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Long beautiful hair certainly adorn any woman, but this does not mean that only long hair can add femininity and attractiveness. There are many short haircuts that in no way will make you inconspicuous, but, on the contrary, will give charm and audacity.

This was proved to us by many famous women, such as: Victoria Behkem - a big lover of short haircuts, tried a lot of options, from bob haircuts to bob, as well as the super-model of the 60s Twiggy, who made a short pixie haircut with her calling card.

Recently, a hit among haircuts is an elongated caret. This haircut has a lot of advantages, which we will tell you about.

Elongated caret

Elongated caret is a more modern version of the classic caret, in which, usually, the hair length is not lower than the chin line. In the extended caret variant, the haircut is deliberately made carelessly regrowing, with hair length approximately on the shoulders.

There are many options for elongated caret - asymmetric, without bangs, with oblique bangs, with straight bangs, with elongated locks on the face, with a straight or oblique parting.

Who is elongated caret

A short haircut is not always an extremely short hair length. If you are afraid or do not want to have very short hair, then an extra square for you. Answering the question: “To whom is an elongated caret suitable?”, We can say with confidence that this haircut is suitable for almost everyone, for any face shape and for any type of hair. The exception is only Afro-hair, or hair of a similar type, having a very cool curl, porosity and volume, but in this situation, you can first do keratin hair straightening, and then a haircut.

It is important to choose your own version of an elongated caret (and there are a lot of them), and learn how to properly style a haircut to emphasize your strengths and hide flaws.

Elongated caret looks great in combination with ombre or balayazh staining, which will give the haircut a visual volume and such a fashionable deliberate “slight negligence”.

Square with long front strands

An elongated square can be not only with a straight cut, but also have longer front strands, while the length of the hair on the back of the head can be ultra short. This is a more daring, more extreme option for courageous and confident girls.

Long haircut styling

Long hair cutting is very easy to style, and any girl can cope with it without any problems. Fundamental to styling is the need to give a basal volume to the hair so that it does not look “sleek”. And then it’s only a matter of your imagination, you can make perfectly smooth hair with an iron, or make a careless natural styling option, which is at the peak of popularity.

A wonderful combination: elongated caret and curls. They can be done with curlers, curling irons or hair straighteners. Moreover, in the latter case, when using the ironing, the curls are soft, large and ideal for such a haircut.

Instructions for creating large curls for an extended square are here.

In general, there are a lot of options for laying an elongated rack, and they are simple to perform. Moreover, the undoubted advantage of an elongated bob over other short haircuts is the ability to do hairstyles, as the length of the hair allows, and this once again confirms the versatility of a long bob haircut.

What is elongated caret and to whom does it go

An elongated caret is a haircut in which the hair partially retains its length. In fact, it is an alternative for those who for some reason cannot wear long hair, but also do not want to cut their hair too short.

Beautiful square with bangs

Many ladies resort to an elongated bob on medium hair with bangs precisely because of its versatility. After all, it looks perfect on the head of every woman, regardless of the type of her face.

  • For example, chubby girls who are always very difficult to choose a hairstyle can easily visually hide their cheeks. But it is better to refuse a direct parting in their case. Elongated hair will look ideal, the ends of which are twisted when styling out.
  • In a triangular face, an elongated square will soften the contours and visually add volume to the chin area. A harmonious image will end with a slanting bang.
  • Owners of an oval face have the right to consider themselves the happiest. After all, they can quite easily choose absolutely any type of elongated caret and perform any manipulations with bangs - nothing will spoil them!
  • A square face can also benefit from an asymmetric square. With the right approach to cutting, sharp corners will be smoothed. And if you decide to do more and bangs, then remember: no straight lines and volume! This will make the image heavier.

Elongated square with bangs in a rectangular shape

Getting to know the haircut technique

The secret to doing haircuts is simple. To get a perfect and fashionable elongated caret, the stylist studies the structure of the hair, evaluates their condition, discusses with her client a hairdresser her preferences and wishes. After that, armed with scissors for a direct cut and thinning, the expert masterly works with locks, trying to make every movement accurate and accurate.

The result is an excellent haircut that does not require length adjustments every two to three weeks. It grows very aesthetically, so it is an excellent transitional option for girls who dream of heading to the shoulders or to the waist.

