Former work and former colleagues

Almost every person manages to change several professions during his life, and if not his occupation, then at least his place of work. As a rule, I don’t want to remember past places of work very, very much, because if we left him, then it didn’t suit us in any way.

However, sometimes this happens in the world of dreams, and often causes confusion in the dreamer. On this page you will find out what the former work and the details related to it are dreamed of.

Subliminal clues

Dream Book of Gustav Miller

According to the experienced psychologist Miller, the old work seen in a dream is the personification of the past, accumulated experience and completed deeds. If you have such a dream, and in reality you are very hardworking - you can be congratulated. Visions of this kind promise stunning success, and everywhere - both in the new workplace and in the old.

I dreamed about the previous work and former employees - this a positive sign that means: fate will give you amazing opportunities to become successful - most importantly, do not miss your chance. To see yourself in a dream at an old job, but at the same time look for a new one - in the near future you will find the benefit and real favor of fortune.

You lost your former job - in real life everything will work out in the best way for youbecause your optimism will help you cope with any problems and find a happy future.

Dream Wanga

You were fired from your last job - in the near future you will begin a new streak in life, moreover, completely happy. To quit yourself from your previous job - such a dream means that your current job will be very favorable for you.

Seeing yourself at a work team meeting from a previous job - A lot of trouble and hard work awaits you, achieving success will be very difficult, and maybe even impossible.

Dream Interpretation of Evgenia Tsvetkova

Past work in a dream is anxiety, worries and incessant thoughts about the financial situation in reality. If at night you saw your former work or something related to it, this book of dreams says: you are completely dissatisfied with your current financial situation and career growth and just dream of a better life.

If you saw such dreams, the interpreter Tsvetkov gives clear advice: come to terms with your situation and learn to value what you have.

Dream interpretation of Juno

Seeing yourself in a former job happy and successful - it means that in reality everything suits you absolutely, you do not want any changes.

Seeing yourself there, experiencing dissatisfaction and frustration - it seems that in the present, something haunts you, and you cannot become happy in any way. However, you should not lose heart - after all, everything is fixable.

Back to old place

Returning to your old job is considered an ambiguous symbol. More often than not, dreams of such content should be understood literally - if you decide to return to your previous workplace, you will succeed.

Re-applying for a former job and fulfilling one's duties - such a vision promises the dreamer an increase in income or receiving a large sum of money (rewards or bonuses). Moreover, such a vision portends you great success and respect in the work team.

Go back to your old job, and see how this organization flourishes - in the near future all your deepest desires will begin to be fulfilled.

If in a dream you and your colleagues from your former job are planning a banquet or feast, in reality you will be in good standing with your superiors.

See co-workers

To understand the meaning of dreams of such content, remember which of the former colleagues you saw at night:

  • Colleagues - in reality, you risk losing a large amount of money. To avoid this, avoid dubious cases.
  • Boss - you are too afraid of change, both at work and outside it.
  • Head of Institution - You are expected by good professional growth and talent of the head.
  • Male colleagues only - to a dreamer a man, such a dream promises problems, for a woman - an office romance.
  • Only female colleagues - a complete analogy with the previous one, just the opposite.
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Other details

To fully understand the meaning of the message revealed to you from above, remember the details of the dream. So:

    Work hard at your previous job - to succeed, you have to work hard.

Helping your colleagues at a former job - such a dream promises the dreamer an interesting and useful communication with people.

Try to get a job - fate will give you a very good chance, try not to see it.

Ask someone to work for you - in reality you will have trouble at work.

It’s hard to work at a former job without receiving rewards - The career path that you have chosen will be useless and you will waste your valuable time.

To be in the old workplace without doing anything - the business on which you had high hopes will be unpromising and will bring you only disappointment and loss.

  • Quarrel or conflict with colleagues - in real life you have a serious struggle with competitors - be careful.
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    Dream Interpretation - Ex-boyfriend, husband

    A former young man or ex-husband who appeared in a dream symbolizes your excessive passion for the past.

    This is what prevents you from going forward, developing as an individual, former love does not want to give up love to a real place in your heart.

    The dream in which you parted with this person suggests that it is time to change priorities, the collapse of previous ideals.

