How to read a money back plot: white magic

Often we, out of kindness of our spiritual soul, help our relatives and friends, lending them money. But, unfortunately, it often happens that a debtor repays a debt for months, or even years. If this is just your case, I suggest you use the help of white magic and apply one of the many conspiracies to repay debt.

Conspiracies, the purpose of which is to force the debtor to return the borrowed money, relate to household magic. This magic has been formed for centuries, and throughout its long history certain features of performing such rituals have been established.

So, deciding to independently apply a conspiracy to repay the debt, you must necessarily consider the following nuances:

  • the conspiracy will be successful if you hold it to the arriving moon,
  • don't make rash decisions. If the debtor is in no hurry to repay the debt, then it is possible that this is caused not by his dishonesty, but by a banal lack of finance. It’s better to remind him of duty 2-4 times a month, and if in return you receive a denial or every time he will feed you slurred “breakfasts”, only then turn to the ritual,
  • the rite or conspiracy to repay the debt, which you chose, should be from the arsenal of white magic. I highly do not recommend dealing with black rituals, even if the debtor categorically refuses to return the borrowed money. Because of the black conspiracies, the person in respect of whom the rite is directed can become very ill or even die, and the disposition of someone else's life will negatively affect the performer,
  • if the plot worked, and you managed to get the debt back, mentally thank the debtor for it. It will be helpful to pray for him in the church. So you release all the negativity that has accumulated in your address of the debtor, which will only benefit both of you.

Debt recovery plots are relatively simple to implement. And carrying out the ritual in full compliance with the recommendations guarantees a speedy return of the borrowed amount of money.

Coin conspiracy of white magic

One of the safe rituals. You can apply if the debtor is your friend or relative, and you do not want to spoil the relationship with him.

Look into your wallet and find among the little things a white shiny coin. In the morning, bury the money under a coniferous tree (pine or spruce) and say the words of the conspiracy:

Sincerely wish the debtor to have funds to return the borrowed amount. Remember the place where they buried the coin: when the debt is returned to you (and this should happen soon), be sure to dig it out, as promised in the conspiracy.

To repay debt with matches

It will help if you lend money to a stranger and lose all hope of returning the borrowed. The conspiracy used appeals to the debtor’s conscience. For the ritual, prepare a thin candle from the church, a full box of matches, a saucer or a small plate, a white scarf.

Late in the evening, turn off all the lights, sit down at the table. Place a saucer on a table in front of you, place a candle next to it and light it. Open the box of matches, take one match, set it on fire from a burning candle and throw it on the saucer.

In the process of burning matches, repeat the magic words - as many times as needed:

Wait for the candle and all the matches to burn out. Gather the remains of the candle and the ashes from the matches, wrap them in a white handkerchief, put them in your bag (in the money department) or in another place where you keep the money. Keep until you get back the borrowed. After that, bury or discard.

Debt recovery plot: vintage

It will help to repay the debt debtor icon, which can be purchased at any church shop. Prepare also tablecloth or handkerchief (as a last resort, a flap of tissue) black color and small mirror.

Lay the tablecloth (shawl, flap) on the table, put a mirror on top (so that the front side is at the bottom), and put an icon on the mirror. Lay your palms over the resulting composition - as if you were warming them over a fire. Then read the plot 40 times:

Rite with an old chair

To carry out the ritual, you need to break out the leg from the old chair, you need to do this with bare hands, without using any tools. To put a chair without a leg beyond the threshold of the house (or onto the landing of the apartment).

From the leg you need to break off several chips with a knife or tear them out with nippers. Now you can go directly to reading the conspiracy to return the money. The words:

To enhance the effect, you can read this plot twice, and, the second time you need to read the words back to front. After this, the chair should be discarded, and the chips should be taken to the intersection of three roads and scattered.

With needle

To conduct this ceremony, you will need:

  • three gypsy needles,
  • three tablespoons of coarse salt,
  • three feathers of any bird (it is better to collect them on the street yourself),
  • three shreds of wool from different cats (or cats),
  • three shreds of hair from different dogs,
  • a small square of dark fabric.

Shreds of wool can be carefully cut from animals with scissors.

When all the ingredients are assembled, put the cloth on a flat surface (table or altar), write the name of the debtor with soap on the cloth, then put all the collected components there, mix them with the tip of the knife with a black handle counterclockwise. After that, you need to read the words of the conspiracy:

First you need, without bargaining, buy one simple wax candle. It is also not recommended to take change from the seller. Light a candle immediately after sunset and recite the words 13 times on it:

The next day, in the afternoon, you need to go to church (preferably on foot) and put the rest of the candles for the health of your debtor. In the church you need to say:

"Fish pie"

If you want to return your money without harming the debtor, you need to use this plot. So, first bake the fish pie. After rocking the dough with a rolling pin, apply the amount of debt to it with a knife. Spreading fish on it, speak a conspiracy:

Then you need to actually prepare the pie and treat it to the debtor. It is important to prevent evil thoughts against him. You can not treat the guest and mentally curse him. If, however, you cannot manage to treat the debtor with a pie, then do this. On the new moon you need to take a long woolen thread of red color and lay out the number with it.

Then light a new candle and also draw in the air above the thread the amount of debt, first from right to left, and then from left to right. At the same time, read the conspiracy aloud:

Way from debtors

From ancient times, a very strong rite has come into the modern world, the action of which is aimed at a quick return of debt. Such a ritual is rather complicated and all its requirements should be strictly observed.

