Dark blond hair color: photo, who is it, shades, methods of coloring, choice of haircuts

Each time, finding on the network advertising reports of stylists "Today determined the color types, many girls need to dye their hair", I am looking curiously at the photos of women who have given in to the gur of style to make sure once again that they will paint not burnt blondes with hair color “coated paper for the printer”, and not red-red fans of the main character of the film “Angelica, Marquise of Angels”, and the young lady with delicious natural light brown shades!
Why do many domestic stylists with manic perseverance recommend darkening or, conversely, lightening current hair colors today - dark blond (6.0) and medium blond (7.0) or simply dark blond and blond? Let's figure it out!

From the moment that the first television program on dressing came out in Russia, women have clearly learned that the result of turning to a stylist should certainly be a TRANSFORMATION. Just adjusting the style of dressing, explaining the trends in makeup, color and hair styling was not enough, it was necessary for the “gray mouse” to become a bright blonde in clothes arranged according to the “color block” principle or a burning brunette in a red dress, otherwise it is not a transformation, but some nonsense!

It is interesting that the “gray mice”, they are the heroines of the programs, always looked almost the same: natural blond hair, certainly tied to the tail, jeans or a skirt, and a stretched faded sweater. The contrast “was / became” at the end of the program hit hard, impressing even the most skeptical audience.

These programs laid the ideology that most stylists of all stripes, offering services to change the appearance, carefully carry. Whatever theory the school or individual stylist promotes, the TRANSFORMATION should take place as a result.

But what happened happened - naturalness returned to fashion.

models with dark brown, light brown and light brown hair, respectively

Covers for magazines and photo shoots September and August 2016

Today, judging by the shows at the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, as well as photo sessions in glossy magazines and color palettes by leading manufacturers of professional hair cosmetics, fashionable colors are:

- light brown (5.0 and chocolate / cognac shades at this level)
- dark blond or dark blond (6.0 and ashen / chocolate / cognac shades at this level)
- medium blond or blond (7.0 and ashen / chocolate / cognac shades at this level)

however, dozens and hundreds of stylists every day recommend the owners of these beautiful natural shades to dye their hair! What for?

The most unbelievable thing is that before the verdict “paint!” Stylists say that they carried out the procedure for determining the color type, and in order to emphasize the natural beauty (.) They recommend that their wards either darken the light brown / blond (6.0 / 7.0) to a light brown (5.0), or lighten to blond (9.0 and higher).
Why the hell to define a color type and talk about natural beauty if a complex natural color is immediately smeared to a simple and understandable nail like dark brown or light pigment-free?

Why is this happening?

1. The stylist does not know how to work with light brown shades

Light brown color is one of the most expensive (in the literal sense of the word) and noble shades of hair. It is extremely difficult to obtain artificially (both with light and with a dark base) and is not easy to maintain after staining.
Natural blond requires natural make-up and delicate color design, which vaunted colorists cannot do by default!

Covers and photo shoots September and August 2016

Every time I look at the “was / became” collections, I am surprised how poor the palette of shades offered by “professional” stylists are obsessed with color typing. Where are the sprinkled colors, where are pastel shades, where are the colors of a withering forest, why does it all come down either to a kindergarten rainbow, or even more complex (lilac, turquoise, salmon), but pure colors? Yes, because dusted and pastel shades, natural makeup and hair color do not show TRANSFORMATIONS!

I will demonstrate examples from the program “Fashionable Sentence” for 2016 and the second half of 2015, however, I believe that you regularly see something like this in your friends.
I apologize in advance for the quality of the screenshots.

Girl with a beautiful fair-haired hair color. Hair does not curl, but the absence of a basal volume does not spoil it at all. The heroine is almost without makeup, but her face is not lost, all the advantages are visible: large eyes, puffy lips, outlined eyebrows.

Yes, her appearance is not bright, yes, the girl is rather pretty than beautiful, but is it really bad?

Dress chosen by the heroine of the program

Surprisingly, the heroine intuitively correctly chooses her palette of shades, the color of this dress suits her, another question is that it is monotonous and there are too many of it. If you dilute this color with shades from the palette of a withering autumn forest (not the forest during the Indian summer, glowing with bright colors, namely late autumn, when the foliage is already wet from rains and touched by decay, the berries have dried and darkened), beige, wine shades, the girl blossomed would be overnight!

Photoshoots September and August 2016

Pay attention to the background of the pictures, it is an integral part of the color scheme of the exterior of the model

What do stylists do to her?

The hair strands are lightened (fortunately not from the roots, and regrown colored hair can be easily cut off), put on a blue suit and make bright makeup.

I always wondered why almost all the heroines of the fashionable sentence have a nose growing by the end of the program? What does a make-up artist do with them?

After conversion, this young lady also acquired a weighty "beak" in the same way.
And why should a girl with such a soft color black eyeliner? All for the blue suit!

A similar situation, a girl with brown hair is lightened to level 10, painted on her face, but now you can put on a yellow dress on her and show the TRANSFORMATION!

Surprisingly, this heroine also intuitively felt her natural contrast and, without the help of stylists, chose a dress in muted colors.

In fairness, it must be said that sometimes the Fashion Sentence program stylists leave their natural brown hair color to their wards, while others even repaint from extra-light blond to light brown, which is more rational and justified from the point of view of modern fashion.

It can be understood when the client declares the stylist “I want to be darker or brighter, from this and dance”, he pays and orders the music, but when the stylist gives out "Determined the color type, now the client needs to be painted" and presents a photo of a girl with brown hair, it remains only to wonder what they determined then?

2. The stylist does not understand fashion trends

Every year, an article about the signs of a provincial wardrobe necessarily appears on a particular well-known portal or blog. If you omit particulars, the essence of all the signs can be reduced to one common denominator: the use of outdated methods of designing an image or elements of a wardrobe, but a firm conviction that it is fashionable or prestigious.

