How to Make French Manicure (French) 7 Ways to Design Ideas

Well-groomed hands are a business card of a woman. Many ladies have long loved French manicure, which, like a little black dress, is relevant beyond time. Always and everywhere the jacket is appropriate, concise and elegant, goes well with any outfit. He won the hearts of the ladies for many years to come, and those, in turn, got used to doing french manicure alone.

French history

For many, French manicures are naturally associated with France, but in fact, the idea of ​​creating such a nail decoration belongs to the American Jeff Pink. In order not to repaint the actress's nails several times during the filming, Pink suggested the ideal option - natural nails with a white border. Secular fashionistas immediately liked this proposal, and after a short time models with a French flaunted on the catwalks of Paris.

How to make a smile line in alternative ways

Nevertheless, the most difficult part in French manicure is to draw a clear white line.

Often, girls complain that the stencils for drawing a "smile" on the nails remove the entire border with them. If you can’t cope with the stripes, you can use a varnish with a thin brush. After several workouts, everything will surely work out. For greater accuracy, you can initially put a few dots, which then connect with one line, and the nail will find a cute "smile".

But how to make a french manicure at homeif there are simply no stencils at hand? You can use tape or tape. It will take more time, but if everything is done carefully, the result will be just excellent.

Types of French manicure

Over the last decade French manicure survived various modifications. To date, color jacket is very popular. Instead of a white "smile" on the nails, you can find all the colors of the rainbow.

Instead of varnish, you can apply all kinds of sparkles to the smile, the main thing is to remember to apply a fixative on top. This design of nails is called "French Millennium." It looks especially elegant and elegant on bright holidays.

  • French manicure also goes well with various designs on the nails. How to make such a French art? Using a thin brush, you can draw any image or use stamping. A drawing can be on all nails at the same time, but you can create it only on some.
  • French nail design can be decorated with rhinestones and beads. If this is a manicure on extended nails, you can safely use dried flowers, broths, foil. This manicure is called a fan french. And here everything depends only on the imagination and courage of its owner.

You can make different types of service on your own without resorting to the services of expensive masters. After all french manicure at home easy enough to execute, you just need to be patient. Beautiful nail design will give confidence to its owner and will not go unnoticed.

The history of the appearance of French manicure

Despite the name of manicure, it originates in the United States of America. About 35 years ago, the head of the famous brand of varnishes and manicure products “ORLY” Jeff Pink invented a completely new type of manicure and a set of products for its creation. According to the story, the entrepreneur thus helped his friend director reduce the number of hours from the shooting time that stylists spend to change manicure for a new shooting image. Feminine, sophisticated, natural manicure is perfect for all outfits and jewelry.Subsequently, this method of staining nails is becoming increasingly popular and is increasingly appearing on models of Paris fashion weeks, which is why it gets the name "French manicure".

General rules for french execution

The French manicure in the classic version involves the observance of certain rules. If you do the manicure yourself at home, then the following details must be considered:

  1. A smile of a jacket is formed by determining the central axis of the finger, from which it is symmetrical to bring curved smiles to the side rollers.
  2. It is necessary in advance to indicate the end points of smiles.
  3. The length of the white part of the classic jacket should be at least two times less than beige.
  4. DIY jacket must be created on pre-processed plates.

The first way: french using stencils

You can make a jacket at home with the help of stencils, special blanks. The advantages of such a manicure technique include ease of use, low cost of the material and guaranteed smooth bending. The disadvantage of paper blanks is that there is a small likelihood that the varnish will leak under the stencil, if it does not fit snugly enough. Stencils are divided into two types:

  • disposable (paper or vinyl adhesive-based films),
  • reusable (plastic or metal plates with a relief pattern).

For the French, as a rule, the first version of the stencils is used, they are more convenient when creating a manicure for yourself. The difference between vinyl and paper stickers is their tightness to the plate. Vinyl provides reliable protection against varnish leakage

Stencils can be made independently by making blanks from stationery tape.

French manicure is done at home with regular varnish. In addition to it you will need:

  • files of different abrasiveness,
  • orange stick
  • cuticle remover,
  • stencils for manicure or blanks from ordinary tape,
  • base,
  • top
  • a set of varnishes of two or more colors.

Below is a detailed instruction on how to create a perfect traditional jacket using a stencil step by step:

  1. It is necessary to give the free edge of each plate the same shape and length.
  2. Remove the last coat of varnish.
  3. Apply cuticle removal fluid and push it away with an orange stick.
  4. Wash hands and dry them.
  5. Carefully apply the base coat and seal the end of the nail, thanks to it the varnish will last longer on the nails, and the coating will be even.
  6. If desired, apply a semi-transparent varnish or varnish of a light pink shade to the nail and wait for it to dry completely.
  7. Separate the stencils from the glue base with tweezers, stick them on the plates, stepping back a few millimeters from the free edge of the nail, and press them firmly with an orange stick or pusher, avoiding bubbles and delaminations. Pay special attention to the places near the side rollers and the bottom so that the varnish does not leak there.
  8. Coat the free edge of the plate with two layers of white varnish and allow to dry.
  9. Peel off the strips.
  10. Cover your nails with top and dry it.

It is easy to create a jacket using this technology, it is important to monitor the tightness of the adhesive strip, the remaining stages of creating a manicure do not require specific skills from the girl.

The second way: French with a brush

You can learn how to draw a jacket on nails with a brush. Work with a brush is distinguished by “jewelry” and low cost: no need to spend money on the purchase of stencils. However, you must be able to draw the jacket correctly.

Manicure brushes can be made with a column or sable fur bristle and can have nylon bristles. French is more convenient to perform with a brush of zero thickness from natural material.

Flat brushes with medium-length villi are ideal for French. Before use, it should be flattened on both sides to form a clear line. Irregularities in application should be removed with a thin brush previously moistened with nail polish remover.

The brush with a beveled edge is universal, so it is suitable for French manicure. They lead such a brush from the periungual ridges to the middle of the nail, then they are connected by a line parallel to the base.

French is performed as follows:

  1. It is necessary to remove the cuticle, shape the nails and cover them with a base and beige varnish.
  2. You should draw by applying the flat part of the brush to the plate in the direction of its axis. Brush need to work abruptly, constantly changing the angle of its location. A smile is drawn along the natural contour. It is important to frequently change the angle, and make the next brush stroke, slightly overlapping the previous one.
  3. Paint over the rest of the free edge of the nail.
  4. Apply clearcoat.

For the technical implementation of this method of French, you will need practice.

The third way: French using dots

You can make a French manicure using dots. Its advantage is minimal financial costs, but it will take a lot of time to practice to create a beautiful smile. To properly do French manicures with the help of Dots, you do not need to purchase additional tools or materials. The technique of manicure is to draw a smile as follows: a few drops of varnish are applied to any plastic or glass coating, after which the tip of the dots is dipped in varnish, then a point is placed on the centerline of the plate and two at the rollers, retreating a few millimeters from the edge of the nail. The next step: you need to put a lot of dots on an imaginary smile and connect them in a rounded line. Otherwise, the stages of manicure are identical to those presented above.

Fourth way: french pencil for french

Using a pencil for a jacket is not always convenient, as it quickly rinses off and moves during the day to the skin of the fingers. However, French manicure with its use looks especially beautiful and natural.

