A plot for love on an apple

During rituals, you need to adhere to some rules. First, an apple should be the best you can buy. Fresh, ripe. The apple should be without rot. Attention should be focused solely on the goal that you want to achieve.

The purpose of the plot also depends on the apple. For example, if a person wants to have a loved one, then a red apple is spoken. On other types of apples conspire, for example, for good luck.

In preparation for the ceremony, they buy an apple, take a photo of a man and his photo, a knife, a red ribbon and lipstick. The apple is cut in half so that the cup of the flower remains on one half, and the recess on the other.

There should be no strangers in the photographs. With lipstick you need to write the names on empty sides, the first to write their own. Then they put the names of the middle of the apple. Tied with a red ribbon. Then they read the plot, the text of which will be lower.

Rituals need to be carried out, being one. No one should interfere.

They say that to restore youth, you need to eat fresh apples every day.

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How and where does it apply

Text spells on mutual relations.

Love spell, which is held at home.

To carry out the simplest love ritual, it was necessary to cut the apple in half across so that a star forms in its center. After that, between the halves of the fetus, a small sheet of paper was put on which the performer wrote the name of her lover.

Then the halves of the apple were tied together with a red thread or ribbon, and the fruit was left in the sun until it completely dried. As the magic fruit dried up, the beloved also began to dry, and by the end of this process, love became so strong that he himself came to the performer of the ceremony. This magic ritual is often used today.

To get rid of unpleasant growths, it was also necessary to cut the fetus in half, and rub the painful spots on the body with each half. After this procedure, the parts were tied together and buried in damp earth. If the performer did everything right, then the warts left the body as soon as the fruit completely rotted.

In our country, apple has always been given a special role and many popular signs are associated with it. One of them says that before you bite off the first piece of this fruit, you must definitely wipe it with your hands, even if it has already been cleaned. If this is not done, then in this way you can attract the attention of the unclean, which will necessarily lead to a large number of very different troubles.

A simple conspiracy of love

To attract a lover, you need to use the ritual with cutting the apple, which was described above. Strengthen the action of this love spell rite with a simple plot. When you insert a sheet with the name of a loved one between the halves of the fetus and tie them together, read the words

“Just like a ripe apple, but a red one dries in the sun, so you, dear, servant of God (name), will be dried by God's servant (name). The stronger the apple dries, the more the good fellow wishes me. He cannot sleep without me, he cannot eat, he cannot drink, with me alone he can be happy. As said, it will come true. Amen".

In addition, experienced craftsmen recommend using only a ripe and beautiful apple for such a magical rite, it should not contain worms, the fruit should be natural, without processing with chemicals for preservation, therefore it is best to buy fruit in the market or pick it from the tree with your own hands.

Do not place an apple near heating appliances

Ritual with an apple for the return of a loved one

To return your beloved, light 2 small red candles, cut a ripe apple in half, put in it a photograph of a loved one, on which his face is clearly visible. After that, connect the halves of the fruit together and tie them with a thread. Now put the fruit on a new saucer that was not used in the process of eating and read the words of the plot:

“As an apple dries in the sun, so you (name) will remember me. Do not forget you me, the servant of God (name), do not forget. Do not fall in love with another. As an apple dries in the sun, you will return to me. My words are true, the will is strong. I close the key conspiracy, I throw the key into the ocean, I can’t find it for anyone, I won’t leave my servant of God in love. Amen".

The saucer with the apple must be placed on the windowsill so that the rays of the sun fall on it during the day. As soon as the fruit dries, it must be buried next to the house where your lover lives after the break. The ritual will act faster if you can hide the fruit right in the house of your loved one.

The ceremony for the return of the beloved

This magic ritual must be performed during dawn, in the garden where apple trees grow.

Go out into the garden with the first rays of the sun, having with you a new crochet hook, needle, scarf and a blank sheet of paper. Tear off the most beautiful apple on the tree and pierce your index finger with a needle so that the blood comes out.

By blood you will have to write on paper the name of your lover. Now cut a small hole in the apple and insert a folded sheet of paper into it, you need to close the hole on top with a cut piece.

Read any prayer you know three times, and then pierce the apple 99 times with a new crochet hook, reading the words of the plot:

“Just as the apple of Adam was destroyed, so the soul of the servant of God (name) fell in love with the servant of God (name). Do not leave him from me, do not forget. Amen".

Wrap the charmed fruit in a scarf and hide in a secluded place where no one will see it. Do not tell anyone about the magic ritual, otherwise he will never gain enough strength to return the beloved.

10 love and healing plots per apple

The apple is endowed with bright natural energy, which contributes to the conduct of rituals without any danger to humans. But this does not mean that actions need to be carried out without observing all the conditions that affect the result. The latter are as follows:

  1. A red apple should be juicy and attractive, with no visible flaws.
  2. In addition to the performer of the ritual, no one has the right to touch him.
  3. It is advisable to pick the fruit in the garden, in its absence - to buy in the market.
  4. The worm inside the fruit must be discarded. This is a warning that the procedure is not worth it.
  5. Slander is carried out during the phase of the growing moon. Some ceremonies are performed in decreasing order, which is additionally negotiated.
  6. An accidental distraction from the ceremony or an apple falling to the ground indicates the impossibility of carrying it on.
  7. Achieving the expected result is guaranteed by the absence of someone's dedication to their plans.

It is not recommended to cut the middle of the fruit, if that is not required by the execution of the hex.

Love plots on an apple

It’s probably impossible to call me a real beauty, but when I walked along the street, I felt the looks of almost all the guys passing by. But I did not pay attention to them, because I liked only one who, for some reason, did not even look in my direction. I came home and burst into tears again. My grandmother took a sip of me and said what needs to be done so that the guy I like draws attention to me.

The value of the apple in magic rituals

Love for apples is explained not only by their wonderful taste and aroma. This fruit is shrouded in a thin magical aura, which is most likely explained by the biblical tradition of the temptation of Eve. Since ancient times, it has been believed that a split apple can bind strong and long love. And women sometimes use this belief to attract a loved one. But magicians know that a conspiracy against a red apple can be directed to other purposes.

Special conspiracies to love, to lose weight, to get rid of warts - this is only part of the powerful and effective rituals with the use of a wonderful fruit. An apple is not a big wonder, a rarity; these fruits are always in every house. But conducting magical rites with them is not so simple. You should choose the "right" fruit and a special day, an hour for magic.

Step 1. Note

For the ritual, I needed, in addition to the apple, a piece of natural textile thread and a piece of paper. The algorithm of actions was as follows:

  • the fruit was divided with a sharp knife, without making unnecessary movements,
  • cut out the core
  • wrote the name of a guy on a small piece of paper,
  • folded the sheet to the size of a small square and put it in the recess from the core,
  • put the halves of the fetus together
  • tied an apple with a thread,
  • pronounced the following words:

  • put the garden fruit on the windowsill of the sunny side of the house for drying,
  • covered with a curtain from prying eyes.
  • An effective result will also be an attachment instead of a note of a photograph of a loved one. The image should be clear, preferably with clearly visible facial features.

    Apple and love magic

    The apple has a special energy and experienced magicians skillfully use it in their work.