Everywhere shading of natural light brown color is darker or lighter in order to emphasize eye color / skin tone is the most common sign of provincialism. Let me remind you that provincialism in this case is not a geographical concept, but rather the very devastation, which, according to the classic, is in the heads, and not in the outhouses.

Photoshoots September and August 2016

Dye your hair lighter or darker, and then daily, with decorative cosmetics, pull your face out of the “rain washed out announcement” state - provincialism!
Natural tones are in fashion, natural eyebrows, not mascara drawn, natural shades of lipstick.

And if the stylist you consulted recommends that you darken or lighten your natural blond hair color, contact another stylist, why work on your image using an outdated template?

3. The stylist does not understand the principles of the dye, but gives advice on changing hair color.

Another misfortune, extremely common among pseudo and provincial stylists.
Brown hair often has a pronounced ash shade, which is still popularly called “mouse” and strives to refresh with chocolate, coffee or cognac tones of dyes. That's just almost every woman who once wanted to tint the natural light brown color with something more "perky" can tell a sad story called "redhead".

I already wrote that natural blond (7.0) is one of the most complex and expensive shades of hair. On the 7th background of clarification, orange and yellow pigments are contained. When the dye mixture and the lowest percentage of the oxidizing agent come in contact with brown hair, an orange lightening background opens up, and even if immediately after dyeing the color turns out “like in a palette”, it will be washed off literally in 2-3 weeks, and a red-hated one will appear on the hair. It is extremely difficult to get rid of it, it is easier to bleach hair to a yellow background (9.0) or darken to a light brown (5.0) than to tint it every two weeks.
Therefore, if you have a natural light brown color, you do not want drastic changes, but sometimes you think of “refreshing the shade” with a semi-permanent dye, leave these thoughts behind or be prepared to wage an unequal battle with the orange pigment, which is physiological against breathing and sleeping on background 7.

If the stylist advises you to refresh the shade, be sure to ask if the style guru painted anyone besides herself and her grandmother? If the answer is no, it is prudent to consult a competent specialist.


- light brown hair color is relevant today as never before

- the only objective reason for dyeing hair in our time is gray hair

- if you have a natural hair color, you went through color typing and got advice from the stylist to repaint the hair. into the garden of such a stylist. However, if you want your appearance to be redrawn according to someone’s outdated notions of beauty, they are doomed to antimony eyebrows and draw someone else’s skeletal system on a good journey.

- from the point of view of cost and complexity of dyeing, it is easier to darken the hair of a light brown color to a light brown (5.0) or lighten to a light blonde (10.0), thus completely solving the problem with orange pigment than to color a light brown (7.0) tone in shades or shades of seventh lightening level

What does natural dark blond look like?

He looks noble. A girl can be proud of such a shade, because not every colorist can make it. It does not always give the desired, natural pigmentation. It can turn out to be oversaturated or vice versa, almost imperceptibly. Among the star personalities and the most beautiful girls in the world, the owners of the natural dark blond color include:

  • Irina Shayk,
  • Jessica Alba,
  • Kate Middleton,
  • Yana Dobrovolskaya (Miss Russia 2016),
  • Megan Fox,
  • Paulina Andreeva et al.

Photo of girls

The dark blond has a rich palette, when choosing, eyes often open up, because each color is interesting in its own way. In order not to be mistaken, take into account your color type and some other features, which we will talk about later. In the meantime, a photo selection, on which you will see the relationship with a person’s color type:

Who suits blond hair color?

Light brown color is considered universal. It looks as natural as possible, and many shades, from light golden to dark blond, allow you to find the optimal solution in every situation.

Light brown staining is recommended for women with noticeable gray hair. Unlike bright dyes, it does not add years and even helps to look younger, thanks to its natural look.

Blonde hair is characteristic of many girls of Slavic appearance Light brown curls with a golden tint Light brown hair color can be obtained with dyeing.

When choosing a hair tone, pay attention to your color type. Copper-brown curls are suitable for girls with dark, peach or beige skin and dark eyes, and light-skinned and blue-eyed or green-eyed - light and cool shades.

The original hair color is no less important. Native curls should differ from the desired result by a maximum of 2 tones. Accordingly, for burning brunettes, light brown color is not the best option.

Light brown color perfectly paints over gray hair Copper blond curls are suitable for girls with dark, peach or beige skin and dark eyes. Light-skinned and blue-eyed or green-eyed ladies should give preference to light and cool shades.

Who goes dark blond hair color?

To determine if you’ll be well in the darkblond, you need to pay attention to these factors:

  1. Hair condition

If you have cut ends, then do not forget, this will be very noticeable. If it is possible to visit a hairdresser about once every half a year, then there will be no problems. Otherwise, it is better to choose light colors.

  1. Color type
  • “Fly” we recommend ash brown, ash brown.
  • It is better to choose chocolate tones for the “winter” type.
  • "Spring" will be decorated with "hazelnut".
  • And for the "fall" is suitable copper or coffee.
  1. Leather

If it is prone to redness, then avoid cherry, as this will only emphasize redness.

For pale-skinned people, dark tones will add age.

For swarthy recommended deep shadesthat will add brightness to the image.

These people are prone to freckles. They often have brown eyes. Red, brown, or chocolate hair. From them it blows with warmth, comfort and tea with spices.

It is characterized by pale white skin. People are not prone to the appearance of age spots and freckles. Dark or blond hair with an ashy shade.

Shining creamy skin with a slight blush, a tendency to golden tones. Light eyes. Spring people are easy to recognize, they look fresh by nature and are associated with spring air.

Prone to blush. Mostly fair skin, sometimes with an olive tint. Green or blue eyes, not contrasting eyebrows.

These are just the basic color types, there are 12 in total. To determine which one is yours, you need to look at yourself in daylight, in clothes that are close to skin tone. You should look natural: without makeup or tanning.


Light and medium blond curls belong to the category of "blond", darker - to the brown-haired. In total, five main shades of brown hair are distinguished. Consider the features of each of them.

