How to celebrate the New Year 2018: what to cook on the table, how to decorate a house and what to wear?

There is very little time left before the New Year 2018. But there is still so much to be done! For example, to think over the New Year's menu in 2018. Our hostesses know for sure: the success and mood of a magical and long-awaited holiday depend on how well thought out.

It just so happened that this time, making up the New Year's menu of 2018, we will look back at the preferences and preferences of the owner or mistress of the next year. In the coming year, the yellow reins of the rooster are taken away by the Yellow Earth Dog - a reliable, faithful and beloved friend of a person, which means that it will be much easier to please this animal than any exotic one. The mistress of the year loves homemade food, simple and hearty. So, this holiday will not take us by surprise. We already know how to please the Dog, and we will begin by making the New Year menu 2018, of course, with appetizers and salads.

How do we usually do this? “We will not cook a lot, but confine ourselves to a couple of salads and several types of snacks” ... Be prepared for the fact that the number of amendments in this part of the 2018 New Year menu will grow exponentially. Well, how could it be otherwise if you want to try something new and don’t forget about your favorite snacks ?!

What is New Year without sandwiches with caviar? You just can’t do without them! Tartlets with red caviar, what you need on the New Year's table. Or take at least sprats, the most budget option, but very tasty. It would seem that sandwiches with sprats now you will not surprise anyone. Ah no! Add a couple of ingredients to the sprats (boiled eggs, herbs or bell pepper, fresh cucumber or salted) - and get a great New Year snack with an interesting taste. And how wonderful the filling of sprats in tartlets looks, words can not convey. By the way, since we talked about tartlets, then they are a real find for modern hostesses, especially since there are so many fillings for tartlets that you can cover more than one festive table.

Favorite stuffed eggs also should not be left out, rightfully being one of the most popular holiday snacks. The choice of fillings for the preparation of this appetizer is huge, and it is they who turn the familiar dish at first glance into a bright, delicious appetizer. A little tip: if you cook stuffed eggs in advance, before placing them in the refrigerator, where they will wait for their high point, carefully place the plate with the snack in a plastic bag. If this is not done, then the filling and the eggs themselves will dry out, and will not look very appetizing on the New Year's table.

Since the Dog is very respectful of meat products and cheese, why not cook ham rolls or the Christmas balls appetizer? And beautiful, and tasty, and original - three in one, if you want.

It is difficult to refuse traditional olivier and herring under a fur coat, and, in fact, no need! Imagine above them: design and decorate in an original way: the Olivier-roll appetizer and the Herring under the fur coat salad roll. Or, for example, bring to the table in orange roses or glasses so that each layer can be seen through the transparent glass, as in the Romantic salad. You can cook a new salad, the main thing is that it has a meat component: boiled or smoked chicken breast, boiled pork, boiled or smoked sausage. And with what to combine these ingredients, we will be happy to tell you. Our 2018 New Year menu abounds with New Year's salads for every taste and budget.

So we got to the main dish of the table - New Year's hot. What hot things to add to the 2018 New Year menu? Most of us are puzzled over this issue. Why torture yourself like that? The answer is simple: if you decide that there will be only one hot dish on your table - give preference to the already tried and loved, traditional dish for your family.

And what will it be: stuffed chicken or baked chicken, pork pork, meatloaf with bacon or delicious pork ribs - it's up to you. The dog will be happy to approve any of your choices, because she loves meat very much.

They say that this year you should not put fish on the table, they say, the Mistress of the year does not like her. Each dog, like every person, has its own preferences. So why deny yourself the pleasure and not cook a delicious fish baked in the oven? Or stuffed pike under a vegetable coat under a cheese crust?

If you still plan to cook some hot dishes, prepare one of your favorites, and you can experiment with the other - you will find plenty of ideas on the pages of our site.

Desserts and sweets

New Year's menu 2018 can not do without sweet dishes. For some, the New Year is a homemade cake or pastries, gingerbread cookies or Christmas cookies, pies or chocolate roll, and someone cannot imagine a magical night without ice cream, fruit salads and all kinds of desserts.

The dog is a big lover of sweets, so the abundance of sweets on the festive table is the 100% success and luck that it guarantees you in 2018!

Not only for sweets, but also for other dishes, it would be nice to serve New Year's drinks, but not carbonated, but homemade, natural: compotes, fruit drinks, juices and better. It's better to forget about vodka this year. Everyone knows that the Dog does not tolerate alcohol in the spirit. Therefore, champagne, light wines, homemade liquors, cocktails - this is just what you need!

Many families have a tradition of taking New Year's Eve walks. Frozen households and guests will be warmed by the fragrant, spicy drinks you prepared, which will complement the impression of a walk and give warmth and comfort.
When composing the 2018 New Year’s menu, think over every moment, but do not forget: no matter how beautiful and tasty your meals are prepared, without your smile, good mood, your emotional care and love that you put into each of them, without your unlimited faith in a miracle is just ordinary food, albeit a festive one.

Give loved ones and friends a real culinary tale! I wish you happiness, good and joy in the New Year!

Characteristic of the New Year 2018 - yellow earthen Dog.

To begin with, we will give a small description of the upcoming 2018 in order to understand how to celebrate the new year 2018. As already clear, according to the Eastern calendar, this is the year of the yellow earthen Dog. So its element is earth. In addition, the Dog has the ability to help or hinder those who, in its opinion, deserve it.

