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A manicure for short nails is perhaps the most popular type of nail design at all times. You can not consider a woman well-groomed if the beauty of her nails leaves much to be desired. Manicure is an integral sign of the image, which completes the overall image of a girl or woman. But these are not only correctly and accurately processed nails! This is also the creativity and imagination of the master! Spring fashion 2018, as never before, insists on a manicure performed on short nails, displacing long extended nails from the pedestal. By limiting the length of the nails, the technique of manicure is not limited to staining the nail plate with glossy or matte shades of decorative varnishes of only one color. Depending on the upcoming event, the selected outfit, and even the seasons of the many manicure techniques, each woman will find something original! And so in our article we will talk about fashion trends in the spring manicure for short nails 2018.

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Designers have set a diverse palette for the new season. Choosing shades from it, you can create a fashionable and stylish manicure using any of the above methods. The top has nude shades, red and black colors. Their independent use and various combinations make manicure in itself fashionable. In spring 2018, pastel is trending. Milk nails, a shade of tea rose, pale orange and light gray will become the main trend in the off-season manicure. White lacquer occupies a special place. It is suitable for any occasion and can be combined with any wardrobe. Nude shades are best chosen for the color of the skin, applying a jar of varnish to the back of the hand.

What the coming spring brings to us

The best variations of this spring are presented in blue tones and can be independent, self-sufficient colors. And in the form of elements of the applied techniques, such as lunar french jacket, blue scattering of flowers, gradient, combined - the manicure will acquire gentle and noble notes. A combination with mint shades and turquoise will look harmonious.

Floral motifs will be relevant not only in prints on shoes, dresses. Floristry will be welcomed on the exquisite nails of well-groomed hands. The trend will be flowers, buds, twigs, leaves, fruits of trees and berries. Masters of nail design will have to fill your hand in the technique of hand-painted or acquire special stickers, the choice of which is now unlimited. Decorating even one finger with plant fragments makes a small but significant highlight in the image. And they will not forget to mention insects (butterflies, dragonflies, spiders) in their creative ideas. They will look cute at all, and exquisitely, if you adorn one nail.

Image of clear lines, angles, shapes. Geometry will strengthen its position. Strips will be especially demanded. The clarity and accuracy of the application, restraint and rigor of the final result will depend on the performers. An arbitrary application form will also be acceptable. Toothpicks, scotch tape, thin brushes will be used.

"Negative space." Unusual, stylish and popular painting technique. It will be used monotonously or in color.

The negativespase style will be a good solution for many women who have fallen into a life whirlpool with a time limit. The effect of overgrown nails created as a result of an unpainted nail base is not a sign of untidy hands, but an indicator of movement in the leg with time. Also, such a manicure is suitable for the beloved moon design. Taking into account fashion trends, not only the hole, but also patterns in the form of geometric shapes can remain unpainted.

The spring-summer 2018 season will be restrained and not recommended for use in the decoration of placers of gems and large protruding elements. Rhinestones in any variations are applicable only to the evening dress. Their application is appropriate as an addition to wedding design. Small blotches are permissible in compositions with floral painting. For everyday decoration, color broths are suitable.

From past seasons, he is confidently migrating to the future matte manicure. They will add effect, made in nude and pastel colors, to work, and combinations of dullness and gloss will also look chic.

Spring manicure gel polish 2018 photo color options

This spring, owners of neat nails of small and medium length will be an unconditional win. The shape on the nails in the spring of 2018 should be as natural as possible - for example, a smooth oval or square with slightly rounded edges. The design may be the most diverse, with a predominance of original drawings and decorative elements.

Here you will get acquainted with the Gray Manicure 2018 photo with the latest fashion ideas.

This spring will enjoy huge popularity unpretentious and cheerful manicure, which uses a combination of two or more shades of nail polish. Speaking of colors, it should be noted that the most spectacular in this case will look discreet and cute shades. You can use the above pink and turquoise, as well as peach, lilac, azure shades, and, of course, the classic white color. In order to create a line between the shades, it is recommended to use a special stencil, which will greatly facilitate the process of applying clear and neat stripes.

