What bags will be in fashion in spring

Following the main trends of the season and the most relevant shoes, it's time to understand the world of bags. This season turned out to be extremely diverse, and there were a lot of interesting bags on the catwalks. For all this, designers generally maintained moderation, playing more with colors and decor than with forms

Striped bags

Stripes are a trend not only in clothes, but also in bags. They enliven any bag and give it brightness. For evening bags, this print most likely will not work, but for the daytime - just right!

Pastel shades

Delicate pastel shades are an ideal choice for the warm season, accessories in soft blue, dusty pink or lilac colors look very feminine.

Round form

One of the rare form experiments this season. Small round bags, resembling embroidery hoops and often decorated with embroidery or other decor, look catchy and stylish.

Waist bags

The bags that have been hanging on top of the fashionable Olympus for the third season are less and less resembling their sporting ancestors.

Small bags of tight shape

Small bags of hard shape with rich decor in the West were called funny packs. Such a bag will definitely become the central detail of your image.


One of the most striking trends, both in clothes and shoes, is plastic. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that this material crept into the trends of bags. Why did he get in there, powerfully speak! Moreover, if you want to try on this trend, then a plastic bag is the easiest way.

Wicker bags

A trend that migrated from last summer. Funny wicker baskets and straw bags will appear not only on the beaches, but also on the streets of fashionable capitals.

White color

Minimalism manifested itself both in color and in design. But if you want to make a white total look relevant this spring, then you can not do without a white bag.

Bags with appliqués

Stickers and applications were relevant only 4 years ago and now they are back again. Some of the designers chose to turn to the 70s, others played a surrealist card, decorating the bags with bright colored spots or drawings in the style of Salvador Dali.

Bags with chains instead of handles

The chain on the bags instead of the handle, the invention of Coco Chanel, in the spring-summer 2018 season acquired a punk mood.


If even in the summer you are not ready to part with fur, then a fur bag is the best solution. True, in the wake of the latest news about an increasing number of fashion brands that have decided to abandon the use of natural fur, the bag will most likely be made of artificial fur.

Pillow bag

Voluminous and comfortable, pillow bags will fall in love with those who are used to carrying not only a smartphone and lip gloss, but also those who like soft shapes.

Logo bags

The return of the trend from the early 2000s. Flaunting your bag brand again is not at all embarrassing!

Saddle bag

Small bags with a rounded bottom - for those who love simple shapes.

Triangle Hobo Bags

Familiar bags changed shape from rounded to triangular, and, we can safely say, we like such a transformation!

Bucket bag

This form is also popular for several summer seasons in a row, so if you looked at it last summer, now is the time to buy!


Another trend that we can’t get away with: fringe lies in wait for us in clothes, shoes, and bags.

# 1 Saddle Bag

It is no coincidence that a rigid bag with a semicircular bottom line is called a saddle bag. Her form has developed historically, as the most convenient when riding a horse. Thanks to the smooth lines and the absence of corners, the bag trimmed to the saddle did not interfere with either the horse or the rider. A rigid form protected the contents from deformation, and a solid lid covering the upper and front parts protected from rain and snow.

As a fashionable women's accessory, a saddle bag was especially popular in the “hippy” 70s, and now returned again, along with many other trends of those years. Couturier handbags with miniature and medium sizes complemented the images of their spring-summer collections, once again confirming the cyclical nature of fashion. Fashionable handbags-saddles differ from their predecessors from the 70s by large metal fittings, chain handles, and bright colors.

# 2 Round shape

The trend towards clarity of forms and the desire for originality have created a new trend - round handbags. In general, bags resembling a drum are known for a long time, in the literal translation from English they are called “hat box” (Hat box).

However, compared with the traditional Hat box, the models of round handbags presented for the spring-summer season of 2018 have much more elegant shapes that fit, perhaps, the smallest hat. The fashion for the original round handbags will please lovers of everything extraordinary.

