How to choose the color of lipstick for lips, do not look vulgar and do not add age

Lipstick is an important component of a women's cosmetic bag. With its help, you can correct the shape of the lips, refresh your entire image, or in one blink of an eye transform from an angel-like young lady into a fatal female vamp. The range of products today is huge, and the number of shades is amazing. Let's try to find out how to choose lipstick according to the color of the eyes and hair and how not to make a mistake when choosing.

Lipstick Tips

  • A good quality coating is not felt when worn, lays down evenly and easily and does not spread under the influence of sunlight,
  • The smell of the product should be pleasant and unobtrusive, the texture and color are uniform, and there should be no moisture droplets on the rod,
  • When testing a sampler in a store, in no case do not paint their lips! Try it at your fingertip. This will show both color and texture. You can also put a finger to your lips without touching them and see if this or that color will look,
  • Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date indicated by the manufacturer on the package.

The shelf life of the opened product is one year, because over time its chemical composition can change, rendering the product unusable.

Mistakes when choosing lipstick

Very often, thinking about which lipstick to choose, the girls make the same mistakes. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Buying the same product as a girlfriend. The principle is fundamentally wrong. After all, you are the owner of completely different lips, a different tone and type of skin, a different color of hair and eyes, which means that what is an ideal product for one woman will not necessarily suit another. It’s important to know how to choose a lipstick based on your individual characteristics,
  2. Choice of habit. Many girls, once making their choice, remain loyal to him for a very long time. But the problem is that the shades of the same number in different parties may vary slightly. In addition, over time, the tone and condition of the epidermis changes, the color of curls (for example, lipstick for brown-haired women does not always suit redhead young ladies), and the change of seasons also affects how to choose a lipstick. And, of course, the event you are going to, whether it is work, a romantic date, a business lunch or a festive dinner, dictates its own conditions for how to choose a shade of lipstick.
  3. Spontaneity and rashness. The purchase should be a balanced decision with an understanding of what texture and shade the product should be. Before purchasing in the store, you must definitely do a product test at your fingertips, which we spoke about above, so as not to regret the wasted money.

How important is the composition in lipstick, is cheap cosmetics safe?

Few people know, but excessive dryness and cracks on the lips are caused by aniline, and a large number of fragrances in lipstick can adversely affect the functioning of the liver.

Lanolin, carmine, and other substances can cause an allergic reaction, and glycerin can dry the skin of the lips instead of moisturizing it (this reaction does not always occur, but after some circumstances).

Paraffin can also dry lips.

All of these substances are most often found in cheap cosmetics, so it’s better to have several types of high-quality lipstick than a whole basket of harmful probes.

Branded cosmetics may also contain chemicals, carefully read the composition before purchase and do not rely on the brand's fame.

Due to improperly selected cosmetics, there is a feeling of oiliness, an obsessive desire to erase everything and scratch itchy skin. Due to the feeling of discomfort, many stop using lipsticks or shine.

How to choose the right lipstick, so as not to look too cocky

Poorly selected lipstick is one of the most common makeup mistakes.

To always look stunning, brunettes should adhere to warm colors, and blondes should adhere to cold:

  • Cold color is shades of light pink, nude (pastel).
  • Neutral - beige, terracotta (chocolate red), but with the same success, you can pick up light colors.
  • Warm color - golden, copper, brown, burgundy, orange.

If the lips are too fleshy and protruding, they do not recommend red color - this way you will increase the volume several times, create the image of a “blot” on the face (not to mention the intentional provocation for men). To reduce lip size, use matte shades.

But the pearl color involuntarily "throw" the extra years. As an alternative, choose a colorless gloss, lips will “shine” no less, but this will not add age.

How to choose a lipstick shade by color type

For dark skin - burgundy, brown, copper shades.

For pink (rosy) - pastel and amaranth.

Pastel colors are gentle, feminine overflows of light, cream, slightly whitish, which are suitable for cold skin types. Shades are opaque and natural.

Otherwise, such lipstick is called - nude, it does not differ much from the natural skin tone and is brighter by no more than two tones.

But if your skin is pale, nude and nacre will turn you into a gray mouse.

Amaranth - it is something between red and pink - it turns out a more blurry, not "screaming" crimson shade.

For warm skin types (olive, golden, yellowish), carrot and orange lipstick are suitable.

Neutral type - any colors with the right selection.

Light or shiny lipstick makes lips more voluminous, and matte or dark visually reduces them. If your lips are naturally thin, try to avoid dark and “deaf” palettes.

