Beautiful dresses for pregnant women 2019-2020: casual and evening dresses for expectant mothers

Pregnancy is nine months of exciting expectation of the birth of your beloved baby. During this period, the woman feels responsibility not only for herself, but also for the baby. And in crucial moments, a woman wants to look perfect. During pregnancy, the woman’s body changes: the breast enlarges, the tummy grows and rounds, and the hips can also be added in volumes. Despite this, a pregnant woman can easily look stylish, modern, business or playful, thanks to constantly updated collections of clothes for pregnant women from modern designers. The right one maternity dress not only can emphasize all your advantages and demonstrate to others your position, but also help hide extra centimeters.

What is the difference between dresses for pregnant women from dresses from your wardrobe?

- Dresses for pregnant women, regardless of style, are made of natural materials, breathable and hypoallergenic. The most common fabrics for sewing maternity dresses are cotton, wool and linen,

- When sewing dresses for pregnant women, all anatomical changes are taken into account, so these dresses will not hamper your movements and cause any discomfort,

- Among the many models of dresses for pregnant women, there are dresses that combine two purposes: they can be worn during pregnancy and during breastfeeding,

- The cut of the dress for pregnant women takes into account not only the comfortable sensations for the woman, but also for the baby. Dresses for pregnant women will not put pressure on the stomach, and your baby will grow and develop correctly,

- Since after the birth the belly does not instantly become flat, dresses for pregnant women may come in handy at first.

Styles of dresses for pregnant women

The first thing you need to decide when choosing a dress for pregnant women is style.

- Dress shirt. This is a free and spacious style of the dress. But if you add a belt to this dress-shirt that will not put pressure on your stomach, you can instantly emphasize the silhouette and round tummy. Fashionistas can choose a shirt dress with an asymmetrical hem or a beautiful designer pattern. A shirt dress is perfect for the hot summer season. Choose maternity shirt dresses with a loose fit and natural fabrics,

- A-line dress can look very original if it is with an interesting pattern. A plain a-line dress will help to hide the flaws of the figure. The image of a pregnant woman in a plain a-line dress is quite elegant and feminine. If you plan to attend some kind of a festive event, you can complement your image in a trapeze dress with stylish and fashionable accessories. A-line dress in appearance resembles the letter A, so these dresses are also called A-line dresses. Most often, pregnant girls, choosing an A-line dress, focus on dresses with a length above the knee. The bright colors of the A-silhouette maternity dress will help to divert attention from your position and hide the rounded tummy. A-line dress or a-line is chosen in the early stages of pregnancy,

- Dress in the style of empire never loses its relevance. Empire style dress can be worn both in early and late pregnancy. This style of dress perfectly emphasizes your chest. You can wear a maternity-style dress every day, and you can find dress models for special occasions,

- Dresses from maternity knitwear can be worn at any stage of pregnancy, as the fabric stretches perfectly. Such dresses look good, and a pregnant woman feels comfortable, because knitwear is pleasant to the body, soft material,

- Maternity tunic dress is a great option. This dress model can be worn at work, attending parties, going for walks, or wearing at home. Maternity tunic dress can be chosen long or short, with sleeves or without sleeves. It all depends on your desires. Maternity tunic dress can be worn at any stage of pregnancy,

- A maternity sheath dress is well suited for work, because it looks elegant and creates a business style. Sheath dress is a fitted dress, so it’s suitable for the first trimester,

- The dress can be worn at any time during pregnancy,

- Balloon dress is also suitable for work. This model of maternity dress is narrowed below,

- Dress with high waist. High-waisted maternity dress accentuates your tummy. A dress with a high waist can be worn at any stage of pregnancy. You can choose models of dresses for pregnant women with high waist for everyday life or for special occasions,

- Direct. A straight maternity dress is a great option for everyday life. A dress with a loose cut that does not constrain your movements. In some models of straight dresses for pregnant women, an incision is made on the sides or back. Straight dresses can be of different lengths,

- Wide. For a pregnant woman, dresses of a wide and loose cut are a convenient option. Models of such dresses can be worn at any stage of pregnancy, as well as after childbirth,

- Tight. A tight dress for pregnant women is better to choose not the shortest, otherwise it will look defiant. Optimum length to the knee or to the ankle. Such dresses can be worn at any stage of pregnancy.

Before buying, be sure to try on a dress and "twist" in front of a mirror. See if you like everything. Remember that your tummy will gradually grow, so the dress should not hamper your movements and even more so put pressure on your stomach.

What dresses for pregnant women will help hide the tummy?

Designers when creating stylish maternity dresses take into account all their wishes: some want to show their position and emphasize the tummy, while others, on the contrary, want to hide figure changes from prying eyes.

For those who want to hide the tummy, the following models of dresses for pregnant women are suitable:

- A-line dresses will help you hide the presence of a tummy,

- A-line dress-a-line dresses help pregnant women not only hide the flaws of a changing figure, but also their tummy. Many choose dresses with an uneven hem, because such models look original and stylish,

- Straight-cut dresses with extra pleats create a business style and are suitable for women who continue to work in the later stages. Models of dresses with a narrowed hem look not only elegant and feminine, but also by the presence of folds help to decorate the figure, while not showing the tummy,

- A double dress for pregnant women will help to create an easy, but at the same time original and luxurious look. When you look at such a style of a dress for pregnant women, you get the feeling that a loose top is dressed on top of the dress. A double dress will not focus the attention of others on your figure,

- Flared dresses for pregnant women. In such models of dresses for pregnant women there is no fixed waist or coquette that will emphasize the tummy. The dress can be chosen both long and short. If the flared dress seems too loose for you, then this can easily be fixed with a belt or strap,

- Distract the views of strangers from your tummy will help you with bright colors of dresses for pregnant women, or bright prints on dresses and accessories.

