How to care for a fat woman at home?

A person seeks to endow many objects in his environment with useful, healing and even magical properties.

One of these objects is an interesting and unpretentious plant, Crassula or Crassula. Most often, people call it popularly - the money tree (as well as the tree of luck, the tree of happiness).

According to feng shui, it is believed that the money tree brings good luck in material matters and the growth of family well-being. However, for this very good luck, you must properly care for the plant.

By the way, externally, fat women can be very different from each other, depending on the type. They can be not only tree-like (with a clearly defined trunk), but also bushy, and groundcover, and ampelous forms.

But most often, in the vastness of our country, a tree with oval leaves and a thick trunk is lovingly grown, as in the photo (scientifically “krasula ovata”), we will talk about it.

1. Watering

How often to water a money tree? It came to us from southern Africa, and therefore does not allow excess moisture. In spring and summer, the need to water it about 1-2 times a week, in winter and autumn - even less often. It is important to monitor the soil before watering - it must be dry. Drying is also not necessary, but water should not remain in the pan. The soil should only be slightly moistened.

2. Lighting

Light is very important for a plant, but it cannot be placed under the scorching rays of the sun.

For him, the optimal place on the windowsill in the southeastern part of the house: here the sun will be enough, but it will not constantly bake.

In spring and summer, it is better to place the krasul in fresh air - for example, on the floor of the balcony, so that the sun does not touch the leaves, and in the cold season - put it on the south side.

3. Soil and top dressing

Since the fat woman belongs to succulents (which also includes cacti), it is advisable to pick up soddy soil, although universal soil is quite suitable.

You can also create a suitable soil on your own by making a mixture of turf soil, sand, leafy soil and humus in 4: 1: 1: 1 proportions. When planting or transplanting a plant, drainage is laid at the bottom of the pot, for example, from brick chips or pieces of coal.

And for more money tree magic, you can put a few coins at the bottom.

For fertilizing, universal fertilizers or special additives for succulents are often used. As when caring for other plants, it is better to fertilize the rassula after watering for better absorption of nutrients.

In spring and summer, dressing can be done once a month, and in autumn and winter, during the so-called resting period, two to three times less often.

5. Humidity

Constantly spraying the plant is not necessary, its leaves do not need it. As necessary, you can wipe the leaves with a damp cloth or napkin, because the dust is very "loves" to sit on its leaves, like coins.

If humidity is not so important for a fat woman, then regular ventilation is necessary. In the summer, you can take the crassula to the balcony or to the garden. When ventilating the premises, it is important to prevent drafts that can harm the plant.

6. Pot selection

Dishes in which the money tree will “live” are very important. A pot of the wrong size can slow down the growth of a fat woman or even completely stop it.

For a money tree, it is better to choose a stable wide and low flowerpot, because it has a superficial root system. The width of the pot should equal or be slightly larger than the crown of the tree.

Money tree flowers - true or myth?

Some of the lucky ones saw the flowering of a fat woman. Her flowers are small, light in color (white, white-green or white-pink, depending on the variety) and have a sweet smell. Flowering continues for several months during the growth period.

Among those who know, there is a sign that the flower of the money tree promises material profit.

However, it is not often possible to see the flowers of the Crassulacea in normal room conditions. In general, the flowering plant in our climatic zone is hindered by a lack of daylight (after all, the days in the tropics are much longer).

Do you know that for the first time it blooms no earlier than 7-10 years of life?

What needs to be done to make the tree bloom?

  • First, it is important to follow all the recommendations for growing and caring for a fat woman and notice the slightest changes in her condition.
  • Secondly, it is not worth waiting for the tree to bloom in the first years after planting. Some notice the first flowers after 7 or even 10 years after growing, and some do not achieve flowering at all, although they look after the fat girl by all the rules.
  • Thirdly, many people notice that Crassula flowers appear after some stress or shake for the plant. Someone does not water it at all for some time or puts it in the wrong temperature. The first watering after a month's break or placement in optimal temperature conditions can bring the desired effect - a kind of gratitude to the plant. But there is always a danger of drying or freezing it, therefore, such methods should be treated with caution.

Fat transplantation and its reproduction

A fat woman is usually transplanted in the spring. An adult plant needs to be replanted annually or every two years.

