Red thread wart conspiracy

More recently, when the Internet was not so widespread, conspiracies were used only in villages, because many people from cities visited the outskirts, found ancient old women who saved them from warts. Today, anyone can use such rituals.

Warts can cause a lot of trouble. It is difficult to get rid of them, they can cause inconvenience, and even pain.

A conspiracy to help get rid of them is this ancient magic that was used by our distant ancestors. With the help of special ceremonies, you can quickly and easily get rid of such a scourge.

Spoken words help win not.

A plot that helps with cold sores.

More recently, when the Internet was not so widespread, conspiracies were used only in villages, because many people from cities visited the outskirts, found ancient old women who saved them from warts. Today, anyone can use such rituals.

Magic Against Warts

There are many different magic rituals that will help you rid your body of this problem. Like other rituals, such conspiracies have their own characteristics, most of them are mentioned in the description of magical action itself, but if you find only one conspiracy, without describing the time of the ritual and other features, it is worth remembering that:

  • a woman should perform the ceremony only on special women's days - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday,
  • a man should conduct rituals on men's days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
  • spend on a waning moon, unless otherwise stated in the description of the ritual,
  • one must believe in the effectiveness of the chosen rite.

In addition, it is always worth remembering that in each case, conspiracies and rituals can act differently, so if some kind of magic ritual does not bring the necessary results, it is worth trying to get rid of warts in another way.

The plot will work subject to the conditions

Now more and more people are turning to magic in solving a wide variety of issues, both vital and health-related. Conspiracies and spells are very popular. There is no doubt that they really work. The most important thing is to believe in what you are doing and really want it to work. Then a positive result will not be long in coming. Given these simple conditions, then luck is guaranteed to you:

  • to read conspiracies and spells in a whisper, unless it is said about other conditions,
  • a prerequisite for the conspiracy to work - faith in their strength,
  • if the conspiracy did not act immediately, there is no need to give up. He will certainly work. You need to have patience and read it many times - 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, etc. The quantity depends on the strength of a person’s energy. If it turns out well, then the number of readings can be reduced,
  • the best time to perform rituals with conspiracies is an early morning at sunrise, unless otherwise specified. You have to stand facing east,
  • during the ritual in the evening they are facing west,
  • before the rituals it is necessary to prepare both physically and spiritually - they read the plot intently, clearly, without hesitation, with all the strength that a person is capable of,
  • to strengthen the effect of conspiracies, one must read the pre-ritual prayer.

Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker, God's helper! You are in the house, you are in the field, and on the road-way, on earth and in heaven. Help, stand up, protect yourself from all evil!

Now you can try your hand at reading the plot. Success may not come right away, but you need to believe that you will succeed.The most important thing is perseverance, perseverance and patience. Good luck

Rules for reading wart conspiracy

To get rid of the formations in the form of warts on their own, you need to know and clearly follow the basic rules for the implementation of magical rites:

  1. The lack of doubt in the ongoing ritual. A firm belief that a conspiracy will certainly help is a fundamental factor in achieving a positive outcome.
  2. The correct lunar phase. The rite must be performed on the waning moon, otherwise the procedure can give the opposite effect.
  3. Prepared room. It is important that the day before the rite is completed, the room intended for it should be cleaned up and salt should be sprinkled around the perimeter to clean the energy.
  4. Body cleanliness. In addition to the cleaned room, appearance also matters. It is necessary to take a bath, put on clean clothes. Hair should not be braided, no jewelry.
  5. Day of the week. Choose the day by gender: women - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, the rest days - men, excluding Sunday.
  6. Privacy. The ritual should be carried out in a calm atmosphere and alone.
  7. Good mood. In addition to the body, it is necessary to bring in a state of mind. Get rid of disturbing thoughts and focus completely on the plot.
  8. Clear adherence to the text. You need to read confidently, without raising your voice, without stumbling, preferably by heart.

Compliance with these simple rules will get the desired result. If the conspiracy did not work, do not repeat it several times, after a while you can conduct a similar rite.

How do conspiracies and rites

Conspiracies from papillomas and warts by methods and actions are similar to hypnosis. Official medicine confirms that conducting a magical ceremony allows you to remove neoplasms without any intervention. It was noted an improvement in immunity, as well as general condition with a positive internal mood and relaxation. Desires and thoughts spoken out loud carry a living energy, helping to realize them in reality. Therefore, reading aloud the prayers you can get rid of papillomas, as well as other skin formations.

The correct conduct of the ritual, as well as the maximum attitude helps to materialize the desire and remove growths without surgical intervention. It is recommended that in the treatment of conspiracies, additionally use folk remedies, which will achieve the maximum effect. Rituals are allowed to be performed in the treatment of growths in a child and adults, regardless of size or location.

How to speak warts?

Conspiracies allow you to permanently get rid of growths and prevent their appearance in the future. Methods are based on the power of words. Sounds made during the ceremony are energy. If you direct the energy, you can be cured of the disease. It is important that the patient believes in healing through conspiracies. The method is completely safe. Suitable for the treatment of neoplasms on any part of the body in children and adults.

To achieve the effect, you must follow the rules:

  • Women should perform ceremonies on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Men - the rest of the days. It is not recommended to conduct magic rites on Sunday.
  • Women should not read the plot during menstruation.
  • The patient must believe in the positive effect of reading the plot.
  • If the description indicates the lunar cycle, you should adhere to this recommendation.
  • Do not wash the body before the ceremony.

Conspiracy Against Warts

To conduct this ritual, you will need a cotton thread about 30 centimeters long. During the growing moon, you need to go outside (or stand at the open window), touch all the warts with a thread and tie as many knots on a thread as there are from everything on your body.

After that we read the words:

"Month, month young, take my warts with you."

The plot is pronounced three times, after which the thread must be buried in the ground, at a depth of 20-25 centimeters.After that, it remains only to wait. As soon as the thread rots in the ground, your problems will pass. This is an old way, which has repeatedly proved its effectiveness.

Conspiracy Rules

For many centuries, traditional healers often used slander and spells from growths. The most effective conspiracies have survived to this day. Now there is no need to contact the healers - each person will be able to independently bring out growths in the form of warts.

Many options have been proposed, however, to achieve a quick and good result, you need to adhere to several general rules:

  1. For the treatment of any disease, choose a day on the waning moon. Exceptions are only those conspiracies in which other conditions are indicated.
  2. The room in which the ritual of treatment will take place is prepared. It carries out wet cleaning. To eliminate negative energy near the threshold and along the walls, quartered salt is scattered.
  3. Men and women need to read conspiracies from warts on different days. Women's days are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Men's days include Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Sunday, treatment is not recommended. As an exception, we can name those conspiracies and rituals that are performed on a strictly agreed day. There is a clarification about this in every conspiracy.
  4. The reader must prepare himself for the ceremony (physically and emotionally). A hot bath should be taken to cleanse the body. You need to read conspiracies with faith in a positive outcome.
  5. Before starting magical rituals, women need to dissolve their hair and remove all jewelry.

And the first plot on the video:

Celandine Rite

In order to get rid of warts on the hands, a well-known rite in which celandine is used is suitable. From the plant you need to squeeze all the juice and let it brew for at least 24 hours.

During the growing moon, you need to go outside, wet all the warts on your hands with celandine juice, stretch out your hands for a month (palms up) and say the words of the conspiracy three times:

"A month, you are early, a month you are young, take me away with you as soon as possible, take the warts away from me, and bring me back home soon."

Wart conspiracies

There are dozens of ceremonies and conspiracies that help get rid of growths on the body as quickly and efficiently as possible. They can be divided into several categories.

