What haircuts will please 2018 medium-length hair

Hairstyle plays an important role in shaping the image. Among the existing diversity, it is possible to distinguish options that combine the versatility and sensuality of the lines. From this article, you will learn what popular haircuts for medium hair will be in demand in 2018.

Most women prefer hairstyles for medium length hair. In this case, it is necessary to combine two factors - compliance with the image of the lady and convenience. It is preferable that the haircut is not difficult to style. Fortunately, a significant part of the fashion trends in 2018 fully meets these requirements.

Golden mean: extended haircuts 2018

The unique image of each woman is made up of many details. These include beautiful clothes, which focuses on the merits of the figure, jewelry, colors. It depends on what appearance the fashionista will have as a result. But, in no case, we must not forget about a suitable haircut, which can make the image complete and attractive.

Before going to the master, you need to thoroughly prepare - get acquainted with the current trends of 2018 and choose the model that is most suitable for the type of appearance.

For those ladies who do not like short haircuts and do not want to wear long hair, the elongated version is ideal. They are chosen by young girls and mature women who are not eager to radically change their appearance.

The most popular haircut is the elongated "Bob." It allows you to visually stretch the oval of the face thanks to an oblique bang, thick short strands on the top and back of the head.

Fashion trends

In 2017, at the peak of popularity there were long strands. Most beauties began to grow their hair diligently. But the coming year, stylists called the era of the revival of haircuts for medium-length hair.

The growing popularity of such haircuts is not accidental. They combine both main factors - versatility and convenience. And not every lady is able to grow long hair. This does not allow some to make the structure of the strands, while others - a lack of perseverance. Actual haircuts of the new season allow you to create many original and interesting ideas for medium hair length.

The most popular haircuts include a bob, a classic or elongated bean variety, cascade. Each option is unique due to asymmetry and graduation. Do not abandon the bangs - it helps to give the image a fresh look and become its hallmark. The most desperate fashionistas allow themselves to shave their temple or nape. In fact, the styling of such hair can be completely different - with flirty ringlets and strict straight strands. Quite acceptable and hairstyles in retro style. Only one thing needs to be taken into account - the image should look natural.

Fashion 2018 calls to forget about unnaturalness. Do not do artificial styling, covered with thick layers of varnish! Today, the trend is a little messy curls, as if a girl recently got out of bed. Under this unpretentiousness lies the efforts of the master. And the view at the same time is simply luxurious.

Embossed curls on medium-length hair harmonize well with parting. The original combination adds volume to thin strands and refreshes the boring image. In most cases, onions are complemented by highlighting a natural shade. By the way, in the 2018 season there are almost no restrictions. Therefore, bold fashionistas can shock others with any color - from blue-black to pastel pink.

Trendy haircuts of the new season provide a complete expanse of imagination. Variations with shaved temples or a nape look very unusual and slightly shock others. Such models will definitely appeal to lovers of thrills.

Some girls do not want to do a haircut on medium hair. Fashionistas believe that she will focus on natural flaws. This is especially true for chubby or puffy beauties, who often deprive themselves of a stylish haircut. But a correctly selected hairstyle, on the contrary, visually hides many flaws in appearance.

In the 2018 season, stylists advise:

  • open your forehead to the maximum,
  • abandon the framing strands,
  • make an oblique, asymmetric bang.

To visually lengthen the face, it is worth combing the hair on the crown a little or choose an asymmetrical version of the hairstyle. Straight, freely released strands look most luxurious. It is better to refuse flirty curls, as they make facial features more difficult. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to release large curls below the chin.

Fashionable and attractive haircuts for medium-length hair can be created using asymmetry and unusual graduation. Original and spectacular options adorn a fashionista and hide some flaws in the structure of hair. Bold hairstyles are found not only at fashion shows. Shocking girls are increasingly using modern options in everyday life.

No wonder there is an expression that the classic does not age. She always remains in trend. These are the options for the square - the fashion leader of the last 60 years. This is one of the few hairstyles that combines with any appearance. Professional hairdressers add a large number of original elements to it, which turn an ordinary option into a fashionable trend.

In the new season of 2018, completely different options for medium length hairstyles are popular. For the businesswoman, rigorous solutions are suitable that highlight the oval of the face and make the features sophisticated.

A square with a sharp, clear cut is perfect for girls with an elongated face shape, but it does not categorically combine with a round type and wide cheekbones. Most hairdressers prefer asymmetrical hairstyles with torn edges. This approach allows you to make the contours softer. The result has an extremely natural look and does not imply a long styling.

Messy curls are an ideal solution for fashionistas with obstinate hair. A couple of years ago, this hairstyle was not popular. But this year, fashion experts advise to pay attention to them. Some girls with straight strands intentionally twist curls to be in trend.

This haircut has been around for over a hundred years. From the moment of her “birth”, she won wildly popular among fashionistas. Over time, she changed a little, gained femininity and attractiveness.

A classic Bob is hair cut to shoulder level using a special 5-point system. Usually a hairstyle is devoid of bangs. And if it is, it quickly connects to the side strands. The rounded contour gives extra volume. But at the same time, aristocratic simplicity and sophistication are not lost. This option is ideal for hard and straight hair, since it lacks a ladder and textured locks.

For beauties with obstinate curls, stylists have developed another modification. It is a mixture of bean and quack. Moreover, only the best was taken from each option. The strands on the sides are longer than on the back of the head. This hairstyle is in perfect harmony with both the classic style and the warlike military.

Another unusual and original variation of the usual bean is a hairstyle with a high nape. This variety is an element of a romantic image. It suits girls with both thick strands and “liquid” strands. During the haircut, a special technique is used that breathes life into curls and gives naturalness.

Elongated bob

Not enough determination to radically change the image? The best solution is to choose an elongated bean. Cute strands framing the face are in perfect harmony with the shortly trimmed crown and sides. Modern women of fashion have long been crazy about the combination of curls and an open neck.

The versatile hairstyle is easy to style with your hands. The practical detail of the image is replenished every year with small, hardly distinguishable elements. It favorably emphasizes the originality of its owner and elegantly complements any bow. By the way, stylists advise using this combination to correct minor flaws - from lengthening the oval of the face to softening hard features.

