Beautiful dresses for overweight women 2020-2021 - evening and casual models of dresses for overweight

Fashion never stands still, and designers regularly showcase interesting new products. Of course, overweight women often face some problems of choice. After all, it is necessary that the dress conceal flaws and create an emphasis on virtues. Therefore, today you will find out what you should pay attention to when choosing and which styles will be the most relevant in 2019.

Styles of dresses for obese women

Among the whole variety of models it can be difficult to choose the perfect option. In fact, it is important to study the features of your figure. This knowledge will help you figure out which styles will help to hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

It is believed that the most suitable style for obese women is a trapezoid. Such dresses are quite loose at the top and expand to the bottom. Thanks to the cut, the products hide the fullness in the hips. However, much depends on the length. Owners of beautiful legs can safely choose dresses at the level of the knee or slightly higher. Otherwise, it is better to dwell on products of midi length. A beautiful waistline is perfectly emphasized by a stylish belt. Depending on the color of the dress, choose a product in tone or contrast.

A shirt dress is best suited for everyday life. Such a product is quite free and does not constrain movements. At the same time, with it you can create many stylish images for any occasion.

Smell dresses became especially popular in 2019. The fact is that they are suitable for everyone, without exception. A stylish belt will help to emphasize the waist, and the neckline will emphasize the chest. If you need to adjust the lush hips, it is better to look at a little more flared options. They look amazingly beautiful.

Sheath dress is a timeless option. He is chosen absolutely for any occasion and this is not surprising. Discreet, laconic options in neutral shades are ideal for workdays. These dresses look great in combination with shoes and a jacket.

Slightly more relaxed dresses of this style with a stylish print or interesting details are suitable for a date or everyday life. These can be items with ruffles, frills or lace inserts.

Asymmetric dresses become more and more relevant every year. The fact is that there are no specific rules for sewing them. Therefore, you can safely experiment by adding interesting details, taking into account the type of figure.

Fashionable styles and new dresses for overweight women 2020-2021

It is high time to forget about wide hoodies and baggy styles for lush young ladies. Today, fashionable dresses for overweight women and girls are not limited to a couple of standard models.

The ideal style of dresses for full ones will depend on the type of figure. Fashionable dresses sheath for full girls 2020-2021 are suitable for the shape of the shape of an hourglass. For the “pear”, beautiful dresses for a full A-silhouette and outfits with a lush elongated skirt will become impeccable.

We correct the female figure of the “bullseye” type with models with a highlighted waist. It can be a belt, dresses of the Greek style and trapezoidal styles.

Short dresses mini curvy girls should be avoided. The ideal length of the dress for overweight women is just below the knee, since this area is not always attractive for donuts, so it’s better to hide it.

When choosing beautiful dresses for full women 2020-2021, pay attention to color, texture, and decor. Too large and voluminous elements of the decor will add the image of extra splendor. With prints, you also need to be careful, everything will depend on the cut of the dress for the full.

Actual in this season will be beautiful dresses for the full 2020-2021 for the smell, which can be supplemented with a belt or a neat brooch.

A beautiful and stylish shirt dress can also afford ladies with extra pounds. The length can be both midi and maxi, but in this version of the dress for overweight women 2020-2021, a thin belt should be present.

In the new season, beautiful dresses for overweight women 2020-2021 are not only the usual dark colors. Fashionable green, yellow, blue, purple and even red color is acceptable for beautiful dresses for overweight women.

Features of the choice of dresses for obese women

Stylish dresses for the full - this is far from a myth. We see a pervasive trend of creating dresses for curvaceous forms of non-standard complexion. This can be a mini women's dress, and maxi its variation, and universal styles of midi length. Now it’s easiest to choose a product for yourself with an adequate dimensional grid - there are such on most sites and in stores.

Perhaps the main feature of the choice will be the quality of the material and tailoring. This is an actual rule for any type of figure, amount of money and a reason to wear a certain thing. In addition, the fit, complementary appearance color and the combination of the product with the rest of the image elements are taken into account.