# 3 bucket bag

In pursuit of the original form, fashion designers remembered the “well-forgotten” bag model in the form of a vertical cylinder. This trend will delight lovers to carry with them a lot of necessary things, because the compact-looking bag-bucket is characterized by increased capacity. Distinctive features of the bag-bucket are a hard bottom, well-kept in shape, and a drawstring strap. The material of a fashionable handbag can be either whole leather or a patchwork sewn from colorful fragments.

# 4 Waist bag

A handbag on a belt worn as a belt is a wonderful invention that frees your hands. And the fact that the waist bag remains among fashion accessories cannot but rejoice, because it is very convenient. However, not all girls and women know where to put their hands free, many begin to miss something in their hands, for example, handbags or clutches. Be that as it may, the waist bag in the spring / summer 2018 season will be very popular, and most likely will stay with us for a long time, moving from the category of attributes of market traders to the category of everyday goods.

# 5 Clear plastic

The fashion for transparent plastic in clothes and shoes did not go around bags. It seems that the designers gave a cry: “All for show!” And try to convince women that they have nothing to hide. On the fashion catwalks of 2018, all kinds of transparent plastic bags were noticed - shoppers, briefcases, evening ones. If you think about the benefits of such handbags, the first thing that comes to mind is the idea of ​​their fashionability. And they are light and waterproof. And do not hide their rich inner world. Truly, this is a very worthy trend!

# 6 cloak for bag

If fashionable bags made of transparent plastic are not afraid of rain, then for other representatives of marsupials, wetting is not advisable. The world famous brand Balenciaga decided to correct this injustice and released raincoats for bags from waterproof fabrics. In fact, this element could claim the title of cover, but the shape in the form of a cape makes it look exactly like a cloak. The presentation of the novelty took place at one of the shows for the spring / summer season of 2018 and attracted the approval of the public.

# 7 Pastel shades

The trend for pastel shades in clothes did not leave bags aside, because this accessory should be in harmony with the outfit. Having dressed in delicate pastel robes and taking a dark or bright bag, you can destroy the whole harmony of the image.

On the fashion catwalks for the upcoming spring / summer 2018 season, designers demonstrated a lot of handbags in pastel shades. Pale blue, dusty pink, muted turquoise, creamy - which the pastel palette tones were not used by the creators of these feminine accessories!

# 8 Decorative spikes

Such an attribute of punk culture as metal spikes does not contradict femininity. After all, roses also have thorns, and they do not make these flowers less beautiful and delicate. Metal spikes in women's fashion have repeatedly been raised to the peak of popularity, and now they have to decorate fashionable women's bags.

In order for this accessory to look appropriate, the image must be designed in the style of aggressiveness and rock. Models showing bags with spikes at the shows for the spring / summer season 2018 were dressed in total black or black and white monochrome. In the images were used boots, mini, mesh tights, accessories with metal rivets. It is in such a company that a bag with spikes will look organic, but, for example, in romantic images, spikes are hard to imagine, even making a discount on the eclecticism of modern fashion.

# 9 Wicker

Bags woven from natural materials are comfortable and beautiful, and in the spring / summer of 2018 they will also be very fashionable. Designers who included woven handbags in their collections for the upcoming season showed how traditional crafts are in tune with modern times. Handbags with weaving elements are perfectly combined not only with folk-style images, they can harmoniously complement casual clothes, a romantic bow, and even an evening look.

Fashion bags spring-summer 2018: not all that glitters is gold

Many designers in their spring-summer collections supplemented the images with bags with a golden tint, with embroidery with golden threads or with golden details, for example, in the form of large chains and locks, see photo:

Golden bag from the Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2018 collection

Fashion bags spring-summer 2018. Louis Vuitton collection

Louis Vuitton SS 2018 Collection

Stylish bag spring 2018 - Thom Browne collection

Bag with gold details. Tod’s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

White bag with gold decor from the Versace spring-summer 2018 collection

A small black bag with stones on a chain. Versace SS 2018 Collection

Suitcase bags and trunks - spring-summer 2018 trend

In the upcoming warm season, get ready to wear bag models with clear geometric shapes, decorated with rhinestones, buttons, embossed and geometric prints. The accessory gives rigor to the image, so light silk shawls and jewelry with rounded shapes will help to soften it slightly.

