Choosing a mirror to create perfect makeup

In order to create beautiful makeup, good cosmetics will not be enough. It is necessary to provide a perfect light that will show all the flaws.

Every woman should have a makeup mirror with light. With it, you can be sure of the correct shading of the product on the face and evenness of the coating.

What is such a mirror for?

No wonder all professional makeup artists love mirrors with backlight.

Indeed, in its reflection it is easy to notice such shortcomings as:

  • shaded lines of foundation, eyeshadow or powder,
  • uneven tone of the face
  • defects when applying lipstick,
  • small peeling on the skin.

Similar flaws in makeup can ruin the whole image. There are several types of mirrors, each of which has different properties:

  1. Outdoor lighting. Similar lamps can be equipped with mirrors and furniture. There are several options for such fixtures: spots, spotlights and small sconces. These elements can be placed inside the glass in the form of inserts. Due to its high power, a mirror with such lamps can be suitable both for makeup and for lighting the space in the room.
  2. Interior lighting. Most often, this type of mirror is characterized by the fact that LED lamps are placed under the frosted glass. Therefore, the light is soft. Similar products are expensive. This is due to the unusual production technology of these mirrors. After all, frosted glass should harmoniously fit into the framework of the mirror itself. Most products of this type look like a cabinet with a mirrored front surface. Individual variants of such glasses are very rare due to their high cost.
  3. Decorative lighting. As such, this type of function does not carry the function of lighting the face or assisting with makeup. Its main goal is decorative decoration. Lamps can be both inside and outside the glass.

In addition, mirrors can be:

  • Panoramic - these are ordinary, large surface sizes. Most of the space is occupied by the mirror itself. This look is great for makeup,
  • Magnifying - most often it is built into a panoramic. Due to its proximity property, it helps to more clearly draw the contours of makeup and carefully consider the imperfections.

Each species has its own characteristics, which are aimed at meeting the needs of women.

Therefore, choosing a good option is not difficult.

Features of makeup mirrors

Before buying such an important makeup tool, you need to pay attention to several features. An important role is played by the type of fastening. There are several of them:

  1. Desktop. The convenience of such a product is that it is easy to move and can be used anywhere in the house. However, it does not take up much space. The main thing is to choose an option with fastening to surfaces. Then you can be sure that a random push will not smash him to smithereens.
  2. Wall mounted. The advantage of such a mirror is that it is firmly fixed. Usually, a bathroom is chosen for these purposes. Hinge options available. What allows you to change the viewing direction of the mirror - tilt and rotate.
  3. Universal. This view provides for installation using hinges on magnets. Thus, the mirror can be removed and hung at any time. However, this species is the most expensive of all on the market. Therefore, not everyone can afford such a luxury to create makeup.

From these three options, any woman will be able to choose the most suitable type of mirror both financially and from the convenience side. A large selection of design solutions makes it a unique thing.

The process of making mirrors involves coating. The quality of reflection depends on it. Also, the coating affects the terms of operation. The most popular are three types:

    Aluminum This type of spraying belongs to the budget category. Such a mirror cannot convey an accurate and high-quality picture. In addition, it can not be placed in the bathroom and in any humid environment - this quickly spoils it.

Amalgam. This is a weak alloy. Top coat is applied with varnish - for fixing. Typically, such spraying is used to create small pocket mirrors.

It does not differ in durability and water resistance. But it is very cheap. In addition, such a product can be created independently.

Titanium or its oxide. This coating material is more resistant and durable. It can be hung in the bathroom and not worry about its safety.

However, the reflection of such a coating strongly affects the transfer of shapes and shapes. Titanium spraying gives a grayish tint to the image, and oxide gives a blue tint.

  • Silver or its alloy with copper. This option is the best available on the market. Such a mirror is resistant to water and transfers the image well - with a small amount of errors. The cost of such a product is high. But quality justifies such a purchase.
  • A makeup mirror should be of high quality and, accordingly, expensive. It is better to buy a good product once than a useless thing.

