What to wear with a chic blue dress? (50 photos)

Probably there is no girl in whose wardrobe, there is no beautiful elegant dress. If we talk about styles, it is mainly casual and evening dresses. Every woman will definitely find a black outfit in her wardrobe, because this is a classic.

But do not forget about other colors of the palette. Any girl must buy a dress in blue. Such an outfit in the wardrobe will always find its application for a suitable occasion, but in order to get a harmonious and fashionable set, you should know what to wear such a dress with.

Combination with other shades.

If we talk about shades of blue, then they are very diverse. The beginning of the color comes from a saturated light cornflower tone, which turns into a bright blue azure, and then becomes a deep and saturated dark blue color.

But, despite all the variety of this palette, and if you do not know how the shades are combined, then you can easily ruin the whole image.

What colors will blue look harmonious with?

  1. A good combination will be with a pink palette.
  2. A combination with white is ideal.
  3. It looks very advantageous if you combine a blue tone with a beige shade.
  4. Successfully combined with a silver tone.
  5. Looks great with a gray palette.

We select accessories for a blue dress

If you decide to buy a dress in blue shades, then you should know that not every accessory will fit it. They need to be selected very carefully.

We offer you to consider several options for images with various accessories:

  1. If you want to make the image bright and harmonious, then you can choose a yellow handbag and shoes for the dress. See the photo.
  1. For an evening out, you can take a dark blue narrow dress, and complement it with a red patent-leather belt and the same shade of shoes. A set of earrings and a ring made of silver is suitable as jewelry.
  1. A blue evening dress can be complemented with beads and a white pearl bracelet. We select the handbag to match the tone of the jewelry.

Choosing shoes

Shoes, in principle, can be anything from high-heeled shoes to ballet shoes. But with what shoes to combine, it depends on what image you want to create.

For example, for a walk around the city, ballet flats, beige or white, will be appropriate. For evening dresses, it is better to choose shoes or sandals with high heels.

Consider several combinations:

  1. Under the soft blue dress, the length of which will be right up to the floor, you can pick up silver sandals with high heels, and a small bag of the same color. As jewelry, choose a neat pendant in the shape of a heart of silver. Nail polish is suitable in beige or pink.

How to choose a blue dress?

Shades of heaven fit both brunettes and blondes. This is a good option for graduation. Blue mini-dresses are suitable for slim girls of different sizes. Such models can be seen in the photo. For young girls, models of free cut from the chest line are recommended. For a party it is worth choosing bustier dresses.

Shades of heaven fit both brunettes and blondes This is a good option for graduation. Blue mini-dresses are suitable for slim girls of different heights

In the trend are models with a pareo effect that are suitable for the beach season. You can choose models with light draperies.

Actual products with a V-shaped neckline, transparent models, lacing and asymmetric lines at the top and bottom of the dress.

A heavenly color palette relieves stress and soothes This color is especially popular in the spring and summer. Models of free cut from the chest line are recommended for young girls

Advice!Blue tones are a great solution for pregnant women. They give tenderness and touching. A heavenly color palette relieves stress and soothes.

The combination of blue with other shades

Delicate blue colors are an embodiment of openness and femininity. A fashionable dress can look innocent or royal. Things of this color look good on brunettes and red-haired women. Dark hair in such a design looks even brighter.

Delicate blue colors are the embodiment of openness and femininity. Fashionable dress can look innocent or royal Things of this color look good on brunettes and red-haired women. Dark hair in a similar look looks even brighter

Various shades of blue remind of the river surface or sea breeze. They emphasize the whiteness of the skin of blondes and emphasize the dark skin tone of brunettes.
Shade of a sea wave can be combined with different colors. Using an air dress, it’s easy to create a feminine look. Pastel colors harmonize with the pale blue palette. Unusually looks blue with bright colors - cherry, white, orange and pink. Light brown and beige complement the look and add naturalness.

Various shades of blue remind of the smooth surface of the river or sea breeze They shade the whiteness of the skin of blondes and emphasize the dark skin tone of brunettes Shade of a sea wave can be combined with different colors

A very faint shade of blue is combined with neutral tones. To create a neater and more rigorous image, you can combine this color with brown, white and blue shades.

Beautiful blue dresses will complement purple and violet jackets, jackets, cardigans and cardigans.

A very faint shade of blue combined with neutral tones To create a neater and more rigorous look, you can combine this color with brown, white and blue shades. Bright shades of blue are suitable for active women. They can be combined with a beige, yellow or red color palette.

Advice!Bright shades of blue are suitable for active women. They can be combined with a beige, yellow or red color palette.

What to wear with a blue dress?

Blue tones belong to the cold palette, while it is important to choose the right complement to the image. It is worth considering black or gray things. Shoes are best matched to the bag.

Blue tones belong to a cold palette, while it is important to choose the right complement to the image. Shoes are best matched to the bag. For a pale blue outfit, shoes and handbags in white with silver clasps are suitable

For a pale blue outfit, shoes and handbags in white with silver clasps are suitable. Black shoes also look good in such an ensemble.

Advice!For a blue dress, do not choose outerwear of brown or bright green color. Cream and white coats and raincoats, as well as blue, pink or white jackets or jackets, will work well.

Office style combination

How to wear a blue dress for a business style depends on the chosen style. Such an outfit should be strict and concise. It is better to choose styles of a simple cut and without unnecessary decor. The perfect solution is a sheath dress. It can be complemented with a suitably matched jacket and heeled shoes. As additional colors, it is worth using gray, white and black tones.

Advice!A business dress can be created from any style by applying a collar.

How to complement the evening look?

Blue evening dresses can be mini bustier outfits, as well as models to the floor in satin or silk. You can complement the image with elegant jewelry, handbag or shoes. You should not make the whole ensemble of the blue palette. White or silver decor elements look great.

Blue evening dresses can be mini bustier outfits, as well as models to the floor in satin or silk You can complement the look with elegant jewelry, handbag or shoes. You should not make the whole ensemble of the blue palette

Advice!The original solution for a prom dress is a combination with yellow.

