Dufalac: instructions for children and adults, price and analogues

In drugstores, the medicine is sold in the form of syrupin plastic bottles of 200, 500 and 1000 ml with a special screw cap. In a cardboard box, in addition to the pharmaceutical product, a measuring cup is placed. Also, a laxative can be found in disposable aluminum foil sachets for 15 ml. Packaging usually contains 10 sachets.

Pharmachologic effect

Duphalac Syrup is classified in the thematic medical literature as laxativemedicine. The drug has hyperosmoticaction, stimulates the physiological act of intestinal motility, improves absorption calcium salts and phosphates. Also, the effects of drug syrup apply to nitrogen exchange - there is a migration of ammonia from the blood into the intestine, where the formation of toxic products of nitrogen metabolism is significantly reduced and their absorption into the system of the inferior vena cava is inhibited.

The mechanism of therapeutic effects of a pharmaceutical preparation consists in the cooperation of a biologically active active ingredient with the natural microflora of the large intestine. The properties of lactulose can increase the amount of lactobacilliwhich, when split, form low molecular weight acids, reducing acidity in the lumen of the digestive tube. The result of this interaction is a decrease in osmotic pressure and an increase in intestinal contents, which is manifested in the stimulation of peristalsis and a change in the nature of the stool.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Laxative used orally. Absorption of the active ingredient in the digestive tract is low. After oral administration, the drug almost unchanged reaches the large intestine, where it is split by the natural microflora that populates the lumen. Full metabolizationa pharmaceutical preparation occurs in doses of about 45-70 ml (the exact amount depends on individual indicators of the rate of metabolic processes). If the dosages exceed those indicated, it can be detected in the discharge unchanged.

Indications for use

  • severe chronicconstipation (constipation),
  • regulation of the rhythm of physiological emptying of the large intestine,
  • stool softening at hemorrhoids or upcoming operations on the final sections of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • hepatic encephalopathy,
  • putrefactive dyspepsia syndromein children of a younger age category,
  • hepatic comaand precomatous condition,
  • dysbiosisintestines. caused by persistence of salmonella, shigella.


Contraindications to the use of the drug include:

  • increased individual sensitivityto the constituent components of a pharmaceutical preparation,
  • hereditary or acquired intoleranceactive substance
  • rectal bleeding not of hemorrhoidal genesis,
  • galactosemia,
  • colostomy and ileostomy,
  • intestinal obstruction of various origin,
  • suspected acute appendicitis,
  • diabetes (endocrine pathology is not considered an absolute contraindication for the use of medicinal syrup, however, it should be used against the background of this disease under the supervision of qualified specialists).

Side effects

The laxative Dufalac in the early days of a course of conservative treatment can cause lethargic manifestations bloating and flatulence, which are resolved independently for two days. Abdominal pains may also occur. nausea, vomiting, diarrheaelectrolyte imbalance, as a result - withexpensive, arrhythmias, myalgia, excessive fatigue, headache,dizzinesse and weakness. In case of adverse effects of therapy, the pharmaceutical preparation is not excluded from the rehabilitation plan, but only its dosage is adjusted in a certain way.

Duphalac syrup, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Laxative is for oral oral administration. The drug solution can be used both in diluted and undiluted form. It is necessary to take the entire single dosage in one sip, without delaying the syrup in the mouth.

Instructions for use Dufalac

The main purpose of prescribing a pharmacological drug is stool softening and constipation treatment. For this, syrup should be taken at the same time throughout the conservative course. Recommended also drinking plenty of fluids during treatment - 1.5-2 liters per day. The therapeutic dosage schedule depends largely on the age category (initial dosage is equal to the maintenance):

  • adults and adolescents - 15-45 ml,
  • children 7-14 years old - 15 ml,
  • children 1-6 years old 5-10 ml,
  • children under 1 year - Up to 5 ml.

Through how much the pharmacological drug acts, it is almost impossible to unambiguously answerindividual metabolism each human body, however, as a rule, the therapeutic effects of constipation are not long in coming and are noticeable on the second day of the course of conservative treatment.

How to take a newborn?

Immediately after childbirth or in the very early childhood, mothers often encounter the problem of constipation in children, because their digestive system is still not adapted to this kind of nutrition. Also own microflorathe gastrointestinal tract has not yet developed enough to ensure a normal speed of processes fermentation products. Because newborns are often prescribed Duphalac.

Dosagepharmaceutical preparations are selected from the subjective sensations of the child after taking it. Typically, the amount of syrup used varies from 1 to 5 ml. Bredlaxative in water or breast milk. It is better to give the drug immediately after a night's sleep or the first morning feeding, however, with rapid regurgitation, repeat the procedure. It is interesting that the "children's" therapeutic effect develops after a few hours.

How to take Dufalac in the treatment of hepatic coma and precoma?

The initial dosage of the drug is 30-45 ml of syrup 3 times a day. Further, the dosage is selected individually - in order to avoid the adverse effects of treatment and drug overdose. The criteria for the right amount of syrup are:

  • soft stool 2-3 times a day,
  • colon acidity in the range of 5.0-5.5,
  • the absence of abdominal pain or other side effects.

Separately, it should be noted after how long the drug acts, because metabolic effects biologically active components can not develop simultaneously. In case of hepatic pathologies, for example, the therapeutic effect of Dufalac is noticeable after 2-5 days, depending on the individual metabolic rate.

Instructions for the use of Dufalac in the treatment of digestive tube dysbiosis

In the treatment of violations of the quantitative and qualitative composition of the natural microflora of the large intestine, the pharmacological drug is used not as a laxative, but as a full-fledged probiotic, because the main purpose of its purpose is to increase the fraction of lactobacilli and change the acidity of the internal environment to suppress the growth of pathological microflora. With dysbiosis, the following are used dosagemedicinal syrup:

  • children under 1 year old - 1.5-3 ml,
  • age category from 1 year to 3 years - 3 ml,
  • preschoolers from 4 to 7 years old - 5 ml,
  • at school age and adult - 10 ml.


