Oven-filled chicken rolls - 7 best recipes

The first version of the snack is proposed to be made according to the classic recipe with the addition of portioned processed cheese.

For cooking you will need:

  • chicken breast - 3 pcs.,
  • salt,
  • a piece of butter
  • ground pepper,
  • processed cheese - 9 plates,
  • dried dill.

The recipe for steps:

  1. Clean and wash the medium breasts. Separate a small part, and a large cut into two halves (along).
  2. Fight all the pieces obtained with a hammer. Then sprinkle the surface of the bird with ground pepper, dried dill and table salt.
  3. Now remove the protective film from the 9 plates of cream cheese. Arrange one per chicken chop. Roll up rolls.
  4. Coat the inside with oil. Lay chicken rolls stuffed with cheese tightly to each other with a seam down.
  5. Put in a calcined (185 degrees) oven, where to cook for about 25 minutes. Cool slightly before serving.

If there are no portion-packed cheeses, you can take the usual option. In this case, the ingredient will need to be grated finely and slightly frozen for more convenient distribution on the surface of the fillet.

Foil baked appetizer

In order not to fix the rolls with thread or toothpicks, it is permissible to bake them by wrapping a sheet of foil.

  • chicken fillet - 400 g,
  • Russian cheese - 125 g,
  • spices for chicken,
  • butter for lubrication,
  • chopped parsley.

  1. Processed dry filet share. Beat each piece with a wooden mallet. Sprinkle with coarse salt and any spices to taste.
  2. Separately, rub Russian cheese and chop fresh parsley.
  3. Now prepare a few sheets of foil (according to the number of chops) of a suitable size. Lightly grease the middle with butter.
  4. Pour chicken chops with cheese and herbs, then twist into the tubes. Lay out on foil. Wrap the edges tightly around the workpieces.
  5. Rearrange the rolls on a baking sheet, which leave for 20 minutes in a hot oven (180-185 degrees).
  6. Then carefully open the chicken, switch to the upper fire, simmer until golden crust. Baked in foil ready to serve!

At the last stage, it is important to open the rolls for baking, but make sure that the juice does not leak onto the baking sheet. Then you get a delicious crust, but inside the chicken will remain juicy.

Cooking with cottage cheese

These snacks are often baked with salted cheese. And the filling can be made on the basis of cottage cheese with salt, spices, garlic and herbs. It will be fragrant!

To make rolls, you need to take:

  • chicken breast - 300-350 g,
  • cottage cheese - 120 g,
  • sour cream - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • garlic - 2-3 teeth
  • chopped greens into cottage cheese,
  • salt for poultry and cottage cheese,
  • spices to taste,
  • butter for a baking sheet.

Recipe step by step:

  1. Breast cut into 3 parts, each of which beat off on a cutting board. At the end, add salt and a little sprinkle with spices.
  2. Next, combine grated cottage cheese, chopped herbs, salt, sour cream, crushed or grated garlic.
  3. Knead the filling well, and then evenly spread on the surface of the prepared meat. Wrap rolls.
  4. Blanks bandage with refractory thread so that they do notopened up. Immediately shift into a deep baking sheet, the bottom of which is smeared with a thin layer of butter.
  5. Put the rolls from the chicken breast into the oven (temperature - 185 degrees), where to cook no more than a third of an hour until a beautiful color is obtained. Before serving, be sure to remove the thread!

You may need a little less sour cream than indicated in the list of products. It all depends on the fat content of the cottage cheese, because in the end you need to get a viscous, but relatively strong in structure filling, which subsequently does not leak out. Cooking with cottage cheese!

Oven Chicken Fillet Rolls

I offer you such a recipe for delicious mini-fillet chicken rolls stuffed with dried fruits. This is in my opinion the best recipe! They can be prepared for a family dinner or even served on the festive table. But how to file, you decide. Can be served as a hot or cold appetizer. It will be tasty anyway.

Preparing the dish is not at all difficult. The products included are simple and affordable. Be sure to try it - you won’t regret it!


