What fate awaits the person who will break the phone in a dream - be prepared

This dream cannot be called a nightmare, but the precipitate after it can remain quite unpleasant. What does a broken phone dream of - a mobile is needed like air for a modern person, and his loss, even imaginary, causes a shock. Everyone knows what to do if you drop and break your phone in reality - repair or buy a new device. And if your phone crashed only in your dream? What does this mean and what needs to be done? The dream book will help to understand the meaning of such a vision: a broken phone - what is it for?

A broken phone in a dream often speaks of communication problems or some kind of understatement between you and other people.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep depending on the details

Today is impossible to imagine without electronic devices. Computers, tablets, phones are necessary attributes without which a modern person will not leave home. They help to communicate, conduct business and even have fun. But, even as modern people, we continue to believe in the magic of dreams and come up with new interpretations for the things that enter our lives. In order to properly evaluate your dream, you must try to remember all its details. Each of your actions inside this dream and each of its details will be reflected in the interpretation of what dreams about breaking the phone.

Who saw the dream: man, girl woman, child

If a broken phone is dreamed of by a man, conflicts at work await him. Do not take it to heart. Conflicts will be connected precisely with working issues, no one will go over to personality. It is important that a man finds the strength in himself to figure out what is the matter, and is able to defend his point of view.

  • If a woman dreamed of a broken expensive phone, then she should think about her expenses. Most likely, she is too wasteful, and spends money on what she basically does not need. Such a woman should try to keep records of her expenses in order to understand exactly where her money is floating away.
  • If it was an old telephone, then she was just waiting for household chores. Yes, they will get her crazy, they will tire her, but nothing supernatural will happen. She should be distracted and relax in order to recover.
  • If the girl dreamed that she had broken the phone, and especially if it was a gift, then she will have a quarrel with her lover. It is possible that she herself will start a quarrel, but at the same time she will be very worried about this.

If a child saw a broken phone in a dream, he most likely has problems at school, and he projects them onto his dreams. Problems can be associated with tasks that he does not understand and cannot solve. You need to help him deal with unlearned lessons, otherwise with each new subject he will begin to fall behind more and more, and his self-esteem will suffer very much.

Which phone did you break - mobile or landline?

In real life, mobile phones break up quite often, despite the fact that shockproof cases are being made now. A broken mobile phone means that your hopes and dreams, at least in the near future, have not been realized.

Do not despair. This is not a reason at all to stop setting goals and dreaming about something. Just wait out the unfavorable moment and be sure to go ahead.

If you dream of a broken landline phone, your financial situation will be shaken. It can be large expenses for treatment, loss or theft of funds, as well as expenses for repairing a car or large household appliances. Do not worry, although the amount spent will be tangible, it will slowly recover.

General interpretation of sleep about a broken phone

Usually, such a dream is interpreted as a loss of connection with loved ones. Such a metaphorical interpretation is easy to explain - we often communicate by phone, and therefore a broken image may appear as a warning - close communication will be interrupted. This does not necessarily mean that you will stop talking with relatives or friends - it is better to interpret this interpretation as a loss of emotional connection, understanding. You can move away from your loved ones.

The classic dream books (Miller, Freud, Wang, Tsvetkov, Loff) do not say anything about a broken smartphone or phone. But there is an interpretation of sleep about the whole phone. It can be assumed that the image of a broken device is the exact opposite of the usual interpretation:

  • Miller’s dream book says that the phone dreams of the appearance of people who will mend your obstacles. A broken device, in this case, predicts the lack of new acquaintances,
  • Loff's dream book claims that the phone in a dream is a symbol of the link between you and other people. The device is broken - the link is also broken, the connection is broken. Such a dream can be interpreted as isolation and loneliness,
  • but Tsvetkov says that the phone in a dream is the presence of deep affection for someone far and / or inaccessible. The dream speaks of unrequited love, relationships at a distance, and other similar things. If he crashed, then such a relationship is doomed and failure.

Who saw the phone in a dream

According to modern dream books, the interpretation will vary depending on who saw the phone in a dream. So, if a woman dreamed of a broken device, then in real life she was threatened by gossips and slanderers. They try to discredit her honor with false libel. Fortunately, relatives and friends will not turn away from her during this difficult time, but, on the contrary, will support.

But in a man’s dream, a broken phone predicts family troubles, a breakdown with loved ones. The “masculine” interpretation of the dream is very close to the general, but adds details to it. Dream Interpretations say that it is the dreamer who will cause problems in the relationship. He is too rude and demanding, and home as never before need support and love.

Separately stipulate and interpretation for pregnant women. If such a dreamer had a broken phone, then the dream advises to stop consulting with relatives who are incompetent in medical matters. Dream Interpretations claim that this woman relies too much on traditional medicine, the advice of grandmothers and acquaintances. Still, it is better to consult a doctor if something bothers. Well, that’s good advice anyway - even if you don’t believe in the interpretation of dreams.

Dream Interpretations sometimes give quite sound advice that is applicable in most life situations

The essence of sleep

Surely in your dream there was not just a broken phone in a vacuum. Someone could contact him, all sorts of things could happen to the device. In the end, the broken phone itself could be mobile or landline. Many dream books are repelled from these details to give a more accurate interpretation.

What is the dream of a broken mobile phone

There are several interpretations that explain the main reasons for the appearance of a mobile phone in a dream. Most superstitious people are interested in why dream of breaking a phone? The answer depends on your dream, certain criteria influence it: how it crashed, maybe only the glass broke, or it shattered.

Also, the interpretation will be different for each type of people, for example, for an unmarried woman, the interpretation of sleep will be different from a person who is fully committed to work and work. Below we will analyze this issue in detail.

The main thing you need to know: if the “pipe” was old, then rejoice, got rid of the old trash in your life. You are waiting for a pleasant change. But if it’s new, then this is a symbol of difficulties and bad changes.

