What pool to install in the country?

In hot summers, swimming in cool water will be a wonderful pastime. If you do not want to go to the lake or go to the sea, you can set up a frame pool. Such designs are relatively cheap, and installation can be done at home. If you decide to put a pool in the country, then be sure to study the information presented in this article.

Features and advantages of frame structures

The installation of a frame pool has a lot of advantages, among which:

  • Relax right on your lawn. You can mount the pool in your country house, in a country house or in any other place where there is enough free space and the ability to fill the pool with water. You can swim at any convenient time without worrying about waves or low temperatures.
  • Pure water. In most bodies of water, as well as lakes, the water is muddy and dirty. The frame pool allows you to personally control the quality of water. If necessary, you can mount a heater that allows you to set the temperature of the water with an accuracy of one degree.
  • The optimal depth. The frame pool allows you to control the level of depth during installation. You can create areas for children and adults, while not worrying about the safety of the kids.

The most important question is how to install a frame pool in the country. Installation design has a number of features that must be carefully studied before work.

How to install the frame pool

As soon as you buy the product and related materials, you need to solve a number of issues. The first step is the choice of installation location for the pool. Next, carry out preparatory work, and then proceed with assembly. The last step is to fill the pool with water. We will talk about each stage in more detail.

Buyers can find a wide range of products on the market: you can buy a prefabricated tank of round, square and oval shape. Make a choice, starting from the free space in the country and your preferences. Please note that depending on the model, you will have to create a platform of the appropriate shape. Some models have additional stiffeners and supports for increased stability.

Seat selection

Installation of the pool requires careful planning, because in the country or in a country house, you need to choose a suitable place. The integrity of the structure will depend on this. For example, if you put the structure on soft ground, then it can deform, after which leaks will appear.

When choosing the location for the installation and arrangement of the frame pool, you should definitely consider:

  • The terrain. The soil should be flat and firm enough to support the mass of the filled pool. If necessary, construct the structure from the boards to eliminate uneven ground. Be sure to mow the grass.
  • Water source. The frame pool needs not only to be assembled, but also filled with water. If the well or the crane is too far away, the user will have to solve additional problems.
  • Site selection. It is recommended to place the collection pool in an open area, preferably away from shrubs and trees. Such an arrangement in hot weather will allow faster heating of the water.

The right place will make swimming comfortable and safe.

Preparatory work

Before assembly, it is necessary to perform a number of actions: to clear and prepare the site, and also, if necessary, dig a pit.

The need for a pit is determined by the volume of the country pool:

  • Up to 500 liters. As a rule, these are compact models for bathing children.They are set only for the season. It is not necessary to dig a pit, since it is enough to put the product on the ground, after laying the PVC flooring first.
  • Up to 5 thousand liters. It is required to prepare the site. Before assembly, cut 3-5 cm of soil and fill it with sand, which will ensure the stability of the structure and prevent the germination of weeds.
  • The volume of 50 thousand liters. A foundation pit is created with a depth of 1/3 of the height of the reservoir. The site is poured with concrete, and then covered with rubble, gravel and sand. The surface is necessarily covered with a PVC rug.

Be sure to provide a place for installing the pump, heater, and also provide quick access for the replacement cartridge.

Installation procedure

Before setting up the pool, prepare a tool (set of wrenches, screwdrivers, measuring tape and level). We recommend that you complete the installation with helpers. Individual products are quite large, so it will be almost impossible to put them on their own.

As a rule, each model of a frame pool has instructions in the kit. It describes all the details and installation steps.

If there are no instructions in the package, we recommend that you follow the following rules and sequence during installation:

  1. Spread the PVC fabric on a special mat. Check that the drain hole is on the right side. Make sure that space is allocated for the pump, if available.
  2. Mount the upper part of the frame pool, T-shaped racks, and then thread them into special loops.
  3. Next, fix the supports on the T-legs in the lower part for additional reinforcement of the bottom.
  4. Flatten the PVC fabric and make sure it spreads evenly and without wrinkles.

In fact, installation takes 30 minutes, depending on the shape and volume of the structure. The last step is to fill the frame pool with water. If the volume of the reservoir is more than 500 liters, we recommend using pumping equipment. The design of the pools has special openings, thanks to which you can connect similar equipment. For example, a 400 W installation can fill a classic children's prefabricated pond in the country in 10 minutes, respectively, a model of 4 thousand liters will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Conservation Tips

Many owners leave the frame pool for the winter. There are several storage options. The first is conservation with a complete replacement of water. First, you need to drain the old water, thoroughly clean all the walls and stairs of the pool, and then refill it. Be sure to add disinfectants to the water to prevent bacteria from appearing. At the bottom should be put plastic bottles or pieces of polystyrene foam (crushing them with sand). This is necessary to compensate for deformations when the water will freeze and thaw. Thus, the assembly will be final, therefore, you do not have to deal with the dismantling of the structure.

The second preservation option involves cleaning the sides in the available water and subsequent water treatment using a special filter. This option is less time-consuming, but requires additional equipment, which is not always available in the country.

Now you know how to install your own frame pool in a country house or in the country. Assembly can be performed without the help of specialists at home. Follow the recommendations clearly and your model will last more than one season. Proper preservation will avoid cracks and deformations in the structure.

Adding an article to a new collection

The pool in the country is the dream of any owner of a suburban area. It is so pleasant to swim in your own pond on a hot sunny day. But for this you need to purchase and install a pool.

Summer brought with it not only the long-awaited warmth, but also incredible heat.And now every week we look forward to the weekend in order to quickly get out of the city to the country, where the heat is much easier. And if there is a pool on a suburban area, then this is a real holiday. Moreover, both for children and for adults. If you don’t have a pool, then it’s time to install it. Therefore, today we’ll talk about the varieties of pools, so you know what to choose from.

Inflatable pools

This is perhaps the easiest option for the pool. Most often it has a round shape and small size. Although there are models that can reach 5 m in diameter. The depth of the inflatable pool rarely exceeds 1.5 m. It is intended to freshen up on a hot day.

Benefits. The inflatable pool is easy to transport, it is easy to install and is not so expensive compared to other pools.

disadvantages. It should be understood that such a pool is considered seasonal. The polymeric material from which inflatable pools are made does not withstand low temperatures. In addition, its walls are easily damaged by any sharp object. Periodically, an inflatable pool requires air pumping.

Prefabricated Pools

A prefabricated pool will cost a little more than an inflatable one, but cheaper than a stationary one. It looks like a sealed bowl (oval, round or rectangular), which does not dig into the ground, but is installed on its surface. The size of the bowl can be very different, the depth - up to 2 m.

Prefabricated pool consists of a frame made of steel profile pipes. Attached to them enclosing screens. Also available water supply and discharge system. There are models in which its heating is even provided.

When choosing frame pools, pay attention to the material from which they are made. Summer frame pool options are most often made from tent fabric, plastic or wood. The frame of such a "bath" is also lightweight and the thickness of the panels, respectively, is small. All-season pools are characterized by higher frost resistance due to materials additionally protected from the effects of low temperatures.

Benefits. Prefabricated pools do not involve digging pits; they are installed quite easily and can be dismantled at any time. They are quite stable and can be used for a long period.

disadvantages. The material of frame pools does not tolerate cold, so they have to be disassembled for the winter period. During operation, it is recommended to close the pool with an awning in order to avoid its pollution. You will also need a water purification system.

Options for the construction of country pools

Even an inexperienced master is able to carry out the construction of a summer cottage pool. It is only necessary to follow the technology of construction of the selected design.

But first you need to choose the right place for the swimming structure and its type. Not every area will be able to arrange a large pond for long-distance swimming or jumping from a three-meter springboard.