What length to choose a dress for pregnant women:

- Short dresses for pregnant women. Dresses of this length are popular in the warm season. A short maternity dress with a high waist will emphasize your beautiful legs, and will not hamper your movements when walking. A short shirt dress on cool evenings can be worn with leggings or leggings,

Maternity Dresses Midi Length Suitable for everyday life, and for special occasions. Midi length dresses can give a pregnant woman elegance and charm. Popular models are the smell, cases and a-line dresses for pregnant women, midi lengths,

- Long dresses for pregnant women can be found not only in evening and luxurious, but also for every day. For the summer, you can pick up a long light sundress. A long evening dress will emphasize your silhouette and visually make it more slim.

Sleeve for the dress is an important part. With the help of the sleeve, you can change the figure and image, you can hide your hands or vice versa to show the beauty around them.

Short Sleeve Maternity Summer Dresses can be worn in any weather. If it’s cool outside, then a maternity dress with a short sleeve can be supplemented with a cardigan or jacket.

Sleeveless Maternity Dresses are a great option for a hot summer. Such a dress can be chosen if you want to show your beautiful hands and distract the attention of others from the growing tummy. You can complement your look with stylish jewelry or a light beautiful scarf.

Maternity Dresses Long Sleeve mainly designed for cold seasons. However, there are models of dresses from lightweight fabrics with long sleeves that can be worn in the summer. A long sleeve can not only hide the swelling of the hands during pregnancy, but also visually lengthens your silhouette, making your figure slimmer.

Beautiful evening and cocktail dresses for pregnant women

You are in position and you were invited to a wedding or other important holiday event. If there is a lot of time left for the holiday, you don’t have to rush to choose a beautiful dress, since even a week in the last dates can change the figure. In such cases, the best option for pregnant women will be evening maxi dresses in the Greek style with a detachable skirt from the chest.

A chic and fashionable option for an evening dress for pregnant women will be a flowing silk dress with long sleeves on A-line cuffs. The shades of evening dresses for pregnant women mainly depend on the season, but you can choose neutral tones of beige and pale pink.

The undoubted trend of 2019-2020 in the fashion for pregnant women has become shiny cocktail dresses. Extraordinarily elegant and sparkling cocktail length dresses made of Lurex or fashionable sequins can be easily tried on a rounded tummy.

Amazing Maternity Dresses Sheath

The fitting style of the dress most clearly emphasizes pregnancy. In order to feel as comfortable as possible in such a dress, the outfit should be chosen with natural elastic fabric. Beautiful dresses for pregnant women models of the case can be not only strict and boring.

The top of a similar dress for pregnant women can be decorated, the neckline neckline can be smelling. Amazingly fitted dresses for pregnant women look with bare shoulders and fashionable flounces.

What fabrics are sewn dresses for pregnant women:

- Denim. Denim maternity dresses are suitable for everyday life. Denim is soft, dense and stretching,

- Lace. A lace dress will help create a romantic look and accentuate your tummy. Lace maternity dress can be worn at a special occasion,

- Guipure is rarely used when sewing dresses for pregnant women. Guipure dress can be washed only by hand,

- Knitwear. Maternity dresses made of knitwear fits the figure well. Therefore, they are suitable for those who want to emphasize their position,

- Chiffon. Chiffon maternity dresses are suitable for everyday life. Chiffon dresses in summer are especially relevant. Chiffon fabric for sewing dresses for pregnant women is distinguished by bright colors,

- Cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric that allows air to pass through. Cotton is a popular material for sewing clothes for pregnant women. Cotton maternity dresses are relevant in the summer,

- Staple. The staple, like cotton, perfectly passes air. Therefore, a maternity dress made of staple is perfect for hot weather,

- Wool. Maternity dresses made of wool will warm you in cold weather. Wool is a natural material and is breathable. Knitted dresses made of wool are recommended to be washed by hand,

- Linen. From linen sew clothes for the summer. A maternity dress made of linen is a great option for the summer for those women who can not tolerate hot weather.

What color to choose a dress for a pregnant woman?

- Red is a symbol of passion. In a red dress you will be in the spotlight. Red dresses will look good at gala events or in everyday life. For work or negotiations, business meetings and meetings, do not choose dresses in red.

If you believe in signs, then red is a good protection against the evil eye. So, choosing red dresses for pregnant women, you get protection for yourself and your baby.

- Green color symbolizes harmony and tranquility. A green maternity dress will be appropriate for both walking and work. In such a dress you will feel harmony with yourself and you can easily focus on important points.

- Lilac color can cheer you up. If the future mother is in a good mood, then the baby feels good and calm.

- Yellow is the color of joy. In a yellow dress, you will radiate warmth and positive. A yellow maternity dress can be worn at a party and at work.

- The pink color symbolizes romance and tenderness. If you want to add tenderness to your image, then choose pink maternity dresses.

- Mint color is a very delicate color. A mint-colored maternity dress can be worn for work or a business meeting, or for a walk. A mint-colored floor-length dress is perfect for a gala event.

- Beige color - the color of warm autumn. On a cloudy fall day, a beige maternity dress will create a good mood for you. Beige dresses are more suitable for creating a business image.

- Gray color - the color is very neutral. However, you can create a very bright image with a gray dress, if you add a stylish accessory.

- Maternity dresses in a cage are now very popular. Check shirt dresses look especially stylish.

- Turquoise color - the color is very beautiful and suitable for those who want to create a bold image. Turquoise maternity dresses can be worn at the event and at work.

- The blue color is the color of calm and serenity. Dresses for pregnant women in blue are often chosen by girls who like to dream. The blue dress will give you positive emotions. The blue maternity dress is perfect for walking and traveling.

- White is the color of purity. White color is associated with the holiday. A maternity dress in white will add tenderness to your look and will look stylish, but do not choose white dresses for everyday life.

