Curls for short hair

  • July 22, 2018
  • Hairstyles
  • Anna Mordosova

The best way to become the owner of a stylish hairstyle is to make curls for short hair. This is a simple and universal technique that helps to be effective in any situation, whether it is an evening in the home circle or a solemn event. What types of provocative curls are especially popular today?

Fashionable waves for hair

Current trends in fashion and style offer the following selection of current curly hairstyles:

  • loose light curls - flowing and careless,
  • elastic small curls with the speaking name "curl-corkscrew",
  • Afro-curls - a large number of small spirals,
  • zigzag - original curls of a broken type,
  • the effect of wet curls - styling with a large amount of gel,
  • chemistry - a lot of small curls with a large basal volume,
  • doll hairstyle - large spirals of thick strands.

Here is such a rich choice. And beautiful, and spectacular, and affordable. He wound it, took it off, laid it down. What could be simpler and at the same time more complicated? After all, this length implies the presence of great skill and ability to masterfully handle naughty ringlets. Any professional will cope with this task with several movements of dexterous hands.

And what about the creation of curls on short hair at home? This is not always easy, but you can learn to control your own, even not very pliable locks if you wish. Consider the traditional ways to create curls on short hair in-house.

Curling iron - girlfriend for stylish curls

Before styling, apply a special gel or mousse to the hair, protecting it from exposure to high temperatures. Next, we proceed according to the following algorithm:

  • we divide all the hair into layers of approximately the same thickness, which will give the hairstyle additional volume and splendor,
  • we remove the upper ones with the help of hair clips, since it is better to start the procedure from the lower hair,
  • wrap the selected strands onto the curling iron and hold it in this form for 10-20 seconds - the time will depend on how small curls you want to get for short hair,
  • after processing each curl, the entire hair is slightly beaten with hands and covered with a layer of varnish.

You should remember one important detail: if you want to get very small curls, then the diameter of the tool should be no more than 2.5 centimeters. In the case of creating a luxurious hairstyle from light curls on short hair, preference should be given to a curling iron with a thickness of at least 5 centimeters.

The iron here is not a friend

In the art of creating perfect curls, ironing is significantly inferior to a curling iron. It is convenient for them to twist the ends, but in order to process the hair along the entire length, experience and real skill are required. Often, only a professional can handle this. However, it’s worth practicing. The main thing to remember is that between the approaches, the treated strand should cool down properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of severely injuring the hair.

Using this tool, you can create original curls of a zigzag shape. The process will take very little time, and the result will not leave indifferent people next to the owner of such an unusual hairstyle.

It is necessary to prepare a hairbrush, hair clips, mousse or gel for fixing and, of course, the iron itself. First, cut the foil into small pieces, based on the length of the hair. Then we select curls of arbitrary thickness depending on the desired result. We cover each strand with foil and distribute it in the form of a zigzag on the ironing plate. Next, hold the rectifier for 1-2 minutes. We unfold the foil, give the desired look to the hair and admire the resulting haircut.

A good styler fixed everything

Styler is a multifunctional tool for creating stylish hairstyles. With it, you can make both curls for very short hair, and long luxurious curls. It is also useful when straightening, corrugating, forming a pile and additional splendor.

This versatile helper can replace a hair dryer and comb. When choosing it, you should pay attention to the professional version with a wide variety of nozzles. Such a tool will not damage the hair and will be a great help in creating a daily look.

Curlers are always needed

The traditional way to make curls on short hair is to wind them on curlers. This method has passed the test of time and has established itself as one of the best options for luxurious curls. In connection with a large selection of the proposed models, it is necessary to remember several important nuances:

  • Velcro curlers are ideal for short strands.
  • But papillots are better not to use in this case.
  • And foam models are wiser to bypass. There are too many problems with them.

Thermal curlers remain the leaders. Convenient accessories for curls for short hair and luxurious hair from long curls that do their job in just 10 minutes. Such a convenient express option will help out in any force majeure situation.

Brush and hair dryer - the eternal tandem

For styling complex asymmetric hairstyles, a hairdryer and a round brush are ideal. With their help, it is easy to twist curls on very short hair. In addition, using these tools, you can create a romantic image in a short time by adding to it a pinch of playfulness due to flying air curls.

But what should you do if you don’t have any of these tools at hand, and you need to make curls in the very near future. The secret is that this hairstyle is so simple and affordable that it can be styled without special equipment using improvised tools, and sometimes even without them. You can simply wind the strands in the usual way. Our grandmothers used to make homemade paper curlers for this purpose.

Curl on the finger

Despite the outward simplicity of this method, it is a very effective way of making even ordered spirals from hair, which allows you to control the receipt of curls of the desired volume and size. It is enough to wind the necessary amount of hair onto the finger, fix it with varnish, and then wait for it to dry completely. Similarly, you can create playful curls even on very short hair, which the curling iron and styler will not be able to handle.

Patchwork Curls

Not always women were spoiled by such a variety of tools - assistants to create a luxurious hairstyle. Therefore, the beautiful ladies had no choice but to involve in the guidance of beauty everything that came to hand. Shreds of fabric, representing strips of a width of 3-5 cm, became such improvised means.

To obtain the proper result, it is necessary to apply gel or mousse to wet strands of arbitrary thickness, and then twist each strand into a tight curl, moving from bottom to top. It is important to constantly ensure that the curl is even, otherwise the desired curls will be sticking out in different directions, and it will no longer be possible to give such a hairstyle to the aesthetic.

In addition, it will be more convenient to use such homemade curlers before bedtime, so that the hair dries naturally. For convenience, you can put on a head scarf or a hat for the shower. It remains in the morning to separate the dried strands with your fingers and fix the hairdo with varnish.

