Graduation Dresses 2020 for Grades 9-11

Dresses for graduation are a topic that is relevant every year and 2019 was no exception, and therefore we offer you to look at photo news to choose a luxurious outfit.

But there is plenty to choose from. This season, designers have offered a huge selection of styles and colors, and therefore every graduate, even the most demanding, can choose the perfect dress.

Fashion trends

Before you buy a dress for prom, you need to familiarize yourself with the main trends of this year in order to look not only royally beautiful, but also fashionable.

Three decisive factors when choosing a prom dress are tenderness, femininity and modesty. And therefore, you should not even consider outfits with an abundance of ruffles, heavy skirts, too defiant a cut and neckline.

Designers are advised to pay attention to more modest models that can emphasize all the advantages of a girl’s figure. A fitted silhouette, an open back (without vulgarity), an emphasis on the hips or a cut in shape will look interesting.

It is also important to pay attention to the color scheme that modern fashion trends offer. So, for modest fashionistas, designers are advised to choose outfits of such shades:

And to create an effective and memorable image, the following fashionable colors will help:

Attention should be paid to the decorative finish of the dress. So, in 2019, at the peak of popularity, there will be lace, various embroidery or applique, drapery and lace. All these details will help create a gentle and feminine image that will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to choose a prom dress?

A correctly chosen dress is the key to a beautiful image and good mood of a graduate. That is why, the first thing you need to focus on when choosing an outfit is fashion trends and size. Yes, it is commonplace. But it is really very important.

The second is convenience. When buying, you need to take into account the fact that you will need to dance, move a lot and your dress should not interfere (squeeze, pinch or fall).

Many people neglect this rule, giving their preference to a mega-cool and uncomfortable dress, and then they reproach themselves for this all evening.

Stylish dress year

If you are a lover of classics, then a dress is especially for you. Its feature is that it is fitted and emphasizes all the feminine virtues.

Graduation dresses of such models have a special chic and all thanks to a translucent mesh, amazing silk and delicate lace. This allows you to create a feminine and noble image.

Now at the peak of popularity are one-year dresses in these colors:

These look beautifulstyleswith open back.

Fancy mullet dresses

Mullet is an original model that will allow you to become the center of attention at the prom. A feature of this dress in its cut: a shortened front and an elongated back.

Extremely beautiful, this style looks from a dense fabric and with a full skirt.

Stylists recommend paying special attention to the bust of the mullet dress. Clavicles and neck open here, creating a delicate look.

A catchy look with a bustier dress

Want to be a real prom girl? Then you are presented with evening dresses bustier.

This is a win-win option, which has one nuance, if you choose a dress not according to your figure, you will get an image with excessive tastelessness and frankness. And therefore, be careful when choosing such a model.

Fortunately, in 2019, designers presented a large selection of such evening dresses, so choosing the right one will not be difficult.

Smarte bustier dresses are suitable for graduates with a perfect figure, as they emphasize not only all the advantages of the figure, but also its minor flaws.


Do you already know exactly which color suits you? Great, you can not read this chapter. Here are tips for those who have not yet decided on the palette.

The easiest option: go to the boutique and try on clothes of different colors. Ask for the opinion of a consultant, girlfriend, mother ... Choose for the ball one that you not only like, but that which most emphasizes the color of your eyes and hair, skin tone.

And you can find out your color type "by science." There are four main ones, determined mainly by the natural color of the hair. To make it easier for you, we’ll name typical representatives of each celebrity color type.

"Summer". Hair color from light blond to almost chocolate, but without a redhead. Natalia Vodianova, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz. Cold shades of blue, lilac tones, as well as pearl, dusty pink, are ideal.

When creating an image, you definitely need to take into account the features of appearance. Do not forget: what is beautiful in the catalog - it will not always be just as beautiful to sit and look at you. All individually.

There are basic recommendations for different types of figures. So, girls with the pear physique should choose dresses with high waist, decor on the sleeves and shoulders, flared skirt.

Chubby dresses made of matte fabric, with contrasting vertical inserts and reliefs. These delights are visually slim.

If you have narrow shoulders, take a look at models with frills or rich decor in the shoulders and sleeves, a round neckline or a boat - visually this will “balance” your figure.