    Benefits of Makeup Mirrors

    Makeup mirrors are universal in that they can be installed on a dressing table, or mounted on a wall. Models are equipped with special magnetic locks. The main distinguishing feature of makeup mirrors is that they are equipped with LED-backlight.

    The advantage of illuminated mirrors is that you can immediately see and correct makeup errors such as:

    • imperfect blending of foundation lines, shadows or powder,
    • uneven tone of the face
    • even the smallest peeling of the skin,
    • defects when applying lipstick.


    For this room, it is most effective to purchase a large mirror surface. In it, it will be possible to consider every detail of the face. In addition, some designers integrate small ones with magnifying surfaces into large mirrors. This solution allows you to combine two functions: portrait review and more detailed.

    You can also use hinged mirrors. Due to the fact that they are able to rotate and tilt, in the bathroom their functionality will be very wide: the creation of makeup, shaving the face and even coloring the hair.

    Please note that the best option when choosing lighting is a gentle daylight. Bright lamps, on the contrary, work on image distortion.

    Types of Makeup Mirrors

    Mirror surfaces for makeup mainly differ in shape and size. Most often in professional beauty salons for applying make-up they prefer medium-sized oval or rectangular mirrors. As noted, makeup products differ from ordinary ones in that they can be used to notice imperfections in the makeup applied. There are several types of mirrors, each of which has unique properties with which you can retouch flaws.

    Exterior Mirror , which is placed inside the glass in the form of neat cuts. Due to the high power of the lamps, you can recognize an uneven tone of the face, the presence of gaps when summing up the eyebrows. Furniture is also equipped with external lighting - spots, spotlights and sconces of small sizes.

    Interior Mirror characterized by the fact that LED lamps are used, which are installed under the frosted glass. Thanks to this setting, the light is soft. Such lighting helps to make the most natural, daytime makeup. Products with interior lighting are expensive, so only exclusive studios can afford it.

    Mirror with decorative lighting , the lighting of which does not carry a special function when applying makeup. The main purpose of this type is a non-standard, decorative decoration. The lamps are located both inside and outside the glass.

    In addition, mirrored surfaces can be panoramic or magnifying. Most often, panoramic ones are used for makeup, when most of the space is occupied directly by a mirror. Magnifying glasses are sometimes built into panoramic ones. Due to the fact that the picture is approaching, this helps to make a more precise contouring of the face, as well as carefully consider the flaws.


    In this room it is better to use a large mirror. Since before leaving the house it is important to examine yourself from all sides and make sure that the makeup matches the clothes and the correct selection of all accessories.

    Moreover, spraying is not so important. You can choose an average product. Since moisture can not be afraid of him. And focus on the quality of the transfer of picture details.

    Of lighting, most often use dim lamps. Because the image should be what it will be in daylight.

    Mirror Models

    When choosing a mirror model, first of all, you should pay attention to the substance deposited on the back surface of the product:

    • titanium
    • silver
    • copper-doped aluminum
    • amalgamous.

    It is from him that the quality of reflection will depend. Different types of coatings have different color reproduction.

    The cheapest and not suitable is an amalgam coating made of an unstable alloy. To maintain it, you have to additionally fix it with a building varnish. The amalgam coating does not tolerate moisture; accordingly, the product cannot be installed in the bathroom.

    Aluminum with an admixture of copper is also a budget option, but the quality is slightly higher than in the previous case. Aluminum reproduces colors well, but the image itself is not clear, but somewhat distorted. Therefore, to get high-quality makeup, makeup artists do not recommend buying wall or table mirrors made of aluminum. From this coating, you can buy an ordinary pocket mirror.

    Silver-coated makeup mirrors are significantly more expensive than the previous two options. However, such mirrors are highly resistant to high humidity. Therefore, the product can be installed in the bathroom. Silver plated mirrors are recommended even by makeup artists. Since the price / quality ratio is justified.