    After this internal audit, things will go much better for you, and in all areas of life.

    Dream Interpretation - Ex-girlfriend, wife

    The dream in which your ex-lover was featured says that the past still lives in your heart, although you may carefully avoid memories of it.

    You are waiting for something to change for the better in your life, secretly dreaming of the return of the past bright, joyful days and doing nothing.

    The dream tells you: stop waiting for the weather from the sea, be more active, and luck will certainly smile at you.

    If you dreamed that your ex died, it means that in your life a new period will begin very soon.

    It is difficult to say how favorable it will be.

    However, it is absolutely certain that you will not have to be bored, you will just have no time to indulge in memories, no matter how pleasant or pleasant.

    Dream Interpretation - Work, Labor

    Everything that is associated with work in your dreams can be associated with sayings: “Work is not a wolf, it won’t run away into the forest”, “You won’t process all the work”, “You can’t catch a fish from a pond without labor”, “Who doesn’t work, he not eating. "

    If you are looking for work in a dream, this indicates your dissatisfaction with your financial situation or your duties in the service, even if you do not realize this, your subconscious sends you a signal in the form of this dream.

    In a dream, writing a statement and quitting work - this dream suggests that you lack the determination to take some important step, so in the near future you will experience a period of reflection and doubt.

    If you are fired from work, then in reality you have to work hard to earn the respect of others and to strengthen your place, to prove your worth as a professional.

    Work not in your specialty - a test awaits you, which you pass with honor, as a result of which you will prove yourself as a reliable partner and a responsible person.

    If you dreamed that you were promoted, this dream portends you disappointment and resentment in the near future, because you have hopes that cannot be fulfilled in this period.

    Dream Interpretation - Work

    To dream that you are working hard means that you will achieve well-deserved success by concentrating all your energy on it.

    Seeing others at work - portends hopeful circumstances for you.

    Looking for work - portends the benefits received as a result of some unforeseen enterprise.

    Lost in a dream without work - it promises you a fearless attitude towards future difficulties: your optimism will be based on faith in your own strengths, in your ability to work.

    If you dream that you entrust your work to another, a dream means trouble in the service.

    If a woman sees that she has arrived at someone's domestic worker, this portends a long joyless work for which she will sacrifice time and pleasures.

    What former colleagues dream of - Freud's dream book

    If you dream of former colleagues, this is a sign that you attach great importance to tradition, and you can’t even imagine that it could be otherwise, and that you can act against them. When former colleagues invite you to the table in a dream, this is a positive sign, because it announces that after a long struggle with the disease, you will return to good health. You can connect this message with yourself and with people close to you.

    Drunk former colleagues in a dream is a very good sign, well-being and happiness for you, which can be applied to all areas of your life.

    What former work colleagues dream of - Miller’s dream book

    Former work colleagues dream this dream means that in the coming days you will encounter an unpleasant event that will cause your concern.

    When you talk with former work colleagues in a dream, this is a sign that your luck will soon come to life as a result of a significant improvement in your financial situation.

    In a dream, you and your former colleagues at work laugh out loud, which means that for good reason you will no longer have the freedom and ability to make decisions independently, which until now has completely suited you.

    What does a woman's former colleague dream of - a dream book by Wangi

    When in a dream you dreamed of a former colleague, a woman, this means that you will soon feel confident in yourself and achieve long-term stability.

    If in a dream you had a fight with a former colleague, a woman, this is a sign that you do not have enough money to fulfill your desires. It may also give you some problems and worries.

    General interpretation

    According to the dream book, a former job may be dreamed of if a person has insurmountable regrets about something. But in general, a dream promises pleasant events, for example:

    • If you see a boss from an old job, this means that the sleeper must consult with experienced people on a number of business issues. Ignorance of certain subtleties can lead to a deterioration in well-being and even loss of business.
    • In the event that the boss appears in a dream - a person devotes too much time to work and other activities that adversely affect personal interests and relationships with the family.
    • To contemplate the building of the former place of work - to imminent and dramatic changes in life.
    • Returning to an old job promises a wage increase.

    It is important to pay attention to small details. They usually play a decisive role.