    Apples, like all gifts of nature, have powerful energy, which is used by experienced, practicing magicians. Most often, the fruit is used in love magic. The magic plot of love for an apple becomes very strong and lasts a long time. For the rite, you need to choose only a ripe, red apple, since it is the red color that symbolizes passion, strong feelings. Many beautiful love stories and legends are associated with apples, in which their magical power is emphasized.

    It is very easy to verify the power of "apple" magic. To do this, you can divide the apple in half, eat one half yourself, give the second to your beloved. Even such a simple action will not go unnoticed, it will arouse interest and the consequences of such a conspiracy will not take long.

    Step 2. Portrait

    The following procedure also contributed to obtaining a positive result for me:
    cut the fetus into four parts,

    • removed the core
    • I put a portrait photograph of my beloved in a small rectangle,
    • put it in the hole from the core,
    • put the quarters together
    • tied an apple with a thread of yarn,
    • uttered the verbal magic formula:

  • she tied the tied fruit to a shelf in a dry veranda.
  • The photo should reflect the eyes of a loved one, so it is better to use a portrait shot.

    Apple conspiracy

    A beautiful, juicy, ripe apple can perform miracles and cause a strong, faithful love. In its arsenal, magic also has simple recipes for rituals, rituals that can be performed independently, and more complex ones that require the experience of a practicing magician. How to read a love plot with an apple?

    The most famous, with a strong action, is simple and effective. For him, only a ripe red apple will be needed, without flaws. The fruit is cut neatly in half, the middle is cut out of it. In the resulting recess should be put a folded leaflet with the name of a loved one. Then the apple is tied with a natural thread.

    The obligatory part of the ritual is the ancient words of a conspiracy in which there are words:

    So the servant of God ... will dry up for me, the servant of God ....

    It is a little more difficult to perform the second part of the rite, because you need to find a well-ventilated and sunny place where the fruit dries and does not rot. A faster result can be achieved if you put in the middle of the fetus not a note with a name, but a photo of your lover. The main thing is that the photo is very high-quality, clear, with a clearly visible face, and the fruit can only be taken ripe and attractive, red. And such a “love” apple, like a fruit with a note, dries in the sun.

    Option 1: “On an apple and candles”

    To attract love, there are a huge number of conspiracies with an apple.

    If such a conspiracy of a loved one does not work on an apple, magic offers another ritual to attract love. For him, the girl needs to retire, light thirteen church candles around herself, put an apple next to him. You should take off your clothes and imagine mentally the image of an adored person. With a strong feeling, expressively, the words of the conspiracy are uttered with all my heart:

    As a ripe apple is poured, so is my strong, mature love.

    When the first ray of sunlight appears, you will come to me.

    You will like my body and you will become attached to me forever.

    And as soon as I bite the apple for the first time, I’ll make a love spell on you

    An enchanted apple should be eaten with appetite, imagining its magical power. If everything is done correctly, in strict order, magic will surely work - within two weeks, your beloved will show interest and love.

    In order to cause love, you can conduct a ritual with candles. Candles are needed by the church. The plot is carried out on a very beautiful, ruddy apple. In the fire of candles, you need to look at the apple carefully, to present a bright image of your beloved. Then an apple pierces with simple toothpicks, the words are pronounced:

    “How will this apple dry, so will you dry for me”

    In this case, you should also leave the enchanted fruit in the place where bright sunlight will fall on it.

    Step 3. Candles

    What can’t you do to achieve the love of the guy you like. Therefore, I also performed the following ritual:

    • sat on a chair in the middle of her bedroom,
    • lit around me thirteen church candles
    • put an apple next to it,
    • completely took off her clothes
    • mentally introduced her beloved
    • uttered such a conspiracy:

    The enchanted apple was eaten with great appetite, simultaneously representing its magical effect. It took no more than a crescent, as a guy casually approached me.

    Option 2: “The Apple Prayer Conspiracy”

    The plot on the apple behind the icon has a strong effect. But be sure to remember - to achieve the result, it is not enough to correctly perform the ceremony. The most important thing is to believe in him and very sincerely, with your heart to turn to a saint or saint. For the ceremony, you should pick the fruit yourself early in the morning. With an apple in hand, one should pray with a feeling and hope in front of the icon of the Virgin, presenting the image of an expensive person. Then, an apple filled with the energy of prayer should be hidden behind the icon.

    Attention. The action of the rite will occur when the apple begins to rot or dry. This is confirmed by the words of the conspiracy:

    Apple rot trample, slave ... he wants to see me.

    Mother Mother of God, remind the slave ... about me, about God's slave ...

    No one should find out that an enchanted magical fruit is stored behind the icon, because because of curiosity an outsider will want to see the fruit, take it in hand. And this will break all magic.

    Step 4. Two photos

    The following spell contributed to the consolidation of previous slander:

    • divided the apple across - the core below, the peduncle above,
    • put her and her boyfriend’s photo together,
    • on the back, the photo wrote our names with red lipstick, and, first, her own,
    • put the cards between the halves of the apple, cut the excess edges,
    • tied the halves of the fetus with a red ribbon to give it its original appearance,
    • read the slander, holding the fruit on her weight with her left hand:

  • the ends of the tape tied in a knot, symbolizing the consolidation of the conspiracy.
  • She did the apple, as in the previous rites - she put it in a secluded sunny place, away from prying eyes.

    The apple in all cases is separated by a single movement of the knife.

    Option 3: “Conspiracy to return the beloved”

    Plots with an apple help even when it seems that love has completely disappeared.

    A magic apple can not only attract reciprocal love, but also return old feelings.

    There are ancient conspiracies for the return of a cheated husband, a loved one, who also use this fruit.

    The fruit also needs a ripe, juicy, red color. In order to revive strong feelings, you will need to try very hard, make every effort. To fulfill the plot, you should get up very early, go out into the garden and pick a beautiful, ruddy apple. A finger is pierced with an ordinary needle, and the name of a loved one is written on a piece of paper with the emerging blood.

    A hole should be made in the apple, put a note in it, cover with a cut piece on top. The next important step is to pierce the fetus 99 times, for this a regular crochet hook is used. Words of a conspiracy pronounced during the rite:

    And so did the soul of God's slave ... love the servant of God.

    Do not leave, do not forget him

    In the end, the enchanted fruit is wrapped in a clean cloth, it must be very well hidden and not tell others about the ritual.

    Step 5. Against Loneliness

    Having tried several rites to attract a loved one, I decided to resort to the custom against loneliness. To do this, the following steps were required:

    • I went into my room and lit a candle,
    • relaxed consciousness
    • stared at her flame for several minutes,
    • cut the fetus in half,
    • I took both parts in different hands
    • closed her eyes, pronounced the following phrases:

  • halves knitted together and tied with a red knitting thread,
  • placed the apple on the windowsill of the room on the sunny side.
  • The action is carried out in the phase of the growing moon.

    Rites with an apple - for strong feelings

    The most important rule for love magic is to anticipate the consequences of a conspiracy on an apple. The ceremony should be carried out only with sincere, strong and pure feelings for another person. The ritual will not work if it comes to selfish intentions.