Fashionable elongated square 2018 with photo

Looking through the photos of 2018, it can be noted that caret has become the choice of many well-groomed and stylish women. Red-haired beasties, brunettes and blondes without regrets part with the length, relying on this haircut.

They experiment with form, styling and coloring, creating their own individual style and inspiring other girls to change.

Features of the technique

The so-called elongated caret is created on the basis of the classic. Its characteristic feature is the presence of clear contours, a gradual transition from a rather short occipital zone, exposing the neck line, to more elongated strands bordering the face. That is, in front of the hair can reach the line of the chin and even lower, and on the back of the head they will be much shorter and, accordingly, more voluminous. This thereby achieves the effect of a "raised" hairstyle. This haircut fits perfectly into both everyday and evening looks.

An elongated square with a bang will make the proportions of a woman's face more expressive and help put an emphasis on her personality.

But the most phenomenal feature of this hairstyle is that the shape of the bangs here has a huge impact on the entire geometry of the haircut. By experimenting with different styling or changing its position, you can change daily, without changing the hairstyle itself. You just need to conjure a little bit over the shape and configuration of the bangs - and your image will be updated.

When creating an extended caret, the master adheres to a phased algorithm.

  1. The strands are parted clearly in the center and fixed with hairpins.
  2. In the lower part of the occipital zone, a small strand is separated in the center. They make it the right length, setting the length of the future hairstyle.
  3. Each subsequent strand (10-15 mm wide) is cut at a certain angle. This haircut technique allows you to create the same extension. Further, whiskey is processed according to the same principle.
  4. A correctly executed elongated square has absolutely straight lines, so at the end you need to trim the strands and make sure that the hairstyle looks symmetrical.

A master class on the implementation of this haircut, see below.

Caret options

There are various types of bob hairstyles, and you will have to choose one of them with the help of the wizard. Among the old-new fashionable hairstyles, the following stand out:

  • Classic square
  • Graduated caret,
  • Kare with bangs and without bangs,
  • Cascade Rack,
  • Elongated and short to shoulder,
  • Kare on the "leg",
  • Asymmetric square.

A variety of options for the fashion brand of 2019 can be seen in various parity collections of works by hairdressers. The main thing when choosing a hairstyle is not to overdo it and choose exactly what suits the shape of the face and even the color of the hair.

Features and Benefits

An elongated caret is a type of classic caret, in which the strands of hair are slightly longer from the base case. Basically, they are below the chin, and in some cases reach the level of the shoulders.

As for the bangs, in this case it is the main element of the haircut, so stylists make the main emphasis on it. After all, it is with the help of a bang that one can not only emphasize the advantages of appearance, but also correct it, as well as hide visible shortcomings, including age ones.

In addition, an elongated square with bangs also has a number of advantages.

  • Suitable for owners of any appearance. The main thing is to choose the right length of the strands so that as a result the face is proportional, and the image is harmonious.
  • Easy to care for, as ironing or brushing will be enough to create a styling.
  • It does not require much time for laying, and in some cases it looks very impressive even without it.
  • As the hair grows, the type of haircut does not change in the front and back, due to which there is simply no need for a monthly visit to the hairdresser.

Slanting bangs

The slanting fringe is ideal for a medium-sized Kare, but with all other categories it looks great. Designed to add piquancy and mystery to the image. Can significantly soften and stretch facial features. The only drawback is falling into the eyes.

Hair cuts without a bang

Practical and fashionable haircuts without bangs do not require long styling. They look elegant, sophisticated and spectacular. Girls parted in different ways on the head to look different every day. A bang without bangs allows you to divide your hair in half, making an even parting.

Also, all the hair can be removed on one side, make a zigzag parting, experiment with various accessories - hairpins, dressings, elastic bands and hairpins.

Extended Rack Options

As we have already found out, an elongated caret is a haircut that looks great with or without bangs (example in the photo below). In 2019, its most fashionable variations are: asymmetric elongated bob, classic elongated bob, graduated bob with elongation, elongated bean, double bob, one-side elongation. And we will now talk about each of them separately.

Extra long square with bangs - classic

  • Elongated bob. Another haircut, not subject to capricious fashion trends. As in the previous version, the front curls in the case of an elongated bob-car will fall a little on the face. At the same time, their length can be along the chin or even to the shoulders. But on the back of the head, the hair will be trimmed shorter and completely open the neck. As a bang, you can choose an oblique, but it should be noticeable and fairly dense.