For mature women, matte shades will be the best option, but the gloss will only reveal facial wrinkles around the mouth.

With vascular asterisks on pale skin or acne, all shades of red are not recommended - a bright appearance will "pull" all the flaws out.

If gold earrings or a pendant look better than silver jewelry, then you have a warm color type.

What lipstick to choose if the teeth are far from perfect?

If you are the owner of a snow-white smile, then the win-win color of lipstick is red. Moreover, the type of face is not important - a sharp contrast will play only on hand.

In fact, red lipstick is so versatile that it can suit any type of skin, hair and eye color. And even age is not a hindrance. All that is required is to experiment with shades and choose your own.

But if the teeth are not white enough, with yellow plaque and caries, then you need to avoid not only saturated red shades, but also any variation of the dark. Feel free to choose pink, orange, brick.

Important! Brown color will especially highlight the yellowness of the teeth.

Cold tones make teeth whiter, but suitable for fair-skinned girls (the only thing is that you can not abuse coral and orange so that your face does not look too pale or plain).

Eye color

Another nuance of appearance that affects how to choose a shade of lipstick is the iris of the eyes. How to choose lipstick for brown eyes, and what is better for gray eyes? Let's get it right.

  • With gray eyes, they get along well with beige and plum shades,
  • If you have a blue iris, we recommend choosing pink, cherry, wine tones. A great option for you would be Ultimate Color Lipstick from CatriceNo.370 In A Rosegarden,
  • The best shades for green-eyed are terracotta, pink and red-orange,
  • Light brown eyes can be emphasized with bright red, beige and brown tones, and darker ones with pale pink and light beige.

Bright shades require perfect condition and tone of the skin, so carefully prepare your face before applying them!

Each age has its own shades.

Professional makeup artists advise: the younger the woman, the more light shades of lipstick she should choose. Sandy, natural beige, peach and pinkish tones are most suitable for young beauties. Bright colors for young women can come in handy in a makeup bag for evening makeup. Mature ladies should consider saturated dark shades. Nevertheless, it is unreasonable to be guided only by one's own age. In fact, how a particular color will look on your lips depends on a lot of factors. How to choose the color of lipstick that suits you perfectly? More recently, it was recommended to choose decorative cosmetics for your own color type. Today, a completely different concept is used - skin tone. We’ll try to figure out what it is.

How to determine skin tone?

To conduct a test that can give a completely true result is not difficult at home. To do this, you will need two samples of foil: gold and silver. Bring them alternately to your face in front of the mirror. If the skin is filled with radiance and shine from a gold sample, your undertone is warm. The face shining near a silver foil can be attributed to the cold type. If the skin looks equally good with both samples, the subton can be defined as neutral.

How to choose the color of lipstick to the face, knowing the "warmth" of the skin? Everything is quite simple: for owners of a cold skin tone, the appropriate shades are ideal. The most winning solutions: plum, pink, lilac tones. Warm shades can only be used as translucent shines. Owners of a warm skin tone are suitable for warm scarlet, coral, peach, ruby ​​shades. How to choose the right lipstick color for a neutral undertone? These women are really lucky, they are suitable for almost all shades of any warmth.

The best colors for blondes

Owners of ash, wheat and light brown hair are perfectly suited for all shades of pink. Choose a saturated color - and you will definitely not be left without attention. Try different tones from pale lilac to fuchsia. Try experimenting with matte, glossy, mother-of-pearl lipsticks and lip glosses. Blondes who want to look modest and touching should try nude shades and light brown tones. How to choose the color of lipstick for the owner of fair hair and warm skin tone? Peach, sand, saturated coral and red shades are the best solutions.

Shades of lipstick for burning brunettes

Dark hair looks very impressive in combination with bright makeup. All brunettes without exception fit red and plum shades of lipstick. Owners of porcelain skin and black hair should definitely “try on” bright pink and saturated scarlet shades with a cold tint. Brick-red or dark brown shades of lipsticks are most suitable for brunettes with dark skin. Dark brown-haired women with bronze shimmering hair can experiment with the color of lip cosmetics. The only condition is brightness.

What tones are suitable for red and fair-haired girls?