How to create a stylish look for every day?

Tunics, sundresses and pareo dresses are relevant as casual wear. They can be combined with massive jewelry and comfortable shoes. You can use contrast to create an expressive look. Unusually looks style with prints, frills and shuttlecocks, presented in black. Such a robe is perfect for brunettes.

Tunics, sundresses and pareo dresses are relevant as casual wear You can use contrast to create an expressive look. You can use contrast to create an expressive look.

Advice!T-shirt dresses and loose-fitting shirts are considered modern models. They can be worn as standalone clothes or with leggings or jeans.

Can I wear a blue dress for a wedding?

A blue wedding dress will help create a delicate look. This option is both traditional and adds originality. Heavenly color focuses on the fragility of the bride, and also emphasizes the youth and beauty of her skin.

A light blue wedding dress will help create a delicate look. This option is both traditional and adds originality. Sky color focuses on the fragility of the bride, and also emphasizes the youth and beauty of her skin

Popular models include the option with a train. For a wedding celebration, styles like a mermaid or a princess, models in the Greek style and even models with asymmetric elements are suitable.

For a wedding celebration, styles such as a mermaid or a princess, models in the Greek style and even models with asymmetric elements are suitable

Advice!In addition to long models, you can use short dresses for the wedding, which will help to give a romantic image. Such outfits are sewn of silk, satin, lace or satin.

How to wear a gently blue dress

  1. The color palette is very large, it can have many shades, even if you are a brunette, you can still find your option in this variety. In your case, the perfect bluish-pearl shade. How to wear a blue and gray dress dark-haired beauties? Pick up turquoise jewelry, complement the look with beige sandals, and male attention is provided to you. Do not overload the outfit with jewelry; the dress is completely self-sufficient.
  2. Traditionally solemn evening patterns make turquoise tones. Corsets plus a full skirt in the floor, silk and lace - even wedding dresses are made of such materials. Products with a bodice embroidered with rhinestones, on straps, with a thin belt and a full skirt are in demand. How to wear a light blue dressdepends on the length and cut. Heel is always appropriate for evening clothes, if it is a daily casual model, then you can use more comfortable shoes, for example, wedges.
  3. How to wear a blue dresswhich cut is made in the form of a case? This is the most versatile item of women's wardrobe. With it you can create a ton of images, fashion designers offer business and cocktail options. How to wear a light blue sheath dress? We can definitely say - with a heel! No solid soles, wedges, as the image will become massive, squat and will not save even an unusual color. Whether it be boots, boots, sandals or shoes - the heel in them must be mandatory.
  4. The opposite of a strict “case” was casual style. That’s why fashionistas are interested, what to wear with a blue shirt dress? The answer is unequivocal - with the same comfortable boots without heels, sneakers, sandals. It is relevant for travel, walking, public places, some models can even be worn in offices where there is no strict dress code. Products of this kind can be worn as independent clothing, or in combination with trousers, a skirt, and women's jeans shorts can also be bought.
  5. Knitwear at the peak of fashion, so on sale you can find amazingly beautiful models. Some needlewomen knit them on their own, a big plus - no one will have such dresses except the hostess of clothes. They can be long, short, to the knee. Such clothes warm pleasantly in the winter and allow the body to breathe freely in the summer. How to wear a blue knit dressdepends on the thickness of the product and its length. The principle applies here: the length of the midi (to the knee, a little higher, a little lower) looks with any height of the heel, it is preferable to wear mini and maxi on a low platform.
  6. Another type of knitting is a crochet hook that knits unrealistic airy lace. Designers create beautiful original products, but you need to know what to wear with a blue lace dress. Such an outfit is very feminine and flirty, it is relevant for dates, theaters, evening banquets. Beige is perfect for blue (shoes, handbag). But those who like to combine the incongruous, can try to mix lace with a leather jacket, men's shoes.

The WESTLAND online store has a large selection of outfits of blue flowers, except dresses. You can buy women's skinny jeans and other branded clothes. Blue is a very beautiful and multifaceted color, it has many tones and sounds, find options, what to wear with a blue dress in summer, improve, choose accessories, shoes, be stylish and trendy.

About how difficult it is to choose ...

At the beginning of the article, we already casually mentioned that the outfits we are discussing are perfect for women of all ages and nationalities. Neither hair color, nor weight, nor skin tone matters. Of course, there is a bit of cunning in this statement, since the appropriate tone should be selected according to your color type. But we say that every modern fashionista can afford this palette. But about what rules should be followed when buying a stylish new thing, read the list below:

  • Young ladies can afford any cut, especially when it comes to slim skinny. In everyday life, you can use dresses with a free skirt from the chest line, and for parties buy a bustier outfit.

  • Pareo effect - So long-awaited, and therefore the popular solution is already actively used in the collections of famous couturiers. True, such styles are preferable in the summer, since heavy and dense materials are contraindicated to them.
It’s enough just to choose the right tone This shade is quite versatile.
  • Cutout in the form of the English letter "V" - a real fashion bomb 2018! It emphasizes the beauty of the female breast and the sophistication of the neckline. Asymmetric trim and other non-standard ways of decorating blue fabric are also welcome.

  • Light drapery - Another spring-summer chip. In general, designers are great fellows. Finally, they decided to move away from the already bored clichés of the desire for naturalness and naturalness and suggested that the girls again become feminine and sexy seducers of men.
Such a tone harmoniously looks both in a spacious solemn hall, and against the background of concrete boxes on the noisy streets of the metropolis

Advice!For many ladies in an “interesting” position, stylists recommend wearing blue dresses as often as possible. This palette creates a positive attitude, distracts from bad thoughts and relieves nervous tension.

It is important not to make a mistake in choosing a style! Stylish horizontal strip Elegant combination with a clutch in pastel colors

What makeup to combine with a blue dress

It should be remembered that blue is a cold tone, therefore, when choosing makeup, you should observe color balance, otherwise you will look very pale. Makeup artists offer to play in contrasts with a blue tint.