At present, wax-based pencils have become widespread; they last longer on plates. In addition to them, there are also regular pencils without the addition of wax.

First, it is necessary to remove dirt and dust particles from under the nails with a special tool, then moisten a pencil in water and smoothly draw the area under the nail, painting over its free edge. You can remove traces of pencil from the pillow with a cotton swab dipped in water. On the other hand, only two coats of clear varnish should be applied to the plate.

French Ideas

Currently, there are a large number of types of jacket:

  1. Classic French: manicure with a white tip and a beige base coat. Such a jacket on short nails looks as beautiful as on long ones.
  2. Colored french manicure. To create it, varnishes other than white and beige are used.
  3. French millennium. Bright manicure using either glitter or glitter varnish, as a rule, it is placed on the tip of the plate.
  4. Lunar jacket is a manicure with a smile at the base of the nail.
  5. Gradient jacket, in other words, manicure using the ombre technique. In this case, the transition from one color is smooth, and not sharp as in the classic version.
  6. French manicure chevron. In the process of its creation, a sharp corner looms in the center of the smile.
  7. A matte french coat is created either with a matte varnish, or by bringing the finished glossy French manicure to a pair.
  8. Art jacket is decorated with various bright patterns and patterns.
  9. Fan French. Fashionable elements, such as rhinestones, or lace patterns, can be placed on the tip of the plate in this technique.

The answer to the question of how to do French manicure is described above. This will require a little patience, practice and originality.

How to do french manicure?

First you need to prepare a nail plate for applying varnish. First of all, it is her degreasing.

  • Nail file
  • Smile varnish and varnish for the main coat,
  • Nail plate dryer,
  • Various stripes or patterns for applying stencils.

The technology for performing French manicure involves several stages, and after you have prepared everything, you can proceed to the process itself.

  1. The preparatory phase includes the already mentioned degreasing, removing the cuticle and giving the nail the desired shape.
  2. The following is a base coat.
  3. After the base coat has been applied, the nail should be painted in two layers and wait for it to dry completely. This moment is very important and the quality of the future manicure depends on it.
  4. The last step is to apply a strip to the free part of the nail. You can use stencils for this. Various decorative patterns are also often applied to the nail.

Classes of elegant french.

From the first time, such a process may not work out perfectly, so it is important to practice.

What you need to work: a list of necessary materials and tools

Basically, in order to make a French, the girls go to the salon. There are many reasons for this: the idea that it is very difficult to do it yourself, that it will not be possible to carry out the procedure accurately and the result will only disappoint, a lack of knowledge on this topic and much more. In fact, all these fears and doubts are in vain. It is important to learn the basic aspects and follow the advice and recommendations of specialists, and success in your pocket.
Before proceeding with the procedure, you need to make sure that you have everything you need. Consider the materials and tools that will be required to create:

  • a nail file with an abrasiveness of 200–220 grit,
  • double-sided bar for polishing the surface of nails,
  • orange sticks or a special metal cuticle remover,
  • base coat
  • fixing varnish
  • alcohol or special degreaser,
  • terry towel
  • pastel color varnish,
  • cuticle oil,
  • white acrylic paint for the tips of nails,
  • stencils or scotch tape,
  • metal or plastic container
  • water with a temperature of about 40 ° C 1 l.,
  • sea ​​salt 2 tbsp. l.,
  • cuticle cutting forceps,
  • 3 drops of peach essential oil.

It is important to prepare all the necessary tools before starting the procedure.

To create it in cosmetic stores special kits are sold that contain everything you need. You can buy it right away, but if you have a desire to purchase items separately, no one forbids this. This list contains materials designed to create a classic french pastel colors with white tips. If you want to make a multi-colored option, then the varnish can be replaced with the tone that you want, and for the tips choose not some white, but some other acrylic coating. It all depends on what kind of design you want to create. Acrylic paint is used because its texture is denser than ordinary varnish, so the tips will not shine ugly, and a visual effect of natural nails will be created.

Fashion trends for French manicure in the salon and at home

French manicure, or French has remained in the top for more than a decade, but still not all masters know how to make such a manicure smooth and persistent. Meanwhile, many consider it an integral attribute of a woman who wants to look elegant. In our article, we will tell you everything about the most popular nail design, starting from its appearance and ending with step-by-step master classes with photos.

Natural charm

When creating a french coat, a nude tone of varnish is applied to the plate, and the tip of the nail is covered with a white tint. At first glance, everything is quite simple. But you can do a French manicure at home with a minimum of materials in several ways.

The history of classical design originates in the United States, and not in France, as many might have thought. The revolutionary look of manicure was created by the founder of the sensational brand of varnishes "Orly" Jeff Pink.Especially for film actresses, he created a universal coating of nails that was suitable for absolutely any outfit in the frame. Thus, Pink saved a huge amount of time for the filming process for the whole group. Later, this idea was picked up by world designers and began to use the French in their shows.

Do you want to learn how to make French or your own manicures for yourself or your friends, but are afraid that you will not succeed, because your hands are hooks? Do not worry! We will tell you how to make a french jacket and reveal the secrets of a perfect manicure. 1 min

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Features of French manicure

Manicure - a comprehensive procedure for the care of nails, which includes several stages: filing the nail plate, shaping it and applying varnish. Nail extensions and design can also be part of the process.

French is one of the types of manicure. At the same time, a coating is created on the nails that looks like a natural nail plate. A neutral shade is applied to the base of the nails, and white is applied to the free edge. This is one of the most popular techniques that is loved and appreciated for the result - neat and well-groomed nails.

French manicure basics

Before making French gel polish, it is worth understanding the basic principles of creating a coating. In the classic version, it is recommended to use nude and beige shades of camouflage: pale pink, peach, light brown and others. The tone should be as close as possible to the shade of the nail plate. It is important to ensure that the antennae of the smile are at the same height, and its bend should be as ideal as possible. In a classic French manicure, it fully reflects the cuticle of nails.

In the article we will tell:

  1. Types of service jacket
  2. How to make a French varnish?
  3. How to make French gel polish?
  4. How to make a French stencil?
  5. How to make a jacket without a stencil?
  6. Manicure courses.

Want to learn how to make not only a jacket, but also other types of nail designs? Find out what is Chinese painting? Learn how to perfectly seal gel polish? Take a look Catalog of the best manicure training courses in Moscow and Saint Petersburg !

How French became fashionable

His appearance French manicure owed to Hollywood. The stars of the screen of past years - Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Vivien Leigh - changed outfits for different takes several times during the shooting day. Every time I had to make the actresses a new manicure, suitable for the next dress and makeup. To get away from this, film industry workers turned to Jeff Pink, a specialist in nail polishes, to come up with a universal design for all occasions. And so the familiar white “smile” appeared on the tip of the nail - a simple and refined decor, close to the look of healthy natural nails. In those years, the prevailing trends were to position beauty products as French, so nail polish “according to Jeff Pink” was dubbed French manicure.

