How to use teeth whitening strips?

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Teeth lose their natural whiteness with age. The teeth turn yellow for various reasons. One of them is poor oral hygiene. In addition, the use of certain drinks (tea and wine, for example) contribute to yellowing of the teeth. If this problem has not bypassed you, do not worry - there is a solution. You can use whitening strips, which are a popular method of home whitening. In general, whitening strips are safe and easy to use, but before using them, you need to know how to use them correctly to get the maximum effect. Below are tips for using whitening strips.

What is it - whitening strips?

This innovative tool provides a quick return of whiteness of enamel. Product can be used at homewithout visiting the dentist's office.

Apply to strips special multicomponent gel with active active ingredient. In most cases, this component is hydrogen peroxide.

Records securely fixed on the teeth with a sticky substance - carbomer. The plates for the upper and lower jaw differ among themselves and are packed in pairs. The whitening gel acts only on the enamel surface, but not on fillings or dental prostheses.

The viscosity is usually given by glycerin, and the sweetish taste is sodium saccharin. As part of the strips no aggressive chemical compoundstherefore they are absolutely safe for tooth enamel, prostheses and fillings.

Operating principle

The active substance of the plates begins to act upon contact with oxygen after opening the protective film.

Reacting with oxygen, a gel located on the surface of tooth enamel, begins to oxidize actively.

Its action extends not only outside but also inside, including the mineral matrix of the tooth.

This provides reliable removal of age spots and tooth brightening due to the breakdown of pigments into water and carbon dioxide.

The reaction rate varies from five minutes to half an hour. Usually the procedure is carried out twice a day.

Overview of manufacturers and prices

  1. American company Crest produces original strips in a wide range. This provides easy selection of the best option in each case. The consumer can take advantage of a relatively budget option. Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express for 2700 p. or purchase a powerful whitening product Crest Whitestrips Supreme Professional for 6200 p.
  2. Gentle whitening will provide a product line from Dr. White This manufacturer has been awarded many international certificates. For ordinary enamel, its strips are suitable DR.WHITE INTENSIVE for 2100 r., and for supersensitive - DR.WHITE PREMIUM for 1490 r.
  3. Effective and easy to use brand whitening strips Bright light. They are firmly fixed on the teeth and do not cause inconvenience. For daily use, plates are suitable Bright Light Professional Effects, and for the night - Bright Light Night Effects. Both options are sold for 1470 p.
  4. Company Rembrandt launched the launch of an innovative product - whitening plates no longer need to be removed, because they dissolve in the mouth themselves after some time (5 to 10 minutes). Use them conveniently and comfortably. The therapeutic composition includes not only hydrogen peroxide, but also antibacterial ingredients that resist bad breath. The cost of such strips is 5390 p.
  5. Dissolving plates for teeth are also produced by the company. Listerine. Her whitening strips Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Stripssuitable even for sensitive tooth enamel, can be purchased for 1400 p.
  6. Strips will help to avoid aggressive effects on soft tissues. Celebrity smileteeth whitening up to 4 tones. A lasting result and the absence of aggressive effects are the positive aspects of this product. You can buy it for 1590 p.

Watch a video review of the stripes of one of the manufacturing companies:

Detailed instructions for use

Before opening the package, you should carefully study the manufacturer's instructions for use and understand how to use the strips for whitening teeth. Need to carefully study list of possible side effects.

  1. Clean the surface of the teeth from pieces of food, a variety of bacteria and accumulated plaque. It is not recommended to brush your teeth with paste immediately before using the plates. It is best to clean them half an hour before the procedure.
  2. The plates should be prepared for the procedure. The package usually contains separately plates for the upper and lower teeth. It is important to understand where which strips are before starting whitening.
  3. The selected strip must be attached. the working side to the front surface of the teeth so that it covers the entire bleaching zone. The resulting irregularities can be smoothed out with a regular toothbrush. It is important to avoid getting the gel on the gums, because the active ingredients can cause irritation.
  4. Wait for the indicated timewhile the gel does its job. The exact number of minutes required for an effective result is indicated in the instructions for the particular strip model. In order not to disturb the process, do not touch the plates with your hands.
  5. After a certain time strips must be removed from the teeth. For some manufacturers, the strips may dissolve in the mouth on their own. If conventional plates are used, staying in the mouth for too long can increase tooth sensitivity and cause gum irritation. To remove residual whitening composition, you can rinse your mouth with water.