Both adult ladies and young girls are perfectly suited for side parting and elongated curls. Hair can be treated in completely different ways - they are twisted, leveled or give a natural sloppiness. The bangs will emphasize the perfect shape of the forehead and chin.

Fashionable women with thin hair should pay attention to textured locks. With their help, thin hair is easy to add extra splendor. There are no restrictions on creating an elongated bean. It favorably emphasizes the individual characteristics of each representative of the fair sex and highlights her best sides. Having trusted an experienced stylist, a fashionista can be sure of an amazing result.

What hair is considered average

When the curls have a length below the chin, but above the shoulders, they are called medium. This size is the most universal, as it fits all types and colors of hair, and with proper styling it will be very beneficial to decorate the owner.

But before choosing a haircut of medium length, you need to consider the shape of the face.

IMPORTANT: Average hair length is not suitable for all types of face.

Who is suitable for medium hair

Before you find out if the middle curls fit under the oval of the face, you need to find out its shape. There are seven types of them:

  1. Oval. This face shape is characterized by wide cheekbones, the same size of the forehead and chin, and a rounded contour.
  2. Rectangle. The elongated length of the face, the width of the cheekbones and chin is equal.
  3. The square is characterized by sharp outlines of the lower jaw, contrasting the forehead. The height of the face is almost equal to its width.
  4. Triangle. It has wide cheekbones, which sharply change to a narrow chin, also with sharp corners and a small chin that has a pointed shape.
  5. A circle. The width of the chin and cheekbones is the same, most often a low forehead, the contours of the face are smooth.
  6. Rhombus. The width of the forehead and chin is the same size, but relatively narrow compared to the cheekbones.
  7. Pear-shaped. Volume cheekbones and the lower jaw are characteristic of it, they expand from the area of ​​the ears, and the forehead in this position is narrow.

After determining the shape of the face, you need to figure out which haircut on medium hair is suitable for one or another type.

The oval type is suitable for voluminous curls that are gently stacked. As fixing agents it is recommended to use gels and mousses, and not varnish.

Rectangles are preferable to bangs of various lengths and thinning.

It is advisable to hide the square type of face using step haircuts and styling. They will hide wide cheekbones and give softness to facial features.

A triangle and a circle will decorate a square with an elongated bang or an elongated bob.

IMPORTANT: Medium length curls are of excellent quality - with the help of a correctly selected hairstyle, it is very easy to correct all the imperfections of the face.


For several years, haircuts stepped forms are in constant demand. Original and stylish options give freshness and mischief to the most ordinary way. Therefore, you can not deprive the attention of the fashion trends of this season.

Current haircuts on average length in 2018

Moody fashion inspired stylists for new looks. Fortunately, there will not be much shocking. In the XXI century of feminism, the relevance of naturalness, femininity and elegance still persisted.

Haircuts that focus on themselves will gain popularity:

  • the combination of straight and asymmetric bangs will be at the peak of fashion,
  • the ultra-short fringe returns again
  • classic square
  • cascading haircuts are universal and will never go out of fashion, and their new variations become more popular every year,
  • interesting step haircut under the interesting name Gavrosh,
  • haircut technique Vidal Sasson.

Trends clearly defined the types of haircuts for curly and straight hair of medium length.

Straight hair in 2018 should give preference to bob haircuts. The advantage of such a hairstyle is that it will suit any whim. Bob happens with bangs, without her, asymmetric and classic, wavy and straight.

It is very simple and quick to style this haircut: blow dry hair with a special nozzle or simply raise it with your hands. The hairstyle is ready.

IMPORTANT: If there is no nozzle on the hairdryer, then you can use brushing

The trend of next year will be smooth and clear lines. Therefore, you need to cut the strands very evenly.

Bean will become popular with a thick asymmetric bang, or even and laid out along the parting.

This haircut has several advantages:

  • stacked waves of lateral strands favorably emphasize the section of the eyes, high broad cheekbones and too narrow chin,
  • thin hair looks great with a multi-stage bob haircut. Levels add volume to hair.

Curly hair also looks great in bob styling, but you should give preference to variations of cascading haircuts and the Vidal Sasson technique. Depending on the shape of the face, the presence or absence of a bang is selected. But if you want it, but the form does not allow it, then stylists offer asymmetry in the form of length along the contour of the face.

The cascade in 2018 focuses on the following:

  • pronounced asymmetry and ragged ends creates the effect of weightless styling,
  • Careless styling with tangled curls is achieved using layers. Just blow-dry styling takes on a chaotic but stylish look with volume,
  • a cascade without bangs with the ends of the steps bent upward looks flawless.

IMPORTANT: In 2018, haircuts with shaved temples that continue in cascade will remain relevant.

Short description of modern haircuts

Each haircut is good in its own way, but not always clear. To do this, we briefly describe the most basic ones:

1. Gavrosh. A very interesting version of the cascade. It is distinguished by the crown, which requires a large volume, and a thick bang. The torn ends of the “cap” will be successfully thrown off for several years, and the lower straight strands will preserve rigor and elegance.

2. Step haircut with shaggy curls. The cascade never went out of fashion thanks to the ability to add volume to any hair. And funny ringlets very successfully give softness to the character of a business woman.

3. A square with a clear and even contour. Very strict haircut, giving elegance and sexuality. On thick and straight strands, she looks gorgeous.

4. Kare-bob. Originality in the asymmetry of the back and front of the hair gives extravagance and elegance at the same time. Such a haircut will suit a lady of any social status, without exception.

Separately, it is worth talking about the Vidal Sasson technique. The famous stylist Vidal Sassoon in the middle of the last century helped women do without the help of specialists in styling hairstyles, creating a haircut that you can style yourself.

The main advantage of Vidal Sasson haircuts is the convenience, versatility, elegance and femininity, which are still popular today.

Attributes of this type:

  • Clear contours and lines
  • periodic use of asymmetry,
  • graduation
  • combination of steps
  • does not require complex styling.

