How to speak a ring for love, luck or wish fulfillment

However, these properties do not have all the rings, only those that have previously spoken. You can do this in many ways using some popular rites.

If you want to speak a ring for love, take an engagement ring, a new white shawl that was sanctified in the temple, as well as seven red wax candles. You will find it below. Remember that this is not a love spell. This is just an easy rite that will allow you to maintain your existing feelings and family.

To protect yourself from damage and negative influence, perform another rite. Buy a new ring, stand at dawn and say certain words. There are a lot of such conspiracies, they are slightly different from each other.

There is a conspiracy for wealth. Rinse the ring with running water and then speak. After the plot, never wash it again, as this will wash away the positive energy.

Further details about conspiracies.

Magical properties of rings

Since time immemorial, rings with stones were considered personal amulets that performed the following functions:

  • brought wealth
  • saved from the evil eye and evil spells,
  • rid of diseases
  • prevent troubles and adversities,
  • helped the owner to maintain youth and not to age,
  • guarded along the way
  • attracted by love
  • gave power.

You can make a protective talisman from almost any thing. But only the rings can always be together with the owner, in addition, they have tactile contact with the owner’s body, but they do not interfere with movement and do not create inconvenience.

It should not be assumed that only inherited jewelry is suitable for protecting or attracting good luck. If there are none in the family, you can purchase them yourself or use those that were donated for rituals. A woman can buy a present for her beloved and make an effective charm for him from a man in order to attract luck.

A new ring can also be powerful, especially if a connection is established with the owner. In order for the ring to become a real talisman, protect it from any troubles, bring luck, love and wealth into life - it is necessary to “make friends” with it and treat it with respect and appreciation.

A conspiracy on the ring to fulfill a dream

This rite will help to attract positive energy and good fortune to the owner of the jewelry, thereby increasing the chance of fulfilling his dream. After a successful ritual, any human action will bring him closer to achieving the goal.

For the greatest effect, the jewelry should be donated by a relative or loved one. It is not so important whether it will be gold or silver, with proper performance of the ritual, even plastic will give a result. In addition to decoration, you will need a ball of thread or yarn. The ring must be hidden in a thread and pronounce the following words:

Important! The ring must be worn without removing, otherwise the spell will cease to work.

Wish fulfillment ritual

Rituals with a ring help to attract positive energy to its owner, but how to speak the ring to fulfill desires? It is necessary to conduct a special ritual, for which you will need a ring donated by someone, a ball of white thread and a church candle. Between each other and a lit candle, you need to put a ball of thread in which the decoration is hidden. You can conduct the ceremony at home. It is important that the ring is not visible from under the threads. Next, you need to say a prayer:

After the candle has burned to the end, it can be thrown away, the wool should be put in a pillowcase, and the decoration should be put on and walking with it without removing it. Such a ritual will help to make a wish ring that will contribute to their fulfillment.

Good luck

This conspiracy is made on a ring with a red stone, since it is the red stones that attract positive energy and block the person from failures.

To speak the ring for good luck and wealth, you need to take the ring and, looking at it at dawn, say 3 times:

After that, the decoration should be wrapped in red fabric and always be carried with you. To make the talisman work even better, every week you need to get it and say the following words:

Rite for money

For this rite, a silver or gold jewelry is suitable, and it is only necessary to perform it on the growing moon. Words should be pronounced at a wedding in a church, or at a wedding. You need to take two small church candles, light one, and during the ceremony pronounce the following three words:

When the newlyweds put on their rings, it is necessary to put on their own, then light the second candle, and when it is half melted, wrap it in a scarf and, being at home, hide in a secluded place.

On wealth

Spells on the ring have tremendous power, especially if the jewelry is golden, because it is gold that is able to absorb all the energy of its owner. With the help of this rite, a person will be able to attract good luck and wealth.

