Gray skirt

If you are an adult and independent girl, for sure, in your wardrobe there is at least one gray skirt with what to wear which you, at times, find it difficult to answer. On the one hand, such a color is universal, on the other hand, its countless shades give rise to many combinations and, at the same time, doubts about the correct choice.

A gray skirt is one of the most popular wardrobe details for those who prefer a classic style in clothes and adhere to a concise color scheme. But even ladies with excellent taste, sometimes, fall into a stupor and have no idea what to wear with a gray skirt anywhere except in the office.

Such a thing will successfully fit into the image of a business lady and with equal success will be suitable for Sunday walks around the city, going on a visit and other informal events.

In our article today, we will consider options for combining a gray skirt with various details and accessories, depending on its style, length and existing print.

What color to combine the gray skirt with?

Having a gray skirt, a woman can easily create a basic wardrobe for herself. It will only be necessary to supplement it from time to time with suitable details.

A gray skirt is a necessary piece of clothing to create a basic wardrobe.

It's time to forget your prejudice towards color. It is with gray color (light, steel, dark gray) that you can create almost perfect, harmonious combinations, choosing as a successful addition:

The list needs to be supplemented with one more color, it will again be gray. Layering, the use of shades of the same color is very relevant now. There are a great many shades of gray.

The basic thing in the kit is a gray skirt, it will not be difficult to pick up a jacket, scarf and tights of the same color, but in different shades. Designers recommend using no more than 4 shades in such sets so as not to disturb the harmony of the image. As a result, you can create an unusually gentle, feminine image.

Here it’s quite appropriate to reveal one secret - the gray color is to face absolutely all women: bright brunettes, tender blondes, romantic brown-haired women. So you can experiment with such a color and its shades ad infinitum, and all your experiments are simply doomed to success.

A few words need to be said about red, it is especially effective in combination with gray. A strict gray skirt complete with a noble wine-colored blouse looks simply gorgeous. However, shoes, a scarf, or gloves can be red.

The mentioned details go well with a gray skirt. Even the most ardent of her ill-wishers will not allow herself to call such a magnificent lady a gray mouse.

Gray skirt looks

This element of the wardrobe remains a win-win solution for girls of any age and profession. Today, all shades of the palette are in fashion - from saturated wet asphalt to delicate ashen and silver. In addition, this clothing is able to visually adjust the proportions. For example, a lush gray skirt will perfectly emphasize sophistication and femininity, but at the same time hide the voluminous hips and balance the broad shoulders. In the trend, and such styles as a trapezoid, godet, asymmetric cut, high waist and many others. But let's see the most relevant bows:

  1. What to wear with a gray skirt - outerwear. A win-win choice for a warm wardrobe will be a leather jacket and a classic midi or pea coat. However, depending on the style, such feminine clothes can be worn with a bomber jacket, short fur coat and even a down jacket.

Gray Check Skirt - Photo Combinations

The cage has become one of the favorite features in the wardrobe of many fashionistas. Print tartan or tartan, graphic smooth cells resembling a school notebook - all this is appropriate and relevant in the new season. That is why the question “What to wear with a gray plaid skirt” is still relevant, as in the past and the year before last.

A win-win combination will be a white blouse or a classic one-color tank top.

Examples of wearing a gray check skirt for work, with sweaters and blouses

The cage loves accessories, so adding to your appearance with a scarf, glasses or a wide bracelet, you will only win.
The pleasant pink color of the knitted sweater will create a romantic and classic look.
A blouse or golf in black is suitable.

Gray skirt and white top

In the photo - a gray knitted skirt on the floor in combination with a white cropped top. An intricate cut gives a special chic: either the skirt is long, or short - you will not understand.

Bourgeois and unbecoming

The image will turn out plus or minus this, only more spectacular):

Gray skirt on the floor and a shirt with a scarf!

Wear turquoise jewelry with a gray skirt and a white blouse.

Gray and turquoise

Or add brown accessories:

Gray, white, brown

We really like the images of both girls, but we publish them side by side, firstly, so that you see how to take pictures correctly and how not. Notice how short the girl's left legs seem. And all because the photographer was shooting her point blank (and most likely he was taller than the girl, that is, he was shooting a little from above), which greatly distorted her proportions. The girl’s photographer on the right knows that it’s best to shoot girls so that the camera is below the girl’s face. Well done, the photographer of the second girl!

