Fascinating manicure 2019 2020 on short nails

In order for a woman to feel excellent every day and not limit her list of usual activities, she should pay attention to the fashionable design of short nails 2020-2021.

Undoubtedly, the trends and trends of nail art will please lovers of all kinds of manicures, offering the admirers of this art form a stylish design of short nails with impeccable decor, made in different shades of gel polish and using classic and innovative techniques.

Fortunately, every year the design of short nails is replenished with new examples that professionals kindly provide to candidates for stylish variations, not sparing to share their ideas with all the girls.

Probably, like you, considering and choosing a new manicure, the Ideal Style team spent a lot of time in order to find the best design for short nails - photos, new items, amazing ideas.

Our review contains a really magnificent design for short nails 2020-2021, with which we would like to introduce you right now. Details further ...

Fashionable design of short nails 2020-2021: only the best trends, trends, techniques

If you have well-groomed nails, any design of short nails will look good a priori.

Even if you are a young mother who has to spend time near the baby for days, do not spare yourself the beloved opportunity to be beautiful and well-groomed, because every woman deserves to be one, no matter how many problems and difficulties life accumulates for her.

Do you want to be in trend, look stylish? Then pay attention to the design of short nails in classic and innovative techniques, transforming any look for every day, evening and cocktail onions.

Many brides also prefer the design of short nails 2020-2021, because if the natural shape of the nail plate is narrow and elongated, any master will create a masterpiece on such nails by painting the wedding manicure with flowers, lace, decorating with beads, glitter, and rhinestones.

The design of short nails 2020-2021 can be performed on the nail plate oval and square, round in shape, after all, these forms are typical for short nails.

You can always try to create a design of short nails on your own, having mastered the ways of implementing popular techniques using video tutorials and illustrative step-by-step recommendations.

Design of short nails 2020-2021: traditions of nail art with a touch of stability

Today, such techniques that everyone loved by everyone are considered traditional, such as a French coat, the plain design of short nails with gel polish, and, undoubtedly, the lunar one.

Clear techniques can be implemented in simple, elegant variations and classic ways.

Nevertheless, do not underestimate the traditions that, thanks to nail art innovations, are able to sparkle with new shades of mood in your image.

Make a strip of french black or color, and on one or two nails, draw geometric shapes, dots, decorate the nail with rhinestones.

The lunar design of short nails can be transformed by supplementing it not with a straight line, but with an elongated french stripe, adding glitter and rhinestones, adding kamifubuki or modeling to the hole. Suddenly and very originally, instead of holes, draw a little love!

A plain nail design is a classic of the genre that has already been called fashionable a hundred times, however, if you make a matte nail design in a monophonic version, you will get a very luxurious and concise manicure for an evening dress without anything superfluous.

By the way, using one of the ombre techniques, you will get a colorful gradient manicure in a stylish monochrome.

2020-2021 Short Nail Design: The Best Nail Art Innovation For You

The innovation of nail art, which has gained popularity not so long ago, is the chrome design of short nails 2020-2021 and, of course, a manicure with rubbing.

Textured manicure for short nails can be smooth, and may have patterns on the surface of the nails.

Not less successful techniques among innovations are design for meek nails with foil, stamping (for those who do not know how to draw, but want something neat and sophisticated).

The gradient already mentioned above is an excellent solution for short nails in spring and summer.

Further, we will not lose sight of the water, marble, mirror and volumetric manicure made by Dots.

You can view ideas and innovations of meek nail design in these techniques below, where these examples are presented in abundance.

But this is not all that manicurers of modern girls surprise. Pay attention to the manicure with sculpting - refined and sophisticated, try to make the design of short nails “cat's eye”, which will flicker, playing with highlights in bright light.

What about such an unexpected interpretation, like piercings, chains, imitating bracelets. A very stylish trend, by the way ...

Fashionable nail design for short nails 2020-2021: when you want something incredible

For more than a year, the design of short nails is considered the most refined if decorative elements are used to create it.

In fact, they are familiar to everyone, and we will not surprise anyone if we call the design of short nails with rhinestones, with flickering large and small sparkles, eggs, and beads.

