Manicure with broths photo

The final moment in creating a female image is a stylish and fashionable manicure. Every year, the nail design industry offers girls a lot of options, diverse in style and color. Neat and stylish manicure with broths is very popular in 2019.

2019 manicure with broths

For those who are faced with this option for the first time, the question arises, what does it mean - nail design with broths. These are tiny pearly beads. The size of decorative elements can be different, from grains of sand to large crystals. Looking at the tiny balls, it is hard to imagine how to fix them on the nail plate, and how to work with such a miniature decor. For manicure, special tools are used to create a stylish and original nail design.

As for the color design of 2019, fashion trends welcome lightness and conciseness, soft pastel colors. But an important role in the color scheme of nail design still plays the time of year. In the spring-summer season, fashionistas want bright colors in their everyday look, and fashion in every way adapts to the request, offering options with pleasant cheerful shades. The autumn-winter season, on the contrary, offers fashionable women cold and matte shades. Pearl colors of the nail design are especially popular this year.

Short nail manicure with broths

When choosing a manicure option for short nails, it is worth keeping one important point in focus - the design should visually increase the length of the nail plate and in no case vice versa. The most suitable broth option is a small size, almost a grain of sand. More suitable decor colors are light with a beautiful sheen. Design options for short nails with broths:

    one nail is fully decorated with broths,

Long nails will allow you to realize any design fantasy, experimenting with a combination of colors, transitions, combinations of various decor options. Popular ideas are:

  • full decoration of nails with broths,

Broth Manicure Ideas

The options, what could be the design of a manicure with broths, are endless. The choice of size and color of the decor is not limited, it all depends on your imagination and skill of the master. The most popular colors of manicure with miniature decorative balls in 2019 are:

  • deep blue color

Transparent broth manicure

An original and unusual version of the nail design is the decor with transparent broths, which creates an interesting effect of volume and depth. It is used more often with pastel shades of varnish. Transparent decorative balls are of two types - simple and shiny. The second option looks more elegant and festive, and the first is popular due to the unusual effect. Nail design with transparent broths can be combined with other decorative elements.

Features of manicure with broths

Indeed, the design of the broths is far from the most stable option: already on the 3-4th day, the balls begin to peel off. In addition, you still need to learn how to wear such a design, because the granules will cling to hair and clothing, creating inconvenience.

Yes, not the most practical design, but what a spectacular one! It was his originality that prompted nail masters to come up with different ways how to “strengthen” such a manicure and make it more practical. So, lovers of unusual nail art, do not be discouraged, but rather get acquainted with these methods!

Nail design with rhinestones and broths

Such a combination as rhinestones and broths will allow you to create interesting compositions on the nails that attract attention and visually increase the length of the nails and create a festive elegant effect. Nail design with rhinestones and broths can be:

  • everyday - a stylish, neat design with rhinestones in the center of the composition and decoration with small balls,

Method 1: to cover

  1. Prepare the nail plate, apply the base coat. If you are doing gel polish manicure, dry the base in the lamp.
  2. Apply 2 coats of colored coating (varnish or gel polish), and only the first coat needs to be dried, and the second left uncooled. With gel polish manicure, you can also apply a rubber top to the polymerized gel polish, do not dry it.
  3. Place the broths in bulk or in the form of a design on a “wet” coating, if necessary, help yourself with an orange tree stick or dots.
  4. Gently press the broths denser to the nail - now it's time to dry or cure the color coating layer.
  5. Cover the design with a top layer. Paint over the edge of the nail to firmly fix the decor.

Nail design with pearls and broths

In the upcoming 2019, pearl decor takes a strong position in fashion trends, he did not pass by the nail design either. A manicure with pearls and broths looks sophisticated, gentle and feminine, it is ideal for a wedding, birthday or other special occasion. Delicate pastel colors look beautiful as a background:

  • white,

Method 2: on glue

This method involves performing a manicure using familiar technology:

  1. Prepare the nail plate and apply the base.
  2. Apply a color coating (varnish or gel polish) in 2 or 3 layers. Each dry or cure.
  3. Apply the top, also dry or cure it. The sticky layer can be removed.
  4. Now apply glue for rhinestones to the selected area (or sections) of the nail and slightly “drown” the balls in it. Cure if necessary.