For this ritual you will need a golden ring, purified of energy (for this you need to dip it in cool water for a day). You need to take a silver object (spoon, fork, chain) and, without removing the ring from the container, drive this object clockwise in the water and read the following words:

After that, you need to drink half of the water, and pour the other half on the threshold of a house or apartment, the liquid must dry on its own. Rinse the ring with cold water and put on.

Candle ritual

This ceremony will help attract the owner of the jewelry luck and financial well-being. To conduct it, you will need a candle (preferably a church), a ring of any material and wire. On the wire you need to hang a ring and drive it over a lighted candle, saying:

Important! The words of the conspiracy must be read 9 times, holding the ornament in his right hand.

Love plot

Such a ritual will help to speak the ring for love and luck, it will suit those who are in a quarrel with a loved one or on the verge of separation. This rite refers to white magic, and it is not at all dangerous, because it does not deprive a person of his will and does not make him fall in love with another person, but only strengthens his existing feelings. Therefore, a conspiracy will help return a loved one without consequences.

For the ritual, you need a precious ring (preferably an engagement ring), a white shawl and 7 red wax candles. Before the rite, the shawl must be sprayed with holy water in order to sanctify it.

It is necessary to arrange the lit candles in a circle, remove the jewelry, pass a scarf through it and pronounce the following words:

After this, the scarf with the ring should be put under the mattress, bed, or under the pillow, the next day, give the scarf to your lover, and put on the ring. It is important that the man always carried this scarf with him, otherwise the rite would be useless. This ritual is considered one of the strongest, but it acts slowly (only after two weeks do the first results appear).

From troubles

Such a rite will help protect yourself from troubles and misfortunes, reduce anxiety, stress and scare away diseases and evil eyes. You should conspire on a new ring, as the old jewelry can work in the opposite direction and bring on even greater trouble. At sunrise, you need to take the ring and pronounce the following words:

The decoration should be left in a secluded place until the evening, and at sunset, take it and say:

After that, you must wrap the ring in a dark fabric and put the package under the pillow. After three nights, you need to get the ring from under the pillow and put it on the middle finger of the left hand. Each month it is necessary to pronounce this conspiracy on the decoration so that it does not lose its strength.

Conspiracies, unlike spells, lapels and love spells, are made quite simply and at the same time have no negative consequences. With the help of a simple rite, a person can attract money, love, fulfill his dream, the main thing is to make a conspiracy without malicious intent, and then it will work as soon as possible.


Before you perform a magic ritual and speak your ring, it must be cleaned.

Only those jewelry that was inherited, donated by a woman on the maternal side, are not subjected to magical purification. Very strong conspiracies with a ring for luck and money are made for such jewelry.

All other “gifts” are best cleared of any energies in order to live in peace and not worry about the consequences. Given that the ring has great energy power, it can be presented specifically to be used for mercenary or criminal purposes.

It happens that a mother wants to marry her son to a girl she likes and does a “trick”, then gives it at the right time. It must be emphasized separately that such actions will not bring happiness. Young people will not have a life, even if they formalize their marriage officially.

Who should you be wary of when they give you such a present:

  • “Loyal” friends
  • envious colleagues
  • mother-in-law and relatives of the husband,
  • unfamiliar people.

If you received a gift from "suspicious" people, the ring needs to be cleaned. The same actions should be taken if the ring was purchased. This is especially true for jewelry purchased in antique stores or at “flea markets”.

There are several ways to remove negativity from jewelry:

  1. Clean with soda, tooth powder or liquid soap. Then put it in a jar of salt for several days.
  2. Wash with soap and water, then rinse well under running water. After that, pour water into a glass and lower the silver consecrated cross and ring into it. Leave for a day.
  3. Wash the ring, put it in a glass of water and put it on a windowsill in the sun. The decoration should be cleaned under them for three days. Water is poured new every day.
  4. Clean with liquid soap, rinse well under running water. After that, put at night under the light of the moon. In the morning, collect all the jewelry in one box and put the "newbie" there. Do not wear any jewelry for three days from this box.
  5. After the jewelry is cleaned, you can wear it, make it your own talisman, perform a ritual to attract new love, good luck or make a ring from the evil eye.