... And the looks are very stylish, yes.

Girls in gray skirts

Gray classic skirt with something to wear photo

Classics are always in demand, because on its basis it is so easy to create numerous and completely different images from one another. Turn the dry pedantry of a blue stocking into a pink romance? Easy if you own a classic gray skirt!

So, we have a gray strict skirt with a high waist. A white blouse with a small strict collar will be very welcome here. Black high-heeled shoes, high boots, dark gray, or black tights. A wide black belt or belt will help to emphasize a thin waist.

The classic gray skirt makes it possible to create diverse images.

The same gray high-waisted skirt can be worn with a pale pink chiffon blouse with a high neckline. And, despite the absence of ruffles, frills, frills, you will look very romantic and infinitely feminine.

What to wear with a long gray skirt?

Long models always emphasize femininity and sophistication of style. Such styles perfectly smooth the flaws of full legs, voluminous hips and abdomen. A gray floor skirt is perfect for smart combinations. And in this case, decorated or asymmetric design of shiny or combined materials will be relevant. Articles made from practical everyday fabrics are suitable for urban wear with a voluminous sweater or a tight-fitting turtleneck, a classic jacket or shirt, a short leather jacket or short fur coat. Plain clothes can be worn with a bright top.

Gray skirt and black sweater

When going to work, put a jewelry or scarf on your neck with a gray pencil skirt and a black sweater / blouse / turtleneck / sweatshirt. Shoes and bag can be any color. In this case, it is desirable that accessories and jewelry harmonize with each other.

Gray skirt - black sweater and decoration

If your pleated gray skirt or fluffy, wear it with a tight-fitting top or a short leather jacket-leather jacket as in the photo:

Gray pleated skirt and jacket

In addition to boats and ballet shoes, you can wear sneakers or sneakers, including high heels, on your feet to a gray skirt in a casual or casual style. This look looks very stylish thanks to them and a vest!

Gray striped skirt

The strip on the skirt is often horizontal. A vertical strip is advised to wear women with curvaceous. The strip in addition with a wide belt looks elegant with any color of a blouse tucked into a skirt.

Mix things with a striped gray skirt

Glasses, massive jewelry, a clutch bag, a monophonic scarf can complement the style.

Gray mini skirt with something to wear photo

Such short, but very pretty skirts are in demand by young girls. Growth is not important here, such things will turn even the tallest young lady into a modern ideal of beauty.

Highlighting the slim waist, the gray mini skirt visually lengthens the legs. In winter, it can be worn with a white sweater, a thin beige sweater. The image is complemented by dense black tights, black over the knee boots from tender suede.

This model is a great option for young and slim.

In spring and summer, the top should be slightly more open. An ideal option would be a white top, shirt, blouse. You can pick up a short white t-shirt with a graceful gray pattern. It will be just perfect if this drawing looks like a pencil sketch.

White and gray are an inexpressibly pleasant combination. But bright gray or black lace tops are quite suitable for a short gray skirt.

What to wear with a gray midi skirt?

Shapes of moderate length are considered universal for any figure. Such clothes always accentuate romance. But due to the classic coloring, you can add bright accents to the image with the help of the upper part, accessories or shoes. A gray midi skirt looks great with a blouse or a tight pastel turtleneck. Models of a straight cut can be supplemented with a fitted tunic. Stylish endings are shoes or heeled ankle boots, trim ballet flats or moccasins. When asked what to wear with a light gray skirt, stylists offer a short top or underwear in a linen style.

Gray skirt and yellow top / accessories

Regardless of what you recall when you see yellow flowers - Margarita, when the Master or Natasha Koroleva’s song “yellow tulips are the messengers of separation” first saw her, we highly recommend that you wear a gray skirt in combination with bright, almost sunny yellow.

Business image and a little sun

Knitted gray skirt

In autumn or spring, a gray skirt, checkered or plain, a yellow or mustard jacket can be worn directly on a naked body. The main thing is not to mechanically unfasten it in a crowded place.