French manicure with rhinestones and broths

Favorite jacket will never lose its popularity - a stylish, delicate and versatile version of manicure, suitable for any length of nails and combined with any style and color of clothing. Such a classic has many variations, and in 2019, at the peak of popularity, there was a beautiful and delicate French manicure with rhinestones and broths, characterized by a soft shine, in various design options:

  • decor on the transition line between the base color and white,

Modern jacket is possible not only in the classic and familiar to all white color - the variety of options is limitless, including bright and catchy colors, and close to black. French dark manicure with broths looks stylish and elegant, emphasizing the exquisite feminine taste. This is the perfect combination of conservative design with modern creativity.

Red manicure with broths

Nails in red look bright and catchy, such a manicure cannot go unnoticed. This color scheme is better to choose for long nails, for short nails red is not the most suitable option, it visually reduces the length. The broths are beautifully combined with it:

  • golden

The nail design in red with broths looks beautiful in different ways:

  1. Red manicure with rhinestones and broths. This option looks stylish, bright and festive. The red nail design with rhinestones and broths can be varied, ranging from a miniature pebble on one finger to a luxurious decoration of the entire nail plate.

White manicure with broths

White color has one important advantage - any color is combined with it, no restrictions in combination. The decor of such a nail design can be either white, in the tone of the base, or dark or bright, and each option is attractive in its own way. White manicure decorated with broths can be different:

  1. Daily. The nail design is stylish and practical, one or several fingers are neatly decorated with miniature balls, possibly in combination with rhinestones or sparkles. A popular option is a plain white manicure with one finger, on which the nail is fully decorated with broths.

Black manicure with broths

A very bright and bold decision is a manicure with black broths. In order for it to look beautiful, the nail plate should not be short, have a perfect shape and be processed flawlessly. Subject to all these conditions, such a color scheme will look very stylish and elegant, and miniature broths emphasize the exquisite taste. Miniature balls for black manicure can be of different colors:

  • Nail design with black broths - many people like the monotony with an interesting volumetric effect,

Gold broth manicure

Beautiful design of nails with golden broths will give your look a touch of sophistication and elegance. Neat and miniature jewelry is appropriate for everyday manicure, and rich, in combination with other decorative elements, is more suitable for special occasions. The most popular colors for manicure to combine with golden broths are:

  • red,

Nude manicure with broths

Lovers of natural colors in cosmetics will certainly enjoy a nude manicure. This is a color close to the natural skin tone. The main advantage of nude tones is versatility, easy compatibility with any style and color of clothing, and they also look beautiful on both long and short nails. But for many girls, a plain nude manicure seems too simple and boring, and in this case it is worth paying attention to decorative elements, among which are miniature multi-colored balloon balls.

How can you make nude manicure with broths? There are many color and design options:

  • the nail plate on one finger or on two is completely decorated with broths,
  • miniature decor on one or more nails,
  • beautiful and original manicure with stones and broths.

The most win-win color option for brushes for manicure nude tones is silver. The nail design is beautiful, elegant and easy to combine with any style of clothing. Other colors of decor are less widely used - these are golden, pink, lilac and many others. With the artist’s artistic approach, on a nude basis, any color of the broth will look stylish and beautiful.

What are broths

Bouillon - small colored glass balls. They are available in diameters from 1 to 4 mm. The smallest beads are more like sand, the manicure with them looks velvet. Larger ones are similar to rhinestones. They make the nails more voluminous, with their help you can create an unusual, spectacular manicure. When choosing the size of broths, it is important to focus not only on the decorative effect that you want to achieve. Observe the following rule:

Rhinestone and Broth Manicure Snowflake

On the eve of the winter holidays, women love to create a New Year's mood not only in their home, but also in an everyday look, including in a nail design. The most popular idea for the new year is a manicure with snowflakes, very delicate, neat and themed. One of the ways to create such a nail design is to use broths and rhinestones, which have a special natural and not intrusive shine.