Successfully playing with shades, you can create a French-style manicure or a spectacular moon manicure - at the same time, to give more elegance and solemnity, you can additionally highlight the smile line or hole with elegant shining rhinestones. The effective gradient manicure this season has reached its peak of popularity. Incredibly beautiful is the spring 2018 manicure gel gel polish, which uses expressive floral shades that seamlessly transition into each other.

Lunar spring manicure gel polish photo 2018 ideas ideas

For the lunar manicure, often called antifrench because it does not highlight the root of the nail, but the root hole, you can use all the same ideas as for classical French, starting from decorative elements and ending with experiments with color and texture. A combination of a classic jacket with a lunar manicure made in any color variations looks very interesting.

Particular attention, perhaps, deserves a lunar manicure. It looks great on short nails, visually lengthening and narrowing the nail plate. To perform such a manicure, you need to draw a concave crescent, repeating the outline of the base of the nail, instead of a convex “moon” at the base of the nail. It looks especially stylish if it is made with a metallic shine.

Spring manicure with rhinestones 2018 photo newest options

Simple, but not primitive - the motto of this elegant nail design. At work or for an evening out, you can make a laconic manicure with a monophonic coating and decoration of rhinestones. It is important to comply with the measure so that the nails do not look vulgar. With shiny stones, you can draw a stripe highlighted in color, or just apply one strass on each nail. Nails with rhinestones on one side of the plate, or just a few fingers, look beautiful.

An attractive design of a manicure with rhinestones will turn out if you decorate the nails with an application of several nails, varying the intensity of the applied rhinestones. In this case, the ombre effect is obtained - the transition from several strassins to the complete decoration of the marigold. A beautiful option is to apply a sparkling decor on all fingers in the hole area, and decorate with iridescent pebbles one fingernail.

Rhinestones in manicure can become part of the picture. The color of the pebble should overlap with the color of the pattern. You can decorate the middle of the flowers with stripes, or weave them into a florid floral pattern. The geometric pattern with lines decorated with rhinestones looks attractive on the nails. They can be placed at the intersection of strips or completed with spiral patterns. In any case, rhinestones will make the manicure more voluminous and spectacular.

What a manicure to do for a birthday look here!

Fashionable spring colors of gel polish 2018 photo manicure novelties

In the spring of 2018, natural natural shades are in fashion, soft and discreet - light pink, beige, milk, lemon, light turquoise and others in this spirit. Those who prefer brighter, more saturated and expressive options with a slight hint of aggressiveness are advised to use red, plum, as well as a shade of Marsala. But, nevertheless, in the spring season, pink and turquoise colors are confidently leading

And you can choose your own tone only by finding the exact combination with the shade of your own skin, the lighter and more gentle its shade, the “warmer” the shade of varnish should be. However, flawlessly scarlet is definitely worth a try for everyone! Fashionable colors of manicure in the spring of 2017 have dozens of shades - from the most delicate and slightly dusted color of a tea rose, to a bright, juicy shade of fuchsia. This gamut supports the main - not only in makeup, but also in clothes and hairstyles - the trend towards exquisite femininity ....

The main rule of fashionable spring manicure in 2018 is that it acts as a successful addition, but in no case is the dominant image. Open your closet, appreciate the colors and shades of clothing for this year's season. And choose a varnish - two or three shades that perfectly match the main gamut of the wardrobe. Add tenderness and coquetry, but do not go beyond the chosen style.

Spring manicure with flowers 2018 photo stylish news

What spring manicure can do without flowers? Without them, nowhere, because in the spring International Day is celebrated March 8. Any girl should be ready for this holiday. And for this it is enough to make a real floral masterpiece on the nails. Now in fashion nail art with sakura, wildflowers.