How to make using stencil strips

Consider this process step by step:

  1. The nail plate is degreased with alcohol or a special tool, after which a base coating is applied to it. It will hide the imperfections and irregularities, so that the colored varnish will lie more evenly. For brittle and sick nails, it is worth choosing a firming coating, which, in addition to its main function, will also perform a healing one. Perfectly varnishes with the addition of calcium and microfibers, which will give the nail plates strength and allow the manicure to last longer. In fact, exfoliating nails is a real problem that shortens the life of neatly painted nails. If it bothers you long enough, it is better to consult a specialist, maybe you just need to take a course of vitamins. Coverage is distributed in three steps: from the center to the free edge, and then on the sides.Make sure that it does not leak over the side rollers.
  2. Next, apply the varnish of your choice of color. It can be beige, pale pink or bright red - it all depends on your imagination. We distribute the coating over the entire nail plate without going over the edges. It must be applied in at least 2 layers, drying each of them well, since a smaller amount will be visible and look ugly. Give the dryer important attention, since the final result depends on it in many ways. If you do not finish the manicure, dents may appear on it when doing the usual things, which are very difficult to fix. At this stage, nails can be decorated with rhinestones or sequins.
  3. After the colored varnish has completely dried, we proceed to coloring the free edge. It is necessary to fix the stencil on the nail plate well. Acrylic coating gently paint over the free edges. In order for the varnish not to leak under the stencil, the hand should be lowered with the fingers down. Make sure that the coating thickness on all nails is the same. Stencils can be removed only after the tips have completely dried, otherwise there is a great risk of smearing the varnish, and then you have to start all over again.
  4. Next, a coating-fixer is applied. It prolongs the life of manicure and creates a stylish glossy shine. To achieve a matte effect, you need to use the appropriate fixative. The cuticles are lubricated with special oil, and a nourishing cream is applied to the hands. To completely dry the manicure, you need to wait 30-40 minutes. During this time, you can, for example, start watching a movie, and after this period, return to your usual household chores. You can check the manicure for drying in a simple way: just lightly touch your finger to one of the nails somewhere in an inconspicuous place. If nothing sticks, everything is dry. If not, you should wait another 10-15 minutes.

French manicure with stencils

Advice! In order for the varnish to dry faster, pour cold water into a bowl and lower your hand there for 20-30 seconds. This will harden faster.

The picture below once again shows how to properly apply varnish:

Detailed scheme of applying varnish

Here is an algorithm to follow when performing a French manicure using strips at home.

French in dark colors

The use of black varnish and other dark shades in the French has become very popular.

White or clear nail and black tip.

Sharp long nails and jacket.

About French manicure, one of our readers:

What was relevant in nail design recently, soon loses its relevance, but French manicure still does not cease to be the most preferred for modern girls.

The versions of the service jacket (French manicure) are different, but most often it appears in neutral, pink colors, very neat looking, with a white smile at the edge of the nail. French manicure looks very beautiful on different types of nails (length, shape), and also does not have age restrictions in its execution - it is suitable for both the youngest girls and for women of age. From year to year in this type of manicure appears something new, interesting.

French Secrets

How to make a jacket on nails perfect? You should adhere to a few rules that will help create a neat finish.

  • There are separate sets for French manicure, which greatly simplify the work for beginners,
  • to create the desired shade of the substrate, you can mix colors with each other,
  • the perfect camouflage color will turn out if you find the middle shade between the color of the nail plate and the skin around the nails,
  • if the substrate is painted in a contrasting shade, then it should combine with the color of the smile,
  • Do not forget to degrease your nails before doing French manicure,
  • the old gel polish brush can be cut so as to make a semicircle with one pointed corner, it will be easier to draw a smile,
  • You can make an even and beautiful jacket with a moon-shaped brush,
  • if the smile is painted with slight errors, you can correct everything with a thin brush, which is moistened in the clipper.

What does a classic nail design look like in French manicure?

The main element of this design is the white tip of the nail, or smile. It is from it that one can judge the professionalism of the master. The smile should be even and deep: this way the nail visually lengthens. In addition, the technology of drawing a smile should ensure its durability, because it is the tip of the nail that is subjected to stress in everyday affairs.

On the nail bed, a natural pink shade, or camouflage, is necessarily made. This ensures an excellent appearance of manicure even a week after a visit to the salon. If you do not camouflage the nail, then after a couple of days next to the smile, a transparent strip of an overgrown nail will appear and the manicure will become untidy.

Types of French manicure

Of course, the way the jacket on the nails will look and what it is better to do in terms of design will depend on the length of the nails. The most advantageous French manicure looks on such nail forms as oval and almond-shaped, however, the free edge of the nail should not be more than 3 mm.

Varnishes that have an unusual texture look very beautiful and elegant on the jacket, for example, on a matte coating made in several layers, you can apply bright accents in the form of a metallized coating. Of course, the very opposite version of the French service, when the main part of the nail is coated with colorless varnish, or even remains unpainted and a smile looms, is also relevant and looks very neat.

DIY Stencil Strips

If for some reason you did not have stencils for manicure at home, making them yourself is easy. They are made of adhesive tape or electrical tape. By the way, they are better from the second material. The fact is that after scotch tape on the nail plate there is a sticky strip, which, at times, is difficult to get rid of. So, to make a stencil yourself, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • take a sticky strip 3 cm long
  • cut it lengthwise so that it reaches 5 mm in width, we get a piece 3 cm by 5 mm in size,
  • give the strip the desired shape: it can be a standard semicircular, or an unusual zigzag,

Advice! So that the adhesive tape does not leave sticky marks, first stick the stencil on any surface and unfasten it, do the same several times.

If there is no insulating tape or tape at home, an ordinary sheet of paper is suitable as a last resort. It is best to take a landscape or notebook, it is important that it is not very dense. Next, follow the same steps as when cutting the stencil from adhesive tape. Lack of sticky side is not a problem. You need to wet the workpiece with water and attach it to the nail plate, so it will fix on it.

French manicure tools

Before you start coating, you need to do a manicure. To do this, you need to prepare a certain set of tools.

  • nail polish remover,
  • cotton pads,
  • bath with warm water,
  • sea ​​salt,
  • hand cream,
  • cuticle pusher,
  • degreaser
  • a stencil in the form of a thin white strip with an adhesive edge or a thin art brush.
  • light pink or beige varnish,
  • dense white varnish (or varnish of any other color that you want to highlight the free edge of the nail),
  • top coat
  • cuticle oil.

How to make a French varnish?

It is not difficult to make the jacket a regular varnish. Stick to the main rule: base + color + top = perfect manicure! Do not neglect this if you want to enjoy beautiful nails for a long time.

The base prepares the nail plate for applying a color coating, smoothes the surface and fills all the irregularities of the nail. The color on top of the base lays down better and lasts longer.

Top protects the manicure from scratches and chips.

To perform French manicure with regular varnish, prepare everything you need: + base, 2. white and pink varnish, 3. orange stick, 4. manicure scissors, 5. reamer, 6. nail files and buffs, 7. stencils, 8. nail polish remover.

Before doing a manicure, treat your nails with a firming bath with sea salt. And then proceed to the design of the nails.

  1. With acetone-free nail polish remover, gently wipe off the old coating without damaging the nail.
  2. Trim your nails and give them an oval or square shape.
  3. Apply a remover to the cuticle. Wait 2 minutes, and gently push it with an orange or plastic stick.
  4. Take a buff on the nail plate, align it and degrease it.
  5. Apply the base in a thin layer and let it dry.
  6. Then apply the main color and wait until it dries completely.
  7. With a beveled thin brush, draw a “smile” on the nail.
  8. Wait for the varnish to dry and apply the top.