  1. Food spells. In such rituals it is proposed to reduce warts on a product (meat, potatoes, peas). In this case, there is a magical connection between food and warts. Once the product begins to rot, the size of the warts is reduced.
  2. To the waning moon Most conspiracies fall into this category.
  3. To the growing moon If the ritual should be performed on the young moon, then this is indicated in the hex.
  4. On the plants. In such cases, trees, herbs, medicinal plants are used.
  5. On subjects. These include rituals using thread, fabric, and more.

Ritual with potatoes

For this rite, you will need one medium-sized potato, as well as as many matches as there are warts on your body. Now you need to go to the nearest crossroads during the growing moon. We take one match, touch it to the first growth and stick it with the same end into the potato, pronounce:

“One match is one wart.”

All this needs to be done with each wart on your body, and then throw the potato at the crossroads, turn your back to it and read the words of the conspiracy:

“Here is a gift for you, bring it wherever you want, just don’t return to it with me, and if you come back, then get away from me as soon as possible. May it be so. Amen".

Now you need to quickly get away from this intersection and not look back. On the way home you should not talk to anyone. Soon, all growths from your body will come off and will never appear again.

On a cotton thread

For the ceremony, you need to take a red woolen thread, its length should be 30 cm.This thread is touched in turn to all warts. After that, exactly as many knots are tied on a thread as there are warts on the human body. The following words must be said at this time:

"Younger month, take all the warts with you."

After everything has been done, the thread is buried in the ground. You need to choose a place so that no one accidentally finds it. As soon as the thread in the earth decays, all growths will come down with it.

To a stern thread

In the fight against growths, a harsh thread can also help. To do this, take a small segment of the thread, tie a sore spot with it and pronounce the following words:

“As the knot from this thread decays, so my wart will go away!” Amen".

Immediately after this, the thread needs to be dug deeper.

There is another powerful way in which a harsh thread is used. Need to say:

“A thread is a bundle, a wart is a goat!” Rise, bend and fall off. Knots on the goat I will impose and dawn in the ground, and with strong words I will cover. As the thread rots, the wart will come off. There is no thread, and the warts caught a trace. The pit under the alder is empty, and my skin is clean. Threads with knots do not regenerate, and warts do not return. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Amen!"

After reading the conspiracy, a thread is knotted around the wart. At the same time, the assembly should not be tightened to the end. Repeat the action by the number of warts. After this, the thread should be buried under alder. Repeat the ritual for 3 days in a row.

On a yellow thread

This rite will require not only a yellow thread, but also raw potatoes. They hold the thread in turn over each wart and read the plot:

"This thread does not untie, and you do not grow together."

On a thread knots according to the number of growths. In a cut potato they hide a thread and dig it deeply.

The plot of fat and peas

This simple rite is always quick and effective. During the cooking of peas, a piece of bacon is dipped into the water, while reading the following words:

“I cook lard in peas so that there are no warts. Amen".

During this action, it is desirable to be alone, because the presence of other people can reduce the strength of the spell. Fat must be given to the dog.

Ritual with thread and potatoes

A very effective conspiracy that has already helped many people. It works flawlessly. To perform the ritual you will need:

  • one potato
  • harsh yellow thread.

Potato is cut in half with a harsh thread. Halves of potatoes rub the places where there is an accumulation of warts, while saying:

She wiped her hands with this potato, so that all my warts would come off. Amen!

Halves of potatoes are combined, tied with a harsh thread and instilled in a place so that no one gets it. As the potatoes rot, so the warts all come down. This will happen approximately one month after the ceremony. You can not use potatoes, but use one thread, however, the thread will rot much longer.

Another version of this ritual: knots on a thread are tied up, holding over warts, as many as there are, each time reading the plot:

As this thread does not untie, so you infection, do not merge with (name)! Amen!

They cut a potato in half and hide a thread with knots in it. They bury it so that no one gets it.

Thursday's Egg Conspiracy

This ritual is about “Thursday” colored eggs. They are consecrated in Easter and often left for one or another magical need. Such an egg will be needed to get rid of warts. Each wart on the body is baptized with an egg and the plot is read:

“Warts, get off my body, run to the Hven mountains rather, leave the dry tree, along the mosses, but hurry away from the swamps from me. Lord God, my intercessor, I trust in you alone, save me from pain and sorrow, from people and evil speeches, from their plan, from warts. Now and with. Amen. Amen. Amen".

This rite is one of the most powerful and often helps in cases where other options have been ineffective.

Chicken Leg Conspiracy

You can choose this method of treatment if warts begin to appear on your legs. For the ceremony you need to stock up on a chicken foot. She is lightly tapped on each wart. At the same time, you need to read the plot:

“Wart - get off, go to the chicken leg. My foot will be clean, the wart will go away forever. May it be so!"

This foot used in the ritual must be buried under any fruit tree. This must be done so that animals do not reach the bone.

Conspiracy for the growing month

This ritual is performed during the arrival of the moon. A red thread is taken. Its length should be the greater, the more warts need to be removed. You need to go outside, run a thread through all the warts, and then impose on it as many nodes as you have on these bodies of these unpleasant bulges. After knots are tied, a conspiracy from warts on a thread is read:

Month of the youngest, month of gold! Cleanse me - take the warts with you!

After slander, the thread is buried in the ground in a place where no one will touch it. As soon as the thread rots, the warts will disappear.

Rite with an apple

For the next ritual you will need:

Apple is cut by thread. Warts are rubbed with halves of an apple and tied with a thread, saying the words:

Just as this fruit does not grow together, so we do not grow together. ”They burry the apple, while saying:“ How to wipe this apple away - fly off the wart. As soon as the apple rots, the warts will disappear.

Conspiracy 1

A small potato is cut with a strong thread (without the help of a knife). All warts are rubbed with one half. You need to say these words at this time:

“I wipe the potato of this hand, remove all the warts. Amen!".

Repeat this 3 times. After this, 2 halves are tightly bound with the same thread and deeply buried.

The Most Effective Wart Conspiracies

There are many different magic spells to get rid of annoying warts and papillomas. Most of them use objects to help the text.

The most effective conspiracies from warts are:

  • on a thread
  • for potatoes
  • with millet
  • with meat,
  • with an apple
  • for milk
  • on a coin to get rid of papillomas,
  • from warts on the soles,
  • with celandine
  • with castor oil,
  • to the waning moon
  • to the young moon
  • on a clean Thursday
  • on the child’s face,
  • on the finger
  • on the purple bulb
  • from Natalia Stepanova.

Plot 2

For this rite, you need potatoes and wooden sticks according to the number of growths. You can replace the sticks with matches or toothpicks. It is necessary to conduct the ceremony at the crossroads, it is important that at this moment the place was deserted and quiet.

Having taken one match, conduct it on the wart, then stick it into the root crop. At this time, you need to say:

The next match is carried out on another wart, stuck in a potato and pronounced:

When all the matches are used, the potatoes are thrown onto the road with the words:

“The road is long, the beauty is clear. Run away - take the infection! ”

When they leave the intersection, they don’t look back.

Red thread conspiracy

It is necessary to count all the growths on the body, and tie the same number of knots on the red thread. The following words are read on the thread:

13 brother-devils, harness 13 swamp toads, drive along 13 paths, remove warts from (name). As these toads do not converge in one place, so (name) warts will not return to me. My word is strong. My business is aptly. Key. Castle. Tongue. Amen!

There is a variant of this ritual more complicated. To do this, you need to catch a living toad in the forest, and count all the warts she has. Tie as many knots on the thread as there are growths in you and the toad. Amphibians are released back into the forest, and the thread is thrown out at the intersection of two pedestrian roads. The first one to step over it, he will take all the warts to himself.

Conspiracy to thread

A fairly simple and effective way to speak a wart or papilloma, which has many variations. All of them are combined by the presence of the main component - cotton or wool thread.The color is usually red, but there are ceremonies on black, gray yarn. The plot is suitable for removing growths on the whole body, including arms, legs, neck, face.