Gray skirt and jacket

If you do not want to take risks, immediately buy a deuce - a sweater and a jacket. If your gray skirt is not plaid, but plain, an accessory to the tone of the top will be, if not mandatory, then very desirable:

Gray skirt, sweater and jacket

A silver bag is a very relevant accessory. On the one hand, it adds glamor to the image, and on the other, it will suit almost any clothes in any style.


A polka dot skirt, like no other color, has become the trend of many fashion shows. The solid top of the skirt is probably the most important feature of the chosen style. Such a skirt does not like excessive scenery. The cut of a blouse or top should be simple, neutral style.

Examples of gray polka dot skirts

The strict style to complement the pea will be a gray or white cropped jacket. As accessories, light scarves, round-shaped jewelry, a belt, an elastic band, a hat are suitable.

Gray tulip skirt with what to wear photo

The tulip skirt looks extremely sexy. If you are going on a date with your beloved man, give preference to such a skirt.

What should be the top? There are many options:

  • bright purple blouse made of elastic material with a stand-up collar,
  • a pale blue blouse with a wide shuttlecock,
  • A short T-shirt or top in snow-white cotton trimmed with delicate lace.

Tulip skirts have no competitors in creating the image of a spectacular seductress.

Believe me, such an outfit will certainly make the desired impression on your young man.

What to wear with a gray pencil skirt?

A strict classic cut is perfect for business looks. And in this case, the coloring will be a good solution, which will replace the dull black color in the image. A gray pencil skirt looks good with a simple shirt or white blouse, a jacket with a turn-down collar and lapels, covered with strict shoes - boats, ankle boots, and stocking boots. Knitwear, denim, yarn are considered universal for everyday bows. Such clothes are stylishly combined with sneakers and sneakers, voluminous knitted sweaters and hoodies, a city backpack and cross-body.

Gray skirt and bright blouse, sweater or cardigan

Raspberry, green, bright blue, red or coral blouse, t-shirt or sweater - everything will go with a gray skirt!

An image with a gray skirt, a jacket and a lilac blouse!

Gray fluffy short skirt combined with a blouse

Blue and gray are a natural combination (for example, blue sky and gray clouds), which means that it can also be used in clothes.

Gray lace skirt and light blue shirt

Apparently, Victoria Beckham is a big fan of straight gray skirts. Literally in 5 minutes we came across as many as 3 of her photographs, where she is in gray skirts of different colors and shirts. And in none of them does she look like a gray mouse!

Luke by Victoria Beckham

In the photo - Giovanna Battaglia at the Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Week in a gray skirt and what else

Gray long skirt with something to wear photo

A skirt on the floor does not lose its popularity. If such a long skirt has a universal gray color, you can only be congratulated.

It’s not difficult to find the rest of the outfit for her. To do this, you need to know a few rules:

  1. The top should be open. This does not mean that you have to stress the neckline too much, everything should be in moderation. Only in this way can you create a balanced silhouette, where the bottom is quite monotonous.
  2. Jacket, denim or leather jacket should be short. Ideal colors for the top - olive, white. Red patent leather with a steel-colored skirt looks amazing.

If we are talking about a summer skirt on the floor, for her to pick up the top is even easier. A light gray chiffon skirt matches perfectly with a black or white top. The image of a carefree vacationer is complemented by a graceful straw hat with flowers on a ribbon.

The skirt is on the floor and a short, slightly open top is stylish and trendy.

On cold evenings, you can put on a white denim jacket over a black top. The only detail is that it should be short, only reach the waist. The decor for such a trigger can be not only rivets and pockets, but also lace.

If you know how to knit, you should replenish your wardrobe with an openwork beige cotton sweater. On chilly evenings, a gray chiffon skirt on the floor can be worn with this exclusive jumper.

Gray pleated skirt - what to wear?

Pleated models look very beautiful and feminine. And the finish can be uniform throughout the product or just in front. The design with large bends and a small crease is in trend. Gray pleated skirt is perfect for elegant evening bows. In this case, clothing from shiny velvet or translucent chiffon will be relevant. A stylish addition will be a romantic blouse or top in pastel colors or rich colors, such as wine. A gray pleated skirt also looks good in everyday looks with a voluminous knitted sweater and sports shoes.

Gray and ... gray!