After purchase, a young tree can be transplanted in a few weeks, as soon as the plant gets used to the house.

Before transplanting a money tree, select a pot or flowerpot and lay a drain in it, then fill it with soil. In order for the plant to transfer the transplant faster and better, it is advisable to “transship” the crassula along with a lump of earth at the roots, and then supplement the pot with fresh soil. Accuracy is important here, so as not to accidentally damage branches or fragile leaves.

If rotted roots are noticeable during transplantation, which indicates excessive watering, they need to be cut off and the plant should be dried, leaving for about a day with open roots.

Want to plant and grow a tree yourself?

This is done either by planting seeds in the ground, or using cuttings:

  1. Seeds are placed in clay dishes with holes in the bottom for air circulation. After that, they are covered with a film or glass. Leaving consists in daily airing of the container with seeds for half an hour and spraying the soil with water as it dries. Sprouts will appear in two weeks.
  2. It is much simpler to propagate a crassula with cuttings. You can immediately plant the stalk in the ground, or you can first put it in water until the roots appear. The finished stalk is rooted about 6 cm deep into the prepared soil. The regularity between the planting dates of the plant and future flowering is revealed. When planting a stalk from March to April, there is more chance that the fat woman will blossom later. Planting a money tree in July reduces these chances.

Watch the video on how to properly plant a fat woman. Better to see once than to read ten times:

We form an elegant crown and trunk ourselves

To make the trunk “thicker” and harden, it is important that only one process is grown in the pot.

In order for the money tree to look like a tree, and not like a bush with many thin stems, you need to work on the formation of the trunk and crown.

If a tree is bought already in an adult state, most often the trunk is already thick and stiff. But to form a crown - to regulate its splendor and height - is still necessary.

So that the branches do not start to lean down due to the rapid growth of thin stems up, need to pinch a fat girl.

It is better to start doing this from an early age so that there are no stumps left from the already formed branches.

If you have to cut off already mature branches in order to give the plant the desired shape, you can sprinkle the place of breakage with cinnamon or activated carbon powder.

Pinching is very simple. After waiting for 3-4 pairs of leaves to grow on one branch, between the last pair you need to find a new bud. It must be carefully plucked out: with nails, fingers, or tweezers. After that, two or even three kidneys appear at the site of the removed kidney. This means that the tree has begun to branch. If one kidney appears again, the procedure should be repeated.

In order for the money tree to grow and branch symmetrically, you need to periodically turn the pot on the other side to the light source.

What could harm a fat woman?

Despite the unpretentiousness in the care, the plant will not tolerate a lack of attention. Is your tree wilting or dropping leaves? So it got sick due to poor care.

Diseases and their causes:

  • From a lack of light, a plant can take on a long stalk of an ugly shape, and then die. Therefore, it is very important to put it on the windowsill, especially in dark rooms.
  • Due to excess moisture, the leaves darken, fall off or change color, which indicates fungal diseases of Crassula. This can also happen if you water it with too cold water. If the leaves are covered with dry brown spots - on the contrary, there is not enough water.
  • Discovered rot on the base of the stem indicates rotting of the root system when extreme measures need to be taken: cut off the top and grow the tree again.
  • Pests rarely infect a fat woman, but if necessary, conventional means can be used to get rid of specific pests. The most common problem is the mealybug. You can remove it with cotton wool with alcohol or treat it with succulent insecticides.

Description, types and photos of fat women

Crassula or Crassula belongs to the genus of succulents and the family Crassulaceae. A fairly small and neat tree, which we used to see at home, grows up to four meters in nature. On its thick trunk opposite to each other, simple and integral marginal leaves grow. They can be green, light green, silver and dark with a red border. Under good growing conditions and proper care, the plant can bloom in white, blue, yellow or light red flowers. All Crassulaceae are distinguished by fleshy leaves and resistance to drought.