Such styling does not have to be combed regularly and by the end of the day does not lose its shape.

These haircuts include square, brown-bob, direct cascade.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that Vidal Sasson hairstyles be made in the salon with a good master

Selection of topical haircuts 2018 for average hair length by face type

In order not to scold fashion with its tendencies, it is necessary to choose it correctly by type of face. Forms are already known. It remains to pick a haircut for them.

It is impossible: this form is considered an ideal. All hairstyles fit her. But if there is a lack of forehead - narrowness, then you should not use straight hair and parting.

Correction of defects: Too elongated oval is corrected by elongated haircuts and bangs. For example, all kinds of step haircuts or bob with bangs. Asymmetry is welcome in this case.

It is impossible: a thick straight bangs are clearly contraindicated in full forehead. She will further emphasize the width of the face. A wave or even light waves emphasize rounded shapes. No parting, clear lines and bob will not honor femininity.

A multistage cascade in any variations will correct this situation. The main aspect is the volumetric crown. Gavrosh is perfect for a circle.

Straightened hair is undesirable. Thick bangs will make the forehead even wider and emphasize the square. Too short it is better not to cut your hair, but to leave the medium length.

Asymmetric haircuts, coupled with the same bangs, will soften facial features. Light waves will add elegance and femininity to the owner of this form. Cascading haircuts with hair bent to the side of the face will advantageously lengthen the face.

Triangle and rhombus

Do not use haircuts that open the forehead, whiskey and hide the cheekbones.

Asymmetric haircuts and bangs will help to correct the shortcomings of such ovals. Torn tips will create a volume effect on the forehead and chin, which evens out the shape of the face. Haircuts in the form of a trapezoid will visually make the forehead wider, and curls or curved outward strands will balance the lines.

It is better to avoid excessive volume at the top of the head. Straightened hair will emphasize the shape of the face, which will give even more rigid line transitions when they open the face.

The bangs covering the forehead will help in correcting this situation. They shorten the length of the face. Additional volume and multi-stage is desirable. Cascading haircuts are suitable for such haircuts. Large and medium curls will soften the contours of the face and also visually reduce its length.

IMPORTANT: Do not follow these instructions clearly. These are just recommendations and a general description of face types.

Asymmetric bean

Bob, consisting of strands of different lengths, is the favorite solution of fashionistas who like asymmetry. This is ideal for obstinate and curly hair, as well as for thin and weak hair. The unique harmony of the ladder and the work with scissors for thinning creates a sophisticated and elegant haircut. Elongated strands located on both sides of the face and torn bangs play a significant role in creating a romantic image.

A sophisticated version of a fashionable square is created using an unusual technique - graduation. The settled form is diluted with a ladder, which can have different intensities. First, the hairdresser mills the hair at the roots, and then moves on to the tips. This hairstyle is styled in many ways, so a fashionista can change the look at least every day.

Fashionable colors and shades of hair 2018

Experts did not disregard the color of curls. Since 2018 is for natural beauty, the shades offer the same palette. But for extravagant girls, red, blue or green will not serve as a bad man.

Hair coloring is offered in several options:

  1. The dyed hair roots are dark in light blond and blonde.
  2. Black hair color goes well with asymmetric bean.
  3. Chestnut shades are versatile and suitable for any haircut.
  4. Highlighting in two variations: Californian and Venetian.
  5. Copper, but not flashy shades to face the red-haired girls.
  6. Bronding is elegantly combined with cascading haircuts.
  7. Ombre. Not so long ago, this type of staining became popular and 2018 supports it.
  8. Consistent coloring gives volume and extravagance.

Stylists determined the hair colors of 2018 and taking into account the time of year.

The palette of winter shades is cold. The average hair length of adult ladies is perfect platinum shades. They will somewhat rejuvenate the look, give elegance and rigor. And black colors and its shades look great on straight haircuts. In particular, bob haircuts.

Bronding - mixing two contrasting colors looks better on cascading haircuts.

Spring gives warm shades of cognac and red palette. Copper shades in color, coupled with chestnut, sit perfectly on large curls. Indulging in red shades next spring will be very stylish and fashionable.

Summer is the most natural. Prefers shades of caramel, ocher and nutmeg. On dark-skinned girls, chocolate sits perfectly. Light strands in rare and frequent highlighting will add density and volume to the hairstyle.

And for hairstyles in the style of bob, shades of blonde will be relevant.

In the fall, brown-haired women will become popular. For example, burgundies combined with tones of darker colors will be elegant and feminine. The most popular will be: caramel, milk chocolate, ocher and cognac.

During the year, you can change the way you want and at the same time stay in trend.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to select the color of the hair, taking into account the color type

The average length of the hair gives a lot of room for choosing haircuts and styling. Curls, straight hair, bangs, her absence, disheveled strands - all this gives confidence and luxury.

Fashion always thinks of all women. Therefore, the variety of current hairstyles will allow a woman to remain multifaceted and diverse every day.

Haircut ladder for medium hair

Asymmetric haircuts perfectly match all the needs of modern beauties. A colorful and memorable image is created with the help of an individual form and unusual structure. Hair cut in this style is worn loose, combed sideways or make popular bundles of them. A couple of years ago, only young girls could afford such decisions, but in the 2018 season they are relevant for ladies of any age.

For several years now, the classic cascade has led the way among other fashionable hairstyles. Today's stylists have significantly changed their established form. Therefore, the attention of modern girls presents interesting combinations of hair of different lengths. The smooth gradient harmonizes well with sharply defined strands.

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair with bangs

The most mundane hairstyle is easy to turn into the original with the help of a regular bang. She will give coquetry, if curled. It is often laid on half of the forehead. There are no rules and restrictions. It all depends on the desire of the fashionista herself.

Haircuts with bangs

A haircut with a medium length hair forelock looks simply luxurious. An experienced hairdresser will focus on the prettiest part of the face - puffy lips, eye-catching eyes or a graceful nose.

In the new season of 2018, shortened bangs go by the wayside. They are categorically not allowed to be done by women in age, because they emphasize wrinkles. This year, professionals advise giving preference to thinned options that should barely touch the eyebrows.