Black Louis Vuitton Chest Bag

Bag from the collection of SS 2018 Thom Browne

Claudia-Li Brown Bag - Portfolio and Chest Variation

Fashion bags 2018 - in the form of a chest

# 10 Bags with patches

The word “patch” in translation from English means “flap”, “patch”. Handbags decorated with multiple stripes with images of letters and funny pictures were repeatedly seen in the hands of models at the shows for the spring / summer season of 2018. This, of course, looks frivolous and even slightly kitsch. But who said fashion should always be serious? The appearance only wins if it is diluted from time to time with elements of the game, humor and self-irony.

Big ship - big sailing, or fashion bags Maxisize spring-summer 2018

Large, comfortable, practical - not a bag, but a dream, especially for the summer period. The bottomless model is ideal for mothers of kids, sports girls, travelers and just lovers of large bags.

Light tote bag from the spring-summer collection 2018 J.W. Anderson

Volume pink bag from the collection Tom Ford SS 2018

Bag from Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2018

# 11 Volumetric flowers

A flower is an ornament created by nature itself. Floral decor almost never goes out of fashion, in different periods it only becomes more or less relevant. As current trends show, flower decoration is again at the peak of popularity. This is reflected in the models of actual women's handbags, many of which designers decorated with voluminous colors. Fashionable floral decor looks great both on the bags of a strict, laconic form, and on voluminous soft models.

Baby bags - a fashionable option for spring-summer 2018

The exact opposite of the previous models is very small handbags on a chain or small clutches for carrying in your hand. Some models are so microscopic that only lipstick and a mirror will fit there.

Small round bag from the Celine spring-summer 2018 collection

Small handbag from the spring-summer collection of Alexander Wang 2018

Small round handbag. Chanel SS Collection 2018

White small bag on a chain. Spring-Summer 2018 Chloe Collection

Tory Burch Spring / Summer 2018 Small Rectangular Crossbody Bag

# 12 Fringe

Trends in women's accessories keep up with trends in clothes, which was confirmed by fashion gurus, introducing fringe on clothes and bags into fashion. In both cases, fashionable fringe has a maxi size. Long multilayer fringe made of leather or cord gives women's bags a touch of boho-chic, which will especially please fans of this style.

Spring-summer 2018 fashion clutch: from mini to oversize

There were plenty of models of handbags in the palm of your hand in collections: thin models, hard clutches, grotesquely huge, with embroidery, chains, woven, round, with decorative flowers. In general, any clutch bag that you already have in your wardrobe or that you like for shopping is fine.

White clutch from the collection of Miu Miu spring-summer 2018

Fashion clutch from the spring-summer Delpozo collection 2018

White clutch bag with flowers. Oscar de la Renta spring-summer 2018 collection

Thom Browne pink clutch bag spring-summer 2018

Badgley Mischka woven clutch

# 13 Brushes

Fashion on the fringe found its expression in the tendency to decorate bags with large tassels. After all, in fact, the brush is the same fringe, gathered in a bundle. On the catwalks of fashion shows for the spring / summer season 2018, all kinds of bags decorated with tassels were noticed. As it turned out, this decor element is perfect not only for boho-style bag-bags, but also for strict office-style models, and for spacious bag-bags, and evening bags.

Ecofriendly models - fashion woven bags spring-summer 2018

Fully woven patterns, more like beach bags, woven-handled models, like fruit baskets, woven clutches and waist bags. By the way, such bags are worn for a long time, and many models are suitable not only for a beach look.