Invisible Assistants

An affordable and economical option for turning short straight hair into small elastic coils is simple invisibility. The method is as follows:

  • The selected strands are wound on the finger in the direction of the roots.
  • The resulting spiral is fixed by invisibility.
  • Each fixed strand is varnished.
  • After an hour, the invisibles are removed, and the resulting curls are slightly knocked off by the fingers.

Wet hair effect

The easiest and fastest way to create light curls on short hair. We cover wet hair with a special foam. Then intensively rubbing their hands. Repeat until completely dry. As a result, we observe an incredible volume and romantic undulation.

What types of curls are preferable

Curls on short hair are appropriate for everyday hairstyles, and for holiday styling. They make facial features softer and more tender, give a romantic image, and hairstyle grooming and chic. Consider how to curl short hair beautifully and how to choose a way to wrap a certain haircut.

A fashionable short pixie haircut can decorate styling with not cool curls or a wavy volume at the crown. For a pixie, a short nape and whiskey are characteristic, but the hair remains authentic on top, a “cap”. Delicate soft curls will add charm and diversify the usual styling.

Bob-car will benefit from spectacular curls that emphasize the contours of the face. Curls will add volume, beauty and flirty to the hairstyle, which will more than pay for the time spent on styling.

A square with curls looks very attractive, voluminous, stylish. The multilayer structure of the haircut allows the curls to be located in the right direction and helps to maintain a beautiful shape. Curls on a square with an extension also look great, you can simulate different hairstyles, adjusting the curl. Such haircuts will suit tall, slender girls.

Two principles can be followed here: the higher the growth, the longer it is possible to make a square and the second - the thinner and thinner the face, the shorter the haircut should be. It is also important to know how to lay the caret in waves, so that it looks neat and gives the hairstyle completeness. You can also make afro curls on a long square, with the appropriate type of face it will be a winning styling.

Also, modern fashionistas like to make curls on a square with bangs.

What types of curls are preferable depending on the shape of the face:

  1. For girls with an elongated oval face, it is preferable to make light curls of a round shape, rather large in size.
  2. If the face itself is round, then beautiful curls for short hair in this case will be as small as possible in size.
  3. To emphasize the cheekbones and oval of the face, it is possible to choose a short bean or brown bean haircut and make embossed or soft curls with voluminous roots.
  4. Light curls for short hair in asymmetric haircuts will look impressive and gentle.
  5. Ladies with a diamond-shaped face will fit curls on their side or on an elongated square.
  6. The finely curly curls on the square can afford the owner of a regular, oval face. Young women with large features, who chose large curls for short locks, can be advised to do a noticeable rich makeup.

Attention! To create curls for short hair at home, everyone can afford it, it only takes time and some skill.

Types of curls

Similar hairstyles are different depending on the shape, size and method of creating curls. Most often, women opt for large or small curls - they are easy to make even without special means, they look spectacular and are suitable for special occasions. With such a hairstyle, a long selection of clothes and accessories is not required.

Fashion trends offer to try and unusual types:

  • Afro-curls (many small elastic spirals),
  • corkscrew curl (with elastic curls),
  • careless curls (flowing light waves),
  • zigzag (broken curls),
  • the effect of chemistry (imitation of the popular in the 90s curling method with a basal volume and a lot of curls),
  • doll hairstyle (created from thick curled strands),
  • the effect of wet hair (achieved through abundant use of the gel).

Basic rules and curling tips

How to wind curls on short hair to get a neat elegant hairstyle or how to make light waves for a short haircut - these are the questions that arise for girls who want to diversify boring hairstyles or change their image to a more gentle, playful and romantic.

Preparation is important. To create an effective styling, it is necessary to apply styling products and observe some rules:

  1. Wash hair well with a suitable shampoo, dry slightly.
  2. Apply selected styling agent.
  3. Suitable spray, mousse or other styling. It is worth remembering that sprays and other strongly fixing compositions make hair heavier, especially with heavy application, therefore it is better to choose formulations of medium or light fixation and do not overdo it with the amount.An overview of tools for creating and fixing curls at home can be found on our website.
  4. When using mousse or foam, they must be applied in the palm of your hand and distributed along the length, without missing the basal areas.
  5. This is followed by the process of wrapping or styling. Curlers, an iron, a hair dryer, brushing, perm with the help of special compounds, etc. can be used.

When using hot methods, even a light curl on short hair with frequent use can damage the hair. therefore it is necessary to use thermal protective gels, mousses. Another “secret” - you need to let the curls cool down, then even small curls on short hair will look bold and neat. If you comb them or try to lay them hot, they will bloom and lose their entire appearance.

To be happy with your curly hair, you need to choose the right size for a curler, curler or other device for wrapping. If you are not sure that very small or large curls on the square will do, then it is better to try the average curl.

Tip. Many do not have time to constantly wind the hair, then you can do a biowave. She is suitable even for short hair with bangs.

7 life hacks for curly hairstyles

When you look at the photo of light curls on short hair, it seems that to achieve the same effect in reality is easy. However, not all so simple. You need to know a few nuances, which we will discuss below.

  • To create additional volume, make curls of different sizes. This effect can be achieved by changing the degree of thickness of the strands in the process of winding them.
  • Fixing agents should be used very metered to make the hair look natural.
  • Using curlers before bedtime, it is better to put a hat or scarf on your head so as not to disturb the hair structure.
  • In the absence of a special mousse or gel, they can be replaced with ordinary beer.
  • Ready curls can not be combed, otherwise you will have to start all over again. To fluff curls or raise them at the roots, it is enough to slightly disassemble them with your fingers.
  • Curly hair must be combed with a massage brush with rare teeth or a wooden scallop.
  • Also, such hair is very confused. Special sprays for easy combing will solve the problem.