A forelock is needed for owners of a high forehead. Stylists recommend trying out a bang, starting from the top of the head and moving to the other side. Graduation is great for a cascade, bean or bob. Such a move is used even by Hollywood stars.

Staying beautiful is easy - you just need to choose the right haircut. Having studied a thorough review, each fashionista will be able to find an original solution that suits her image.

Photos of women's haircuts fashionable in 2018 for medium hair

Stylish bob with a smoothly decorated back of the haircut. Practical and comfortable haircut opening neck

Cropped bob of strict lines. Goes well with glasses.

Fashionable asymmetrical haircuts of medium length and a little shorter

Medium red

Fashionable French haircut in 2018 with a characteristic long bang, short hair at the back and sloppy styling

Medium-long square, asymmetrically combed

Hollywood celebrities choose medium-length hair. Their haircuts set fashion trends

Three Bob Haircuts for Blondes

As many as 12 haircut options. Make sure the hairdresser knows exactly which one you like!

Kare haircut with slight asymmetry and side parting

A haircut with a long bang for a mysterious and romantic girl. Works great in a team with "invisibility", becoming more practical

In 2018, colored hair strands are in fashion

Neat "Bob" on dark copper hair

A few long strands can dramatically change a classic women's haircut into a fashion masterpiece

Hair to the shoulders and two bangs: short and longer, to the nose

A cascade rack with slight sloppy styling looks very impressive

Cascading asymmetric haircuts, fashionable in 2018 for medium female hair

Dark square, slightly highlighted on the side

Aerial haircut with interesting curl colors

Straight bang bob

A slightly modern French haircut is the epitome of fashion for women haircuts for medium hair in 2018

Bob of medium length on one of the stars

Interesting styling and haircut. Extra volume at the back of the haircut

Classic medium-length caret on blond dyed hair

Cheeky asymmetric haircut

At first glance, it seems that the grandfather cut the girl with an ax, but if you look closely, you can see a trendy modern haircut, a work of art

The long bangs are back in fashion!

A caret slightly covering one eye

Elongated rack with hair back shorter than front

Chaotic, medium short haircut

A cascading square with carelessness that can breathe originality into your look

Haircut with the same hair length on all sides

Unusual fashionable haircut that requires styling

Such a haircut is called a "Hat" or "Page." When the hair is about the same length and evenly surrounds the woman’s head. For romantic persons

Two variations of bob haircuts.

Hollywood stars choose caret and are not mistaken in choosing

Curly Highlighted Rack

In 2018, a mixture of popular haircuts - caret and bob - became a very fashionable trend.

Long bangs will create more attractive images than a more practical short

Curls with a little pink locks

The combination of two different colors in one haircut on medium hair. Such a haircut will not remain without attention

Hair is longer on one side of the head, and shorter on the other. Such a female haircut will add elegance and make you the owner of at least two looks. Watching which side you turn to the selfie camera :)

Bright colors in the hair are gaining popularity. They look especially good on neat haircuts of medium length

Extra long pixie haircut with highlighted hair

Classic bob and its fashionable variations

Every year, stylists come up with new modifications of haircuts, which have already become classic. The notorious bean, which for several decades has been one of the most popular haircuts, was no exception.

A stylish bob haircut (from English long bob - “long bob”) is the novelty of the season. On its basis, you can create trendy styling with a touch of light negligence and chaos on the head.

Created on the basis of a classic bean, this modification is perfect for owners of medium-long hair. Traditionally, the length of the strands in this haircut should be at the level of the clavicles or a couple of centimeters below or above them. On the basis of the forehead, you can create a huge number of different styles: straighten hair, curl it into elastic curls or create light waves, give your hair a fashionable deliberate negligence and so on.

In 2018, it is important to lay your forehead as if in a hurry, giving the hairstyle a natural look and without spending a lot of time creating it. For such styling, it is enough:

  • Twist wet hair into bundles.
  • Dry them with a hairdryer.
  • Dissolve the harnesses.
  • Lightly beat curls with your hands.

Graduated bob

For owners of thick hair, stylists recommend a multi-layer bean. Graduated strands make the hairstyle more stylish and elegant, moreover, this technique allows you to "pacify" naughty curls and facilitate styling. A graduated bob will allow both young girls and older ladies to look bright and unusual. Using various styling methods, you can create a variety of images:

The secret of haircuts is a special technique, the essence of which is the creation of a smooth or sharp transition from short to long strands.

Art Deco Bob Carre

This haircut became incredibly popular after the release of the movie The Great Gatsby. Since then, she has not lost her position, but in the modern version it is performed not only on short hair, but also on locks of medium length.

Features of an elegant haircut are:

  • sharp lines,
  • smooth hair texture
  • A-shaped face framing.

This version of the bob-car allows you to smooth out the angular facial features of a rhomboid or square shape. In addition, strands framing a round face, allow you to cover chubby cheeks.

Variable variety of haircuts

Kare - a haircut that has become classic, does not need a special presentation, it is familiar to many generations of fashionistas. A modern hairstyle for medium-long hair - elegant and stylish - can look completely different depending on the haircut and its styling. In 2018, a square with an even cut and graded strands, smooth and asymmetrical, will be in fashion.

Classic Medium Hair

A graphic haircut with a straight cut of hair to the shoulders - a fashion trend of 2018 - can be supplemented with a straight bang or without it. The main feature of the square is strict straight lines, and the ends of the strands slightly twisted inward. In this modification, it resembles a trapezoid in shape.

The classic square is most suitable for women with a diamond-shaped or heart-shaped face, as it visually enlarges the lower part, and a fringe covers a wide forehead. The undoubted advantage of a haircut is the simplicity of styling with the most simple and affordable hairdressing tools: a round comb and a hairdryer. Laying a classic square do:

  • Give hair volume. To do this, they are washed. Apply a moisturizing conditioner and dry, head down.
  • Apply foam or mousse for laying on almost dry locks.
  • Make a straight parting with a comb with a ponytail.
  • Lightly comb the hair with a comb with rare teeth.
  • Dry the strands by lifting them with a round brush at the roots.
  • Twist the tips of the strands inward along the entire length.
  • The shape of the hairstyle is fixed by spraying the varnish at a distance of 25 cm from the hair.

