How to wear men's loafers

Comfortable and stylish shoes are not only a necessary measure for everyday looks, this is the realization of your need for comfort without loss of personality.

We have already introduced you to a number of shoe trends that modern fashionistas choose, women's loafers are next in line.

For those who are not familiar with the name “loafers”, let's say that this type of shoe is very familiar to many women and men.

Loafers are shoes that do not have lacing and all kinds of fasteners, often on low speed, which are similar to moccasins, can have a small, often massive heel, as well as a characteristic rounded seam.

In the best way, women's loafers will be able to present the examples below, which not only show what women's loafers can be, but also demonstrate how and what to wear loafers for women.

It is worth noting that fashionable loafers came to women's shoes from a men's wardrobe, which is probably why they are distinguished by their characteristic convenience and simplicity of design.

Nevertheless, the designers were able to create loafers, introducing a touch of sophistication into their appearance, which is more characteristic of women's shoes.

In addition to the fact that loafers are incredibly comfortable shoes, manufacturers decided to introduce decor elements into their design, which makes loafers more feminine and original.

Certainly loafers are worth considering.

Let's take a look together which 2020 loafers to wear, what to wear with loafers in the spring, summer, autumn season.

Fashionable loafers. Colors and workmanship

Wearing loafers is very convenient, as they easily complement any everyday bow, regardless of whether you go to work at the office or plan to visit the entertainment and shopping center with your children.

Despite the multifaceted focus, manufacturers presented women's loafers in different styles, colors, materials of manufacture.

The most popular today are black, white, beige, red loafers. Following the current models, the designers presented fashionable loafers in emerald, khaki, blue, violet, gray, coffee, brown, mustard colors, which will certainly transform the everyday bows of women of different ages, adding a pleasant twist to the image as a whole.

As for materials, women's loafers are shown in new collections in models of leather, suede, denim, textile, decorated with fringe, sequins, decorated with prints.

We will deal with the definition: how to understand that you have loafers

To begin with, here are a couple of distinguishing features by which you can determine this type of shoe. Loafers can be considered as such, provided that they have a heel and no laces. They can be made from ordinary leather or suede. These are the main signs. There are also several varieties that occupy one or another independent place in men's fashion. Here are the main ones:

What kind of shoes are these?

Loafers (loafer - translated from English. "Loafer, loafer, tramp") have earned their name due to their ease of wearing and shoes. Perfectly combined with any style. They are often confused with moccasins. Therefore, it does not hurt to know their characteristic differences from other types of shoes:

  1. There are no shoelaces (an important detail at the current pace of life)
  2. Speaking welt (tongue)
  3. Glued or sewn flat sole
  4. Height to ankle
  5. Low heel
  6. Decor: tassels, leather patch, buckle
  7. And yes, the top resembles loafers

Men's loafers and loafers: differences

First of all, we will deal with the concept itself, what exactly are loafers for men? This is a kind of shoes without laces or fasteners, which has a long tongue, a jumper on the rise, and also a rounded toe.

It often happens that male loafers are confused with moccasins. We will show you how to distinguish these two different models from each other. The main difference lies in the fact that the loafers have a hard sole and a low wide heel. This is their main distinguishing feature.

If we talk about the key advantages of such shoes, then there are quite a lot of them:

  • durability,
  • high quality,
  • convenience and comfort for the foot,
  • sole strength
  • wide range
  • large color palette.

What is the history of occurrence

Men's loafers are a pretty popular model. They have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • the upper part resembles loafers,
  • there is a low heel,
  • no lacing
  • there is a protruding tongue,
  • ankle open
  • in classic versions there is a decorative brush.

A great advantage of loafers is a very affordable cost. They are distinguished by reliability, a variety of models. Shoes emphasize the individual style of a person and decorate his appearance as a whole.

The main advantages of products are wear, durability and the highest quality of tailoring. Shoes are characterized by a durable sole and great comfort when using. There is no need to constantly worry about what to wear loafers with - they fit almost any clothing. Products are recommended to be worn on the road, for friendly meetings, on the street. Their legs do not get tired throughout the day. In addition, the shoes are stylish design.

Loafers are similar to moccasins, but unlike them are equipped with a solid sole, and also lack laces. The design lacks beads, embroidery, patterns with folklore motifs. Moccasins are characterized by soft soles, bumps, contrasting decorations. Usually they are worn in a friendly atmosphere. Such shoes are not combined with suits for physical education, autumn jackets or loose pants.

Usually the question of what to wear with men's loafers does not arise acutely. They are put on with jeans, stylish trousers, summer clothes. You can use the model and to stay in the office. No less often, such shoes are chosen as seasonal clothing or to create an informal style.

There is a version that shoes were brought to Europe by a shoemaker who was trained in his field on the American continent. He invented new shoes based on moccasins specifically for the convenience of people involved in farming. At first they were considered overseas moccasins, but soon they were also adopted by residents of neighboring countries.

In the first third of the twentieth century, future loafers were perfected by a designer from the USA, Spaulding. It was he who gave them amazing comfort and versatility. Then they got their name (from the English. "Loafer, idler"). These are shoes created for those who do not want to constantly deal with shoelaces, tying and untying them. The main purpose of the products is to create maximum comfort for the owner.

What it is?

Loafers are called men's shoes with a round toe, a long tongue and a jumper on the rise of the foot. There are no laces and fasteners in this shoe, but decorative elements can be present - fringe, tassels and buckles, as in the photo.

Loafers are characterized by a durable sole and a reliable heel. - they protect the legs well from getting wet, wind and cold, but the skin continues to breathe freely.

Comfort and ease of each step are provided due to maximum comfort in the foot, eliminating unpleasant sensations and stiffness in the legs.

Important! Loafers are often confused with moccasins, but the latter usually lack a rigid sole and heel.