There are many different types of money tree, among which there are annual and perennial plants. At home, only some of them are grown:

  1. The oval fat woman is a plant up to one meter high, whose thick branches are strewn with oval-shaped leafless leaves. In length, leaves can reach 5 cm, and in width - 2.5 cm. Blossoms in white or pink small flowers.
  2. The water-shaped crassula is distinguished by fleshy, but very thin pointed leaves, along the edges of which there is another dense row of tiny leaves. Blooms inconspicuous small flowers. The tree grows very quickly and reproduces well. Its shoots hang down, as it were, and practically fall out of the pot. Small roots do not require much moisture, so the plant can be used as a groundcover.
  3. The Schmidt Crassula is an annual bush plant that is often found in Europe. After flowering, the tree is thrown away, and the next year a new one is planted. The narrow leaves of this species are pointed towards the end and have a silver coating on top. Below they are a little reddish. During flowering, red-carmine flowers bloom on the tree.
  4. Tree-shaped crassula is a tree up to one and a half meters high. Gray leaves with a reddish rim grow on its fleshy branches. They reach a length of 8 cm and a width of 5 cm. It rarely blooms at home, and in nature, medium-sized white flowers bloom on the tree, which turn pink over time. The plant loves diffused light, so it grows well on the western and eastern windowsills.
  5. The spotted fatty is characterized by lodging stems and belongs to herbaceous plants. Its ovoid thin leaves are pointed towards the end. Silver-green leaves are strewn with dark blotches. Blooms with white flowers collected in thyroid inflorescences.
  6. The tetrahedral crassula is an unpretentious and rapidly growing shrub with thin branches. Its shoots spread along the ground and have many aerial roots. As the plant grows rapidly, regular renewal is required. This species of Crassula is easily propagated by cuttings.
  7. Rocky fatty is a creeping plant, the length of the shoots of which can reach fifty centimeters. Its fleshy thin leaves grow in pairs and grow together at the base. There is a red coating on the leaves, and a red border runs along their edges. During flowering, small pink flowers bloom.

Lighting and air temperature

Fat woman refers to photophilous plantsbut does not tolerate direct sunlight. It is better to place it near the southeastern windows, where there is enough sun, not too hot and do not burn the sun's rays. In winter, the plant can be put on the southern windowsill, and in the summer it can be taken out to the balcony or to the garden. In the fresh air, the flower grows well and can bloom. To do this, select a place protected from the wind and the scorching sun.

In the warm season, home-grown Crassula will feel good at an air temperature in the range + 20- + 25 degrees. In winter, the plant has a dormant periodTherefore, it must be kept in a cool room with a temperature of about + 10- + 14 degrees.

If it is not possible to provide the fat woman with the required temperature in the winter season, then it is recommended to put it away from heating appliances. Otherwise, from dry air and heat, the leaves from the plant will begin to fall off, and the tree itself will stretch. The money tree also starts to drop leaves with constant drafts in the room.

Watering and feeding

When caring for a fat woman, you must remember that you can not fill the plant with fleshy stems. Regular watering causes root rot and leaf loss. Crassula is watered only after its earthen lump on top dries up by three to four centimeters.

During the dormant period, if the plant is kept in a cool room from November to February, watering practically stops. At this time, you just need to make sure that the substrate in the pot does not completely dry.

The pot in which the money tree grows must have holes from the bottom through which water enters the pan. Before planting the plant on the bottom of the pot, it is necessary to pour a thick layer of drainage.

Watering a fat woman is recommended only for several days with standing water at room temperature. You can not put the plant in the sun. In this case, the topsoil will dry quickly, and the bottom will still remain wet.

In the hot season and when the plant is kept indoors with batteries turned on several times a month, a money tree is needed rinse under a warm shower. The top of the pot with the ground should be pre-wrapped with polyethylene so that water does not get into the ground. A fat woman can be taken to its place only after water drains from it. If there is no opportunity to shower the plant, then its leaves are periodically sprayed from the spray bottle and wiped with a damp cloth.

Often feeding fat women is not recommended. It is enough once a month in spring and summer, and once every three months during dormancy, fertilize the plant with special nutrient solutions for succulents. So that the fertilizers do not burn the roots and are well absorbed, they are applied a day after watering the flower.

Temperature features, lighting, humidity

The fat girl is photophilous, but it is better not to bear it in direct sunlight. The best option is east, west, southeast or southwest windows. You can shade it with mesh material or a very thin fabric.The fat woman will respond well to moving it to the open ground. They put it in a half-shaded place where direct sunlight falls only in the early morning or evening.