But no one can certainly argue that the design of short nails with similar elements can have tens of thousands of variations, each of which will delight you with color interpretations, original author's ideas for the location of elements, a combination of decor with drawings, patterns drawn by geometric shapes, etc. d.

Among the most relevant ideas, one should not forget about such areas as minimalist design, geometry, color block, frame, which can be created with gold and silver stripes and foil or glitter inserts.

Neat short nails minimalism 2020-2021 is a very sophisticated trend, adding elegance, impeccability and conciseness to your nails.

Simple and tasteful - today is much better than bright, catchy and a lot (we are talking about decor).

And although everyone chooses nail design to their liking, we advise you to pay attention to the latest news.

Do not forget about the drawings and lace, monogram, intricate, minimalist, abstract patterns that can improve the design of short nails 2020-2021, breathing in them a special mood.

Especially such transformations are expected for the spring-summer season, when variegated and catchy marigolds are not at all bad manners.

In winter, we recommend choosing options in dark and deep shades with seasonal ideas of ornaments, emphasizing your stylish autumn-winter bow.

Fashionable form of short nails 2019 2020

A short length of nails like no other will be an excellent "platform" for creating nails in the style of ala-natyurel. Fashion for the shape of nails tends to change from season to season. In 2019 2020, smooth curves are relevant. Even if you really like pointed squares or sawed-off “wits” popular a couple of years ago, don't let them appear on your fingers.

The fashion for naturalness is already in full swing that has captured the style of hairstyles and make-ups, and has taken up nail service.

New fashion trends on naturalness and lack of aggression had a significant impact on the nail aesthetics, which also began to have a natural character. The main favorites of the season will be oval and almond-shaped. In the most extreme cases, the corners of a square shape must be rounded with a nail file.

Fresh trends in nail art: stunning design of manicure for short nails

Once again, the fashionable design of manicure for short nails is the optimal solution for both a young girl who leads an active lifestyle and for a woman of any other age who wants to look stylish and fashionable at a business meeting, dinner party, walk with children.

Actual trends highlight the most natural and feminine manicure.

Choosing a straightforward design of short nails, you can combine different sets of clothes without fear that your chosen manicure for short nails will not fit into this or that fashionable bow.

If you want to look bright, the fashionable design of manicure for short nails in actual saturated color combinations of the palette using all kinds of manicure techniques will suit you.

Fashionable manicure in natural tones for short nails 2019 2020

Despite its simplicity, varnishes of natural colors have more advantages than it might seem at first glance. First, natural colors compensate for the lack of length and give the hands an elegant look. Secondly, a manicure with varnishes in natural shades is suitable for any outfit. This factor is especially attractive for girls who lead an active lifestyle.

If you need to wear an evening suit in the morning, put on sportswear after work, and go to a noisy party in a dress with a train in the evening, then the selected varnish in a natural tone will look harmonious with all the outfits, regardless of their color.

Manicure with varnishes of natural shades - a real station wagon in female images

The most acceptable colors of the season will be:

  • natural beige
  • pale pink,
  • "cocoa",
  • light gray
  • watery apricot
  • taup.

Manicure designers are still advised to succumb to fashion trends and dilute the monochromaticity of the manicure by highlighting one or two nails with textured varnish or a different shade. For example, paint all nails with glossy beige varnish, and highlight the nameless one with a textured, but lighter tone. Another interesting option may be a combination of a light apricot hue and cocoa color, which are in perfect harmony with each other according to the laws of color.

Do not forget about the painting on the nails with a natural shade, which will become the "highlight" of manicure. The image of small roses in pale shades on two nails surrounded by a light pink color will look very feminine and elegant. You can also use two varnishes of the same tone, one of which will be textured - for the image of patterns, the second glossy - for the base. The ombre technique will help to slightly extend the nails with the transition of one natural color to another.

Fashionable jacket for short nails 2019 2020

New variations on the theme of French manicure are quite acceptable for short nails. This version of the nail is one of the few that looks harmoniously on both long and short nails.

In the "French" it is simply impossible to look not elegant and not feminine.