Maternity Clothing Tips

Pregnant women should pay attention to loose-fitting clothing, where there are no tight-fitting and tight elastic bands, hard belts and sharp, pricking accessories. Outfits should be chosen from natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, calico, calico, linen, velveteen, jeans, wool and cashmere. Since only natural fabrics will help maintain proper heat and moisture exchange. You can also give preference. inexpensive maternity dresses .

How to choose a dress for a celebration?

Many girls believe that pregnancy is the best period in a woman's life, since there is reason to constantly update the wardrobe.

Fair opinion. However, frequent wardrobe updates may apply to everyday life. And if you plan to visit some event for which you need an evening dress during this wonderful period, then pay attention to the recommendations of specialists on choosing such an outfit.

When choosing a dress for a pregnant woman, you need to give preference to comfortable and well-sewn models made of natural materials.

Any clothes must be measured before purchase. This is especially true for girls expecting a baby. During pregnancy, the skin becomes more sensitive, so clothes should not cause any discomfort. A dress for pregnant women should not constrain movements, should not crush or rub the skin. Be sure to look at yourself in the mirror in a new dress. Spin around. You should be comfortable and convenient. Raise up your hands, lean to the side and forward. If the dress completely suits you, then you can buy it.

Dresses in the Greek style always remain in fashion. Such dresses for pregnant women can be selected for everyday life, and for a solemn event.

Dresses for pregnant women in the Greek style are dresses with a high waist and delicate cut lines, in these dresses there is a huge amount of drapery.

Dresses for pregnant women in the Greek style will look great at any stage of pregnancy, even in the last month.

A Greek-style maternity dress will help to hide temporary changes in the figure, such as puffiness and excess weight. But at the same time gently emphasize your position.

A dress in the Greek style is a great option for celebrations in the summer.

An evening dress for pregnant women in the style of the sixties will please fashionistas. Modern designers and fashion designers love this style, and create many models of dresses for pregnant women, so there should be no problems with the choice.

Dress for pregnant women to smell is always true. This dress can be chosen in any color, it all depends on your preferences.

Now floral drawings on dresses for pregnant women are very popular. Modern designers create their masterpieces with various floral ornaments, such as roses, peonies, cornflowers and other flowers. Dresses for pregnant women with polka dots and stripes also remain fashionable.

Some pregnant women want to hide their tummy with various outfits. And they do it in vain. After all, a pregnant woman is beautiful, she exudes a special kindness and warmth. A pregnant woman can easily emphasize her beauty, for this it is enough to choose an elegant dress. Properly selected dress will help to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the beauty and charm of a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, a woman should think not only about herself, but also the health of her baby. Therefore, you should forget about corsets, stretching underwear and other wisdom that allows you to hide your stomach and extra centimeters on the waist and hips. If a pregnant woman has swollen arms or legs, then these temporary changes in the figure can be hidden by a correctly selected outfit.

Do not choose dresses where a lot of lace is used, in the abdomen of a peplum or frill, there are ruffles, or sleeves-lanterns, since all these elements will only increase your figure in volumes.

When choosing an evening dress, pay attention to the fabric from which it is sewn. If the fabric is matte rather than glossy, then it will help not to expose the minuses of the figure.

For a long pregnancy, choose dresses with high waist.

No need to buy a dress in advance. Keep in mind that your figure changes every day. Therefore, make a purchase of a new outfit no earlier than three days before the event.

So to summarize. To buy the right dress for pregnant women, you need:

- determine the style, color, length, presence and length of sleeves, season of the year,

- choose a dress made of natural material,

- be sure to try on a dress before buying.

In our online store Mamaplus SPb you can find a dress for pregnant women for every taste, for everyday life and for work, for walking and for special occasions.

A number of features of dresses for pregnant women

Most women during pregnancy do not see the need to change their usual lifestyle. On the contrary, they work, study, actively attend various events, participate in photo shoots, which means that they need to look accordingly.

This is not to say that the clothes of a pregnant woman are radically different from ordinary ones, however, she has a number of features that should be remembered, first of all, in order to maintain the health of not only her own, but also that of the child.

Regardless of the time of year, dresses for pregnant women are sewn from hypoallergenic natural textures. Most often used wool, linen, cotton, knitwear, lightweight denim. Preference should be given to elastic fabrics that stretch well, repeating the shape of the figure. It is very important to take this point into account, otherwise the clothes will squeeze, squeeze the growing tummy, interfere with normal breathing, which is completely unacceptable.

In the manufacture of dresses, anatomical features are taken into account so that the clothes do not impede movements and do not cause inconvenience when worn. The cut is designed taking into account the comfort of not only the future mother, but also the child, whose development should not be hindered. That is why models for pregnant women, as a rule, do not have a waist line, are pulled together under the chest or have a loose comfortable fit.

Thus, if you choose an A-line dress and a case, the choice is undoubtedly worth making in favor of the first option. Especially when it comes to the second trimester of pregnancy.

Saving on clothes for pregnant women is not worth it, even if it seems that buying it will harm the family budget. Firstly, many dresses can be worn both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Secondly, the same dresses that you used, being in an interesting position, will probably come in handy after the birth of a child, because the belly does not become flat instantly. Thirdly, modern models are sewn off taking into account fashion trends, so you will not feel uncomfortable and old-fashioned in them.

Dresses that hide the belly are not only styles of a straight, trapezoidal, loose and flared cut, but also stylish double dresses that form a light and laid-back, and at the same time elegant and chic look.

Everyday dresses

Fashionable stylists recommend that girls in the position forming the wardrobe replenish it with simple things, preferring the color rather than the complex cut and decor.

Everyday bright and concise dresses will look much better than dresses full of various complex elements, as they interact poorly with bends and volumes, which, as you know, are added during pregnancy. But the color, on the contrary, will make the image original.