Structurally, pool baths can be performed:

  • With deepening in soil. The bowl of pools is installed in the pit; it can be ceramic, fiberglass, monolithic concrete, built of foam blocks or bricks.
  • With surface mounting. These are constructions for temporary use, there are frame (collapsible) or inflatable. To install them, you need a flat rammed or concrete pad.

The shape of their cups can be round, rectangular, oval or complex geometry. The easiest option is a bath near the bath in the form of a large barrel. But to call such a construction a full pool is difficult.

For the device in the country most often choose an outdoor pool in a stationary or mobile design.

Due to the lack of a roof, both options can be used for their intended purpose only in the summer, but for a summer vacation at the weekend these structures will be enough. Their device does not require too serious investments and is quite simple with independent execution.

It is much more difficult to build an indoor pool with your own hands. For him, he will have to order a project of a full-fledged building in the form of an extension to the country house with the laying of pipelines, installation of equipment, pool ventilation and heating.

If the site is not guarded, and in winter the owners visit the dacha occasionally, then it is irrational to erect such a structure.

To finish the walls and bottom of the bowl of a stationary pool from the inside, use:

  1. Fiberglass.
  2. Polypropylene.
  3. PVC film.
  4. Mosaic or tile.

A thick polyvinyl chloride film is used in both frame and monolithic structures. And the rest of the materials are only for stationary structures with partial or full burial into the ground.

Composite fiberglass bowls are factory-made. Dimensions and configuration of products are not limited by anything. The same applies to the polypropylene cast version.

Modular polyvinyl chloride panels are produced on an industrial scale, from which the pool bath is assembled with installation directly on the site. From a set of panels it will turn out to perform a pool of almost any size and shape.

Inflatable Pool Design

Modern pools are made of multilayer polyvinyl chloride film (PVC). The material is very durable, non-toxic, resistant to stretching and UV radiation. Capacities made of PVC are easy to carry and convenient to store. In large structures, the walls consist of two layers of vinyl and an outer layer reinforced with a polyester film. This greatly increases their strength.

Inflatable pools differ in several ways.

By the method of filling with air. These pools, in turn, are:

  • inflatable - the walls of such pools consist of several rings that need to be inflated with air to bring the structure into working form. In some models, most often for children, the bottom can also be inflatable,
  • bulk - these models are a bag with an inflatable ring on the upper edge. As the tank fills with water, the ring pops up and raises the walls.

In shape - most often it is oval, rectangular or round. The most optimal shape is round - the distribution of water pressure on the walls of the tank is the most uniform. And such containers take up less space.

To size - side height and bottom diameter. The height of the side of the pool is determined by its purpose. For children choose models with a side from 0.22 m to 1 m. Pools with a height of more than 1 meter are suitable for adolescents and adults. A high pool comes with a ladder for easy entry. The diameter of the bottom should be selected based on the number of prospective bathers. Large pools have a drain valve, it is possible to connect a pump for water treatment.

Depending on the model, the kit may include additional devices: flooring, filter, cleaning kit, stairs, awning, and other equipment.

Pool Tips

Arranged construction should on the one hand decorate the summer cottage, and on the other not to spoil the soil on it. Splashing water from the pool is inevitable.

Excessive moisture can quickly turn the estate into a swamp, destroying all the trees and planting around its own artificial reservoir.

The smaller the shrubs and trees around, the better. The absence of shading from the crown is a faster heating of the water. Plus, their roots will be drawn to moisture, inevitably overwhelming the pool sides on their way.

At the same time, it is necessary to equip it as close as possible to the “source” of water - a water tap or natural reservoir.

The ideal soil for building a pool in the country is clay. It will act as an additional waterproofing layer created by nature itself. However, this mainly concerns a monolithic structure, the frame version can be installed on any type of soil.

The size of the pool area depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the cottage. Someone needs one 2.5x5 meter lane for swimming in the morning, while others require a small pond with a “beach” for arranging sun loungers.

The optimal depth is 1.4-1.5 meters. However, for small children it is better to make the cup smaller. And if you plan to put a slide or a springboard for diving nearby, then it should be deepened by at least 2.5–3 m.

Pros and cons of inflatable pools

In order not to experience disappointment after the purchase, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of the purchased product in advance. Inflatable pools, like any other product, have their pros and cons.

  • Easy and quick installation without unnecessary labor for digging pits, the construction of formwork and other construction work.
  • Mobility - the pool can be moved to any place on the site. True, this applies only to empty containers.
  • Easy operation. With children's pools of small capacity there are no problems at all - a few minutes are enough to install and fill them with water. The water in them heats up quickly. Capacities containing a large volume of water require more care. It is necessary to monitor the purity of water. If the model is not equipped with a water purification filter, stock up on special chemicals.
  • Compactness. To store and transport even the largest pool is not difficult.
  • Big choice and a variety of shapes, colors, accessories will satisfy the most demanding customer.
  • Relatively low price. Comparison on this parameter will undoubtedly be in favor of inflatable pools - this is the most budget option.


  • Possibility of puncture. Despite the multilayer structure of the material from which the inflatable pools are made, it is very simple to pierce them with any sharp object. The presence of animals in the country can be attributed to risk factors.
  • Difficulties with replacing water. To ensure the safety of water, it should be changed often enough - ideally every day. For a large tank, this can be a problem, as the question arises - where to put such a volume of water?
  • To fill the pool with water it takes a lot of time. True, it depends on the size of the tank.
  • The need to monitor the condition of the inflatable parts. Absolute air safety cannot be provided by any valve.

DIY frame pool installation in the country

Many people who have free space on the plot, try to equip it with a frame pool, designed for swimming in the summer. What you need to know when deciding to get such a pool?

Manufacturers of artificial ponds offer a fairly wide selection of pools for personal use. These can be stationary structures, the installation of which will require considerable investments, and frame structures that are more optimal in terms of their affordability. They will be discussed.

Varieties of frame pools.

Pools, consisting of a frame and a bowl, are all seasonal and seasonal (collapsible). It should be noted that seasonal frame structures do not have additional equipment with filters and skimmers, which can lead to clogging with foliage, insects and all kinds of debris. This should be taken into account, giving preference to a particular model.

No less important point will be to find out for whom it will be intended - will it be a children's frame pool or an adult? The calculation of the installation depth will depend on this.

Pools for children

The range of children's pools on the market is very diverse. This is explained by their high popularity. Children's pools are distinguished by a variety of shapes, colors, attractive design.

They come in a variety of configurations, with a side height designed for any age:

  • up to 170 mm - for the smallest children up to one and a half years old,
  • up to 500 mm - designed for children aged from one and a half to three years,
  • up to 700 mm - suitable for children under the age of seven,
  • up to 1070 mm - targeted at children from seven to 12 years.
  • For the smallest, the pool consists mainly of one or two rings.

Pools of small sizes often have an inflatable bottom, which helps to protect the baby from hitting the bottom. In addition, this bottom allows you to keep warm. The pool can be supplemented by a peak from the sun. For a comfortable bathing and games for several children, it is necessary to choose a pool with a larger diameter bottom. Such containers can have stiffeners, a bottom with an anti-slip coating, soft walls that protect children from bumps and falls.

Given that pools are mainly bought for children, manufacturers offer a lot of additional elements that will make swimming fun and more comfortable - a variety of slides, nets for ball games and even waterfalls. In fact, these are entire game complexes that differ in bright colors and attractive design.

Which frame pool is better for a summer residence.