It doesn’t matter if your gray skirt is lighter or darker than a blouse, because both options will look very stylish, see photo:

One is gray, the other is gray

A gray fluffy skirt in combination with a sweatshirt is very modern, and especially if the color of the inscription matches the color of accessories.In general, we kind of hint that when choosing a top with a picture or text, remember what color shoes you have or a bag with which you will wear this same sweatshirt / t-shirt / shirt.

Gray skirt, sweatshirt and accessories

The option when the color of the skirt completely matches the color of a sweater or blouse, we also really like.

All shades of gray

Autumn, winter and spring combination gray top - gray bottom looks like this:

Light gray pencil skirt and sweater

Gray midi skirt with sneakers

Gray pencil skirt with what to wear in 2017?

This style can vary in combination with a strict blouse and a charcoal knit turtleneck. A discreet plain jacket is very suitable for such a wardrobe item.

The top can be in yellow, blue, gray, black, white, green. A blouse, a top, a turtleneck, a sweater will become a pencil to the face of the style.

Gray pencil skirt with what to wear photo

You can talk about such a skirt endlessly. This thing is not without reason called the base, on its basis you can create a wardrobe. It is difficult to find a more suitable skirt for an office style. Several blouses, a jacket or a blazer, carefully selected by color and texture and the image of a business lady can be considered complete.

A gray pencil skirt blends perfectly with a white blouse or shirt. But, you see, this is somewhat boring. A wide black belt or belt with a massive white metal buckle accentuates the waist and breaks the monotonous image into two parts.

A gray pencil skirt, a white blouse and bright details - the ability to look interesting even in the office.

A red lacquered belt is also appropriate, but it will require additions in the form of a red neckerchief, shoes. You can experiment with a haircut, careless, but very thoughtful locks, some liberties will not hurt at all.

In winter, put on a pencil skirt with a jacket or jacket. But the top should not be long, otherwise the emphasized harmony of the image will immediately disappear. If the management does not mind, a strict and somewhat tedious office dress code can be diluted. This will not require drastic changes - just choose a skirt with a long slit.

What to wear with a gray knit skirt?

A very practical and comfortable solution for every day is clothing from knitwear. In the classic colors, such products are universal for bright and contrasting combinations, and restrained images. A gray knit skirt is great for solid total look ideas. In this case, it is not necessary to observe one tonality of all the details. Narrow cut models can be used for lax business bows, which is especially true in the cold season. For urban socks, sneakers or sneakers, a voluminous knitted sweater or a tight-fitting turtleneck will be a stylish choice.

Gray skirt-shorts with what to wear photo

Older women remember well the times when such skirts were considered trendy. Designers again brought them back to life, which inexpressibly pleased young girls. Yes, such models are targeted, they are suitable only for young and slim.

A gray skirt-shorts, an elegant thin sweater, pantyhose with a pattern will turn a long winter into a pleasant time of the year.

Strict variations of such skirts will require the same strict top. It can be a white blouse or shirt. If the skirt is sewn from thick fabric, a thin light turtleneck and a knit sweater in pastel shade will serve as an excellent top.

These skirts need to be especially carefully selected tights. In spring, flesh-colored panty hoses are ideal. Black tights can be worn if the top is also black. In autumn and winter, you can pick up dark tights with a geometric pattern, but it must be large. A possible option is the beige outlines of rhombs on a black background.

What to wear with a gray knit skirt?

Yarn products remain very popular. The trend is both light and warm models. For the summer season, designers offer clothes made of cotton and silk yarn. Relevant in the cold is a gray woolen skirt, acrylic, angora and mohair threads. Given the non-fading colors, the masters add beautiful textured patterns to the design - braids, arana. Looks more attractive with jacquard styles. Knitwear can be worn with any other clothes made of yarn, romantic blouses and tunics, denim shirts and even a classic jacket.

Gray woolen skirt with something to wear photo

A gray woolen flared skirt, sewn from fabric with black floral prints, looks just great. A velvet black turtleneck with an original collar will complement the image of a beautiful woman.

A gray skirt with floral prints, a velvet turtleneck, a leather belt - a luxurious outfit that is appropriate for many occasions.