For cooking, we need:

  • Chilled chicken fillet - 900 g.
  • Garlic - 1 clove (or taste)
  • Dried apricots - 100 g.
  • Prunes - 100 g.
  • Greens taste
  • Sour cream - 100 ml.
  • Chicken flavoring
  • Tomato paste - 1 tbsp.
  • Hard cheese - 100 g.

1. Prepare the chicken. Remove the skin and top films from the fillet, if all of this is present.

2. One half of the breast, you need to cut lengthwise into 2 parts. It turns out 2 records.

3. Dried fruits carefully washed. Put them in a bowl, pour boiling water. In this form, let’s stand for about 15 minutes so that they swell a little.

4. Without wasting time, we return to the chicken fillet. Each piece, individually, needs to be beaten off. At the same time, I recommend covering it with a bag or film on top so that the meat particles do not scatter in different directions when beating. Well beat off with a hammer, on both sides.

5. On each side, sprinkle with pepper, salt, favorite seasonings. You can collect a bunch of spices yourself or buy a ready-made one. Then rub, put in a bowl on top of each other. Leave in this form to marinate for a few minutes.

6. Cheese grated with a fine grater. Spread in a deep bowl. Add garlic here through the press. Finely chop the greens, transfer to a common bowl. You can take absolutely any greens to your taste. Cilantro, parsley, dill - a little bit of everything or one thing.

7. Dry prunes and dried apricots after soaking from water. Cut into small pieces. Sent to a mixture of cheese and herbs. Mix. We will start rolls with this mass.

8. For each piece of meat we spread about 2 tablespoons of the filling. We step back a bit from all the edges, so that it would be convenient to collapse everything later.

9. Carefully wrap the rolls. We lay them seam down in a heat-resistant dish. Lubricate it with nothing, because we will fill everything with sauce.

10. Mix the sour cream with tomato paste. Salt, pepper to taste. Add some spices for chicken. We dilute with warm water to a more liquid state. Just need about a glass of such a sauce. Fill our rolls evenly.

11. We send them preheated to 180 degrees for half an hour. You can serve immediately or let it brew for half an hour in a disconnected oven.

When serving, sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Oven stuffed chicken rolls

A dish in which there is nothing superfluous. The author of this video offers a recipe for a dietary and delicious dish - chicken rolls with mushrooms. The main ingredients that make up - mushrooms and chicken - are rich in protein. This is greatly appreciated by athletes and healthy food lovers.

The preparation of the dish is very simple, but it turns out fantastically delicious. I strongly advise you to cook it. Especially if you are watching your diet and figure.

For cooking, we need:

  • Chicken fillet - 0.5 kg.
  • Lettuce - 6 pcs.
  • Fresh mushrooms - 150 g.
  • Onions - 2 pcs.
  • 10% cream - 200 ml.
  • Dill - a bunch
  • Toothpicks or skewers - 4 pcs.
  • Medium-sized carrots - 1 pc.

You will learn more from the video:

It's just that you can diversify your diet with interesting dishes.

Similar Recipe Collections


Chicken fillet - 800 g

Fresh champignons - 300 g

Onions - 1 pc.

Semi-hard cheese - 50 g

Cream (20%) - 300 ml.

Dill greens - 3-4 branches,

Cooking oil for frying,

Salt, black pepper - to taste

Bacon Oven Chicken Rolls

Fragrant, delicate, piquant and simply incredibly tasty dish. Prepared from simple, affordable products in just half an hour. Serve hot or as a snack. A great option for a festive table.

The highlight of this dish is a win-win combination of chicken, pineapple, cheese and bacon.


For cooking, we need:

  • Chicken breast fillet - 2 pcs.
  • Bacon or ham - 50 g.
  • Spices to taste
  • Hard cheese - 100 g.
  • Taste vegetable oil
  • Canned Pineapple - 50 g.

