No one will argue that today it is very important to look good. Celebrities and famous personalities have a double responsibility to look perfect at any time of the day, since they are almost always under the gunsight. Photoshop or not, and addicted people on the other side of the gloss find an insane amount of methods and means to at least look a bit like world stars who have left the catwalk. However, not everything is so rosy, and there are photos of stars without makeup on the network for a long time. Stars without makeup, photos before and after photos can shock you. Most of them do not even recognize. Some hide wide noses, rough facial features, and scruffy skin with rashes under a thick layer of makeup. In other words, appearances are deceiving.

Ksenia Sobchak

Only naturalness, only hardcore! It is with this slogan that we open our pop parade and begin, of course, with Ksenia Sobchak. The failed president simply loves to take natural selfies. Well, Ksenia always showed absolute disregard for people's opinions. Sobchak calls full fat-basses, but what would she call ugly?

Olga Buzova

At the dawn of her career, Olga Buzova was a pretty, tender blonde. And although the appearance of the inhabitant of “House 2” was always far from ideal, nevertheless there was something in this girl. In 2011, Olga's voice erupted, she began to develop a solo career and even announced her dream of getting a Grammy. The upgrade to which Buzova’s face was exposed is especially visible in photographs where she is without makeup. Olya, that with your face, fans began to ask the star. And yes, imagine they exist.

Alla Pugacheva

The Queen Mother of Russian show business, personally responsible for his fall into the abyss, is not shy about anyone. The network has many pictures in which the Diva poses without makeup. Alla Pugacheva herself states that the young husband instills in her confidence in natural beauty. Alla Borisovna, are you serious?

Anita Tsoi

Having acquired feminine forms, Anita Tsoi said that now she is completely satisfied with herself. Anita, we are sincerely happy for you, but could you at least a little make up?

Singer Nyusha often posts Instagram posts on Instagram that share the secrets of beauty. The singer calls sleep the main means in the struggle for beauty and youth. Now a young mother really looks great even with a minimal amount of makeup. But is it possible to recognize a luxurious pop diva in this ordinary girl?

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova also looks very young and fresh without makeup. It is known that she carefully cares for herself and in normal life does not use makeup, but gives the skin a "rest". Anna often posts natural selfies on social media. But did you pay attention to the singer’s face first of all in this photo?

Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva became the victim of an epidemic that robs the stars of the remnants of prudence. Last year, Natalya Vladimirovna congratulated women on March 8 in a somewhat strange way. Or maybe she’s right, and to hell with all this makeup? The main thing is naturalness! Tarzan's wife put on her hat with a pompom and stared at the iPhone camera with a blissful smile.

Irina Shayk

A few years ago, the whole world was shocked by the news that Cristiano Ronaldo was homosexual. While football fans wept with grief and shame, bookmakers accepted bets on who else of the football stars would come out with. And if Cristiano is really gay, then what was the reason for the change in his sexual orientation? Perhaps the natural beauty of Irina Shayk, with whom he had an affair?

Larisa Guzeeva

The TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva once impressed with her beauty. According to some reports, the actress used to abuse alcohol. And not only. Now Larisa advocates a healthy lifestyle and publishes photos without makeup. Yes, by the way, we still accept the wishes to look like her, we live to see her age.

Rosa Syabitova

Rosa Syabitova often gives vent to herself, discussing the external data of a particular bride. Rosalia, today we decided to walk in your appearance. The competent work of make-up artists, of course, makes you a real beauty, but without makeup you still better not to appear. The absence of lips, a huge nose and inexpressive eyes cannot be linked to such a bloated conceit.

Julia Baranovskaya

Julia Baranovskaya managed to survive the betrayal of Arshavin and make a successful career. The TV star skillfully emphasizes the virtues with makeup and hides the flaws. Yulina photos without makeup do not cause unpleasant emotions. However, having met this girl on the street, you would never have recognized her as a famous TV presenter.

Nastasya Samburskaya

I also want to d about of disgrace, said Nastasya Samburskaya, and published this photo on her Instagram. The self-irony and courage of Nastasya cannot but be given credit. As, however, and not to note that without makeup, the star looks quite worthy. You can not say about her behavior. The sharp temper of Nastasya has long been a parable in Yaz s shop, and Maxim Fadeev generally called her a boor.