Designers have opened almost full access to the “shorties” to all fashion trends of the season and offer to decorate their hands with the following varieties of “French”:

  1. Classic and trendy touch. The traditional look of manicure overnight will become fashionable if you select one or two nails with the help of a picture. At the same time, the appearance of the image itself can be anything - flowers, graphics, ornaments, intricate patterns or ombre staining. Also, decor in the form of beads, rhinestones and sculpting is allowed.
  2. Free zone. Regardless of the fact that the nails already do not have a significant length, a non-painted smile will not shorten them at all. In addition, if in this manicure to single out a nail with a graphic style drawing, then the lack of length will cease to be noticeable at all.
  3. Pastel contrasts. Using just two soft light shades you can make a custom “jacket”. Pastel peach and turquoise tones, which on each nail can appear in a new interpretation, certainly can not be called dull. For example, make the base peach on four nails, and the arc of the tip turquoise. On one or two nails add a turquoise smile, and one out of five is completely painted over with this color.
  4. Extraordinary arc. The selection of a semicircle at the tip of the nail with other colors will not surprise anyone, but the thin contrast line on the monochrome surface between the tip and the main surface is an original innovation in French nail.

Abstractions for short nails 2019 2020

Abstract patterns for short nails are some of the most successful, as they do not have clear lines. The most original will be the familiar stains of marble, which will be popular both in their natural colors and using shades that do not exist in nature. For example, on pastel-turquoise make silver lines.

Nontrivial patterns in the style of abstraction will create a dynamic and vibrant manicure.

Manicure designers showed considerable interest in the art of avant-garde artists, whose chaotic blots and bloopers found their application on short nails. Bright and contrasting shades look interesting without any special meaning next to each other, but blots in the style of a psychological test for criminals are especially distinguished from the general background.

Also on the nails can be depicted distorted geometric shapes or multi-colored lines randomly "scattered" on the nail surface using matte varnish and glitter.

Fashionable manicure "matte" for short nails 2019 2020

A feature of nail polish without shine and low tide is the effect of a certain nobility and luxury, regardless of its color. True, in order to use all its advantages, it is necessary to prepare a nail plate, the surface and shape of which should be ideal.

The visual illusion of the velvety surface of the matte varnish gives solidity not only to the nails, but to the whole image.

Manicure designers offer several options for manicure with a matte varnish:

  • diagonal ombre
  • on a matte surface patterns with glossy varnish of the same shade,
  • black "jacket" with an accent of a smile and an arc with gold foil,
  • matte "jacket" with a glossy arc on the tip of the nail of the same color.

Stylish trench coats. A collection of trench coats in designer interpretations

Today, a beautiful manicure for short nails is one of the fashion trends in nail design 2019-2020.

This is not strange, because a beautiful manicure for short nails is a universal solution for nail design for every day and for a festive occasion.

A beautiful manicure for short nails is also very convenient, because, you see, not every woman can afford long nails with a chic manicure.

Daily work, a certain dress code, lack of time to treat yourself with long nails, these and other factors push women to choose a beautiful manicure for short nails.

Beautiful manicure for short nails 2019-2020 will delight women with a variety of ideas and variations that will tell you which beautiful nail design to choose.

A beautiful manicure for short nails 2019-2020 will attract tenderness with pastels with all kinds of design variations.

Such a gentle manicure for short nails is suitable for all occasions, which makes it simply excellent for a woman.

Stylists advise women not to be afraid of fashion experiments and choose juicy accents to create a fashionable image.

That is why it is worth trying a beautiful manicure for short nails in dark shades of the palette, which contrasts with the calm design of nails in pastel shades, but looks no less beautiful and very impressive.

A rich manicure for short nails is an ultra fashionable solution for a festive and evening nail design.

Although a manicure for short nails does not allow using all manicure techniques, a beautiful manicure for short nails looks quite harmonious in a bright and colorful version.

Thanks to clear geometric ornaments, a beautiful manicure for short nails can look restrained and concise, and, for example, a floral print or a gentle unobtrusive pattern will make your beautiful manicure for short nails the embodiment of female elegance and lightness.

The most beautiful and fashionable manicure for short nails 2019-2020 is a stable and reliable manicure for short nails, made by gel polish.

Such a beautiful manicure for short nails will delight you for several weeks, eliminating the need for frequent nail care procedures.

The trend is matte manicure for short nails, which is really a hit of fashionable nail design.

