Are electronic cigarettes harmful to health, the pros and cons

It has been proven that vapes are no safer than regular cigarettes, they hit the brain and contain pesticide analogues. We tell you what the vape is really harmful, the opinions of leading experts

Manufacturers claim that these trendy gadgets are less harmful to health and help to tie up with tobacco. However, doctors disagree with this, to put it mildly. According to them, vapors vapor contain carcinogens and toxic substances and in no way help quit smoking.

Why is vape dangerous?

Electronic cigarettes (aka vapes) began their march around the world in the early 2000s as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. And in Russia they became popular after the introduction of the anti-tobacco law in 2013, when it was forbidden to smoke in public places, porches, government offices and so on.

However, now, apparently, electronic cigarettes will suffer the same fate as ordinary cigarettes: a few months ago, Rospotrebnadzor called for the introduction of legislative regulation of the use of vapes, ”explaining that they pose a threat to health.

The Ministry of Health, in turn, proposed banning smoking vapes in public places.

And the Government of the Russian Federation does even have a project that aims not only to reduce such devices, but also to provide medical assistance to vapers (“On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On Protecting Citizens' Health from the Effects of Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of Tobacco Use ”).

But while bills are being considered, thousands of people continue to voluntarily poison themselves. Are you among them? Here are a few arguments to show how vape is harmful.

10 reasons to refuse vaping


Manufacturers of electronic devices claim that inside is a harmless substance, almost pure water vapor. The World Health Organization has a completely opposite opinion on this. WHO report on electronic nicotine delivery systems it is reported that “ESDN aerosol (electronic nicotine delivery systems) is not just“ water vapor ”, as is often claimed.”

Experts found that the main components of the solution, in addition to nicotine, are propylene glycol, glycerin, flavoring agents, formaldehyde and other cancer-causing substances.

Doctor of Biological Sciences Olga Sukhovskaya, Head of the Consultative Telephone Center for Tobacco Relief, previously confirmed to the correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda that carcinogenic substances are part of smoking mixtures. And also nicotine, which is addictive and is a neurotoxic poison.


In the world, several cases have already been recorded when a vape exploded in the mouth of a smoker. There were such incidents in Russia. The latter occurred a few weeks ago, when a 17-year-old schoolboy was taken to the Morozov Children's Hospital, and instead of his mouth there was a continuous bloody mess. The jerked vape opened the boy's jaws, teeth, lips. Surgeons barely saved the life of a teenager. But now he will have plastic and insertion of teeth knocked out by an explosion.

And this guy was lucky: a 57-year-old resident of Florida, a Vietnam veteran Tom Haloway, completely lost his tongue as a result of tightening an electronic cigarette.


The principle of operation of an electronic cigarette is like that of a boiler: the coil heats up, the smoking composition emits vapor. However, some components of the smoking mixture, especially propylene glycol, can cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract.As a result, all this results in an allergic reaction.

Leading Specialist of the State Research Center for Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Marine Gambaryan in an interview with a KP correspondent, she confirmed: natural tobacco nicotine in vapes has been replaced by chemical, and this is even more harmful. For example, nicotine sulfate, which was previously used as pesticide to kill insects, and then completely banned because of their high toxicity. And people, it turns out, are being sucked in by pesticide analogues!


All the flavors that “stuff” electronic gadgets penetrate the lungs of a person. And they affect them, and not superficially, but at the deepest, cellular level. This was announced last year at International Conference of the US Pulmonary Community.

University of North Carolina Staff presented the results of their study, during which it was established that the longer the vapor from vapors is retained in the lungs, the greater the damage.


“The import, sales, advertising, promotion and consumption of these products are not regulated in any way, and constitutes a serious threat to the achievement of the implementation of anti-tobacco measures,” one of the arguments for banning electronic cigarettes is Ministry of Health of Russia.

No one really controls the manufacturers either. And for them there are no uniform rules. What stuffed - then smoke.


Due to the lack of strict control, it is almost impossible to find out the dosage of certain substances. Even if the package says that this device is low in nicotine, no one can really verify it.

“Look, a pack of regular cigarettes even indicates how many tar, nicotine there is,” says our expert Marine Gambaryan. “In the case of electronic, the declared amount of nicotine and other substances often does not coincide with their actual content.”

A person thinks that since he bought an electronic cigarette, now he smokes less - but in reality it can be even more than in a regular cigarette. What kind of refusal from nicotine can be discussed then?


Electronic cigarettes are often used as a way to discard conventional cigarettes. However, often this is just a fairy tale.

First of all, vapes themselves cause nicotine addiction, although not in such volumes as tobacco products.

Secondly, people who cannot get into tobacco become smokers in the square: they will grind both regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.


World Health Organization (WHO) warns - people near active vapers are also exposed to particles of harmful smoking mixtures:

“We don’t know whether the increased exposure to toxic substances and particles will increase the risk of illness and death among others, as is the case with exposure to tobacco smoke. However, epidemiological evidence from environmental studies indicates adverse effects on the body. ”


Study published in JAMA Internal Medicine in 2014 showed that there is no noticeable rejection of cigarettes as a result of the transition to electronic analogues. Even a year after switching to vaping, smokers out of habit are drawn to regular cigarettes with tobacco.


Vape smokers just make money by killing their health. In 2014, people spent $ 3 billion on vapes worldwide. By 2030, sales are projected to increase 17 times. Over their short history, electronic cigarettes have made a successful “career” - they have gathered a large flock of adherents and, according to experts, in the next 10-15 years they will overtake regular cigarettes in sales.

At the same time, according to WHO estimates, if there were 466 brands in the world three years ago, today the number of people who want to profit at your expense has increased by about one and a half times. They get rich, and you obediently carry money to the cashier again and again.


Chief Psychiatrist-Narcologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia Evgeny Bryun:

“The use of psychoactive substances entails the continued use of not only nicotine. This is the entrance gate to any other anesthesia. And since vapes still contain all kinds of polyhydric alcohols and ethers, they also hit the brains and “weaken” the person. ”


In the United States, a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to people under 18 years old was introduced in 2016.

Countries in which electronic cigarettes - vapes - are completely prohibited:

What are electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are used as a way to stop or reduce smoking. Vapes, or electronic cigarettes, are acquired by millions of people around the world. The first time they were released in 2004 in the Chinese market.

An electronic cigarette looks like a long tube, resembling in shape a regular cigarette, cigar, tube or pen. Many of them are reusable, with refillable and replaceable cartridges, but some devices are disposable.

The first patent application for “cigarettes with tobacco, but no smoke” was filed in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert, but the modern device did not appear on the market until 2003.

Vape, in the form in which most know it, was invented by pharmacist Hon Lik from China, an employee of Golden Dragon Holdings. The manufacturer began to export the product to international markets in the mid-2000s.

The device and principle of operation of electronic cigarettes

Most electronic cigarettes have the following design:

  • cartridge or mouthpiece,
  • heating element,
  • rechargeable battery
  • electronic circuits.

The principle of action of the electronic cigarette is as follows. When a smoker uses a mouthpiece, the sensor starts a heating element that vaporizes a flavored liquid solution in the mouthpiece. After that, the consumer inhales the solution in the form of an aerosol.

Nicotine concentration can vary from zero to a rather high content (24 - 36 mg per ml).

The mouthpiece looks like a cartridge that is attached to the end of the tube. A small plastic bowl in it holds material with absorbing properties, which is impregnated with a liquid solution. If necessary, the cartridge can be filled or replaced with another.

A sprayer is an element that heats a liquid, triggering its evaporation. After this, the liquid can be inhaled.

The battery is powered by a heating element. This is usually a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The sensor starts the heater when the consumer uses the product. When activated, an LED may be displayed.

The mechanism of action of vape

The vaporizer is a simple technical device. To activate it, you need to draw in air so that it passes through the hole in the housing and enters the sensor with a membrane. This causes the heating element to heat up. The most sought after manufacturer is IQOS.

In the coil itself or near it there is a wick - it is saturated with a special liquid containing nicotine or substances imitating it. Under the influence of high temperature, the components evaporate, forming steam. It is he who is inhaled through the smoking steam room.

Evaporation mixtures may contain:

  • glycerin - an essential substance necessary for steam to form,
  • propylene glycol (being a solvent),
  • water,
  • nicotine (absent in nicotine-free liquids),
  • dyes.

What science says

Many studies of electronic cigarettes do not meet the basic requirements of the methodology.There are only two published randomized controlled trials of electronic cigarettes (here and there). To make matters worse, scientists' research may be biased: no one has canceled corruption yet.

Let's look at the conclusion of one of the latest systematic reviews of electronic cigarettes (work was carried out without industry support). This review, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2014, reviews 76 of the best e-cigarette research.

Given the many methodological problems, conflicts of interest, a relatively small number of studies, inconsistencies and contradictions in the results, as well as a lack of long-term observations, it is impossible to confirm the safety of electronic cigarettes.

It was also revealed that there was a conflict of interest in the 26 studies presented in the review. Most of the research was organized by or with the support of electronic cigarette manufacturers. Among the consultants there were also several representatives of the medical industry enterprises producing anti-smoking drugs.

When one of the authors of the review, Martin Dossing, was asked what he concluded from the available data on electronic cigarettes, he replied: “There is very little information. The saddest aspect of electronic cigarettes is that we do not know about their long-term effects on health. Will vapers have unexpected illnesses, such as cancer, 10 and 20 years after they start to soar? It is known that carcinogens were found in some brands of e-cigarette liquids. ”

One of the biggest challenges in researching this area is the sheer number of varieties of electronic cigarettes.

“What is an electronic cigarette? - Asks Judith J. Prochaska, professor at Sanford Research Center. - The device may contain a wide range of chemicals, they burn in different ways and deliver nicotine. In addition, the technology of creating electronic cigarettes is changing rapidly. It is difficult to determine whether the results of studies of one device apply to all other brands. ”

Is the composition of electronic cigarettes harmful?

To decide if an electronic cigarette is harmful, you need to understand the features of a tiny appliance. Under close attention of physicians and scientists are slurry used for wiping. And even if it was the result of scientific progress, and not natural processes, it still has its own characteristics.

The harm of the vape lies in the composition of the liquid, which is poured into a special container. It will include such components:

  • Nicotine - without which a modern resident cannot imagine his life,
  • Flavoring
  • Glycerol,
  • Propylene glycol,
  • Water.

After studying the composition, it does not even come to mind that there is really harm from electronic cigarettes. However, you need to delve into the features and qualities of all the components used.

Danger of vape for the smoker himself

Scientists are finding out how safe it is to use devices. When used by steam workers, they can explode, since the device’s battery is very hot during operation. Steam is also a danger. During exposure to liquids, concentrated smoke occurs inside the appliance at high temperatures. It includes various toxic side components that adversely affect human health.

The viper itself is affected by the following:

  • worsening of the lungs (a person often begins to cough)
  • negative effect on the heart,
  • provoking liver problems if alcohol is additionally consumed.

Important! WHO indicates that there is no reliable evidence that would accurately indicate the effectiveness of vape in the treatment of nicotine addiction.

The use of electronic devices for steam, although less dangerous to the health of smokers, but does not contribute to the complete deliverance of a person from a harmful addiction. It is a myth. Even the use of nicotine-free devices with steam cleaners does not give a full guarantee of reducing their harmfulness to the body.

Adaptations become the cause of the formation of a person's dependence. If even a small amount of nicotine is present in the slurry for them, the vaper begins to smoke more often. At the same time, he makes deep puffs, due to which smoke penetrates deep into the lungs.