Trying to decide which model to give preference to, you need to consider a number of important factors:

  • the availability of free space on the site (products have different sizes),
  • how often do you plan to use the pool,
  • the purpose of the reservoir (who will swim in it - children or adults),
  • power supply availability - determine whether it is possible to supply an energy source for connecting filter and pumping equipment,
  • capacity of the tank - having a large family, a reasonable decision would be to buy a pool in which several swimmers can be at the same time
  • the presence of a constant source of water supply - if water is supplied intermittently, in this case there may be problems in maintaining the installed artificial reservoir
  • financial opportunities - the prices for frame summer pools are quite acceptable and affordable, but more modernized models will cost slightly more than usual.

What to consider when buying an inflatable pool

When buying a pool at the cottage, first of all, you need to decide on the purpose of the pool. Only children will use it or it is planned to spend time with the whole family in it. It is also necessary to consider the possibilities of a summer cottage. Of course, if we are talking about a small children's pool, you can not worry about this - you can prepare a small platform at any site. It is a completely different matter when it comes to a large-capacity pool. Points to consider in advance:

Structural and water condition monitoring

In order for bathing to bring only positive emotions, it is necessary to monitor both the condition of the pool itself and the quality and level of water in it. Over time, the tightness of the valves is broken, through them the air slowly leaves - it requires periodic pumping of inflatable parts.

During the day, the amount of water decreases - part evaporates, part splashes, so you need to add water to the required level. At night or during the day when no one is swimming, the pool should be covered with an awning or a piece of tarpaulin - this will protect it from dirt and insects getting into the water. Water can be cleaned from visible impurities using a net.

The cup should be filled with drinking water - this applies, first of all, to pools for babies, which, while swimming, can swallow some of it.

Poor water will negatively affect the health of the child. If the pool capacity holds no more than 2.5 tons of water, it is better to change it daily - use it for irrigation in the evening, and collect fresh at night. In the absence or lack of drinking water, you will have to use special chemicals for cleaning - if they are not included, it is worthwhile to purchase separately. In this case, water can only be changed once or twice a month, but you can’t water the plants with it.

Almost every kit contains tools for repairing damaged parts. If a leak is detected, it is necessary to drain the water, blow off the air from the chambers, drain the damaged area, glue the patch with a special glue and let dry for at least twelve hours. Only then can the chambers be inflated and the container filled with water.

Storage preparation

At the end of summer, an inflatable pool must be prepared for long-term storage:

Subject to these conditions, the inflatable pool will become a source of good mood and positive emotions for a long time.

  • remove water
  • let the air out of the cavities
  • wash thoroughly with a brush,
  • wipe dry and dry
  • gently pack in a case.

What to look for when buying an inflatable pool

Intex models owned by the Chinese company Intex Recreation Corp. are widely represented on the Russian market of inflatable pools. It should be noted that the quality of Intex products, in comparison with similar products of other Chinese manufacturers, is much higher.

Also among the companies supplying inflatable ponds to the Russian market, German Wehncke and Future Pool, Spanish Swim’n Play and Gre, French Jean Desjoyaux and Zodiac, American Sevylor. The products of European companies are of high quality and reliability, but the cost to the buyer is two to three times more expensive than the products of the Chinese Intex.

Choosing an inflatable pool should be based on real needs and opportunities, having decided on the color, shape and appearance of the pool, with an affordable price category.

After looking at a particular model, you need to find out what material it is made of, what is the thickness of the walls and bottom, whether the walls of the pool are reinforced, get acquainted with the filtration system. For kids, the pool should be only with an inflatable bottom, and bright colors and funny patterns will help him overcome his fear of water. The completeness of the selected model should include means for repair in case of holes in the pool casing.

On a note. You must familiarize yourself with the warranty card. The optimal warranty period for the inflatable pool is 1 year. If the guarantee is less than a year or completely absent, it is better to refuse such a purchase.

Despite the fact that inflatable pools are not durable, with the right choice, proper care and storage, they can last more than one season.

Pool for a summer residence: types and features

All pool designs can be divided into two large groups: stationary and temporary. Stationary includes all structures partially or completely dug into the ground, which cannot be moved without destruction. The bowls of such pools are made of monolithic concrete, brick; sometimes concrete blocks are used in construction. They can use a polymer liner (plastic bowl) or provide waterproofing with a film or coating waterproofing materials.

The initial stage of construction of a stationary pool

Temporary pools - this is mainly inflatable and frame. They differ in that they are installed in the spring, and in the fall, curl up and hide.

Which pool for a summer residence is better? If you are still not sure whether you need such an “attraction” on the site or not, buy the cheapest and fastest mounted: inflatable.He holds water at the expense of an inflated ring. The disadvantage of such a pool is not the greatest depth: 1.2 meters together with the sides - this is its limit.

But, if you are for the kids, then you can’t better imagine, and adults can “hang” on the wall and relax after a “rest” in the country. Depending on the quality and intensity of use, he will be able to serve from a couple of years to four to five.

Even in an inflatable more or less comfortable, you can relax and adult

A bit more expensive and a bit more difficult to install a frame pool. It already has a frame in the form of pipes, on which a special film in the form of a bowl is hung. The depth of such a pool is up to 1.8 m.

Fixed pools - this is for those who have decided that he just needs a pool in the country. Design and maintenance are not cheap. First, the foundation pit digs, then a monolithic slab is poured, the second stage is the construction of walls. Measures are needed to waterproof the walls outside - so that underground and melt water does not penetrate the bowl. Following is the insulation of the walls. If this is not done, heating the water will be problematic. After this, a set of measures for waterproofing the walls inside the bowl begins, and then - finishing work.

The large pool needs constant care

But the finished bowl is not the whole stationary pool. It is necessary to clean the water: leaves, dust and debris pour into it, bacteria and algae multiply. To bring water into order, a pump, a filter system, chemicals, and also means for “scooping out” leaves and sediment from the bottom are needed. Part of the equipment is also needed for servicing the temporary pool, but since the volumes are smaller, you can often get by with manual cleaning or replacing the water, or you can use improvised means. And if in a stationary pool at least 5-6 tons of water (this is a small bowl 2 * 3 with a depth of 1.4 meters), then even to clean such a volume manually is problematic.

Prefabricated frame pool

If you leave something dangerous on the site, you can buy another design. It’s just a rack system and a film liner hung on it. It looks like a pool like in the photo below, it is never buried, but installed on top.

Prefabricated frame pool

Although in the photo he’s just standing on the lawn, it’s not worth repeating this “feat”. Besides the fact that the lawn turns into a dirty mess, the soil draws all the heat. The swimming season with such an installation is extremely short. Moreover, even in the heat in the morning the water is cold, children can swim only in the afternoon. In general, it is better to make an insulated flooring under the pool. Its device does not take much time and money, but the use of the pool is much more convenient.

The beginning is the same as described: digging a pit. Its depth is about 20-25 cm. First, crushed stone is poured into the foundation pit with a layer of 10 cm, it is well rammed. Lay out geotestil. He will not let sand and gravel mix. On top of it is sand, which is also tamped. You can already install a pool on the sand, but this is also not the best option. sand is lugging around the cottage, and they like to go to it ... cats. Therefore, it is better to lay at least homemade concrete slabs, paving slabs on top, sprinkle with pebbles, as in the photo.

Sprinkle pebbles around the perimeter to make it easier to walk, and the sand is not worn around the site

You can also bring down a shield from wooden boards, but the boards should be sanded and treated with antibacterial impregnation. You can use KDP - wood-polymer composite. They certainly do not rot and are not afraid of cold water. On such a basis, you can put a pool. But in this case (except for the wooden platform) it will be difficult to warm up the water.