Extra long bean - stylish quack

  • Graduated elongated caret. Graduated haircuts themselves are now in vogue. This also applies to elongated caret. As a rule, such hairstyles come with bangs, since in this case the image looks more complete. As you know, the main purpose of graduation is to visually give volume to thin hair. And if you manage to keep, at the same time, also the length, then you will get just a chic natural haircut for all occasions.

Long asymmetric square

  • Double caret. This extravagant haircut involves the formation of two rows of hair on the head. Of course, it will suit not every lady, but in the end the result can be stunning. It is understandable, because hair is cut off at radically different levels, so that from the side it may seem as if an ordinary square is placed on top of long strands. The double square is combined with absolutely any kind of bangs. Graduated haircut options are available.

Double bob with bangs

  • One side extension. It is fashionable, very stylish and spectacular. As a result of such a haircut, you will get short hair on one side and long curls on the other. A square on one side looks great with a slanting bangs directed towards the elongated strands.

Rack with lengthening on one side

As you can see, the elongated square is very versatile and corresponds to the fashion trends of 2019. In the photo that we presented in our today's article, it is clear that this hairstyle looks relevant both with a bang and without it. For most, this is undoubtedly a plus, since there is always the opportunity to change something, or to adjust in their appearance.

Which extended car would you choose?

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How to choose a caret hairstyle?

The style of a person depends on the right choice of hairstyle. This is especially important for business women, a business woman, who, as you know, love to meet in appearance. Sometimes a hairstyle can significantly affect even a business reputation. Just imagine, can a business woman come to a business meeting with unkempt hair and without the right caret cut?

After all, she must remain faithful to the business style, and therefore - no braids in the form of lamereks, and even more so - no long hair. At least they should be gathered in a bundle, and even better - give preference to the work of a talented hairdresser, who within half an hour will cut a square, as in the photo, with a naturally suitable styling and, if desired, with separation into curls, strands.

Who does not fit

Despite the fact that a square with elongated strands is considered one of the most versatile haircuts, there are still a number of cases when it is better not to do it.

Almost universal bob haircut

  • For owners of a short neck, an elongated square will not only not hide, but also emphasize this drawback.
  • On hair with elastic curls, a square with elongated strands looks very impressive, but on wavy ones with a porous structure this version of the haircut will look ridiculous and unkempt.
  • Strongly not suitable for girls with split ends, as well as damaged hair. Therefore, deciding on this form of haircut, you must necessarily first put your strands in order.

Beautiful bob with long bangs

Important! Despite the fact that a square with elongated strands in addition with a bang is also suitable for girls with a round face shape, nevertheless, in this case, when laying, a central parting should be avoided.

We select the form

Today, there are a lot of variations of this haircut, among which the following are the most popular in 2018.

  • Classic. Such a square is characterized by long frontal strands, which may be lower than shoulder level and shorter in the occipital region. Mostly the classic form of a square with elongated strands is cut on straight hair, since on a curly hair this kind of haircut loses its appearance.

Important! The classical form looks very beautiful with highlighting. It can be either very contrasting strands in relation to the general head of hair, or coloredein the same key to create the effect of light glare.

Extended caret with highlighting

  • On the leg. Trendy variant of a caret haircut, which is preferred by bright personalities. It is based on a short-cut or even shaved neck area and elongated frontal strands. This form of haircut is the best suited for owners of thin and devoid of volume strands, as visually makes the hair more magnificent.

  • Asymmetric. In appearance, the asymmetric elongated square resembles a classic one, however, the frontal strands in this case can go beyond the clavicle line, while the occipital ones remain short.

The sharpness of the transitions is already selected by the master directly on an individual basis, so they can be either soft or quite contrasting.

  • Graduated. Such a square is characterized by the creation of smooth step transitions along both elongated frontal and occipital strands, due to which the hair visually becomes more magnificent.

Graduated elongated caret

  • Double. An unusual shape of a square with elongated strands, which is characterized by the presence of two cutting lines, contrasting with each other. The result is a very light haircut, which also adds to the missing density.

Double extended square

Important! Double care is very whimsical to care for and, unlike the others, it takes a lot of time to style, especially on curly hair.

