Pork skewers and the most delicious marinade to make the meat soft

Pork skewers - undoubtedly the most common type of kebab. And it’s understandable why: pork skewers are tender, and pork has a neutral taste. We will try to briefly outline how to cook pork skewers and how to pickle pork skewers. More about pork skewers .

A great way to marinate pork so that it remains juicy even after languishing on charcoal.

I bring to your attention two very simple, but very tasty pork barbecue marinade! Delicious and juicy skewers of pork is provided to you!

How to cook kebab? A simple and affordable pork barbecue recipe. And pickle barbecue on mineral water. Very tasty.

A simple and reliable recipe - pork kebab in vinegar. Probably, everyone has their own opinion on what is better to marinate barbecue - in wine, kefir, mayonnaise or mineral water. But this method will never let you down; pork kebab in vinegar always turns out to be soft, tender, and also fast!

How to pickle kebab? I offer a win-win version of the meat marinade. Lemon-onion marinade makes the meat very tender, juicy. Adds a touch of acidity to the taste. Marinating such a barbecue is extremely simple.

The weather seems to have improved. Blue sky, the sun is shining. The recipe for today is barbecue in kefir.

A simple recipe for pork skewers in mayonnaise. It may not be high cuisine, but the meat is tasty and soft.

One of the simplest is a kebab marinade with tomato juice. Charcoal-fried pork in a tomato marinade has a rich maroon color. Tomato juice gives the meat a slight acidity and piquancy.

Barbecue marinade - pomegranate juice, onions and spices. Very tender and juicy meat. Just a jumble.

Skewers of pork marinated with onions and mayonnaise. For those who do not like to spoil meat with vinegar, because it dries, I suggest a compromise - do not add vinegar to the marinade, but sprinkle the barbecue with vinegar.

If you want to impress your loved ones by cooking something very tasty, and see genuine delight, pork ribs in honey-garlic sauce is what you need! With a fairly simple preparation, the pork ribs in the honey-garlic marinade are very tasty. Honey gives the meat a sweetish flavor and provides a golden brown crust, and garlic - for the sharpness of the dish.

I offer a very simple and super-delicious pork barbecue marinade according to my mother-in-law’s recipe. The meat in kefir marinade with onions, cilantro and basil turns out to be insanely tender, juicy and aromatic.

If you want a delicious barbecue, but there is no time for a picnic, the electric barbecue will come to the rescue. In operation, electric skewers are almost no different from ordinary barbecues. A barbecue recipe will tell your favorite.

In a nutshell, how to cook kebab in a pan: cut the pork into cubes, put it on short wooden skewers, lightly fry and continue to stew with onions and wine under the lid for about an hour. And in more detail.

So they waited for warm days. All for May Day, all for a picnic! And what a picnic without barbecue? :)

A great recipe for an interesting pork barbecue! It will be very important in anticipation of the May holidays. Shish kebab in a wine marinade turns out to be very soft, tastes good, also this marinade has a positive effect on the color of the finished product. Be sure to try it!

In my opinion, this is the simplest recipe for grilled pork. Such fried pork can be served as a main dish with a side dish or as a chilled appetizer.

I want to share with you an original recipe for making pork ribs on the grill. Pork ribs marinated in a mustard marinade. Mustard softens the meat and gives it a piquant taste, and its grains form a pleasant crust. The ribs are cooked in foil, which makes them very juicy and tender.

Very tasty kebab in the oven - a recipe repeatedly tested! Meat cannot be distinguished from fried on the grill! Guests always ask where I grilled kebab, because we live in an apartment)). The cooking is elementary, and the kebab in the oven is tender, juicy, slightly fried. Very tasty! Give it a try! I recommend the kebab recipe in the oven!

How to cook kebab without barbecue and electric skewers? Simply! In the pan!

How to resist and not cook delicious pork skewers with vegetables? Enjoy the good weather, the warmth of communication with dear people.

Skewers of meat marinated in soy sauce with honey and ginger - this is something unimaginable!

I present to you the Uzbek interpretation of the preparation of barbecue. The recipe is not the most familiar, because pork skewers are cooked not on charcoal, as many are used to, but in a cauldron. Personally, I cooked it in a cauldron at the stake, however, it is perfectly acceptable to cook such a dish at home on the stove. Try it, it is very simple!

Kebabs are prepared from pork, tomatoes and onions. The meat is pickled with lemon juice, herbs and garlic. Grilled kebab. Serve such kebabs well with tortillas and tzatziki yogurt sauce.

A barbecue in a sleeve is a home way to please your family and guests with a delicious barbecue in any weather.

Pork, bell pepper, onion and a simple marinade - the whole set of ingredients for a delicious barbecue.

A great recipe for making pork ribs on a charcoal grill. The recipe feature is that at the end of cooking the ribs should be smoked a little, and then glaze with barbecue sauce. Due to this, they acquire an unsurpassed smoky taste. In addition, it takes almost 3 hours to cook them at a temperature of 150-170 degrees, so the ribs are very tender. Be sure to try it!

Summer. It's picnic time. For you, another recipe for a classy barbecue marinade.

Today we cook kebab rolls of chicken and bacon in a pan. You can’t imagine a tastier! Surprise everyone at the festive table with a wonderful meat snack!

Such unusual kebabs are great for breakfast.

I want a barbecue, but I don’t even have time to go on a picnic. This recipe is the perfect solution for you. In the evening, in 10 minutes we will marinate the meat, and the next day we will throw the meat into a frying pan - "chick", and the kebab is ready! :)

We always cook kebab from pork neck. Due to the large amount of fatty layers in this meat, kebab always turns out juicy and soft. And such a kebab marinade perfectly sets off the taste of meat, tomato and onion juice make the meat even softer and more tender, and vegetable oil helps spices and marinade to penetrate deeper into the layers of meat.

Original recipes of mini skewers help diversify this dish and cook mini skewers at home. According to this recipe, pieces of meat are marinated with lemon juice, wine and spices, including fennel seeds, with their pleasant dill-anise flavor. Pork kebabs are small, and therefore fried in a pan quickly enough.

Eggplant kebab - a dish of Turkish cuisine, which ideally is prepared from lamb, on the grill. My eggplant kebab is from minced pork, and I cooked it in the most ordinary oven. According to this recipe, eggplant kebab turns out to be no less tasty than at the stake, the same rosy and juicy.

Pork skewers with pineapple and pepper can be cooked both on the street and on the home grill. In any case, this is an excellent dish.

Do you know what souvlaki are? Behind the mysterious name is not a secret, but the national Greek dish: "kebab" or "shesh-kebab" made from pork skewers, supplemented with vegetables. Incredibly tasty, surprisingly simple, deliciously juicy, and even healthy fast food. Try it, this recipe really deserves attention!