For example, use peach, beige, golden, pink and brown shades in makeup.

It is considered a big mistake if you complement the blue dress with blue shades of makeup. Because the blue shadows on the eyes, few people at all fit, and a bust of blue will speak of your bad taste. Allowed only the use of eyeliner in blue tones or a combination of this color with other shades.

The foundation or foundation is better to take two colors darker than your skin. This also applies to eyebrows, only their tone should be darker than your hair.

A combination of gray and white shades is suitable for blue eyes, the contour of the eyes can be emphasized with black arrows. Lipstick will look good in a beige shade. A combination of brown and light shades is suitable for gray eyes.

Hairstyles Options

The hairstyle for the dress in blue should be chosen based on where you are going to go in it.

Let's consider several options.

  1. If your dress has an open back and shoulders, then the hairstyle should be smooth, but if the shoulders are wide, then it is better to loose hair.
  2. Under a long dress, it is better to make an interesting braid, or lay your hair on its side.

If you go to work, you can simply dry your hair with a hairdryer and carefully style it. To do this, you do not need to comb and fill them with varnish. If you have a caret, you can pull it out with a special iron to keep your hair straight, because it will look better this way.

If the length of your hair is enough for the tail, then you can make it tall. And also for everyday trips hair bundles are considered ideal. They can be made both high and low, it depends on your desire.

Create harmony in the image

Nowadays, few adhere to monochrome in everyday bows, so the question of the combination of shades is now particularly acute. To look royally luxurious, you should follow the classic rules, of course, complemented by the latest trends in 2018.

  • Dark hair will acquire an unusual saturation against a turquoise background. This also applies to owners of a red-haired mane.

Amazing lace

  • Blondes with white skin are suitable options that resemble river or sea water.

  • The shade of the ocean wave is an excellent solution for dark-skinned women.
  • A sky-colored outfit helps create a feminine look.

  • The pastel gamut is perfectly adjacent to the barely noticeable subtone of blue.
  • A new trend for the upcoming season is a combination with cherry, white, pink and orange.

  • The depth of the sky palette is light brown and beige.

Advice!Bright extravagant ladies, to get away from boring everyday images, use the interweaving of heavenly, lemon, scarlet and orange.


The blue color looks beautiful in any fabric. Its shades are characterized by neutrality, look spectacular in any outfit - business, casual, romantic or festive. The sky-blue dress brings balance and harmony to the spring image of the girl, soothes.

Ideal for blondes, girls with blond, red hair due to the creation of a contrast between these colors. A lady with black, brown hair color should also not refuse a dress in blue. In combination with correctly selected bright accessories, fabrics of the lightest shades will leave an unforgettable impression of such an image.

We figure out what to wear

Like it or not, but it’s still a cold palette, which means it requires a proper attitude to its capricious character. Black or gray things are the optimal “neighbors” of the outfit. As for shoes, its color, as you know, should be visible in bags, clutches and backpacks.

Open shoulders look stylish and trendy. The perfect complement to the red belt

Effectively complement the bow will help accessories, endowed with couturier silver clasps. Black shoes fit perfectly here.

Advice!In the cold season, do not combine a blue dress with outerwear of a brown or green color.

Prefer a cream and white coat, they will make the silhouette thinner, and the image more airy. On cool days of late spring, use jackets in pink, blue and snow-white.

In combination with a warm sweater

How to choose a blue dress

Sky shades are suitable for any women - brunettes, blondes, redheads. The short length of the dresses is the right choice for young girls, as the color represents innocence. In ancient times, brides wore blue dresses for the wedding. This is a great color for prom. Mini will look great on slender girls of different stature. Sexy and attractive look bustier dresses. They do not have harnesses. Such models are suitable for a party. Naughty dresses - an option for young ladies. Models have a free cut from the chest line and a short length.

Actual in the fashion season are dresses with the effect of pareo. This option is ideal for warm summers and relaxation on the coast. You can choose beautiful models with numerous draperies from light, airy and flowing fabrics.

Dresses with a length of midi will suit more mature ladies. Blue delicate outfits can be used for everyday business looks. Office dress should not have excess decor. You can complement the look with a jacket and high-heeled shoes.

For evening dresses, choose a more intense shade of blue. On tall and slender girls, luxurious dresses on the floor look great. Choose models for an evening look from expensive material - brocade, taffeta, silk. Models with a high cut and neckline are suitable for girls with long and slender legs. For an evening look, you can wear a corset dress, which has a full skirt on a hoop.

Dresses in retro style have a full skirt and a modest simple top. They can have a complex intricate pattern, floral motifs.

Simple today, dress-shirts, straight cut, dress-t-shirts are also relevant today. They can be worn under leggings and skinny jeans. Models of the A-silhouette look concisely.

They are an option for lush female figures. Perfectly hide full hips and waist. Also suitable for active girls. Chubby girls should also pay attention to models with draperies that will be able to hide the curvaceous. Choose high-waisted models to hide full hips. Remember that slim shades and the presence of vertical decorative stitching slim the figure.

Today it is fashionable to wear lace blue dresses as well as short denim dresses. Models are somewhat reminiscent of a loose denim shirt of large length. The decor uses fringe and scuff.

Rigor in every detail

Oh, this dress code! How many restrictions he puts on modern fashionistas! But those who have learned to skillfully beat the situation and find non-standard solutions without prejudice to their own style and reprimands of the boss will like reserved azure ensembles.

Such a product will be a godsend in the summer season. Warm version under the belt

It is extremely important to keep the style! No miniskirts and deep neckline. We keep everything in strictness and conciseness. Minimum decor, maximum elegance. But isn't that boring? Absolutely not. The colors discussed by us will make the overall picture complemented, and the minimalistic cut of the case - refined. Yes, in such a masterpiece it’s not a shame to show off at the presentation of your own project and dine with potential customers. Stiletto heels and a white blazer will only enhance the effect.