The harm from electronic cigarettes with liquid for smokers themselves is due to their composition. Various flavors and dyes bring a negative effect. They most often provoke allergic reactions, accompanied by severe complications. Smokers of such cigarettes suffer from an oral cavity. The device does not have a serious effect on the state of tooth enamel. It does not begin to turn yellow, as is usually the case with coffee, smoking tobacco and hookah. But they can affect the throat and tongue negatively.

The main symptom of using steam generators in smokers is irritation and sore throat. Compared to tobacco products, the respiratory system is no less harmful. Vaping is able to provoke bronchospasm in adults and young people, the development of asthma, pulmonary edema. Some diseases have to live for a long time.

What makes an electronic cigarette

First you need to find out how an electronic cigarette works. It consists of two main elements:

  • Battery or battery. The cheapest disposable products have simple batteries and do not provide protection against overheating or short circuiting. In more expensive models, there are no such problems, and the batteries in them can be repeatedly charged.
  • Evaporator. It receives energy from the battery, and the heating element causes the liquid in the cigarette to evaporate when puffed.

The liquid for smoking contains several substances:

  • glycerin - is responsible for the formation of steam,
  • propylene glycol - enhances the feeling of strength and taste,
  • flavors - give the steam a certain taste,
  • dyes - give a certain color to liquids and steam,
  • Nicotine is a hazardous substance. This component is optional, you can dispense the liquid without nicotine and inhale only flavored vapor.

Nicotine in an electronic cigarette

The harmful effects of electronic cigarettes on the human body are explained by the fact that nicotine causes arterial hypertension, heart failure, hyperglycemia, myocardial infarction, various diseases of the cardiovascular system, tachycardia, atherosclerosis!

This is the most dangerous substance that is present in the fluid. It is nicotine that explains the harmfulness of electronic cigarettes. The component is present in ordinary cigarettes, add it to special blends for smoking. This is a real drug that the body requires from a heavy smoker. If nicotine were not added to the slurry, the gadget would not be so popular.

  • Causes psychological attachment.
  • It has a strong neurotropic effect.
  • Acts on physiology - causes a temporary euphoric state. With a lack of nicotine, the body reacts violently - a real brittle, poor mood and irritability, severe pain.

Nicotine addiction makes a person limp before addiction. That is why doctors are not advised to abruptly quit smoking. This is much easier if you switch to electronic cigarettes from standard cigarettes and then reduce the level of drug consumption over a long period of time.

Often, gentle soaring does not satisfy human needs, and therefore the amount of slurry consumed or its strength can be increased by the smoker.He is switching to stronger options, where the nicotine content reaches a dangerous mark of 25 mg / ml. The lethal dose for a person is only 4 times greater - it will be 100 mg / ml. But you can be poisoned from the amount indicated above!

The harmful effects of steam on others

Finding people near a smoking vaper is not always safe. Soaring is not regulated by law. People can smoke as much as they like in public places. At the same time, all the assurances that the steam generators are harmless to non-smokers are a lie. Vaping, as well as inhaling cigarette smoke, negatively affects others. Steam contains propylene glycol, glycerin, and allergic flavorings.

If the vaper will soar with a device that contains nicotine, then in a closed room its concentration will be equal to the same indicators if he smoked cigarettes. For non-smokers who sit in the same room as a vaper, this can cause irritation to the eyes and nasal mucosa. When inhaled aromatic vapors in asthmatics may develop asthma attacks.

The body of minors specifically responds to flavors released along with steam when smoking cigarettes. The following phenomena can occur in a teenager:

  • irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, starting from a slight coughing and ending with a lack of air,
  • lacrimation
  • development of skin reactions.

Steam generators are devices contraindicated for use by pregnant women. Vapors are dangerous to the health of the unborn child. The carcinogens that occur when heating a liquid for vape provoke developmental abnormalities in the child, vision problems, and pathologies of internal organs. The possibility of miscarriage and premature birth is not ruled out. Frequent inhalation of vapors from vaping by a woman during pregnancy easily becomes a factor in the subsequent development of chronic diseases in her child from birth.

Attention! Despite the fact that, compared to cigarette smoke, when using a steam generator when exhaling, tar does not emit carbon monoxide, the products of the vaporization of smoking mixtures still penetrate into the lungs of others. Smoke particles and fragments settle in them. They tend to accumulate in the body.

Passive vaping is relatively safe provided that vapers use high-quality devices and liquids. But even they do not guarantee the complete exclusion of harm to the health of others. One of the reasons for this is the lack of reliable data on the research of devices by physicians and scientists.


Nicotine content helps to understand how electronic cigarettes affect the body. However, there is far from one component in a liquid. Glycerin is also present as an obligatory component - it is a triatomic alcohol that has no color (it is transparent), but it has a sweetish aftertaste. It is glycerin that is responsible for the formation of a large amount of steam in vaping. Since the component is well known, it is widely used in various industries, manufacturers of liquid for the gadget did not pass by.

Many create the false illusion of the absolute safety of such a component. However, glycerin may well surprise you. The toxicity of the substance is extremely low, and the chances of getting poisoning from simple inhalation of steam tend to zero. However, do not discard individual intolerance with a score. There is always a chance of an allergic reaction of the body. The smoker may not even be aware that he has an allergy, since there is no such component in a standard cigarette.

General information

In our rapidly evolving century, people have a lot of different gadgets. A smart crock-pot cooks dinner in the kitchen itself, a robot vacuum cleaner cleans the apartment, and a modern telephone has long ceased to be just a means of communication. And such examples can be cited ad infinitum.

Of course, technological progress is a wonderful phenomenon that makes our life easier and in some moments much more convenient. Unfortunately, not all innovations can be called completely safe or useful. Electronic cigarettes can serve as a vivid example.

On the one hand, this invention allows heavy smokers to "smoke" wherever they want, despite the prohibitions. But on the other hand, there is reliable evidence that they cause no less, and in some cases more harm to the health of both the smoker and the people around him.

What are electronic cigarettes and why are they harmful? What happens if you smoke them all the time? What harm does the device do to human health? Can pregnant women smoke electronic cigarettes? We will try to answer these and other popular questions on the topic in this article.

What causes the negative effects of vape?

The negative impact of steam generators is associated with their components. The components of the dressing are glycerin, propylene glycol, as well as nicotine with flavorings and colorings. The first substance is the basis of smoking liquids for vapes. Glycerin is involved in the formation of steam. It can be harmful to people with allergies. Vapor components of glycerol lead to the development of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. A person with a tendency to allergies, when he begins to light such a cigarette, feels irritation in his throat. He often coughs up to vomiting.

Propylene glycol acts as a solvent in vapes. The substance has an effect called trothit. The general essence and technique of TX is reduced to the occurrence of pinching in the area of ​​the posterior pharyngeal wall in smokers. Moreover, it is subsequently accompanied by perspiration and slight coughing. Propylene glycol is an allergen, and when ingested in large quantities leads to the following consequences:

  • disruption of the central nervous system,
  • development of kidney pathologies,
  • the appearance of breathing problems
  • the occurrence of allergies.

The vaporizer in the devices produces smoke. The evaporator, taking into account its power, converts a heated liquid into smoke. Before that, the transfer from the battery, powered by the battery, of the required temperature for heating is carried out to him. Under its action, the fluid secretes diacetyl. This substance serves as a provocateur of a disease called bronchiolitis obliterans.

The strongest allergens are fragrances and dyes. Their presence in electronic cigarettes causes harm to the human body. Scientists prove the effect of steam generators on the development of cancer in humans. They think that due to the heating of the fluid in the devices, the formation of toxic compounds with a carcinogenic effect. Negatively affect the health of steam workers and surrounding aldehydes produced by smoking devices.

The components of the mixtures may decrease the effectiveness of human antibiotics. Also, vaping and taking birth control pills doubles the load on the vessels, which is fraught with the formation of blood clots.

The composition of the liquid in electronic cigarettes

A liquid, also called e-juice or e-liquid, is obtained by extracting nicotine from tobacco and mixing it with a base (most often propylene glycol) and some flavoring. Propylene glycol is a substance that, due to its properties, is used in inhalers (most often to relieve asthma attacks). There is a wide selection of flavors - from menthol and chocolate to exotic combinations.

Some of them, such as menthol and tobacco, are similar to traditional cigarettes. Manufacturers of certain devices even claim to mimic the flavor of specific cigarette brands.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

This battery-powered electronic device delivers nicotine through steam by vaporizing a solution of propylene glycol or glycerin, perfumes and other components. Flavors range from rum and caramel to strawberry lemonade.

Electronic cigarettes have become incredibly popular over the past few years. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the use of electronic cigarettes in US high and high schools has tripled from 2013 to 2014. This means that 13% of students now use devices (even more than regular cigarettes).

By 2017, sales of electronic cigarettes in the US will surpass those of conventional cigarettes, with profits reaching $ 10 billion. The three main tobacco companies will be able to increase revenue by 75% over the next 10 years if they buy smaller organizations for the production of electronic cigarettes.

The main argument in favor of electronic cigarettes is that they do not contain tobacco, and the inhaled vapor - harmful smoke, tar and carbon monoxide. They also include far less toxic substances and carcinogens than regular cigarettes.

Do electronic cigarettes benefit?

Doctors emphasize that the use of vapes causes a relatively less harm to the smoker's body than any other tobacco products. Also, steam generators are many times safer than narcotic mixtures (nasvaya, snus and marijuana). The main usefulness of devices is their neutral effect on teeth. If yellowing is observed when using tobacco, then after switching to vape their condition does not worsen. With proper use of bleaching agents, yellowness is eliminated over time, and they begin to look better.

Steam generators have a smaller effect on the brain and the cardiovascular system of a person. The risk of stroke and heart attack becomes lower. Vape does not adversely affect the condition of the skin. The dermis on the fingers from their use does not turn yellow. The advantage of devices over smoking is their lesser effect on the respiratory system. But a person begins to smoke such cigarettes more often during the year. Therefore, no beneficial effect is observed.

Beznikotinovye mixtures do not provoke coughing attacks in the sweater. They rarely lead to accumulation of sputum in the respiratory tract. Vape is less harmful to the mucous membranes. The constituent elements of steam are compounds of glycerol, propylene glycol and flavorings. It does not contain life-threatening carcinogens, unlike tobacco smoke, in which their amount exceeds 60.

Electronic cigarettes produce not too hot vapor. Its temperature is lower than that of nicotine smoke. Steam is safer for the mucous membranes and less likely provokes the development of cancerous tumors in them.

Steam generators, unlike tobacco, sparingly affect the organs of hearing, the digestive system. Vapes are less likely to disrupt the process of digesting food. Devices do not impair vision and do not lead to its violation up to the necessity of wearing glasses or lenses by a person.

Doctors point out that electronic cigarettes are safer than regular tobacco products. At the same time, their benefits in the fight against nicotine addiction have been disproved. Devices for soaring also contain harmful components that can have a negative effect on the health of the smoker and those around him. A person more often has a desire to smoke a vape, which prevents the fight against addiction. The surest way to overcome addiction is to completely abandon any smoking devices and maintain a non-alcoholic lifestyle.

Propylene glycol

How does vape affect the body? To answer this question, you also need to learn about the characteristics of propylene glycol - a transparent and odorless substance.This is an excellent solvent, which is actively used in various industries, including food and pharmaceutical. This component in small doses does not pose any danger to the body, which is why it is approved for use as an effective stabilizer.

However, excessive enthusiasm for the gadget and the process can lead to an overdose of the component, which will lead to:

  • Failures in the normal functioning of the kidneys.
  • Impaired functioning of the nervous system.

It should be remembered that propylene glycol is the main component of the slurry for smoking. Excessive soaring can lead to poisoning of the body after an overdose of this substance.

The harm of nicotine-free electronic cigarettes

Glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings and colorings are relatively safe for the body - they are often used in the food, cosmetic and medical industries. But even they can emit harmful substances when exposed to temperature. A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States showed that thermal decomposition of propylene glycol and glycerol results in the release of toxic chemicals such as acrolein and formaldehyde.