    The most expensive is a titanium coating. Products made of it are durable and transmit the image as accurately as possible. However, do not hide the fact that titanium coated mirrors have a slightly bluish reflection.

    Mirrors can be:

    • wall mounted on a wall with a bracket
    • desktop - have a stable stand,
    • with bulbs
    • sensory.

    When choosing a makeup mirror, pay attention to its marking according to the distortion class. For applying make-up, the marking must be M0 and M1.

    Choosing a desktop mirror model, you can experiment with it functionality :

    • Rotating 180 and 360 degrees,
    • With two-way reflection. On the one hand, a mirror surface with the real size of the object, on the other - with an increase,
    • Mirrors with an accordion mount, which allows you to zoom in and out the mirror product without the help of both hands.

    You should pay attention to magnifying mirrors with backlight, as they will not give a real reflection. To make the makeup natural and not coarse, you must give preference to one of two things: either highlighting, or the effect of magnification.


    Table mirrors are attached to the table or fixed using a mobile stand. Many makeup artists recommend this type of product, as they are compact and versatile. Illuminated table mirrors have 2 reflective sides, one of which has the characteristics of an optical lens. Enlarges to ten times the size. Due to its small and compact dimensions, this mirror is suitable for travel.

    Wall mounted

    At the wall mirror, the bulbs are stationary around the perimeter, and is fixed on the wall without the possibility of movement. With proper fixing of the product, you do not have to adjust the angle or height of the installation every time you apply makeup. Some wall mirrors are additionally equipped with an accordion mount. This allows you to zoom in or out from the wall to change the angle. Soft lighting illuminates the face well, while not causing an allergic effect on the eyes. The backlight works either from the battery or from the mains.


    Touch mirrors are an innovative product, with the help of which the most accurate and accurate makeup is obtained. Illuminated touch products are equipped with 22 LED bulbs that can change the degree of illumination of the room. Such properties help to create the perfect make-up, without errors. The bulbs are inserted in a circle, which allows you to see each area of ​​the face.

    A distinctive feature of touch mirrors is the ability to rotate the product 180 degrees. This helps you choose the right angle to apply foundation, eye shadow and lipstick. Proper lighting helps emphasize your dignity and hide flaws.

    12 best makeup-illuminated mirrors

    Whether you're an experienced make-up artist or a beginner, your mirror can make a difference in your makeup. Applying makeup in dim lighting can give you casual results.

    To help you update your daily makeup and learn beauty techniques in full HD, we've put together a list of the 12 most popular makeup illuminated mirrors. Want to know which ones to look for in order to feel attractive and look like a diva? Read on to find out more.

    Benefits of Using Makeup Lights with Mirrors

    • A magnifying mirror helps you see (really see) what you are doing. These minor defects, such as too much foundation or excess facial hair will be better visible and you can quickly fix it.
    • The outline in front of this mirror can evenly illuminate your face. This helps you achieve a perfectly sculpted and distinguished face that everyone will envy.
    • Modern models of makeup mirrors are super compact and take up very little space in your bag. Some of them are even convenient for traveling!
    • You can choose the intensity of your magnifying mirror. They usually range from 15x to 20x. You can also choose lower levels of magnification, such as 5x or 8x.
    • Your makeup will certainly become more accurate even when you use a makeup mirror with backlight. You will be surprised with the incredible finish you will achieve.

    Here is a list of the top 12 highlight makeup mirrors.

    With light bulbs

    Makeup mirrors with built-in lamps have a significant advantage over other models. Especially if the lamps will be located around the perimeter. Lighting can be either diffusing cold or warm.

    In cold light, wrinkles, age spots, acne and other skin imperfections will be more noticeable. If you want to carefully mask such flaws, you should choose a cold light.