Dark blond hair

Dark brown curls are more often of a cold shade, but they can also have a warm, golden tint. The color itself is not bright, but it looks rich and fits any skin tone, except for a very dark one.

Dark brown hair is classified as brown hair Chic Dark Brown Hair

Advice!Dark tones of light brown visually lengthen the oval of the face and help mask too wide cheekbones.

Light brown hair

This shade is closer to the usual understanding of the term “blond”, but it does not require such a radical clarification. Girls with dark blond curls can get the desired effect without using chemical dyes. To do this, it is enough to regularly rinse your hair with a decoction of sage or chamomile.

Light brown hair is close to the usual understanding of the blonde Girls with dark blond curls can lighten hair to light tones without using chemical dyes. To do this, it is enough to regularly rinse your hair with a decoction of sage or chamomile A nice feature of the color is that having all the pluses of blonde curls, you do not have to overdry them very much when lightening

Light brown color is traditionally associated with a typically Slavic appearance. It is recommended for girls with fair skin and blue, gray or green eyes. A nice feature of the color is that having all the pluses of blonde curls, you do not have to overdry them strongly when lightening. And if the color does not seem sufficiently pronounced, it can be enhanced by highlighting.

Ash Brown Hair

Ash-light brown color has a pronounced gray tint. It is not suitable for everyone, since it emphasizes any skin defects (acne, heterogeneity of tone, etc.). Its creation also causes difficulties. It is not always possible to achieve a stable result and the same shade when tinting the roots, especially if you do this at home.

Ash-light brown color has a pronounced gray tint. It is not suitable for everyone, because it emphasizes any skin defects Ash hair color is difficult to obtain with self-coloring, it is better to seek help from professionals

But these difficulties do not deter stylish beauties. Girls with light peach skin and a slight blush can quite afford to wear an ashen shade.

Advice!In order not to make a mistake in choosing a tone, the first ash staining is best done in the cabin.

Golden blond curls

A distinctive feature of the color is honey or caramel highlights and overflows. With their help, dark hair will sparkle with new colors, and light will become more saturated. Golden brown shade is universal, suitable for any type of skin and eye color. If the difference in comparison with the natural tone of the hair is not too big, tinted balms and shampoos successfully cope with dyeing. Thanks to this, even weakened curls can be given a golden brown color.

Honey overflows on chic curls Golden blond shade is universal, suitable for any skin type and eye color Natural golden brown hair

Copper Brown

Copper blond - a unique hair color that is almost never found in nature. It looks great with blue and brown eyes, but gives green-eyed girls a special charm.

Copper blond color is a shade of red

Copper-golden tone successfully sets off pale, freckled skin. A darker, saturated shade of copper is suitable for dark. The desired color gives the use of henna, persistent dyes and tinting shampoos.

Color defines character

Despite the fact that most modern ladies repeatedly change their hair color throughout their lives, men still have certain stereotypes associated with blondes or brunettes. The fair-haired women, too, were not ignored:

  1. Light brown hair of warm shades - kind, gentle, slightly afraid and in need of support.
  2. Light brown hair of cold shades is the owner of a Nordic character, strong, sometimes stubborn, but loyal and reasonable. Sometimes perceived as a chilly, but all the more attractive in terms of conquest of the object.
  3. Brown hair is a woman as close to real life as possible, generous, intelligent, caring. Subconsciously evokes associations with excellent health, which will allow you to have strong and beautiful children. However, the line from light brown to “no” is very thin, as is the perception from “good wife and mother” to “gray mouse”.
  4. Dark brown hair with an ashy shade - smart, cunning, can give the impression of "on your mind."
  5. Dark brown with a greenish tint is a creative person, often endowed with some supernatural abilities, for example, the gift of foresight.


Light brown hair color is the most common option among Slavic girls. That is why it is again referred to as a color that is as organic as possible with natural data. Once upon a time, women were all painted in black, chasing its brightness and accent. But black required no less catchy make-up, a certain choice of clothes, even skin tone.

Over time, it turned out that cases when a naturally blond Slav woman suits black are few in number. But with the fair-haired - the opposite is true: it lays well on the original image, does not cause contradictions and conflicts in appearance.

Experts in the beauty industry assure: the society is "full" of artificial brightness and gloss hysteria. Today, a woman with a bright, shimmering make-up and expressive, but completely unnatural hair color looks ridiculous and old-fashioned. Beautiful natural colors became fashionable because they made women convincing in their external self-presentation: one wonders how much effort this beauty is worth, and how much artificial it is. Rather, on the contrary, light brown shades look so natural on curls that in most cases you can not even guess that it is colored hair.

And now a little biology. The natural color of the hair depends, as you know, on the pigment melanin, on the amount of air in the pigment itself, and also on the coloring element produced by melanin, which is inside the shaft. Melanin is responsible for the saturation of the color, and two other components are responsible for its shade - pheomelanin and eumelanin. In the curls of any tone, these two components are present.

Eumelanin is black-brown, and pheomelanin is yellow-red. But their concentration in the hair shaft is uneven, more pigments are found in the center, but in the cuticle they are practically absent. If more eumelanin and much less pheomelanin are synthesized in the human body, he will have dark hair. If eumelanin, on the contrary, is less - hair with a red undertone. If the pheomelanin is not at all, and eumelanin is also not very much, the hair will be in an ashen-gray color scheme.

The fair-haired of interest to us is a gray-brown color, if you give it a straightforward characteristic. Light brown is a palette of natural shades from light blond to dark blond, colors may include ash and copper overflows. These shades are found in most Slavs. Light brown is the color that is between the blond and the brown.

Natural color stabilizes by 5-6 years, sometimes it can change during the years of puberty. After 20 years, curls sometimes lose pigmentation, and even with such a young age, gray hair can form.

Usually the appearance of gray hair is fixed genetically, but sometimes the process of suspension of production of melanin is affected by strong and / or prolonged stress.