Styles of dresses for the summer of 2019

Choosing a stylish dress for the summer season is quite difficult. But, nevertheless, if you know exactly the features of your figure, then the whole process will take very little time.

We recommend paying attention to midi-length dresses that look feminine and even a little romantic. This is a comfortable length for women of all ages. As for the color scheme, this season more than ever I want to dilute the wardrobe with bright colors. You should not forbid yourself to do this. Choose appropriate colors for different occasions. For example, almost any print is suitable for everyday life. At the same time, for work in the office it is better to choose the usual cage or strip. Also, it may not be too large and catchy floral pattern.

A great option for the summer season is a balloon dress. It is best for women with forms. This is because, due to the cut, the dress distracts attention from the fullness of the hips or abdomen and often focuses on the waist. It is this style that is often made quite bright or supplemented with interesting details. Therefore, it should be chosen as a dress for a date or evening event.

In turn, the A-line dress is perfect for everyday life. The main feature of such a product is the fitted upper part, which smoothly passes into a flared bottom. Most often, a dress of this style involves open hands and a neckline. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth considering the individual characteristics of your figure.

Beautiful evening dresses for obese girls and women 2020-2021

Stylish options for an evening dress for overweight women in the new season are quite unexpected. If you like outfits in the style of crop top, you can safely afford an evening dress for the full with a cropped top and skirt. Only the skirt must be long and not too lush.

A universal dress for the full has always been and will be a black dress of a fitted cut. In the evening version, a similar outfit can be supplemented with a lace top.

Curvy beauties can also choose fashionable dresses for full 2020-2021 with a lowered shoulder line, delicate dresses with frill, and dresses with a full midi skirt.

Beautiful and sophisticated evening dresses are suitable for overweight girls, but again with an hourglass figure. Perfectly cope with the shortcomings of the figure evening dresses bustier for the full.

When choosing an evening gown for the full, focus on the merits. A deep neckline, a distinguished waist, bare shoulders, an interesting cut will distract attention from shortcomings.

How to choose dress material for a full figure

Dresses made of different fabrics frame the present completeness in different ways: chiffon dresses hide them in full due to their layering, linen due to the dense structure of the fabric, jacquard with the help of their relief, dresses made of lurex can only gracefully emphasize roundness.

Chiffon dresses that are slim are usually cut quite lush or closed, so if you want to bare your arms or legs as much as possible, it is best to wear a jacquard dress or loose linen cut. Combined with various materials, natural fabrics are better suited to large forms, but here are some things to avoid: thin cotton, linen, silk and transparent materials.

There are many relatively thin materials in full with a cape - with all this, the structure of the image is preserved, because thin soft textures just make the silhouette too relaxed. That is why for overweight women they make such complex shapes and draperies out of chiffon to give the product a collection, structure.

Stylish summer dresses for overweight women 2020-2021

The most fashionable summer dresses for full young ladies are of course free and light styles of fashionable colors. Floral prints, stripes, bright yellow, delicate pink and a refreshing lime shade are ideal for the summer season 2020-2021.

If this is a loose style, it is not only direct models. Stylish asymmetric cuts, trapezoid sundresses, flying long silhouettes on the floor look very harmonious on full girls.

If you choose short dresses for the summer for the full 2020-2021, you will not find better A-silhouette styles. With or without a belt, with sleeves three-quarters, on the straps or by the smell - the most fashionable options for summer short dresses for full women.

Very spectacular and stylish dresses for full-fitted summer style of unusual colors, in this outfit you can go to work and even a cocktail party.

Colors for visual correction of a figure

If you have a figure where the stomach and sides are a serious accent, then it is especially important to understand what clothes are slim. Dresses for the full require not only a special cut, but also special accents of color, in order to choose corrective clothes for magnificent ladies it was easier.