It turns out that with short hair you can come up with countless options and styles, changing the image literally every day. Choose what you like. Try, experiment, invent your own style and way of giving playful curls depending on the situation. Let them become a reflection of your mood, the same flying, air-vanilla and mischievous.

And remember that salon procedures give a longer effect, but at the same time severely injure your hair. Therefore, give preference to home options for creating curly hairstyles, using one of the methods proposed here.

Hairdryer and brushing

The most common and easiest way to transform straight hair is to use a hairdryer with special nozzles and brushing. They are used to create curls for medium and long hair.

To evenly curl your hair, it is recommended to divide it into even sections - the easiest way to do this is with invisible or hair clips.The waving is done in stages - the strands are combed, twisted onto the brush (away from the face), the hairdryer does not completely adhere to the comb and is located at an angle of 45-50 degrees. The strand must be kept taut so that the hair is not tangled in the process.

To obtain light curls, two combing from the roots to the tips is enough, to obtain spiral and large curls it will take up to 5 times. After using the hair dryer, allow the hair to cool, then fix the result with varnish.


Curls for short hair can be made not only in special salons or hairdressers, but also at home. After all, it does not take much time. And special skills are not needed. To do this, it is enough to have at hand the necessary tools that you can buy at any household appliance store, as well as follow some rules.

  • To create any curls, you must first wash your hair, and then apply a special balm, thanks to which the hair will be not only softer, but also supple.
  • Then you need to apply a fixing agent. For normal hair, it is gel, and for thin and very rare - mousse.
  • When styling short hair is done with curlers, the first must be wet. In addition, natural drying takes a long time. Therefore, they must be wound either at night, or use a hairdryer.

If used for curling irons or curling irons, the hair must be dry. Before styling, you must apply any protective equipment to prevent brittle hair. You also need to remember that with this method of twisting the curls, you must definitely let them cool. Otherwise, they will unwind and become straight.

However, not everyone has time for daily styling, therefore, resorting to long-term curls.

  • Chemistry can last for six months and will be relatively cheap. But most often after such procedures, the hair becomes thin, brittle and requires a long recovery.
  • Carving acts on the hair structure more sparingly, but lasts no longer than 1-2 months. In addition, this curl is suitable only for girls with thin hair.
  • Biowave a little more expensive, but it lasts longer - up to 5 months. In addition, curls are more springy and beautiful.

In any case, after frequent styling, care must be taken to improve the condition of your hair. They should be regularly fed with various means, and also given them a “vacation” for some time.

Types of Curls

Curls can be completely different, not only in shape, but also in size.

  • Beautiful Hollywood waves. For starters, a simple classic styling is done, while the strands should be the same in size. Such hairstyles are suitable for special occasions and for ordinary days.

  • Light delicate curls in the Brazilian style. Very often they are called African. To make such curls is not difficult even at home, for this, ordinary hairpins are enough. The hair is wound on them in the form of a figure of eight and after a while, it blooms.

  • Big curls can be done using various means. It can be both curlers and a curling iron.

  • Textural spiral curls. You can make them using special curlers or using a curling iron with a special nozzle.

  • Sloppy curls can be obtained by using an iron or a regular hair dryer with a special nozzle-diffuser.

  • Curls vertical obtained due to the fact that the hair is twisted perpendicular to the parting, and the tongs are kept only in an upright position.

  • Curls are horizontal are obtained not only tighter, but also more voluminous.

How to create different curls

Before wrapping short strands, it is necessary to prepare tools and tools.

You will need:

  • ordinary rare comb
  • a hairbrush with a thin handle
  • round brush.

Accessories for wrapping to choose from:

  • curling iron
  • hair dryer
  • styling styling,
  • thermal protection for hot styling,
  • clips, hair clips.

How to choose?

In order for the hairstyle to look not only stylish, but also fit a certain type of face, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the rules for choosing it.

Curly curls are most suitable for girls who have blond or red hair. However, this does not mean that others need to abandon them.

But for girls with an elongated type of face, light curly curls are more suitable. They must be larger.

Those who have a round face shape, curls need to choose smaller. For women with perfect features, you can try to emphasize them with embossed or soft and wavy locks. At the same time, they must be made more voluminous.

For those with thin and dark hair, you can try to make an asymmetrical haircut with light and delicate locks. Ladies with a diamond-shaped face need to do side styling or try an elongated caret.

How to make at home?

You can make beautiful and curly hair yourself without even leaving your home. To curl short strands, you can use various devices:

  • curling iron with different nozzles,
  • curlers of various sizes,
  • ironing
  • hair dryer
  • other improvised means.

Beautiful curls on short hair ironed

Look ironically at someone who will say that short hair cannot be styled in a beautiful evening hairstyle. If the girl has a short hairstyle, this does not mean that she can not be transformed into a bright romantic version, giving femininity and playfulness to straight lines and sections of curls.

Styling on short hair is a task that can be dealt with in a matter of minutes, and you will look like the queen of the ball. The main thing is to choose the right and simple option, because it is precisely in the ease of execution that the potential for elegance is hidden.

If you are going to a celebration or a frivolous mood has descended and you want something like that, then make curls. This will instantly transform and fill with an extraordinary charm everyday or weekend image.

