What are the sweets for?

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Dream Interpretation - Sweets

The dream in which you saw sweets portends a long courtship of the young man, which will end with the traditional proposal to marry him.

To receive a set of expensive sweets as a gift means that you will be invited to a celebration.

To give a box of good chocolates in a dream means to be the first to confess the love that will be rejected.

There is candy in a dream - a portent of prosperity in business, a fun life and happy love.

Sweet candies mean profit, sour ones mean diseases and irritability, mints mean disappointment and frustration will come in place of unlimited trust.

If in a dream you eat caramel - therefore, the person whose reciprocity you are seeking is not indifferent to you.

Lollipops in a dream portend treason by imaginary friends.

Chocolates mean that you will find the people you need and things will go in full swing.

Make candies in a dream - you will achieve your goal thanks to tireless and painstaking work.

Buy sweets - go to waste.

Dream Interpretation - Candy

If you made sweets in a dream, then your well-being will improve due to diligence, diligence and hard work.

The dream in which you eat friable, crunchy candy portends secular pleasures and promises love.

Sour candy is a sign of illness or annoyance and irritation.

If you received a box of chocolates as a gift, you have prosperity ahead. They themselves sent someone a box of chocolates - your hopes will not come true.

The dream in which you eat sweets portends an exciting experience in an intimate life.

And the presented candies dream of a risky connection.

Miller's Dreaming Candy

Making sweets in a dream means improving your well-being through diligence, diligence, hard work.

To dream that you eat friable, crunchy candy speaks about secular pleasures and promises love to young and older people.

Sour candy is a sign of illness or that annoyance and irritation will replace the former boundless trust.

To receive a box of chocolates as a gift - promises a persistent but hypocritical harassment to a young man. Usually this dream promises prosperity.

If you yourself send someone a box of chocolates, you will soon make an offer (business or marriage), but you will be disappointed: hopes will not come true.

Sweets according to Freud's dream book

Sweets, like most sweets, symbolizes your frivolity in matters of sexual relations and the desire to receive maximum pleasure, without worrying about the consequences.

If you buy a box of chocolates - you are frivolous about your many contacts and, without hesitation, enter into another connection.

Family Dream Sweets

If you made sweets in a dream, your well-being will improve thanks to diligence, diligence and hard work.

The dream in which you eat friable, crunchy candy portends secular pleasures and promises love.

Sour candy is a sign of illness or annoyance and irritation.

If you received a box of chocolates as a gift, you have prosperity ahead.

They themselves sent someone a box of chocolates - your hopes will not come true.

Sweets according to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Candies seen in a dream are a symbol of insignificant worldly joys.

There are them in a dream - a sign that you are tired of trouble and that it does not bother you to brighten up your existence in any way.

To find candy in your pocket means that in the near future some pleasant trifle can brighten up your life.

An empty candy wrapper is a sign of deceived hopes and not too deep disappointments. Such a dream encourages you to be careful, not too trusting other people's promises.

If you dreamed of a box of chocolates - perhaps soon you will find organized entertainment.

Any troubles associated with sweets (for example, if they are bitter or if you bite your tongue) - warn you against being too passionate about worldly pleasures - this can turn you into harm.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep depending on its details

Who doesn't like sweets? There are few such people! Many of us, and especially those who adhere to a strict diet without any sweets, often dream sweets at night. But such delicious dreams can also be seen by those who are not at all worried about their figure and who do not suffer from a lack of various sweets and other sweets. So let's see how candy interpretation is interpreted.

What were the sweets: chocolate, candy, marmalade

Chocolates dream of making a profit or a new romantic acquaintance.

What chocolate candies dream of - definitely for the money. And the level of profit depends on the variety and quality of such sweets. According to the dream book, chocolates in the hands of another person mean that this person has romantic feelings and a certain sympathy for you.

Caramel sweets, a variety of candies, as well as toffee, promise you minor financial improvements, a small amount of money. The amount of profit will depend solely on your investment of moral and physical strength to ensure success in any undertaking. If you dreamed of sweets from marmalade, soon you will have a pleasant and relaxed vacation.

Have you seen a lot of sweets or just one?

Why do I dream of many different candies - this symbolizes the receipt of a number of pleasures, if the candies were sweet. And a number of unpleasant and disappointing moments await you if the sweets that you ate in a dream were very tasteless. One candy means your loyalty and constancy in love affairs, as well as service and devotion to your work.

If you bought these sweets in a dream

Why dream of buying sweets in a dream? According to the dream book, buying sweets for yourself means that you are too disappointed in life and want to somehow embellish your existence. But in fact, you understand that you need to make more efforts to make your life better, and not sit still, idly by.

If you give sweets to someone, your marriage proposal will be rejected by your loved one (for young people). If a young girl gives someone such a gift, it means that she is already ripe for serious family relationships.

Sweets by weight can mean some cash loss, a waste of pleasure. It may also indicate your avaricious and sticky character, since you consider every penny and are not capable of generosity, as well as of open, disinterested relationships with people.

Why dream of wrapped chocolates in a large beautiful box - some very happy event awaits you soon. Perhaps a material reward, a large cash bonus at work or promotion up the career ladder.

If in a dream you ate sweets alone or with someone

Eating sweets in a dream for a person without a couple means a quick meeting with the second half, which will become a life partner. But this interpretation is true only if the candies were mouth-watering and sweet. A dream in which the sweets were sour and tasteless means the loss of a close friend, a long separation from a loved one, longing and sadness.

Why dream about having sweets in a dream alone - to a big profit, which guarantees cooperation with your wealthy business partners. And it will depend on you whether you will get the whole jackpot, or whether you will share with your workmates. According to the dream book, eating sweets together with someone means that you will enjoy communicating with this person.

  • According to the dream book, treating friends or acquaintances with sweets may mean that you will soon have a very pleasant conversation or a new acquaintance,
  • Why dream about handing out sweets to children - very soon you will meet your loved ones. Also for a young woman, this may dream of a possible pregnancy.
  • To treat relatives with sweets is to take upon themselves part of their financial difficulties, help them financially, or render assistance in some important issue. But, at the same time, this may mean that someone from your loved ones can be seriously ill.