Tatyana Dogileva

Not so long ago, actress Tatyana Dogileva struck the whole country, appearing on the Andrei Malakhov show. Insidious kilograms were deposited not only on the waist and hips of the actress, but also on her face. Photos without Tatiana’s makeup can be hung on the refrigerator! We are sure that for many ladies they will become an excellent motivator for not eating at night about mouths and do not drink soda.

Dakota Johnson

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The appearance of the “gray mouse” does not bother Dakota. This is understandable, because it was thanks to her that the girl got a role in the sensational movie "50 shades of gray." Make-up, like without makeup, this Hollywood star, too, can not be called the queen of beauty.

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Eva Mendes

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The star believes that beauty always comes from within. But Hollywood stars without makeup must definitely support her. Eve drinks 3 liters of water daily. She refused meat, which (she believes) significantly improved her skin condition.

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Kate Winslet

A few years ago, Hollywood movie idols agreed to star in for uh Fair threads in a very unusual way. Photos of the stars were not subjected to any processing, and the celebrities themselves did not apply a single gram of makeup.

Kate Winslet did not really amaze the fans, presenting in a natural way. In a photograph from a glossy magazine, although a very attractive, but still such an ordinary woman looked at them.

Sandra Bullock

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She does not look like a girl when she is not wearing makeup, but more often she flashes in front of cameras without makeup. Makeup by a Hollywood star is replaced by love for a black boy adopted in 2010 by the name of Luis Bardot.

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Natalie Portman

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She is at an age when Hollywood stars without makeup can afford to walk around at least around the clock. A celebrity almost never appears without makeup on the red carpet, which can not be said about everyday life. With makeup, the star always tries not to overdo it.

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Michael Jackson

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The star by his own example shows how it is not necessary for those who want to change themselves completely. Many foreign stars without makeup, like Jackson, were good in their youth. But over the years, Michael's face has lost its human appearance. The point is an obsessive desire to whiten skin color.

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Avril lavigne

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Without makeup, American star Avril Lavigne looks prettier and younger. Seeing it not made up, without daring makeup, we can safely say that the skin is perfect thanks to proper care. But at first it was an angular teenager in "conversions" and baggy clothes, often with not very clean skin.

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Natalia Oreiro

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Amateur photos demonstrate that the appearance of the actress, like any Hollywood star without makeup, is almost no different from ordinary people. Having met her on the street, few would understand that in front of him is a star beloved by many.

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Barbara Streisand

You can not be indifferent to Barbara Streisand, and this is true. The actress is either loved, calling her beauty, or laugh at her unusual appearance. And the fans may be outraged as much as you like, but with Barbara's natural photographs it’s quite possible to scare the naughty girls. Natasha, are you surfing the internet again? Come on quickly for the lessons, otherwise you will become like Barbara!

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Su and nt in ordinary life does not use makeup at all. The appearance of this actress is called androgynous, elven, or even alien. Tilda herself speaks of herself with humor, and notes that without makeup she looks like a man. But is it? The actress really has unusual facial features, but even without makeup she is very attractive.

Jennifer Aniston

To keep youth Jennifer Aniston eats exclusively placental chips. Ageless beauty from the sitcom "Friends" does not hesitate to appear without makeup. Despite the fact that the natural Jennifer is not as bright as in the films and on the covers of gloss, fans will not love her less.

Hollywood Celebrity

Hollywood stars are ardent admirers of hard contouring, as a result of which they visually become younger for several years, and their appearance becomes correct. In everyday life, representatives of the star elite rarely themselves correct their faces, as a result of which they often fall into the lenses of the paparazzi without their “weekend” make-up.

  • Dakota Johnson. The gray mouse from the “50 shades of gray” trilogy in life looks exactly the same as its on-screen heroine Anastacia Still. Light negligence in the hair and the complete absence of makeup does not scare Dakota at all, since perfect skin and good looks are its “trump cards”, which beautiful makeup only emphasizes.

  • Rihanna. Having met such a girl on the street, you certainly cannot recognize her as a world-class singer. Exotic appearance and attractive facial features even without makeup look excellent, and also do not require any additional photoshop processing.

  • Rita Ora. The singer and actress, who shines from the TV screens with bright and sexy images in life, looks very ordinary-looking and faded. Nevertheless, it is impossible even in such an image not to notice her attractive and very young appearance with perfect skin.

Singer and actress Rita Ora without makeup

  • Katie Holmes. The unsuccessful marriage and upbringing of a small and spoiled child pretty much influenced the 39-year-old Keti, and from a once beautiful girl turned her into a tortured housewife. Bruises and bags under the eyes are visible on the face, as well as obvious signs of aging, with which Tom Cruise's ex-wife now needs to fight actively.