Excessive use of the drug can lead to a pathological condition of an overdose, which is characterized by manifestations such asstomach ache, diarrhea, electrolyte imbalance. In the event of the development of such consequences of conservative treatment, the method of application and dosage should be reduced after a mandatory consultation with a qualified medical specialist.


The combined use of Dufalac with antacid drugs and some antibiotics reduces its therapeutic effectiveness.

The pharmacological effect of lactulose, the active component of the drug, is accompanied by a decrease in the acidity of the contents of the large intestine, and accordingly changes the release pH dependent active substancesfor example, in the treatment of drugs 5-aminosalicylic acid.

Special instructions

In addition to traditional therapeutic treatment, Dufalac is also actively used and veterinary practice, since the structure of the gastrointestinal tract of most mammals is practically the same. So, for example, you can often find the purpose of this laxative for cats, after all, these extremely neat pets swallow a certain amount of wool, which accumulates in the lumen of the large intestine and leads to difficulties in defecation. Also often encountered problems with the diet of pets.

Veterinary forums often ask questions about addictivecats to different medicines, because such a tendency in this kind of domestic animals, unfortunately, exists and has been repeatedly ridiculed in jokes and parables. What about Dufalac - is the drug addictive, it’s difficult to answer. Cats do not begin to ask for a laxative, but they have to be used regularly, because it is impossible to wean an animal from “washing”, because some veterinarians put forward a theory of fairly constant consumption, which makes addiction inconspicuous.

How to take with cats constipation?

Dosagefor cats is 0.5-2 ml per medium-sized animal. The amount of medicinal syrup used can be selected independently, guided by the calculation of 0.5 ml per 1 kilogram of the weight of the pet. Give a pharmaceutical preparation while eating, since the syrup has a characteristic sweet taste, which may not like the cat or cat.

How long does it take to act?

Separately, it should be noted that the therapeutic effects of constipations in pets develop much faster than in humans. The active effect of the pharmaceutical preparation can be observed within a few hours after taking the syrup.

Analogs of Dufalac

Duphalac is not the cheapest pharmaceuticals, because, as a rule, analogues are cheaper in price. So you can replace the therapeutic effect of a laxative syrup with such pharmacy products as Good luckcrystalline Lactulose, Legendaryor Lizalac.

Blown away, of course, note the Russian analogue of Dufalac Lactusan, since the well-known Lactulose is the cornerstone of the medicinal properties of the laxative, and the cost of the drug is much lower in domestic pharmacy stalls, since the drug is produced in Russia. In addition to the price, the indications for the use of Lactusan are slightly different, because pharmaceutical preparations are not completely interchangeable in all cases. In each specific situation, you should consult with your doctor if it is possible to choose a laxative that does not hit the pocketbook so much.

Another good analogue drug is made in Italy. Normase Is a laxative of osmotic action, which is a synthetic polysaccharide. It has an identical mechanism of action and the same indications for use, so the question immediately arises - which is better than normase or dufalac? Among side effects Normase notedlonger nausea, bloating, flatulence, and even colic. Skin rashes can also be observed, however, the cost of the drug is slightly lower than the price of Dufalac, both in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation, therefore, each person has to answer this question individually.

Dufalac for children

Dufalac is actively used in pediatric practice, starting with the youngest age category, because problems with emptying, unfortunately, are not uncommon in the daily work of a pediatrician. By the time of birth, the children's gastrointestinal tract has not yet fully completed its development, it is practically clean from the beneficial microflora of the digestive tube - these are the main causes of the development of constipation. The instruction for children on this pharmaceutical preparation is fundamentally different only in the dosages used in the conservative course of treatment.

Since the drug is often used for children, reviews about Dufalac overwhelm thematic forums and sites. Most of them are positive, because medicinal syrup allows you to solve problems with one of the most important systems of the body. Also, after taking a course of conservative therapy with syrup, calm children after feeding, in contrast to tantrums in the presence of pathology of the digestive organs.

Dufalac for newborns

The development of the child does not end with the process of childbirth, as a rule, most organs and systems go through the last stages of formation already falling into unfavorable conditions of the outside world. This fact is observed in relation, for example, to the gastrointestinal tract, because intrauterine nutrition of a child involves completely different organs. Against this background, newborns are often observed constipation, because the lumen of the digestive tube is not yet ready for traditional products.

To eliminate such pathological conditions, laxatives are prescribed.hypoosmotic action, therefore, the question of whether newborn Dufalac can be answered with confidence is positive - this drug is undoubtedly what a newborn child needs to eliminate difficulties with bowel movements.

How to give a newborn Duphalac?

The pharmaceutical product is available in the form of sweet syrup, because the instructions for newborns are practically no different from those for the adult category of patients. Medicine can be bred with water, so that the taste was not so rich. Syrup should be given to the baby at the same time (preferably immediately after sleep), in order to develop a habit in the young body.

A laxative is a powerful pharmaceutical, therefore, when Dufalac is used for infants, the dosage should be kept strictly in order to avoid the adverse effects of the therapeutic course or overdose of the active components. From birth to the first year of life, children are usually prescribed 5 ml for 15-20 days, however, with individual indications or contraindications, the dosage or duration of treatment may vary.

Laxative for infants: reviews about Dufalac

Metabolic processes in the body of small newborns are extremely quickly, and therefore the therapeutic effects of the drug are observed after a few hours, in contrast to the treatment of the adult patient category. In this regard, reviews on thematic forums for young mothers overwhelmingly characterize the drug positively.After completing a course of conservative rehabilitation, the child becomes calmer and less worries parents with cries about and without him. The frequency of bowel movements returns to normal (under the age of one year is about 4-5 times a day).

For weight loss

The problem of overweight in women is often found in the modern world and, of course, they try to solve it first by third-party ways and only after much research do they come to sports and rational nutrition. It is widely believed thatlose a few extra pounds it is possible with the help of laxativesdrugs, such as Dufalac. A large number of female audiences on thematic sites ask how to drink syrup to get rid of obesity.