Wide shoulders “smooth” dresses with A-silhouettes or an airy skirt. Or a V-shaped neckline.

Very thin stylists advise bright dresses, with expressive print or trim. Skirts - layered, lush.

But graduates with a wide waist (type "apple") should give preference to pay attention to dresses with a wide skirt or with a skirt-smell.

Now more and more specialists are giving recommendations using the typing system of New York stylist David Kibby. It is based on a comparison of the balance of yin and yang in the lines of the body. Let's look at the basic types and tips for choosing clothes.

DRAMATIC. Representatives of this type are tall and prominent, while narrow in the bones. Growth from 168 and above. An angular figure, elongated limbs. Facial features are sharp, expressive, often pronounced cheekbones. Cate Blanchett, Greta Garbo, Tilda Swinton, Amal Alamuddin.

Your style is strict chic. The shape should be sharp and geometric, sculptural. Medium or heavy fabric with a matte and even surface. Italian tweed, fay, thick gabardine, heavy satin and thick brocade - these fabrics are best suited.

ROMANTIC. Medium height (up to 165 cm), smooth lines of the body, feminine forms, an hourglass or an apple, plump lips. Romantics often look a little "in the body", while not having excess weight. Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johanson, Helena Bonham Carter, Beyonce.

The shape should be rounded, with soft edges, no angles! Fabrics - light, drapable: chiffon, jersey, some types of wool, crepe, velvet, knitwear. The drawing is romantic, unobtrusive. Clothing should follow the lines of the body, emphasize the waist.

NATURAL. High growth, rough muscular figure ("rectangle" with smooth corners), broad shoulders. The chest, waist and hips are approximately on the same line. Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, Gabriel Anwar.

The clothes should follow the lines of your body: slightly straight with smooth rounding instead of corners. Fabrics - matte, medium density and rough structure, soft (cambric, velor, soft leather, suede). Avoid thin, transparent tissues sticking to the body. Prints are as simple as possible, with blurry lines.

CLASSIC. Height 165-172 cm, uniform proportions of the chest, waist and hips without a pronounced hourglass. Facial features chiseled, symmetrical, evenly spaced. Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly.

The shape is smooth and symmetrical, with an emphasis on smooth edges, soft straight or smoothly curved lines (slightly fitted or slightly flowing). Avoid sophisticated silhouettes. Well-shaped fabrics are suitable, not too shiny, but also not completely matte.

GAMIN. Short stature, about 160 cm, boyish figure, slightly angular, pretty face. This type is also called the "eternal teenager." Audrey Tautou, Vanessa Paradis.

Your shape is small and sharp geometry. The fabric is best smooth or with a light texture. Use different combinations and color contrasts to give an image of vivacity. Avoid boredom and symmetrical austerity, express yourself in your clothes boldly and cheerfully.

Unique outfits with fringe and cute flounces

Want to surprise your classmates with an unusual bow? In this case, models with beautiful fringe are suitable for you. Such new items are great dresses for the 9th grade graduation in 2019 (see photo).

This can be beautiful long styles with asymmetric or straight cut, which is additionally decorated with ruffles, various frills.

It is best to choose dresses made of light and flowing fabric, on which fringe and shuttlecocks will look amazing.

Elegant lace dresses

Women's dresses with lace allow you to create not only delicate images, but also very festive, and therefore this is a great option for creating a stylish bow for graduation.

It is best to choose light shades for such dresses:

Such delicate colors will create a romantic look, which is the best suited for the prom.

Luxurious dresses with a full skirt

Want to be a real princess? Then chic outfits with a voluminous skirt will help you in this. You just look at the photo, what a beautiful look.

The top in such dresses can be with a V-shaped or straight neckline, with an open back or a bustier.

By the way, the latter option is most popular among graduates.

Such long dresses for graduation in 2019 can be made in any color. The main thing is that the shade emphasizes your beauty and does not merge.

Short dresses

Perhaps this is the most versatile option, since such dresses can be worn not only at graduation, but also at other no less solemn events.

Short outfits are chosen by girls who value comfort and convenience. Fashion houses offer knee-high models, such as in the photo.

Such styles are mostly performed in floral design, as this makes it possible to create an elegant and truly girlish look.