Covering spring nails with light green, emerald or mint color, you will make your look fresh, delicate, romantic, truly March or April. If you like more bright colors, then you can paint flowers on raspberry, carmine-red, coral basis. At the same time, buds and petals can be placed both on the entire nail plate, and simply on the free edge.

Spring manicure 2018 will focus on the fact that the time of cold and snow is already passing and soon nature will sparkle with bright, violent colors. With such a nail design, you can cheer yourself up even in the cold spring, when the frost does not want to recede. In order for your nails to be appropriate in a particular situation and combine with any whims of mother nature, you must choose the version of the nail design that suits you for your everyday style, weather outside.

Manicure with drawings for the spring of 2018 photo the most beautiful ideas

The main fashion trend of nail designs in spring 2018 is, first of all, a play of color. They should be original, bright and cheerful, make the hostess charming and set the mood not only for her, but also for those around her. We have prepared a review of photos of the latest models from the best nail designers. To create beautiful patterns on the nails - you can use stamping, varnish liners or pigments of various colors.

Nails can be decorated with abstract designs, clear lines and geometric shapes or all kinds of patterns. The theme of mysterious antiquity with its hieroglyphs, letters and cave paintings incredibly attracts and attracts. Ethnic motifs are a great solution for an ensemble made in the style of boho. Volumetric design made with the help of special powder and “caviar” is extremely popular.

French spring manicure 2018 photo fresh ideas new

Leading positions spring 2018 is occupied by the French in the classic form, color, as well as fan-french and "millennium". The application of French manicure is reduced in 2018 to several rules. Firstly, do not use too contrasting tones. A two to three tone difference is acceptable. Manicure spring 2018 can be a bright french jacket, however, let then the brightness is present on all nails. French this season adheres to the middle ground, that is, it is not quite classic, but also not extravagant.

An example of this is a jacket of triangular shape, wavy and V-shaped. Despite the fact that the jacket has been known to everyone for a long time, this season he pleased him with his novelty. The masters managed to combine here the lunar manicure (the smile line at the base of the nail) and the French itself. The main thing is that both of these lines should be the same tone. On top of the nail is varnished in pastel colors, it is better not to use shine. You can also mix colors, this trend will be relevant in 2018. For lovers of long nails, advice: do not overdo it. Let the free edge be no more than 0.4, or even less. Elongated nails have long gone out of fashion, naturalness is what is really appreciated.

Kamifubuki manicure spring 2018 fashion trends photo on short nails

Kamifubuki (from the Japanese literally “paper storm”, and in our opinion - confetti), a special type of decor-decoration for nails, in the spring of 2018 season at the peak of fashion. This phenomenon in the world of nail art is not new, although not too well studied. However, the ease of use of this design product more than compensates for the lack of practice. To master the art of applying and wearing kamifubuki on the nails, a lot of time is not required, the main thing is to know how to use these metal plates.

Using kamifubuki is considered one of the easiest and at the same time spectacular nail decoration techniques. The standard set includes several types of confetti: three different sizes and three different colors. The confetti is usually round, but on sale you can find confetti in the form:

  • stars
  • ovals
  • strips
  • rhombs
  • hearts and other shapes.

With the help of two or three such sets of different shades, you can create any full-fledged images without any special time and financial costs - everyday, festive, business, rocker, romantic, rebellious, restraint-neutral and others. In fact, kamifubuki themselves create an image, and it is not difficult to work with them: with the right selection of materials, they are securely and quickly attached to the nails.

Manicure on March 8, 2018 photo most spring versions of new items

Options for fashionable manicure on March 8 in the spring of 2018 is the design of nails in a floral style. Flower painting, artistic variations. Moreover, flowers are a win-win option for any parasitic bow. Spring 2018 manicure should be mixed with turquoise, green, pink shades.

