Ways of charging an amulet, a talisman, a talisman

When you purchase any magical item, before you start using it, you should learn in detail how to charge the amulet. Any purchased amulet must be combined with its own energy - only after complex procedures of charging and purification can the talisman really work and be useful.

How to charge an amulet and why do it - theory

First of all, charging an amulet means certain actions that are performed immediately after the acquisition of the talisman and saturate it with the personal energy of the new owner. This step is very important if you need to get not just a stylish decoration or accessory, but a really powerful tool that can influence your life.

There are certain exceptions to this rule. For example, Svarog Square must always be made independently, and some charms, such as Dzi Beads, can either be bought by hand or searched and found for a long time - the secret to correctly creating such magic charms is completely lost. NThe need to charge with your energy really applies to most talismans and charms.

The rules for charging, although they differ in cultures and traditions, still have too many common features and characteristics, which allows us not to consider the process as any commonplace and superstition that does not make sense. Consecration is almost always carried out using the power of one or more elements or by resorting to higher powers, if this applies to symbols with a clear religious orientation.

The need to charge the amulet may be present in relation to other talismans made independently. If the amulet does not have power due to any powerful symbol and was created for a specific purpose (in order to attract wealth, establish a family life or bring good luck to the owner), it is necessary to charge the talisman from time to time so that the item does not lose its abilities.

Charging a talisman purchased from another person

Before proceeding to the direct conduct of charging and rituals for the ritual, it is necessary to explain why almost never can be done without them. Each amulet absorbs the strength and energy of the creator, his work and thoughts that were at that moment. It is not a fact that energy will be compatible with the buyer’s etheric streams.

Factory mascots, by contrast, do not have energy, so without charging and establishing a connection with the owner will be just a useless trinket.

In some cases, neglecting the rite of passage may make the amulet not only useless, but also dangerous, attracting failures, poverty and even damage or evil eye. Antique things, especially with an unknown history, can conceal a powerful imprint of an alien energy and any negative events: before wearing them, an additional cleansing ceremony is required.

First of all, when buying amulets, they perform some kind of cleansing action, zeroing out the energy structure of the future talisman and washing away everything that has happened since its inception. After they fill the amulet with their own energy, programming to fulfill certain goals. Most ceremonies contain both functions, especially those involving the use of elements.

Elemental Amulet Charging

The method is suitable for adherents of any religion and almost all amulets, with the exception of those that clearly belong to only one element. The basis of the rite is that all four elements have both purifying and charging properties, and energy will be woven into the symbol during the ritual.

First you need to use the power of the earth, for which it is recommended to dig a newfound thing shallow into the soil for three days. You can use salt rather than earth, if the condition and appearance of the talisman cause concern. It is allowed to shorten the period, which should be at least three hours due to the slowness of the elements. The earth completely absorbs the remnants of the energy of other people, first of all, what is most deeply hidden inside the thing. The element gives enough power to make the talisman work for a long time, and not for a number of days or weeks.

After they bring a new thing over the flame of a candle. A few moments will be enough to cleanse if the purchase is not fireproof. Metal jewelry is recommended to hold over the flame for a second or two.

The fire completely destroys all negative programs, damage and evil eye that could be on the talisman, at the same time giving it the ability to instantly cope with the achievement of the necessary goals in critical situations.

The next step is the use of air energy. To clean the amulet using this element, you can use several methods. The simplest and most effective is to hang a new thing at a sufficient height and leave it to hang for several days.

An easier way would be to use incense smoke through which the future amulet must be carried several times. The air will easily blow off minor energy marks that could have been left by other buyers, transporters, or acquaintances who boasted a new thing. The strength of the air will allow the amulet to not cause problems and ease the load on the energy field.

The last stage is water purification. To do this, the amulet is washed in running water for a long time. It is ideal to do this in nature, using spring or river water (not standing).

If it is not possible to use a natural source, you can rinse the future amulet under ordinary tap water. For things that are not recommended to get wet, a few symbolic drops will be enough to spray the talisman with.

Water has the largest and most versatile cleansing power that does not specialize in any specific problems. Rites of purification and ablution were present in all traditional cultures of the peoples of the world.

It is possible to carry out rituals of charging with the power of the elements in a different order, the main thing is not to expose the future amulet to the successive effects of the opposite elements, otherwise their strength will come into conflict, which will not bring any benefit, but will only cause unnecessary problems.

Charms for Amulets

Special conspiracies are often used to charge amulets, especially if the talisman must carry out any one program. Most often they are used for talismans that have a unique function and are created from improvised items.

Almost always, for such amulets, specialized conspiracies are practiced. This applies to horseshoe amulets, brooms to protect the house and various dolls - each of these amulets requires the use of a strictly defined plot for charging, which is pronounced during creation.

Over time, the power of the amulets weakens, especially if strangers took them in their hands, new residents appeared in the house, or events that just happened out of the ordinary happened. To recharge the talisman, use the same conspiracies and ritual actions that accompanied the creation of amulets. Restore the energy structure of the object and its connection.

With the help of conspiracies, you can turn into a talisman almost any trinket. It is better if this item has a rich history or special significance for the owner - in this case, the energy of the talisman is firmly connected to the owner, and only a few actions are needed to unleash the potential.

The next plot will help with almost any amulet. You will need to put an expensive thing on the windowsill in the full moon so that pure moonlight falls on it. As soon as the subject is placed under the moon's rays, the following words are pronounced:

I call on Mother Moon, I appeal to her for help!
May it give strength to my amulet for good and good deeds!
I'll look at the moon at night, I will thank her with my gaze!

Starting next morning, the item will be a great amulet and will contribute to the achievement of the goal. If you want to make a charm from an object with a household purpose, you can’t use it after charging, otherwise the talisman will spend its power in vain.

How to charge a Slavic amulet

If the amulet is bought, but not made independently, the talisman must be consecrated according to pagan tradition. You should find out which god the sign is dedicated to and bring the appropriate offering. The most universal are bread, honey and fruits, which are burned in a ritual bonfire. The campfire is built responsibly, laying out in the form of a closed well or a truncated pyramid, on top of which there is a treba (sacrificed products).

After the fire is lit, they proclaim appeals to the gods. The texts are on the Internet and books devoted to the Slavic culture, but it is better to say something different, from the bottom of my heart. After watching, the gods accepted the demand or not. If the offering fell into the fire, the answer to the request is positive, if not, you need to wait a while to charge the amulet.