A dog having an earthy element is very materialistic, calm, prudent and loves to make plans for the future, but does not particularly respect surprises. So the year should not be either emotional or unpredictable. By the way, if you have plans for 2018, then stick to them, act and the patron of the year will help you.

Family, relationship.

The dog is a family creature, she loves caring, comfort and coziness. But along with this, she loves movement, communication. Anyone who loves communication, this year will easily find a common language with others, single people are likely to be able to find their soul mate. In any case, such a relationship will be very strong.

Shy people should finally overpower themselves, and begin to communicate with people around them. But the one who wants to spend the whole year away from people, having closed himself in an apartment and so on, should think carefully. The dog does not like this and will not be supportive.

This year it is very easy to make friends with people, to increase your horizons of communication. Those who have planned a trip in the coming year will receive great satisfaction from the trip, especially spiritually.


A dog is a very healthy animal, and all because it is very active and loves to be in the fresh air. This year, it's time to take care of your health, move more, walk in the fresh air. It will be good to communicate with friends in nature, outside the home. It is better to engage in any active sport.

Finance, career.

Painstaking and conscientious work is much appreciated by the yellow earthen Dog. Best of all this year, physical activity will be given, well, mental activity will be more than welcome. The main thing is to work, to earn money by honest work and legally. Then the symbol of the year will help you achieve all your plans. The main thing is to believe in yourself and do not give up.

How to decorate a house.

We often ask ourselves how to celebrate the New Year 2018 or what other year. And of course this applies not only to that question, they say where and with whom to meet him. To meet the symbol of the New Code, its patron, with dignity, you need to properly decorate the house itself.

You can decorate the house as you like, but there are some elements that will help turn the patron of the New Year to yourself and attract his attention. What is the most important thing in the house on New Year's holiday? Of course the Christmas tree. It should be decorated in such tones: yellow, golden, brown, red and green tones. At the same time, an abundance of garlands and various confetti and serpentine is not welcome.

Do not forget about the other elements of the house. There should be no house. It is necessary to create coziness in the house, comfort. You can hang family photos or family values ​​put in sight. Dog family is a priority. Do not forget about the figures in the form of Dogs.

In anticipation of prosperity and wealth in the coming year, a symbol of protection and security should be hung on the door. A figurine of a funny puppy sitting not a heap of gold coins is quite suitable. A pet dog and his image will appeal for money for their owners.

It would be reasonable if you put a guard dog figurine on the festive table. She will protect in the coming year from all the hardships of the owners and all the guests gathered for the holiday.

What to cook on the holiday table.

If it’s all the less clear with decorating a house, then with a festive table everything is ... a little more complicated. My wife broke her head altogether before drawing up a short sketch of the menu. But if you understand that the symbol of the new baud is Dog, it becomes easier to understand how to celebrate the new year 2018.

Next year's patron is not picky about food. Therefore, dishes should be simple but satisfying. In order not to put a lot of salads on the table, you can put some salads in small portions to guests, for example in tartlets.

The dog loves meat, so the first dishes can be made more meat, such as meat ribs or even barbecue. You can bake whole chicken or duck.

It will emphasize the festivity of the table by slicing smoked sausages or smoked chicken, rabbit meat and hare. The proposed dishes will be appreciated by the Yellow Dog.

To respect the main color of the year, it will not hurt to add dishes from yellow and orange vegetables: potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, peppers. And for decorating dishes, corn, oranges and canned pineapples are useful. Remember these ingredients even when you are making the menu of holiday salads for the New Year.

For example, a traditional salad Olivier or Vinaigrette will be at the very point.

As drinks, you can use homemade juices and compotes better than a yellowish color. These are oranges and tangerines. It is good to prepare invigorating tea with healthy herbs and honey. They will like the owner of the coming year - the Yellow Dog.

Useful homemade cakes on the New Year's table. It is good to sculpt puppy figures from yeast dough, which again will remind you of the symbol of the coming year. It is pleasant to treat children with such pastries, to present them to guests for morning tea drinking.

What to wear for the New Year.

That's always the way a woman never knows what to wear. Especially for the holiday, especially on New Year. And it starts, they say, how to celebrate the new year 2018? Of course, you should dress in fashion, but you need to consider the color scheme. You should wear outfits in yellow and brown colors. You do not need to choose bright colors. Green is also welcome, as it is a symbol already replacing the year of the Dog. In general, give preference to the tones of the earth and vegetation.

The dog is a conservative, so dressing is not vulgar, like a deep neckline or an ultra-thin mini. Do not decorate yourself from head to toe with jewelry. It is better to wear some elegant family jewel that will decorate any outfit.

Fabrics should be natural, textured, but without unnecessary pathos. The dog does not like unclear gender boundaries, so everything should be clearly expressed in clothing: femininity and masculinity.

It will also be nice to the patron of the New Year if fur items are present in the outfit. You can use fur accessories.

Where and with whom to celebrate the New Year 2018.

The dog appreciates family relationships and in return bestows his love. Therefore, how to celebrate the new year 2018 develops by itself. It is best to celebrate the holiday with your family, very close people.

The yellow earthen dog does not like strongly magnificent celebrations, booths. This does not mean that the holiday should be boring, no. On the contrary, joy and fun should be, but do not turn it into a booth. Moreover, you should not celebrate this year in a nightclub or karaoke cafe, the banquet hall, cozy, will be the most. It is better to gather a large family at one table and celebrate the New Year 2018 together.

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