Gradient manicure spring 2018 fashion trends photo on short nails

Gradient manicure or ombre, which is based on the idea of ​​a smooth color transition, has been on the list of fashion trends for more than a year. During this time, he managed to please us with a lot of interesting variations, shades, decorative elements, and, it seems, the designers are not going to stop there. Spring 2018 also included the ombre in the list of relevant stylistic decisions and prepared many surprises for fashionistas. Gradient manicure spring 2018 will be presented in various colors, layout options and additional decor, and even textures. It would seem that stylists can no longer offer anything new, but no, the masters create more and more new directions, not without some intrigue and mystery. For example, three fingers are painted in an already familiar technique with a transition from light to dark from top to bottom, and the remaining two are already in mirror image, that is, from bottom to top.

Another option to attract attention is to perform the usual stretching of the color on three fingers, and for the middle and nameless, leave one of the colors used or cover one fingernail with a lacquer of a light shade, and the other with a varnish of a dark one.

French manicure spring 2018 fashion trends photo on short nails

French manicure has been relevant for several decades. In the spring 2018 season, almost all girls love French. Everyone wants the perfect coating on the nails to be preserved as long as possible and not be erased. After all, he does not last very long and after a week he has to repaint his nails again. Here, gel varnishes come to our aid, with which you can make the same amazing manicure. Many fashionistas and young modern mothers prefer short nails. This is due to the convenience of wearing the declared length and less brittle nails. In addition, when applying the correct jacket to this length, often the aesthetic appearance is more attractive precisely on nails with a short free edge.

Matte manicure spring 2018 fashion trends photo on short nails

Girls who do not want to draw special attention to their hands can choose matte nails in the spring. They always look attractive and are ideal for everyday life, although they will be appropriate at special occasions. Such a manicure does not sparkle, does not shine and does not stand out from the general image created by the fashionista. The color of the matte nail art can be any, but for the spring season of 2018, the following shades are most preferable:

  • red and pink
  • Gray,
  • brown,
  • yellow,
  • green,
  • blue and blue
  • purple.

Negative space manicure spring 2018 fashion trends photo on short nails

One of the most original and eccentric novelties of spring 2018 in the world of fashionable manicure is nail design in the Negative space style, which means negative space. And although this term sounds a little rude, it is a sophisticated design in which the natural shades of nails are visible through multi-colored varnish. Lunar manicure with a negative space, which looks perfectly beautiful on nails of different lengths, is especially popular in this style direction. And quite simple to self-design. If you take into account the opinion of stylists, a lunar style with negative space is a simple nail design using two or more contrasting shades and the obligatory use of ordinary transparent varnish. Since only a transparent base made near the nail hole can focus on yourself and completely recreate the design of Negative space.

In addition to ease of implementation, this design is very versatile. Because it looks very attractive and cute on short nails, visually makes the nail plate narrow, and long nails visually shortens, which in some cases is very beneficial. In addition, this style is ideal for both oval and rounded nails, and square or pointed nails.

Manicure with roses spring 2018 fashion trends photo on short nails

How to draw acrylic, screen and volumetric roses on nails, how to make a jacket with roses and roses on wet nails? If you want to independently learn the technique of drawing roses on nails, then read the article. Here you will learn how to create a manicure with a rose by simple methods and how to draw it in nail salons. Roses on the nails reflect new fashion trends, this design is called - “shabby chic”. Flowers look romantic, spectacular. Roses made from bed tones will give an additional charm.

Delicate floral manicure spring 2019-2020: floral motifs

What spring without flowers: delicate prints and patterns are certainly found in everything, this also applies to fashionable manicure spring 2019-2020. Delicate and fragile, large and unusual - flowers in all their diversity are welcomed in the design of nails this spring.

Give preference to nail design with one large flower, bright and colorful. Or, on the contrary, in the trend of manicure is spring with barely noticeable, thin and fragile flowers that fascinate with their elegance.

Fashionable manicure spring 2019-2020 can be made with flowers in the form of drawings, as well as stickers and using the technique of modeling, stamping and “sweet bloom”.