It must be remembered that there will be no instant result. The procedure must be repeated. up to twice a day for several weeks. The exact instructions can be found in the instructions for the particular model of records.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

  • These modern enamel whitening products have both pros and cons. Indisputable advantages include guaranteed result achievement. At the end of the course of procedures, the effect of professional whitening will be noticeable.
  • Records easy and convenient to use at home. A huge range of products provides the opportunity to choose the right records. The selection can be made both in price and in effectiveness, the speed of achieving the desired whiteness of the teeth.
  • By cons include limited capabilities of the composition. It is unlikely that you can whiten fillings and crowns, as well as gray teeth with a dead nerve. Due to the prolonged use of the plates, a reaction to various temperatures and tastes may develop, the sensitivity of the teeth increases.
  • The whitening effect wears temporary. Its duration depends on the initial condition of the teeth and their care. Whiteness may persist for up to a year.

In conclusion, it should be noted that before using the house whitening plates should visit a doctor. The dentist will help clean the surface of the teeth from plaque and dirt before applying the composition, as well as remove pigment plaque.

The teeth will look as if covered with spots. This is due to the complexity of the effect of the active components of the gel on the pigmented areas of the tooth surface.


Great of course, but in my opinion a little expensive. You can brush your teeth with soda, and they immediately become a whiter tone

Young teeth can still be whitened with these strips, but at the age when the teeth become yellow, a more powerful procedure is needed!

How do whitening strips work?

Using crest 3d white strips is very simple - for this they need to be fixed on the teeth and worn for a certain time specified in the instructions. Whitening effect is provided hydrogen peroxidecontained in the gel. While wearing the strips, the active component is constantly in contact with the surface of the teeth, thereby eliminating old stains on the surface of the enamel, as well as on the inner layer.

During the use of whitening strips, the gel is gradually absorbed, which allows to prolong the whitening effect for a long time, provided that the teeth are protected from contact with strong reagents.

Bleach strips contain special dental componentsthat help remove stains and plaque on enamel. At the same time, they do not do any harm to her, provided that the patient will use them in accordance with the instructions. Excessive use of white crest strips may increase tooth sensitivity. Since they come into contact with the teeth much longer, unlike toothpaste, this helps to quickly achieve the desired effect and evaluate it visually.

Terms of use

In order for the whitening strips to help you quickly achieve a whiteness effect and do minimal harm, you need to use them in accordance with the instructions:

  1. First, you need to prepare your teeth for the procedure: first rinse your mouth, and then check that there are no food particles left between the teeth.
  2. When using white crest strips, you will have to refrain from brushing your teeth and flossing. Otherwise, you may accidentally damage the gums, and this can lead to the penetration of the active substances contained in the strips into the blood.
  3. After completing the preparatory cleaning of the oral cavity, you need to take the package and get two crest strips for teeth whitening. If you look closely, you can see the inscription "lower" and "upper" on them, which means the dentition on which they need to be fixed. The first are for the bottom, and the second for the top. It is no coincidence that manufacturers introduced such a division: all strips have a certain shape, taking into account the peculiarities of the part of the jaw for which they are intended.
  4. Next, the plates should be attached to the teeth, but they should not go too far beyond the edge of the gums.
  5. After making sure that the white crest strips are evenly installed, they need to be pressed down to the teeth, then the gel will be evenly distributed over the entire surface.
  6. Usually strips are worn on the teeth for 30-60 minutes. But before using them, be sure to read the instructions, as different manufacturers may have their own instructions for using the product. Using these strips, you can calmly do normal activities - talk, sing. This will not affect the whitening effect.
  7. When the time recommended for wearing white crest strips comes to an end, they must be carefully removed and the remaining gel removed with your fingers, after which you must thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water. Remember that the strips are designed for single use only.

