Pin conspiracies: attract good luck, money and love

An ordinary safety pin performs not only the functions of a reliable fastener and elegant decoration, but it has been used in witchcraft practice since ancient times. A pin conspiracy is an old grandmother’s remedy to protect against the influence of dark forces, a magical effect that can attract luck and luck, help in many areas of human life.

Pin conspiracy: bringing good luck

At midnight, grab the smallest pin and find a secluded spot. Put it on a clean napkin and light a candle. Speak the words of the conspiracy:

“A small pin is a great happiness. I’m talking a sharp end for good luck, a dumb one for getting rid of problems. I carry a pin with me, I’m not telling anyone. I bring prosperity to life. ”

Put wax on it several times and leave until morning. Then remove the wax, and pin the pin in an inconspicuous place on the clothes.

Pin conspiracy rules

A charmed pin turns into a powerful talisman that can protect the wearer from negativity, as well as bring benefits to life. But for magic to work, certain rules must be followed.

Simple pin spells are independent of lunar days and other factors. The main thing is to read the text correctly and fulfill the conditions related to a particular rite . The fact is that sometimes when creating an amulet additional items are used.

Also, the person reading the plot must sincerely believe in its effectiveness.

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Safety pin plot to neutralize the negative

From time immemorial, a charmed pin was considered a reliable amulet to get rid of the negative influence.

It is important to take a new pin, as the old one has already absorbed a lot of extraneous information, and not always positive.

Many spells on a pin from evil eye and damage do not require the use of additional attributes. Simply take the future amulet in your hand and say a text on it. There are two options:

  • “Protect, take away all evil, from turn away from corruption and evil eye, turn away all enemies”.
  • "Save from corruption and the evil eye and from all misfortunes at once."

General Principles of Creating a Lucky Mascot

As with all other magical actions, it’s important to follow some rules so that the ritual you performed works just the way you want, and not just turn out to be wasted time.

  • The pin must be English. The usual thin, like a needle, will not work.
  • Before you read the plot on a pin for good luck and money at home, clean the future talisman by putting it for three days in the water drawn from a stream, lake, bay or any other natural source. Tap water should never be used!
  • You need to wear the charmed talisman on the inside of the clothes - similar to how we did when making the pin amulet against evil eye and damage.
  • Be sure to reinforce all your actions with visualization: imagine how luck comes to you, in what exactly this will manifest itself, visualize money, win the lottery, success in all matters. The brighter you imagine, the more powerful your talisman will become.
  • Do not show your amulet to anyone and do not talk about what you did.

The simplest rite of financial prosperity

If you do not consider yourself a specialist in complex rituals, just pick up and read out the following words aloud over it:

“I drive away evil forces, I call on luck and prosperity.”

The only rule that you should adhere to is to cast a spell on the night of the rising moon - so that luck and money come to you, and not decrease away. Well, of course, do not forget about visualization - reinforce your desire with a clear intention to become a rich and successful person.

What kind of pin can be used for magic

Any, even cheap - Chinese, which are sold immediately in a bundle. The main thing is to clean this thing more often. Frequent change of cheap pins is also not considered shameful - do not be afraid to throw away amulets that have darkened or rusted.

But it’s better if you have a special silver pin. It is also not too expensive, but the talismans from such a pin are more powerful.

And if you add the correct stone to it (having the properties you are interested in or selected according to the zodiac sign), the talisman will turn out even stronger.

In addition, such a pin can be worn without hiding - no one will guess that this decorative thing is an amulet.

Stones according to the zodiac signs:

And these stones also have medicinal properties:

Important! For a talisman, it is better to buy a new pin. Use accidentally found in the house, which "a hundred years at lunch" is not worth it.

Food Ritual

We will read this plot for a pin for good luck and money with rice, salt, sugar - these products will probably be found in every home. You will need three tablespoons of each of the ingredients on the list. Salt can be any - fine or coarse grinding - but preferably not iodized. Sugar, of course, take sand - no refining! Rice should be white - brown and exotic are not used. In addition to the prepared ingredients, you will also need a small saucer made of ceramics - this material has always been considered a symbol of luxurious life. Choose a saucer that you like visually - this is also important.