As you know, the secret of delicious barbecue is hidden primarily in the marinade. It is the marinade that gives the meat a special taste and aroma, makes it juicy and tender. There are many recipes for marinating meat, but not every recipe will give the kebab an unforgettable taste. Cook the pork skewers in a spicy marinade, the basis of which will be onions and spices. Such a barbecue will definitely want to be repeated.

I wanted a barbecue, but I can’t go out into the countryside? A pork barbecue can be made at home. Do not know how? Here's a recipe. :)

Use this recipe to make marinade for barbecue made of garlic, pepper, ginger and olive oil. And also, an original salad with mango meat.

Such a barbecue in the oven is no worse than on charcoal. Here is a try. :)

One of the classic ways of marinating meat for barbecue is in dry wine.

In the microwave, the barbecue turned out to be very tasty and juicy. Of course, there is no smell of fire and smoke, but still. So all meat lovers feel free to take the recipe for barbecue skewers in the microwave for service.

I was recommended a very unusual kebab recipe in a mojito marinade. At first he caused me big questions, but I tried to cook kebab according to this recipe, and the taste of kebab seemed interesting enough to me. Most of all, this onion marinade with lime and mint is suitable for those who want to get the familiar taste of shish kebab with unusual taste shades.

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If you are looking pork kebab recipeFirst of all, you have to decide how to pickle pork skewers, because there are many ways. To soften the meat and at the same time give it a flavor, in addition to salt, spices and necessarily onions, use wine, beer, kvass. Please note that if you chose the recipe for pork skewers in wine, you can use white or red wine, but always dry. The recipe for pork skewers can also include fresh vegetable and fruit juices - pomegranate, tomato, etc. In addition, even some dairy products will allow you to cook delicious pork skewers. For example, there is a recipe for barbecue pork in mayonnaise and barbecue pork in kefir. Pork shish kebab in vinegar has long remained the most popular due to the speed of pickling and the availability of vinegar. However, gourmet voices began to be heard increasingly, noting that it might take a little longer to cook pork kebab without vinegar, but pork skewers will be more juicy. Therefore, instead of vinegar, try pickling pork skewers with lemon. Thoroughly mix the pieces of meat with the marinade so that it soaks all the meat.

So, we assume that you already know how to soak pork skewers. Now tightly place the meat in a pan and place it in a cool place. Since pork, in principle, is not tough meat, pickling pork kebab usually takes 3-4 hours. Although, if you are cooking kebab from boar, the meat of which is harder, the time of marinating the meat should be increased to 5-8 hours. Well, then we string the meat for the barbecue on skewers and send it to the barbecue. If you do not have the opportunity to do cooking pork skewers in the fresh air, you can try to cook pork skewers in the oven

What meat is better to take for a barbecue (neck, loin, scapula)?

Start cooking pork kebab with a choice of meat. This is the key point on which the taste of the future dish depends.

Shish kebab is cooked quickly enough, in about 20 minutes, so you need to buy part of the carcass, which has time to fry during this time. Based on this, we conclude that the meat should be soft, without hard fibers. In this case, it is better to take a piece with fatty layers, which will add juiciness to the dish.

The best option for pork kebab - neck and ribs. Here the meat is tender, with fat. And these parts, if they are fresh and of good quality, do not require prolonged pickling in acids that soften the fibers. In this case, it is enough to use the simplest marinade: onions, salt and pepper for 30-60 minutes. And you can immediately fry.

You can also take a shoulder blade, it also has enough fat. But the meat is coarser, therefore, requires preliminary marinating to soften. You can make kebab from a loin or tenderloin, but it will turn out a little dry, there will not be enough fat.

The most delicious pork kebab marinade - the best recipes

Shish kebab is one of the favorite meat dishes, which is always cooked on a picnic, and in order for the pieces of meat to turn out juicy and aromatic, it is important to choose a good marinade. The pork is rather fat, and the kebab from it is tender and juicy, but this is only subject to a correctly selected marinade.

For those who want to learn how to cook the most delicious pork barbecue marinade so that the meat is soft, we have selected the simplest options for sauces.

How to choose fresh meat?

Pay attention to the freshness of meat. Fresh pork is elastic - if you press on it, then a dent will not remain, the form will immediately recover. There should be no gray-green spots (this is a sign of the onset of decay) and hematomas.

The color of fresh pork is pink. If it is too dark, it means that a lot of blood has collected in it when the slaughter is incorrect. There should not be blood clots on the meat - they are sources of the reproduction of bacteria. Such raw materials can not be stored for more than a day. While good meat stays fresh for three days.

Pork should not be windy and dull. The piece should shine and smell good. It is also important that the carcass is not previously frozen. Defrosted muscles will have a loose structure, not dense.

Some sellers may wipe the meat with potassium permanganate to wash off traces of mucus and stale and make pork outwardly fresher. Because potassium permanganate kills harmful bacteria, removes unpleasant odors, and renews color. You can also check this with a regular napkin. Press it to a piece - if the paper does not stick and easily detaches, then it was not processed with potassium permanganate. If the napkin is stuck, the meat is not fresh, processed.

Still stale pigs can be washed with chemical detergents, which is even more dangerous than potassium permanganate. You can check this with a plastic bag. Put a bag on your hand and remember a piece. Smell cellophane - it absorbs odors very well. If it smells of detergent, do not buy this meat.

Very stale pieces that have already changed color can be treated with fuchsin - a strong poison that gives pork a pink color. This remedy is still antimicrobial. To reveal this, look at the color of fat and fatty veins - they must be white. When processed with fuchsin, the fat turns pinkish.

Some important rules for marinating meat

In order for the meat to turn out to be juicy and well saturated with spices, it is necessary to observe some marinating rules.

  1. Add salt marinade should be at the very end, it’s even better to simply salt the pork before frying. If you add salt to the sauce, it will draw the liquid out of the pieces of meat, which will make the kebab dry and not so tasty.
  2. Do not add a lot of vinegar, excess acid will make the meat dry.
  3. To get a soft and juicy kebab, you must apply three main ingredients, they include acid, vegetable oil and spices. Acid helps break down fibers, thereby making pork softer; seasonings are necessary for the aroma and taste of barbecue. Vegetable oil is used necessarily to preserve the juiciness of each piece.
  4. The pickling process lasts at least four o'clockIt’s even better to leave the meat in the marinade for 12 hours.
  5. To get a delicious sauce, add as much as possible to it. fresh onions. About half a kilogram of vegetable is taken per kilogram of meat.

To pickle kebab tasty, you can use various recipes. Each recipe is distinguished by the number of ingredients, as well as the seasonings and additives used.Below are the best options for sauces, with which you can get a delicious and satisfying kebab.

Kefir marinade

Most often, hostesses use a standard set of spices to marinate meat, they include black ground pepper and a little salt, in rare cases add additional spices.

It is worth remembering that an excessive amount of spices can negatively affect the taste of the finished barbecue, as it will make the taste of meat artificial. But it’s not necessary to prepare a marinade based on vinegar, because the kebab will turn out delicious if you make kefir sauce.