Usage Features and Cautions

Your teeth will become perfectly snow-white if you will observe a number of conditions:

  • When wearing whitening strips, use a special toothpaste,
  • Within one to two hours after removing the strips, exclude the influence of coloring substances on the teeth. Therefore, you should not smoke and drink tea,
  • For the whitening period, it is recommended to completely forget about bad habits - do not smoke, do not drink tea, coffee, cocoa and other drinks containing reagents that can change the shade of enamel,
  • After removing the strips, be prepared for the fact that within half an hour the sensitivity of the teeth may increase. With this in mind, it is recommended to use warm drinks, but cold and hot liquids and food should not be eaten,
  • Make sure that the gel does not enter the stomach, otherwise its side effect will appear in the form of a laxative,
  • If you feel worse while wearing bleach strips, then you should immediately remove them and no longer use them,
  • If you have diseases of the oral cavity or some time ago you received an unhealed injury to the mucous membrane and superficial tissues, then you will have to cure all your problems, and only after that you can return to the procedure,
  • With the help of whitening strips, you can only change the color of tooth enamel, but you won’t succeed in making snow-white crowns or fillings.

To date, many types of cross strips for whitening have been created, but they contain almost the same components. This is done in order to offer all consumers the most suitable product for them. If desired, strips can be found even for sensitive teeth. But you should remember about contraindications: it is not recommended to use these plates for adolescents under 16 years old, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Professional effects

These whitening strips are very popular due to their unique formula. Sometimes they provide an effect that even a professional dentist cannot do. With these strips you can not only change the shade of the visible surface of the enamel, but also inaccessible areas. Therefore, after carrying out such a procedure, the smile takes on a natural look. When making these strips, the manufacturer proceeded from a number of requirements to which they must meet:

  • respect for enamel,
  • natural ingredients in the gel,
  • affordable price.

Using strips is very simple - they are fixed on the teeth and left for half an hour. When the specified time expires, they are removed and the remaining gel is removed. To achieve maximum effect, strips must be used within 20 days. During this time, it is advisable to stop smoking and drinking coffee.

If you exactly follow the recommendations specified in the instructions, then after a full course of teeth whitening, you can lighten 4 tones. The final result is achieved after 3 procedures, and it lasts for 18 months.

The manufacturer set a price of 3790 r on these strips for the retail chain.

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit

These strips are one of the modern solutions in the field of dentistry. They are made using new technology that allows them to grip their teeth securely. Therefore, having fixed them on the dentition, a person can forget about them and go about their business. Bleaching plates do not create inconvenience both during a conversation and during drinking. The uniqueness of the drug lies in the fact that it can also be used for sensitive teeth. At the first acquaintance with the plates, their elongated shape draws attention to themselves, thanks to which they cover a large number of teeth at a time.

Usually these plates are worn for one hour, and full course is 2 weeks. But at the end of the first day you can see the first results from the use of this unique product for whitening tooth enamel. Usually the result achieved lasts 12-18 months, but depending on the lifestyle, it can change. This innovative solution allows you to lighten your teeth by 6 tones. In pharmacies, it is offered at a price of 3890 r.

Gentle route

Creating these strips, the manufacturer wanted to offer a whitening system for owners of sensitive teeth, and in the end was able to achieve his goal. Today it is the most effective tool for such people. Before the appearance of these strips, people with hypersensitive teeth could not afford the whitening procedure. However, thanks to the new formula, we managed brand new stripeswhich gently affect plaque and change color to the desired.

The plates contain only natural ingredients and a small amount of active substance, which minimizes damage to the enamel.