Gentle graduation party outfit

We hope that our photo selection, which shows all the new items, helped you choose a prom dress in 11th or 9th grade. We wish that this evening was held at your highest level and you were irresistible at it!

Beautiful and elegant graduation dresses year 2019-2020

For true ladies, the perfect choice of attire for the graduation party will be the dress of the year or the little mermaid, which have a fitted silhouette, expanding slightly to the bottom, emphasizing the dignity of the girl and making the image attractive and feminine.

Dresses on the graduation model year have a special chic. Amazing lace, translucent mesh, silk - all this looks very gentle and sophisticated.

Beautiful prom dresses a year are demonstrated in monochrome versions - delicate beige, powdery, pink, peach, white, as well as spectacular red and black colors.

In addition, feminine year dresses can be complemented by a cut, neckline, with bare shoulders in the bustier style and an open back.

Expensive fabrics, sparkle of rhinestones and jewelry, drapery, embroidery, amazing flowers, a long train - all this is characteristic of refined and elegant dresses for the graduation year 2019-2020.

Original mullet prom dresses 2019-2020

An interesting option for the graduation dress for girls will be the mullet dress, which is the original elongated back of the dress and shortened in front.

The most spectacular look of fluffy mullet dresses 2019-2020 from a dense fabric that creates waves. It is especially worth paying attention to the bustier version of the mullet dress for graduation, which draws attention to the open neck and collarbones, which looks elegant and sophisticated on lovely girls.

Designers tried their best and created the fabulous beauty of mullet dresses at the prom with floral print and appliqués. Choosing such a prom dress 2019-2020 you will be irresistible and impeccable, capturing goggles.

Beautiful long dresses for prom 2019-2020

Feminine long dresses for prom 2019-2020 are the most relevant and in demand among true ladies who want to create a beautiful image of a princess at the prom.

Long dresses are presented in many styles and styles, which makes them so relevant and desirable among the fair sex.

So, for romantic and sweet natures, it is best to pay attention to long dresses on the floor in a delicate pastel color from flowing fabrics, complemented by inserts of other fabrics - mesh or lace.

Lush dresses on the graduation floor look luxuriously, made in monochrome - delicate lilac, pink, pink, beige, as well as rich deep colors - azure, emerald, burgundy, red, fuchsia.

Long puffy dresses for graduation are beautiful and original, complemented by feathers, drapery, large floral prints, large or small flowers made of light fabric.

Also presented are long dresses for graduation from flowing and weightless fabrics, complemented by a corrugation, which gives the image depth and expressiveness, allowing you to create a unique image for the graduation party.

Beautiful long dresses for graduation 2019-2020 are often decorated with stylish cuts, an attractive neckline, as well as an original dress top with a mesh, inserts and lace.

You can also choose long dresses for graduation 2019-2020 with a completely transparent hem made of delicate and sophisticated lace that opens the legs and allows you to create really bright images.

Original short prom dresses 2019-2020

For the fair sex, who prefer a short dress to graduation, fashion designers offered dresses to the knees or just below the knees in the original design.

Beautiful floral motifs were not spared and short dresses for prom 2019-2020. Attractive meek dresses, bustiers, dresses with a slightly shortened front, a full skirt, and charming large flowers will certainly appeal to many girls.

It is safe to say that floral motifs in the form of appliqués and prints are “must have” for dresses for prom 2019-2020. Therefore, if you want to look elegant and feminine, as well as to be in trend - your choice should fall on dresses with flowers.

Fashionable colors of prom dresses

In light of the latest fashion trends, the colors of prom dresses have a fairly wide range of shades. The young lady will look equally bright and attractive, both in a dress of delicate pastel colors and in a dress of deep saturated colors.

Designers have clearly demonstrated this statement by providing a large selection of outfits in an attractive gamut of trend colors:

For girls with an impeccable figure, one of the most beautiful graduation dresses in fashionable tones will be an excellent choice:

The classic three colors did not stand aside from the design proposal for graduation dresses:

The graduation gown of any of these three colors will make you look like a real queen of the ball.

Immediately, we note that the print in graduation gowns of 2019 is presented rather modestly, mainly floristry in various manifestations:

  • the most diverse flowers
  • leaves,
  • twigs.

However, it can be stated with confidence that monochrome is actively represented in graduation gown models for 11th grade graduates.