  • fresh cilantro - 1 bunch,
  • high fat kefir - 1 l,
  • fresh onion - 3 pieces,
  • pork meat - 1.5 kg.

  1. First you need to prepare the onion, it is peeled and cut into rings or half rings of medium thickness.
  2. Pork is also washed and cut into pieces of medium size, if the portioned pieces are large, then they will be poorly fried on charcoal. Small pieces burn faster.
  3. Cilantro is washed in water and dried, then finely chopped.
  4. For pickling, you should prepare a deep bowl or pan in which the meat is laid in a layer.
  5. After that, put onion on the meat, on top of a layer of chopped fresh cilantro and a little pepper.
  6. The last is poured kefir into a bowl, it is necessary to pour pieces of meat so that they are completely covered with marinade.

Cover the pan and put it in the refrigerator for several hours, it is best to leave the meat in kefir for one day.

How to marinate kebab pork so that the meat is soft and juicy

There are a large number of marinades. Everyone already determines to his taste what suits him best. There are many opponents of pickling with vinegar, because it dissolves fat and kebab becomes drier. But there are fans of just such a method, let's call it Soviet. These people claim that the most delicious meat is obtained with vinegar.

One thing I can say for sure: if the meat is freshest, the soft part is taken (classic neck, for example), then it does not need to be pickled in acids. To give greater juiciness, use a recipe with a highly carbonated mineral water. Spices can be used to your liking. Or you can just take onions (specifically you need onion juice) and seasonings.

If your meat is harsh, lean, then it is better to marinate it for several hours. Here you can already use recipes with an acidic environment - kefir, tomato, lemon, pomegranate, kiwi or wine (you can take only red dry).

I can say that the marinade with kefir (yogurt, tan and other sour-milk products) is one of the most delicious. And at the same time financially the most profitable. Kiwi needs to be used when the meat is really caught too hard. Kiwi acid makes the fibers very soft in a short time. Therefore, this is an express marinade in which you can not leave pork for longer than 1 hour. Otherwise, then get almost minced meat.

If you decide to use vinegar, do not pour it directly on the meat - it will zaduet. Be sure to first dilute the acid in water, and then pour the pieces.

Cut the meat into medium pieces. Small ones will dry out quickly, while large ones will not fry inside. The piece should be slightly larger than the matchbox, approximately 4 × 3 cm.

Onions are required in almost all recipes. And it needs juice from him. Therefore, first cut it into half rings, put it in a bowl, add salt and remember well. Onion will let the juice. Then put chopped pork in it.

Or you can go the other way. Squeeze out the juice and pour them slices. To do this, use a juicer, a blender or a grater, and then squeeze through a sieve or gauze. Pure juice does not need much, just one head per 1 kg of meat is enough, otherwise you will feel too strong onion taste, interrupting the meat.

Infusion time will depend on the marinade and part of the carcass (from 1 hour to 20 hours). The softer the meat, the faster it will be ready for roasting.

If the pork in the marinade will not be long, then you can salt immediately. If you make a preparation for a night or more, then it is better to add salt 30 minutes before frying in order to preserve the juices in the meat.

How much salt is needed per 1 kg of pork? About 1 tablespoon without a hill (20 gr.), If you do not use pickled products for pickling (if there is no soy sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup). Possible and less, it depends on taste preferences.

Red Wine Marinade

This is the best marinade for barbecue, which makes it possible to make the meat very juicy and tasty. It is best to use dry red wine in this recipe, as it has a richer flavor. But if there is no red wine, you can use a white drink.

  • pork neck - 1.2 kg
  • dry red wine - 310 ml,
  • ground black pepper - 1 spoon,
  • onions - 6 pieces,
  • salt - 1 spoon
  • lvre leaf - 2 pieces,
  • ground red pepper - 0.5 teaspoon,
  • rosemary - 2 branches.

  1. Pork neck is cut into slices of medium size of the same size, and then placed in an enameled pan or bowl. Salt and all necessary spices are added to the meat.
  2. Onions are peeled and cut into half rings of medium thickness, the onions are slightly dipped with their hands so that it releases more juice. The prepared vegetable is sent to the meat harvesting. Two branches of rosemary are placed there, after cutting the spice.
  3. In this form, pork is left for fifteen minutes, and then pour meat on the wine, and lay the bay leaf.
  4. If the meat will be cooked the next day, then it should be removed to the refrigerator chamber. And to pickle the product faster, pork is left for a couple of hours at room temperature.

Mayonnaise Marinade

There are many recipes where a small amount of lemon juice or acetic acid should be added to mayonnaise sauce, but many housewives notice that such an addition makes the meat dry and not so tasty. That is why additional acid will not be used in this recipe.

  • fresh pork neck - 1.4 kg,
  • homemade mayonnaise - 245 grams,
  • ground black pepper - 5 grams,
  • onions - 5 pieces,
  • ground paprika - 5 grams,
  • salt to taste
  • seasoning for barbecue - 5 grams,
  • ground coriander - 5 grams.

  1. All onions are peeled and then cut into large pieces, then removed in a blender bowl and chopped to a state of gruel. Since half the onion on charcoal will burn, it is better to grind the vegetable in this way. In the form of mashed potatoes, onions will give all the juices and aromas to the meat.
  2. Now pork is taken, which should be washed and cut into slices of the right size. Pork is placed in a bowl, and then poured with mayonnaise, and there is sent the gruel from the onion. You can add the necessary spices and salt, then mix everything.
  3. If you really want to fry meat with onions, you can cut a couple of vegetable heads in half rings or rings, and then send to the meat harvesting. Pork is sent to the refrigerator compartment and pickled for at least seven hours.

Classic pork skewers with vinegar and onions - Soviet recipe

This recipe does not need to be used for a pig's neck, otherwise make it tougher. Acetic marinade is suitable for meat is not very soft, for example, to the shoulder blade. It can also be used if you are not sure about the freshness of the purchased products.


  • pork - 500 gr.
  • onions - 1 pc.
  • black pepper - 0.5 tsp
  • salt - 0.5 tbsp
  • water - 100 ml
  • vinegar 9% - 5 tablespoons

1. Onion cut into thin half rings. Black pepper can be taken ground. But it is better to use peas and chop it yourself - this will be more spice. You can grind the pepper in a mortar with salt, or you can grind it.

2. Pour cold water into a glass and add table vinegar to it, stir.

3. Pork, washed, without films, cut into medium pieces and put in a container. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top and mix by hand.

4. Add onion, remember it with your hands so that the juice stands out, and combine with the meat.

5. Pour the workpiece with vinegar and water, tamp a little pieces so that they are completely covered with marinade. Close the dishes with meat cover or tighten the film. Refrigerate for 1.5-3 hours. You do not need to stand vinegar for longer, this is not a day pickle, there is a lot of acid.

You can marinate kebab in vinegar just before roasting in nature. Let it stand on the table for an hour, and then you can string it on skewers.