The bottom line is as follows:

  1. As many knots are tied on a thread as there are neoplasms on the body. If their number is quite large, then 13 loops are pulled together.
  2. In the phase of the waning moon, you need to go outside, put a thread on the growths and then hold it in your hand while reading the ritual. There are options for conspiracies with strapping threads around formations.
  3. The conspiracy text is quietly and clearly read.
  4. A thread is buried in the ground. There are options where it is thrown out at the intersection of roads.
  5. The thread rots and the growth passes.

Examples of ritual texts:

  1. “Thread, thread, take all the strength from the wart. Let her dry and fall away as soon as possible. "
  2. “Nodule to nodule, tubercle to tubercle. I’m going for a month, I’ll knock everything down. I don’t want to see you anymore - get out in the open field. Leave forever, never come back. "

Strong plot

Tie a knot around the wart with a harsh thread, not tightening to the end. To read a spell over a thread, only then tighten the knot. So it is necessary to do as many times as warts need to be removed. A thread is buried under an alder. Such manipulations are performed exactly three days. Conspiracy Words:

The thread is a bundle, the wart is a goat! Rise, bend and fall off. Knots on the goat I will impose and dawn in the ground, and in a strong word I will cover. As the thread rots, the wart will come off. There is no thread, and the warts caught a trace. The pit under the alder is empty, and my skin is clean. Threads with knots do not regenerate, and warts do not return. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Amen!

All these rituals are effective and have helped more than one person. From this variety of conspiracies, choose the one that you think will suit you the most. Stock up on faith and patience - you will certainly be waiting for luck in all your endeavors.

  • removal of a neoplasm in a beauty parlor,
  • surgical growth,
  • treatment with tablets and topical preparations,
  • use of traditional medicine.
  • Find a dull crossroads
  • Use a match to touch the growth and stick it into the potatoes. So continue to the end. One match, one wart
  • Mentally imagine how warts move inside a vegetable,
  • At the end, drop everything at the crossroads, turn your back and ask the roads to take all the sores away,
  • Quickly and silently leave without turning around.
  • You should not talk to anyone at home.
  • Try to spend time in complete silence and tranquility.
  • In the early morning, cut the fruit in half,
  • Rub the cut nodule on the skin,
  • To ask an apple to permanently pick up a wart,
  • Set aside on a plate and hide away from everyone.
  • They hold it over every growth on the skin and say the following: "This thread cannot be untied and you will not grow together with me."
  • Tie knots by the number of warts,
  • Take potatoes, cut and hide a thread with knots inside,
  • Burrow deep.

The thread is a bundle, the wart is a goat! Rise, bend and fall off. Knots on the goat I will impose and dawn in the ground, and in a strong word I will cover. As the thread rots, the wart will come off. There is no thread, and the warts caught a trace. The pit under the alder is empty, and my skin is clean. Threads with knots do not regenerate, and warts do not return. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Amen!

Just as this fruit does not grow together, so we do not grow together. ”They burry the apple, while saying:“ How to wipe this apple away - fly off the wart. As soon as the apple rots, the warts will disappear.

  1. count warts by touching each end of the thread,
  2. as many knots are made on a thread as a person has papillomas,
  3. read the words:

The plot of potatoes

Like other rites, the method has several varieties. The subject of the plot against the wart is potato.

Salient moments of the ritual:

  1. Potatoes are cut in half or cut.
  2. The growths are rubbed with root crops or tied with a thread.
  3. The plot is being read.
  4. The potato halves are tied with thread or it is placed inside the notch.
  5. Vegetable is buried.
  6. Potatoes rot and formations disappear.

The option of using wooden sticks is also popular. They are stuck in potatoes at the intersection with the reading of the text of the ritual. Then the root crop is thrown out. When the potato dries up, the warts disappear.

Rite with millet

Millet is most commonly used, but it may be another cereal. The rite consists in the effect of millet groats and a read conspiracy on papillomavirus.

The ritual can occur as follows:

  1. In unsalted water, millet is boiled, small lumps are formed from it.
  2. Gruel is applied to the growths.
  3. The plot is read 13 times.
  4. Used millet is wrapped in paper with ritual text.
  5. The paper is flushed into the toilet.
  6. After two weeks, the rite is repeated.

Another effective way:

  1. Groats are poured into a clay or wooden container.
  2. Spreads a scarf.
  3. Millet is gently rubbed into papillomas.
  4. The text of the ritual is pronounced.
  5. All grains are collected in a scarf.
  6. Millet gets enough sleep for the birds, the scarf is thrown away.

Examples of spoken words:

  1. “Let the treatment help, the wart will grow cold. It will become faded from millet, the body does not need muck. ”
  2. "Get away those grains that grew in the sun, satisfy the animals with hunger, take away my warts."

To remove papillomas from the fingers, the ritual can go like this:

  1. Millet is poured with cold water.
  2. A finger is rinsed in a container with soaked croup.
  3. Water pours out under a tree.
  4. Millet is given to birds.

In this case, there is no need to pronounce a conspiracy. Any prayer that a person performing the ritual knows is read.

Rite on the waning moon

This ritual should be performed during the waning moon. The contractor must pick a small bunch of old grass after sunset and choose the longest blade of grass from it. Now you need to take turns to touch this straw with each wart on the body and pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

“The grass is dry, it will no longer become young, like a fish you can’t turn into a bull, you can’t wait for milk from a rooster. So you, wart, can’t sit on my body, you’ll be slaughtered in a month that is flawed. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. As said, so be it. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Meat ritual

The most common ritual with meat for the removal of HPV, held during the waning moon:

  1. Pork or beef is bought.
  2. A piece is cut off that can cover the part of the body affected by papillomas.
  3. The meat is applied to the growth.
  4. The words are repeated several times: "As the meat rots, the wart will leave me."
  5. A piece of meat is carried outside and buried.

The conspiracy is considered one of the most powerful. The meat rots quickly, the warts immediately go away.

Apple ritual

To conduct this magical rite, you will need an apple, which itself fell from a tree. The fruit must be cut into three equal parts, touch apple slices to each wart and pronounce the words:

“Which apples eat, and which fruits dry themselves. So my warts will first dry out and then completely die out. May it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Quarter Egg Wart Conspiracy

You need to baptize every wart on your body with a quartet, dyed egg, pronouncing a magical plot:

“Warts. Get off my body, run to the Hven mountains rather, Go away to the dry tree, along the mosses, but hurry away from the swamps from me. Lord God, my intercessor, I trust in you alone, deliver me from all pain and sorrow, from people and evil speeches, from their plan, from warts. Now and with. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Milk conspiracy

The rite is held with the help of enchanted milk. It must be home and doubles.

  1. Milk is poured into a container.
  2. Looking directly into the dishes with the liquid, the text of the rite is pronounced.
  3. The right or left hand (for lefties) is wetted in milk.
  4. Warts are wiped with each finger of a moistened hand, starting with the little finger.
  5. The fluid on the growths must dry naturally.

Castor Oil Ritual

First you need to lubricate all the warts on your body, then baptize them with the handle of a knife and pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

"Meadow, wild, neither me nor anyone else needed, wrap warts, twist. Turn into a black whirlwind. Fly away from me as soon as possible, from other people and animals, stay away from me. "Take a ride on the deserted steppes once, and finally drown in the whirlpools of the bottomless."

This rite will help not only against warts, but also against subcutaneous wen.

Coin plot for getting rid of papillomas

The method is quite simple, but you can only use 9 coins in a row. To continue the ritual should wait 40 days.

The ceremony is reduced to the following:

  1. A coin of any denomination is taken (or several coins, depending on the number of papillomas) and applied to the sore spot.
  2. A conspiracy is pronounced: “From my womb to another. From the place of itching and sick, to clean and dry. As hands change, so the ailments will dissipate. ”
  3. A coin is thrown at a crowded place. As soon as they pick it up, so the papillomas must pass.