    Interpretation of the dream books

    Each dream book considers dreams from a different angle. Depending on the emphasis on any psychological or physical needs of a person, an individual interpretation is given:

    • Dream Book of Gustav Miller. In general, any development of events on this dream book is good. A well-known psychologist believed that the old work is a kind of reflection of lived, gained experience and completed work. If a person managed to see this, but in reality he is diligent and hardworking - this is a good sign. Such a development of events promises the dreamer tremendous success in all matters, both professional and personal. Fate has prepared a man a great opportunity to become happy and successful if he dreams of a former place of work, and with it old colleagues. Important - do not miss the chance and recognize this opportunity. According to the dream book, old work portends profit and a successful deal. You can be sure: fortune will be on the side of the dreamer. Losing a job does not bring negative events in reality - on the contrary, optimism will accompany a person, which will help him cope with any life difficulties.
    • Dream Wanga. Dismissal, according to this source, is also a good sign. This means that soon a series of happy events will begin. If the person was not fired, but he voluntarily left - the current place of work is the best suited for the dreamer. Seeing yourself at a team meeting from the same place will soon have to be very troublesome to achieve success. This time it will be more difficult to achieve than ever, sometimes it will seem that this is unrealistic. But patience and determination will do their job, which portends a positive outcome.
    • Dream Interpretation of Evgenia Tsvetkova. According to Tsvetkov, such a dream reflects internal feelings about the financial condition, fear of the future. If in a dream it was necessary to return to the previous place, this means that a person is fundamentally dissatisfied with his income, but deep down he knows: nothing can be changed. And that makes him miserable. Evgeni Tsvetkov recommends reconsidering his own life and begin to appreciate what is available. If a person works in the previous place and feels happy and satisfied with the current state of affairs, then in reality everything develops in the desired way and the person does not want to change anything. In the process of work, discontent and depression are experienced - in the present, something disturbs a person and prevents him from living happily. But do not get upset and lock yourself in - all these inconveniences are fixable. If in a dream comes the news about the prosperity of the enterprise - soon the most cherished dream will come true. Sitting at a table with employees, celebrating a holiday or a joyful event - to fulfill a responsible assignment.

    Dreamer's actions

    Seeing the process of getting to the old place is a sign of dissatisfaction with the current. It is likely that a person regrets that he left his previous job. Do not regret the deed, as it will not work back.

    If you rely on the Modern dream book, then to see the building where a person used to perform his official duties promises a large number of changes in life. Seeing this building destroyed is a bad omen, which indicates the imminent onset of major business problems. Therefore, the idea of ​​starting your own business in the near future should be abandoned. Business partners with whom the dreamer is new, can deceive and substitute. Perhaps there will be betrayal from the people from whom this is least expected.

    Another meaning of such a dream is to beware of fraud, deception, and betrayal by loved ones. If the process of communication with colleagues involuntarily causes disgust or irritation, this symbolizes a difficult period in relations with a loved one. If boredom is felt, the dreamer expects to receive income.

    The work process is supervised by a friend, relative or acquaintance - a dream symbolizes the need to build relationships with him in reality. The wife or husband in the person of the boss means that the work for the dreamer is in the first place, and he does not notice anything except her. This dream is a literal signal that you should spend as much time as possible with family and loved ones.

    I dreamed of an old work, which is called back - a good sign and a reason to think.After all, if the sleeper wants to return to the old place, he will experience unprecedented success and career growth. But there is another interpretation of this dream: a person makes high demands and evaluates himself too critically. It is not worth doing this, it is likely that such behavior is not justified.

    Thus, a dream can become a kind of compass, which will tell you in which direction you need to go. It is important to be able to draw the right conclusions from the one that is accepted, so as not to err in the correctness of the decision.

    What is the dream of the former work

    Things, objects, phenomena and people with whom the sleeper said goodbye in real life can periodically appear in his dreams. For example, sometimes a person has to be in a dream at a former job. Sometimes the former work is dreamed because the dreamer had too many unpleasant negative emotions associated with it and still they sometimes float in the subconscious, appearing in dreams. This is especially true if on the eve of a person, for example, met someone from past colleagues or even a boss.