The best photo examples of all these manicure techniques and a beautiful spring manicure with flowers are shown at the end of the article.

Refined manicure spring 2019-2020 in the style of minimalism

Are you fed up with a manicure with many details in the form of decor and prints that demonstrate a complex and intricate nail design? Then you will certainly like the fashionable manicure spring in the style of minimalism.

Discreet and stylish minimalist manicure 2019-2020 will delight creative girls and fashionistas who want to try something new on their nails.

Stylish manicure with a minimalist print is presented in black and white, beige and brown shades and delicate pastel colors, which is ideal for the spring season.

Prints for spring manicure in the style of minimalism should be extremely concise - these are dots, lines, strokes in a stylish design, as shown in the photo in our review just below.

Bright and colorful manicure spring 2019-2020 for stylish girls

Fashionable spring manicure perfectly perform in the original design with bright gel polishes, harmoniously combining them with each other.

You can also perform a bright spring manicure with different shades of varnish on each finger, or by applying the “color block” technique, combining the most incredible shades of varnish in one manicure.

Stickers with fruits can be used as a spring manicure design, which looks very colorful and original, or stickers with animals and flowers. Also, the drawings “geometry” in an unusual design with bright gel polishes are very original, if you adapt and pick up a beautiful design idea.

Exquisite manicure spring 2019-2020 with rhinestones

Perform manicure for a special occasion and a festive publication will help you decorative jewelry for manicure, which will turn any manicure into a work of art.

Beautiful manicure in delicate colors, bright or dark colors of gel polish, decorate with rhinestones, pebbles and beads, which beautifully lay on the nails at the fingertips, on the sides, or on one side.

Use pebbles and beads of different sizes and colors to match the color of clothes, which will allow the manicure to “play” in new bright colors. Trendy manicure spring 2019-2020 with jewelry and decor will make your pens flawless and beautiful, and the image - unsurpassed.

Fashionable shape and length of nails spring 2020

Whatever the weather outside the window, designers continue to carry the trends of naturalness to the masses. This was reflected in the fashionable shape and length of the nails. If you are a fan of square or sharp shapes, you should reconsider your preferences. The trend is oval, semicircular and almond-shaped marigolds. The length, at the same time, is best to choose short or medium. Long nails will look ridiculous and tasteless. If you think that short marigolds are not beautiful or not fashionable, then you are mistaken. Such a manicure will look very neat and cute, and the number of designs is not inferior to long nails. In addition, it is much more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

New spring manicure 2018: fashion trends

Masters working on backstage shows each time have to wrestle with new design options, because fans of the original nail art, it seems, will not surprise you at all. Nevertheless, they manage to set new beauty trends and inspire us to daring experiments.

Now, the decoration of the skin around the nails and even the drawings on hand are in fashion! At the Jeremy Scott spring-summer 2018 show, the fingers of the models were showered with mid-glitter, which contrasted spectacularly with the matte texture of neon nail polish.

The manicure on the Francesco Scognamiglio show was completely theatrical. The brushes of the models were completely covered with silver sequins, and the nails were left without a color accent.

At the Antonio Berardi show, they decided to go the other way: on the nails of the girls they applied nude polish, and on their hands they brought out mehendi patterns - white and black paint.

  • However, this trend is actually much wider - along with the names of brands on the nails, you can "wear" any inscriptions. To make the manicure “talking,” you can apply any important word or phrase to your nails.
  • Another option is to put a hashtag on your nails. One way or another, the fashionable manicure of spring 2018 is also becoming a way to express your opinion.

Trendy colors of manicure for spring-summer 2018

It is easy to understand those who are not ready for nail experiments. Many of the catwalk examples seem too divorced from reality. A win-win option is to follow an enduring trend towards a solid manicure.

  • Nothing seems to be able to push the trend for varnishes out of the nude range. They flashed again and again at the shows, and this season there are especially many examples confirming this. In its pure form, the nail varnish was on the nails of the models Marco de Vincenzo and Antonio Marras. In other cases, the coating in powdery tones was supplemented with small stickers (like Self Portrait) or drawings (like Vivetta, pay attention to how harmoniously blending nude and neon shades).