Here you need to take into account that not all trends can suit you, and not even all classics. For example, white dresses for full ones are usually matte, midi or maxi-length, regardless of whether there is a fashion for a mini or is it already an antitrend. Achromatic white and black are good in vertical stripes. Pastel shades look better alone in the product. Bright acid shades are best eliminated, they very emphasize the slightest imperfections and imbalances.

Stylish trench coats. A collection of trench coats in designer interpretations

A woman is a beautiful creature, which means that everything connected with her must radiate beauty. A woman must be unsurpassed so that everyone who encounters her can appreciate it.

And so that no one speaks, but what we wear very much affects how we are perceived by others.

Especially this thesis applies to overweight women, who should especially carefully choose for themselves a wardrobe that will make a woman with chic forms special and interesting.

Today there is no more advantageous element of a women's wardrobe, like a beautiful dress.

Short dresses for full ones, in particular cocktail dresses for full women, will allow a fluffy lady to emphasize the virtues of her figure and hide flaws with the help of small women's secrets, as well as the secrets of the cut and style of a dress.

Short dresses for the full (cocktail dresses for the full) today pamper fashionistas with their variety.

Beautiful short dresses for full ones are increasingly becoming the object of interest of famous designers, who have recently been very eager to create such things as cocktail dresses for full ones.

The most relevant and beautiful short dresses for the full ones are welcomed by styles with a high waist and an A-shaped, trapezoidal skirt, which, thanks to the flowing fabric, will look very good on full girls and women.

Short dresses for full (cocktail dresses for full) with French and midi length will also be of interest to women who want new experiences in clothes.

Both fashionable short dresses for full ones for every day, and beautiful cocktail dresses for full ones look chic if the style has a large neckline.

Yes exactly. Stylists advise full women to wear a neckline or V-neck, because breasts are a great advantage of any woman, so why hide it.

As we already said, short dresses for full (cocktail dresses for full) with a high waist - ideal for full women.

Such cocktail dresses for the full ones not only look very elegant, but will also be able to make the figure more refined, again, successfully hiding the tummy.

Beautiful short dresses for the full (cocktail dresses for the full) can be presented in a variety of colors.

Although stylists advise choosing cocktail dresses for full, more subdued shades, beautiful short dresses for full in dark saturated colors, no one says that cocktail dresses for full in light colors or dresses of brighter colors cannot appear in your wardrobe.

It all depends on how much a particular color suits you. If your style, then a beautiful light shade or any bright interesting tone will not fill you up.

Short dresses for full ones with interesting floral prints or unusual patterns may also interest you.

Do not give up on such options immediately. Try it on. See how you look and how you feel in this outfit. If excellent, why not!

Cocktail dresses for complete ones look very impressive in a combined version. With the help of one, brighter color, you can emphasize the delights of the silhouette, and with the help of a calmer, muffled tone, distract attention from small figure errors.

Casual short dresses for the full and beautiful cocktail dresses for the full can be supplemented with a belt that will emphasize the waist, embroidery, applique or brooch that will decorate the cocktail dresses for the full, and, of course, accessories and jewelry. Without them, too, no way.

Short dresses for full ones just require them. If cocktail dresses for overweight women are supplemented with the right accessories, your outfit will sparkle with new colors and a positive mood, and you will look unrivaled in such clothes.

Further, we advise all women with plus size to look for short dresses for full ones - sheath. This style suits most women, creating an hourglass effect.

Believe me, correctly selected cocktail dresses for the full ones will be able to make such an effect even for a woman with extra pounds.

Fashionable short dresses for full 2019-2020 will please chubby beauties with wide pleats, ruffles, drapery, flounces and other decorative elements that will decorate cocktail dresses for full ones, making them more feminine. But remember. Everything should be in moderation.

Cocktail dresses for the full 2019-2020 will be two-layer. These outfits use different types of fabric. Such short dresses for full ones are very beautiful.

You can talk a lot about fashion for the full. But we decided to show you the most beautiful short dresses for the full, in particular cocktail dresses for the full.