If you chose a beautiful manicure for short nails with a length of 2-5 mm with an oval or almond shape, you are in the spot, because such a fashionable manicure for short nails is now at the peak of popularity.

If we consider in more detail fashionable manicure for short nails, then the French technique will undoubtedly be relevant for short nails in the near future.

French manicure for short nails is a classic of the genre, which has changed due to the latest trends in the fashion design of nails for short nails and has become more unusual and original than ever.

The French manicure for short nails became brighter, the French ceased to be only restrained, he played with bright shades of the palette.

As we already said, matte manicure for short nails is now very popular. And if you perform such a beautiful manicure for short nails in combination with gloss, you will get a mega stylish manicure for short nails.

French manicure for short nails can be combined with other manicure techniques.

So if you make one nail with a pattern that supports the general color design of the nail design, you will get a very beautiful manicure for short nails.

A beautiful manicure for short nails 2019-2020 will attract lovers of a geometric print.

A fashionable manicure for short nails with a geometric pattern can be created by experimenting with color and variations of shapes.

Unusually gentle or even provocative will be a beautiful moon manicure for short nails 2019-2020, which now has also become more interesting and brighter, because a game of contrasts is used to create such a nail design.

In fashion is not only a beautiful manicure for short nails, the options for which we described above.

Topical in this and next year will be a fashionable manicure for short nails ombre, a solid manicure for short nails that never goes out of fashion, as well as a fashionable manicure for short nails - metallic.

Note that a beautiful manicure for short nails can be very original and interesting, depending on the period of the year, which directly affects the ideas of manicure for short nails.

Now check out our photo selection, which presents the most beautiful manicure for short nails 2019-2020.

Fashionable manicure for short nails silver, gold and metallic 2019 2020

Matte, glossy and glitter varnishes will be especially popular for a New Year's party or social event. Of course, such a manicure can also be introduced into everyday or business life for a change, but most likely even its insignificant elements will discord with the general style due to its sparkling.

Sparkling manicure, like no other, will give the image solemnity and elegance.

The nail industry did not restrict even non-standard colors to a metallic sheen and released a fairly wide range of varnishes, consisting of turquoise, purple, yellow-green, cobalt, wine and emerald. It is advisable to use them in monochrome, since such varnishes are too self-sufficient and do not tolerate additional elements next to them. The only kind of decor that designers allow is the effect of a mirror ball for discos or “broken glass”.

The actual silver manicure will be a "French", which will combine varnish with matte and glossy effects. Golden color looks the most beneficial in combination with black, so any patterns and patterns will reveal the best sides of this shade.

Beautiful manicure for short nails 2019-2020: photo ideas of manicure for short nails

The latest trends in manicure, a beautiful manicure for short nails, photos of ideas for manicure for short nails 2019-2020 can be found in our selection ...

Crescent moon and geometric patterns for short nails

Geometric shapes and lines can visually lengthen nails like no other. Even a simple contrast line in the middle of the nail plate in the longitudinal direction will “draw” them a small length. Elongated rhombuses, ovals and triangles are capable of the same effect.

The image of elongated geometric shapes and longitudinal lines will give a couple of millimeters to the nails.

The transverse crescent moon looks especially expressive as part of a drawing in French manicure. It can duplicate the arc of the tip of the nail, and also be a separate element on a monochrome nail.

Chic moon manicure

Manicurists propose to diversify the classic moon manicure with additional arches in the middle of the nail or a “jacket”. It is also permissible to paint the lunula with contrasting varnish, mark it with small stones or leave it “naked”.

The new moon manicure will have laconic features.

Stylish thin stripe manicure.

Contrast strips drawn with a thin brush will continue to be in favor. Neil designers propose to draw thin lines in the form of projections or contours of geometric shapes or simple even strips of black lacquer.

Many with thin black stripes will be associated with school drawing for many.

In addition, uniform transverse strips of two colors will be in fashion, for drawing which you can use a combination of glossy and textured varnishes.

Floral design motifs of nails.

The trend will be both small, medium and large flowers. Their placement on the nails can be completely diverse, but in most cases, the masters of manicure agreed that the flower should be one, medium in size and located diagonally closer to the edge of the nail.

A manicure with flowers is relevant while femininity and grace are in fashion.