Varieties of loafers:

  • Venetian. A classic model in a discreet style without decorative elements and inserts. Visually, they are closest to their ancestors - Norwegian products that appeared in 1930. Their appearance may seem too primitive, but skillful combination allows you to make the male look flawless.
  • Penny loafers. Equipped with a decorative strip located in the front of the foot perpendicular to its length. On the strip there is a diamond-shaped slot, in which, according to legend, a two-penny coin should be placed. American students laid it in shoes as a talisman of good luck in exams. This is the most versatile variety of loafers, which will be appropriate in almost any situation.
  • Slippers. The summer of all options for loafers. They are modeled in such a way as to become as comfortable as possible for their owner and resemble home slippers. But this does not deprive such shoes of masculinity and presentability.
  • Belgian. The most elegant and neat shoes, attracting with its lightness and conciseness. A characteristic feature is the presence of a miniature bow at the base of the tongue.

Of the materials for making loafers, leather, wicker leather and suede are the most popular. There are also models from nubuck, textiles, varnished loafers and even winter warmed versions on fur.

The story of the appearance of loafers is described in the video:

How to wear women's loafers. A couple of practical tips

Since loafers are demi-season shoes, you can wear loafers in spring, autumn and even summer with pleasure.

In winter, loafers can also be worn, because there are warmed options decorated with beautiful eco-fur that look completely nontrivial and stylish.

If you like loafers, but don’t know what to wear loafers for every day, we offer a couple of practical tips that will indicate what to combine loafers with to create perfect looks.

And so, wear loafers with cropped trousers and jeans in an ensemble with T-shirts, blouses made of light fabrics, knitted sweaters, which today are presented in abundance of styles and colors.

Such a tandem will emphasize your activity, because when you wear loafers with short trousers, you will feel as comfortable as possible and will not infringe on your movements.

Combining loafers and flared models of dresses and skirts, you get a very gentle, romantic and modest outfit.

Nevertheless, even the most laconic look with lace and chiffon dresses and loafers can be improved if you add deliberate elegance or outrageousness in the form of a tandem in the form of a jacket, leather jacket, jeans, as well as stylish accessories in the form of a modern handbag on a chain, clutch.

With the advent of autumn, everyone wants to warm themselves, although the sun still very often pleases us with its rays.

It is during such a period that loafers can be worn with knitted things, which will look very extraordinary, creative, especially if, taking a knitted sweater or a knitted cardigan, you still pick up a beautiful asymmetric or pencil skirt in your popular checkered print.

Wearing loafers in the office is, in principle, a sign of good taste, many fashionistas believe, because loafers are ideally combined with trouser suits, classic models of skirts and trousers, as well as office dresses.

Women's loafers with different types of jeans look spectacular, which in spring and autumn can be combined with beautiful printed trench coats.

And how do you like the idea of ​​wearing loafers with leather pants, bananas, leather skirts with a slit, and whether to choose bright and unusual loafers, complementing them with a maximum set, simple in terms of colors? Stylish, isn't it.

In fact, there are a lot of ideas with what to wear loafers. The best way to make sure is to look at the photo images we have selected.

How to wear men's loafers

The first thing to remember is that loafers are part of the casual style and play an important role in it. Based on this main premise, the rest of the set should be compiled. Surely you know that this includes such items of men's clothing as a blazer, cardigan, jeans, sports shirts and more. Combine them in different versions with loafers, and you will get an excellent everyday kit for going to work or walking around the city.

This is the easiest answer to the question, what to wear with men's loafers. Next, let's take a closer look at all the species separately, as each one may have its own peculiarity.

Where did you come from?

More than a century ago, the invention of a shoemaker from Norway, who took as a basis the shoes of local fishermen, leather boots with a strap, was immediately accepted with a bang. Erland shoes (as they were called then) won the hearts of Norwegian farmers for their convenience and practicality and quickly spread throughout the country, and then beyond.

A little later, in the mid-30s, the Spalding family from New Hampshire began mass production of a new model of home shoes, taking Erland shoes as a basis. The novelty was to its taste for its exceptional comfort. And after a couple of decades, she went beyond the boundaries of private houses, first to the streets, and then to business districts. Shoes were worn for both work and leisure. Here is such a transformation: from summer home slippers to stylish business shoes.

It is believed that the name of the Aurland shoes was changed to Loafers for the convenience of the pronunciation of the Americans.

Men's loafers: varieties of models

Before answering the question of how to choose loafers for a man, it is necessary to consider in more detail the main model variations of this type of shoe. There are six of them, namely:

  • venetian or classic,
  • a penny,
  • slippers
  • with a brush
  • with a buckle
  • with fringe.

How to combine with clothes?

Loafers were originally invented as casual shoes that do not require special care and wardrobe selection ceremonies. The trend has persisted in our days - loafers are used primarily as an integral part of the masculine look in casual style.

But due to the variety of models they can be worn even with a business suit.

The best combination of products will be made with such men's clothing:

  • blazer,
  • cardigan,
  • quilted jacket
  • sports shirt
  • jeans.

What can they be worn at work? Penny loafers made of whole leather will best fit into the office style due to their restraint and maximum compliance with the dress code.

In this case, be sure to wear socks that match the tone of the shoes and suit, or a neutral shade. If the suit or outfit is less formal, you can do without socks.

With any loafers, not suits-sets look good, but outfits where the jacket and trousers belong to different sets.

A combination of loafers with light shorts is allowed, but it is best to wear them with different types of jeans, denim shirts and stylish t-shirts.

Important! A versatile look - skinny jeans, a fitted shirt or polo shirt, plus black loafers.

Penny loafers

This is one of the most common varieties. The peak of their popularity can be considered the fifties and the beginning of the sixties - this was an indispensable attribute of the style of a typical representative of the Ivy League. In the eighties, penny loafers are experiencing a revival that continues to this day.

Why a penny? Legend has it that the diamond-shaped recess on the top of the vamp served to put a two penny coin in there, which served as a guarantee that the university campus would never be in a situation where there was no money for a phone call. According to another version, students invested pennies for luck during the exam. One way or another, loafers got their name, which was firmly entrenched in this type of men's shoes.