6. Fry the pork skewers as described above. Between the pieces string string for greater juiciness or small tomatoes. Tomatoes with their juice will extinguish a little coal and there will be no open flame. After frying, you can peel the tomatoes and make ketchup sauce.

7.With this marinade, barbecue with a taste of childhood is obtained. So for those who want to nastalgia, you can cook meat soaked in vinegar. Shish kebab is usually served with vegetables - fresh and salted. So do not forget to make Korean carrots in advance and pickle a crisp onion.

Marinate pork skewers with lemon and onions

Although it is believed that lemon is best suited for fish, pork can also be marinated in its juice. If you like this citrus flavor, with a little acidity, then use this recipe. Not the softest part of the carcass is suitable, because pickling with the addition of acid will occur.


  • pork - 1.8 kg
  • lemon - 1 pc.
  • onions or white onions - 3 pcs.
  • seasoning for barbecue or meat - 30 gr.
  • salt, pepper (black, red) - to taste

1. Cut the meat into slices, and onion in half rings. In the bowl, put the main product, then onion. Salt the onion and remember it with your hands, and then mix with pork. The order of laying may be the opposite: first onion, it must be salt and crush. Then put pieces of meat here and mix.

2. From the lemon squeeze the juice into the mixture. The fruit itself (or rather, what remains of it) can be cut into slices and also sent to a bowl.

3. Add spices to the meat. It can be a ready-made seasoning mixture or you can do with pepper.

Try adding a little ginger - it will add piquancy and emphasize the taste of barbecue. Also, sometimes cinnamon is put in pork (oddly enough), it will give a special aroma.

4. Stir everything until smooth with your hands, cover with something from airing and dust and let stand at room temperature for 1-2 hours. This marinade is also fast, it can be done immediately in nature or at home before departure.

5.Now fry the charcoal skewered on skewers over burnt charcoal. Better mix fat slices with lean slices to get juicy meat.

6. Sprinkle the cooked kebab with fresh herbs and serve. Many people like to eat it directly from skewers - it tastes better. It is also good to pickle cabbage in advance as a snack. Instant cabbage recipes can be found here.

Cooking juicy skewers on a mineral water

On a mineral water it turns out a very delicious kebab. It will be very juicy and soft. Any meat can be used for such a marinade. The neck can be held for 4-5 hours, and the shoulder blade, for example, should already be left overnight.


  • pork - 2 kg
  • onions - 1 kg
  • salt - 1 tablespoon
  • onions - 1 kg
  • black pepper to taste
  • seasoning for meat - 1 tbsp.
  • dill and parsley - 1 bunch (optional)
  • highly carbonated mineral water

1. Cut the meat with the necessary slices, half the onions.

2. Take a large pan, not aluminum, and start layering foods. At the bottom, put a little onion, remember it, that juice appeared. Lay the pieces of pork in one layer on top. Salt them and sprinkle with seasoning and black pepper.

Most often, coriander, garlic, paprika, marjoram, cumin, cumin, mustard seed go to the seasoning for meat.

3. Next, continue to lay out in the same order: onions to be mashed over meat, pork, salt and spices.

4. Fill slices with highly carbonated mineral water. Water should cover the entire workpiece.

5. Optionally, you can take fresh herbs and put directly into the marinade whole branches, slightly crushed, so that they secrete essential oils. Now mix all the products with your hands so that the water envelops each piece. Press the meat so that it is covered with mineral water. You can pin it down with a plate for this purpose.

6.Lid the pan and put it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. You can leave for a longer period - up to 20 hours.

7. It remains to fry delicious barbecue in nature in good company. And if the weather lets you down at the last moment, cook this meat in the oven. How to do this can be read on this page.

Delicious kefir marinade

Kefir marinade is also one of my favorites. There is acid in kefir, but not as much as in vinegar. Therefore, it is possible to soak in fermented milk products for a longer time. At the same time, the kebab will be very tasty and soft, if you properly fry it and do not dry it.


  • pork - 2 kg
  • onions - 6-8 pcs.
  • kefir - 1 liter (you can take Ayran, Tan, natural yogurt)
  • garlic - 2 heads
  • salt - 1 tablespoon
  • pepper, spices - to taste
  • parsley - 1 bunch

1. Peel the garlic and wash the parsley well. Fold these two components into a blender grinder or combine harvester and turn them into a mushy mass.

2. Standard onion slicing - in half rings, cut the pork into pieces a little larger than the matchbox.

3. Fold in a large bowl where it will be convenient to mix the meat. Pepper it and add spices to taste, mix so that each piece is in seasoning.

4. Next, put onion on top, salt it, crush and combine with meat.

5.Now add greens with garlic, work again with your hands so that the kebab is wrapped in all the aromatic ingredients.

If the pan is narrow and inconvenient to mix two kilograms in it at once, you can divide all the products into 2 parts and do all the actions in two approaches.

6. It remains to add kefir and, as usual, stir everything again. Cover.

7. Leave the pork to marinate in the refrigerator for several hours (4-12) and you can get out on barbecue. Also, pre-prepare cabbage "Pelyustka" with beets - it will perfectly complement the fried meat.

Mustard marinade

Another great marinade option that can be used for pork neck. The prepared meat on the coals is very tender and quite juicy. At the same time, mustard gives pork a unique taste and aroma.

  • pork neck - 2.3 kg
  • white onion - 360 grams,
  • a mixture of spices for barbecue - 1.5 tablespoons,
  • coarse salt - 1.5 tablespoons,
  • bay leaf - 2 pieces,
  • spicy garlic - 4 cloves,
  • peppercorns - 5 pieces,
  • high fat sour cream - 460 grams,
  • ready mustard - 3 tablespoons.

  1. First, meat is prepared, cut into pieces of the same size, and then transferred to the bowl.
  2. Meanwhile, the onion is peeled and cut into rings or half rings, the vegetable should be slightly wrinkled with your hands so that it releases the juice.
  3. Onions are transferred to the meat container, three spoons of mustard and fat sour cream are added there.
  4. All necessary spices are added, as well as bay leaves and peppercorns, everything is thoroughly mixed.

In this form, the meat is sent to the refrigerator chamber and left for seven hours, every future kebab should be mixed every hour.

How to deliciously marinate meat for barbecue on mineral water and kefir

This recipe differs from others in that there will be two stages in pickling pork. First, you will need to soak the meat in a mineral water, so that it becomes more juicy. And then soak in kefir and spices. And the next day on your grill there will be a delicious barbecue.


  • pork (neck or carbonate) - 4 kg
  • onions - 3 kg
  • kefir - 1 l
  • ground Dijon mustard - 2 tsp with a slide
  • mineral water with gas - 1 l
  • salt - 4 tsp
  • ground black pepper - 1 tsp
  • paprika - 2 tsp
  • ground coriander - 1-2 tsp
  • dried basil - 2 tsp

1. Soaking will require a three-liter jar.As you can see, in this dish you can not only pickle cucumbers for the winter, but also grill kebabs in the oven or soak the meat.

