Treatment of sinusitis folk remedies

Official medicine offers a huge number of ways to treat sinusitis. However, supplementing them with folk recipes will help to recover faster. The main condition is to act in agreement with the doctor.

Self-prepared drops and inhalations will facilitate the course of the disease. They relieve the painful symptoms of the disease. That is why you should not neglect traditional medicine.

Sinusitis becomes a consequence of not completely cured rhinitis. The disease affects the sinuses. With this disease, they are filled with mucus or pus, causing nasal congestion and headache. In such a situation, you must go to the doctor and buy the medicines prescribed by him at the pharmacy.

However, industrial medicines can be supplemented with alternative methods of therapy. Decoctions of herbs, inhalations, homemade drops can help the patient. However, folk remedies for sinusitis in no way replace the achievements of traditional medicine.

Treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies also requires prior medical advice. It is important to consider the compatibility of various drugs and the characteristics of the patient's body. Otherwise, herbs from bored sinusitis will bring harm instead of the desired benefits. How to treat sinusitis with folk methods, we will describe below.

Advantages of traditional medicine against sinusitis

Alternative methods of treating purulent sinusitis are good because they are softer than industrial drugs. They relieve inflammation, relieve nasal congestion. A person can breathe normally and get enough sleep at night (if he uses treatment before bedtime). There are cases when alternative treatment is especially useful:

  1. In patients with a chronic form of inflammation of the sinuses. Usually they are used when the main symptoms of exacerbation are removed. Folk remedies relieve a person of signs of a prolonged inflammatory process. They relieve the feeling of heaviness in the sinuses, headache, nasal discharge, nasal congestion.
  2. If a person has acute sinusitis - traditional medicine supplements the traditional methods of treatment. It relieves unpleasant symptoms - the head ceases to hurt, the discomfort in the nose is eliminated. At the same time, antibiotics or antiviral drugs recommended by the attending physician eliminate the causative agents of the disease.
  3. In the cold season - in autumn, winter and early spring, this is a great way to prevent the occurrence of acute sinusitis. It is also an excellent prevention of exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.
  4. After the recovery of a person with sinusitis, folk recipes can restore immunity. They also normalize the function of the paranasal sinuses and the nose itself. A person quickly returns to an active life.

Features of self-treatment by folk methods

A huge number of methods are known for treating sinusitis with natural remedies at home. Each of them has its own pros and cons. But all methods of alternative treatment are united by a number of principles.

  • Sinusitis is treated for a long time if exclusively folk therapy is used. Treatment may take from one to three to four months. Do not expect traditional medicine to help you right away, it takes time to get the effect.
  • If the treatment is carried out for the first time, it is important to start it with small dosages of bee products, oils or herbs. The dose is increased gradually. Such a technique reduces the likelihood of allergies or idiosyncrasy (intolerance reactions).
  • Want to be treated with herbal decoctions? You are absolutely right! Herbs from sinusitis significantly facilitate the course of the disease. However, you need to start the process with a decoction of any one medicinal plant. Over time, you can add other components.
  • For drops, inhalations and ointments, plants and other components must be collected in environmentally friendly places. They should also be properly dried and prepared for use. If such a solution is impossible, it is better not to take risks. The treatment is stopped. And the patient must appear to the doctor to adjust the therapy. Do not know where to collect herbs, - buy ready-made fees at the pharmacy.
  • If the patient becomes worse or does not recover, complications have appeared - this is an occasion to go to a specialist. Treatment is being suspended. The treatment regimen is immediately changed.

Causes of sinusitis

Bacteria and viruses are the main causes of sinusitis. For example, simple influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis, can trigger the accumulation of mucus in the maxillary sinuses, in which bacteria quickly multiply. The body's immunity is weakened, and as a result, suppuration and inflammation begin. The headache, which often accompanies the disease, can worsen by night and weaken in the morning, subsequently stopping, which also distracts the patient from going to a specialist. In addition, sinusitis can be the result of complications of dental disease.