Long prom dresses

A variety of styles, provided with the light hand of eminent designers, excites girlish fantasies. Bodycon dresses made of thick silk emphasize the attractiveness of the figure.

In the collections of such styles of dresses are mainly presented in a monochrom of trend colors and with a complete lack of decor. All attention, according to designers, should be directed to the merits of the owner of such a stylish prom dress.

Graduation dress for a student of grade 11 floor length is especially impressive in the style of "fish". Moreover, this can be either a modest hint at the classic detail of the dress, or highlighting it as the main emphasis in the model.

The real trend of the season was a fairly large collection of dresses in tandem of silk - mesh structures. Here, the creative imagination of the designers was unstoppable. The spectacular mesh upper dress in all models has luxurious sewing or a composition of appliqués.

The styles of prom dresses with a fitted bodice and a full skirt also did not leave the collection of prom dresses of the season, as a classic version of a stylish evening dress.

From past seasons, such styles of prom dresses in 2019 are distinguished by a complete lack of designs and devices to increase the volume of the skirt. Light natural splendor is given to models by pinches and assemblies.

Trend 1 - Transparent fabrics, delicate shades and floral embroidery.

If you look at the catwalks, you can see that the overwhelming majority were very light, flying, translucent fabrics through which the skin was visible. This is something as soft and soft as a veil. Of course, this fashion trend deserves attention, but will such dresses be appropriate for graduation? This is a very controversial issue. Of course, you can find interesting models, for example, such designers Badgley Mischka and Marchesa, who will not look vulgar or vulgar, are well-stitched, tailored, but as a rule, such dresses for graduation are very expensive.

Graduation short dresses for students in grades 11

If the image of a stylish luxurious lady in a graduation gown on the floor is considered by many as “heavy” and even somewhat “premature” for her young age, then he has an equally luxurious alternative.

A series of short prom dresses attracts especially with its refined and sophisticated playfulness of models of various styles. In the fashion sector of short dresses, the trendy material mesh is also at the peak of popularity, both among designers and young fashionistas.

Short prom dresses range in length from short and ultra-short to elegant and coquettishly modest midi lengths.

It should be noted that according to the stylists, with short length dresses, graduates of the 11th grade will be much easier to create a fashionable organic bow for the prom. Moreover, the choice of image can be carried out in a fairly wide range of styles as well as creative design decisions of individual details.

So graduates of the new season can opt for models of dresses of the trendy style "baby dollars". For the prom, this fashionable style is most acceptable and is able to emphasize the attractiveness of the young lady.

Temptingly embellish models of prom dresses of the bustier style with a short fluffy skirt made of mesh. Models are effectively embroidered with garlands of flowers, twigs or butterflies falling from the top of the bodice.

For those who want to create a more concise look with a short dress at the 11th grade, designers offer tight-fitting models and models with the design of the bottom of the dress with flounces that keep their shape well.

Graduation Dresses

Models of prom dresses with shoulders down in the new season have become a real fashion trend. Graduates gratefully responded to such a designer gift, which allows you to look especially gentle and touching, choosing just such a stylish novelty.

The lowered shoulders, as a creative design decision of the top of the graduation gown, were actively introduced into almost all known styles, significantly updating and transforming them.

In the tight-fitting long models of prom dresses in 2019, lowered shoulders give femininity, but a little “grow up”. For graduates of 11th grades, short dresses with this stylish “highlight” of the season, which elegantly fits into fashion trends, are more suitable.

Dresses with bows for graduation

Designers were not stingy with bows, having proclaimed in the new season for prom dresses (and not only) the main trend in the wording “there are never too many bows”.

We can safely say that bows are almost the only decor of prom dresses, which is suitable for all styles and looks incredibly organic. This design idea cannot be called a novelty, but in the nomination “main squeak of the season” it is in absolute priority.