Kare with lengthening

A haircut with elongated strands extending to the shoulders, near the face and short hair at the back, revealing a beautiful female neck, has become one of the most fashionable and has been occupying a leading position for several seasons. All this is due to the large number of advantages that a square with elongation has.

This version of the classic square is perfectly combined with bangs of various shapes and lengths. Straight or curved bangs up to the middle of the forehead or to the eyebrows are perfect for a haircut with smooth hair edges, and for the asymmetric version, a slanting bangs, creating a laid-back and light image.

Popular and feminine cascade

Haircut gives texture and volume to the hair, it is suitable for both thick and thin strands. For thin hair, a multilayer haircut will give visual volume and density, and for hard and thick hair - the effect of lightness and airiness. The undoubted advantage of the cascade is that the hair becomes more supple, and naughty locks turn into beautiful well-groomed curls. The installation is very simple and takes only a few minutes.It is enough to apply a foam on clean hair to add volume to the hair, blow dry it and lay the strands with your hands. Also, on the basis of the cascade made on medium length hair, other hairstyles can be made, for example, gathered in a low tail or stabbed at the back of the head.

For owners of wavy and curly hair, a cascading haircut made by an experienced master will allow you to “tame” the naughty curls and give the hairstyle a neat and elegant shape.

Youth haircut with a shaved temple or nape

Extraordinary natures who prefer extravagant images can afford a super-cutting haircut with a shaved area on their heads. This option will create a business image. To do this, you just need to cover the temple or nape with long strands, and in an informal setting throw them on one side, highlighting the shaved temple. or collect the hair at the crown, opening the original back of the head. In 2018, it will be a fashionable trend to decorate a shaved area with an original pattern or tattoo. It can also be painted in bright colors, which will give the image even more shocking.

Spectacular pixie haircut on medium hair

The main advantages of the squeak are stylish simplicity and the perfect opportunity to emphasize the advantages of appearance: large eyes. regular facial features, expressive cheekbones. At the same time, a pixie haircut is an excellent option for ladies who want to try a short haircut, but are not yet ready to part with their hair length.

Performs pixie on medium hair according to the classical canons. At the top of the hair draw an elegant "hat". In this version, hairstyles are given special attention to the hair of the occipital zone, and the front of the haircut is complemented by asymmetrical bangs with “torn” strands and the curls of the temporal zone beautifully framing the face. The length can be completely different: reach the level of the cheekbones or to the chin.

Stylists advise to create a light volume near the roots, slightly combing the hair at the roots, and apply gel on the ends and collect them together, laying in bangs on one side. Another modern option is wavy bangs and slightly tousled hair, such deliberate carelessness in styling is the trendy trend of 2018. It is also fashionable to put pixies on medium hair in a retro style, creating structural waves.

The main fashion trends

According to stylists, hairstyles on medium-length hair allow you to stay in trend due to their practicality and versatility. They allow you to perform styling of any complexity for their design, apply a variety of haircuts, in short, to work creatively.

The main highlight of 2018 is naturalness, ease, slight negligence of the image. Simple, but nonetheless gorgeous!

In addition, stylists, when choosing hairstyles offer:

  • open your forehead as much as possible
  • Do not get involved in framing face curls,
  • do a haircut with bangs (oblique or torn),
  • for lovers of extreme sessons - shorten (shave) hair on the temple or back of the head.

The choice of hairstyles is large and striking in its versatility. They miraculously fit girls and representative ladies of different shapes, will be appropriate for every day and for a special occasion.

It is important that the haircut emphasizes individuality, is to face and provides irresistibility. This year, these types of haircuts for hair of medium length are supposed:

  • square,
  • bean with its elongated shape,
  • cascade,
  • graduated
  • with all kinds of bangs and others.

Kare, which is always fashionable

In each season, the square does not concede its position and remains the most multifaceted and applicable hairstyle in the current year. It is supposed to use different versions of it: classic, asymmetric, elongated, bob-car.

Perfectly fit here and any bangs options: from straight, oblique, with torn edges to excessively elongated. The main thing is that all this should be in person. This year also offers a trapezoidal haircut.

As for styling, preference should be given to its direct appearance, but neglecting curls will not spoil the image and help to give the image a special charm.

The most fashionable chic associated with the square of this year is torn, slightly wavy strands with a slight negligence. Moreover, this option is especially good for representatives with naughty strands, which they have already exhausted constantly stack.

2018 offers the following types of caret:

  • rectangular, with a clear shape,
  • bob
  • with graduation
  • elongated
  • "On the leg"
  • with all kinds of bangs variations.

"Playful" bean

A typical version of it involves a haircut of a certain order, based on a system of five points, without a bang at all or with the presence of it, but smoothly continuing in the side strand.

A rounded image that gives hair splendor looks quite simple and at the same time charmingly elegant. This haircut is ideal for straight, hard hair.

It will look great on hair with ombre, coloring and other currently popular techniques for coloring them.

For owners of non-styling curls, a more perfect haircut method is proposed, including bob and bean options, in which the cutting of the occipital strands is much shorter than the side ones. Such an unusual haircut option helps bring romance to the image of any of its owners.

The combined haircut, during which the neck opens, and curls frame the face, has long been loved by many fashionistas.

After all, these ringlets can be made out in each case individually, adapting to the characteristics of the woman, hiding her natural flaws or emphasizing her best features.

An elongated bean, as this type of hairstyle is called, has no restrictions. Here we allow the selection of relevant technology for each client.


Especially such a haircut is suitable for representatives with a weak volume of hair. It is their uneven cutting that creates the impression of splendor. A simple, but at the same time original styling, accessible even to the ignorant in hairdressing, gives the originality of the created image to the beauty of the falling rings.

It can be supplemented with highlighting or with the use of a hair-enhancing agent. Even the most nondescript of them will then become glamorously fresh.