Conspiracies to love

To fill your life with meaning and happiness, you can conduct a ritual and speak your ring to attract mutual love. This will help not only to find a loved one, but also enhance your attractiveness, make women's energy more powerful.

The plot is read in the full moon, you can perform the rite on a new ring.

Exactly at midnight, the ring is placed on the windowsill under the rays of the night light. No magic words are needed. Talk to the moon. Ask her for such a groom, whom you have long dreamed of. List its main advantages. All words of negative meaning are replaced by meaning.

For example, a girl does not want to start a relationship with a married man. In this case, it is necessary to replace: “I do not want him to be married,” with the following phrase: “a man should be single and lonely, free from heart affection.” By that principle:

  • not lazy - working,
  • not greedy - generous,
  • did not drink - a teetotaler,
  • not poor - wealthy, etc.

After the “order” is made, thank the moon and go to bed. In the morning, immediately after waking up, squeeze the ring in your left hand and bring it to your heart, read the words of the conspiracy:

“I’m looking for, looking for love, I am attracting my happiness. I am looking for my betrothed, destined for me. The face of a handsome, loving and working. I’m looking for a real husband ”

You can speak your ring in an even easier way, but from this no less effective. Put the ring that you always wear under the pillow before bedtime. Say:

“Suffered, come in a dream, show yourself. Look at me, come for me. "

In the morning, the decoration is put on a finger and not removed until the only one for which the ritual of attracting new love was done.

Love spell on the ring of a loved one or husband

There are situations when it is necessary to return to the family a husband who constantly “goes to the side”. Engaging in love spells of spouses or loved ones with whom they live in a civil marriage is possible only if his adventures are frivolous and do not imply serious cordial affection. If the second half really fell in love, it is better not to use magic.

A ceremony on a silver or gold ring is done on the growing moon in order to return the husband. In the left hand, the ring is clamped, which the beloved constantly wears, and press it to the heart. Then the words are pronounced slowly:

“As this young month grows, so the feeling in the chest of the servant of God (name) will grow towards me, the servant of God (name). When he puts this ring on his finger, he will only think about me and wish me alone. The longer he wears it, the more he will love me. Amen. Amen. Amen"

After the conspiracy, the decoration is placed in a prominent place.

Conspiracy on the ring to fulfill a wish

You can talk the ring so that it brings happiness, wealth, to increase income or fulfill any other desire. A donated or inherited ring is placed on the left palm and sentenced:

“The bird - the blue tit lived beyond the far sea, the bird she - the blue tit on the island made a nest, and then found a magic ring in it. And the blue tit decided to me, the Servant of God (proper name), to bring that ring. I’m good and fit, I’ll put it on and take a good look at the people around me, all the doors to the houses will be open for me, all the secrets will be known to me, everything that I wish will happen. Amen".

Another effective conspiracy to desire (live comfortably, have good health, etc.). Buy a new ring. It is very important that while still in the store you can feel the connection with him, feel that it is “exactly that”.

After cleaning it is put on a finger and pronounced:

“From distant lands, because of mountains and seas, a ring came to me. I am speaking to him, I urge me to serve faithfully. A ring will fulfill a cherished desire, living in the soul, asking outward. ”

Do not remove the ringlet until the wish is fulfilled.

Conspiracies to attract wealth and good fortune

Sometimes a person is in a very difficult financial situation. This may be the consequences of a financial collapse, an unexpected dismissal from work, or for other reasons. In this case, they make a conspiracy on the ring for good luck and after that they build their business again or get a new job.

A red thread is stretched into a ring washed under running water, swinging the jewelry, pronounce:

“I’m talking a ring for good luck, I’ll lure the capricious Fortuna. As a needle without a thread does not sew, so I have no business without luck. As I put a ring on my finger, there will be a good outcome for any business. ”

Put on and do not take off for 6 months. Then the rite is repeated.