    Attention. Do not experiment, try your own methods of conducting rites. Magical knowledge has been collected for centuries, it is tested and possesses great power. Any interference can be dangerous. And do not tell someone about turning to magic for help, about conducting rituals. This should be a personal, very intimate secret.

    I want to see the result of magical action right away. But you need to be patient, sometimes for a conspiracy with an apple can work only after a few weeks or months. Sympathy will manifest itself more quickly if a loved one lives or works nearby.

    Step 6. Return your loved one

    After spending some time with my beloved, I felt the fading of love in me. This could be explained by the fact that he liked another girl. To return my beloved, I performed the following ritual:

    • at dawn I went out into the garden and picked a red apple,
    • pierced a finger with a sewing needle,
    • wrote the name of the guy on a piece of blood
    • cut an indentation in an apple, put a note there,
    • the hole was covered with a cut out piece,
    • pierced the garden fruit 99 times with a knitting needle,
    • said at the same time such a slander:

  • the enchanted apple was wrapped in a clean handkerchief, laid on the top shelf of the bookcase so that no one could see it.
  • You must periodically look after the apple. If it does not dry out, but rots, the rite has failed.

    Step 7. Green apple

    The amplifier of the previous ceremony was the following ritual, using a green sour apple, which I bought in the morning at the market:

    • left alone in my room in the evening
    • lit a candle while thinking about those moments that I want to get rid of,
    • after feeling unpleasant, she exhaled sharply,
    • looked at the apple, reading the following text:

  • took a deep exhale again, as if she had dropped all the accumulated negativity,
  • carried the apple to the veranda of the house.
  • Slander is carried out during the phase of the waning moon, symbolizing the deliverance from negativity. The fruit can be placed anywhere, the custom will be fulfilled, even if it rots, and not just dries.

    In the video above, clairvoyant Tatyana Severova talks about how to make a love spell with a red apple:

    Option 1: “The Slimming Conspiracy”

    Apples are part of many diets, but to fight extra pounds it is worth attracting magic. An ancient conspiracy to lose weight on an apple is very powerful, it is safe and will not harm health. To perform a magical action, you need to take a beautiful red fruit, tearing the stalk from it. There should be no flaws, stains on it. A conspiracy is necessarily carried out on the waning moon, in the early morning.

    The words of the conspiracy, which have been kept by magicians for many years, need to be whispered by the miraculous apple. At the beginning of the conspiracy and at the end it is pronounced

    "The bull's-eye is round, red, help me lose weight."

    Between these phrases it should be said:

    "Asmuren, old man, I ask, I make a strong sacrifice, I will give what you take."

    It is very important to carry out the following actions correctly - eat the fruit completely, along with the seeds, immediately after pronouncing the plot.

    Step 1. Weight Loss

    After spending the spring and half of the summer reading books, before entering the university, I gained extra weight. When walking fast, shortness of breath appeared, and some dresses and blouses simply did not dress. For weight loss, I used the following ritual:

    • I bought a big red apple in the market,
    • in the early morning, she separated and threw out the stalk,
    • stood at the window with an apple, said the phrase three times:

  • after pronunciation, ate an apple along with a core and seeds.
  • A week later, some things began to converge on me.

    Option 2: “Conspiracy from Warts”

    In ancient times, apple fruits were used to remove warts. This rite is recommended to its customers by modern magicians. This conspiracy from warts on an apple is easy to carry out, so you can do it yourself. You will need a red fruit, it should be cut in half, then wipe the growth with each half. Then the parts of the fruit are reunited, tied together and buried in the ground.

    Now you just have to wait until the fruit rots - then unpleasant warts will come off the skin. During the ceremony, special words are pronounced.

    Magical action is carried out on the waning moon, during the ceremony no one should be near.

    Step 2. Rejuvenation

    Every girl, woman wants to keep attractiveness and freshness for a long time. This was helped by a red, non-sour apple, using holy and ordinary boiled water. The action can be performed by several participants in the ceremony. A youth conspiracy consists of the following steps:

    • I cut a large fruit by the number of invited friends, in my case, 5 slices came out,
    • removed the bones, put the slices in a deep plate,
    • in the second bowl, half a glass of holy water was mixed with the same amount of boiled water,
    • poured fruit slices with the obtained liquid,
    • clockwise, sprinkle the mixture with small pinches of sugar,
    • pronounced the following verbal magic formula on the first pinch:

    threw a third pinch into the center of the plate with these words:

  • each of the participants ate one slice.
  • I poured water into a bottle, wiping my face in the morning and evening for the next 7 days. After drying, it was rinsed with warm water.

    How to conspire with an apple on your own?

    Do not be overly self-confident. If in doubt, it is better to seek the help of professionals. Plot from evil eye to pin read

    Magic does not tolerate self-neglect, haste and self-confidence. Each rite should be performed exactly according to ancient rules and laws. It is important to choose the right day for the ceremony, for this you can use the magic calendar. What else needs to be considered when carrying out a ceremony with an apple?


    • The fruit should be ripe, tasty, juicy. Do not use apples with rot or other flaws. If there is no good fruit at hand, it is better to postpone the magical effect.
    • The rite will not have any power if it was performed inattentively. Sometimes someone constantly distracts, interferes during the implementation of the conspiracy. This is a sign, you need to listen to it, choose a more convenient moment for magic.
    • A plot with drying apples is used often. But rarely, when the fruit really dries, more often it rots. This result has a symbolic meaning, indicates that the pair does not fit together, cannot be together.

    Step 3. Removing the warts

    Once I was horrified to find warts in an open area of ​​the body. I was afraid to go to the hospital, suddenly there will be traces of cauterization or removal. As always, an apple helped me out in this situation:

    • divided the red fruit with a knife in half,
    • papillomas wiped alternately with two halves of the fetus, pronouncing the following words:

  • pieces of apple tied with a thread of natural fiber,
  • buried in the ground.
  • Almost a month later, unpleasant growths began to disappear.

    The action is carried out in the evening, on the phase of the waning moon, in complete solitude.

    Plots for apples: for money, love and prosperity.

    The results of the conspiracy on the apple

    Lack of a loved oneMy beloved approached me
    Overweight shynessBecame slim and thin
    Reluctance to meet people due to wartsInternal imbalance faded
    Fear of agingBegan to look younger
    Fear of being aloneMany friends and girlfriends appeared

    Performing a love plot does not change a person, but only strengthens his having feelings. If there are none, the procedure will be wasted. This happens with painful mutual relations - fate decides that people are better off apart than together. Love spells are not committed with anger or desire to take revenge on someone, there is a possibility that you will have to work on yourself.

    How to conduct a simple ritual

    To bewitch an object of passion, an apple must be cut into 2 halves so that the divided seed box looks like a star. Between the slices put a piece of paper, where the name of the victim is written. The halves of the fetus are connected and fastened with a ribbon. The apple is placed in the sun, leaving it to dry completely. When the water from the cells evaporated, the apple dried, and the bewitched person began to experience symptoms of a love spell.

    Making the following love spell, at midnight they take an apple in their left hand and say love words 3 times:

    “You will taste the bulk apple - you will know my love, how you will know my love, you will ignite in return passion!”