1. My chicken fillet. It takes 2 halves of a whole breast. After washing, dry the meat with paper towels.

2. We cut each filet into 2 parts across. Now, we cut each piece along the fibers into 2 plates.

We spread them in one layer, next to each other on the board. Cover on top with a film or bag. We beat off well. Then we turn over to the other side and beat off again. The package will not only protect your kitchen from scraps of meat, but also keep the pieces intact.

3. Sprinkle each piece with salt, your favorite spices. You can use a ready-made bouquet of seasonings "To the chicken."

Cut the bacon into thin slices. We spread on top of each piece of meat. There should be some free space around the edges. Pineapple cut into cubes. Put in the middle of 3 small pieces.

4. Cheese cut into strips, spread a little on top. You can rub it with a grater.

5. We turn products into tight rolls. If he does not hold well, you can fasten it with a toothpick. We spread in a baking dish. It is not necessary to lubricate with oil if it is glass. It is better to oil other dishes.

6. Sprinkle chicken seasoning on top. Water with a small amount of vegetable oil.

7. The furnace is heated to 200 degrees. We send rolls here for 30-40 minutes. When they are well browned, you can get them out, put them on plates for serving.

Mushroom Chicken Rolls Recipe

Such rolls can be prepared from simple products, literally whipped up when the guests are on the doorstep or just wanted something tasty. They will help you out at the festive table. After all, cooking time, as a rule, is always limited.

The highlight of this dish in the combination of chicken, mushrooms and eggs is obtained very gently and harmoniously.


The recipe is simple, even a novice hostess will cope with it. But at the same time, the dish itself is impressive and seems to be a masterpiece of cooking. So, I recommend it!

For cooking, we need:

  • Chicken breast - 2 pcs (or 4 ready-made fillets)
  • Garlic - 3-5 cloves, to taste
  • Onion - 1 pc.
  • Fresh champignons - 250 g.
  • Adjika taste
  • Vegetable oil
  • Pepper, salt to taste
  • Hard boiled eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Taste mustard

1. Mushrooms, clean the hat from the top layer. Cut them into small pieces.

2. Peel the onion, chop. In a pan, heat a little vegetable oil. Then send the onion here. Fry until translucent.

Then we shift the mushrooms here. Stir. They will immediately begin to give moisture. When it evaporates, salt them and pepper. I do not recommend overdoing it with seasonings, so as not to interrupt the natural mushroom aroma. Brown them a few more minutes to a delicious color.

3. The eggs are peeled, cut into small cubes.

4. Chicken fillet cut into halves. First, we cut one half of the whole breast along the fibers into 2 long parts, then cut them across into 2 more pieces. We beat them off with a hammer. First you need to wrap the meat with a film or just cover it with a bag.

Rub with salt and ground pepper. Optionally, you can connect your favorite seasonings. Grease each chop with half a teaspoon of mustard.

5. Squeeze 1 clove of garlic on each. We distribute it. A strip, departing from all the edges, we begin to lay out the filling. First eggs, mushrooms on top. Do not put too much, otherwise the roll will not be easy to roll. You need to fold it tight enough. We turn the lateral edges of the meat inward.

6. We tie each roll with a thread. Can be fastened with a toothpick.

7. About a teaspoon of adjika is mixed with a small amount of vegetable oil. With this mixture we will coat each product on top. Then the finished treat will take on a very appetizing, ruddy appearance. We send them to the oven, preheated to 180-200 degrees. Bake until cooked, about 40 minutes. The exact time depends on your stove. As soon as the products get a golden brown, you can turn off the oven.

You can serve right away. But I prefer to give the dish a little brew. After all, meat during the baking process releases its juice. And after it has stood in the disconnected oven for at least half an hour, it will take everything back. And, besides, it will cool down a bit. Such rolls can be eaten even completely cooled or chilled.

Tasty cheese rolls in the oven with cheese

Sometimes you want something tasty, different from the usual dishes that we cook every day. At the same time, of course, one does not always want to lose a lot of time and money on this. Then simple and tasty recipes come to the rescue. For example, this one. The main products are chicken, cheese and herbs.