Life hack: so that the “smile” turns out to be smooth do not move the brush, but the finger. So the line will be clearer.

Done! Now, rather, run to your friends to show off the perfect french jacket!

If the first try didn’t work out - don’t be upset! Try to practice a couple more times.
Patience and a little effort!

This technology has one significant minus - fragility. After 6-7 days, the varnish will begin to crack and peel.

How to choose pink polish or gel polish for french manicure

To make a French manicure, you need a pink camouflage varnish, it helps to hide the imperfections of a natural nail and hide the line of growth of the free edge. The network has photos of new products in the camouflage line for French on nails. Sequins, chameleon effect, all shades of pink and beige - how to choose “your” colors in such a variety?

To make a French manicure look good in combination with your skin tone, follow these rules:

  • For fair skin, choose soft pink and peach shades.
  • Shades of beige and “dusty rose” are suitable for dark skin.
  • If you need a manicure "on the way out", take a look at gels and varnishes with small sparkles.
  • The contrast of camouflage and a smile made by snow-white varnish or gel looks spectacular.
  • For a more natural effect, choose muted white and milky colors.

How to make French manicure with a brush

French with a brush is more difficult to do than with a stencil. It will require basic skills as well as patience and perseverance. It is important to carefully draw a thin line, which is quite difficult for beginners, especially if you do manicure yourself with your left hand on the right. Therefore, if you are unsure of yourself, it is better to use stencils.

It is advisable to choose a brush made from natural pile

It is performed in a few simple steps in theory:

  • on nails with a dried color coating with the selected brush (preferably thin) with white varnish, I outline three points: in the middle and along the edges,
  • set points must be connected slowly, carefully, with confident movements,
  • the free edge is completely stained to the intended line,
  • if the color is not saturated enough, the same thing is repeated again,

At the end of the manicure, a nail polish is applied.

Colored french manicure

It is generally believed that French manicure should be performed exclusively using white and light shades of varnish, but it looks very beautiful and unusual on the nails of a jacket and other shades, even the brightest or darkest. It is enough to just “turn on” the fantasy and enjoy the result.

For ladies with fair skin or blond hair, of course, a jacket in light, peach tones is more suitable, and vice versa, "dark-skinned" are more suitable for coffee, gray tones. The color of cream, cream, milk shades are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Female representatives who love brightness and audacity in their image are more suitable shades of red, blue, gold, as well as black.Also in this case it is possible to experiment in a combination of these colors - use black with red, gold, and gray with green or acid pink.

You can highlight a bright color with a smile on the jacket both on all nails, and only on certain, for example, on the nails of only the ring fingers (especially if the main color of the nail plate is neutral).

Photo instruction

To remove normal varnish, use acetone-free nail polish remover. How to remove gel polish at home, we talked about here.

It will be enough for 15 minutes. Pre-add sea salt or your favorite essential oil to the bath.

As soon as you remove your fingers from the water, apply cuticle oil on the nails and massage for 10 minutes.

For this you need a pusher.

Use a degreaser or alcohol wipes.

If you are just starting to learn the intricacies of manicure, watch the video tutorial of Lena Sevelenium: a beauty blogger tells what newbies should pay attention to.

Choose the color you like. For example, light pink or beige (we used Essie Gel Couture in the shade of Fairy Tailor, which does not require prior application of the base). Before proceeding to the next step, wait until this layer is completely dry.

You can use any dense varnish. The classic version is white, but you can experiment: for example, we selected the free edge of the nail with the blue Surrounded by Studs from the Essie Gel Couture collection, which we applied with a thin art brush.

If you yourself perform the French for the first time, you can’t do without stripes (you can make stencils yourself or buy them in a specialized store). When the color coating is completely dry, attach them to the nails so that the line of "smile" remains free.

Paint the free part with white (or any other) varnish.

You can not wait until the coating is completely dry. The main thing is to carefully remove the stencil.

After the previous layer has finally hardened, apply a fixing varnish. And let it dry completely.

As well as a hand cream to provide the skin with additional hydration.

What is better to do a french? Gel, acrylic, shellac, false nails and other materials

There are several ways to make a French manicure. Each technology involves a beautiful and durable French manicure, provided that a professional works. When viewing pictures from the Internet, you are unlikely to determine what the master worked with, because the result will be equally good. To select a material, evaluate what result you want to achieve.

  • Acrylic and gel building - high coating resistance (correction after 3-4 weeks), long procedure (from 1.5 hours), high cost.
  • Gel Polish - medium resistance (correction in 1-2 weeks), quick procedure, average price.
  • False nails - low resistance (correction after 7-10 days), quick procedure, affordable price.
  • Nail polish - the lowest resistance (from 3 to 7 days), quick application, affordable price.

Method 1

You can even make French manicure gel varnish with a native brush. It will be difficult for beginners to master this method for the first time, but it is worth a little practice. If you come across a wide and uncomfortable brush, you can remove excess gel polish from it, dry it in a napkin and squeeze a little. The brush will become flat and make it easier to draw a smile.

In this method, you need to turn your finger, and the brush should remain motionless.

How to make French gel polish at home:

  • Prepare nails for work, apply a base coat and camouflage gel polish.
  • Make a straight line from edge to edge.
  • Any brush can accurately remove all errors and bring out a smooth contour.
  • Finish the design with a finish coat.

How to make French gel polish?

French manicure gel polish is the best combination of durability and speed of manicure.

Making French gel polish is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to follow the instructions and do not forget about the rule: base + top. Otherwise, the coating will crack off after 3 days. and base, 2. peach and white gel polish, 3. orange stick, 4. dehydrator, 5. primer, 6. files and buff, 7. stencils, 8. UV lamp.

Remove the old coating with a special gel polish liquid.

  1. Move the cuticle with a wooden orange stick.
  2. Using a 240 grit file, work on the free edge of the nail and give it an oval or square shape.

The weaker and thinner the nails, the higher should be the abrasiveness of the file. For natural nails 180-240, for artificial 100-180 grit.

Finally, apply special oil to the cuticle to soften and nourish it. French manicure gel polish is ready!

If you do not understand something from the instructions, watch the video "How to make a manicure gel polish":

French manicure on short nails

French manicure looks wonderful and stylish on short nails, which have recently become very popular and relevant in nail service. The most universal is the execution of French manicure on short nails in a neutral color with a white jacket, or bright colors.

Many people are interested in the issue of visual extension of the nail plate, so the masters resort to such a “trick” as the image of longitudinal stripes on the nail plate, however, they should not differ too clearly in color from the main shade (mint and sand shades look most harmonious).

How to use a whitening nail pencil

Many manufacturers currently produce bleaching nails, but unfortunately, not everyone knows what it is and how to use it. So, it serves primarily to clean the surface under the nail, where dirt usually accumulates, spoiling the appearance of the manicure. Also, a pencil is useful for girls with yellowish nails. In its manufacture, natural components are used, such as white clay or medical chalk, which, when used continuously, have a strengthening and healing effect.