Another very effective conspiracy with a ring for luck and money. They put the ring in a glass of water, and peeled coins of various denominations are placed there. Then the contents of the glass are stirred clockwise with a silver spoon or using hairdressing scissors. Read the plot:

“The key water came from the bowels of the earth, I saw all the riches. I’ll remind her of the energy of money, but I’ll take it to the ring. As the waters endlessly punch their way under the earth, so wealth will go to me, knowing no barriers. ”

After that they put it on the finger, and pour the coins into the wallet.

A charmed ring is considered a very powerful talisman, especially if it is received as a gift or by inheritance. Family jewelry has great magical power and is able to protect its owners from many troubles.Using them correctly, you can get an effective talisman and reliable protection!

How to wear?

By observing a number of simple rules, you can significantly enhance its influence on events in your life. The ring will direct your life energy in the right direction, attract good luck to you and protect you from the vicissitudes of fate.

  1. Putting on a thumb ring should be for those who want to attract money. A conspiracy on wealth will make its effect even stronger.
  2. Putting a ring on your index finger, you will attract success in matters related to influencing other people, you will become more respected and listen to your words. It will help to succeed in a new job, please the picky boss, find a common language with the most nasty colleagues.
  3. The inherited ring must be worn on the middle finger, as it symbolizes the strength of your kind. It will be useful to you throughout your family life, will help to maintain peace and love in the family, give birth and raise healthy children.
  4. A ring on a ring finger should be worn to find happiness in love, to refresh romantic feelings. Wedding rings are put on the ring finger as a sign of eternal love and fidelity.
  5. The little finger is responsible for friendship, emotional relations with others. He will help you find true friends who will be with you both in joyful and in difficult moments of your life.

Rules of the rites

To give the ring a magical energy, the ritual must be performed with faith in the soul. This is an indispensable condition, without which all your actions will be in vain.

There are other conditions that must be adhered to when conspiring on the ring:

  1. Decoration can be turned into a talisman only if the conspiracy remains secret. Prying eyes and ears should not be near you. Even a pet can disrupt the fragile energy of the sacrament you perform, so make sure that no one bothers you at the right time. If, while reading a conspiracy, a doorbell or phone rings, know that it’s the evil forces trying to prevent you from endowing the ring with magical protective properties.
  2. Pronounce the words of the conspiracy should be quietly, but clearly and confidently, without hesitation. One slurred word can destroy the magic and instead of fulfilling a cherished desire, a capricious fortune will throw you trouble.
  3. The ritual should be performed on the rising moon. Together with the heavenly luminary, your well-being, love for you spouse and the disposition of those around you will increase.
  4. You can only conspire on a thing that belongs to you, otherwise the fulfillment of a wish will happen not with you, but with its real owner. Desire only what you personally need.
  5. Before conspiring, it is recommended that you clear it of accumulated negative energy. This is especially true for antique jewelry and those inherited.

What is the magic of the ring

Over the centuries, the ring has played an important role in the lives of individual people or even entire states. This jewelry was one of the most socially significant objects, telling about a person’s professional affiliation, was an attribute of power and status, and could also be used as a healing object or as a weapon to eliminate objectionable ones.

The history of the ring goes back to antiquity, when carved signets were used as a sign that carries information. They were worn on the fingers, attached to a wire or leather bypass. Such seals were made first of bone, and after mastering casting technologies in various metals.

In ancient Egypt, privileged members of society used silver prints of a ring-seal to replace a personal signature.

In ancient Greece, in elite circles, iron rings were a symbol of honor and dignity. Warlords received as a gift the number of rings equal to the number of victories over enemies.

In Rome, each social group, depending on the occupation, wore a ring on a particular finger:

  • the military on the big
  • traders on the index,
  • artisans on average.

The metal used also mattered: free citizens wore gold rings, freedmen could wear only silver rings.