  • Lady Gaga. Makeup is not only the highlight of Stephanie Germanotta, which everyone knows as Lady Gaga, but also a tool to hide a very unattractive appearance. Unlike other celebrities, she is absolutely not afraid to upload her photos without makeup and photoshop to social networks, thereby showing her “real self”.

  • Ashley greene. A stylish vampire from the Twilight movie saga doesn’t look so pretty in everyday life. Overly emaciated face, red nose, ears sticking out on the sides and pale, painful skin are Ashley's constant companions, because of which it is simply impossible to recognize her passing on the street.

  • Miley Cyrus. A shocking star who constantly shockes the audience with her antics and bright make-up in her life looks very cute and even feminine. Agree that in the attractive girl in the photo you don’t recognize the scandalous person she is.

  • Diana Krueger. Former 42-year-old model of European descent looks simply stunning even without a retouch. A beautiful face and a toned figure is the result of constant self-care, thanks to which Diana is now in high demand in world cinema.

  • Kim Kardashian. “Golden child” and just a socialite of a Hollywood party without makeup looks fresh and attractive. However, despite his oriental appearance and beautiful shape, Kim often uses very strict contouring, and does it herself.

Kim Kardashian is beautiful even without makeup

Interesting! Kim Kardashian became a trendsetter in contouring and also released a whole line of cosmetics to adjust the face under her own name.

  • Kate hudson. The actress, who has always been famous for her gorgeous figure, has not changed over the years and is not inferior in this to younger girls. But the face let us down. Exhausting shooting, two children and a considerable age affected the condition of the skin and appearance in general.

  • Lindsay Lohan. Earlier, a young and promising actress today looks much older than her 32-year-old. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs have done their job and turned the once-sexy beauty, who promises cinematography to a middle-aged woman tortured by life.

  • Dita Von Teese. But this is just the case when everyone’s favorite hands and bright red lipstick only spoil the appearance and make it somewhat awkward. For Dita, such an image is a “calling card”, without which she would hardly have become famous.

  • Pamela Anderson. Letters in their youth did not neglect bright makeup and Photoshop correction, so it is not surprising that now she can not do without it. Paparazzi still managed to take some rare photos without makeup, which show that even despite his 51-year-old age, the Hollywood sex diva looks no less impressive and stunning.

Domestic representatives of the star elite

Unlike Hollywood, Russian stars do not hesitate to appear on the street, beach and other public places without makeup. In addition, they still boldly expose their photos without photoshop processing on social networks, thereby demonstrating their real appearance.

  • Anna Semenovich. The ex-member of the group “Shiny” without makeup is completely different from the sex symbol that we are all so familiar with. As can be seen in the photo taken from her rest, Anya looks in life much younger than her years.

  • Valeria. Contemplating her photo, you certainly cannot say that Valeria is 50 years old. Despite the opinion of many that the famous singer often uses photoshop and can’t live without the services of makeup artists, she still managed to prove that this is completely wrong. Even in a photograph accidentally made on the phone, Valery looks very vital and is in no way inferior in attractiveness to her eldest daughter.

  • Svetlana Hodchenkova. One of the highest paid Russian actresses previously suffered from excess weight, which, thanks to endurance and patience, she managed to overcome. Today, she is absolutely not like that young lady whom she was before and looks much more interesting and feminine even without makeup.

  • Anfisa Chekhova. And who would have thought that Anfisa with always flawless white skin suffers from the appearance of pigmentation in the form of freckles. However, despite the fact that the TV presenter often resorted to using tonal means without them, she looks very young and even romantic.

  • Ani Lorak. A talented singer of Ukrainian origin quite rarely pleases us with a photo without a make-up. Nevertheless, even in such rare photographs, you can see that Carolina is not at all afraid of age and even without makeup she remains the same beauty.

  • Lolita Milyavskaya. At 55, Lolita without makeup doesn’t look “soft”. Saggy skin, obesity and a tired look do not prevent her from posing without makeup and thereby shocking the audience.

  • Christina Orbakaite. In addition to good heredity, Cristina often resorts to the services of cosmetologists, so she is not afraid to get into the lens of the paparazzi even without makeup.Beautiful, well-groomed and healthy skin, as well as attractive appearance allow Christina to appear in public without retouching, which she does.