    After that they silently go to bed. In the morning you need to meet a guy and feed him a charmed apple. If he eats it, the love spell will work. If he takes it from his hands, but does not eat, a love affection is formed, which will disappear to the new moon.

    In the collections of conspiracies by the author Stepanova, a ritual is described that is used when a lover begins to lose interest in a lady, and looks at other girls. Then you need to take an apple, put it behind the icon of the Mother of God, open a window in the room with the icons and say 3 times, looking at the street:

    “The apple dries up, and the slave (name) sighs for me.
    The apple will rot the rot, and the slave (name) will want to see me.
    Mother Mother of God, remind me of God’s slave, my dear slave (name).
    So that he yearned, he would keep on his thoughts, sokh and be bored.
    As the apple will dry, so the slave (name) will not forget me, not an hour later, not a day later, not a year later.
    He would not have seen worries, how to miss me, at least to see.
    Let it all be so, and sweetheart will not forget me.
    Amen. Amen. Amen".

    Having said these magic words 3 times, hide the apple behind the icon, go to fresh air. You need to go to an open place where a strong wind blows. In the field, imagine the image of your beloved boyfriend, grab an apple in your hands, hold it in front of your eyes and read the love spell three times:

    “The apple is drying up, my dear remembers me. As an apple dries, so it dries up about me. To miss and yearn for me. Amen".

    The apple must lie behind the icon for 40 days. For a conjuring girl, it is recommended to regularly go to church, put candles and pray.

    How to spend a black love spell

    Witchcraft using apples is used not only in safe love spells of white rites, but also in black rituals. If the operator seeks to return his beloved with the use of black magic, causing the longing of a man, suppressing his will, then he commits violence. This can bring many troubles to the life of the conjuring person. The rite "Dead Apple" is taken from black magic. It requires a sweet variety, which you need to buy after sunset without putting it on the growing moon.

    The rite involves the lining of an apple in a coffin, where the deceased is already lying. Before you put the apple in the domino, you need to carry out a ritual.
    For this:

    • cut the fruit
    • put a photo of the victim in it,
    • read a plot to the fruit:

    "As the apple of Adam ruined, so that through the apple the soul of the slave (name) would be loved by the slave (name) Amen."

    The apple should be crossed and carried in a coffin. There you need to lay it under the pillow. The deceased must be remembered on the 9th and 40th day, otherwise he will dream and pronounce, expressing dissatisfaction for such a lining. The love spell works on day 40, but looks like a spoilage. When the apple rots, the charmed person will lose peace, and various troubles will constantly occur with it. After some time, the energy will be restored, and then the victim will hate the operator and stop communicating with him.

    Return your loved one on Stepanova

    You can return your loved one yourself using the following rite. Take:

    • just bought a saucer,
    • 2 red candles
    • a photograph of a loved one, where his face is clearly visible,
    • ripe apple
    • silk thread.

    Cut the fruit in half. Between the two halves, attach a photo and secure them with a thread. Now the ritual fruit is placed on a saucer and read a love spell:

    “As an apple dries in the sun, so you (name) will remember me. Do not forget you me, the servant of God (name), do not forget. Do not fall in love with another. As an apple dries in the sun, you will return to me. My words are true, the will is strong. I close the key conspiracy, I throw the key into the ocean, I can’t find it for anyone, I won’t leave my servant of God in love. Amen".

    Let the saucer stand on the sunny side not the windowsill, and the apple dries from the rays of the Sun. When the fruit dries, bury it near the house. The following ritual contains a reliable conspiracy on the love of a husband who has cooled and left the family. It can be returned. For this love spell, the best time of the year is summer, the suitable time of day is dawn, and the place for the ritual is the apple orchard. Bring a new needle, handkerchief, piece of paper and a brand new, unused knitting hook to the garden with you. Tear off the apple that the hand reaches for. Let it be the most beautiful apple on the tree.

    Make a small incision in it to include a note, prick your index finger with a needle until blood appears, use it to print the name of your lover on paper, insert a note in the apple, and close it with a cut piece. Thrice reading out a conspiracy on an apple for love, ninety-nine times insert a crochet hook into an apple:

    “As an apple will dry, so the slave (name) will not forget me, not an hour later, not a day later, not a year later. He would not have seen worries, how to miss me, at least to see. Let it all be so, and sweetheart will not forget me. Amen. Amen. Amen".

    The enchanted fruit must be wrapped in a handkerchief and hidden in a secret place. Not a word about what you did! Love conspiracies require absolute secrecy. Then love magic is on your side. It’s best to hide from everyone that you were reading a conspiracy with an apple for love.

    Find a new love

    When you want to start a new relationship and you already have the right person in mind, use this rite. Wait for the growing moon and proceed in the dark. Prepare in advance. To carry out magic actions you need simple items:

    • an apple with a red pomegranate-like peel,
    • thin elastic to hold the cut fruit together,
    • red candle
    • new knife
    • paper,
    • a pen.

    Light a candle. Cut the apple in half. On paper write the name of the person whom you want to attract into your life. Read the plot:

    "As you red apple will dry, so will my beloved heart (my name is full) dry."

    Put a note in the apple, fix it with a dense rubber band and bury it in the ground. After 10 days, magic will begin to act.

    Defeating loneliness

    A plot for single ladies will help to attract the right representative of the stronger sex. Women who are still single, have not found their happiness in love, have not considered anyone alone, but want him to find and draw attention to you, do this ritual by reading the plot. Prepare for the ceremony, think over, imagine the image of the person you want to meet. You will need an apple and 13 candles made from natural wax.

    Put the candles in the shape of a circle on the floor, having previously freed up space from unnecessary things. Be calm, take your time. You need to conspire closer to midnight, in absolute darkness by the light of lighted candles. In a circle created from burning candles, they enter completely without clothes. Apple is held in hands. You need to be as focused as possible on your innermost desire, presenting the image of the future beloved man.

    When you feel that the image has almost materialized, does not elude you, read out the love plot three times:

    “As the sacred fruit is poured by force, so the love in my heart ripens. With the first rays of the sun, you, my beloved, will come to me and fall in love at first sight. And as soon as I eat an apple, you will be connected with me forever. ”

    Just slowly start eating an apple, chew every little piece. When you eat, you can put out the candles and immediately go to bed naked. If on this night you see a dream about your future, then not even a month will pass before you meet a person who you have been married to as a husband in reality.

    The following ritual that draws a man into life will help girls and women who suffer from low self-esteem. This homemade love spell made on a red apple is called an effective love spell in reviews. It allows you to enhance the love of the subject of passion, which you know well or attract the attention of a man who you really like, but who are not personally represented to each other.

    The plot will work after some time. You can make this love spell by yourself reading the plot. The procedure for carrying out the ceremony is classic, with the cutting of an apple. You can start the magical rite after you prepare all the necessary items.

    A magic love spell is launched with the help of a simple conspiracy on an apple for love, when a note is inserted with the name of a man in the middle of the fetus.

    “Just like a ripe apple, but a red one dries in the sun, so you, dear, servant of God (name), will be dried by God's servant (name). The stronger the apple dries, the more the good fellow wishes me. He cannot sleep without me, cannot eat, cannot drink, with one he can be happy. As said, it will come true. Amen".