Asymmetric caret: a choice of bold and adventurous natures

If the usual version of the haircut no longer causes past delight, you should sign up to a trusted master and ask him to make a fashionable square with asymmetry.

On the one hand, such a hairstyle has longer curls than similar locks on the other. In some cases, the master can even select a temple so that the final result is daring, driving and as effective as possible.

Straight bang

Straight bangs in combination with Kare is an ageless classic. It is not suitable for everyone, for example, chubby ladies from its creation is better to refuse. But for women with a square face, a wide forehead and rude facial features, a straight bang in combination with “Kare” will help to change their image in the root, soften corners and rude forms, add grace, beauty and feminine attractiveness. In addition, a straight fringe, correctly selected in length and density, focuses on the eyes, which, as you know, are a mirror of the soul and the main decoration of a person.

Rack without a bang

A square without a bang is popular among owners of irregular facial features. Thus, this hairstyle allows you to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. However, it is categorically not recommended to make a hairstyle without a bang for women who have an anatomically high and wide forehead. As an alternative, the bangs will help to cover it with a cavity, or at least partially.

You can see the bright and colorful photos of the bob haircut and decide which option suits you best. If you wish, you can make adjustments to the stylistic features of the future haircut and emphasize certain elements by arranging the strands. It is necessary to pay attention to each curl, so as not to overdo it with styling.

Determined with bangs

Despite the fact that the elongated rack is so versatile that it fits perfectly with absolutely any bangs, nevertheless we have identified a number of the most fashionable forms this season, which in a “duet” with this haircut will create a simply stunning image.

  • Straight. The basic option for owners of a high forehead line or an oval face shape. At the same time, the bangs should be made as long as possible in order to close an excessively large forehead and concentrate all attention on the eyes.

  • Elongated. The basic form for girls with a triangular or round face. In addition, it is very concisely combined with a square, thereby creating a light and unobtrusive image. As for the length, stylists recommend doing bangs at the level of the frontal strands with an oblique or asymmetric cut.

  • Torn. Having looked at a lot of photos with examples of caret haircuts, you can see that this form of bangs is the most popular. Indeed, thanks to its light sloppy and “torn” tips with its help, you can create both a playful and sexy look. In addition, such a bang fits all girls, regardless of appearance.

  • Slanting. The original bangs, which is the best suited for persons with a square or rectangular face shape. Thanks to the oblique cut, you can visually narrow and lengthen the lower part, thereby making the appearance proportional and feminine.

  • Short. Such a bang in the trend is not the first season and will also be relevant in the upcoming 2019. In addition, it is perfectly combined with all forms of a square with elongated strands. At the same time, the fringe itself can be both thick and voluminous, and profiled.

Who should use graduated caret

Owners of curly hair with a classic straight square will have to use a hairdryer every day to straighten naughty curls and put them in perfect order. Therefore, hairdressers advise in such cases to bet on graduated caret.

The haircut has a magnificent luxurious volume, a beautiful texture. It is notable for its easy styling and versatility in terms of combinations with the color type, complexion of the lady and her appearance.

You can graduate along the entire length of the strand, or ask the master to carefully work with the tips. After completing the haircut, they will be enough to fix with varnish or wax in order to see a stunning reflection in the mirror. Hair will be “mobile” and natural. They seem to breathe new life and amazing energy.

Fantasy about styling

The classic styling produced on an elongated shape of a square with bangs is perfectly straight strands, which can be obtained using styling tools and ironing.

However, this form of haircut looks no less impressive with curls. They must be large and lie down in the form of a light wave.

Stylish styling

Also, do not give up the “light mess”. It is only necessary to dry the hair with brushing and beautifully wrap the tips inward. The result is an unobtrusive styling that can be supplemented with various accessories.

The elongated shape of the square in addition to the bangs is one of the most popular haircuts, because on its basis you can create many hairstyles and hairstyles, thereby changing your look every day. In addition, this is an ideal option with which you can "hide" the flaws and emphasize your zest. The main thing is to choose a professional craftsman who will correctly select the shape of an elongated square and bangs, as well as the length of the strands that is ideal for your appearance.

Oval face

There are actually not so many pronounced oval faces. If you do not have prominent cheekbones, a big or square chin, a not too wide or too narrow forehead, then your face is oval, and you will go to any kind of square, you can safely flip through magazines or Internet pages and look for what you like!