In addition, uneven strands of cascading haircuts allow you to create all kinds of hairstyles on their basis and at the same time improve, for example, the shape of the face.

The shape of the ladder is applicable to any hair. It will suit equally well, both for completely straight and curly ones that are difficult to style.


This type of hairstyle, which is also called stepped, involves observing smoothness or creating transitions when shearing. It allows hairdressers, as they say, to “swing around” with might and main, depart from accepted norms and create different chaotic and even daring styles with the help of selected strands.

This haircut allows the use of bangs. It can have a different shape, but must be in place.

Its beauty and shape are emphasized and created using a special tool for styling and modeling hair, which can be applied literally during their drying. Using curlers, as well as a round brush (brushing), the hair is easy to lay yourself. The main thing is that she be trimmed correctly.

Hairstyles for thin hair

Representatives with this type of hair are best suited for voluminous haircuts. It is advisable that they be performed by a qualified specialist who knows, for example, that it is impossible to apply thinning on such hair.

She will not add volume, and the ends of her hair can be cut off from this. In this case, a haircut is shown with hot scissors. But, unfortunately, such a service is not provided in all salons.

With thin hair, the main thing is a correctly selected haircut. At the same time, the masters use the basic principle - to make the length of thin hair so short so that it allows you to easily give them the desired volume.

If the question of the length of the hair is very important to anyone, then, of course, they leave it. In 2018, on thin hair of medium length, various hairstyles are offered based on such haircuts as:

  • square with a flat cut,
  • individual pixie options,
  • bean,
  • multilevel
  • layered
  • French
  • ladder.

Good masters always know how to cut thin hair so that they look gorgeous.

To summarize

I talked about the most fashionable haircuts of 2018. They suggest choosing the perfect hairstyle for any style and type of hair.

The acquired knowledge helped me determine the hairstyle that I would like to have on my head. Now I’ll go to the salon to the master for advice and the embodiment of what was planned.

In the meantime, I decided to share my acquired knowledge with those who are looking, like me, for the perfect solution in choosing a fashionable hairstyle for myself.

After all, we all, girls, women, at different ages, with any type of hair, always want to be attractive and irresistible. And for this, a lot is not necessary - just select the right hairstyle.

Fashionable women's haircuts for medium hair in 2018, 2019.

Medium-length haircuts have not lost their relevance for several decades. Despite the fact that new fashion trends appear, they are based on classic canons.

Often, new fashion trends are a kind of synthesis of two options - for example, a graduated square is the arithmetic mean between an ordinary square and a cascade, and the name "bob-square" speaks for itself. This season, asymmetry and even bangs, impeccable styling and the effect of "artistic mess", severity and shock are still relevant.

Bob haircut. Women's haircuts 2018 on medium hair photo. Photo of bob haircuts with bangs.

Most popular medium length haircuts

Average hair length has a number of undeniable advantages. It is much easier to take care of medium hair than long hair, and, unlike short ones, they provide an opportunity for experimentation on the image.

A medium-length hairstyle can be made voluminous or even, gathered in a tail or braided, and, if desired, can be increased with overhead strands or a chignon.

Haircut cascade: rear view.

The most popular are the following options for haircuts for medium hair:

Haircut Cascade - designed for any type of hair. Represents many options for performance and styling.

Women's haircuts 2018 for medium hair photo

Bob is especially good for thick straight hair that does not lend itself well to styling. Coloring and highlighting allows you to give your hair a special sophistication and charm.

Kare is a popular haircut for medium hair that has not gone out of fashion for several decades. Today, stylists offer several variations: graduated, in the style of grunge, with various bangs.

Creative haircuts for medium hair

The brightness and novelty of a traditional hairstyle is given by coloring and styling. When creating them, new technologies are used, for example, “hot scissors”.

Women's haircuts 2018 on medium hair photo.

Haircuts in the style of youth subculture are distinguished by some theatricality. Coloring, coloring is used to create an image.

Torn haircuts for medium hair are performed on the basis of the same basic models, but using the graduation and thinning technique.

Hairstyles for medium length wavy hair serve a single purpose - to facilitate styling. Haircuts for curly hair focus on the natural beauty of curls and their volume. Particular attention is paid to the technique of dyeing strands.

New 2018 - 2019

2018 - 2019 is back in fashion naturalness. The most natural haircuts in the near future in a trend.
Burst into the world of fashion haircuts with graduation. Graduated locks combined with a haircut cascade visually increase the volume and density of hair. A simple ladder with the addition of graduation looks more stylish and spectacular. We advise you to pay attention to retro haircuts, returned to fashion in 2018 - 2019.

New steel shaved whiskey helping create a vibrant look. Choose an unusual pattern and dilute the hairstyle with extraordinary strokes.

We told you about some of the new products of 2018 - 2019, and now we offer you to see with your own eyes the fashionable women's hairstyles for medium hair. Photos 2018 - 2019 will help you choose the one that suits you.

Fashion trends

For many years, they don’t give up haircuts made in techniques bob and square. Classic always remains in trend.

Mentioned above ladder does not lose popularity. Add to it oblique bangsgraduation and you will get a completely new haircut. The slight asymmetry in combination with torn strands also does not lose ground.

Haircuts with application milling not outdated and relevant to date. But do not forget: this technique is completely not suitable for owners of thin and dry hair. Girls with lush and thick curls can safely experiment with her.

We present to your attention photos of fashion trends and trends of haircuts for medium hair 2018 - 2019.

Women's fashion trends in haircuts are different from men's. We recommend to see photos of fashionable haircuts for boys, photos of men's haircuts.

Stylish trends

A great haircut for medium length is a grunge haircut with bangs. She is deservedly called the fashion trend of the season.

In 2018 - 2019, the rating of fashionable haircuts in retro style tops "Aurora". This retro haircut combined with a ragged thinning bang looks really stylish. Laying “Aurora” is not so simple and requires some experience and skill.

Asymmetric haircuts on one side - fashion trends of more than one season. Choose the appropriate option and create a unique image.

Volume Up News

You thin and dull hair? Fashionable haircuts for medium hair 2018 - 2019, new items that increase the volume - a real gift to you.