With smell

One model for pregnant girls is considered a dress with a smell, the cut of which allows you to compare it with a bathrobe. This simple and functional style is attractive for expectant mothers who, on the contrary, tend to emphasize their position.

There are several types of smell - diagonal, direct, partial, with a secret fastener that imitates the smell. In such a dress, the girl will be comfortable in any month. The emphasis here is on the chest, which throughout the pregnancy looks unusually attractive.


Undoubtedly, trapeze dresses (A-silhouette) are relevant, in which a girl in an interesting position will be very comfortable. The advantage of the model is that it hides a rounded tummy and this is attractive for those women who prefer not to advertise their position.

A characteristic feature of the dress: a cut that extends downward, creating associations with a geometric figure. Sleeves can be long and short, based on the time of year.


A straight dress is a classic version of everyday fashion, so many girls are happy to choose it to create images in a casual style. This is a very simple, but effective model allows you to hide a rounded tummy, lush hips.

Elements such as a cut in the chest area, cuts, the original shape of the sleeve add zest along.

Winter dresses

Dresses for pregnant women, intended for use in the autumn-winter season, are sewn from dense fabrics that retain heat well and will not allow to freeze even in severe frost.

For the first months of pregnancy, wool, gabardine, tweed products are suitable, for the second trimester it is already advisable to look for spacious knitted and knitted patterns that completely cover the rounded tummy. Good for this purpose are winter dresses with a free and straight cut, high waist, as well as asymmetric models.


A great option for pregnant women is a tunic dress. According to stylists, it should be in the wardrobe of every expectant mother. This is a versatile and extremely comfortable model, which, regardless of gestational age, can be worn with tight tights, leggings and leggings.

Due to its versatility, the dress is perfect both for work and for attending parties. There are a lot of tunic options - short, long, with or without sleeves - it all depends on the girl’s personal preferences. A free cut successfully conceals a plump waist and at the same time makes the image of a girl stylish and feminine. An alternative to a tunic is a sweater dress.


Many girls in an interesting position prefer not free, but tight-fitting models that emphasize an interesting position. A knitted dress with a collar-collar that can be worn at any stage of pregnancy is best suited for this purpose.

Knitwear - a comfortable texture, good air permeability and at the same time creating additional insulation. Its only drawback is that it can be stretched from frequent wear, but this mainly concerns poor-quality knitwear. The recommended length is to the ankle or to the knee, as shorter models look defiant.


For cold weather, a knitted dress that reliably protects the body from coolness, has excellent air permeability and fits perfectly on the figure.

This can be a product made of smooth canvas, and dresses of rough rustic knitting, decorated with braids, rhombuses, plaits and other elements, are also very popular. It should be noted that knitted dresses have a significant drawback - they need to be washed only by hand, since they sit down from machine wash.

Summer dresses

Most pregnant women do not tolerate heat. Summer is a much more uncomfortable time for them than winter. A large amount of fluid consumed leads to the fact that the girl is gaining weight, many are faced with a problem such as swelling.

Fortunately, modern women's clothing manufacturers offer many summer models sewn from natural comfortable fabrics, taking into account not only the needs of physiological needs, but also fashion trends. Among the most common textures for sewing summer dresses are cotton, linen, thin knitwear, staple, lightweight denim with the addition of elastane, modal, silk, satin, chiffon, cambric.

Summer dresses, as a rule, have short sleeves (sleeveless sundresses also fall into this category), a free comfortable cut. The length can be any - mini, midi, maxi.

Dress shirt

One of the most popular styles for pregnant girls is a shirt dress. It is a spacious and free model, the upper part of which visually resembles a shirt. With a man’s wardrobe, it combines details such as a traditional sleeve, front closure.

Designers make adjustments to the model, make it more feminine with the help of embroidery, applique, lace, asymmetric elements. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the waist can be emphasized with a belt. Product and sleeve lengths may vary. The dress is perfect for the hot season.


In the summer, many girls prefer loose wide dresses that help to comfortably survive the heat and do not constrain movements. Cute dresses with sleeves-wings or lanterns come in handy both during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby until the figure becomes the same.

In greek style

Dresses in the Greek style with high waist, made of light, flying fabrics, are the best suited for everyday wear, but can also be used as an evening option. They can be worn at any stage of pregnancy and at the same time feel comfortable.

Empire style implies many models - with open shoulders, asymmetric elements (on one shoulder), long, short, medium length and others - for every taste.

Sheath Dress

For the first trimester, when the stomach is still not too visible, a sheath dress is suitable, characterized by simplicity and laconicism of cut and at the same time solemnity and elegance.

The preferred length is midi. The perfect solution for a special occasion is the classic model of a slightly fitted silhouette without sleeves, with a neat semicircular neckline, special tucks in the abdomen and on the back, allowing the woman to feel comfortable.

Mermaid Dress

An outfit with a mermaid silhouette serves as a great alternative to the case. It is also more suitable for the first months of pregnancy, when an interesting situation is still not too striking. The mermaid dress has smooth feminine outlines, and a highlight is given to it by an open back and a year-long skirt flared from the knee.

choosing this model for yourself, give preference to a dress without a corset. Retraction during pregnancy is unacceptable and may harm the baby!


Long dresses are considered the most elegant and beautiful. The product range is diverse and allows each woman to choose the right option for herself. Dresses with a belt under the chest, which can be both straight and flared, are very popular.

The advantage of a long dress is that it looks unusually elegant, feminine, makes the silhouette slim, graphic, but most importantly, it hides swollen legs. That is why a long dress is preferable to a short one.

Maternity Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress for a pregnant girl should be elegant and comfortable, because even despite the interesting situation, the bride has to move a lot and be in the spotlight. That is why a woman should like it and emphasize the tummy, which is her pride.