Before you talk about how to wind your hair with an iron, let's pay attention to the devices that will be needed for this, as well as temperature and hourly indicators:

  1. Ironing. Choose a device for winding curls made of ceramic, teflon, tourmaline or titanium.
  2. Width of laying plates for short hair, not large - 2–4 cm. Elastic and small curls will be obtained if you take an ironing less than 3 cm.
  3. Heating iron choose individually. It depends on the property of the hair: the thicker the curls, the more strands, the higher the temperature (minimum - 180 ° C, maximum - 230 ° C).
  4. Time. The exposure time of the iron depends on the quality of the curls: 5 seconds are enough for a light waviness, up to 10 seconds for curls.

In addition, prepare heat-protective hair care products that preserve the structure of the hair. It can be a choice:

To maintain the shape of curls, use hairspray or hair powder.

Before starting the procedure, be sure to:

  1. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply thermal protective agent.

Using the ironing, you can create curls on a square of various types: curls, beach waves, large curls and light curls. Consider how to wind the hair in each of these versions:

  • Curls with volume do this:
  1. Separate the cap area and stab the hair at the crown with a hairpin.
  2. Preheat the iron.
  3. Divide the hair of the lower part into strands 5–7 cm wide.
  4. Smooth the strand from top to bottom by pulling it slightly. Pinch the tip with an iron, wind the curls from the middle up. After each curl, turn the iron around the axis.
  5. Repeat with the top. Apply varnish to the roots of each strand.

  • Vertical curls It will turn out if you hold the iron vertically. Otherwise, the technology is identical.
  • Beach waves or curls form as follows:
  1. Divide the hair into strands. Determine the width and thickness individually. The thinner the strands, the more magnificent the hairstyle. On average, strands up to 5 cm look spectacular.
  2. Twist each strand with a tourniquet and iron it from top to bottom. Leave the ends straight.
  3. Spread the curls with your hands and fix with powder or styling.
  • Light curls Ironing is easy to create using this technology:
  1. Separate the locks, wind on a finger. Gently pull the hair off your finger. They form a roller. Secure it with studs.
  2. Warm this roller with an iron, remove the hairpin and apply the fixer.

In this way, even very thin hair can be added volume and light waves.

These simple tips will help you create an unrivaled and original look for both everyday outings and parties.

How to make curls without a curling iron at home

Many young ladies - owners of short haircuts - do not have ironing or curling irons, since such devices are rarely used. Everything is very simple: as practice shows, girls and women who do not have enough time to create complex styling daily are cut short. They are impressed by haircuts about which they say: “I shook my head - the styling is ready.”

However, if you need to create a beautiful evening look or want to emphasize tenderness, flirty, then the question is about curls. They can be made without special equipment, just remember the experience of grandmothers:

  • Hair curlers - an old and proven way.

Thermal curlers, foam rubber or plastic hollow curlers, Velcro or spiral can be used. Thermal curlers are wound hot on dried hair, the rest on wet hair.

  • Paper papillots - An effective and simple remedy that does not harm hair.

Here's how to make a chic hairstyle using papillots:

  1. Cut the moisture-proof paper into narrow strips, twist them into a tube and fix with tape.
  2. Wash your hair, dry it well and comb it.
  3. Separate the lock of the desired width and, moving from bottom to top, wind on a papillot.
  4. Fold the ends of the paper with a ring and, for reliability, fix it with an invisible one.

During the night, the hair will dry and get the desired shape. Using paper tows, make small curls and curls larger.

  • Braids. A method known to every schoolgirl.

Its implementation is elementary: wash the washed hair into braids, fix them at the ends with elastic bands. The smaller the braids, the more wavy hair you get in the morning.

A gentle and comfortable way that allows you to create beautiful and natural curls. It is easy to implement it:

  1. Use an old T-shirt or dishcloth. Tear them into long pieces. The wider the flap, the larger the curls.
  2. Separate the washed hair into locks.
  3. Twist them on a flap from bottom to top to the roots. Tie the ends of the cloth.
  4. In the morning, unwind the curls and separate by hand.
  • Gulki.

The essence of the method is to twist wet hair into small bumps, fix them with hairpins. It remains only to dissolve and straighten the curls with your hands.

  • With the help of invisibility and styling.

The method they are talking about is: "Cheap and cheerful." Do this:

  1. Wash and dried hair, wrap it on your fingers.
  2. Remove from the finger and fix the twisted locks with hair spray.
  3. Varnish and walk for about 15 minutes. Repeat styling.
  4. Take out the studs or invisibility and loosen the nodules.
  • Using foam can create the effect of wet hair.

To do this, apply styling foam to wet hair, rinse your hair with your hands until it dries completely. Light waves will appear on the strands.

  • Hairdryer and brushing.

It is easy to give a slight wavy hair during styling. For this, a special comb is enough - brushing and a hairdryer.

Screw the strand onto the brush and dry it with a hairdryer in this position, loosen and straighten it with your hands. For a lasting effect, use fixing agents.

These options will make stylish and fashionable styling for short hair.

A short hairstyle is not a reason to abandon experiments. Give the image a twist and make beautiful curls. It can be large and small curls, careless undulation. You can fulfill your plan thanks to hairdressing devices and improvised means.

And how do you make curls for short hair?

Simple ways

In addition to using various devices or curlers, you can use pigtails. It will be enough just to braid wet hair in two or more braids and go to bed with them. The next morning you will get stunning curls that can not be distinguished from real curls. In addition, such a hairstyle can look great without bangs, and with it.

You can wind your hair on rags, and on ribbons, and on ordinary hairpins. You can also wet hair simply twist into small bundles, and then fasten them with rubber bands or hairpins.

You can use ropes to create zigzag strands. To do this, you need to divide the hair into several parts, and then tie each of them with a rope. After it must be woven into a braid, and then twisted to either side.