The options, which can be a snowflake manicure with broths and rhinestones, are endless. The simplest and most popular idea is the middle of a snowflake made from a pebble, and decoration around with tiny silver balls. The main color for the New Year's manicure can be anything, depending on your preference or the tone of the festive clothes. The most popular options for this topic are:

  • Christmas blue manicure with broths,
  • nail design in white,
  • red christmas manicure,
  • nude tones.

Types of broths

With the help of small balls you can create a decent beautiful design. But for a quality result, you need to choose the right decorative material. Suitable broths are selected according to the following criteria:

  • The size. Balls can be of different diameters - from 1 mm to 4 mm. Small elements are easier to fix, they do not interfere with wearing, with their help you can create the most delicate patterns. Large balls in everyday life are not practical, they are often used for art manicure, Different sizes of broths
  • Color. This criterion, as a rule, leads girls into a stupor, because from the abundance of colors the eyes run up. But there is an opportunity to select the shade necessary for nail art as accurately as possible, Different colors of broths
  • Spraying. There are broths: opaque, mother-of-pearl, metallic, transparent with a holographic effect (in a manicure they are very similar to rhinestones), etc. Buns with various effects

You can put broths on the nail plate as you like, it’s also important to combine different types of decor in one design.

Caviar manicure on all nails

Make a real “boom” of small balls on the nails - it turns out to be a fashionable trend, it is called caviar design. A scattering of small beads is placed on the entire surface of the nail, while the color may be the same for all nails, or it may combine several. There are even special mixes from broths when different colors of balls are mixed in one bottle.

Caviar manicure will suit both short nails and medium length. On long nails, the broths do not look so impressive, and wearing them is uncomfortable. It is more logical to make a “game” on a natural nail plate, so as not to layer the thickness. Do not make such a design if your everyday look should be strict and without frills. Not suitable for women of reputable age.

Focus on one or two fingers

Complementing any manicure technique, you can make an interesting design for more than a few nails. Any accent is allowed: a simple pattern, a scattering of broth (caviar manicure), an addition to the drawing, etc.

A design stands out that is made in a different color from the main coating. For example, for a pale blue nail art, “caviar” on several nails in the form of golden broths is suitable.

French or moon manicure

Small balls are inconvenient to wear only on the tip of the nail, therefore, creating a jacket or moon nail art, the broths are placed in “convenient” areas: the base of the nail or the direction from the cuticle to the middle of the nail plate.

It’s important to decorate classic French manicure or moon nail art with stylish applications from broths and other decorative materials: cut liquid stones, rhinestones and broths, etc. It is also a trend to emphasize the smile line with small balls, imitating pearl beads.

French manicure with broths French manicure with broths Lunar design with broths

Creation of patterns and drawings by broths

Creating caviar design, although simpler in technique, but the painstaking work of applying broths in the form of a beautiful pattern will give a stunning result and will not leave the manicure without attention. A time-consuming process can also be difficult if patterns and patterns are laid out on quick-drying compositions (transparent varnish, for example). In this regard, the top for gel polish, which dries only under a UV lamp, is more convenient.

With the help of small balls, you can lay out monograms, apply geometric patterns, make dot decoration with broths, decorate the nails already with a printed pattern. There are plenty of options, and finding your favorite is possible only by trial and gaining experience.

Drawings with broths Drawing with broths Patterns with broths

Stretching with broths or gradient

Even small balls can make a beautiful and spectacular gradient. They make it according to the principle of caviar manicure, and the transitions between the colors occur smoothly and mix the colors for the gradient.Between broths you can make interspersed with rhinestones to match the manicure, larger balls, semi beads, etc.

Another gradient option is a partial coating of the nail with broths. Do this in the direction from the tip of the nail to the middle, gradually reducing the density of applying small balls on the nail.

Stretching with broths Gradient Broths Stretching with broths Gradient Broths

3d design

Three-dimensional graphics are now used in various areas of life, even in manicure. Using broths to make such a 3D design is quite simple, since the balls themselves are already a three-dimensional figure. Performing a 3D-style manicure using the technique is no different from the usual use of broths in a manicure, but requires careful consideration before starting nail art and detailed laying out of small beads.