    The name of the guy is recommended to be read in one breath along with the pronunciation of his name.

    Summer love spells

    Get ready for the rite ahead of time. Gather your boyfriend's hair on occasion and cut off a strand of your hair. Weave a braid from all the hair prepared for the ritual. On a piece of paper write with blood taken from your finger, your own name and surname and your subject of passion. Fold the leaflet with the names into a tube and tie it up with a pigtail. Go to the garden where apple trees grow and apples are poured on them. It is necessary to choose the most immature fruit so that it cannot be eaten because of the sour taste.

    The torn fruit is peeled, cut off the peel, cut in half, a note tied with a pigtail is put between the two halves. Halves of a green apple are fastened with toothpicks made of natural wood. Put the bonded halves and peel where no one finds them, where they should shrink. Before you leave, read the love words:

    “As the apple dries, so will you be bored!”

    After a month, dig the remaining fruit into the ground, and burn the dried peel. Collect ashes and develop in a strong wind. This ritual of the bright power of the green apple is suitable when a connection is established between a young man and a young lady. The conspiracy is acting gradually with increasing force.

    Rite on the guy’s bait

    If you decide to make a love plot for a guy using an apple, then you can go through a ritual where no objects are involved except one beautiful fruit. A ripe fruit, plucked from a branch with your own hands, is an ideal item for witchcraft. This love conspiracy must be read in the evening, and on the same day that you purchased the fruit needed to perform magical actions.

    It is very important to remain alone so that no one distracts you, calm down, put your fetus in the palm of your hand and listen to yourself. Let all the power of your passion for a particular guy be concentrated in your thoughts, and your imagination boldly paint a picture that is full of the happiness of living together. Next, it's time to read the spoken words:

    “As this apple dries and withers, so you servant of God (name) miss me. Amen!"

    As you read the conspiracy-prayer, put the charmed fruit in a secret place. Time will do its job, the apple will begin to fade and dry out. Meanwhile, the guy will be more attentive to you. There should be no witnesses to your rite. Then you will get what you want, because it is a very strong conspiracy to love.

    Conspiracy with Matron icon

    You can make this conspiracy at home. If you manage to pick an apple from a branch with your own hand, and not use the fruits bought from another person, then you will achieve the desired result very quickly. Get up early before sunrise. Begin the ceremony at sunrise. To do this, sit in front of the icon of St. Matron, holding an apple in his hands, represent his beloved guy and feel his love for him with his whole being. In this case, you need to leave the fruit behind the icon, and wash away the threshold of the house and read the prayer for love and marriage:

    “Oh, blessed mother Matrono, hear and receive us now sinners,
    Praying to you, accustomed to receive in all your life
    And listen to all the afflicted and grieving,
    With faith and hope for your intercession and the help of those who come running,
    First aid and miraculous healing are all giving,
    May your mercy be never impoverished to us unworthy
    Hesitant in the multi-world world
    And nowhere finding comfort and compassion
    In sorrow of souls and help in bodily diseases: heal our disease,
    Deliver the temptations and torment of the devil
    Passionately fighting, help bring your worldly cross,
    To tear down all the hardships of life and not lose the image of God in it,
    Orthodox faith until the end of our days save
    Hope and hope for a strong God
    And an ungodly love for others,
    Help us upon reaching this life reach
    The kingdom of heaven with all that pleased God,
    Glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Heavenly Father,
    In the Trinity of Slavimago, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. "

    Apple love spell will work, because the Holy Matron loves to help girls and contributes to their early marriage. If a girl asks to connect her with her beloved guy, Matron will help, provided that the girl will go to the temple every week. After that, enter the house with a thought about your chosen one, the name of your beloved man. The enchanted fruit should dry for 7 days after the icon, then bury it at your home and wait for the result.

    The role of the apple in magic rituals

    The popularity of apples in magical practices is explained not by their divine taste, but rather by a divine story. Respect for these fruits dates back to the time of the biblical story of Adam and Eve, and it would be logical to assume that black sorcerers appreciated the apple first. However, over time, white magicians found application for them, because the power of the "apple" energy is really great.

    When resorting to conspiracies to apples, it is important to be able to distinguish between the orientation of the rituals, so as not to harm themselves and loved ones.

    The apple is considered one of the strongest natural elements used to cleanse energy, remove negative and black magic. Use for these purposes the fruits of both green and red varieties, but for different purposes. For love, mainly red, bright varieties are used - this color not only symbolizes the fire of relationships, but also perfectly conducts the magic of passion.

    The generally accepted rule of black magic says that in rituals the apple is cut across so as to open the five-pointed star of the middle, however, this action blocks the cleansing properties of the fruit. Therefore, white magicians recommend cutting the apple exclusively along, on both sides, cutting out the middle. At the same time, the apple should not have flaws, scratches, wormholes, it should be bought on the day of the ritual in the rural market or picked in the garden, i.e. to be completely deprived of preservatives and nitrates.

    Also in magic it is not customary to eat apples after the ritual. The “used” fruits are disposed of by burying or burning after the time set for the ritual has passed.

    Get rid of unrequited love

    A conspiracy of passionate love, read on a fresh apple that cannot be removed, can be used if you want to spend your whole life with the person who is targeted. You will need a fruit that is not bought for money, but ripped off the branch with your own hands. You will need a red apple, as you seek to awaken the strong feelings of someone who has not yet shared your love. All the magical power of red, all the energy of life of a ripe healthy fruit, plucked in the garden with your own hands, can radically and irreversibly change the situation for a short time.

    Exactly at midnight, begin the rite. Leave all other problems behind the doors of your home. Now there is nothing more important than your decision to become happy and be near a person whom you love so much that this love is enough for two spouses to live in a family.

    It is in your power to influence fate. Feel it, cutting an apple into two equal parts. Imagine which half is you and which one is your loved one. Free the flesh from the seeds, but do not discard them. Take your half in your left hand, and half of it in your right three times read the conspiracy of love, looking at the cut halves:

    “As this apple dries, so let the servant of God (name) dry for me.” Age after age misses me, always remembers with love. Amen".

    After that, clutching two slices to each other, tightly tie a red ribbon. Eat the seeds. Take the fruit to a place in your home so that the sun dries the flesh, and the drying flesh makes the dear person yearn. After this ritual, the return of the unfaithful one is ensured, but happiness will not be long if the result obtained is not prolonged by making a drying up.

    Love plots with apple

    Preparation is an important part of the ritual. A woman must observe a number of rules in order to ensure her success:

    • Use the magic of apples for love spells, plots for beauty, attractiveness and love for the growing moon,
    • Use the magic of apples for lapels and conspiracies to dry on a waning moon,
    • Begin the ritual after a three-day fasting and refreshing bath using salts and oils, in clean red or white clothes,
    • Keep silent to enhance the magic of words throughout the day before the ritual (optional, but recommended),
    • Choose an apple in accordance with the appropriate color, texture, integrity and place of purchase,
    • Conduct rituals exactly as instructed, without reducing or adding anything from yourself, unless otherwise indicated in the ritual.

    Observance of these simple rules will allow even a novice witch to conduct powerful magic rituals and achieve the desired.