The process of performing the ritual will be as follows:

  1. Take a saucer and put the ingredients on it in this order: first sugar, then salt, then rice. Pour the products with a slide.
  2. Insert the open safety pin with the tip into the resulting pile.
  3. Say the magic words: "The hill will call luck to itself, but the pin gives it to me!"
  4. Leave the saucer on the table or window sill until the morning, and at dawn, attach your newly created amulet to the wrong side of the clothes. Sugar, salt, rice can be poured into a bag, and then taken to the nearest forest or park, and then buried under an oak tree or scattered in the wind, standing on a hill.

Pin conspiracy: attracting money well-being

You will need fake paper money printed or purchased at a gift shop. Take a gold-colored pin, put it in holy water for a few minutes, and then pierce it with as many bills as possible. It is important that the pin fastens. Speak the words of the ritual:

“The pin is sharp and nimble, I found the money, cleaned it for myself. Clutching them tightly, returned to me with profit. ”

This amulet, which attracts monetary well-being, must be placed next to real banknotes so that the energy of money is communicated to the talisman. It can be carried with you or put in a place where you keep your savings.

Conspiracy to a pin on a candle from the evil eye

If desired, you can talk about the pins from spoilage and the evil eye with a wax candle. First you need to cook:

The candle should be lit from a match, then drip molten wax onto the eye of the pin. It is necessary to say the following words:

“The pin is sharp, pierce famously with a needle, take it away from me (name) down. I conjure with fire, I fasten with iron. Amen!"

Next, as in the previous version, you need to attach a pin from the inside to the clothes. Wax candles should not be cleaned, otherwise witchcraft will be ineffective.

Pin in magic

A pin, as a magic attribute, is used for two main purposes:

  • as mascotattracting the benefit to the life of the performer,
  • as amuletsprotecting the performer from negativity in any of its manifestations.

How the pin will act in relation to its owner depends on the plot spoken on it. If a black streak has come in a person’s life, troubles are pouring from a cornucopia, plans are crumbling and everything falls out of hands - a protective plot is read on a pin. And vice versa: if the performer wants to extend the steady white streak, strengthen luck and luck, become a favorite of fortune - you should use the magic words that will endow this unpretentious accessory with the function of a talisman.

What is the reason for the use of pins in magic? Firstly, it is her oblong shape and workmanship (metal), due to which the pin acts as a good conductor of energy - both favorable and bad. Secondly it small sizes accessory, significantly expanding its scope. Thirdly, universality - there are many rituals and conspiracies to the pin: they all serve some specific purpose.

A magic pin plot is also good because its implementation does not depend on a specific lunar phase and days of the week (there are only a few rites with reference to a specific time). Most of the pin rituals are easy to perform and imply the very minimum of magical knowledge. Therefore, a pin conspiracy does not require contact with an experienced magician and can be done independently by any person.

The plot for a dream to come

You need to read this pin plot for good luck and money on the new moon or any day of the growing moon. Before going to bed, lying in bed, pick up a pin in your hands, imagine how you will feel when fortune chooses you as his favorite. Imagine in colors how your life will change when you get rich or become more successful in love, work, study. Speak the plot below, and then put the pin under the pillow and try to fall asleep as soon as possible while the pleasant pictures still stand before your eyes:

“From now on, come wealth to my house, bring good luck with you.
Let all my enterprises argue, get along, and bring me income.
I will build a solid cozy house, and I will live in wealth in it.
My family will not need anything, I will live in abundance.
A lot of money will arrive soon, they are already on their way to me.
Let profit come to me, may the table break from the phenomena,
There will be cattle in the yard, in my house there is joy and goodness.
Money will love me, wealth will bring me to my house.
And silver and gold coins will be served in my hands, they will give me joy.
I open the door to prosperity, I drive away sorrow and poverty " .

In the morning, do not forget to pull the amulet from under the pillow and attach it to clothes.

Attract Luck

This ritual is performed at midnight. It is important that you are completely alone (this rule is relevant for all magical actions with rare exceptions).

Spread a clean napkin on the table (preferably beautiful, cotton, well-ironed - with this thing you respect good luck). Put a pin on a napkin, put a candle next to it.

With a lit candle, say:

Put wax on the pin (you need three drops).

Leave it on the table until morning. Carefully clean the wax in the morning (no need to roughly brush off). Pin the pin itself on clothes in an inconspicuous place (say, under the lapel of the jacket, behind the collar of the shirt), and you can leave the house.