Who saw the dream: girl, woman, man, child

  • If you dreamed about sweets for a young girl - this means that soon a wealthy bridegroom will turn to her,
  • And if a young man is a sign of hypocritical attention from some woman,
  • To dream of sweets for a married woman - to an invitation to a wedding or some kind of celebration,
  • For a man, a dream about sweets promises career advancement,
  • If the child dreams of sweets in a dream, it means that parents urgently need to reconsider the diet of the baby so that he does not get sick.

The main values ​​of sleep with chocolates

  • The most important thing that chocolates dream about is pleasure, desire for pleasure, love of surprises. According to the famous Forest Gump, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know exactly what the filling will fall this time.
  • The second meaning, a direct and logical derivative of the first, is a lack of love, pleasure, attention, and luxury of simple human communication. Eating chocolates alone means loneliness.
  • There are chocolates in a dream, one after another, to unwrap and throw wrappers on the floor - to feel boredom and disappointment.
  • If you have one single candy in a dream and this is enough for you - you spend a lot of time on self-discipline and have reached incredible heights. All your thoughts are under control, pleasure is strictly regulated. We will not advise you to relax, because everyone understands how this can end. No wonder you keep yourself on the chain, you have good reasons. But even if you break and go into complete separation - mentally we are with you. Do not reproach yourself.
  • Slide-wrapped chocolates in gold or silver wrappers are the pursuit of luxury. A stormy and beautiful romance is possible, which will suddenly end without any consequences.
  • To see how someone eats chocolates, to admire a couple who treats each other with sweets - to envy someone else's happiness, to dream of kidnapping him. This is not evil envy, you just want happiness and try to try on other people's recipes. Not the fact that they will suit you.

What do chocolate candies mean by dream books

Sigmund Freud's dream book is adamant and, as always, unambiguous. Chocolates in a dream are sexual pleasures and erotic pleasures that you constantly dream about and hide the truth even from yourself. Treat each other with sweets - have sex. Have chocolates - dream about sex. To get dirty with chocolate - you will not be able to resist temptations.

A female dream book treats chocolates as kisses. Swap sweets - give each other kisses. Sending a box of chocolates is a sign of emotional sympathy. Send candy with a dove - kiss.

On the other hand, if you were presented with a box of chocolates - these are your dreams, packed in cellophane. If you do not immediately change your life, your dreams will not come true.

Miller's famous dream book is inclined to see joyful emotions in chocolates. Miller advises putting money on deposit to avoid rash spending. Special, fancy candies, unusual shapes, interesting design of chocolates indicates your creativity.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Wangi, Freud and others

If you dreamed about lollipops - soon you will receive a small, but pleasant additional income.

As you understand, you should carefully consider such details of sleep as the quality, quantity and composition of the sweets you dreamed about. Because this is how you can predict how to behave in certain situations of life. For example, prepare in advance for the arrival of guests, a merry feast in a noisy company, a trip to visit, which symbolizes a dream in which you ate sweet and tasty sweets.

Or, on the contrary, if in a dream you tried bitter, sour, old, tasteless goodies in the form of sweets - you should think about your health condition, look at your environment, some work colleagues who may have a tooth for you. In this case, you should also try to prevent conflicts with relatives by moderating your emotions.

What do the fillings mean?

  • If almonds are hidden in a chocolate candy, you will have a lot of luck.
  • Chipped nuts - you have to work hard on happiness.
  • Liquor, drunk cherry, any alcohol filling - you do not have enough peace and poise.
  • White filling - you are one of the calmest people in this world, the foundation of family and well-being. Perhaps you want to get out of the role for a while? Why not go on vacation without a family? Choose northern and European countries.
  • Liquorice - you live in Scandinavia. It was a joke. In fact, this means that you should save your throat and be afraid of colds for a while.
  • Puff chocolate - you really know a lot about luxury. Be careful, they envy your happiness. Do not brag too much about your successes. Instead of admiration, you can get the exact opposite result - people will refuse to cooperate with you. Or significantly increase the prices for their services.
  • Strawberry. In your case, Freud's interpretation is absolutely fair. You love sex and know a lot about it. Strawberries are one of the recognized aphrodisiacs. Do what you like. But don't get caught.
  • Spoiled, bitter filling, filling that is not at all suitable for candy or inedible - beware of insidiousness in business. Do not take a word, do not trust smiles and promises. A well-written contract is the only thing you can believe. You will be surprised how many charming smiles fade in your surroundings.

Miller's dream book - you will plunge into romance

Making sweets with your own hands - diligence, hard work and diligence, you can significantly improve your well-being. Why dream about eating chocolates - romantic relationships and social pleasures. If in a dream you come across an acidic, spoiled candy - the probability of illness is high. It is also possible that you will cease to trust a loved one, and he will begin to cause you annoying feelings and irritation.

If in a dream a young girl or boyfriend receives a box of chocolates as a gift - this means that in reality someone is rather persistent, but hypocritically trying to provoke reciprocal feelings. And if you sent sweets to someone in a dream, it means that you will be disappointed when you offer your loved one a hand and a heart.


To see chocolates in a dream is a very good, strong sign. But also a warning. You want more than you currently have in your life. You will have to make efforts to make your dreams come true. Chocolates used to be synonymous with absolute luxury. Now chocolates are available to everyone.

You don’t have to strain too much to eat chocolates in any quantity every day, earn extra weight, diabetes and bury all your dreams and brilliant ideas. You deserve more. You have the right to work on precisely your ideas that will bring you profit. Or they won’t bring it. But these are your ideas and your life. In any case, you will earn on sweets.

Candy in a dream

The predictions of dream books about what sweets dream of are contradictory. Some interpretations predict a truly sweet and enjoyable life for the dreamer; according to other versions, sweets dream of complacency and irritability, especially if the sweets were sour in taste.

The French are sure that the candy seen in the dream warns of the appearance in the life of the dreamer of a flatterer who hides his real intentions and his evil nature under a bright candy wrapper.