Brock Collection Red Ribbon Woven Bag from SS 2018

Bright wicker basket bag from the Badgley Mischka collection for summer 2018

Braided tandem from the Ulla Johnson spring-summer 2018 collection

Wicker purple bag for spring and summer 2018

# 14 Large brand

The decor in the form of a major brand name was previously considered an element of kitsch, and now claims to be the top of the list of fashionable details. However, the first does not contradict the second, because kitsch can be treated with a fair amount of humor, and humor is always relevant.

Bags decorated with large brand names in the spring / summer season of 2018 will be very fashionable, but it is advisable that the manufacturer of the bag be directly related to the brand decorating it.

2018 fashion fringed bags

This element of decor literally overshadowed the heads of designers and they all-in-one created bags with fringe. We do not argue - they look amazing and very playful.

Small black fringed bag from the Alexander Wang SS 2018 collection

Bag with a long fringe from Calvin Klein SS 2018

2018 voluminous brown fringe clutch bag from Michael Kors SS 2018

Woven Black-Green Fringe Bag from Giorgio Armani

Fashion bags spring-summer 2018

# 15 Decorated pen

The chain handles in the form of chains are already a little fed up, and the designers decided to diversify this element, richly decorating it with all kinds of decor. At the shows of the spring / summer collections, one could observe many models of bags with handles, decorated with multi-colored beads, metal pendants with rhinestones, different-sized chains. Given the love of most women for such embellishment, it can be predicted that this trend will be picked up by fashionistas together.

Fur bags for spring and summer 2018

We really hope and hope that the fur is used artificial. And the bags turned out to be very cute and unusual, although the style is more suitable for the winter period.

Black bag with fur details. Alexander Wang SS 2018

Yellow Fur Bag by Natasha Zinko

Fur bag from the collection of Marques Almeida

9 unusual bags

Looking at the collections of some designers is admirable, mixed with surprise.Already very unusual models of women's handbags creates a riotous flight of their imagination. Handbags in the form of animals will appeal to many, but with accessories that imitate household items, most likely only the largest originals will want to go. But be that as it may, the works of design art always deserve attention, and their authors - thanks for those bright impressions that they give us.

Striped & Check Geometric Handbags

The geometric pattern is not going to lose ground at all and continues to conquer the podium. So in the spring-summer collections there are a lot of stripes and cells again.

Black and white striped bag. Collection 3.1 Phillip Lim

Burberry Vertical Rectangular Check Bag

Fashion bags spring-summer 2018 - striped

Square checked bag. Collection spring-summer 2018 Marni

Black and white striped bag. Marques ’Almeida SS 2018

Belt & Belt Bags

These are models that can be worn on the waist and models that are also a belt at the same time. Most of the waist bags can be worn in everyday life, combining with bright summer outfits.

Givenchy Small Waist Bag

Collection spring-summer 2018 Gucci. Waist Bag

Fashion bags spring-summer 2018 - shoulder bags

Noon By Noor SS 2018 Rectangular Waist Bag

Spring-Summer 2018 Rochas Collection

Fashionable woven belt bag. SS 2018 Zimmermann

Round and semicircular bag models

These are retro-style bags and trendy models with spikes and metal round details, thin as a pancake and puffy voluminous.

Fashionable round bag from the spring-summer Anya Hindmarch 2018 collection

Fashion bag Eudon Choi SS 2018

Round bag spring-summer 2018 Christian Siriano

Fashionable round bag for spring and summer 2018

Models of bags "Neformat" spring-summer 2018

Finally, we offer to see interesting and unusual models of bags for the spring-summer 2018 season, which we placed in the “non-format” section, but in fact, each of these bags has the right to life in your wardrobe. This we mean that sometimes it is worth experimenting and choosing things that do not fit into your usual format.

Plastic clutch Mary Katrantzou SS 2018

Unusual bag spring-summer 2018 from Gabriela Hearst

Bag of the most fashionable color of 2018 - ultraviolet - in the spring-summer collection of Gabriela Hearst

Fashion bag from the spring-summer collection 2018 Creatures of Comfort

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