13 Useful Eye Makeup Rules

If you are a green-eyed girl, you have every reason to enjoy this. It is such a charming color, and also incredibly unusual. Did you know that only 2% of the world's population have green eyes, according to estimates. If you are looking for ways to make your green eyes stand out even more than they already are (especially for these special occasions and events), I have tons of tips, tricks, and tutorials to improve them and make them expressive using different color shadows. for eyelids and methods. Want to know more? Read on to find out everything you need to know about green eye makeup.

Basic principles of eye makeup: the rules for applying shadows and the necessary components

It is important to remember the three basic components of perfect eye makeup:

  • When creating make-up, you should decide on the accent area. There are only two of them - eyes and lips. If your choice of lips - eyes are given less emphasis, if vice versa - then eye makeup is most pronounced, and lips are performed using the nude technique.
  • When choosing shadows should come from a natural skin tone. So, for example, on a pale face, purple tones will create a painful effect, and tanned skin dark brown shades can age.
  • At least two shades should be present in the eye makeup, ideally three. The upper eyelid is always distinguished by the lightest tone. Experiments with the dark version can be afforded only by experienced stylists at thematic shows.

Before addressing the question of how to properly apply eye shadow, you should decide on the necessary components of eye makeup. You will again need three important components:

Base under the shade

It is also called the base, primer. Many neglect it, at best using the usual makeup base. Meanwhile, the quality of eye makeup depends on the base. The base under the shade, in contrast to the base under the makeup, has a denser texture. The silicone, which is part of it, fills all the smallest folds and wrinkles on the skin, thus preventing the rolling and shedding of shadows. So take care of getting a good base.

The second thing you need is brushes

For eye makeup, you need a set of at least three types of brushes:

  • flat with a long pile for applying shadows,
  • large fluffy for shading,
  • thin with elastic bristles for eyeliner.

Many will ask, but what about the applicators that are embedded in boxes with shadows? They are also suitable, but only as a last resort. Shadows with them are applied too tightly and it is difficult for the applicator to blend them with high quality.

Third, the shadows themselves

There are many options for shadows:

  1. Friable
  2. Compact
  3. Baked
  4. Cream
  5. Stickers
  6. Pencils

You need at least three colors of shadows:

  • Basic - a leading make-up shade
  • Light coloured. It should be slightly lighter than the base, creating a white effect in contrast.
  • Marker (highlighting or accent pigment). It must be darker than the base case.

An important point is that the shadow colors used must be in harmony with each other.

Using the base under the shadow is an undeniable point. Brushes are mainly used for friable and compact and baked eyeshadows. Many people have a question - how to apply cream eye shadow? Here the brushes will not work. The best option is to apply the pigment on the eyelids with the fingertips. It is possible to use an applicator. Shadow sticks and pencil shadows are drawn directly on the eyelid. If the consistency of the shadows is quite dense, you can initially transfer the pigment to the fingertips, and then apply color to the eyelids.

How to apply eye shadow in stages (photo)

So, to create high-quality eye makeup, you will need a base, shadows and brushes. But how beautifully apply the shadows, you should talk separately. There are several variations of eye makeup. Consider the basic techniques of how to apply eye shadow and a photo to them for greater clarity.

Before choosing a specific MakeUp eye option, you should take into account all the nuances of the structure of the face, shape and incision of the eyes. Improperly selected eye makeup can enhance existing imperfections or distort facial features.

Classic eye makeup

A similar option is considered universal. It fits absolutely any shape and incision of the eyes. And using different combinations of shadows will allow you to create a different make-up, from daytime to evening.

The technique of applying eye shadow in this embodiment involves the following scheme:

  1. The main color should be applied to the entire moving part of the upper eyelid.
  2. The area under the eyebrow and the inner corner are colored with a lighter pigment.
  3. In the crease of the eyelid, approximately from its middle, a marker is applied (emitting pigment, darker than the main one by 1-2 tones). The marker is applied along the contour of the ciliary edge, also starting from the middle of the century. Gradually, it rises and thickens as it approaches the outer border of the eye.
  4. If you need to create a more accentuated makeup, then it is possible to use the 4th more saturated color, which should draw the border of the growth of eyelashes. For the evening version, it is permissible to emphasize the lower eyelid.
  5. All areas of the pigment compound are thoroughly shaded.

The classical technique of applying shadows is inherently basic. Other variations of eye makeup are built according to the same schemes, but with some deviations and making adjustments.

Eye makeup using the bird technique

"Bird" or as it is also called "Wings" helps to correct the eye: raise the outer corner and visually increase the size. The pattern of shadows is somewhat reminiscent of a bird's wing, hence the name.