To charge the amulet with the help of such a ritual, it is enough to put an object near a fire or simply sprinkle with ash remaining from the fire. The sacrificial fire cannot be extinguished: the site is prepared in advance and waiting until all the firewood is burned out.

Charging the amulet is a necessary action if you want to use the magical power of the amulet, so you should not neglect the ritual.

Reasons for the discharge of the amulet

Any amulet or talisman during its work in one way or another protects the owner, protecting him from problems and filling him with strength. As a result, it reflects or accumulates negative energy directed against the owner. Over time, the owner of the amulet begins to notice that his life has increased problems and minor troubles, a series of failures has come. This indicates that the talisman is "discharged."

The speed with which the talisman is "discharged" largely depends on the amount of negative that it has to confront. If the owner of the talisman often contacts with ill-wishers and envious people, the talisman can be discharged in a matter of months or even weeks. In this case, it is necessary to clean the amulet of the accumulated negative energy or replace it with a new one.

Cleansing the talisman can be done by a magician who knows this, but the ritual of cleansing the talisman can be done independently. The main thing is to observe several important rules and be tuned to the success of this event.

Mascot Charge Rules

It is worth remembering that only the talisman that has enough “charge” can help the owner. If the amulet is inherited, donated by someone or simply bought. First of all, it should be charged. In many cases, sellers say their talismans are already charged and ready to use. However, this cannot be true.

The fact is that when charging a talisman, it should be endowed with the energy of a specific person for whom it is made. In the mass production of amulets, it is impossible to empower several different amulets with a force intended for several different people (moreover, unfamiliar to the magician). Moreover, even people familiar to the owner of the amulet (friends or relatives) may not charge properly. Therefore, it is recommended to charge the amulet yourself or entrust it to an experienced magician.

Amulet cleaning

Before you charge the talisman, it must be completely cleaned of the negative energy that has accumulated in it. This must be done even if the talisman has not been used before. There are several ways to clean:

  • Water purification. This method is well suited for metal and stone amulets, the material of which will not be damaged by exposure to water. You should put the talisman in the dishes and put it under the tap with running water. Within 2-3 hours, the water “will wash away the accumulated negative. After the “washing” is completed, the talisman does not need to be wiped off - it must be left to dry in the sun so that as much sunlight as possible gets on the amulet.
  • Cleaning by the sun. This method will take a little longer. The talisman must be put in a transparent container and put in the sun (for about 3-4 days).
  • Cleaning with church paraphernalia. The material of many amulets can be damaged by the water used in previous methods. In this case, you can use the smoke of a church candle. To clean it, you need to drive it around the amulet and clearly imagine how negative energy burns with the candle. This should be done until the candle burns out.
  • Sea salt cleaning. This method is also suitable for fragile amulets. The talisman must be placed in a container with sea salt so that the salt completely covers it, and leave for 3 days.

Other ways to clean amulets can be found here. In order for the talisman to work with maximum efficiency, this procedure must be repeated periodically. A sufficient frequency of cleaning the amulet is about once a month.

Charging the amulet with your own energy

One of the most popular ways to charge a mascot is to charge the owner with his own energy. Many believe that it is the charge of energy of the carrier that makes it possible to fully realize the potential of the amulet, since it will have the same energetic nature that is inherent in the owner.

However, it is worth remembering that such a procedure can take away too much energy from the owner. If you feel that you are weak or suspect that your own energy may not be enough, or you are simply not confident in your abilities, you should choose a different charging method.

The charging ritual must be carried out after sunset. The owner must sit on a chair or any other surface so that the feet are completely on the ground and the body is as relaxed as possible. The amulet must be placed in the right hand, and in the left take a lighted candle. Next, you need to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts (they can carry a negative). Make it easier if you peer into the candle flame for 5-10 minutes. Next you need to close your eyes and imagine how a ray of light comes out of your head into the sky. As you approach the sky, the beam should expand, and then return back with a powerful stream. Next, you need to visualize how this flow fills each cell of your body with strength. This visualization should be done 3-4 times. Now your amulet is charged and ready to use.

Elemental Amulet Charging

Another way to charge your amulet is to nourish it with the power of one of the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire or Air. This is done as follows:

  • Earth Force is charged in a manner similar to clearing a talisman. You need to put the talisman in salt for a day so that the salt completely covers it. However, when charging, you need to conduct another visualization - instead of cleansing the talisman of negative energy, you need to imagine how it absorbs the power of the Earth. Used salt should be discarded.
  • Charging with the Force of Water will require you to find a source of pure natural water - a stream, spring or well. It is necessary to mentally (or verbally) ask the element to charge your amulet, then scoop up water with some dishes, put a talisman in it and put it in a dark place for 3 days. Used water must be emptied.
  • Charging with Fire is done with a candle. It is necessary to draw the talisman three times through the candle flame, then blow out the candle with three blows - the first time is very weak, then stronger and the third - to extinguish the fire.Before charging, you must also ask the element to help you and charge the amulet.
  • Charging with Air Energy is carried out either in two ways. In the first case, you need to blow very hard on the amulet, visualizing filling it with energy. The second method is similar to charging with fire, but you need to carry the amulet not through the flame, but through the smoke.


Any talisman requires periodic cleaning and charging. The more responsible you will be in this process, the better you will visualize the cleansing of the energy of the talisman and its filling, the better you will imagine how the amulet will help you get what you want - the more powerful the amulet will be and the more effective it will serve you.

The magical properties of objects

Skeptics will immediately wonder about the existence of other creatures, invisible forces, spirits. You decide whether or not you believe in magic, but you must agree that not everything that exists is visible and tangible. Physical phenomena of an unusual nature were written back in Ancient Greece and Rome. The Stoics and Epicureans conducted experiments, created scientific papers. Naturalists did not support belief in magical objects, but involuntarily did not refute them. Describing physical and natural phenomena, philosophers proved the existence of an invisible world where there are radio waves, air masses move, etc. You may not know for sure that magic exists, but people encounter its manifestations at every step.

Invisible phenomena are well described in the sections of physics. Strict science is used to trust. So you need to believe in the nature of magical matter, which is invisible. Rites of magic are contained in numerous print media and on Internet sites. To know the innermost of a person is quite simple. The customary traditions of weddings, funerals, weddings have come into use. No one dwells on the thought of the origin of the rites that everyone uses. Even the simplest rite is already a sacrament. Moreover, a strong centuries-old, inherited from distant ancestors, which was protected. In any family, there was a spirit or a mascot in old times. The subject was charged with the energy of the creator and served only one family. Such things have passed from generation to generation over several centuries. Does it mean that the ancestors knew the methods of creating conspiracy products and charging them? We can say with confidence: “Sure!”