In the Middle Ages, church authority borrowed a magic ring as a status item. The papal emblem was depicted on the ring, indicating the main function of the sovereign of the Holy See and a unique sign characterizing a particular person. With the death of the next Pope, the ring was destroyed. During his life, the Pope used the ring as an imprint of his signature, confirming the authenticity of the document.

In philosophical schools, presenting a ring to a student from a teacher was a kind of completion of training, when the student himself passed into the rank of teacher.

The Templars, Masons, Jesuits used the ring as a sign of belonging to a secret society.

Such a mandatory decoration on the finger could not provoke suspicion, therefore, cases of its use as a murder weapon are known. A niche was made in the ring where the poison could be hidden, or a mechanism with a retractable spike, which was poisoned by poison, was created. As a result, an innocent handshake could end in death.

Magical rings are often featured in the alchemical and magical rituals of the Middle Ages, which describe the techniques for making the "ring of omnipotence."

Medicine of that time did not stand aside: depending on the metal and stone in the product, attributes were used as spasmodic drugs that saved from bleeding or were a remedy for temptations by demons.

Wedding Ring Conspiracy

To save a marriage and prevent a quarrel with a partner, use the plot for wedding rings. He will help you keep a strong family and will not allow the love of warriors and ill-wishers to your union.

Take both rings, put them in a glass of holy water and place in front of the home iconostasis. The next day, carefully remove the rings, pat them dry with a towel, pick them up and say:

“The higher powers of the ring protect, save our marriage. There is no place in it for quarrels and scandals, discord and squabbles. We’ll put rings on our hands, we will divide strong love into two. ”

After that, exchange rings with your partner and confess to each other in love in front of the icons. This will help you keep your marriage for years to come.

What decorations are suitable for rituals?

For rituals and conspiracies, any rings are suitable. And the use of rings with stones will enrich the ritual with additional strength.

A rockMagical properties
Rose quartzA successful stone for unmarried girls: it opens up creative potential, adds self-confidence, attracts male interest, endows with tolerance and determination.
AventurineSuitable for people who seek to accomplish feats and plunge headlong into the abyss of love passions. Your chosen one cannot fail to notice your efforts and appreciate them.
AquamarineThe so-called "stone of two" will help save the existing relationship, find harmony and maintain feelings for many years.
TurquoiseThe stone of reconciliation, harmony and peace.
GarnetGives positive energy, tunes in positive and good mood, strengthens health.
MalachiteStone of Venus will relieve apathy, give a feeling of lightness, sexual attractiveness. The owner of such a product with a stone gains a taste for life and becomes more magnetic.

The choice is yours: to use jewelry made only of precious metals or with stone decor, and you will learn how to speak the ring for good luck, strengthen the marriage and find a powerful defender.

Conspiracy Safety Rules

So that the ritual does not harm, but brings what you want into your life, you must follow magical safety procedures.

  1. It is necessary to carry out the preparation of the ring - its purification from extraneous energy.
  2. In most cases, ceremonies are performed on the growing moon, unless otherwise specified.
  3. During the ritual, your thoughts should focus only on the process.

Purification ritual

Rings purchased in the store, found somewhere by chance and received as a gift from relatives through the spouse, mother-in-law, as well as from friends, girlfriends, work colleagues, are subjected to the cleaning process.

Rings received by inheritance or donated by the mother have additional powerful genus power. Such jewelry does not require cleaning.

The ceremony of purification is necessarily carried out on the growing moon. You can remove negative energy from the decoration by cleaning with soda, soap, tooth powder. Do not change the order of actions.

  1. Put in a container of salt for 5-7 days.
  2. After time, wash under running water with soap.
  3. Put in a glass with clean water for a day, in it put the consecrated cross.
  4. After a day, the product is washed again and left for 3 more days in clean water. Every morning, as early as possible, change the water, the ideal time - with sunrise.
  5. On the fourth day after sunset, the ring is repeatedly washed and placed on the windowsill where the moonlight penetrates as much as possible. During the night, final purification and a charge of powerful lunar energy occurs.