The duration of one course is 28 days, and a single application lasts no more than 5 minutes. The first changes can be seen after one week. The result achieved after the full course is held up to 1 year. With this whitening system, you can lighten your teeth by 3 tones. In pharmacies on strips set price 2950 r.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Vivid

The above system is also designed for people with hypersensitive teeth. It contains only 10% of the active substance, which is hydrogen peroxide. This explains the very mild effect on tooth enamel.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Vivid plates contain water that successfully solves the problem of dehydration. Therefore, after a full course, it is difficult to detect even microcracks on enamel. Gel Components are completely naturalTherefore, everyone who agrees to this procedure can be sure that it will not harm his teeth and the microflora of the oral cavity.

With this innovative whitening system, you can lighten your teeth by 2 tones. The duration of one procedure is 30 minutes, and one course lasts 12 days. Usually, to achieve the maximum effect, you need to go through 5 sessions, after which you can see a completely new shade of teeth. The end result is held for six months. In pharmacies, 3d white crest strips are available at a price of 2690 r.

The principle of "work" strips for teeth whitening

The bleaching effect when using the means is achieved due to the content of hydrogen peroxide in the gel. This component is absolutely safe and is actively used in the dental field. By contacting the surface of the dentition, the active component eliminates stained spots and plaque not only from the enamel, but also from the inner layer.

Compliance with the instructions eliminates any risks of using the product. In comparison with regular toothpaste, the whitening strips interact with the teeth much longer. Thanks to this, the effect is more pronounced and faster. You can evaluate the results visually.

How to use teeth whitening strips?

Everyone can use the CREST 3D WHITE strips. The product is aimed specifically at home use and does not require special skills. All the consumer needs to do is select the individual look of the whitening strips and read the instructions for their use.

The principle of "work" strips for teeth whitening

The bleaching effect when using the means is achieved due to the content of hydrogen peroxide in the gel. This component is absolutely safe and is actively used in the dental field. By contacting the surface of the dentition, the active component eliminates stained spots and plaque not only from the enamel, but also from the inner layer.

Compliance with the instructions eliminates any risks of using the product. In comparison with regular toothpaste, the whitening strips interact with the teeth much longer. Thanks to this, the effect is more pronounced and faster. You can evaluate the results visually.

How to use teeth whitening strips?

Using the tool is really simple. It is enough to fix the strips on the surface of the teeth and leave for a designated time in accordance with the instructions. The gradual absorption of the gel will provide a persistent whitening effect in the absence of exposure to reagents on tooth enamel.


Many of us dream of beautiful and snow-white teeth. A couple of decades ago, few people could afford to change the shade of enamel, but today this opportunity is available to everyone. This can be done with a low-cost innovative solution - crest whitening strips.

Due to their ease of use and high efficiency, they are very popular among residents not only of Western countries, but also of Russia. Crest teeth whitening strips provide a variety of types, among which you can find plates designed for hypersensitive teeth. This allows everyone to return their whiteness to their teeth without restriction.

Step one: get to know the instructions

As a rule, different types of whitening strips work on the same principle and have uniform rules for use. Despite this, be sure to read the instructions to avoid possible risks. Pay special attention to side effects before trying a new remedy.

Important! Some products can damage your teeth and cause other problems if you neglect the rules of use.

Step two: prepare the strips for the procedure

Before gluing the whitening strips, you need to learn how to use the whitening strips for the teeth of your chosen brand. Most often, manufacturers use special tools in the kit for applying to the surface of the upper and lower dentition.

Pay attention to the marks on the stripes. They may contain appropriate inscriptions:

  • lower - for the lower jaw
  • upper - for the upper jaw.

This is due to the fact that each strip is created for a certain part of the jaw. It has an individual form, developed taking into account the anatomical structure of the field of application.

Step three: how to glue whitening strips?

Active gel is applied on only one side of the strips. It is this gel side that contains whitening agents and acts on enamel, eliminating plaque and stains. There is no gel on the smooth part. This side is intended only for quick and proper gluing of the product.