Symptoms of the initial stage of the development of sinusitis, which you need to know:

1. Heaviness, a feeling of pressure in the region of the maxillary sinuses, shortness of breath, runny nose with thick discharge.

2. Painful, possibly pulling sensations in the area of ​​the superciliary arches, temples, forehead, cheekbones.

3. Profuse tearing, decreased sense of smell.

4. Severe swelling of the eyelids and cheeks.

5. An increase in body temperature, if it has not been observed previously.

There are acute and chronic forms of sinusitis.

The best ways to alternative treatment for sinusitis

As mentioned earlier, the main methods of treating the inflammatory process in the sinuses are ointments, drops, inhalations and rinsing of the nose. Traditional medicine knows many prescriptions for drugs for the implementation of medical procedures. Let us consider in more detail the treatment of sinusitis with well-known folk remedies - the most effective of them are given below.

Everyone heard that you can roll a boiled egg through a handkerchief in your bosoms (a friend or acquaintance probably told). But eliminating inflammation and improving blood flow is no worse than other methods. On the mucous membrane of the nose, you can instill home drops, people also do washing and inhalation.

Homemade ointments

With sinusitis, ointments are necessary to anesthetize the inflamed places and relieve swelling of the tissues. They also help to restore the nasal cavity, regenerate the affected mucous membrane. This is a local therapy. Here are some effective recipes:

  1. Take two tablespoons of ordinary aloe juice. Add dioxid ointment (50 g) to it. We supplement the mixture with two to three drops of menthol oil.
  2. You can mix honey and sunflower, olive or corn oil, as well as onions or garlic. Melt the honey - a water bath is used for this. One tsp is added there. garlic or onion juice, as well as one tablespoon of the selected oil. The ointment is ready.
  3. Does the house have Vishnevsky ointment? It is wonderful! You need only one tablespoon of this remedy. Just add onion juice, propolis, aloe juice and honey. Enough for 1 tsp. each component. The mixture will be more effective if it is heated.
  4. Laundry soap can not only wash your hands or wash clothes. This is a wonderful medicine! It is mixed with propolis tincture on alcohol in equal proportions, honey and onion juice (in equal quantities). The product is heated in a water bath, and then thoroughly stirred. Use when cool.

All these ointments are applied equally. They infiltrate cotton swabs, which must be inserted into the nasal passage on the side of sinusitis (both in a two-way process). At the same time, a person should lie with a small pillow under his shoulders so that his head is slightly thrown back. It will take about one and a half weeks to be treated in this way. Thanks to each of these funds, the nose is well cleared, and pus is drawn from the affected sinuses.

Diagnosis of sinusitis in childhood

In childhood and adolescence, the presence of adenoids can also become a determining factor. Diagnosis in children is complicated by the fact that children often do not want to talk about ailments, fearing trips to the doctor and do not understand the seriousness of the situation. But parents should remember that in case of increased drowsiness, complaints of headache and moodiness, it is necessary to consult a doctor to avoid complications and preserve the health of the child.


An example is Cyclamen. This is a small plant that is often found in rooms - women love to take care of them. Cyclamens have small root vegetables and pink flowers. Moreover, each plant can give from ten to fifteen drops of the drug! The most useful part of Cyclamen is the root. It is sold in markets and in specialized stores, as well as in pharmacies.

To make drops, the root needs to be grated. Healing juice is squeezed out of the mass. It is mixed with warm boiled water. For every 200 ml of water, one teaspoon of juice is enough. Moreover, increasing the concentration of the latter is not recommended. Enormous quantities of cyclamen juice are poison.

Treatment with similar folk remedies for sinusitis lasts 7 days. Every day you need to instill a nose with 2 drops of the product - the procedure can be carried out in the mornings or in the evenings. And after that, a massage of the affected area is done. The patient needs to lie down or sit with his head thrown back.

As a result of therapy, the sinuses are cleared in a person. Pus and mucus are excreted. However, allergies can become a complication of therapeutic measures. Therefore, cyclamen is used carefully. It is also dangerous for pregnant women.