When choosing a dress, you should avoid such forms of sleeves as flashlights, weighting the figure. Light wings, bells, long tight sleeves that emphasize the line of the hands will look much better.

A large V-neckline draws attention to the lush chest. It will not be superfluous to use a special bra.

From fabrics, it is worth giving preference to matte rather than shiny textures, which give along with aristocracy and restrained elegance. The use of catchy elaborate decor elements - feathers, rhinestones, stones, bows is also undesirable. But lace inserts will make the bow elegant and festive.

Empire style

Among fashionable wedding models for pregnant women, Empire-style dresses that look unusually feminine and romantic are very popular.High waist, drapery, asymmetric elements will add a twist to the wedding bow. The shoulders in such a dress can be open or closed. The hem length is not limited to any strict frames.

What will be the wedding dress 2019-2020: photos, ideas, fashion trends

Being pregnant, you can look beautiful, fashionable and stylish, because pregnancy is not a sentence, and certainly not a reason to refuse fashionable and beautiful clothes, as before pregnancy.

You can easily match your favorite style of clothing that you selected before pregnancy, and always be attractive and feminine.

It is important to know that maternity clothes can also be very stylish and attractive, so that every pregnant woman looks and feels beautiful and fashionable.

Do not forget, fashionable clothes for pregnant women 2019-2020 should not only be convenient, comfortable, but also incredibly beautiful to sit on your figure.

Fashion for pregnant women 2019-2020 offers women beautiful and elegant clothes for pregnant women, which allows you to create feminine and attractive bows not only for walking and everyday life, but also for the office, for special occasions and for each of your appearance.

Modern fashionable clothes for pregnant women are thought out and created in such a way as to take into account all changes in the female figure during pregnancy, while allowing you to feel comfortable and, most importantly, look stylish and attractive.

When choosing fashionable clothes for pregnant women, it is important to give preference to high-quality things from natural fabrics that are comfortable and will not harm the body.

We offer you beautiful bows 2019-2020, in which fashionable clothes for pregnant women are demonstrated, photos of fashionable images for pregnant women can be viewed in the selection below.

Stylish images for pregnant women 2019-2020: dresses for pregnant women

Beautiful dresses for pregnant women are a great opportunity to look feminine, being in an interesting position. No need to think that future mothers should completely forget about feminine elegant dresses and evening dresses for pregnant women.

And even more so, pregnant women should not wear shapeless and dimensionless things for pregnant women, which not only spoil the figure, but also do not look very attractive and beautiful.

It is best to give preference to beautiful dresses of a free cut or choose fitted models of dresses for pregnant women, which are slightly emphasized by a rounded tummy.

The dress can be supplemented with a light cape, jacket or a beautiful coat, which are universal, and they can be worn after pregnancy, adding a beautiful belt.

Business clothes for pregnant women 2019-2020

A business woman does not change her style and favorite things from the wardrobe, even when she is pregnant. In the office, you can also look stylish and business-like, giving preference to fashionable office clothes and business clothes for pregnant women from the women's wardrobe.

Stylish dresses for pregnant women, complemented by a strict business jacket, classic trousers with light and slightly fitted blouses are more appropriate than ever in the office.

Fashion for pregnant women 2019-2020 offers stylish office and business images for pregnant women, among which you can look for yourself a couple of ideas for the office.

When you need to think about new things

Not for nothing that many mothers, hearing loud phrases about the monthly new wardrobe, shrug their hands in misunderstanding and ask: “So what should this new clothes be like?”

First of all, it is necessary to calculate and understand what season the tummy will noticeably round. This is done in order to form at least an idea of ​​a stylish and at the same time convenient wardrobe for such a tremulous period in life.

In the first four months of pregnancy, you can safely wear the clothes available in the closet, which means that there is still no need to buy costumes for expectant mothers. Most often, the tummy rounded to the fifth month, and just at that moment there is a need to change the wardrobe.

Maternity Casual Clothing 2019-2020

Fashionable clothes for pregnant women for every day are not inferior in style to your usual fashionable things that you managed to love so much before pregnancy.

Casual fashionable clothes for pregnant women include torn jeans, sneakers, comfortable hoodies and stylish blouses with which you can create beautiful and glamorous images for every day.

Maternity Accessories

Fashion for pregnant women 2019-2020 suggests in the new season to pay special attention to stylish accessories for pregnant women, in particular, comfortable shoes, stylish and practical bags, as well as beautiful and fashionable jewelry.

Main selection criteria

The most important aspect when choosing both everyday and evening clothes for pregnant women is convenience. The main and fundamental factors when buying clothes for expectant mothers are:

  • natural materials
  • comfortable models
  • decent quality of fabric and tailoring.

But this does not mean that you always have to wear the same modest little sundress. Stylists and fashion designers offer a huge variety of outfits and models that are created specifically for future mothers.

To understand whether a particular wardrobe item is convenient, when trying on, you need to turn around at the mirror. Necessary raise and lower hands, bend over, turn around and look at yourself. If after such a small charge, the clothes still look good, and the dress does not need to be pulled, then such an outfit is definitely suitable for pregnant women.

If during dressing, the dress does not sit the way you want, it pricks, something interferes, then the style will subsequently be more uncomfortable than it is now, and will soon begin to mutilate rather than decorate. That’s why you don’t need to spoil your mood with things that may be beautiful but not at all comfortable. It’s better to pick some other look.

Balloon dress

In the first trimester, until the figure has undergone too much change, the bride can choose a balloon dress. An open top and a short flared skirt with an elastic band below will make the bride look mischievous and flirty. Such a dress looks romantic and spectacular, and if it is not white, but, for example, pink or beige, then the girl will surely come in handy in the future.