Weejuns is an earlier name under which the first loafers in the thirties were produced by the famous American shoe manufacturer of those years “G.H. Bass & Co ”(by the way, the company still exists). Weejuns in turn comes from Norwegians (Norwegian). This country is considered the birthplace of the very first loafers.

Penny loafers is perhaps the most versatile look, so if this is your first pair, you should pay attention to them. Will be appropriate in almost any setting, from the most relaxed

to quite working:

By the way, they often ask Can I wear loafers with a suit? Fifty years ago, there would have been a clear answer "no." Today, everything is not so obvious. Yes, indeed, they were originally created as shoes for everyday wear, and even etymology suggests that this is a casual style (to loaf - “idly wander around”). Now, open men's shoes occupy the same positions as lace-up shoes, and you can definitely wear loafers not only with an outfit, but also a business one. However, not all types are the same. For example, penny loafers, because of their restraint, most fully meet the requirements of a business dress code. The brush option is less than acceptable, but acceptable. In any case, if you combine a business suit with shoes without laces, follow one indispensable rule - put on your socks.

Here are some more intermediate uses for penny loafers:

Here, brown suede looks great with the rest of the pastel cream gamut of the entire kit.

Slim fit and sock loafers are the most modern trends:

A sports jacket, chinos and penny loafers, plus the eternal Wayfarer and a scarf in your pocket - it's hard to come up with something more stylish.

What female loafers to choose. We accent and designate loafers by types and models

We have already mentioned which loafers will be most desired in terms of colors, and from which fabrics they will be made, and now let's denote the new loafers by type.

Classic leather loafersUndoubtedly, they are considered the most popular among women of different ages, because their predisposition to incorporate into different stylistic combinations is undeniable.

In the trend, loafers are not only made of matte leather, but also stylish patent leather loafersthat bring a touch of chic to the look.

Further, the designers decided to develop women for the fair sex heeled and wedge loafersthat are not inferior in appearance grace to the same shoes and ankle boots.

Suede Loafers - An ideal solution for dry weather, and taking into account that suede loafers are so versatile in color, such loafers will become an original addition not only to street bows, but also refined elegant sets.

Further in the list of trends metal loafersunusual fringe loafers, and feminine tassel loafers, which is often made in tandem with a tankette and heel.

Conquered many women of fashion loafers made in the color of python, leopard, zebra. Such loafers do not require a particularly complex combination of things in the kit, as they are very self-sufficient, and they themselves will become the highlight of the image.

Next in line heel loafers, fur inserts loafersthat caused a furor in seasonal collections.

If you want to complement the look with chic shoes, then for you women strap loafers, velor and velvet loafers, metal model effect loafers.

Remember, women's loafers, although extremely versatile, should be chosen very carefully, considering options for possible bows in advance.

And now for you original images with loafers, where you will see what to wear loafers with, what loafers are worth buying in the coming season.

What are the pluses in such shoes?

Unlike classic shoes that require effort, loafers are ideally suited to the rhythms of the modern world. They are practical and versatile, to say the least. Many men have already rated them for comfort and convenience in the foot. Requiring minimal daily care, the shoes are comfortable for everyday use. Plus they are conveniently removed and put on.

Loafers go well with any style, for which they are highly regarded among successful people. Equally suitable for walks, trips, friendly parties, as well as for business meetings, office work. It is difficult to find a situation in which such shoes cannot be worn.

Take a look at the men on the street. Many will be shod in different models of loafers. It is worn by representatives of various generations. The reason is not only in comfort, but also in the advantage of looking quite businesslike outside the office. They impress with their grace and stylish execution.

History of creation

Initially, they were worn by British sailors. This type of shoe was exclusively male. They were part of the military uniform. The sailors often lounged and missed their voyages to the ships and because of this their shoes got the name loafers (loafer).

In the early 1930s, shoes with leather tassels were made by the shoe maker Spalding. Four years later, George Henry Bass released a model in which toes were decorated with jumpers with a slot.

In the mid-50s, due to European influence, they ceased to be everyday shoes. They have become much more elegant.

In 1960, they were worn with business suits. In the 70s, these shoes were on every Wall Street employee.


This model of loafers is often called classical. They were first worn in Norway back in 1930. As a rule, they are distinguished by a discreet design and a minimum of decorative elements or their complete absence.

By design

All models of loafers differ in design, there are options close to the classic, there are more eccentric products. The main varieties:

  1. Shoes with tassels (tassel loafers). A very popular and fashionable option, beloved by young people. Such men's loafers have long become classics of style.
  2. Penny loafers Also an eye-catching option. They are distinguished by the presence of a leather strip running along the upper part, and a small gap for small things. In addition, they have a false tongue on the vamp.
  3. Venetian loafers. Products are made without decorations, have a simple elongated shape. Like shoes with tassels, they have become classics. Differ in comfort and wear.
  4. Buckled shoes (horsebit loafers). Equipped with a special element of decor, is the invention of Gucci. Looks great with business suits.
  5. Belgian loafers. Equipped with small bows on the vamp, very sophisticated, elegant and in great demand. Such shoes are worn only by men bold enough for such fashionable decisions.
  6. With fringe (kiltie loafers). Also expressive and vibrant. Finishing decorates their design and creates a unique image. These shoes are chosen by confident people.
  7. Sleepers (sleeper). They are characterized by a semi-closed top and flat sole. There is a tongue located in the lifting area. Shoes are made without fasteners, sometimes equipped with a small heel.

A feature of handmade shoes is sophistication. She creates an individual image of a person. This type of loafers is a combination of classic style with the latest finds of designers. Handmade shoes have a unique color, texture, shape.

With tassels

This model cannot be called mandatory, but those who wish to achieve diversity in the wardrobe can safely recommend it. Tassels in shoes adorn the base of the tongue, giving sophistication and originality to the model.

Very popular are models made of suede.