How to paint eye shadow in this option? The application technique is slightly similar to the classical one: the moving part of the eyelid is stained with the main pigment, the bright area is located in the brow and in the outer parts of the eyes. Only in this case, an increased emphasis is placed on the fold of the eyelid, and the line along the ciliary edge is drawn more strongly. The outer corner extends somewhat upward.

Makeup is suitable as an evening or daytime option, only in the latter case the pigment shades are taken lighter.

Eye Makeup “Loop”

Another name for the technique is “Wave”. An ideal option for a narrow eye section, and also will interest those who are concerned about how to apply shadows on the overhanging eyelid. An arcuate accent helps to identify the eyelid. In this embodiment, the external corner zone is additionally highlighted, forming the so-called loop or wave. The outer edge rises a little and becomes more rounded. Otherwise, everything is the same as in the classic version.


The most popular shadowing technique. Consider how beautifully apply eye shadow in this case.

For this option, eyeliner with dark shadows near the ciliary edge, both the upper and lower ones, is very important. You need a very thick, which is carefully shaded. Makeup is done both in the horizontal layout (light shadows are applied to the inside of the eye, and then the tone becomes darker), and in the vertical (dark pigment is applied near the eyelashes, rising to the eyebrow, they brighten).

The effect of haze will depend on how the shadows on the eyes are shaded. The more thorough the shading, the more spectacular the makeup. And do not forget about the mascara, it should be a lot.

This technique allows you to create a luxurious evening make-up, as well as the nude version, if you choose a pigment that is close to the natural skin tones.

Eye makeup in the style of "nude", despite all its naturalness, requires more cosmetics and more time consuming. It’s a paradox, but “natural beauty” requires more “scenery”.

How to apply eye shadow in the Blink technique

Quite a rare technique. In this variant, the external and internal zones of the eyes are colored with accent shadows. The main part of the century is filled with a basic shade. The upper eyelid is the lightest pigment. Next, with the help of a highlighter or light pigments, a small highlight is placed on the moving eyelid above the pupil.

This technique is ideal for women with deep-set eyes, because visually makes the eye more voluminous. Also, this technique will help to adjust the wide-set eyes, as the internal darkening will help to hide the large distance between the eyes.


  1. Start by applying beige eyeshadow to your base and blend it properly using a fluffy brush.
  2. Align the upper eyelash line and the lower waterline with a black pencil or eyeliner.
  3. Use a soft brush to apply soft brown eyeshadow to your eyelids.
  4. Create an arrow using your black liner and blend it to achieve this smoky effect and get rid of hard lines.
  5. Curl your eyelashes and apply a layer of mascara for extra drama.
  6. Add some golden eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them look more cheerful.

This is the perfect evening look when you are heading to a party or special event. Make sure the rest of your makeup is extremely thin for it to look stylish. Remember, a nude lip is the perfect companion to go with your dark smoky eye.

2. Flirty warm copper makeup

What you need

  1. Beige or peach eyeshadow
  2. Cocoa or warm brown eyeshadow
  3. Warm shimmering copper or rose gold eyeshadow
  4. Flat brush
  5. Fluffy brush
  6. Black eyeliner
  7. Ink
  8. False eyelashes


  1. Apply beige or peach eyeshadow for your base color with a fluffy brush.
  2. Using the same brush, blend the warm brown or cocoa eyeshadow into the crease and outer V-corner, making sure to remove all the sharp lines.
  3. Apply your warm, shimmering copper eyeshadow and blend them with a flat, stiff brush.
  4. Align the bottom waterline with a black pencil or eyeliner and apply your favorite mascara.
  5. To enhance the look, you can add a natural pair of false eyelashes to complete the look.

This look is great for day and evening wear, whether it's Sunday brunch or a fancy date. Customize it according to your wishes.

3. Sultry gray-green look

What you need

  1. Deep smoky gray or green eyeshadow
  2. Black eyeliner
  3. Golden eyeshadow
  4. Brush stroke
  5. Flat brush
  6. Ink


  1. Apply deep smoky gray or smoky green eyeshadow using a flat, stiff brush.
  2. Blend it out to create a smoky effect with a brush stroke.
  3. Align the bottom waterline with the black eyeliner.
  4. Blend the line to achieve a soft, sultry effect.
  5. Apply gold eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes, the lower waterline, and the center of your eyelid.
  6. Curl your eyelashes and apply two layers of mascara.

Rules for applying shadows in the technique of "cat's eye"

The name is no coincidence. If you correctly apply the shadow, you get the effect of cat's eyes. This option makes the eyes very expressive, visually rounds them and at the same time stretches them, makes them a little slanting.