Cold ash

Perfectly hides gray hair. If this problem has not befallen you and you want to be fresher and more elegant, then we recommend dyeing your hair in a cold ashy shade. For some women over the age of 50, he gives statism.

This cool color is now in vogue. Suitable for any age. A good way out for owners of dark blond hair, who want to change it, but do not want to spoil the quality with lightening.


An interesting effect can be achieved by adding clarified strands to light brown hair. Depending on the existing color, highlighting is performed in one of the techniques:

  • Classic. It involves lightening single strands near the face or their distribution throughout the mass of hair. The method is used on dark and medium shades of light brown.
Classic highlighting on brown hair With highlighting, you can lighten only the front strands, thereby shading the face
  • Californian. This is a gentle staining method in which curls are clarified without wrapping with foil. As a result, the color is less intense. The application of paint begins, slightly departing from the roots, so as they grow back, the hairstyle does not need frequent correction.
California highlighting on light brown hair This is a gentle staining method in which curls are clarified without wrapping with foil.
  • French The lightening in this technique is made opaque to create the illusion of curls burnt out in the sun. The method is suitable for light shades of hair.
French highlighting gives the impression of ringlets burnt in the sun
  • Brazilian As in the French version, instead of playing in contrast, they create smooth overflows of color. For staining, not one, but several close shades are used. The technique is fully disclosed on medium blond curls and is categorically not suitable for hair previously treated with henna or basma.
In Brazilian highlighting, up to four close shades are used. Stunning overflow of golden curls
  • The converse. With its help, you can gradually return from highly bleached curls to a natural tone. To do this, individual strands are stained with a darker color, close to natural.

Who is going to?

The type of appearance of the girls when choosing a color and shade, of course, is important. Of course, fair-haired will go to all the ladies for whom this color is native. If you have been walking with brown hair all your life, but you think that they do not suit you, try to correct the situation. The first option - you need to use tools with reflective particles. They will cover the hair with a film that will make the curls shine. It is the radiance and silkiness that make the light brown color show all its splendor.

The second option for fair-haired, dissatisfied with their own hairdo - lightening by 1-2 tones (or, conversely, choosing a light brown shade slightly darker than natural).

And also light brown will do:

  • light-eyed girls with olive or very fair skin,
  • brown-eyed girls with fair even skin and a pleasant oval face,
  • former dyed brunettes with long, straight hair,
  • women who want to get out of blond
  • to girls with thick hair by nature.

Of course, you need to take into account individual moments - not only skin tone and eye color, but also hair length, hairstyle, structure, age, lifestyle, preferences in make-up and clothes.

Let us turn to one very illustrative example. Angelina Jolie, for many years was considered almost the most beautiful woman of our time, was a brown-haired woman, and a brunette, and even a blonde. In his youth, Angie preferred radical dark colors, and then there was a fashion for a bright, without diluted and muted shades, appearance. Being in a relationship with Brad Pitt, Angelina became brighter, for a long time she had a light brown color, which softened her impudent image. Thanks to the blond, the actress ceased to be associated with the fatal woman, she was paid attention to as a philanthropist, philanthropist. Light brown color has become an association with motherhood, inner harmony and poise.

Because there is a fair-haired woman not only in accordance with the appearance of the woman, but also her position, image, desire to show herself in a certain light. If you want to become softer, more feminine, calmer - contact a blond.


Another technique that adds variety to light brown shades is ombre staining. She appeared relatively recently, but has already been appreciated by Hollywood divas, celebrities, and many ordinary fashion-conscious girls. The essence of such coloring is the creation of a smooth fusion of a natural color with any other along the horizontal border.

The essence of ombre staining is the creation of a smooth fusion of a natural color with any other along the horizontal border

Using this method on light brown curls has several advantages:

  • keeps hair roots healthy
  • visually increases the volume of hairstyles,
  • allows you to try out new shades without a radical change in image.
Ombre visually makes the hairstyle more voluminous

It is fair-haired hair that opens up the widest possibilities for experiments. They look good classic two-color ombre, triple and even bright coloring with non-standard shades. You just need to choose the option that suits you.

Brown hair is ideal for ombre dyeing experiments.

Color palette

The variety of shades of light brown palette can be impressive - colorists are happy that technology is developing, and craftsmen can offer their customers the most delicate and elegant shades that repeat the natural solutions as much as possible.

All natural shades of light brown are divided by temperature gradation into cold and warm. And this, indeed, is a valuable division that should not be ignored.

It is important not only to choose a color according to the exact and beautiful name, but also to find the optimal color temperature, organic for a certain image.

Medium blond hair color

This shade goes well with any skin - from dark to pale. The easiest way to achieve a wheat color is for girls with blond hair. The medium-brown shade is transformed with light - in warm rays, curls are cast with soft gold, and artificial lighting reveals the cold undertones of wheat-blond.


Caramel and honey tints add juiciness and spice. Golden has an extensive palette, so any woman can find the right tone.

Golden hair color in men does not reduce brutality at all. Men with such hair look attractive and modern.


This is 2 in 1, because in daylight they will be beautifully and brightly cast in the sun. In the evening or in artificial light more calm and business color.

Those who have natural hair color are lucky; it gives them the opportunity to be different, sometimes reminiscent of a deep red, but wearing it is easier. He is not so demanding on the compatibility of clothes.

It has the ability to tint wrinkles and bumps. To obtain it, it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser, it is enough to buy a balm. This is not such a long-term option, but it suits indecisive ladies.


Chocolate will not work for people with dark skin, especially when it comes to cold tinting. He also skillfully emphasizes all the imperfections on the face and skin. Looks interesting on green-eyed girls.

“Milk chocolate” is associated with restraint, calm. Dark is suitable for brighter images. Light chocolate coloring will decorate the autumn type. The lighter ones go to the mulattos, a vivid example of this is Beyoncé.