A wide leather belt that emphasizes a thin waist does not hurt. Black boots with high heels, elegant silver jewelry will make the lady simply irresistible.

Gray sun skirt - what to wear?

This style remains the most feminine and romantic. And even in such an unattractive restrained shade, the flying sun will always attract attention. The hem is short and medium in length. A flared gray skirt is perfect for sophisticated romantic bows with light pastel colored blouses or with a print, short top, high heel shoes and sandals. The main condition in combination with the style of the sun is a tight, concise top. But such ensembles effectively accent the waist.

Models with a high waistline look good in strict and restrained images of a business style. But in this case, stylists use only modest midi that cover their knees. If you want to draw attention to romantic clothes, then a stylish solution is to create a dark background - a black top and shoes. And so that the appearance is not gloomy, add pearl beads or a large pendant to the neck.


The long model allows layering, especially of a straight silhouette. For example, a gray cotton or linen one is suitable for a milk shirt, a cotton pullover with an elongated neckline or a long linen vest in shades of gray.

In a festive version, such a bottom is a wonderful partner for shiny and bright tops or blouses.

Sporty chic in gray is perfect. Add a snow-white T-shirt or t-shirt, sneakers and a backpack in silver sequins, then any walk will become romantic.


Jeans loves both decor and classics. The fashion trend is now to wear a denim total bow, i.e., the ratio of the jeans bottom and top. Blouses, shirts, tight-fitting tops will suit a more feminine image. To wide, on the contrary, wide tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts.

An example of a monochrome combination of a gray denim skirt with winter outerwear

Gray leather skirt - what to wear?

Leather clothes always look spectacular and even bold. The traditional color remains black. However, the trend is silver, shades of wet asphalt and ash. A gray leather pencil skirt will perfectly complement your gloomy business bow. You should not use a jacket here. It is better to stay on a light blouse. Models with varnished gloss will effectively fit into an informal bow for a way out with a leather upper, for example, a top. Short styles can be worn in everyday urban combinations. A loose knitted sweater, shoes on a platform or tractor sole will be relevant.


Refined lace will be combined with the same color top. For a more practical and less catchy look, use the solid colors of blouses and tops. A light shirt or blouse of any style in white is suitable. To this image a black clutch bag and delicate golden bracelets are a good choice. When combined with these things, a gray lace skirt will look great.

What to wear with a gray lace skirt - an example in the photo

What to wear with a gray sports skirt?

A popular solution for every day is the model of sports style. Such products are presented from elastic, pleasant materials, for example, knitwear or bikes. Often, clothes are complemented by a drawstring on a cord or an elastic band. The cut can be straight or trapezoidal. The actual length remains mini and midi. Fashionable gray skirts are a win-win for sports wardrobe items - a sweatshirt, sneakers or sneakers, a bomber jacket. In the warm season, stylists suggest adding a note of sexuality to the bow with the help of a short T-shirt that opens the tummy.


The direct model is universal, anyone can allow the top, this is the option when "both in the feast and in the world." Use the general advice of stylists regarding the shape and style of the skirt. Someone tops with basques, someone denser fabric. The straight cut allows layering, so experiment.


A gray knit skirt is perfect for an informal evening with friends. It is convenient to walk around the city, go for a walk with the company, arrange gatherings at a party or at home.

A romantic option to wear a gray knit skirt

In order to hide the possible flaws of the figure (cellulite, excess fat on the sides), you should choose a more dense knitwear that will smooth out the bumps on the hips, and not emphasize them, as is often the case with dresses made of thin fabric.

In addition, you can beat the lush hips by choosing a flared silhouette. The length of such a skirt should be proportional to the height of the heels - the shorter the lower.

Stylist Tips

  1. Although it is believed that gray is combined with any other, but there are such pure and bright colors that will visually create a not very pleasant contrast, so the trick: in a gray skirt there should be a subton of the same color. For example, if you are going to wear a skirt with bright red tops, then in the gray fabric of the skirt should be a shade of red.
  2. If the gray bottom has a light tone, and the top is also light, and in the range goes gray, for example, gray-pink, gray-blue, the combination of onions will be inactive. This, of course, will not decorate, but the image will not spoil, you get a business style.