Among the options for this design - floral nail art, imitation beads, chains, etc. Such a manicure is supplemented with other decorative elements in the style of a three-dimensional image: semi beads, rhinestones, sculpting, etc.

Wedding manicure with white broths

Even a beautiful wedding manicure can be done with these tiny broths. Uncomplicated ornaments, patterns can add a “twist” to a wedding design. It is advisable to use white broths for manicure if the bride’s image contains elements in the form of pearls (pearl beads, bracelet, dress embroidery, etc.) or the outfit is not burdened with any decorative little things.

Cat eye manicure

Decorative cat-eye lacquer can also be decorated with broths. The most popular version of this design is the framing of liquid stone on the ring finger with small balls with a metal coating (in gold, silver, etc.). The stone is placed at the base of the nail or in the middle, around it form a calculation of the broths.

It is effective to do manicure with a cat's eye and broths on nails of medium length or short. Small balls can be used to decorate any part of the nail, placed on selective nails or all, it all depends on the design.

Cat eye manicure with broths Nail Design - Cat Eye with Broths Cat eye style marigold design

Tools and materials for working with broths

In order to make your first manicure using small broths, it is necessary to prepare some tools and materials. Many of them are already available for any girl who independently does manicure. Of the specific materials - the broth itself, which can be purchased at any store with goods for nail art.

Elementary tools for manicure with broths

An elementary list of necessities looks something like this:

  • broths
  • gel polish + top or regular varnish + fixer (instead of top, it is better to use special glue, we will explain why below),
  • any dry brush
  • orange stick
  • For a detailed drawing, dots are needed (it is with its help that the pattern is laid out by the bouquets individually).

All other necessary tools and materials for preparing the base for the broths remain the same as for ordinary nail polish with gel polish or regular varnish. No special lamps except UV for gel polish are needed.

Step-by-step instructions for caviar design with gel polish

Bouillon, in fact, stick to the surface, so for a good "coupling" you need to create a sticky base. For gel polish under the broths, the usual traditional preparation is carried out. Step by step it looks like this:

  1. make a hygienic manicure, removing the cuticle, treating the side rollers, forming a free edge of the nail, Hygienic manicure before design
  2. after polishing the surface of the nail with buff, apply primer and base on the nail, dry it, Nail preparation
  3. apply the first coat of color coat, dry. Then apply a second coat and dry again, Color coating
  4. apply special glue to the nail and sprinkle it with broths. To adjust the location of small balls, you can use an orange stick to move small elements along the nail, and you can press the broths to the surface of the nail with your finger, Design broths
  5. dry your nails and brush your fingernail to remove the non-stick balls
  6. “Seal” the manicure on the edges with the top so that the broths do not interfere with everyday wear and do not fall off on the first day, dry. "Sealing" the nail
Ready manicure

Clay holds broths longer and such a manicure looks more aesthetically pleasing. If there is simply no glue, then a top without drying is used instead: put on it the desired design and then dry it in a lamp.

Design marigolds with broths and gel polish Manicure with broths and gel polish

The technique of applying broths with ordinary varnish

An unusual design can be done with ordinary varnish. The task is to glue the broths well to the nails. Moreover, on a natural nail plate, such a voluminous design looks more attractive. Next, the process goes like this:

  1. after creating a hygienic manicure, cover the nail with a layer of colored varnish and let it dry,
  2. then apply a layer of transparent varnish or conventional fixative and immediately create the desired pattern (otherwise the surface will dry and the broth will not stick). Here you can also use glue for design,
  3. coat the resulting nail art with a layer of clear varnish and dry.

When choosing the color of the varnish and the shade of the broths, it should be borne in mind that when creating caviar manicure, the color of the base will still be visible. If the design provides for this, then you can play on it: make the background black, for example, and fill the broths with red (or golden, etc.).

The method of applying broths with ordinary varnish

When laying out the pattern with broths, the glue is applied precisely to those areas where it will be located. Colorless varnish should also be applied precisely to areas with patterns and drawings, but after finishing the design, be sure to cover your nail art with a fixer to hide the traces of “sticking” and make the manicure more resistant.