The photo of the presented dresses is an appropriate hint for those who want to understand which short dresses for full ones are best worn.

Features of choice

Unfortunately, puffy beauties can not afford to wear all the dresses, as some styles can not only not suit them, but also visually deform the silhouette.But if you take into account the advice of stylists presented below, you can easily choose a spectacular outfit that will emphasize all your advantages.

  • Forget about dimensionless hoodies. Such models not only do not hide the hated centimeters, but also visually add already unnecessary volumes.

  • Choose styles that emphasize your “strengths”. For example, ladies with a beautiful bust can demonstrate it by wearing a dress with a deep neckline. But owners of slender legs can put on a short outfit.

  • Give preference to products sewn from dense fabrics. They keep their shape well and at the same time have a dragging effect.

  • Be careful with large prints. Sometimes such ornaments can further increase the proportions.

  • All-cut models of dresses will help you hide a small belly. A small drapery forms on them while walking, which just masks this defect.

  • For girls with full arms, long-sleeved styles or ¾ are suitable.

  • Discard too bright palettes. Such colors will only draw attention to imperfections in the figure. It is better to stop the choice on models of calm saturated shades, such as blue, green, yellow, burgundy, berry and of course white, and black.

  • Dresses with a trimmed waist line are visually slim, and the figure as a whole is made more feminine.

A slimmer figure with patterns

Dresses for the full are often sewn in various prints and textures to correct the figure - a Scottish cage, small or large peas for the full are most often suitable. The plaid due to the geometric print gives the same structure, and the polka dot dress for the full creates the right proportions - the figure seems smaller with the right size of the circles.

It is better to choose products in not too small peas for full women, otherwise then the body will seem even larger than it actually is. Unusual dresses with a leopard print are best left for more slender forms, since this print is especially attracting attention and does not fit the hide belly. Models in the vertical and diagonal stripes are really chic dresses for curvaceous. In them, the figure stretches out and looks slimmer.

It is very important to combine clothes with shoes correctly. Despite the trends with a geometric heel of an interesting shape, it is better to choose a classic steady urban heel with a height of no more than eight centimeters.

You can, of course, wear ten-centimeter heels, but it will be difficult to move on them. Excess weight with such a load distribution on the foot causes serious damage to the knee and hip joints. Even if you have the right and elegant gait, try to choose not only beautiful, but also comfortable shoes. A too thin heel or hairpin, unfortunately, still adds you kilograms.

Universal models of dresses for obese women

Dresses for full dresses, although they differ in material and color, but there are several universal features of the cut of these styles, so that almost all models of dresses for full suits you: on a yoke, or maybe it will be a dress with a peplum for full or with a high waist. Of course, it all depends on the type of figure, because even at first glance the completeness of the completeness of discord.

For those whose upper body is more pronounced than the lower, styles with fluffy skirts are suitable. For those who have the opposite, bright accents and volume are better to shift up. For relatively flat figures, without particularly pronounced parts, it is better to choose models with an emphasis on the waist. Each of them will be described in more detail below.

Do not forget about the trends

If we talk about fashion trends 2019-2020, below we presented a list of youth dresses designed for overweight girls who will be unusually popular in the coming season.

  • With cutouts. The novelty of this year is outfits decorated with cutouts that can be located on the neckline, shoulders or waist. The dress itself should be restrained.

  • Bare shoulders. Despite the assertions of stylists that one should not open their arms to the full, many designers decided to dispel this hypothesis by offering girls with spicy proportions dresses with a bare top. It can be models on thin straps, halters and even options, the upper part of which is made in the form of a bustier.

  • With a V-neck. The deep triangular neckline on the dress looks very elegant and sexy, especially if the owner of such an outfit is a puff. In addition to the fact that this model emphasizes the beauty of the neckline, it also slenders. As for the features of the style, in this case, long dresses in the floor of a straight or fitted cut will be appropriate.