How to color eyes with shadows in this technique? Everything is very simple. Shadows are arranged in the same order as in the classic version. Only accenting shadows stand out the inner and outer corners of the eyes. In this case, the inner corner is pulled down and the outer one is up. Eyeliner is required.

This option, due to its brightness, is more suitable for evening makeup. Given that the eyes are maximally stressed, lips should not be allocated so as not to overload the makeup.

Technique "Double Arrow"

In this version, two lines are really drawn with accenting shadows - one along the natural fold of the eyelid, the other repeats the line of the upper rests. Then both lines connect at the outer corners of the eyes. This technique helps to highlight the eyes and raise the overhanging eyelid.

The presented option is more likely to be evening, but if you use neutral shades of shadows, then it is suitable for daytime makeup.

Suitable for

This look is perfect for evening wear. This adds a lot of depth and drama to your green eyes.

5. Simple makeup for green eyes

What you need

  1. Peach eyeshadow
  2. White eyeshadow
  3. Flat brush
  4. Soft brown eyeshadow
  5. Ink


  1. Apply peach eyeshadow on your eyelid using a flat hard brush.
  2. Add white eyeshadow to the area directly above the top line of eyelashes and mix well.
  3. For fold and outdoor-V, apply soft brown eyeshadow.
  4. Use this color for your lower lash line and also use a smaller brush.
  5. Curl your eyelashes with tongs and apply two layers of mascara.
Suitable for:

This natural look is perfect for daytime and for all the times when you want your eye makeup to be minimal.

6. Copper-gold evening makeup for green eyes

What you need

  1. Beige eyeshadow
  2. Soft brown or matte copper eyeshadow
  3. Eye shadow brush
  4. Shimmering Copper Eyeshadow
  5. Ink


  1. Start by applying beige eyeshadow on your eyelid for a good foundation.
  2. For fold and outer-V, apply soft brown or dull copper eyeshadow.
  3. Mix them well to get rid of any sharp lines.
  4. Apply your shimmering copper eyeshadow to the center of your eyelid, the inner corners of your eyes and the bottom line of your eyelashes.
  5. Curl your eyelashes and apply two layers of mascara.
Suitable for:

If you just want to add a little glamor to your makeup, this is what you can do. It's subtle, but he makes a statement on his own. Everything that flickers looks better in the evening or at night.

7. Three shade colors - beige, red and turquoise

What you need

  1. Beige eyeshadow
  2. Red, Burgundy or Wine Eyeshadows
  3. Turquoise eyeshadow
  4. Ink


  1. Apply beige eyeshadow all over the upper eyelid.
  2. For your fold line and outer-V, use the eyeshadow in red or wine color and create a beautiful arrow with a shadow.
  3. Apply turquoise eye shadow on the bottom line of the eyelashes.
  4. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with light eye shadow.
  5. Move your eyes with a charcoal pencil or black eyeliner.
  6. Add false eyelashes for a more dramatic effect.
  7. Apply mascara to the lower eyelashes.
Suitable for:

This dramatic look is perfect for evening wear. The eyeshadow colors complement the green color in the eyes well.

8. Evening plum makeup for green eyes

What you need

  1. Beige eyeshadow
  2. Deep opaque shades of plum color
  3. Brushes
  4. Shimmering Plum Eyeshadow
  5. Black eyeliner
  6. Ink


  1. Begin by applying beige eyeshadow throughout the eyelid to create an even foundation.
  2. For your fold and outer-V, apply deep matte plum eyeshadow and create a smoky effect with a shadow brush.
  3. Apply shimmering plum eye shadow in the center of your eyelids and create a rich, diffused color.
  4. Align your lower eyelashes with the same shade.
  5. Apply lighter eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes to highlight the area.
  6. Align your eyes with black or charcoal eyeliner.
  7. Add a pair of natural looking false eyelashes.
  8. Curl your lower eyelashes.
Suitable for:

Whether it's a party or you head to the club on weekends, this look will make you the queen throughout the evening. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum.

9. Evening makeup for green eyes in pink colors

What you need

  1. Beige eyeshadow
  2. Peach eyeshadow
  3. Pink red eyeshadow
  4. Brushes
  5. Brown eyeliner
  6. Ink


  1. Apply basic eye shadow.
  2. For your crease and outdoor-V, choose a shade that is slightly warm and peachy.
  3. Apply pink-red, shimmering eye shadow to the center of your eyelid.
  4. Use a small eye shadow brush to pack color on your bottom lash line.
  5. Select the inner corners of your eyes with white eyeshadows and blend it properly.
  6. Align your eyes with a soft brown eyeliner.
  7. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.
Suitable for

This look is suitable for Sunday evening! You can wear it in the evening or throughout the day and look super chic and elegant. Combine it with a colorless lip color and minimal facial make-up!