For the ceremony, you must first prepare three pieces of the following attributes:

  1. New large needles called gypsy
  2. Tablespoons of coarse rock salt,
  3. Feathers of a bird to be picked up on the street
  4. Shreds of wool neatly cut in the street with different animals.

In addition, you will need a square flap of fabric in a dark shade.

First, a table is set up in a separate room and covered with a rag of cooked dark cloth. In the middle, using the remnant, the name of the debtor is written. Further, all the attributes are laid out on a flap laid on the table, and are mixed clockwise with the tip of a knife equipped with a black handle.

In the process, these magic words are pronounced:

Church plot

The church rite, which accelerates the return of debt, consists of two parts. First, you should perform certain actions at home.

To do this, you need to buy a candle made of natural wax in any place without bargaining. It is also forbidden to take change from the seller. That is, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it is better to pay for the candle without surrender. After sunset, you need to retire to a separate room and light a candle.

Looking at her flame, speak out clearly and without hesitation such a magical plot thirteen times:

After that, the candle needs to be extinguished, and you yourself should do the usual things. The next day, in the morning, you should go to the temple and put there an unburned candle near one of the icons for the health of your debtor.

After that, the magic words are uttered in a whisper:

Debt recovery from a stranger

It happens that we recklessly pass on our savings to unfamiliar people, believing in their decency. Money is not always returned, so you should use an effective conspiracy. To do this, take a box of matches, light matches one by one and throw in a saucer with water, saying:

The one who borrowed money from you will not know peace until he returns to you the entire amount borrowed. After the money comes back, say:

On the potato

After sunset, take the potato. Smooth, without eyes and flaws. Cut into two parts: one rub your hands, the second - a saucer, where you put the coin. Say the plot:

The coin must be placed between the parts of the potato, pressed and secured by tying a white thread. At the same time, say:

“On hills and mountains, under rocks and pits, water flows, starch juice. Debt will flow to me, voiced coins. For the slave (name), the debt is empty, the coins are superfluous.

For me - voiced, for a wallet full. As the sun hides, so the cops in the slave (the name of the borrower-debtor) will appear. He’ll bring it to me, he won’t borrow it. ”

Put the enchanted potatoes on the same saucer in the center of the table and wait for the debtor to return the occupied one. To pay off perfect little witchcraft, you need to give a coin to someone who borrowed money by saying:

A conspiracy to repay a debt on potatoes can be done once every three to four months, otherwise the losses will overtake the contractor.

Hex on the brooms

The ritual is suitable if a neighbor owes debt or an insolvent individual lives nearby.

For the rite, prepare two brooms, one of which must be frayed, used, and the other a new one. First, take a good look at the borrower's threshold by saying:

After that, walk along the threshold of the old. Having broken off and thrown a couple of rods on the floor, say the following:

After reading, you can go home. If everything is done correctly, in no more than a month the amount will be returned. When you receive them, for two or three evenings, try to think about the person who used your money well to be cleansed of the effects of magic.

Rites are effective if the money you want to return was borrowed with your consent.

In the case when hard-earned funds are brazenly stolen, you can apply a plot to return stolen goods. It will make the thief physically feel the gravity of the crime until the moment the theft items return to the owner.

A powerful conspiracy in the name of the debtor

The name hides a “path” along which you can reach any person. It is recommended to work late in the evening.

  • needle,
  • wax candle,
  • a piece of black fabric.

It is necessary to scratch with a needle on the candle the name of the object, and then set fire to the wick. Looking at the fire, it is recommended to confidently pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

It is important that the flame completely destroys the mark with the name of the object. The fire is blown out, and the cinder is wrapped in cloth and thrown to the threshold of the debtor (you can bury or hide under the rug). The rite will work for a week. A man himself will come and repay the debt; there is no need to rush him.

Conspiracy on the debtor on the waning moon

The waning moon period is favorable for closing all accounts. Therefore, at this time, you can safely carry out a ritual aimed at repaying this loan - whether it be money or things. They work on a clear night, when the month is clearly visible in the sky. It is required to open a window and speak to the moon:

You should close the window and go to bed. In the near future, the object will return everything that it ever took from the ritual operator.

Full Moon Debtor Plot

In the full moon phase, any processes increase their potential. And the strongest conspiracy on the debtor is read during this period.

  1. candy,
  2. sharp knife
  3. a photograph of an object (or a schematic drawing denoting it).

At a convenient time you need to go to the cemetery. There you should find an old grave with a wooden cross. Before you begin, you need to say:

With the help of a knife, it is necessary to get a small sliver from the cross - this ends the visit to the graveyard. Leaving sweets at the burial place, it is recommended to go to a less crowded place where trees grow. It is necessary to dig a hole under a dry trunk and throw a sliver into it, wrapped in a picture. Leaning to the deepening, you should pronounce a conspiracy on the debtor:

Pit fall asleep and return home. The spell is simple, but it provides an excellent effect: after two or three days, the object will express a desire to close the debt. As soon as he does this, the spirit of the deceased will cease to disturb him.

Magical candle hex

You can return the money you left by acting on your attraction of financial resources, calling for “money for money” or performing a simple candle ritual. To implement this method, it is enough to buy one tall thick wax candle (with a good, clear wick).

At midnight, the candle should be lit and, as soon as it starts to burn, with one blow cut it in half. Now you need to set fire to the second half of the candle and connect it to the burning first wicks to each other. To pronounce in the process of reuniting the elements of the candle you need such a conspiracy to return the debt:

The candle should not be extinguished immediately, but come with it to the debtor's house and only put out there.