Money ritual involves shifting the ailment to the person who picks up the coin. If the torment of conscience exceeds the achievement of the result, it is better to choose a different version of the ceremony.

Soles wart plot

The following method will help to remove unpleasant growths on the foot:

  1. During the waning moon, as in many rites, it is necessary to find a straw. In some cases, pick a bunch of dry grass with your left hand and get the longest blade of grass out of it.
  2. With a straw, touch the wart while the text of the ritual is being read. “You won’t be young from dry, you won’t have a bull from fish, you won’t take milk from a rooster. So you can’t sit on my body and die on the month of flaw. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and forever and ever. Amen".
  3. Burn the dry stalk, and dispel the ashes.

Conspiracy on the waning moon

Despite the fact that many rituals are held on the waning moon, there is a kind of conspiracy in which you can remove the wart without additional items. The main thing, having studied the lunar calendar, is not to make a mistake with the phase. The growth descends three weeks after the rite.

The ritual is performed in the moonlight:

  1. It is necessary to grind warts with saliva.
  2. Spit over your left shoulder.
  3. Read the conspiracy text seven times: “Wart, sit a little while, and then go away along the lunar path.” It is important to constantly look at the moon.

Millet spell

Healers often used millet to treat unpleasant growths. To do this, boil millet porridge in water without adding salt. They put the porridge to cool, after which they make lumps that are applied to the warts. At the same time, the plot is read 13 times. There are two options for a conspiracy. Everyone can choose the one that suits them best.

Onion plot

There are many conspiracies and ceremonies in which products are used. Among them is a ritual with a bow. To carry it out, take the onion, cut it in half and rub the affected areas with a slice. During this action they read:

“Run away, warts, into the bulb forever!”

After that, the bulb is taken to the road and thrown to where the cars drive. It is better to do this in such a way that no one outsiders can see.

Wheat Bread Conspiracy

No less effective will be the rite of treatment, which is carried out using bread. A loaf must be bought on an odd day. At the same time, you cannot take change after buying bread. Treatment is carried out at night when the weather is cloudy and the moon and stars are not visible in the sky.

Bread hands are divided into 4 parts and put in the corners of the room. Doing this, you need to say the words:

“In the name of our Lord, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Christ took a bath, then sat down for a meal, ate bread, ate and said:
“Whoever divides the bread into 4 parts will save himself from misfortune. All the dirt will come down, it will fall in the bread, from the servant of God (name) will retreat. The pure servant of God (name) will remain. Now and forever and ever. Amen.".

After the ritual, pieces of bread are taken out to the street and placed in the courtyard under 4 trees. The cure will come when the birds peck the bread to the last crumbs.

Straw conspiracy

Such a rite quickly helps against warts on the legs, but it can also be used with growths in other places. This will require a dry straw. In the afternoon, on the waning moon, you need to sit near the window and carefully poke a straw into each wart. You need to read the following words.

There will be no bull from fish,

You won’t take milk from a rooster.

So you do not sit on my body

And on the defective month to die.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now and forever and ever.

The used straw is burnt, and the ashes are dispelled in the wind.

Prayer in the field

This prayer is considered a powerful way, because a person addresses the higher forces directly. He who wants to be cured must go out into the field at dawn and face the rising sun. At this time, each word should be clearly pronounced in the conspiracy:

“Father and Son and Holy Ghost, deliver me, the servant of God (name), from the crappy disease, overcome her help (pointing to the growth). Amen!"

Repeat these words 3 times.

Plot on a branch

Such a ritual should be used if a person has a large number of growths on his body. To lime them, you need a twig or twig that is wrapped with red thread from the wool as many times as there are growths on the body. At the end, the thread is tied in 3 knots.

The branch is buried at a quiet intersection so that no one sees. This action is accompanied by a conspiracy reading:

“When this branch in the earth decays, my illness will all go to the earth. Amen!"

Conspiracy with celandine

Celandine is a plant that is often used to treat skin diseases. With it, you can get rid of warts. To do this, wait for the new moon and cut several stems of the plant onto the growing moon, squeeze the juice from them into a deep container, cover with a lid and put in a dark place for 1-2 days.

Treatment is carried out at night, when the month rises. You should take a container with celandine juice, go out with it and stretch out your hands in front of you. The palms should be facing the sky at this time. The plot is read three times:

“Month, month young, take me with you. But then bring me back, and take the warts away. "

After reading these words, the growths are smeared with celandine juice, and the rest of the liquid is poured onto the ground.

Dry grass spell

Such a plot is suitable for treatment in the summer. To perform the ceremony, it is necessary to break a bunch of grass (any will do). After that, it should be dried. From a dry bunch, a suitable blade of grass is chosen - it should be long and elastic. Alternately, all warts are circled with this blade of grass and pronounced:

"Just as this herb will never become young, fresh, so my warts will wither away."

Rite with castor oil

There is castor oil in every pharmacy. This tool has healing and magical powers. Each growth is lubricated with oil. After that, they take a knife and baptize with a handle all the sore spots in turn. In this case, spoken words should be pronounced as follows:

"Meadow, wild, useless to anyone, wrap warts, twist. Turn into a black whirlwind. Fly away as soon as possible from other people and animals, stay away. "Take a ride on the deserted steppes, but drown in the whirlpools of the bottomless."

Soap plot

To conduct this rite, you should collect 2-3 remnants. They should lather sore spots several times a day and say the following words:

“Like you, you wash your soap, foam and grind everything, clean it, wash it off and leave it with foam forever, so it would wash away the warts from (part of the body), and take it with you to distant places. May it be so!"

Repeat the procedure until the bars of soap are completely over. Only those who are treated for warts should use them.

Rite with a bath broom

This method of treatment is suitable for those who have a bath. You can also go to the city steam room, while you should buy a new broom. In the bath, the broom is steamed, pour water from the bucket on it and read the hex:

“As the water runs from this broom, so let the warts all run away from my body and never return. Amen. Amen. Amen".

Immediately after the water from the bucket was poured onto the broom, the container was substituted so that the liquid from the broom drained back into it. Repeat this action 3 times. Warts are watered with the remaining water.

Rite for the young month

On the growing moon on the first day, juice is pressed from the grass of the celandine. On the second day they wait until the moon appears at night. With prepared celandine juice, all warts are lubricated and the following words are read with a tongue twister.

You see everything, you hear everything, but keep quiet

You’ll choose, you’ll sit, you’ll hear everything, you will pour it with the holy dew,

Over the mountains, over the seas, the frog sits, its angry counter-arms are looking at the sky,

Once croaks, warts on the ground blink,

Two grunts, warts with the wind rise

Three croaks - he will eat warts. ”

There is another simple conspiracy for the growing month:

“Young man, take the slave warts (s) (name) with you. Amen".

Repeat it 3 times.

Conspiracy for meat

In order to conduct a ceremony for meat, it is necessary to prepare a small piece of raw product. There is a caveat here: meat should not be frozen before it. For treatment, choose a dark moonless night.

Leaving home, they rub the growths with meat and read:

"The raw meat will rot, all the warts will be taken with it."

After this, a piece of meat should be buried in the ground under a tree.

The effectiveness of conspiracies and prayers

Words spoken during the ritual are put into a hypnotic state. The effectiveness of hypnotherapy will be confirmed by a doctor of any specialization. This is a fact recognized by official medicine. A person acts on the papillomavirus with the correct charged energy, which weakens the effect of the disease and stimulates the immune system.

Desires are transformed into words. After the ritual day, healing and cleansing of the body from unaesthetic outgrowths are noted.

How to read a conspiracy from warts

Modern people resort to esoteric rituals in an extreme case, when the next expensive treatment did not bring a therapeutic effect. Esoterics can help with various ailments. Ancient medicine men had in the chest a recipe for any occasion. For it to work, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions.

