How to find an iPhone

Smartphone today is used not only as a means of communication. It stores a lot of useful and important information. Theft or loss of the device can result in a serious problem. The location of the switched on phone is easy to track using special applications. The situation is different when the device is turned off or discharged. Consider how to find an iPhone.

Call from another number

First, call from another device. If the iPhone is at home, you will find the phone by the sound of an incoming call. And if the device is lost on the street, it is highly likely that someone found the phone and agrees to return it for a fee.

It should also be understood that a far from decent person can answer. It is easy to run into a scammer or thief who stole a phone. Therefore, if you are offered to buy your iphone, come to a deserted place, and even with the original box - immediately contact the law enforcement authorities.

Finding an iPhone from your computer via iCloud “Find My iPhone”

In this way, you can find an iPhone through a computer or another Iphone.

On your PC, MAC, or other Iphone, open the iCloud website.

The starting window of the iCloud service.

Click on the Find My Phone section.

Service “Find the phone”.

Re-enter the password for iCloud.

If the phone is connected to the network, the current location will be displayed on the map.

Location of the phone on the map.

Additionally, three functions are available:

  1. Play a sound.
  2. Erase data.
  3. Enable loss mode.

A window with additional actions in the service “Find phone”.

Sound playback will detect the phone by its characteristic sound. Such a function is useful to find the device at home or outside of your home when you are near. Also, the sound will attract nearby people.

The “erase data” item allows you to delete all confidential information. It is recommended if you do not expect to find a smartphone or you have a backup.

Lost mode allows you to lock the phone and display only the message left. You cannot use a smartphone, and the person who finds it will only see the message on the main screen. If you leave a contact phone, you may be contacted for a refund.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

Find the turned off phone does not work. But you can view the latest location of the device, which can help in the search.

  1. Open the iCloud website.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on the Find My Phone section.
  4. Re-enter the password for iCloud.
  5. The last location of the smartphone appears on the map.

The last location of the phone on the map.

Report missing to law enforcement

If the above methods do not help find the phone, then contact the law enforcement authorities. Write a statement about the loss and provide any information that may contribute to the search for a phone. You may be asked to disable the loss mode in order to track the smartphone via IMEI. If a different locking method is activated in the device, which will not allow another person to unlock the device, then turn off the loss mode. Just do not delete the data, otherwise returning the iPhone will become more difficult or not possible at all.


The methods described in the article explain in detail how to find an iPhone through a computer, iCloud, or another iphone. The easiest way is to contact the person who found the phone or track the device through iCloud. It is more difficult to find a turned off device or without access to the Internet. Then the most effective solution is to turn to law enforcement agencies.

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Can I find a lost or stolen iPhone

The hardest thing to track is an iPhone with a dead battery. The latest generation operating system has a built-in function for tracking the device. Before disconnecting, the iPhone sends an SMS indicating the location. But you can use the function only after its activation. This way you can easily track your lost iPhonewhich works on iOS 8 with the battery disconnected.

How to find an iPhone if it is turned off

The easiest way to find your iPhone is through

You must log in to the service website by specifying the username and password. Registration data must match with those indicated in iCloud lost iPhone.

In the service menu, select Find iPhone. A city map will open. In the top tab "All devices" Select your lost iPhone. The screen will display its location.

If you move the cursor to a point on the map, the auxiliary menu opens. Must activate "Lost Mode". You can turn on the sound on the iPhone (if it is somewhere close) or erase all data. If debit or credit card data was saved in the settings, then activating the mode temporarily blocks the possibility of any transactions from these accounts through the application store.

As long as activated "Lost Mode" On iPhone, you can lock your iPhone using a random set of numbers. If at this moment the device is connected to the network, then it is immediately blocked until the code is reset. If the phone will be offline, then a message indicating the location will be sent to the indicated electronic box.

The quality of the cards in the application is poor. Sometimes a city with a population of 200,000 people can be located at the intersection of two roads. You can try to find the iPhone by switching the card to hybrid or satellite mode.

IN "Lost Mode" You can also send a message to the iPhone asking you to return the device.

Find iPhone by IMEI or Phone Number

IMEI is a unique phone code. it is assigned to the device by the manufacturer. Changing this code yourself is almost impossible. To find out it is enough to type a combination of keys *#06#.