Whitening pencil can be purchased at any cosmetic store.

Consider the method of applying a whitening pencil:

  1. First you need to wash your hands well, and then clean the place under the nails with a pointed cap. All pencils of this type have it.
  2. The white tip is wetted in warm water, after which they paint over the inside of the free edge of the nail. It is important that the pencil is well sharpened.
  3. If residues accidentally come into contact with the skin, they must be removed with a cotton swab dipped in water.

But it is worth paying attention to the disadvantages:

  • the bleaching result is not always what you expect
  • the pencil is washed off from the inside upon any contact with water,
  • unaesthetic stains of white color remain on the skin.

Therefore, a pencil can only be used to briefly transform nails when it is urgently needed, for example.

Method 2

If a thin brush with long bristles is lost in your arsenal, then this option is for you. You can buy it at any art store or on shelves with manicure accessories. How to make a French manicure at home:

  • Apply a base and camouflage coat of gel polish.
  • Put 2 points where the free edge of the nail begins and one point in the middle of the nail.
  • Use a thin brush to draw an even arc.
  • Using a native gel polish brush, paint over the remaining tip with white.
  • Apply a top to the design.

French acrylic

In acrylic extensions on tips or forms, the jacket is laid out with two balls: first, camouflage is formed from pink powder, then a smile from white powder. The higher the professionalism of the master, the less sawdust a finished nail requires.

For those who work with acrylic, we have prepared a selection of three instructional videos.From them you will learn the secrets of quickly laying out acrylic on tips and forms with a minimum cut, as well as see how professionals lay out a smile the first time.

How to make a French stencil?

If this is your first time making a French stencil, then what you need! With their help, you can easily apply even the most intricate pattern.

Stencils are not only semicircular for a classic jacket, but also with lace, wavy and oblique ornaments. They are made of paper, vinyl film, and even metal or plastic.

Vinyl stencils are easy to use. They fit snugly on the platinum of the nail and allow you to draw an even pattern.

Stencil staining technology is simple. After you have applied the main color to the nail, wait for the varnish to dry completely.

  1. After carefully peel off the stencil from the plate and stick it on the nail, while stepping back from the edge of the nail a few millimeters.
  2. Press the stencil firmly with an orange stick.
  3. Using a brush, gently apply the varnish to the tip of the nail and let it dry.
  4. Peel off the strips and apply a top.

Method number 1. Stencil

We have already talked about this method. The main thing is to fix the stencil evenly and neatly, and then remove it in the same way. In addition, consider the estimated width of the “smile” line (if the nails are short, it should be thinner than on long ones) - and depending on this, stick the stencil.

Ambre effect in french manicure

A huge number of options for creativity in the performance of French manicure is the effect of amber, which is extremely popular and popular not only in the nail service, but also in fashion design and many other areas. The ambre effect is a smooth transition from one color to another.

In French manicure, the transition from the colored base of the nail to the white edge looks very beautiful. The edge can also be brighter than the base, or the color transition can be in tandem of two completely different, bright shades - it all depends on personal preferences.

It is not necessary that the colors should smoothly replace each other only in an upright position, a diagonal variant of the amber is also possible, and a smile can be painted with one of the shades of the two colors used. French manicure with an amber effect often does not need other additional design elements, otherwise it will look too elaborate and bulky.

How to do reverse french manicure

Reverse jacket, or, as they began to call it, anti-jacket, is a new trend, which was invented by creative masters of nail art. Over the past few seasons, he won the hearts of thousands of girls, and salons began to actively promote this service. The main feature of the antifrench is that it usually uses not pastel colors, but bright and juicy ones. Also in the reverse French manicure, not the lower part is highlighted, but the upper.

Consider the step-by-step process of creating antifrench:

  1. A color is applied to the entire nail, which will highlight the upper part. Each layer is carefully dried.
  2. To the base of the nail, where the cuticle is located, carefully glue the strip-stencil.
  3. We paint over the remaining surface with a different color. After the varnish is completely dry, remove the stencil.
  4. We cover the nail plate with varnish-fixer.

Such a manicure can be done without a stencil. Then you need to imagine an imaginary cuticle, which will be located below the usual. From it we begin to paint over the nail. Details of this process can be seen below in the photo.

The process of creating a reverse jacket

Method 3

Simple marking will help to form a neat and even tip. For this method, it is better to use a thin brush, but others are also suitable. The method is very convenient for drawing a smile on long nails.

How to make jacket shellac at home:

  • Apply base and camouflage gel polish to the nails.
  • Mark the width of the smile with a dot or thin line.
  • Mark the points at the side rollers where the free edge begins.
  • Put three points on the very tip of the nail: in the middle and two equidistant from it.
  • Connect the side points from different sides, drawing an antennae.
  • Paint over the remaining space.
  • Apply a finish coat and dry the layers in the lamp.

How to make a jacket at home can be seen in the video.

How to make a jacket without a stencil?

Brushing a “smile” is a little more difficult. Start by preparing your nail.

  1. Perform a nail shape correction.
  2. Use a buff to remove any bumps in the nails.
  3. Treat nails with a dehydrator and a primer.
  4. Cover the nail with the base color and let it dry.

After that you can proceed to drawing a “smile” with a thin, hard brush.

  1. Draw a horizontal line along the edge of the nail.
  2. Draw small lines on the side to give a bend to the pattern.
  3. Brush a semicircle, connecting the top of the line at the side edge and center of the nail. Repeat this on the symmetrical side of the nail.
  4. After that paint over the “smile” line and let it dry.
  5. Cover your jacket with a top.

Done! And now, just as beautifully draw “smiles” on other nails.

To prevent the picture from accidentally blurring, draw a “smile” on each finger, alternately, and dry it.

The use of “broken glass” and confetti for a French manicure

“Broken glass”, or confetti (kamifubuki) you can spread a smile, or use them for a french jacket, in any case it will look very bright and outstanding. If the French manicure is performed in neutral tones, then laying the confetti completely on the nail plate on only one or several nails will look very expressive.

However, in this case, it is worth taking care of the combination of color schemes. Using “broken glass” as an accent option for French manicure, it is very important not to overdo it with its quantity and application volumes, otherwise it is possible to spoil the cute and neat image of the French manicure.

Method 4

The round brush is well suited for design on medium-long nails. You can make a French manicure yourself by following the instructions:

  • Cover the nails with a base and apply a camouflage layer of gel polish.
  • A round brush with a white tint to mark the line of thickness along the entire length of the end.
  • Tail the tails to the desired depth in the direction of the side rollers.
  • Gently round all corners.
  • Cover design with top.

Manicure courses

Have you learned how to make a stunning french jacket so that your friends ask the chorus to give contacts to the master? Then you have a direct road to the nail industry. But before that you need to finish the courses and get a certificate.

At the school of manicure, you will study and elaborate on models all the stages of performing classic and French manicure, learn the secrets of perfect coverage and create stylish nail designs.

Course duration 1-2 weeks for 4 hours. Average cost in Moscow and Saint Petersburgfrom 15 000 rubles. In the regions from 5 000 rubles.

Models, varnishes and materials for design will be provided to you by the school at the time of training. But sometimes you have to buy something yourself. Therefore, carefully read the rules and the curriculum at school. It is possible that there is no “all-inclusive" clause in the contract.