Phone view

Did you dream about a landline phone or smartphone? In the first case, a dream speaks of the breakdown of communication channels. Some dream books also claim that relatives and colleagues will no longer listen to you. But a broken smartphone speaks more about the loss of status, respect, prestige in society.

If you dreamed that the old phone crashed, it means that new opportunities are opening up for you. The main thing is to notice them in time and take advantage of them, otherwise they can pass by and get to someone else. But the brand new expensive smartphone, crashed in a dream, predicts demotion or other troubles at work.

The type of cracks is also taken into account by dream books. If there is one big crack on the case or display through the entire device, then in reality you are required to make a decision that you are not ready for (for example, parents require you to urgently choose a university for admission, or a lover puts an ultimatum about marriage). But a fine grid of many cracks predicts that your own psyche will give a crack. According to the dream books, this image symbolizes your consciousness - you have taken too much on yourself and can not cope with the amount of work and experience.

If the whole phone is covered by a grid of cracks, then you should relax more often

Symbol of communication and communication.

First of all, we consider cellular as a means of communication with other people through communication. In the “kingdom of Morpheus,” this connection can be considered somewhat broader. A broken gadget can mean loss of contact with dear, necessary people, separation, quarrels. For business people - omissions with business partners.

It is necessary to recall the details of sleep. It is of great importance, they broke this type of equipment accidentally or intentionally, or maybe someone else broke it. It is advisable to remember who. Perhaps this is not your technique at all!

The meaning of the phone in a dream

What does the appearance of the mobile phone in a dream mean? Seeing a mobile means that you will meet with someone unexpected, long-awaited. Also, the gadget may dream when someone wants to contact you. Maybe someone likes you.

It is possible that the sleeping person has a great desire to see someone and talk. A mobile phone may indicate that the one who sees the dream misses an important detail in solving any issue.

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Breaking a favorite phone in a dream means bad news. And to break the gadget that you dream of in reality means that in reality rivals are plotting. Wait for the trick.
In a dream, break an old unnecessary “pipe” to pleasant news, new interesting meetings, new purchases.

Interpretation of the dream book

Dream interpretation a broken phone is interpreted as future problems in communication:

  1. Conflicts with relatives, soon the connection with them may disappear altogether. Do not rush to be upset, everything will be settled soon. Remember, with whom you talked, in communicating with him, expect conflicts, misunderstandings.
  2. For an unmarried girl, this promises a breakup with her beloved.
  3. The desire of a person to get rid of annoying unpleasant communication with a specific person or the desire to escape from everyone.
  4. For a business person, telephone is part of his job. Having broken it, you need to wait for great difficulties in business, up to the loss of it.

If you dreamed that the glass was cracked, maybe someone will fit into your personal space. Need to remember the size of the crack:

  • A small crack symbolizes small troubles that are easily solved.
  • A large crack warns of impending significant damage, which will be difficult to repair, but possible.
  • Many small cracks bode a small “black strip” with minor resolvable troubles.
  • Several large cracks signal great difficulties that will have to be fought steadily.

The effect of cracks on the screen on the ability to dial a subscriber number:

  1. Difficulties with dialing due to breakage portend the inability to communicate with an important person.
  2. Dialing is unobstructed, indicating the need to accept the help of loved ones, you can not do without it.

If the dreamer breaks the phone with anger, then perhaps anger because of the impossibility of acquiring important information. This information will in reality be unavailable for a long time.

Pay attention to the broken part of the unit:

  • A broken speaker means that in reality the dreamer is concerned about his ignorance of the real issue.
  • A broken microphone indicates the dreamer's desire to avoid responsibility for misconduct.
  • The cracked case clearly “screams” about the need for life changes.

According to Freud

In fact, many underestimate the importance of psychology in our lives. Sometimes, our subconscious mind is wiser than us, it recognizes problems in advance and transforms them into dreams. Thus, all the experiences and worries transferred during the day can result in unusual dreams at night.

Perhaps a mobile phone broken in a dream does not need to be afraid, it is simply connected with internal fears and anxieties. Such a dream is simply connected with the fear of losing some important person.

Or maybe the dreamer is afraid of responsibility and avoids it or is afraid of publicizing important information.

Fear of losing contact with each other is especially relevant for lovers, so for them to see a broken phone in a dream does not bode disaster, so the fear of losing each other spills out.

Accidentally or intentionally?

A randomly broken assembly warns the dreamer of his arrogance. We must remember: life can bring many surprises, and we can not influence them in any way.
But a deliberately broken phone says that in life you can make a lot of trouble just by negligence or negligence.

Interpretations of sleep about a broken phone depending on the details

Depending on who broke the phone:

  • the former - to the loss of connections with the right people.

Depending on the actions with the phone:

  • smash it to a dangerous impulsive act due to a conflict with loved ones,
  • earned a broken phone - to unexpected good news,
  • broke - to parting with friends or a dear person,
  • fell - to petty household chores,
  • the glass cracked - to minor problems in the relationship with the spouse,
  • drop - to conflicts with business partners on the basis of misunderstanding.

Depending on what else you’re dreaming of:

  • broken tablet - to difficulties at work,
  • broken screen - to quarrels and insults,
  • broken glass - to the disappointment of love.

Depending on which phone:

  • new - to receive a profitable business proposal.

Depending on where to see the phone:

  • in the hand - to the need to solve complex issues.

Depending on how many parts the phone broke:

  • two - to unwillingness to communicate with anyone.

What to expect

When you wake up, you always need to remember your impressions of sleep, from them and build on. If you are scared, anxious, then you should figure out what are you afraid of? Fear of losing contact with the interlocutor, or fear of publicizing your personal life. Or maybe you will recall the feeling of relief from a broken, bored, ancient telephone. Perhaps you just need to understand yourself and your fears and desires. And then only pleasant and bewitching dreams will dream.