  • However, in the spring of 2018, classic red color will be especially fashionable in manicure. Examples from the shows of Blumarine, Giorgio Armani, Adam Selman are vivid proof of this, and also demonstrate that red is "compatible" with nails of any length.

  • Among bright colors, shades of blue and blue are also relevant. To verify this, just look at the manicure from Emporio Armani shows (masters used blue-black varnish), Concept Korea (sky blue), Manish Arora ("cool" blue pastel).

All these colors will be good both solo and as a basis for fashionable spring design.

Separately, it is worth noting the textures that nail masters from shows proclaimed fashionable.

Manicure jacket for spring 2018: trends

The classics inspire manicure masters no less than the crazy antics of fashion designers. Therefore, the images of models on the catwalks were complemented not only by a nude or red coating on the nails, but also by a well-known jacket - though almost always in a non-standard interpretation.

  • A transparent background and colored tips are one of the simplest options. Such was the manicure at the shows of Alice + Olivia and Maryam Nassir Zadeh. At the last one, they suggested experimenting with a traditional strip - and making it not curved (repeating the contour of the free edge), but straight, even if the shape of the nails requires a different approach.

  • By the way, a straight cut in a lunar manicure will look interesting. The tip can also be decorated with a curly color block, as at the Novis show - sharp edges and bright blue fill made this version of the jacket unusual.

  • A game of textures is also possible in French manicure. Of course, the most expressive is the contrast of the matte background with the glitter at the tips. But there are other combinations - for example, cream varnish, which shines only due to the glossy “finish”, and metallic varnish with a fine shimmer, as in the Sachin & Babi show.

Beautiful ombre manicure for spring 2018

Judging by the photo from the podium, the ombre manicure is also in trend in the spring of 2018. Masters practically did not update gradient nail art, did not try to somehow transform it.

They just reminded us that the ombre effect could still be used. At the Tom Ford show, such a manicure turned out to be evening thanks to varnishes with flickering particles. However, in the daily design of the spring-summer 2018 season, the ombre will be in place - if you choose soft pastel shades.

Short nails

  • One tone. As we already noted, a plain manicure can be fashionable in the spring-summer 2018 season. For short nails, this is perhaps the best choice, because it is important for them to give a neat, elegant look. Nude varnishes cope with this task best of all, as can be seen on the example of manicure from the Mugler show.

  • Graphics. When the nails are short, complex and intricate designs look at them not in the best way. It is more correct to give preference to simple graphics - in fashion, for example, minimalistic black stripes on a transparent background, as in the shows of Tibi and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

  • Outline stroke. Another option for graphic manicure for short nails is with a thin contrast line drawn along the outline of the main color, as in the Roksanda show. It will replace both the French and the lunar manicure in case the classics bored you.

In general, when doing manicures in spring trends, avoid oversaturated design details if you have short nails. Better less, but better - a principle that works in this case.

Long nails

For those who have long nails, in the spring of 2018, manicurists are advised to try other fashion trends.

  • Floral motifs. What season is spring-summer without manicure with floral patterns and patterns? Pay attention to the design from the Ryan Lo show - it will serve as a model if you do not know how to decorate long nails with flowers elegantly, without frills.

  • Transparent background. This trend is not losing ground. In the spring of 2018, beauty gurus offer to create a design on a transparent background on long nails. A transparent background is good for abstract graphic elements, and for very specific thematic drawings. Take a look at the manicure from the Byblos show to get inspired.

  • Rhinestones. If a fashion in the spirit of the 90s is close to you, then you will not mind adding sparkles to the nail art - voluminous, as in the manicure from Naeem Khan and Philipp Plein shows.

Which of the design options in manicure would you like to repeat on your nails in the spring of 2018? Write in the comments!