Hair dye: create a light brown shade yourself

Staining in light brown differs from working with bright shades. At home, without much difficulty, you can change the color by 1-2 tones in any direction. But if you are determined to repaint, for example, from black to light brown, it is better to contact the salon. Pre-clarification under the control of the master in this case increases the chances of success, but still greatly weakens the hair.

Brown hair can be easily lightened at home with the help of folk remedies - kefir, lemon, cinnamon But if you are determined to repaint, for example, from black to light brown, it is better to contact the salon Pre-clarification under the control of the master in this case increases the chances of success, but still greatly weakens the hair

When self-staining curls in light brown color, you must:

  1. Carefully study the palette and make sure that your original shade allows the application of the desired paint.
  2. Pause shampooing for 2–3 days before using the ink.
  3. At the first staining, start application from the tips, as they take on color more slowly. With regrown roots, the situation is reversed.
  4. Keep the mixture on your hair exactly as much as recommended in the instructions. Extending the term of the paint will not make the color more saturated and is likely to spoil the hair.
  5. Give curls a few days to rest if you previously clarified with a wash.
When painting at home, you must strictly follow the instructions

The rest of the technology is no different from staining in any other color. The final step is to apply the balm and further restorative hair care.

Blonde hair quickly burns out in the sun, so the budget option for lightening - sunbathing Chic curls of light brown color

In order for brown hair to remain healthy, and their shade to not fade, you must not forget about leaving after dyeing. On a regular basis, it is better to use products from natural ingredients. For example, wheat and golden hair is recommended to rinse with a decoction of chamomile.

In order for brown hair to remain healthy, and its shade not to fade, you must not forget about leaving after dyeing On a regular basis, it is better to use products from natural ingredients. For example, wheat and golden hair is recommended to rinse with a decoction of chamomile A one-component yogurt nourishing mask is also useful.

A one-component nourishing yogurt mask is also useful. Her recipe is simple - homemade yogurt is applied along the entire length of the hair and left for an hour. It is not necessary to wrap your head, it is enough to pin the curls so that they do not interfere. After an hour, the hair should be washed with shampoo, preferably also of natural origin.

Another natural remedy is colorless henna. It activates growth and restores the structure of brown hair Use henna in the form of masks from a powder diluted with water, herbal decoction or tea

Another natural remedy is colorless henna. It activates growth and restores the structure of brown hair. Use henna in the form of masks from a powder diluted with water, herbal decoction or tea. Other ingredients are also allowed - essential oils, egg powder, cosmetic clay, avocado, some dairy products.

Mask from colorless henna and kefir received good reviews You should always remember that frequent styling with a hairdryer and curling iron dries your hair, so you need to use thermal protection and nourishing masks Any hair loves systematic care.

The mask from colorless henna and kefir received good reviews. To do this, take one glass of low-fat kefir, better than homemade, mix it with 1 tbsp. l henna to uniformity and distribute along the entire length of the hair. Curls are wrapped in a towel, left for 20 minutes, and then washed off with the usual shampoo. To saturate the hair with nutrients, 2-3 applications per month are enough.

Important!If you overdo the care product with henna, there is a danger of getting unwanted yellowness of the hair.

Red-brown hair color

To recolor dark blond or light brown curls in light brown with a copper tint, you can use safe tonic. With the help of tinting, you can create an unusual combination of warm or cold blond with fiery red. For coloring, choose a gentle red and red tint. The original color is best combined with blue and gray eyes and light skin with a warm undertone.


For bright girls who prefer bold decisions. Such coloring it’s easy to reduce to the caller, so turn to trusted masters. But if everything is done correctly, it will look noble and volume will be added.

Cherry is perfect for stretching the color and playfully looks in curls due to overflows. It suits people with brown eyes.

Haircuts and hairstyles for fair-haired girls

Beautiful hair needs a decent look. Classic hairstyles for brown hair - elongated caret and cascade. Especially interesting cascading haircuts look on curls, painted in the style of ombre.

Loose ponytail on fair hair Long brown hair on light brown color

Although more often the light brown color is chosen for long hair, it can also be attractively applied on short haircuts. To do this, take care of the volume. If your hair is thin, visually making it thicker allows highlighting of individual strands. Of course, short haircuts require more time for styling, but the beauty is worth it.

Hairstyle back braid on brown hair Hairstyle back braid on brown hair. Step 1-4 Hairstyle back braid on brown hair. Step 5-8

Women with regular facial features and not too wide cheekbones can try hairstyles with curls. In combination with California highlighting, curly hair will pleasantly revitalize the image. But do not forget that long curly curls look good on tall, slender girls. If you are short, it is best to prefer a short haircut or leave your hair straight.

Long blond curls are ideal for weaving braids. Do not think that braids are old-fashioned. New weaving techniques returned to their former popularity, and artistically braided braids look worthy even at ceremonies. Those who do not like to mess around with their hair for a long time can limit themselves to bundled hair. The option is simple, but thanks to the overflow inherent in a light brown tint, it is quite attractive.


Coffee with brown nicely complement each other in highlighting. Or a few tones of coffee. It is a combination of sophistication, freshness and femininity.

There is an opinion that for a short length it is better to choose a soft coffee, and a sharper one will suit long hairstyles.

Such a coffee tone like mocha looks chic on ladies of autumn type. And the cappuccino will decorate the spring girl.


This technique focuses on the tips. They are highlighted and color stretched. The roots remain dark. They are painted horizontally, so it turns out so naturally.

  1. Natural look
  2. beautiful in curls.

  1. Not too effective on straight hair
  2. at least an average length is required for execution.


The technique is also called gentle highlighting. It is carried out with the help of fleece. Without the use of foil.

  1. Suitable for hiding gray hair,
  2. minimal harm
  3. natural look

  1. Doesn't look spectacular on blondes,
  2. need length from the shoulders.

Partial toning

Unlike dyes, tinting agents do not contain a large amount of ammonia, therefore they maintain the quality of the hair.