Red hair is filled with inner light and golden tints from the inside. How to choose the color of lipstick for red-haired beauties? It will be useful to determine the skin tone. Women in whom it is warm should try orange, coral and brown shades. Another good option for redhead ladies is pinkish lipsticks of muted colors. Owners of a cold skin tone should be careful with bright shades. Light pink translucent shines, as well as matte nude lipsticks will look most advantageous. Many modern women of fashion increasingly refuse to dye their hair. What makeup to choose for fair-haired women? If the hair color is neutral and the skin is very light, red lipstick, beige and pink shades will be an excellent solution. Natural light brown shades of curls are very beautiful. You can emphasize them with the help of lipsticks with a golden tint or yellowish. Almost always with brown hair, beige and brownish shades are perfectly combined.

Lipstick by Hair Color

  • Brunettes - all shades of pink, red, chocolate, purple.
  • Light blond - all are berry, coral, apricot, light pink, raspberry, beige, bluish underton (the sampler casts bluish on the skin of the wrists).
  • Red - burgundy, brown, dull red, brick.
  • Dark blond - peach, golden, beige, light pink, wine (in the evening).

The right choice of colors for makeup is especially important for women after 35 years.

If you make a mistake, you can "age" yourself for several years, make your face flabby or tired.

The secrets of choosing lipstick for eye color

Many fashionistas are interested in how to choose the color of lipstick for the lips according to the color of the eyes. Indeed, with the help of makeup, you can emphasize your own natural virtues. Green eyes appear brighter and deeper in combination with terracotta and coral shades. Plum and beige lipstick colors are perfect for gray-eyed ladies. Brown eyes accentuate brown, red or light pink shades. How to choose the color of lipstick for blue-eyed women? Try beige-pink and cherry tones, they will make the eyes of heavenly shades shine even brighter.

How to determine the type of skin

Cold skin type - the wreaths on the inside of the wrist are bluish or purple. If you have very pale skin, avoid too light shades. The best choice of lipstick is sand, beige (soft).

Warm type - veins are greenish, skin is yellowish, olive or golden.

With a mixed type of skin, the color of the veins differs poorly, something in between blue and green (this means you can choose any lipstick). Best of all are pink colors with a dust effect.

Lipstick should not only decorate, but also perform additional functions: moisturize, heal small wounds or mask imperfections.

How to enlarge lips with the right lipstick?

Try to remember a simple rule: light shades visually increase, and dark shades, on the contrary, reduce. If your lips are naturally thin, discard rich cherry, brown and brick tones. Also, puff-lip beauties are not always suitable for transparent pink or peach lipsticks and glitters. Be sure to use this rule when choosing a contour pencil. How to choose the color of lipstick for lips that need augmentation? Apply your favorite light tone as the main color, add a drop of transparent gloss to the center of the lower lip. Pearlescent lipsticks have one interesting property - they emphasize all the imperfections. Accordingly, you should not use their ladies, unhappy with the shape of their own lips. You can adjust the contours of the mouth by applying your favorite lipstick or gloss in combination with a pencil.

Each season has its own color!

How to choose the perfect lipstick in color, which will be appropriate in any situation? In fact, every lady’s makeup bag should have at least 3-5 shades. Brighter and more saturated colors of decorative cosmetics will come in handy for evening makeup. In the afternoon, light tones should be used. By a similar principle, you should choose lipstick for summer and winter. In the warm season, lighter, translucent shades are appropriate. In winter, you can safely use rich and deep colors.

Thinking about how to choose the color of lipstick, not all fashionistas pay attention to its texture. Complicated, iridescent, moist lip make-up products are best left for an evening out, because it is under artificial lighting that such lipsticks look most impressive.In the afternoon it is better to use simple glossy and matte lipsticks.

What lip shape, what shade of lipstick fits:

  • Small lips - bright, brilliant colors, gloss. To increase the volume, the red color must be shaded at the edges.
  • Thin - light shades (pearlescent, glossy, with flickering particles) are suitable. Be sure to circle the lips along the contour with the liner, apply a transparent gloss on top. To increase, it is enough to apply a transparent gloss to the middle of the lips, without touching the corners of the mouth (ideal for women aged who do not want to use bright makeup).
  • Puffy lips - delicate peach, matte, pink colors (red gives vulgarity). Give preference to creamy texture, no gloss or neon shine.
  • Large lower lip or asymmetry - draw corners with a contour pencil, paint the lips with a liner in tone (enhances the color). You can use the same pencil. Choose shades that are close to the natural tone of the skin, but you can experiment with more saturated ones.
  • Flat - in the center of the lipstick should be lighter than in the corners (one tone). To ensure that the difference is not striking, blend the middle with a brush.

The liner will tone lips lighter than lipstick and make them less expressive.