Femininity and tenderness for a future mother

In this wonderful period, nothing decorates the girl like a cute dress that guarantees comfort and does not hinder movements, does not interfere with a rounded belly, and also emphasizes attractiveness and femininity. The dress is appropriate for any season, the difference is only in fabrics and materials acceptable for the season.

High-waisted models in the so-called Greek style still remain in fashion. As part of this style, it is easy to choose an evening dress for a gala evening and choose models for everyday wear.

When choosing an evening dress, pregnant women should give preference wide flying styles in the style of the sixties of the twentieth century. Famous fashion designers are often inspired by the sixties, which means that every fashionista must purchase such a dress.

Still we must not forget that the classical style is always popular, which means that you should pay attention to the dressing gown with a smell. There are no particular restrictions on the color scheme, for example, designers recommend discreet girls to opt for shades of black and blue.

And for those who love brightness, colors such as yellow, blue, red are relevant. Holiday dresses with flowers, animals and unusual patterns look great.

In the fashion trends of evening dresses for pregnant women an extraordinary "flower bed" reigned: roses, cornflowers, peonies and other floral ornaments. Flower drawing is now incredibly popular. We must not forget about the unforgettable "peas" and "strip". They are always popular and only slightly change their features with the advent of the next season.

For outdoor events, the oversize models are recommended. Jewelery in the form of rectangular lines and a variety of decorative fur, leather, velvet inserts will help create your image according to the latest fashion.

Elegant looks for a celebration

It is ridiculous when a pregnant woman tries in every possible way to hide her stomach with clothes. There is no need to do this, because all expectant mothers are very beautiful. It is only important to choose elegant dresses for various celebrations that hide the flaws, but at the same time emphasize the advantages.

It is amazing that there are cases when pregnant girls try to reduce their stomach dangerous devices. Women in every possible way tidy up, forgetting about the baby’s health, wear various corsets in which it is difficult to breathe.

To hide the "cons" of the figure, for example, swollen or swollen arms and legs, will help a well-made dress, on the cut of which a lot depends. But it will not add beauty to the appearance of the additional lace decor, large ruffles and "sleeves-lanterns." The belly also should not be hidden under the basques and ruffles.

All of the above visually increases the volume of the figure. On the contrary, beautiful breasts need to be highlighted. But this should be done within the permissible range, that is, one should not choose a festive dress with a pronounced piquant neckline.

As a material for dresses "exit" is better to use a matte fabric. The advantage of such a fabric is that it does not emit “cons” of the figure, in contrast to glossy paintings.

For pregnant women, the determining factor for choosing a dress depends on the gestational age. If the belly is already large, then a dress with a high waist is very suitable. Take a look Here, what styles of evening and wedding dresses are offered by fashion designers for women with different types of figures for any occasion, in order to make a choice.

It is always important to remember the continuously growing stomach and constantly changing figure. Pregnant is better don't buy an outfit long before the event, since it is impossible to know in advance how much the stomach will increase. Experts advise buying a dress the day before (2-3 days before the celebration).

The material was prepared with the participation of the wedding salon and evening dress Love Forever. Do not deny yourself the beauty and enthusiastic looks, even if all your thoughts are about a baby and a quick motherhood. Do not forget that you need to feed your husband not only with lunch, but also with your appearance.

A number of features

Everyone understands that during an interesting situation, the stomach gradually increases. But not only these changes occur with the woman: the chest also becomes large, the arms are fuller, the shoulders are more magnificent, and the skin is more sensitive. These changes should be considered when choosing clothes for pregnant women.

It is believed that tight models are unlikely to make a pregnant woman more attractive. But the free dresses really go.

Features of dresses for women in position:

  • the waist is not emphasized, but rather hidden,
  • the emphasis is on the chest, shoulders,
  • preference is given to folklore and romantic style,
  • drawings, applications are allowed,
  • patterns are better to choose large.

As for the length of opinions differ, each pregnant woman has her own length.

Such dresses can be worn after childbirth, while the figure is restored. It is only necessary to provide an option for breastfeeding.

Stylish styles and models

The most important rule: the dress should not tighten the stomach, cause discomfort.

Usually on models for pregnant women make a special adjustment, which allows you to increase the width of the waist, depending on the period.

In the first trimester, you can wear the old outfits, because the stomach at this time is still small. And later it is already necessary to select the style that is most suitable for the woman.

There are several types of styles for pregnant women:

It is worth considering each species.

High waisted

Otherwise, this style is called "Empire". Dresses have a high waist, which makes the growing tummy invisible. Also, this style favorably emphasizes the chest and does not limit the freedom of movement.

These models can be both casual (not too long), and smart. In the latter case, they have a floor length.

Comfortable styles of dresses for pregnant women: patterns, photos, interesting ideas

Pregnancy is a great time called happy waiting. It is at this moment that the woman is in complete unity with herself and is preparing to become a mother. At this time, preference is given to light and comfortable outfits that will not hamper the movement or put pressure on the belly of the future mother. But if you want to remain feminine and at the moment of happy expectation, the patterns and styles of dresses that are designed specifically for such cases will certainly help you.


This style helps to hide the stomach, if there is no emphasis on the waist. But usually such models are used only at the beginning of pregnancy.

Stay beautiful

Pregnancy is not a reason to forget about yourself and how important it is to be feminine. Fashion dictates to us that we need to look after ourselves in any life period. Therefore, even when pregnant, you can choose outfits that will emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the already rounded tummy.

But only the outfit that is designed specifically for women in position will look truly ideal on the stomach. Special patterns, the main task of which is to hide the abdomen, are ideal for both the initial and the last months of pregnancy.

Fortunately, today there is an abundance of all kinds of dresses and sundresses, which every girl can try on for herself in a happy nine-month period. Find out which dresses are suitable for specific occasions, and what is fashionable in 2019.