Love conspiracy

Cut two hearts out of red cloth and write your initials and your beloved on them. If not, simply indicate the heart of the intended partner by writing "bridegroom." Light the red candle and place it on your hearts. Open with a pin above the flame of a candle, pronouncing a conspiracy:

“The fire flares up bright, like summertime, hot. I instill sincere love in my hearts, pure feelings. I fasten with a pin, I wish you an early meeting. Inseparable sympathy awakens, mutual love long in life. ”

Fasten the hearts with a cool pin and lay them under the pillow for the night. If you have a good dream, expect a speedy meeting with your lover. If dreams are confused, repeat the ritual after three days.

You can bring prosperity to life with the help of other rituals, but remember that self-interest and envy are not the best companions of magic. In no case can you ask for prosperity, tied to the pain and suffering of other people, otherwise the law of a boomerang can completely return the emotions of strangers to you. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to click on the buttons and

Red thread conspiracy

It is believed that in such an amulet the protective properties of two objects are combined at once. It is necessary to take a red natural thread, preferably woolen. Its length should be about 10 centimeters.

The thread must be threaded into the eye, and after that - tie 12 knots on it. Next, you should say the hex on the pin from damage, which is given below.

“Twelve shields, twelve powers, and everyone is holding me tight, they are serving, they will save me from evil. Take away, knots, troubles, bad weather, evil, misfortunes. Become me a talisman from century to century ”

Conspiracy for luck on a pin

Here's a luck pin conspiracy that anyone can hold. This is a text-attraction in your life financial flow. After such a love spell on a pin, the monetary energy will expand, the money will go to your house from completely different sources.

To conduct this magic ritual to attract money, in addition to the safety pin, you will need the following:

  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • Three tablespoons of salt
  • Three tablespoons of rice
  • A beautiful saucer.

This magic ritual must be carried out during the growing moon. Only during this period will it work as efficiently as possible. Wait for the evening time, so that the moon is already clearly visible in the sky and proceed to the ritual. It is advisable in the room where you will perform the ritual to remain alone with you, turn off all electrical appliances, light a candle. Place all the ingredients for this ritual on the table in front of you.

Then pour sugar on the saucer first. Then you need to pour salt and the last one you need to pour rice. And at the very last moment you need to stick a safety pin in this slide. After that, say the following words to such a structure:

“The hill is fertile, the beautiful hill all attracts monetary energy to itself. And as she draws her to her, so a pin will transmit that energy to me. ”

After that, sit in front of such a hill until the candle that participates in the ritual completely burns out. For this reason, it is better to choose a thin candle for the conspiracy so that you do not sit above it all night.

After the candle burns, go to bed. The slide, headed by a pin, should remain in this state for the night. In the morning, you need to pick up a pin from this enchanted slide and pin it wherever you can. But just pin to the clothes, on the reverse side, so that no one sees such a pin. The longer and more often you wear such a money-spoken pin, the faster your cash flow in life will expand.

After some time, you will notice that there are much more monetary opportunities around than you saw before. But most importantly, you will learn how to use them.

Blood ritual

As you know, the most powerful rituals are those that are made on blood. But don’t be afraid, we don’t need too much blood - just a couple of drops. Take a new safety pin, disinfect it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, then say: “I cry for good luck, casting a blood cap.” After reading the magic words, you need to immediately pierce your finger with the tip of the pin so that blood appears, and then read out the continuation of the plot. It sounds like this:

“Only good people meet in my way,
I only walk along trodden paths.
Anyone met with goodness comes to me, with help in all my affairs.
As I say, it will be so ” .

After that, the pin is attached to the clothes and the ritual is considered completed, but to enhance its action at especially important moments in life, for example, during an exam or when buying a lottery ticket, you can whisper the phrase “Good luck accompanies me”, touching your talisman so that no one I have not seen this.

Bait wealth

For this ritual, you need a pack of money - but not real, but souvenir or even hand-made. You can also find on the Internet an image of money (domestic or dollars) and print them in full size on a printer, preferably color.

For the ritual, you need to buy a golden pin (if the house has gold, even better).

For 2-3 minutes, dip this pin in holy water, and then try to pierce it with a whole pack or as many notes as you can. Button up, saying:

So you get a powerful money amulet.

Without unfastening the pin, put the amulet in your “cash place” (where you keep your wallet, family budget or stash). The energy of this talisman will be transferred to money, and their number will increase.

You can also carry the amulet with you (for example, if you are working in trade, take it to a store and place it near the cash register, but of course, so that no one outsiders and even your own employees will not see).