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Spring manicure with a bunny

Do you want to pamper yourself with a beautiful spring manicure with an unusual design, or maybe a funny look of nail art? A great idea for a fashionable manicure for spring can come out with a picture of a hare on a thumb in tandem with a jacket or nude manicure on all other nails. Looks like nail art for spring is just wonderful, giving a good mood and positive emotions.

Cute spring bunny nail art

3D nail design for spring

If you have not tried the spectacular volumetric design of the nails, then it's time to try it, and we offer to start with a fashionable 3D manicure in the spring with flowers. The technique of sculpting or casting on nails in a gentle style will allow you to get a chic floral design in the spring. Another cool view of the volumetric design that will look perfect in the spring is textured droplets on the nails with a gradient.

Volumetric nail design for spring with flowers

Pastel French

It is as if the pastel color palette was created for the spring season, giving harmony and sophistication to spring manicure in any solution. We offer you to implement beautiful pastel manicure in the French technique using the main coating in pastel colors with white tips. To complete such a pastel French manicure will help decor in the form of a delicate crystal on one of the nails.

Chic almond-shaped french manicure spring

Floral spring nail art

In the spring, you can not do without flowers that will look perfect not only in the images with the dress, but also in the fashionable design of the spring manicure. A cute manicure can turn out with small and tiny flowers decorating all the fingers of one hand. The gentle style of spring nail design is the watercolor technique with floral motifs, which adds weightlessness to the top floral designs. You can also use ready-made sliders stickers, which are very convenient and effective.

Flower nail art for spring

Spring geometry

Geometric patterns are very effective on the nails this spring, giving a special style and uniqueness to spring nail art. Geometric manicure is ideal in office sets and in everyday life, and using sparkles and glitter you will get an intriguing spring manicure for the holiday (manicure on March 8, Birthday).

Stylish geometric manicure for spring.

Manicure "different pens" for spring

Bored of familiar nail designs? We suggest experimenting a bit and using the technique with a different design for both hands. So, on one hand you can perform monochrome manicure in a rich shade, and on the second - drawings and prints, or use a shiny decor in the form of glitter. It will turn out a very interesting and fashionable manicure for spring.

Spring manicure in the technique of "different hands"

Spring manicure in the technique of "Bubbles"

A novelty in the manicure art of this season is the trendy manicure with bubbles using the Bubbles technique, for which foam is used and therefore this effect on the nails is also called foam manicure. An unusual effect with bubbles can be obtained very simply: it is enough to use any foaming agent to get foam, apply it on a thin layer of gel polish with a substrate and dry it in a lamp, resulting in an unusual effect on the nail. In the spring, delicate blue and pink foam manicures using the Bubbles technique will look beautiful, and for the evening, feel free to choose a gradient manicure with bubbles and a bright rub.

Foam manicure for spring with flowers

Spring Gradient Nail Design

The spring season is unthinkable without a gradient nail design, in which you can safely apply different approaches - a matte finish, a bright finish, prints and decor. The latter, by the way, are able to transform your favorite gradient very much, helping to create more festive or, on the contrary, laconic nail designs with ombre manicure techniques for spring.

Delicate gradient manicure for spring

Spring abstraction on the nails

Wanting to get a unique look of manicure, you should turn to the technique of abstract nail art design, which gives the nails every time a unique and surprisingly unique look. Novelties of spring manicure are presented by colorful abstract designs made using spray, brush strokes, gradient technique, imitation of natural textures, negative space and graphics. These approaches will help you to easily implement any style of abstract manicure you like in the spring.

Wonderful abstract manicure for spring

Spring manicure with rhinestones, sparkles, rubbing

If there is a festive event in the spring, then it is worth choosing a special spring design for your nails. This can be an option with rhinestones and crystals, glitter and rubbing, giving the handles shine and radiance with any kind of manicure - monochrome, floral nail art or trendy combined design.

Delicate spring design with rhinestones, glitter and rub.

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