Popular styles

The most popular styles for pregnant women are shirt dresses. This is a great opportunity to always look out of place. In it you can come to the office, to meet with friends, to the antenatal clinic, and even go to the hospital. It will always be welcome. A flirty belt, which is tied under the chest, but above the stomach, will emphasize the fragility of the position of the future mother.

How many dresses are not inferior in relevance, the skirt of which begins directly under the chest. Due to the volume, which starts just above the waist, a rounded tummy is hidden, the legs visually seem slimmer. Therefore, even when wearing flat shoes, you will amaze everyone with the harmony of their legs.

Do not forget about dresses on the floor, which are also very relevant during pregnancy. True, they are more suitable as holiday and evening options. Outfits on the floor can be lush and tight. The main feature is a flare in the abdomen, thus hiding rounded shapes under the lining.

General recommendations

There is no single rule by which pregnant girls should choose an outfit for themselves. Only one thing is important. The most important thing is that the girl when wearing the dress does not feel uncomfortable, she does not press and does not rub.

Also, it is better to give preference to breathable materials and fabrics that will allow air to pass through. Otherwise, in the summer heat or too stuffy weather, you can bring yourself to a state of fainting.

If you follow all these general recommendations, it will be incredibly easy and simple to choose a dress for yourself.

Stylish maternity shirt dresses

Versatility and lightness are the best friends of a pregnant woman, especially when it comes to clothes for spring and summer. Stylish dresses for pregnant women 2019-2020 casual shirts will give maximum comfort on hot days.

Fashionable shirt dresses, such as silk maxi with a long sleeve or a sundress with thin denim, or a flying polka dot chiffon or trendy strip, can always be worn beautifully in any style.Universal dresses-shirts for pregnant women can be used both as a wrap for a swimsuit and as outerwear paired with jeans and a T-shirt.


The model has a free cut, so it is great for pregnant women. It does not disturb movement, does not squeeze the stomach. It looks practical and charming. This model is becoming more popular. You can use a belt that is tied under the chest or on the back. Ideal for relaxing.

Loose Maternity Casual Dresses

In everyday images, pregnant women rarely choose heels and prefer looser clothes. Dresses for pregnant women 2019-2020 free styles that can be worn with sneakers, ballet shoes and any shoes at low speed will be appropriate here.

A popular style of dresses for pregnant women is the trapeze and A-silhouette. It can be sports-style dresses or loose dresses without unnecessary decor and decoration. Turtleneck dresses that slightly flow around the figure will look very cute on pregnant women.


Suitable for women working in the office. Classical models are distinguished by rigor, minimalism. For maternity fit A-line or straight. Strict fabrics are chosen; finishing is usually absent.

Loose dresses

Loose dresses for pregnant women imply light fabrics that go down to the knees and in no way fit the figure. Most often, these dresses have a shirt type and are fastened with buttons. Less commonly zipped.

The loose-fitting dress is very light, with three-quarter sleeves or very short sleeves. Since the style is quite simple, it is most often decorated with a floral print or other images to distract attention from the rounded abdomen.

A free-cut dress is used in everyday life when there is no need to go to work or to festive events.

Tight models

Tight models are very risky outfits, since during pregnancy, a woman not only increases her stomach, but also hips and legs grow fat. However, if the girl is in excellent shape, she can once again emphasize her tummy, and at the same time other parts of her body that remain in perfect condition.

A tight-fitting dress is often used by Hollywood stars to appear on carpet paths.

Tight dress can be floor-length, as a more festive option, and can be short. Winter and summer options may also be present.

The summer version of a tight-fitting dress is a t-shirt type. It is most often sold on thin straps and is made of polyester fabric, which tightens the stomach, buttocks, hips and legs. It is better to purchase such outfits while being tanned, as in the contrast of a light dress and dark skin, the problem areas of the figure will be less noticeable. In this case, the rounded belly will be perfectly visible to others.

The winter version involves more woolen fabrics. Long sleeve. The fabric carefully hugs the body, and due to its high density, smooths out the irregularities of the figure.

Dressing up in such dresses can only truly brave girls who are not at all shy of their appearance.

High waist

A dress with a high waist is a real chip for pregnant girls. After all, such an outfit allows you to hide your position until the last month.

The main feature of the high-waist dress is that immediately from the belt located under the chest, expansion begins, behind which the tummy hides.

Such dresses can be as long as short. Long dresses on the floor are perfect for festive events. But short dresses, the length of which to the knee are well emphasized by slender legs.


A-line dresses are also ideal for those who do not want to focus on their interesting position.

A-line dresses are perfect for girls with slim legs and high stature.

This dress is characterized by the fact that it is narrow in the chest and diverges at the knees in a triangle.

This dress can be worn from the initial months of pregnancy until the very end of a happy expectation. Dress length may vary.

You can diversify your pattern with lace and ruffles that will adorn the sleeves, collar and hem of the dress.

Also, this option can be made very elegant if you use bright fabrics and floral prints.

The publication

Previously, pregnant girls were very afraid of going out, because it was difficult to choose an appropriate outfit for your figure.

But today this is not a problem, rather, another reason to show others their interesting position.

For pregnant women, there are a lot of patterns, thanks to which you can feel on a horse even in such a significant period.

Those who like to hide their tummy may prefer dresses whose skirts begin right along the chest line. The skirt of the dress can reach the knees, can go down to the floor. With such a princess dress, no one will definitely pay attention to the stomach, will be delighted with your taste. True, in order to create such an effect, one will have to resort to the method of multilayer skirts. When drawing up a pattern - this is quite a difficult job, and also, in the summer, in such a dress it will be really hot.

Another option is a tight-fitting dress. Suitable only for those brave who are willing to tell everyone about their happy expectation.

Such a dress, as a rule, is knee-length. It can have both an open neckline and the shape of a case with a closed top.