    How to brush up on feelings

    If the personal relationship of the couple has become a lot of negativity, then carry out the ritual in the evening alone with a lit candle. Warm your hands with a green sour apple. Sit with him, remember everything about your love for this person. Be prepared for unpleasant memories to overwhelm you. But you must breathe calmly. Finally, exhale sharply and read sincerely with feeling:

    “It’s not bad in us, it’s outward, I deduce everything that’s wrong from my love. Either I am angry with my husband, then a witch, then he is not angry with me, then the witcher. I bring the Witchers into acidic, let them stay there. Sour sour, sweet sweet. As said, it will be so, but it cannot be otherwise. ”

    With each exhale, try to feel that everything bad is leaving you, everything that saddened you, and with each breath you are filled with hope, a premonition of happiness. Leave the fruit in a secluded place where it turns into decay. When this happens, the relationship will begin to improve.

    Reasons to refuse a love spell on an apple

    There are situations when you need to stop on time. This must be done when:

    1. Having embarked on the rite, you found that the apple is rotten, worm, with larvae, or traces of blows are visible on its peeled barrels.
    2. The ritual must be done all alone. If unexpectedly the magical work is interrupted by the intervention of any living creature, then the magical actions will have to start all over again.
    3. If the objects of the ritual fall out of hand and the words get confused, you need to choose another time for the ceremony and change the place.

    If you do everything right, you will feel calm, harmony, confidence. You will have clear actions, words will not be confused, and a conspiracy on an apple for love will certainly take power.

    Reviews about this form of witchcraft are contradictory. For beginners, sometimes there is not enough energy for magic to start its action, and experienced magicians prefer to make love spells with a long exposure. The magic spell created by using a love spell with the use of an apple is short-lived, but can create a situation where a beloved man will pay attention to a girl who has not noticed before.

    To the love of a man

    For an effective ritual with which you can evoke reciprocal feelings for the object of your sympathy, you will need two apples of different varieties, preferably red and green. The first symbolizes you and the fire of love burning in you, the second - a man cool to you (for now). After the ritual, part of the burning energy of your love will go to it, so make sure that it is enough in you to be enough for two. Your feelings should be sincere and pure.

    For a conspiracy you will need:

    • Two apples,
    • Two square pieces of paper,
    • Kitchen knife,
    • Apple knife
    • Two church candles.

    In both apples, the core is removed using a round apple knife. The names of lovers are written on paper, then the leaves are wrapped around candles. A candle with the name of a lover is inserted in the middle of a red apple, and with your name in the middle of a green apple. Then, with a knife, a small part of the same-sized peel from both apples (for example, in the shape of a heart) is cut out and swapped. Candles are lit and a conspiracy is read:

    In the night, on a hill, a fire burned, a traveler walked with an extinguished torch, went up to a fire and lit a torch. A wild apple tree under the hill grew, the Moon approached that apple tree, and apples grew on it. As nature shares with man, so I, with you, beloved, will share my love. Enough for two of her, she will light a fire in your heart, and he will not go out. And as the candles burn out, you will begin to think about me, and as the apples dry, you will come to me, you will not stand it, you will find peace in my arms.

    Leave the candles to burn out, if the pieces of paper with the names burn down - that's okay. Then the apples must be moved to a secluded place, preferably in the sunlight, and left to dry there.The conspiracy is slow, but effective: a loved one will not be able to resist such strong magic.

    To return a loved one

    An apple will help not only to wake the heart of a loved one, but also to kindle the fire of faded love. To do this, you should go to the garden in the early morning and pick the most beautiful fruit from the branch of the apple tree. In its place, you should definitely tie a red ribbon, as a tribute to the apple tree and mother nature. In doing so, read the following conspiracy:

    Mother Apple, take the little buckwheat, and give the blood back, let my love not go out, let my beloved not wither away, let it come back to me and stay with me. Give me your apple to the baby, I will bring home to my beloved, remind him of sweet wine, may we live in love and harmony.

    The apple should be brought home and loaded into a container with red wine, where it is left to languish until the evening. Then return to the apple tree, tying it with the same red ribbon.

    To longing

    A conspiracy to grieve will help when a man shows feelings, but for the most part is indifferent to your absence. Whether indifference is manifested in everyday life, or on business trips, trips, the conspiracy will not be superfluous. With it, you can cause a man to have a strong desire for you to return as soon as possible, to increase his attention to you and to make the man fully aware of what you mean to him. Such a conspiracy is a good test of feelings: if they exist, magic will strengthen them, if the conspiracy does not work, then they did not exist. In addition, a conspiracy to longing is a peculiar version of a conspiracy to mutual love if a person from your environment who is of interest to you does not pay attention to you.

    All you need for a conspiracy:

    • Apple,
    • Candle,
    • Photo of a sweetheart for concentration.

    For the ritual you will need the greenest and most acidic apple, which you can find in the market or in the garden. You should not try it - trust the seller, who will probably be surprised by such a request, or try other fruits from the same branch.

    The apple must be brought home and wait for the evening. In complete seclusion, light a candle and turn off the main lighting. Relax your mind and tune in to a melancholy-calm mood. Take an apple in your hands and imagine your lover. Remember all the not the most pleasant moments from your relationship that annoy or upset you. This is unpleasant, but you must fill your soul with these heavy feelings, while not slipping into anger, irritation, desire for revenge and other black feelings.

    Then take a deep breath and, looking at the apple, read the plot as sincerely and warmly as possible:

    There is nothing bad in us, it is around us, and what is around us will not touch us. It’s not you who’s cold without me, then I’m warming you next to you, it’s not you who feed your fire, then I kindle it with my presence. Either we are not cold to each other, then around us the earth is covered with hoarfrost. I will warm the earth with my breath, and on the peel I will put the icy apple of discord, sour and tart, put and leave, but leave everything bad with it. My word will be strong, strengthened by my strength, as it is said - it will become so.

    Now the apple must be left in a secluded place, not necessarily at home, where it has successfully dried up or decayed. As soon as this happens, the relationship will begin to warm before our eyes.

    Ritual with apples and candles to attract love

    The ritual described below is a real salvation for women who are desperate to find their soul mate who are unlucky with men: either they cheat, or they simply do not. Using a ritual for apples and candles, you can attract into your life, if not true fairy love, then at least a lot of male attention and a variety of candidates. Better to do a ritual on the growing moon on Wednesday. To do this, you need a small set of ingredients:

    • Tea lights in white, pink or red in an amount equal to the number of years you have lived.
    • Big white candle.
    • Church candle bought on Sunday at church.
    • Incense sticks or aroma lamp.
    • A piece of paper and a pencil.
    • Red thread.
    • Sweet yellow or red apple.

    Incense should be ignited immediately so that the aroma has time to spread throughout the room and purify the atmosphere. Arrange the tealights in a circle, put a large white candle in the center. Light the match with a match and light all the other candles from it. Wait until they melt a little and soak a pencil in the wax of each of them. With this pencil write your name on a piece of paper - it may not be visible, press the lead more firmly.

    The apple must be cut in half lengthwise, as shown in the picture below. Along (when there is a “star” with seeds in the center), they are cut in black rituals, blocking the cleansing properties of the fetus.