How to wear a charmed pin?

There are several rules regarding wearing the amulet. He is pinned only to the wrong side, so that no one sees. The optimal fabrics to wear are natural. It is believed that synthetics reduce the effectiveness of slander.

Periodically, you can clean the talisman with fire and re-speak. This is especially true of conspiracies from enemies at work, because in this case the pin will constantly absorb the negative. If it is blackened, then it is buried in a secluded place.

At night, the amulet can be attached to the pillow. Of course, you need to do this so that you do not prick in a dream. A pin pinned to the pillow will protect the person, as on clothes.

In short, pin spells are quite effective and very simple. They can be held by everyone in their own home. Such rituals are used if you want to attract good luck, return love, protect yourself from negativity.

It is possible to get rid of the opponent by conspiracy with a pin. You can use them to fulfill almost any desire, for example, to get pregnant faster

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Conspiracy to a pin before going to bed

It is said that in a dream a person has the opportunity to contact his subconscious. Therefore, it is considered very effective to speak a pin before going to bed for money and luck. The use of such a plot before going to bed significantly increases its effectiveness.

So, take the pin in your hands and already lying in bed say the following magic words:

“As a red, young girl, all the fellows drop in.” They are spinning near her, they want to be near her. So let the money in my life always live. In everything I see them, everywhere I hear them, but the main thing is they hear and see me, they cannot without me, they come to my life all the time. Money, my friends, my friends, our friendship with them is strong. I feel a connection with them, with my wealth through this pin. This signaler for wealth, signalers for money. As said, it will be so, but it cannot be otherwise. ”

After that, carefully pin the pin on the nightgown and sleep in it like that all night. The next morning you need to pin a pin on the clothes that you wear most often. Periodically touch such a charmed money talisman. Especially if you have questions about where to get the money, where it is better to invest. After you touch the pin, the decision on money will come to you after some time in a completely natural way.

Money Amulet

We will read this plot for a pin for money over a special amulet. To create it, you will need a few banknotes. You can take the real ones, but then you can’t spend them, or you can take them from the gift shop. A bundle of notes must be pierced through with a pin so that it fastens tightly, and then read the following miraculous words:

“The pin is sharp and nimble, I found the money, cleaned it for myself. I grabbed them tightly, returned to me with profit ” .

The charmed amulet needs to be put in a purse or in the place where you store money.

Love magic

For this ritual you will need a red cloth (felt is also suitable).

Cut two hearts out of it. On one write your name or initials, on the other - the name / initials of your beloved guy (if you are single and just dream of meeting your prince, write “groom” or “narrowed”).

You should also buy a red candle.

The ritual is performed at night.

Light a candle, place it on top of hearts laid out on a table. Open the pin, move it with a sharp tip in the fire of the candle, saying:

With a hot pin, chop both hearts together. Put them under the pillow before going to bed.

It is very important to remember exactly which dream was sent to you. If it turned out to be peaceful and calm, excellent - expect a manifestation of feelings from a loved one or a meeting with a narrowed one. If the dreams were strange, incomprehensible, the ritual should be repeated in three days.

Important! You cannot bewitch a man who has given his heart to another woman (especially if he is married, has children, married his wife).

Such magic can harm the one who will carry out the love spell (and if an extraneous performer, a witch, enters the case, the blow of fate will come not from her, but from the customer of magic).

Pin plot and red thread

This conspiracy for money needs to be read if you have a specific opportunity to increase your cash flow in life, and you want to be sure that the opportunity will work. For example, you know that there is a vacant position that suits you very well. But there are many other applicants for this position. If you want to increase your chances of getting this position, then use this money plot.

To conduct it, you only need a safety pin and a red thread. In the evening, when the moon is already clearly visible, go out into the moonlight. In the right hand, take the red thread, and in the left hand, take the safety pin. Look at the moon and read the following plot:

“With a red thread I will pull what I want to myself, with a red thread I bring out for myself everything that is needed. Just as this red thread wraps around an English pin and does not let it go, so what I need will come to me and hug me once and for all. After a short time, everything will happen that I need. Money was now with me. It will come, it will become mine. Do not have to beg. As said, it will be so, but it cannot be otherwise. ”

After that, wrap the thread around the pin, directly wrap it on the last. Pin this pin on your nightgown and go to bed. It is important not to talk to anyone else tonight, but to go to bed right away. The next morning, pin this enchanted pin on the clothes in which you will go for an interview. During the interview, invisibly touch the pin several times. Be sure that this interview will be very successful.