How to make a debtor repay a debt: conspiracies, ceremonies

Kindness is punishable; having done a good deed, you can wait a long time for a return and instead of concrete actions hear endless promises. Conspiracies? to pay off debt, belong to the simplest esoteric technique. This is a special section that addresses life issues. Before you turn to magic for help, you need to remind the debtor that it is time to return the money and only after refusing to start the ritual. Any magical manipulations should be performed after trying to solve the problem by the world.

Debt recovery ritual: features

Money-conspiracy conspiracy is white magic. Similar rites are performed on the growing moon. The phase of the star plays an important role. The moon will grow, and along with it the desire of the debtor will soon return the money. The main feature of debt recovery plots is their simplicity. Even a person who is far from the world of magical manipulation will cope.

The magic message causes anxiety and confusion in the soul of the debtor. He begins to feel an irresistible desire to return the money. A person will “look for the fifth corner,” say the elders. She wants to return everything as soon as possible because of a sense of shame.

How to read a conspiracy so that the debtor returns the money

Conspiracies to give money need to be read in a calm state. Therefore, before proceeding to the ceremony, you need to get together morally.

There are also general rules for all magic rites:

  1. The words of the conspiracy should be pronounced loudly and clearly.
  2. The conspiracy cannot be read from a sheet; you need to memorize it.
  3. At the time of the ritual, it is important to be in silence and loneliness.

After the ritual has worked, you should mentally thank the debtor and put a candle for him in the church. This will make the perfect ritual completely safe and without malice.

Consequences of a debt repayment plot

There is no consequence of a conspiracy to repay debt in white magic. The main thing is to use methods that do not touch the attributes of the dark parts of esotericism.In conspiracies to repay debt, there is also an effect on the will of the debtor. But this only happens after all attempts to return the money without the help of magic have been applied.

Conspiracy to get the money back

In white magic there are a huge number of ways for justice to triumph. Some of them require additional paraphernalia and some preparation. And some conspiracies consist of 2-3 lines of strong magic message.

Money conspiracies with 100% effect

When simple magic tools have been tried, it is time to get a strong conspiracy to repay the debt from the bins. Techniques of this type practically guarantee a result, but also require specific investments in their effectiveness.

For example, some of these incriminations need to be read 100 times, others are fraught with consequences from inducing temporary damage to a person, etc. Here are some powerful conspiracies that cause minimal damage to the party using them.

Very powerful slander is associated with the food or water that a particular program whispers on. To repay a debt using one of these methods, it is possible as follows. Take any food (starting from confectionery and ending with ready-made hot dishes) and it is very thick to salt it so that there is no way to eat it.

In the process of pickling, sentence:

The enchanted edible must be discreetly thrown to the person who owes money. Another conspiracy to pay off debt is read very simply, in the new moon on an empty wallet:

To carry the charmed purse with you until the returned money is put into it. It will help to return the loan and the ceremony with any existing piece of furniture. An old stool or table is suitable for this.

From it you need to break off the leg and break it completely into wood chips, which then lay with emphasis on each other and read over the resulting structure:

Once they read this text from left to right, the other from right to left. Slivers immediately need to be thrown out on the street, in the place where the two roads converge.

Conspiracy on stone

To leave at 12 o'clock on the shore of any reservoir and tie a scarf to the stone. Then you should throw this stone into the water and pronounce the words four times:

A pebble draws to the bottom, so does my debtor (name) the soul will whine and suffer until he wants to give me the money.

Until then, there will be no sleep or rest, the food will not taste good to him, and the water is too fresh.

Be as I said.

Coin plot

To carry out the ceremony with a coin, you need to take a silver coin from your wallet. Go to the nearest spruce or pine and dig a small hole. Put a coin there and say such a magic spell:

I’ll bury a silver coin, and my debt will return, for God's servant (name) Give me everything in the near future.

As the money will return to me in full, so I dig a coin, but about my insults on (name of debtor) I’ll forget.

You should wish the person who borrowed the money so that he has faster finances to repay the borrowed money. It is necessary to remember the place and dig out a coin when the debtor returns the funds.

Strong plot to repay a debt

To conduct this magic ritual you will need:

  • white wax candle
  • a new matchbox
  • white scarf,
  • white saucer.

It is necessary to carry out the rite of returning the debt in complete seclusion when the sun sets over the horizon. You need to sit at the table and light a wax candle. Then you should open the matchbox and set fire to one match, throwing them to burn out on a white saucer. While matches are burning, you need to read such a conspiracy:

Powerful fire, help make the debtor return everything to me.

To thoughts (name) were black and he fell into a deep longing and gloomy hopelessness.

Conscience will torment (name)if he does not give me the borrowed money.

So be it.

A candle should burn to the ground, just like all matches. Ashes need to be collected in a handkerchief and tied tightly, placed in your wallet. Keep ash should be until the borrowed funds will not return to the person. After returning the money, you need to bury a scarf with ashes under a conifer or scatter it in the wind, and throw away the white scarf.

Strong conspiracy to return money

The conspiracy is read as soon as your dissatisfaction with the forgetfulness or dishonesty of the debtor reaches a peak, and patience is already on the verge.

By the power of blind fire and longing, I conjure you: repay my duty!

May you not find rest every day, may you bring your obsessed duty in full.

As soon as you start spending money, you will immediately feel a trembling strong.

Give what you quickly give and never borrow!

After applying the plot, wait 13 days. If you don’t receive your money during this period, repeat the plot again.

New Moon Conspiracy

Say the following new moon words on an empty wallet:

Who borrowed money from me will give it back.

Whoever made my wallet is empty, it will fill.