An object that has a set of supernatural properties must acquire fidelity to its owner if it is charged according to the rules. This happens due to the uniqueness of human energy. When a part of the creator’s soul is invested in such an amulet, the talisman gains new strength, which grows with time. If the amulet was not spoken, then confidence in its performance will not follow. A thing that is not connected with the creator does not know how to behave, what desires to fulfill, to activate the force that is required.

A great many varieties of charging magic items have been described. Among the options are popular.

Candles as a door to another world

The fastest ritual to charge an amulet is to use a candle. Such methods are universal, used by ordinary people and professional magicians.

It will take a couple of candles of a light shade. It is desirable to match the color with the prevailing shade of the product itself. If such material was not found and painted, then standard white / beige, which is sold in church shops, will do. Make a home altar, light it and stand in front of the altar. From squeezed palms will come energy that will cause heat. The mascot owner needs to prepare in advance. Feeling unwell will affect the purity of the outgoing power of the amulet. A healthy person shares more energy than a sick person. You need to concentrate on transferring the spirit particle to the product in order to charge the talisman. The future power of the amulet depends on such an action. Make a dream for which you can charge a thing. If a full-fledged clear image has formed in your head, and you feel the process is complete, blow out the fire in one exhale. Usually, after charging, the product becomes noticeably warmer for a person, giving a sign of the success of the ceremony. The duration of this process is individual, depending on the characteristics of the person, thinking, fullness of the head, purity of thought.

Inspired by your part of the soul, the talisman will serve only the owner. Energy is strictly individual. She ties this amulet to her master and opens a bridge to the higher powers that help to achieve success.

The first universal way to revitalize an amulet through the elements, or the Ancient Ritual of Strength

To implement the charging tradition, the following components are used: water, some earth molecules, fragrant oil, a fire or any flame like fire, a fan (fan), smelling sticks.

Choose a plane of perfect shape that has no corners. She will serve as a table. Place the amulet in the middle of the plane. Turn your body to the north and focus.

Take the fan and the wand, which is perfumed. Whisper a long spell:

“By pure Breath I give you oblivion of the former existence, be here and now!”

Direct the flow of aromatic vapors to the object, filling and purifying it.

Now hold the energized thing in your palms and concentrate on it. Combine the flow of thought with the essence of matter. Sound out the desired tasks for which the procedure is being conducted. The amulet, the talisman will certainly show feedback, so that it becomes clear what happened to charge. Feel the unity. Wave the amulet, describing the shape of the cross, four times and say the text:

"By the power of the heavenly fire I cleanse you from the south."

In a logical chain after air and fire a person goes the earth. Lay a pile of earthy substance in the center of the countertop. Leave the amulet here. Sound the spell:

“By the power of the generous and fertile Mother Earth I charge you, give free will and strength to you.”

There was a water element. Find an absolutely clean glass in the service and fill it with tap water in order to wash the thing that you are talking about. Lower the amulet to the bottom of the container, saying a prayer:

“By the Power of Water I purify you, remember only good and help, be with me, your master at all times.”

Four elements began their business. The final process will be for the thing only in the morning. Lock the amulet in a dark, dry place for a full day until the end of the sacrament.

The described method of cleansing is suitable for all sorts of things: amulets, stones. Remember: a lively thing cannot be thrown, scratched, mixed with ordinary things. A lively amulet takes over the emotions, energy of the user. Showing, showing off a thing that is enchanted is prohibited. Charging the amulet is always hidden.

The second universal ritual with nature for the mascot - The Four Elements

Similar components will be required: a handful of earth, a lighted candle, a clear liquid, and incense stick. Wrap your future mascot in an earthen placer over the entire area by sprinkling. Speak the text:

After the earth, water the thing, washing with dirt. Sound the call three times, changing the element to water. Then light the wand and dip the amulet into the outgoing flows, repeat the same thing, only with the appeal to the air. The fire remained. Take a burning candle and dip the object into the fire, give it strength. The charmed talisman remains to be associated with its master. Take a thing and exhale air to it to the maximum say:

"May you live by my breath."

Follow the standard rules when carrying out the procedure. All magical processes take place with the rising moon, absorbing the maximum forces of the cosmos. Time always remains borderline and falls at midnight. Try to make a date that falls in the middle of the week. Border zones are powerful sources of energy. Wash, it is better to wash yourself completely, starting the plan of purification. The head should be light and unloaded from other people's thoughts. Change clothes for new ones. Never direct an impact against a stranger. The goal is to achieve a specific objective, but not harm another. The described option is very simple and does not require a long time to charge the amulet.

Charging Slavic symbolic objects

Slavic peoples were distinguished by ingenuity and faith. There are charging options for amulets, amulets from the Slavs. A purchased item, characterized by a powerful action, will not gain strength if it does not go through the procedure of binding to its owner. To do this, you need to exchange a particle of the soul. Along with the well-known methods of charging amulets, the rite of the sun stands out. It should be done in spring or summer. On a hot sunny day in the morning, prepare a talisman for the procedure. It is necessary to rinse it in a water-salt solution with the addition of vinegar. Pour water over your talisman, washing away the dirt and old energy. Put the prepared amulet on a wooden surface until afternoon tea. Every few hours, turn the amulet a little. In four days there will come a peak of activation of magical and natural forces. Go out into the street and find the direction, you need north, turn to face it. Lift the amulet (the woman holds on the left, the man on the right). Take a breath and mentally direct the sunbeam toward yourself. Visualize the lightening of the body from the crown of the head, descending to the solar plexus, holding your breath. Slowly release a stream of air from the lungs, passing energy through a limb with a talisman. Sing aloud the text:

Take a deep breath and exhale a couple of times. The power of the talisman, amulet is activated. Similarly, you can charge it fast enough.

An alternative type of amulet charging is fixing the force in the place where you were born. In other words, "native penates." The territory designated by the place of the emergence of a new life has tremendous power and an accompanying magical character for charging. The process will require wildlife. The walls of the house will interfere with the passage of the spirit. Indicate mentally the perimeter of the courtyard of your home, where you were most often a small child. It will be ideal if in the place of the ceremony there will be bushes and trees planted with your own hands. Kindle the flame. Stand side by side with your bare feet on the grass, you need to sing a popular Slavic hymn to the Gods or a song, pinching the talisman, an amulet in your hand. Next, the object must be showered with earth, washed with water and heated with a fire. The procedure resembles the previous rite with the elements.