    But in order to understand the dream and understand it as accurately as possible, you should try to remember as much as possible everything that you dreamed about. Which of the employees from the former work appeared in a dream, in what mood they were, what was the emotional state of the sleeping person and much more.

    Often in dreams, people see exactly the boss from their previous place of work. If in real life there have always been excellent relations with him, then such a dream can tell a person that at this moment there is a lack of an experienced acquaintance nearby who could help resolve a particular difficult life situation. Most likely, the sleeping man became entangled in it and cannot find a way out. And there’s nobody to call for help. The solution to this problem will be a confidential conversation with any of your friends or relatives. Do not be shy just to directly ask loved ones for the necessary help. It is unlikely that any of them will refuse or think about the sleeping person something negative after such a request.

    What if the dream is a former work

    If the former job was dreamed of in a very rosy positive light, then perhaps the sleeping person is dissatisfied with his current working conditions, misses his former place and would like to return to it. Some dream books suggest - such a dream is a sign that both the boss and colleagues are not averse to seeing the sleeper. Of course, it is worth taking this into account, but you still should not completely rely on such a dream, quit and rush to your former place. First you need to find out the real situation.

    If in a dream a representative of the fair sex or a man sees his former colleagues, then this is a clear sign that he can use his previous knowledge in a new job, but for some reason still does not. Such a dream suggests that it is time to start. This is what can help the dreamer achieve unprecedented success in his career, be remembered by his superiors and stand out among the general mass of company employees. The main thing is to try to act as actively and aggressively as possible. After all, it is precisely such people who easily manage to achieve their goals and not sit in one place.

    Interestingly, according to Miller’s dreambook, a quarrel with the former boss is not a bad thing at all, but, on the contrary, an excellent omen. Such a dream suggests that the dreamer does everything right and takes firm steps towards the intended goal. The stronger and more serious the quarrel in the dream, the greater success in real life he will be able to achieve. Especially if, despite the screams and abuse of the authorities, a person felt very comfortable and confident in a dream.

    What the former work foreshadows

    Sometimes an old dream job has completely different meanings. For example, you might dream of someone you know in the role of boss in the same workplace. Such a dream can be quite easily explained. It means that it’s very difficult for a dreamer to build and establish relationships with this person in real life, and this is important for one reason or another (sometimes simply at will). To do this, for starters, just try. Perhaps a new acquaintance only at first glance seems so gloomy and impregnable. Most likely, the problem is solved much easier and faster than it might seem.

    If the dreamer suddenly saw his soul mate, friends, family or child as an employer or colleagues, such a dream portends him problems in relations with loved ones due to the fact that he devotes too much of his free time to his career and completely forgets about those who is nearby. It is time to change the situation and remember that the family is the most important thing in the life of every person and we should not forget about it even for the sake of rapid career growth.

    If a person sees in his dream a company in which he previously worked is very successful and prosperous, this means that he will experience unprecedented success in his career and, possibly, in some other areas.

    A fun feast that appeared in a dream at the same place of work promises a salary increase, a new position or a nice impressive bonus in a new company. Most likely, through his efforts, the sleeper was able to obtain the approval of the authorities.

    Interpretation of sleep about old work, depending on the details

    Depending on what kind of work you dream about:

    • previous job - a new, well-paid position,
    • with whom they fired - mistakes, troubles at the current job.

    Depending on what happened in a dream:

    • to return - self-doubt,
    • work - bonus or increase in salary at a new job,
    • to see - do not regret the past,
    • get settled - achieving success will be very difficult, and maybe even impossible,
    • come - meeting with friends,
    • called - a dreamer of a very high opinion of himself,
    • dismissal - to a new position,
    • meeting - the dreamer's attempts to lead the team himself will be successful,
    • conversation - in a new workplace the dreamer feels uncomfortable.

    Depending on who / what to see:

    • the team - to financial difficulties, big expenses,
    • boss - do not be afraid of change, they will be for the better,
    • employees are all new - the desire to meet with former colleagues,
    • yourself - the favor of fortune is guaranteed,
    • their things are the parsimony and pettiness of the sleeper.

    Depending on who is dreaming of an old job:

    • woman - even the most ambitious plans will be realized.