And whoever has forgotten what is due will not sleep until he remembers.

To carry the charmed purse with you until the returned money is put into it.

A set of rituals for returning money to a friend

If the money was lent to a friend or just a good person from whom you don’t want to take the last one, then you can use a complex of two simple rituals and the magic of numbers. The first of these is the method of attracting money to a specific person.

For its implementation, you must first find a good photo of the individual who owes you. A “good photo” refers to a picture where a person smiles, looks happy, and enjoys life. You should also stock up on several large bills of money (preferably dollars or other stable foreign currency).

It is recommended to perform the ceremony on the growing moon so that its light illuminates the room where the plot is being read.

The immediate magic plot for getting rid of debts will be in the following passes: put the photo on the table, face up (try so that the moon illuminates it too), then take a stack of banknotes and, slowly passing them over the photo, read:

The second ritual fixes the first and is called upon to appeal directly to a person’s conscience, so that upon acquiring them “one hundred treasures” he heartily shares with relatives and friends, simply distributes debts.

As part of this event, you need to go to church, light a candle for this person and sincerely pray for his health and well-being, and upon returning home aloud or mentally read in his photo:

Conspiracy after repayment of debt

These words are read to forgive the debtor and eliminate possible negative consequences from the applied conspiracy - after the debt has been returned to you.

I forgive you for yesterday and today, for now and tomorrow.

Lord is my witness.

And you, (name of debtor), from then on he is a judge.

But I do not judge you anymore, I ask the Lord for help.

I, (own name), - a servant of God (servant of God) right(-and I)baptized(-and I) yes honest(-and I).

Definition of a magic conspiracy

Not everyone today believes in occultism, esotericism and otherworldly forces. But in a difficult situation, even quite ardent pragmatists turn to the help of esotericism, which often helps to get rid of problems. Especially in those cases where relatives, relatives lent a considerable amount of money, and are in no hurry to return.

With the support of otherworldly forces, it will turn out to fulfill our plan. And the expected will come back.

Here, special conspiracies from debt, which are based on an effective and safe impact on the subconscious of the debtor, are good at helping. These ceremonies are one of the varieties of household magic, designed to cause remorse, a sense of fear and longing, which will make you remember the duty and return it.

With such sensations, a person does not live very well and there is a desire to return “not his own”.

Such rites were formed over the years, conspirators passed them on from generation to generation for bestowal. Rituals were part of everyday life, more than once they proved their effectiveness, differing in safety and ease of execution.

The standard plot is presented in small text, which serves as a means of achieving the desired goal. Esoteric words are read in accordance with certain rules, the observance of which is mandatory.

The best result can be expected by learning the rite by heart, pronouncing words with feeling, directing the internal energy to fulfill the plan. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, so a conspiracy aimed at repaying the debt will work, forcing the obligor to return with money.

Otherwise, a deviation from the instructions will become an obstacle to getting what you owe back. Be careful and do not neglect the recommendations. Consider all wishes - and the action to return the borrowed will succeed.

Debt Relief Conspiracy

The most difficult task seemed to conjure a return of money borrowed from the bank and friends. The project manager Lida decided on this.

  • On a waning moon, you need to take a piece of paper and write on it a list of creditors that you owe money to. At this moment, it is necessary to present the satisfied faces of people who received their money back. It is assumed that this is how energy is sent to them and the karmic ties that hold debtors with creditors are cleared.
  • After compiling the list, the sheet needs to be set on fire from four corners (do not forget about safety measures!). It is better to burn the sheet on a metal tray, in the sink or in the toilet. While the paper is burning, you need to imagine that the threads that connect you with the creditors are burning. After combustion, the ash should be thrown out into the street or flushed in the toilet.
  • If the list does not burn the first time, then the ritual must be repeated. It is important not to make a mistake with the day of the ritual - if it is carried out on the day when the moon grows, the effect will be the opposite and your debts may increase.

Refund Effectiveness

There are many time-honored rites in which conspiracy to repay debts is used. Rituals are carried out at home, are simple and do not require complex preparation. Popular and effective are the plots of the Siberian healer Stepanova.

In order for the plot to act quickly, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of the ritual. In this case, the impact on the subconscious of the debtor is at a distance. A person who has not paid a debt will begin to suffer from remorse. Fear and longing will be constantly present in his soul. This will lead to the fact that soon he will return the money.

Making the plot successful

For the debtor to quickly return the funds borrowed, it is not enough just to read the plot.

Want to make a plot effective - follow a few simple rules:

  1. The arriving moon is the best time for a conspiracy (it will help to make the ritual effective and powerful).
  2. When choosing a conspiracy for loan debt repayments to repay the debt, you should always turn to white magic.
    Even if the amount is too large, but the debtor refuses to categorically return it - there is no reason to resort to black magic rituals, because the rite can contribute to the illness and even death of the borrower, and will negatively affect the executor. Black esoteric actions negatively affect both sides. Do not take risks because of material wealth.
  3. Be grateful.
    When the selected tool works, and the debtor returns the required amount, we recommend that you thank him (mentally). It is very useful to say a prayer for him. This decision will affect in the best way both the contractor and the person who returned the money owed.

And the last - it is never recommended to rush. Of course, a conspiracy remedy is effective, but should not be abused. At first it’s better to give the debtor time, and together find a way to repay the debt. Does he constantly come up with various excuses, and is not able to give clear explanations? You can safely turn to magic.