The network has special services for finding an iPhone via IMEI. The principle of their action is similar to that described previously. The user specifies a unique iPhone code and activates a search based on geolocation data. In practice, finding an iPhone in this way is almost impossible because:

  • It is extremely rare, but attackers still manage to change IMEI.
  • To search for an iPhone, you need access to special equipment and databases of operators. Such information is available only to law enforcement agencies.

The only way to find your iPhone using code is to post an ad to LoSToleN service. This is the IMEI base of stolen vehicles. Their owners publish information about the lost phone and indicate the amount of reward. Participants in the secondary market often check the devices for information in the database.

How to search for a phone using the Find my iphone feature

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone has a program for finding the device. First of all, it must be activated. To do this, in the phone’s settings (the button in the form of a gear is located on the main screen), click Apple ID>

In devices that work on old version of iOS, Apple section is missing>

Going to the section Apple>

If earlier function Find iPhone If it was not activated, then it will not work to find the device with its help. But you can protect the information. To do this:

  • Change the password for the account on the iPhone. Without authorization in Apple ID unable to get data from cloud storage and use iMessage or iTunes.
  • Change passwords for all accounts installed on iPhone apps.
  • Tell your service provider about the loss of iPhone. It will disable the account, preventing calls, sending messages and using data.

Special cases

1. If in the application Find iPhone the device is lit in Offline, then it is not connected to the network. That is, to remotely carry out any manipulations will not work. It remains only to wait until it is connected to the network. A message will be sent to the activation of the loss mode to the email address specified during registration.

2. If the screen has been locked, then you will not have to wait long. It is enough to reset the settings to the factory settings or reflash the phone. After that, the device will be reconnected to the network and the owner will be able to block it.

3. If the iPhone was not turned on Touch>

Special applications and programs for finding iPhone

To find a lost device, you can use a third-party application, for example, Find my friends. The program works through the cloud iCloud service. Its main purpose is to quickly determine the location of iPhone owners through GPS and 3G those subscribers whose numbers are listed in the phone book.

The application also extends the capabilities of the program. Find my iPhone. You can exchange data on the location of the object more than between two devices. Information about location data will be sent to any iOS device. Also, the application has a built-in parental control function. The program works with card contacts. The user will be able to continue the quick path to his friend. This function is especially useful if the guest does not know the road, and the inviter cannot personally meet and accompany the guest.

For security reasons, the user will be able to customize "Time window"during which other subscribers will receive information about his whereabouts. The interval can vary from several hours to several weeks. Upon completion, the data transfer will be completed. User can also fully "Hide" from the outside world. The application also has a function "Follow", with which you can send information about your movement to another subscriber within a certain period of time.

That is, using the program Find my friends You can easily find a lost phone. The application is available to devices with iOS 5 and higher. Let's consider in more detail how to use the application.

On devices with iOS 9 and higher, the program is installed automatically. To work on all other devices, you must download it from the application store. When logging in iCloud automatically logs into the program with the same login. You can work in the application using the function Family Access through the cloud storage site.

The program will only work between devices on which the application is installed. You can add contacts only with iPhone, iPad or iPod by number or email address. The recipient must confirm the request for the provision of data on his location. If contacts were added to the phone book from another Apple ID, then they will have to be dragged into a new account:

  • 1. Find Friends> Me.
  • 2. "Move friends from another Apple ID"> "Move friends."
  • 3. Log in to the system by entering the previous identifier.

To hide your location from other subscribers, you need to log in to the program, go to the section "I" and disable the function Share Share.

To disable the display of information about your movements, you need to in the menu "Settings" > Login > iCloud scroll to point Share Share and deactivate the option.

How to block an iPhone if it is stolen

If the iPhone could not be found, it is better to block it so that the attacker does not gain access to the user's personal data. To do this, follow the program My iphone enable loss mode.

Further, following the instructions on the screen, you need to create a password code. If you are trying to block the iPhone of one of the family members on whom the code is not installed, then you need to log in Apple ID on behalf of the owner of the lost phone.

Contact the police

You can write a statement about the theft of the device to law enforcement. In this case, the document will have to inform iPhone serial number. It is specified:

  • on the iPhone case
  • in iTunes
  • on the Apple menu on a Mac,
  • in the "About this device" subsection in the "Settings" iPhone.