Caviar manicure

Balls covering the entire surface of the nail resemble caviar, especially if you select red or black broths. This similarity gave the name to this design option. “Caviar” manicure is performed simply: the decor can be poured onto the nail, after placing some container under the finger so that the broths do not scatter, and then it was easy to assemble them back into the jar, then the decor is pressed to the nail and further using the technology. Or you can drop your fingertip into a jar of broths, they will stick, and then, if necessary, correct the design with an orange stick.

Drawing broths

With bouillons on the nail plate, you can lay out a beautiful pattern, having thought through all the color combinations in advance: coatings with granules and granules between each other. The drawing is more convenient to do by gluing the broths, in this case, you first apply droplets of glue in the form of a pattern on the nail, and then the balls. You can lay out the pattern on a “wet” surface, helping yourself with an orange stick, dots or tweezers.

Manicure with rhinestones and broths

The combination of different nail decorations in one design is always an interesting process, the result of which is impressive. Our fashionistas especially liked the combination of rhinestones with broths, in this case the manicure is very unusual, bright and voluminous. And the techniques for applying these decors are identical, so why not experiment?

Stylish manicure with broths: features of caviar nail design

A broth manicure is also called caviar, largely due to the appearance of small granules that serve to decorate nails. Bouillons are round balls made in a wide variety of color options. Visually, the broths resemble fish caviar.

Buns differ in several ways:

  • size - the diameter of the balls can vary from 1 mm to 4 mm. Small granules are easier to attach to the nail, they last longer and do not interfere. Large broths in everyday life are not practical, so they are most often used to create an art manicure.
  • color - from the abundance of colors, even inveterate fashionistas have their eyes widen. The variety of shades is so huge that it can be difficult to choose one. On sale you can find solid sets of broths and a mixture of several shades, just for those girls who can not decide on the color of their manicure.
  • spraying - matte, pearlescent, transparent, holographic, metallic granules are found.

How to create a manicure with broths yourself: step by step instructions and a list of tools

To create a design with broths, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • broths - choose a material of suitable size and color. Remember, the shorter the nail plate, the smaller should be the broth
  • base coverage
  • color gel polish - it is desirable that the gel polish be similar in color to the broths
  • orange stick or brush to remove excess material

Manicure with broths is performed as follows:

  • perform a cut or unedged manicure, remove the cuticle, polish the nail plate with a buff
  • apply a base coat on the nails, dry it in a lamp
  • apply color gel polish in two layers on nails
  • immediately after application cover the nails with broths, gently press them to the surface of the nail. Do not press too much material to the nail, otherwise the gel polish will deteriorate, wrinkles and cracks will appear
  • if necessary, adjust the location of the broths, add material in those places where necessary

If necessary, cover the final result of your work with a topcoat. In this case, the design looks less bright and saturated, but the design will last longer.

Stylish manicure with broths and rhinestones

The combination of broths and rhinestones looks solemn and noble. Such a manicure will be the best decoration of your evening look. Undoubtedly, such a large amount of volumetric decor needs the right arrangement. Use rhinestones and broths to decorate 1-2 fingers on the hand, cover the rest of the nails with plain gel polish.

Put out strips, waves and other shapes of shiny material that will look succinctly on nails. Do not cover the entire surface of the nail with volumetric decor. This design not only looks pretentious, but will interfere with the process of wearing. As for the shades, silver granules are popular. They are in harmony with the pastel palette and dark colors.

Nail design with short nails broths

Short nails are not a reason to abandon a stylish design with broths. It is enough to make minor changes to the manicure so that it looks attractive and bright. For example, for short nails, it is recommended to use broths of the smallest diameter. This decor will look great even on ultra-short nails.

As for the color palette, bright and saturated colors are recommended for short nails. Use a mix of broths from a variety of summer shades. Cover with a colored mixture 1-2 fingers on the hand, decorate the remaining nails with colored gel polish. It is not recommended to supplement the design with any other decor, for example, sliders, art painting, lace.