Students are the most important indicator of teacher professionalism. Look at their work in social networks, google reviews about the school. Look for information on third-party resources, and not just on the school website.

After the courses are over, you will be given a certificate, confirming that you are now doing nails like a goddess! Many interior doors are open before you. Go for it!

We told all the secrets of the perfect jacket, and now take everything you need and start training with your girlfriend, mom or aunt.

Tell us in the comments how you feel about black or red jacket? Do you think that it looks bright and aesthetically pleasing or, conversely, vulgar and inappropriate? Repost articles, these instructions will still come in handy!

French gel

At gel extension There are two main types of French manicure.In the first case, the nail bed and the tip are laid out with two drops butt to each other, and then the nail is filed. In the second, the whole nail is formed and filed from camouflage gel, and a smile is painted on top with white paint.

Using gel polish for french manicure

Gel polish is considered to be very popular, because it is able to stay on the nails for a long time, thereby reinforcing the versatility and convenience of French manicure. Using gel polish you can not worry, leaving for several weeks on vacation, or on a long business trip.

The color scheme in this case can also be very diverse, however, it is worth considering that the use of brighter shades is less practical, because when the nails begin to grow back it can be noticeable, which practically eliminates the use of neutral, light tones.

French gel polish

Perhaps the best combination of speed, durability and affordable price is French gel polish. This procedure is most convenient from the point of view of the client:

  • Fast (up to 1 hour).
  • There is no unpleasant odor, as, for example, with acrylic building.
  • Natural nail is not filed when applying and removing coating
  • The coating is polymerized in a matter of seconds, no need to wait until it dries.

Why is shellac from some masters worn for weeks, while others begin to crack and crack on the third day? It's all about the intricacies and secrets of technology. For those who want to defeat detachments and delight clients (or yourself, if you process your nails at home), we have prepared lessons in French manicure with a photo.

Matte French Manicure

The use of matte coatings looks exquisitely and elegantly performed by the French French. It looks especially advantageous in contrasting versions - black with beige, red with gray. The idea of ​​a one-color jacket is also very interesting, when the main part of the nail with a matte finish is set off by a glossy smile.

French manicure with matte coatings can also be supplemented with various nail accessories, such as rhinestones, stickers, sparkles, however, it should be done very carefully so that the manicure looks neat.


Gentle Remover, Maybelline New York

If the nails are brittle and weak, choose a nail polish remover without acetone and with caring ingredients in the composition. Maybelline New York’s Gentle Remover, for example, quickly and efficiently removes nail polish and moisturizes at the same time with avocado extract.

Nail polish Gel Couture, Essie

The uniqueness of the coating with Essie Gel Couture is that it lasts 12-14 days without chips and does not lose color saturation. A separate plus - does not require a base. The varnish is evenly distributed and easy to lay down, because the cut of the brush follows the shape of the nail at its base.

Top Coating Rescue Gel Effect, Maybelline New York

To extend the durability of a manicure with regular varnish up to 10-12 days, and also add shine to the coating, use Dr. Rescue Apply it over colored varnish in one or two layers - it does not spread when applied and dries quickly.

Face & Body Glitter, NYX Professional Makeup

To create an original version of the French manicure, NYX Professional Makeup loose glitter will help. Select the free edge of the nail with, for example, silver glitter in the shade of Ice - and the festive mood will always be with you.

Cuticle Oil Apricot, Essie

Essie oil with apricot aroma will help moisturize and restore the cuticle after the manicure. By the way, it can be used every day as a care - for this you need to rub a few drops of the product into the nail plates with light massaging movements.

Hand cream Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, Kiehl’s

This cream is good for winter. Kiehl’s compares it to gloves that create a protective barrier and prevent skin from losing moisture.The composition includes avocado oil (softens, moisturizes and restores), eucalyptus extract (refreshes) and dimethicone (creates a protective film on the skin that prevents moisture loss).

Ideas for a beautiful jacket: photo selection

There are many interpretations of the French manicure: classic, in the Beverly Hills style (take translucent matting as a color varnish and apply it both before and after highlighting the “smile” line to slightly “blur” the coating), lunar, color, with a double strip other. Get inspired by Instagram photos!

Did you manage to repeat the manicure? Write a comment.

Drawings for french manicure

Graphic drawings that can be performed even by a master who does not have special artistic skills are very relevant for French manicure. Also pretty cute and discreet in French manicure look floral motifs, lace, monograms, which are executed in thin lines.

Speaking about the color choice, it can be noted that drawings made in black and white will be the best solution, however, in order to look brighter (a trip to the celebration is planned), it is possible to give preference to brighter colors.

It is worth remembering that if the drawing is done in bright colors, then the base should be of a neutral color (beige, light pink, milky, maybe even transparent), otherwise the pattern will be “lost” and give the design an excessive frill.

Design ideas

Attractive peach-colored jacket, with ring fingers decorated with rhinestones Delicate pink jacket with white short edges, oval edges Reverse french manicure with silver edges and ring fingers.
Cute blueberry drawing - unusual to do in classic french manicure Unusual white French manicure with golden free edges and ring fingers. Classic French manicure with a twist - dark blue loose edges
French emerald, pink and blue flowers with a picturesque flower pattern on the ring finger Small rhinestones look very neat on the ring and middle fingers Massive rhinestones succinctly look on the ring finger on the background of a classic french
Beige French manicure with an oval free edge is suitable for a daily trip to work Pink French manicure with a short free edge Beautiful French manicure with a black pattern on the ring finger
White and pink French jacket with a long free edge Delicate french pastel colors with a white ring finger, on which a cute three-dimensional drawing is made Classic jacket with foil decorated with middle and ring fingers
Cute jacket with red loose edges Delicate pink french with decorated ring fingers French with black loose edges and decorated with ring fingers
Delicate beige jacket with white loose edges and rhinestones. Green jacket is perfect for summer holidays French with deep green loose edges
Bright multi-colored jacket with rhinestones

So, having examined the process of creating a French manicure using different methods step by step, you can make sure that there is nothing complicated here. It is important to follow simple tips and tricks, then the result will be amazing!

Want to have a white-toothed smile? A simple, effective and safe tool that can be successfully applied independently, without going to the dentist, is Celebrity Smile teeth whitening strips.

Celebrity Smile is a thin, elastic strip coated with whitening gel. They accurately repeat the unique shape of your teeth. Active ingredients provide a whitening effect and do not injure enamel.

The effectiveness of the strips is clinically proven: after the first use of Celebrity Smile strips, your teeth will become significantly lighter, and after 7 days they will brighten by 4-5 tones.


Do your natural nails have some defects or do you think that French manicure doesn’t look very harmonious on them? We will tell you how to make a jacket at home using artificial materials. Acrylic powder and gels help shape the architecture of the nail and align its plate. With a few adjustments, your nails will look luxurious!

French without lamp

Now persistent coatings in manicure do not surprise anyone. Acrylic powder appeared on the nail art market, which helps to make French manicure without an ultraviolet lamp.

  • nail file,
  • degreaser
  • base gel
  • white powder
  • clear powder
  • powder of a pale pink shade,
  • polymerizer
  • top gel
  • buff.