If a girl saw them in a dream, then soon a young man will appear in her life. After a pleasant and long candy-bouquet period, she will marry him, and their life will be sweet.

To more accurately interpret the "sweet dream", you need to remember all the nuances: the size of the candy, the type of sweetness, the number and actions with the object. What they were doing? Chewed, spat out, looked, gave, treated, received, as a gift?

Dreamwright Wangi - luck will be on your side

According to this dream book, seeing sweets means that you are perfectly engaged in spiritual self-development, so you will always be lucky. What chocolate candies dream of - a lot of sweets indicates that you will succeed in financial matters, as you work with honest and conscientious partners, which as a result will bring you all a big profit.

If in a dream you enjoy eating delicious sweets, it means that you are able to change your life for the better and wish it with all your heart. And when you try tasteless, sour or expired candy - consider that your body is signaling about possible problems with the gastrointestinal tract, you should be more careful about your health.

Dream Interpretation

Sweets in a dream are a sign of beginning changes in life. A person will appear in your life who will turn your previous idea of ​​many things. Thanks to his advice, you will live a different life. Relocation or travel to another country is not excluded.

Bitter sweets in a dream indicate that you too close to your heart perceive the words of other people and often be offended. Try to be humorous and skip some tips.

Freud's Dream Book - You Want to Have Fun

Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud gives an interesting answer to the question, candy in a dream, what is it about. He believed that sweets and sweets generally speak of frivolity in sexual terms. Such a person craves crazy pleasures and incredible pleasures, without completely thinking about their consequences. And if a person in a dream buys a whole box of chocolates - this indicates his erratic sexual relations and a frequent change of partners.

Candy Woman

If a woman saw and tasted the sweets in a dream, a pleasant conversation with friends and cash profit await her in reality. Chocolates indicate a woman’s willingness to change her life for the better. If you dreamed of an elegant box of chocolates, in reality a woman wants to meet a serious and reliable life partner, but at the moment she is closed and unsociable, it is difficult for her to open or make a new acquaintance. The dream hints to the dreamer that it is time to get out of her albeit beautiful case and open herself up to the new.

Candy with sourness is dreamed of by a woman in whose life an insidious seducer appears or has already appeared. Do not let him harm you. Lollipops in a dream indicate the presence of health problems, and marmalade is dreamed of by women who have recently become too trusting, as a result of such behavior, the dreamer may have trouble at work.

To a married woman, a “sweet dream” predicts a pleasant trip with his family to relatives or on vacation. If sweets were wrapped in rustling paper, this is a sign that in reality a woman needs to pay more attention to children, take time for a relaxing family dinner with intimate conversations.

Sweets with thick filling inside dream of a married lady at a time when her relationship with her husband goes to a new level or stage of development. Now you trust and understand each other more than ever. But sweets with fruit filling in a dream suggest that the family union lacks lightness and diversity.

For unmarried women, a “sweet dream” promises favorable events and a replenishment of a wallet. If the candy was bright or dreamed of several multi-colored caramels, soon the girl is waiting for noisy holidays or a party at which she will surpass herself, surprising and admiring its beauty guests, especially representatives of the opposite sex.

If a girl dreamed that someone was giving her a beautiful box of chocolates, she would soon marry successfully. But if she gives the candy herself, her wishes will not be realized. Perhaps the dreamer will soon part with her mate.

If a girl bought sweets in a dream, in reality, she will understand that she connects her life with the wrong person. The dream promises a purchase, which the girl will then seriously regret. Bitter or sour candy in a dream means physical ailments for the girl, because of which they will probably have to go to the hospital.

Pregnant women almost always dream of sweets for pleasant meetings with people whom she had not seen for a long time. Sour candies in a dream indicate that in reality a pregnant woman is fixated on only one problem that does not give her rest. Stop thinking about the same thing, there are a lot of interesting things in life! Noble dark chocolate in a dream portends the birth of a healthy boy.

Modern dream book - take care of your health

To eat sweet candies in a dream - to fun and joy. Sour, tasteless and old - to despondency and sadness. Dreams in which you buy sweets mean that you self-medicate very often, and that this can ultimately lead to a serious illness.

A beautiful large box of chocolates symbolizes a complete guest house, as well as cheerful friendly gatherings. Small sweets, candies, toffee and caramels dream of little joys or of small cash inflows.

If in a dream you treat someone to sweets, it’s to meet soon good friends, a conversation with old friends or good friends. Distributing various sweets in a dream - in reality, make the final decision to enter into a legal marriage (for a girl) or make an offer of a hand and heart to a beloved (for a young man).

When you are presented with a lot of sweets in bulk, you should be careful and beware of a deceiver or a flatterer who is trying to rub his trust in you, while using your old acquaintances. It can be either an employee of your company marking for the position you occupy, or an unclean financial partner who feeds you with empty promises.

Sweets candy man

If a man dreamed of sweets, then very soon he would get a lot of pleasure from traveling or visiting friends he had not seen for a long time. Such a dream holds promise at work and business success. It is better to refuse any transactions if the dreamer tried sour candies in a dream.

If you dreamed that someone threw a handful of small sweets at you, you underestimate yourself in reality, while others use your kindness and responsiveness.

Marmalade is dreaming of a man who in reality feels depressed and lonely, the time has come to “get out into the people” and have fun.

If a married man dreamed of sweets, in reality his house is full of love and care from his wife and children. If they turned out to be bitter to your taste, it’s time to stop commanding at home, it is better to establish a constructive dialogue with the household, otherwise in the near future you can’t avoid swearing.

I dreamed of chocolates

If you dreamed of chocolates, in real life the dreamer dreams of enjoying life, receiving gifts and swimming in luxury. The dream predicts that he will have all this, but to get all the benefits of life, you will need to work hard, in this case the Universe will respond to your desires. Do not demand everything from life all at once, take care and increase what you have now.

It is likely that the “chocolate dream” is a signal that the dreamer lacks attention and love, he is lonely and unhappy. If you sit and suffer alone, nothing will change. Tell your loved ones about your desires.

If the dreamer saw in a dream and ate a lot of chocolates, reality bored him, and banal laziness prevents him from breaking out of the frames.