Examples of images with different tassel loafers:

  1. black suede - a white shirt with a long sleeve, navy trousers with suspenders,
  2. brown nubuck - blue denim jacket, polo shirt, navy plaid trousers,
  3. tobacco leather - a dark wool jacket, a white and blue shirt with a small vertical stripes, beige chinos,
  4. light brown leather - an orange shirt with a long sleeve, navy shorts with a white strap,
  5. brown leather - gray jacket with herringbone pattern, light blue dress shirt, blue jeans.

Tassel lofers

Their presence cannot be called necessary in a men's wardrobe, however, as soon as you are ready to expand your shoe minimum, do not pass them by. Speaking of my personal preferences, these are my favorites.

Tassel loafers can look old-fashioned with voluminous clothing. With their tight slim clothes, they look too hipster. Therefore, the best option is something in between:

If you work in an environment that allows some liberties in clothes, but still requires a suit, this option may be quite modern and stylish:

In this case, choose a darker shade for shoes.

The combination with jeans can be either sporty or more restrained and traditional, allowing you to create a set in the style of smart casual. In both cases, loafers add an element of elegance. On the next a photo they level out a pronounced sports effect. Replace the loafers with sneakers and you will get a fresh set of t-shirts and jeans.

Here is another example with jeans, more traditional, but no less stylish thanks to details such as a knitted tie, quilted jacket, tucked jeans, and, of course, tassel loafers.

What styles are combined

To answer this question, we need to determine what style loafers belong to. This style is called casual. The main feature of this style is practicality and convenience.

The following items of men's clothing are suitable:

They are also combined with the style of smart casual and slim. Each type of shoe is best combined with specific clothing. About it further.

You can read more about casual style in a separate article.

By model design

Men's loafers vary in design features. The most popular are the classic types, flat shoes or thick soles. Their main characteristics:

  1. Classical models have a special aristocracy and style. There are Penny Loafers and Tassel Loafers. They are distinguished by a characteristic and expressive finish. Shoes are very comfortable for everyday wear and suitable for various styles of clothing.
  2. Flat shoes look a bit defiant. The person in them creates a special unique image, emphasizes individuality and self-confidence. In addition, such models are extremely comfortable.

Thick-soled male loafers are worn in autumn or early spring, when it is slushy and wet on the street. They are reliable, long worn, suitable for any season. Shoes look great with any style of suit.

With buckle

Buckled shoes look more solid than models with tassels, fringe or bows. A metal buckle placed across the toe is designed to add presentability and masculinity to the image, so it goes well with the business style of clothing.

reference! Back in the 70s of the last century, loafers with a buckle were equalized in status with classic shoes with lacing and began to be often used with costume classics.

Stylists argue that the buckle does not fit well with T-shirts, shorts, blazers and sports shirts, but owners of loafers often wear them with informal-style clothes, such as jeans.

To make the image as complete and thoughtful as possible, you can achieve a harmonious combination of buckles on loafers and buckles on the belt.


In ancient times - back in the 19th century - such shoes were home to representatives of the aristocracy. Their name comes from the term “slide”. Until about the middle of the 20th century, slippers could only be found in the wardrobe of the nobility. They gained wide popularity already in the beginning of the 60s, and to this day are one of the most universal models for casual-style images.

By material

The materials from which these men's shoes are sewn may be different. Most often, loafers are made of leather and suede. There are also patent leather shoes. Features of products from different materials:

  1. The main advantage of leather products is that they are comfortable. In addition, these things are hygienic. The design of the loafers is rigorous and is perfect for a business wardrobe. Such material lasts a long time, it is very beautiful, it looks expensive. Disadvantages: relatively high cost of shoes, difficult care for her.
  2. Suede patterns are preferred for the warmer months. In other periods, they are easy to spoil so that the original appearance cannot be restored. Suede loafers have a unique texture, they are versatile, elegant. In addition, the skin in them breathes, which is very important in the summer. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the color of the shoe so that it harmoniously combines with the tone of the trousers. The main disadvantage of suede models is the high cost.
  3. Lacquered men's loafers are distinguished by sophistication of style. One of their main advantages is that the shoes look very expressive and rich on the foot. Lacquered products are elegant, versatile and sophisticated. Cons are considered low air permeability and instability to external conditions.

Color schemes

Unlike classic shoes, loafers offer greater freedom in choosing colors.

On sale you can find models of gray, smoky, white, terracotta, tobacco, beige, blue, blue, olive and even purple shades.

Reference! The most popular and universal are black, blue and brown loafers.

Tassel loafers

The carefree cousin of the quintessence of a penny. A soft brush and decorative lacing around the boot is America's call for practical but fashionable shoes. Unlike the classic penny style, the tassel adds extra chic to the shoe. They were the first to appear. As a rule, they are made of soft leather, as a result, they are more refined than the previous version. This is definitely an extravagant model, but if you dare to wear such shoes, no one can reproach you with a bad taste.

Men's loafers fred perry

With brush

Loafers for men with a brush appeared after the Second World War with a light filing of actor Paul Lucas. This wonderful idea, with which he came to the shoe workshop, he spied somewhere in Europe, but where exactly - remains a secret. The first models with brushes were made with a combination of two colors, usually white and black. In 1952, their design underwent some changes and these loafers began to look more like loafers, which made them even more popular among stylish men with an impeccable sense of taste. The traditional options for such loafers are models made of high-quality horse leather.

By season

There are shoes for loafers to be worn in summer, in the off-season and in winter. Their main characteristics:

  1. In the warmer months, it is best to choose sleepers or a suede version. These shoes are light for the legs and allow the skin to breathe. Their big plus is style and versatility. Summer men's loafers are worn with jeans and trousers, shirts and T-shirts, and on cool evenings - with a sweater or pullover. The downside is that in the office or at a business meeting, they look out of place.
  2. For demi-season options, you should stay on skin or nubuck. In dry weather, it is recommended to choose suede shoes. Varnished is often used in dry periods. It is better to have several options to wear them according to the weather. The main advantage of demi-season loafers is convenience. They have a simple classic top, not burdened with voluminous details. Their negative side is fragility and the need for constant care.
  3. Shoes designed for cold weather are characterized by the presence of insulation. These men's loafers are made with thick soles. Models are very diverse. They are comfortable, warm the leg, contribute to the ease of walking. The main advantage is that the shoes can be worn for long driving. Their other advantages are a fashionable look and elegance.