Arm yourself with practical advice and boldly fantasize with different bows. A gray skirt suits everyone, even lovers of bright dresses!

Gray wrap skirt - what to wear?

Styles with a clasp on a smell look very impressive and feminine. The main advantage of this design is a natural cut, which accentuates slender legs when walking, creates the effect of a flying gait. Models of direct silhouette can be used in an ensemble with a strict jacket and classic shoes, which fits the business dress code. Gray midi skirts perfectly complement the romantic look with a fitted top or delicate blouse with a flounce and a flashlight sleeve. Short mini became relevant in club bows with a shiny top or underwear in a linen style.

Gray suede skirt - what to wear with?

This element of the wardrobe looks especially gentle and sophisticated. In the classic palette, such products are suitable for both strict business bows and everyday urban combinations. But an important criterion is the cut itself. Under a restrained dress code, a pencil and a narrow style for smell are best suited. In a question, with what to combine a gray mini skirt, a good choice would be comfortable shoes in sports style or on tractor soles, a cozy knitted sweater, a practical cross-body bag. Suede clothes are also suitable for romantic ensembles with a top in pastel colors.

What to wear with a gray maxi skirt?

Lovers of gentle and romantic images, join. The combination of maxi style with chiffon and silk blouses of white, pink and burgundy color is the perfect ratio. Elongated tight-fitting T-shirts or T-shirts are suitable. Accessories: extra long small bags, gold items or fine jewelry.

Gray tulle skirt - what to wear?

For several consecutive seasons, the fashionable trend has been the spectacular magnificent pack of tulle. Such products look amazingly gentle and romantic, even in non-marking classic colors. A gray tutu skirt will be a stylish outfit choice. And in this case, mono dwell on combinations of total look or with details of pastel colors. Accessories remain an integral part of the elegant ensemble - large jewelry, a brilliant clutch. Recently, stylists have focused on the versatility of beautiful packs, combining them with bright sneakers or tractor boots.

Gray midi skirt

Any midi emphasizes the waist, and therefore the top should be appropriate. Tops, jackets, jackets with oval shoulders are suitable. As well as T-shirts, fur, denim shirts. High-heeled shoes only.

Style for everyday wear. The gray mini skirt looks great with warm shades. And with white and black tops, jackets with short sleeves and sweaters.

In addition, in the cold season, when the window is damp and dull, and the sun rarely looks out, you can create a bright atmosphere around you, diluting the image with a piercing pink coat. For example, as in the photo: a gray short skirt and a pink straight coat:

In the photo, a short gray skirt in combination with a pink coat of a straight cut

Gray denim skirt - what to wear?

This option remains one of the most practical and comfortable for active everyday wear. Denim models are available in both light and dark shades. However, products with the effect of boiled washing became the most popular. Denim mini and a trapezoid with a fastener on buttons in front are considered as fashionable styles. A gray tight-fitting short skirt looks great with a sweatshirt or voluminous sweater and sneakers. A flared cut can be combined with tractor boots, wedge or platform ankle boots, a leather jacket, a simple white or denim shirt.

To whom and with what should not wear a gray skirt:

  1. The young lady will look like in school uniform, be considered the exact opposite of character ardor at that age.
  2. Narrow folds on a full figure will not look organic.
  3. Short leather skirts will look vulgar on any type of figure.
  4. If you have narrow hips, do not wear tight-fitting clothes.
  5. Avoid the acid colors of the top.

Universal gray is a soft alternative to black, and in fact, for many women, the range of shades of gray provides a wide selection of combinations with what to wear a gray skirt. Do not be afraid to experiment, given the rules for wearing clothes on a particular figure.

What to wear with a gray plaid skirt?

The actual choice that will surely attract attention will be a design with a print cage. Different variations of the pattern are in fashion - from the Scottish style to the goose foot. A gray check skirt will complement this full look look with a plain top. However, in recent seasons, designers have accentuated the popularity of a combination of prints of various subjects. Therefore, to the checkered bottom mono add a blouse with flowers or a strip. Models in a cage are presented both from warm and light fabrics, so this design remains relevant at any time of the year. This print is suitable for the business dress code.

Watch the video: Spring. 10 looks of gray skirts. Outfits. Lookbook. fashion style (March 2020).