  • Bare bottom. Girls with beautiful legs can fully demonstrate them by choosing dresses of midi or maxi length, which are decorated with one or several high slits at once. The upper part in this outfit should be as closed and restrained as possible so that the finished onion does not turn out to be vulgar.

  • Brilliant. If previously dresses made of shiny materials were considered a sign of bad taste, today these dresses are a full trend in 2020, which even plus size beauties can afford. This can be products made from fabrics that simulate a metallized surface, as well as covered with fully colored sequins or stones. There are no restrictions on the style, so not only direct models will be acceptable, but also options for smell, cases, etc.

  • Hipster. Although outfits with a high waist still remain the undisputed leaders, nevertheless the couturiers decided to return to modern fashion and dresses in which the waist line is slightly shifted down. And all because such products in themselves look interesting due to the free top, they hide the possible flaws of the figure, while making the silhouette light and airy.

  • Transparent. A lot of “noise” at the last shows was made by evening youth dresses designed for full women, sewn from transparent fabrics such as guipure and lace. Often such products have a maxi length, but you can also find short styles. As for the pad, it can be made in the form of a sundress made of simple plain material or even completely absent.

Dress shirt

Dress-shirt on a full figure is one of the most versatile products. A shirt for full free cut is quite suitable for the warm season as an independent element, and for the cold period it can be combined with trousers or jeans, not forgetting the emphasis on the waist with a moderately wide belt to hide the stomach.

If you are tired of the search and do not know how to choose a small black dress for a full party, then a black shirt cut will look great. Beautiful dresses for the full should be not only with this cut, but also with a complementary length. More often it is either just below the knee, or the floor length, which is very impressive and unusual in the style of the shirt.

Determine the style

For those who are still in search of their dress style, below we have given examples of models that are ideal for full girls.

  • Case. A versatile style that will fit well in both the office dress code and the holiday one. Its peculiarity is a semi-fitted fit, which focuses on the waist, making it more slim. Basically, cases from dense fabrics of different textures are sewn. The design of such products can also be different and are allowed, both monophonic options, and models decorated with contrasting inserts, ruffles, trim belt or various accessories.

  • Asymmetric Cut. One of the most unusual styles. Indeed, in addition to the fact that it is a real highlight of the image, the asymmetrical dress also distracts attention from the flaws of the figure. The asymmetry itself on the products may be present in the form of a lowered shoulder, the absence of a sleeve or an uneven hem.

  • A-line silhouette. This dress can be recognized by a tight-fitting top and an expanded bottom. It is comfortable to wear, because it does not hold down while walking, so it can be safely carried to work or just in everyday life, combining it with various accessories.

  • Year. The highlight of this outfit is the hem of the product, which is decorated with flounces, while the upper part has a tight or semi-fitted cut. The length of the dresses-year can be different and vary from mini to maxi to the floor. There are no special restrictions to the design features.

  • The smell. The best option for donuts, since such an outfit perfectly demonstrates the neckline, “forms” the waist and hides the hips. Another important advantage of dresses by smell is their wearability, as these dresses are suitable not only for everyday life, but also for various events.

  • Shirt. Another practical style that is suitable for girls in XL + format. Such models are distinguished by a shirt collar or stand and oversized cut. As a decor, there are buttons on them that act as fasteners and patch pockets. Dress-shirts are sewn mainly from denim or cotton, but you can also find options from silk or lace.

As you can see in the photos presented in our selection, for full girls this year it will not be difficult to choose a youth dress, which will be an excellent basis for creating a truly stylish and spectacular look.

Noodle dress

Dress-noodle beautiful cut, although the name may slightly repel at the beginning. Such a dress with a one-piece sleeve will hide the extra pounds, subject to high-quality knitting and material. As for the colors of a noodle dress for a lady, it can be either muted shades or rich deep colors: sea blue, deep red, warm yellow, juicy green, etc.