    Depending on the current state of affairs in reality:

    • you don’t work anywhere - the onset of financial stability.

    Depending on how you regularly dream of an old job:

    • constantly - the sleeping person needs to rest, take a vacation,
    • often - the dreamer's responsibility and hard work will help him succeed.

    TOP 3 negative values

    1. Employees at the old work fulfill the duties of a dreamer - trouble and misunderstanding on the part of superiors.
    2. It is hard to work in the same place, but not get paid for it - in the near future, failures await.
    3. Scandal with colleagues on a former job - at the current workplace will have to fight with competitors.

    TOP 4 positive values

    1. If in a dream it is planned to arrange a banquet or corporate party at the same workplace, the dreamer will be in good standing with the management.
    2. Missing former employees in the company is a new source of income and improving your financial situation.
    3. To learn in a dream that the former company is flourishing is the fulfillment of a cherished dream.
    4. Having fun in a restaurant with old colleagues is a responsible but interesting project that will bring a good income.

    Why is dreaming about past work on Miller’s dream book?

    Gustav Miller believed that past work in a dream is a symbol of accumulated life and professional experience.

    Other interpretations of sleep:

    • if you dreamed of an old job and employees - soon there will be a chance to move up the career ladder,
    • dreams about being fired - everything will work out very well in the new workplace,
    • get reprimand from a former director - conflicts and intrigues.

    Freud's Dream Book

    Sigmund Freud believed that if a person dreams of an old job, then he is heavily loaded on a new one. Sooner or later, this will negatively affect his mental and physical health.

    Also, this dream symbolizes a broken relationship and a former partner, whom the dreamer can not let go.

    Dream Wanga

    The main interpretations of Wangi's dream book:

    • if you dream of being fired from your previous job - to joy and good mood,
    • to quit yourself - the dreamer will have a new, successful period in life,
    • see yourself at a meeting with colleagues and management - the sleeper will have many different things to do and hard work.

    An old work is dreamed of as a sign of unfinished business in one of the spheres of life. To settle on it again means to walk in a circle, not to dare to take a step to a new stage.

    The dream in which you see former colleagues at your old job reflects loneliness and lack of attention. You should let go of control of your own life a little and do what you always dreamed of - it will attract the right people and the long-awaited peace of mind.

    Dismissal from a previous place of work in a dream portends a difficult period in which close people will support. Take a closer look at your assistants at this stage, perhaps some of them will be your destiny.

    Former colleagues

    Having settled in a new place, a person can see strange night dreams. What do former colleagues dream about? Such a dream portends that a career in a new workplace will be successful. A person who has experience working in a company of competitors can bring something new to the company. The employee will look at some problems from a different angle. Such qualities will help the newcomer to gain the respect of colleagues and superiors. An employee must demonstrate the maximum amount of knowledge and skills in the first month of his internship. A constant demonstration of their abilities will help a person quickly climb the career ladder, bypassing many problems. If the person misses the opportunity to demonstrate their talents, then she can ruin her position and never get promoted.

    Chance meeting

    What do former colleagues dream about? If in night dreams you catch a glimpse of a familiar face that often flashed at your former place of work - wait for an improvement in your affairs. This will concern personal and business life. People from the past who were not particularly close to you bring good news. Their subconscious mind shows as a symbol that the black streak of life has passed and now everything will be fine. The dreamer must understand that his affairs are normalized only if he continues to work in the same spirit and does not flinch. The subconscious mind says that a person is on the right track. If a person can keep pace for some time, then she will surely catch luck by the tail. If a person slows down, hoping that a good start should solve all current problems, then luck can miss out on a person.

    Drunk Former Colleagues

    Seeing people in a good mood is always a pleasure. What are the dreams of former colleagues who took too much on their chests? Such a dream should be interpreted as great luck. Soon you will improve your relationship with the new team. People will idolize you, seek advice and requests. But in the wake of public success, the dreamer must ensure that none of his colleagues sit on his neck. Lovers of thinking with someone else's head can be found in any team. Therefore, do not let people ride themselves. Announce publicly in which cases you can be contacted and in which not. It is one thing to enlighten a person once so that in the future he can independently solve similar problems. And another thing is to solve problems for a colleague each time. The subconscious through sleep warns a person that if a person has fans, he automatically gets envious. Do not conflict with the new team and do not constantly expose yourself.