Tips for choosing a shade of lip cosmetics when buying

In large modern stores, we are offered to try our favorite shades of decorative cosmetics, and this is a great way to find a truly “your” color. A tester is a complete copy of a tube of lipstick, not intended for sale. You should try it only on the hand. Draw a line on your wrist - this will help to evaluate the compatibility of lipstick with the natural shade of your skin. Experts also advise you to pay attention to whether cosmetics block veins. If their color appears under the lipstick, you should think about choosing a different tone. Additionally, you can purchase a probe. This is a copy of the small volume tool you like.

How to choose the color of lipstick to the face using her probe? Very simple - make up lips. Attention: unlike the probe, the tester can not be applied to the skin of the face, since this sample is available to all shoppers. You should like and choose the chosen lipstick in a favorable way with your favorite clothes and the image as a whole. Having brought home a new tube, we recommend that you immediately do makeup and admire yourself in the mirror. If there is no doubt that the new thing is suitable, it remains only to congratulate you. Now you know how to choose lipstick for the color of eyes, hair and skin. We wish you only pleasant replenishment of cosmetic bags!

How to choose lipstick by eye color:

  • Blue eyes - pink, cherry, raspberry (any shades). Beige will look good on tanned skin, but not on pale skin.
  • Green - rusty, orange, coral, peach, light brown.
  • Gray, black - red, burgundy, purple, cherry.
  • Hazel - you can combine both light and dark colors.

Brown-eyed blondes fit brown, red, beige, pink.

Brunettes with brown eyes - burgundy, plum, cherry, chocolate.

How to choose the right lipstick in the store

Open the tube you like, bring it to the cheek (without touching it), look in the mirror. If the skin has become dull or grayish, then you need to choose something else.

Another method: Lubricate the thumb pad with lipstick and evaluate the result. This is what lipstick on lips will look like.

You can apply several stripes on the back of the hand (but the trace on the fingertip will be closer to natural due to a similar texture).

Do not neglect store testers and do not rely on color images.

General makeup tips

Before you make up your lips, smear them with foundation, then circle the edge with a correction pencil. So, the lipstick will lie better and will not go beyond the edges.

Do not paint your eyes and lips at the same time - choose one thing to avoid vulgarity. This is especially true for women after 35 years. Decide how often you will tint your lips - every day or just for a holiday.

If you want to make a one-time impression on others, then you can choose more bold options: for example, bright colors with sparkles, rhinestones.

You can create the image of a vamp woman with the help of a classic scarlet color.

Red lipstick can be a highlight for a business woman, if a little "muffled" tone.

In the afternoon it is unacceptable to apply bright makeup, it is better to adhere to neutral, nude tones.

If you use a contour pencil, choose a tone darker than lipstick.

The white corrective liner is ideal for enlarging thin lips - blend them with the middle of the lower and upper lips, apply the main lipstick (be sure to darken the corners).

Making a matte color out of gloss is easy. It is enough to remove the first shiny layer with a napkin or cotton pad. If the shade did not turn out as expected, apply another layer and pat it again with a napkin.

Transparent gloss can be applied to certain areas to highlight them.

Make a sensual dimple on the upper lip is simple: draw a small notch or checkmark with a flickering pencil (highlighter), mask it.

Your lips will turn into a neat bow that will attract the attention of many men.

A highlighter of flesh, golden or white color can be applied to the cheekbones, forehead and other sensitive areas to soften sharp areas or to make the face more clear and expressive.

For a beautiful outline of the cheekbones, a golden, flickering shade is suitable, but you can choose a matte one.

Most often, a highlighter is used in the daytime, when the sun falls directly on the face and highlights all the imperfections - bags under the eyes, irregularities and drops on the skin.

So that the makeup does not wear off after a few hours, try to choose cosmetics with a waterproof effect.

Once every 4 years, the tone of the face can change, so do not forget to periodically check to see if you like your favorite shades, as before.

A woman who understands cosmetics and knows how to experiment with color schemes correctly will not only look younger, but also stand out from the crowd at any time of the day.

Take your time and carefully check all the samplers in the store so as not to be disappointed with the result at home.

How to choose lipstick for hair color?

The color of curls is a decisive factor in choosing lipstick. In the photo swatch, you can see that the shades that are perfect for brunettes look elaborate and vulgar in blondes.

Lipsticks differ not only in tones, but also in texture. There are glossy, matte, satin and shimmer products. For daily use, products with a satin finish are ideal, because they look restrained, but at the same time remain bright.

For brunettes

The ideal color for the brunette is dark and saturated. Such women are suitable for brown, burgundy, plum and classic red lipstick. Brunettes can safely wear wine color. Dark makeup will be in harmony with black, chocolate brown hair.