  1. Gentle composition
  2. helps neutralize yellowness.

  1. Only possible in a color that is darker than natural,
  2. not long-term effect,
  3. some places may not be toned.

Tiger's Eye

In this technique, strands are dyed in honey, chocolate and caramel in a selected order.

  1. Spectacularly
  2. minimal damage
  3. the ability to create amazing styling.

  1. Still, lightening the strands is required.


Paints of this company are in the top 10 quality products for coloring. The line contains 14 shades of dark blond. This is not enough, you have to think in what color to paint the curls. But then, any woman will find her color in such an extensive palette.

In its merits, you can write down the price (from 110 rubles), a not too detrimental effect and there are many positive reviews about it.

But, unfortunately, the color is not very persistent, and during the painting you will have to endure the pungent smell of ammonia.


The Color Naturals series has been available for over 10 years. The palette includes copper, chocolate and caramel. The price is from 100 rubles. This paint is easy to use, you can use it to even your tone.

The Garnier Olia palette contains golden chestnut and cherry. This series is ammonia free and filled with oils. The average cost is 400 rubles.


Palette Color & Gloss hair dye will help to create a rich brown hair color. Also in the line are coffee colors: mocha with icing and coffee with milk.

This manufacturer has a coloring mousse. It is applied evenly and, accordingly, is better stained. The cost starts from 200 rubles.

There is also a phytoline from 24 shades. It has less ammonia, which allows you not to injure your hair (from 93 rubles).


Tonic helps maintain color. Particularly well restores blond ashy hair color.

A varied palette, slight moisture, and low price are what this product is valued for. In addition, it is easy for her to use at home, to conduct experiments with staining. The effect has to be maintained after 3-4 times washing the hair, however, the thing is convenient. Price - from 95.

Tonic or tint balms help visually see the result. If there is no determination to go for long-term painting, then tonic is an excellent solution.


A distinctive feature of this company is resistance. We recommend to use for those who go dark brown hair in different shades, since the paint does not always go as expected.

Palette londa professional is available in 18 color options.

60 ml of paint will cost 250-350 rubles.

Schwarzkopf & henkel

Paint without a pungent odor, users note a uniform coating and long-term result.

They produce two lines: professional and home.

By the way, the Pallet, which we spoke about earlier, also belongs to Schwarzkopf.

In addition to balsam paints, there is a mousse; it has a pleasant floral smell. It has 17 coloring options. This applies to the range for home use.

The professional series is presented in eight lines. The most successful, in our opinion, Igora, as it contains 46 options and is ammonia-free. Moreover, it is intended for care and performs its function successfully. Just a godsend for lovers to change!

The choice of hairstyles and haircuts

Having decided on what color to paint, you need to think about a haircut.

What to consider:

  1. Damaged hair will have to be cut.
  2. Individual features (for example, a scar that you want to hide).
  3. Face shape.

Convenient service for visual selection: http://leaky.ru/podbor-prichesok-onlajn/

For short and medium hair

  • Square

Four of a kind is a real classic. Elegant, slightly sloppy, romantic looks can be easily created with this haircut.

Kare lengthens the neck, makes the face more refined. It looks good both on straight lines and with curls. Curls will add lightness and volume to your look, and direct rigor.

  • Elongated bob

Often suitable for any ladies. Looks gorgeous on thick voluminous hair.

An elongated bean resembles a square, but its difference is in sharper sections and asymmetry. The strands are longer in front.

Refers to complex haircuts. Transitions in length in such hairstyles are emphasized, made sharp.

In appearance, the hairstyle is voluminous and light.

We recommend a cascade for women with an elongated face. The cascade will visually expand it, which will create harmony with the upper part.

Very modern option. A woman with a pixie looks fresh, keeping up with the times. The hairstyle blends wonderfully into the business style. It also favorably emphasizes the eyes.

We do not recommend this option to chubby girls with a short neck or a second chin.

If you want to show everyone your self-confidence, then pixie is for you.

We recommend such a hairstyle for women with an oval or pointed face.

The advantages of this haircut is that in a short period of time you can radically change the image. If you have large facial features, then it will emphasize them better than any makeup.

This hairstyle is suitable for women of any age and is popular with both teens and ladies over 50.

What colors in clothes fit?

It is not enough to find out who the dark blond hair color suits; it, like any other, must be learned to combine with wardrobe items. It is natural, so no problems should arise. Here are some examples:

Light brown with ashen should be combined with a cold color, because warm will bring dissonance.

Emerald, turquoise and green tones are combined with chocolate and coffee.

Bright yellow in combination with cherry will create an extravagant look.

Try walnut with red, and if there is a stretch of color to light, then all pastel colors will create harmonious combinations.


Cold shades will go to those whose appearance has such a gamut. Girls with natural blond can “jump” from one temperature to another. With age, they should look at the younger younger warm shades of blond. But if the skin tone is even, wrinkles are not very noticeable, and the oval of the face is good, you can stay true to cold tones for a long time.

  • Dark blond. There are color options where there is not a single warm note. But there are also shades (and more often they are natural), where, depending on the lighting, the color from cold can turn into warm.

  • Light Brown. The color is suitable for owners of blue eyes and fair skin. Thin hairs look even thinner with this color. Goes to young girls with hair length to the shoulder blades and love for large curls.

  • Frosty light brown with a brown undertone. It is also close to natural. It will look good on women whose type of appearance, like Liv Tyler's, is fair skin, expressive eyebrows and gray-blue eyes.

  • Light brown with pearl. A good option for those who want to leave the blond, but not radically.

  • Pearl. Close to the noble variations of the blonde, suitable for owners of lush hair.

  • Platinum blond. This color is preferred by many Hollywood stars. He is considered a compromise between the desire to stay in the row of blondes, while making his image more natural.

  • Ashen. A noble color that is not for everyone. Refuse this fashionable shade if you have severe pigmentation on the face, defects and redness on the skin, noticeable age wrinkles, very enlarged pores and basic hair color with yellowish and reddish tones.