TOP 4 negative values

  1. If you dreamed that a new cell phone crashed - to the loss of trust of a girlfriend or loved one.
  2. The mobile phone breaks during an attempt to dial a number - an unexpected event will hinder the implementation of the dreamer's plans.
  3. To break another person’s communication apparatus in a dream means waking up a mistake to blame someone for their failures.
  4. Finding a phone with cracked glass in your bag - to conflicts with friends and relatives.

Freud's Dream Book

According to Sigmund Freud, a dream about a broken phone symbolizes the dreamer's wounded pride amid sexual dissatisfaction.

  • for a married woman, such a dream portends frequent conflicts with colleagues because of her inability to adequately perceive someone else's point of view.

Dream Interpretation - Mobile Phone

Neither Freud nor Jung said anything about mobile phones. And nowadays, cell phones have already become an integral part of life, and therefore of our dreams. Having become a symbol of reliability, mobile phones are no longer an indicator of social status. We feel connected with the whole world when a mobile phone is at hand. If you see a phone in a dream, then this indicates a reliable connection with additional features (or, at least, about your desire for this).

One of the possible explanations for the appearance of this image in a dream is the desire to increase social status in order to motivate the need to use a mobile phone. Try to remember who and under what circumstances you called, since a cell phone can also symbolize security.

What is a telephone for you - a part of a social image or an indispensable means of communication?

Does your cell phone annoy you by constantly calling and making it difficult to enjoy the silence?

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

According to Antonio Meneghetti:

  • a cell phone falling onto a floor from a great height dreams of having a baby or a wedding,
  • a mobile phone broken in half - to the end of a personal relationship due to jealousy,
  • if after a fall a crack appears on the screen - to the loss of consent and trust between partners.

Dream Interpretation Veles

Krada Veles interpreted the dream of a broken phone as follows:

  • breaking it in half intentionally means waking up to hide your hatred for a loved one,
  • try to turn on a broken phone - soon to experience disappointment in love and relationships,
  • fall yourself and accidentally break a new phone - do not live up to the expectations of your partner.

Dreamwalker Dream Interpretation

According to the wanderer’s dream book:

  • to see how a mobile phone shatters means to regret missed opportunities,
  • the glass of a cell phone has cracked - one should concentrate on the main goals and not waste time on dubious enterprises,
  • if the mobile phone fell from the roof and crashed - unexpected bad news will prevent the dreamer from completing what he started.

What did you do

In our dreams, we usually play an active role. What did you do in a dream with a broken phone? Try to remember:

  • if you dreamed that you yourself and specially broke the phone, it speaks of restrained anger or resentment. Something very upset you, and you try to stay as if nothing had happened, but this tactic does not work. Soon your mask will crack, and you will fall on innocent people,
  • And if you broke the device by accident? This means that your plans for the coming days will be destroyed, and you will be the culprit,
  • if you unsuccessfully tried to turn on a broken phone, fasten yourself - in reality no one listens to your opinion and advice. In the near future, you will not be able to change this situation, so you have to rely only on yourself,
  • throwing a broken cell phone out - fortunately. Many dream books claim that this is a symbol of your willingness to abandon old, broken concepts, bad relationships and other things that pull you down,
  • getting a broken phone as a present is rather unpleasant even in a dream. According to dream books, this image predicts a trick from someone close. What is noteworthy, the culprit of your misadventures will not even understand what he did wrong.

Emotions in a dream

Dream Interpretations argue that the emotions you experienced in a dream are crucial to interpretation. So, if a dream about a broken phone caused fear or nervousness - it means that you value too little something insignificant (for example, your real smartphone). Did you feel resentment, anger, anger? So you are not frank enough with yourself. You suppress too many emotions and as a result become unhappy. Sometimes excessive self-control is not the best way out. But pleasant emotions during sleep are a good sign. They say that you are able to correctly prioritize and are not upset over trifles.

The tips given by dream books sometimes work and prove to be really useful. But do not blindly trust them - think more with your head and make decisions consciously. The interpretation of dreams is an art too dubious.

Interpretation of famous dream books

According to Miller’s dream book, a broken phone symbolizes communication problems. It will be difficult for the sleeper to find compromises for making a decision. Broken gadget dreams of losing a friend. A dream does not mean a fatal outcome, just a person will cease to communicate. Another person breaks - he sets others up against the sleeping one.

A phone broken with anger speaks of a person’s tension. Negative energy has accumulated, which has nowhere to go. The best option for relaxation is intimacy. After that, negative emotions are transformed into positive ones. It will also help put problems in the background and think about a solution in a calm environment.

A broken phone on Wangi’s dream book talks about solving problems. The seer considered modern gadgets to be evil, which makes people slaves and deprives them of their own opinions. To break it in a dream means in reality to free oneself from pressure and criticism from others. Another person broke a gadget - a person will appear who will help to get out of a difficult situation, will become a good friend.

Cell phone broke accidentally - a person lost concentration. This situation occurs due to fatigue. The sleeper needs to rest and gain energy.

A modern dream book interprets a cracked gadget as a loss of interest in life. The sleeping person needs to change the situation, go on a trip for new sensations. To dream that the screen is cracked - asleep in reality experiences a feeling of fear. This leads to the vulnerability that ill-wishers feel. You need to deal with your fears, overcome them with the help of specialists or on your own.

The love dream treats the dream where the phone had to be broken, to quarrels with friends. breaking the screen can say the same thing.

Esoteric dream interpretation interprets the plot as receiving important information. This will help you move up the career ladder. Information will come from longtime friends.

Smashed something in a dream

Thinking about what a broken phone is dreaming of, the answer must be sought in stages. First of all, you need to understand the meaning of vision, where the sleeper simply breaks up a thing.

Such a nightly image speaks of the inner uncertainty of the dream master. Thus, the subconscious sends a signal: it is this emotional component of character that does not allow it to achieve its goals. It is worth listening to the inner voice, becoming more confident in your choice, actions. Most likely, this will begin a new phase of life.