Advice!Today, a large number of models that are used in everyday life are sold. If you want to wear one of these options for work, just add a stylish lace collar to it.

The combination of blue with other colors

A delicate blue palette embodies femininity, openness and purity. In a fashionable model, one can look both completely innocent and a luxurious queen. The blue color itself is freshness, heavenly soaring, lightness. Models of such dresses are appropriate both at official events and at graduation parties. The blue gamut suits both young girls and more mature ladies. Dresses of such shades become especially relevant with the beginning of the spring-summer season. At this time, girls can see a wide variety of elegant and elegant things. A blue dress is perfect for blue-eyed women. Moreover, this shade of things will suit both brunettes and red-haired. A brunette in blue looks brighter and more beautiful. A gentle blue or its more intense tone attracts attention and is quite expressive.

Various shades of blue are associated with the sea breeze and river surface. They perfectly emphasize the swarthy skin of brunettes and the porcelain whiteness of blondes. A blue dress needs to be combined correctly with outerwear of other colors.

The shade of the sea wave can be successfully combined with different colors. With the help of a light airy dress, romantic and feminine summer looks are created. With gentle blue, any pastel colors are perfectly combined. Such a range looks impressive under the rays of the summer sun. It looks attractive blue and with bright rich colors - yellow, orange, white, cherry, pink. Beige and any notes of light brown will add to the image of naturalness. A good combination is blue and soft yellow.

A faint shade of blue is called Baby Blue. He gives the woman a special lightness and some carelessness. To create a harmonious contrast, you can combine this shade with pastel colors. Such an outfit will look quite moderate and pretty. For young girls, pink shades are suitable - from bright and juicy to paler. Blue is also in harmony with sky blue. If you want to create a neat, concise look, then give preference to a combination of a blue dress with strict neutral tones of brown, with classic white, with cool dark shades. You can wear a blue dress with purple, snow-white, lilac jackets, cardigans, cardigans, jackets and coats. White color gives blue special lightness and tenderness.

A bright blue shade is “cyan”. To create an elegant look, choose additions to this color in pastel colors. They will create calm and necessary coolness along. Looks good with bright blue and pink. For active women, intense, bright shades are suitable - yellow, beige, purple, red. They will provide the desired color contrast.

Fashionable ideas for complete

It’s a big mistake to think that overweight women need to wear only dark colors. Dress gently heavenly color in the Greek style is the perfect solution for women with curvaceous shapes. A high waist will help mask the wide hips, and the neckline will emphasize the chest. Cold shades slim curvaceous.

If your legs are slim and beautiful shoulders, then you can choose products with a high neckline on the skirt and neckline. A good solution is a corset-type dress with a fluffy skirt on a hoop.

To correct the figure, choose a combination of fabrics with different textures. For example, the top may be made of denser matter.

Advice!Lightweight drapery used in problem areas will help hide figure flaws. It is also worth using a decorative stitch of a vertical type.

Ideas of fashionable images with a blue dress

You can come up with an infinite number of images, which are based on a blue dress. To spur imagination, you can look at catalogs, fashion magazines, blogs. Especially often there are such images:

Conqueror of the wild west

Such an image is usually based on a combination of a light blue dress or sarafan with deliberately rough leather or jeans, woven accessories, high boots, ethnic patterns, embroidery, braids.

Innocent angel

The emphasized innocence and airiness of the look is achieved by combining a free cut aquamarine outfit with white or light beige accessories - lace scarves, shoes or sandals, a hat. Lace, floral patterns, large jewelry, complex hairstyles with curls fit well with such a bow.

Business lady

Business style is achieved in this case with a dark bag of geometric shapes, black, dark blue or steel-gray jackets, cardigans or cardigans, restrained silver jewelry. But, of course, not with any dress you can build such a bow. In this case, it is better not to resort to lace, frivolous outfits.

A blue dress is a ton of opportunities! If you do not have enough light, freshness, ease in life, by all means get yourself this.

With a collar

A tight-fitting blue dress with a collar looks spectacular on a slim figure. Complete with pumps, this option is suitable for a business meeting. The collar looks beautiful:

Summer outfits with a short sleeve, a half-sun skirt and a round collar look charming.


A beautiful dress with a corsage top and a fluffy skirt, sewn from light flowing fabric, is a traditional style for an evening outfit. The multilayer bottom, the skirt-sun in a tight-fitting model looks elegant and, as it were, returns to the 60s of the last century.

With a loop

The maxi model can be decorated with an elongated hem - a train, this is another bright accent of dresses for the ball. Often wedding dresses are created with a train. The bottom of the skirt is trimmed with patterns, frills. Bodycon dresses also look spectacular with a train. They go to slender girls with high stature and impeccable figure.

With sleeves

Romantic model - a blue evening dress with long sleeves of various cuts:

  • with assemblies
  • with cuts
  • on an elastic band
  • tight
  • shuttlecocks.

Their length can be different. A low-necked outfit with a 3⁄4 sleeves is universal for an evening out.


The product in blue looks beautiful in any length. It is important to choose a suitable model in accordance with the occasion for which it is necessary.

A short dress with a high waist looks beautiful on a girl with slim legs. It can be cut-off with the bottom of the sun or a half sun, fitted, flared.

The use of an asymmetrical hem looks advantageous if it is sewn from chiffon or silk.

Midi is a great option for office use, walks and business meetings. The best complement is a strict jacket and matching shoes. Suitable for young and mature women who look after their image.

Evening chic

As a formal dress, you can use mini dresses with a bustier. Also, fashionistas are not averse to consider the longest options from silk or satin. Naturally, you can not do without accessories and jewelry. A sophisticated stiletto heel, clutch, necklace - this is what you need to complete the look!

Smartly Beautiful bodice design

Advice!Do not overdo it. For example, if the fabric is full of sequins and stones, you should not make a bright make-up. Long hair give the form of light curls and curls.