Asymmetric bangs: pros and cons

A classic square is a combination of a straight cut and a strict form. To some ladies, this haircut may seem overly strict. To dilute the resulting “image of an excellent student”, the girls cut their asymmetric bangs. She gives the hair a playful flirty look, and its owner makes it tender, sensual and feminine.

Bangs can have different lengths and shapes. As a rule, the master selects her parameters individually, taking into account the face shape of a visitor to a beauty salon, her complexion, structure and type of hair.

Having decided to trim the bangs, you can get a number of advantages. This is a variety of styling options, an extraordinary look, confidence in its attractiveness. However, cons should be considered. Arguments against this decision are considered the need for daily bangs styling, which can not do without red-hot plates of ironing, curling iron, hair dryer and fixing cosmetics.

Round face

Consider the variations for the "round" faces. To visually “stretch” such a face, it is best to choose a graduated square, let the top be the maximum possible volume, and in front - as long strands as possible, in the presence of a high forehead a long bang does not hurt. If the forehead is low or even low, a bang is not required.

How to stack a square

Before proceeding with styling, which will not be inferior in quality to styling in a professional salon, a lady needs to make sure that she has all the necessary equipment at hand.

A good quality hair dryer, a comb for pulling curls, a comb for combing them will serve well. You may also need an iron with various nozzles, a curling iron, fixing agents - varnishes, mousses, foams, wax.

After washing your hair, and drying it a little with a soft cotton towel, you can proceed to the direct styling of the haircut. It consists of the following steps:

  • Combing hair, applying selected styling products.
  • Dividing the lock into zones, stage-by-stage drying of each zone with a hairdryer.
  • Fixing the result with varnish (it needs to be sprayed from a distance of 15-20 centimeters, so as not to deprive a strand of volume and a beautiful natural shape).

At home, you can perform other options for excellent styling. To create romantic images, curls can be laid out with neat curls, and for a laid-back bow, a little ruffle curls, getting a natural volume.

Small “afro” curls can also be made on a square. To do this, you need to have special curlers. However, for a perfect result, you will have to spend several hours - the hair will not be able to curl quickly.

Despite its modest length, the square allows you to weave braids and tie neat tails. This is another opportunity for fashionistas to show their creativity and personality.

They make a low tail on the back of their head when they are going to the office, because in such a styling the hairstyle looks strictly and beautifully. Before a date, they weave braids, decorating them with their favorite accessories. You can also try styling "Malvinka", which implies a combination of loose and harvested hair. A master class for its creation can be found on the net without any problems.

What coloring to choose

In addition to styling, a variety of coloring techniques will help diversify the haircut. Fans of the traditional style, they may not be to their liking - such ladies most often prefer saturated monochromatic dyeing along the entire length of the hair.

However, lovers of bold extraordinary decisions are happy to try on new ideas from leading colorists. They make color stains, use the ombre technique and the shuttle to give the image a completely new look.

The elongated square, which can be seen in the photo of 2018 in fashion magazines, is a trend that has firmly entered the beauty industry. This spectacular, amazing haircut can be used to flatter the shape of your face, in a favorable light to present femininity and give the image an individuality.

Hair styling does not take much time, so even without visiting the salon every day, the girl will be able to look well-groomed in the office, at school and at a party.

Triangular face

The square with the lengthening of the strands, twisted towards the face, will go to the owners of "triangular" faces. Imagine a face shaped like a pear. Here you need a voluminous crown and the shortest possible haircut.

Graduated bangs

Graduated bangs go well with the same "Four". In other types of haircuts, it can also be performed, but this is individual and at the discretion of the master. It goes to all women without exception. Makes appearance more romantic and soft.

Fashion square 2019-2020

The original and current trend is asymmetry. Thanks to her, a woman can look extravagant, hide facial imperfections and emphasize the best features. The asymmetry initially looks on dark hair, and against the background of light skin when the edges transition, they are pronounced.

The most trendy in 2019-2020 according to the forecasts of stylists will be:

Torn bangs

Torn bangs are almost the same as graduated, but made on the basis of separate thicker strands. Although this difference is so insignificant that in most cases the two species are not separated. Torn bangs can be used with all editions of "Kare", but not always appropriate for straight, smooth and shiny types of haircuts. Easily hides appearance defects and adds appeal.