It is important not to choose this product too tight, or if you want to achieve seductive shapes, it is better to choose corrective smooth underwear. The sleeve of the model can be different in length, but it is always tight-fitting, so if you want to hide the volume in this part, the model of noodle dresses is for you.


Bell dresses with a high waist or a natural fit will suit girls who hide wide shoulders or a lush bust. Properly selected with a flared skirt can adjust the proportions to the desired balance. Bold dudes combine these feminine models with sneakers, sneakers, leather jackets and even sports vests.

If you have an apple-like figure, that is, the main emphasis in the abdomen, then a high waist can create a silhouette similar to the situation in expectation of a child. Your option is a straight silhouette of such a product and a lush bell skirt around the edge.


A full balloon dress is most popular, and, by the way, such a dress is very rarely suitable for thin girls. The chubby figures in the design of the container are quite comfortable, all unnecessary folds are hidden. Hoodies, like a dress for a full one, are not suitable except for the type of a “pear” figure, in which initially the entire volume is concentrated in the hips.

Additional visual imbalance below will make the figure even heavier and wider in this area. It is better to choose models of straight cut with accents on the shoulders and chest - ruffles, shuttlecocks, lush sleeves, embroidery, etc.


Short dresses for full ones are not very popular. Unless the percentage of excess weight is still not so high, and in mini-length girls who are free from complexes feel comfortable. But if we choose some warm dresses for the full ones, comfortable in the demi-season or in the cold season, it is better to combine the styles of the tunic with leggings, trousers, jeans and even skirts.

Such dresses for overweight women are better to choose an elongated style, from the middle of the thigh. If this, for example, a red dress for the full will end on the widest part of the hips, this will increase their already noticeable roundness.


Looking at the website or lookbook photos of dresses for the full, you can often stumble on a sheath-model. In combination with elegant jackets or wraps, this style is perfect for work or casual wear. Models of cases of brocade dresses grow old if this active material is not diluted with something basic, for example, T-shirts, an extra long jacket or comfortable basic shoes.

When we talk about the case, then there is a straight dress for the full, it is perfect for the type of figure "apple", stretching the silhouette. It is not enough to choose a one-piece dress of such a style - you need to combine it correctly with accessories and shoes so that the image does not look too formal and old-fashioned.


A-line dress for the full has become one of the most versatile options. Such dresses for full women with a stomach fit perfectly, shifting the emphasis from this part of the body to another. Shortened models of a-line dress are suitable for young crumpets. For more mature women, such a style is better to replace with an elongated one, for example, long flared dresses for full ones.

The trapeze has a wide selection of large sizes. Such options are perfect for weddings and for everyday wear with something neutral. This is the main advantage of the trapezoid - a simple cut that allows you to look good and not to embarrass yourself in comfort.


Photos of dresses for overweight women are often represented by bat models. Remembering the famous diva and her shapeless stage costumes, I want to choose a dress with a bat sleeve combined or a completely different look and color. With the right combination of drapery and material, such a dress will fit the New Year's corporate party - it can be velvet, velveteen, thick knitwear with metallized threads, etc.

The bat is suitable for women with insufficient volume in the upper body to balance with wide hips. Such dresses are not suitable for short overweight women. At any length, these products significantly shorten their growth, so dresses should be combined with a platform or heels.

With smell

When we talk about styles with a smell, such dresses for full girls are suitable for the hot summer. It can be a different fit model - a dress with a low waist or high line, but the natural arrangement of the waist looks best with the tummy when it is not squeezed with fabric.

Such a silhouette creates visually correct proportions and minimizes all possible disharmony. Suitable colors of the models by smell can be very different: blue, black, white, all shades of pastel, bright juicy color blocks. It is very important to determine the complementary length. Best for plus size girls are midi and maxi. In addition, you need to choose a neckline in combination with accessories so that the neck and face do not visually become imbalances.