So, cut the pork into medium pieces, put it in a jar. Pour three teaspoons of salt and fill to the top with a mineral water (always carbonated). Close the container with a capron lid and shake, turn over so that the salt dissolves, and each piece of meat is shrouded in water. Remove the container with the workpiece in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

2. Take a basin in which the entire volume of products would fit. Cut the onion into half rings, you can not chop. Fold the onion in the selected container and crush it with your hands to make it soft and let as much juice as possible. This is an important stage, pay enough attention to it.

3. Pour onion with kefir and pour all the spices into the marinade (coriander, preferably freshly ground, basil, paprika, mustard and black pepper). Also put salt in 1 tsp.

4. Thoroughly mix the onions with kefir and seasonings.

5. When the meat is soaked in the mineral water for 2 hours, drain the water from it and put the pieces in the prepared onion-kefir marinade. Shuffle all the components.

6. Slightly ram the pork so that it is completely covered with liquid, cover the container with a film or a lid and put in the refrigerator for the night.

7. The next day, fry on the grill this delicious, pickled kebab, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Marinade with tomatoes

This is a fairly simple marinade, which can be easily prepared, especially if there are tomatoes from the garden at home. Ready meat comes out very tender, as tomatoes soften its structure.

  • boneless pork - 1.4 kg
  • ripe tomatoes - 410 grams,
  • white onion - 4 pieces,
  • coarse salt to taste,
  • ground black pepper - 2 tsp.

  1. First you need to prepare the tomatoes, they are washed, and then the incision crosswise is made on the skin, and the vegetables are dipped in boiling water for a few seconds. Next, the peel is removed, and the tomatoes are mashed with a grater or blender.
  2. The onions are peeled and chopped with a knife, it is best to cut into half rings of medium thickness.
  3. The pork is washed and cut into slices, then the necessary spices and salt are added to the meat.
  4. Pour the tomato and onion mixture into a meat-prepared bowl and mix well.
  5. All marinate for two hours.

There are several dozen marinades for pork, but it is the recipes described above that help preserve the juiciness and softness of the prepared meat.

Quick Kiwi Marinade

Having kiwi automatically makes the marinade fast. You can’t leave meat in the vicinity of this fruit for a long time, otherwise you will get rags. But a short contact will help make the kebab very soft and tender. Therefore, if you bought enough stiff muscles, then use this recipe.


  • pork - 2.5 kg
  • salt - 50 gr.
  • paprika - 50 gr.
  • dry adjika - 50 gr.
  • Kiwi - 1 pc.
  • onions - 2 pcs.
  • pepper to taste

1. Cut the meat and put it in a convenient dish. Top grate the peeled kiwi on a coarse grater. For 2.5 kilograms of pork, one fruit will be enough, do not use it anymore.

2. Sprinkle the pieces with spices: paprika, adjika, pepper, salt. Mix the pork and all the additives with your hands.

3. Onion cut into rings or half rings, put it on the meat, crush and connect everything. Feel free to massage the slices so that the spices penetrate better into them.

4. Pickled kebab does not need to be refrigerated. Leave it at room temperature for 1 hour, maximum 2. When this time passes - string on skewers and fry on burnt, gray coals.

5. Remove meat from skewers with pita bread, which is soaked in juice. Do not forget to prepare salads from fresh and pickled vegetables for snacks in advance. This is a soft kebab with kiwi ready.

Pork Tomato Marinade: Video Recipe

You can marinate in tomatoes - there is also an acidic environment in the juice. Moreover, you can use both pasta and fresh tomatoes, if it is already the season of these fruits.

Watch the video below, which shows how to work with pork. And as a bonus, in addition to the recipe with tomato, you will see 2 more superb options for marinating barbecue: in soy sauce, mustard and honey, as well as with mineral water.


  • meat - 1 kg
  • onions - 3-4 pcs.
  • parsley - a large bunch
  • tomato paste - 200 gr.
  • salt, pepper - to taste

Step 1. Select and prepare pork meat for barbecue.

Barbecue can be prepared from any meat, not just pork. Although in our country, most often they use it, it is more popular. And in terms of price - quality, perfect. Why? Because in pork itself, the proportion of meat and fat seems to be specially balanced by nature, for cooking on charcoal. Pork skewers - the most fragrant, soft and juicy.

For a barbecue, it’s better to take a pork neck, because it is preferable to take soft meat. Do not take fresh meat from a freshly slaughtered animal. Not suitable for perfect kebab and frozen meat. The best option is chilled, seasoned meat. For a barbecue, therefore, it is best to take meat from farmers in the market or in private small shops.

And I want to note that kebabs of lamb, veal and beef are no less beautiful.

Tasty recipe with tomatoes, onions and soy sauce

The recipe above was with tomato paste. This option involves the use of fresh tomatoes. And as usual, you will need onions, without which a rare pork marinade is dispensed with.


  • pork - 600 gr.
  • red onion - 100 gr.
  • rosemary - 3 branches
  • sweet paprika - 1 tsp
  • a mixture of peppers - 2 tsp.
  • fresh tomatoes - 2-3 pcs.
  • soy sauce - to taste instead of salt

1. First, carry out the preparatory work: cut the meat, onions - in half rings, tomatoes - in a small cube, tear off the leaves from rosemary.

2. Put the medium slices of pork in a bowl, lay the onion on top, crush it.

3. Sprinkle the mass with paprika and ground peppers. Better take a mixture of different peppers. Also add tomatoes and rosemary. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. At the same time, the tomatoes will let the juice soak in the pork and soften it. Rosemary will add a very pleasant shish kebab flavor.

4. After stirring, squeeze the meat a little, cover it and put in the refrigerator to marinate for several hours. If the meat was fresh and soft, then you can limit it to 3-4 hours, but you can leave it for a longer time - up to 20 hours.

5. Half an hour before frying, pour soy sauce into the billet, which will serve as a substitute for salt. If you want, then just salt it. Stir and let the pork soak.

6. Fry the barbecue, do not forget to turn the skewers on time. Serve and delight all eaters with delicious meat.

Step 2. We prepare the pieces of meat, what they should be, so that the barbecue does not burn and does not become dry.

First, the pork is cut into oblong slices. Not in cubes, as is often done, but in rectangles. And what is it for? Elongated pieces of meat, mounted on a skewer along, are held on a skewer (or wooden skewers, if the frying is not on charcoal, but in the home oven) steadily, do not hang down, do not turn and fry very evenly, do not burn.

Marinated pork with ketchup and mayonnaise

Our people love mayonnaise and put it in various dishes, although this is a very fatty and high-calorie sauce, which is mainly intended for cold dishes. So many people like barbecue in marinated mayonnaise. Although it is stratified by heat treatment. Therefore, personally, I would rather put vegetable oil, mustard and a little lemon juice (it is from these products that the sauce is prepared).

If you are a fan of mayonnaise, read the marinade recipe for barbecue with it and with ketchup.