The correct answer, of course, is “no way,” because a laxative does not allow to eliminate obesity, and drug abuse makes the female body worse. Due to the regular use of Dufalac for weight loss, it develops dehydration, since a large amount of water intended for absorption is excreted along with feces. This entails a series of pathological conditions, the key of which is total metabolic disorder.

As a result of metabolic shifts, regular headache and dizziness, the external state of the skin and its appendages changes for the worse (nailsbecome brittle and weak, and hairsplit, lose a healthy sheen and color). How quickly does the drug act in this way on a woman’s body? With drug abuse, the above effects will manifest themselves fully after 1-2 months of active use of a laxative. It should be noted that the desired change in weight in the vast majority of cases does not occur.

Duphalac during pregnancy (and lactation)

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract in almost 100 percent of cases accompany the period of pregnancy, and constipation or constipation is especially common. In this critical period of a woman’s life, even such an innocent pathological condition as difficulty in emptying can lead to adverse consequences, because the muscles of the rectum, perineum and uterus innervatedfrom one hearth peripheral nervous system, and accordingly, strong contractions during bowel movements increase the tone of the muscular apparatus of the female genital organs.

To eliminate the above hazards, use laxativesfunds, but not all pharmaceutical preparations that facilitate the discharge of feces can be used during pregnancy. The drug should be selected so that itdid not have tonic smooth muscle effects. Most often, Dufalac, a laxative of hypoosmotic action, softens feces due to the therapeutic effect on the natural microflora of the digestive tube, is prescribed to solve the existing problem.

How to take during pregnancy?

Dufalac conservative treatment regimen consists of two key periods - directly therapeuticand supporting rehabilitation(carried out to avoid subsequent relapses of the pathological condition). The minimum daily dosage of the drug is 15 ml, and the maximum is 45 ml. As soon as the stool is settled and defecation will not cause difficulties, it is necessary to switch to maintenance dosages that are equal to half of the therapeutic ones (it is recommended to check with the attending physician, since the amount of the drug may vary depending on the results of clinical tests).

Reviews about Dufalac during pregnancy

The drug is used good reputation among women for several reasons. First of all, of course, a pharmaceutical preparation can effectively eradicate problems with emptying and restore a normal bowel movement without harm to the body of the future mother and fetus. The next, but important positive component for Dufalac syrup is almost complete no side effects during the course of conservative treatment. Unlike other laxatives, Dufalac does not cause flatulence, bloating or bursting pain.

Dufalac during lactation

Separately, the topic should be discussed - is it possible nursing mom take this medicine. Dufalac not absorbed from the cavity of the digestive tube, and selectively acts on the natural microflora and nitrogen metabolism, and accordingly for the main biologically active component of Lactulosethere is no way to get into breast milk. Therefore, it is definitely possible to use Dufalac during lactation, because this will not harm the baby or the female body.

However, in view of the increased susceptibility of the mother immediately after childbirth, the prescribed dosages should be precisely followed. If you need to undergo treatment with a laxative, it is recommended to lie in a hospital, in this case, a qualified specialist will always be able to indicate how much and when it is better to take Dufalac. The question of how long you can take the pharmaceutical drug should also be shifted to the gynecologist or therapist. As a rule, after a noticeable improvement in stool quality and elimination of problems with bowel movements, Dufalac during breastfeeding is canceled without undergoing maintenance therapy.

Reviews about Dufalac

Reviews about Duphalac at various pharmaceutical forums are mainly positive in view of the particular effectiveness of the drug even in the most clinically difficult situations. Laxative syrup can not only get rid of difficulties in the process of bowel movement, but also strengthen the microbiological component of the gastrointestinal tract, because the active component increases the population of such useful lactobacilli in the lumen of the digestive tube.

The laxative develops its therapeutic effect gently and without a long list of side effects, because the pharmaceutical preparation is actively used in pediatric practice to help newborns with adaptation to solid foods and prepare the digestive system for further physiological existence. When taking newborns, reviews of Dufalac sparkle from joyful emotions and compliments towards pharmacists, because the drug helps in a matter of hours, after which the child becomes much calmer and less noisy.

Duphalac is actively used during pregnancy, as it does not have tonic effects on the smooth muscles of the rectum and uterus. This means that the use of a pharmaceutical laxative cannot lead to any negatively colored consequences for the fetus. For the mother, in turn, the drug helps to effectively get rid of the discomfort caused by constipation - a problem so often encountered during pregnancy.

Separately, it should be noted that, unlike some laxatives, Dufalac is not absorbed into the main bloodstream, and therefore it can be freely used for breastfeeding, since there is not even a theoretical possibility of the active ingredients getting into mother’s milk and there’s no danger for babies when undergoing a very long course of conservative therapy by a woman after childbirth.

In addition to medicinal use, Dufalac syrup can be prescribed for specific diagnosis. For example, preparation for a colonoscopy necessarily includes a laxative, and since this drug has a small list of side effects and, as a rule, is well tolerated by patients, Dufalac is prescribed. Based on the reviews, the use of a pharmaceutical drug also allows you to somewhat mitigate the discomfort with this type of proctologic study.

Of course, you should not use the drug for weight loss, since it is possible to develop extremely unfavorable pathological consequences, such as general exhaustion of the body, disturbance of all types of metabolism, water-electrolyte balance and, as a result, the development of deficiency states with corresponding dystrophies throughout the body. That is why reviews of adult women about a pharmaceutical drug can somewhat spoil the reputation of Dufalac. But in this context, it is not the therapeutic effect of the syrup that is evaluated, but only invented methods of losing weight.

Duphalac price, where to buy

The price of Duphalac in the Russian Federation largely depends on the amount of the drug in the carton. The cost of a laxative can vary from 300 to 700 rubles.

The price of Duphalac from constipation in Ukraine is practically approaching that in Russia. How much is in the pharmacies of Kiev or Kharkov, you can find out on the Internet. As a rule, you can buy a pharmaceutical product from 90 hryvnias and above.

Cheap analogues and close substitutes for Duphalac for children and adults

An unpleasant delicate problem is constipation. In the absence of normal stool, laxatives are indicated for a long time.