Delight your family with delicious rolls, because it’s not difficult to cook them. Still in doubt? See for yourself!

For cooking, we need:

  • Hard cheese - 200 g.
  • Sour cream - 1 tablespoon
  • Chicken fillet - 1 kg.
  • Fresh dill - a bunch
  • Salt - approximately 1 tsp.
  • Fresh parsley - 1 bunch
  • Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp.
  • Butter - 80 g.
  • Ground black pepper - 1 tsp
  • Sour cream - 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic - 3-6 cloves, taste

1. I suggest starting with greens. Parsley and my dill, shake off water, slightly dry. Cut as finely as possible with a knife. The less chopped it is, the better.

2. You can take any cheese - solid or semi-solid. The only condition is that it must be natural and melt well. Rub it with a grater. Half of the resulting mass is transferred to the greens and add salt, ground pepper. Through the press we pass garlic here. Put the soft butter. The second half of the cheese will be needed later.

3. Cheese with herbs carefully mix. On this, the filling for rolls is ready. The aroma from her is breathtaking.

4. Prepare the base - chicken fillet. We remove the skin, excess fat, bones (if any), cut off all the films. We cut each into 2 plates along the fibers. Then we cut each such a long plate into 2 parts. Do not chop frozen filet - it may break. We put each piece in a bag or wrap it with foil. We beat off the blunt side of the malleus on both sides. You can do this with a regular rolling pin, for example.

5. Salt the meat, pepper on both sides, rub.

6. For each piece, spread about a tablespoon of the filling. We turn to the opposite side, tight enough. Turn the free side edges inward.

7. In a pan, heat a little vegetable oil. We send our products to the hot dishes, with the seams down. When the bottom is slightly browned, the edges are printed, you can turn it on the opposite side. At this stage, it is not necessary to bring to readiness. It is enough to fry them for 5-6 minutes on each side over medium heat. The goal is only to brown them.

8. From the pan, transfer our tubes to a baking dish, oiled. Mix mayonnaise with sour cream together in a separate bowl. Top each product with this sauce.

Sprinkle with previously grated cheese.

9. We heat the oven to 180 degrees. We send the form to the hot furnace for about 20-30 minutes, until ready.

Serve immediately or pre-cool them.

Chicken rolls with cheese and vegetables

The promised second video. This is a very original recipe. Such mouth-watering mini-rolls, which are impossible to resist. Tasty and quick solution for both a buffet table, a festive table and just for everyday lunch. The composition includes only 5 products that you may already have in stock.

So why not cook them right now ?!

For cooking, we need:

  • Chicken fillet - 800 g.
  • Fresh tomatoes - 2 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise - 50 g.
  • Hard cheese - 150 g.
  • Salt - half a teaspoon

Learn more from the video:

Perhaps every housewife has her own crown recipes from the category of "Fast, original and tasty." I suggest you replenish your piggy bank with our today's recipes. In addition to them, on our site you will find many more interesting things.

Take the article to yourself on social networks so that it is always at hand. Visit us often! See you soon!

Chicken breast rolls with bacon (with cheese)

Chicken breast rolls with bacon and cheese are not traditionally prepared. Fillet marinated with spices, stuffed with cheese and spinach. And on top is covered with bacon - fresh or smoked. We recommend serving a snack with vegetables, spicy herbs.


  • curd cheese - 250 g,
  • spinach - 2 bunches,
  • chicken breast fillet - 1 pc.,
  • salt - 1 tsp.,
  • ground pepper mixture - 0.5 tsp.,
  • dry garlic - 0.5 tsp.,
  • bacon - 300 g (in thin slices).

Mash the cheese with a fork. Rinse the spinach thoroughly, dry and cut into smaller ones.

Mix spinach with cheese.

Prepare the chicken. Rinse in cold water. Dry with paper towels. Divide the chicken breast in two. Each cut in half lengthwise to make 2 layers. Slightly beat off with a kitchen hammer. Sprinkle fillets on each side with salt, ground pepper and dried garlic. Garlic comes out more aromatic.