Shamanistic rite

And at the end of the article, we give another interesting ritual that came to us from the ancient shamans. Suitable time for its holding is Sunday, noon. It is necessary to light a candle with matches, and put a pin next to it so that the melting wax drips on its dull side (opposite the tip). While the wax is dripping, we read out the magic words aloud three times:

“Let a spell penetrate this subject,
Through the eye of a pin I invoke spirits.
Do not leave this item!
I urge the spirits to protect me with their strength,
I urge the spirits to carry through this subject
My success is in all days of the week, at all times of the day.
May it be so! Amen" .

The most important thing when reading such conspiracies is to sincerely believe that your desire will come true, because a firm intention is capable of performing real miracles. Good luck and prosperity!

What else can a pin: fighting corruption and the evil eye

Corruption, the evil eye, even the curse - these are all negative actions of various strengths that hit our biofield.

Do you think that envious witches send them? And here is no, we receive almost all negative from relatives - yes, and from relatives too. Most often, they are not even going to harm - well, your sister saw your new shoes, a little envied ... But if at the same time her energy exceeds yours, such envy (even white) can attract a dangerous negative to you.

A plot on a pin and a voodoo doll

If you know that your financial situation depends heavily on a particular person, then you can also plot against him for a pin for money. For example, you know that salary increases depend on the boss. Or you are on the provision of a husband and want him to earn more money and give them to you. Then, to conduct a conspiracy, you will need a safety pin and a voodoo doll.

A voodoo doll can easily be made from plasticine. It is advisable to do it three days before the ritual. Then, in the evening of the growing moon, perform the following ritual. Light the candle. Sit in front of her. Pick up a voodoo doll and start thinking about the person on whom the expansion of cash flow depends. Now you need to remember in detail his image, how he looks, what he usually thinks of, what emotions he most often experiences. This is necessary in order to connect with this person emotionally and thereby nourish the figure in his image. When you feel that your soul is full of the feelings of this particular person, then take a pin in one of your hands and read the following plot:

“I see you in everything, I hear you in everything. So you are dear to me. I am tuned to your soul as no one else is tuned to you. Let it be that you will be tuned to me. You will remember me, you will think what needs to be done for me. And all this to you in joy, all this to you in pleasure. “If you don’t see me for at least one day, then it pricks in your body.”

After these words, you need to stick the pin into the voodoo doll. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale. And imagine that thanks to this person everything in your life turns out. The brighter the visualization at this moment, the greater the effect of the plot itself. And for visualization to be bright, it needs to be saturated with the maximum amount of emotions. So take care of this.

Conspiracy with safety pin on water

To prepare glass container, water from a well or spring (not from the tap!), safety pin. Pour water into the dishes, lower the pin there and leave for a day. Exactly 24 hours later, over the vessel with water, read the plot:

Remove the pin from the water, pin it to the clothes from the inside, point down.

Powerful do-it-yourself amulet

A pin has been considered a protective talisman since ancient times. Still would! Firstly, she could be found in the arsenal of any woman. Secondly, it cost a penny. Thirdly, thanks to its compact size, it can be discreetly hidden on clothes, because no one should guess about the presence of such a talisman.

There are several ways to use a pin:

  • pin the tip of the garment downside down (especially often this is pin pin to first-graders, graduates, the bride and groom, speaking on the stage - people who will have many eyes fixed on them, including strangers and not always kind),
  • pin on clothes every day, once reading the protective ritual:

  • put under the threshold or stuck in a jamb (this will protect the house or apartment from the negative, penetrating into our home from the outside).

Important: another person should not touch your safety pin, this will weaken its properties. So always carefully inspect the things that you give in dry cleaning.

Where and how to pin such a pin correctly

The pin is hidden on the inside of the garment, always on the left side, closer to the heart. Make sure that when the clothes open or open, the pin is not in sight of everyone.

You can do everything yourself, but even better if it is done by a strong native, a person who loves you, who also believes in the magic of pins - grandmother, mother. So besides a sharp piece of iron you will also be protected by the magic of the family.

Important! The edge will collect the negativity sent to you. From time to time it will be necessary to remove the pin and "fry" its sharp portion over an open fire. And if the pin is cheap, just replace it.