Cold blond shades are suitable restrained, Nordic make-up. A little winter aura should come from the image: a little bit of ice in the eyes, a bit of mystery and restraint. You should be so calm in choosing clothes. Bright colors are possible, but occasionally and metered.

Everyday style is a variation of gray and blue, ivory and violet diluted with milk.


The main representative of this part of the palette is medium Russian. Most Slavs are born with this hair color. And while Asians and Latinos dream of this elegant shade, Slavic girls repaint themselves in blond, become radical brunettes or bright red. But, as a rule, by the age of 30 (or even earlier) they are drawn to their native middle Russian.

If you have long and thick hair, you want naturalness and expressiveness, refer to the middle Russian. In summer, it is quite light, with slightly faded strands near the face, the color looks incredibly fresh.

There are other warm shades of light brown.

  • Beige. Color is able to add age to young girls; often it requires a bright make-up.

  • Sand. Beautiful natural color, a godsend for those who constantly rush about between blond and natural blond. Perfectly looks on hair of medium length and long, straight and stiff.

  • Light brown with a honey undertone. It can be afforded by girls with freckles, who still can not find a complementary appearance of color. Rich, playing overflows in the sun, a very refreshing color.

  • Light brown with golden. It also repeats natural variations, suitable for gray-eyed ladies, and those who have a tea-colored iris.

If you cannot determine your color temperature, turn to colorists or find analogies in star examples.

How to choose the right tone?

There are at least two criteria by which to navigate in the choice of tone. This is the color type and structure of the strands. But there is still age and image that you carry. For example, women aged with relatively dark skin and dark eyes decide to dye their curls brown. On a short haircut, both temperature options will be appropriate, but warm shades look more interesting in the sunny season, cold shades are more strict and restrained.

By color

Everyone probably knows that beauty experts identify four common female color types, indicated by the names of the seasons. Let us dwell on each of them.

Spring is the warmest and most sunny color type. It includes ladies with gray, gray-green or blue iris, light skin with a peach undertones. The natural color of the curls of the representatives of this type is light brown (from light to dark), as well as wheat and honey. Here in the outline of these colors and look for your option.

Summer is, despite the name, a cool appearance. This is how girls with light brown, green, gray-blue and dark gray eyes look. They have yellow-olive skin, as blood vessels are located close to the epidermis. By nature, women of the summer category are light-haired, and their natural color is more often with an ash tint.

Women of this color type are advised to dye their hair in pearl and platinum blond, silver and ashy shades, and also in ash-blond. Golden tint in the hair is undesirable - the skin will become tired and yellowish.

Autumn is swarthy red-haired girls with brown or green eyes. Dark-red, brown-haired, owners of a chestnut color with a red tint belong to this color type. The light brown color is below the line of the autumn category, preferred by women. Unless bronze-brown or light brown-brown may be appropriate.

Winter is an eastern type of appearance. This is dark brown or black eyes, dark or beige skin, black or dark brown natural hair color. Light brown also rarely suits them. Girls of this color type often dream of a blonde, but he makes them homely. Nothing is better than natural black, blue-black or cherry-black. And the fair-haired, alas, also deprives them of expressiveness, brightness, violates the organic image. Unless saturated dark blond, you can try to change the situation.

According to the structure of the strands

Everything is simpler here, although you will not find universal recipes either. As a rule, the darker the color, the thicker the hair appears. Therefore, if you naturally have thin hair, choosing light blond options, you risk only exacerbating the impression. The only way out is to do volume, curls, waves, high hairstyles that distract from natural data.

Curly hair can look equally impressive with different variations of blond. But in principle, curls look better when the color plays, when part of the hair seems to have burned out in the sun.

As practice shows, light shades of light brown are more preferable for owners of curls.

Painting techniques

There are several options for making hair brown. And plain, uniform home dyeing is far from the best of them. Short hair is less demanding on the choice of technology. But haircuts of medium length and long curls should be serviced only by professional colorists. To get a deep color with natural transitions, so that the coloring passes without dubious stripes and spots, so that the total mass of hair does not dissonant with a more saturated bang - go to a specialist. Repaint completely or just refresh the color, no matter.

Today, virtually any professional staining is considered difficult. And it is not so difficult to dye your hair with deliberately white ends, how to create an attractive illusion of a natural color.

Most popular techniques include several options.

  • Classic staining. Everything is simple here - the master sees a good, solid solid base that does not require lightening. It applies paint from the roots to the ends of the hair starting from the parietal zone, resulting in a deep uniform color that can only be maintained.

  • Squat. In this case, only the ends of the hair are lightened and tinted. It is worth noting that the fashion for such staining is leaving. And many girls who decide to subject their natural blond curls to fashionable fashion just cut off the white ends. Returning to a uniform natural color is more difficult than parting with the length.

  • Shatush. Choosing this technique, the master applies glare of honey and light brown throughout the hair sheet in a chaotic manner. It looks beautiful, voluminous, but there is one drawback. This neat variegation can quickly get bored, and you want an even, calm tone. And it will not be so easy to achieve it.

  • Pixel staining. Not all masters undertake it. The dye must be applied using special stencils, a pattern is formed on the hair sheet. This is not such a popular technique, and it will not become mass.

  • Highlighting. If you are tired of the fair-haired with whom you go all your life, you can refresh it with a very superficial, easy highlighting with the effect of burnt hair.

And though there is discord in light brown, an even color without specially made highlights and overflows is the main request of modern fashionistas. Perhaps the fashion for elegant simplicity has come - modern cosmetics allows girls with not very bright facial features to look very beautiful and stylish, and a radical hair color in this way is inappropriate. And maybe people just missed the light brown color, which had been so unfairly in the shadows for so long that it became exotic for a while.