Delicate manicure with pink and white broths

White broths are an excellent solution for creating wedding nail art. If rhinestones are already boring and I want to experiment, then the design with broths is perfect for this.

Broths are used in the decor of a lace pattern, floristry. They unobtrusively fit into the white-pink nail design, look amazingly beautiful and non-standard for wedding nail art.

In addition to solemn nail art, white and pink granules can be used in everyday manicure. Lay out strips in the middle of the nail, decorate the root zone. Using broths along the edge of the nail plate is not recommended, the granules will interfere and quickly peel off.

Summer manicure with broths

Summer is the best time for stylish experiments. At this time of the year, any color scheme looks appropriate and attractive on the nails. To create a multi-colored summer manicure, use a mix of different shades of broths. Usually in this set is present from 3 or more tones.

Design with multi-colored broths looks beautiful on short nails, provided that the nails are completely covered with this material. On long nails, multi-colored granules can be placed in the root zone.

Bouillon is an unusual and bright design option for nails that looks amazingly beautiful and attractive. The only minus of the broth is that the design holds less than a classic manicure with gel polish. But this drawback is more than paid for by the magnificent view of marigolds.

Latest fashion and style articles

  • The smallest millimeter broths are suitable for a small nail plate or short nails.
  • For a large plate or long nails with an overgrown edge of 3-5 mm, balls with a diameter of 2.3 and even 4 mm can be used.
  • The stores sell jars or bags with beads, which can be either plain or multi-colored.
  • Plain broths can be used with varnish of the corresponding color or combine several shades in complex patterns. The plus of multi-colored broths is that they combine with varnishes of any color and make the manicure bright and effective.

Small millimeter broths are suitable for a festive children's manicure. Unless, of course, you practice this with your daughter. Such a manicure will cause her a sense of maturity. Another moment when the girls feel great is the games in the "mother-daughter". A huge selection of baby dolls can be found at A special joy for your princesses is the variety and versatility of the small dolls presented in the store.

French manicure with broths photo

When a girl chooses a decor for manicure, she wants to know as much as possible about the new decoration. What are the positive and negative aspects of the upcoming purchase? Since glass balls are an innovation, it is doubly interesting to get information about them. Negative moments, according to the girls, have little effect, since the resulting manicure exceeds all expectations. If you approach the matter responsibly, you can get a nail design no worse than in an trendy beauty salon. Using them, you can create not only a bright manicure, scattering balls in a chaotic order, but also create a variety of patterns and ornaments. They are used in manicure not only with gel polish or shellac, but also ordinary, which makes them practical and universal. The color scheme of the broth is diverse. “Eggs” should be applied to the varnish coating until it has dried. You can use glue for fastening. If you completely cover the nail with broths, you can simply dip it in a jar of beads or pour them on a napkin. If the beads will be used to apply the pattern, it is better to use a toothpick, stick or special dots.

Lunar manicure with broths photo

Many lovers of nail art may ask a completely understandable question - why is lunar manicure called that way, and not otherwise? The thing is that the lunula is a part of the nail plate near the beginning of the cuticle, and when a certain color is applied to it, the impression of a rounded crescent playing with a certain color is created. It is worth noting that this type of manicure has a very long and rich history, which goes back to the 20s of the last century.When creating a lunar manicure, there is no special difference in the shape of the nails and the length, because such a manicure will ideally look on both sawn and oval nails. Given this, this type of design solution has many loyal fans who decorate their nails with a classic, but at the same time, stylish and attractive performance. It is also necessary to mention that the lunar manicure has another name - inverted jacket, because its structure is almost identical to the French manicure. You can beat lunula with bouillons so that no rings are needed, because the gleam of the stones on the nails will overshadow any jewelry. A great evening option is a combination of gold or silver glitter with burgundy or red. You should not only allow excesses and be careful when doing it, because what attracts attention should be done just perfectly.

Matte manicure with broths photo

Matte decorative nail polishes have appeared relatively recently, but they are already breaking all records for popularity. One gets the feeling that imperceptibly glossy varnishes are being squeezed into the background. Matte manicure does not have any shine and does not reflect light. It gives the effect of velvet on the nails, and it seems that the nail plate is not covered with varnish, but with material like suede or velor. Everyone knows that for the classic performance of manicure, you need to choose varnishes of the same structure - matte or glossy.