If there was only one chocolate candy in a dream, in reality you keep your thoughts and emotions under control, your perfectionism annoys others. Try not to demand from people more than they can actually, and even take a break from everyday worries.

If in dreams you saw them in bright wraps, in reality you want to live in abundance, to be a financially independent person, part of the elite. In addition, such a dream portends a love affair.

If you bought chocolate in the market, expect success in business. Purchased sweets in the supermarket, for the arrival of guests. Some interpretations regard the purchase of chocolate in a dream as a disappointment in loved ones.

If in a dream you bought chocolates with marmalade inside, wait for love passions. Sometimes acquiring them in a store promises a big win. If in a dream you bought candies with whole mountains, in real life you will be praised by the boss with everyone and, in general, you will fall into his favorites.

Dreams of a lot of sweets

If in a dream the dreamer saw a huge amount of sweets, in reality he will have an easy and carefree period full of hopes and new deeds. Many interpreters portend the dreamer wealth in real life.

According to other versions, a lot of sweets in a dream means the arrival of guests, possibly distant relatives. If in a dream you found them behind furniture in your apartment, expect a fresh wind in life, a pleasant change in new meetings.

If you saw a lot of multi-colored caramel, in real life you have become an optional and frivolous person. This is explained by your fatigue. In other words, you should go on vacation and preferably away from your home.

If you dreamed of a lot of fruit chewing sweets, in reality, wait for novelty in a love relationship. If a man dreamed that in a dream he was giving a lot of sweets to his beloved woman, then in reality he had better wait a moment with the proposal to legalize relations by marriage. Until your chosen one is ready to wear a ring on her finger.

If in a dream there were a lot of small sweets, then expect a lot of surprises and gifts. Many small sweets without a wrapper indicate that in reality the dreamer is not very confident in his relationship with his other half. He is tormented by doubts and bad thoughts.

Buy candy in a dream

It is very good if you saw a dream in which you buy sweets. This almost always indicates success in business. A stormy romance dreams of buying marmalade sweets, and if there was a crispy waffle filling inside the candy, wait for better health.

The acquisition of chocolate goodies for large cash flows, and candies for luck. It’s good if you didn’t bargain in a dream, otherwise you will succeed, but you will have to solve a number of problems. If the seller in the store allowed you to try sweets, and they came to your taste, in reality in the work team you will gain complete understanding and trust.

According to Freud’s interpretation, buying marmalade sweets in a dream means attracting the views of the opposite sex in reality, but don’t get carried away too much in the process of flirting! If you ate the purchased sweets on the spot, in reality your nervous system will be restored, you will feel calm and rested.

If you buy too expensive sweets in the store, in reality you will enjoy it.

Treat sweets in a dream

It does not matter who you treated to sweets in a dream, in reality you will have a defender and a friend whom you can rely on at any time. In addition, the dream in which you treat them to someone speaks of an unhealthy desire to please other people. Remember that it’s not possible to be good for everyone, so quickly become yourself.

If in a dream you give sweets, in reality you have only one plan for overcoming difficulties, and there should be several spare ones so as not to get confused when the situation gets out of control. And this will happen soon, because an envious person has appeared in your life, from whose lips sweet but deceitful speeches flow in your address. You will be able to defeat him if you do not initiate a liar into all your plans and act unpredictably.

A daydream in which you present sweets as a gift may also mean that you are in vain trying to persuade people to commit some act that is beneficial to you. So far, no one wants to meet you. This phenomenon is temporary.

If in a dream you handed out sweets to small children, in reality you are sorely lacking in attention and affection. If you shared sweets with beggars, in reality you do not have the courage to ask for help from an influential person.

Eat candy in a dream

Absorption of sweets in a dream means success in love and at work. It is likely that your financial situation will improve soon, and even enemies will suddenly come to your side, because some common goal will appear on the horizon.

Other interpretations explain that eating sweets indicates that in reality a person seeks to understand himself, to analyze his own actions, to correct something in his life.

An unfavorable sign will be if you ate bitter or sour sweets. Such a dream comes to frequent quarrels, tears and minor troubles.

If you ate sweets with a beautiful aroma, in reality you will soon meet a very responsible person with whom you can safely create a family union and give birth to heirs. If an adult woman dreamed about how she eats sweets with pleasure, in reality he will have a great time with friends.

Well, if a creative person dreamed of eating chocolate candies. Now his business will go uphill, because in his head, like batteries, new ideas will work. A muse will come to poets and writers.

If you wanted to eat candy in a dream, and then resolutely refused, pay attention to your health, are there too many addictions?

Box of candies

Almost all interpretations interpret a dream with a box of chocolates in a dream as expectations of a holiday in reality. And he really will come in the form of pleasant events, pleasures and the addition of money. If a dreamer is presented with a box of chocolates, in reality he can count on success in business and the recognition of his colleagues.

If the box was decorated with a large bow, think about whether all your friends treat you sincerely. If in a dream the dreamer himself hands someone a box of chocolates, then people around him will soon cease to understand him. In this period it is better not to offer anything and not to prove your point of view. Over time, people themselves will understand your position in life.

A girl who is presented with a box of sweets in a dream is predicted to see an annoying fan appear on the horizon.

A man's dream bodes well, but only if he opened a box of chocolates in his daydream.

According to some dream books, a dream with a box of chocolates promises a very successful period in life. You can take on any business without looking back. Ms. Fortuna herself turned her attention to you!

But sometimes a dream warns of a dangerous connection with the opposite sex. If the box contains sour candies, in reality you trust your dreams and thoughts to the traitor.

According to other interpretations, a dream may mean an invitation to a festive celebration or birthday.

Dream Interpretation: what chocolate is for

Most interpretations boil down to the fact that “chocolate” dreams portend positive changes, a secure life, success and prosperity. Even if the delicacy turned out to be stale or not tasty, it means only minor, temporary difficulties. They can be easily overcome and achieve the desired result.

Miller's dream book claims that to see chocolate in a dream, but not to eat it, suggests that someone close to you needs help, possibly material. One who sees such a dream can not only provide this help, but also receive joy from it. In another interpretation, the chocolate promises the sleeping man a romantic adventure, pleasant experiences.