Hairstyles Options

Short curly hair is perfect for creating stylish evening hairstyles and options for every day. To cope with them, it is not necessary to run to a salon or a hairdresser, just read the step-by-step instructions for creating some styling. After that, it will be easy to cope with any amount of hair.

Almost all hairstyles with curls make girls or women more romantic, and also soften their facial features.

On every day

If the girl is in a hurry to work and she does not have enough time for a long styling, you can just go with her hair loose, a little fluffing their hands. This is especially easy for curled girls.

It’s very easy to deal with styling such haircuts as pixies. This is a very short haircut and, it would seem, there is no place for curls. However, this is a wrong judgment. After all, only whiskey and a nape will be short in it, and the crown, on the contrary, will turn out to be a little longer. Therefore, light curls on the top will give the girl some charm and perfectly diversify the everyday look.


Such styling takes women a little more time than simple ones. Again, you can use loose hair, but they must be laid very carefully around the head so that they can be used to emphasize not only the beauty of the eyes, but also the features of the face.

It can be both small curls and larger curls, everything will depend on the chosen hairstyle, as well as on the shape of the face.

Now quite popular hairstyle called "beach curls." Make it easy and simple. It is enough to apply a little foam on the hair, and then wind it with an iron. Part of the hair can be carefully stabbed, and the rest can be dissolved. It is not necessary to make it with an iron, you can use a more gentle way, for example, to make flagella, before that, treating your hair with a styling tool.

Also returning to fashion and corrugation hairstyles, which are also used as an evening look. Make them easy - just comb your hair, apply a special tool, and then wind them using a curling iron with the appropriate nozzle.

But we must remember that after that the hair does not need to be combed, it is enough just to sprinkle with strong fixation varnish.

No need to bypass such a hairstyle as a square, which with curls looks not only stylish, but also more voluminous. Since the haircut is multi-layered, this allows you to distribute the strands in the right direction and maintain their shape. More elongated styling is more suitable for girls who have a beautiful and slim figure and high growth.

But for girls with delicate facial features, it is best to make a square as short as possible. Styling should be done in small waves, giving the haircut not only accuracy, but also completeness.

In addition, on the square you can try African curls, which will look beautiful on girls with a certain type of face.

Also, evening hairstyles include bob. Curls must necessarily look spectacular to emphasize the shape of the face. This will give the ladies a certain amount of flirtation, and their hairstyles a larger volume.

Not only women, but girls can have short hair. And it will be right if they at the festive event will have a beautiful hairstyle in waves, like their mother. For example, you can make them the same styling in retro style. To do this, you can use different means - and curling, and curlers. But you need to remember that the latter should only be soft so as not to injure thin children's hair and sensitive scalp during the girl’s sleep.

You can create beauty on any hair and it does not matter if they are made at home or in expensive salons. They just have to fit the ladies in style, face shape and hair color.

See how to create beautiful lokans using short hair ironing in the video below.

On the curlers

Types of curlers for short hair:

  • Thermo curlers Ideal for owners of short hairstyles, since with their help, curls can be curled very quickly and they will last for a long time.
  • Velcro curlers locks are well fixed thanks to small hooks, and their small weight allows you to wear them without any discomfort. But this option will not work if you have thin and brittle hair.
  • Foam tubes have a small diameter and will make curls even on the shortest strands. Another plus is that you can easily sleep with them.
  • Boomerangs - This is a type of foam rubber curlers, which inside has a small rod that allows you to bend it as you like.
  • Velor curlers are the safest for hair, according to stylists. They are arranged so that the curl is attached with a special wand.

Curling Method:

  1. Immediately before laying the strands, lightly moisten it with water and apply a styling agent.
  2. After that, you should divide the hairstyle into several sectors and remove the rest, leaving only one with which you will work.
  3. Next, take one strand and wind it evenly on the curlers from the tip to the roots.
  4. It is best to wind the strands at an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. Alternate the side into which the curls should be twisted. The strands that are closest to the face should go from him, and the next vice versa.
  6. When the strands are completely dry, curlers should be removed.
  7. After removing the curlers, do not immediately comb your hair. The hairstyle will last much longer if you comb them in about fifteen minutes after you remove the curlers.
  8. Finish your hairstyle by combing each curl with a comb with large teeth.

To the curling iron

Curling iron is a universal tool that can create beautiful elastic curls at any length. However, it should be borne in mind that for short strands, curling irons with a diameter of more than 19 mm should not be taken. Because there is not enough hair length for a large curling iron.

Also, for this method, it is necessary to prepare a hairstyle by applying thermal protection and a fixing agent to them.

After that, the hairstyle should be divided into two sectors - upper and lower. Curls begin to be laid from the bottom, fixing the top.

Further actions depend on what kind of effect you want to achieve.

The vertical technique creates light, small curls:

  1. From the entire part you need to separate the strand up to five centimeters wide, comb it thoroughly and pull it out at right angles.
  2. Before you wind the strand, you should warm it up by running a curling iron over the curl from root to tip.
  3. Next, wind the strand and hold it for at least five seconds.
  4. Carefully remove the curl and let it cool.

Horizontal technique creates curls with maximum curl:

  1. As in the vertical technique, all the strands need to be combed and warmed up.
  2. The curling iron should be held horizontally on the floor and, thus, twist strands.
  3. The tool is held for 5 to 10 seconds.