The disadvantages are the relative severity of winter shoes and the ban on indoor use, this model is strictly a street option.

Of great importance is the color of the shoes. Men's loafers are most often black, brown, red, blue, white, blue.Each of them has its own characteristics:

  1. Black men's loafers are very stylish. They have one feature: it is preferable to wear shoes with clothes of the corresponding color. It is not permissible to wear them under white, light blue or gray trousers. As a rule, such shoes are used as part of a business wardrobe.
  2. Men's brown loafers are great for suits of any tone. The casual direction is categorically not suitable for them, jeans will be the best option. Shoes are also suitable for sports shirts.
  3. Blue shoes are designed for people who are not afraid of experimentation. They look expressive and create a bright accent. Such shoes look great as summer models in combination with colorful jackets, shorts, light t-shirts.
  4. Blue shoes are universal for any style. Brown ensembles are great for them. Blue men's loafers are combined with dark trousers, plain jackets and jackets. They are also worn with check clothing. In the summer, for these models, a combination with white shorts, a woven belt and black t-shirts is ideal.
  5. Red shoes are at first glance somewhat provocative. It must be combined with a white shirt, a dark blue suit, a plaid. It creates the appearance of a self-confident person who is not afraid of gaze.

White shoes should be combined with clothing of the same tone. It is also worth staying on bright, but not gray or dark shades. A belt to the side is not required; it is better to prefer a free option.


Black is the king of officialdom. Therefore, black loafers are considered the most suitable addition to a business suit and official style.

It is better to choose leather products - they look more presentable and have better combinatoriality.

Examples of successful images with black leather loafers:

  • a white T-shirt, a beige vest, black jeans and a tarpaulin jacket,
  • gray long sleeve shirt, black suit, white leather strap,
  • black classic shirt, black suit, decorated with a bright pocket square,
  • a suit of black tone in a light vertical strip, a white shirt with a thin gray strip, a gray pocket square,
  • navy suit, white chemise, black tie.

Buckle Loafers (Italian)

While Loafers wore business suits in the States, Europeans perceived them as comfortable slippers.

Gucci trendsetter has helped Europeans unleash the potential of this shoe. In 1967, he decorated the loafers with a specific buckle - a gilded bridle detail - a snaffle. And now the shoes fit perfectly with any costumes.

For 20 years in a row, fashionable bow was worn with pleasure by famous and wealthy people of that time, including John F. Kennedy. Gucci, who had previously specialized more in saddles and suitcases, suddenly hit the nail on the head. And fulfilling numerous orders for status loafers for Wall Street, he ensured popularity for his brand for many years.

A shot from Wall Street: Money Doesn’t Sleep, to the right is the hero of Shia LaBeouf in buckle loafers

Successful images

It is advisable to inquire the opinion of experts on what to wear loafers with for men. It is necessary to determine how and with what to wear them in the office, on the street or at various events. It is important to avoid making style mistakes. Examples of fashionable ideas and unacceptable combinations are presented in the table.

Style / time of yearFashion ideasInvalid Combinations
BusinessClassic black loafers made from various materials not only look great with office suits, but also create a strict and sophisticated look.You should not wear light suede options or sleepers for a business meeting.
Casual lookVenetian, penny loafers or models with a buckle in combination with jeans are appropriate for serious events and are suitable for meetings with representatives of the opposite sex.You need to be very careful about the color. A big mistake is to wear loafers with brightly colored clothes that do not match the shades with the shoes.
Summer optionsLight-colored shoes with suede tassels work well with white shirts or beige pants. Blue jeans are also suitable for her. In summer, male loafers are often worn without socks.If the socks are still worn, then they should not be allowed to be visible from under shoes or trousers.
Demi-season (spring-autumn)Different types of leather loafers are recommended. They are used in casual or sports style. Shoes fit jeans, windbreakers, jackets and jackets, as well as light trousers.It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the shoes. Inadmissible to appear in uncleaned or soiled shoes.
WinterFur models are preferred, especially with sheepskin and thick soles.Do not wear them at other times or combine with spring-summer wardrobe clothes.


Bright blue loafers are the choice of a brave man who is not afraid to attract attention. It is better to wear them in the summer with the same bright clothes - shorts, stylish bright jackets and colored t-shirts.

The color of the outfit is best chosen in blue or neutral colors.

Dark blue loafers are a more versatile and less pompous option.

They will make a good combination with white shirts in a shallow vertical stripes or a plaid check, dark blue jackets and suits, tobacco-colored trousers. Fashionistas wear such models with light shorts, complemented by a woven belt, and t-shirts in a dark palette.

Can I wear without socks

In the summer, it is quite possible to wear loafers with or without socks. Most preferred is shoes made from natural materials: soft leather or suede. In order to walk barefoot, sleepers or unique work options are especially suitable. Ideal models are men's velvet loafers.

Be sure to remember that in this case, the soles of the feet need constant careful care. They should not be sweaty or wet. Shoes will often need to be cleaned and closely monitored for personal hygiene.

If a man is absolutely unable to imagine an image with shoes without socks, then it is better for him to choose very thin textile products. Wearing shortened options is also recommended. In those cases if the feet are not well-groomed or sweating too profusely, regular use of a solution of pharmacy chamomile and mandatory application of talcum powder to the skin are required.

With or without toe?

A matter of purely individual preferences. It's like wearing or not wearing a scarf in a jacket pocket. Or, for example, to fasten a buttonhole on a lapel or not. Yes, the sockless trend is now at the peak of modern fashion, but no one will blame you if you wear socks with penny loafers or tassel loafers, especially when it comes to a business meeting or office work.