In the list of safe products approved for use in childhood from birth and pregnant, lactating women - Dufalac. As part of the drug, the active substance is lactulose.

The drug has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, helps get rid of accumulated ammonium salts and restores normal stool.

It is allowed to use the medication for children from the first days of life. Dufalac is available in the form of a syrup or in bags for a single dose, for a child and an adult, the dosage will be different.

The drug is indicated for use in case of putrefactive dyspepsia syndrome, enteritis, constipation and dysbiosis.

One bag costs 150 rubles, and the cost of a bottle with syrup reaches 1000 rubles. Read what there are cheap analogues of Dufalac Russian and foreign production.

Analogs of Russian production

Domestic generics are much cheaper than the American original. Constipation is a short-term phenomenon and not everyone can spend 1000 rubles on syrup.

Among the synonyms of Russian production, there are inexpensive options that are several times cheaper than Dufalac.

In the list of available analogues:

    Magnesium Sulfate. A drug with a completely different active substance in the composition.

However, a generic domestic manufacturer has a similar effect, it is indicated for the threat of premature birth, cholecystitis, dysbiosis, constipation and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Release form - injection solution and powder for internal use. The average cost of an analogue is 30 rubles.
Poslabin. Release form - syrup, tablets. The medication has an identical effect, it helps to quickly deal with constipation, without causing irritation of the intestinal walls.

It can be used in old and childhood, with food poisoning and hemorrhoids. The price for packaging in a pharmacy is 150 rubles.
Lactulose Forte. A close substitute in composition, the active substance of which is the component of the same name with the name of the medication.

A safe ingredient stimulates intestinal motility, making bowel movements easier. In one package 10 disposable sachets. The price is 180 rubles.

Magnesium Sulfate costs even less, but is not an exact prototype. All of these drugs are approved for use at any age.

Ukrainian generics

Foreign manufacturers can compete with Russian firms in price and quality. Synonyms of Ukrainian production can be purchased at a pharmacy in the range from 90 to 130 rubles.

Among the medicines, there are complete prototypes in composition and similar drugs in the mode of action.

In the list of popular generics:

    Lactuvite. A complete prototype of Dufalac that helps empty the intestines.

Use is allowed for women during pregnancy and lactation. The average price is 90 rubles.
Depurax. Release form - sachet with syrup. Structural analogue, identical in composition.

It is indicated to solve the problem with bowel movements, gently removes constipation without irritating the intestinal wall. You can buy medicine for 120 rubles.
Normolact. Available in the form of syrup, belongs to the group of laxative drugs.

In the mode of action does not differ from Dufalac. An inexpensive drug quickly affects peristalsis, normalizing stool. The price for packaging is 130 rubles.
Bioflorax. The active substance is lactulose. The drug also belongs to the group of laxatives, it is indicated for solving toilet problems.

You can use the medicine for children and adults. The price is 130 rubles.

Prices in pharmacies may differ from those indicated by several rubles up or down. The problem of Ukrainian substitutes is difficult to find for sale in pharmacies in Russia.

Dosage and administration

Duphalac Syrup is taken orally before meals once a day in the morning. The dosage is established individually and depends on age and the pathological process. For softening the stool and treating constipation, the recommended dosage is:

  • Children under the age of 3 years - 5 ml of syrup initial and maintenance dose.
  • Children aged 3-6 years - the initial and maintenance dose of the drug is 5-10 ml.
  • Children aged 7-14 years - an initial dose of 15 ml with the subsequent transition to a maintenance dose, which is 10 ml.
  • Children over 14 years old and adults - 15-45 ml. The initial dose, the maintenance dose is 10-25 ml.

The initial dose of Dufalac syrup is usually taken within the first 2 days from the start of the drug course, then after the onset of the initial manifestations of the clinical effect, they switch to the maintenance dosage. In the event that no improvement occurred within 2 days, the dose of the drug is corrected.

For the complex treatment of hepatic pathology with a lack of functional activity of the liver, the dose is higher, it is 30-45 ml 3 times a day. During the first day, then they switch to a maintenance dose, which the doctor sets individually. During the treatment of dysbiosis, the maximum dose of Dufalac syrup should not exceed 10 ml. For the treatment of intestinal infections, including salmonellosis and shigellosis, the drug is used in a dose of 15 ml 3 times a day, the doctor sets the duration of the course of administration depending on the clinical effect. To treat acute constipation, Dufalac syrup is injected into the rectal lumen in an amount of 300 ml (usually it is diluted in 700 ml of pure water) as an enema.

Other foreign substitutes

Imported medicines are in demand among the population. Foreign-made laxatives are of high quality.

You can buy analogues of the American Duphalac for up to 250 rubles.

Check out close substitutes cheaper in the table:

An Italian-made medication with an identical active ingredient in the composition. The form of release does not differ.

Even newborns are allowed to use. The list of indications does not differ from the original instructions for use

Belarusian generic with another active ingredient - macrogol.

Does not differ in the way of action, however, it is contraindicated for use by children under the age of 8 years, pregnant and lactating women

Side effects

In general, Dufalac syrup is well tolerated. Flatulence (bloating) is sometimes possible in the first days after starting the drug, nausea, vomiting, spastic pain in the abdomen.With prolonged use of syrup, a violation of the electrolyte balance of the blood (the level and ratio of the content of various salts) may develop.

List of cheap analogues Dufalac, the price of Russian and import substitutes

The Russian pharmaceutical market is quite saturated with remedies for constipation. Drugs of this type can help get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon for a while. One of the medicines of this kind is Dufalac. The tool is popular and effective, but, unfortunately, its relatively high cost makes it look for more affordable substitutes similar in effect or composition.

Pharmacological effect

Duphalac is an effective stimulant of peristaltic contractions, a laxative and detoxification agent.

It has a hyperosmotic laxative effect, stabilizes the functioning of the intestine, and improves the absorption of elements such as phosphates and calcium salts. Removes ammonium ions.

Lactulose, which is an active component of the medication, safely breaks down in the intestine into organic substances. This contributes to a reduced osmotic pressure and an increase in the volume of the contents of the intestine, which allows you to influence the consistency of feces. In the end, a full restoration of the rhythms of bowel movements is provided.