In 2019, a lot of photo stars without makeup and subsequent processing by Photoshop “surfaced” on the Internet. From them we can make an unambiguous conclusion that some celebrities tirelessly work on their appearance, as a result of which they can even brag about their achievements on their own. But others cannot do without hard makeup and Photoshop, since real photos are significantly different from those that are offered to us after adjustment.

Stars without makeup before and after photos

Many world actresses complain that no one will recognize them without a layer of makeup on their faces, but they rarely appear in such an image. But not dormant paparazzi manage to capture the beauty of stars in any form. If you take into account the fact that the appearance of celebrities is their bread, then appearing in public without an appropriate make-up can threaten a career very much. Photo stars without makeup are a very common request on the network, and more often the townsfolk are disappointed to see their favorite or favorite in a different guise. Seeing a star becomes bad. A beautiful wrapper of stars and celebrities is far from always bad. And lay out the photo work of journalists.

Ann Hataway

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Ann's favorite remedies are masks, lip balm, moisturizer. The main secret of her beauty is a lot of water, the rejection of a tanning bed and bad habits (although sometimes you can drink some alcohol). Like many Hollywood stars without makeup, she looks good.

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Kendall jenner

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Like other American stars without makeup, she also often appears in public. The young model did not wait until the paparazzi caught her without makeup. She posted a photo without makeup on Instagram. The only news for fans is that Kendall has freckles.

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Lily Collins

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According to the tradition established at the beginning of the stellar career, the beauty in public appears exclusively with high-quality make-up. Paparazzi managed to take a photo of a celebrity without any makeup or with a minimum. It can be seen that the girl, like many other foreign actors without makeup, looks great.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

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In ordinary life, the actress causes slight bewilderment. How can this Hollywood star without makeup look less sexy and charming than on the screen? Let's be honest: it's difficult to call her beauty without makeup.

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Christie Brinkley

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Beauty rarely allows herself to appear in public without makeup, but the footage taken by the paparazzi confirms that she is always beautiful. Christie, like many Hollywood stars of the "old school," rarely goes without makeup even at home. The old school does not allow you to relax: a real supermodel should always prepare for the unexpected.

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Gwen Stefani

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Without an intricate hairstyle and makeup, this American star looks much younger, more tender, more feminine. She can even be called cute. Gwen carefully monitors himself, there are no deep wrinkles with loose skin, no marks after plastic surgery and excess weight, except that you can notice a little pallor and tiredness on the face.

p, blockquote 27,0,0,0,0 ->

Lana Del Rey

p, blockquote 28,0,0,0,0 ->

Professional makeup emphasizes the dignity of the girl, making them more visible, bright, but even without makeup, this foreign star does not lose its attractiveness. In ordinary life, she rarely uses makeup.

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Melanie Martinez

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The stage puppet-theater image implies a bright make-up, and Melanie, like many Hollywood stars without makeup, appears only in everyday life. In its natural form, it looks very cute. The eyes are expressive even without shadows, eyeliner, mascara. A face without makeup is even some kind of childish.

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Jennifer Lawrence

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Many American stars without makeup, like Lawrence, in the photographs of photographers are far from the image of a mysterious and seductive film star appearing on the red carpet of festivals and premieres. However, there is no need to strictly judge a celebrity. Without makeup, she has a pretty nice appearance of an ordinary average American.

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Taylor Momsen

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Frank outfits, outlined anorexia, alcohol abuse, cigarettes, defiant behavior - it is clear why this American star now does not appear anywhere without makeup. Suddenly, people will remember her still sweet and charming?

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Cara Delevingne

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Cara Delevingne not made up is as beautiful as with professional makeup. Her appearance can not be called ordinary, standard. Graceful cheekbones, expressive eyes, delicate lips, beautiful eyebrows - virtues, visible and without makeup. In ordinary life, Cara Delevingne goes without makeup, giving the skin a rest.

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Marilyn Monroe

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Rare frames in which the film star is depicted in a natural way can unpleasantly surprise. It depicts the most ordinary woman, without expressive features, with whitish eyebrows. The skin was light and quickly burned out in the sun, which, combined with bleached hair and the same eyebrows, made the face of a foreign actress without makeup slightly faded.

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Ariana Grande

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Often you can see a photo of Ariana Grande with barely noticeable makeup. The girl’s skin is naturally of a beautiful dark complexion, so she can afford light light tones, although she claims that she does not like when stylists apply a professional make-up. Even the most famous American stars without makeup in public appear much more often than Ariana.

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