Dream Interpretation by day of the week

If a broken phone dreams:

  • on the night from Sunday to Monday - to reprimand from the authorities,
  • from Monday to Tuesday - to difficulties at the start of a new project,
  • from Tuesday to Wednesday - to misunderstanding with a loved one,
  • from Wednesday to Thursday - to a conflict with a close relative,
  • Thursday to Friday - to disagreements with old friends,
  • Friday to Saturday - to self-doubt due to a mistake,
  • from Saturday to Sunday - to the end of a personal relationship.

Broken phone in a dream

People consider an expensive telephone to be a reflection of a person’s status, image and financial capabilities. Therefore, a broken mobile phone even in a dream carries negative emotions, causes fear. How to explain such a dream?

If in a dream the means of communication was new, but broken, do not expect good things from life. There will be problems soon.

If the old phone is broken in a dream, soon you will say goodbye to the past, your life will be renewed.

If we take into account that we can communicate with friends and relatives using a telephone, then a broken telephone in a night dream can indicate:

  • loss of contact with the environment
  • difficulties in communicating with friends, maybe for a while you stop communicating,
  • separation from loved ones
  • disagreements at work due to difficulty in communication and understanding of each other,
  • some kind of interference that prevents you from talking to a person,
  • lack of necessary information,
  • your personal unwillingness to keep in touch with people, dreams of being alone with yourself without a phone in your pocket.

From the point of view of psychology, a broken phone in a dream indicates your inner complexes and problems associated with social contacts. Perhaps you are very afraid of losing contact with someone, that for some reason they will stop communicating with you.

It is possible that you seek by all means to give up responsibility, or to keep any information secret. That is, the dreamer is afraid that someone from the environment will learn about his unseemly act, so he wants all information media to be wiped off the face of the earth, because of which he could seriously suffer. When the panic takes on a large scale, the dreamer in a dream can smash or crush the phone with fury.

Loving dreamers, this image can be dreamed when they feel fear of losing each other. Or a tension has already appeared in the pair, and the dreamer is trying with all his might to avoid an unpleasant conversation.

What does the phone mean in a dream

Then you should pay attention to the device itself. What portends such an image? Good or sad news, troubles? The telephone becomes an image of a dream when the sleeper very much wants to contact someone, or, on the contrary, a similar desire arose in relation to the dreamer among his relatives, close, sometimes completely unfamiliar or unfamiliar personalities.

Dream Interpretation - Telephone Number 9

To dial a phone number in a dream and get stuck on the number “9” means that in reality you will remain in the cold, as your environment weaves all kinds of intrigues behind you.

However, the person who first comes to you or calls on the 9th or 18th will help you get out of the shack of intriguers with minimal losses.

If you dial a telephone number consisting of only nine, then in life you will have to give up comfort and convenience for a while.

If at the same time it’s hard for you to turn the disk or you can’t get your fingers on the buttons, then the period of hardships and failures will take you by surprise.

If you quickly cope with the number, then the streak of bad luck in your life will pass quickly and leave no trace.

In a dream, dialing a phone number and remembering only the number "9" means to need the help of a person who is superior to you with your mind.

Most likely, this person will find you on the 9th or 27th, or his phone number ends with "18".

If in a dream you add up all the numbers in a phone number and get a nine, then a global event will happen in your life soon, for example, you will be given the Nobel Prize or sent to prison.

Whether the change will be pleasant or not depends on whether it was easy or difficult for you to make calculations: if it’s easy, you can rejoice, if not, then get ready for the worst.

Dream participants

The dreamer saw himself in a dream - he should prepare for the trials. The phone fell to his feet - you need to check your surroundings. There are people who can interfere with the implementation of the plan.

It is necessary to pay attention to the details of sleep:

  1. The phone rings. The sleeper hears a melody and wants to answer, while the glass on the gadget is damaged - to receive news that will change life. Changes will affect not only the sleeping person, but also members of his family.
  2. Bad connection. Calling on a broken phone, where there are still communication problems, is to quarrel with your loved one. It is worth talking about sore issues and finding compromises in resolving disputes.
  3. They stole the gadget. Such a plot dreams of disappointment in a loved one. The sleeping man does not have the wisdom to share the interests and views of the second half. It may also upset some act.
  4. Throw the gadget into the wall. Conflicts with family members may occur. Do not show impulsiveness and temper.
  5. Drop it by accident. Sleeping will help solve the problem to a friend who will be grateful. In the future, the dreamer will be able to turn to a friend for help.

In a fight, breaking a phone is a dream for something unpleasant. At the same time, it will be one to experience sleeping, which will temper the character.

A dream in which a familiar person breaks the gadget will not bring anything good. If this happened by chance, you need to prepare for a long feud and bickering. It all starts with small skirmishes that will grow into a big problem. Deliberate actions indicate that a person is trying to substitute a sleeping person.

Appearance of the device

In the modern world, various models of gadgets are presented. In a dream, various devices may appear:

  1. Stationary. The phone falls in front of the sleeping person - you need to look at the people who are around. No need to be provoked. There are people who envy, they will give bad advice. A dream has a similar interpretation in which the device was initially inoperative.
  2. Mobile. What a broken phone dreams about is the loss of interest. It is possible that a person’s life is arranged and stable, but this does not suit him and leads to depression. It is worth revising the values, re-setting priorities.
  3. Old and expensive. The plot shows the sleeper conservative and old-fashioned. These qualities affect personal relationships. It is possible that the dreamer lost several chances to create a family. You need to be bolder.

To dream of a new phone model, the screen of which begins to crack - an interesting acquaintance awaits the sleeper, allowing you to fall in love. Also, a dream can warn that a new partner will have dishonest intentions. It is necessary to control yourself so as not to fall into a selfish scenario.

The gadget falls to the floor and breaks into small pieces - a sleeping person is disturbed by some question. There is a possibility that he is afraid of losing his beloved, a good job. Such a dream says that fear inhibits actions and leads to unsatisfactory results.

Breaking the gadget in a bright case or cover - the sleeper has many unrealized ideas. You need to believe in your own strength, gain courage and realize creative plans.