  1. Belief in healing. Reading the words, with all your soul believe in their strength, otherwise the magic will not work, all efforts will be minimized. Without any doubts!
  2. Clearly fulfill all conditions, use only the specified attributes.
  3. Do not be afraid, otherwise the energy will concentrate in the wrong direction.
  4. Perform the ritual at the permitted time: for women it occurs on Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, for men - in the remaining days, except Sunday.
  5. To papillomatosis weakened, retreated, wait for the period of waning of the moon. On the new moon it is permissible to read prayers calling for the help of the saints.
  6. Do not distort the original text, do not insert your words into it.
  7. Perform the magic rite in a good mood. Before the session, rest, sleep.
  8. For a day, restore order in the house, sprinkle salt around the perimeter to remove negative energy.
  9. Wash, comb, put on clean, ironed clothes.
  10. During the process there should be silence, calm. Retire.

Review of effective conspiracies

Popular experience knows how to remove unpleasant skin growths without using a scalpel, a long healing period. Treatment involves the use of simple, affordable means.When choosing, focus on your own feelings, whether you can speak the words, execute a list of actions.

How to speak a wart with a thread

For such a rite, find or buy red woolen yarn. Tear off a piece yarn with a length of 20 to 30 cm. Wait for the phase of the rising moon, when the month is still quite narrow. Take the yarn, go out into the yard, hold the thread over the growth and say on it: "The moon is growing, inviting with you, take all my warts away for good."

Remember: a conspiracy from warts must be read aloud.

Then a piece of yarn is buried in the yard to a depth of 20 cm. When the thread undergoes a process of decay, the focus of the disease will begin to disappear. It will completely disappear after a piece of yarn decays. Man for himself learns how to speak a wart with a thread.

the main thing: believe, and scroll in your head and imagine that the stain has disappeared. A conspiracy from warts to read aloud with the understanding of each word.

There are several phrases that need to be spoken. For example: "A young month shines in the sky, warts from me take away forever." If there are a lot of growths, it is necessary to tie knots on the yarn according to the number of neoplasms.

A conspiracy from warts. Read on apple

Most often, a green apple is used for this purpose, but a different color can be used. Fruit cut into 2 halves, rub the formation in the middle. During the rubbing process, it must be said: “A bull’s apple, help me, take the wart away. The red fruit will fade, the skin will become clean. Amen!"

Then the used fruit is put in a cup or plate, and left there until wilted. When the fetus completely withers, it must be buried in the ground.

Potato Wart Conspiracy

The rite is performed by an average root crop. For this procedure need potatoes and thin sticks. You can use matches or sharp sticks. They should be in the number of spots. With this arsenal you need to go on the road to the intersection. Then touch the growths with the matches: first wart, touch the first wand, the next - the next formation and so on.

Dangerously: if genital warts appear, then experiments are not necessary. Seek immediate medical attention.

Say: "The first toothpick is the first wart" and so on. All used matches (toothpicks) must be thrust into the potato, so with sharp toothpicks it is easier to perform the ceremony. Poked with toothpicks the potato should be thrown under the wheels of cars and say: “The road is long, the beauty is clear. Take all the dirt away from me. ”

There is another conspiracy of potatoes. We need to take potato and thread. Cut the vegetable in half, and grate the formation with a slice. At the same time, say: “I wash my hands with potatoes, warts fade little by little. Amen!".

Then, both halves of the vegetable crop are tied together in store. thread and bury in the ground with the words: "When the potatoes rot, then my wart will pass." The moon should be waning.

Celandine wart removal plot

The ritual with celandine is well known and often used. Pre-stored juice of the medicinal plant, insist it. During the rising moon, a ritual ceremony is performed. Come out of the house. All flat warts and other species smear the plants with juice, saying: “It’s a clear young month, I’ll go for a walk with you. You send all the warts away so that to my home it’s easy to go. ”

Important: as mentioned earlier, most rites are performed on the waning moon. If time is not indicated in the description of ritual actions, then this is the shrinking moon by default. A conspiracy to remove celandine warts is also done according to this rule.


Most simple rite during the waning moon - a plot on the grass. They make it in the warm season, when the grass grows. The patient tears off a bunch of any grass from the ground and finds the longest blade of grass in it. With it, he alternately touches every skin formation with the words: “Dry young grass will not become a bull a calf not to becomeAutumn to summer do not go.But the wart will leave me, melt, disappear. ”

Ritual with a branch

This rite combines a conspiracy on a thread and on a branch. It is necessary to get some thread and branch of a tree. Then the patient considers all the formations on his body. Knots are made on a piece of yarn according to the number of cones.

A thread with knots is wrapped around a branch, after which the branch is buried in the ground. When digging in, one must say: “The branch should not be forever green. And he’ll take the rope, and my wart will be gone. ” As rotting branches will disappear growths.

According to another version, you need to wrap the yarn around the branch so that there are as many turns as there are formations on your skin, and knots can be left out. Burying this structure in the ground, you should say: "Rotting twig, the rope smolders, and with them my warts. ”

For potato or apple

Find raw fresh potatoes. One tuber is enough. Prepare the required number of matches. The number of sticks is equal to the number of growths.

Go to the near deserted crossroads of two roads. Hold the vegetable with one hand, place the matches in the other. Take one stick, touch the growth with the tip, saying: “The first match is the first wart, the second match is the second wart”, etc.

Touch, stick a wooden attribute deep into the root crop. When the wands run out, throw the potato to the intersection and swear: "Road, road, take away all my illness."

Go home at an accelerated pace. A prerequisite - do not exchange a look, a word, a handshake all the way.

An interesting option for removing the ailment. Early at dawn, take the root crop, cut into equal components.

After the end of the manipulations, tie the parts tightly together, go to the garden, where you will dig a well-read crop in a secret place. Covering the ground, you need to read the spell: "As the potato will rot, so the wart will pass!".

If there is no potato in your home arsenal, substitute apples.

On a thread

On the shelves of the market, purchase from an elderly or young woman threads made from woolen or cotton raw materials. The color is strictly red. At home, cut 20-30 cm from it. Wait for the dark. Go to the gates, attach a thread to the growth, firmly say: "The moon is waning - it takes my warts with me."

The magic thread is hiding in the ground. Depth is equal to the size of the segment. When the yarn disappears, the wart disappears and the virus recedes. This method is well suited if the heel, finger, leg, arm are affected.

There is another version of a conspiracy from warts to thread. It is required to find yarn - a small piece, open the window and stand in front of it. Touch the tip of each outgrowth, tie 1 knot per 1 outgrowth and lament: "Month, month young, take my illness with you."

Hide the thread in the soil. The rope will rot, the disease will go away.

Tree and water

This conspiracy is used by a healer from Siberia, who has successfully used it more than once. He needs water, infused for 11 days. During the waning month, they take water with them to the street and look for a nearby birch.

Near the tree you need to sit down and wash the infected areas of the skin with prepared water with the verdict: “The water washes dirty hands, leads to cleanliness, warts go away. Will flow away from me forever. Amen!».

This must be said 9 times, until the water brought in runs out. After a month, the formations will begin to fade. If you need to understand how to remove a wart at home quickly, then you should turn to antiviral drugs for internal and external consumption.

On an apple

You need to buy at the market from your grandmother or pick an apple from green varieties from an apple tree. When buying, it is important to pay in coins. Returning home, divide the fruit in half and wipe the skin formation with one part, saying: “Take the apple, apple, take the wart, out of sight, forever! As the apple withers, so the warts will not. ”

After the session, eat an untouched half, and put the one used in the ritual on a festive dish, put it on the window. When the fetus begins to dry out and shrink, it should be buried. Set off for this to the north side of the house.