On the iron

  1. Ironing should be done on slightly damp locks, which must necessarily be treated with a heat-protective agent.
  2. Hair is divided into four parts.
  3. First, the curls are taken from the lower tier, and then from the upper one.
  4. A strand is taken and wound on an iron like a curling iron.
  5. Each curl is clamped for a maximum of ten seconds.
  6. The temperature on the iron is best set to 120 degrees, because a lower temperature will not curl the curls, and a lower one will adversely affect the structure.

For improvised means

It is not always possible to use curlers or electronics for curling, but this does not mean at all that these are the only ways to get beautiful curls.

Life hack selection:

  • Cocktail straw or pen. Apply to wet strands a tool that will help prolong the resistance of curls. Holding the strand by the tip, carefully and evenly wind it onto a straw or onto any small cylindrical object. Next, carefully pull out the straw and, holding the lock, attach it with invisibility to the head. Repeat with all hair. Dry your hair dryer or let them dry naturally. Remove the invisible and fix the curls with varnish.
Waving on cocktail straws
  • Waving hands. Wrap a small part of the hair on your finger and sprinkle it with varnish. The varnish should be with as much fixation as possible. Keep curls for two to three minutes. Another way to make curls with just hands and styling products is to apply the mousse or foam for the entire length, and then lightly apply styling. Thus, it will turn out easy styling with beach curls.
Waving on fingers
  • Fabric rim. Styling is best done before bedtime and remove the rim only in the morning. To put on a fabric rim with a width of one and a half centimeters on the head. Tuck wet hair into the rim in small strands. Then slightly pull the bezel up to raise the curls and add volume to the styling.
Curling hair onto a fabric headband
  • Waving with rags. Waving with cloths is good for creating small, elastic curls. For this method, small pieces of fabric will be needed. A separate strand from the tip is wound on a cloth and tied in a knot at the very roots.
Waving hair on rags

How to fix the result

In addition to a huge assortment of different styling fixation tools, you can also use home methods that are not inferior to professional ones.

When spinning strands instead of water, they can be moistened with beer. This is an excellent fixer, from which curls become elastic and hold their shape for a long time.

Also, the clamps can be replaced with gelatin solution. Dilute the gelatin in the ratio of one teaspoon to one glass of warm water. Then let it swell and then strain. Soak the strands with the resulting solution and wind.

The sugar solution also fixes the hair well. Just dissolve three teaspoons of sugar in a glass of warm water and apply on strands.



  • Basal. This type of chemical styling creates volume by lifting the hair at the roots. However, it quickly falls off when the hair begins to grow back. Therefore, curling short hair in the root zone should be chosen if the hair grows relatively slowly, so that the curl does not have to be done too often after cutting the length.
  • Waving at the tips. A very spectacular perm, which is especially suitable for people with short hairstyles. After it, the curls become more magnificent and retain their shape for a long time. This method is well suited for those whose strands are very rare and naughty, as this will add volume to the entire hairstyle.
  • Acid wave. Long-term styling, which retains its effect for up to six months, thanks to a special drug that penetrates the very depths of the strand and fixes it from the inside. The tool can help reduce the secretion of sebum, which will delight those whose hairstyles are prone to oily. But this method is not suitable for owners of thin hair, as it will make them even more brittle.

What can you do with short hair at home?

Before winding, be sure to wash your hair and apply mousse or styling gel.

  • If you use a curling iron, then you will get a wavy hairstyle, but not curls. You can quickly wind the curls on the Greek rim, or thermal hair curlers.
  • Another way is to twist the strands into tight bundles. Clamp them with invisibility, or with a hairpin. It turns out a certain undulation. We fix with varnish. Having previously sorted the curls with the fingers.
  • Playful curls will help to make a hairdryer with a nozzle if you dry your head in a chaotic manner in a hot mode. You can use the old method, wrapping on rags.

How to make curls: step by step instructions

How to make curls at home
: large, small, medium with the use of different styling devices (hair dryers, irons, curling iron), as well as without thermal appliances (night styling, hairpins, socks).

    Using various nozzles on the curling iron, you can make small and large waves, or just give a romantic volume.

  • We wash our hair, divide the hair into strands, smear with mousse and wind from head to ends.
  • Keep the curl in the curling iron for about 10 minutes.
  • Then we do the same with all the locks. If you have a long bang, we wind it with the very last, if short, then you can leave it straight.
  • To make large curls, take the nozzle thicker and wrap, holding the curling iron horizontally. And if you need spirals, then hold the curling iron vertically.

How to wind short hair into a curling iron, see the video below:

When using irons, I also wash and dry my hairapplying styling gel. The less we take the strand, the smaller the curls and the longer the hairstyle will hold.

  • We spin the strands starting from the nape, holding the irons parallel to the floor. You can twist the flagellum from the hair and press it with an iron, without touching the tips.
  • Disassemble the curls with your hands and fix with varnish.
  • For small curls, we take less curls, the temperature should not exceed 180 degrees, for brittle and depleted hair we lower the temperature.

Do not use curling appliances more than twice a week. After laying, apply restoring masks.

For more information on how to make curls an ironing for short hair, see the video below:

To create a hairstyle with a hairdryer, we need a diffuserthe shorter the hairstyle, the smaller the “fingers”.

  • We apply mousse on wet hair, put a strand in a diffuser and begin to dry.
  • We bring the hair dryer closer to the head, then we move it away.
  • Thus, we dry all the strands. At your discretion, you can fix the varnish.

See in more detail how to use the hairdryer and diffuser to make the “beach curls” styling, in the video below:

For nightly styling, you can use the Greek rim, or rags.

  • We dress the rim on the head and start from the face, we begin to wind the locks.
  • We take the next lock, twist the tips of the previous one into it.
  • Thus, we continue until we spin everything.
  • You can use rags, twisting each lock on it.
  • To curl "beach" curls , you need to apply foam on a wet head for styling and divide it into 6 strands.