Decorating a pair of nails with a simple or French manicure by painting flowers in delicate colors, you can give your hands an elegant and sophisticated look.

Gel polish technique - your perfect short-length manicure

For many, the design of manicure for short nails using the technique of gel polish has become an indispensable way to create a new manicure.

A beautiful manicure design for short nails with gel polish will last on your nails for a month, delighting you with a neat manicure, and not forcing time to spend on its constant updates.

The fashionable design of manicure for short nails with gel polish is not only very convenient and practical, because you will quite calmly do usual household chores, without fear of damaging your manicure design for short nails.

Such a manicure for short nails will look very elegant and impressive on your hands, drawing attention to the well-groomed and neat nail art.

Our photo collection presents a fashionable design of manicure for short nails with gel polish in large quantities, so we advise you to definitely try to make such a design of manicure for short nails, if you still paint nails with ordinary varnishes.

New season - a new manicure for short nails

Although the fashionable design of manicure for short nails with the use of various techniques is not tied to the season, so that your design of manicure for short nails looks relevant, we advise you to always choose a fashionable design of manicure for short nails by season.

The design of manicure for short nails in the spring interpretation will look great.

Delicate pastel shades, pink, nude and blue manicure designs for short nails will delight lovers of sensual fantasies of manicure.

In the spring, you can make a beautiful manicure design for short nails with a neat floral print, add notes of impressionism to the spring design of manicure for short nails, pay attention to the marble and matte design of manicure for short nails in all kinds of options.

In the summer there is no chapel for the embodiment of the most striking manicure metamorphoses. On warm days of summer, bright monophonic design of manicure for short nails, cute design of manicure for short nails with flowers, blots, peas, strip, etc. will be relevant.

The fashionable design of manicure for short nails with a color gradient that can combine both similar and completely contrasting shades will look especially expressive.

Autumn and winter always dictates its own rules in creating design options for manicure for short nails.

More calm decisions, but at the same time saturated colors will refresh your image on the cold days of changeable autumn and snowy winters.

The geometric design of manicure for short nails, effective design of manicure for short nails with drawings in the autumn and winter themes, metallic and monochrome design of manicure for short nails, as well as nail art with sparkles and rhinestones will be relevant.

There is no doubt that there are options for the design of manicure for short nails, which will be relevant regardless of the season and season.

To be honest, a professional manicurist will be able to realize any idea that you like, making it interesting and suitable for your image.

Classic manicure techniques: lunar and french manicure design for short nails

The lunar design of manicure for short nails, as well as the French design of manicure for short nails, can be called a universal platform for embodying the most chic ideas of nail art.

The French and moon design of manicure for short nails can be combined with rhinestones, microbeads, sparkles.

These techniques of designing a manicure for short nails look flawlessly with a floral and abstract pattern, patterns on the nails in one or another theme, geometric print.

Both the lunar and French design of manicure on short nails will be an excellent solution for wedding and final manicure, as well as for everyday nail art.

If you want to be always on top, a similar design of manicure for short nails should definitely be in the arsenal of your options.

Original drawings and magnificent patterns - a chic trend of manicure for short nails

Separately, it should be noted the original and unique design of manicure for short nails with patterns and drawings.

Impressive rich and calm drawings and patterns were recently considered the prerogative of evening nail art, today a fashionable manicure design for short nails with lace, abstract, ethnic and floral patterns is quite acceptable as a variation of everyday nail art, the main thing is that such a manicure design on nails short length combined with your chosen set of clothes.

A stunningly effective manicure for short nails can be performed with volumetric and 3D drawings in any subject.

A nontrivial pattern can decorate all nails, a manicure design for short nails is also welcome, where only a few nails are decorated with a pattern.

Birds, animals, unusual figures and silhouettes, flowers, let alone ... - whole pictures can often be seen by looking at examples of modern nail art, which proves that there are no chapels for perfection if a real master takes the job.

If we talk about the palette of shades, then we will say one very relevant idea, which is often found on many resources.

Whatever the fashionable and relevant colors, you can choose a manicure in any shade that you like, the main thing is that he impresses you, bringing joy and a sense of satisfaction.

And now we offer you to see our amazing fantasies, where you will definitely find a fashionable manicure for yourself.

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