In addition, the reaction of each person to a particular substance is individual. Some components in a small percentage of cases can cause allergies or irritation of the respiratory tract, so carefully check the composition of the liquid before buying. Stop using the electronic cigarette immediately if you feel any negative side effects.

If you make up the liquid yourself, carefully monitor the proportions of each substance - an overdose of any component, even harmless at first glance, can cause unpleasant consequences.

How dangerous are electronic cigarettes

In fact, we do not know the answer to this question. The American Heart Association (American Heart Association) noted:

The effect that electronic cigarettes have on people has not been studied properly, and the potential health effects in the long run are still a mystery.

How to smoke an electronic cigarette

To begin with, we note that those who smoke regular cigarettes are called smokers, and those who prefer electronic cigarettes are called smokers. Before you start using the device yourself, you should read the instructions. And, believe me, these are not empty words.

After all vaporizer - This is an electrical appliance that you need to be able to use and even more so to know how to service it. Then, there will not be questions about how to use the device or why a cigarette is not smoked. At its core, vape is inhaler.

True, between these devices there is one significant difference. Vapor in the inhaler is generated due to the increased pressure level, and in the electronic cigarette by evaporation of the liquid during operation of the heating element.

Typically, beginners are interested in two main points in the operation of the device - how to refuel it and how to smoke properly.

In order to smoke a regular cigarette, you just need to set it on fire, and burning tobacco will do the trick and give the smoker a much needed dose of nicotine.

When a vaporizer is working, a special liquid is heated, so there are some nuances of the smoking process, therefore:

  • inhale slowly and do not take too deep breaths so as not to burn the airways,
  • between puffs do not forget to take a short break, so you can avoid overheating of the evaporator springs (atomizer),
  • always check for fluid before smoking an electronic cigarette, otherwise the device will burn immediately.

True connoisseurs of soaring argue that you need to drag on slowly and slowly relish the aroma. Conventional cigarettes can be smoked, quickly inhaling, so that the body receives the dose of nicotine that it needs.With a vaporizer, this is also possible, but then you will not be able to appreciate the whole gamut of taste, collected in one form or another of liquid.

Quite often, vapors are interested in how to fill electronic cigarettes besides liquid. Device manufacturers are opposed to any experiments with refueling liquids. The thing is that a "factory" liquid is a carefully calibrated solution that, when used correctly, will not harm human health, nor will the vaporizer itself be damaged.

There have been times when users have refilled vape with alcohol. In some cases, it ended in failure because the device instantly ignited and exploded.
You can see how to fill an electronic cigarette with liquid in the video below.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

Despite the regulation of the circulation of devices, as well as the adoption of laws restricting their use in public, many believe that the use of electronic cigarettes far outweighs the possible harm. To confirm these views, numerous studies are being conducted on the health effects of electronic cigarettes.

According to the results of one of them, people who switched from regular to electronic cigarettes had a lower level of carcinogens in the body than those who continued to smoke.

The researchers further concluded that the use of nicotine was not greater than with regular cigarettes, and “there is a very low risk” associated with long-term use of devices.

The same results were not achieved in people who used vapes in the traditional way. Their carcinogen levels in body fluids were the same as if they continued to smoke only tobacco.

Meanwhile, other studies dispute the view that electronic cigarettes do not make it easier to quit smoking. In a test involving 7,551 smokers, it was found that the devices helped 18% of the subjects to successfully quit tobacco, which is almost three times higher than the rate observed among quitters under normal conditions. Thus, the beneficial properties and positive effects of electronic cigarettes can be considered quite proven.

Flavors and other additives

These are typical food additives that compatriots do not like so much. In microdoses, they do not carry a danger to the body. Just because the electronic cigarette does not harm, you should buy a mixture of trusted manufacturers. Random slurry will not save money if it is made from dubious components.

Do not forget about negative reactions to various components. Fragrant components can be dangerous precisely because of individual intolerance. To find out if electronic cigarettes with aromatic liquids are safe is possible only through personal experience. In many cases, allergic reactions are still not observed. If they are, then only some types of mixtures.

Key research

1. Tobacco Control: “The effect of electronic devices for producing nicotine (electronic cigarettes) on withdrawal symptoms during cessation of cigarettes”, 2010.

The first peer-reviewed study of electronic cigarettes, which showed that devices can deliver nicotine and alleviate withdrawal symptoms in heavy smokers.

2. BMJ: “Electronic cigarette as a method of tobacco control”, 2011.

It is concluded that the devices can be used as a tool to reduce the harm from smoking.

3. Peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet: Electronic Cigarettes to Stop Smoking, 2013.

The first randomized study of electronic cigarettes, which showed that the devices are "moderately effective" for smokers who decide to quit a bad habit, and work as well as nicotine patches.However, this study was conducted on the very first devices that are not used now, and has a number of serious limitations.

3. Tobacco Control: “The level of carcinogens and toxins in the vapor of an electronic cigarette”, 2013.

Researchers compared the levels of toxic substances and carcinogens in electronic and tobacco cigarettes. It was found that the vapor contains 9-450 times less harmful substances than a regular cigarette.

4. Psychopharmacology: “Electronic Cigarettes: Nicotine Consumption and Individual Exposure when Used Regularly,” 2013.

It was found that the nicotine content in humans can be different, even if they use the same electronic cigarettes.

5. Tobacco Control: “Four hundred and sixty brands of electronic cigarettes and their calculation: importance for the regulation of production”, 2014.

This study found: as of January 2014, there were 466 brands of electronic cigarettes and 7,764 unique flavors, which makes the study and accounting of these devices a very difficult task.

6. Weekly report on morbidity and mortality: “Tobacco use among students in secondary and high schools”, 2015.

The use of electronic cigarettes by students in secondary and high schools has tripled from 2013 to 2014. The number of vapers among them is 13%, which is more than the number of smokers of traditional cigarettes.

Studies show that the short-term use of electronic cigarettes does not have a serious and immediate effect on health.

The effects of electronic cigarettes have so far been studied mainly in healthy people with little experience in their use, and the results showed minimal adverse effects.

Respiratory irritation and bronchial constriction from propylene glycol raise the question of the dangers of electronic cigarettes for people with bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. But one study found that they could be of some benefit if people quit using electronic cigarettes or smoke less cigarettes per day.

American Heart Association (AHA)

Be that as it may, remember that these are the first studies and further data on the effects of electronic cigarettes on our health may change.

The safety of liquids for electronic cigarettes also raises questions.

Maciej Goniewicz of the Cancer Center Roswell Park Cancer Institute is one of the leading researchers in this field. In one of his works, he examined 12 brands of electronic cigarettes and found that their vapor was a combination of nicotine and nicotine solvents (propylene glycol and food glycerin). Also, the level of toxic substances and carcinogens in the vapor was 9–450 times lower than in cigarette smoke.

“Although propylene glycol and glycerin are considered safe substances, we don’t know anything about their effects in the long run,” says Gonievich.

There are suggestions that propylene glycol may cause lung irritation. Gonievich also found toxic substances and carcinogenic components, such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, in e-cigarette liquids.

One study showed that cells under the influence of vapor from electronic cigarettes had similar genetic changes that occurred in the cells due to the influence of smoke from regular cigarettes. This raises the question: can electronic cigarettes lead to lung cancer?

It’s difficult to answer. Too much variety of these products creates difficulties for study. “In some, a larger percentage of toxic substances, in others they are less or not at all,” says Gonievich.

In addition, the study showed that the process of heating the liquid in electronic cigarettes can change its composition, turning safe chemicals into hazardous ones. “If the temperature rises too high, there may be more harmful substances,” the scientist notes.

Chris Bullen, an e-cigarette researcher and professor at the Auckland University School of Public Health, noted that the latest e-cigarettes have a heating control mechanism, which reduces the risk of harmful aldehydes.Therefore, do not make hasty conclusions based on the results of early studies of cigarette models that are no longer available.

Bullen also added that there are many questions to the quality of production.

“We know very little about what will happen if you inhale the vapor for weeks, months and years,” he adds.

Nicotine - the main "pest"

Nicotine causes physical and psychological addiction, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system. Switching to an electronic cigarette, smokers often do not get the usual sensations. In pursuit of the former "fortress", some begin to increase the dose of nicotine in the liquid or soar very often. Then even more nicotine enters the body than before, and the device becomes more dangerous than a tobacco product.

Be careful: an overdose of nicotine leads to a worsening of the condition and even death. Overdose symptoms: headache and dizziness, weakness, nausea, increased salivation, abdominal pain, etc.

Properties of the components of smoking fluid for vape

Substances such as glycerin or propylene glycol are relatively safe for humans. They are used in the food and cosmetic industries. Less often - in the field of medicine. However, even they are able to emit unwanted components under the influence of high temperatures.

The action of an electronic cigarette can be harmful to humans due to the thermal decomposition of these components. This leads to the release of toxic chemicals - formaldehyde and acrolein.

They are harmful to the human body: they slow down the metabolism, negatively affect the state of the respiratory system.

If nicotine is present in the composition of the smoking mixture, then the harm of electronic vaporizers in this case is obvious. Such vapes worsen the state of the respiratory, cardiovascular and other systems, wear out the body and slow down its work.

The danger of electronic cigarettes

While electronic circuits are spreading among people who want to quit smoking, there is more and more evidence that vaping is harmful. What is the benefit and harm of electronic cigarettes with liquid?

Most vapes contain nicotine, which is addictive and provokes changes in the brain. This is especially harmful during pregnancy, since it tends to affect the development of the fetus.

Steam contains flavors, solvents and other substances that can cause harm to health.

Vapes deliver various substances to the respiratory system. The most basic of these is dicetyl, which causes severe and irreversible lung disease. Accidental ingestion of cigarette liquid can cause fatal poisoning.

The dangerous properties of the device include the fact that people who want to quit smoking will no longer resort to the usual methods controlled by doctors if they start to wipe regularly. Because of addiction, it is unlikely that users of these products will completely stop smoking. At the same time, there is evidence that the effect of electronic cigarettes on adolescents is especially negative.

What is the harm of electronic cigarettes for health

Harmful or not e-Sigs for a man? If so, how does the steam generator harm? How harmful is cigarette refill fluid? If, however, electronic cigarettes are completely harmless, then what is the real evidence for this? This is only a small part of the questions that should be answered before purchasing such a device.

Before we answer whether an electronic cigarette is harmful to the human body, we will take a short excursion into history. After all, few people know that the first patent for the invention of a steam generator was filed back in 1963, but the official date of birth of the vape is 2004. Electronic cigarettes have always been touted and are now touted by manufacturers as the safest alternative to regular tobacco products.

Advertisers also bet on people who would like to quit smoking. It has been suggested that the benefits of electronic cigarettes are that they help get rid of nicotine addiction.

However, back in 2008, the World Health Organization (hereinafter WHO) stated that there was no scientific justification for manufacturers' claims that their product was effective in nicotine replacement therapy.

Moreover, experts unanimously claimed that the harmfulness of an electronic cigarette is no less. A WHO report at a tobacco control conference in 2014 sounded tough and uncompromising; it completely debunked the myths about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. In addition, emphasis was placed on their health hazards.

As a result, it was decided that:

  • free sale of liquids with various flavors should be prohibited, as they increase the attractiveness of vapes,
  • there is insufficient evidence that steam generators help smokers cope with nicotine addiction,
  • e-cigarettes should be subject to exactly the same restrictive measures (for sale, in advertising, in use) as for all tobacco products.

This means that the most respected healthcare organization in the world answered yes to the question of whether electronic cigarettes are harmful to health. In addition, at the same conference, WHO expressed concern about the popularity of electronic cigarettes in adolescents.