10. Makeup with a dark gray shade and sparkles

What you need

  1. Beige eyeshadow
  2. Dark gray eyeshadow
  3. Brushes
  4. False eyelashes
  5. Sparkles


  1. Apply beige or nude eyeshadow for an even foundation.
  2. For your crease and outer-V, select a dark gray eye shadow and apply it with a flat brush.
  3. Mix well to avoid any harsh lines.
  4. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with lighter eye shadow.
  5. Apply taupe eyeshadow with a small, flat eye shadow brush to the bottom line of the eyelashes.
  6. Add a pair of false eyelashes.
  7. Apply mascara.
  8. Apply a little shine to the top line of the eyelashes towards the inner corners of the eyes.
Suitable for

A fan of glitter and flicker? This Katy Perry inspired eye makeup is great for evening wear. Naked lipstick or gloss will go well with this look.

Green Eye Makeup Tips

Now that we've covered the best makeup colors for green eyes and a whole bunch of tutorials, here are some makeup tips for your green eyes:

  1. No matter what color your eyes are, an eye primer is important to keep your eyeshadow in place for a longer time, and also to prevent loss.
  2. Wear neutral brown tones for a natural daytime look.
  3. If you want to emphasize the green color of your eyes, try purple, pink and red colors.
  4. It is best to avoid blue eyeshadow, as this will make your eyes appear dull.
  5. Choose a slate gray or brown eyeliner instead of black for daily wear.
  6. Peach blush will complement your eyes well. However, if you have a cool skin tone, try a blush with a pinkish tint (coordinate it with the rest of your makeup.)

Remember, it is best to choose shades that will not compete with the green color in your eyes. These were some of the most popular looks when it comes to green eye makeup, with a host of ideas to help you upgrade your eye makeup routine.

Now it's time for you to try some of these looks. Do you have any makeup solutions or tricks and tips for your green eyes?

How to eliminate makeup errors for green eyes?

In order to learn how to choose the right palette of cosmetics for green eyes, you need to exclude the most common mistakes of this choice:

Any real diamond requires a beautiful frame. Therefore, the frame of green eyes should be no less bright than this amazing color itself. Use crisp, non-defiantly bright pencils for eye strokes and eyebrow line editing,
In choosing a shade for eye shadow, avoid copying eye color. The shades of gray look even less impressive. This is especially true for owners of gray irides with a greenish tint,

For those whose eyes have a more transparent, lighter tone, stylists advise to avoid too catchy shades in makeup.

Clear long arrows on the upper eyelid look bad for those born with light green eyes. It is not recommended to make a clear stroke of the lower eyelid. This will make the eyes faded, and their color will be "lost", and will become bright and vague,
Experts unanimously recommend using warm shades of pink for shadows. However, one must also approach this choice carefully. Pay your attention to pink shades with reddish, violet shades, but always warm. It is not recommended to use saturated salmon and peach tones,
An oily eyeliner and charcoal pencil will make the look heavy and tired. Daytime makeup for green eyes is performed in translucent velvet shades of beige and chocolate. The same can be said about devices for eye contouring - felt-tip pen and pencil. Colors - chocolate or cinnamon, avoid black,
In the selection of cosmetics from the category of decorative cosmetics, exclude shades of cold. Discard the blue colors completely. Green and bluish tones can not be used together, only one by one.

Daily, simple makeup for green eyes

In the morning, every person wants to sleep a few more minutes. Therefore, women who spend a lot of time on cosmetics are hard to understand. But there is a way out - stylists offer simple, daily makeup for green-eyed beauties. It will not take much time (15 minutes), but it will look great, and hold on for a long time:

To correct skin imperfections, use a cream or correction pencil,
Spread a cream base on top to match your skin tone.
Apply translucent shades of olive or cinnamon to the space under the eyebrows,
Darken the outer corner of each eye with shades that have a deeper shade than the main color. A similar technique for almond-shaped eyes with raised corners looks good,
Draw a line of eyelashes over the eyelid with a thin strip of brown pencil,
Add fluffy eyelashes with mascara-colored mascara.

A bright touch in the daily make-up can be made using eye-catching shades of shades.

If you still like cool tones in cosmetics, try lilac, smoky or pink with mother of pearl.

Make-up “cat's eye” for green eyes step by step

Green-eyed girls consider this type of makeup one of the most beloved. Probably also because it can be used both for publication and for office style. However, there are some nuances here - for women who have too narrow a cut in the eyes, this type of makeup will not work. Because arrows of any kind will make your eyes even smaller and narrower.