    • First, twist in a tight tourniquet and secure with a hairpin.
    • Having laid everything, thus, we leave to dry on our own, without a hairdryer.
    • After drying, dissolve. Such styling is not fixed with varnish, we leave it as is.

    Another way to cheat.

    • We take the hairpin, insert it into the strand, closer to the head and wind the curl on it in the form of a figure eight.
    • The ends are fixed with an elastic band.
    • Leave to dry completely.
    • After drying, you will get "Latin American" curls.
  • For curls, you can also use a regular sock.

    • Cut off the tip of the sock and twist it into a kalach.
    • On wet hair we make a tail, fixing it with an elastic band.
    • We wrap the ends of the hair on a kalach turned out from the sock and twist it to the elastic.
    • Can be left overnight.
    • You can spin each lock on a separate sock and leave it overnight. Big waves come out.
  • Photo of wavy hairstyles

    How to use papillots?

    Papillots are curlers from foam rubber. The less we take the strand, the longer it will last.

    • Pre comb the hair.
    • Divide into locks.
    • We took the first one and brush it slightly at the roots, take a papillot and start twisting from the tips to the roots, inside. At the root we fix (collapse). After curling all the hair, hold for about 1 hour.

    Such a hairstyle will look good on thin hairbecause she gives volume. It is not recommended to break the curls with your hands, so they will quickly lose their appearance.

    To create even more volume.

    1. Pour the powder into your hands, rub and rub into the roots, in the place where you want to give more volume.
    2. In the evening, it is recommended to rinse the head thoroughly.
    3. If your hairstyle is not very short, you can wind the papillotki vertically. We put the papillot at the root of the hair and twist the hair around it from head to ends, holding it perpendicular to the floor.
    4. When untwisting, it is better to fix the hairstyle with varnish so that you do not stick out everything in different directions.

    How to apply styling?

    Types of styling: mousses, gels, foams, wax. They are applied to the head before winding. Some of them do not require daily shampooing.

    • Mousse and foam is applied to wet hair and gives volume to thin curls. With their help, you can also form curls.
    • The gel is applied from the middle of the hair, not the entire length. After applying them, it is advisable to wash your hair, otherwise the hair will lose its well-groomed appearance. It can be applied to both dry and wet hair.
    • Varnish is mainly used for fixing hairstyles. Girls with thick hair are better to use strong fixation, and if hair is sparse, weak fixation will be sufficient.
    • The powder is used more for short haircuts and it is applied only to the roots of the hair to give volume.
    • When laying on papillots, you can use beer or sugar with water, which will help create beautiful curls.

    Tips & Tricks

    1. If you wind your hair wet and wait until it dries on its own, it will last you all day.
    2. Use special styling products.
    3. Lock each curl.
    4. Night styling last longer.
    5. Pick funds for your hair type.

    To create your image, you don’t have to go to the salon, can do everything at home, sometimes even from improvised means. Experiment with your image, considering the hair structure and haircut!

    C using a curling iron

    We make curls with the help of a curling iron:

    1. The diameter of the curling iron is better to take no more than 18 mm, so that it is possible to screw the hairs onto the rod.
    2. We apply thermal protection and a fixative on the washed and dried head.
    3. Divide the hair into zones: upper and lower. We pin the top with clamps.
    4. We begin to wind from the lower, occipital part.
    5. Separate each strand, slightly warm it up, holding the curling iron along the entire length, then wind it and hold it for about 5 seconds.
    6. Gently release the curl from the tongs and be sure to let it cool.

    Using various curlers

    It is more convenient and easiest to get fashionable curls with the help of different curlers. Types of curlers suitable for short lengths:

    • Velcro curlers - good for short strands, they weigh little because small hooks provide good fixation,
    • thermal hair curlers - they will perfectly wind a short hair (should not be used often),
    • foam (small diameter) allow you to curl hair for a short length,
    • boomerangs have a flexible shaft inside, also suitable for the above haircuts.

    How to wind:

    1. Wet clean hair a little and apply styling composition.
    2. Divide the hair into zones, leave one, stab the rest with clamps.
    3. Comb each strand, wind evenly on curlers. The strands around the face wind from it, the following in the reverse order. You can alternate direction.
    4. Completely dry locks release accurately from curlers. But you do not need to comb or lay hair at once. It is better to wait 10-15 minutes, then the hairstyle will retain its appearance and beauty much longer.

    Note, the most suitable tool for styling is a comb with large teeth.

    Waves with ironing

    It is also not difficult to cope with such a curl, knowing some nuances:

    1. On a clean head of hair, we apply a retainer and thermal protection.
    2. We heat the iron up to 120 degrees (if it’s hotter, it is possible to damage the hair, and a cooler mode will not give a steady wrap).
    3. We divide the hair into four sectors. We start from the bottom.
    4. The strands are wound like a curling iron or if you need waves using a special nozzle.
    5. Each lock is kept on the iron for no more than 10 seconds, so as not to burn a strand.
    6. Curled curls should cool, then continue styling.

    Read more about curling with an iron:

    Types of Short Curls

    There is a huge amount curls on hair short length:

    • Hollywood waves
    • Brazilian curls
    • spiral
    • corkscrew,
    • zigzag (or broken curls),
    • careless ringlets
    • and many other species.

    The main thing is right choose the type of curl, so that the hairstyle not only harmonizes with the general image of the woman, but also brings her full satisfaction.