How to make a French without a lamp:

  • Remove the gloss from the nail with a nail file.
  • Apply a degreaser that dries and disinfects a natural nail.
  • Apply base gel evenly on nails.
  • Without drying, lower the tip of the nail in a white gel to the desired level.
  • Then dip the entire nail into a clear powder.
  • Again, apply the base on the nail and lower the tip into white powder.
  • Dip the whole nail into pink powder.
  • Brush off the remaining powder.
  • Apply polymerization agent to all nails.
  • Level the surface and adjust the shape with a nail file and buff.
  • Cover the nails with top gel to fix the design.


The combination of acrylic powder and a special liquid (monomer) allows you to build any length and give the desired shape with a fingernail. Making French manicure acrylic is quite simple.

  • nail file for manicure with an abrasiveness of at least 150 grit,
  • nude acrylic powder,
  • white acrylic powder,
  • monomer,
  • acrylic brush
  • special molds with marking.

How to make French acrylic yourself:

  • Prepare handles for work, cut off the gloss from the surface of the nail.
  • Put the mold on the nails.
  • Dip the brush into a glass and collect camouflage powder.
  • Put it on the edge of the nail plate and gently blend it.
  • Press and smooth the acrylic, adjusting the smile area.
  • Scoop the liquid with a brush and lower it into white powder.
  • Form a free edge line and push to the already laid out camouflage acrylic.
  • When the material sets, evenly distribute it along the free edge.
  • Supplement a few more balls with camouflage powder, nullifying the border of the cuticle.
  • Remove the mold and gently press the nail with special clothespins.
  • Saw the free edge and side zones of the nail, remove the thickness.

2. Prepare a natural nail

To prevent detachment at the base of the nail, carefully push the cuticle with an orange stick. To make it easier to work, apply Color Couture Entity One Cuticle Oil to the border between the nail and skin. If the cuticle is very grown and dry, give the client a cropped or European manicure.

Layout service jacket

This method is suitable for those who can not bring out an even smile with a brush. To form the base of the nail and smile, you can use structuring gels in different shades.

  • 100/180 grit manicure file,
  • base gel
  • camouflage gel souffle,
  • white gel
  • brush,
  • topcoat.

How to make a french gel:

  • Prepare natural nails: completely remove the free edge and remove the gloss.
  • Degrease nails with clinser and apply primer for better adhesion of materials.
  • Apply the base coat with a thin layer of nails and dry in a lamp.
  • Put the molds on the nails, squeezing them a little.
  • Transparent gel to form the substrate.
  • Send cure into the lamp.
  • After drying, carefully remove the mold.
  • Apply camouflage gel to the base of the nail.
  • After drying, make a sawdust of the edges for a future clear line of a smile.
  • Using a thin brush, apply white gel in 2 layers to the substrate, filling the free edge.
  • Each layer must be dried in a lamp.
  • Metal clothespins form an arch.
  • To add architecture with a nail using a file, removing excess thickness.

Overhead tips

Almost everyone likes classic snow-white manicure. But its drawing causes some some difficulties. With the help of French tips you can create the perfect classic design. French tips can be found in sets for manicure or buy them separately. They vary in smile width and size. For each finger, you can choose your own unique tips.

Tips corners should clearly stand in the corners of natural nails.

How to make a French manicure with tips yourself:

  • Use a brush for tips to glue on the free edge of the nail and on tips, paying attention to the corners.

  • Press the tips to the nail and gently smooth it, gently holding it.
  • Bite off the transparent part of the tips with forceps and cut a small corner.
  • File for natural nails over 180 grit to cut the side walls.
  • Grind on the surface to even the transition of the French strip and the base of the nail.
  • Cover the design with base and top.

French with stripes

French stencils are used to create a flat and white strip. They greatly simplify the procedure itself and reduce the time to create coverage. You can find strips in a cosmetic store or order in an online store.

When creating a French manicure, it is advisable to use translucent colors. They partially cover the shade of the natural plate and create an indescribable luxurious natural effect.


The set contains stencils from 120 pieces of various widths and shapes: arched, wavy, triangular.

How to make a jacket with a stencil:

  • Before applying, it is necessary to prepare the nail plate. To process nails and cover them with a base layer.
  • Spread camouflage color over your fingernail.
  • Send everything to dry in a lamp.
  • After the base color has completely dried, carefully press the stencil with an orange stick or pusher. Particular attention should be paid to the places near the side rollers and the lower part, in order to avoid leakage of varnish.
  • With a native white gel polish brush, paint over the remaining space.
  • After polymerization, carefully remove the stencil and apply a top coat.

Self adhesive tape

Stencils for French manicure are easy to replace with ordinary stationery tape. You need to correctly measure the width of the smile and the depth of the antennae. To make the paper cut better, it is recommended to use manicure scissors. The resulting strips must be carefully glued to the dried surface of the nail and carefully painted over the smile space.

4. Clean and degrease the nail plate

Wipe the nail plate with Entity One Natural Nail Prep using Graham HandsDown Nail Wipes. This stage is needed to remove dust from the surface after filing the free edge, grease, cuticle particles and other contaminants. Only on perfectly cleaned nails does the French gel-polish hold without detachments. Be careful not to accidentally touch the fingers of the client’s nails after processing. If this happens, wipe the nail again.

If the client has the so-called “wet nails”, then additionally apply the drug Entity One Nail Dehydrator. How to identify such a detail? Ask how she holds a regular varnish. If even professional varnish brands “live” on the hands of a client for 1-2 days, then the reason may be just the humidity of the nail plate. Dehydrator treatment in this case will help to give the coating resistance.

Stationery tape

To create a smile, any scotch tape or scotch tape for manicure is suitable. Arcuate smiles can be cut with small scissors in advance.

How to make French manicure without stripes:

  • It is necessary to apply a colored substrate to the nail and dry it very well.
  • Gently cut a small piece of tape.
  • Glue one tip on one side and the second tip on the other, observing a small arcuate trajectory.
  • Fill the gap with the desired shade.
  • Cover design with top.

7. Cover the nail with camouflage

Apply Translucent Beige-Peach Camouflage Nude Fishnets Gel Polish by Entity One Color Couture in 1 or 2 coats. Cure each layer in a lamp - 120 seconds for a UV lamp and 30 seconds for a LED.

Use Entity One Spotlight gel polish to create a smile line, be sure to seal the end of the nail. It is better to make a smile in two thin layers, polymerizing each: so the coating will lie smoothly and without bubbles. Lamp exposure time is the same: 2 minutes for a UV lamp and half a minute for LED equipment.

Masters disagree on how to paint a smile in French manicure with gel varnishes: a brush from a bottle or a separate thin brush? In fact, both methods have a right to exist. We have recorded for you a shellac french manicure master class, which shows both technologies for bringing out a smile. See to make it easier to decide.

9. Remove the sticky layer

Entity One Nail Prep is suitable not only for preparing the nail plate, but also for removing the dispersion layer. Put a drop of liquid on the Graham HandsDown Nail Wipes and treat your nails.

Note that the stickiness is removed only from the top, and on the previous layers it remains, which improves the adhesion of the layers to each other.


A simple trick to help draw a line of a smile without much effort. You can use an elastic band for money or a silicone bracelet.