Children who have never smoked before decide to try them as a safer alternative to regular tobacco products. Even more sadly, many parents themselves purchase vapes for their child, thinking that in this way they will protect their beloved child from even greater danger.

Unfortunately, not all adults themselves ask themselves whether electronic cigarettes are harmful to their health and how harmful the liquid is for refueling, let alone teenagers. Currently, in countries such as Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Uruguay, Australia, Jordan, Thailand, advertising, as well as the sale of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited at the legislative level.

But, despite this, the global market for electronic steam generators shows stable growth from year to year. It turns out that people are ready to buy electronic cigarettes, knowing that they can be harmful to health. The cost of a reusable steam generator can vary in the range from 50 to 150 US dollars, and disposable electronic cigarettes will cost several times cheaper (2-15 US dollars).


According to smokers reviews, the main advantage of electronic cigarettes is the less harmful composition of the substance for smoking and the absence of its burning. Due to this, the lungs consume less polluting microparticles and become healthier and cleaner.

The basis of this invention is a nicotine cartridge that carries nicotine into the body, but in smaller quantities. At the same time, the absence of other toxic substances allows you to get rid of cough, restore the scent and taste buds.

As a rule, people do not quit smoking in one day, but gradually switch to increasingly lighter types of cigarettes. However, in order to choose a suitable brand each time, you need to study the available assortment in great detail.

How does an electronic cigarette

When using an electronic analogue, this is no longer necessary. When deciding to reduce the dose of nicotine consumed, you just need to buy another cartridge with a lower content of the substance in question.

Electronic cigarettes with liquid bring not only physical, but also psychological benefits. When using them, an imitation of actions remains, as with smoking, which makes it possible for a person to first wean only from the substance, and only after that from the actions themselves.

The advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they do not harm other people, because not dangerous smoke is emitted from them, but vapor. It consists of dissolved nicotine, flavors and water. For the smoker himself, inhaled steam is also safe, since its temperature does not exceed 36 degrees. Therefore, it is almost impossible to burn steam.

A plus of the considered analogues is not only the absence of smoke from a person, but also the lack of the need to go out in this regard. After all, not everyone wants to go outside, to the porch or to the balcony to smoke. Especially in the winter, when frosts and snowstorms rage.

Also, electronic cigarettes do not have a negative smell, which is eaten both by the smoker himself, his clothes, and surrounding things, do not require the purchase of chewing gum in order to drown out this smell. On the contrary, you can choose a flavor for every taste, for example, orange, chocolate or strawberries.

Since there is no open flame, this appliance will not cause fires or fires. In it there is only a special lamp simulating combustion. There is no need to constantly look for and buy matches or a lighter.

Such an analogue works from a conventional battery, which can be recharged at any time through a standard usb connector.

Is electronic cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?

Most researchers are inclined towards a positive answer to this question, despite the lack of accurate data.

Because the quick negative effects of e-cigarettes are less than normal, many scientists agree that this is a good way to reduce the harm from smoking for heavy smokers, at least in the short term.

The Public Health England report of August 2015 states that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes. But another question arises: how do the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes compare with the long-term effects of conventional ones?

“It's fair to say that people who have been using electronic cigarettes for a long time will not die from diseases caused by smoking,” says Thomas Eissenberg, one of the leaders of the Tobacco Product Research Center. “But it’s not clear whether they will die from diseases caused by electronic cigarettes, whether the number of these deaths will be lower, higher or the same as the number of deaths from diseases caused by smoking.”

Danger of various liquids

Some electronic cigarette blends can cause an allergic reaction or respiratory irritation. In addition, nicotine quickly leads to the development of physical and psychological dependence. An equally significant harm from smoking an electronic cigarette is the development of pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

Smokers tend to constantly increase the dose of nicotine in liquids or smoke more often, even on airplanes. In this case, an even greater amount of the harmful component begins to penetrate the body. This adversely affects the state of the nasopharynx, leading to inflammatory changes and provoking disturbances in the functioning of other systems, internal organs.

Are nicotine-free electronic cigarettes harmful

Discussions around electronic cigarettes and other smoking devices tend to focus on nicotine, which is addictive and carries other health risks. But what about options without nicotine? Many users believe that if you stick to nicotine-free products, you can inhale harmless water vapor. Do such vapes really have beneficial properties and are they capable of causing harm?

The truth is that the chemical components contained in electronic cigarette liquids, flavors, and aerosols are not safe. A large number of these compounds can cause serious harm to health, including cancer, lung and heart disease.

The properties of these vaporizers are such that hazardous substances accumulate in the body. One study found that some electronic cigarettes release formaldehyde when heated and inhaled.

According to some reports, inhalation of a nicotine-free solution from vapes can cause respiratory infections. For example, diacetyl is a harmless chemical added to foods to give an oily taste. But when heated and subsequent inhalation, it causes a disease such as bronchiolitis.

Diacetyl and other chemical flavors contained in a liquid may be considered safe for oral administration in small quantities, but are dangerous if inhaled deeply and repeatedly in the lungs.

Vape contains a liquid cartridge, commonly known as an electronic liquid, which consists of nicotine and flavors dissolved in propylene glycol and glycerin. It is heated using a battery-powered evaporator and turns into steam, which is inhaled by the consumer.

Glycerin in electronic cigarettes is not dangerous, but in large concentrations it can cause reactions of vomiting, upset stools, dizziness, tachycardia and other negative consequences.

In another study on the health benefits and harms of electronic cigarettes, 40 of the reagents in the product were analyzed. Toxic substances were found in them, regardless of the nicotine content. Apparently, this is due to the large number and concentration of chemicals used in flavorings.

Although the toxicity of vaping liquids varies by brand and taste, a number of studies have shown the greatest potential harm to the health of cinnamon flavor products.

Regardless of the level of nicotine, there is good reason to worry about the effects of toxic chemicals contained in devices whose properties can not be called useful.

What is the harm from electronic cigarettes with liquid?

The main danger of vaporizers lies in the composition of the liquid for refueling, which contains:

  • powerful carcinogens nitrosamine and diethylene glycol. Scientists have proven that their content is about ten times that of regular cigarettes,
  • formaldehyde, poisonous and highly toxic compound, poisoning of which can result in death,
  • acetaldehyde - This is a carcinogen that not only poisons the body, but also forms an addiction (dependence) to smoking, and also increases the risk of development Alzheimer's disease.

In addition, in the overwhelming majority of cases, specialists revealed a clear discrepancy in the actual nicotine content in the vape liquid and declared by the manufacturer. It is important to emphasize that the concentration of all of the above compounds is significantly increased by overheating of an electronic cigarette.

What is more harmful than electronic cigarettes with liquid, according to the scientific community:

  • Aggressive marketing of vaporizer manufacturers, based on the unproven benefits of the device, actually contributes to the development of nicotine addiction, rather than fighting it. Electronic cigarettes are very popular among teenagers and promote smoking in their environment.
  • When manufacturers are asked about how dangerous and how harmful electronic cigarettes are, they unanimously say that there is no reason for concern, because their devices generate just water vapor, clean as air itself. This is a criminal and blatant lie, because in addition to vape fluid nicotinecontain other substances that poison the body.
  • Due to the fact that vaporizers appeared relatively recently, there are still no uniform standards in the world that regulate their production, as well as quality and safety checks.
  • Electronic cigarettes are high-risk devices that, if used improperly, can explode or ignite.
  • Vape refill fluid is also extremely dangerous, especially for children. The replacement cartridge for an electronic cigarette contains a lethal dose of nicotine for an adult. Therefore, especially strong packaging should be used for its storage.
  • Nicotine, which is part of vape liquids, refers to neurotoxinsandalkaloids, which form a persistent physical and mental dependence, which crosses out all the arguments about the benefits of electronic cigarettes in the fight against nicotine addiction.
  • Vaporizers as well as regular tobacco products increase the risk of developing diseases characteristic of smokers.

The video below presents interesting facts about electronic cigarettes and their effects on human health.

We think the question of whether it is harmful to smoke electronic cigarettes, we answered. However, any medal has two sides, so it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the arguments of the vape supporters. Moreover, there are not only nicotine-containing liquids, but also nicotine-free cigarettes. Are they harmful to human health?

The effect of electronic cigarettes on the body

It is problematic to evaluate the health benefits of an electronic cigarette if it contains nicotine. Experts indicate that:

  1. The mixtures contain strong carcinogens - nitrosamine and diethylene glycol. There are 10 times more of them in steam-cigarettes than in regular ones.
  2. Formaldehyde poisoning, a highly toxic compound, may well result in death.
  3. Electronic devices contain acetaldehyde. This carcinogen not only poisons a person, but also forms a stable dependence. Minors and adults are equally at risk.

In addition, the harmfulness of electronic cigarettes compared to conventional cigarettes is to increase the likelihood of developing dementia (dementia).

Is it true that electronic cigarettes help quit smoking

For a long time, two randomized trials (first and second) addressed the issue of getting rid of addiction. The results of both showed that electronic cigarettes really help to engage in this bad habit. Another study, of less quality, came to the same conclusion.

But not everyone is convinced of this. As noted in a systematic review of the Cochrane Library, a small number of trials and wide intervals of estimated data indicate that one cannot be sure of the results obtained.

Randomized trials have their own weaknesses. One of them compares electronic cigarettes with nicotine patch in terms of the effectiveness of the fight against tobacco dependence. But the participants had to go out and buy a patch at the pharmacy, while electronic cigarettes were delivered to them right on the doorstep. This fact can greatly affect the results, and the advantage will remain with electronic cigarettes.

There is evidence that electronic cigarettes are not such an effective means of helping smokers. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine in 2014 concludes: “Electronic cigarettes used by smokers did not lead to a large number of cigarette cessations or a decrease in their consumption a year later.”

Another 2015 study, published in Addiction magazine, found that daily use of electronic cigarettes increases the number of people who quit smoking and reduces cigarette consumption, although it does not increase the number of people who quit smoking.

Both of these works are based on observation, so they are of less quality than randomized trials.

Evidence that e-cigarettes help quit smoking is still mixed. And there are many difficult questions that remain unanswered. Can electronic cigarettes delay the smoking cessation process? Can they make us not quit this habit at all? We still don’t know this.

Are electronic cigarettes harmful to others

A number of studies examined the effects of electronic cigarettes on the human body, in terms of potential harm from vaping for non-smokers around.

Cartridges contain toxic amounts of nicotine. This substance from an aerosol or liquid can remain on the surfaces for weeks and months and react with nitrous acid contained in the air, which leads to the fact that nearby people can inhale the compound with carcinogenic properties.

Children are at an additional risk of poisoning from rechargeable cartridges, as flavors (especially those with sweet “candy” flavors) can look very attractive, while their total nicotine content is life threatening.

Aerosol from electronic cigarettes is released only during exhalation, and the content of hazardous substances in it will vary, depending on the use of vape or other conditions (such as temperature). Despite the fact that the level of toxicity of exhaled substances is 9 - 450 times less than in cigarette smoke, the use of vapes is doubtful. However, this data may not reflect the effects of the use of devices in real time, where the “electronic smoker” is a mediator between the aerosol and the environment. Permanent residual nicotine on the internal surfaces can lead to its unwanted effect on the body through the skin, by inhalation and if swallowed, after the vapor is no longer noticeable.

Nicotine-free electronic cigarettes

Imagine this situation. The man was determined to quit smoking, but in order to make this process as easy and painless as possible for his health and psyche, he decides to seek the help of a vaporizer and chooses e-liquid without electronic nicotine. According to manufacturers, such a device will be absolutely safe and suitable for everyone.