Reading Rules

If the conditions of the rites do not indicate the time of their conduct, then it is better to read the conspiracies during the growing moon. The ritual must be carried out in a secluded place. The plot is read in a calm state of mind. Nervousness during the ceremony is unacceptable. Anger and resentment can give rise to a surge of negative energy that will harm the debtor, and therefore cause a backward wave.

It is important to focus on the desire to repay the debt. The plot cannot be read from a sheet; you must first memorize the text.

It is allowed to improvise, the main thing at the same time is to keep the meaning. All words should be pronounced clearly, but not loudly. At the moment of uttering a conspiracy, it is necessary to direct internal energy to the execution of the plan.

On the needle

You can force the debtor to repay the debt by resorting to the old rite using three needles. It is believed that the impact will be stronger if you take gypsy needles. Additionally, you must:

  1. Pick up 3 feathers from different birds on the street.
  2. Cut 3 pieces of hair from different cats and dogs.
  3. Cook 3 tablespoons of salt.
  4. Cut a square flap of dark fabric.
  5. Take a small remnant.
  6. Pick up a knife with a black handle.

  1. Secluded in a quiet room.
  2. Place a candle on the table and light it.
  3. Write on the flap a piece of soap the name of the person to whom the impact is directed.

After that, all the feathers of birds, scraps of animal hair and needles are laid on a piece of fabric. They begin to mix with the tip of a knife and pronounce a conspiracy:

“Words strong and effective fly from my lips: if the debtor, hiss at it, bite it, burn it with heat from morning to night. Let calm return to him only after the return of what does not belong to him. He will not be able to eat and drink, but in a dream he will moan. He will have to experience spiritual sufferings and not know the good things in life. The aforesaid will come true. Amen".

Then the flap is tied, and the bundle is hidden in a secluded place. After the return of funds, it can be thrown away.

By the phases of the moon

Rites for the return of funds held during the period of the growing moon are considered effective. But you can also resort to rituals and in other phases of the night luminary.

In the full moon you need to go to the window and, looking at the disk, say these words:

“The moon, sparkling with silver light, mistress of the dark night, I appeal to you with a request. Hear me and help. I am in debt to my debtor. You always light up the night sky, and so I will always be in abundance. Amen".

If you can’t persuade a person to repay the debt, then you need to influence him with a conspiracy during the new moon. On the first day of the new moon in the morning, you need to light a candle, take it in your hand, go to the window and, looking at the sunrise, say three times this conspiracy:

“I send a strong honor to the servant of God (the name of the debtor): repay the debt urgently. Crush and burn my charge will be you always and everywhere. You can’t sleep, eat and drink until you replenish my wallet. Amen".

It is believed that the waning moon period is favorable for the completion of affairs and the closure of accounts. Therefore, using the conspiracy at this time, you can force the debtor to repay the debt. It must be read at midnight in front of an open window when the moon is visible in the sky. The spell sounds like this:

“The moon illuminates the night sky and drives away the darkness. Its silvery light plows dark open spaces and repels blackness. So may he clear the conscience of my debtor. By the power of the night light I conjure you, (name of man): return the stranger. If you do not do this, you will forever remain in tears. Amen".

After pronouncing the magic words, you must close the window and immediately go to bed. On the seventh day after the ceremony, it is necessary to demand money from the debtor. He will definitely return it.

With egg

Effective is a ritual in which 2 raw eggs are used. They must be pierced carefully with a needle and immersed in boiling water.After that, throw the used needle into boiling water and pronounce the following words:

“As eggs are boiled in boiling water, so you, my debtor (name of a person), cook in remorse. Until you repay debts, you cannot live in peace, spiritual anxiety will not let you go either in the daytime or at night. Conscience will prick you like a needle, and no medicine will help you. Pay back the debt and find peace. "

The plot is repeated until the eggs are hard boiled. Then one egg should be hidden in a secluded place, and the second must be buried with the needle as close as possible to the debtor's house.

With matches

A ceremony with matches at home is carried out when the hope of returning the debt has almost disappeared. The plot needs to be read a few days. Pre-purchase a church candle and matchbox. Every evening you need to light a candle with one match and put it to burn out on a saucer. Looking at the flame, they say such a conspiracy:

“Burn fire, fire! Protect me from a scammer, make my debtor (person's name) repay the debt. Fill his soul with torments of conscience, do not let him sleep peacefully. Let him only think of duty. Let him enjoy life only after the return of what does not belong to him. May it be so!"

After that, the candle must be extinguished, but not removed. The next evening, the action is repeated. A few days later, the debtor returns the money. At the same time, hostility with him does not arise due to the cleansing effect of fire.

Strong conspiracy to repay debt

This rite belongs to the ancient Vedic knowledge. You need to light a green candle on the table. It is necessary to conduct the ceremony in the evening. The following words are pronounced:

“My money, my money, come back to me. There is someone else's wallet, there is someone else's house, someone else’s shelter. Let him (name) not calmly live, do not sleep, do not drink. It will be about me and my money to think until it returns, until shame takes it! ”

On a coin

A strong conspiracy to repay debt is read in a rite in which a silver coin is used. It has a cleansing power and eliminates the effects of dark forces. Thanks to this ritual, you can help a person find resources for repaying debt.

The coin must be buried immediately after sunrise under a pine or spruce. In the process, this text is pronounced:

“I dig a silver coin under a tree consecrated by nature. It will help make my debtor (person's name) repay the debt. And if he has money, then he will do it tomorrow with a pure soul. And if he has financial difficulties, then soon he will have the opportunity to make money. As soon as the debt returns, I dig up a silver coin and throw everything bad out of my soul. Amen".

After such a rite, people repay debt quickly. The main thing is that you need to dig out a coin in order to maintain a good relationship with a person in the future.