  • pork - 600 gr.
  • red onion or onion - 100 gr.
  • ketchup - 3 tablespoons
  • mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons
  • paprika - 1 tsp
  • ground black pepper - 1 tsp
  • coriander - 1 tsp
  • salt to taste

1. Cut the meat with medium slices that will fit in the male palm. Chop the onion in half rings.

2. Put all the ingredients in a bowl: pork, onion, spices (except salt), ketchup and mayonnaise. Stir so that the pieces are evenly coated with marinade and seasonings.

3. Cover the dishes with foil and refrigerate overnight for marinating.

4. For 20 minutes before frying, salt the meat and mix. Instead of salt, you can use soy sauce if you like its interesting taste.

5. String pork on skewers, tight enough, alternating fatty and lean slices. Fry on the grill, turning every 4 minutes, so that each side is covered with a fried crust. Do not overdo it, after about 20 minutes the kebab will be ready. If you fry for too long, you can dry it inside.

6.Ketchup will add some pleasant sweetness to pork skewers. So bon appetit!

The most delicious pork barbecue marinade to make the meat soft and juicy

The well-known stereotype prescribing the addition of vinegar or another acid to the marinade is incorrect. Acid softens the meat, but makes it lose a lot of juice, and in addition, not everyone will like it by itself. Perhaps the reason for the emergence of this method is the time of shortages, when pieces of meat in the stores were hard and rough.

Beer or Pomegranate Juice Marinade

This is a masculine recipe for beer lovers. Of course, men prefer to use it directly inside, eating a barbecue. But you can do it in another way - pickle pork in this hoppy drink. It turns out delicious, with light bread notes. Take good and good beer to get a normal result.


  • pork - 1 kg
  • onions - 2 pcs.
  • sugar - 1 pinch
  • ground black pepper - 1 tsp
  • dry herbs - 0.5 tsp
  • beer or pomegranate juice

1. Cut the meat into medium slices, onion into half rings. Fold the pork in a convenient bowl, add the onion to it, while putting it directly over the meat.

2.Now you need to add spices. Here you can focus on your taste and put what you love. In this case, they put a pinch of sugar (you can also without it), pepper, salt and herbs. Mix the flavored pieces directly with your hands.

3. Flatten and ram the meat a little. Pour it with beer so that the liquid is flush with the pork.

You can pour pomegranate juice and red dry wine. It turns out also a delicious barbecue, but more expensive at cost. In my opinion, you can get by with more budgetary means: kefir, mineral water or beer.

4. Refrigerate for 12 hours or leave at room temperature for 2-3 hours. And start to fry. It turns out a juicy kebab and soft.

I hope the article was useful to you. Choose a pork barbecue marinade to your taste. It's hard to say which is better, because everyone has different tastes. My favorite is kebab on kefir, but other options are very worthy. It is important not only to marinate, but also to make the right choice of meat.

If you have a delicate neck, you will marinate it in aromatic spices, onions, yogurt (or mineral water, etc.), you will get just the perfect workpiece. But on the grill you can take and spoil this chic pork - to dry it, for example. Therefore, pay attention to each stage of the preparation of barbecue, in order to fully enjoy the result.

I wish everyone tasty, soft, juicy, fragrant kebabs and sunny weather. Well, take care of nature, if you choose to relax in its bosom!

We pickle correctly (tested method, proven marinade):

It is much better to add mustard to the marinade. To taste, of course, but the main task of mustard here is not to add bitterness to the dish, namely to help soften pork. Unlike vinegar, mustard gently softens the meat fibers without injuring them and preserving the juice in the meat.

For pickling, onions are definitely needed. It is difficult to imagine meat in general without onions. You can cut the onion into rings or small cubes, but it will be even tastier if you chop it with a blender.

After that, mix the pork kebab with onion puree with your hands or, as the culinary experts say, massage the meat with it. Of course, you can mix the meat in an ordinary plastic bag by tying it and shaking it a little.

In this case, everything happens quickly, and the hands remain clean, but this method, nevertheless, is inferior to the first.

Next, pour a little vegetable oil into a bowl with barbecue. It is necessary not to increase the level of fat, but for the conductivity of aromas in a barbecue between its ingredients. Vegetable oil is an organic solvent, which means it evenly distributes tastes and aromas in itself. And this applies not only to barbecue.

Oil everywhere helps distribute flavors. Remember the passivation for soup (borsch)! Vegetables are not stewed for a fried crust, namely for the distribution of their taste in oil.

Of course, as a spice in our barbecue should be bay leaf and black pepper. You can immediately throw a bay leaf into the aromatic meat, already oiled and onion.

But black pepper has a secret! It is clear that ground pepper is best left aside, and the peas are crushed right before use, but the trick is different: before crushing, you need to fry the pepper in a dry pan. A characteristic sign of readiness is the leveling of its wrinkled surface. After that, the pepper will become incredibly fragrant and fragile, which makes it easy to crush it.

Pepper and bay leaf will already be enough to make the dish very tasty. But there is another spice that goes extremely well with pork. This is star anise (or star anise). Spice, used in ancient China, gives the dish a refined anise flavor. One crushed star anise star is enough for one kilogram of barbecue.

The marinade is ready! The meat is already tasty, but it’s better to let it soak for at least 2 hours.

How to quickly pickle meat on a pork barbecue picnic

Sometimes you can hear that you need to pickle meat all night, and in general a set of many spices. Forget about it. In the Caucasus, only salt, pepper and onion are added to the meat, and they are marinated for only about 15 minutes.

Why do you need a marinade? To improve the taste of not very good meat, as well as soften it if it is stiff. We have chosen fresh meat, so he needs only a taste of spices, nothing more.

Cut the meat, sprinkle with pepper and salt, sprinkle with chopped onions and simmer, so that the spices envelop the meat. Then fill the meat with mineral water, squeeze out a ripe lemon, kiwi, or some other sour fruit, or maybe a glass of kefir (in no case vinegar!), Mix again. After 15 minutes, your kebab is ready for frying.

Overexpose the meat in the marinade - it will become flabby and loose, like paste.

Note! In all the marinade recipes, we salt our barbecue only at the end, because only in this way the meat will retain its juiciness and amazing taste!

How to fry pork barbecue on the grill

By the time the meat is ready, the fire should already be burnt out. The meat is fried not on fire, but on coals! Fire under a barbecue - a completely superfluous phenomenon. Experienced kebabs keep chips in a bucket of water, which they throw on the coals before cooking - this way the fire does not get out of the coal, and in addition, the meat acquires the aroma of smoking.

When the meat turns pale, the chips can already dry and flare up. By this time, be prepared to often turn the shish kebab so that it is evenly browned, but not burnt.

Perhaps you thought that the coals for the barbecue should be some special.

Here, just, no trick is needed - you can use coal, which is sold specifically for such purposes in supermarkets and hardware stores.