For makeup, as usual, you need to correct the imperfections of the skin with a corrector and apply a tone with a delicate translucent base,
For the perfect make-up, “cat's eye” does not need to highlight the corners of the eyes with dark shadows. It’s enough to apply the main tone of light shades,
Take a cinnamon color eyeliner, and draw a continuous thin line close to the eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye to the eyelet,
Form the outer corner of the eye with a thin tail. It’s not necessary to try to make the line immediately homogeneous and full of color,

Now paint over the strip as you like best. Correct somewhere to align or raise it, somewhere to hold again, filling with color. Just keep in mind that a thick line visually increases the eye in width, and a long and thin line lengthens,
Now draw another correction line along the old one, connecting them into one whole,
In this makeup, you can do without mascara. Some women, in order to visually lengthen their eyes, and make their expression even more “feline”, apply mascara to the eyelashes of the outer corners.

If you want to draw invisible arrows for business makeup, use a simple tip:

Draw a line of arrows with point motions from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. To do this, you do not need to draw a clear line, just fill the distance between the cilia with a brown pencil,
Lift the arrow just above the level of the outer corner of the eye, and draw it with a non-greasy pencil,
Apply volumetric brown mascara to your eyelashes.

Daytime makeup involves “cat” arrows with short ponytails. In the evening, long are appropriate.

Arrows are considered especially sexual and attractive, which are connected by sharp long tails at the outer corner, and completely surround the entire eye.

In this case, the tail of the outer corner of the arrow should be directed upward.

Another option for evening makeup arrows is arrows between which space remains. To do this, the upper arrow rises at the outer corner a little higher, and the lower falls lower, but the outline repeats the upper figure. Everything is carefully shaded, the edges of the tails should be thin to the ends, turning into an almost imperceptible line. Between the two arrows in the outer corner of the eye, the color of the shadows should be light - for contrast. The inner corners of the eye must be drawn along the outer contour so that they converge into a sharp tip.

For those who want to visually expand their eyes, arrows need to start drawing not from the inner corner of the eyelid, but from the middle of the ciliary contour of the eyelid.

Evening makeup for green eyes

It has already been mentioned above that green eyes do not like too dark black strokes. Therefore, in the evening version of makeup, it is better to take chocolate tones as a basis to give the look a languid smokiness.

Retouch with a facial skin imperfections corrector. Apply foundation and powder with a special brush and friable powder of light texture,
The first step in applying makeup is to give your eyebrows a perfect shape. Use browns in cool shades. It’s necessary that the structure is not a soft pencil,
Apply shadows to the upper outer corner of the fixed eyelid. Choose delicate shades of champagne, beige, and better - light, almost white, color. Glittering shadows would be perfect
Use the shades of ripe olive, salmon or chocolate colors for the base color for the upper still eyelid. Feather them so that there is no border between the flowers, but do not let the colors mix completely
Decorate a moving eyelid with a more saturated tone of shadows. Use at least two shades of chocolate color. On the outer corner of the upper eyelid, apply a darker color, and paint the inner one with shadows lighter. Feather the border
Apply light shadows to the inner corner of the upper eyelid.
The contour of the lower eyelid outline a pencil shade of shiny bronze. Instead, you can use chocolate shimmering shadows,

To set the final accent, draw an arrow on the upper eyelid. Use the cat-eye technique. To do this, take a finely honed pencil, liquid eyeliner or cosmetic felt-tip pen. If you want to achieve clarity of lines, then pick up eyeliner. Interested in makeup, with which your eyes will become soft and languid, it is better to use a pencil. As mentioned above, do not use charcoal-colored pencils, eyeliners and felt-tip pens. Better brown and gray
Draw this line along the inner part of the lower eyelid from one to the other corner of the eye,
For mascara use mascara with a volumetric effect.

Makeup for green eyes and different shades of hair

If you have green eyes from birth, light translucent skin and chestnut curls, the makeup rules for dark-haired people will come in handy. These include the following:

In choosing the color of the shadows, be guided by the principle - "the closer to natural, the better." The olive color, cinnamon and golden will look great in this combination. For those who like cold tones, you can advise choosing shades of swamp and smoky. Do not select bright green shadows in the palette. You will lose a significant part of natural beauty and make your eyes a blurry spot. For the “winter” color type with green eyes, there are several more options for colors that are applicable in makeup - lilac, lilac, peach, closer to reddish shades. If the type of woman’s skin and hair is closer to spring and summer, use exceptionally warm shades of flowers,

It is strongly not recommended to use chocolate and bronze shades as a blush. They will have the opposite effect of the desired - make the view painful,
For lips in daily makeup, pick up fresh, delicate shades of salmon, caramel, and transparent golden. Evening make-up can be supplemented with lipstick of catchy colors of the same shades.