Simple debt repayment plot

This conspiracy is simple and even an ignorant person in the world of esoterics will cope with it. But still, a maximum concentration of energy and a powerful promise to space will be required:

“The moon illuminates the sky and drives away the darkness. Also, the moon clears the conscience of my debtor, shames, drives. I conjure and seal. The money is not yours, but mine. Bring it back and be cleansed. "

Conspiracy without a ritual

A conspiracy to repay debt without a ritual is effective in cases where dissatisfaction with the oblivion of the debtor or his dishonesty reaches a peak. In this case, so much energy is accumulated in the soul that its promise can force a person to return the money. Therefore, no additional, enhancing the effects of ritual actions are required. Enough with a deep feeling, in solitude, not distracted by anything, three times to speak a conspiracy on the debtor:

“A strong blind inner fire fills my soul. I direct it and conjure: (name of a person), return what you borrowed for a while! There is no way to interrupt my words. Let it be so that you will suffer from remorse both day and night. You can’t even spend a penny on yourself. You will get tired of torment and decide to pay off your debt in full to return to a calm life. May it be so!"

Gratitude on successful return of debt

After the debtor returns the money, it is necessary to read a special prayer of thanks. This will eliminate the negative consequences. At the same time, it is important to fill each uttered phrase with a deep meaning and express as sincerely as possible a feeling of gratitude to higher powers.

You can use the following text:

“Thank you for your help with all my heart. And I forgive my debtor (name of man) for all time. From now on, only God will be the judge. I do not reproach you and do not blame you. I only ask the Lord for help for myself. I, God's servant (s) (proper name), honest, faithful, and baptized. Amen".

Before applying magic rites, you must first try to talk with the debtor and try to reason with it. It is important to make sure that his financial situation is stable and that he is not in a difficult situation. It must be remembered that magic is not a toy, so you can not experiment with it.

How to read conspiracies from debt to water

For this rite you will need a glass of holy water from the church. Words whisper in a whisper to the water:

“Holy water, blessed by God. I bless you, God's servant (name) so that you all return. He thought it over and repented. Amen".

The ritual is considered one of the safest. The debt will return in seven days, and the person will necessarily repent for the delay in money.

Conspiracy from debts to the waning moon, how to read

A plot to repay debt is read on the waning moon at the open window:

“The moon was dying and the sky was illuminating. She looked at you and crawled to you in a dream. She turned a beautiful girl and put her arms around her. I took it by the throat, shook my body and whispered everything: return the stranger, be ashamed. Otherwise, live grief and lose good. The moon returned to the night, and he woke up, was horrified. He remembered the favor, he ran to me and knelt down. He returned the money and looked sadly! ”

This is a strong conspiracy to repay the debt, so the debtor will soon realize the mistakes and will certainly return the money back. When you have been unable to get a loan for a long time, you need to read this conspiracy to repay Stepanova’s debt.

Conspiracy to return money from a scammer

To lend money to a volunteer acquaintance, friend or relative is one thing. To fall into the scam and the paws of scammers is another. Sometimes the hope of returning the lost money disappears, and then magic comes to the rescue. To conduct a conspiracy to return money, you need a candle and a few coins. The candle must be lit, and the coins stacked in a pile. Coins must be removed one at a time and sentenced:

“One coin is useless; money is piling up in a heap. I am returning my money. Quarrel and adversity I do not need. Coins are going debts to me coming back. " One coin should be put under the rug of the house and wait. Money will be back very soon.

How to return stolen money - a conspiracy

Stolen money is even worse than borrowed money. But do not despair. Magic does impossible things. There are several nuances. Conspiracies to return stolen funds should be read as soon as possible after the incident. This conspiracy works at a subtle level of energy exposure, prompting and literally forcing the thief to return what he has appropriated.

On a white sheet of paper you need to draw a silhouette of a man and write the phrase "the thief stole the money." Then a candle lights up and any icon is placed next to it. The robbed man puts his hand on a sheet of paper and concentrates as much as possible, pronounces the words:

“Wild cats will scratch their skin to blood, wild wolves will torment the soul to pain. You stole from me, I wish you trouble. The sooner mine returns to me, the sooner peace will come to you. My money can’t be sold or given to him. Seven misfortunes and seven troubles to see, if my not to return to me! "

There is another conspiracy for stolen money. For the ritual, you will need a few coins, a heavy stone and a sheet of paper. On paper you need to write the word "thief" and bind the sheet to the stone. It must be thrown into the nearest body of water with the words:

“The stone is too heavy and falls to the bottom of the river, for it will pull the soul of my offender. Conscience torment and twist. There will never be benefits from a stranger. "He will not let go of the stone on his neck until he returns the money to me!”

Next you need to leave without looking back. And at the nearest intersection you need to throw millet and a few coins over your shoulder and say “Thank you, it’s paid for everything!”.

Conspiracy of how to get your money back quickly

The ability to wait for a refund is not always. A conspiracy to return money from a debtor will quickly come to the rescue:

“A man sits by the river and toils. Fish is not caught, life does not live, shag does not spin. So you (name) will bite your elbows, trample the earth. Plans are crumbling, days are not spinning. While my money is with you. Key. Castle. Tongue!"

Strong conspiracy to give money for work

There is nothing worse than demanding and not receiving money for the work done. But, unfortunately, unscrupulous employers are a frequent occurrence of our time.