Bows in the most beautiful graduation dresses are presented both in various sizes and colors, in tone with the dress or in contrast to it. It is not possible to describe all the options for bows in detail, we will cover them only in a brief listing, both their location in the model and their appearance:

  • on the belt: front, back, side,
  • on the back in various ways, as an emphasis on the bare back,
  • with long ends and short ones
  • narrow and wide
  • flat and lush, as well as intermediate options,
  • instead, an elongated rhombus, gathered in shuttlecocks, as a hint of a train in a short model of a prom dress,
  • at the interface between the two constituent bases of the dress and two fabric structures, for example, an elongated satin bodice with a full skirt of mesh,
  • as a spectacular completion of a creative design idea, for example, stylish lacing on the back ends with a lush multilayer bow,
  • in models on one shoulder, a bow is also actively present, as a decor and accent of one single shoulder, sometimes assembled in an assembly.

In addition, huge bows are luxuriously located in the models of prom dresses, both expensive and inexpensive, with shoulders down, on the chest. This decision of the top of the dress allows us to attribute a stylish, effective model to the absolute novelty of the season.

Feather decor prom dresses

Feathers in fashionable graduation dresses (and not only), unlike bows, carry different loads in models. In some it’s decor, while in others it’s the material for one of the two bases of the dress, top or bottom.

So a fairly large number of dresses for the graduation party of 2019 for 11th grades are decorated with feathers, both in the form of small brooches, and in the form of whole stylistic compositions from them. The photo shows that such models of dresses may well qualify for the nomination "the most beautiful and stylish."

No less numerous are the models of prom dresses, in which the top is made of various fabrics and the bottom is made of feathers. Moreover, a skirt of feathers is beaten by designers, which is called, to the maximum, the choice is simply huge. Models of such dresses vary, both in short straight skirts, or fluffy with feather frills, and long to the floor.

In long models of dresses of the "fish" style, the "tail" is made of spectacular feathers. The model is certainly amazingly beautiful, and in different colors it is simply fantastic.

New prom dresses

In the new fashion season, models of black evening dresses will be incredibly relevant. In line with this trend, designers have proposed a whole collection of black prom dresses of various styles and structures used. Such a fashionable novelty will appeal to both slender graduates and overweight ones.

If you want to demonstrate knowledge of the fashion trends of the season and really make a splash, then be sure to choose a spectacular black prom dress. At the graduation party of 2019 for 11th grades you will be the most compelling, that's exactly what the photos from fashionable current shows promise.

The new items of the season include the styles of dresses, as well as individual solutions to certain details:

  • varieties of the “mermaid” style, when the fabric effectively diverges with flounces to the bottom, both from the middle of the thigh and from the knees and calves of the legs,
  • Basque is experiencing its next climb to the fashionable Olympus of undeniable trends,
  • ruffles, shuttlecocks are presented in a more spectacular presentation in various styles of dresses - new items,
  • asymmetric and fantasy cutouts,
  • asymmetric and multi-level hem,
  • skirt dresses with ruffles, floor length, narrowed down.

Choosing a prom dress in 2019 for students of grade 11 is not an easy task. With such an abundance of dresses of fabulous beauty, some well-established personal preferences simply blur. But the main thing is to trust the taste of designers and personal fitting, and get the most out of the process.

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Trend 3 - Tulle Dresses

Beautiful models of fashionable prom dresses are presented in the Alexander Mcqueen collection. Bright, catchy, they immediately attract the eye. Insolence in combination with tenderness form a colorful image that will be appropriate for a solemn occasion.

Trend 4 - Fringe

Fringe is very popular this season. Therefore, fashion designers could not leave this detail unattended and included it in fashionable images. Azzaro Haute showed how stylish and yet elaborate a long fringe can look on a prom dress.

Trend 5 - Metallic

Considering fashion trends and new products of this season, we can conclude that metallic has still not lost its relevance. That is why designers offer to put on metal evening dresses. The style can be any. These can be short or long models. A good option showed Badgley Mischka. The model has no unnecessary details. In appearance, the evening dress is quite simple, but there is a certain magnetism in it that attracts the eye, I want to consider it in detail. The metallic luster looks mysterious and mysterious.

Trend 6 - sequins

Another of the main hits in 2019 is, of course, sequins and glitter. This version of prom dresses 2019 fits most well if the prom is themed, for example, in the style of disco. Of course, there are styles of prom dresses that are decorated with sequins, but there are not so many of them, and they are a kind of highlight in the image. Bright and stylish models were shown by designers of such eminent houses as Blumarine, Dundas, Galia Lahav.