If the device is far away, then you need to find the original packaging and look at the barcode or receipt from the store.

To track the device by serial number, law enforcement officials may ask the owner to turn off the loss mode, erase data from the cloud storage or device. If any of these actions are performed, the user will lose remote access to the device. However, iPhone owners need to know how to erase data from the device.

If the function is activated on the device Find iPhone, you need to log in to the system, select the device and click on the button Erase, and then "Delete your account". As a less radical measure, you can change password in Apple ID. User information will not be deleted, but the new owner of the iPhone will not be able to use it.

To change the password, go to and click on the link "Forgot ID". At the next stage, you need to enter the login from the account and select the option to recover the password: answer the security question, receive a message to the email account, request a key for data recovery.

Ways to find a turned off iPhone

If you have lost your phone, first call it from another number. If this has already been done and, probably, to no avail, the first thing to do is contact the law enforcement authorities - file an application for the loss of the gadget. To contact the police you will need the following documents:

  • general passport
  • any documents for iPhone (data of the international identifier of mobile equipment),
  • cashier's check that confirms the purchase of the device.

If you are lucky, the investigator will be eager to find your unit and immediately make a request to mobile operators. If the kidnapper or the one who found the phone does not know anything about iPhone tracking programs (there are some), then you are doubly lucky. There are chances to find out which SIM card was inserted into the phone after it was lost or in which specific place the call was made using your “apple friend”. This information helps you find your device.

Do not hope that the valiant police will immediately rush in search of your favorite? Right. After going to law enforcement agencies (and even better - in parallel), proceed to search for a smartphone yourself. We will tell you how to find your iPhone if it is turned off. While professional detectives get their hands on your statement, perhaps you yourself will cope with the problem and find out where the expensive unit is located.

How to find iPhone from computer?

But first, a few warnings. The owner, who had the misfortune to lose the iPhone or iPad, or who is sure that the device was stolen, will be able to find the device on his own only if the following conditions are met:

  • it’s signed in with your Apple ID,
  • geolocation enabled (location tracking using mobile networks),
  • the “Find iPhone” option is activated - how to launch it will be described below.

In other cases, you will have to rely on the help of outsiders, in particular, the user can:

  1. File a theft (even if he himself lost his phone) to the police. The text will need to bring as many unique characteristics of the device as possible: its serial number, IMEI identifier, external signs, etc. You can’t count on the agility of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but the owner of the iPhone will definitely hear a few encouraging words - and this is always nice.
  2. Fill out the electronic form on the site - or a similar online resource, indicating the serial number or IMEI of the iPhone you want to find, your contact details and the amount of the reward - it will take less time than trying to figure out what The difference between iPhone and smartphone. The chances of finding the device in this way are also not very large, and in addition, the user can stumble upon scammers who want to receive the promised money - but it’s definitely worth a try.
  3. Submit missing ads to all kinds of print and electronic media - of course, without neglecting the promise of reward.

But instead of spending time on the above manipulations, the owner of the iPhone, who lost it himself or thinks that the device was stolen, can find the device from the computer by logging into iCloud.

As already mentioned, this is possible only if the corresponding functions are activated on the device. If this is the case, you can skip the following short instructions and immediately start searching, if not, but still have your phone with you - without delay, turn them on:

  • Go to the “Settings” iPhone and tap on the avatar of your account located at the top. If you haven’t logged in yet, logging in first is no more complicated than switching your iPhone to DFU mode.

  • Go to the profile page and open the iCloud section.

  • Activate the option “Find iPhone”.

  • By moving the slider to the on position.

Through iCloud Service

ICloud (icloud) will help you find your phone off. This option is Apple’s official cloud storage, which allows the user to access files from any device online, saves backup copies of his “apple product” data and helps the owner find the lost device. At the same time, to watch where the gadget is located at this time, you must specifically connect the corresponding function.

The phone is lost near the computer with which you are looking for your gadget? Hear a loud sound. “Siren” is heard even when the iPhone is set to silent function. There are suspicions that the gadget was not lost at home? It will be possible to protect all the information recorded on it even remotely: set a password - and no one will unlock your phone. It is better to delete all data altogether. Once the device is found, they are easily restored from the backup.