With basky

A peplum dress for the overweight is another popular option. Such straight-cut dresses stretch and lengthen legs, provided that the length of the entire product is just below the knee. Dresses with a low waist are very different from a dress with a peplum, since the emphasis on their waist is placed completely differently.

If you are short, then the lowered waist will visually shorten your legs even more, and the basky version is just right. Having determined which styles of basses suit you, try not to put on anything flared and loose so that the emphasis remains on this interesting element of decor.


Asymmetric styles of dresses for full women with a belly go better for them than the others, and the reason is simple - all the flaws with such a cut will not look so contrasting, because attention will be focused on such an interesting choice of hem.The asymmetric bottom can be one-piece, or it can consist of different flaps of fabric, have perforations and tears.

The only case in which an asymmetrical hem is not entirely appropriate is thick legs. The ankles or calves have no visual extension, and although attention is focused on the complex bottom, the legs coming out from under it will look thick and short.


Empire style dress was popular not only in the time of the Greeks. This style was adopted by the European aristocracy at the beginning of the Renaissance, when the beauty of dresses for full ladies was sung in the same way as the grandeur of their owners. Now, in our modern realities, such a mixture of boudoir and Greek style can be combined with anything.

These are interesting basic jackets, straight cardigans and coats. You can even try a fur vest or wrap. An empire creates a romantic flying image. The maxi-length looks best, and the layering of the fabric should be sufficient so that the bodily forms do not peep through chiffon or translucent textures.


The Greek style of the dress is suitable for overweight women of small stature. Maxi in the Greek style and with a neckline, matched to the type of face, makes the figure slim and tall. It is not necessary to limit oneself to wicker shoes and olive branches, combining the image with such products.

Designers are expanding the field for experimenting with this style more and more, so that strict styles, calm sports elements, and even muted monochromatic boho will suit Greek styles. Such models will not be combined with boats or timberlands only if they are too stylized as a historical costume. Only the Greek motif in outline will give you more space for combinations.

Low necked

Given such a wide variety of cutout shapes, difficulties may arise in the question of which dresses are suitable for full girls and with which neckline. For young girls, a deep neckline is also possible, taking into account correctly selected underwear. There are also false cuts, mesh - when a deep cut is additionally decorated with a mesh.

Such models look very good with a skirt in the form of a pencil, a flashlight or a case. Depending on the proportions you need in the end, you can lengthen or shorten the body by means of a cutout. Each of them will be complimented by its jewelry, which concerns not only necklaces and chains around the neck, but also earrings.

For a lush complexion, it is very important to choose the right underwear. It should not pinch or cut into the skin anywhere, it should support the body, and not squeeze it. As for the fit, it is possible to choose both low, medium, and high - with the only condition that the linen should smooth out the irregularities of the figure.

For evening out or even everyday use, you can purchase a variety of corrective underwear. It helps not only to narrow unnecessary kilograms, but also to get an even posture. If this is a light compression, then you will be deprived of problems with swelling in the limbs and stagnation of fluid in the body, which has always been a problem of excess weight.

Dresses for all occasions for a full figure

Casual dresses for the full, as it turned out, have a huge assortment. Knowing your type of figure and features of proportions, it is not so difficult to choose an outfit for everyday wear. I would also like to mention black dresses for overweight women. There is a widespread myth that they allegedly age, and the black color itself adds age, but this is not true.

Black, like a classic achromatic color that does not have tones and shades, slender and visually reduces. Such a color in clothes can be diluted with shiny jewelry and bright accessories, while the whole appearance will not look too much.

On every day

What color and cut dress to choose for daily, but a variety of sets, we talked a little. But special dresses deserve special attention for the full. This is truly a universal element of wardrobe for outdoor activities, walks and travel. Also, basic straight-line dresses in combination with interesting models of a sweater or jacket are suitable for every day.

A relatively new product was the raglan dress, in which the sleeves begin from the neck of the model (as on sportswear), which looks very feminine and concise. Basic daily kits hide the flaws best of all due to the multilayer, you can combine old and new things, sports and romantic style. Each of them will adjust its moments.