For brunettes, there are limitations: they are categorically not suitable for doll-pink and orange colors. But black-haired girls with pale skin face to face with purple, almost purple lipstick.

For blondes

A gentle coral nude is suitable for any blonde. Blonde hair is also perfectly complemented by pink cosmetics. For daily makeup, blondes are better off choosing muted tones. The main emphasis should be on the eyes, especially if they are sky blue. Blond-haired fits raspberry, peach and pinkish-lilac lipstick.


Red-haired girls are well suited for cherry lipstick. They can also use a terracotta or salmon shade for makeup. Contrary to popular belief, not all red carrots go. It looks beautiful on women with light curls. Dark red women should give preference to a rich red remedy.

Testing the product before you buy it is pretty easy. It must be applied to the fingertips and left for 10-15 minutes. If the product flows into folds or spreads, then it is unstable. It is worth noting that the texture of the pads of the fingers and lips is almost identical.

For fair-haired

Blond to face unconventional orange cosmetics, which is now at the peak of popularity. Girls with ashen hair can also afford caramel and warm pink colors. True, too bright or dark lipstick shade of "fuchsia" on fair-haired will look ugly. For everyday use, fair-haired girls should choose soft, restrained colors. If a woman has ash curls, then cold red lipstick is ideal for her.

What shade can be called the most universal? A beautiful, muffled and noble tone is a dusty rose. Such lipstick is simultaneously gray, purple and pink.

Brown hair

For brown-haired women with dark skin, golden beige and bronze colors are suitable. All other dark-haired girls are recommended to try beige, almost bodily lip makeup. Brown-haired women can safely use bright and non-standard colors. They face rich red, as well as bright pink (with a scarlet undertone).

Choose lipstick for eye color

There are general recommendations that allow you to choose the right tool for the lips under the shade of the eyes. These rules help create a harmonious make-up for day or evening out.

  • Sky blue, gray blue, light blue. With blue eyes, pink colors blend in especially well. It can be pale coral or fuchsia.
  • Green, brown-green. Girls with green eyes should choose warm red products. Green-eyed ladies are also suitable for orange and ruby ​​cosmetics.
  • Dark brown, light brown. With brown eyes all bright shades are combined. They create contrast and attract the attention of others. Brown-eyed women should take a closer look at the burgundy, bright raspberry, and purple remedies.
  • The black. Black-eyed beauties should choose saturated, but not vulgar colors. The tone of lipstick should ideally be cold. You can try brown, red and raspberry products.


Therein, how to choose a shade of lipstick according to age, also have their own secrets and rules:

  1. Makeup artists recommend using translucent shines for very young girls and girls.
  2. A little older girls can safely experiment with gamma and textures. Yes and when, if not in youth? Bright neon colors, fuchsia, shades of ripe berries, bold lilac - all these tones are yours. Finishes can be either glossy or matte, both metallic and satin. Bold decision - Metal shock lipstick from Essence№08 Toxicity,
  3. Young, confident women can choose shades of red lipstick: classic scarlet, brick, brown-red, raspberry, coral. The assortment is truly colossal.
  4. After 40 years, delicate, powdery, dusted shades will look good, but deep, rich tones will also be appropriate. It is worth abandoning matte textures. They have drying properties and focus on wrinkles.
  5. For mature women, floral and classic pink tones will be a great solution.

A cold gamut with a blue undertone visually whitens the teeth. The warmer the shade of the decorative product, the more yellow the teeth appear!

How to choose a shade of lipstick by color type

When choosing cosmetics for every day, makeup artists recommend comparing the color of hair, eyes (size and shade) and skin tone of the girl. Consider in more detail all the nuances that are worth considering.

The darker the curls of a girl, the more saturated colors she can use in everyday makeup. Owners of blond hair will suit more discreet shades. But the brown-haired women can safely use the fuchsia subton. Below is a photo of how to choose the right lipstick for hair color. Let us dwell in more detail on each type and the variant suitable for it.

  1. Cool pink blondes will suit cool pinks, as well as soft lilac and nude. Blonde beauties can also use translucent options. “Warm” blondes are suitable for coral, berry and peach colors.
  2. “Cold” brunettes are suitable wine, scarlet and red tones. “Warm” brunettes fit almost the entire palette of warm tides: peach, brown.
  3. Red girls are better than the rest in brown, cherry, caramel, nude, terracotta, carrot and pink tints.
  4. Brown, peach, scarlet, wine and beige are ideal for fair-haired people.Light lipstick in most cases is ideal for light-eyed brunettes. To create a romantic image, dark-haired and blue-eyed girls can use gentle peony tones, but plum in this case will look out of place.