If you are a delightful blonde with green eyes, try to adhere to the following nuances when applying cosmetics:

Do not make the eyebrow line too bright and clear. It will look unnatural against a background of blond hair. If you do not choose the right shade and go too far with the color, the makeup will be provocative up to vulgarity,
Choose shades of light shades of green, it is better that they are with a grayish tint. In addition, olive, beige tones and shades of gold are suitable. Remarkably, the shade of cognac goes to such a combination of natural data. For festive makeup use plum and dark brown colors,

Choose blush pastel shades of peach and beige. If the skin is not light, try to shade it with blushes of bronze tones.

For daily makeup, choose shades of lipstick or lip gloss pastel pinkish tones or with a touch of natural color. Only under an evening dress can you make up your lips with a rich scarlet color.

Green-eyed brown-haired women can advise the following rules in choosing a palette of decorative cosmetics for applying makeup:

In the choice of shades of shadows for daytime makeup, there are practically no restrictions. Choose cosmetics according to your color type. Bright and stylish makeup can be done with rich brown, ruby ​​or cherry eyeshadows,
All natural shades are suitable for blush, closer to the original skin color. Do not use pink blush,
It is to these women that violet lipstick is perfect. Experiment and look for options of means and colors. It can be lip gloss, tint color lipstick.

And a few more tips on choosing eye shadow. Shadows of the same color, beloved by green-eyed beauties, should be used with extreme caution. An incorrectly selected shade, instead of emphasizing the splendor of the natural color, will make your eyes dull, and resembling the ice look of a fish. The makeup itself in greenish tones looks impressive, but the bright circle around the iris "goes out."

When making a make-up based on shades of green, remember that it requires a mandatory combination with shadows of a different color. It is better to use lilac, purple or delicate pink. Choose shades of green, the shade of which is slightly lighter than the fringing of the iris. This will highlight the color of the eyes.

Universal day makeup

There are several universal techniques, the use of which will help out in any situation. The basis of this multifunctional everyday make-up is pinkish shades, beige-pink, with a chocolate or warm copper tint.The palette should have several tones of different saturation. The main goal is to observe naturalness, modesty and restraint in the image. Not applicable - bronzer, bright or shiny shadows. Screaming lipstick. The sequence of actions is as follows:

Apply a base and foundation, highlighter (if you want to contrast individual areas of the face), light blush.

If necessary, highlight eyebrows with a pencil, gel, or similar cosmetic product.

To apply a special base for both centuries, which will prevent the "rolling" of the shadows into balls.

On the fold of the eyelid, apply shades of beige with a pinkish tint. Shade thoroughly with a cosmetic brush.

For both centuries, pinkish shadows should be applied and shaded.

Apply and shade light shades on the inner area of ​​the eye incision, it is preferable that they have the effect of radiance.

The lower eyelids deserve minimal attention, since the main emphasis is on the moving eyelids. It is enough to apply a little shade of chocolate shade on the outer corners of the lower eye area.

On the inner contour of the eyelids, you can apply liquid eyeliner or draw these lines with a pencil. It is recommended to use a cosmetic product with a bronze or golden hue. The intensity of staining is small, daily makeup suggests moderation of colors and shades.

Eyelashes slightly underline with mascara.

A soft shade of lipstick - soft pink or peach - is slightly more saturated than the natural color of the lips, if desired.

Natural nude makeup that can be applied every day

Creating a natural look with no makeup effect:

Apply primer and foundation. Highlight the center of the face. You can do without blush. Or use a shade of a tone pinker than the natural color of the cheekbones, light coral.

Apply the base for the eyelids on the entire moving surface up to the bottom line of the eyebrows.

Lightly accentuate the ciliary contour of the upper eyelid with a soft pencil and blend.

Next, apply the shadow:

On the crease, the upper ciliary contour and the external lower contour are a dark shade.

On the moving part - a tool with a golden tint.

On the inner corners - apply the product with a golden tint, but only after wetting the brush with water first.

We apply mascara, painting the hairs to a minimum, without focusing on the tips.

Lip gloss can be applied transparent, pale pink or coral.

How to make spectacular makeup for the holidays and celebrations

When planning an evening make-up, it is important to remember the rule of professional makeup artists - you can not focus on the eyes and lips. Since we want to emphasize green eyes, it is better to make up lips with gloss or lipstick of a neutral shade. The sequence of applying cosmetics:

Use a primer and a persistent foundation, powder in order to hide minor imperfections of the skin, remove greasy shine. A party or celebration is always a flash of cameras. If a girl wants to look great in photos, she needs to use a light foundation without a sun protection factor that will not reflect the flash.