Pool on a wooden base

Insulation required. This is a minimum of 10 cm of EPS, laid under the bottom and covered with geotextiles - as a temporary option. For a permanent insulated platform, a deeper pit is required: increase the depth by 15 cm.The sequence of layers is: crushed stone, geotextile, sand - 10 cm, EPSP - 10 cm, geotextile, sand - 5 cm, paving slabs or slabs.

Do-it-yourself installation and assembly of the frame pool in the country.

Having chosen the model you like, you should carefully read the assembly instructions. The next step will be the determination with the most suitable place - it should be smooth and sunny. Then you need to decide what the structure will be installed on, from which source it will be filled with water, and where it will then merge.

Before installing the pool, marking is carried out in accordance with its dimensions. At the selected location, the turf layer is removed, the surface is leveled and covered with sand.

The prepared site is covered with wood or plastic flooring (mainly PVC film) and then with a polystyrene foam layer.

Next, a special canvas is included, which is included in the configuration of the pool, and the structure itself is mounted on it.

The pool is installed in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer. The cup plate should be spread in the sun for warming up - this will make installation more convenient. When assembling the frame and the bowl in a single design, you need to check the position of the slots provided for the nozzles.

Next, the created artificial pond must be filled with water, while smoothing the liner and preventing the formation of wrinkles. Upon completion of the installation of the tank, a filtration system is installed and checked for leaks.

Then, the pump filter is installed in the specially provided openings. Its cartridge needs to be cleaned or replaced every few days.

Summing up, we can say that the frame pool, characterized by strength and durability, is exactly the place where you want to get on a sultry summer day.

Inflatable pool in the country

On the same basis put inflatable pools. Only they are installed quite simply: take the pump and start pumping up the ring. When it is filled with air, water begins to fill in. The ring gradually pops up, raising the edges of the pool. When the entire wall is aligned, we can assume that the pool is installed.

How to install a frame pool

For many people, the phrase summer vacation is associated with the sea, or at least some kind of pond. Today, almost everyone can organize such a vacation on their personal plot. How to install a frame pool? Do you need preparatory work or special skills?

  • What are the pools, a brief overview of the structures
  • The advantages of frame structures, why choose them?
  • Basic site requirements
  • How to make a site with your own hands, step by step instructions
  • Podium instead of a platform
  • Installation and assembly
  • How to dig a pool into the ground
  • What is better to put a frame pool

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Plastic pool: DIY installation

The easiest way is to make a stationary outdoor pool in the country - from a plastic or composite (fiberglass) liner: a finished cast bowl. This is one of the easiest ways to make a stationary pool in the country or near the house. Under it digs a foundation pit in which it is installed. One of the installation options is in the photo report.

Purchased plastic pool bowl

The size of the selected plastic bowl is 183 * 415 * 140 cm. The shape chosen is the simplest - for easier installation. It all started in the layout of the site under the pit. The bowl was turned upside down, outlined, added 5 cm to the boards (planned to be installed in a wooden frame). So they nailed the pegs, pulled the twine, and began to dig.

The beginning of land work

It was decided to leave part of the board outside, because the depth of the pit is 1 meter. A layer of sand about 15 cm is poured on the bottom, everything is flooded with water to compact the substrate.

Sand is poured, water is flooded

As the water leaves, the sand dries up, boards of the dimensions of the pit are knocked down from a 2.5 cm thick board.A beam of 50 * 50 mm was used as a frame; it was also launched along the top of the shields. The upper edge of the plastic bowl was attached to this beam.

All boards are treated with an antiseptic for direct contact with the soil. The manufacturer promises 10 years without rot ...

Shields installed in the pit

When all the walls were assembled and fixed, they inserted a bowl inside. The bottom fell tight, the height was calculated correctly.

We inserted a plastic bowl inside

Along the perimeter of the pool there should be a side made of reinforced concrete. To tighten the bowl with concrete, corners are installed around the perimeter. They are attached to the beam and the edge of the bowl through, with stainless bolts and nuts.

We fix the corners around the perimeter of the pool

So that when working, the plastic does not “walk” the edges, grab it with a clamp.

The clamp fixes the position of the bowl when attaching the corners

Armature is attached to the installed corners. Used 15 mm, put 4 rods: two on top and bottom. Knitted with a special wire.

Reinforcing side reinforcement belt

Along the perimeter, formwork is installed. First, sand was poured under the reinforcement, therefore external shields were installed. The inside of the board is covered with a dense film, so that it is easier to remove the formwork. Mortgages are also installed: overflow pipes. They will be taken out of the pool and will protect the bowl from overflow.

Formwork and drain pipe

Before pouring concrete, they began to fill the bowl with water. It is imperative that concrete does not crush it. At the same time, the gaps remaining between the walls of the bowl and the wooden frame were sprinkled with sand. It turns out that the bowl is locked in its best position. When it is almost full, they poured concrete into the formwork, processed it with a vibrator to increase strength and uniformity.

Four days later, the formwork was removed. The side turned 40 cm wide and the same height. Next, we begin to prepare the basis for the decoration of the adjacent territory.

On the one hand I had to pour sand, on the other, to remove a little soil

Since the plot is slightly sloping, on the one hand I had to remove the soil. Sand is poured and tamped along the perimeter. A ruberoid is rolled out on a leveled surface.

Roofing material laid on leveled ground around the pool

Another layer of sand was poured on it, into which paving slabs were laid. The gaps between the tiles are also sprinkled with sand.

There is still sand on top of the roofing material

Paving slabs laid

So that foliage does not fall into the pool, debris and other contaminants do not fall, a polycarbonate greenhouse is bought, assembled and installed as a shelter for the pool. It turned out that it is very convenient: warm and light.

Outside is a greenhouse))

Only it needs to be fixed firmly, a strong wind pushed forward. Had to adjust. The pool in the country is operated in the winter, but only after the bath - the ice hole is cut down)). For winter, empty bottles with a screwed cap are thrown into the water. When water freezes, they serve as a damper, taking most of the ice load on themselves.

This is a DIY pool in the country

And until late fall we bathe and just like that, we just installed a water heating system to make it more or less comfortable.

What are the pools, a brief overview of the structures

Today there is a huge variety of various designs. Each of them is suitable only for certain conditions.

They are mainly divided into:

  • inflatable. These are the simplest ponds. They are not difficult to carry, and assembly is not at all difficult. You can install the pool on any solid, flat, horizontal surface,
  • wireframe. Middle segment. They are universal, since on the one hand they are much stronger than inflatable ones, and on the other hand they are easy to move. Usually made of a durable frame, on which a sealed film is stretched. They, in turn, are divided into two types: seasonal, all-weather. The first are installed only in the summer, the second can be left to winter on the site, as they are made of more durable materials,
  • stationary. These are monolithic structures that are installed once for 15-20 years. Often, their installation requires special equipment. They can be placed both on the site and indoors.

Inflatable pool in the country

The advantages of frame structures, why choose them?

Each of the types described above has its advantages.

The advantages of frame structures:

  • ease of assembly
  • low cost
  • it’s easy to drain and pour water (and this will have to be done 2-3 times a week),
  • does not require very complicated care,
  • the kit usually includes all the necessary components,

Install a frame pool in the country is for those who plan to use it often, or want to fully swim. The dimensions of such models in length can reach 10 meters. For those who plan to use it only from time to time, or want to bring joy to children, an inflatable option is quite suitable.

How to choose a frame pool? If the reservoir will be used by young children, then the recommended depth is 0.5-1 meter, if adults are -1.5 meters, for jumping you need to choose a structure 2 meters deep.