Find a broken gadget in a dream - you need to be involved in other people's problems. These troubles may concern the sleeping person.

Dream Interpretation

According to this dream book, a broken or broken phone in a dream indicates that you cannot get in touch with your subconscious. Perhaps you are tormented by some questions or overcome with negative thoughts, but the source of all internal problems lies deep in the subconscious. If in reality you constantly torment yourself with this, it is worthwhile to turn to a specialist.

A broken screen indicates your stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise. This behavior will prevent you from making the right decision.

A phone completely broken in a dream can symbolize a broken friendship. It is possible that due to an insoluble conflict, you will lose a faithful companion.

If in a dream your friend broke the phone, it is possible that he says unpleasant things about you, false information will clearly spoil your reputation.

Values ​​depending on the sex of the sleeper

The plot was dreamed by a man - he was in trouble at work. The conflict situation will not go into personal relationships. A man needs to find the strength to resolve disputes, find out the essence of the problem and defend the point of view.

A woman dreamed about a broken phone:

  1. Dear model - you need to think about spending. There is a possibility that she buys unnecessary things. You need to keep track of expenses to track spending.
  2. Old gadget - chores around the house are expected.Everyday life can infuriate, so you should find time for relaxation and entertainment.
  3. Given - to be clarified relations with a loved one. She can become the initiator of the conflict, which she will regret.

I had a story about a child - he has problems at school. He does not cope with homework. Parents need help. Otherwise, low ratings can affect him from the bad side.

Repair gadget

To break the phone in a dream and try to repair it is to solve a serious problem. The task can be posed by management. If the dreamer managed to make a gadget - his work will be rewarded with a good prize. I had to throw it away - the project will not be appreciated and the dreamer will be upset.

Global changes are waiting for people who bought a mobile in a dream. In this case, it will be necessary to make decisions. Be sure to consult with a person who is in the circle of trust.

Talk on a broken phone:

  1. Good audibility of the interlocutor - in reality, the dreamer is surrounded by faithful people with excellent qualities. Relations with others will be comfortable and positive.
  2. Bad communication - obstacles in communication. Misunderstanding and misunderstanding will lead to conflicts in the family. People will talk about the right things, but they will not be able to convey their point of view to a partner.

Dreams about broken gadgets carry negative events in real life. In most cases, this leads to conflicts at work or with a partner.

The positive moments are brought by a dream where the sleeping person managed to fix the device or buy a new one.

Modern dream book

If the screen of your phone is cracked in a dream, you become bored with life, you are no longer happy with simple things, you are tormented by apathy and insomnia, and a complete loss of interest in life is on your face. You need vivid emotions, so drop everything and go on a trip.

If the phone cracked or crashed before your eyes in a dream, a feeling of fear and helplessness paralyzed you. And this is very good news for your enemies who will rush to take advantage of your condition and inflict a crushing blow. With destructive emotions, you need to start a fight, otherwise you will be in trouble.

To a woman, such a dream boasts rumors, gossip and ridicule. You are envied by sworn friends who need to get rid of or keep communication with them to a minimum.

Also, a dream indicates that soon you can become a victim of fraud by meeting a scammer who will mislead you so that you won’t even come to your senses.

Dreaming of a broken phone screen

All information is stored in phones, so we are not afraid to forget or miss something, in the hope of all kinds of “reminders” and the ability to find information on the Internet at any second. Therefore, the dream in which the broken screen of the phone appeared indicates that you manage to skip something, lose or forget, for this reason you will have major troubles.

Can this be avoided? Yes, if you stop hoping for outside help, rely more on your strength. Take care of what is important to you and soberly assess the situation. It is possible that for some time you need to be extremely careful and vigilant so as not to get into trouble.

Some interpreters predict the dreamer's disagreement if he saw a cracked or broken phone screen in a dream.

Also, a dream promises to receive unexpected news, but what kind of character they are, the interpreters kept silent. Moreover, even if the news does not please you, it will be beyond your power to change anything. You have to accept the situation as it is. And in their further actions, we have to build on this fact.

In addition, a dream promises you changes in life. Remember, under what circumstances the screen was broken and try to protect yourself from this in reality.

Some seers recommend that the sleeper learn to be responsible for his actions. Your frivolity and the habit of hiding your head in the sand harms you and the people around you. Be an independent and responsible person you can count on, otherwise loved ones will turn away from you.

Sometimes a dream clearly indicates a dreamer's fear of losing something valuable. If, after awakening, you analyze your feelings, reveal the nature of your fears, it will become easier for you to live.

The broken screen of the phone promises troubles on the love front and problems at work. You will not be able to agree with partners or find a common language with colleagues. It is more difficult if the boss does not understand you, so sit out while on the sidelines and climb on the rampage.

Important is your attitude to the phone in reality. If you can’t imagine life without a phone, the broken screen of a mobile phone in a nighttime dream predicts troubles and troubles. If you react calmly enough to the presence or absence of a mobile phone in your life, and in a dream your old phone’s screen is broken, your life will soon change for the better. A new period will begin in your life, in reality you are open to everything new and ready for change.

If in a dream you find someone else's phone, whose screen was broken, do not brush off the troubles of other people, try to help if it is within your power, otherwise the problems will become common.

Dreaming of a broken protective glass on the phone

If the protective glass of a mobile phone is damaged in a dream, you do not see the situation clearly enough. At this time, you are acting blindly, you have no concrete and true information about the situation in which you were thirsty. This may also apply to relationships with a person, when you do not know what step to take next time so that the relationship does not come to a standstill.

Just as interference on the screen glass prevents you from viewing the image, an unpleasant situation deprives you of control and self-control, so you do not see things lying on the surface. Can the protective glass be replaced? Of course. So with your situation everything is extremely clear. Change direction, change negative to positive, get together, and you will allow everything.

Sometimes such a dream promises you a certain misunderstanding with friends, but if you show tact and patience, the relationship will certainly improve.