    The warm shade of light bulbs is somewhat more pleasant to the human eye. If there is no need to mask flaws, choose light bulbs with warm light. Such lighting is suitable for creating a natural look.

    The choice of the number of light bulbs on the mirror is individual in each case. There is only one rule - two bulbs must be at the face level.

    If you decide to buy a mirror with makeup lamps, make sure that they do not heat up.So, when applying makeup, you will feel discomfort, which may not be the best effect when applying eyeliner. The eyes will begin to watery, not only the straight line of arrows will deteriorate, but also the tone of the face.

    The lamps must be positioned so that there is a small, equal distance between them. The best option is LED lamps. Such lighting is equipped with professional salon studios. Fluorescent lamps strongly distort color. After entering daylight, makeup may turn out to be completely different than at home.

    Which one to choose: makeup tips

    When choosing a makeup-illuminated mirror, it is best to give a rectangular or oval wall-mounted model. Makeup artists recommend choosing a backlight as close as possible to daylight. Natural lighting will not distort the actual reflection.

    A small model is suitable in the bedroom. You can choose either a boudoir or purchase an elegant dressing table and put on it a table oval and round mirror with backlight. The light should be warm, evenly spaced around the perimeter.

    It is important to know how large the backlight itself should be. The diameter will also determine how well and evenly the makeup will be applied. When installing a wall-mounted product (120 cm), it must be placed so that you can see your reflection to the knees. Mirror 60 cm - waist-high, at 40 cm - chest. A universal solution is considered to be a 50 to 50 square-shaped illuminated mirror. It is a similar mirror that professional makeup artists most often use. However, if you want to install a makeup mirror on the table, it is best to choose a product of rectangular shape 34 by 17 or square 11 by 11 centimeters.

    Natural light is considered the most suitable for applying makeup. If you do not want to purchase a mirror with additional illumination, mark it next to the source of natural light. However, without additional highlighting it will be difficult to get high-quality evening makeup. Artificial light should have a high color rendering index (CRI). The optimal color rendering rate for applying make-up is not more than 80.

    Benefits of LED makeup mirrors:

    • Wide reflective surface. This helps to see the full face, and not its individual features. Helps to adjust the perfect shape of the eyebrows on both sides. Looking at a ready-made make-up, it’s easy to see where to remove and where to add a couple of strokes,
    • LED bulbs do not blind or cut eyes. The mirror emits a pleasant, soft, but saturated light,
    • Durability.

    The most budgetary include incandescent lamps. This is ordinary lighting, which does not differ in long-term operation; lamps quickly burn out. Modern mirror manufacturers do not use this type of light bulb. An alternative is halogen lamps, which are also low cost, but ten times more durable than incandescent lamps. Most often used when placing the product in the bathroom, since the distinguishing feature of such lamps is their resistance to humidity.

    As previously noted, the worst lighting for applying makeup are fluorescent lamps. They not only distort the real shade of daylight, their eyes get tired, they start to hurt and blush.


    If you are hunting for a backlit mirror that can be mounted on your favorite wall, this is for you! It is easy to install and comes with all the screws and anchors you need. It has a touch sensor and a dimmer switch at the bottom to give you complete control over the lighting. Thanks to its pad, it can also be placed in your bathroom and it will stay there forever.

    Model classification

    Mirrors are distinguished by several parameters:

    • size
    • form
    • lighting lamps
    • type of installation
    • surface and frame coating materials
    • style and design
    • use in stationary and figurative form.

    Black and white film actors applied make-up while sitting in front of rectangular or square items. This option is considered today a classic of retro. In addition to strict forms produce oval, round, polygonal mirrors. Modern manufacturers also produce tricuspid products, which are especially effective in creating complex hairstyles and hair coloring.

    The choice of form, quality of materials and coating, product style depends on the room in which the installation is made. This option applies to wall and desktop models. Hand mirrors are selected based on the size, convenient to use, and appearance.