Follow these steps:

  • Apply the gel on the tooth surface in front on both sides of the jaw.
  • Make sure that the strip covers the entire surface of the teeth.
  • If irregularities are found, smooth them with your fingers or a toothbrush without damaging the strip.
  • The protruding edges bend over the teeth.

Full coverage of the tooth surface provides uniform whitening.

Important! Try to avoid contact of the gel with the gums. This can cause irritation.

After applying strips that whiten the surface of the teeth, you can do the usual things. The tool does not cause discomfort and does not limit the actions of the user. Do not touch the strips with your fingers and tongue, so as not to interfere with the bleaching process.

Unless otherwise specified in the instructions, strips can be removed after 30 minutes. To do this, simply peel them off the tooth surface and discard after use.

Important! Do not wear strips longer than prescribed. Duration of wearing does not affect the quality of the result and can provoke irritation or increased sensitivity.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly after the procedure with plain water or a special tool. Optionally, you can gently brush your teeth to remove residual gel.

How often to repeat the procedure and why is it necessary?

The tool does not give the desired result instantly. Whitening by applying chemical components to tooth enamel is a gradual process that takes time. In order to evaluate the result, it is necessary to take the course recommended by the manufacturer. Repeat the procedure as instructed until the desired effect is achieved.

It is recommended to perform the procedure twice during the day - in the morning and in the evening. The minimum duration of a home whitening course is 14 days. The best result can be seen 10 days after the start of use of the product.

Important! In case of increased sensitivity, take a 1-2-day break between treatments. This time is enough for the sensitivity to normalize.

Features and recommendations for use

Perfect tooth whiteness is real if you follow a few simple rules. Remember:

  • Use a specialized toothpaste for the duration of the home whitening course.
  • Refrain from drinking tea, coffee, etc. for 1-2 hours after strips are removed. Limiting the contact of teeth with staining elements is an important condition. It is advisable to completely avoid exposure to reagents that change the shade of tooth enamel during the course.
  • After removing the strips, a slight increase in the sensitivity of the teeth and gums is possible. Limit yourself to eating moderate-temperature foods and drinks.
  • Do not swallow the gel during application. Once in the stomach in large quantities, the active ingredient may cause a laxative effect.
  • Immediately remove the strips and stop using the product if there are signs of deterioration in well-being during wearing.
  • Do not use strips in the presence of diseases or injuries in the oral cavity until complete healing.
  • The whitening effect is possible only when exposed to tooth enamel.
  • Strips will not change the tone of crowns or fillings.

CREST 3D WHITE products are presented in a wide variety of turnkey solutions. Thus, it is possible to choose the most appropriate means and conditions of use of the product, taking into account the individual characteristics of the user. Also on sale are dentifrices with increased sensitivity.

The only condition - do not forget about contraindications. The tool does not involve use by children, as well as use during pregnancy and lactation.

The appearance of uncomfortable sensations during use may be the result of too frequent use of the product or exceeding the recommended period of wearing the strips. In addition, this may be due to individual intolerance to the components.

We recommend that you consult your dentist before using home whitening products. Some of the components can cause dental problems in individual cases. A consultation with a dentist will let you know how safe and effective it is to use home whitening products on your teeth in a particular case.

Teeth Whitening Strips: How It Works

Teeth whitening strips are a great alternative to cabinet aesthetic procedures. A huge selection of products is presented to the attention of consumers, which allows you to safely and effectively return to your smile pristine beauty at home.

Against the background of an abundance of products for quick whitening enamel, it is difficult to make the right choice. In addition, all new items raise a lot of questions. What is the principle of strips? How safe is the procedure? Which brand should I prefer? Therefore, information about these oral care products is very relevant today.

Mechanism of action and effectiveness

The action of the whitening strips is provided with a special gel with which they are impregnated. The active substance in the composition is ordinary hydrogen peroxide. In this case, the manufacturer takes into account the necessary concentration of the reagent so that the procedure does not destroy the enamel.