Visually increase the volume will help bob and square. The versatility of hairstyles makes them simply indispensable in the arsenal of stylists and hairdressers.

Multilayer haircuts with graded strands - A novelty of the season, capable of adding volume to thin hair. Thanks to the multilayer technique, the strands seem to overlap, creating the effect of pomp on the hair.

Sloppy haircuts with torn strands will be a good option if you are not afraid of experiments with appearance. Negligence is one of the most popular new products that increase volume.

Well-chosen professional comes to the rescue hair coloring. Combining a haircut with dyeing in the technique hut you add extra volume to the hair due to glare.

Trends with bangs

While some stylists refuse bangs, others invent more and more options for haircuts in combination with them. Most often, bang and bob haircuts are combined with bangs. With them, different variations of bangs are good: from straight to asymmetric.

Unusual types of bangs are gaining popularity. Triangular and other geometric shapes arose on the basis of the same unusual haircuts and immediately interested lovers to experiment with appearance.

Anti-aging for women over 40 and 50 years old

We will tell you which haircuts are aimed at those over 40 and who want to keep their youth.
The best anti-aging haircuts are considered page and session. An important condition for a rejuvenating haircut is a suitable bang, which can improve the appearance of a woman and take several years, giving her owner a second youth.

Bob and four of a kind will come to the rescue here too. These hairstyles are great rejuvenate and do not require complex styling. A good solution would be a ladder and a multi-layer cascade.

Anti-aging hairstyles for women 50 years old Do not advise accompanying smooth styling. A great choice would be styling with ruffled strands and slight negligence. Remember: a good haircut is only half a step on the way to the perfect look. No less important role in creating your image is played by styling and hairstyle.

5 minutes to school

In just 5 minutes, a beautiful and unusual hairstyle can be easily braided into school. Do not believe? Read on!

Little dutch pigtail - An original solution that allows you to walk with loose hair: just remove a few strands from the face and braid them in a small braid. Stylish, practical, comfortable - this is the motto of the Dutch pigtail.

High beam - comfortable, easy to use and irreplaceable hairstyle if you want to collect hair and open your face. Decorate your hair with a ribbon, hairpin or hairpins.

Horse tail and pigtail braided from it - A simple and practical everyday option. Add a hairpin accessory and decorate your hairstyle.

5 minutes for every day

Today popular hairstyles for medium hair from braids. Plain french braid It will be a wonderful option and does not require a long amount of time to create it.

Ponytail - practical hairstyle for every day. Gather hair in a ponytail, leaving a few thin locks on your face. Leave them straight or curl slightly with a curling iron.

Varied nodules suitable for those who do not have a minute of extra time. Such a hairstyle is done quite simply, filling the image with negligence so fashionable recently.

For round face

Hairstyles for a round face contributes to its visual lengthening. To the owners of a round face come to different types of bangs and hairstyles.

Hairstyles will be the best option. with surround top. More stylists recommend framing your face with thin strands that create lengthening effect. Hairstyles will be parted hairstyles.

If you have a round face and want to curl your hair, give preference soft waves, Hollywood locks.

For oval face

The owners of the oval face are very lucky. With a similar form perfectly combined practically all kinds of haircuts and hairstyles. Feel free to experiment with various images! French braids, low and high bunches and ordinary tails will be a great addition to the image.

A good choice for young girls will be cute bow made of hair. Fix the finished hairstyle with varnish, and the bow will last all day.

It looks beautiful and unusual triple braid. It will take a little longer to create it than usual, but the result will be much more interesting. Decorate the braid with elegant hairpins, and from everyday hairstyles you get elegant and festive.

A square as a haircut has many options and suits everyone. Stylish styling with curls in or out are popular among millions of women.

Lungs sloppy curls Will look good on the usual classic version and on the elongated. Soft waves complement the look on weekdays and holidays.

French waterfall - The choice of modest and calm girls, simple in execution, but a beautiful hairstyle.

Beautiful braids are not without difficulty, but they are created on short strands. Many stylists used them on their models in the spring-summer collection. Braids are a great choice Complementary everyday look.

For overweight women

When creating hairstyles, full ladies are advised to refuse direct bangs and parting. It will become appropriate rise of roots at the crown. Masters are advised to choose step haircuts and haircuts with multilevel strands. Looks good light asymmetry with oblique thinned bangs.

It is not recommended to collect hair in high hairstyles and fully open the face, this will visually increase it. Pay attention to simple styling with volumetric crown and strands framing the face. Suitable for full women and a bunch in combination with an oblique elongated bangs.

On curly hair

Girls with curls are advised to pay attention to haircuts of medium length. Do not neglect Greek a hairstyle that looks stylish and fashionable due to the natural curly hair.

Hairstyles of medium length perfectly fit hairstyles with slight negligence. When styling, use mousses, but do not forget: excessive amounts will spoil the look of curls.

Volumetric braid Looks good on curly hair. Collect naughty curls in such a braid, and their shape will play into your hands.

Do not get carried away with excessive straightening of curls with the help of a styler, as this will ruin the quality of your hair and harm it. Do not forget use thermal spraywhen you straighten your hair.

Bob, like a square, is very popular today and has many options, common in the absence of the need for a long and complex styling. Appropriate parting and combination with oblique bangs.

A simple but profitable solution will be large air locks and curls of medium size. This styling always looks great. Do not be afraid to experiment with various braids, which are an integral part of a stylish image.

Gather your hair in light braid or not too tight knot. These hairstyles are suitable for everyday wear and save you time. Do low beam letting several strands break out. This technique will give your image a mischief.

The lightest and fastest

The easiest and fastest to perform are various braids:

  • Scythe "Fish Tail" It has an attractive appearance, but does not require a lot of time.
  • Scandinavian pigtail under a shock of hair is a good way to emphasize your personality.
  • Favorite since childhood ordinary pigtails. Combine them with various hairpins and elastic bands and you will decorate your hairstyle.
  • Spikelet inside out - A great option, requiring a little patience and time. Try to braid two such spikelets, and the result will please you.
  • Try braiding side and weave into it a thin silver thread. You will get a simple hairstyle with its own twist that can attract the attention of others.