Apply cheese mixture to each fillet - 1.5 tablespoon.

Fold each filet in half. Wrap thin slices of bacon.

Place the wire rack on the baking sheet. Place rolls of chicken breast with bacon on it.

Cook in the oven at 190 ° C for 40-45 minutes.

Recipe with mushrooms in a sauce (in a pan)

Mushroom fillet rolls are both a hot second course and a snack in one plate. Prepared in a pan with cream sauce. Fresh mushrooms are taken in the recipe, but pickled cans can also be taken.


  • chicken fillet - 500 g,
  • fresh champignons - 4-5 pcs.,
  • hard cheese - 110 g,
  • lemon - half one
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • cream - 100 ml,
  • wheat flour - 1 tbsp. l (with a slide)
  • salt, ground pepper - to taste,
  • fresh greens - a bunch.

Cooking progress:

  1. Cut the fillet in half lengthwise. You will get layers of meat. Beat them a little. In order not to tear the meat, cover the fillet with baking paper. Marinate with salt and ground pepper fillet.
  2. Cut the mushrooms. Half sliced, half finely diced. Pour finely sliced ​​lemon juice.
  3. Put a layer of mushrooms marinated in lemon on each fillet. Sprinkle with grated hard cheese. Spin it into rolls. Secure with toothpicks.
  4. Warm the vegetable oil in a pan. Fry the rolls on both sides until golden brown.
  5. While the rolls are fried, make the sauce. In a saucepan or skillet, brown until brown. Add cream with mushrooms (sliced). Salt. Simmer for about 4 minutes.
  6. Flip the rolls in a pan. Pour over the sauce. Cover with a lid. Stew in sauce for about 25 minutes. Add some hot water if necessary.

Before serving, sprinkle the dish with sliced ​​fresh spicy herbs.

Chicken rolls with cottage cheese (with herbs)

For rolls, take grainy or soft, but thick cottage cheese. Together with spicy herbs, the combination is awesome! Provencal herbs and olive oil are the scents that will soar in the air. Appetizingly!


  • chicken fillet - 1 pc.,
  • cottage cheese - 60 g
  • sun-dried tomatoes or in their own juice - 50 g,
  • salt - 2 pinches,
  • ground red pepper - 2 pinches,
  • dry Provence herbs - 1 tsp.,
  • olive oil - 3 tbsp. l

How to cook:

  1. Mix cottage cheese with tomatoes. Punch with a blender until smooth. Mix with salt to taste.
  2. Cut the fillet along not completely. It should be like a "book." Insert the stuffing with cottage cheese inside. Secure with toothpicks.
  3. For the sauce, mix olive oil, salt, red pepper and dry herbs. Pour the fillet.

Send the chicken fillet to the oven for 35 minutes at 190 ° C.

With prunes (in the oven)

Chicken breast rolls with prunes - a delicious snack. It is served cold. After cooling, the rolls are easy to chop and serve on a plate. In addition to prunes, use dried apricots if desired.


  • chicken breast fillet - 3 pcs.,
  • pitted prunes - 200 g,
  • salt, ground pepper - to taste,
  • dry spicy herbs - 1 tsp.,
  • vegetable oil - 2-3 tbsp. l.,
  • hard cheese - about 150 g.

Cut each fillet in half into plates. Hammer under baking paper. No paper at hand? Take advantage of the package. Sprinkle the fillet with salt and pepper.

Grind the cheese through a grater. Rinse the prunes well in advance, dry them. Cut the berries into strips. On each fillet, put some cheese with prunes. Spin with neat rolls. Fasten with toothpicks.

Cover the baking dish with foil. Lubricate with oil. Stack the rolls. Sprinkle with salt and dry herbs on top. Drizzle with oil.

Bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 190-200 ° C.

After baking, put the rolls on a plate. Cool slightly. The meat will be better cut and not break.

Replace prunes to taste with cranberries, black or red currants.