So, if you are not averse to acquiring a pair of casual shoes, but have not yet decided what to stop at, my advice is men's loafers. Especially now you know what to wear them with. Spring, summer, autumn, - for at least half of the whole year you will have the opportunity to find them to use.

Traditionally, a few additional photos:


Blue classic loafers

The most accurate and elegant models began to produce in the forties, the designer and owner of the shoe company Henry Bendel. Having traveled to Belgium and having learned the skills of Belgian craftsmen to sew shoes inside out and then turn them out, he is still the only manufacturer of Belgian loafers with the simply named Belgian Shoes brand. A distinctive detail of such a model, in addition to lightness, is a stylish attribute added by Bendell's designers - a tiny bow that gives a special elegance. And although he embarrasses many, such Loafers with a bow wonderfully combine both with a shirt and chino pants for going to the pub, and with a tuxedo for formal meetings.


Loafers of this shade are in perfect harmony with clothes in beige tones. Such shoes will be appreciated by fans of dark beige breeches or shorts, as well as fans of classic jeans.

Important! A good combination is khaki, military-style, gray outfits, interspersed with sand, white, terracotta and even burgundy. You can wear brown loafers with classic costumes in gray, beige, brown or navy blue.

How to choose the right men's shoes is described in the video:

Loafers for men: the story of creation

Initially, similar shoes were worn by British sailors. They were even part of military uniforms. Rumor has it that even loafers are called their own, which translates as "loafer" - they also received thanks to these sailors who loved to laze around and missed flights to ships.

In the early 30s, such a famous workshop as Spalding was engaged in the production of such variants of men's shoes with tassels. A little later, George Henry Bass, who is considered the author of the penny model, joined the idea of ​​creating loafers.

Under the influence of European fashionistas, in the mid-50s loafers ceased to be everyday shoes and acquired a more elegant and refined appearance. And in the 1960s they can be found in ensembles with business suits. In the 70s, loafers were almost an integral part of every Wall Street employee’s wardrobe.

+ Jeans

Loafers are especially well combined with cropped jeans, if you don’t have such ones in your arsenal, just twist the edges. This is a very universal solution and you can pick up the top almost anything - it all depends on the image as a whole. It can be a turtleneck, a voluminous sweater, a T-shirt with a cardigan or jacket, a blouse or a shirt.

A jacket with shirts + jeans and loafers is a versatile everyday look for work (where there is no strictly dress code) or leisure.

Today's fashionable blouses and shirts of a very different cut perfectly fit into the image.

Tassel lofers

Tassels on them appeared after the Second World War. This idea actor Paul Lucas spied somewhere in Europe. With her, he came to the master from Alden. The first shoes of this type combined two colors. As a rule, it was white and black. In 1952, they were redone and looked more like simple moccasins with a brush.

Ideally, tassel loafers are made with horse skin. It is especially durable and shiny. However, there are many other material options. This type of dress can be worn both under jeans and under a suit.

Colors range from black to burgundy. You should not wear them under sports shirts, shorts and other sportswear.

Care Tips

It is important to know how to properly care for loafers. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the material from which they are made, and the tone of the model. Key tips:

  1. Suede shoes must be cleaned daily with a special brush. They can not leave the house in the rain or mud. Regularly apply a special waterproof spray to the shoes, which will create a protective film and protect the shoes in case of a sudden change in weather. You should pay attention to the composition - it is necessary that the tool does not include silicone, which is able to spoil the texture of the material.
  2. Caring for leather shoes involves regular treatment with shoe polish. It should not fall on the fringe, tassels, lining, otherwise the products will lose color.
  3. Varnished models must be treated with special water-based substances so as not to damage the coating. The surface of the loafers should remain shiny, so it must be wiped. Each month, shoes should be treated with petroleum jelly, sunflower or castor oil.
  4. Care for light shoes involves thorough cleaning of dirt. They need to be treated with a special brush, especially suede, velor or velvet options. It is also advisable to raise the villi with a metal tool, making sure that dust does not accumulate around them.
  5. After returning from the street, the loafers must be washed and dried, then a special cream should be applied to colored shoes. You should choose a special composition for brown, light or black. The brush for them should be soft so as not to spoil the paint. If this condition is not met, then ugly stains remain on the shoes.

If you follow all the rules for choosing and caring for loafers, they will decorate the look of any man. The right shoes will be a great complement to office, casual or informal style. It is characterized by increased comfort and is suitable for almost any type of clothing.

What is best to wear in the summer?

Loafers are ideal shoes for the warm season. They can become a practical and fashionable solution for every day, subject to the right choice of color.

Bright loafers are suitable for creating extraordinary youth bows with shorts or breeches. White loafers, combined with vibrant blue shorts and a white polo shirt, look especially stylish.

For the summer, it is better to opt for shoes made of suede or textile, models with decorative elements, for example, fringe, will be appropriate.

Blue or beige loafers can be worn with long light shorts and linen pants - this is the right option for a vacation or outdoor recreation.

In summer looks, varnished loafers look bad only if this is not an element of a strict business suit.

Men need to remember that you can only look attractive in well-groomed shoes.

Therefore, immediately at the time of buying loafers, you must purchase a skin or suede skin care product to regularly monitor the neatness and cleanliness of your beloved couple.

Fringed Loafers (kiltie loafers)

The difference compared to ordinary ones is the presence of fringe on the vamp. In its form, it somewhat resembles a kilt. This is where the name comes from. Often on tassel loafers, a brush is also present at the same time.

It is best to combine them with white flowers. A blazer is good. Perfectly combined with business style of clothes. Suitable for trousers, jackets and belts. Need to wear without socks. Poor fit with jeans, shorts.

Buckle loafers (horsebit loafers)

This type was invented by Italians. For a long time, there was a debate about the fact that a business suit does not necessarily have laces. In 1966, a new version of this shoe was proposed. Their feature is the buckle across the toe.

These shoes are combined exclusively with the business style of clothing. Suitable pants, belts, jackets. In no case should you wear them with shorts, T-shirts, sports shirts, blazers.