Hydrogen peroxide can penetrate deep into tissue. As a result of the reaction with oxygen, the oxidation process begins. The released pairs split and remove even old pigments from enamel micropores. Due to this, whitening strips of teeth in several tones is provided. In some products for aesthetic procedures, the active substance is urea. In principle, this is the same hydrogen peroxide. Only the component contains urea. The effect of the use of such funds is slightly lower. But carbamide has a more gentle effect on tooth enamel.


The instructions for whitening strips enumerate cases when they cannot be used. You should not ignore these recommendations, as complications may develop:

  • The use of products is prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • You can not carry out aesthetic procedures, having periodontal disease in the acute stage.
  • Do not bleach enamel with strips for children under 18 years of age.
  • In the presence of artificial crowns, removable prostheses, fillings in the frontal section, it is impractical to carry out the procedure. The materials from which the structures are made are not bleached.
  • Strips should not be used in the diagnosis of serious diseases, such as high blood pressure, tachycardia, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, severe mental disorders.

If a person is prone to allergic reactions or has an individual intolerance to any component, the manufacturer does not recommend using strips.

Overview of Popular Products

In order to determine which tooth whitening strips are better, consider a brief description of the products. We are also interested in the cost:

  • Crest Brand offers several types of products for aesthetic clarification of teeth. All strips have different concentrations of the active substance, providing clarification from 1 to 7 tones. The duration of the procedure is half an hour. The course of treatment is no more than 10 days. According to doctors, Crest teeth whitening strips can extend the effect after a cabinet procedure. Such bleaching is recommended after the removal of braces by the dentists themselves. The cost of the course ranges from 2,600–6,700 rubles (depending on the type of stripes and the expected effect).
  • Stripes Listerine Whitening Strips made of a special material that is completely dissolved in the oral cavity during the procedure. The product provides a result in 5 tones after a 10-14 day course. The manufacturer recommends using strips 1-2 times a day. The contact time of the reagent with the dentition is only 5-10 minutes. The cost of packaging (56 strips) ranges from 2,000-23,000 rubles. There is also a package with 84 stripes. For it the price is set in the range of 3,000–32,000 rubles.
  • Dr. products White Intensive or Premium has a gentle effect without provoking tooth sensitivity. After a course of treatment, a lightening result of up to 4 shades is expected. The cost of packaging for a 2-week use is 1,600–2,200 rubles. The result is saved up to a year.
  • Bright Light Professional Courseprovides enamel clarification in 3 tones in 2 weeks. The duration of contact of the teeth with the reagent is half an hour. For packaging with a full rate you will have to pay about 2,000 rubles.
  • Rembrandt Intense Dissolving Strips Products not only brightens tooth enamel by 4 tones, but also has an antibacterial effect. The duration of the course is 30 days. You can buy it for 2,500–2,700 rubles.
  • Striped Celebrity Smile Celebrity provides a result in 5 shades. The procedure lasts half an hour, is repeated daily for 2 weeks. For packaging with 14 bags, you will have to pay 1,900–2,050 rubles.
  • Blend-a-med Brand Introduces 3D White Luxe Stripsproviding removal of pigmentation from deep layers of enamel. The session lasts 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 10-14 days (1-2 times a day). The manufacturer guarantees tooth whitening up to 7 tones. Customer reviews of whitening strips confirm their effectiveness. However, many noted tangible tooth sensitivity, disturbing even at night. The cost of such a course is 3,100–3,200 rubles.

To determine which strips for teeth whitening are best for you, a specialist consultation will help. In addition, a professional cleaning is necessary before carrying out aesthetic treatment. If you do not remove plaque and stones, these areas will not change their color. Contrast will ruin the result.

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Instructions for use

To get the desired result of teeth whitening with special pads, you must act according to the instructions, follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and dentists.