Pineapple Filling

Do you already understand how chicken breast rolls are made? Take on board one more filling. With pineapples, the chicken is very tasty. Take canned pineapple slices or circles. So, cook according to the algorithm:

  • cut the fillet into plates, beat off,
  • grease with sour cream or mayonnaise on one side,
  • put a little sliced ​​pineapple and cheese on the fillet,
  • spin into rolls
  • fry in a pan until golden brown (turn on high heat),
  • sprinkle with cheese, bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes.

In a roll filling, it is good to use spicy pickled garlic. He will add an additional "zest" to the dish, add an amazing aroma.

Stuffed Chicken Breast Rolls

The roll recipes are so varied that guests will envy your culinary excellence. Make a chicken breast fillet appetizer with filling. Take several types of cheese for an unusual taste and aroma.


  • hard cheese - 150 g,
  • processed cheese - 60 g,
  • spicy greens - a bunch,
  • mayonnaise - 3-4 tbsp. l.,
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • breadcrumbs from wheat bread - 3-4 tbsp. l.,
  • breast fillet - 2 pcs.,
  • ground pepper - 3-4 pinches,
  • salt - half a teaspoon.

Rinse the fillet under cold water. Moisten with paper towels. Each fillet is cut lengthwise into two plates.

Beat the filet with a hammer. To prevent the meat from tearing, cover the fillet with a bag.

Sprinkle fillet with salt and ground pepper on both sides. Rub the spices lightly into the meat. Leave on for a few minutes.

In the meantime, do the stuffing. In the recipe, spicy greens are frozen. It should be removed from the freezer in advance. Do you have fresh herbs? Just chop it with a knife.

Grind hard cheese through a grater. Finely chopped fused. To make soft cheese easy to cut, freeze it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Mix both types of cheese with herbs. Add a little salt and pepper.

Lay out the filling on the fillet, as in the photo. Wrap with rolls. Wrap the thread. Spread with mayonnaise. Bread in breadcrumbs.

Grease baking paper with oil. Spread the rolls. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 190 ° C.

Take breadcrumbs, ground nuts, oatmeal, flour, or sesame seeds as a breading.

In pesto sauce

Pesto rolls are cooked in two steps. First they are fried on the stove, then baked in the oven. In order not to transfer the semi-finished products from the pan to the baking sheet, take a pan with metal handles. A cast-iron version of the dishes will do.


  • chicken breast fillet - 4 pcs.,
  • ground pepper, salt - 1 tsp.,
  • pesto for filling
  • large tomatoes - 2 pcs.,
  • cherry tomatoes - 1 branch,
  • hard cheese - 80 g,
  • curd cheese - 30 g,
  • vegetable oil - 40 ml.

For pesto:

  • basil leaves - a large bunch,
  • hard cheese - 50 g
  • garlic cloves - 2-3 pcs.,
  • nuts (peanuts or cedar) - 30 g,
  • olive oil - 100 ml.

Chicken breast rolls require pesto sauce. We offer to make the sauce at home. Dip the basil leaves into the blender chopper bowl. Send there grated cheese, crushed garlic cloves, ground nuts, pressed through a press. Add a couple of tablespoons of oil. Interrupt everything with a blender to an even mass. Fill in the remaining oil. Grind for 10-12 seconds with a blender. You get a uniform pesto sauce.

Back to the main recipe. Cut the chicken breast fillet into layers along. Beat in the bag with a hammer to even out the thickness. Sprinkle with pepper and salt.

Put a spoonful of pesto on each slice. Smudge.

Cut the tomatoes into thin slices. Put the pesto on top as shown in the photo. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Twist the rolls. Fasten with toothpicks. Warm the oil in a pan. Lay the rolls next to each other. Fry over high heat until golden brown. Turn over. Wait for the crispy crust again.

Turn off the stove fire. Turn on the oven at 180-190˚С.

Sprinkle grated curd cheese in a pan on rolls. Sprinkle cherry tomatoes. Put in the oven for 30 minutes.