But forget about the ignition fluid - otherwise the kebab can intercept gasoline flavor. Can't ignite the coals? Collect dry twigs, slivers, fold on the coals. Pour with ordinary vegetable oil - it burns perfectly.

Ingredients for skewers:

  • Eight hundred grams of pork,
  • 160-200 g. Onions,
  • juice of one orange or lemon,
  • salt, parsley, pepper.

Cut the meat into small pieces of 4 - 6 cm, pour lemon juice on it.

Put everything in a pan with preheated pork fat, if not, just with sunflower oil.

Pepper, salt and fry over low heat until crisp.

It is advisable to cut the onion into rings and put it in such a way that the meat is completely closed.

Continue frying for another 5-10 minutes. After that, pour meat with freshly prepared orange juice, let it all stand for a couple more minutes and then, remove from heat.

Serve this wonderful kebab, sprinkled with parsley, with slices of orange or lemon.

We eat barbecue at home or in nature

No need to eat pork barbecue directly from coal or from the stove. He needs to stand, mature. In the meantime, bring better sauce. Shopping ketchup for such a barbecue is a bad taste.

It’s better to chop the tomatoes finely, add sweet Yalta onions, your favorite spices, herbs and salt to it - this is a great recipe! If the season is not yet for the tomatoes, you will be helped out by a can of homemade tomatoes in your own juice.

Beat them with a blender, adding seasoning.

It is customary to serve red wine for a barbecue, but if a non-alcoholic party is planned, cranberry juice, kvass or homemade lemonade will be an excellent drink.

How to cook soft and juicy pork skewers. Secrets of marinade preparation: pork kebab recipe, how to make meat soft and juicy

From the choice of meat, the composition of the marinade depends on how juicy and soft after soaking the barbecue in the marinade will be meat. Pork skewers, the most delicious marinade, so that the meat is soft, prepared from various products, using a variety of marinating compounds, but not always getting the desired result - a juicy skewers with pieces of pork melting in your mouth.

How to make pork skewers soft and juicy I certainly want to know for outdoor enthusiasts with shish kebabs in the company of soulful company, a deliciously laid picnic table or in order to surprise the family with the juiciness, tenderness of pork from a supermarket cooked at home.

Juicy pork kebabs can be easily prepared independently no less tasty and soft than in barbecue, knowing the basic rules and secrets of cooking a real oriental dish that differs from ordinary fried pork meat in the aroma of marinade and smoke.

Advice from Wonder Chef. Pork for barbecue is the best fit. Pork meat is easier to buy, pork tenderloin, carbonate, shoulder or neck are affordable. You should buy chilled meat with a small fat layer: moderately fatty pork is not dry, so the kebab will be the softest and juiciest.

To cook kebab at home, try to pickle pork in advance, the minimum time for soaking meat for barbecue in the marinade is from 3 hours. Shashlik marinade for quick marinating pork is best used on a mineral water. Mineral sparkling water quickly softens the coarse fibers of pork meat, makes them soft and soft, and the kebab is juicy, melting in your mouth.

The secret to making juicy skewers in marinade, the composition of which will make the hard pork soft.

Marinate meat for barbecue should be at least 3 hours, ideally, the time for marinating pork is 12 hours, after which pieces of meat should be strung on skewers and put on the grill.

Pieces of meat should be cut from 3 to 5 cm in size, the correct slicing of kebab is very important: too small kebabs on skewers will dry out during frying, in large pieces of pulp there will be an unroasted middle.

What to serve with barbecue: classic Greek salad and thin homemade cakes in which you can wrap meat removed from skewers.

From the amount of ingredients indicated in the recipe, 2-4 servings of soft and juicy pork skewers are obtained. To cook kebabs for a large company, increase the amount of pork pulp and marinade ingredients, respectively.

We offer a simple step-by-step recipe prepared for beginners with a photo, step-by-step preparation of the recipe will help to make the most delicious pork skewers, soft and juicy, at home simple and tasty for people who do not have skills in cooking skewers.

What else to bring along for a picnic: a refreshing home-made bread kvass.

3 hours preparation

Cooking - 20 minutes

Calories - 220 kcal per 100 grams

Pork barbecue marinade on mineral water

  • pork tenderloin (sirloin) - 500 grams,
  • onions - 1 pc.,
  • garlic - 4 cloves,
  • sparkling mineral water - 1 cup,
  • salt - 1 tsp,
  • ground coriander - 1 tsp with a slide
  • ground paprika - a quarter of tsp,
  • ground black pepper - a quarter tsp,
  • lemon and fresh herbs for serving (optional).

How to make pork skewers soft and juicy

  1. We prepare all the necessary ingredients. Wash room-temperature pork thoroughly and cut into slices about 3-5 cm in size and put in an enameled, plastic or glass dish of sufficient volume. The size of meat pieces can be arbitrary, but the same pieces of 3-5 cm will allow you to fry the kebab evenly much faster.

We cut onions in half rings, cut garlic into thin slices. We put the onion and garlic slices in a bowl with pork and mix with our hands, while doing a little kneading so that the onion starts to juice. If the bulb is small, it is better to rub it on a grater. In a separate dish we combine mineral water, salt, ground coriander, paprika and black pepper.

Stir the marinade thoroughly until smooth. Pour the resulting marinade pork with onions and garlic. Mix and cover with a lid or cling film. Remove the skewers for pickling in the refrigerator for at least 3-6 hours. Stir several times during the pickling meat.

If there is enough time, it is better to leave the pork to marinate for the night. The ideal time for marinating pork skewers is 12 hours. After the pork is marinated, we put it on skewers or wooden skewers. We make sure that the pieces are not too close to each other, otherwise the meat may not be fried properly.

Fry meat on the grill or lay skewers on the grill with well-heated coals, fry until cooked on all sides. Turn skewers periodically. This should be done not too often so that the kebab remains juicy and soft, but it is also not rare that the meat is not overcooked, it remains juicy.

Marinated pork on well-heated charcoal or grill is fried in 15-30 minutes. Correctly turn the barbecue no more than 1-2 times during cooking, however, make sure that the meat is not burnt and turn the skewers as necessary.

The readiness of the kebab is determined by cutting one piece of meat to the skewer, if there is no blood in it, then the kebab is ready. Immediately remove the skewers from the heat and serve to the table, sprinkled with freshly squeezed lemon juice and sprinkled with chopped herbs.

Cooking the most delicious pork skewers in a “magic” marinade for soft meat

The “right” marinade makes the kebab not only soft, but also tasty. The aromatic mixture softens the meat fibers, impregnates them with spices, so after frying on the coals it acquires a special, memorable taste. Pork skewers are appreciated for their ease of preparation and juiciness.

To make the meat soft, you do not need to use culinary tricks - it will be so even without the use of marinating mixtures. It is difficult to choose the simplest and most delicious marinade from those that I have already been able to try and those that I am just going to cook.

I picked up “working”, reliable recipes - from simple classics to experimental options.