    Hand held

    Such models are the most budgetary, compact, mobile version. The size of the mirrors does not exceed 10-15 cm. Most often they have a rectangular shape. The lack of a stable stand does not allow us to call them desktop, since for using the product you need to pick it up (this is not very convenient for home use). You can position the mirror on a horizontal surface using a special cover with a folding leg. If the accessory is not included, then its acquisition is desirable, as it will protect the surface from scratches, extending the service life.

    Leather cases are the most durable; they withstand daily transportation in a women's handbag without losing their appearance. Least durable faux leather accessories. The best option is a cover made of thick fabric, the cost of which allows you to periodically replace an outdated product with a new one.

    The illumination of a hand-held makeup mirror is not as bright as that of desktop or stationary designs. Power comes from batteries. In order not to change the old elements so often, it is recommended to install batteries, since they are easily charged from the network if necessary.

    The nuances of choosing structural elements

    Despite the uniform purpose, illuminated makeup mirrors differ in the following structural elements:

    1. Surface coating. It happens amalgam, aluminum, titanium, silver.
    2. Frame material. This element is made of plastic, wood, metal, MDF, particleboard.
    3. Type of lighting. Includes incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED lamps.

    The clarity and accuracy of the image depends on the coating. Lamps provide lighting in a cool, warm, natural tone. Frames give stability to the structure, increase the duration of operation.


    A small reflective surface will be enough in this room. Most conveniently - mount on a stable leg. Such a device is easy to carry and does not take up much space.

    Typically, these mirrors are placed on the bedside table or makeup table. Such options for products with double glass are popular. On the one hand, this is a normal surface, and on the other, a magnifying one. In this case, it is better to choose a softer backlight so that it does not blind your eyes. The light should be soft. This contributes to better color rendering during makeup.

    Some women need additional visibility and they install another mirror in the room, but more. These are the so-called portrait surfaces. In them you can consider the general image - the whole face. At the same time, the backlight should also be warm and dim.

    A backlit mirror is an important element in creating good makeup. But in order to choose a really high-quality product that will last more than one year, you need to know a few simple rules. Because the technology of creation and the materials used may be different. And this directly affects the quality of makeup and the overall picture.


    2. Mirror with highlight for xiaomi makeup


    This 10x magnification mirror is guaranteed to enhance your makeup routine. If you pinch your eyebrows or put on contact lenses, this gives you all the accuracy you need. Equipped with a circular light, the natural help of white light when applying makeup reflects true colors without a shadow.

    You can also adjust your angle with your 360 ° swivel. Install it everywhere on a flat surface. It is also portable and compact, making it convenient to carry anywhere.


    • 10x magnification
    • Adjustable angle
    • Convenient for traveling
    • Daylight


    • A little bit

    Design features

    Modern mirrors with lighting for makeup are presented in a wide assortment: models on the bracket for wall mounting, desktop products, compact options (you can take on trips). Some accessories may have a magnifying mirror on one side. Their surface is well polished, does not distort reflection. The presence of illumination allows you to achieve optimal lighting, in which you can apply makeup in the same way as a professional does: with well-shaded and clear lines, even complexion, perfect contouring.

    The shape and dimensions directly depend on where the accessory will be used. Small mirrors are mounted in the bathroom, taken with you on travel. More overall designs complement dressing tables, are used in corridors. Manufacturers also offer specialized make-up mirrors, their cost is higher, but the quality of surface treatment is better. Such products are necessary for stylists, makeup artists and make-up artists for everyday work. A variety of mirrors with additional lighting will be useful for any woman who pays attention to personal care.


    A variety of models complicates the choice, but also reveals ample opportunities for users. With ease, you can take into account the dimensions of the room, the anatomical features of the body and other factors by choosing a mirror that will be most comfortable to use. Accessories are equipped with various types of lamps, their number varies. When choosing, it is necessary to consider for what purposes a backlit mirror is purchased.