Onion oil from sinusitis

This method of folk treatment of sinusitis at home is considering obtaining a mixture of pasteurized oil, cooked in a water bath, with onion juice. To do this, you need to put some rag on the bottom of the pan, folded several times in advance. Then you should put a small bottle with 50 g of sunflower oil on it and pour about a little more than half with water. Next, you need to wait until the water boils for three minutes, then get a bottle and cool. Thus, pasteurized oil was obtained.

The next thing we need is a finely grated onion, from which we need to squeeze half a teaspoon of juice, add oil to it until a full spoon is obtained and mix. The prepared mixture of five drops should be dripped three times a day in both nostrils. If there is a lot of blood and pus, then you need to drip every two hours so that oil flows from the nose. After the procedure, ten minutes you can not blow your nose. Additionally, you can also drip overnight one pipette of oil without onion into each nostril. After some time, sinusitis disappears. This folk method for the treatment of sinusitis has received many positive reviews.

Sinus Flax Seeds

A proven effective alternative way of treating sinusitis at home. It is necessary to fill in one art. spoonful of flax seeds 1/2 cup of milk and boil for ten minutes on low heat. The resulting broth must be breathed until it cools completely. Dry flax seeds are also treated for this disease. In this case, they must be heated in a pan and then tied in a rag.

Next, apply a hot compress to the maxillary and frontal sinuses. In addition to compresses, squeeze juice from the stems of burdock and drip into the nose five times a day. Reviews on this recipe are numerous, it helps a lot.

Aloe juice

This fluid perfectly cures inflammation, including severe sinusitis. Moreover, it is often added to industrial medicines. The effectiveness of aloe juice is confirmed by modern medical science - it is a reliable folk remedy for the treatment of boring sinusitis. He has a number of positive actions:

  • relieves swelling
  • eliminates inflammation,
  • contributes to the process of regeneration of the damaged nasal mucosa.

That's why it is so often used in the manufacture of medicines to get rid of a headache and a stuffy nose. Moreover, there are several recipes for sinusitis with aloe. Here are their examples:

  1. Just dig in the extract of this plant in the nose. The procedure is repeated three times a day. Two drops are enough for each dose.
  2. A tablespoon of aloe extract is mixed with onion juice. These are also wonderful homemade nose drops. The feeling is not very pleasant: there may be a burning sensation.
  3. Celandine for sinusitis in combination with aloe juice and honey is also very effective. Such a remedy for sinusitis is instilled into the nose three times a day. The number of drops is determined individually.
  4. Mix the juices of Kalanchoe and aloe in equal quantities. Then add a pinch of salt and 1 tsp. ordinary honey. Instill three drops twice a day in each nasal passage.

Bay leaf with sinusitis

Another effective way to treat sinusitis with folk remedies at home. In an enameled pan, bring to a boil three packs of bay leaves, which are soaked in water, you do not need to boil. Squeeze the napkin soaked in this broth and put it on the frontal part and nose bridge, and cover your head with a towel. This is necessary to maintain heat. Then do the same with the following napkins until the laurel broth cools down. A cooked broth is usually enough for three days. This method needs to be treated before the improvement of the state of health. Feedback from those who use this method is very positive.

All the above effective folk remedies for sinusitis will definitely lead to a positive result, the main thing is not to skip the procedure and soon you will forget about sinusitis. But - these are just tips, if the condition is running - contact the ENT specialist!

Other drops

If the patient does not tolerate aloe or cyclamen, treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies is still possible. But you need to take other components for their preparation. Here are some other recipes:

  1. Chamomile drops. Here you will need 100 g of chamomile decoction. They add 1 tsp. Aloe extract. And they are instilled every day - twice in two or three drops. This medicine allows you to destroy bacteria and restore the affected mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.
  2. If a person suffers from purulent sinusitis, hydrogen peroxide will solve the problem. A 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide should be mixed with twice as much ordinary water. First, instill one drop daily. If there are no complications, the dose can be increased to two or three drops twice a day. And immediately after the procedure you need to blow your nose.
  3. Sea buckthorn oil is also very effective - reviews confirm this. Sea buckthorn oil from sinusitis (3 tablespoons) is mixed with onion juice (1 tsp). Burying is done twice or thrice a day.
  4. Carrot juice is mixed with beet juice. Liquids for this are taken in equal proportions. Instillations are performed daily several times. Kadzhi time is applied two or three drops in each nasal passage. If burning or tingling occurs, the beetroot juice is diluted with water in equal proportions.
  5. Protorgol drops with silver. Silver can kill harmful microorganisms. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it helps with inflammation - they are made in various pharmacy chains at the request of the user. They are treated for 14 to 21 days. An excellent drying and disinfecting agent for the nasal cavity and inflamed sinuses.

Making drops of sinusitis at home is not difficult. Moreover, they improve the well-being of the patient after seven days. However, it is important to know some points.

To obtain the aloe extract, only the lower leaves of the plant are suitable, which must be healthy. Aloe must be at least three years old. Treatment of sinusitis with herbs is not suitable only for allergies and idiosyncrasies.

How and how to rinse your nose?

Traditional medicine from boring sinusitis also suggests rinsing the nose. This method allows you to clean the affected area from pus and mucus. Moreover, a solution for rinsing the nose can be made from various components. We give their examples.

  1. Chamomile decoction. Eliminates irritation and relieves inflammation that has begun. You need to brew in much the same way as ordinary tea. A glass of boiling water is mixed with half a tsp. dry grass. When the broth is infused and slightly cooled, they rinse their nose.
  2. Propolis. Another recipe for purulent sinusitis. Propolis tincture on alcohol (20 or 25 drops) is diluted with two glasses of water. Then there should be poured 0.5 teaspoons of salt. The solution is well stirred and washed nose.
  3. Treatment of sinusitis with celandine and salt. This mixture treats sinus inflammation. Mucus liquefies, vessels are tonic. The nose is washed with clean water with salt and celandine juice. Moreover, one teaspoon of celandine extract and half a teaspoon of tea are mixed with water (0.5 l).

Steam inhalation

An effective method of treating acute sinusitis is inhalation. Traditional medicine offers many options. Here are the recipes for the treatment of sinusitis by inhalation:

  1. Do you like jacket potatoes? Cook it immediately! Then drain the water and mash the potatoes. Then wrap yourself in a towel and breathe the resulting vapor for a quarter of an hour.
  2. Boil a decoction of ordinary marigolds. Add the eucalyptus oil there - just one or two drops. Breathe the steam for a quarter of an hour (you also need to cover yourself with a towel.
  3. Boil water (one liter is enough). There you need to add eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil (four drops each). Black caraway seeds and ginger are also added (in two drops).

However, no matter what folk remedy for sinusitis at home you choose, be sure to clean both nasal passages. Moreover, after drops narrowing the vessels, you need to wait 5 to 10 minutes. Only then can you start the procedure. Also during treatment, you can drink strawberries, plantain or St. John's wort from severe sinusitis - this way the mucus liquefies.

Also steam is inhaled exclusively by the nose. Inhalations should be done without haste, with extreme caution. Otherwise, you can get burned. when used correctly, relief will come.

Moreover, the vapor used for inhalation heats the face. Incorrect use of inhalation can cause burns.


Folk remedies against sinusitis include not only drops, ointments and inhalations, but also massage, as well as a set of exercises. It is important to massage your nose at acupuncture points. Then blood circulation is activated. The nasopharyngeal muscles are strengthened, nasal congestion is completely relieved, sinuses are easier to drain. Moreover, the duration of the massage is from five to ten minutes - this is done 2 to 3 times daily.

Other traditional medicines

Traditional medicine against inflammation in the sinuses is not limited to the mentioned means. You can use burnac from sinusitis, as well as horseradish from sinusitis. Also, recipes for treating severe sinusitis are made from radish, wax, herbal tinctures, etc.

If burnax from sinusitis is not suitable, you can choose another effective method of treatment for exacerbated sinusitis. Good birch buds, thorns and lemon with horseradish or horseradish with lemon juice from sinusitis. You can also use horseradish or use cones of conifers.