By suppressing proteolytic bacteria, increasing the number of lactobacilli, the osmotic effect, reducing toxic substances, treatment of hepatic encephalopathy is provided.

Lactulose, being a prebiotic, can enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria, in particular acidophilic and bifidobacteria. At the same time, the development of other pathogens is suppressed.

Absorption of a pharmaceutical product is minimal. After use, it invariably enters the colon, after which it is split. Fully changes when taken in a dosage of 45 to 70 ml. The use of large doses allows the medication to be excreted unchanged.

What helps Dufalac?

Indications for use:

  • Overcoming constipation, problems of rhythmic emptying,
  • Stool softening - with hemorrhoids, after surgery in the anus and colon
  • Treatment of hepatic encephalopathy,
  • The fight against food poisoning.

Possible adverse effects during therapy

Often at the beginning of treatment, flatulence occurs, but it disappears after 2 days on its own and does not require discontinuation of the drug. High doses of the drug can cause diarrhea, which upsets the water-electrolyte balance. The digestive system is occasionally affected - minor abdominal pain, vomiting is allowed.

In cases of revealing these reactions of the body, you need to urgently contact a doctor. After a second medical examination, the dose will probably be adjusted or the diagnosis reset.

The rules of the treatment process

Instructions for use:

The drug is taken orally. The solution is allowed to be diluted. The dose must be swallowed immediately after ingestion. It is not necessary to detain her.

Dosage is selected individually. With a single dose prescribed per day, the medicine should be taken at a strictly set time, for example, at lunch. It is also recommended to ensure the use of a large amount of liquid - at least 2 liters or 8 glasses per day.

The measuring cup that comes in the package helps determine the exact dose of the medication. To receive the medicine in packaged form, you should tear off the corner of the package and use its contents.

In order to soften the stool is recommended:

  • Adults and adolescents - at the beginning of treatment - per day from 15 to 45 ml, later from 15 to 30 ml,
  • Children from 7 to 14 years old - from 15 to 30 ml,
  • From 1 to 6 years - from 5 to 10 ml,
  • Up to 1 year - no more than 5 ml.

Fighting liver encephalopathy:

The initial dosage is about 30-45 ml. Frequency per day - 3-4 doses. The transition to maintenance therapy is determined individually by the doctor.

Is pharmaceuticals allowed for pregnant and lactating breast milk?

The composition of the drug is safe. It does not adversely affect the fetus or infant, which feeds on mother’s milk. Lactulose does not have a pronounced harmful effect on a woman during preparation for childbirth or lactation. However, to establish an accurate and correct scheme for the use of a pharmaceutical product, you should consult a gynecologist.

Dufalac - cheap analogs (price list), which drug is better

Today, pharmacies sell a large number of both expensive and cheap medicines for constipation. One of the most high-quality and effective drugs in this group is Dufalac. This medicine is not cheap. If there is no way to buy it, then you can ask the pharmacist for cheaper, but no less effective analogues.

Composition and form of release

Duphalac is available in syrup form. 100 ml of the drug contains 66.7 g of lactulose and purified water to a volume of 100 ml.

According to the instructions, Dufalac is a transparent viscous liquid of a light yellow color.

This drug is produced in plastic bottles of 200, 500 or 1000 ml (included - measuring cup). There is also a release form in 15 ml disposable foil and polyethylene sachets (10 bags in a box).

Side effect

In the first days of the use of Dufalac, the appearance of increased gas formation (flatulence) is possible. It usually disappears after a few days. When taking high doses of the drug, diarrhea occurs. Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain may also occur. According to Dufalac, reports of its side effects are insufficient for an accurate assessment of the frequency of cases.

If the drug is used in high doses (for example, in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy), the patient may develop electrolyte imbalances due to diarrhea.

Indications Dufalac ®

constipation: regulation of the physiological rhythm of colon emptying,

softening of the stool for medical purposes (hemorrhoids, operations on the colon and in the anus)

hepatic encephalopathy - treatment and prevention of hepatic coma and precoma,

intestinal dysbiosis, enteritis caused by salmonella, shigella, salmonellosis in the stage of bacteriocarrier, putrefactive dyspepsia syndrome (in young children as a result of acute food poisoning).

Dosage form and chemical composition

In pharmacies, Dufalac is sold in the form of an oral syrup, which is a viscous, clear, yellowish liquid. The active ingredient is lactulose.

For 100 ml of syrup, 66.7 grams of the active substance are necessary.

The medication is sold in plastic bottles with different volumes: 200, 500, 1000 ml.

A leaflet with instructions and a measuring cup are attached to the bottle.

Instructions for use

Duphalac is taken orally, if necessary, washed down with water. The medicine can not be washed down, but usually lactulose works better when dissolved in water.

The instructions describe in detail the dosage for adults and children. However, the dosage and features of taking the medicine to the patient should be agreed with the doctor after passing a medical examination.

The drug is taken 1 time per day. The daily dose for adults and children over the age of 14 is 15 - 45 ml. Children from 7 to 14 years old should use no more than 15 ml of the drug. And for babies from one to 6 years old, the daily dose does not exceed 10 ml.

The duration of the therapeutic course depends on the intensity of the disease, but usually is about a month. If the patient is preparing for an instrumental examination of the digestive tract or surgery, then he takes 100 - 150 ml of the drug.

During the therapeutic period, it is recommended to drink as much water as possible to avoid dehydration. If necessary, the daily dose can be divided into two parts.

Infant drug treatment

Dufalac gently affects the digestive tract, therefore it is allowed for use by infants. For infants, a special treatment principle is established, different from the principle of therapy for adult patients.

In the first weeks of life, newborn babies often have problems with the release of feces. The infant's digestive tract slowly adapts to the food it receives, and as a result, it may malfunction. In addition, the infant intestine is not yet adequately provided with beneficial microflora, so enzymatic processing of food is weak. Pediatricians advise parents to give Dufalac to their child to prevent bowel problems.