To understand why chocolate candies dream, a dream book will help. Buying them in a dream means improving financial condition, wealth in the family. Trying - to a significant career growth and respect for colleagues and superiors. Souffle sweets portend changes in personal life, a meeting with a person with whom a romantic relationship will develop later on.

White chocolate in a dream speaks of luxury, chic life, exquisite pleasures that the dreamer will soon be able to afford. It is possible to receive a gift or a bright, surprising surprise, fulfillment of desire. White chocolate symbolizes the embodiment of a long-held dream that seemed impossible. She also says that the white streak in life is already underway or is about to begin.

To see hot chocolate in a dream means that happiness goes near and favors the sleeping person, luck goes hand in hand with him. Preparing a drink - getting a new, promising job, starting a project that will allow you to rise to a new level in a professional way, gain recognition and improve well-being.

If you dream of marshmallows in chocolate - hopes for something significant are laid in vain. The one who saw such a dream will receive less than expected. It is possible that loved ones do not justify trust.

Chocolate in the window of a store or cafe speaks of the desire for promotion or material wealth. But while achieving this goal is far and ghostly. It is necessary to work and improve in order to succeed. If in a dream sweets are removed from the window, the dream is not destined to come true. This is a sign that you need to set a new goal and take on its implementation.

Many different types of chocolate promise a lot of positive emotions, joyful moments and enjoyment of life. Such a dream is seen by happy people, whom fate favors and often gives generous gifts.

Who dreamed chocolate: a man or a woman

Delicacy in a man’s dream means material wealth, possession or desire to achieve them. Women have a stronger emotional component. Chocolate in their dreams has to do with feelings and personal relationships.

If a man sees in a dream a lot of sweets, this will lead to a significant improvement in financial position. Possible salary increase or career advancement. Opening a successful business or concluding a long-term contract with new partners.

If a woman dreamed a lot of chocolate, she will find a firework of emotions, love relationships that will give her happiness. Such a dream promises a lot of fans, attention, compliments and gifts to a young girl.

The girl in a dream receives a huge box of chocolates as a gift. The dream interpretation in this case portends an acquaintance with a man about whom she had long dreamed. He will provide attention and count on reciprocity.

When a man dreams of sweets with souffles, he should take a closer look at his surroundings. Somewhere nearby there is a woman who wants to surround him with her warmth and care.

Let’s figure out why chocolate cake is dreamed in a dream:

  • for a woman, this means a happy and happy family life,
  • the girl will wait for a declaration of love from her chosen one,
  • the man who bought the cake will experience vivid emotions.

Chocolate ice cream portends a man unforgettable experiences in the intimate sphere. If a woman dreamed about it, then next to her there is a fan who has strong feelings.

When a chocolate woman dreams of a pregnant woman, this symbolizes her desire to quickly hug her baby, take care of him, give him his love. Such a dream promises that the pregnancy will pass calmly, and that childbirth will be easy. White or dairy varieties are dreamed by the expectant mother before the birth of her daughter, and the dark one prophesies to her son.

Other dreams

If in a dream you had to steal sweets in a store or from another person, in reality you need to carefully analyze the relationship with your loved one. You have become capricious and emotionally unstable, unreasonably demand increased attention to yourself, hysteria and say a lot of bad things to the second half.

It's time to stop and learn to love not only yourself. Other interpretations foreshadow the dreamer, who stole sweets in a dream, the implementation of plans dishonestly. I must say that subsequently the secret will become apparent. So think carefully before taking risks.

If you dreamed that you were presented with sweets in a dream, wait for the pleasures of life, fun and joy. If a girl dreams of candies donated by someone, she will soon find love, but for now she should be more discriminating in choosing a chosen one among the candidates for her heart.

If you dreamed that you were collecting candies in a cemetery, you would be sad and wistful in reality. It is likely that in the near future you will be able to take revenge on your ill-wishers, or someone else will do it, but when you find out about this, you will be satisfied. The dream also warns that in real life it is time to be more economical and keep an eye on the wallet. There is a risk of losing money.

The dreamed candies say that the dreamer in real life has become too frivolous. It is either time for him to rest, or to attempt to change his character. Despite being lucky, this behavior will ultimately lead to problems. Remember what you did with the candy in the dream? If you tried to buy in a store, you will prepare for a fun holiday or purchase pleasant little things for your home.

If in a dream you spat on lollipops, in reality you are wasting your time trivializing a Puritan lifestyle. If you gnawed a lollipop, in reality you are dissatisfied with your wages and are no longer able to go to a hateful job. If in a dream you sucked a lollipop or sold lollipops in bags, in reality you will have a noisy celebration.

Wrapped candies are dreamed by people who in reality always want to appear in a more favorable light, bathe in luxury and love. Do not demand too much from life, otherwise there will be an extra reason for disappointment.

Sweets or candy wrappers can portend financial gain. I can dream of many multi-colored candy wrappers to people who behave in life too carelessly, annoying others. Your views on life and appropriate behavior spoil the life of not only you, but also loved ones. It's time to grow up and make responsible decisions.

Throw a mountain of candy wrappers, waking up to be in good company with delicious food and drink.

A bag of sweets in a dream is a good sign that good events await you in life. If a packet is torn in a dream, this is a sign that in life you have chosen the wrong vector and risk being left without money, and possibly family.

Candies not always seen in a dream portend a sweet and carefree life. If your interpretation of your dream is positive, congratulations and wish you not to lose optimism. Other interpretations are advised to be perceived as an occasion to reconsider some views on life or attitude towards oneself. In any case, pass your dream through the prism of your own sensations. Intuition will tell you what signs fate sends you once again.

There is chocolate in a dream why dream

According to the dream book: eating chocolate in a dream means receiving a gift, finding new love, refreshing relationships. But do not overdo it: the absorption of goodies in large quantities means satiety, excessive desire for pleasure. Such a dream hints that it is necessary to reconsider your attitude to life.