Another simplest hairstyle - sloppy bunch. Just a couple of minutes, and now you have created a stylish and practical hairstyle.

With ponytail

An incredibly simple but popular hairstyle - ponytail. There are many different ways to make a ponytail. Add to regular tail Dutch pigtail wrap the elastic in a small strand to hide it, and the tail will transform.

Two tails - the choice of not only little ladies, but also adult ladies. It is enough to make a side part and slightly curl the strands.

Ponytail - A simple but unusual option for combining two hairstyles at the same time. This hairstyle is suitable for children, young girls and adult women. Two braids from ponytail are no less good and profitable solution.

Tail from the front strands on the crown like a Dutch pigtail allows you to leave your hair loose, revealing a face.

Tail to the side - a hairstyle that does not require any effort. Just braid a regular tail on one side to collect hair.

How to surprise friends in 2018 - 2019?

There are many ways to surprise friends:

  • Dye your hair bright and unusual color. Friends hardly expect to see you with green or red hair. We suggest you look at the options in the article fashionable hair color for medium length.
  • Get a haircut under the boy. A sharp transition from long to short hair will transform you beyond recognition. We offer examples of haircuts to see in the article photos of the novelties of short women's haircuts 2018 - 2019.
  • Shave the temple. In recent years, more and more boys and girls with a similar detail in a haircut are found.
  • Experiments with hairstyles. Each haircut really pick up unusual and surprising hairstyles. Hair and jewelry products will help in this, the choice of which is very diverse.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your appearance, bring your fantasies to life and then you will certainly become stylish and irresistible!

Graduated bob - a favorite among haircuts for medium hair 2018

In 2018, graduated bean is popular. Its main plus - a haircut shows the wonders of universality. She looks great with almost any face shape. Multilayer bean, ladder or cascade are other names for this wonderful haircut. Graduation creates a beautiful shape and magnificent volume even on thin hair. This effect is achieved due to a smooth or steep descent- "ladder" from long curls to short, and vice versa.

Cascading bean has many additional advantages:

  • Shifts the emphasis from some of the imperfections of the face to the advantages of appearance. Deep-set eyes, a heavy chin, square cheekbones - all this can hide a fashionable hairstyle.
  • Creates splendor and beautiful outlines of hairstyles due to texture.
  • It helps to fight with split ends on the hair, since the "ladder" allows you to form the "steps" in a different order.
  • Best suited for balayazh or ombre style stains. Gradient color transitions are perfectly visible on the cascade.
Women's haircuts 2018 for medium hair photo

The only negative - the haircut is difficult to style. Its multilayer complex structure is formed in various directions. Beauty guidance will last a little longer than usual.

Women's haircuts 2018 for medium hair photo

In general, there are several main ones, they are also called classic, haircuts for medium hair. These include:

  1. Cascading haircuts
  2. Ladder style haircut
  3. Elongated caret
  4. Elongated bob
  5. Asymmetric haircuts
  6. Creative haircuts (modern haircuts)

Each of these haircuts has its own distinctive features. And each of them on the average length of the hair looks especially stylish.

Women's haircuts 2018 for medium hair photo

Medium-hair ladder haircut

Ladder haircut was and remains the most popular haircut at all times. The secret of her popularity is the simplicity of creating the haircut itself and the simplicity of its styling. In addition, such a haircut looks very peculiar on medium-length hair.

It adds volume to the face and gives the image a certain fervor and lightness. A short flight of stairs will look great on thick hair of medium length, which needs to be removed excess weight, but at the same time leave freedom to create hairstyles.

Women's haircuts 2018 for medium hair photo

A distinctive feature of the haircut ladder is to create a smooth transition from shorter strands to longer.

Long haircut for medium hair

A beautiful haircut that suits almost any woman. It looks great on hair of any structure and length, and also suits ladies of any age. In addition, a long haircut haircut opens up wide scope for creating all kinds of hairstyles and hairstyles.

Women's haircuts 2018 for medium hair photo

A distinctive feature of such a haircut is an even cut along the entire length and complete symmetry. You can complement and diversify such a haircut with all kinds of bangs variations. Of course, the elongated caret looks best on straight hair, however, wavy strands can also be laid in such a haircut. The main thing when creating it is to turn to a trusted specialist.

An elongated square looks gorgeous on plump women, as it perfectly masks the cheeks and stretches the oval of the face. With care, an elongated caret should be done to women with an elongated face shape, since such a haircut visually stretches it even more.

Medium length extended bob haircut

Strika bob was originally seen as a haircut exclusively for short hair. However, over time, she gracefully transformed, and now many young ladies are simply crazy about elongated bean.

A distinctive feature of such a haircut is the presence of elongated strands in front and shorter at the back. A peculiar ladder on the contrary. Such a haircut looks gorgeous on thick hair, but is also suitable for owners of thin strands. The main thing to consider here is the shape of the face.

An elongated bean is an excellent option for a round and square face, due to curls framing the contour of the face. The elongated bob also for many years does not leave the head of fashionistas. stylists come up with new interpretations of this haircut, and also delight with a peculiar coloring.

Asymmetric haircuts for medium hair

Asymmetric haircuts - this is one of the types of haircuts that, in the capable hands of a master, can transform any woman. Such haircuts with the right selection can suit any shape of the face. Especially good asymmetry looks on the owners of a square shape.

Due to the creation of an asymmetric cut, attention is diverted from the massive chin, and the angles and with an asymmetric cut are significantly smoothed. However, it is worth considering that not every girl can decide on such haircuts. They are very extravagant in execution and differ in some rebellious note.

Asymmetric haircuts are most liked by creative ladies who are not afraid of experiments. Asymmetry may consist in creating a slanting bang, neatly laid to one side and covering part of the face.

Asymmetric haircuts often include so-called ragged haircuts, the peculiarity of which is the presence of ragged careless ends of different lengths.

Women's haircuts 2018 for medium hair photo

Watch the video: Shoulder Length Haircuts & Hairstyles Medium Hairstyles (March 2020).