Sometimes such a dream testifies to intrigues that weave behind your back. If you expose ill-wishers in time, avoid serious problems.

If you saw a broken protective glass on the phone that belonged to your friend, trouble could happen to him. Try to come to his aid, since the subconscious mind decided to warn you.

Dream interpretation smash phone

If in a dream you managed to break the phone, small troubles will soon fall on you, which will permanently put you out of balance. Take care of your strength and nerves, because sooner or later the series of troubles will end, and peace will come to your life again.

If in a dream you broke the phone with anger, negative emotions have accumulated in your soul, you try not to show the appearance, but you will not be able to deceive yourself. Inner rage must be directed in a useful direction, to hide feelings in the soul is dangerous for your own health. Spend all your strength on the implementation of the plan or on the fulfillment of desire.

To break the phone in a dream means to worry a lot because of frequent disagreements with friends. For some reason you have ceased to understand each other. It is best to bring friends to a frank conversation.

Sometimes a dream speaks of your incorrect perception of the world around you. In your life there is either white or black, you do not see half-tones and cannot read between the lines, and sometimes it is useful for the mind and the development of intuition.

If you broke the phone in a dream, it is possible that you need to get rid of things that interfere with your life or spoil your existence. The dream hints that it is time to start active actions!

If in a dream you accidentally broke your mobile phone, you run the risk of making a mistake, for which you will have to pay a lot. Be careful.

If in a dream the phone crashed during some sort of brawl, a serious quarrel is coming, in which many people will suffer.

If the phone crashes and the screen crashes, soon you will get sticks in the wheels of enemies. The reason for their behavior is banal envy. Adversaries may be in the work team, so take appropriate measures and try not to provoke detractors to wrecking. For example, do not brag or be arrogant about yourself so as not to incur trouble.

In addition, if in a dream you broke the screen, this indicates your concerns about the interference of people in your life. Thus, you are desperately trying to protect your personal space.

Dream interpretation broken phone

If you see a broken phone, stay away from dishonest and unscrupulous people who could harm your business or ruin your mood.

Your relationships with loved ones who can never be smooth and good can also “break”. Sleep promises disagreements with relatives or a break with the second half. Analyze your behavior, perhaps the danger lies in your actions. It is in your power to change circumstances and prevent waking conflicts.

If the broken phone rang in a dream and you wanted to pick up the phone, soon you will receive information that will positively change your life and also improve the affairs of your family members.

If in a dream you decide to dial a phone number on a broken phone after hearing interference and hissing, there is a risk of serious discord with your loved one. Try to talk frankly with your soulmate, talk about your concerns. After all, before you understood each other.

If you managed to perfectly talk on a broken phone, you are a determined and confident person who is constantly fighting for truth and justice. You are trying to support and protect the people who need it. You hate lies and betrayal. Very soon you will receive a reward from fate.

If a woman decided to talk on a broken phone, she should be wary of gossip. Close people can believe gossip, so hurry to talk to them.

If a very expensive phone is broken in a dream, be more economical. You may have spent too much money, so you will soon experience financial difficulties.

If the old device breaks down, you will have to take care of the housework. After household chores, be sure to find time to relax.

If in a dream you were presented with a broken phone, you can very soon become the initiator of a quarrel with the second half. Keep yourself in control and do not give vent to negative emotions.

If you couldn’t dial the number on a broken phone, disagreements with households are expected. It is possible that problems will arise in the family.

If the phone case has cracked in a dream, you crave for drastic changes in life.

If the speaker turned out to be broken, you do not have enough information, so you are on the verge of hysteria because of the inability to influence the situation.

A spoiled microphone in a dream testifies to your infantility and non-independence. It's time to learn to be responsible for their actions.

A broken phone in a dream can symbolize a variety of things, depending on what emotions you are experiencing at the moment, what you dream about, what you fear. Interpreters seek only to warn the dreamer of possible troubles that may not occur at all. If the dream has alerted you, it makes sense to sort out your own thoughts and actions in order to prevent any mistakes. Try to look at the situation positively! If your phone crashed in a dream, it may be time to change it to a new one, and the dream only hints at it to you.

Phone - a symbol of communication with the outside world

It doesn’t matter whether in reality or in a dream you broke the symbol under discussion, in both cases the situation will lead to a shock state. For many people, a branded expensive gadget is a symbol of high social status.

What prediction does this image appear in night vision? If the device was new, it is worth mentally preparing for negative changes. And why is there a broken mobile phone or just an old one? Positive life changes are coming, because getting rid of junk in a dream is always a good sign.

If we consider the gadget as a means of communication, then the question: what is the dream of a broken phone screen for, will have this answer:

  • Parting with friends or a loved one:
  • lack of desire to communicate with a certain person,
  • losing contact with the right people,
  • quarrels with colleagues, business partners due to misunderstanding,
  • lack of necessary information,
  • an obstacle to communication with the right person.

When deciding what the dream is that the phone crashed, you should consider how the device was disabled:

  • the sleeping one intentionally broke the device,
  • suddenly crashed
  • someone else broke a gadget,
  • See someone else’s cell phone broken.

It is unintentionally to split the subject under discussion - an unfavorable symbol. The sleeper faces difficulties in resolving important issues relating to communication, relationships. If a crack spread on the screen, the dreamer does not quite understand the essence of the matter for which he took up.

The dream mobile phone also symbolizes the presence of problems in communicating with relatives. Most likely, misunderstanding, quarrels with comrades are coming, as a result, communication will temporarily cease. But dream books are not advised to be upset, soon close relations will be restored.

If the sleeper with anger throws his device, breaks it, it means:

  • the need to completely change the way of life,
  • the desire to stop remembering the past,
  • anger due to lack of necessary information,
  • an attempt to avoid communication with an unpleasant person.

A lot of joyful and negative memories are connected with past relationships. Broken against the wall, the floor gadget in night vision speaks of the need to awake to bury unnecessary memories. Interpreters advise: it is better to live in the present than thoughts of the past. Also, the image under discussion can be a subconscious hint - change the way of life, start this by “cleaning” your contacts, changing your circle of friends.