Wood frame pool

According to the type of assembly, they are divided into rod and sheet. The rods consist of metal rods that are combined into a hoop that pulls the film. The remaining rods serve as backups. Sheet metal consists of one or more sheets of metal that serve as the walls of the future pool. They are fixed with fasteners and metal spacers. The film is also stretched to the top. The second option is more reliable.

Economy option: banner pool

If you need an express version of the pool at minimal cost - you can do with a thick film. For example, an old banner. Dense fabric is used for them, and you can buy an old one at sheer pennies. If you need a pool in the garden - this is exactly the material: the costs are minimal.

So, armed with a banner, we dig a pit, which in size is much smaller than the canvas.

We lay out the banner in the pit

In the dug pit we put the film, straighten. A small pit was dug for the sample: suddenly it would not like it. Since the banners, still old, have laid down two. The second also tried to straighten out.

The second banner was placed on top

So that the edges of the film were not blown away by the wind, they were pressed with bricks and a hose was thrown so that water would accumulate.

While water was gathering, around the "bowl" a little earth was poured under the film, forming the sides. They were bricked.

While water was gathering, the edges were pressed with bricks

Left the "pool" bask in the sun. Three hours later, they tested. I liked the result. It was decided to expand the "swimming" part.

Tests of the pool in the country

This, of course, is not a great option, but you can refresh yourself. It took 2 hours to “build”. The main thing is to dig a pit. And further - a matter of several tens of minutes. In the photo below, the same idea, implemented on a larger scale. They bought the film for pools and soldered two pieces to make a more voluminous “sea”.

Larger film pool

Here, by the way, are several country pools from improvised materials: a bucket from an excavator and a tremendous tire.

Long-life pool in the country - it's easy))

Basic site requirements

Although frame structures are used temporarily, a properly prepared pool area is crucial.

Primary requirements:

  • There should not be any bumps in the area. Of course, few areas meet these requirements, so you will need to manually remove the topsoil and compact it,
  • base for frame pool need to be cleaned of garbage, stones, tree roots, hard or sharp objects,
  • pool area should not be very close to living quarters. This will protect buildings from possible flooding if something goes wrong,
  • do not place the pond under the trees. The roots can perforate the film, and various debris will pour from the trees themselves into the water.

Pool Instructions

After determining the location of the stationary pool at the summer cottage, it is necessary to draw a plan with the wiring of communications and the exact dimensions of the structure, as well as the layout of the equipment for circulation and water treatment.

It is impossible to dig a pit without prior planning and marking on the ground. This is a time-consuming task, from throwing several times from place to place large volumes of soil the desire to build something with your own hands will disappear for a long time.

30 centimeters more than the dimensions of the bowl created in it are dug into the depth of the pit. This space is filled with a sand cushion and a layer of waterproofing on top, for the device of which you can use geotextiles or roofing material.

The waterproofing must be laid with a continuous sheet. Bitumen roll materials are overlapped and combined by welding with a polypropylene torch or gluing with a suitable mastic. Geotextile sheets are glued with double-sided tape.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions on how to do the waterproofing of the pool with your own hands.

Photo of country pools

To protect the water from debris you need a canopy over the pool

You can make flooring around the pool

Inflatable pool - a great option for children

Another option for a polycarbonate pool shelter. Built according to the same methodology as arbors

Plastic liner can be round

The inflatable pool can also be buried, leaving only a ring on top

Folding canopy is also convenient

The bowl can be placed outside by making a frame for it

How to make a site with your own hands, step by step instructions

How to make a platform for the pool:

  • First you need to do the markup. The size of the plot should be on each side 30-40 cm larger than the size of the reservoir. We drive in pegs
  • remove all plants, remove the topsoil. How to go deep into the earth is up to you. But, the base more than 1.5 meters in depth must be poured with concrete,
  • we fill the cleaned area with sand (about 15 cm). It must be tamped evenly,
  • lay out a special substrate. Propylene or geotextiles are suitable for this purpose. This will protect the bottom of the pond. Usually it is included in the basic package.

How to install an inflatable pool in an uneven area? Just follow the instructions above.

Frame pool area

Podium instead of a platform

In order not to spoil the site, you can not dig out the base, but make a platform. This option is allowed for small frame structures and inflatable. Usually they are made of wooden boards or panels.

How to make a platform for the pool from the flooring:

  • knock down boards at least 3 centimeters thick,
  • on the tamped area at the same distance we lay out thick bars that will serve as supports,
  • install the flooring on top. We fasten it to the bars,
  • round off the edges and grind.

All boards need to be coated with working off, or other protective agent from water. Even with the most careful use of the pool, a sea of ​​spray is guaranteed.

How to dig a pool into the ground

If you put the frame pool in the recess, we will add strength to the whole structure.

For this:

  • we dig a hole in all directions wider than the construction by half a meter,
  • we seal the walls of the pit with brick,
  • we fill the bottom with sand and fill it with concrete,
  • we lay a layer of insulation.

If groundwater is located very close, drainage should be done. Although the process of digging in the pool is rather laborious, this is required for some models.

What is better to put a frame pool

What else can be used as a basis:

  • PVC film
  • unnecessary linoleum,
  • building substrate or insulation.

You can use as a basis almost everything that comes to mind.However, remember that the reliability and durability of your pond depend on the foundation for 90%.


How to assemble a frame pool? Assembly or installation of the pool must be carried out in accordance with the attached instructions from the manufacturer. Should be prepared in advance a set of keys with a set of screwdrivers and hexagons, a clerical knife, as well as an adjustable wrench for number three. Installation of the structure should be carried out in quiet, calm weather. The cup package attached to the pool by the factory should be unfolded and laid out under the sun so that it warms up. In this case, there will be less wrinkles, which will greatly simplify its installation.

When a sheet is being installed, it is important to check the location of the holes for the nozzles. They should not get on racks. Inside the pool, the geotextile material needs to be strengthened with tape to the walls. Next, the package is carefully entered into the installed frame and then hung on the wall. Do not try to mount it right away around the perimeter as a whole.

It is necessary to place the hose and begin to fill the container, while gradually straightening the liner and preventing the formation of any wrinkles on it. For a better fit of the material to the frame, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner, pumping out the air mass through the hole for the nozzle, while pre-scotching the cut-out intended for the skimmer. Further, as the water fills, the filtration system is assembled. Now, to check the system for leaks, turn it on and verify the opposite.

After the frame pool is installed, occurs filter pump installation. There are special holes for this purpose. Such an element is equipped with a replaceable cartridge, which must be changed (cleaned) after a certain number of days. When the pump is operating in the pool, no one should be in order not to get an electric shock.

Video about assembling a rectangular frame pool in the country with your own hands.

And here is a video instruction on how to properly install and assemble the Intex pool.

Installation on wood flooring

When installing flooring from boards under the pool, one should take into account its configuration, which, as a rule, is curved, taking into account a number of points, such as:

  • wooden logs must be mounted at intervals of up to 50 cm, and supports should be installed between each other at a distance of 75 cm,
  • when laying wooden boards on concrete poles, do not forget to lay waterproofing,
  • the boards should not be sawn off exactly to the size of the structure, however their ends hanging above the water should not be longer than 25 cm,
  • the beam must be etched with an antiseptic,
  • boards that are closer to the shore and may come in direct contact with the soil must be isolated.

Preparing to install the pool

Most models of frame pools are designed for the use of primitive assembly operations that do not require additional construction equipment. For the smallest users, a round model of three meters in diameter and wall height no higher than the growth of the smallest of future users is quite suitable.