A step-by-step description of how to use the strips for clarification:

  • carefully read the annotation to the tool,
  • brush your teeth thoroughly. Plaque and food debris are an obstacle to achieving the desired result. After 30 minutes, you can start bleaching,
  • open the packaging
  • take the strip and attach it with the gel side to the front surface of the dentition. The material should cover the enamel completely. After gluing, smooth all the irregularities with a toothbrush. Some manufacturers release linings separately for the elements of the upper and lower jaws. Therefore, before fixing the plates, you need to figure out where and which strip to use,
  • Wait for the time indicated by the manufacturer. During the session, it is not recommended to eat and drink drinks,
  • remove the lining from the surface of the teeth and rinse your mouth with clean water.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

Who should not use teeth whitening strips?

Home-based teeth whitening using pads is considered a more gentle method of brightening a smile than in a dental office. However, not everyone is allowed to use such strips.

Contraindications to enamel bleaching with special plates are as follows:

  • breastfeeding
  • Enamel hypersensitivity
  • pathological abrasion of the surface of the teeth,
  • caries,
  • inflammation or trauma to the oral mucosa,
  • the presence of fillings, implants,
  • pregnancy,
  • calcium deficiency in the body.

Hydrogen peroxide, even the lowest concentration, provokes an oxidative process. If there are microcracks on the enamel, then after bleaching erosion can form, and later on - caries.

To understand whether it is possible to use strips for home teeth whitening, you should visit the dentist's office. The doctor will examine the oral cavity for diseases, check the sensitivity and issue a verdict regarding the advisability of using whitening plates.

Precautions and nuances of dental care after whitening

Teeth should be whitened with dental strips carefully. It happens that even in the absence of contraindications, enamel, gums, and general health are harmed. This happens if technology and safety precautions are not followed.

  • do not swallow the gel. The composition of the product contains peroxide, which, when ingested, can provoke severe poisoning,
  • when unpleasant sensations appear, you should immediately complete the procedure. Burning, tingling, and pain can occur when the strips are used too often or when they are kept on the teeth for longer than necessary. Unpleasant symptoms often occur in people with increased sensitivity of enamel to external stimuli,
  • Before use, you should undergo an examination with a doctor. The composition of the strips varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some products may not be suitable for a particular person. A competent doctor will help determine whether to use brightening pads and which ones.

Features of dental care after bleaching with dental strips:

  • regularly thoroughly clean the oral cavity from plaque and food debris. In addition to toothpastes, you can use additional special rinses. Cleaning should be done at least twice a day. The main thing is not to overdo it and not damage the gums or enamel,
  • floss daily. This tool will help remove stone and deposits that cannot be cleaned with a brush,
  • exclude foods and drinks that contain natural or artificial food colors from the diet. Under the ban are tea, coffee, carrots, beets, wine. Also, you should not drink carbonated drinks, sour and sweet foods: they adversely affect the condition of enamel,
  • give up smoking. This bad habit leads to yellowing of the teeth.

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Thus, teeth whitening strips are a popular and simple method to brighten a smile. They are available and give a good result.

Like any remedy, pads have contraindications and can be harmful. To avoid the negative consequences of the procedure, it is necessary to use the plates correctly.


Crest Whitestrips strips are comfortable and easy to use. You can use them anywhere and whenever convenient. While the strips are on your teeth, you can do your usual business: take a shower, surf the Internet, drive a car, watch TV, read or talk on the phone.


  • Open the bag and remove the strips.
  • Remove the protective coating from the strip. Please note: the whitening strips for the upper and lower teeth have a different shape.
  • In front of the mirror, attach the strips with the gel side to the front surface of the teeth, long on the upper teeth and short on the lower.
  • Align the strip along the gum line and firmly press it to the teeth. Tuck the rest of the strip to the inside of the teeth.
  • Run a fingernail between the teeth so that the gel is evenly distributed on the surface of the teeth and fill the gaps between the teeth.
  • Remove the strip after 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the whitening system, rinse your mouth with water and remove any gel from your teeth with your finger or toothbrush.
  • Do not reuse the same strip.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supreme FlexFit White Teeth. How to use strips so that tooth sensitivity does not increase? Little tricks to use.