    Feast with former colleagues

    What does the former work dream of? If your colleagues call to take part in a noisy feast, it means that soon you will recover after a long illness. Such dreams are visited by people who for a long time could not overcome a cough or cope with a cold. The subconscious mind tells the person that he will soon be physically ready to go to work and now the person should be in a moral mood.

    A dream in which one of your relatives feasts with your former colleagues means that soon the loved one will recover. The dreamer should support the recovering person. And if in a nightly dream is an absolutely healthy relative? Think, is a person as morally healthy as it seems? It is likely that a relative has long struggled with internal contradictions, but did not advertise his suffering.

    Conversation with a former colleague

    How often do you dream of a former job? A person who had a long dialogue at night with a colleague whom she had not seen for a long time, can soon expect improvement in her financial condition. How will this joyful event happen? A person will receive a promotion. Such improvements will be associated with the acquisition of greater responsibility. A person should not be afraid of her, since the subconscious mind says that the person is ready to bear responsibility not only for himself, but also for those around him.

    A dream in which you talk with a former colleague can bring financial well-being not only to you, but also to your family. For example, a husband can get a promotion. You have long been expecting a happy event, but ahead of the man is waiting for the delivery of a responsible project, after which the person will climb the career ladder.

    Laughter with a colleague

    Congratulating a former colleague in a dream is a bad sign. In the near future, enslavement by someone close to you awaits. Your mother may decide that you do not take good care of her, and an elderly woman will move to live with you. Quarrels and conflicts will arise every day. Total control and eternal instructions on what to do and what is not needed will be very annoying. Try not to pay attention to reproaches. Well, better to predict the situation, and do not allow the move. Buy a mother a dog, let an elderly woman raise her, not you.

    In a dream, did you laugh for a long time with a work colleague? The dream book advises the dreamer to think about whether the husband or boyfriend is crossing the acceptable line? A man can openly command you, but you, in a fit of passion, will not notice it. Do not close your eyes to the obvious facts. Try to take a sober view of the world and prevent yourself from being disposed of against your will.

    It's time for a change

    Throughout life, most often we change our sphere of activity several times. For many, a career comes first in life. In search of a better job, a high salary, our physical strengths and nervous system are on the verge of exhaustion. This is reflected in our dreams.

    But a dream can hide not only internal experiences. Most often, this is a symbol of the changes that have occurred. The main slogan of such a dream is only forward, do not look back and regret something.

    Dream Interpretations give a detailed description in different ways. All this matters: a man or woman dreamed of an old job, who dreamed of - the team, management, where it happened - your workplace, director's office, what emotions you experienced. Let us consider in more detail all situations.

    What women should know

    The previous working atmosphere suggests that you need to focus and direct energy precisely to the target. It is then that you are able to achieve career growth in a new place.

    Hard work in the same place is your concentration on the work of today, you are on the right track and you will certainly succeed. At the same time, seeing others at work is an excellent occasion to hope for good luck and a favorable combination of circumstances. Fortune is by your side.

    You entrust your previous affairs to others - such a dream has two interpretations: it all depends on the emotional background and mood. Give your tasks with joy and ease - get rid of the accumulated chores that do not bring you any profit. If you pass on instructions to colleagues because you cannot handle it yourself, it saddens you - expect unpleasant surprises and worries.

    The woman dreamed of how she had gone to the former female director's domestic worker - this portends her a monotonous and joyless work that takes a lot of time and effort, but does not bring decent pay.

    To consider vacancies in a dream and to stop looking at an old job - to the benefit of a financial transaction, while your old connections will play an exceptional role.

    Write a statement of your own free will - a sign of your fearlessness, determination and optimism. You are not afraid of difficulties, confident in yourself and your professionalism.

    The dreamer's former colleague promises success in real life on the personal front. You will find a dizzying romance that can turn into a serious relationship.