How to wear a blue dress: photo

Shades of blue belong to the cold gamut. Pay special attention to the choice of various additions to the image. Gray and black wardrobe items will do. Match shoes to match your bag. For example, for a delicate blue dress, white elegant shoes and a white handbag with a silver clasp will be an excellent solution. In general, silver fits perfectly with a blue dress.Remember that black shoes will eliminate the impression of heaven soaring in an ensemble of clothing. Such formal strict shoes will give an image of formality, eliminating innocence and lightness.

As for outerwear, white, cream coats and raincoats, jackets of various dark and light colors, soft fluffy fur coats of delicate shades are suitable. A great option - pink, white, blue, purple jackets, jackets. Do not choose the top complement bright green and brown. With such clothes, a blue dress does not fit well. It is better to wear a blue dress with jackets in soft yellow and pink shades. Dark colors are also suitable.

For the evening look, choose the right accessories. It is better if they are made of white pearls, silver. For everyday wear, wear dresses with ruffles, frills, ruffles. Complement it with classic ballet flats, graceful sandals. Shuttlecocks and frills on blue dresses especially go to brunettes. An addition to everyday wear is comfortable low-soled shoes, a large bag and large jewelry.

On the streets of the city

Most modern ladies sympathize with the casual style. Therefore, it is not surprising that the blue dresses., Full of tenderness and coquetry, get along well with leather jackets, leather jackets, scarves, snoods and flat boots. Some even play well on eclecticism, combining pleating with sports skirts.

Sophisticated sleeve design

Sexy option

If you do not adhere to the “from extreme to extreme” strategy, you can pick up quite soft and light ensembles. Earlier, we already mentioned that pareo dresses burst into fashion. Such models allow you to feel comfortable and comfortable throughout the day, because they most often perform in tandem with open sandals. Choose only stylish outfits with original prints, ruffles and frills. Brunettes will surely like the combined options with black accents.

In tandem with a strict jacket Light and airy

Advice!For walks around the city, get outfits with a cut that resembles T-shirts and shirts. The latter, by the way, as practice shows, do not lose popularity for several years. If the product does not differ in impressive length, leggings or skinny jeans will come to the rescue.

Full Lady Note

Everyone knows that it’s extremely difficult for the little girls to choose a suitable outfit, because by virtue of circumstances many tasks are assigned to him. For example, you need to give preference to things that hide the visible flaws of the figure or turn them into virtues. And this is all in full compliance with all fashion trends and your own preferences! The task, of course, is not an easy one, but there is always a solution.

Previously, designers recommended "pampushkas" to adhere to dark tones. Now the situation has changed radically. A turquoise dress in the Greek style is the dream of every plump woman. If you are the owner of a magnificent breast and beautiful legs, then why not try the option with a V-neck and a shortened skirt? Spectacular loose sleeves will hide the fullness of the shoulders and arms, and a flared hem and flowing fabrics will help reduce hips. A stylish, thin strap will accentuate the waistline and shape the hourglass.

This cut will help you look stylish and sophisticated.

In cases when it comes to moderate fullness, you can consider the options for classic pencils. Thin heels and a length below the knees will hide the hated centimeters under a layer of light natural materials. By the way, synthetics should be treated with caution. It has the ability to accumulate static electricity, which will result in embarrassment at a business meeting or a romantic date.

To summarize

A blue dress is an ideal option for all occasions and any season. Fragile ladies can afford Basque models that perfectly accentuate the seductive hips. Looser styles easily fit into everyday life, and for ceremonial occasions, good flooring is good.

The perfect solution for a walk

Pay attention to denim. Denim makes the outfit warm and not blown. In addition, it is considered one of the most sought-after trends of the upcoming season. In such vestments, ladies go to work, make daily purchases, meet with friends and visit movie theaters and cafes.

Accessories selection

The beauty of the blue dress is emphasized by different options for jewelry. In summer, you can use natural or artificial pearls. Semi-precious and precious stones will complement the image: alexandrite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, sapphire and aventurine.

The beauty of the blue dress is emphasized by different options for jewelry Semi-precious and precious stones will complement the image: alexandrite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, sapphire and aventurine Accessories are needed to create a complete look

Accessories are necessary to create a complete image. So, let's go over the original ideas:

  • Shoes along with silver, pearl milk and gray shades will suit blue.
  • When choosing models in saturated shades, accessories should be neutral and concise in shapes and colors.
  • White color in combination with blue gives romance to any image.
  • Putting on white shoes, it is worth picking up a white handbag and a white bracelet.
  • Black shoes should be worn with a dress of saturated colors.
  • Silver-colored shoes will fit rings, bracelets or chains of the same color.
  • Remarkably complements the blue palette of beige tones. For a dress of heaven, you can choose a beige belt, handbag or jewelry made of dark gold.
  • For a casual look, choose outfits with ruffles, ruffles or frills. They can be complemented with exquisite sandals or ballet flats. For a change, you should try a bold combination of a blue outfit with a clutch and red shoes.
  • To this dress fit tights flesh shades. You can use transparent, white or even gray models. But black stockings will not work.
To this dress fit tights flesh shades. You can use transparent, white or even gray models. But black stockings will not fit

Advice!Do not use accessories in warm colors. They are not very suitable for blue colors.

Makeup blue dress

According to makeup artists, the darker the shade of blue, the brighter the makeup should be. When choosing a dress of sky blue palette, makeup should be invisible and natural. For evening events, bright colors are used.

  • With any makeup, it is important to properly prepare the skin. It is necessary to eliminate imperfections on the skin - redness and acne. Its surface should be smooth and matte.
  • Brunettes should emphasize natural beauty. In this case, it is worth choosing a tonal foundation that will be darker than the skin tone. Suitable blush brown, peach and coral shades.
  • Blondes are recommended to lighten the skin with tonal products. Peach, golden or pale pink blush will help to emphasize the beauty.
  • Shadows are better to choose contrasting shades. It can be golden, sand, terracotta or copper shades.
  • Lipstick needs to choose warm shades. Brown or lilac shades will not work.
According to makeup artists, the darker the shade of blue, the brighter the makeup should be When choosing an outfit of sky blue palette, makeup should be invisible and natural With any makeup, it is important to properly prepare the skin

Advice!Under a blue outfit, you should not choose gray or green shades, as well as reddish ones that will give a tired look.