Bee products - propolis, honey and wax

Honey is very healthy. It is added to solutions for internal use. Also, nasal drops and ointments are made from it, as well as a solution for rinsing the nose. The most popular recipes:

  1. One tablespoon of honey is dissolved with ordinary water (200 ml). This means rinse your nose.
  2. If you feel tired of a dry nose, there is a burning sensation from vasoconstrictor drugs, the situation can be corrected. 1 tsp honey is mixed with ordinary glycerin (30 g). Cotton wool is dipped into this product and inserted into the nose. This is done in the mornings and evenings of every day.
  3. Propolis has excellent antiseptic agents. After all, bees use it to disinfect honeycombs. For this, ointment with a propolis base is used - best of all, 20 percent. It is mixed with onion or garlic juice. Such a mixture is put in the nose for a quarter of an hour daily.

Herbal tinctures

Folk treatments for severe sinusitis include herbs. They are needed to strengthen the immune system. So the body will cope with the infection faster.

Rinse the nose with calendula, yarrow, cloves and chamomile. These are famous natural medicines. A mixture of these herbs or any of them individually brewed according to the same scheme:

  • brew 1 tsp. grass collection
  • insist 30 minutes
  • filter
  • cool
  • washed nose twice a day.

Of the pharmaceutical preparations, Malavit will be an analogue of such a tool. It is quite affordable. Although many users prefer to make the infusion themselves.

If sinusitis has begun, then herbal treatment means the need to take decoctions inside. Raspberry, currant and other teas are very useful for colds. Kuril tea is also good.

There are fees that are appropriate both as nasal drops and as an inhalation. One of them is easy to cook. It is made from:

  • one part peppermint,
  • one part lemon mint,
  • two parts of an ordinary plantain.

To make inhalation, a tablespoon of the herbal mixture is poured with boiling water (500 ml) and infused for a quarter of an hour. After that, the product is heated. Then 2 or 3 drops of eucalyptus oil are added there.

Essential oils

This tool perfectly moisturizes the affected areas (sea buckthorn oil). They also interfere with the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria (eucalyptus oil, arborvitae oil, pine). They are suitable for aromatherapy and inhalation. They are also part of homemade nasal drops and tinctures that are taken orally. Standard recipes:

  1. Saline solution with 2-3 drops of ordinary arborvitae oil. This drug is washed nose when tormenting sinusitis.
  2. 4 or 5 tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil is mixed with three drops of fir oil. The mixture is soaked in cotton wool pieces and placed in the nasal cavity for fifteen minutes.
  3. To disinfect your nose, cumin oil is suitable. They just lubricate the nasal passages from the inside. This is done twice a day.


Perfectly dilutes nasal secretions and destroys bacteria. This is a well-known treatment of exacerbated chronic sinusitis with folk remedies. It is placed on the nose - they make applications.

Next, radish is ground in a meat grinder or blender and mixed with bee honey. Then the area of ​​the affected sinus is lubricated with the mixture for ten minutes. Many believe that this helps to remove pus from the affected area.


If treatment of sinusitis is required by known folk remedies, only the doctor will select the most effective methods. Antioxidants perfectly cure ordinary horseradish, aloe, a mixture of liquid honey and ordinary boiling water, chamomile, salt, etc.

An effective folk remedy for sinusitis at home can be made in the form of tea for oral administration, a composition for inhalation, nasal drops. They also make washing of the sinuses.

However, a home remedy for purulent sinusitis does not exclude the use of industrial medicines. Be sure to take an antibiotic or antiviral drug, depending on the cause of the disease. But this is done in conjunction with a competent doctor: if the antibiotic is selected incorrectly, therapy will be harmful or simply useless. They are prescribed only after establishing the cause of the disease and the results of the diagnosis of the general condition of the body.

The most common option for alternative treatment is herbal medicine (treatment of sinusitis with medicinal herbs). They helped to overcome sinusitis in many patients. Treatment of the disease with folk remedies is effective even for babies.

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