    Dreaming in the role of a former employer father, friend, brother - this means that it is difficult for you to establish relations with this person. Your spouse as a former director is an occasion to think about your loved ones. Professional interests take up too much space in your life and completely replace the loving family from it.

    But if the former leader replaced you with another employee, such a dream can promise a rich lover who will be happy to sponsor all projects.

    Quarrel with a former colleague

    Are you a peaceful person? Nevertheless, you can in a dream swear with a former colleague. How to interpret a similar episode? There is a possibility that you do not have enough financial resources. During this life period you are in a difficult situation, and the subconscious mind warns you to avoid unnecessary expenses. What can you save on? Limit yourself to familiar but now inaccessible luxuries. Do not spend money on empty entertainment and most importantly, do not spend on trifles. Money diverges if they do not keep an account. Record every waste, and then you do not have to sit aground.

    To become a rich person, you need not think about how to save money, but think about how to make money. If you see a quarrel with a former colleague in a dream, then accept this warning. Think about how and how you can make money.

    Why be prepared for a man

    The old place of work in dreams reflects the real state of your affairs. You need positive change. It's time to fix existing errors so that everything works out.

    I met a former director with whom you were on good terms and close in spirit, perhaps right now you lack his wise advice and help. If you discussed working issues with him, did not reach consensus, get ready for stressful situations in reality.

    Employees with whom there was no friendly relations in the old place are deceit, theft, and fraud in reality. Large financial transactions, risky and adventurous transactions should be avoided during this period, since you can lose money.

    The former director has a dream that underestimated you - to a surge of strength, energy, personal growth. You will believe in yourself, become more determined and bold. But remember - excessive initiative is punishable.

    A female colleague in a dream means your interest in a young person in your immediate environment. Do not rush to start a relationship, perhaps soon disappointment.

    Co-workers from the previous office, with whom your work was well-coordinated and always evaluated with bonuses, are a success in a new field, thanks to your professional skills acquired earlier. A favorable moment to establish oneself.

    Get a job at the old place of work and fulfill your usual duties - to increase earnings, unexpected bonuses.

    Corporate party with former colleagues - ahead of your plans and pleasant prospects. If celebrated in a restaurant - a difficult, interesting task ahead. You will be held seriously accountable.


    Do you often think about the past? Not? Then why in a dream does a former colleague visit you from time to time? Such an image should be interpreted as an imminent increase. The subconscious mind says that a person should be mentally prepared for the fact that soon he will have to quickly climb the career ladder. The person will improve working conditions, as well as increase wages. The person who saw this dream should be extremely careful at work. A person should not tell anyone about his suspicions about the increase. The person should behave as she usually does. It makes no sense to bully your nose. Even when you get promoted, still be yourself. Star disease will bring you nothing but frustration and ruined relationships.

    Sigmund Freud

    Former work symbolically recalls your past and workload in the present. Excessive career activity leads to physical exhaustion, and frequent sexual abstinence leads to impotence. It's time to think about health and establishing permanent intimate relationships.

    Sometimes such a dream is a harbinger of depression, you cannot let go of your past. Perhaps you were left by a partner who was ideally suited for you in sex. And at the moment you intend to return it. Remember, do not enter the same river twice. Live here now.

    The man

    Missing the team you left is normal. Therefore, from time to time, former colleagues may come to a person in dreams. A man in a dream is a symbol of the past that you want to return. Do not cling to what has left you. Be guided by a saying: if it is gone, then yours was not there. The male colleagues who appear in dreams symbolize missed opportunities. A person can worry about his actions and longing to change them. It must be remembered that time cannot be reversed. You made your choice, and he was right. If you didn’t leave work, you wouldn’t get new skills and knowledge, you wouldn’t meet interesting people. Do not regret anything and try to live in the present.

    Gustow Miller

    The previous management speaks negatively about your competencies - all doors open at your current place of work. Received reprimand - wait for the prize, new prospects and interesting long-term contracts.

    Work hard at the old service - you will achieve growth and rapid growth. Colleagues will begin to seek help, and senior managers will take into account your opinion in resolving business issues.