Curvy models

A corsage top and a fluffy skirt made of airy material belong to the beautiful style of evening fashion. Multilayer skirts in the trend for more than one season.

For retro-style fit models with a skirt in the shape of the sun.

Bustier dresses with puffy skirts are considered an unusual style. Such a skirt will complement the top of viscose or silk. The model of a free cut with lines and the yoke looks good.

The corsage top and a fluffy skirt from an air mother belong to the beautiful style of evening fashion.

Advice!Laconic models of A are in fashion - a silhouette that provides freedom of movement. They are suitable for active and athletic girls.

Products with a loop

The train is a long hem. This option is suitable for a wedding. You can embroider a skirt with patterns or flounces at the bottom.

The train is a long hem. This option is suitable for a wedding. You can embroider a skirt with patterns or flounces

Mermaid-type models are also made with a train. They fit legs and are suitable for slim girls. Traditionally, such options are performed in a blue and white palette. For decoration, shiny jewelry is used.

Advice!Long patterns are often sewn from guipure or chiffon. Such fabrics look very feminine. Outfits made of satin fabrics look great.

Collared Dresses

For a business look, a strict dark blue dress with a collar is suitable. The ensemble can be complemented with black pumps. Collars can be turn-down, rectangular and with figured racks. A blue outfit with a round collar looks feminine.

For a business look, a strict dark blue dress with a collar

Advice!Denim products look stylish. Popular models with a cut under a denim shirt. To emphasize such material, fringe and scuff are used.

Floor models

A blue floor dress will help create a romantic look. It is characterized by open shoulders, a wide skirt and loose long sleeves. A maxi model with a neckline and with sleeves of different lengths is suitable as a universal evening option.

A blue floor dress will help create a romantic look. It has open shoulders, a wide skirt and loose long sleeves.

Ballroom models are distinguished by sleeves of complex cut, which can be complemented by assemblies and cuts. A guipure product with tight-fitting sleeves and a silk lining looks feminine.

Advice!Materials such as taffeta, brocade or silk are suitable for the evening version. Everyday models can be made of knitwear and cotton, which provide maximum comfort. Crocheted dresses look interesting.

Fancy prints

Simple models can be decorated with all kinds of prints. Polka dots will give the blue dress femininity and flirty.

Stripes as a decor were always in fashion. A good option is a white and blue striped dress. Flowers look romantic in a white and blue palette. You can use applications from floral arrangements. Floral ornaments can embroider bodices and the bottom of the skirt.

Simple models can be decorated with all kinds of prints. Floral ornaments can embroider bodices and the bottom of the skirt

Following fashion trends and the advice of stylists, you can choose a luxurious dress in blue for all occasions. Beautiful models will help to create a feminine and updated look at least every day.


A dress on the floor is an elegant option, but also such a length is considered relevant in the summer season. Made from sheer chiffon with a light, translucent lining, the flowing long dress will be the best outfit for evening walks. Suitable for girls with a height above 170 cm.


To make a dress flirty and playful, you can print in the form of a pea - in the style of baby dollars (a combination of pink peas with a blue basic tone). Mini with a flared bottom is combined with:

  • navy or red pumps
  • matched with a bow hairpin
  • miniature clutch.

Blue striped

This color is associated with a nautical theme. Striped white-blue, white-blue print remains fashionable always. Suitable for such dresses:

  • decoration with anchors,
  • blue bow in hair
  • striped bag to match the outfit.

Sky blue

This outfit is considered by stylists to be universal - it personifies vigor and romance. Combined with:

  • gold bracelet
  • gold earrings
  • pearl necklace
  • sandals on a hairpin decorated with bows,
  • a belt with a metal fastener,
  • black scarf or in tone.

Such a model looks gentle and elegant.

Light blue

A light blue model is sewn for the evening, as well as daytime boardwalks in the summer. Cotton, denim in a dress with a direct silhouette will suit a woman of any age. It is complemented by:

  • a scarf
  • thin belt
  • elegant summer bag.

Who can be worn?

Girls with any type of appearance and any age can afford the blue color. At the same time, only the product’s style, hue and color saturation, length and finish are of importance - all that girls usually pay attention to when buying.

So, very young women of fashion can wear any blue dresses and sundresses with bows, butterflies, characters of their favorite cartoons, embroideries and appliqués. Since the outfit is quite easily soiled, girls will be able to accustom themselves to accuracy and care from early childhood so that mothers have to wash their favorite blue dress as little as possible.

Schoolgirls should take a closer look at the modest and business dresses of a classic cut without excess details and decor elements. Such dresses are very suitable for young ladies - gentle and soft, because they can show their own taste and look stylish and strict even in school corridors. The outfit will emphasize the youth and purity of adolescents, and peers in dull black, gray and dark blue dresses will also want to transform and look lighter and brighter.

Young girls can wear blue dresses almost everywhere: in the summer for a walk, meeting friends or shopping, in spring and autumn - to the theater, cinema, museum, on a date, in winter - to college and to work.

ATTENTION! Girls with dark skin, dark hair and brown eyes should choose dresses in rich, rich colors to look brighter due to the contrast. It is better for light-skinned and light-eyed blondes to prefer lighter shades of blue - azure, heavenly, which emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the image.

A particularly chic blue dress will sit on girls with blue eyes. Incredible contrast, attractive and alluring, it will turn out if the owner of warm red hair puts on a dress in cool blue.

A blue dress will perfectly emphasize a beautiful bronze tan, create an airy and light look on slender girls, “make it easier” for ladies with curvaceous shapes, and help them look younger than middle-aged and elderly women. The main thing when choosing an outfit is to take into account all the nuances of appearance and figures and to love the blue color with all your heart.