    The correct apple cut for a white plot.

    Insert paper with your name between the halves of the apple, put them together and tie them up with red thread. Tie seven knots at the end of the thread, sentencing your knots to each knot in order: first name, middle name, last name, year, month, birthday and gender.

    Now you need to instill the incision along the entire perimeter with wax of the same church candle. While you are doing this, read the plot:

    On the night that is coming, on the moon, which is growing, I, the servant of God (name in the instrumental case) introduced myself, I pray to the higher powers to respond to my call, and by force to help my desire to be fulfilled. I ask for happiness I and mutual love, for women's peace and inner harmony. Just as a half without an apple cannot be whole, so I alone cannot be in this world. Take the right path, lead the guiding star to my goal, and keep on the way, how the red thread keeps this apple whole.

    At the end of the ritual, the apple must be poured on top with the wax of a white candle that has been burning all this time, which stood in the center. The bound halves immediately after the ritual are buried in the ground. If this is not possible, hide it in a warm, dry place. After a week, check it - if it rotted, but did not dry, the ritual did not work.

    This powerful ritual begins to act as soon as the wax of the white candle touches the apple and fixes the magical rite.

    Love spell on a photo and an apple

    The most famous and most effective love spell is carried out using an apple. For the ritual you need:

    • Apple,
    • Your photo
    • Photo of a loved one,
    • Red thread,
    • Pencil,
    • Paper.

    You must choose in the morning, with thoughts of a man, the most beautiful, ruddy and smooth apple, bring it home and prepare printed photos of you and your lover. Only you, in full growth or a close-up face in full view, should be present in the photo. Names are written on the backs of photos, photos are applied by faces to each other and embedded in an apple cut along. The halves are tied with a red thread and a conspiracy is read:

    As nature dries an apple, so does your heart, (name), love for me will dry up. As the flame of a fire burns in the night, so the most powerful forces care about you and me. As you realize that you don’t have life without me, you will come to my light in the window.

    The apple hides in a secluded place to dry, and on the windowsill the candle that completes the ritual is lit all night.

    It should be remembered that love spells are a delicate matter and for the most part they relate to black magic. You should not use them if the man is married, in love with another, treats you cruelly. This ritual belongs to white magic, so it is not able to do more harm, but it will not break the will of man. But such a love spell will easily light the fire of love, especially if the soil is favorable for him.

    Lapel with apple

    If the love spell ritual was successful, but your feelings have cooled down, or if a person who is unpleasant for you has been chasing you for a long time, a lapel with an apple will help. He also acts on the principles of white magic - gently but confidently pushes a person to the solution you need. For this ritual, you will need to choose the most oversized, shriveled, scratched and beaten apple on the market. It is better to choose it in the evening, on any women's day of the waning moon. Bring it home and start the ritual immediately, before it has time to absorb your energy. The apple is cut across, the middle is cut out completely and buried or burnt. In extreme cases, you can throw it out the window.

    Instead of the middle, crumpled paper with the name of a young man is embedded, the halves do not bind anything and overlap each other so that one lies on the other.

    The plot is read impassively, in the voice there should be neither warm emotions, such as tenderness and regret, nor cold negativity, anger or resentment. Say the words:

    You do not love me, you are not dear, God’s servant (name), I won’t let you into your soul, I won’t give you my body, don’t hold my hands to you, don’t kindle my heart for you. As an apple dies its term, so your love for me cools. Like an apple it rots, so your love for me will forever pass. As said - so done.

    Now bury the apple in the ground or leave it in a secluded place to rot or dry - in this case, it does not matter.

    A plot for beauty and appeal with an apple

    Beauty is the key to health, and a beautiful apple is the key to a successful ceremony for beauty and attractiveness. Not for nothing that a huge amount of skin care products is produced on the basis of this fruit, and in cooking the spectrum of its use is unimaginably wide. An apple is also used in magic, and not only as a subject of focus.

    The ceremony is carried out in the morning. Three apples are needed for the plot:

    Their peel should be monophonic, bright and not have any defects. Apples are placed on a white plate without a side and carried out into the open air - on the balcony or in the garden. The plot is read, referring to the four magical powers: Heaven, Earth, Wind and the Sun. To read the plot is necessary without clothes or in a simple nightgown.

    Goy you, Mother Earth, I worship you, I feed on your article. Goy you are, Sky-ruler, I smile at you, I am inspired by you. Goy you, Wind-free bird, I welcome you, I meet with a smile. Goy you, the Sun is red, I touch you, I charge you. Hear the great powers, the virgin, the servant of God (your name), endow with your beauty and splendor, let everyone who meets me, looks away, as the sun is seen off, smiles, smiles at the sky, sighs like the wind sighs, just like the Earth- Mother respects her love.

    Bring apples back to the house. Cut the red apple along, remove the middle and gently wipe the face with flesh. Wipe your hands and chest with yellow. Squeeze the juice from green and drink it, diluting it with water, preferably a well.

    The remnants of apples, including cake, intervene as gratitude.


    All of the above conspiracies relate exclusively to white magic, however, any magic ceases to be white if done with malicious intent, negative emotions and against the will of man. Be careful when resorting to any kind of magical effect, as you can always bring disaster upon yourself if this or that action is incorrectly done.

    In addition, there is no absolute guarantee that any ritual will work soon, and work in general. Much depends on such factors as the lunar day, the energy of the heap, the karmic characteristics of the character and the internal state.

    Return beloved

    To return a lover, you can also perform a ritual with an apple. Go outside with the first rays of the rising sun. In the fruit, make a groove with a knife, insert a note with the name of a loved one into it. Next, read the plot, while simultaneously sticking an awl or a crochet hook into the fruit:

    “Adam destroyed the apple, so let the soul of the servant of God (name) toss, he knows no peace without me, the servant of God (name). He will never be able to leave me, he will not be able to forget about me. Only with me will be. ”

    Wrap the fruit in a clean cloth, hide in a secluded place.

    To conduct a ceremony for weight loss, you need a small green apple. Magical actions are performed during the waning moon. Wait until midnight, pick up the fruit in your hands and say on it:

    “Help me, the fruit is healing, to cope with excess fat. Let the fellows well done, the beautifully painted men admire me, my thinness and harmony. I will give my kilograms to the forces of light, as a fee for help. Let my body become slim and beautiful. ”

    Eat fruit. After a month, the rite can be repeated. Its result usually begins to manifest itself quickly.

    For weight loss and rejuvenation

    This product is used to fight extra pounds, not only as a diet. With the help of an old conspiracy to lose weight, you can become slimmer. For the ceremony you will need a big beautiful apple. It should not have cracks or spots. Such actions are carried out during the waning moon in the early morning.

    Pick up the fruit and whisper on it:

    “You are beautiful, ripe and round. Take my fullness forever. I want to find harmony. May my waist be like a reed, may my hips become thin. Take my size for yourself, give me a blush and health in return. ”

    Then you need to eat fruit.

    To become young and beautiful again, it is recommended to eat at least one apple every day. You can also hold a ceremony. Cut the fruit into slices, lay them on a platter. Pour holy water into a glass. Dip each slice into this water, reading the plot, then eat them:

    “Merciful Lord, give me your blessing. Let me become happy, let my youth and beauty return, as long as possible remain with me. "

    Wash your face with water for a week. All apple slices must be eaten.