Are nicotine-free electronic cigarettes actually harmful or is this variety also detrimental to human health? We make a reservation right away, there is no consensus on this matter. Even ardent supporters of non-nicotine fluids admit that they also have their own negative aspects.

The main plus of such vaporizers lies in relative safety compared to classic tobacco products. It has long been proven that regular cigarettes are harmful not only because of nicotine. Combustion products and tar cause irreparable damage to both the lungs of the smoker himself and those around him.

Smoking is prohibited in public places, and vaping is allowed. Such a device is convenient to use. Electronic cigarettes have no unpleasant odor, because liquid for refueling them can exude pleasant enveloping flavors. In addition, vaporizers are affordable and help save money.

Smokers have to buy cigarettes every day. Vape is bought once and filled with liquids, which are enough for a long time, and they cost on average no more than an ordinary pack of cigarettes. And, perhaps, the main plus of non-nicotine fluids is that they really help a person gradually forget about ordinary tobacco products.

True, there is one fat but. A person does not cease to be a smoker, he becomes a smoker. That is, it replaces a regular cigarette with an electronic one. Dependence does not disappear.

The harm of electronic cigarettes without nicotine:

  • Imaginary safety for health forms persistent addiction (equal dependence), both on the physical and psychological levels,
  • Due to the lack of sensations of saturation with nicotine habitual for a smoker, a person begins to “soar” more and more,
  • The lungs of a person are injured when smoking regular cigarettes, and electronic. The more often the smoker uses vape, the more damage he does to his respiratory system.
  • Using nicotine-free electronic cigarettes, like nicotine-containing cigarettes, is not recommended for certain categories of people, for example, adolescents or pregnant women. The thing is that the influence of vaporizers on the state of human health has not been fully studied.
  • The lack of mandatory vape certification in some countries entails serious consequences for buyers of unverified electronic cigarettes, as well as liquids for them. Without proper control by the state, a person literally gets a "pig in a poke", because the manufacturer does not bear any responsibility in the case, for example, of a discrepancy between the actual composition of the liquid stated on the package. There is also a high probability of buying a fake, instead of the goods of a well-known and trusted company.
  • Nicotine-free liquids still contain propylene glycolwhich, when heated, negatively affects the respiratory system, and also contributes to the development or exacerbation of many serious diseases (asthma, pulmonary edema, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, allergy, bronchospasm).
  • Contained in nicotine-free liquids glycerol harms blood circulation.
    At first glance, a completely safe liquid composition for electronic cigarettes without nicotine transforms into strong toxic compounds (carcinogens, aldehydes) when exposed to temperature.

Of all the above, only one conclusion suggests itself - smoking nicotine-free electronic cigarettes is as dangerous to health as it is containing nicotine. In addition, with prolonged use, they do no less harm than regular tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarette or regular: which is better?

And what is more harmful, an electronic cigarette or a regular one? Let's compare. In ordinary, in addition to nicotine, harmful resins and heavy metals are present that affect the onset of cancer and other serious diseases. When "soaring" only nicotine enters your body or, in its absence, just flavored steam. Thus, according to some sources, a high-quality electronic cigarette is considered safer than usual.

Can electronic cigarettes lead to smoking again

Vaping is becoming more common among adolescents, while regular cigarettes are losing their appeal. But what happens if electronic cigarettes become even more popular? Can their availability return nicotine addiction in former smokers again?

People who approve of using electronic cigarettes find this to be unlikely. They cite the recent CDC study as an example, which showed that a three-fold increase in the use of electronic cigarettes among young people has reduced the consumption of ordinary ones.

There is also one study whose results indicate that non-smokers who try electronic cigarettes do not become addicted to them.

“During the experiment, we did not see evidence that people use electronic cigarettes regularly,” says Lynne Dawkins, a psychologist at the University of East London.

Other researchers argue that with the proliferation of electronic cigarettes, the use of other nicotine products, such as cigars or hookahs, on the contrary, has increased. A 2015 JAMA study found that students who smoke electronic cigarettes are more willing to smoke and regular than young people who do not smoke at all.

“Maybe electronic cigarettes will help heavy smokers quit,” says Prokhazka. “But what about the next generation?” Its representatives will not smoke regular cigarettes, because it is dangerous to health. But electronic devices are so fashionable, they smell so nice and coolly designed that they are very attractive for children. ”

What is in the liquid?

The process of steam generation will not happen without liquid.It is not included in the vape kit (electronic cigarette), it is purchased, like all other consumables separately. The substance for electronic cigarettes is of two types: nicotine-containing and nicotine-free.

The composition of the liquid for the vaper includes:

  1. Glycerin is a colorless and thick liquid, odorless and colorless. The component is mandatory for soaring, its share is up to 80% of the total. The component is the basis of steam, the more its composition, the thicker the steam.
  2. Propylene glycol is a non-toxic solvent. The substance allows you to create a feeling of tightening, as with regular smoking, due to the fact that its density is several times lower than the density of water. If the amount of propylene glycol in the composition exceeds the volume of glycerol, then the feeling of tightness of the puff will be stronger, the greater this difference.
  3. Distilled water - participates in the evaporation process, is not more than 20%.
  4. Dyes. They give liquids a variety of colors.
  5. Flavors are chemical compounds used in the food industry. They can be synthetic and natural. Used to create a taste.
  6. Nicotine - is a part of nicotine-containing liquids. The strength of the liquid depends on the percentage of its content. According to the strength of the nicotine content: light (6-8 mg / ml), medium strength (11-12 mg / ml), strong (16-18 mg / ml) and very strong (22-24 mg / ml).

The taste of tobacco, when soaking liquid - this is not the taste of nicotine, but a synthetic flavor. In fact, the presence or absence of a taste of tobacco is not an indicator of the nicotine content in a liquid.

What makes an electronic cigarette

Respiratory system

Penetrating into the respiratory system, nicotine and other components of vape provoke a prolonged narrowing of capillaries and small arterioles. Even 10-15 minutes after smoking, the vessels remain constricted, and nicotine is still stored indoors. This violates the usual process of gas exchange in the lungs.

The harm of nicotine to the respiratory system in electronic cigarettes is irritation of the nasal mucosa and nasopharynx. As a result, the cilia of the epithelium gradually atrophy, and constant inflammatory processes lead to the development of chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, or sinusitis, to the appearance of a cough with a lot of sputum.

Which cigarettes are more harmful than electronic or conventional?

What is more harmful than electronic or conventional cigarettes for human health? As the saying goes, it is better to choose from two evils.

Newfangled and completely unexplored vapes, the real impact of which on the body can manifest in all its glory only after several generations of steam workers or well-known and really extremely harmful tobacco products.

Vaporizer supporters unambiguously answer the question of which is more harmful: cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.

Sailers provide the following arguments in defense of vapes:

  • The composition of the liquid for electronic cigarettes contains thousands of times fewer components, unlike tobacco, which, when burned, also produces additional harmful compounds (combustion products).
  • when hovering, it does not harm others (the so-called “passive smoker” effect). Another thing is that people can still be uncomfortable with smoke or flavors.
  • Electronic cigarettes can be smoked everywhere. they are not prohibited by law for use in public places.
  • Steam generators do not cause seizure attacks coughing.
  • Vaporizers do not provoke yellow plaque on the teeth, as well as on the skin of the fingers.
  • A wide selection of vape dressing liquids give the steam worker the opportunity to independently control the amount of nicotine, taste, and aroma.
  • Electronic cigarettes are more profitable and economical than regular tobacco products.
Tobacco cigarettesE-Sigs
The composition contains more than 4 thousand toxic substances.When heated, the composition of the liquid for electronic cigarettes changes, and toxic and poisonous compounds such as carcinogens and aldehydes are formed.
Combustion products (cigarette smoke contains over 70 carcinogens).When the vape is overheated, finely dispersed vapor forms, which settles on the sweater's lungs and provokes the development of serious diseases and complications.
Smoking is harmful to people next to the smoker (second-hand smoke).According to the latest data, soaring also affects others. The flavors used in e-cigarette fluids can cause allergies as well as breathing problems in people with respiratory diseases.
Tobacco burns the lungs, because its burning temperature is 1100 C, and the temperature of the vapor entering the lungs reaches 300 C.Although when vaporized, the temperature of the vapor entering the lungs does not exceed 50 ° C, electronic cigarettes can adversely affect the lungs with frequent use.
In the process of smoking, tooth enamel is destroyed, plaque is formed.Electronic cigarettes do not harm your teeth.
After a smoked cigarette, a person (hair, skin, bad breath, clothes) smells of tobacco for a long time.When soaring, there is no such problem.

Scientists and doctors absolutely do not support the arguments of the smokers, although they accept some of the advantages of electronic cigarettes and do not undertake to unequivocally state that vapes and nicotine-containing liquids are more harmful than ordinary cigarettes. Unfortunately, the question of which cigarettes are less harmful and which are no longer an unambiguous answer.

The thing is that, in principle, smoking or soaring (it doesn’t matter what this process is called) does irreparable harm to the human body. Therefore, it is better to think a hundred times than to get into a lifelong dependence on a regular or electronic cigarette.

Education: Graduated from Vitebsk State Medical University with a degree in Surgery. At the university, he headed the Council of the Student Scientific Society. Further training in 2010 - in the specialty "Oncology" and in 2011 - in the specialty "Mammology, visual forms of oncology".

Experience: Work in the general medical network for 3 years as a surgeon (Vitebsk emergency hospital, Liozno CRH) and part-time district oncologist and traumatologist. Work as a farm representative throughout the year at Rubicon.

Presented 3 rationalization proposals on the topic “Optimization of antibiotic therapy depending on the species composition of microflora”, 2 works won prizes in the republican contest-review of student research papers (categories 1 and 3).

Is nicotine in itself harmful

Some researchers, especially those who are good at electronic cigarettes, argue that nicotine alone is not harmful to health. The problem is tobacco and other chemical components of regular cigarettes, they argue.

More negatively-minded people believe that nicotine itself is dangerous and addictive, and therefore should be excluded. This makes electronic cigarettes less attractive.

True, as always, somewhere in between. “Nicotine is a addictive chemical in tobacco smoke, but its negative effects (with the exception of pregnancy) are minimal, at least compared to the rest of the components of cigarette smoke,” the study says.

Another review notes that nicotine can have a serious negative effect on human health, from an increased risk of cardiovascular disease to birth defects in children whose mothers consumed nicotine during pregnancy.

There are also several studies that prove the beneficial effects of nicotine intake in Parkinson's disease, as well as increased attention and concentration under its influence.

Do e-cigarettes provide enough nicotine to satisfy smokers?

Some studies, such as an experiment whose results are published in Nature, state that the delivery of nicotine into the circulatory system through electronic cigarettes varies greatly, but still remains less than with conventional cigarettes.

A 2015 study suggested that some e-cigarette users still receive the same dose of nicotine as regular smokers.

Beware of fakes!

Poor quality products can negatively affect the health of a smoker. Unfortunately, now the harm of vape and electronic cigarettes is not controlled in any way - the product does not pass mandatory certification, and clear quality standards have not yet been formulated. Therefore, an unscrupulous manufacturer can change the chemical composition of the liquid or make the structure itself from low-grade materials. Do not save on your health and buy a cheap device of an unknown Chinese brand. Pay attention to products that have proven themselves in the market, study reviews (especially negative ones), and consult with experienced people.

Harm from an electronic cigarette for a smoker

To find out if an electronic cigarette is harmful to the body, you can only after evaluating the component of the slurry. If there is little nicotine in it, then it will not greatly affect health. However, constant smoking and gradual addiction leads to a decrease in immunity, and after that also to:

  • Increased blood glucose. Often active smokers, who are already over 40-50 years old, also acquire type 2 diabetes.
  • Atherosclerosis - a dangerous disease that behaves unpredictably, is currently incurable.
  • Blood pressure instability.
  • Failure of the heart muscle.
  • Myocardial infarction.