Castor oil

We need to take a vial of castor oil, lubricate the foci of the disease with them, baptize each formation with the handle of a knife and say: “Spin, blacken, spin, swirl away. Me in leave alone and do not dissemble with other people. Run across the wide fields, drown in a deep pool. "

Ritual on pure thursday

Effectively remove neoplasms from the skin in Holy Week, namely, on a clean Thursday. On this day, Orthodox believers paint eggs for Easter and consecrate them in the Temple. Such a colored testicle must cross all the formations on the skin, saying: “Go away, warts, from my body, through the valleys, through marshes, through forests and fields.

Lord God, heavenly father, stand up for me, save from sadness and painfrom evil people and stinging speeches, from cruel designs and from deep warts. Now and with. Amen. Amen. Amen".

The read text removes the neoplasm quite quickly. You can plot without auxiliary items.

Food conspiracies

  • Meat. For a ritual, a lunar eclipse night is suitable. It must be completely dark. We must go out into the courtyard, grate the neoplasms with meat and say: "The meat will rot, the wart will leave." Then the product is instilled as deep as possible into the ground.
  • Bones. Chicken bones or someone else's will do.

Important: bone must be found on the street, not brought from home. In the yard you need touch the bone to all growths and say: “Where did you, my dear, come from, go there that night and turn around. Fold all the warts! ” After that, the bone must be taken to the same place where you found it.

  1. Millet seeds. Skin growths can be spoken with ordinary millet. To do this, rub the infected areas of the skin with grain, and then say: “Tasty grains grown under the sun. Satisfy hunger, birds, take away warts. " Used grain must be fed to chickens or wild birds.
  2. A ritual with potatoes and reading on an apple have already been described.
  3. Bow. The onion head is cut in half. They rub the growths in pieces and pronounce 3 times: ““ Run away, warts, into the bulb forever! ”. Then the vegetable is carried outside and thrown onto carriageway.

Warts - the result of damage

Healers believe that multiple wart nodes are a consequence of inducing damage to a person. If you remove the damage, then the neoplasms will come down.

Removing spoilage is a more complex process, but its effectiveness is higher. We need to catch 13 living frogs. To get started, put out a wide-necked jar. Then take a piece of yarn and tie a knot over each neoplasm. There should be 13 such knots. Tear the thread into pieces with a knot on each.

Tie one piece of thread to the foot of each frog. After that, release the animals in the woods and say: “Go away, toads, to 13 devils. Let every devil choose his own path, and not walk close to God. He will take the wart from the servant of God (name). All run away in different directions, growths with them fly away forever. Tongue. Lock and key. Will be truly so!».

Important: if this is not to your liking, you can take a pencil from warts and use traditional medicine.

Wart Prayer

No magic reading items are required. Prayer for warts is simple. You only need to get up early and in the morning, at dawn, go out into the field. There to read three prayers: “Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, deliver me, the servant of God (name) from such dirty tricks. Help her overcome. ”

Here you need to point your finger at the wart or papilloma. The prayer is repeated 3 times. After reading the prayer, you can to go home. After a month, growths begin to disappear. If reading does not help, repeat the procedure again after a month.

Council of the healer Natalya Stepanova

This Siberian witch practices a wart plot for meat, which was described above. The second method offered to her is a ritual with peas and lard. It is necessary to cook peas, then lower the lard there. At the same time, he said: “I cook fat in peas so that there are no warts. Amen".

The most effective way when other conspiracies from papillomas and warts do not help is a ritual with bread. On an odd day of the month they buy white bread, leave the change to the seller. Bread should be baked from wheat. The ceremony is performed on a hopeless night, when clouds are in the black sky and nothing is visible.

They tear the bread into 4 parts and put it in the 4 corners of the room, while reading: “In the name of our Lord, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Christ took a bath, then sat down for a meal, ate bread, ate and said: “Whoever divides the bread into 4 parts will save himself from adversity. All the dirt will come down, it will fall into the bread, from the servant of God (name) will retreat. The pure servant of God (name) will remain. Now and forever and ever. Amen".

In the morning, pieces of bread are picked up and carried into the yard. The pieces are laid under 4 different trees. When the birds peck bread, growths on the skin will disappear.

Useful video

The man in the video shares his experience on how to speak a wart with self-hypnosis.

About the same conspire against papillomas. How the plot affects a specific person is difficult to predict. Different conspiracies help people. The good thing is that these methods of destruction are harmless and do not require medical advice.

Healing rites

The conspiracy allows you to permanently get rid of the growth, which spoils the appearance and prevents a person from living. Previously, non-traditional methods were used only in villages. Now urban residents can find a suitable conspiracy on the Internet. To get rid of warts, you can speak a thread or potatoes, as well as use other equally effective methods.

Strong rite

If many growths suddenly appeared on your body, this could be the result of inducing severe damage.

To remove this effect, you need to use a special magic rite.

To perform the ritual, 13 knots are tied on a long thread.

Each knot is knitted over one of the warts, then a piece of thread with a knot is torn off and tied to the foot of a living frog (13 frogs will be needed in total), after all the animals you need to let go at the edge of the forest and pronounce the words of the plot:

“13 devil brothers, harness 13 swamp toads, each one to go on his way. Remove the warts from the servant of God (name). As these 13 toads in one place do not converge, so warts will never return to me. Key, lock, tongue. May it be so".

On the potato

A powerful method to get rid of growths:

  • cut potatoes in half with a harsh thread,
  • half a potato to rub a place with warts,
  • in the second half to cast a spell.

Instead of potatoes, you can use an apple. Cut the fruit in half, grate the wart in the middle. In the process of rubbing pronounce:

Thread - Knot, Wart - Goat!
Rise, Bend Yes Fall off.
Knots On The Goat I Will Impose And Into The Earth By Dawn,
And with Strong Words I Will Cover. How Thread Rotes
So the wart will come down. No Threads And Warts
Trace Cold The Pit Under the Alder is Empty,
And My Skin is Pure. Threads With Knots Don't Rebirth
A Wart Doesn’t Return. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Amen!

Used apple is not required to eat. It must be put in a cup. When the fruit completely withers, bury it in the ground.

To the moon

A plot after reading which warts will go away within a month. On a waning moon, you need to go out into the courtyard after sunset and stand so that the moon illuminates the warts. Then moisten the growths with saliva, spit over the left shoulder and say the text 7 times:

Wart, you sit a bit,
And then go away along the lunar path!

Conspiracy after sunset

This ceremony should be carried out immediately after the sun hides behind the horizon, but the street is still quite light.Take the old bone and drive it over all the warts on your body, pronouncing the words of the conspiracy:

"Where did you warts come to me from there and leave me."

After that, you need to draw the bone through yourself.
In the ritual, you can use only the bone that you found on the street, after the rite, the bone must be taken to the same place where you took it and try to put it exactly as it lay before you.

On a tree

The conspiracy is pronounced on the old moon and consists of several stages:

  • fill the carafe with water
  • to stand water for 10 days,
  • wake up before sunrise and read the words:

Clean me dry tree
Go away the growths!

  • After that, bring water into the street, go up to the tree, squat, wash and read the plot again. During the ceremony, you need to imagine how the neoplasms disappear from the body. Repeat 8 more times.

With celandine

A well-known and simple way for which you need to stock up on celandine juice in advance and insist it. Held on a growing moon.

The patient leaves the house, smears with the juice of a healing plant every growth, saying:

Clear month young, I’ll go for a walk with you.
You send all the warts away
To make it easy for me to go home!

On the chicken leg

This rite allows you to remove chicken warts and plantar neoplasms. You need to take the chicken foot and bang it on the growth, saying the words:

Wart - get off, go to the chicken leg.
My leg will be clean, the wart will leave forever. May it be so!

Bury a paw in the ground under a fruit tree so that animals cannot find it. The wart will disappear when the meat rots.

Conspiracy on the Young Moon

On the growing moon, rituals are carried out with thread and celandine. The medicinal plant option was considered above.