Trend 7 - Large Bows and Feathers

If we talk about some chips of the fashion season, then these are of course feathers and large bows. Stylish prom dresses decorated with feathers look very unusual, but pretty. Not every girl can feel comfortable in such an outfit. Therefore, such a choice of products must meet internal impulses, the soul should “lie” in this direction.

Trend 8 - Double Skirts

New prom dresses are interesting in that they have double skirts. They look worthy and allow you to correctly emphasize the figure. Moreover, the skirts can be sewn from different fabrics and have contrasting shades.

Trend 9 - Short Balloon Dress

Graduates can take a closer look at short balloon dresses. These are real lifesaver sticks that emphasize slender legs and hide a small tummy and wide hips. For thin girls, this option of an evening dress for graduation will add the necessary forms. The dress ballon can be with bare shoulders, as shown in the photo or have straps, short sleeves.

Graduation Grade 9 Dresses

Graduation dresses 9 grade can be a loose, fitted silhouette. Have a decorative finish in the form of fringe, bows, sequins, rhinestones.

  • Glossy short dresses for grade 9 at the prom will organically look. They look interesting and textured.

  • Asymmetric models do not go out of fashion.

  • At the same time, girls in the image of baby dollars will look glamorous and cute. Dresses for grade 9 can be of any color, ranging from gently marshmallows, ending with bright colors.

  • Dresses for grade 9 can be with open shoulders.

  • Incredibly popular models with a choker.

  • Another fashionable option for grade 9 is a top and a skirt.

  • Styles for grade 9 may include shuttlecocks, belts tied to a large bow.

  • Do not lose sight of multi-tiered options. A correctly selected model will help to adjust the figure and make it more feminine. In addition, they look very good in photographs.

Graduation Grade 11 Dresses

Graduates from the 11th grade can afford more “adult” models.

  • The highlight of the image will be given long dresses at the prom with a slit across the hip. In this case, the cut should not be vulgar. Nevertheless, this is an official event, which will be attended by parents, teachers. At the same time, the upper part of the outfit should be concise and calm. This neckline looks great on any color.

  • Short prom dresses can have a sheath style. This option is elegant, suitable for almost any type of figure.

  • Dresses with an American armhole. The open, fragile girlish shoulders create a feeling of lightness, sophistication. It should be understood that most often the American armhole is accompanied with an open back. Therefore, such styles of dresses for graduation are more suitable for girls with perfect skin.

  • Another bold option is fashionable prom dresses with a low neckline. But far from all, this option is suitable, especially for girls with large breasts. Even the point is not vulgarity or misunderstanding of others. Big breasts need additional support, but they simply will not be here.

  • Fashionable prom gown dresses are a great option for a prom. They look exquisite and sophisticated.

  • Choosing a graduation gown for grade 11, you can resort to a fashion trend that suggests the presence of various frills and ruffles, but everything should be dosed so that the image does not resemble a layer cake.

  • Beautiful graduation dresses for grade 11 can be in contrasting colors. At couture shows, a lot of black and white combinations were presented. This combination always looks impressive and beautiful.

  • Fashion trends offer active use in the dress belt. It can be a belt completely in color or a contrasting shade, a belt of a different material than the dress itself. The belt can emphasize the waist, create the right proportions or visually make them where they do not exist.

  • Tea-length evening dresses with a corset can also be attributed to the novelty of this season. Corset parts are incredibly popular. They visually emphasize the waist, making it elegant. It will look gorgeous in contrast with a fluffy skirt.

Choose the color of the dress for graduation

  • The pastel looks great in 2019 graduation dresses. It can be midi dresses, floor dresses, mini dresses, etc. Pastel colors always add femininity to the image and it’s great to work with them. You can choose a pastel for yourself: it can be muted pink, blue, lilac, turquoise color.

  • Saturated colors: cobalt, red, blue, green, emerald, etc. They declare themselves with their brightness, juiciness.

Fashion for prom dresses 2019 came from the catwalks. Therefore, feel free to take ideas and experiment. Add decor if you think your outfit is very simple for this event. Having familiarized yourself with the news, you are sure to pick up a worthy option for yourself that will be acceptable both in terms of beauty and money. Also, do not forget about the beautiful hairstyle on the graduation party, which will complete the image.

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