“Mine is not for me to hide money anywhere. The boss’s hands light up. This is my earned right and honor, and then blood. His hand will not fail. Let them return the lawful. I seal. It will be, as said! ”

Debt Relief Ritual

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to get out of a debt hole. Obligations pile up like a snowball. A powerful purification ritual will help. A candle is lit in the room and the candle turns off. The debtor sits on a wooden chair and picks up a purse. From the wallet you need to remove the bills and pronounce the words:

“My wallet purse is cleared, and my debt evaporates. Slowly, but surely! ”

The spell should be cast until there are no bills left in the wallet. The wallet is left with a lighted candle for a while for energy cleaning. Then all the bills are neatly folded back. In the near future, after a conspiracy to get rid of debts, a decision and awareness will come that will help get rid of debt obligations.

Loan plot

Modern living conditions involve applying to a bank for a loan. Someone needs a new refrigerator, and maybe something more substantial. But loans are not always approved. To make a deal, you can read the plot:

“Today I’ll return to the house with luck, I won’t go astray and I will achieve my desired goal!”

Conspiracy for husband to give money

Husbands do not always give money to the family. Sometimes secret "nest egg" begins, and wives do not like it. To correct the situation, you need to get up at the head of the bed at night and read the words:

“I locked your trick. I got all the secrets from the cache. You are in my power and all the flashes-misfortunes will leave. Let it be as I ordered! ”

A conspiracy to lend money

From a situation where you need to ask for money in debt, no one is safe. But magic can soften the heart of someone who has to ask for the treasured amount and minimize the risk of refusing help.

“I will repent, pray, and bow to the earth. Unlock locks, arrange paths. Open your eyes, soften your heart, let it feel sorry, let it get hot. I get good money to help. I am sending prayer to heaven. ”


A plot to repay a debt is a magic message that will allow you to return stolen money. All rituals relate to household magic and can be useful at any time. The main thing is to be a responsible person who repays debts on time and have compassion in order to borrow money to those who really need it.

Esoteric Debt

Esotericists believe that taking and lending money is completely different. When we borrow a certain amount of money from someone, we thereby accumulate a negative energy potential: it turns out that we get what we have not actually earned and use someone else's. But lending a large sum to someone, on the contrary, is considered a good deed and affects the energy sector positively, since in fact we render assistance to a person.

You probably noticed that very often those who constantly lend money and do not require a return do not have financial difficulties? And the one who is constantly gaining more and more debts very soon finds himself in a vicious circle, when his own money is becoming less and less, and debts are growing like a snowball? This happens because, from the point of view of esotericism, money must be given free of charge, without requiring a return.

If you voluntarily donate finances, not expecting them to return to you in triple size, the money egregore thanks you by sending new sources of income. And if you constantly go “with outstretched hand”, on the contrary, you break off your connection with the Higher Forces, because you don’t know how to intelligently use what they sent to you, roughly speaking, you don’t know how to live within your means.

A great example of the work of this esoteric law: on the one hand, it is charitable organizations and foundations that make large donations for the treatment of sick children, animal shelters - mind you, they never end up without money, they receive more and more voluntary contributions. The flip side of the coin is rich people who do not know how to live within their means and want to get more and more, therefore they are scattered in money left and right, and then gain a bunch of loans, believing that with their income they will easily pay them back. It turns out that a lot of things were initially given to such people, but not being able to use their own considerable finances wisely, they preferred to collect debts and, if you count, now they give back much more.

Of course, if you want to use the plot to repay the debt, we will not stop you - this is your personal decision. But still, we remind you that esotericists advise: when you lend money to someone, mentally say goodbye to them - only then will the Universe find a way to compensate your losses.

Debt repayment without quarrel

If your friends or relatives are in no hurry to repay the debt, then a light conspiracy will help you get the money back. You can “put pressure” on the dishonest debtor, but at the same time do not destroy the relationship. For the rite, light a church candle and take a few coins. Stack them one on top of the other, then take off one coin at a time, saying:

“Each coin alone is not useful, a trifle in a heap seeks. I am returning my money; I do not want hostility and quarrels. As a coin for a coin develops, so the debts come back to me. ”

Put one coin from the pile under the threshold of the house, and your debt will soon return, and the relationship with the person will not deteriorate.

Pay back salary debt

If you received less money for your work, then read the following conspiracy for money in your wallet:

“There is not enough money in the wallet, the place is empty. As the Moon rises to the sky, the Sun changes, so the money will return, they will not go anywhere from me. ”

In the morning, throw a coin over the threshold of the house and say:

"Money to money will find their way home, they won’t stay in someone else’s pocket."

Urgent repayment plot

When people are in no hurry to repay debts, and money is needed in the near future, take advantage of a strong conspiracy. At dawn, sweep the house and say:

“I sweep money with a broom, sweep it out in the middle of the room. Everything that has left me will return. ”

Place the broom at the door with the rods up, so that the money will quickly find the way to your house.

Fast money back

Money loaned can be returned very quickly. To do this, bury a coin under the threshold of the house with the words:

“The treasure is buried, the place is unknown. Whoever steps into the treasure attracts money to my house. ”

This conspiracy is most suitable for repaying debt from friends or relatives who visit your home.Bury the coin so that it is impossible to pass by it, and when the debtor steps on it, the money will return to you.

Do not forget that you need to lend money wisely. There are certain days of the week on which it is not recommended to transfer funds, otherwise you can wait a long time for their return. Be sure to check the person’s reputation before giving him your savings, but rather take receipts. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to click on the buttons and

Are there any consequences for using debt conspiracies?