They bring a money tree into the house with the onset of cool August nights (usually this is the middle of the month).

  • The red rosin overwinters in a cool bright room with an air temperature of 10-15 degrees. The minimum duration of a cold winter is 1.5 months. If it fails to provide such conditions, then in the future we can expect a slow growth, and sometimes falling leaves. To avoid the loss of green mass during a warm winter, the fat woman, at a minimum, needs to be kept away from heating batteries, and also humidify the air.
  • In summer, humidity is uncritical for a fat woman, because it is a succulent that accumulates water in its fleshy leaves and trunks. Over the summer period, one can expect intensive growth of shoots, and often even flowering!

And yet, if possible, it is better to put around the pot containers with water and other indoor plants whose leaves evaporate moisture. On the hottest July days, it is recommended that the fat girl is additionally sprayed and washed under a warm shower. At the same time, they try not to flood the earthen lump.

Soil requirements

Domestic manufacturers produce special soil for succulents, suitable for money tree. Unless you can add a little ordinary garden soil and coarse sand to it. If desired, you can make the soil mixture yourself.

Features of money tree transplantation

Caring for a fat woman at home involves plant transplantation once every two years. The roots of the rosula are too small, so the pot for it must match their size. At the same time, the capacity for planting should be heavy, since with a small root system a large tree can begin to fall over.

You can transplant the plant in a special soil for succulents, which is sold in flower shops. Make an earthen mixture To transplant a fat woman, you can do it yourself by mixing for this:

  • sheet earth - 1 part,
  • soddy soil - 4 parts,
  • humus - 1 part,
  • sand - 1 part.

Expanded clay, pieces of coal or brick chips are necessarily poured at the bottom of the pot.

In the process of transplanting the roots of the plant, it is recommended to carefully examine and remove the rotten ones. In this case, the cut points are sprinkled powdered activated carbon, the tree is left for a day to dry the roots and only then planted in a prepared container.

To do this, take:

  • leaf soil - 1 part,
  • turf - 4 parts,
  • humus - 1 part,
  • coarse sand - 1 part.

It is recommended to choose a pot clay, although succulents grow well in plastic. The main thing is that there is a drainage hole at the bottom, because stagnation of moisture is detrimental to the money tree. Before filling the soil, a layer of pebbles, expanded clay or at least small stones is laid at 1/5 of the height. The plant is placed in a pot with straightened roots and carefully covered with soil on the root neck.

How to care for a fat woman in winter

With all the unpretentiousness of a fat girl, she also has some seasonal requirements that you need to know. If, with the onset of winter, some changes to the care of the money tree are not made, then it can even be lost.

Winter plant care differs from other times of the year in the following ways:

    watering - during dormancy it is practically stopped, that is, watered once a month or even less,

Watering a fat woman in winter is practically not required

When feeding in winter, the concentration of fertilizer is reduced by half

The southern window will provide a suitable illumination for the fat woman in winter

The fat woman does not need a deep pot, since its root system is superficial

Winter temperature option for a fat woman - no higher than +12 degrees

Video: Features of caring for a fat woman

So that your money tree does not lose its decorativeness, it is important to correctly form its crown by periodically turning it to the light from different sides. In addition, it is useful to pinch the top, and overgrown branches need to be cut. When pruning, the cut is done so that four leaves remain on the cut branch.


I would also like to note that my money tree is always (in winter and summer) on the windowsill in the kitchen. In the summer, I feed it with universal fertilizer about once every two weeks. From about mid-September I stop all top dressing, and with the beginning of the spring period (from April) I resume them again.


It is necessary to water a fat woman in the winter 1-2 times a month. Do not allow waterlogging of the soil, otherwise it will rot! The tree loves the sun, but here you also need to be careful! Carefully monitor the sun's rays so that our pet does not burn. Do not forget to wipe dust sheets from time to time!


If the requirements for light and temperature in winter are different for different representatives of the family Crassulaceae, then sensitivity to overmoistening is expressed in all. With excessive watering or stagnation of water in the pot, you can lose plants of even the most unpretentious species. Temperature: moderate. In winter - a dormant period at a temperature of 8–12 ° С and with a dry content. Winter minimum - 7 ° C. Fat women love a lot of light and sun in both winter and summer. In winter, they are practically not watered.