Do not forget about the wonderful function "Lost Mode", which is also activated in iCloud. When it is turned on, your message with the specified phone number is displayed on the screen of the locked gadget - the finder of the device will be able to call you back directly from it, despite the fact that it is blocked. In addition, the iPhone, which is in loss mode, is allowed to make and receive calls.

By IMEI number

The International Mobile Equipment Identifier, IMEI, is a unique device number assigned to the device by the manufacturer. The information is intended to identify the unit on the network and is stored in its firmware. A code like a serial number is always indicated in several places:

  • on the smartphone itself (to find out, you need to dial * # 06 # on the keyboard - the data will appear on the screen),
  • under the battery
  • on the back of the box in which the gadget was sold,
  • in the warranty card.

In a cellular company, at the request of the police or the owner of the smartphone, they can monitor the signal transmission even when the phone is off. It is believed that the code cannot be faked, and if the new owner of your iPhone activates it, it is likely to determine the phone number. However, as practice shows, criminals manage to circumvent this method of protection.

Using the Find My iPhone App

Another application will help find iPhone - a program called Find My iPhone. The service is included in the free iCloud subscription and, among other things, it can determine the location of the gadget, send messages to its screen, protect the device with a password or erase all its contents. You do not need to specifically upload the application to the phone, since it is already part of the device’s operating system. For this function to work, you need to enable it in advance in the “Find iPhone” settings. Geolocation is only allowed when the gadget is on (with the GPS function active).

How does the Find iPhone feature work?

It is impossible to use the application after losing the phone. The program must be installed with you in advance. Do not forget to do it, otherwise you will ever regret it! Please note that during the configuration of the function, the device will ask to allow geolocation - one of the conditions for this application to work. It is likely that after this the battery will discharge slightly faster.

How to enable the function through a computer

Apple can be proud of these statistics: with the launch of the Find iPhone service, the number of iPhone thefts has decreased significantly. No wonder: finding the stolen device when you turn on this feature is much easier. A smartphone after being locked by the owner in the hands of thieves becomes only a set of spare parts or a meaningless toy. You can download Find iPhone, but you don’t have to!

The procedure for enabling the “Find iPhone” function through the computer:

  1. You will need access to the World Wide Web. No way without it.
  2. It doesn’t matter which operating system is on the phone, Windows or Mac. Visit
  3. In the authorization window, enter your Apple ID. Be careful, do not agree with the item "Stay logged in" when working from someone else's computer. You can check only when logged in from your personal PC.
  4. After launching the application, in the menu item "My devices" select your device.
  5. The application will start scanning, after which a map image will appear on the screen, on which the location of your loss will be marked. Depending on where exactly your mobile phone “rests” from you, take steps to return it.
  6. Lost your phone in an apartment or office? Use the beep to find your device.
  7. It turned out that the phone was left in a beauty salon or auto center? Send a message to the screen of your gadget with a request to call back to another number. This text will immediately appear on the phone.
  8. The saddest outcome of a search situation. You realized that you lost your smartphone in a public place or, worse, you intentionally stole it. Urgently protect your personal data! Set a four-digit password so that no one can download your photos or read messages, delete them remotely.
  9. Once again: if the “Find iPhone” function is not configured in advance, you just have to rely on the police or the will of the case. Take care of your friend!

How to disable the function

Another situation is possible: you will need to turn off the “Find iPhone” function, for example, when selling a phone or handing it over for repair. There are two main options for deactivation: directly through the device or remotely. You should probably not say that in either case, this function can be disabled only after entering the password for the Apple ID account. No way without it.

The first method is the easiest and most convenient, but it requires access to the device:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Find iCloud.
  3. Scroll down to the "Find iPhone" position, switch the toggle switch to "off" mode.
  4. Verify your password with your Apple ID account.
  5. After this simple operation, you will be sent an e-mail notification about the disconnection of the function.

The second method - if you don’t have a mobile phone on your hands, then the “Find iPhone” function can be turned off remotely:

  1. First you need to go to the appropriate application.
  2. Install the program in the App Store or on the website at
  3. Open the My Devices menu from the navigation bar.
  4. In the list that appears, select your mobile phone.
  5. Removing a smartphone from the list is allowed only when it is offline.
  6. When working with a mobile application, click on the "Delete" button, in the web version - "cross".
  7. In conclusion, the application will ask you to confirm your actions and at the same time will remind you that after this the iPad can be activated by another person.