The side effects of electronic cigarettes are not comparable to what standard cigarettes inflict on the body. However, with constant and frequent smoking, nicotine will do its “black job” and decently damage the smoker's health.


As a result of smoking regular or electronic cigarettes:

  • the liver is not able to cleanse the blood of toxic components that penetrate the body along with food, air or water,
  • degenerative degeneration of liver cells is accelerated under the influence of a number of aggravating factors: alcohol consumption, malnutrition,
  • adipose tissue begins to replace hepatocytes, while the vessels undergo sclerosis.

The result of this process is that more and more toxic components penetrate the blood, while glucose and hormones are produced much less than necessary. This effect of electronic cigarettes on health is gradually provoking the development of critical consequences.

Nicotine and other components of mixtures for evaporation stimulate the nervous system. But this effect is quickly replaced by inhibition due to narrowing of blood vessels. When inhaled, nicotine accelerates the conduction of nerve impulses. However, later brain processes slow down, there is a natural need for rest.

The danger of electronic cigarettes is that the brain does not want to function over time without doping. If you can’t use a vape or a self-roll, a number of symptoms develop from the central nervous system:

  • anxiety,
  • severe irritability
  • lack of attention and concentration.

A person can fall into apathy, replaced by a state of excitement.

The mood can change within 10-15 minutes. As a side effect, a tendency to depression appears.


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Hello, I strongly disagree with your article in many ways. You did not cite a single scientific study confirming your words, not a single link to the study. In addition, you first say that electronic cigarettes are harmful on a level with ordinary, or even more harmful, but then insert a one-hour video below, where at one point a scientist says that electronic cigarettes

Can passive vapors be harmful

A comprehensive analysis of a study published by the American Heart Association (AHA) suggests that vapor from electronic cigarettes pollutes the air with nicotine and toxic substances, but its long-term effects on health are unknown.

The answer to the question of passive soaring is very important for society. So far, there is no ban on smoking electronic cigarettes in public places, because its harm has not been proven. If in the future the negative impact on the health of electronic cigarettes is confirmed, it will be necessary to equip special places for smoking. In the meantime, the standard of healthcare is clean air. Until harmful substances are discovered in it, there will be no prohibitions.

Risk groups

The harm of electronic cigarettes is also relevant for adolescents. Pleasant flavors often attract minors. So, a schoolboy who has never tried to smoke, becomes interested in electronic devices and subsequently can switch to smoking real tobacco. This is another danger of electronic cigarettes.

It is highly recommended not to use electronic cigarettes for pregnant women. Nicotine adversely affects the development of the fetus and leads to pathologies or miscarriage. The effect of liquid without nicotine on the unborn child has not yet been studied, but it’s not worth the risk.

Which cigarette is more harmful: electronic or regular

Research data nevertheless suggests that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than regular cigarettes.

The harm of tobacco smoking is unprecedented. In fact, cigarettes may be the only product that kills when used for its intended purpose. This is one of the causes of high mortality in the world: smoking causes much more deaths than from HIV, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, car accidents and accidents.

Smoking increases your risk of stroke, heart attack, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, diabetes, and most cancers. Free radicals in cigarette smoke physically destroy the human body. On average, smoking shortens life by 10 years. Tobacco would most likely not be approved today for sale as a new product entering the market.

A burning cigarette emits such harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide.

Cigarette smoke also contains an ultra-thin suspension of tarry residues, known as resins. Most carcinogens in smoke are found in tar. The main advantage of electronic cigarettes in comparison with traditional cigarettes is that they do not have the ability to produce tar or toxic gases.

Studies on the health benefits and harms of electronic cigarettes, compared to traditional ones, show conflicting results. The properties of vaping can be considered useful when trying to minimize the harm from smoking. However, the results of other studies showed that the use of devices did not contribute to the rejection of nicotine, and in some cases even provoked their even greater use.


Nicotine and other substances used in electronic cigarettes adversely affect the state of blood vessels. This leads to ischemia, and, consequently, to disruption of the internal organs, including the reproductive system.

Erection is a process that directly reflects the state of the vascular system. If the bloodstream of the genitals has changed under the influence of negative factors, then filling the cavernous bodies with blood will be insufficient for an erection. That is why many experts are sure that electronic cigarettes for men are more harmful than usual.

About those who are waiting

This type can be attributed to the World Health Organization, as it is skeptical of all new products until the end of clinical and test laboratory tests. In addition, in their opinion, electronic cigarettes are not thoroughly studied. It remains unknown how glycerol and propylene glycol affect the human body with constant inhalation of the created vapor. These components are not related to carcinogens, but experts have a difficult task to dispel all doubts.

The Importance of Scientific Discussion for Public Health

Regulators around the world are now trying to figure out how to deal with electronic cigarettes. While in some countries they were simply banned, in others the state is trying to regulate the use of these devices.

In the United States in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a project equating electronic cigarettes with tobacco products. In 2016, this project was completely ready. In it, electronic cigarettes fall under the tobacco control act. Among other rules there are listed:

  • the prohibition of the sale of electronic cigarettes, hookahs, pipe tobacco and cigars to minors offline or online (some states have already passed this law),
  • requiring an identity card to sell these products,
  • the requirement for manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and liquids for them, which went on sale later than February 15, 2007, to submit their products to the FDA for review, revealing the components, marketing plans and product design for 12-24 months,
  • placement by the manufacturer of warning labels on electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products, including warnings about the possibility of addiction and the negative effects of nicotine,
  • a ban on the sale of closed tobacco products in vending machines,
  • prohibition of the distribution of free samples of electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Some vaping advocates believe that restricting electronic cigarettes as well as tobacco products is unnecessary. After all, they don’t even have tobacco. If you restrict access to electronic cigarettes too tightly, society will lose devices that could save the lives of many heavy smokers.

Some experts also believe that strict prohibitions and restrictions can stifle innovation, so businesses will less develop new products, more advanced and safer, with better nicotine supply. But this could help further reduce the smoking of regular, more harmful cigarettes.

Authorities need to understand the consequences of overly restrictive restrictions, such as stopping innovation or developing more expensive and less attractive models for consumers. It is also important that the public does not misunderstand the prohibitions, as if electronic cigarettes are prohibited, because they are more harmful to health than regular cigarettes.

Peter Hajek, Professor, Queen Mary University of London

As for Russia, now the anti-tobacco law does not apply to electronic cigarettes, so people who are under 18 years old can freely buy them. There are also no prohibitions or restrictions regarding soaring in public places. But, since the popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly, they are going to do it right away.

Igor Chernyshev, deputy chairman of the social policy committee of the Federation Council, promised to order a study by scientific institutes to determine the effects of electronic cigarettes on human health, as well as consult with psychologists about the effects of these devices on the return of nicotine addiction in those who have already quit smoking.

Depending on the results of these studies, measures will be taken to limit the sale of electronic cigarettes. If any harm is found, they will either be included in the general anti-tobacco law, equating with ordinary cigarettes, or they will simply set age limits.

How do you feel about electronic cigarettes? Do you think that they should be prohibited in the same way as ordinary ones?

Does an electronic cigarette help quit smoking?

Is it possible to quit smoking with an electric substitute? This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Much depends on the person: his smoking history, degree of psychological dependence, willpower, etc. Let's look at two examples.

Peter has been smoking for 10 years, but he himself is tired of it. An unpleasant smell keeps on clothes, hair, hands, teeth begin to turn yellow, cough becomes more frequent. Peter firmly decides to take up health and abandon a bad habit. He decides to throw gradually - so that the body can be easier to rebuild. Peter uses an electronic cigarette with nicotine, periodically reducing its dose, until the nicotine in the device remains at all. Soon Peter refuses even nicotine-free liquid. He is healthy and satisfied.

Nikolai wants to quit smoking, because it seems to be necessary. All around talking about a healthy lifestyle, which means you need to quit. Nikolay buys an electronic cigarette, "lights a cigarette" - and wow, it works! There is still little nicotine in it, which means it is safer. But Nikolai uses it every 15 minutes, referring to her safety. In fact, Nikolai replaced one bad habit with another.

On the example of Peter and Nikolai, we see how motivation and the right approach are important in quitting smoking. If you clearly understand why you want to quit smoking, just do it. And if you still choose to smoke an electronic cigarette, carefully monitor the time of its use.

The impact of vape on others

The vapor emitted by the electronic cigarette settles on the surfaces of objects in the room, where harmful substances can remain for several weeks or even months. As a result, people in the vicinity inhale dangerous compounds that have carcinogenic properties.

Children are especially susceptible to the harm of e-cigarette vapors. For their respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, the passive effect of tobacco and other fluid components is most dangerous.

Inflammatory, degenerative changes in tissues and organs develop rapidly, which leads to a deterioration in the general condition of the child's body. The work of the immune system is weakened, the metabolism is disturbed.

Harm from the electronic cigarette for people around

Often those who wish to “steam” in public do not even think about how harmful electronic cigarettes are for people around them. It is only known that the smoke from a standard cigarette acts extremely negatively on other people. They often unwittingly become passive smokers, since they receive up to 70% of the total volume of the smoke mass.

Vape is also harmful, but it can not be compared with what causes others smoke from a standard cigarette. There are no carcinogens and carbon oxides in the lightweight pair, but there is enough nicotine there. The volume of substances is comparable to that inherent in classic cigarettes. If a smoker wants to smoke indoors, he endangers everyone present. With each puff, the nicotine concentration increases.

Smoking electronic cigarettes in public places and at home

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has risen sharply since the entry into force of the ban on smoking in public places. As a rule, the vapor that is formed from the device has a light and pleasant aroma, so some do not even think if electronic cigarettes are harmful to others. Nevertheless, even despite the absence of a law on the prohibition of soaring, you should not soar in a public place. And that's why:

  • Nicotine partially remains in the pair, so others can unwittingly engage in the process of inhalation.
  • As we said earlier, there is an individual intolerance to the components of the liquid - therefore, their inhalation can harm people around.
  • Glycerin and propylene glycol in e-cigarette liquids, when converted to vapor, can release toxic components.

If you soar at home, take a closer look at the indoor climate. Stale air coupled with flavored steam is unlikely to add health. Ventilate the room regularly and monitor air parameters with the help of a smart microclimate system. The use of a cleaner-disinfectant will not be superfluous - it eliminates foreign gases and odors, as well as dust and bacteria.

Electronic cigarettes during pregnancy

The consequences of smoking electronic cigarettes can be extremely negative for both the woman herself and her child. It leads to:

  • the likelihood of a miscarriage, especially in the early stages,
  • fetal asphyxia (oxygen starvation),
  • intrauterine disturbance of the formation of the organs of the child.

Electronic cigarettes are harmful during breastfeeding. Poisonous substances through breast milk penetrate into the child's body. Therefore, experts do not advise expectant mothers to smoke vapes even with a minimum nicotine content. If the pregnancy is planned, addiction must be abandoned three months before conception.

Exposure to regular cigarettes

Before comparing two devices and determining which cigarette is more harmful: electronic or conventional, it is worthwhile to find out about the effects of a regular cigarette on the body. Namely, what substances enter the lungs of a person when smoking.

Composition of a regular cigarette

In addition to the already studied nicotine, cigarettes “give” the body a whole bunch of toxic substances. These include the following toxic substances:

  1. Resins The most dangerous components of cigarettes with an abundance of carcinogens. Resins cause the development of cancer cells, irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, provoking the development of various pathologies. Resins, penetrating the lungs and bronchi, are cooled and settle in the organs.
  2. Other carcinogens. In addition to tar, cigarettes emit benzene, cadmium, beryllium, arsenic and nickel when smoking. These substances are not resins, but are also toxic and cause the growth of cancer cells.
  3. Carbon monoxide. Poisonous evaporation, entering the body, combines with hemoglobin and stops the healthy movement of oxygen through the bloodstream. Arterial walls are damaged, a smoker risks earning a heart attack and impairing brain function.