    • led lights
    • Energy saving
    • Smooth
    • Comes with touch sensor and dimmer


    2. Mirror with highlight for xiaomi makeup


    This 10x magnification mirror is guaranteed to enhance your makeup routine. If you pinch your eyebrows or put on contact lenses, this gives you all the accuracy you need. Equipped with a circular light, the natural help of white light when applying makeup reflects true colors without a shadow.

    You can also adjust your angle with your 360 ° swivel. Install it everywhere on a flat surface. It is also portable and compact, making it convenient to carry anywhere.


    • 10x magnification
    • Adjustable angle
    • Convenient for traveling
    • Daylight


    • A little bit

    3. Wall-mounted mirror with illumination and magnification for makeup JiBen LED


    JIBEN’S LED Lighted Magnifying Mirror comes with gorgeous chrome inserts, a white body and a sleek battery compartment. It gives you a 10x magnification, making it ideal for detailed makeup and care. Its bright daylight LED light helps you achieve a professional makeup finish, and is also energy efficient. It can be easily installed anywhere and rotates full 360 °, so you can adjust your angles just right.


    • Available
    • 10x magnification
    • Portable
    • Great design


    7 X desk mirror with makeup light


    This wireless magnifying mirror comes with a travel bag and a bag for its batteries, making it great for your trips. A 7x magnification allows you to view your entire face for flawless makeup and care. It runs on battery power, so you won’t have to bother with finding a switch every time you need to use it. It has natural warm light.


    • Easy installation
    • 7X magnification
    • Battery operated
    • Comes with a padded travel bag


    This portable lighted mirror is so compact that you can carry it in your purse. It comes with 8 dimmable Lights and 2 mirrors - polished glass and a 2x magnification mirror. It is incredibly convenient to use and ideal for office, travel or when you are outdoors. You only need two batteries to turn it on, and you have full control over its light intensity thanks to the touch screen power button.


    Mirrors fulfill not only a practical, but also a decorative role, therefore they are created in various designs. Equally important is the material deposited on the inner surface of the mirror. The color rendering, the degree of glare, and the quality of reflection as a whole will depend on it. As for materials for frames, they affect the appearance and life of the product.


    Four types of coating are distinguished. Each of them has a different transmission quality, and also affects the final cost of the accessory. In ascending order, they can be placed as follows:

    Amalgam coating is used to create budget items. A mirror with such processing cannot be installed in the bathroom, because it is not able to withstand increased humidity in the room - over time, the surface of such a model will begin to crack and fade. Aluminum is slightly more expensive, it can give a slightly distorted and not too clear image. It is more suitable for pocket and hand mirrors.

    Silver spraying increases the strength of the surface and is resistant to temperature changes, moisture. It is difficult to damage or scratch, so the price is higher. The highest quality and most expensive is titanium spraying. It is as strong and durable as possible, excellent for applying makeup, because it gives the clearest image.

    When choosing, you should pay attention to the distortion class. According to the marking, it should be designated as M0 or M1. It is also permissible to install mirrors marked up to M4 at home, but they are not suitable for make-up. The thickness of the web should be from 4 to 6 mm.

    Not all models are equipped with frames. Without them, the backlight is mounted in the mirror itself. Externally, such products look light and airy, more often used in modern interiors. Unframed makeup mirrors are also popular. Lamps are placed in them around the perimeter of the canvas or on three sides. If the frame is still provided for in the product, it can be made of:

    1. Plastic. Inexpensive and popular material, characterized by affordable cost. It is not too durable, not resistant to mechanical damage, but has a wide selection of colors and textures.
    2. MDF. It is installed on large mirrors, it has a long service life and a variety of colors, it has an optimal ratio of price and quality.
    3. Chipboard. It is offered in almost any color, but it is afraid of moisture, and can be deformed over time.
    4. Metal. Durable material, which often has a chrome finish, combines with any modern style.
    5. Tree. Environmentally friendly material used in the manufacture of classic models is quite expensive if the array is involved.