In the 19th century, sleepers were the home slippers of aristocrats. Their name comes from the word "slide." Until the mid-20th century, such shoes wore to know. In the early 60s, they gained their mass popularity.

This is the most summer version of shoes of all. A feature of this type is that in shape they resemble slippers. Comfortable and stylish at the same time. It goes well with trousers, a shirt and a pullover, as well as with home clothes. Not suitable for business suits.

How to choose the right combination of colors for clothes and loafers

Black looks great only with black clothes. Awfully combined with light or gray trousers. Black loafers are good only for business style clothing.

Browns work well in a business style with both black and white suits. In the casual style, dark brown should not be worn. Tan trousers are great for jeans and light sport shirts.

A common problem is bad breath in shoes. Here is an article on how to get rid of it.

Often, new shoes are too tight. In order to distribute it, there are many methods.

Can I wear socks loafers

To wear loafers over socks or not is a personal matter. Initially, this shoe was created for everyday wear. Now there is no definite answer. They are worn not only with an outfit, but also with a business suit.

Penny loafers and tassel loafers must be worn with socks. These types are the most official. In all other cases, this is a personal matter for everyone.

One thing to remember is that don’t wear them with socks if you wear shorts. The main thing is not to forget to choose the right color scheme. Under white loafers - white socks. Under black - black.

Loafers are the most versatile and comfortable shoes. Starting as regular footwear for sailors, they have become incredibly popular nowadays. If you like casual style or comfortable business shoes, and if you haven’t managed to get a suitable one at a reasonable price, they will be the perfect complement to your wardrobe.

What to wear or chaos of styles

The best “loafers” aspect that sets them apart from other classic shoes is the fact that they have several styles that you can choose from. Men's loafers are perfect for a classic suit with a shirt, and jeans, shorts with a T-shirt, T-shirt. It all depends on which bow you are going to create and where to go in it. They are also ideal for creating an everyday look: literally any item from your closet will do.

50 years Loafers were the prerogative of men only. The first female models appeared in the 80s and immediately won the hearts of the beautiful half of humanity.

Loafers in different styles.

The most successful, of course, is the combination of men's loafers with casual clothing. It can be such wardrobe items as:

  • jeans,
  • blazers
  • cardigans
  • sports shirts,
  • skinny pants.

It is worth noting that certain models of such shoes will look good in not very strict business looks.

Business style

For study, office, business meetings, choose Penny Loafers, Venetian or Gucci loafers in dark muted colors. Dress them with classic trousers or dark jeans, complementing the look with a plain shirt, vest, bright tie or bow-tie. Such combinations will make it possible to express your originality, confidence, creativity and sense of style, while fully respecting the dress code. However, several points should be taken into account: shoes with buckles made of smooth dark leather are most suitable for classic suits, costumes of bright colors require shoes of the same shade, trousers should end at the level of the front edge of loafers.

These photos will help you orient yourself with what to wear stylish men's loafers for work:

+ Pants

A more classic version for work, for example, can be obtained in the image with trousers and a blouse (shirt). A fitted sweater or turtleneck is also a good fit. As more casual options, you can wear with a T-shirt + leather or jeans jacket. Loafers with trousers look great.

Pants can be both tight, straight, and wide, but at the same time they must be shortened.

An option with wide cropped trousers is best for tall girls. They can visually make low beauties even lower, therefore such a model of trousers is not recommended for them.

Semi-official style

It is easy to create it by choosing jeans and a jacket with elegant suede loafers. Tassel Loafers with tassels in combination with a blazer or tweed jacket (but not with a suit) can easily do the same. For example, dress pants, a shirt and a blue blazer:

Blue Suede Tassel Loafers

A classic shirt and brown chinos are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal. Loafers will look very organic here.

Brown Chinos Loafer With Jacket

Add light-colored shoes to your summer wardrobe. The same tassels only from light suede look good with beige trousers and a bright color shirt:

Men's suede loafers

Penny loafers

Penny loafers will look great in ensembles with jackets and even with business suits. It will turn out to be moderately strict, moderately elegant and definitely unusual, fashionable, stylish!

For example, penny loafers, chinos and a sports jacket, combined with an elegant accessory such as a scarf in your pocket, will be an excellent choice for a stylish man who skillfully balances casual and business style.

Brush Options

If you don’t know what to wear men's loafers with a tassel, then feel free to choose jeans or a suit that you like best and depending on which look and for what occasion you strive to create. The palette of shades can vary from classic black to burgundy colors.

If your business dress code allows some liberties, then an ensemble where loafers with a tassel stylishly complement a gray suit with a white shirt will be a great option. But the socks here will be superfluous.

Informal style

Penny is the most suitable model for this motive. To put emphasis on your fashionable shoes, wear tight or ripped jeans, trousers with a twist, cropped trousers or shorts. From materials: velveteen and flannel.

Classic loafersTassel loafers

Men's genuine leather loafers and shorts

To create an informal look, stylists also recommend excluding socks. Although loafers in this matter are very democratic: with and without socks, with long and short, with thick and thin.

Blue and black sock loafers

Informals include fringe loafers. Try to put them on with your favorite blazer and tucked up and trousers.

Jacket, trousers and fringe loafers

Feel free to choose colorful, vibrant colors for such a bow.

With breeches and chinos, light skin and suede look perfect.

Suede Loafers, Drawstring Model

When you wear loafers in cold weather, you can make a bright accent by wearing contrasting clothing socks in bright colors or with funny prints. Choose tall socks from silky knitwear.

Original socks for loafers

If you really want to wear socks with loafers for shorts, wear short ones, but not sports ones. That's just not necessary):

Classic Loafers with Wrong Socks

Long socks with shorts visually reduce growth and look ridiculous.