The thread is commonly used in a conspiracy on a waning moon. The essence of the rite for the young month is similar to the ritual from the full moon to the new moon, the difference in the spoken words.

The text of the plot: "Young month, take warts with you." Words are spoken three times. The ritual is held 14 days from the appearance of the young moon.

Wart Thursday ritual

On pure Thursday, Orthodox believers cleanse the body and surrounding space, as well as paint eggs before Easter. It is such an illuminated food product that is used as a means for conducting a ritual.

Each wart is baptized with an egg and the text of the plot is pronounced. The words may differ slightly, but the essence of prayer is in turning to God with a request to pick up unnecessary ailments.

The text of the wart plot on a clean Thursday can be read on a normal day without the use of an egg. Typically, the method helps to quickly remove warts.

To the waning moon

As soon as the full moon has come, wait 2-3 days and proceed to treatment. The moon will wane and take the disease with itself and weaken its effect, the HPV infection will recede for a long time, the skin will clear.

In the evening, pick a blade of grass dried in the forest or in the garden (better celandine). Go into the house, retire and point the sticks to each element and say the following: “You won’t be young from the dry, there will be no bull from the fish, you won’t take milk from the rooster. So you can’t sit on my body and die on the month of flaw. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now and forever and ever. Amen".


Healers have many recipes at their disposal, the effectiveness of which has been proved by the personal experience of many patients. If drug therapy has failed, try the following methods.

No. 1 take millet. Just a handful of millet is enough. Rub them all skin outgrowths on the body. After wiping, take the grain to the bird, make sure that not a single grain is lost. During a bird meal, say, "Grains satisfy the hunger, my warts are taken away."

No. 2 Make porridge from peas. In the yellow mass, put the lard, reciting: “Warts. Peas. Fat. The first will disappear when the rest goes into the ground. "Dig a small groove near the house, pour the porridge, tack.

№3 make soap (5-7 small broken pieces). In the period of decrease of the night luminary, wash it with the body, face, plantar growth, other places where warts grow. Repeat hygiene procedures 3-4 times a day, saying: "Soap cleanses the body, warts all away."

Getting rid of the problem will occur after the complete abrasion of soap.

No. 4 bake wheat bread. Any recipe. Leave the product until cloudy night. Take a knife, cut the bread into 4 shares. Put one part in each corner in the room where the patient is sleeping and resting. In the process of unfolding, one should say: “In the name of our Lord, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Christ took a bath, then sat down for a meal, ate bread, ate and said, “Whoever divides the bread into 4 parts will save himself from adversity. All the dirt will come down, it will fall into the bread, from the servant of God ... will retreat. The pure servant of God ... will remain. Now and forever and ever. Amen".

With the onset of dawn, pick up slices, take them out of the gate, hide under various trees. When the birds completely eat them, the skin will cleanse.

No. 5 During a lunar eclipse, go out into the courtyard at night. Take the meat (beef, pork), grate each formation and say: "The meat rots, the wart will go away." Hide deep into the ground.

№6 Take the chicken skeleton or bones, go out the door of the house. Regarding viral outgrowths, say: “From where, you, my dear, appeared, went there that night and turned around. Fold off all the warts! ” Take the bones to where they were found.

No. 7 Sauna helps to remove warts. Take a birch or oak broom. Melt the bath on the waning moon. Steam the broom well, pour hot water from the glass. Collect the draining water back into the container, whisper: “As water runs from all twigs of a broom, let the warts escape from my body!”

Any home or village ritual will help if you believe. There are no contraindications, except for distrust of magic.

Review of Effective Prayers

If the removal of warts by mystical spells frightens or contradicts beliefs, you can turn to the Saints for help. The instruction is simple. Rise with the dawn and go to the empty field. On arrival, subtract wart prayers three times with faith in the heart. The prayer “Our Father” or its worthy replacement is recommended: “Father and Son, yes the Holy Spirit, deliver me, servant of God ... from such dirty tricks.” Help her overcome. ” Poke your finger on the outgrowth.

Having finished, hurry home.

In treatment, the Virgin and Saints, recognized as healers, save.

What could be the use of conspiracies

It so happens that the removal of modern devices does not kill the disease. The foot (foot), body, face is again covered with warts, their number is multiplied, large elements begin to grow. But by reading conspiracies from warts, the patient is completely cleansed.

The reason is auto-suggestion. Programming yourself for healing has powerful power. Belief in a conspiracy, in prayer gives confidence that everything will be fine. As a result, a person emerges from depression, waiting for improvements. A good mood throws out beneficial substances into the blood that increase immunity, allow him to fight back the disease. As a result, condylomas, papillomas disappear.

Papillomavirus is an unpleasant disease. The virus enters the bloodstream, causing uncontrolled proliferation of tissues. As a result, infected skin becomes covered with growths. They cover different parts - the little finger, neck, heels, nose. You can get rid in many ways, but Ayurveda offers the most painless.

How to conduct rituals

Conspiracies from warts should be read in a confident tone, in a concentrated and calm state. It is very important to believe that the rituals will help, since any doubt removes the magical power of the procedure. There are many rituals and prayers.When choosing them, you need to take into account the conditions so that no one interferes, since some of them can be carried out in the morning or at night. When executed, there should be no inconvenience, panic or fear. All energy should be focused on the actions performed.

Apples Conspiracy

Another effective conspiracy from growths on the finger or body is done on the apple:

  1. In the morning, immediately after sunrise, cut the green apple into two.
  2. Lubricate each growth with the inner surface, saying: "The wart go away and never come."
  3. Put the apple in a box and hide from others.
  4. Wait for decay and drying.
  5. Dig an apple into the soil.

If there is no effect, use another plot.

For milk

For the ritual you will need fresh fresh milk, which is spoken with the words:

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Amen!
I’ll save, I will pray, I will cross myself with a cross,
I will arm myself with the grace of God. Hey you evil ghouls
Hanging away go away with (name), with his body white
Run away faster, from eye to shoulder, from shoulder to boot,
From a boot to a bump, from a bump to a twig, from a branch to a leaf.
Wind Vetrovich, pick that leaf, take it to the field,
To the river and through the bridge, into the dark forest.
In the forest, that is an evil beast. He stamps his foot
And you, sores hanging, with (name) forever down!
My business is tenacious, my word is aptly!
Key, lock, tongue! Amen!

After reading the lines, each finger is moistened with milk, starting from the little finger, and the papillomas are touched by it. Hands should be washed, and milk should be left on the warts.

The plot on the potato

A potato wart plot is done as follows:

  1. Get up early, before sunrise.
  2. Young potatoes are cut into a couple of parts.
  3. Using potatoes, rub the parts of the body affected by papillomas.
  4. Cover the second half with potatoes, combining into a whole.
  5. To wind with a thread or any rope.
  6. Burrowing a tuber saying: "The potato rots, picks up sores."

The potato ritual should be done on the full moon. It is enough to carry out the ceremony once, after which wait for the improvement of the skin condition.

Plot on a twig

The ritual is carried out when there are growths, papillomas and other benign formations on the body.

  1. Calculate the number of papillomas.
  2. Take a thread and tie it on a branch of any tree. The number of nodes should match the number of growths.
  3. Bury a twig in the ground, saying aloud: "Take the twig of the earth, remove it from the skin of the wart."

The procedure will help get rid of skin defects only if the ritual is carried out on the old moon. Instead of a twig, matches are allowed.

On a coin

A rite with a coin gives a quick result. Any coin is suitable. It must be applied to the growth and cast a spell:

From my womb, to someone else’s.
From the place of the itchy, sick
To clean, dry!
How hands change
So the ailments will dissipate!

After reading the lines, throw the coin into a crowded place. The defect on the body will disappear when someone picks up a coin. Every wart needs a new coin. For one ritual, you can not speak more than 9 growths. If the papilloma is more than 9, you need to repeat the rite after 40 days with new coins.