After the cleaning procedure, they begin magical rituals. A refined jewelry in itself will not only improve the quality of life, but also protect it from bad people and the evil eye.

For money and good luck in business

To attract luck in current affairs, a ritual with a gold ornament will help. Talk the ring for luck and money, in the following way:

  • the jewelry is washed and placed in a glass with well or holy water for a day,
  • in the morning, the liquid is changed and fresh blessed water is poured,
  • they take a beautiful teaspoon for the ritual and, stirring it with water, pronounce the words:

“You take good, but not for a penny. And in the stove, and the tub, and in the barn, and in the wallet, gold, be with me everywhere. I don’t know daredevil, I welcome good to myself, I go out on the threshold and meet good. Come, good, to my house, and not past, so that sorrows and poverty do not know. As a warrior Anisim wandered over three seas and never knew grief, but only luck, and I would use it like this, not otherwise. "My word is true, my business is strong, the lock cannot be opened, the key cannot be obtained."

  • you need to drink half of the water in a glass, and pour the second half under the threshold. You can’t wipe the puddle - it must dry itself.
  • immediately after the decoration is washed and put on, preferably on the right hand.

To attract money and good luck at home, another ritual will help:

  • you will need a piece of red cloth and decoration,
  • place the ring in the center of the flap and speak it:

“Our luck is on hand, but I put wealth in my pocket. With me success, with me prosperity. Money flows fast river. Only to me, only to me. The key, the lock, will come true. ”

  • fabric with a ring is removed in a secret place for a day, and then worn as a talisman.

A conspiracy on a ring for good luck and money works better if the jewelry is worn constantly without taking off.

To strengthen marriage

To be confident in your spouse and protect yourself from treason will help the ritual with wedding rings. He will strengthen the family union and will not give rivals any chance. To carry it out you will need:

  • aroma sticks,
  • a beautiful plate with clean water,
  • church candle
  • salt,
  • sharp knife
  • a handful of fertile land.

In the middle of the table they put dishes with water, put rings right behind it, and a little further in the form of a semicircle - salt, a knife and earth. Light a candle. Looking through it at the water, you need to read:

“I speak with my heart, in the name of God Vizardas, the wedding rings (name) and (name) for love, tenderness and mutual respect. May they be sweet one to another all their lives and may they live happily until death do them part. Let their failures pass, and happiness will always be with them. May their children be born healthy and beautiful, and the family will be strong. Let (name) and (name) see each other as a support, and trust even the innermost. Let them have a common household, and none of them will feel damage in love and property. Let them wear their rings as a symbol of eternal love, so that they bring (name) and (name) prosperity and joint happiness! Witnesses of my conspiracy were: fire, water, air and earth. They sealed my words, put them into action, multiplied and sanctified. Advice and love to you, loving hearts. Hantaa Ular. "

After the ceremony, the decoration is put on the spouse’s hand, and he should put it on yours, as during a marriage ceremony. The ritual will not only strengthen the marital union, but will also bring prosperity to the home and success in money matters.

What rings can I talk about? 💍

For a magical rite that attracts prosperity or wealth, not every ring is suitable. The main thing you should pay attention to is the material from which the future amulet is made. Several types of rings are considered ideal:

⭐ Rings from various metals. Gold or silver items are especially good at accumulating protective power. Rings from the rest of the metals, although they will have less power, will also become good talismans. Only tin rings may not work.

⭐Wooden rings. For magical conspiracies, rings from any tree are suitable for well-being. However, the most successful choice would be rings of oak, birch, alder, since these trees have a special susceptibility to the energy of magic.

⭐ Rings from natural stones. Agate, carnelian, moonstone and other ornamental stones are very sensitive to magical slander.

⭐ Plastic rings do not fit the role of a talisman. Like any synthetics, they are not very susceptible to magic and often become a source of accumulation of negativity.