In one territory, weather conditions often do not allow rituals outside the walls of the room. In this case, you need to use the following method. Prepare the grain, clean liquid, candle, talisman and knife. Go into the brightest room of the house, you can open the windows and remove the curtains. Find a subject that meets the traditions, the history of the Slavs. You can take an embroidered towel. In the absence of such, take the usual colorless. Unroll the matter on the table and cover it with a future amulet. Try to find a figurine, an icon that connects the process with Slavic culture. You need to put fresh flowers or greens in a corner. Wash and put on fresh clothes. Alternatively, you can conduct the process in the absence of clothing at all. Approach the table, light a candle, expose the knife blade. Draw a outline of the correct circle, which is a refuge until the end of the rite with the talisman. Start invoking the gods:

Need to appeal to a particular deity. Take the amulet, the amulet and spend three times above the flame of the candle in a circle, following the direction of the clock. Say:

"Fire-Father, Fire - Bright King, sanctify my amulet for happiness, health and well-being."

Pick up the seeds and point them at this amulet:

Next, pour the liquid onto the talisman, mentally saying:

After contact the elements of air:

Close the process with the words:

"For the glory of the Family, for the glory of the Ancestors, Gods, so be it!"

After such actions, this amulet will be consecrated. Keep away from extraneous amulets in a closed box for a long time. In the room where the sacrament was held with a talisman, you can not spend the night. This amulet can be used in the morning, secretly from a bad person.

One of the well-known options to charge the amulet is the new moon. The process must begin on the growing moon and in a cloudless sky, near land. Refer to the star calendar. The days of the appearance of the first stars are suitable. If you can’t charge the amulet in the growing luminary, then the waning moon will do. Follow the standard procedures for preparing for the magic ritual. Clean your head. Hold the object with your palms and turn to it mentally, communicating your desires. Connect with the story, remember the departed and living relatives, asking them for help in realizing the goal. Think about the power of the earth, imagine yourself surrounded by light. Achieving the task is possible only when you clearly present the final picture, the ideal. Inhale desires in the amulet, the amulet and wrap it with light matter. Power will increase after a day.

Features of ritual technique with silver objects

Kids carry silver objects for a reason. Silver is the highest-purity metal that can clean. If it is properly charged, it will be reliable protection. Silver products absorb the energy of the owner instantly, but are cheap. Since the beginning of time, such jewelry and household items have become popular. For decoration on the metal surface, ornaments, signs, protective symbols can be cut out.

By analogy with the described charging processes, metal objects were subjected to certain procedures. In the rite there was an exchange of positive energy and the desired dream was voiced. If for this the product was taken in hand and tightly held in the palm of your hand, then charging such a talisman turned out well and soon it could be used. Mentally connecting with the silver mascot. A similar action necessarily took place on the emerging moon. Further, the metal remained under the rays of moonlight for a day to charge, and the owner before bedtime recited his favorite prayer addressed to the angels.

The popularity of the silver talisman and its applicability can be justified by its practicality. Besides being cheap enough, it is a catalyst in energy storms. The metal turns black if a negative thought is directed at it. Wear this item without taking off daily.

When performing the sacraments, observe the basic rules: approach the process with a clean head and body, predict days according to the lunar calendar, formulate thoughts clearly and without harm to strangers. Use the power of nature for the good and to achieve personal goals. A conspiracy on the subject will work if you believe in the action and approach it without a share of skepticism. Try all of these species to charge the amulet. One of them will certainly work.

Practical recommendations

Why are some lucky and others chased by endless setbacks?
How to become loved, happy and rich?

The secrets of success and well-being are usually kept in the strictest confidence.
One thing is clear - "lucky for the one who is lucky." Successful people are very active, and on the way to their goal they act in all directions. Including, do not refuse the help of ritual magic. But is there this magic? We are ready to answer all skeptics: “Is there a current in the outlet? There is. Do you see him? What do magnetic storms look like? ” The invisible world is always present in our life, and in practice its laws turn out to be stronger than the logic of visible events.

Secrets of ritual magic are available to everyone - today almost everyone can use them! Information about rituals and ceremonies is becoming increasingly open to a wide audience.It turns out that weddings, weddings, decorations, ritual dances and holidays, all this is nothing but ritual magic! Rituals have accompanied our ancestors for many centuries. Each family member had personal charms and talismans, which were often inherited. Our ancestors knew how to create, charge and “revive” them.

Why charge the talismans?
According to psychics, only those talismans who have undergone a special ritual of “revitalization” can provide reliable protection. magically tuned to their owner and properly charged to solve a specific problem (to attract love, financial well-being, family happiness).

And so I want to quickly reach my goal!

Question: If the talisman or amulet is not charged, will it work?
Answer: Not. Will not!

To work and fulfill your destiny, the talisman must be directly related to your mental personality. Only then can he activate the strengths of your personality and level out the shortcomings. To empower your chosen object with magical power, you must literally breathe energy into it, transfer life force to it. And only after that, the chosen item will become a real talisman that can help you.

If your amulet is not charged - do not worry! With a strong desire, you can charge it yourself.

The rituals of "revitalization" of talismans and amulets are many. All of them are very interesting and easy to do at home. Some depend on the religion of the person, but there are universal ones.

Candlelight rite

The rite with the use of candles is one of the simplest and most common rituals that are used in their practice not only by magicians, but also by ordinary people. Light one or two candles of classical white color. Even better if the color of the candle matches the prevailing shade of the mascot.
Lighted candles should stand on a real or improvised altar.
The mascot is held in clasped hands and stand in front of the altar. Magical talismans in this rite are charged by the owner’s own energy, so it’s important to be in good shape. How much of his spirit a person puts into this subject, how much he can concentrate, subsequently his magical assistant will add so much strength. For several minutes you need to stand and hold the talisman in your hands, focusing on what it is intended for. Mentally imagine the purpose that your magic item will serve. When you get the feeling that enough of your own strength and energy has been invested in the rite, you need to exhale sharply and try to blow out the candles at a time. The mascot itself can give you a sign when you need to make a sharp exhale - it will become noticeably warmer in your hands. Listen carefully to your feelings! The duration of the rite is determined by individual sensations.