Eating chocolates in a dream together with loved ones means that you can always rely on them in difficult situations. They will provide timely support. If there is a treat for one, and family members watch and do not share the pleasure, this symbolizes the reluctance to provide material support to relatives. Share chocolate - provide wealth to the family.

Eating chocolate at a party means that friends appreciate and love such a person, are glad of his visits and are happy with communication with him. Eating chocolate in a cafe portends futile actions, empty vanity. According to other interpretations, in this place with a sleeping person some kind of pleasant event can happen. A chocolate snack on the go speaks of hasty conclusions. But if she was found before this on the street, then the dreamer will be lucky.

In a dream, is someone else eating chocolate? This symbolizes envy. No need to look at the successes of others - you should achieve your goals.

The bitter taste of chocolate in a dream shows dissatisfaction with yourself in the intimate sphere or dissatisfaction with it. Such a dream serves as a hint that you need to discuss this with your partner so that the relationship gives joy to both. Eating dark chocolate in different places means the need to diversify your sex life.

If, when eating milk chocolate, it quickly melts, then the coming joy will be short-lived. You can extend it by changing your behavior or attitude.

The interpretation of the appearance of chocolate bars

A very large tile indicates unwillingness to share achievements with others, self-esteem and high opinion of oneself. By itself, a tile or a chocolate bar portends significant changes in life: repair, moving to a new apartment or to another city. If you try the tile, and it is tasteless, then the move will not live up to expectations, efforts will be in vain.

To dream of a tile in a package means revealing abilities and talents, but you will have to work hard for this. If you dreamed about chocolate with nuts - get ready to make big profits or win. Coconut tiles portend a striving for success, which is not destined to translate. Stuffing from jam symbolizes the pursuit of self-interest. Chocolate with raisins predicts a pleasant surprise or a long-planned trip. If you dream of a bar with nougat - be careful, large monetary losses are possible.

What did you do with chocolate in a dream

  1. As interpreted by the dream book, buying chocolate means dissatisfaction with their financial situation. Anyone who makes a purchase in a dream considers himself underestimated, worthy of more, but does not want to develop in order to change this. Such a dream may also indicate a lack of joy, positive emotions. It is necessary to correctly prioritize and stop blaming others for their failures.
  2. Selling sweets in a dream means giving joy to loved ones. Well, if they accept it with gratitude. Their reaction can be assessed by the behavior of customers in a dream. If they are indifferent, relatives do not value caring for them.
  3. Cooking a chocolate dish means building your own life and well-being, attracting success. Such a person is always lucky.
  4. Drinking hot chocolate in a dream - to a meeting with a loved one.
  5. To receive a treat as a gift is to be surrounded by the attention of the opposite sex. New romantic relationships are possible.
  6. To give sweetness, treat with sweets - surround the partner with love, affection and tenderness. The chosen one will appreciate it and reciprocate.
  7. Stealing a treat means striving for an easy life. If caught, then in reality someone will condemn or rebuke. In the case when he stole and did not notice, the sleeper is ready to forgive the old grievances.
  8. And finally, take a chocolate bath. Such a dream symbolizes a high financial position, wealth and constant attention of the opposite sex.

Chocolate not only improves mood. The delicacy that you see in a dream symbolizes a "sweet" life. Understanding what chocolate dreams about in a dream, we can conclude that such dreams are the happiest, they prophesy joyful events, long-awaited travels and fascinating relationships.

Decoding on dream books

  • According to Miller's dream book, first of all, you need to pay attention to the appearance and taste of the dreamed chocolate. If it is mouth-watering, fresh, tasty, it means that a happy period will come in the life of the sleeping person, filled with pleasant joyful moments. If stale, smelling bad - there will be serious obstacles to the goal.
  • In Freud's dream book, chocolate symbolizes sexual relations. If the tile turned out to be very tasty and gives a person a real pleasure, then in reality he is completely satisfied with his intimate life. A salty or spoiled delicacy suggests that the sleeping person had problems in the sexual sphere. Most likely, he suffers from his own complexes and inability to be liberated.
  • According to the Mayan dream book, a large tile of sweets symbolizes imminent changes in everyday life and everyday life. It is likely that a man or woman will need change. This can be either a banal rearrangement or the purchase of new furniture, or moving to another house / city / country.

In the Esoteric Dream Book, chocolate is a symbol of health problems.

This interpretation is relevant for those options when the dreamer awakens sweets. If a person gets dirty while eating chocolate, you need to pay attention to which part of the body. With her or the organs located in this area, problems can begin.

If you dream of chocolates with which the sleeper’s pockets are filled to the brim, then this is a very good sign. Changes are coming in the financial sphere. They will be unexpected, but very pleasant. If a person treats someone else with chocolates, he will soon lend a tidy sum of personal funds. Before agreeing to a request, all possible risks must be carefully weighed.

There is a treat in a dream

If you had to eat chocolate in a dream, first of all you need to remember how thick the dinner was and whether it was at all. Perhaps the dreamer simply thought about his beloved sweetness before going to bed and is now reliving his desires in night visions.

In this case, you do not need to look for the hidden meaning in the dream.

It happens that in a dream a person begins to try a bar of chocolate or candy presented to him. This means that in reality a black line will begin. But do not worry much about this. The period of trouble will be very short. Soon everything will change, and life will become even better than before.

  • The fair sex with an appetite eats chocolate in her dream? Such a plot symbolizes her desire for a better life. The girl wants to achieve all the goals, no matter how unattainable they may seem at first glance. If the dessert was delicious, most likely, the sleeping one will be able to realize all her dreams in the very near future.
  • If a man tastes a delicious sweet tile in a dream, he should expect vivid love adventures or gratitude from the person whom he recently helped.

Had a Chocolate with Nuts

Dreaming chocolate with nuts indicates the love of the sleeper.

A man or woman in real life is constantly in search of sexual or romantic adventures. The dream suggests that the time has come for change. It's time to think about a permanent serious relationship or building a family.

If the sleeper is not famous for numerous sexual victories, but still sees a chocolate bar with nuts in a dream, it means that he will have a favorable combination of circumstances in a recently begun business. We need to continue to move forward and implement our plans, even if they seem hopeless. Everything will change for the better in just one second.