If you use white magic in conspiracy to repay a debt, there will be no consequences from their use. In this case, you do not seek to break the life of another person, but simply try to return yours, so nothing terrible should happen. “Rollback” can only be obtained when you use black magic and want not to get your debt back, but to punish a person who has not fulfilled these promises. It is also important to do such rituals on the growing moon - if you spend a magical action on the waning, then you will not see your money back.

Thin money broom

A conspiracy from debts can be done on a thin broom. This is an easy way to get your money, which is in no hurry to return to the rightful owner.

You need to find a good broom or whisk. She needs to carefully sweep the threshold of the house of the person to whom the performer of the ritual borrowed money. At the same time, a spell should be cast:

“I’m throwing a good broom, I’m sweeping my money out for myself.”

Now you need to find a skinny broom and dig it near the debtor's house. This action should also be accompanied by a magic spell:

“I put a thin broom under the house so that he doesn’t let him sleep, he drove other people's money out of the house.”

After the debt is received, you have to go to the same place and dig out a broom.

Matches plot

A strong ritual with matches for debt recovery is effective if the money was lent to a stranger. He is chosen by those who have lost hope of receiving their money.

For the ceremony, you will need a church candle and a matchbox. It is also worth preparing a white scarf and a small plate.

In the evening, you need to retire to your room, turn off absolutely all the light sources, sit down at the table and set a prepared plate in front of you. Nearby you need to place a lit candle. Now you need to get the lists and light them one by one from the wax attribute. After they must be sent to burn out in a saucer. During these actions, you need to cast a spell:

“Fire-fire, help me get the debt back! So that the woeful thoughts and torments of the servant of God (the servant of God) (the name of the debtor) are tortured until he (a) gives me everything! So that I will get a return soon! ”

It is necessary to wait until the last match finishes. Their remains and a candle should be collected and a white scarf and hidden in your bag. Although it is better to put the package in the place where the money is stored in the house. After receiving the debt, the contents of the scarf along with it will need to be thrown out or buried.

Strong ritual with the name icon of the debtor

This powerful ritual is popular. It is carried out so that debtors quickly repay the debt. For the ceremony, you will need a personal icon of a person. It can be purchased at the church. Also for the ritual you will need a black scarf and a small mirror.

It is necessary to lay a table with a scarf. A mirror is placed on top of it so that its front is below. On the mirror itself, you need to put the debtor icon. Your palms must be placed above all these attributes. After that, exactly 40 times you need to pronounce a conspiracy:

“May the servant of God (the name of the debtor) return everything that he took from me. And if he doesn’t return, let him lose 100 times more, he will lose his health, he knows no peace, he will become miserable and poor forever! So be it! Amen!".

To the new moon

A ritual aimed at getting the debt back helps to get your money back quickly. It allows you to punish a debtor who does not plan to return money to its owner.

It is best to start the ceremony in the morning on the new moon. It is necessary to light a candle made of wax, and with it go to the window. Now you need to read the spell:

“I am sending to the servant of God (full name of the debtor) an honor. Now let my debtor’s count crush and burn, bake and beat, break his bones and take life out of him. Now (the name of the debtor) will not be able to sleep, will not be able to eat, will not be able to drink, until the debt returns me. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen".

The plot needs to be read three times. Proper performance of the ritual allows you to achieve justice and still make the debtor return the money.

Rite of the waning moon

To repay the debt, you can try to do a magic ritual on the waning moon.

After all preparations for the moon, you must cast a spell that will affect the debtor who has not returned the money. Cast a spell that powers white magic:

“The black moon illuminated the clear sky, the dying moon adorned, turned her dead eyes to (name), fell into a dream to (name), became a young girl, hugged her body (name), grabbed her (name) by her hands, beat him with a knife over her heart, she pulled out hair, broke her legs and said everything: “Bring back what is stranger, give what you took, don’t keep what’s not yours, otherwise you will live in eternal fear, in eternal grief, in eternal pain.” The moon went on a well-deserved vacation, disappeared from the firmament, and (name) woke up in tears, thought of me, came to me, crawled on my knees, beat the forehead with me, so I agreed to accept the debt, so that I would not hold offense and stood up before the moon " .

Now it remains to close the window and go to bed. The plot will work soon.

Full moon

The return of debt provides this ritual, which has great power.

To carry out the rite on the return of debt you need to prepare:

  1. Well sharpened knife.
  2. A photograph of a victim plot.
  3. Candy.

You need to go to the cemetery and find the old grave of a man who was given a cross of wood. Near it is required to say:

"Not you, deceased, disturbing, but (name)."

Now, with the help of a knife, a small sliver should be chopped off from the cross. On the grave itself, it is required to leave sweets prepared in advance.

In a poorly populated place, you need to dig a hole in which the sliver is placed. It must first be wrapped in a picture of the debtor. During instillation of attributes, the spell is pronounced:

“You don’t sleep in the grave, but sit by your bed, look into your eyes, and penetrate your thoughts until you, (name), repay your debt to me, until you come to the confession.”

Despite the fact that the ritual involves holding in a cemetery, it is not black. And the performance of a white rite (white conspiracy) does not pose a particular danger.

Consequences of conspiracies

Most conspiracies that help return money are white magic. This means that they are relatively safe for both sides of the magic love spell. Black rituals are most harmful, which can affect the will and subconscious of a person who is under their influence.

It is possible to avoid negative consequences after a conspiracy to repay a debt if the performer commits it to a close friend or relative. In order to protect yourself and the debtor from negative energy, you should not forget to thank him for refunding at least mentally. It is also recommended to visit the church and pray for the health of this person, thereby atone for his sin, namely the appeal to magical powers.

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