Prayer for the cure of animals

To cure the animal from warts, a special ceremony is performed:

  • grind fat
  • add boiled peas to it,
  • mix the mass until smooth,
  • apply the mixture to the growths, reading a prayer from the warts:

Peas, warts, fat. To the second abyss.
The first is peas, the second is a wart, the third is fat.
Lard mixed with peas, the wart turned out to be superfluous. Amen!

They throw the porridge away from home. It is important to ensure that the animal does not eat this mass.

A wart is an unpleasant growth, causing discomfort. If you do not want to treat the defect surgically, you can take advantage of effective conspiracies from papillomas. You can speak a thread or a potato, read magic words on a waning moon, or use a different rite. Each of them is simple and allows you to get rid of the disease within a month.

Wood plot

The plot is pronounced on the old moon.

Stages of the magic procedure:

  1. Pour water into the decanter and stand for 10 days.
  2. Wake up before the sun rises, read the prayer: "Cleanse me dry tree, go away growths."
  3. Take the water outside, go up to the tree, squat down, wash and read the prayer again.
  4. At the time of the ritual, one should imagine how all the sores from the body go off.

In this way, wash another 8 times.

Getting rid of warts with wood and water

Treatment with water and wood is considered effective. Within a month, growths will begin to decline, gradually disappear completely. To do this, collect water from the well. If this is not possible, you should dial from the tap. The container must be closed with a lid and stored for 11 days. They find a birch on the waning moon, stand under it and water the growths. At the same time, water should drain under a tree. Read the following plot:

“Water removes dirt, removes warts. Warts, like water, flow away forever. ”

Repeat this action 9 times. In this case, you need to calculate the amount of water so that it is enough for all 9 growths.

Finger Wart Conspiracy

Practically all conspiracies from warts can be used to remove formations on the finger. Among the others, one can single out the rite with a gray thread, with which the growth is tied. At the same time, the text of the conspiracy is pronounced: "Where did you come to me - go there and go." The thread, as in other similar rituals, is buried. When it rots, then the wart will pass.

We also apply the rite with the help of birch. Water is infused in a container for 11 days. On the twelfth day, you need to go to the birch at dawn, sit down beside it and, pouring water on the growths brought by it, start talking to them.

Sometimes, a conspiracy from warts on the hands, including on the finger, is accompanied by their cutting. As a rule, such a procedure is not carried out independently, but by the healers.

In addition to the spoken words in the rite are used:

  • alcohol infusion of herbs, for disinfection of the cut site,
  • sharp knife or scissors,
  • plantain leaf
  • a piece of clean cotton or linen cloth.

Simultaneously with the spoken text, the growth is processed with alcohol infusion and is cut off. Then it is disinfected again, covered with a sheet of plantain and fixed with a cloth.

Clean Thursday removes warts

The power and great power of Pure Thursday, or Holy Week, is known not only to believers, but also to atheists. At this time, believers paint eggs and bring them to the church for consecration.

Such an egg is good to use in the treatment of various kinds of growths on the body. All neoplasms are baptized separately. In this case, you need to read this:

“Leave the warts, skin and body of the slave / slaves of God / God (name). Go away to the forests, fields and distant seas. Protect the Lord of the slave / servant of God / God (name), intercede for him (her) and protect him from sorrows, cruel intentions and deep warts. And now, and pristine, and forever. Amen (three times). ”

Purple Onion Ritual

You can remove a scattering of warts using a bulb. A plant is exactly purple.

The algorithm of the ritual:

  1. The onion is cut in half.
  2. The halves of the plant rub the rash of warts.
  3. The text is pronounced three times over each growth: “Go to the bulb of the wart!” Onion! ”
  4. The bow refers to a desert road crossing and is thrown away.

On the way back you can’t turn around and talk with someone. The onion will rot and the warts should disappear.

From Vanga

Prescriptions for traditional medicine from Wanga have reached us.

To eliminate warts and other growths, she advised finding a spur plant and crushing it. This powder must be sprinkled on the wart that first appeared on the body. According to reviews, after a few weeks the defects disappeared.

All of the above conspiracies and rituals are only a small part of those that have survived from ancient times. However, this amount is enough to effectively deal with such unpleasant phenomena as warts.

The conspiracy from warts Natalia Stepanova

The plots of the Siberian healer are popular and are considered very effective. Moreover, they allow you to carry out the ritual on your own, as they are simple.

Performing the ritual in stages:

  1. On an odd day of the week, wheat bread is bought or baked on its own. The store should prepare the amount without change or leave it on the counter.
  2. On a dark moonless night, exactly in its middle, the bread is cut into four parts and laid out in the corners of the room.
  3. Each piece of the product speaks with special words.
  4. In the morning, all the bread slices are laid out under different trees.

Bread is eaten by animals or pecked by birds. After this, unpleasant formations disappear.

The text of the plot: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. The true Christ washed and rinsed, was not afraid of anything. Then he sat down at an oak table, a white loaf ate, stood up and said: “As this bread was divided into four parts, so that the main prince would separate, cut off the sliced ​​bread, and leave the servant of God (name) forever.” Oh you, Kumanek - warts of princes, go to the loaf, and forget the servant of God (name). From this hour, from my order.
Now and forever and ever. Amen".

Millet ritual

A millet ritual can be performed using several prayers. Before the procedure, boil the cereal without salt. After the millet has cooled, form small lumps, the amount of which should coincide with the number of papillomas on the body.

Millet ritual

Attach balls to the growths and repeat the prayer 13 times in a row: "Lie down with millet porridge, remove all growths, as 13 days pass, the disease itself will go away."

The second version of prayer: “There is no place for sores on the body, I rolled millet into a soft dough. Warts wrapped and take with you. Amen!".

The third option: “Help millet, remove all warts from the body. I don’t need this muck, let it be yours. ”

All prayers spoken to millet previously recorded on separate leaves. After carrying out the magical procedure, roll the paper into rolls and rinse it off the toilet. If the body is not completely cleansed, the ritual can be repeated on day 14.

Prayers for Warts

There are prayers for the deliverance of warts that do not require the use of additional items or actions, for example, going outside in the dark or burying equipment. Conspiracies should preferably be carried out by a woman, since it is female energy that has a strong magical effect when pronouncing prayers.

Prayers for Warts

The prayer should be read in front of an open window or on the balcony, you can go out at any time.

  1. Touch your hand to the growth and read the selected prayer three times.
  2. Repeat the procedure if the papillomas have not left the body after 30 days.

For the ceremony, you can choose one of the appropriate prayers:

  1. Mother of God and Son of God deliver the servant of God (name) from bodily misfortune. Help remove sores, growths and warts from the body. Cleanse me. Amen!
  2. I wipe the body with vodka, cleanse it of dirty tricks. Like a bubble, it is inflated, bursts and quickly everything is forgotten. There is no place for a wart on the body; go away, do not grieve me. As I touch my sore with my hand, the snow-white will become - healthy. Amen!".

The last prayer can be used while washing the skin or applying special cream to problem areas. The ritual is spent 13 consecutive days with the recitation of prayers aloud.


In order for the plot to act as a magic spell, it is important to follow all the prescribed rules and perform actions. The mood and internal state is very important.For many who do not believe in healing through rituals and prayers, such methods did not help get rid of neoplasms and warts.

The choice of procedures is great, which is suitable for one, may not be suitable for another.

It is also important to know:

  1. When saying a prayer and speaking a wart, one must believe in magical power and a positive outcome.
  2. Rites are best performed on a waning moon, so you should first familiarize yourself with the lunar calendar.
  3. If during the rite during the month the effect did not occur, it is necessary to replace it with another ritual, since the effect of this has already been expended.

Knowing how to get rid of warts, conspiracies will help to eliminate a skin defect in a short period without the use of medicines and surgery. But if their growth intensified and is accompanied by additional symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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