Why dream of buying chocolate or candy

Had to buy a treat in a dream - to diseases. In the Esoteric dream book it is noted that the causes of the started health problems should not be sought in overwork. The decline in strength of the sleeper is connected with his constant desire to control everything and everyone around him. You need to learn how to relax and turn off your head. Also, a person is greatly hindered by distrust of others.

Had to buy a huge amount of chocolate in a dream? So, the dreamer has taken on too many tasks and problems. Probably even strangers. Such circumstances may adversely affect his state of health.

Lots of chocolate

If a huge amount of chocolate is located in front of the dreamer, from which he can not choose the most delicious tile, then he doubts the sincerity of a loved one. In order not to torture yourself with bad thoughts and suspicions, it is better to organize a check for him.

Independently brew chocolate in large quantities - to a strong long relationship and harmony in family life.

This interpretation is especially relevant if the sweet looked appetizing and had a pleasant aroma.

If you dreamed about a chocolate bar for a man or a woman, you should try to remember if the sweet had a filling, and what it was:

  • White fondant inside a dark tile suggests that a white streak comes in a person’s life. Finally, only luck, joy and prosperity await him.
  • A filling of dried fruits indicates that the dreamer has a strong sense of jealousy for his soulmate. It interferes with a calm and happy life.
  • The dark layer in the middle of the tile predicts a break in love relationships.

When interpreting sleep with chocolate, you need to take into account all the small details and plot details that were remembered until the morning. Depending on them, the meaning of the dream can be either positive or negative.

Dream candy from A to Z

Making sweets in a dream means improving your well-being through diligence, diligence, and hard work.

A dream in which you dreamed of sweets - portends a long courtship of the young man, which will end with the traditional proposal to marry him.

To receive a set of expensive sweets as a gift means that you will be invited to a celebration. To give a box of good chocolates in a dream means to be the first to confess the love that will be rejected.

There is candy in a dream - a portent of prosperity in business, a fun life and happy love. Sweet sweets - mean profit, sour - to disease and irritability, mint - to chagrin and disappointment will come in place of unlimited trust.

If in a dream you eat caramel - therefore, the person whose reciprocity you are seeking is not indifferent to you. Lollipops in a dream - portend treason by imaginary friends. Chocolates - means that you will find the people you need and things will go in full swing.

Buy sweets - go to waste.

Sweets on the dream book of a modern woman

Get a box of chocolates as a gift - to prosperity and good luck.

Sometimes such a dream can portend someone's persistent, but hypocritical harassment.

Send someone a box of chocolates - in the near future to make an offer (business or marriage), which will be rejected.

There is a crumbly, crunchy candy in a dream - to secular pleasures and love.

Candy with a sour taste - portends a disease or annoyance and irritation, which replaced the former boundless trust.

Sweets by Modern Dream Book

The dream in which you make sweets - promises profits made through your hard work and diligence.

There are lollipops in a dream - portends a variety of entertainment in society and the general atmosphere of love.

Sour-tasting sweets are a sign of illness or latent irritation.

To receive a box of chocolates as a gift - for young people means that they will become objects of worship. Such a dream usually bodes well-being.

If you dream that you are giving a box of chocolates - you will make an offer of a hand and a heart, but subsequently you will experience disappointment.

Sweets on the East Dream Book

There are candies - for entertainment in the very near future.

Sour sweets - symbolize illness or annoyance.

To receive candies as a gift is a sign that you will become an object of worship. Such a dream usually bodes well-being.

If you make sweets yourself, it means that you can succeed thanks to hard work and patience.

Giving sweets is a sign that you will decide to get married, but then you may be disappointed in your chosen one.

Sweets according to the dream book of Catherine the Great

Candy - you make candies yourself (or marmalade, candy) in a dream - a dream means that a happy event takes up little space in your destiny, all that you have achieved in life and what else will be achieved is the result of exclusively your purposeful activity, such qualities like self-discipline, perseverance, diligence, etc. - the key to your continued success. You dream of chocolate candy - the profit will be small, but it will also please you.

In a dream, you eat tasty, slightly crispy candy - you have to spend the evening in a secular society, someone will have conversations, someone will dance, and you will meet your love (even if you are not sixteen long). You eat caramel in a dream - perhaps you will meet the person you once loved, your feelings will flare up with renewed vigor.

The candy that you eat, sour or old - the disease will make you irritable, intolerant, selfish, everything that does not seem to you will cause you anger. The girl dreams that she was presented with a box of chocolates - this girl will be unpleasant of someone obsessive courtship, compliments will seem rude or far-fetched, the girl will see in the unobtrusive fan of the hypocrite.

Sweets on the big dream book Phoebe

You dreamed of Candy - to a gradual but noticeable improvement in well-being. Imagine a table completely laden with vases of sweets. There are a lot of candies, and they are all different. It is advisable to imagine sweets that you like and that you would like to try. Imagine that you come to the table, take a candy from one vase, unfold and eat it with pleasure. Imagine what kind of candy it is, what kind of wrapper it has, what taste it is. Then you try another, third candy from other vases, and eat in turn. Then move on to the next vases. The more sweets you try, the better.

Jewish Dream Book Chocolates

What do candies mean in a dream - Laying candies on a table A dream that occurred on Monday night means that you will have suspicions that someone is deceiving you. Having a dream on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it means that you will receive attractive offers from people whom you cannot fully trust. A dream seen on Saturday night or Sunday means that you will choose your entertainment. Trying to gnaw hard candy Sleep on Monday night means you will be in a difficult position. Having a dream on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, a dream means that you have to pay for the mistakes of your friends. This dream, on Saturday night or Sunday, is a manifestation of unreasonable obstinacy.

Sweets on the Women's Dream Book

Dreaming about Candy - Get a box of chocolates as a gift - to prosperity and good luck. Sometimes such a dream can portend someone's persistent, but hypocritical harassment. Send someone a box of chocolates - in the near future to make an offer (business or marriage), which will be rejected. There is a crumbly, crunchy candy in a dream - to secular pleasures and love. A sour-tasted candy portends a disease or annoyance and irritation that has replaced the former unlimited confidence.