For a blue model, stylists recommend choosing a medium-thick knit. It looks great in straight tunics, tight-fitting models. Thick knitwear is used for sewing business dresses with long sleeves, decorated with inserts of other colors.

The best option is a medium-length skirt.

Models of blue dresses

It is difficult to imagine a model of a dress that would not be in blue. This is an incredible evening maxi with an abundance of sparkles, rhinestones and stones, and laconic summer mini chiffon, but first things first.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the blue color is the endless azure seas. Therefore, blue summer dresses are especially popular, ranging from cotton short models with frills and ending with long sundresses with a floral pattern. In such a dress, it is good to stroll around the city in summer, since the blue color, like white, reflects the sun's rays and provides coolness, and especially along the coast of the resort town. A blue dress must be in every girl’s summer wardrobe - light, airy and attractive.

The second option is a cocktail blue dress for a graduate or bridesmaid. Short models with a strapless top and a fluffy chiffon skirt look gentle and are suitable for young people. They are perfectly combined with any appearance, emphasize romance and stand out from the crowd. An elegant finish can add elegance to a dress - beads, stones, a contrast belt or satin inserts.

Business models of dresses - the legendary "sheath" and "pencil" - are perfect for a business image. A manager, teacher, and hostess can work in such a dress if the company does not have a dress code, because a feminine smiling girl will always be at her side and will be able to cope with her duties one hundred percent.

Evening dresses on the floor will help to defeat everyone at a party, ball or dinner party, as well as win the heart of any man. A lady of any age and the owner of any type of figure can choose this option for a romantic date or social event.

Universal a-line dresses are a great opportunity to hide the fullness of the hips and abdomen. When choosing, you should pay attention to models with a high waist and a fluffy skirt to the knees, an abundance of vertical or diagonal geometry and an interesting finish in the upper part. In such a dress, any girl will look stylish and feminine.

Owners of good figures must definitely get a tight blue strapless bandeau dress or a more modest and closed version of a blue dress with long sleeves. This outfit perfectly emphasizes the lines of the figure, so it is suitable for those events where you need to shine and admire, for example, for an evening of a graduation meeting or a date.

Blue wedding dresses look elegant and expensive - delicate, elegant and very feminine. In their luxury, they surpass classic white, and passionate red, and amazing peach wedding dresses, giving the bride a unique look. This is an ideal option for an outdoor ceremony in nature, and a photo shoot on the seashore will leave an indelible impression and insanely beautiful photographs.


Choose a blue dress of the desired length is not difficult.

The most daring and frank outfits have a length of mini - above the knees. At the same time, the mini can be critical when the product barely covers the buttocks, or rather modest with a length of 10-15 cm above the knee. If the first option is suitable only for very slender girls, then the second one can also be suitable for dumplings, if you choose the right silhouette.

REFERENCE! A short blue dress of a-silhouette can be safely worn by girls with fullness, but the presence of beautiful and even legs is a prerequisite.

Short dresses are suitable for parties, dates, going to bars, clubs, walks and thematic photo shoots.

Dresses of medium length - to the knee and a little lower - are the most versatile and go to girls of any age. It is of this length that business-style dresses, semi-fitted bat dresses, stylish casual shirt dresses, jacket dresses, summer sarafans and cotton dresses, as well as warm knitted and knitted noodle dresses are sewn.

Midi dresses with a fluffy or loose skirt and some straight options can look great on full girls, and tight-fitting dresses are best chosen only by slim people.

Dresses to the middle of the lower leg are not for everyone, because they visually divide the silhouette into two parts. This length is contraindicated for short girls: the dress will further shorten the legs and thereby play a cruel joke, depriving the lady of attractiveness.

Ankle-length dresses can be either smart or casual. They are suitable for girls of any age and owners of different types of figures. So that the image does not turn out to be too modest and restrained, you can choose the option with an open back or shoulders, a deep neckline or a cut from the hip.

Luxurious and feminine maxi dresses are ideal for tall slender girls. Despite the fact that most of the body is hidden from prying eyes, these dresses perfectly emphasize the beauty of the female body, give the owner of mystery and elegance. A dress on the floor will be appropriate everywhere, because designers offer both closed and very candid models.


Silk is lighter, it looks spectacular with the use of assemblies, a long magnificent bottom.

Lightweight and dense linen is used for tailoring flared trapezoidal dresses, direct dresses, shirts, sundresses, fashionable this season.


Due to the versatility and femininity of blue dresses, fashion designers offer new models in almost every collection. This applies to both eminent designers, known throughout the world, and young Russian fashion lawmakers who are not yet famous outside the country.

Various styles of dresses are relevant: from bright models, rich in decoration, to laconic gentle. The former usually choose brave girls who love attention, while the latter are preferred by modest women and older women.

In fashion, not only blue dresses with or without trim, but also various dresses with patterns:

  • into the cage
  • striped,
  • with floral and animal print
  • with abstract patterns.

A laconic blue dress with an interesting embroidery or applique on a skirt, a contrasting bright belt, a transparent insert at the waist is considered trendy. The more contrasts, the more interesting the image.

IMPORTANT! For the summer, fashion designers are advised to choose options with floral patterns, with various twigs, leaves, butterflies, ladybugs and other summer designs. They will look even more fresh and relevant in the warm season.

Speaking of sleeves, experts recommend taking a closer look at curly options - bells, lanterns, shuttlecocks, 3/4 length or without sleeves in general. Open shoulders and narrow straps are suitable for an evening look and warm weather.

The trend is an open back, a deep neckline and a deep V-neckline, high cuts from the hip, sharp bold lines and cuts and romantic ruffles and frills.


Today, a variety of shoe options are appropriate - from sneakers to stiletto heels.

Sneakers or sneakers fit a short dress in blue. They can also be worn with lightweight floor-length models with large cuts in the front or sides.