In addition to pins, wax will help to prevent damage and even curses. But he does not protect, but removes the negativity already sent to you. Here's how such a ritual is performed (you don’t need to call a sorcerer or a witch, you can do everything with your own hands):

The rules for handling a talisman pin

What to do with a talisman pin after consuming? There are several rules:

  1. It is advisable to pin a pin to clothing made from natural fabrics. In tandem with synthetics, the amulet is ineffective.
  2. A safety pin is always attached from the inside of the garment. It is advisable to place it in the region of the heart.
  3. It is allowed to cross the amulet from one type of clothing to another.
  4. A charmed pin must always be worn. At night, during sleep, it is permissible to put it under your pillow - in order to avoid pricking.

How to pin a pin correctly - look at the video:

The safety pin, drawn into defense, draws in all the negativity directed at the person, so from time to time it needs to be cleaned of negative energy and the protective plot should be updated.

Purification ritual The pin consists in the following: the accessory is removed from the clothes and washed in holy water (in extreme cases, under running water). Next, the fastener must be left in a bright place for 24 hours (the lock should not be closed).

A common occurrence is rust damage to a charmed pin, darkening, or spontaneous opening. This fact means that someone tried to direct a powerful negative energy effect on a person, but the amulet neutralized the evil. In such a case, a pin that has done its job must be buried in the ground and a new protective amulet started to speak to itself.

How to speak a pin to protect a child from the evil eye

A strong amulet will also be made of a pin to protect the child. The amulet can be spoken by any of the above methods. It is desirable that the conspiracy be pronounced by the mother or godmother - it is necessary that the performer definitely does not wish the baby any harm.

Having pinned a charmed pin on the clothes of his child, it is not necessary to inform him of her true purpose. It may happen that a child boasts a talisman in front of his friends or just strangers - then a charmed pin will lose its protective abilities and wearing it will become useless.

Strong plot with a pin for good luck and money

To prepare new pin and alcohol. Moisten the pin with alcohol (for disinfection), pick up and pronounce the first part of the conspiracy (under the number 1). Prick your finger up to the blood and read the second part of magic words (under the number 2). Pin the talisman of fortune to your clothes, from the inside out. When you will need luck and luck most of all, touch the mascot pin and say:

Lucky pin plot text:

Secret is important to this ritual. It is not allowed for someone to see the performer during the ceremony. It is also a whisper to call for luck - so that no one else can hear.

Conspiracy to a pin from a rival

This pin conspiracy will help ward off a rival from her husband and save the family. The performer (wife) must know the name of the homeowner.

To take new pin and pin it to the clothes of your spouse - in a conspicuous place. Say the plot:

The enchanted pin will act when the spouse spots it on his clothes and removes it with his own hands. A wife can “help” with this - as if by chance pointing him to a pinned accessory.

Girls who are not married, but who are in a relationship with a young man, can take advantage of this conspiracy-coolness. A pin will help save a couple if she faces a break due to her rival.

Possible Consequences of Using a Pin Conspiracy

Anyone who has even the slightest idea of ​​magic knows that performing witchcraft rituals can lead to certain consequences for the performer. What threatens the execution of a conspiracy to a pin?

  • If a pin conspiracy is being done for protective purposes, then from ceremonies of this nature negative consequences can not be expected, since they were originally aimed at combating evil coming from ill-wishers.
  • In the case of a plot on a pin in order to attract good luck and money (especially in the field of finance and labor), the contractor may encounter (but not necessarily) some time later major cash losseither poor health - in this way the higher forces take payment for the assistance and assistance rendered.

In general, conspiracies and rituals on a pin belong to white magic, therefore they are considered quite safe for independent use.

If the pin is used to harm

One of the characteristic features of an English safety pin as a magical attribute is its ability to absorb negative energy and to release positive energy in return. It happens that a pin in magic is used to conduct rites with malicious intent to harm. I want to warn right away that such rituals will not bring anything good to the performer. Yes, he will probably achieve his goal, and the victim will suffer from his actions. But soon the created evil will return to him back, but in a much increased size - this is the law of karma.

Therefore, I strongly advise against using a pin plot for revenge. If you are literally tearing you apart from evil - calm down, think, try to forgive your offender and do not stain your fate with a connection with dark witchcraft. Leave black magic to professionals. Be sure that fortune itself will avenge you from evil - calm down, think, try to forgive your offender and do not stain your fate with a connection with dark witchcraft. Leave black magic to professionals. Be sure that fortune itself will avenge you.

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