The lack or secrecy of the sleeping information needed can cause feelings of anger or despair. It is such a prediction that the dream carries, where the dreamer throws the device against the wall or angrily throws it to the floor. Moderate your emotions, with all the efforts, most likely, it will not work to get the necessary information.

It happens that the real environment is so enraging a person, he is ready to fall through the ground, just to not see annoying faces. Or the sleeper suffers from communication with unnecessary personalities, does not know how to stop it - just then the universe shows a broken apparatus for communication. Dream Interpretations say: Feel free to stop communicating with individuals who are not useful.

Dream Interpretation - Telephone Number 8

If in a dream you call someone on a telephone dominated by eights, then in reality you will be amazed at the success of someone from your environment and you will experience real envy of this person.

If in a dream you get through to whose number you are dialing, then in real life you will have to suppress your envy and hatred, and this will be true torture for you.

But if the call goes off or you just can't get through, then in reality someone else's success will spur you on, and you will enthusiastically rush into battle, and after 8 weeks you will achieve even greater success than the one who unwittingly made you work so hard.

If in a dream you add up all the numbers of a phone number and get the number “8” as a result, then this means that your creative streak should develop, allow yourself to fantasize and invent, take your mind off the practical side of things!

If you know the phone number, the numbers of which you add and get a total of eight, then it is the owner of this phone who will be able to help you in reality, for example, he will contact with creative people or arrange with the publisher. Contact him for help within 17 days.

Dream Interpretation - Phone and Number One

If you dream that you are trying to add all the digits of a telephone number in a dream and get one as a result, then soon in reality you will have to experience all the hardships of love.

Your loved one will cheat on you over the next month, and you are not able to prevent the impending disaster.

If it’s hard for you to do calculations in a dream, then by the end of the year you decide to part with the cheater, but if the calculations were easy for you, then you will forgive your loved one and try to start all over again.

If someone helps you add up the numbers of a telephone number, and you clearly remember that as a result you get the number “1”, then in a year you can open your own business or buy an apartment.

Pay particular attention to the phone number whose numbers you add up - perhaps this is the number of the person who knows something very important to you.

Try to meet him the day after you see this dream, and achieve frankness.

It can help you both in business affairs, and in heart. If in a dream you feel unpleasant excitement, getting the number “1” from this phone number, then in a month its owner will become your enemy and will achieve your dismissal from work.

Why dream of breaking a phone

The plot under discussion is often not a favorable symbol - a chain of unpleasant events awaits the sleeper, which will greatly agitate the nerves.

And why is a broken phone dreaming of a mobile screen? This image is interpreted by the subconscious as a mindless solution to problems. That is, the sleeper does not have accurate information regarding any issue or person. So the lack of information, like cracks on the display, makes it impossible to see the whole situation, to deal with it. Why dream of breaking the phone’s screen, the interpreters believe that if you apply your energy, your strength correctly, you can change reality.

Russian dream book

In accordance with interpretations from the Russian dream book:

  • a broken phone dreams of a long trip,
  • if in a dream a broken cell phone still works - in reality the dreamer will have to survive the death of one of his close people,
  • throw the mobile phone to the floor itself and break the screen - to a temporary separation with a partner.

Family dream book

In the Family Dreambook, the following interpretations of sleep about a broken phone are presented:

  • try to fix it - to problems at work,
  • shoot a broken screen - to change the main activity,
  • to hold in hands - to conflicts in the family.

Phone as a symbol of communication

Life does not stand still, everything develops, the rhythm accelerates, mobile conversations have become the everyday norm, and sometimes they began to replace live communication face to face. It is for this reason that the mobile is a symbol of the relationship of the sleeper with the people around him.

A dream in a night vision mobile, and even more so the scene of his defeat, symbolizes the dreamer's experiences due to a lack of understanding with his comrades. Interpreters recommend: do not waste your nerves, tormented by emotions, what is destined to be spoken, will be spoken. It’s worth showing your friends a little understanding, trust and being a little more frank.

What the dream book will tell: a broken phone

There are several other meanings, why dream of breaking a mobile phone. Such an image can represent difficulties with the assimilation of hidden information. The sleeper needs to work out the ability to notice and highlight the hidden between the lines.

Also, the symbol under discussion may appear in a dream as a sign that represents a call to action. A waking sleeper simply needs to start getting rid of unnecessary things, vital “trash,” which do not allow them to move on, but only inhibit the actions of the dream master.

Mobile - a storehouse of information

Current gadgets not only allow their owners to make calls, communicate via SMS, but also support many other functions. Such as camera, navigation, listening to music, internet access. Thus, a modern device is not just a “dialer,” but a kind of repository of gigabytes of miscellaneous information. What is the result? Interpreters believe that every owner of a smartphone puts a piece of his soul into the device. In addition, a person does not try to remember all the information received, because everything is stored on a flash card.

That's why one of the possible meanings for which a broken phone is dreaming would be the following: in reality, the sleeping person will forget or lose something quite important, as a result, problems will arise. In order to prevent such a development of the life story, one should take all responsibility onto one’s shoulders, become prudent, analyze priorities and begin to protect more than the rest, which is on the top line. Most likely, in the near future will have to be careful, play safe.

Negative sign or only unconscious fear

All of the above interpretations can hardly be called favorable. But a dreaming device does not at all mean a clear desire of life to present a negative gift. Even so, there is no absolute certainty whether a really bad event will occur at all. The discussed image is most likely personified by the subconscious as some kind of waking dream experience.

For example, why a broken mobile phone is dreaming of may mean fear of being left without something dear to the heart, and not the loss itself. Immediately after waking up, those who saw the described plot in night vision will see their true emotions, cope with possible future difficulties, life will become much easier.