A lively talisman takes on its character, a new energy structure is born that will only communicate with you and with higher powers!

Ancient Force Ritual
A very beautiful and interesting rite of "revitalization" of amulets with the help of 4 elements is the Ancient Ritual of Power, practiced by European magicians for many centuries.

To carry it out you will need: a handful of earth, a candle, a fan, a drop of aromatic oil, incense sticks, plain water.

The future amulet is placed in the center of the table (preferably round). It is necessary to face the north and begin work, first of all, with the air element.

In one hand, take an open fan, in the other - a scented stick and say the words: “By pure Breath I give you oblivion about the former existence, be here and now!”. When pronouncing ritual words, you need to use a fan to direct the flow of aroma-containing air to the amulet.

Then take the magic item in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and imagine its image, think about it for a couple of minutes. Turn to him mentally, as to a living being, communicate your request to help you achieve a certain goal. You must feel the unity with your amulet. At this moment, it is time to call on the forces of the fiery element. Make an amulet a cross-shaped gesture over a burning candle 4 times, repeating: "By the power of heavenly fire I cleanse you from the south."

Next in turn is an appeal to the earthly elements. In the very center of the table you need to pour a small handful of earth and put the future talisman on it. Say once, referring to a magical item: "By the power of the generous and fertile Mother Earth I charge you, give free will and strength to you."

To turn to the elements of water, you need to take a transparent glass (without drawings and faces) of running water and lower the amulet into it with the words “I cleanse you with the Force of Water, remember only goodness and help, be with me, your master at all times.”

In conclusion, the charged amulet must be put in a dark, dry place for a day to complete all conversion processes.

In no case do not treat your mascot casually! It can not be thrown onto the table, put in a shared jewelry box and stored anywhere!
A magical item is an intermediary between you and the higher powers, therefore it must be cherished and cherished, treated very respectfully and with love. Each mascot needs a separate box. Charged amulets can not be shown to anyone, even close people! The fewer eyes he saw, the better. Magical objects react to all living things and absorb all the information! Therefore, securely hide your magic items away from prying eyes, preserving their original energy, which was invested during the “revitalization” ritual.

The ancient Ritual of Force is simple enough, but effective for charging and "revitalizing" any amulets, talismans and charms in the form of any magic items, including, of course, stones.

Your shock protection

We often forget that our life is absolutely magical. Even surrounded by new technologies and high-tech design, we do not cease to be living beings with the presence of energy shells, which, if desired, can easily be destroyed.

In every action lies the energy foundation. You overtook your business competitor, and immediately received a large dose of negative radiation for this. At the energy level, this is a completely understandable physiological process, because negative waves torpedo your aura. Such symptoms are familiar to everyone - tingling in the heart, headache, loss of strength. And if such “bombing” is not experienced every day, - how to withstand all this? After all, you can lose not only good health, but also health, and even life!

The degree of damage depends on the strength of the ill-wisher, as far as the "rays of hatred" sent to you. Here the law of interaction comes into force, and if you are stronger, then not only repel the attack, but also send the opposite wave reaction according to the law of inertia. But our forces are not unlimited. Sooner or later, any margin of safety can run low, and then out of a cornucopia troubles and troubles can pour on your head, after which it is incredibly difficult to recover. There are many examples in life when people “break down” under the unbearable burden of being. And nothing can make them the same.

Therefore, as they say, God saves the safe. A powerful amulet and amulet will never hurt anyone. A properly charged and “animated” magical item will help you strengthen the defense of your aura, make it “bulletproof armor”. With this protection, you will easily and easily beat off energy shocks, as well as quickly recover if you are harmed. In vain, many underestimate the power of our magical helpers. Ritual magic has been tested for thousands of years and has proven effective. Many today do not trust magicians and psychics - and such fears are not unfounded. Our ancestors also did not trust their amulets to anyone and performed magic rituals themselves, investing in them the forces of natural elements and a piece of their heart.

To protect the aura from damage, special rituals were carried out with amulets and amulets, which we are able to repeat today. An additional energy shell is passed through the magical item, which protects our aura from energy impacts, leaving it safe and sound. Protect yourself, be careful when dealing with unfamiliar people. Your psyche is in your hands and neglecting the means of its protection is simply life threatening!

Rite "Four Elements"

Another rite of charging the mascot with the help of four elements: fire, water, air, earth. A universal ritual that is popular with many nations of the world.

Take a handful of earth, a glass of running water, a scented stick and one candle. Sprinkle your future talisman with earth three times. When sprinkling, say each time: "I give you the power of the earth." Then sprinkle it with water 3 times, saying three times: "I give you the power of water." Well, in conclusion, also spend three times the talisman over the smoke of the incense stick with the words: “I give you power of air”, repeating these words three times. The same thing must be done on the candle, repeating three times: "I give you the power of fire." Then pick up your talisman and breathe your energy into it, saying: "May you live by my breath." Now the mascot can be used.

It is very important to choose the right time for charging the mascot. Practicing magicians and psychics do not recommend performing this rite on the waning moon. The best time is right after the advent of the new moon. A good result will be obtained on the growing moon. The ritual can be performed both at home and in the lap of nature.

Before the ceremony, experts recommend taking a shower to wash off the negative energy flows. Water will take on negative information. It is also better to wear clean clothes. These conditions will help the talisman get the maximum amount of power from your energy fields.

An ancient Chinese legend tells of a wise man who made talismans in the Middle Kingdom.

Once a wise man, watching how sad the inhabitants of his small village are sad, called on the Spirit of the Wind to sing his beautiful song and inspire hope in the souls of people.

The almighty Spirit of the Wind was indignant at the insolence of the mere mortal, but asked the elder: “Why am I, the almighty Spirit of the Wind, to sing to ordinary people?” The gray-haired sage replied: “People love air most.”

The Spirit of the Wind only laughed at that. But the sage again said to him: “A person can live for some time without water and fire, without light and food. But without air, it will die immediately. ” The Wind Spirit laughed again and did not believe him. Then the sage decided to prove the truth of his words to the Spirit of the Wind, stopped breathing and died. And then, touched by such an act, the Spirit of the Wind sang to people its most beautiful song and breathed it into a bamboo stick so that it always sounded and gave people life and good luck. Since then, people began to make talismans from bamboo sticks and give them to each other. In China, to this day, they respect bamboo sticks with great respect, use them both in everyday life and in numerous rituals, and, of course, as talismans. In the famous practice of Feng Shui, bamboo sticks symbolize happiness and good fortune.