Benefits of Care

A stylish hairstyle always makes an image attractive. When choosing a caret, you need to consider that from time to time you will need to go to the hairdresser to keep fit.

A caret gives volume to the hairstyle, which is important for weak and thin hair. It is suitable for different face shapes, if you choose the right haircut angle, shape and length, type of bangs. A square perfectly emphasizes a narrow long neck and creates an attractive image. Stylists note that it is this haircut that can throw from the shoulders from 2 to 10 years!

Features haircuts

Those women are wrong who believe that a square for short hair is not suitable, they simply did not find their individual length and shape of a square. This is such a multifaceted haircut that it goes for almost everyone.

We mentioned a square with no bangs. How to wear such a haircut? It is enough to find suitable accessories - headbands, hairpins, ribbons, dressings - and you can create your own exclusive hairstyle.

I would like to note that the bob is for women with any type of face. The neck with such a haircut is open, the bangs are not pronounced, the length of the hair is up to the earlobes or a little shorter.

If you can’t imagine what the words “caret with elongation” mean, find the photo of the singer Rihanna, where parted hair divides her hair into two parts on both sides of her face, without bangs, and the front strands with their sharp “corners” touch the shoulders, and on the back of the head, the hair is shorter. Stars choose everything only the most stylish! Do not confuse with that square of Rihanna, where she is with a straight bang to the very end!

Rihanna’s hair on the back of her head is shorter, but in the case of a “square on the leg”, they fall at an angle to the lower cheekbone, the neck is visually lengthened, but with such a haircut, the girl should have good posture. Once such a haircut was worn by model Victoria Beckham, who is now a recognized designer of clothes. The “leg” can be asymmetric, and it looks very impressive.

Triangular bangs

The triangular fringe in the style of Natalia Oreiro in combination with the “Kare” can easily make the lady irresistible and stunning. Very much focuses on the eyes, and therefore implies the presence of appropriate makeup. Contraindicated in women with a triangular, diamond-shaped and heart-shaped face.

Faces with bangs by type of face

Kare with bangs is very popular, and all because it has many varieties, among which each woman can choose her own individual perfect style and image. You need to choose a haircut edition based on various factors, such as personal preferences, hair structure and length, type of appearance and, of course, face shape.

Oval and elongated

Owners of oval faces are incredibly lucky, since they are suitable for all possible varieties of "Kare" with any bangs, but only if the oval is not too elongated. Ladies with an overly oblong face will come to the aid of a straight, graduated and asymmetrical fringe, made in addition to the “Kare” of medium length.

Square and Rectangular

Ladies with a square and rectangular face without a bang cannot be by any means, since made in combination with a graduated, asymmetric or “Bob-Care”, it will significantly smooth out the right angles, balance the proportions of the face and add sensuality, tenderness, elegance and lightness to the woman. You just need to avoid too long straight cut options and the same bangs in it.

Classic square with bangs

The classic “Kare” and straight bangs - like tea with milk, strawberries with cream or coffee with cognac - can be used separately, but at the same time it’s tastier. With the classic variety of haircuts, any other bangs can be used, it is only important to take into account the shape of the face and its features.

Kle Cleopatra with a bang

The "quart" in the style of the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is black as a raven's wing, hair reaching almost to the shoulders, and a straight bang just below the eyebrows. This image is time-tested. Ladies cut this way look dazzling and easily win men's hearts.

A bang with a bang for fine hair

When choosing a caret for thin hair, do not forget that the fringe will additionally reduce the density. Therefore, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. If you cut the bangs straight, then also very thin, so as not to greatly reduce the total mass of hair.
  2. It is recommended to choose a not too long and thick oblique fringe, which will practically not stand out from the total mass, but at the same time add a multilayered effect to the hairstyle.
  3. The best for fine hair are graduated variations of “Kare” with the same bang, as they make the haircut more voluminous.

A bang with bangs for curly hair

Straight lines in "Kare" made on curly hair are impossible in principle. And therefore, it is better to give preference to an oblique graduated or torn bang to the eyebrows.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that before cutting a bob with a bang, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Growing up the fringe in the future will be quite difficult (more likely mentally than physically) and will have to constantly adjust it. But if the goal is to radically and permanently change your own style, then any “Kare” with a bang will come in handy.

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