The dosage of the medicine for the baby is prescribed only by a medical specialist. It is usually recommended to give the baby from 1 to 5 ml of syrup. The medicinal fluid must be diluted with water or breast milk. It is advisable that the child consume syrup in the morning, either immediately after sleep or after breakfast. If the baby burped the medicine with food, then an additional portion of the syrup should be given to him.

Side effects

Sometimes, when taking Dufalac, unpleasant but non-dangerous side effects are noted. Most often there is excess gas formation that does not require treatment, disappearing on its own after a few days. In rare cases, abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness are observed. If the dosage is exceeded, diarrhea may begin.

Dufalac is an imported highly effective drug, so it costs a lot. The price of a Dutch drug is determined by the volume of the bottle. The average cost is:

  • 200 ml - 240 rubles,
  • 500 ml - 470 rubles,
  • 1000 ml - 760 rubles.

Cheap analogues of Dufalac (price list)

In pharmacies, you can find many analogues that are cheaper than Dufalac. The following low-cost prebiotic substitutes are considered the most effective:

  • Normase, 200 ml - 250 rubles,
  • Goodluck, 200 ml - 230 rubles,
  • Lactusan, 300 ml - 290 rubles,
  • Forlax, 20 packets of 10 grams - 250 rubles,
  • Prelax, 220 ml - 180 rubles,
  • Portalac, 250 ml - 260 rubles.

Normase or Dufalac - which is better?

From the list of cheaper Dufalac analogues, the most popular drug is Normase. It is an inexpensive but effective prebiotic manufactured by an Italian pharmaceutical company. It is based on lactulose, an additional component is citric acid. The medication has a mild effect on the intestinal tract, intended for:

  • eliminate constipation,
  • weakening of pain during bowel movement during hemorrhoids,
  • restoration of normal intestinal microflora,
  • reducing the concentration of ammonia in the digestive tract with liver encephalopathy.

Both Dufalac and Normase are safe for the body of pregnant women and newborn babies. Both drugs, when used improperly, give the same side effects:

The daily therapeutic dose for an adult is 10 - 45 ml, the fixing dose does not exceed 25 ml. Children of different ages are prescribed from 5 to 10 ml of medication per day. It is advisable to take the drug in the evening, washing it down with water. A positive reception result is noted the next morning.

It is forbidden to take Normase to people with diabetes, having lactose intolerance or an insufficient amount of lactase in the body.

Dufalac or Lactusan - what to buy?

Lactusan is an analogue of Dufalac in action, but not in chemical composition. Dufalac is based on lactulose, and several active components are present in Lactusan:

  • lactulose
  • galactose
  • fructose.

The original is sold in syrup form, and the substitute is available in syrup and tablet form. It should be noted that Lactusan is prescribed mainly not as a laxative, but to restore normal intestinal microflora.

Forlax or Dufalac - what to choose?

Forlax and Dufalac are complete analogues in action. They with the same speed and intensity give a laxative effect. However, there are differences between the drugs.

Dufalac is most often prescribed as a laxative, and Forlax is used mainly as part of the complex therapy of hepatic encephalopathy, since it inhibits the proteolytic microflora and activates the activity of sour-milk bacteria.

The active substance of Dufalac is lactulose, which has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, and the active component of Forlax is ethylene glycol. The original is sold in syrup form, and the analog is sold in powder form to prepare a solution with a fruity taste. The powder is in bags of 4 and 10 grams, the package includes 10 or 20 bags.

The main difference between the drugs is the admissibility of taking different categories of patients. So, Dufalac is allowed to be taken by pregnant women and newborn babies, but Forlax is not.

Dufalac or Dinolac - which is better to buy?

Dinolak and Dufalac are interchangeable analogues. They can alternate without consequences during intestinal therapy. Both drugs quickly eliminate constipation and excessive gas formation. But if an allergic reaction occurs when taking Dinolak, then you can make a replacement with Dufalac.

The Dutch original is available in syrup form, the Danish substitute is sold in emulsion form. The emulsion contains lactulose, simethicone, povidone, citric acid.

Dinolak has an advantage: povidone in its composition is a natural sorbent that binds and removes toxins from the body. This is important for the successful treatment of liver encephalopathy. However, the drug has one significant drawback: it contains auxiliary components that can provoke an allergic reaction.

Dufalac does not contain substances that can cause allergies, and this is its big plus. Patients who are intolerant of citric acid and other Dinolac components are advised to buy Dufalac.

Another disadvantage of Dinolak is its rather high price. Vials with an emulsion of different volumes are slightly higher than other prebiotics of similar volumes:

  • 200 ml - 340 rubles,
  • 500 ml - 500 rubles,
  • 1000 ml - 670 rubles.

If you want to buy a cheap but effective substitute for Dufalac, you can ask the pharmacist Prelax, Goodluck, Lizalak, Legendal from the pharmacist. These medicines are inexpensive, also based on lactulose.

Dufalac: analogues are cheaper and more efficient

To date, pharmacies have a huge amount of funds for constipation in different price categories. Drugs help get rid of the problem for a while, but, unfortunately, they have no therapeutic effect. The most popular was Dufalac. Analogues of the drug are several times cheaper and not inferior in effectiveness.

How do constipation remedies work?

Laxatives help to complete the bowel movement and get rid of unpleasant sensations. Accessibility and prevalence allows you to choose a remedy yourself, without first consulting a doctor and finding out the true causes of intestinal malfunctions. Among those who suffer from chronic constipation, many become addicted to laxatives and use them constantly.

Existing remedies for getting rid of constipation differ in the type of exposure. The most effective drugs are irritating, but on a regular basis they are forbidden to take. Prebiotics with a laxative effect are aimed at restoring normal microflora and intestinal motility. Lactulose-based preparations, for example, Normolact (syrup), have a mild osmotic effect and are used even for infants.

When is Dufalac prescribed?

A prebiotic with a hyperosmotic effect is prescribed, if necessary, to stimulate intestinal motility and to release the colon, softening the stool. The process of defecation can be complicated with the following pathologies:

  • Hemorrhoids,
  • Chronic constipation on the background of gastrointestinal tract diseases,
  • Acute food poisoning,
  • Preparation for examination or surgery,
  • Postoperative period after removal of hemorrhoids,
  • Hepatic encephalopathy.