How to speak a ring for good luck? 💍

First, any ring should be cleaned, for which it is kept for several minutes under flowing water. Next, a scarlet thread is threaded into the ring and, holding the ring on weight, the conspiracy is pronounced:

“Happiness, go to the house, do not pass by. So that grief and misfortune did not know, wealth and success attracted to itself. "My word is true, my business is strong, the lock cannot be opened, the key cannot be obtained.”

They wear a charmed ring without removing it from their finger. For six months, the owner of the ring will be lucky. Then the ritual should be repeated.

How to speak jewelry for money? 💍

This rite can be performed both on rings and on other jewelry. They do not have to be precious. An ordinary simple little ring can become a talisman that lures money, if it pleases you. With a spell ring, the money will flow into the hands of its owner, and all financial difficulties will be bypassed.

⭐ They say the talisman at midnight.

⭐ The ring is laid out on a flap of scarlet fabric. It is red shades that symbolize wealth and enhance the effect of the rite.

⭐ Above the decoration they read the ritual text:

“I’m talking a ring for good luck, I’ll lure the capricious Fortuna. As a needle without a thread does not sew, so I have no business without luck. As I put a ring on my finger, there will be a good outcome for any business. ”

⭐ The enchanted item is left in place until dawn. In the morning, you can wear the item. Now he will attract money to his owner and make him rich.

How to speak a ring for wealth? 💍

For a ritual, only a silver or gold ring is suitable. You will need a silver spoon. The ring should be put in a container and filled with water. Without taking jewelry out of it, a silver false one is led along the bottom of the vessel, saying:

“Our luck is on hand, but I put wealth in my pocket.

Next, the water should be poured at the porch of the house, and put the ring on your hand. If possible, the ring is not removed so as not to break the connection with the person wearing it.

Conspiracy for good luck

Rinse your favorite ring under cold water to flush negative energy from it. Thread the red woolen thread into it and, swinging the jewelry, say the words of the conspiracy:

“I’m talking a ring for good luck, I’ll lure the capricious Fortuna.As a needle without a thread does not sew, so I have no business without luck. As I put a ring on my finger, there will be a good outcome for any business. ”

Wear the ring without removing it for six months, then the ceremony can be repeated again.

Conspiracy for money

For this plot you need to take a ring of precious metal or an alloy of several metals. Pour in a glass of spring water from a natural spring, lower your little ring there. After a few minutes, one by one, drop coins of various denominations into the glass. Take a silver spoon, stir your wealth in a glass and pronounce:

“The key water came from the bowels of the earth, I saw all the riches. I’ll remind her of the energy of money, but I’ll take her to the ring. As the waters endlessly punch their way under the earth, so wealth will go to me, knowing no barriers. ”

Put the ring on your finger, and return one of the coins to a natural source from which water was taken to perform the ceremony.

Conspiracy to protect

To protect yourself from the negative energy of possible ill-wishers, evil eye or damage, use a conspiracy on a simple ring. Light a candle and hold your decoration above the flame. Then squeeze the ring in your right hand and say:

“I create a circular defense for myself; I burn out troubles with fire. I put on a ring, I gain an invisible shield. From thieves and evil eye, envious and offenders. "

Carefully watch your jewelry. If it starts to change color, it means that you had a negative impact. website experts advise in such cases to conduct a ceremony that will save you from unwanted influence.

Wish conspiracy

You will need a new ring, preferably donated by close relatives. However, you can purchase a piece of jewelry. Choose it carefully. “Your” ring will definitely respond, and you will want to purchase it. Put a decoration on your finger at home with the words:

“From distant lands, because of mountains and seas, a ring came to me. I am speaking to him, I urge me to serve faithfully. A ring will fulfill a cherished desire, living in the soul, asking outward. ”

After a day, whisper the little ring the most cherished desire and wear it until your dream comes true.

For guard

If you want to put protection from an evil eye on the ring, you need to light a candle and hold the jewelry over the fire for so many minutes to say 7 times:

“I create a circular defense for myself; I burn out troubles with fire. I put on a ring, I gain an invisible shield. From thieves and evil eye, envious and offenders. "

For the full work of magic protection, the amulet is worn constantly.