How to charge Slavic amulets

Today it’s quite simple to buy beautiful amulets with runes and other Slavic symbols. If such a talisman is simply hung around its neck, it will not work. It is necessary to “bind” the magic item to the source of power and to its owner. Slavic culture has preserved many rites and rituals, including for charging amulets and amulets. They are all mystical and beautiful.

One of the common rites:
Choose a warm sunny morning. It is very important that you are in a good mood and well-being on this day. First of all, rinse your magic item in vinegar-salty water. And then rinse the solution from the amulets under cold running water. After that, put the talisman on the board and leave it in the sun until 16 o’clock. It is advisable to rotate it every two hours. In the period from 16 to 17 hours there comes a peak in the activation of the biological forces of the body. It is necessary to go out and turn to face north. A woman needs to hold an object in her left hand, and a man in her right. Take a deep breath and imagine that the ray of the sun focused on the crown of the head. Then you need to mentally transfer the energy beam from the top of the head to the solar plexus area and hold it until you have enough strength (without exhaling!). Then, slowly exhaling and mentally passing energy through the left hand (for men - through the right) into the left fist, whisper to say: “Appear. Glory. Rule. " Repeat the ritual 3 times. After that, firmly squeeze the talisman with two palms and, pressing it to the solar plexus, say softly 9 times: “Reveal. Glory. Rule ”(inhale, hold, exhale). The ritual is over, the talisman is activated under your energy.

The revival of the Slavic amulet in the "native Penates"

The revival of the Slavic amulet in the “native penates” is one of the most powerful rites in the Slavic culture, with the help of which amulets and talismans are “revived”.

The ritual is directly related to the place where the person was born. To conduct it, you need to get to places where the owner of the amulet spent his early childhood. It must be a stretch of nature. If you know where "places of power" are located on it, you need to settle down there.

It is advisable that during the ritual the place was deserted. It is recommended to perform the ceremony in the early morning, at dawn. Places where you played as a child are ideal. And if there grow trees and plants planted with your hands, it’s just fine.

You need to make a fire. If the ceremony is held in the summer, it would be good to take off your shoes and stand barefoot to strengthen the energy.

The main part of the ceremony begins with the quiet singing of any hymn to the Slavic Gods. You can sing the hymn mentally. The amulet should be kept in hand. Then it is sprinkled with a handful of native land, washed in running water and dried over the fire of a fire.

If you noticed, then in this ritual all elements are again included: fire, water, ether (hymns to the Gods), air and earth.

Revitalization of the Slavic talisman at home

If it is impossible to conduct a ceremony in the bosom of nature, then the Slavic amulet can be charged at home. But this requires the presence of elements of all 4 natural elements.

For this rite, you will need water, a candle, grain (or millet), a knife and a magical item.

You need to choose the largest in size, the most lighted and warmest room in the house. It is very good if you have a rushnik embroidered with Slavic symbols. If not, a clean white towel will do. Spread it on the table and put your future magical assistant on it. On the table also does not hurt any object symbolizing the Slavic culture - figures, drawings, faces, etc. Decorate the room a little with fresh flowers and go to the bathroom. After a refreshing shower, put on bright, clean clothes. Some people prefer to perform the ceremony naked, if you are comfortable, then you can conduct the ceremony in the "costume of Eve."

Stand near the table, light a candle and with a knife draw a protective circle around you. Until the end of the ceremony, one cannot leave the circle.

Then, very quietly call the Slavic Gods in simple words: "I call you, Native Gods." You can call any one Slavic God and ask him to connect your amulet to the common egregore of the clan.
You need to pick up the item, hold it over the fire three times in a circular motion clockwise, repeating in a whisper or mentally: "Fire-Father, Fire - Bright King, sanctify my amulet for happiness, health and well-being."

Then sprinkle the amulet with grain three times and turn to the earth element: "Mother Earth is cheese, Mother Earth is generous, sanctify my amulet for happiness, health and well-being."

Then three times sprinkle water on the amulet with words or thoughts: "Well done, pure sister, sanctify my amulet for happiness, health and well-being."

In the end - an appeal to the air element: “Well done wind, brother - dodger, sanctify my amulet for happiness, health and well-being”.

At the end of the ritual, pronounce or mentally repeat the general appeal: “For the glory of the Sort, for the glory of the Ancestors, for the glory of the Native Gods, so be it!”, Pressing the right hand to the heart and lifting it up to Heaven.

After this, the Slavic amulet is consecrated. The charged amulet must be put in a new box and left for a day in the ritual room. And do not go to bed in this room.

In the starlight of night

It is best to revive the Slavic amulet and combine its energy with it in the first (full) day of the new moon. In the first phases of the moon, they always perform actions aimed at achieving any goals - they cut their hair, start new business projects, etc.

Immediately after the purchase, put the item in the pocket of your favorite clothes - not dirty and not washed. And wait for the new moon to begin.

That night, when the first stars light up in the sky, you can begin the ritual. If the night is cloudy, then the ritual will not work. Try the next night, if only it would be a Waxing Moon.

It is very important that during the ritual you are in seclusion and in a good mood, so that you are not tormented by feelings or any problems. Negative emotions are out of the question! At this hour, you put all your strength into a magical item - and it should only be positive. You need to pick up the item, gently squeeze it with your palms as if you were saying a prayer. Relax completely and take your time. Think seriously about why you need a talisman, what do you want to achieve? Create a thought form of what you need to come to.

Then clearly imagine that you are inside the pure divine light that is around you and protects you from all that is bad. Imagine that at this very moment in this world are thousands of your ancestors - the spirit of each of them is next to you. With love and tenderness, think about your near and dear ones who surround you in life. Think of your native land, which is already thousands and thousands of years old.

Performing this ceremony, in no case do not think about your illnesses and problems! The point is to be able to concentrate all your forces in the brightest point of consciousness. Even if you charge the talisman and amulet from damage, evil eye, betrayal, separation and other troubles, try to focus only on the ideal, only on your goal - imagine it as clearly as possible, create the future in your imagination, feel this joy with all your heart and live in this new reality you create is a few minutes away.

Creating the desired images, you must exclude the word "want." With all your strength you need to try to think about your desire as if it already exists! At the very moment when you reach the highest point of realism, you need to open your palms and breathe your energy 3 times into your talisman!

After that, the item must be wrapped in a soft (not black) cloth and put in a new box. The talisman can be used after a day.