The fat woman rarely pleases its hosts with flowering, but if you arrange the plant proper care, then you can wait for it and small white flowers. A flowering money tree is an exact sign of future financial stability.

Seed propagation

Plant seeds sown in seedlingsfilled with moist soil. Top crops are covered with glass or polyethylene. Leaving consists in spraying soil as it dries and daily airing mini greenhouses. The first seedlings should appear in two weeks. The glass must be removed immediately, and the seedlings placed in a well-lit place. It is better not to water the soil around the seedlings of Crassula, but to spray it. As soon as young plants grow and get stronger, they can be planted in small individual pots.

Propagation by cuttings

This is the easiest way to propagate the money tree. It is recommended to harvest and plant cuttings in March or April. In this case, according to experienced growers, there is a possibility that the fat girl will bloom.

As cuttings, you can take just a leaf of a plant or a segment of the trunk. In the prepared soil, the segments are deepened by about 6 cm, and the leaves by 1 cm. For better rooting, a transparent container is put on top of the cuttings. In such a mini greenhouse, the plant will feel much more comfortable and take root faster. Care for the cuttings should be carefully, daily airing them and checking the moisture content of the soil.

Possible problems with growing a money tree

At home, with proper care, the fat woman usually does not get sick and is not affected by pests. Therefore, if there are problems with an unpretentious plant, then this is for sure errors in its maintenance and care:

  1. Watering with cold water and excessive watering leads to rotting of the roots. The plants first change color, and the leaves fall. Then the table becomes soft and the flower gradually dies. In this case, in the early stages, the soil must be dried and shed with drugs for fungal diseases. If this does not help, then the plant is pulled out of the pot, and its rotten roots are cut off.
  2. Inadequate lighting may cause the tree to have longer stems and become ugly in shape. Therefore, in poorly lit rooms, the plant is recommended to be grown on window sills.
  3. If the air is too dry in the room, the leaves of the herb may begin to dry and fade. In this case, the tree can be taken out to fresh air, and in the winter period of time can be sprayed regularly.

Fatworms are rarely affected by pests, but, nevertheless, they are sometimes attacked:

  • a mealybug in leaf axils forms a white coating,
  • spider mite is a very small insect that leaves sticky cobwebs between the stems and leaves,
  • a scale shield in the form of yellow or brown convex spots can be seen on the trunk and leaves.

In all cases, the plant is treated with folk remedies or special chemicals.

Crown formation

In order for the money tree to have a neat round shape, and not look like a bush with thin stems, it is recommended that you independently engage in the formation of its crown.

You need to start forming a fat girl at a young age, when three to four pairs of leaves appear on its branches. To do this, a new kidney located between the leaves is pinched with tweezers or nails. Some time after the procedure, two or three new buds will appear at the site of the removed kidney, and the tree will begin to branch. At this time, you need to ensure that on each branch there are no more than four pairs of leaves. The top of a tree is tweaked.

If Crassula was purchased already in an adult state, then its height and splendor can still be trimmed. To do this, a branch is cut over the fourth pair of leaves, and the place of the cut is sprinkled with crushed activated carbon.

For uniform growth and development of the crown, the fat woman periodically needs to be turned in different directions to the light. It is not recommended to plant several sprouts of a rosula in one pot at once. In this case, after a while, several formless bushes will turn out.

An unpretentious and disease-resistant money tree at home will be able to grow even a beginner in gardening. With proper care, a decorative plant will decorate any room and, if you believe in Feng Shui, will attract prosperity and good fortune to your home.

General information

  • From the photo of the tree-like pulp, you can understand that its trunk is solid, woody. On each trunk many branches grow. On them are thick leaves. Usually they are round. Remind coins that have the same shape.
  • Sheets of a dark green shade. With proper care, the surface will appear shiny. The length varies from eight to ten centimeters, and the width reaches about seven centimeters.
  • The plant needs a lot of space, because in the end a large tree grows. Height is usually more than one hundred and fifty centimeters.
  • The flowering period must wait as much as ten years. After all, only after this period of time do flowers appear. Each flower has five whitish petals. In rare cases, they are yellowish or pink.
  • Crassula is a succulent, so there are signs that characterize it as a plant of such a group. For example, roots can go without water for a long time.
  • Therefore, do not worry if you forgot to water the plant. It will not hurt him. Indeed, in the stems and leaves there will still be a liquid that will gradually be consumed.