    To recover from ailments, you can speak a ripe fruit:

    “Grant me your strength, help resist disease and take away my hateful ailments. Let only health be with me. Yes, there will be no ailments and sores. Only health, only happiness and luck. ”

    Then eat the whole charmed product.

    You can also conduct a ceremony with the help of church candles. Put two candles on the table, light them. Between them put an apple. Looking at the candle flame, whisper the words of the conspiracy so that the breath touches the fetus:

    “Sorrow and adversity, go away. Pass by on a dark, dead night. May the body be cleansed, may the pain and torment outside and inside go away forever. There will be no misfortune, only luck. May it be so".

    Rinse the apple under holy water, and then put on a clean cloth. Let it dry. Then eat it whole.

    Why apple is used for conspiracy

    An apple is a symbol of unity. His energy is able to tie lovers in strong bonds. Torn by Eve from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, it led Adam into the temptation, moving him to sin. The fruit was endowed with seductive properties. He expresses femininity, seduction, passion. The spherical shape symbolizes the infinity with which eternal love began to be associated. In biblical literature, fruit has become synonymous with the Fall. A huge amount of vitamins, fiber and trace elements in it, can give people health and youth, so women often use bulk apples in conspiracies to appeal.

    A plot on a red apple and thread

    • Red Apple,
    • clear sheet,
    • pencil,
    • strong thread.

    The ritual should be performed at midnight, on the emerging moon. On a piece of paper you need to write your name and the name of your loved one, fold it in half. Cut an apple in half, put a leaf inside, connect the halves and tightly tie them with a thread. Over the reunited fruit, read the conspiracy: “Let (the name of the beloved) and I become one whole, like an apple in bulk consisting of two halves. May our love be as sweet and inseparable. ” An enchanted half of the apple should be treated to your loved one, and eat the second yourself. The first result will appear in a few days.

    Rite of love with apple and candles

    Quick action has a plot on an apple with candles. Arrange and light 13 candles, sit between them.Take a red apple, visualize the image of a beloved and read the plot - fervently, with feeling, then with pleasure to eat the fruit: “As the ripe apple is poured with strength, my love is so strong and strong. With the first ray, my beloved (name) you will come to me and you will not leave forever. My body will be loved, your heart will respond and your soul will open to meet me. The love spell will happen as soon as I bite the apple. " The man will show interest after 2 weeks.

    A plot with candles can be done on a photograph of a loved one. In the photo he should be captured alone, preferably no later than a month or two ago.

    Love plot on an apple with an icon

    • yellow church candle
    • icon of the virgin
    • Red Apple.

    To read the plot to attract love to the icon and the apple you need shortly before dawn, to the growing moon.

    The apple should be picked in the garden immediately before the ceremony, return to the house. Before the icon of the Virgin, place a lighted candle and, taking the fruit in her hands, read "Our Father" and "Theotokos." Then remove the fruit for the icon for several minutes, so that it absorbs the holy energy.

    With an icon and an apple in his hands, cross the threshold of the room, presenting the image of his beloved man, putting all the power of love for him, whisper a conspiracy: “Remind, Mother of God, to my beloved (name) about your slave (your name). May his heart be filled with his love and he will become mine forever. Let it suffer without my face, like an apple it dries in the light, let it come to me and take it away from the crown. Amen!". Having crossed the icon, hide it with the candle for 2 weeks, go to bed. The next morning, treat the chosen one with a charmed fruit, and during the day to visit the temple and serve it to those in need, this will become a kind of repentance for sin. The rite will appear after the apple dries.

    Strong conspiracy on an apple to return a loved one

    With the help of an apple, you can not only bewitch a man, but also restore your old feelings, return your spouse to the family.

    • Red Apple,
    • 2 candles of red color,
    • photo of a lover
    • strong thread
    • new, never used tea saucer.

    In an apple cut across, you should attach a photo of your beloved man and tie the halves of the fruit with a thread. Put it on a saucer and read a plot over it: “As an apple dries in the sun, you (his name) will remember me. You cannot forget, you will never fall in love with the other, you will find only the way to me. My will is strong, love is strong, do not leave you from me. My words are true. Amen!".

    Saucer with an apple put on the window. After drying, the fruit should be buried near the house where the man is talking.

    A conspiracy to love a man on an apple

    This conspiracy is carried out only on Thursdays, at midnight on the growing moon.

    • 2 red candles
    • 2 red apples
    • 400 ml of holy water.

    Having undressed naked, you need to sit by the mirror, put apples in a container with holy water and read the plot on them: “You, my dear (name), doom you to eternal love. All my life I conjure. The Holy Trinity helps me. You will love me alone, neither you will be able to change, nor forget. As a homeless man dreams of warmth, so you will begin to dream about me, you will lose peace. ”

    Do not pour out water. In the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of this water, then eat one apple. Give the second fruit to your beloved man, and add the rest of the holy water to your chosen one in food or drinks. On the same day, put a candle in the church near the icon of the Matrona of Moscow.

    But it often entails unpleasant consequences. A man periodically falls into an oppressed state, and, drowning him, takes alcohol, plays, humiliates, snarls, leaves home for a long time, but is unable to bear separation, returns again. Such relationships will bring a lot of pain.

    Conspiracy on an apple for beauty

    An apple will also help a woman maintain her beauty. The fruit must be picked from the tree in advance and prepare a white plate or saucer. The plot is read at dawn. Rolling it on a saucer in circles, they say: “Roll, a liquid apple in a circle. May it be infinite. Also my beauty will be endless and may it multiply every year. There will be no power over her. Fix my words, fulfill your cherished desire. So be it".

    Apple is eaten. The simplicity of the plot made him famous and popular among the fair sex. Always gives a positive result.

    Apple Hex for Health

    You need to read the plot on health only on the first ripened apple of the season. To whisper magic words over him: “Grant, mother nature, health and strength to fight diseases. Like you, we will be strong, blush, like a liquid apple. ” Then the fruit is washed with spring water, divided into the whole family and eaten without peeling.

    To a sick person, a plot for recovery is done only on red apples. You will need:

    • 2 church candles, purchased on Thursday,
    • some honey
    • 0.5 l holy water
    • 1 apple

    At night, on a new moon, a rite is performed. The candle light is circled 3 times around the apple, saying: “Leave the illness (the name of the patient), I banish you with sweet honey, and protect you with holy water (the name of the patient).”

    The enchanted fruit is washed in holy water and well watered with honey.

    Then repeat the action with candles, holding the fruit by the tail. Leave on the table until morning. The honey treat is passed on to the patient and they are monitored to be eaten on the same day.


    A conspiracy on an apple, like other conspiracies on love, will arouse interest and reciprocal sympathy, but it is not able to maintain these feelings, but only keeps the man nearby. This is a kind of violence that torments the chosen one, burns from the inside. Emotional people splash out the storm, breaking down on their wife, children and relatives, while quiet people worry about everything in themselves, trying to suppress the sudden overwhelming melancholy. Love spell on a smile and sparks in the eyes also works well and does no harm.

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