I started using bleaching strips several years ago. My teeth are not white by nature, whitening pastes lightened enamel a little, but for me it was still not enough. I do the cleaning every year, I don’t have any plaque on my teeth like stone, but I couldn’t brag about the whiteness of my teeth.

My first experience with tooth whitening was with Crest Glamorous white whitening strips, and after the course my tooth enamel was so whitened that I was completely delighted. Of course, the sensitivity of the teeth was increased, which naturally goes away, but the result was just wow and really worth it.

This time I decided to carry out whitening with the help of the same American company Crest, but I already chose a different range of strips. In general, this brand has a great variety in the choice of home bleaching system, whitening strips of different effectiveness and for different courses of application. It is these strips that differ in that they have the composition of a professional bleaching, and the size of the strips is much longer than the classic version of Crest strips.

So, Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supreme FlexFit:

The strips are packed in a single-use sachet, in which the plate with two strips glued on it, for the upper and lower teeth. A longer strip is for the upper, shorter - respectively for the lower.

The strips themselves are very soft and dense, attached to the teeth quite well.

The active ingredient of these strips is hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), it is due to it that the surface of the teeth is whitened.


PVP, PEG-8, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin.

I glue the whitening strips about half an hour after brushing my teeth. In my first whitening experiment, I glued strips immediately after cleaning and noted that the sensitivity of tooth enamel is significantly increased. Therefore, now I wait a little and glue the strips 30 minutes after cleaning.

The sachet with strips opens very simply, you need to tear it from the side according to the markings:

I pre-take paper towels and brush my teeth to remove saliva. Otherwise, the strip will simply slide over the teeth and will not stick.

I always start with my lower teeth: I got wet with a napkin, pressed a strip to all my teeth and gently bent it. In the same way, I glue the strip on the upper teeth.

The strips themselves are quite comfortable to wear, they do not cause any unpleasant or painful sensations.

By the way, here I want to give a little advice!

If you glue a whole strip and twist it on the inside of your teeth, then the next day your teeth just hurt like hell! And I read and heard about it from many people. Sensitivity is so increased that it is impossible to open your mouth, teeth whine and react to water, air, and indeed to everything else. I remember after the first day of whitening, when my tooth sensitivity was so aggravated that I barely lived that day and generally promised to use whitening strips more. But there is a solution! I realized that it is precisely because the strip adheres to the inside of the teeth and affects it with its composition, it is because of this that sensitivity increases.

After that, I no longer glue strips on the inside of the teeth. I cut the strip in half (pre-check with the size of my teeth, how much exactly do I need to cut) and glue only on the outside. I fix the strip by slightly pressing it into the joints between the teeth. Very simple and the most incredible thing that the next day no sensitivity! You can safely go about your business and not suffer from discomfort.

Frankly, even after the first use of the strips, I saw a slight brightening effect. But after three applications, the result was already much more obvious. For several tones, it’s like the teeth became whiter, and in general the smile became more attractive.

I made a course of 12 strips (this is half the package) and the result was very impressive. The teeth brightened by about 5 tones, that's really like whitening in the cabin, only a more budget option.

Since I did not stick a strip on the inner surface of the teeth, I did not have any increased sensitivity.

About 2 months have passed after the whitening course, the result still holds, although I am a lover of black coffee. I support the effect of the stripes with a special whitening paste from the same Crest company.

In conclusion, I’ll say that before whitening it is very important to check the health of your teeth, since teeth that are cured without caries and other problems are much more important. By the way, some have enough professional brushing (it builds inexpensively) to remove plaque and the enamel thus becomes whiter. Or there is also a special device - an irrigator, it very effectively removes plaque at home (you can read a review about it HERE).

But the whitening strips I really recommend! For all the years of their use, they have noticeably whitened my teeth and they have not returned to the original and initial result, even after a while. I do the course about once or twice a year.

Watch the video: Instructions for Using a Teeth Whitening Strip : Dental Health (March 2020).