Not everything is completely clear? Use our video tutorial, where “Find iPhone” software is sorted by shelves and a guide to action is given to those who have lost their phone, you don’t know how to find its location. Take a look at this tutorial and learn how to find an iPhone by geolocation, gps, and easily find all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Video: how to find an iPhone if it was stolen

Finally, one more tip: be careful when searching for a phone! Often, the owners of a stolen smartphone become not only a victim of thieves, but also scammers. Those who come to various forums for tips often get "well-wishers" on their email. Attackers offer for a reasonable fee to find the phone, for example, using a satellite. Do not pay a penny to unknown people!

Watch a video tutorial that tells you how to find your iPhone if it's off. What to do if you lose your iPhone? How to track an iPhone from another iPhone? Stole the phone, how to find it? We hope that you will never ask yourself all these questions - there will be no reason. But if a nuisance happens, then you will quickly deal with the problem after a visual video tutorial on this topic. Have a nice search!

Obvious forgotten actions

First of all, we will consider the standard measures that should be taken in case of the loss of the absolute of any phone, not only from Apple.

  1. Call on your mobile. If the device has fallen somewhere nearby or is at all at your place, but where you did not look for it, then thanks to the call you will be able to quickly find the phone. If he got lost on the street, then a passerby can pick him up, and the further development of events depends only on his moral qualities. However, most people make contact, either realizing that they will find the phone anyway, or guided by a banal desire to help. If you do not have a device from which you can make a call, then you can find services for online calls on the Internet.
  2. Replace the password in your accounts. If you cannot remotely lock the device because you did not activate this function earlier, we recommend that you change your passwords in all accounts that are logged in to your phone as soon as possible.
  3. If you are afraid of wasting money from your account, then you can visit your mobile operator’s mobile office and ask to block the SIM card. But this is a very controversial measure: on the one hand, blocking will allow you to avoid losing funds on your account, however, it will deprive you of the opportunity to contact the person who found the phone, and also disable Internet access, which will not allow you to find your smartphone through Find My Phone. If you resort to it, then only if information about new expenses appears in the operator’s Personal Area.

How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud - use Find My Phone

If you activated this function in advance on the phone, then the search for the gadget will be much easier. It’s better to turn on FMP immediately after buying a new iPhone, so that at a critical moment you don’t be left without the main search tool.

Find My Phone is activated as follows:

    Go to Settings, select iCloud.

Now directly to how to find iPhone from a computer through iCloud.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in by entering your AppleID and password.
  3. From the menu, select the Find iPhone icon.
  4. A green dot will be visible on the map that opens, this is the location of your phone. If you have several gadgets from Apple, then when you click "All devices" you can choose the one that was lost.

By clicking on the name of the device you need, you will get access to information about the battery level, and you can also use the three main functions of the smartphone:

  1. Play a sound. Used to search for a device in the immediate vicinity.
  2. Lost mode. Using this mode, you can set an additional password on the device and indicate your contact phone number so that a passer-by who finds the phone has the opportunity to contact you. In addition to the contact number, you can leave a message for the person who found the device. This can be your address, for example, or the amount of the reward - together with the number they will be displayed on the screen of a locked phone. The loss mode is disabled in the same menu as it was turned on.
  3. Erase all data from iPhone. As the name implies, this function allows you to delete all information from the device’s memory. It is recommended to use it in cases when you have a backup of the system, or when the risks associated with obtaining information by cybercriminals are too great.

How to find iPhone through another iPhone

On iOS, there is a Find My Freinds mobile application, the main task of which is to help friends find each other, but in practice it copes quite well with the search for lost smartphones.

How to find an iPhone through another iPhone:

  1. Install the app.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on the Add icon (plus sign).
  4. Enter the requested information about a friend’s device.
  5. Expect permission from a friend (he must also have this application installed).

Thus, by installing this application, you can always find your device through another iPhone. So we recommend to worry about this in advance.