Slavic rites of "revitalization" of talismans can be carried out with objects and without Slavic symbolism.

How to charge silver talismans

Talismans made of silver is a special chapter in ritual magic. Silver is a very “living” metal that instantly reacts to all negative energy structures. Silver charms and talismans are extremely popular because they are universal helpers in achieving happiness and success. For centuries, people have been making charms from pure silver. Their size was quite large - about 5 centimeters in diameter and 1.5-2.0 millimeters in thickness. They cut out special magical signs and symbols that were supposed to realize a particular task, fulfill the dream of the owner of the mascot.

Before you start using the talisman, a special ritual of “revitalization” is carried out in order to “instill” a certain Spirit into it, which will work with the owner of the talisman and perform a specific task.

Charging a silver talisman is very simple - you need it to lie down for one night in the rays of the growing moon (yes, only on the Growing Moon!). Before you leave your talisman on the windowsill, to activate it, hold it a little in your palms and mentally form an intention - the task that it must realize. If the night is cloudless, then it will be enough to hold the talisman on the windowsill for one night. If the moonlight is interrupted by cloudiness, then a couple more nights on the growing moon will be needed. Before going to bed, the owner of the amulet can read a prayer-appeal to the moon goddess or one of the traditional new moon prayers:

Tonight I let go of all the old
This night I draw the power of the new.
May all my sorrows disappear
May all my sorrows melt!

Prayers for good luck, the Guardian Angel and others are also suitable.

After several moonlit nights, the power of the silver talisman will increase significantly.

The work of the “animated” silver talisman is obvious - with energy attacks, the silver medallion instantly turns black! Therefore, the first time it is necessary to clean it almost every day. Immediately after the rite, “lively" talismans are worn daily without taking off. After 2-3 months, when all the attacks that are surrounded by the owner of the mascot will be reflected, he will blacken much less often, only when he meets new people with negative energy.

There are a lot of rites of “revitalization" of talismans. Some of them are carried out outdoors using special items - herbs, drinks, various materials, etc. If you have the opportunity to devote more attention to the ritual and devote a whole day to this ritual, be sure to do it! In the end, the more you “invest” in your talisman, the faster you will reach your intended goal! You can make any NEW jewelry with a charged talisman and amulet - both with and without symbols.And do not forget that talismans, charms and amulets are very personal things. They should belong only to you.

Remember: the success of achieving your goals depends on how much mental energy and energy will be invested during the “revitalization” of the talisman. During the ritual in our consciousness, we form the image of a magical object and attach a thought form to it, which we endow with our energy. And also we connect the talisman with the forces of the four elements. After all, the talisman is a mediator between the secret and the explicit. Invest in the magic rite “in full”, and let the talismans bring you good luck and help you get closer to your dream!

How to charge the amulet, and why it is needed

The power of amulets and charms in their energy power. It is this characteristic that makes them effective protection, otherwise it is an ordinary trinket, from which there will be no use.

How can I charge an amulet? The first thought that comes to mind is to turn to people who are professionally engaged in these kinds of things. Unfortunately, cases of deception are becoming more frequent. Among such specialists, scammers are often found. They use the trust of people and ask for quite large amounts, promising to charge your personal amulet.

However, the person for whom the amulet is intended must himself fill the selected magical item with energy. The main thing is to know how to charge the amulet at home, observing the rules and taking into account all the nuances. Such a charm will become a powerful defense and bring good luck.

It doesn’t matter where you purchased the amulet - in an ordinary souvenir shop or a shop that specializes in selling magic items. For any amulet, you need to carry out a similar ritual.

There is another reason why it is worth charging the newly acquired amulet. With these actions, you can establish close contact with the future amulet. Figuratively speaking, you will tune it, like a radio, to your personal frequency.

Consider the following nuance: never, under any circumstances, give your personal amulet to other people. This can lead to instant discharge of the magic item. Yes, and he will not bring any benefit. The amulet that was charged to a particular person, for another will be just an ordinary thing - you should not expect any miracles from it. In the worst case, someone else's amulet can even do harm.

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With amulets purchased in the store, everything is more or less clear. However, you need to charge and the amulets that you made yourself. It would seem that you made it personally and at that moment transferred a lot of personal energy. Unfortunately, this view is erroneous. Handmade amulets have a special magical power, but after a short period of time they require additional charging.

How to clean and charge the amulet? Do not worry: it will not take so long to clear the object of negative energy. But after this rite, he will have a special magical power and protect you for many months and even years. Any amulet can be charged at home: it is not difficult at all. All you need is a little time, your desire and a small set of additional items.

How to charge an amulet: the nuances of preparation

If you want to charge any magic item, consider the following features:

The amulet will not perform its functions if it is not already charged. Only after this procedure does the subject begin to work. Therefore, it must first be charged, only then rely on help.

Your personal attitude is of great importance. For what purpose did you decide to make and charge the amulet? The answer to this question determines which forces will stand on your side - positive or negative. Their participation in the life of a person and his environment depends on this. We recommend expressing your goals and desires in writing, in a specially opened notebook. So you can clearly understand what you want from the amulet.

To clean and charge the amulet, you need to carry out the ritual according to certain rules. We will talk about them further.

4 basic ways to charge an amulet

What are some ways to charge an amulet?

To charge the amulet, you can use only personal energy. For the most part, a person becomes a kind of vehicle: he transfers the energy of space into an amulet. At this moment, he himself receives a good boost of energy. Using this method, you can create a fairly strong connection: the amulet becomes part of the person himself. However, there are also disadvantages: this option is not suitable for people with weak energy. The reason is this: when a person transfers the energy of the cosmos, for a moment the level of his personal energy decreases very sharply. And if a person’s potential is not ready for such changes, he may even faint.

In order to charge the amulet, you can use the power of nature. Four elements: fire, water, earth, air. There are several options: you can ask for help from all at once or turn to only one element. This is a simple way to “turn on” your amulet - absolutely anyone can work with the elements. Some of us are drawn to a particular element - for example, a person feels comfortable near the water. In this case, the choice is obvious - it is necessary to turn to this natural force.

To charge the amulet, conspiracies are also useful. There are many ready-made texts, among which you will definitely find "your own." Choose carefully - the words of the conspiracy should be close to your heart.

How to charge the amulet with your energy

How to charge the amulet with your own energy? To get started, select the day on which the moon will be in a certain phase. Most often, such rituals are performed during the growth of the moon. It is no accident - it is on such days that our energy increases with the moon.