Such models are extremely easy to assemble, their installation, as a rule, is carried out in several stages:

  1. Choosing a place in the country for installation, marking and preparing the sole of the platform for the pool,
  2. Stretching the "tissue body" in a prepared place at the cottage, installing the frame's power elements and joining in one design,
  3. Supply and drainage hoses, filter connection and filling the tank with water,
  4. Check for stability and structural strength of the frame.

Therefore, often the owners of pools acquire a more powerful and expensive model. It is worth asking the most reliable and effective filter models.

Pros and Cons of the Frame Pool

Such systems are very diverse.Their depth can reach up to 2-3 m, the length of the sides up to 10 m. This is due to structural features. Each model is equipped with a frame made of metal sheets or rods, a bowl of plastic. The supporting elements are firmly fixed to each other. Then a film is attached to them. It can be two or three layer polyvinyl chloride or single polyester.


Prefabricated monolithic systems. They are designed for permanent installation in one place. Dismantling and subsequent assembly are not intended. Made of composites or durable plastic. They withstand low temperatures, even frosts. When installed, they are sometimes buried in order to protect from the damaging effects of the cold. Manufacturers claim that this is unnecessary.

If serviced correctly, the tank will last at least 15 years. Stationary products most often have an expanded complete set. Their price is higher than that of other types of frames. Sometimes the manufacturer suggests using a buried stationary tank in winter as a skating rink. This is specified in the technical documentation.

Testing the site for a frame pool in the country

The most complex and scrupulous operation in installing the product in the country is the marking and layout of a quality site for the tank. Most of the difficulties are associated with the need to find a free place in the country with a surface slope of no more than 5 degrees. The best choice for the bottom support is considered to be a planned concrete platform, which can withstand water pressure on the surface without precipitation, shifts and "quiet" sliding.

Rate the selected site in terms of ease of use in the country. At the beginning of the alignment, it is necessary to cut the turf and grass to a depth of at least 12-15 cm according to the layout. Process the site with a margin of 60-70 cm to the side of the dimensions of the future bottom of the pool. The perimeter is covered with sand, but it is better to lay non-slip tiles.

Use pegs and a polypropylene cord to tighten the contour of the future design. Using the building level, adjust the horizontal position of each thread of the stretched cord. Next, on the light bar, set aside the desired 150 mm and use it as a template when removing soil. It is very convenient to control the horizontality of a dug pit using a similar bar and a stretched cord.

If the soil is clay, the surface should be sprinkled with large slag in a layer thickness of 3 cm and compacted with a manual tamper. Next, a layer of dry sand is applied and carefully compacted and leveled using a two-meter bar and a building level.

Often in the country they plan a season until the middle of the first Indian summer. Therefore, regardless of the availability of opportunities to heat water or not, it should be decided how easier it is to warm the frame pool in the country. Most often, in the base, under the bottom of the structure, a polystyrene heat-insulating plate with a thickness of 20-25 mm is laid.


The frame is composed of horizontally and vertically directed rods. They form stiffeners. Fastened with sleeves on a vinyl cover. Such a system is very easy to assemble, but applies only to tanks of shallow depth. Rod models have a limited margin of safety.

They are operated only in the warm season. For the winter dismantle. The film container needs to be replaced approximately once a season. If necessary, the pool is easy to move to another place. Dismantling and subsequent installation is quick. The price of bar products is the lowest of all frames.

Features of the assembly of round frame structures

The main power element of the round frame pool is the upper power ring or hoop. Almost always, a solid frame base of the pool is assembled from individual arcs threaded through the fabric hinges of the sides and connected by T-shaped tees.At the junction points of the tees and arcuate frame sections, there are holes for mounting pins. It is convenient and reliable. The absence of threaded or clamp connections in the frame basis allows you to quickly assemble a pool without using an additional tool.

In the process of assembling the frame upper ring of the pool, be sure to check the fit of all structural elements, if there are complaints about the strength of the arc, it is better not to use it, and replace the pool with a new one according to the complaint. This is easier than tormenting at a cottage with a leaking tank.

The assembled frame ring rests on the uprights. Each T-piece in the kit is offered one vertical stand with a plastic support pad, patch, worn on the bottom end of the stand.

After assembling the round frame pool, do not forget to install the nozzle head and select fitting located a short distance from each other, approximately at the height of the middle of the side. In addition, the pool must be equipped with a drain valve, it must also be checked and installed. To facilitate installation, the mating surfaces of the parts are lubricated with liquid soap.


The second name is leafy. They got their name due to the presence of plastic or metal modules in the form of sheets. They are fixed to each other by bolt or lock joints. In this way, a solid frame is assembled. A plastic cover is pulled over it, fastened with special fittings.

The design is much stronger than the rod. Depth and size of the bowl are different. Among the sectional tanks there are multi-season ones that do not need to be cleaned in the cold season. But for the most part these are still seasonal designs. They are strong enough with a sturdy frame. This makes their maintenance easier.

The choice of a frame pool for a summer residence is determined by the goal - what is it for? Will only children splash in it, if so, then what age. Or family bathing is planned. You need to know where to install it. Is there enough free space for a large structure. Having determined the approximate dimensions and configuration, you can go to the store.

Choose shape and size

The assortment of wireframe models is very wide. The minimum length of the side of the tank is 0.6 m, the maximum is 10 m. The depth varies from 0.5 to 2.5-3 m. You can find a small bowl for babies and a tank for bathing a large family. The standard shape of the wireframe is a circle. There are rectangles and ovals. Asymmetric containers of complex shapes are produced. Their price, respectively, is higher.

Some manufacturers produce hydromassage systems. They are equipped with several nozzles through which air and water are supplied. As a rule, such models can accommodate no more than two people. The size of the reservoir is often determined by the free area where it is supposed to be installed. So, for a small cottage, optimal tanks with a depth of about 1.5 m are optimal. They are compact, but at the same time quite roomy. They bathe children and adults.

We determine the installation method

The installation method may depend on which frame pool is better to choose. There are two options.

  • Installation on a prepared site. The site is poured with concrete or at least well rammed. It should be as even as possible. In this way, seasonal tanks of small depth are set.
  • Installation in the pit. Suitable for frost-resistant sheet and standard systems. Their depth can reach 3 m. The method is time-consuming, but the result is a full bowl. It is made out, taking into account the features of landscape design.

Installation of a square or rectangular frame pool

Assembling a non-circular frame pool at the cottage is more complicated, and requires accuracy and the exact order of work with the frame base.Unlike the previous design, in most cases for rectangular varieties additionally use support stands, driven into the ground. In this way, it is possible to tension the power frame elements and provide acceptable stability of the base.

If the soil in the country under the stakes to be hammered is very soft, not reinforced by the roots of grass and turf, additional reinforcement of the stakes will be necessary. At the place where the stake is driven by a shovel, we dig a hole on a bayonet wide and a half in depth. We put a stake or stand in the pit, and the remaining space is densely filled with broken brick or stone, which can be found in the country. Gently pour on top of the ground or sand.

Often in a rectangular frame structure, a system of arcs and power belts are used, passed under the bottom of the pool. In this case, it is necessary to mark and prepare the places for laying such belt belts so that after assembly and filling the pool with water, they will not damage the installed thermal insulation of the bottom.

To increase the rigidity of the sides, frame inserts made of sheet plastic are used, they are inserted into special pockets inside the fabric and are interlocked with each other and the vertical racks of the pool.

For the largest frame pools, they often use a frame structure with external rigid walls. Often in this case, a specialist from the seller company is involved in the assembly at the cottage. In addition to the fabric base, in this design there is an upper hard belt assembled from individual individual elements.

A similar lower belt is assembled and laid in the pool base from the outside of the structure. Between the upper and lower belts, plastic sheets of the outer frame side are installed and fixed in special grooves. Sometimes the board can be made not from separate sheets, but in the form of a roll of material unwound around the perimeter of the frame.