In addition to these poisons, heavy metals (nickel, lead), formaldehydes, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia are released during cigarette smoking. These substances are harmful to all internal organs, they destroy blood vessels and inflict a crushing blow to the bronchopulmonary system.

What is more harmful electronic or regular cigarette?

Conventional cigarettes, in addition to nicotine, contain harmful resins and heavy metals. They can provoke the development of oncology, diseases of the digestive tract, heart, brain, respiratory system, kidneys.

Therefore, comparing the dangers of electronic cigarettes compared to conventional ones, experts came to the conclusion that the former are safer. Moreover, they must be made from quality materials and contain good, expensive fluids.

Is it possible to smoke electronic cigarettes in public places

Since it is still not known exactly whether electronic cigarettes are harmful or not, the issue of their use in public places is urgent. Currently, there are no official prohibitions, but the bill proposing to introduce restrictions on electronic cigarette smoking in many public places from January 1, 2019, looks quite reasonable: after all, the benefits and harms of the products are ambiguous.

Vapes are currently banned on airplanes. In other places, their consumption is limited in manual mode: legislation has not yet been supported by it.

Difficulties may arise with the fact that so far there are no fully-equipped specialized facilities for smoking vapes. Therefore, many will have to spend time with regular smokers, causing harm to their body.

Hazardous components of cigarette liquid

Side effects of smoking electronic cigarettes are very real. And the danger often lies not only in the nicotine component, but also in additional additives. The harm of electronic evaporators is certain if the mixture used contains:

  • Powerful carcinogens - diethylene glycol and nitrosamine - these components are often 10 times more than in standard cigarettes.
  • Acetaldehyde - This component forms a dependence. It is a dangerous carcinogen. It is proved that with constant ingestion, it can be a stimulant for the development of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Formaldehyde - is present in some liquid formulations. A highly toxic compound is poison, it poisons the body, which can even lead to death.

Not all compounds have such components, but because the effect of electronic cigarettes on health can be different. To exclude danger, you should choose only verified companies whose liquidity and reputation will not allow the supply of low-quality and dangerous goods.

Important! Specialists who tested the e-cigarette liquid revealed a number of discrepancies in the indicated and actual nicotine content. In the composition of this substance is often more than declared. Manufacturers produce such products in the hope that the composition will be addictive, and this will increase sales. How harmful is an electronic cigarette with such a composition, manufacturers are not very worried.

Is there an addiction to electronic cigarettes?

Conditionally harmless electronic cigarettes can also be addictive. The fact is that they simply replace one bad habit with another. Due to this, the qualitative factor of smoking is changing, but not quantitative.

In some cases, addiction-dependent people start smoking more often. This is due to the fact that much less is known about the dangers of liquids for electronic vaporizers than about the dangers of nicotine. Therefore, at the moment, society is not so critical against vapes. However, the negative effects of using electronic cigarettes with nicotine and low-quality resins have long been proven.

Doctors say about electronic cigarettes

Since the advent of vaping, they have been touted as a useful tool for phasing out smoking. BBC News recently published an article stating that more than 1.5 million vapers are currently former smokers.

Day after day, many people are turning to electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to regular tobacco products. Why is vaping considered more beneficial?

First of all, one traditional cigarette contains about 4 thousand chemicals, 60 of which can cause cancer. In addition, smoking doubles the chances of developing coronary heart disease and increases the likelihood of developing lung cancer by 25 times.

Doctors say that this habit literally kills. The most useful thing that any smoker can do for his health is to quit smoking.Since this desire is not easy to realize, there are many remedies that can reduce tobacco dependence.

For those who are trying to quit smoking, vaping can be a helpful way. Doctors agree that these products are 95% safer than tobacco. Many also agree that smokers who use electronic cigarettes are more likely to stop smoking, especially with the support of a doctor.

Doctors say that in the interest of public health, it is important to encourage the use of electronic cigarettes and other non-tobacco nicotine products. This is because vaping provides an alternative to a traditional tobacco-free cigarette and supplies nicotine through odorless vapor. Thus, a person can cope with his cravings without many risks, which undoubtedly benefits. However, the effect of e-cigarettes on the lungs can also be negative, especially with excessive use.


  • Glycerin when working electronic cigarette in temperature control mode and the correct setting of the atomizer is not harmful.
  • The harm of propylene glycol has no scientific evidence. Conversely, propylene glycol is used in pharmaceutical products designed for application to mucous membranes, and in particular to the oral cavity and respiratory tract.
  • Nicotine in a moderate dosage has a stimulating effect on the human psyche and body. With increased consumption of nicotine, the opposite stimulating effect appears. Be careful, excessive use of electronic cigarettes is not recommended! The marker of the correct saturation with nicotine can be the general condition and tone.

The harm of electronic cigarettes cannot objectively be higher than from any tobacco product!

How to choose an electronic cigarette

Those who want to minimize the harm from smoking and switch to vaping experience difficulties in choosing a device. To make a profitable choice, you need to study the basic characteristics of these products.

First of all, the battery capacity matters - the higher the mAh, the longer it will work on each charge. But as a rule, devices with a larger battery capacity are also physically larger in size.

The second relevant characteristic is the shape of the device.

Electronic cigarettes can be made:

  • in pen style - long and thin,
  • in the form of boxes - square in shape, they usually offer more features and battery life,
  • a standard cigarette is the simplest and cheapest option, but with much less capacitive characteristics.

Of the additional features, having a Variable Wattage will be useful. This useful option helps you to configure settings that are optimal for the user.

The benefit of the temperature control option is that, with the required settings, the device will ensure that the set value is not exceeded.

How to quit smoking electronic cigarettes?

You can cope with addiction to an electronic cigarette in two to three weeks. To do this, you need to use fluids with a decreasing concentration of nicotine, resinous compounds day after day. This minimizes the negative effects of steam cigarettes on humans.

To cope with psychological dependence, experts recommend using the “replacement” technique. You need to find something that turns out to be a substitute for a harmful device.

The following options will be most effective:

  1. Lollipops. Self-rolled cigarettes in which there was a liquid with a mint flavor, it is recommended to replace sweets with the same taste. Eucalyptus candies are suitable.
  2. Chewing gum. This habit will help to cope with psychological stress. It is recommended to choose a chewing gum that resembles vaping pairs to taste. For example, citrus or strawberry.
  3. Any snacks, such as nuts or crackers. With a ban on the tube, you can eat dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots.They allow you to get distracted in the most difficult moments, when the desire to take a drag, return to a bad habit, is most pronounced.

If you realize in time that the safety of electronic cigarettes is out of the question, abandoning the use of vapes will become easier. To speed up this process, you can make an appointment with a psychotherapist. It will help to cope with addiction by eliminating the most important factor - psychological involvement.

How does an electronic cigarette affect the human body? It disrupts the functioning of internal organs and systems. It is difficult to cope with the consequences of addiction; some of the changes that occur are irreversible. Therefore, it is recommended to initially lead a healthy lifestyle, never starting to smoke.

What else can electronic cigarettes be harmful?

Electronic cigarettes are harmful, even if nicotine is not present in the mixture. This is the conclusion that scientists who undertook to carefully study products came to. And the harm from smoking electronic cigarettes is as follows:

  • Aggressive marketing company. It is completely based on unproven benefits for smokers. If you consider that not all people buy electronic products in order to forget about addiction, then an e-cigarette can only cause a stronger attachment. The promotion of smoking reaches the “ears” and consciousness of the younger generation, which will affect the health of the nation in the future.
  • The lack of uniform standards that will govern the production of both the gadget and the refueling to it. The negative effect of the electronic cigarette on the human body is often due to the fact that the user inhales vapor with an unknown composition. Even if the manufacturer indicates the ratio and name of the components, he may not adhere to his own recipe in production. Lack of control and punishment for non-compliance with standards is a big problem.
  • Poor quality product may catch fire if used improperly.
  • A replacement cartridge often contains a dangerous, and sometimes fatal, dose of nicotine. In case of improper handling or falling into the hands of children, such a composition carries a huge health hazard.


Having studied in detail the question of what are the benefits and harms of electronic cigarettes, the following conclusions can be drawn.

For people who are currently addicted to cigarettes, vapes provide a less dangerous source of nicotine, without exposure to tar or most toxic gases. However, it is unclear whether they really can help quit smoking.

No smokers should avoid electronic cigarettes. The device fluid contains nicotine, which increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as flavors that cause chronic lung diseases. Powerful vaporizers can also generate significant amounts of formaldehyde and other toxins.

What is more harmful: an electronic cigarette or an ordinary cigarette?

Is an electronic cigarette dangerous to health? Most often, the answer to this question will be positive. However, the harm from wipe will be less, because its composition is not as carcinogenic and poisonous as burning tobacco.

In addition to the dangerous drug - nicotine - a standard cigarette during smoking produces a number of dangerous components, and there are about 4 thousand of them! Among the substances are carbon monoxide, acetone, cetaldehyde, ammonium, cyan, arsenic, etc. Each of these components can cause the most dangerous disease - cancer, and in the complex, these substances are especially toxic.

From the described it can be concluded that the effects of vape smoking are less serious. However, this does not mean that it is quite possible to console yourself. Switching to electronic cigarettes to gradually get rid of addiction is a good option. But simply replacing one with another does not solve the health problem.

Table. Comparison of the harm from an electronic cigarette and standard cigarettes

E-SigsTobacco products
The composition contains substances that, when heated, produce dangerous carcinogens, but they are incomparably smaller than in the standard analogue.In the composition - more than 4 thousand types of poisons that gradually kill the whole body.
When heating the liquid and after the start of steam, steam is formed, which can also settle on the lungs of smokers, clog and block cells, and cause complications.There are more than 70 types of the strongest carcinogens in tobacco burning products. They negatively affect all organs.
Recent data claim that an electronic cigarette is harmful to nearby people due to the fact that a large amount of nicotine gets into the vapor.Smoking is always dangerous for people around them who become passive smokers.
The hover temperature is only 50 degrees, but with frequent use of vape it can be harmful to health.Hot tobacco will burn the lungs, injure and often cause irreparable harm. The temperature of tobacco burning reaches 1100 degrees, and steam enters the lungs with a temperature of 300 degrees.
Electronic cigarettes will not harm your teeth.Tooth enamel suffers from smoking, after which a yellow-gray coating forms. Over time, the tooth may die and blacken.
In the process of soaring, clothes, hair, hands will not smell of tobacco.The smoker always comes with an unpleasant odor.

Is there any benefit?

Vaping, like smoking, is an addiction. The benefits of vaping are only considered by comparing the benefits of an electronic cigarette with traditional tobacco products.

Vape liquid, the vapor formed from it, contains less harmful substances compared to tobacco combustion products. A regular cigarette contains hundreds of carcinogens; tobacco itself is very often of extremely poor quality. The substance for vape contains only a few components - glycerin, propylene glycol, water and, optionally, nicotine.

The soaring of nicotine-free liquids does not cause physiological addiction, dependence. There is no unpleasant tobacco odor from the mouth, from hands, hair and clothing.

Electronic Cigarettes and Pregnancy

The harm of liquid for electronic cigarettes is a threat to the future baby. as soon as the expectant mother finds out about her interesting situation, she should immediately forget about the bad habit. Otherwise, it exposes the unborn baby to danger.

Is it dangerous to smoke an electronic cigarette? Of course! You should not trust bright advertising, which tries to convince gullible women that there will be no harm from such a habit. In any case, addiction harms the fetus. Nicotine also forms affection in the child, and the baby suffers not by his own will, but by the whim and weak will of his mother.