    Former boss

    Do you see a familiar face in your dreams? What can the identity of the boss seen in a dream mean? The dreamer is in an unstable position. He lacks the support that used to come from the leadership figure. A person could get used to the fact that at any moment she had the opportunity to get advice or guidance from a competent boss. At a new job, the employee does not see such an opportunity, so he begins to stress. The subconscious mind says that the dreamer must learn to take responsibility for his actions. It's time to grow up and do not seek protection from influential patrons.

    Poet Aesop

    She dreams that you are looking for an excuse to do the same thing in the previous place - a sure occasion to think about your dissatisfaction with your financial situation or your real responsibilities.

    Trying to leave the old service, write a statement - in real life you lack the determination to take some important step. During this period you are overwhelmed by thoughts and doubts.

    If you are dismissed from your previous place, then in reality you have to work hard to earn the recognition of others, to build confidence and prove your professional suitability.

    Perform a task at the former workplace that does not correspond to your specialty - a test awaits you that you successfully pass.

    Dream interpretation Kananita

    Simon Kananit advised to pay attention to what former employees are doing:

    • actively and successfully work - new meetings and acquaintances,
    • have a rest - troubles in personal life,
    • having fun - the successful completion of an important business,
    • quarrel - stress can trigger a disease,
    • they talk - it’s worth working more actively, not spending a lot of time on breaks.

    Dream Interpretation Veles

    The main interpretations of the dream about the old work on Veles' dream book:

    • to visit the previous workplace and see that nobody is already there - an ambulance meeting with influential people who will provide patronage,
    • talk with former employees and management - to the disease,
    • get a reprimand from the director - to financial profit.

    Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

    In the interpretation of the dream book of Catherine the Great, the vision means that the dreamer is not afraid of responsibility and is ready for any work, even the hardest.

    If you dream of dismissal, this is a good sign - in a new place everything will go well, the sleeping person will be able to show his abilities to the maximum.

    Healer of Akulina's Dream Interpretation

    Interpretation of sleep about previous work according to the dream book of the healer Akulina:

    • the dreamer will face minor troubles,
    • will have to ask the employer,
    • long trip, business trip,
    • perhaps mistakes will be made in the work that go unnoticed.

    Modern dream book

    According to the Modern Dream Book, dreams of an old job mean that there is a time for change in the profession or personal life.

    • if you dream about the building where the dreamer worked, in a ruined state - a fraud on the part of a business partner or a loved one,
    • quarrel in a dream with colleagues - everything is not going smoothly in the sleeping family, problems with the second half are possible,
    • if they call to the previous work - the dreamer is too critical of himself,
    • Fulfillment of their duties at the old workplace - increase in salaries and / or receipt of bonuses

    Muslim dream book

    Interpretation of sleep according to the Muslim dream book:

    • good news
    • improvement of well-being,
    • new work will be more interesting than the previous one.

    Love dream book

    A dream about a former job, according to this dream book, promises problems in his personal life up to parting with a loved one. Perhaps the dreamer should devote more time to his soulmate, be more careful, diversify intimate relationships.

    Dream interpretation for women

    • work in a new place will be very successful,
    • favorable combination of circumstances for the implementation of long-planned plans,
    • getting rid of accumulated problems,
    • financial transactions will be very successful and beneficial for the dreamer,
    • a new meeting, which will be the beginning of a stormy romance.

    Dream interpretation for men

    • meeting and conversation with the former director - the dreamer needs advice and / or help,
    • a quarrel with old colleagues - you can lose money as a result of fraud, deception,
    • dream of a former employee or boss - a romance is possible in a new workplace,
    • returning to your previous job - increasing income,
    • corporate party or a party with a former team - the sleeper will overcome all difficulties and achieve his goal.

    Moon Dream Book

    • empty promises
    • frivolous attitude to their work duties,
    • excessive principle can let the dreamer down,
    • arrival of the long-awaited guests.

    Winter dream book

    According to the Winter Dream Book, if the dreamer is working hard at his old job, then in reality he will be wasting his efforts. Being fired from the same place means the risk of making mistakes and not justifying the trust of management.

    Home dream book

    The main interpretations of sleep about the old work from the Home Dream Book:

    • search for a life goal,
    • an attempt to shift your work onto the shoulders of another person,
    • concern about business.

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