To work

Full length business suits are the perfect solution to properly structure your look. Such strict, clear-cut outfits will help to “organize” the softness of bodily forms into some kind of framework.

Complement your business look with a classic elongated blazer. Now you can even try on men's, as they have a light oversize and a clear shoulder line. Shades are better to choose classic muted, but without stripes or print - a plain suit even in sand or muted yellow looks better than its black striped counterpart. If we are talking about texture, then it should be dense and keep in shape.

To a festive event

If you have a small celebration or a festive event of a large scale, you can not do without an elegant image. Extravagant corporate dress for the full is not a problem, youth and more classic models of a shiny or matte plan can be remeasured a lot.

If you are looking for a relevant and relevant image for a concert evening or a trip to the theater, then minimalistic maxi will come in handy. Satin or velvet plain products accentuate your shapes and will not look defiant.


Evening toilets, unlike solemn toilets, can be more sophisticated and sophisticated. An ordinary dress with a peplum for the full can be supplemented with a chiffon train and you will get an elegant evening set if you complement it with an elongated jacket and boats. The evening look looks better, of course, in maxi-length.

And the common misconception that you don’t have to worry about shoes then should be forgotten. Evening dresses are better to choose complex rich textures, with artificial lighting they reveal in the best way, while simple fabrics are just good in daylight.

Plus size girls are also very important to choose the right accessories. If we talked a little about shoes, then bags, hats and jewelry play an important role in the degree of completeness of a dress. You should not choose minimalistic jewelry that is barely visible on the body - with them you will visually seem bigger.

In place of invisible thin earrings and chains, you can choose a massive necklace, an interesting brooch or a mono-earring of a bizarre shape. Bracelets and rings should not crash into your body and fingers - also position the bracelet on your arm as freely as possible.

As for bags, do not take miniature bags. The average size will be optimal, as bulky shoppers will also increase you due to their baggage. Clutches will be better than handbags on a thin chain, and you should not hang a bag on your shoulder. If it hangs at the level of the hips, it expands you and visually reduces growth.

Hats are chosen according to the same principle - hats with medium-sized brim, berets, caps and baseball caps will be good, but avoid miniature hats and hats with exaggerated wide brim. It is also better to buy a watch with a wide strap so that it does not crash into the hand.

What to avoid is a bead of artificial stones and beads, sequins and rhinestones on clothes - this greatly reduces the cost of the whole image. Poor quality material, protruding threads in the product and uneven stitches in the seams should alert you. It is unlikely that a badly sewn thing will be worn well, not to mention washing, drying and storage.

The lineup of outfits for the next season actively broadcasts our direction towards naturalness and naturalness. Among the main trends remains nude. Now this is not one specific shade, but the whole palette of colors of human skin.

If you want to make the image interesting and more complex, then choose models that are similar in color to your skin. With this style of clothing, any accessories will look beautiful and even an animal print will be appropriate here. Moreover, the darker the skin tone, the more advantageous it will look. Among the most relevant, finally, is not a leopard, but a zebra.

Fashionable dresses for overweight women

It was very difficult to find fashionable dresses for full ones not so long ago. Now any social network is littered with photos of models with curvaceous forms in dizzying combinations of things - for every day, for a special occasion, for a walk with a child, practical for any occasion.

When we are going for shopping, it is best to pre-view ready-made combinations, choose for yourself mentally and highlight the main thing you like. So you will protect yourself from confusion among the abundance of things in the store, alluring red price tags for discounts and rash purchases.

Products for the full were recently a limited segment of the fashion market, now we have such a wide variety of plus size brands around the world that in any corner of the world a girl or woman with curvaceous shapes has the opportunity to dress as she wants, and not choose from that small that is.

Knowing your strengths in appearance, accepting your body with all its shortcomings and understanding the issues of choosing clothes, you can confidently buy and wear what you like, what fits and what keeps up with the times.

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