Find iPhone by IMEI

If the previous methods did not suit you, then there is another option - search by IMEI (this is a unique identification number of each phone, consisting of fifteen characters). IMEI allows you to find your device by GPS, even if data transfer or geolocation has been enabled.

IMEI can be found either from the device documentation or by typing the USSD command * # 06 #. You need to contact the police with an IMEI number, but for a start it would be better to try using the service for finding lost gadgets - we recommend TrackerPlus or its analogues.

How to find iPhone by phone number

Determining the location of the device by phone number is a difficult task. Only an operator can do this, and when you contact the customer support service, you will most likely hear that the company does not have such technical capabilities, which is obvious cunning. But in any case, such information is disclosed solely at the request of law enforcement agencies, and it is practically impossible to personally obtain it.

IPhone Search Software

If the official methods of finding the device do not bring the desired result, you can try using third-party programs to search for the iPhone.

  1. iHound. This software not only periodically records information about the movements of the smartphone, but also has the function of sending the exact location of the device when it is connected to the computer. Thus, you can easily track the house of an unscrupulous person who has found the phone, or the address of the point where stolen phones are transported.
  2. iLocalis. The program has richer functionality, but JailBreak is required to install it. If you have one, then you can, for example, find out the number of a new SIM card installed in the phone, and much more.

Summing up, we say that the most effective way to search is the basic function of Find My Phone. It is necessary to activate it in the new gadget without fail, since neither contacting the police, nor trying to find out the necessary information from the operator, in our reality, unfortunately, usually does not give a result.

Set up the Find iPhone feature

This application and feature is really useful: you can determine the exact geolocation of your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch in case of loss, theft or need to find out, for example, where your child is.

If during the initial setup of the gadget you did not activate the “Find iPhone” function, we recommend that you do this immediately. It will help you find your iPhone by geolocation.

  • Go to privacy settings and activate the definition of "Geolocation":

2. After that, turn on the “Find iPhone” function in iCloud settings.

Done, now in case of loss, you can find out the geolocation of your iPhone and find it. Also recommend activate the function "Last location" : it will let you know the last location of a device turned off or disconnected from the network

Important: If you have several Apple devices tied to the same iCloud account, you need to configure the Find iPhone feature for each of them.

We are looking for iPhone geolocation through a computer using iCloud

To find your smartphone via iCloud, use another iOS device with the “Find iPhone” application or PC installed by going to via a browser.

The action algorithm is the same for both methods:

  • Open the iCloud service website and log in with your account (Apple ID). If you have multiple devices, use the missing account.

Important : the dot next to the name of the device means whether the device is online or not:

Green dot: The iPhone is online and you’ll see its current location and the time it was last detected.

Gray dot: The iPhone is turned off or unplugged, and you’ll see the last available geo-location and online time over the past 24 hours.

If the device has not appeared on the network for more than a day, you will see the status “offline”. In this case, we recommend that you check the box “Notify me of a find” and set up a notification about the appearance of iPhone on the network by email.

Now that you have found your iPhone by geolocation via iCloud, you can do the following:

  • play a sound if you are sure that the device is nearby and you can hear it (the function will work even if the phone is in silent mode),
  • put the smartphone in loss mode by blocking it. You can send a message to him with information about the reward for the return, a request to call back to the specified number or contact you in another way - the finder will see the text on the screen,
  • erase iPhone: this way you delete all personal data from the phone.

All of the above actions are also relevant for devices turned off at the time of searching: these commands will be executed as soon as the device appears on the network, and you will receive a notification about it.

If the Find iPhone feature is not enabled

If you did not activate the “Find iPhone” function in advance, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Urgently change your account password on iCloud,
  • Change the passwords of all accounts that were tied to a missing iPhone or other device,
  • Contact the operator and block the SIM card until the number is restored.

In our material we told:

  • How to set up the Find iPhone feature, and why it’s important to do it right after purchase,
  • How to find a gadget by geolocation through a computer and iCloud,
  • What to do if the smartphone is lost and the function is not activated.

We hope that we answered the basic questions, if you need clarification, or if you need a fresh iPhone - contact our specialists. They work from 9 to 21, will answer any questions, help and prompt. Call the toll free number: 8 (495) 478-51-82!

Watch the video: 5 Easy Ways to Find a Lost IPhone (April 2020).