For those who love pork kebabs, I recommend trying out all the methods of cooking marinades in turn, because the barbecue season is in full swing! And if circumstances do not allow you to get out into the nature, these recipes can be used to cook kebab baked in the oven or air grill.

Cooking method:

  1. Peel, chop the onion coarsely. Twist through a meat grinder with a fine mesh, beat in a blender or grate on a coarse grater. You get a smooth onion puree.
  2. Cut the meat, put it in a deep bowl (enamel pan). Add spices that emphasize the taste of pork. Salt. Mix by hand.

  • Pour the pork onion gruel, mix. Marinate for at least 8-12 hours. It is most convenient to cook in the evening, so that in the morning already fry the barbecue.
  • Remove the meat from the marinade before frying. Squeeze the juice from the onion, pour into a bottle. If there is little fluid, pour in clean water.

    This mixture is recommended to be used for pouring barbecue during cooking so that it does not burn. Do not discard onion gruel. Brush skewered pork with it.

  • Grill over the coals.
  • Another variation onion marinade. Based on vegetable oil. Sliced ​​onions and a mixture of aromatic spices are added to it.

    One of the classic recipes that never fail. See step-by-step cooking with a photo here.

    Cooking sequence:

    1. Slice the pork in equal pieces. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Stir, as if massaging and squeezing a little meat, so that it begins to secrete juice.

    You can also add a few onions, chopped into rings.

  • Measure out 8 tbsp. l chilled boiled water, dissolve sugar in it. Mix with vinegar.
  • Pour the mixture into the meat, mix. Cover the container. Let it brew for 30-40 minutes, and then put it in the refrigerator for the night.
  • A very tough part of the carcass needs a special marinade. But even such pork can really be made soft! Pickle kebab in kiwito soften it, and add your favorite spices for aroma and taste. Kiwi can also be used for baking meat dishes in the oven. Be sure to take note! I described the detailed recipe here.

    Kefir marinade will make even hard meat soft and tender

    The acid contained in this fermented milk product softens the meat fibers, so you can cook delicious kebabs even from hard parts of pork carcasses. It is recommended to use kefir of medium fat content - 2.5-3.2%. Low-fat kefir can give pork an unpleasant sour taste. Instead of kefir, you can use tan, ayran, natural yogurt.

    Step by step recipe:

    1. Pour oil into sliced ​​meat. Add spices, add salt.
    2. Cut peeled onions in moderately thick rings. Remember it with your hands so that juice begins to stand out. Transfer the onions to the pork. Shuffle.
    3. Pour in warm kefir. Shuffle.

    Cover the bowl (tighten with cling film). Marinate at room temperature for 30-60 minutes. And then rearrange in a cold place. Estimated pickling time is 2-24 hours. When frying the kebab, pour it on top with the remains of the marinade so that the meat does not burn.

    Onions can also be strung on skewers, alternating with pork.

    Beer - what you need for a "male" barbecue. Only this time it is used not as a drink, but as the main ingredient of the marinade. Brewer's yeast will soften pork, and a delicate wheat flavor will “decorate” the dish.

    I already described the recipe here.

    Barbecue marinade with mayonnaise and onion

    Shish kebab in mayonnaise is always soft and crispy. What is the secret of such a delicious pork grill? It turns out that mayonnaise contains vinegar, which acts on the fibers, softening them.

    And egg yolks form a crust on the surface of the kebab, which prevents the juice from flowing out. I do not recommend using a store product, as

    it contains many unnatural additives that are not found in homemade mayonnaise.

    Detailed recipe:

    1. Cut: onion - moderately wide rings, pork pulp - in rectangular pieces. Pour into a large bowl. Salt, pepper. Since mayonnaise already contains salt and spices, it is not necessary to season pork abundantly. Stir, crushing your hands so that juice begins to stand out from the onion.

    In such a marinade, you can add a little Dijon mustard for piquancy.

  • Add mayonnaise to the bowl. Spread it with your hands on each piece of kebab. Cover. For long pickling (more than 2 hours) - put the bowl in the refrigerator. If the barbecue is already diluted, it is better to marinate at room temperature, but not longer than 3-4 hours.
  • The order of preparation of the marinade:

    1. Wash the tomatoes. Cut into circles with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm.
    2. Peel the onion. Cut into thick (2-2.5 cm thick) rings.
    3. Prepare a deep, wide dish in which the pork will marinate. In several layers, put the meat, onion, and tomatoes sliced ​​into portioned portions.

  • Mix spices with tomato juice. Salt, add sugar. The amount of seasoning can be increased to taste. Shuffle.
  • Pour the marinade into the meat and vegetables. Marinate in a cold place for at least 2-3 hours. Better left overnight.
  • Put pork on skewers, alternating it with onions and tomatoes.

    Cook in the traditional way.

    Mineral waterenriched with carbon dioxide softens the texture of pork. Shish kebab prepared using this technology is very tasty and not fat at all.

    Spices added in moderation will enrich the natural kebab flavor and accentuate the aroma.

    Barbecue in mustard marinade - you’ll just lick your fingers!

    Mustard is a great addition to meat. Marinade, prepared on its basis, makes pork fantastically soft, while you will not feel burning pungency.

    In combination with mustard, you can use kefir, wine, vegetable oil or soy sauce. Sour cream was used in this recipe.

    It successfully softens mustard spicy and contains enough fat so that the kebab is baked until golden brown and well cooked inside.

    How to cook:

    1. Chop the garlic finely with a knife or squeeze through a press. Cut the meat, mix with salt and pepper. Stir so that the seasoning is evenly distributed in pieces.
    2. Combine sour cream and mustard in a separate bowl. Ready sauce can be replaced with mustard powder. It will need a little more than 1 tsp.

  • Pour the marinade to pork, mix. Close the bowl and refrigerate. Marinate for at least 3-4 hours, preferably about a day, to make the dish softer.
  • When the pieces of skewers are strung on skewers, the remaining marinade can be mixed with warm water and poured into a bottle with holes on the lid.

    This mixture can be used to water coals if a fire appears.

    Wine marinade - for true gourmets. Dry wine contains a sufficient amount of acid, which gives the kebab a special softness. The rich color and taste of the dish will be remembered for a long time.

    The method of preparing the wine mixture for pickling is quite simple and described in detail in this article. I advise you to try.

    Delicious barbecue in a spicy soy-honey marinade

    Perhaps this is one of the most delicious marinades, which is suitable not only for barbecue and not only for pork. It can be used for roasting chicken, for example. Shish kebab in the cooking process, brown, become soft inside. This marinade can also be used for frying pork ribs.

    Cooking Algorithm:

    1. Mix soy sauce with honey until smooth.
    2. Chop the garlic finely (pass through a press). Add to the soy-honey mixture.
    3. Pour spices into the marinade.

    Washed, dried and cut into pieces about 4x4 cm meat fill with marinade. Put oppression on top. Marinate in a cold place from a few hours to a day.

  • Grill in the traditional way.
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