Lactulose is the main active ingredient and normalizes the intestines, inhibiting the growth of pathogens. The number of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria is increasing, which makes it possible to defecate without the help of laxatives. Due to the accurate action on the intestines, Dufalac is allowed to be used for newborns. The laxative instruction recommends consulting a pediatrician before starting use to determine the appropriate dose and duration of treatment.

Dufalac: dosage of the drug

It is necessary to take a laxative inside, if desired, washed down with water. It should be noted that, depending on the characteristics of the body, the drug may not work without fluid. It is necessary to use Dufalac 1 time per day. How to take it - the doctor determines the results of the examination of the patient. For ease of use, a measuring cup is attached to each package.

The initial daily dose of laxative "Dufalac" for children over 14 years old and adults is from 15 to 45 ml. If the drug is in bags - 1-3 sachets (15 ml in one). For children 7-14 years old, the manufacturer recommends consuming no more than 15 ml per day. From 1 to 6 years, the maximum allowed daily dose is 10 ml. During treatment, it is important to use as much fluid as possible to prevent dehydration. The dose prescribed by the doctor can be divided into 2 doses. Supportive therapy consists in taking an average dose for a certain age and is prescribed after a positive reaction of the body to the drug.

Preparing the patient for examination (colonoscopy), or surgical intervention, it is recommended to take 100-150 ml of the drug.

The course of admission can last up to 1 month and depends on the effectiveness of therapy.

How to choose a laxative for an infant?

The positive effect of Dufalac for children is confirmed by many parents. Prebiotics support and improve the intestinal microflora, stimulating it to soft work and emptying. Without fail, a children's doctor prescribes a dose of the drug, taking into account the age and weight of the child. The daily intake of medication for children under 1 year should not exceed 5 ml.

Before use, you must familiarize yourself with the contraindications to the use of Dufalac. For newborns, the instruction of this laxative recommends starting treatment with 1 ml of a single dose and gradually increasing to 5 ml if the stool does not return to normal within a few days. To normalize the natural process of defecation, you must complete the full course, without interruption, for 21 days.

The drug can be replaced with a more affordable analogue. “Lactulose” (price about 100 rubles) has the same effect and is absolutely safe for infants. Available in the form of syrup and powder for suspension. Laxative helps relieve the baby of abdominal pain, and parents - from sleepless nights. The dosage is the same as that of the Dutch drug Dufalac, the price of which is 250–300 rubles.

Dufalac during pregnancy and lactation

Almost every woman faced the problem of constipation during the period of bearing a child. Difficulties in bowel movements are due to hormonal changes, dietary habits and gestational age. Since the middle of the second trimester, many expectant mothers come with symptoms of constipation to the doctor. In addition to discomfort in the abdomen, there is a risk of the uterus entering the tone. Therefore, regular stool should be restored as soon as possible. With medicines at this time you have to be especially careful not to harm the health of the fetus.

Lactulose-based products, such as Dufalac, are considered safe. Analogs are also quite acceptable, and sometimes even more effective. During pregnancy and lactation, despite the disappearance of symptoms of constipation, the course is taken completely so that the intestinal microflora returns to normal. The dosage is calculated by a gynecologist (15–45 ml).

Reviews of the laxative "Dufalac"

A greater number of responses about the drug "Dufalac" are positive. Intestinal motility is activated after the first dose. For young children and infants, this is one of the best drugs that promotes bowel movements and is not addictive. A doctor who will prescribe a course of therapy should prescribe a laxative. Unfortunately, Dufalac is not always affordable due to its high cost. There are drugs with a similar effect, but at a more affordable price.

Dufalac: popular counterparts

When there is a need to take a laxative on an ongoing basis, it is important to choose an effective drug at an affordable price. The tool "Dufalac" is suitable for many to solve the problem. The analogs of the drug also worked well. These are “Normalact”, “Portolak”, “Normase”, “Lactulose”. Laxatives "excellently" cope with the main task and are cheaper (with the exception of the Italian "Normase").

The most affordable analogue is Lactulose. The price and quality of the drug allows you to use it as directed by your doctor constantly. The tool not only stimulates emptying, but also does not allow the development of pathogenic bacteria (salmonella). The dosage of the drug completely coincides with other osmotic agents of this category. Individual intolerance to this particular medication is possible. In this case, it is replaced by another.

"Normase": how to take?

Another version of lactulose, only Italian production. Newborns are often prescribed exactly the "Normase". The instruction says that the tool is not addictive, but on an ongoing basis it is undesirable to use it. The intestinal microflora is not yet sufficiently formed in infants, therefore, attacks of constipation can occur.

In order to save the child from pain, it is enough to give 5 ml of syrup before feeding. It is advisable to do this in the morning to observe the reaction throughout the day. By analogy with the use of "Dufalac" or "Normalact" the dose can be reduced to 1 ml for children who are less than 1 year old. The "Normase" includes a flavoring, thanks to which children are happy to take medicine.

In price, there is practically no difference between Normase and Duphalac, but if for some reason one of them does not fit, you can try another remedy after consulting your doctor.

Prevention of constipation

Bowel movement is difficult if nutrition is far from healthy. It is necessary to refuse harmful food: fatty, fried, smoked, flour. In the diet, a person suffering from constipation should have more dairy products (kefir, yogurt, sourdough), which contribute to the development of normal intestinal microflora and trigger peristalsis. Another important point is the drinking regimen. Normally, 1.5–2 liters of water should be drunk per day. A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to the development of constipation. There are special physical exercises to normalize natural emptying.

Prevention of constipation in a newborn is breastfeeding. With the mother’s milk, the child receives the necessary beneficial bacteria, and there are no problems with emptying. The first difficulties can appear only with the introduction of the first complementary foods. Be sure to consult your pediatrician about the permitted products. If the cause of constipation in the baby is caused by dysbiosis, then doctors prescribe the laxative "Dufalac" (analogues are also prescribed) with a prebiotic.