The following point is absolutely important for any rite. If you decide to charge the amulet, it also plays an important role. You should not be disturbed. It is advisable that during the ritual, only you were in the house. If this is not possible, a separate room will do - close the door and warn your family not to be distracted.

Prepare a green candle in advance, it will help transfer your energy to the selected amulet. The ceremony should be carried out in the evening, when the sun has already set. Pick up a lit candle and a future amulet. First turn your attention to the flame and concentrate. Thus, you can tune in to the desired wave - remove unnecessary thoughts, distract from existing problems. This condition is very similar to meditation.

For such rituals, you will need a chair: sit on it so that your feet are on the floor. Thanks to this, you can constantly keep in touch with the earth and feel its strength. Do not slouch. Imagine a ray of light passing through your spine: it pulls you by the top of your head and connects you with the energy of the cosmos. Move on. Imagine that this light is growing, and gradually you become part of it.

Following these recommendations, you will feel how the energy of space fills you with heat. It spreads throughout the body: from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head. Mentally merge with this energy, at this moment say the following text:

“Present me with me when I am not able, when I am powerless. From now on, you and I are one! ”

The next task is to carefully return to the real world and block the energy channel. Such a rite will give your amulet extraordinary strength in power. Sometimes, in order to feel this energy and charge your personal “battery”, you just need to look at it. Using this method, amulets designed to protect against damage and the evil eye can be charged.

How to charge an amulet with elemental energy: 4 stages

How to charge the amulet at home? Here is a universal ritual that works in several directions at once. With its help, you can effectively charge the amulet and at the same time remove everything superfluous - negative energy, possible energy influence of other people.

You can charge absolutely any magic item. You need to understand - for the ritual physical characteristics are absolutely not important: shape, color, material. The visual shell can be absolutely any. The person for whom the future amulet is intended should personally conduct this rite. Perhaps this is the only point that in no case should be violated. It is also worth noting that for some materials it is dangerous to immerse in water or in the ground, then you need to adjust the rite. For example, burying a tree is a bad idea. Or you need to wrap it in plastic - it is magically inert.

How to charge the amulet with the energy of the elements? The ritual consists of four stages, which at some points are a bit similar. The main difference is the element with which work is in progress.

Stage 1.The first element with which we will work is Earth. To fill the amulet with its strength, bury it in the ground for three days. Ideally, in a forest or garden. Do not succumb to laziness, the right place will make your amulet an order of magnitude stronger. The only thing is to make sure that you are alone. Extra people in such rites are definitely not needed. Before burying, apply a thin layer of blue or gold paint to the amulet. If you don’t have one, a small piece of fabric of these colors will do. Do not use old materials, go to the store. Having prepared the amulet in this way, put it in the ground and sprinkle a little on top. Cross this place three times, each time express gratitude to the Earth and ask for its consent to conduct such a ritual.After three days, the future amulet can be picked up and follow the instructions of the second stage.

Stage 2. In the second stage, we will work with the element of Water. To conduct the ritual according to all the rules, you need to draw living water (a spring or a river will do). Pour it into any transparent container and put the amulet in it. Talk to Water before doing this. As with the Earth, you need to ask permission to conduct the rite and seek help and support. Speak from the heart, such texts should not be searched on the Internet. After that, remove the container with water in a dark place for three days. Make sure that no one can see her by accident. After three days, remove the amulet and let it dry. Never use a towel! You will no longer need water: you do not need to store it at home, pour it at the first intersection.

Stage 3. The third stage is associated with the element of Fire. You will need a simple wax candle and a new box of matches. In the evening, when it is already dark, light a candle and ask the fire to help you solve your problems. Then carry the amulet three times through the fire, say “thank you” to it and put out the candle. Make the flame go out only the third time. Put the candle and the resulting wax into a bag; you need to bury it on the street under a tree.

Stage 4. The last stage uses the energy of the air. Your inner attitude is important here. Try to remove unnecessary images from your head and focus your attention on the problem that excites you. Hold the amulet in your left hand, fold it in the form of a tube and blow it through it. With each exhale, direct your thoughts and desires to the subject.

Having completed the last stage of this ritual, we can assume that you were able to charge your amulet. Whenever possible, always carry it with you. This is especially true in the early days: your connection with the amulet should be strengthened. From time to time, hold it in your palms, talk (in difficult situations, ask for help, on good days say “thank you” for your support). These simple guidelines will help recharge your amulet.

How to charge a Slavic amulet or amulet

Often, objects with Slavic symbols are used as an amulet. Usually each of them corresponds to a specific pagan god, which our ancestors worshiped. Of course, such amulets also need to be charged. To do this, focus on completely different rules. Almost all amulets require a charging procedure, but there are exceptions to this rule. Ancient Slavic amulets are so powerful that they do not need additional recharge. They are closely related to the environment and the energy of the cosmos.

How to charge a Slavic amulet or amulet? Remember, if you acquired a similar artifact, then it must be consecrated in accordance with the canons of paganism. This nuance does not apply to amulets that you made yourself. The first task is to understand exactly with which deity the subject is associated. He needs to make a gift. Usually, bread, honey, fruits are used as gifts - they need to be burned in a ritual bonfire. At this point, be especially careful. Make a bonfire in the form of a closed well or a truncated pyramid. The food that you will present to the deity will need to be placed above.

After the fire starts, you need to turn to the deities. The words of appeals can be viewed on the Web or in special texts dedicated to the culture of the Slavs. Better, say any words that come from your heart. All that remains is to observe: the gifts fell into the fire - that means the gods are ready to help you, if this did not happen - postpone the rite with the amulet for a short period of time.

If the answer is yes, you can charge the amulet. To do this, you need to leave it near the fire or cover it with ash when it is completely burned out. Keep in mind that such a bonfire cannot be extinguished! Do it in a place where it will not be able to hinder or harm anyone. And take your time, in any case, you have to wait a bit, let it go out without your participation and help. This is a simple but effective way by which you can charge the amulet.

Such amulets, of course, can be done with your own hands. However, it is much more convenient and faster to purchase it in a store. The matter will remain small - to clean and charge the amulet, so that it fully corresponds to the energy field of the owner. We are glad to present to your attention our online store "Witch happiness", which is rightfully considered one of the best esoteric stores in Russia. If you have found your own unique path in life, are actively changing the world around you and are not afraid to be responsible for actions and actions neither before others, nor before the Universe, our online store will be of interest to you.

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