Ombre manicure with broths photo

Ombre, gradient, degrade - as soon as this spectacular and expressive manicure technique is not called. Its essence lies in the fact that nail polish is applied using smooth, sometimes hardly noticeable transitions from one color to another. Ombre manicure is presented in two main options.

In the first case, only one color is used for manicure, but at the same time each of the nails is painted in its own unique shade in the degree of decrease in shades. Such a stretch of shades looks very unusual and allows you to make 5-7 shades from one color of varnish, mixing it with white.

The second, more complex and at the same time very popular option is that several shades of the same color or contrasting colors are mixed on one nail. In this case, you do not need to limit your imagination! The gradient transition line in this case can go in any direction: horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The direction of color may also be different - darker at the nail hole and light closer to the tip, or vice versa.

For a more expressive effect, you can well experiment with textures. Matte, glossy, the effect of "water manicure", casting, beads, "velvet sand" - all this will make your look bright and stylish. Tip: the color scheme for a manicure directly depends on your image: the color of clothes, accessories and the environment in which you are going to “walk” such a stylish manicure. Such a spectacular manicure will be appropriate in any life situation. A very interesting option in this case is an ombre style manicure with broths. Unlike the traditional version, it looks like a bright and unusual addition to an office suit, and made with sparkles or molding - as part of a feminine wedding dress or a bright festive one. A stylish evening look is favorably emphasized by the daring and feminine red manicure in the ombre style.

Wedding manicure with broths photo

Wedding manicure is no longer just a classic french. Modern brides fantasize by adding broths combined with noble pearls to their wedding design. You can draw a picture (butterflies, flower) and decorate with beads or experiment with liquid colored stone. In combination, they look amazing.

Broths with varnish

Apply broths to regular varnish is a great solution when you need to make a festive manicure for today or tomorrow. The only drawback of this design is that the decor is not attached very securely and can begin to crumble in 2-3 days.

To make a spectacular manicure more durable, you can use a little trick. Usually, the balls are applied to dry varnish and topcoated on top. To keep the beads longer, you can wait until the layer of the base varnish is completely dry, then apply manicure glue to the nail and dip in the decor. So the beads will last longer.

Gel Polish Broths

If you want to make a spectacular and at the same time durable manicure that will not lose its attractiveness until two weeks, use gel polish. The persistence of such a manicure is due to several factors at once:

  • Gel polish lasts longer by itself, up to three weeks, does not crack and does not exfoliate.
  • The top coating for gel polish perfectly fixes the decor, penetrates into the space between the individual beads and spreads between them, and after drying it fixes securely and prevents it from falling off.

Best broth manicure ideas

Thanks to the spectacular appearance, broths can be used to make a diverse nail design. Here are the best ideas for broth manicure:

  • All nails covered with glass balls
  • Nails on the ring and middle fingers, decorated with broths
  • Nails decorated with several shades of beads, for example, a gradient or divided into two vertical halves
  • Fantasy patterns that can be made as monophonic balls, or combine several shades

Even more ideas for manicure with broths can be found in our photo!

What it is

Bouillon are small balls with a diameter of 1 to 4 millimeters. They are often compared with eggs, and a manicure gets the corresponding name for caviar. The smallest beads create a luxurious velvet effect due to their resemblance to sand. Larger instances can be compared with rhinestones, which make the design more voluminous and interesting.

Beautiful manicure with broths

In the store you will find both plain and multi-colored broths. Which you choose depends on your courage and imagination. Solid beads, as a rule, combine with the same color of varnish. But sometimes masters of nail art play on the contrast of shades of broths and base coat. The advantage of multi-colored balls is that they combine with any colors and create a spectacular manicure.

Note! When choosing broths, the size of the nails is important. For example, a short length looks harmonious with millimeter balls. But on long nails, you can experiment and use broths of any size.