5 effective and inexpensive Dufalac analogues

The Dufalac analogue should contain lactulose as an active component and have a laxative effect. Lactulose is a polysaccharide that is not broken down by the intestinal mucosa. Once inside, it attracts water (osmotic effect) and dilutes the intestinal contents.

Dufalac and analogues have the following advantages:

  • high safety and efficiency,
  • gently relaxes the stool
  • does not cause painful intestinal cramps,
  • recommended for use in the elderly, pregnant women and even in children,
  • not addictive
  • contributes to the development of normal microflora in the intestine,
  • inhibits the development of salmonella,
  • lowers the level of ammonia in the blood.

Dufalac's disadvantage is a consequence of his dignity

The main disadvantage is the high price! Unlike Dufalac, analogues are cheaper, as a rule. This is due to the fact that Dufalac is the original drug developed to combat constipation first and passed all preclinical and clinical trials. Its effectiveness and safety are confirmed. Analogs are generics, or copy drugs.

noteInteresting! Generics begin to be issued after the license of the original remedy expires (5 years). There is no need to spend money on studies of the effectiveness of lactulose, which is reflected in their reduced price. / Note

Review of effective and inexpensive analogues of Dufalac

Duphalac analogues - Goodluck, Lactulose, Legendal, Lizalak and Normase preparations - contain lactulose and differ only in price category. The instructions for them may be some minor differences. It depends on the manufacturer. Doctors will certainly recommend the original tool, and the pharmacy may offer cheaper analogues.

Goodluck contains, in addition to lactulose, potassium sorbate (E202) and caramel flavor (12788) as auxiliary components. It is made in Bulgaria by the company "Balkanpharma - Troyan AD". This is a cheaper analogue of Dufalac (the difference in price for 200 ml of syrup is 100 rubles). It is intended for the treatment of constipation (including hemorrhoids and during pregnancy), hepatic encephalopathy. It is also used after operations on the intestines and rectum to facilitate the passage of feces, when squeezing is contraindicated.

  • adults - 10-45 ml per day,
  • children from 7 to 14 years old - 15 ml per day,
  • children from 1 year to 6 years - 10 ml per day,
  • children under 1 year old - less than 5 ml per day.

Goodluck is taken once a day in the evening before bedtime. Drink plenty of fluids. The effect occurs in 8 to 12 hours.

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug,
  • rectal bleeding,
  • the presence of unnatural anus (stoma),
  • acute abdomen (acute abdominal pain with appendicitis, peritonitis, perforations, intestinal obstruction and other surgical diseases),
  • lactase deficiency.

Possible unwanted adverse reactions are flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal pain, a decrease in the level of electrolytes in the blood, which is manifested by convulsions, arrhythmias, and dizziness. In rare cases, allergic reactions are possible.

Lactulose (Teva, Stada, Poly ...)

Lactulose from different manufacturers is slightly different in composition and price. For example, a preparation from the Israeli company Teva contains only the active ingredient, and the Russian analogue also includes an auxiliary substance, citric acid. Therefore, before use, you should read the official instructions for the drugs. Indications, contraindications and side effects will be the same as that of Goodluck.

  • In the absence of stool, adults 25-35 ml, children 10-15 ml.
  • With hepatic encephalopathy, 30-50 ml 3 times a day.

warningImportant! Long-term treatment with laxatives should take place under the control of the level of potassium and sodium in the blood! / Warning

Duphalac can be replaced with the Legendal drug, which is available in the form of granules for solution preparation and oral administration. In one bag - 6 grams. It contains citric acid monohydrate and grapefruit flavoring as additional components. It is used for constipation, hepatic encephalopathy, after surgical interventions in the intestine and rectum. Contraindications and side effects are the same as for lactulose.

Method of application - dissolve one sachet of Legendal in 1 cup (200 ml) of water or fruit juice. Drink the medicine after eating. Effect after 12-48 hours. Dosage regimen:

  • adults and children over 14 years old - 2 sachets per day,
  • 7-13 years old - 1 sachet per day,
  • 1 - 6 years - half a bag per day,
  • up to 1 year - a quarter sachet per day.

warningImportant! Do not forget about potential interactions with other drugs. For example, some antibiotics and all antacids (antacids in the stomach) reduce the effect of lactulose. Laxatives while taking reduce the effectiveness of other tablets. / Warning

Lizalak is another trading analogue of Dufalac, available in powder form for dissolution and solution preparation. 1 sachet contains 5 or 10 mg of active ingredient. In the package - 20 bags. Lizalac is also available in the form of syrup, 200 ml per bottle. Contraindications and side effects are the same as with lactulose in other drugs.

  • It is used orally at 15–45 ml of syrup per day for constipation and for the prevention of complications of surgery on the intestine and rectum. This dose is divided into two doses.
  • With hepatic encephalopathy - 90-190 ml per day in 2-3 doses to achieve daily soft stool.

Another substitute for Dufalac - Normase - one of the low-cost analogues, is made by an Italian company, which includes, in addition to lactulose, citric acid and flavoring as an auxiliary component. Normase, like Dufalac, is approved for use by pregnant women and children from birth. It is also not addictive and gently acts on the intestines. Shown for:

  • treat constipation
  • reducing ammonia in the intestine with hepatic encephalopathy,
  • reduction of pain during the act of defecation with hemorrhoids,
  • normalization of microflora.

The initial dose for adults is from 10 to 45 ml in laziness. It is better to take at night with a sufficient amount of water. The effect is to wait for the next morning. Maintenance dose - 10-25 ml per day. Children, depending on age, from 5 to 10 ml per day. Normase is contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus, with lactose intolerance or a deficiency of the lactase enzyme. The same side effects are characteristic as for other lactulose preparations - flatulence, allergies, diarrhea, cramps, arrhythmias (very rarely and with uncontrolled intake).

In custody.

The main differences in all Dufalac analogues are auxiliary components of drugs, price and, in some cases, form of release. When choosing a laxative, you will have to focus mainly on these characteristics. And do not forget to consult a specialist before using medicines.

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