Online Dreaming Candy

According to the dream book, eating candy - you will experience incredible sexual pleasures.

You were presented with sweets - for the sake of pleasure, put yourself in danger.

You hand them - your dreams are not given to come true.

Handing out sweets - you have never noticed such a large number of your fans that will be everything as a selection. It will not be easy to choose the best one.

Choosing sweets in a dream is a sign that health will soon noticeably worsen. You can feel chronic fatigue and lethargy, lethargy.

Chocolates - you will find help and support in the face of new friends who will be happy to get to work.

Stale chocolates

Buy sweets in a dream - you should think about maintaining health. If you are self-medicating, then this approach will not lead to anything good.

Dream Interpretation believes that a box of chocolates is a complete guest house, well-being and confidence in the future. For young people, it can mean temptation and fatal passion.

There are sweets - diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Have to pay a visit to the dentist.

Candies, cookies - it is necessary to remember one of the recently deceased. Go down to the church, put a candle for peace.

A lot of sweets - among your friends there is a flatterer and a pretender. Detecting it will be easy and simple, as the lie with which it is hiding will surface.

It is a good, pleasant conversation to treat you to sweets. Meeting with a longtime girlfriend.

Candy on a dream book of lovers

The dream in which you eat crunchy candy indicates that you will be happy in love and live a social life rich in pleasures.

However, sour candy - portends disappointment in a loved one.

If a girl dreams that she receives a box of chocolates as a gift - in reality this means that she will have to deal with the persistent harassment of a young man.

When a young man dreams that he is giving a box of chocolates, this indicates that he will make an offer to the girl who will reject him.

Basic Interpretations of Sleep

It has long been believed that to see goodies in a dream is to observe pleasant changes in real life. The more a person remembers from a dream, the its interpretation will be more exact:

  1. All children love sweets. Chocolate dreams can visit them too. If a child saw such a dream, it means that he needs the attention of his elders. Parents should pay more attention to their child. When a child loses a sweet find in a dream, this may indicate that in real life he will be parted, not only with sweets, but with his best friend. The pride of the child will not allow the return of friendship.
  2. It happens that both friends may have one dream. Chocolate candies they eat together. This means that very soon the guys will go on a joint trip, where they will rest in full.
  3. To see how other people gave chocolate to each other - to the envy of others' happiness. In order to prevent this, in reality it is better not to deny yourself "amenities" and often buy something for yourself.
  4. Why do I have a lot of chocolate candies? Definitely for luck and fun. But to hesitate for a long time, to take them or not is the inability in life to make responsible decisions. Someone does it for you.
  5. For a pregnant woman to see a similar dream. There are chocolates for girls who are in an interesting position in life - a prediction that childbirth will take place without complications.

We must not forget about the nuances, every detail is important.

Miller Chocolates

In Miller's Dream Book sweet definition gives the following definition: luck smiles on a person, life will change for the better. For some, it can be a long-awaited vacation, but for someone it’s just a well-spent day off. Gustav Heindman Miller draws the attention of his readers to the fact that in the dream any smallest detail is important, which can very accurately explain the dream:

  1. A box of chocolates presented to you - success in financial matters, increase in equity. Great time for investing in various projects or on deposit.
  2. If the gift box contains sweets without a wrapper, these are dreams in reality that will never come true. So while it is impossible to rush things, it is worth considering carefully all plans for the future.
  3. To see unusual chocolate figures, beautiful colors - development in a creative direction, career success, getting to know the right and important people. If chocolate crumbles before your eyes - to betrayal. Now it’s better to make independent decisions, not to trust anyone.
  4. Eat chocolate sweets and taste good - the emergence of new perspectives or ideas. Bitterness is not a very pleasant conversation with a relative or acquaintance.
  5. If a filling results in a dream from a sweet product, it will definitely have to turn red in reality, because your secret skeletons can fall out of the closets.
  6. Buy chocolates - for the soon arrival of relatives with whom we had not seen for a long time. Hassle and a lot of work on this subject, but the joy of a long-awaited meeting will eclipse all the experiences.
  7. Making chocolate in the realm of Morpheus means improvements in financial affairs, but no one canceled the efforts. You need to work hard to get some profit.
  8. To see expired chocolate products and eat them - to an early illness or parting with a loved one and a loved one.

There are many interpretations. Miller draws attention to the fact that it is necessary to take into account all the details and details, as well as the mood in a dream. So it will be easier to determine the future fate in reality.

Freud's Dream

Sigmund Freud interprets dreams in which sweets are present in his own way. He says this is for a change in intimate life. For example, if a young lady eats chocolate in a dream and enjoys it, so in life - the partner will fully satisfy in an intimate sense.

For married ladies, everything is a little sadder. If a woman bites a piece of chocolate - some ill-wisher will lay eyes on her husband. It is not necessary to let everything go by chance, it is better to control the husband and prevent concessions in his behavior. But excess emotionality can only hurt.

Interpretation in other dream books

Esotericists have an absolutely opposite opinion about chocolate products in a dream. They say that this is a deterioration in health, problems in business. If you use chocolate in a dream without pleasure - you need to wait for trouble. This can be a serious illness that will have to be treated for a long time and pretty spent.

When a future mother gives sweets to strangers, this means that someone is jealous of her interesting position. Envy is very bad. If a young unmarried girl eats sweets in a dream, she goes out of balance in life. The guy treats his beloved with sweets from his hands - to a quarrel.

Dream Book of the White Wizard interpreting chocolate dreams a little differently. A person who sees such a dream in the subconscious wants an easy life. This is the only way to wait a long time, but nothing sensible will come of it. You need to make an effort for a rich and beautiful life. Also, sweets speak of difficulties with finances, large debts. To treat someone with their sweets is to hide their flaws.

It is not worthwhile to completely plunge into the definitions of dream books and follow the prompts, but you can believe in the changes.In life, a person can go for a long time to some important decision, sometimes dreams come in handy and tell you what to do best.

It is also better not to worry about poor interpretations. Perhaps the troubles will seem not so significant, and the upcoming life prospects will put them on the back burner.

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