The shoes match a simple-style business bow. Models on a hairpin perfectly complement the product on the floor. They will also look beautiful with short dresses. The most suitable shoe color for a blue dress:


In a summer bow, a blue dress can be combined with:

  • knitted or knitted cardigan with buttons,
  • denim short or long vest,
  • denim short or long jacket,
  • suede fringed vest,
  • with a short jumper
  • a classic jacket or jacket.

With denim additions, you get a simple everyday look that many girls choose.

Suede vests allow you to create an image in a cowboy style or “boho” style, and to this combination you can safely add a bag over your shoulder on a long strap and a straw hat.

REFERENCE! A denim dress will work best with a suede vest.

A short cardigan and an elongated cardigan are an interesting and at the same time simple image that allows you to protect yourself from the morning or evening weather.

A classic jacket or jacket can be worn at work or a business meeting. To do this, it is better to choose light shades - beige, white, turquoise, blue or even pale pink. If the jacket is not monophonic, but with patterns, it is quite possible to use such an ensemble for everyday wear.

Also considered universal is the combination of a blue dress with a trench coat - a light coat for the summer, warm autumn and spring.

In cool weather, you should wear a coat over the dress: a classic straight, oversized or shortened fitted. In this case, it is better to choose light shades, and certainly - body tights and light shoes.

In winter, a blue dress can be worn with a fur vest or a fur coat. For long dresses, a short fur product is suitable, for medium and short dresses, a long one.

A favorite leather jacket can also become part of the image with a blue dress, but it is better to give preference to light shades - gray, mustard or blue. Only a warm blue dress, woolen or knitted, will look beautiful with a black jacket.

Clutch bag

The clutch almost always accompanies a romantic dress, it is appropriate for a light and airy blue product, sewn from silk, magnificent models. A clutch matching the color of a dress or a neutral shade is suitable for this color. To make the outfit bright, it is worth emphasizing it with a black, red, yellow miniature handbag.


Blue is a cold shade, so silver or white and transparent stones: cubic zirconia, pearls, and diamonds are best in harmony with precious metals. For an evening look, you can choose beautiful earrings, a chain or a necklace made of silver, beautiful earrings with a stone, a brilliant bracelet.

In everyday life, you can wear a blue dress with large plastic jewelry. To create a bright, eccentric image, you should choose contrasting colors: red, pink, orange.

A soft and romantic bow will turn out if you add white, beige or blue jewelry to the image.

REFERENCE! Older women can choose dark jewelry: black, blue, dark brown.

The belt will help to emphasize the waistline: thin or wide, depending on the style of the dress. You can choose a textile long belt and tie it on a bow, which will become an accent, or you can choose a brown, white, blue leather belt.

Also, instead of a belt, you can put on a long chain around the waist, which, in fact, is also a belt. The chain can be decorated with stones, rhinestones and beads, which will beautifully shimmer in the sun and draw attention to the lady's waist.

A patch collar will look great on crew-neck dresses. For an everyday look, it is better to choose a classic white collar, and for an evening look - a model with stones, rhinestones, beads.

In the summer with a blue dress, you can safely wear a hat with both wide and narrow brim. A small straw hat with a white or black ribbon will look especially harmonious.

Handbag is selected based on the overall style of the outfit. For an evening event, it is better to choose a clutch bag or small handbag without a strap. For a walk or a date, a small bag with a long strap will do.

Large shapeless bags may be appropriate in a casual look, and laconic leather models in a classic.

When choosing accessories, it is important not to forget that the blue dress implies a gentle and romantic bow, so aggressive and daring decorations and additions should be avoided. For example, black, wide accessories made of thick fabric (for example, leather) can make the image heavier and look out of place. But light and light jewelry will be very handy and turn the girl into an elegant lady.


Blue is in good harmony with any colors.

In any style, you can combine blue with basic colors: gray, white, light brown. You should be careful with black, especially young girls. It makes the image stricter and more suitable for older women, and it is better to use it in a business style.

The most harmonious blue dress will look with orange, light brown, mustard and rich yellow colors.

A bright interesting image is obtained when playing contrasts. To do this, you can choose saturated red, pink, yellow, as well as acidic green, lemon and burning orange.

The blue dress fits perfectly into the total look: it can be combined with both blue and various shades of blue.

Spectacular looks with a blue dress

Each girl must make a gift in the form of a blue dress, and for this it is not necessary to wait for a special occasion. The blue color perfectly distinguishes the female appearance and makes it more expressive, so a gentle and romantic outfit should appear in the wardrobe right now.

Choose accessories

If you will not take a handbag, then the shoes for the dress must be selected blue. If there is a bag in the image, then wear shoes to match her. Heavenly dress requires the abandonment of accessories in warm colors. A good option is silver shoes and a handbag.

Do not choose jewelry in blue too. Emphasize the details of the image. Suitable silverware and gray jewelry. For evening dress, you can wear a gold with a red necklace and the same bracelet. But, if you want to wear a blue dress for the wedding as a bridesmaid, then give preference to a modest silver chain.

What tights to wear a blue dress with?

You can wear neutral body stockings so as not to overload the image. Gray or transparent tights with a gray pattern are also suitable. White pantyhose work perfectly with a delicate blue dress.

But black is better not to wear, although many fashionistas consider this option to be quite creative and acceptable. When choosing hosiery, try to maintain the whole image in a single style. Fashionable women's blouses and shirts 2016 With what to wear a checked dress Overview of the Sela collection of women's clothing autumn-winter 2017-2018 Fashionable women's hairstyles spring-summer 2016 Fashionable fur coats winter 2017 With what to wear gladiator sandals


Earrings are selected in accordance with the style of the product and its style. They are often part of a kit that includes a chain and bracelet. If only earrings are used as an accessory, it is worth choosing products with transparent stones and bright shine.

Stylish looks

To make a stylish bow, the basis of which is a straight dress of a free cut, it is worth combining it with an elongated jacket. Black or metallic patent leather shoes will complete such a spectacular look.

It is recommended to combine a knee-length outfit of this shade with black, white, beige leather jackets.

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