    Smooth textures are suitable for modern interiors, carved decor can be chosen for classic and provence. There are frequent options when materials are combined with each other. Metal goes well with plastic and MDF, and wood is complemented by chipboard to reduce the final cost of the product.

    Tips for choosing makeup mirrors

    Lighting is perhaps the most significant factor when it comes to flawless makeup. We recommend choosing a mirror that simulates natural light.

    • Avoid mirrors with warm or yellow bulbs, because they will make you look not very good, no matter how you apply your makeup.
    • LED white lamps not only save energy, but also serve you much longer than ordinary lamps. This is a win-win option!
    • Think about placing your mirror before choosing it. If you intend to place it on a flat surface, select it with a smaller base. If you want to stick to the wall mount, make sure it has an adjustable lever. Thus, you can apply your makeup in various positions.
    • If you want your mirror to accompany you on your travels, try choosing a compact and portable cosmetic mirror.
    • If you are going out all night, you can dim the lights to see if the makeup still looks great in this particular light.

    Your makeup mirror is more important than you think. If you intend to invest in expensive cosmetics and makeup products, you can also make sure that you have the right mirror to improve your appearance.

    In addition, your makeup mirror is not only a functional tool, but it will also add beauty to your home decor. This was our review of the top 12 highlight makeup mirrors. Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Lamp options

    Cosmetic makeup mirrors should create light that is as close to natural as possible, so the backlight must be chosen correctly. Many women install additional sconces on the mirror itself or put compact floor lamps on the table, but the backlit model is considered the most convenient to use. Manufacturers use several types of lamps:

    1. LED. The best option offered, because it has a wide range of lighting. The lamps do not heat up and last a very long time.
    2. Halogen. They tolerate moisture well, therefore they are used in mirrors designed for the bathroom. Their service life is several times higher compared to incandescent lamps.
    3. Luminescent. They give a clean and cold light, but are characterized by increased brightness, so the eyes quickly get tired.
    4. Incandescent lamps. They are installed on budget models and do not differ in reliability, so every year they are increasingly losing relevance. Also, such products become very hot and do not give clear light, they emit a warm glow that is not suitable for applying cosmetics.

    Only LED lamps can provide neutral lighting, close to natural.

    You can also meet models with LED strip. It can be located on the outer edge of the frame or be embedded under glass. The latter option does not differ in brightness sufficient for applying makeup, therefore it is often used for decorative purposes. External lighting can only be used if it has no shades.

    How to fit into the interior

    The design of the mirror should be harmoniously combined with the general style of the room. It is important to choose the right frame material and evaluate whether its presence is necessary. The color of the backlight, the type of lamps, the shape and dimensions of the product will also matter.

    Classical interiors are characterized by massive frames and carved decor. Typically, the frame of the mirror is made in a bronze shade, often the surface is aged artificially. Also, natural wood is abundantly used in the classic, more inexpensive options are created from MDF. The shape of the mirror can be oval, rectangular or square. Harmonious backlighting is made in the form of a sconce with energy-saving lamps. Also, mirrors in the frame are suitable for Provence, country, eco styles.

    If the product is chosen for a modern interior, it is better to refuse frames at all. Rectangular and square mirrors with illumination around the entire perimeter will look good. For minimalism, modernism and hi-tech, the characteristic materials are metal, glass, acrylic. The chrome surfaces look spectacular in such interiors. Backlighting is done using LED lighting.

    The main types of mirrors

    • Cosmetic mirror with backlight. The irreplaceable assistant in self-care. Illumination is needed to create uniform lighting, which is not always possible to achieve in natural conditions. With the help of a desk mirror with makeup light, you can create the perfect skin tone, draw super-sharp arrows and successfully pluck your eyebrows.
    • A magnifying cosmetic mirror usually has two sides. One with normal reflection, and the second with magnification. Such mirrors are designed for regular skin care, cleansing, plucking eyebrows. Modern models offer a range of from two to ten times the magnification. Of course, at first looking in the mirror with a 10x magnification is somewhat unusual, but then you fully appreciate all its benefits.
    • The universal mirror combines backlighting, portability, mobility, and magnification. As a rule, such a cosmetic mirror with a backlight is desktop, since it is difficult to combine so many functions in wall-mounted models.