To gain bright feelings

If you are single and dream of strong and mutual love, you can attract it with magic rituals, but only for a new decoration.

At midnight, the product is placed on the windowsill so that moonlight falls on it. It is necessary in your own words to turn to the moon and make a proposal for her marriage.

Describe his character traits and features: appearance, occupation, status, etc. It must be said that the desired man should not be bound by marriage, and his heart should be free. After the words uttered, thank the moon and go to bed with the decoration under the pillow.

In the morning, immediately after awakening, the decoration is clamped in the left hand and pronounced in a whisper:

“I’m looking for, looking for love, I am attracting my happiness. I am looking for my betrothed, destined for me. The face of a handsome, loving and working. I’m looking for a real husband. ”

For a quick marriage with your beloved man

To aim a man for marriage with you will help the ritual at your favorite ring. It must be worn for at least a month on the left hand. Put on the scissors jewelry. Both items are placed under the pillow of a loved one. And at night during sex they mentally say:

"To me, to the end, to other girls ring."

Love spells

If the husband goes to the side, then a ring is made on the ring. The ceremony is carried out on the growing moon, so that his love grows.

The husband’s ring is taken in the left hand (the jewelry should be made of gold or silver) and tightly clamped, saying:

“As this young month grows, so the feeling in the chest of the servant of God (name) will grow towards me, the servant of God (name). When he puts this ring on his finger, he will only think about me and wish me alone. The longer he wears it, the more he will love me. Amen. Amen. Amen".

After pronouncing the conspiracy, the ring is put in the place where the spouse will easily find it and put it on the finger.

This ritual not only helps to return a loved one, but also enhances female attractiveness for a spouse.

Another strong love spell for her husband from Siberian healers is carried out on Pokrov Day - October 14. To do this, the spouse’s wedding ring is placed in a container with blessed water and placed next to the bed. And at night, during love joys, they whisper the words:

“The ring has no end. My husband has no other crown forever and ever. I am his first, I am his last. Amen".

In the morning, the ring is returned to the spouse.

On rejuvenation and beauty

A magic ritual with a ring will help not to age for a long time. For the ceremony of rejuvenation choose products made of precious metals, gold or silver, bought in a store or made to order.

Take a decoration and a beautiful glass with clear water. The product is placed on the bottom of the container and pronounced as follows:

“My beauty goes around the ring and she has nowhere to go. As it dazzles with its brilliance, so will I be dazzling. “My attractiveness is more expensive than silver and gold, neither age, nor envious people, nor evil enemies will take it from me.”

A charmed item is left in the water for a day. After 24 hours, the product is removed from the glass, and washed with water. The decoration is worn for 6 months, updating the ritual every six months.

How to wear a charmed decoration

It is important not only to carry out the ritual, but also to wear the charmed item correctly. It matters a lot on which finger you will wear the ring.

BigThis will bring harmony to emotional individuals and extinguish aggression. It is advisable for men to wear a ring on this finger in order to improve the situation of love affairs and attract wealth.
PointingIncrease self-esteem, add determination. And if you hold one of the conspiracies on the ring for good luck over the jewelry, then success and a positive course of affairs are guaranteed.
AverageDecoration will help to quickly get rid of the black strip or pull luck in a particular case.
NamelessIt will add femininity, sophistication and lightness to any woman, and he will make a man more serious and purposeful.
Little fingerIt will enhance sociability and eloquence, add flexibility and clarity of thought.

Wearing silver products will have a positive effect on brain activity.

Fine and graceful jewelry is more suitable for calm people. Emotional, impulsive personalities should choose rings with a stone that attract attention.

It is important to remember: any conspiracy on the ring has a strong effect. It must be carried out correctly, without changing instructions, then the magic words will be effective, and the rite will help to gain wealth and love.

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