Eyebrow drawing. Given the features of makeup, eyebrows can be made clearly outlined and have a saturated shade (slightly darker than the main color of the hair on the head). Under the lower tip of each eyebrow, you can apply a shimmer, light shadows or highlighter.

On the eyelid, up to the lower border of the eyebrow, shadows of a warm, juicy hue are applied, shaded.

The inner corners of the eyes can be highlighted with a highlighter.

A darker and more saturated gradient is applied to the moving part. As an option - shimmerny.

The inner contour of the lower eyelashes is highlighted in a dark shade.

On the upper eyelid, a broad arrow is drawn in the middle and tapering, rising upwards. To make it clear and attract attention, it is advisable to use not a pencil, but a liquid eyeliner.

Mascara is applied in 2-3 layers. You can pre-twist your eyelashes with tweezers.

The final touch at the end of the look is a matte soft lipstick or transparent shine.

Features of visage for women aged 40-45 years

Age-related changes are not best reflected on the skin of the face. Therefore, in order to emphasize the beauty and shade of the eyes, but at the same time not to draw too much attention to minor defects, it is advisable to follow the recommendations of makeup artists in both day and evening visage:

Women of advanced age should avoid bright colors. No matter how bright the colors went to the woman in the past, it is time to give preference to the delicate matte gradients of a non-greasy texture that suit green-eyed.

Arrows, especially traced with bold eyeliner, will not be entirely appropriate. To emphasize your advantage, it is better to draw a drawing of the upper line of eyelash growth and slightly raise the tip of the line upwards. The gray-haired ladies are very interested in a pencil of light gray, pale brown.

In order not to spoil the image, you need to abandon the shiny lip gels, matte lipstick is better.

Variants of shades of the iris in green-eyed people

The hue that is found in most women is light green with golden or brown spots, streaks. Under certain lighting conditions, the iris may appear light amber. Owners of light green eyes usually use only light shadows.

The rich green, emerald color of the iris gives the eyes expressiveness and depth. But only if warm, rather than cold tones are used for makeup, the latter give the look transparency.

The gray-green iris forces the girl to use the most delicate colors of decorative cosmetics. Bright makeup in this case can overshadow, “interrupt” the natural shade.

Azure, with a turquoise, bluish undertones, irises are a rare combination of gradients. Only the owners of this version of green eyes can use eyeliner in the make-up, the shadows of all variants of the blue spectrum.

Green-eyed girls - color types corresponding to the seasons

Depending on which woman with green eyes has skin and hair, it can be attributed to one of four types:

Winter - dark hair (not red) of saturated color, fair skin.

Spring - skin, hair, eyes - everything has a light shade.

Summer is a color type of contrasts, but most Slavs belong to it. Hair - dark or light, ashen, light skin, but easily succumb to tan.

Autumn - most women with green eyes belong to this color type. They are characterized by fair skin, difficult to tan, freckles are possible. Hair with golden tint, reddish.

Knowing her color type, a girl can choose the optimal shades of cosmetics, taking into account not only eye color, but also hair and skin.

Is it possible to make green eyes more expressive without makeup?

The color of the iris is embedded in human genes and does not lend itself to a cardinal change at home. In general, the iris is a complex of muscles that compress and dilate the pupil. And the saturation, color of these muscles can depend not only on hereditary factors, but also on muscle tone. It is not surprising that in the process the iris “fades” as it were, it becomes more faded. After all, the tone is reduced.

Some characteristics of the iris can be adjusted by eating certain foods:

Honey, or rather its regular use, raw or dried nuts, especially almonds, will make your eyes lighter.

Spinach contains carotenoids-zeaxanthin, lutein and iron, which will increase the brightness of the eyes and expressive gaze.

Eating fish, especially red, will make the iris tone more saturated and deep.

Olive oil and chamomile tea will make the eye shade warmer.

Do not forget that the whiter and cleaner the whites of the eyes, the more beautiful, brighter and more expressive the iris becomes. If the protein is snow-white, the gaze becomes attractive and deep, clear and pure. Protein hue depends on the general state of health and genetic characteristics. To lighten the protein, you can simply lead a healthy lifestyle. For a quick and relatively short-term effect, medications are used - Vizin, Okumetil, Vita-Yodurol (there are contraindications, you need to consult a specialist).

And the last, easiest, but requiring financial investment, way to change the color of the eyes to green or enhance the natural shade - use contact lenses (disposable, daytime, long-term wear). But using this method is recommended only after consultation with a therapist and an ophthalmologist.