Care for curls

There are 10 strict, proven, rigorous rules for hair care after dyeing, which apply to fair-haired women too. You will not ignore the rules, you will enjoy persistent color and healthy curls.

  1. Do not wash your hair on the day of staining. The maximum that is allowed is to wash off the paint. Without using special shampoos and other usual means. If you dyed your hair in the morning, and in the evening decided to wash it even for the convenience of styling, you negatively affect the color fastness. In the process of dyeing, the hair cuticle is opened so that the dye penetrates deep into the hair. And after drying, and after laying, the color is not yet final, it is not completely fixed. To color “sat down”, wash your hair at least 3 days after staining.
  2. Shampoo and conditioner should be strictly for colored hair. If you choose another, the color will wash out faster. Special tools work, indeed, in a different way, they close the hair flake and do not allow the light brown color to wash out. Products with sulfates and parabens are partly yesterday, it is a very tough and rough hair cleaning.
  3. Avoid overheating. So I want to paint curls in a noble light brown and show off under the summer sun. Alas, it will not work for a long time, ultraviolet will destroy the pigment, the color will begin to fade. Therefore, it would be nice to get a fashionable hat, or to dose out the time spent in the sun. Use thermal protection if you do not want the blond to start giving out a green undertone.
  4. Wash your hair gently. The process of washing your hair is a gentle massage, not an aggressive wash. Allow 5 minutes to wash your hair, not 2 intensively. All movements should be gentle and unhurried. After washing, you do not need to violently try to wipe the curls, just gently pat them with a gentle towel. Do not comb them immediately.
  5. Accustom yourself less often to wash your hair. Conduct an experiment - wash your hair no more than 2 times a week for a month. See that the hair gradually begins to become less oily. Frequent water treatments do not add pigment resistance. Blondes painted in light brown should even reduce their shampooing to 1 time in 5 days.
  6. Maintain the brightness of curls. Get a shampoo with a tinting effect. He will not only clean his hair, but also tint it every time.
  7. Do not abuse the care procedures. The first 2 weeks after staining, you do not need to make masks, apply oils and other serum mousses. Shampoo + balm is a couple that is enough. Restoring masks reveal the scales of the hair and “steal” the pigment, the blond becomes not so expressive very quickly.
  8. Remember to update the length. Even if you grow your hair zealously and purposefully, cut it 2-3 cm every 2-3 months. "Dead", split ends will not adorn any length.
  9. Avoid water with chlorine. Always wear a safety cap in the pool. While the color has not “sat down”, discard the pool altogether.
  10. Sleep with dry, well-combed hair. You don’t need creases and “cocks”. If your hair is long and naughty, braid it in a tight braid.

You can maintain color not by the frequency of staining, but by competent, gentle care. And if all this seems to you a very difficult science, or you do not want to give so much time to maintaining color, there is always an alternative - to grow a natural color.

It takes a long time, sometimes it pushes to short haircuts and a radical change of image. But your color is what suits you best.

Good examples

Examples of celebrities are those inspirational images that often push women to change hairstyles. And this is a good way to find your option, looking for an actress or supermodel with a look similar to yours.

The color type, age, oval of the face - this is enough to take an example from recognized beauties or just those women whose appearance is watched by the best stylists of the world.

Here are some stellar examples.

  • Dautzen Cruz. The Dutch supermodel became famous as a very young girl. It seems that Dautzen prefers blond, but the beauty had different options for hair color. Models come very blonde hair with a natural light brown root, quite overgrown. A natural transition, a beautiful tone, the absence of catchy shades - and Dautzen, even without a make-up, looks like a very young girl. And if she hadn’t had such light brown roots, the image would not have been so organic.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker. Not all classic beauties have as many fans around the world as the cheerful Sarah Jessica. More often, Sarah prefers golden notes in her hair, but the restrained blond is very suitable for her. Color is refreshing, draws attention to the eyes. But it is worth considering that by nature a movie star has good and thick hair.

  • Natalya Vodyanova. The mother of five children and the first Russian supermodel never went beyond the palette of her native color. A little darker, a little lighter, but always it was a variation of light blond. And he goes to Natasha at any age, whether in the photo 15 years ago, or in today's pictures from social networks. Natalya never had thick and chic hair, but the color of her curls, so in harmony with her fair skin and blue eyes, made her look natural and impeccable.

  • Irina Shayk. Since we are talking about Russian supermodels, it’s criminal not to include Irina Shayk in the list of light-haired star examples. She made a four of a kind, and it suits her very well in combination with the perfect dark blond. If you have the same expressive big eyes, appreciate the new image of Irina. He is simple but elegant.

  • Milla Jovovich. Another beauty with Russian roots, who always returns to her native light brown color (and its variations). As in the case of Irina, there is a huge emphasis on the eyes, if they are the same sea color as Mila, the fair-haired one is most likely very suitable for you.

  • Cara Delevingne. This celebrity has such expressive facial features that it seems that it is not worth emphasizing them with a bright hair color. Take a look at what Kara looks like with a medium Russian color - the image has become more balanced, whole.

If you think that the list does not have enough Slavs, maybe not as famous, but beautiful, as an example of a perfect blond, we will correct this oversight.

Lisa Kutuzova - became known after a long-playing reality show, now the Instagram star. Lisa has beautiful thick hair by nature, with a chic volume. And she loves light brown hair color, periodically changing shades.

Or here's another example - Alexa, once a young star of a pop show, ex-girlfriend of Timati. Today, Sasha is engaged in the manufacture of jewelry, but it seems that Instagram has no less admirers of her appearance and perfect, noble blond hair color. He really goes to a girl.

There are examples for inspiration, my own desire to transform - too. It remains only to find a good master who will finish the job. And then, maybe, your photo from social networks will be for someone the best example and will lead to the idea of ​​repainting in light brown color.

For how to dye your hair brown, see the next video.

Watch the video: THE HAIR COLOR THAT WILL BEST SUIT YOU AND YOUR SKIN TONE! bradmondo (April 2020).