    At the place of use, the mirrors are divided into:

    • The cosmetic bathroom mirror is mounted on the wall. Its functionality largely depends on the materials used - they must be waterproof. As a rule, such mirrors use a waterproof titanium or copper-silver coating.
    • The bathroom also comes in handy with a miniature mirror with magnification and backlight, which is mounted on the main reflective surface. It does not take up much space, and it is much more convenient to carry out peeling or manual cleansing of steamed skin with it.
    • Wall-mounted cosmetic mirror is useful anywhere: in the corridor, in the room, even in the kitchen. Such mirrors vary in size, and the backlight is powered by a mains or battery.
    • Tabletop mirror for makeup and beauty care varies in size. Such models are single and double-sided, made of metal and plastic.
    • Travel sets and folding mirrors are indispensable for trips and travels, and they’re not just superfluous in your purse. Modern models strive for excellence, and among them there are full-fledged cosmetic mirrors with backlight and magnification, not inferior to their quality

    What to look for when choosing a mirror for cosmetics and care

    When choosing a desk mirror with backlight, pay attention to its shape. Circular illumination gives a natural, uniform illumination, in which it is great to apply makeup. A model with a lower backlight may require an additional light source.

    An important role is played by the number of reflective surfaces. A magnifying cosmetic mirror is most convenient to use if, in addition to the surface with a 3-5-10-fold approximation, there is also the usual reflective side.

    Mounting system - for wall mirrors it is either permanent fixation with bolts, or a suction mount for mini versions. The desktop mirror on the leg is larger, and the folding tablet can be used at home or taken with you on a trip.

    In modern models, different lamps are used for backlighting. Halogen ones are considered the best solution for the bathroom, fluorescent ones are great for regular, but not frequent use, and LED lamps are ideal for daily care.

    Expert advice!

    When choosing a mirror: cosmetic, desktop or backlit, ask yourself a few questions.

    • Where do you want to position the mirror? In the bath, on the wall in the room, or will it be portable?
    • Do you need an increase? If so, which one?
    • For what purposes do you need a backlight?
    • Do you plan to take him on trips and business trips?

    Answering these questions, you can choose the perfect model for yourself!

    Double-sided table mirror Lm494

    • 1 side - normal
      2 side - 10X
    • no backlight
    • diameter 15 cm

    Mini mirror

    • 1 side - 10X
    • no backlight
    • diameter 9 cm

    Cosmetic mirror with magnification Lm874

    • 1 side - normal
      2 side - 5X
    • no backlight
    • diameter 13 cm

    Illuminated table mirror Lm110

    • 1 side - normal
      2 side - 5X
    • circular illumination
    • diameter 13.4 cm

    Illuminated cosmetic mirror
    Gezatone LM125

    • 1 side - normal
    • loop illumination
    • size 18x11.4 cm

    Set of cosmetology mirrors from Gezatone LM880, 1x, 5x, with backlight

    • 1 side - 1X
      2 side - 5X
    • loop illumination
    • diameter of mirrors 7 cm

    Cosmetic mirror
    Gezatone LM207

    • 1 side - normal
    • circular light
    • diameter 14 cm

    Cosmetic mirror 10x, with illumination LM100, Gezatone

    • 1 side - 10x
    • circular light
    • diameter 10 cm

    In fact, one mirror in everyday life is not enough. Let them be more, good and different. And then they will become a worthy reflection of your radiant beauty!

    Watch the video: How to apply makeup using a magnifying mirror (March 2020).