If a woman wants to give birth to a strong and healthy baby, she must forget about the habit, not only at the time of gestation, but also at later periods. The lactation process also requires giving up the habit. Electronic cigarettes are bad for babies who are fed mother's milk. Yes, and smoking in front of a growing person suggests that there is nothing wrong with such a process.

Smoking e-cigarettes without a nicotine component is also not worth it. Glycerin and propylene glycol can cause allergic reactions. Moreover, this is possible even for those who have never suffered from such manifestations. During pregnancy, the body is rebuilt, it becomes especially vulnerable, because it is forced to protect two already. Do not load it. But as a short-term measure that will help get rid of the habit, a simple hover may well work.

Those who are against innovation

Negative reviews about the electronic cigarette were put forward by the American organization FDA, which after conducting and testing this product revealed the presence of carcinogenic constituents in it.Thanks to such tests, it was found that the concentration of the elements found is present, but it is 1000 times less compared to tobacco. This small amount is found only in nicotine-based electronic cigarette liquid. As a rule, this solution is made from tobacco that has undergone various reusable purification procedures, so the residual element of these carcinogens, whatever one may say, remains and is considered quite normal. If you use flavoring liquid, which is made on a 100% natural component, by the way, it has received the necessary certification and is often used in the food industry, it will not contain the carcinogens listed above.

As for Russian scientists, they do not yet advise switching from ordinary to electronic cigarettes until the final results of all kinds of studies of this product.

What is still the danger

The production of vaping devices does not need certification, so manufacturers can often change the design of the device and the general composition of smoking fluids as they wish. When buying an electronic cigarette or liquid, you need to be extremely careful about it. No need to save and buy products from unknown manufacturers at a reduced price. Such products are often of poor quality and can prettyly spoil your health.
It is advisable to purchase goods at large retail outlets and take devices from those manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market. When choosing, you need to carefully examine several options, a good cigarette will be neatly assembled and packaged.

When choosing a smoking liquid, you should carefully study the composition. The less unfamiliar additives there, the less harm will be to the body.

Nicotine Harm

Nicotine is found in both regular and electronic cigarettes. It is a narcotic substance with strong neurotropic effects.. This component is very dangerous for human life, as it affects the activity of the heart and blood vessels and is poison for them.

Due to the fact that nicotine is a poison, it causes psychological and physical dependence with regular use. That is why the appropriateness of its use in the device is very doubtful.

There are smoking mixtures in which the amount of nicotine per gram can reach 25 milligrams. With improper or excessive use of such cigarettes, nicotine vapor poisoning can occur. For humans, approximately 100 milligrams is considered a lethal dose of nicotine.

With prolonged inhalation of nicotine, such diseases can develop.:

  1. Myocardial infarction.
  2. Heart failure.
  3. Coronary artery disease.
  4. Angina pectoris.
  5. Arrhythmia.
  6. Tachycardia.
  7. Atherosclerosis.
  8. Arterial hypertension.
  9. Hyperglycemia (increased serum glucose).

In addition to the fact that nicotine adversely affects the cardiovascular system, many questions arise regarding aromatic additives that are part of the smoking mixture. They differ from different manufacturers, and due to the lack of standards and regulation of these products, carcinogens may be present in the composition.

The structure and principle of operation of the PuVRD

A pulsed jet engine is a hollow channel that is open on both sides. On the one hand - at the inlet - an air intake is installed, behind it is a traction unit with valves, one or more combustion chambers and a nozzle through which the reactive stream exits are located further. Since the engine is cyclical, we can distinguish its main clock cycles:

  • the intake stroke, during which the inlet valve opens, and air enters the combustion chamber under the action of vacuum. At the same time, fuel is injected through the nozzles, resulting in a fuel charge,
  • the resulting fuel charge is ignited by the spark of the spark plug, in the process of combustion gases with high pressure are formed, under the action of which the inlet valve closes,
  • when the valve is closed, the products of combustion exit through the nozzle, providing jet thrust. At the same time, a vacuum forms in the combustion chamber when the exhaust gases exit, the inlet valve automatically opens and lets in a new portion of air.

The engine inlet valve may have different designs and appearance. As an option, it can be made in the form of blinds - rectangular plates mounted on the frame, which open and close under the action of a differential pressure. Another design has the shape of a flower with metal "petals" arranged in a circle. The first option is more efficient, but the second is more compact and can be used on small structures, for example, in aircraft modeling.

Fuel is supplied by nozzles that have a check valve. When the pressure in the combustion chamber decreases, a portion of fuel is supplied; when the pressure increases due to combustion and expansion of gases, the fuel supply is cut off. In some cases, for example on low-powered engines from aircraft models, there may not be nozzles, and the fuel supply system at the same time resembles a carburetor engine.

The spark plug is located in the combustion chamber. It creates a series of discharges, and when the concentration of fuel in the mixture reaches the desired value, the fuel charge ignites. Since the engine is small, its walls made of steel quickly heat up during operation and can ignite the fuel mixture no worse than a candle.

It is easy to understand that in order to launch the PuVRD, an initial “push” is needed, in which the first portion of air enters the combustion chamber, that is, such engines need preliminary acceleration.

To summarize

Speaking about how many people die every year from lung cancer resulting from tobacco smoking, it immediately becomes clear that 95% are more useful than electronic cigarettes. Especially if nicotine is not used in them.

What are the main conclusions we made?

  1. Liquid cigarettes are harmful and beneficial at the same time: the nicotine addiction does not go anywhere, but the user can not worry about the harmful carcinogens that settle on the lungs.
  2. The most dangerous component in the liquid is nicotine, which, if the proportions in the self-mixing are not observed, can lead to poisoning.
  3. Propylene and glycerin are completely harmless components, however, can cause allergies.
  4. It’s better not to use cheap flavors, if you doubt the quality of the products, it’s better to steam without them.

Matter in oxygen

In the scientific world the harm of smoking proven with 100% credibility. The harmful effects of cigarettes begin with the inhalation of smoke. Smoke is the smallest solid particles that settle on the walls of the bronchi and in the pulmonary alveoli. As a result, the human respiratory system is covered with soot, loses elasticity, and the lungs gradually lose their ability to produce gas exchange, i.e., to saturate the blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from it.

The situation is exacerbated by the CO released during the combustion of tobacco, it is carbon monoxide, it is also carbon monoxide. Once in the blood, it forms a stable compound with hemoglobin, thereby interfering with the transport of oxygen. That insufficient amount of oxygen, which the smoky lungs of the smoker could still provide the body, partially does not reach the final destination, provoking exacerbation of oxygen starvation at the cellular level.

Soaring safer. The absence of particulate matter and carbon monoxide dramatically distinguishes it from inhaling smoke. Inhalation of steam is called inhalation, and massively used for medicinal purposes as one of the ways to deliver drugs to the human body.Condensation of a small amount of fluid in the lungs is not dangerous, but do not rush to rejoice - the worst is yet to come.

If you want to get saturation quickly, without evaporating the liquid with bottles, a saline nicotine slurry is the best option:

Sweet Salt Liquid - Sweet Tobacco

- A product developed and manufactured by a domestic brand whose products have already been able to prove themselves on the positive side. New slurry is a real find for gourmets who prefer premium tobacco to sweet fruit flavors. Noble tobacco is seasoned with a light nutty shade here - you are guaranteed to “settle” in your collection!

Trix Salt Fluid - World

- a product made by a Russian manufacturer. The recipe is not disclosed. The brand offers all vapers who love secrets to independently evaluate the taste, which is distinguished by complexity, sophistication and elegance, and promises that there will definitely not be anyone indifferent to it!

The effect of the mixture on the body

If all components are either safe or have already been studied - where do opinions about serious harm come from? First of all, from the use of the vaporizer, the viper will not receive any health benefits. In addition, low-quality products or fakes bring danger to the body. It is not always easy to distinguish a real manufacturer from a cheap analogue, good products or not. The lack of strict GOSTs allows for the development of “knee-deep manufacturing” when small companies neglect the rules and requirements of blend production. Such electronic devices may contain toxic compounds and substances. The consequences of smoking such an vaporizer will be unpredictable, it all depends on the degree of dishonesty of the developers.

Smoking electronic cigarettes by children and adolescents under 18 years of age is not recommended, regardless of what type of device was purchased: with or without nicotine. Some components of the vaporizer may be harmless, but nicotine in electronic cigarettes is dangerous and is no different from normal tobacco. Also, various carcinogens have a negative effect on the body. Thus, a teenager is psychologically accustomed to smoking, because the process is quite similar in appearance: cigarette, smoke, specific aroma. There is a great danger of developing dependence on nicotine and, as a result, smoking regular cigarettes.

According to smokers with experience, after switching to electronic cigarettes, a return to regular tobacco is not ruled out.

Devices of dubious quality can lead to intoxication of the body if the composition of the mixture contains toxic substances. If you can control this moment when buying an eGo or a mod, then with disposable devices it is more and more difficult, here the content is controlled by the manufacturer.

Also, do not forget about the individual intolerance of certain components. If there is an irresistible desire to try out the novelty, it is more reasonable to opt for a mixture without nicotine, which does not have a flavor. Naturally, you can trust only trusted and well-known companies. But it’s better to think a few times before exposing your body to a potential threat - a strong dependence on nicotine.

Types of PuVRD

In addition to the usual PuVRD in the form of a rectilinear channel with an inlet valve, which were described above, there are also its varieties: valveless and detonation.

The valveless PuVRD, as its name implies, does not have an inlet valve. The reason for its appearance and use was the fact that the valve is a rather vulnerable part, which very quickly fails. In the same embodiment, the "weak link" is eliminated, therefore, the service life of the motor is extended. The design of the valveless PuVRD has the shape of the letter U with the ends directed back along the jet thrust.One channel is longer, it is responsible for the draft, the second is shorter, air enters the combustion chamber through it, and during combustion and expansion of the working gases, some of them exit through this channel. This design allows for better ventilation of the combustion chamber, prevents leakage of fuel charge through the inlet valve and creates additional, albeit insignificant, traction.

without valve version of the PuVRD version without valve U-shaped PurRVD

Detonation PuVRD involves burning a fuel charge in detonation mode. Detonation involves a sharp increase in the pressure of the combustion products in the combustion chamber at a constant volume, and the volume itself increases already with the movement of gases through the nozzle. In this case, the thermal efficiency of the engine is increased in comparison with not only a conventional PuVRD, but also with any other engine. At the moment, this type of motor is not used, but is at the stage of development and research.

detonation PurRVD

History of creation

The first officially registered developments of PuVRD belong to the second half of the XIX century. In the 60s, two inventors at once independently obtained patents for a new type of engine. The names of these inventors - Teleshov N.A. and Charles de Louvre. At that time, their development did not find wide application, but already at the beginning of the twentieth century, when airplanes were looking for a replacement for piston engines, German designers drew attention to the PuVRD. During the Second World War, the Germans actively used the FAU-1 projectile equipped with PuVRD, which was explained by the simplicity of the design of this power unit and its cheapness, although in terms of performance it was even inferior to piston engines. This was the first and only time in history when this type of engine was used in the mass production of aircraft.


After the war, the PuVRD remained “in military affairs”, where it was used as a power unit for air-to-surface missiles. But here, over time, they lost their position due to speed limits, the need for initial acceleration and low efficiency. Examples of using PuVRD are Fi-103, 10X, 14X, 16X, JB-2 missiles. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in these engines, new developments are appearing aimed at improving it, so that, in the near future, the PuVRD will again become in demand in military aviation. At the moment, the pulsating jet engine is brought back to life in the field of modeling, thanks to the use of modern construction materials.

Modern execution of PuVRD

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