We look at a complete set

It is good if the kit includes everything that is necessary for normal operation. Otherwise, you will have to buy all the necessary accessories. Almost always there is a filter cartridge for water treatment. True, it does not always work efficiently. You have to additionally buy a sand or any other filter. Some models are equipped with a skimmer.

The device is designed to clean the surface of the water. It draws large contaminants from the surface like leaves, grass, etc. It is preferable to design with two nozzles, where one is responsible for water intake, the second for its discharge. The complete set includes a ladder, a container underlay, a pump, hoses, a plastic cover, used as a soft cover.


The most expensive and simplest models can vary in price by an order of magnitude, but the pleasure for children will be proportionate to the conditions of rest in the country. Therefore, you should not build a pool in half of the cottage, it is expensive and inconvenient. For children, the round version of the frame pool is ideal, which is easy to take along on the road or remove as unnecessary.

No. 1. Advantages and disadvantages

A frame pool, as the name suggests, consists of a frame and a polyvinyl chloride bowl. The frame can be rod or sheet, its individual elements are firmly fixed to each other, after which a bowl is attached to them. The latter, as a rule, is made of two layers of vinyl and one layer of polyester, is characterized by high strength and can easily withstand up to 50 tons of water, so frame pools can be of a decent size and not inferior to the level of comfort to stationary analogues.

The main advantages of the frame pool:

  • resistance to mechanical damage,
  • resistance to temperature extremes, frosts and sunshine,
  • decent life, especially in comparison with inflatable pools. With proper care, the wireframe model will last about 10 years,
  • a wide variety of shapes and sizes,
  • not the highest price
  • relative ease of transportation and installation. Depending on the skill and size of the pool, installation will take from 1 hour to 2 days,
  • Most models can be moved from one place to another.

Among disadvantages note only the difficulty of installing additional equipment. If you still can not decide which pool is better, frame or inflatable, answer your question, for what purposes, mainly, will the design be used. For children under 7 years old, an inflatable pool will be ideal, and for a complete family vacation it is better to choose a frame, if, of course, you have certain means.

No. 2. Frame type

Prefabricated frame pools, depending on the design features, can be divided into the following types:

  • pivotal. The frame is made of vertical and horizontal stiffeners. Vertical racks are threaded through special sleeves on a vinyl cover, horizontal bars are attached to them. The design is simple and quick to assemble, but it is used mainly for pools of not very great depth,
  • sectional or sheet. The frame is assembled from metal or plastic modules, which are fixed to each other by a locking connection or bolts, a PVC cover is pulled inside, which is fastened thanks to special fittings. Such pools turn out to be stronger and more durable, they are easier to clean.

As a general summary, a few words about frame fixed pools. These are monolithic structures that are made of plastic or composite materials. They are designed for a permanent installation site, serve about 15 years, subject to appropriate care.

No. 3. Seasonal and frost-resistant frame pools

Depending on the possibility of using frame pools in the winter, they are divided into seasonal and frost-resistant (all-weather), sometimes stationary structures are allocated into a separate group.

Seasonal frame pools Designed for use only in the summer and in the fall are subject to disassembly. This is a good option for those who do not want to organize the preparation of the pool for the "wintering". Such pools are different low price and lightweight frame. In most cases, the PVC film will have to be changed every season, since such constructions usually use not very thick material, consisting of two layers of polyvinyl chloride, and it is damaged by jumping, swinging and other active games. The set for seasonal pools rarely includes everything you need.

Frost resistant frame pools They are distinguished by a more durable reinforced frame and a thick film, due to which the design can easily tolerate prolonged exposure to negative temperatures. There is an opinion that it is better to bury multi-season structures in the ground, but manufacturers unanimously declare that such pools will survive more than one winter, being located above the ground. The package includes almost all the necessary equipment for pool maintenance. Among the main the benefits high strength, no need to disassemble the structure before every winter, as well as decent durability (up to 15 years). On the other hand, you will have to very carefully choose a place to install the pool, because you are unlikely to move it later. Such designs will cost much more than seasonal and will require special preparation for the winter. As a bonus - the ability to use such a pool as a skating rink in the cold season, at least the manufacturers promise it.

Not very wide, but still represented in the market stationary prefabricated pools. They are assembled from the source elements only once, it will not be possible to disassemble the pool, therefore they approach the installation site with all responsibility.The frame is usually made of sheets of galvanized steel with a plastic coating, and the PVC bowl is impressive in thickness. Such structures are suitable for arranging very large pools, durability - about 15 years.

Number 4. The method of mounting a frame pool

According to the installation method, frame pools for summer cottages are:

  • located on the surface of the earthpre-compacted or pre-cast in concrete. So most often they install seasonal folding structures of a small size,
  • located in a specially dug pit. This option is only suitable for frost-resistant pools, mainly sheet construction. Arrangement will require some large expenditures and efforts, but in the end you will get a full-fledged pool, the depth of which can reach 2-3 m if you wish. Another advantage is the ability to fit the pool into any style of landscape design, because the bumpers and the adjacent territory with garden paths can be designed as decorate with flowers and complement garden furniture. It turns out an excellent recreation area.

The choice in favor of a particular installation method is made depending on the seasonality of the use of the structure, as well as taking into account the area allocated for the pool and the means for arrangement.

No. 5. Size and shape of the frame pool

The size of the frame pool is selected based on the area of ​​the site and the number of people who will bathe. From what is on sale today, it’s easy to find a suitable option: length ranges from 3 to 10 m and more, width - from 1 to 5 m, depth - from 0.5 to 2-3 m. The most popular bowl shape - round, also available in oval and rectangular designs, asymmetric pools can be found. The more complex the shape and the larger the size, the higher the price.

Compact frame pools with a depth of 1.5 m are perfect for a small area of ​​6-12 acres. Large pools will look good on spacious summer cottages. If the pond is equipped only for children, then a fairly small option is suitable, since there will be no need for extra depth, and for a family holiday it is better to choose a more spacious pool, but, of course, within the existing area. Again, for children under 6-7 years old, it is better to take an inflatable pool.

On sale today even hydromassage pools are presented, which differ by the presence of nozzles, they supply water and air bubbles. As a rule, such designs are designed for a maximum of two.

No. 6. Where to put the frame pool

It is not enough just to find a good frame pool - you also need to choose a suitable place on the site for its installation. This is a guarantee of a long service life. It is better to place a pond near the source of water supply (water supply or well) and not under the crowns of trees, which are a source of shade and debris. It is advisable that the pool be located in close proximity to the drain and the power source. Do not forget that at least a little free space should remain around the structure to provide access to the pool. Preference is given to flat areas, the slope angle of a maximum of 5 degrees.

Number 7. Frame pool equipment

Always pay attention to what is included in the pool package. As a rule, the manufacturer supplies a lot of accessories along with the frame and the PVC bowl - otherwise you will have to buy everything you need, so do not rush at too low a price. The kit, as a rule, includes a ladder, a substrate, a canopy, a pump and devices for cleaning and filtering water. Often, the manufacturer also encloses instructions for installing and maintaining the pool, and sometimes releases it in video format.