    Ways to create curls

    Before wrapping strands should arm with hairdressing tools, this is:

    • rare scallop
    • a comb with a long thin handle,
    • round brush
    • curling iron (regular or conical),
    • hair dryer with removable nozzle "diffuser",
    • hairdressing clips.

    Of the styling products you will need: foam or mousse modeling wax, spray for forming curls, medium fixation varnish, thermal protection for hot styling.

    Other methods

    Today, the trend is careless curls. You can get them, using a cone curling iron.

    • Clean wet hair with a massage brush.
    • Apply volumetric treatment to the root zone.
    • Lift the locks neck and crown brashing.
    • The bangs are dried according to the same principle without raising the roots.
    • Twist the ends inward, in the crown zone, pull the locks up.
    • Finish styling the varnish.

    Should get a little sloppy but always luxurious face.

    How to make curls for short hair without curling irons and curlers?

    There are simple tricks laying curls without curlers and curling irons. One of them is to give the hair a “beach” look. Spray a gel spray on wet hair that creates beach curls. Then walk a spray through all the hair, paying particular attention to the basal areas. Such a hairstyle will look gorgeous, if using a light fleece add her extra volume.

    You can use mousse to create the effect of "wet" curls. This tool creates an elastic wave, and also permanently consolidates the result.

    1. Make a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle. Set hot mode.
    2. To wash hair. Dry wet hair at the roots with a bath towel. The ends should remain wet.
    3. Treat the strands with a styling preparation (foam or mousse).
    4. Grab one lock with the “fingers” of the diffuser and twist slightly.
    5. Wound short hair blow dryconstantly crushing their hands.
    6. Also process the whole head.

    Distribute some wet wax all over the hair and mash it slightlyhaving formed the necessary volume.

    This video shows how to style short hair in several ways.

    Styling products

    The beauty industry offers styling products that able to curl any hair or emphasize the beauty of natural curls.

    Trend products include:

    • Matrix Curl Please - a composition that forms elastic curls, gives them shine,
    • OSIS Bouncy Curls - Oil Gel Used to create weightless strands. It has high durability
    • Taft "Secrets of hot styling" - spray thermal protection designed for hot styling. Protects hair from damage,
    • GHD Curl spray is a liquid that is used by experienced hairdressers. Helps shape curls on straight hair,
    • "Curls and curls" Wella Wellaflex - composition for laying wavy and curly curls. Forms curls even without curling irons and curlers,
    • Got2B “Running on the Waves” - a spray that helps to create stylish and light curls,
    • Got2B "Trap" - a foam for hair, which creates seductive locks, and also gives the hair extra splendor.

    Chemistry, carving, biowaving

    How to curl hair if there is no time to wind it every day on curlers or curling iron? Make a perm. She suitable even for short hair with a hook. Salon is divided into several types. The most popular are: ordinary chemistry, carving, biowaving.

    Chemistry has a plus - this waving lasts up to six months. Moreover, this is not an expensive procedure. But, penetrating the structure of the hair shaft, composition for chemistry changes it. Hair loses shinebecome tough and weak at the same time.

    Carving and biowaving are more gentle on hair than chemistry. However, there are differences between them. Biowave costs more than carving. Bio curl is more elastic than with carving, and lasts up to 5 months. The method allows you to achieve clearly modeled curls. This type of curl can be performed on weakened and damaged hair, which is unacceptable when carving.

    Carving (long-term styling) lasts a short time: 1.5–2 months. Moreover, carving is not suitable for all hair: it looks most profitable on thin ones. Often, in different areas of the head, strands are wound on different devices, these can be:

    • whooping cough
    • large curlers
    • spiral sticks
    • scooters
    • boomerangs,
    • and so forth

    Thanks to this technology, hairstyles with curls look neat and stylish.

    How to style short curls

    Curly-headed young ladies who love short hairstyles, it is better to choose the following haircut models:

    • “Bean” on a high leg with a curly hat,
    • "Garcon" with a long bang,
    • Fouet with increasing length from the parietal to the occipital,
    • "Square" with a shaved temple in an ensemble with a slanting bangs.

    Having the right base haircut, it is easy to lay short curls yourself. The easiest way to styling - the design of natural curls using hairdressing products.

    Gel applied to moisturized curls and not washed off. This tool tidies naughty curls. Sprayintended to create a wet effectdry hair is processed. The composition gives the curls a clear contour and a healthy shine. Mask for cool curls applied to freshly washed hair, washed off after 3 minutes. After that, the curly hock dries naturally.

    Thus, using the above tips, you can achieve amazing results. Your short curls will look attractive and stylish.

    This video shows how to style short hair at home.

    Useful Tips

    1. To give the hairstyle volume, use different sized curls. To do this, vary the thickness of the strands when wrapping or twisting the harnesses.
    2. It is better not to comb the curls, but to lift them at the roots with the help of varnish or carefully disassemble them with your fingers.
    3. Do not overdo it with styling products, then the hairstyle will look natural and spectacular.
    4. If you do not have special tools, you can use beer to fix curls.
    5. For combing curly hair, it is better to use wooden scallops or massage brushes with rare cloves.
    6. Curls are often confused, so tools for easy combing (spray balms) are useful.
    7. If you have curly hair and want to make curls, use conical curling irons and plaits for the night.
    8. Do not use strong fixation products even in wet weather.


    Curls are the easiest and most affordable way to transform the hairstyle. Various methods allow you to create curls for short hair - light waves or elastic coils, and additional care products help to keep styling for a long time.

    Use the appropriate method of creating curls and do not forget about protective equipment, so as not to harm the structure of the hair. Good luck

    Watch the video: 3 Ways to Curl SHORT Hair (March 2020).