How to draw arrows on your eyes

The classic arrows that suit almost any girl like this are one of the most difficult techniques to perform, especially if you use liquid eyeliner. One wrong hand movement - and everything was gone! Especially for those who can not cope with the arrows, we have collected 5 step-by-step instructions - at least one of them will probably suit you.

How to choose the shape of the arrows for your eyes?

Different forms of female eyes require individual selection of the shape of the arrows. Carefully examine your eyes and find out what kind of them can be attributed:

amygdala - any form is recommended. Eyes of this type are considered ideal. The classic arrow is perfect for them,

wide-set - it is better to prefer a wide version of the line that starts from the inner corner of the eye,

close set - start drawing from the middle of the century, expanding to the outer corner. The tail length can be arbitrary. A good option would be to connect the tails of the arrow with the eyeliner of the lower eyelid,

small - we recommend starting to thicken the line from the middle of the upper eyelid. The best option is with a thickened end that extends beyond the eyes,

large - achieve visual reduction of the eyes due to beneficial emphasis on the upper and lower eyelids,

round - start to draw a line from the middle of the century. Extend the tail towards the temple. Black out the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid,

constricted - follow a thin line thickening toward the center and at the outer corner, slightly raising the tail. Do not draw eyeliner lower eyelid, it will make the eyes even narrower

eyes with lowered corners - be sure to raise the “tail” of the line. The wider performance will look prettier,

eyes with raised corners - with this form of eyes, you should repeat the line of eyelash growth, leaving the direction of the tail to the temple. When drawing the bottom line, draw it directly under the eyelashes.

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It is no secret that every woman draws arrows in her own way. Someone starts with an upturned tip, and someone in general from the middle of the century. Someone first draws a clear outline, and only then “paints” it. There are craftsmen who are able to move a straight arrow in one motion. And, of course, there are no people in the world who cannot cope with this task. It's just that you, as an artist, need to find your own style.

How to draw the correct arrows with a pencil?

we select a hard pencil to create thin lines and a soft one to make wide,

apply a base for eyes and shadows, depending on the desired makeup,

Feel free to start from the outer corner of the eye and narrow it to the inner corner.

draw a stable pencil with the inter-eyelash space.

gradually draw the “tail of the arrow” with a sharpened pencil,

if necessary, sharpen the tip with a thin brush, simply stretch the line of the pencil with a brush.

Fix flaws in the picture with a flat synthetic brush with corrector.

Method number 1: Arrow with blue shadows

A great option for those who are not sure that they can draw a perfectly even arrow - in any case, you will cover it with shadows with the effect of shading, so you can not worry about the clarity of the contour.

Apply beige shadows to the moving eyelid, and add a dumb shimmer on top.

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Using liquid black eyeliner, draw an arrow, preferably thin.

Use the blue shiny shadows - apply them to the arrow until the eyeliner is dry.

Add some of the same shadows to the lower eyelid. Done!

Arrows on eyes with liquid eyeliner in stages

choose a brush that is convenient for you to draw eyeliner (thin, beveled, “feather”)

apply a base for eyes and shadows, depending on the desired makeup,

before drawing, remove excess eyeliner from the brush,

draw the ciliary contour with an even thin line,

outline the tail of the arrow in the outer corner depending on the shape of the eyes (parallel to the bottom line of the beginning of the eyebrow),

repeat the same thing in the second eye, track the symmetry at each stage,

draw the top line from its tip (tail) to the middle of the century,

fill the line with eyeliner,

perform longer arrows, creating the effect of "cat's eye",

eyeliner along the ciliary edge visually sets off the density of eyelashes,

Choose the thickness of the arrows according to the shape of your eyes.

Method number 2: Draw an arrow in two layers

The easiest way to draw a straight arrow is to first draw a line very close to the eyelashes, and then draw a second line from above.

To begin, emphasize the ciliary row with a liquid eyeliner. Then start drawing the arrow from the very tip - back off a small distance from the outer corner of the eye. Pull the eyelid slightly so that the line is even.

From the "tail" of our arrow, draw a line to the middle, still pulling the eyelid a little bit.

The closer to the inner corner of the eye, the thinner the arrow should become and gradually fade away.

If desired, you can highlight the kayal with a black pencil.

Arrows in the eyes of the shadows

    first pick up the beveled brush from a dense natural pile,

moisten it slightly with makeup

draw some dark shadows and start drawing an arrow,

follow the line with light strokes from the center of the eyelid to the inner eye corner,

draw a line to the outer corner,

make an arrow that matches the natural curvature of the eyelashes at the outer corner,

connect the drawn lines and paint over the connection,

do not lower the “tail” below the lower eyelid.

Method number 3: First, draw the outline of the arrow

This method is very convenient if you are not sure that the hand will not flinch and you can draw a line in one continuous motion. For its execution, not liquid eyeliner is suitable, but a special felt-tip pen or stick.

First draw a thin arrow from the outer corner of the eye towards the eyebrow - it should look up. Then, almost from the middle of the eye, draw another thin line and connect with the first.

You got the outline of the arrow - you just have to fill in the free space. This is really very easy!

Method number 4: Draw an arrow in a few strokes

If all the other options for creating arrows did not work, then try to draw it with a few jerky strokes.

First, highlight the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid with beige shadows.

Start drawing an arrow from the inner corner to the middle of the century. Then break off and create the tip of the arrow with a jerky movement - from the outer corner of the eye and slightly beyond it.

So, you got two strokes - connect them together!

To make the arrow clear, pull the movable eyelid a little and draw the eyeliner again, with the second layer.

Method number 5: Cheatry!

And our last piece of advice for the most inept: if you don’t get an even arrow tip, just glue a piece of scotch tape near the outer corner of your eye and start creating. The film will not allow excess eyeliner to spread and the arrow will turn out perfect. The main thing - do not touch the eyelashes with tape, otherwise trouble can not be avoided!

Wide arrows for enlarging eyes

Here are the step-by-step execution of the arrows that allow you to visually enlarge your eyes:

for a change we’ll use gel eyeliner,

pre-draw with a pencil the inter-ciliary space,

start drawing from the place of growth of the first cilia,

draw a line to the outer corner

draw a “tail” along the line of the lower eyelid to the temple,

connect the completed lines. At the same time, the arrow should have a more subtle beginning and gradually expand to the outer corner.

Hands for deep-set eyes

Let's figure out how to draw straight lines to harmonize deep-set eyes. Note that the types of corrective arrows also depend on the shape of your eyes. To perform the arrows during daytime makeup, it is better to use a pencil.

draw with a pencil the line along the upper eyelid along the line of eyelash growth, completing it on the outer corner of the eye,

work with a permanent pencil on the intermuscular space,

Mark the thin, shallow tail of the arrow without going beyond the fold of the eyelid,

Blend with a thin brush the line near the outer corner to the tail of the arrow.

Thin arrows for eyes with overhanging eyelids

Consider how best to draw arrows on the eyes of the impending century. Makeup artists recognize the difficulty of making arrows for the eyes of this type. The best option is a complete rejection of drawing lines on the lower eyelid.

The best option is a thin eyeliner along the ciliary edge, be sure to fill the inter-ciliary space, otherwise the arrow will be completely invisible under the overhanging eyelid.

Be sure to blend the matte shadows of a medium shade (slightly darker than the color of the skin) over the crease, going into the overhanging part. This will visually open the eye.

Watch the video: how to draw arrows on the eyes (March 2020).