Number 8. Installation of the frame pool: the main stages

You can cope with the installation of the frame pool yourself - this is a key advantage over full-fledged stationary structures.To install large pools, you may need help from a partner. The process of installing a frame pool consists of the following stages:

  • foundation preparation. All stones, branches, sharp and hard objects are removed from the intended installation site, it is also advisable to completely get rid of grass and roots, which can damage the pool during its operation. It remains only to spread the litter, which is included or purchased separately. The pool, which will be used year-round, can be buried in the ground to the full height of the structure or partially. To do this, dig a pit, fill it with a layer of sand and gravel 15-20 cm thick and make a concrete pillow of the same thickness. It is desirable to strengthen the walls of the pit, for these purposes a brick is suitable,
  • frame assembly. The sheet frame for round and oval pools is simple enough to deploy, install on a selected surface, and then place the bowl in it. The sheet frame for square and rectangular pools is assembled from separate parts that are fixed with screws, the joints are treated with sealant. When assembling the core pool, you must first place vertical guides in the pockets of the vinyl cover, then install horizontal guides, and then connect them together. If the bottom is not concrete, and the soil on the site is loose, then under each support it is better to put a wooden block or paving slabs,
  • filter pump connection carried out according to the instructions, all hoses and other necessary elements must be included. Do not turn on the filter without water. To equip the frame pool using cartridge and sand filters. Paper cartridges will have to be changed 2-3 times a week, and special quartz sand - once every 3-5 years,
  • installation of stairs and filling the pool with water.

No. 9. Frame pool care: cleaning and wintering

The main care for the pool is to keep it clean. Without special filtering equipment, crystal clear water after a week of use will turn into a foul-smelling liquid, dangerous for swimming.

To filter water in a frame pool, you must use:

  • filter pump, which eliminates mechanical pollution, is usually included.
  • skimmercleaning the surface of the water from mechanical impurities,
  • nets and brushes for catching large debris and cleaning walls,
  • chemicals, without which it will not be possible to maintain the bacteriological purity of water. Some models are equipped with filter pumps. chlorine generatorworking on ordinary table salt. In this case, additional processing is minimal and comes down only to the use of disinfectants. In all other cases, the use of special chemistry is indispensable. The necessary substances are sold in sets, and their use is reduced to control the level of acidity and the addition of chlorine-containing components. To dissolve solids, a special float is used, which is often combined with a thermometer.

Another important issue is preparing the pool for winter:

  • seasonal designs disassembled, all elements are thoroughly washed (pay special attention to the water line), thoroughly dried and stored in winter in a room with a plus temperature. The instructions should indicate how to correctly fold all the elements for long-term storage,
  • all season designs can also be disassembled, but more often they are left for the winter on the site - the final decision is made depending on the climatic characteristics of the region. If in the cold season the temperature drops below -25 0 C, then experts recommend disassembling even all-season pools. In other cases, spend conservation (owners of stationary frame pools cannot do without it). Preparatory work begins at temperatures 13-15 0 C.It is necessary to drain part of the water, leaving a little in the bowl so that the soil does not damage the structure. This is followed by cleaning the walls, chemical treatment of water, washing equipment and the uniform distribution of plastic bottles or cans in the water. Now it remains only to cover the pool with a frost-resistant awning and wait for the next bathing season.

No. 10. The best manufacturers of frame pools

The name of the manufacturer is a kind of quality guarantee. By the way, large companies offer a very real guarantee on their products, so it is better to give preference when choosing their products. Insignificant savings when buying dubious products can eventually turn sideways, and you can’t buy a new pool for the saved amount. Trust is better trusted pool manufacturers, among which:

  • Intex - The world leader in the production of inflatable and frame pools. The company was founded in 1964 in Los Angeles, today factories are located around the world, and products are sold in hundreds of countries. The assortment of frame pools is huge, you can find models of different sizes, but all of them are of the highest quality and affordable price,
  • Bestway - A Chinese company, whose assortment of frame pools is also considerable. All of them are made of triple reinforced film, and the frame is reliably protected from corrosion. Prices are average
  • Uni pool - A German company with 40 years of history. It produces higher quality frame pools, specializing in sheet models. German quality has always been in price, so Uni Pools will cost more than Intex or Bestway,
  • Azuro - a good Czech manufacturer, which pays attention to every detail, so the frame pools are high-quality and durable,
  • Atlantic pool - Canadian-made pools, which are now in demand in 90 countries. All models are equipped with a sand filter (it is better than usual on paper cartridges) and a skimmer, almost all structures are frost-resistant,
  • SunnyPool - a German company whose pools are not very widespread in the domestic market, but are still in demand among those who are willing to pay for the highest quality,
  • Krulland - Another German manufacturer, in the assortment of pools of different sizes and shapes, the maximum depth is 2 m.

Given all these recommendations, everyone can find the perfect frame pool for their summer cottage.

Recommendations for arrangement

The materials used in the manufacture are resistant to mechanical stress and water.

In extreme heat in the sun, the polypropylene walls and bottom may begin to “float”. This material has a tendency to expand at high temperatures. As a result, the surface of the bowl goes slightly in waves. However, when the midday hell subsides, she regains her form.

Unlike polypropylene, composite fiberglass is more resistant to heat, but also costs much more than the first option. Otherwise, they are almost identical in characteristics. Installation of basin bowls from them is also carried out according to the same technology.

The device at the dacha of the pool of these materials is as follows:

  1. At the bottom of the pit, a concrete slab with a thickness of 25-30 cm from a mortar with a cement grade of at least M300 is poured as the base.
  2. After installing the bowl, the communications and reinforcement layer are mounted from steel or fiberglass rods with a cross section of 6-8 mm.
  3. Spacers are installed inside the bath, and it is partially filled with water.
  4. The space between the side of the bowl and the wall of the pit is filled with concrete mortar.
  5. After concrete hardening, the edge of the pool is arranged and the surrounding area is decorated.

Another option for arranging a polypropylene pool is the use of sheets of this polymer material with a thickness of 8 mm or more.

In this case, the cup can be created of any size and shape. The main thing here is to correctly connect the sheets by welding.To do this, you will need to purchase or rent a special welding extruder and hot air gun.

If the cottage is located in a cold region, then pipes in the ground, walls and the bottom of the bowl are recommended to be insulated with polystyrene foam several centimeters thick before pouring concrete in case of poor-quality drainage of water from the system before conservation.

However, thermal insulation cannot be considered a measure that unconditionally protects the polymer walls and underground pipelines from breakthroughs when water freezes. It is better to completely free the system from it before wintering.

Which company to choose a frame pool

A kind of guarantee is the name of the manufacturer. Well-known companies value their reputation. They monitor the quality of products, give a guarantee on it. No need to try to get momentary benefits, buy a very cheap product from an unknown company. The joy of shopping may soon turn into disappointment. Have to buy a new thing. The money saved is not enough. Here is a list of well-established manufacturers.


The company appeared in the middle of the last century in Los Angeles. Its plants operate in different countries of the world. The brand lineup includes small children's bowls and full-sized designs for adults. Intex products feature is an affordable price combined with high quality. The company produces carcass frames. In addition, it produces all the accessories necessary for them: pumps, stairs, etc. There are no problems with the repair, selection and replacement of consumables.


Chinese manufacturer operating in the middle price segment. All of its products are equipped with containers of reinforced three-layer PVC film. This increases the strength of the tank, simplifies maintenance, and extends the service life. In the range there are no expensive exclusive models. The brand is counting on the middle class. Spare parts and consumables can always be found on sale.

Atlantic pool

Canadian company. Its products are sold in more than 90 countries. It produces mainly multi-season designs, there are very few summer ones. Each model is equipped with a sand filter. They purify water much better than paper cartridges. In addition, a skimmer is required.

Choosing the right frame pool is easy. The solution will tell you the area where the bowl will be installed. In accordance with its dimensions, the volume, type, method of installation of the structure is determined. After that, it remains to choose the appropriate model in the store. Put her and enjoy the coolness of the water in the strongest heat.

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