, make the second.

We connect the details: to the loops of the right earphone we dial 7 p. For the occipital part, attach the second ear, until we combine, we tie the pattern according to the upper diagram. Turn the work back and do the wrong side according to the figure. Turn the work over and knit the front row. Having tied it to the end, we collect 19 points for the part above the forehead, we combine knitting in a circle (= 54 points).

We continue to work according to the scheme on the left from 1 to 32 row. When it becomes uncomfortable to knit on circular knitting needles, go to hosiery.

Trim the edge of the cap. Dial 3 p. On the knitting needle, then from the face of the cap from the center of the nape: * hook 1 loop from the edge, slide these 4 p. To the opposite end of the knitting needle (do not rotate the work, thread from the back), knit 2 faces, then 2 faces. Together * . So tie around the edge around.

Video master class on knitting a simple style with ears:

On a ski trip!

A woman is a woman, and she will always look for new models of hats. Even when going to ski. And for sports you need new equipment. Try pairing a sports model with multi-colored ears. If you are not afraid of painstaking
knitting patterns. Two styles to choose from.

Size: 52-56 cm
To knit hats you will need:
- Schachenmayr Universa yarn (55% wool 45% acrylic 125met / 50g) - 50 grams each in beige, brown, gray and dark gray,
- knitting needles No. 4,5, hook No. 4,5.
Density 17 p. = 10 cm

Knitting pattern

  1. Type 3 loops on the knitting needles with gray yarn and knit with the front surface. Add on each side through a row 9 times 1 p. (= 21p.). After 9.5 cm, the first earphone is ready. Repeat the pattern for the second eyelet.
  2. With brown yarn, dial 9 loops (half the back), attach the first earphone, add another 34 p. (Front), then the second ear and dial 7 p. For half the back (= 91p.). Knit 18 circular rows according to the pattern on the right, then 10 p. according to scheme A, evenly reducing three loops (= 88p.).
  3. Next, alternate 5 p. Gray and 3 p. Beige. In the 4th r. from the beginning of the vertical stripes, reduce 1 p. in each gray strip (= 77p.). Repeat such decreases 3 more times in every fourth row (= 44p.).
  4. Now we reduce through 3 rows in beige stripes 1 p. Each (= 22 p.)
  5. We tighten and fix the remaining loops. We make a seam. Tie beige at the edges with single crochet.

Hat with ears for a girl, part 1

The recommended yarn for beginners is Vita Brilliant 1 skein 100g, knit in 2 threads. I knitted a blue melange of 4 strings from Slonim yarn - the hat turned out to be bigger. For a hat for 1 year, knit an elastic band of 3 cm, for 2 years - 4 cm, for a child 3-5 years old at least 5 cm.

If, like me, knit from Slonim yarn, dial loops on two knitting needles or one, but larger, because yarn does not stretch. If you knit from elastic yarn, then you don’t need to do this, otherwise the elastic will be weak, dial No. 2.5 on one knitting needle and then knit the elastic further.

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Hat with earflaps with knitting needles for women and children

A cap with a visor, tied in the spring. For the winter version you need to make a lining. Hood with a visor. Yarn Tiny Trinity Factory, 135m / 50g, 20% wool, 80% acrylic. When washing, the yarn does not roll and does not stretch. You will need 1.5 skeins and number 3 knitting needles on a fishing line.

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Watch the video: FREE Knitting Patterns - 10 Ways to Search for a Free Knitting Pattern. Loomahat (April 2020).