It can be made of satin fabric to give a rich look along with it. And it can be made of the simplest fabrics but with an interesting print, which will achieve an elegant effect.

You can decorate the dress with rhinestones, beads, with other decorative elements.

Wedding dresses

It often happens that you need to get married and wear a white dress with a tummy. In order to beat this moment, you need to choose the right style.

The ideal dress for pregnant women will begin under the line of the chest, where the magnificent part will begin. Thus, it will be possible to emphasize the beauty of the female breast and at the same time hide the stomach.

The dress can be multi-layered, consist of several skirts. And also, it can be in the Greek style and flow along the stomach, only slightly emphasizing its shape.

If a pregnant girl is not shy of her forms, she may prefer a completely tight-fitting dress, where her belly will be striking, and white will perfectly emphasize the shape of the future mother.

A wedding dress for a pregnant girl can be short. In this case, if it begins immediately under the line of the chest, it will very carefully hide the stomach, while demonstrating long legs.

Patterns of wedding dresses for pregnant women are quite complicated in their implementation, so we strongly recommend that you contact the professionals, or make simple options for yourself. It is better to measure several styles in the store in order to understand which one will most effectively emphasize your appearance.

Sewing dresses

When sewing dresses, you need to observe several nuances at once.

  • Firstly, all seams should be done very carefully so that they do not rub the skin of a pregnant girl.
  • Secondly, the fabric should be as light and not dense as possible, preferably breathing for the summer period.
  • Tissues should be as stretched or as loose as possible.
  • When sewing dresses for pregnant women can not use corsets.
  • Sewing is carried out in strict accordance with the pattern. However, when compiling it, keep in mind that if you are not yet in the last month of pregnancy, then your stomach will certainly grow. So, in volumes you need to add another 4 to 10 cm.
  • At each stage of sewing, you need to try on.

The sewing algorithm is done as follows.

  1. You download or make a pattern yourself.
  2. Measure your volumes and customize the pattern for yourself.
  3. If your stomach will still grow, you need to take this into account when approving waist sizes.
  4. First, all parts are sewn by hand. Expectant mother tries on a dress. Where necessary, improvements are made.
  5. Then comes machine processing and sewing.
  6. Be sure to treat with overlock all the places that may lose skin.

Maternity dresses - trends 2019

In 2019, maximum feminine dresses are popular that will emphasize the fragility of a pregnant girl.

These are pastel colors, bright pink or mint. They should flow on the skin, are light and harmonious in appearance.

Such a dress should be as neat and gentle as possible.

Shirt dresses, which now must meet slightly different requirements, do not lose relevance. They should be as light as possible, resilient, allow air to pass through.

The trend is translucent options.

The perfect fabric for a shirt dress is striped or beige.

Obligatory accessories to such a dress should be a belt.

Pregnancy is a wonderful period. She herself adorns a young girl. But even more, she will be adorned with correctly selected outfits, which will not only attract attention to her appearance, but also will give the expectant mother confidence in her beauty. After all, then she will have a difficult period with sleepless nights, colic, teething. If the expectant mother knows that she is beautiful with and without a stomach, it will be much easier for her to endure all the hardships of life on the way to raising a new person.

On warm weather

When pregnancy occurs in the summer, you can give free rein to imagination. Light tunics, sundresses, dresses without sleeves will be appropriate. The fabrics are selected the thinnest: chintz, cotton, linen.

The main thing - a pregnant woman in a dress should be comfortable: comfortable, not cold and not hot.

Popular summer models for pregnant women:

  • flared dresses
  • high waisted
  • tunic dress
  • free
  • greek dress floor-length.

The latest model looks very advantageous for pregnant women. The outfit can be worn with or without a bolero wrap.


The best fabric to wear during pregnancy. It does not tighten the stomach, does not cause sweating, is pleasant to the body. Suitable for summer outfits.

This fabric is ideal for heat, comfortable and beautiful. Suitable for pregnant women. The only negative is that flax is wrinkling a lot, because of this it looks messy.

Selection tips

To choose a dress for pregnant women, you should listen to the following tips:

  1. It is better not to order models for expectant mothers in online stores, because it is impossible to predict how the outfit will actually “sit”. It’s better to try on a dress in a regular store to see if it is the size, it doesn’t pull anywhere, it looks beautiful.
  2. It is important to pay attention when choosing a dress whether a pregnant woman feels comfortable in it. Comfort is an important condition for the calm and health of expectant mothers.
  3. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics.
  4. It is important to choose the right style of dress. It should not squeeze the stomach, but gently hug it.
  5. For outfits for the summer, you need to choose light shades so as not to overheat.

And, of course, the appearance of the future mother is important. If she feels attractive in the chosen dress, then her mood will improve. And this is necessary for the health of her and the baby.

Fashionable and beautiful images

In order to look stylish, a pregnant woman must correctly choose not only the style of the dress, but also the accessories to it. Handbags such as clutches, bracelets, rings will help to create an attractive image.

Much attention is paid to shoes, which should be on a low heel, but at the same time look beautiful on a woman. Do not choose flashy high boots, stilettos. Shoes are better to find comfortable and without fasteners, because in recent months it will be difficult to bend.

A woman wants to keep up with fashion, a pregnant woman is no exception. But blindly following her in this position is stupid. It is necessary to select images in accordance with the state. And the expectant mother can look beautiful in comfortable clothes and shoes.

Fashionable knitted dresses for pregnant women

A real gift for women in position are knitted knitted dresses that tend to stretch. Together with the growing tummy, the dress will expand along with the figure.

Fashion models of knitted dresses for pregnant women 2019-2020 will mainly be straight-fitting dresses. A ribbed midi and short cashmere or angora dresses with wide sleeves look beautiful. Pregnant dresses should be avoided for large knits and large textured patterns on knitted dresses.

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