Pros and cons

Like any decor for manicure, broths have their pros and cons. Indisputable advantages include:

  • low cost of the product and economical consumption is a reasonable investment in a spectacular design,
  • a variety of colors and diameters,
  • easy use that can be dealt with even at home,
  • the ability to make any image more vivid, and any girl more self-confident,
  • a way to be in the subject of fashion trends - broths are now at the peak of popularity,
  • the ability to use both on natural and on extended nails.

Stylish design manicure with broths.

But there are some drawbacks that you should also pay attention to:

  • To use the broths, additional nail master tools are needed,
  • longer drying time compared to regular manicure,
  • To create various patterns with balls, you will need accuracy, patience and almost jewelry accuracy,
  • such a manicure is short-lived,
  • if the fixing layer is not reliable, the broths can cause tights and discomfort.

If these disadvantages did not scare you, then it's time to get inspired by the ideas of manicure with broths that we have prepared for you.

The most fashionable designs with broths

Take note of our ideas and be sure to try the ones you like on your nails!

  • With full coverage of all nails with broths, caviar manicure is obtained. A scattering of small balls looks truly luxurious. It is made easier than it seems. When creating a manicure with patterns from broths, you need to carefully build a certain sequence of balls. And with caviar manicure, nails with not yet dried varnish are simply lowered into a container with broths. It remains only to consolidate the result and voila! - a chic manicure is ready.

Full coverage of one nail with golden broths

  • A more concise version of the caviar manicure is the coating with broths of one or two fingers. This technique is especially popular in 2019 and does not seem to be about to give up.
  • Lunar manicure with sparkling balls can be performed on both several and all nails. There can be a lot of options: starting from a transparent hole and covering the nails with broths, ending with the design of the hole in bulk broths. This option is suitable for those who want to shine on a weekday.

Lunar French with broths

  • The absolute masthead in the nail industry is a manicure with broths and rhinestones as in the photo. This is a universal combination with which you can create various holiday designs. Buns will perfectly complement rhinestones and vice versa, so do not be afraid to use them simultaneously in the same manicure.
  • A popular design worthy only of real queens is the design of a crown based on nails. It is easy to do this with broths alone, but a more luxurious effect is obtained if you use rhinestones as well.

Crown on a classic jacket with broths

  • Complementing with broths of various patterns and prints on the nails is a fresh and fashionable solution. Of course, the easiest way to lay out the balls on a certain path, but you can show imagination and come up with your own options.

Nail design with broths

  • Stretching with broths - this is really cool! Such a manicure looks unusual, and it requires certain skills when performing. The effect of stretching is created on the nails - the number of balls decreases from the edge to the base of the nail.

Regular nail polish

  • To get started, do the standard preparatory work: a bath for the hands, polishing nails, shaping with a nail file and removing the cuticle.
  • Then you should degrease the surface of the nails so that they are ready for subsequent actions. A special tool will help you here.
  • Apply the base on the nails, and after drying, the selected varnish. If the color is not too saturated, create 2 layers.
  • Without waiting for the varnish to dry, lower the nail into a container with broths. If you want to create a specific pattern, use the dots and fix the balls in turn.
  • At the end, be sure to apply a fixative or special glue.

Manicure with broths and regular varnish

Gel Polish Manicure - Longer Lasting

  • In a manicure with broths on gel polish, the preparation of the nails will be similar to a regular manicure.
  • After the nails are defatted and filed, apply the first layer of the base coat for gel polish and dry it under the lamp.
  • Then apply the selected gel polish in 2 layers and give it about 5 minutes to dry under the lamp.
  • Apply the top coat needed for gel polish and use a thin stick to lay out the broths in your favorite design.
  • Dry this beauty under the lamp and fix it with the top layer of the top. Then it should also be dried.
  • A special liquid will help you remove the dispersion layer at the end of the manicure.

Interesting! Masters of nail art came up with a life hack for applying broths, which is suitable for any manicure. They simply apply glue to the nails in the form of the desired pattern, pour the broths, and simply shake off the excess.

Inspire yourself with manicures with broths as in the photos of famous artists, and do not be afraid to repeat these amazing designs. Such nails will always be in the spotlight, and you will receive more than a dozen compliments.

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