How to make a French without stripes:

  • Cover the nail plate with a base and camouflage.
  • Apply gum to the nail plate, leaving the desired width.
  • Cover the free edge of the nail with white gel polish.
  • Carefully remove the gum and apply the topcoat.


It’s still easier here. The patch repeats the shape of a smile and helps to cope with its drawing. It is enough to glue the patch on the well-dried surface of the colored nail with the arched side. Then it remains only to paint the space with white varnish, and the jacket is ready!

A dense substrate and a thin line of a smile visually lengthen the nail plate.

Express design

You can create a quick design using stamping. His set includes a special plate with an engraved picture of a smile, a scraper and a small stamp. Making a French without stripes at home is quite simple:

  • To process nails and apply a base coat.
  • After drying, apply a camouflage base.
  • Send the nails to polymerize.
  • Apply white gel polish to the plate with smiles.
  • Remove excess with a scraper.
  • Carefully transfer the drawing to the stamp.
  • Immediately transfer the smile to the nails, imprinting the picture.
  • Cover design with top.


Peel-off film, which helps protect the skin around the nail from varnish when creating a gradient and other complex designs, can help here. It is necessary to apply a film on a well-dried varnish so that the tip of the nail remains unpainted. When the film dries, feel free to cover the free edge with white varnish. It remains only to carefully remove the film with tweezers and apply a top to the finished manicure.


How to make a perfect jacket if there isn’t so much time left before the event? There are times when you urgently need to do a French manicure. There are special whitening pencils. Their advantage is that you can make a jacket in just a couple of minutes without much effort.

A french pencil is applied under the nail itself. Before use, wash your hands well and clean your nails. It is enough to moisten the pencil a little in water, and then draw it well under the nail plate. The effect is not long in coming. Snow-white smiles will flaunt on the nails. But the effect of it is quite short.

Soft rolling colors

Gradient-French is distinguished by bright and rich colors. Such a design can be done using gel polishes or multi-colored gels. A graceful roll of shades goes well with a nude camouflage backing. On each nail, you can make your own version of the transition tones.

  • base coverage
  • camouflage gel polish,
  • colored gel polishes,
  • thin brush
  • lint-free cloth
  • clinser
  • top

How to make a french uniform:

  • Apply camouflage gel polish in 2 layers to the prepared nails.
  • It’s good to dry them.
  • Put a few colored drops of gel polish on the palette.
  • On a thin brush, dial one color and begin to carefully display the antennae of the smile.
  • Without drying, wipe the brush in a lint-free napkin, which is dipped in clinser.
  • Brush a second color and continue to draw a smile from the other side.
  • Gently blend the colors between each other in the middle.
  • Dry the nails in the lamp.
  • Cover the design with a fixing top.

10. Finish the manicure by applying cuticle oil

Cuticle Oil Color Couture Entity One Cuticle Oil 15 ml provides skin softening, nourishment and protection. The product is suitable for sensitive skin.

French manicure with gel polish is ready.

All products used in this master class, you can order in our store with delivery to all cities of Russia.

You will also need an Entity One base color and white color coating.

Work on Shellac products from CND? We gave you an overview of shellac shades suitable for camouflage and a white smile, and phased photographed manicures using them. View the photo tutorial and ask any questions about CND products here.

If you or your client needs french manicure on short nails, then be sure to watch our video tutorial on creating the perfect short jacket.

Attempt at writing

The classic smile is being replaced by something original. Why not fill the smile line with unusual multi-colored brush strokes and feel like a real creator?

If you mix a little top and white varnish, you get a translucent base, which can act as a substrate.

  • base,
  • main color gel polish,
  • multi-colored gel polishes,
  • topcoat.

How to make French gel polish at home step by step:

  • Prepare your nails for work, cover the design with a base coat and apply camouflage.
  • Dry all layers in the lamp completely.
  • Take one colored gel polish and blot the brush in a small piece of paper so that not a lot of varnish remains on it.
  • Gently transfer smears on the nails to one edge.
  • Repeat the same procedure with other colors on the other edge and in the center.
  • Dry your nails and apply a top coat.

New in 2015 in the design of nails in the style of French manicure with photo

What if you want a new one, but you are not ready to refuse your favorite service jacket? In 2014 and 2015, there were many innovations in the design of the jacket on short and long nails.

How to diversify the usual design, but at the same time maintain the delicacy and color scheme of the French manicure? Try to combine it with lunar. Our master class with a photo Lunar manicure with gel polish COLOR CLUB will tell you how to do this.

Fashionable Designreverse jacket»Must be in the piggy bank of the master. If you are interested in this drawing, doubt your artist’s skills, then you should watch our training video Reverse French on short nails. In it you will draw a lot of ideas for creating drawings on the nails.

Colored french manicure catching up with the white classics in popularity, especially in the summer season and early fall. How to combine colors and draw an even smile while performing multi-colored french - these and other secrets we share in our video Colored French manicure Cuccio Veneer gel polishes.

Another unusual approach is to paint a double smile. In our master class with a photo you will see all the stages of creating this hit of manicure in fashion trends of 2015.

White color on the edge of the nail can be shaded, creating a gradient effect. With this technology, you are safe from mistakes in bringing out a smile. Gradient French manicure can be done with both white and colored gels, acrylics and gel varnishes.

In our store you can purchase everything you need for a French manicure with acrylic, gel or gel varnishes.Available materials, tools, equipment and accessories from brands verified by our regular customers. Choose the equipment you are interested in and go on shopping!

Festive french

Who said the smile line should be white? French is a real field for experimentation. You can create a smile line using colored kamifubuki. Great New Year's manicure, when you want something unusual, and laziness to sit over the design for a long time. Such a coating will look especially well on short nails.

  • base,
  • gel polish of any shade,
  • kamifubuki of different colors and shapes,
  • orange stick
  • top

How to make French manicure for short nails:

  • Apply one coat of base and 2 coats of colored gel polish, drying everything in the lamp.
  • Cover the tip of the nail with a top with a sticky layer.
  • To attach kamifubuki tightly to each other in several rows with an orange stick.
  • Dry the nails in the lamp and apply the finish coat.

To all the cats

Fantasizing about the forms of a smile, you can embody any ideas on your nails. All lovers of fluffy animals will like a smile in the form of a cat. You can make it from sticky paper or gently paint with a brush the missing elements.

  • base coverage
  • color gel polish,
  • stencil blanks
  • topcoat.

How to make French manicure gel polish at home:

  • Prepare nails for work and cover them with a base.
  • Apply a substrate of any color (in our case, glitter was used).
  • Glue special stencils that resemble the shape of a cat.
  • Apply contrasting varnish to the free edge.
  • Dry the layers in the lamp and remove the stencil.
  • Cover design with top.

Glitter tip

A great option for a festive design. The tip of the nail can be filled with dense sequins or use small particles of special manicure powder. You can rub them with the applicator for shadows or with your finger.

  • base,
  • gel polish of any color
  • powder for rubbing,
  • eye shadow applicator
  • top

How to make french shellac itself:

  • Cover the nails with a base coat and camouflage.
  • Glue the stencil, leaving the necessary space to fill the smile.
  • Run glitter rub.
  • Apply a coat of top coat.

Spangles can be stretched using a native brush or sponge and get a sparkling french gradient.