The above information is also relevant for girls with brown hair. Additionally, they can experiment with a dark pink tone. It is better to refuse owners of dark curls from carrot and light pink shades.

Gray-eyed girls with blond curls should not often use saturated orange and red undertones. Add femininity in this situation will help the tool for the lips of a gentle peony tint.

Dark red brown-eyed beauties will suit dark colors: brown, cream, cappuccino, dark pink. Caramel and coral are suitable for red green-eyed women.

Now let's talk about how to choose a shade of lipstick, based on the color of the eyes.

  1. Saturated reds and browns are suitable for brown eyes.
  2. For girls with blue eyes, experts recommend using cherry and beige notes.
  3. Green-eyed girls need to look at the rich orange and terracotta shades.
  4. Warm pastel and pink colors will suit gray-eyed ladies.

There is another criterion by which you can choose a shade - the skin on the face. If you are the owner of a swarthy type, then plum, red and brown types will suit you. Owners of light skin fit peach, pale pink, coral.

If you are the owner of a peach or cream tone, then the makeup itself should be kept in bright shades. This rule must be taken into account when drawing up a wardrobe in accordance with the palette of cosmetics.

If the representative of the fair sex wants to emphasize the natural whiteness of the face, then she will cope with the task, red will help. However, for everyday makeup, it is still better to buy less catchy shades, such as peach. It is forbidden to use chocolate reflections with a light skin tone, they will focus on imperfections of the skin.

As you can see, when choosing lipstick by color type, there are many nuances, observing which you can create a magnificent image. Use the touch of makeup that will not dominate your face, so you can achieve the necessary harmony in the created makeup.

How to visually enlarge lips

There are certain techniques that allow you to change the size of the lips using cosmetics. It is known that light tones visually increase the area of ​​the mouth, and dark, on the contrary, make it smaller. If you need to visually add volume, check out the following tips.

  1. Use a pencil to draw an outline. Leave your choice on light types: soft peony, light beige or peach.
  2. If you naturally got thin lips, experts recommend abandoning matte textures. It is better to use a pearlescent or satin look of lipstick.
  3. Apply shine, it is able to visually add volume. Apply it on the pre-painted area.

In order for the created makeup to look as natural as possible, observe the following sequence: apply a hygiene product and a small layer of powder to the lips on the skin surface, as well as on the area above the upper lip. The resulting surface should be smooth and without cracks. Next, take a light-colored contour pencil and circle the shape. It is necessary to do this by a few millimeters speaking abroad. After that, coat the layers with lipstick and apply a transparent shine on top.

How to choose the color of lipstick so that your teeth look whiter

If your teeth are far from perfect, experts recommend avoiding too bright tints, such as scarlet, burgundy, dark purple and so on. Saturated options will only further emphasize the yellowness of the teeth. Apply gentle natural shades: pink, peach, nude. If everything is in perfect order with your teeth, you can use almost any color you like. Now you know how to choose the right lipstick, based on the appearance of the teeth.

Is age important when choosing a palette

An improper makeup product can add a few extra years. At a young age, when a girl is just beginning her acquaintance with decorative cosmetics, she can choose absolutely all the textures and colors of decorative cosmetics. In youth, you can experiment and create any images.

By the age of thirty, people clearly know what they want from their appearance, all experiments are a thing of the past. Usually women of this age category prefer varieties with a moisturizing texture. Ideal are wine, red and burgundy shades framed in the contour. For everyday makeup, you can also use nude.

Ladies in the age are better to refuse use of gloss, and also mother-of-pearl copies. Not the best option are too bright options. In order to create an attractive image in adulthood, choose red saturated undertones: coral, burgundy, pink. Use a contour pencil, it will help make the created image more elegant.

The choice of makeup: what suits day and night

Let's talk about how to choose the right color for lipstick for morning and evening makeup. In daylight, it is better to apply discreet colors such as pale pink, coral, beige, nude and others. For the dark, dark tides are more suitable: wine, burgundy, brown and others.

To embellish nondescript lips, experts recommend choosing a deep rich tone. Moreover, it should be as natural as possible. If the makeup of your eyes is too catchy, then the color must be chosen neutral. To do this, use beige and peony tones.

Lipstick should be a tone lighter than a contour pencil. Lip strokes can be done before staining or at the final stage after it. This will give your look a final touch.