Apple filling

As a bonus, a recipe for apple fillings. Take sweet and sour fruit varieties. For example, Golden. Cut the chicken fillet into slices, beat, pickle in orange juice. Then wipe the meat from excess moisture. Brush with sauce. Sprinkle with cheese. Place a slice of peeled apple on each fillet. Twist the rolls. Secure with toothpicks.

Put on a baking sheet. Pour in oil. Do not forget to salt and pepper. Cook in the oven for 45 minutes at 180-190 ° C.

What is so good stuffed chicken rolls?

  • First - This is chicken fillet, which means that the meat is light and dietary.
  • Second - the taste of rolls is different each time, because as a filling you can put anything you want from products, up to fruits.
  • Third - The type of nutritious and delicious chicken rolls is always appetizing.

Having adapted, you can quickly learn how to cook rolls, you just have to prepare all the ingredients in advance.


Let's start with the main ingredient. This is chicken fillet. If it is on the bone, you must remove the meat so that you get a whole piece. Then you need to beat it with a hammer, placing it in polyethylene. This must be done super carefully so that there are no thin spots on the fillet. Otherwise, the filling will fall out.

Step 1. Put the meat in polyethylene and beat it

Cheese is a unique product in this dish. Firstly, it complements the chicken with its taste. It would be possible not to put anything else here at all - it would be gorgeous! Secondly, it holds together all the other ingredients. Because it does not happen much. What is the best way to put it? I grated on a coarse grater.

The following ingredient is very unusual. I rarely take dried tomatoes at all. Because they need time - they must soften. Therefore, this time I decided to cut them with very thin stripes.

Step 3. Cut dried tomatoes into thin strips

Why is green onion here? What a question! It will add taste, add freshness with its so bright color. And green onions, especially in winter, even in this form - vitamin. And it also does not happen much! push it small.

Step 4. Finely chop the onion

This can be limited. But after all, the more ingredients in the roll, the more nutritious, tastier and healthier it is. Therefore, let's make bell pepper. I had a yellow color. It was such a nice accent!

Step 5. Bell Pepper

Celery is a unique product. I'm talking about its stem type. Fragrant, healthy, delicious! In a word, cut it into thin strips. So he will cook faster, and will not get enough sleep from the roll.

Step 6. Celery Straw

That's all. You can collect the filling. And you can lay layers of each ingredient in the middle of a broken filet. How about salt? Everyone chooses his own path. I have aromatic salt - it is slightly salted and will add aroma.

Step 7. Add the filling to the beaten filet

Here we must do everything carefully. That is, put the fillings so much that it can be easily then smelled with the free end of the meat. And we, in turn, need to fix it in a convenient way.

Step 8. Put the filling and fix the meat with a skewer

The pan should already be heated. Now you need to warm the oil firmly. Then (roll in breadcrumbs at will), you need to fry the rolls. It is advisable to form rolls so that there are 4 sides. Remove when browned. Yummy!

Step 9. Finished rolls

How to cook rolls: tips

  • It is better to take the loin portion of the chicken. Although the hips go well, from which all the bones are removed.
  • The meat can be beaten all away, but it can be cut portionwise, then, laying the pieces in polyethylene, beat off with a chopper.
  • But first, it’s better to cook everything for the filling. Then, spreading it on the fillet, roll it up like a rug.
  • In order to keep the filling in place, it is better to tie the roll with threads, culinary twine, if any, or chop with ordinary skewers.
  • You can twist large rolls - it's easier, less fuss. And you can - small ones. Here you have to tinker with toppings and frying.
  • There is another way of folding - first, most of the breast is placed, in the middle - the smaller, and in the middle - the filling.
  • Frying pan or oven, slow cooker or microwave, grill? Choose!

And finally. Easy cooking allows you to cook rolls of chicken and various fillings every day. If it will be a different filling each time, it will be even more interesting. As you can see, the filling can be ordinary cheese and greens, even pickles. Imagine!

Watch the video: Crispy Baked Chicken Roll (March 2020).