Many are interested in how many years a fat woman has lived at home, and how much - in nature. At home, the money tree lives about 50 years, and in the wild - about 70.

How to care for a plant

Money tree is an undemanding plant. Therefore, proper care of a fat woman at home is simple. So, with minimal actions, you can get a beautiful plant that will only please.

After you have purchased Crassula, it must be transplanted into a new container, inside which the necessary mixture should already be found. The land in which the tree was originally located does not suit him well.

The crassula quickly grows in size, so you will need to change the pot for the crassula every year. It is advisable to do this in the spring. In late April or early May. If you already have an adult plant, then the transplantation procedure must be performed no more than once every two to three years.

After you have transplanted the plant, it must be watered. Carefully monitor the amount of water, as excessive watering after planting a fatty woman will cause the roots of the fatty woman to begin to rot. The capacity will need a wide one. However, it should not be deep.

After all, the roots are quite weak, and the trunk with leaves is too heavy. If it is possible to make backups from improvised materials, then you need to get down to business immediately. This will help the plant to be more resilient.
As a drainage, ordinary sand is suitable.

In what soil to put a fat woman

Complex mixtures can be found in the store. If you have all the necessary materials, then the substrate can be prepared at home. To do this, you need to take sand, mix it with deciduous soil, add as much humus.

Last of all, it is necessary to supplement the mixture with four parts of sod land. If there are birch coals, then they also need to be put in a pot. They will be an excellent remedy for diseases of the root system.


Watering should be treated responsibly. Indeed, excessive watering will only harm. It would be better if the fat woman is in dry soil than in wet soil. Rotting roots can cause the plant to die.

In spring and summer, you need to water only when the top layer of the earth is completely dry. In winter, once a month will be enough. Before watering, you need to make sure that the water is well infused and that it is at room temperature.


Fat women have no special moisture requirements. Therefore, it is not recommended to increase or decrease it by artificial means. It is necessary to spray only when enough dust has accumulated on the plant.

Top dressing

In stores there are fertilizers that are designed for succulents. They will work best. Apply them every four weeks. In winter, fertilizers are not canceled. However, the dose is halved.


The best temperature for spring and summer should vary from nineteen to twenty-five degrees. In autumn, the temperature should not fall below seventeen degrees, and in winter - below fifteen. If you carefully monitor that the temperature regime is constant, then the money tree will quickly grow and develop correctly.


It is advisable that the fat girl be in the sunny places of your apartment. It is better if it grows on window sills that are oriented to the southeast. If the street is warm enough, then the plant can be left for some time on the street. In winter there is not enough lighting. Therefore, you need to use artificial - at least ten hours a day.


There are several methods for propagating a money tree. The most famous - using cuttings or seeds.

Consider in detail how to propagate a fat woman.


For cuttings need stems. In a pinch, leaves will do.

  • First, they must be carefully cut.
  • Secondly, you need to leave for two to three days in a dry place.
  • Thirdly, you need to put them in a pot with wide edges.

Inside you should already have the right mix. If you want to cope with the process as quickly as possible, then after cutting you need to lower the cuttings into coal and only after that plant.


The second method of reproduction is using seeds. For this method, you only need a plate or other flat container, which will be pre-filled with a mixture mixed with sand.

Once this is done, glass must be placed on top of the container to create a greenhouse effect. Do not forget to spray the earth every day. It can be transplanted into the pot only after two or three leaves are on the sprout.


  1. The height in the natural environment reaches five meters. If you grow at home, then the height will be no more than 1.6 meters.
  2. Each year increases from five to seven centimeters.
  3. If you properly care for the tree, then it will live for about fifty years.
  4. In order for the plant to look beautiful, it must be regularly trimmed.
  5. On a branch should not be more than 12 leaves. In order for the plant to acquire the correct shape, no more than one tree should grow in one pot.

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