Ideally, in a cosmetic bag of any woman, there should be 3-5 different shades. Bright ones are useful for creating a mysterious evening look, and light colors complement morning make-up for work or study. The same principle applies for the season: in the summer it is better to choose natural nude types, and in the winter it is more saturated and bright.

Varieties of makeup

To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the palette. It consists of three main groups:

Low tides are divided into light, dark and medium saturation. Also, the cosmetic may be matte, glossy or pearly type. All these parameters directly affect the color of cosmetics and its appearance on the lips.

Choosing the perfect cosmetic product can be problematic. And if you already know how to choose the right color and tone of lipstick to your face, then it's time to familiarize yourself with the textures of this decorative cosmetics.

  1. Satin. It has a rich nutritional composition, which makes it ideally fit on the skin. Moisturizes and protects against all kinds of negative environmental factors. It is characterized by low resistance. All have extra radiance.
  2. Matt The main difference is the saturation of many shades, due to powder and wax in the composition.
  3. Persistent. It can hold on the lips for a long period - throughout the day. A similar effect is achieved by adding special components that repel moisture and wax.
  4. Nutritious. Ideal for the cold season, when the skin is exposed to the cold wind. The composition includes various nutritious oils and vitamins.
  5. Moisturizing. It is characterized by high moisture content. Ideal for the hot season, when the lips are exposed to sunlight.

As you can see, for each case and time of the year there must be a means. Do not limit yourself and experiment in finding the perfect texture and color.

Everyday Makeup

Everyday make-up is good because it is universal and suitable for almost any event. On its basis, usually make an evening or bright make-up. Check out the photo to understand how to choose a lipstick for lips to a discreet tone.

When creating a daily look, use nude shades, they consist of two palettes: beige and pink. Use a pencil to accentuate your mouth. With it, you can adjust the shape of the lips.


These are girls with light skin tone and hair - and exceptionally warm undertones and reflections. Eyes can be anything from gray to light brown. The heroines in the best traditions of romanticism and the beauty standards of Barbie dolls, give preference to all shades of pink when choosing lipstick - coral, peach and salmon. Ps-s, these same lipsticks can be used as a blush.

These are girls with dark or light brown hair, milky skin and a light shade of gray eyes. Try gentle cold shades - lavender, light cherry, strawberry and plum.

What you should pay attention to when choosing cosmetics in the store

When buying cosmetics, a careful study of their appearance will not help much. Ask the seller to provide the tester of the instance you like and run it on the back of the brush. Typically, stores have lamps that emit a cold color, so carefully try saturated scarlet ebbs. In a situation where the lighting is soft and warm, brown and beige shades are subject to more detailed study. It is also worth considering the fact that with artificial lighting, all decorative cosmetics look more faded.

Choosing cosmetics, do not neglect your own health. Be sure to pay attention to the composition when buying, it should not contain harmful substances that contribute to the occurrence of allergic reactions. Shelf life is equally important.

In order to purchase high-quality cosmetics, the following points should be considered.

  1. The texture should be uniform, without any lumps.
  2. Under the influence of heat, cosmetics should not spread, it should have a dense consistency.
  3. The color should be uniform.
  4. The product must have a strong rod.
  5. It is necessary that the surface of decorative cosmetics be smooth for even application of the product on the skin.
  6. The smell should be subtle.
  7. When applied to the skin, there should be no feeling of tightness.

The main component of decorative cosmetics is wax, it is thanks to it that uniform application occurs. More often, manufacturers use regular beeswax or the same ingredient extracted from a Brazilian palm. The last component is suitable for allergy sufferers. It is necessary that the composition also contains coloring pigments and nutritious oils. Now you know how to choose the right lipstick for your lips to create a unique feminine image.

How to choose the right lipstick: common mistakes and important rules for choosing

So, let's get down to the most common mistakes when choosing lipstick.

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  • Think about it - how do you choose lipstick? Observation of the majority of cosmetic shoppers shows that many women choose color spontaneously - they just liked it and that’s it. Well, unless in the best case some of the customers use the tester, “slash” them on the wrist in order to check how it lays on the skin and how the color is revealed. Particularly desperate young ladies can still afford to paint their lips with a test sample, which is pretty dangerous.

If you want to check how lipstick will look on your lips, never use a test sticker directly on your lips! Accumulated bacteria can easily pass onto your skin. In the best case, everything can end with herpes that has gone wrong, and in the worst case there is even the option of catching HIV infection, especially if you have wounds on your lips. The color of the lipstick is checked simply - intensively apply your favorite lipstick on the fingertips and then apply them to the lips, avoiding direct contact with the skin of the face and lips. So you visually see how your chosen shade will look on your lips.