Makeup Tips for Green-Eyed Blondes

Blondes themselves look graceful, delicate and sophisticated. And if they also have light green eyes, the image becomes even more airy. And heavy saturated gradients in makeup in this case are not particularly relevant, since all the features of the girl’s appearance can be lost on a bright background.

Optimal tones for fair-haired women are taupe with lilac undertones, a wide range of tones of brown, peach, lilac, dark gray and light green. Mascara and eyeliner can be anything from black to caramel, green, burgundy. The main thing is not to overdo it with the arrows, do not make them too bold and long.

Makeup Tips for Green-Eyed Brunettes

Green-eyed brunettes with a rich tone of the iris look gorgeous if they use decorative cosmetics in shades of gold, turquoise, bronze, copper, greens, plums. Eyeliner or pencil (depending on the situation) it is better to choose the classic black, green or purple.

Lipstick, if matte, can be plum, purple, chocolate in color. And if the lipstick has a pearly tint, it should be less bright - smoky pink or beige.

Makeup tips for green-eyed red-haired girls

Emphasize the expressive look of the owners of green irises and red hair will help such tones - moss or herbs, olive, khaki, gold and copper, nutmeg, cinnamon. All colors (for daytime makeup) are warm and non-invasive. The image of red-haired and so bright, you do not need to overload it with an abundance of juicy colors. But gray shadows are not recommended, since they dim the brightness of the unusual irises of red-haired people, making their eyes cold, distant, as if empty.

Do not forget about eyeliner and mascara. Cilia in red girls are usually light by nature. And to give expressiveness to the gaze, you need to use black mascara both for daily makeup and to create an evening, festive look.

Green-eyed Brown-haired Makeup Tips

The brown-haired woman has a large selection of makeup options, all colors of lilac, golden, beige, and lilac palette are suitable for them. Eyeliner - black or chocolate. Eyebrows can be made reddish - if this tone is inherent in the girl's hair.

Lipstick can also be almost anything - from gentle pastel colors to warm red. These are coral, and pale pink, and terracotta, and red-brown gradients. It all depends on the goals of makeup, clothing style, the overall image.

Basic makeup recommendations for green eyes

Regardless of whether you plan to apply day or evening makeup, there is A few rules that are always relevant for owners of green eyes:

Green gradients (olive, khaki), especially in combination with gold, bronze, brown and black, perfectly help to emphasize the eyes. Only the color of the cosmetic product (eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner or pencil) should be different from the color of the eyes. That is, to be either lighter or darker.

Pay attention to the options for violet, lilac colors (plum, eggplant, pink, lilac, violet and lavender). They are in excellent contrast with green eyes, since these gradients are opposite in the spectral circle.

Pastel shades of mustard, beige, sand, peach tones are also suitable, especially for unobtrusive daytime makeup.

Warm red gradients not only contrast well with green eyes. But they will also help to create an unusual image for a photo shoot. Brick red, terracotta version is great. Which can be made even brighter, more juicy and saturated, if combined with golden or bronze shades. However, in the case of red gradients, you need to keep in mind - if used improperly, they can give the appearance a painful appearance.

If you suddenly run out of the necessary shadows, makeup for green eyes can be done with dry blush. Pink and peach cosmetics with a warm undertone are suitable.

There are groups of flowers that in most cases do not combine with green eyes:

It is better not to use cold options, preference is always given to warm tones.

The abundance of black makeup for green eyes is aging woman. Black is perfectly replaced by all varieties of brown, charcoal gray. Including we are talking about eyeliner or eyeliner. But the black eyeliner in the arsenal of the green-eyed girl should still be there - it is used for evening makeup.

Silver is more suitable for gray eyes, and for green owners it is better to pay attention to gold and emerald.

Blue, blue - these gradients should be avoided by all green-eyed girls, except for the owners of the iridescent colors of the sea wave.

Regarding the use of matte and shimmer (with the effect of flicker and shine) cosmetics - girls with green eyes are suitable for both. It all depends on the purpose of the application. Matte, nude shades are ideal for creating a soft, unobtrusive emphasis on green eyes in a daytime look. And cosmetics with the effect of radiance are used in the process of applying evening, holiday and art makeup. As for the base under the shade - it is recommended to always use it, especially if the visage should last more than one hour. If you do not use the base, cosmetics will roll into lumps and gather in the corners of the eyes, which will look messy, ugly.

It is important to understand that when choosing makeup for green eyes, you also need to start from the color of hair and skin. For example, for brunettes, purple, gray and green shades are suitable. And for blondes, peach, purple and pale pink shades will be the best option. Owners of red hair and green eyes usually use golden, nude and khaki shades.

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