Problems in relationships with loved ones may turn out to be imaginary. Never forget: everything that you see in your dreams is a processed subconscious of things, thoughts or facts that you once saw in reality. The sleeper may simply misinterpret the night message; one does not have to rely completely on dream images, this will not lead to anything favorable.

Other values

Broken display often portends future conflicts, scandals. There is also an interpretation foreshadowing some kind of sudden news. Positive or negative, the interpreter does not specify. The only thing, adds the dream book - this news is not subject to the control of the sleeper. It will best follow the principle: what is destined is not to be avoided.

Seeing a broken phone in a dream - such a vision portends life's changes. To get an accurate prediction, you must remember the whole dream down to the smallest detail. It is important to take into account the fact why the mobile device crashed. In reality, just try not to get into similar situations.

Another interpretation of night vision says: the owner of a dream needs to learn how to be responsible for actions and words for a long time, because often rash acts only bring harm to himself and his close circle. Dream Interpretation strongly recommends: to grow up, become more prudent, otherwise you risk permanently spoiling relationships with dear, close people.


To summarize, what changes does the device portend in a night (or day) vision foreshadow? The interpretation depends on many details:

  • what circumstances led to what happened
  • what emotional state was accompanied by the dream,
  • what turned the sad situation
  • the state of the mobile phone
  • whose device was it.

But all the nuances are impossible to remember. Various interpretations from the most authoritative travel guides in the world of night dreams have been described above. For a complete and correct explanation, the sleeper should take into account all the details of the dream, look into the dream book, combining all the components, and find out the correct meaning.

For example, to split a stranger, not your mobile phone, means: the value of the prediction will concern only the owner of the gadget. If, despite the visible adverse component of the event, it caused only vivid, positive feelings (dreams are often illogical, strange), then in real life favorable events can be expected. You may not even take into account that most interpretations are negative in color.

Another important detail. Remember who split the mobile gadget? Himself asleep or someone from his close circle, or even a stranger. With this in mind, it will become clear how to further control your life.

The last interpretation is extremely logical and simple: maybe the subconscious hints through a dream about the desire to change the phone to a more modern model, or is the real device already quite outdated or tired?

List of used literature:

  • Moss R. The Secret History of Dreams: The Meaning of Dreams in Different Cultures and the Life of Famous Persons. Per. from English - SPb .: IG "All", 2010.
  • Dreams Their origin and role in the Christian interpretation. Moscow: Image, 2006
  • Solovyov V. Explanatory Dictionary of Dreams: An Illustrated History of the Dream Civilization. - Moscow: Eksmo, 2006.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

According to Denise Lynn:

  • a dream about a cell phone with broken glass may mean that the dreamer regrets because of his bad deed committed in relation to a partner,
  • a mobile phone broken in half dreams of losing the trust of a close friend,
  • in a dream, to receive a broken phone as a gift means waking up communication with an unpleasant and dangerous person.

Dream Interpretation by Numbers: Interpretation Table

Day of the monthInterpretation
1The coming work week for the dreamer will be very difficult
2Bad day for new purchases
3Meet a new colleague will be unpleasant
4Today you should pay close attention to your health.
5Possible conflict with a loved one
6A good day to spend with friends
7Romantic date does not live up to expectations
8Today, many household issues will have to be addressed.
9The start of a new project should be postponed until another day.
10Another misunderstood phrase may mislead the dreamer
11Great day for shopping
12Vision portends the dreamer a long-awaited meeting
13Sleep predicts a cooling of feelings between the dreamer and his soulmate
14A person will not be able to leave a good impression in an unfamiliar company
15Today it’s unlikely to find time to relax
16In the coming days, you need to focus on your long-term goals.
17Soon there will be big problems in communicating with people
18Inaccuracy in the details will lead to a serious miscalculation.
19It is better to seek help from a loved one another day
20Family talk today should not be started
21Expectations from a profitable business will be overstated
22A small gift will help to fix an unpleasant situation
23Seemingly compelling reasons will not be taken seriously by others.
24A favorable day for the first steps in a new business
25The dreamer should refuse dubious offers
26A young woman will cause a quarrel in the dreamer's family
27The dreamer will have to make a difficult decision.
28The person will be in an unpleasant situation
29Bad day for business meetings.
30There is a danger of spoiling relations with relatives
31In the evening, the dreamer will receive unpleasant news.

21st Century Dream Interpretation

The interpretations from this dream book look like this:

  • see your own smashed phone - unfortunately in family life,
  • a stranger - to problems in relationships with colleagues,
  • to hear a broken glass phone ring for a prosperous future.

Dream interpretation for women

  • if a girl dreamed how her mobile phone crashed on an airplane, then she would have a serious conversation with the authorities,
  • to see a child breaking a cell phone in a dream means to meet a married but irresponsible man in the near future,
  • such a dream predicts a bride a serious conversation with the groom's father.

Moon Dream Book

The sleep value of a broken phone, depending on the phase of the moon, looks like this:

  • on the full moon - jealousy and distrust of the sexual partner will lead to the end of the relationship,
  • on the waning moon - problems in personal relationships will prevent professional self-realization,
  • at the new moon - in the dreamer's life begins a period when he should rely only on himself,
  • on the rising moon - unexpected bad news will interfere with the implementation of the plan.

Intimate dream book

  • if the virgin dreamed how she broke the phone, then soon the dreamer will encounter the betrayal of a person whom she trusts,
  • a woman who has never been married, the dream of the broken glass of her phone portends difficulties in sexual relations.

Home dream book

  • single guy own broken phone dream of a scandal with relatives,
  • a stranger - to conflict with a friend,
  • pick up a broken mobile phone - to deception by a loved one.

Dream Interpretation of the subconscious

Interpretations from the Dream Interpretation of the subconscious:

  • the phone crashed to smithereens - this means that the dreamer restrains his anger and is afraid to express his point of view,
  • if the mobile phone is broken in half - to exacerbate a chronic disease,
  • if the glass cracked in the dream of a cell phone, then in reality a person will have to face betrayal.

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