Ask - how to choose the right color for lipstick, so that it harmonizes with your look? Everything is extremely simple, the main thing is to take into account a number of nuances:

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  1. Choose lipstick not to your color type, but to the shade of your skin. There are 3 skin tones: warm, cold and neutral (more about them below).
  2. A universal way to choose lipstick - selection on the principle of overlapping veins. Everything is very simple - you need to hold a lipstick sticker on your wrist. If the pigment of lipstick completely hid your veins - this is your shade, but if the veins appear even through two layers of lipstick - then it is better to put such a tube back on the shelf.
  3. How lipstick will look on lips is affected by seasonal and daily changes. So in the spring-summer period, bright juicy shades or translucent nude options look great. Autumn and winter is a time of rich dark colors. For daylight, it is better to choose the most natural shades. For evening makeup, the use of more extravagant shades is not forbidden; here it is more important to choose a lipstick so that it harmonizes with the color of your dress than with the tone of your skin. Thus, you should have several lipstick options for every occasion.
  4. Choose lipstick from your inner sensations. No matter how lipstick suits you on the sub-tone and no matter how it harmonizes with your image, but if you absolutely do not like the color, then you should not take it.

How to choose the color of lipstick to hair

Having decided on how to choose the color of lipstick to face, many stylists, however, are advised to take into account the color of the hair. But there are certain difficulties, because, say, for example, brunettes can have hair color with a cold blue tint, or warm golden highlights will play in their curls. The same can be found in blondes - it can be a cold Nordic blond, or a warm straw shade. And at the same time, girls with the same shade of hair can have a completely different skin tone. What lipstick goes blondes and brunettes in these cases? The question is complex.

Therefore, it seems to us more expedient to parse each example separately. First, consider the options for shades of hair, and then how to choose a lipstick to the face based on the tone, and, of course, a photo for each combination for clarity. Let's get started.

What lipstick suits blondes

  • Blondes with a cold shade of hair and with a cold undertones of the face will have cool pink colors, lipsticks with a delicate lilac color and nude, almost transparent shades.

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  • Blondes with honey and ash hair, but also with a cold tint, dusty pink color, muted orange and pink shades with neon shine are ideal.

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  • Brown-haired nudes and peach coral will look great on cold-haired blondes with a warm glow of skin.

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  • Completely “warm” blondes are perfectly suited for warm peach shades and bright scarlet colors.

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When choosing lipstick, one should take into account not only the skin tone and shade of the hair, but also ... the color of the teeth. If they are far from perfectly white, then you should abandon the bright red and richly burgundy shades, as they further emphasize the yellowness of the teeth.

What lipstick goes to brunettes

  • “Cold” pale-skinned brunettes should opt for bright scarlet and wine shades of lipstick, but with a cold tint.

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  • “Warm” brunettes with “cold” skin should choose bright pink and rich red tones, again with a cool shine.

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  • Resin brunettes with dark skin should give preference to brick red, bright scarlet (but with a warm glow) and brown shades.

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  • Luxurious brunettes with amber highlights in the hair and the same glow of the skin are perfect for all the warm shades of lipstick, the main condition is rich pigment.

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Which lipstick fits red

With red-haired beauties, things are a little easier. Copper curls always have a golden warm glow, regardless of the shade of the hair. And therefore, the owners of red hair can only decide on the skin tone.

  • If it is warm, stay in warm brown and orange hues, pink colors are acceptable, but not too bright.

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  • If the undertone is cold, and most of them (especially if it concerns natural red-haired beauties), then your shades are nude and translucent pink.

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What lipstick suits brown hair

  • Fair-haired young ladies with a neutral hair color and pale skin are perfect red shades of lipstick, as well as pink and beige shades.

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  • Golden blond curls, especially if they frame pale-porcelain skin, golden and beige-pink shades are suitable.

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  • Young ladies with a warm tint of skin, but cold highlights in light brown curls should pay attention to nude and all kinds of shades of pink.

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  • Radiant beauties with golden shine in light brown hair and a warm olive skin tone should choose rich shades of wine, plum and red.

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As you can see, there are a large number of nuances in choosing lipstick, but even their strict accounting can not always become the key to an ideal choice, and therefore always follow the main rule - choose the lipstick color that will not dominate your face, because in this case you achieve the desired harmony in makeup.

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