These two photo collages will help you finally understand the aspects of creating an individual stylish image with the help of loafers:

There are several sacred rules that you must follow when picking your bow:

  • Belgian loafers are worn only with thin socks,
  • the pants should be pulled down (the folds of the legs near the shoes distract from the shoes themselves, and your image is made slightly square),
  • trousers should end in front of the ankles - this will make your silhouette smooth and draw attention to detail,
  • don’t wear long socks under shorts with loafers,
  • for a business look, socks are matched to the tone of the ensemble,
  • models of dark colors do not combine with white socks at all.

Although it was black leather loafers with white socks that were the stage image of Michael Jackson

And it can be understood. Watch the video about super comfortable shoes):

Finding loafers on the border of styles gives both its pros and cons. They can not be attributed to a purely business attribute. But having at least two pairs of such shoes - light and dark, you do not need to rack your brains on how to combine a walk or a meeting with friends with a trip to a restaurant. Create your own new style and don't be afraid to experiment.

In this article, we have covered the most useful and informative points regarding convenient Loafers. Briefly recall the main thing in this video:

Now that you have everything you need to know about devoted loafers, we hope that you are already deep in love with them and are ready to make your choice. Be sure to replenish your collection with this model and decide whether they look better with your blue suit or dark jeans. And be a fan of the "loafers" as soon as possible!

With fringe

The difference between this model and the classical one is the presence of fringe as the main decorative element. With its appearance, such a fringe resembles a kilt. Additionally, a brush may also be present.

Loafers for men: the story of creation

Initially, similar shoes were worn by British sailors. They were even part of military uniforms. Rumor has it that even loafers are called their own, which translates as "loafer" - they also received thanks to these sailors who loved to laze around and missed flights to ships.

In the early 30s, such a famous workshop as Spalding was engaged in the production of such variants of men's shoes with tassels. A little later, George Henry Bass, who is considered the author of the penny model, joined the idea of ​​creating loafers.

Under the influence of European fashionistas, in the mid-50s loafers ceased to be everyday shoes and acquired a more elegant and refined appearance. And in the 1960s they can be found in ensembles with business suits. In the 70s, loafers were almost an integral part of every Wall Street employee’s wardrobe.

Loafers in different styles.

The most successful, of course, is the combination of men's loafers with casual clothing. It can be such wardrobe items as:

  • jeans,
  • blazers
  • cardigans
  • sports shirts,
  • skinny pants.

It is worth noting that certain models of such shoes will look good in not very strict business looks.

Men's loafers: what to wear

As we mentioned earlier, in total there are six aspen models of male loafers, we will talk about the combination with different styles and items of clothing further.

Classic model

Venetian loafers will look great with jeans and a T-shirt, as well as shorts, so they can be safely taken on vacation and used for stylish everyday looks.

Penny loafers

Penny loafers will look great in ensembles with jackets and even with business suits. It will turn out to be moderately strict, moderately elegant and definitely unusual, fashionable, stylish!

For example, penny loafers, chinos and a sports jacket, combined with an elegant accessory such as a scarf in your pocket, will be an excellent choice for a stylish man who skillfully balances casual and business style.

Brush Options

If you don’t know what to wear men's loafers with a tassel, then feel free to choose jeans or a suit that you like best and depending on which look and for what occasion you strive to create. The palette of shades can vary from classic black to burgundy colors.

If your business dress code allows some liberties, then an ensemble where loafers with a tassel stylishly complement a gray suit with a white shirt will be a great option. But the socks here will be superfluous.

With fringe

It is best to combine them with white clothing, for example, stylish blazers. Such shoes will look great in business images.

Varnished models

Separately, we highlight the varnished loafers, which look very impressive in the images adding gloss and charm to them. Such shoes will easily add a certain festivity and elegance to any ensemble, and will look advantageous in combination with almost any clothing: from business suits to casual trousers with shirts. The main rule of such images is matte clothing, which will make it possible to focus on shoes.

Short skirt (mini)

Such shoes look beautiful with mini skirts; the top is a light blouse or shirt that you can either fill in the skirt and not refuel, but leave it that way.

A short denim skirt will look good with the simplest white t-shirt.

The combination of colors of clothes and loafers

White loafers can be worn with a suit of the same color, it will be universal, and most importantly - a very stylish choice. Socks should be selected strictly according to the color of the shoes. You can supplement the ensemble with bright details, but it is better to refuse the entire palette of dark colors.

Black loafers will look great in combination with black business clothes and will absolutely not go well with light trousers.

But brown models are just that optimal choice, which is good for black and white business suits, as well as jeans - if these are shoes in light shades of brown.

Combinations that are better to refuse

Despite the fact that loafers are a very light combination of shoes, there are still some fashionable taboos. So loafers - what men should not wear with them:

  • classic models do not combine well with business style,
  • pennies will not look with home and everyday clothes, in particular with jeans, sports shirts, shorts and t-shirts,
  • tassel loafers are absolutely not suitable for sports-style clothes,
  • fringe options cannot be worn under socks and combined with jeans or shorts,
  • sleepers are not suitable for business ensembles with suits,
  • buckle loafers do not fit shorts and T-shirts, or sports shirts.

Loafers are indispensable in the men's wardrobe and now you know exactly how and with what to combine them!

With a mid-length skirt (midi)

Midi skirts look very feminine and paired with loafers you can get an original and stylish look. This may include pleated, and a pencil skirt, and in general all models of this are long.

In summer, light-colored skirts can be combined with beige or white loafers.

With a long skirt

Here, the important point is precisely the length of the skirt: if you want your shoes to be visible, then its length) should reach a maximum of bone, preferably a couple of centimeters higher. Top - light blouse, shirt, top or cardigan. A light coat, jacket, cardigan or jacket can be thrown over your shoulders.

With printed skirt

The skirt with an interesting print is able to bring a fresh sound to your everyday look in unison with the character of the print.

Black loafers and a black (white) top are a decent setting for this look.

+ Jacket (jacket, coat) without sleeves

An elongated vest or jacket without sleeves has long won the hearts of many fashionistas. Why do not we combine these stylish things together and get a double effect ?!

Jeans or denim shorts are perfect here.

Pants or a skirt can complement this look.