Face Redness Cream

A cream from redness on the face will soothe the skin and relieve irritation. It will sufficiently moisturize the epidermis and make up for the lack of substances in the cells. We recommend that you pay attention to the 3 best cream for redness on the face.

Red spots on the face can occur for various reasons: inadequate care, skin disease, allergies. To get rid of this problem, you need to eliminate the redness and identify the cause.

Cream for redness of the skin - a remedy that will eliminate the redness of the skin. If the cause of facial redness is a disease or a malfunction in the body, you need to consult a doctor.

Possible causes of facial redness

Finding solutions to this problem depends on the causes of redness, there are a lot of them. Often encountered:

  1. Possible pressure surges leading to dizziness, while the skin on the face may turn red. In this situation, you need to take drugs that normalize the pressure prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Redness of the face in women can occur with menopause during hot flashes. This is due to a decrease in hormonal levels. In this case, medication prescribed by a gynecologist or endocrinologist is also used.
  3. An emotional reaction (fear, anger) to stressful situations causes hyperemia, redness of the face due to a rush of blood to it. Upon reaching a calm state, redness and spots go away.
  4. Redness of the face is due to weathering or the action of frost in winter or sun in summer. It is noted that usually these states also pass with normalization of environmental conditions. To prevent a reaction to weather conditions, cosmetologists recommend using a cream against redness on the face. In frosty and windy weather, a nourishing cream is prescribed, with the influence of UV rays on the face - sunscreen.
  5. Redness of the face is possible after salon procedures, especially deep chemical peels. In this case, the cosmetologist prescribes creams and ointments from redness of the skin on the face with a therapeutic effect. These include Panthenol and Hydrocortisone. The cream of Natura Siberica “Protection and Moisturizing” works well.

Cream "Protection and Moisturizing"

  1. Hereditary predisposition, especially if a person has a network of vessels located very close to the upper layer of the epidermis. Thin vascular networks on the face - rosacea, appear due to disruption of the capillary network. The elasticity of the vessels of the capillaries is influenced by sudden changes in temperature, smoking and alcohol.
  2. Allergic reactions of the body to any stimuli.

It's important to know! Redness of the face in children or the appearance of red spots is most often caused by food intolerance as a result of the introduction of a new product into the diet.

  1. Cosmetic and hygienic products that do not correspond to the type of skin cause redness.
  2. A rash, acne, spots, and redness in a child occur with chickenpox, diathesis, or allergies.
  3. The skin reaction in the form of redness, rash and itching occurs with any kind of dermatitis, acne or rosacea.

Reasons and treatment

The prerequisites for the appearance of red spots on the skin are many. Let's try to deal with the factors that cause redness, methods of prevention and treatment.

Causes and treatment of redness:

  1. Hereditary factor. Often red spots are inherited by children. In most cases, this is due to the structural features of the vessels.
  2. Allergic reaction. Allergens are everywhere: in food, household chemicals, cosmetics. A person may not know what substance he is allergic to. Redness on the skin results from direct contact with the allergen or through the digestive tract. To eliminate allergic irritation of the skin, it is necessary to calculate the allergen, and then choose a good cream for allergies on the face, which will help stop red spots and rashes.
  3. Sensitive skin. In women with a sensitive type of skin, redness on the face manifests itself very often. Sometimes it occurs due to an incorrect approach to the care of the epidermis of the face. Cream against redness of the skin will not always be able to provide a sufficient result. If your epidermis is sensitive to any irritants, you need to use cosmetics for sensitive skin type.
  4. Cold and wind. In the cold season, redness on the face is a very common occurrence. Weathering and frostbite of the skin occurs if you do not apply a winter face cream before going outside. It will help create a protective barrier on the surface of the epidermis.
  5. Sun rays. Ultraviolet is another factor that causes redness on the skin. With prolonged exposure to the sun, sunburn occurs. In this case, it is necessary to apply a sedative after tanning. Remember! For the summer, you should have day care cosmetics with SPF (sun protection factor) in your arsenal. With its help, prevent redness, preserve the beauty and youth of the face.
  6. Problem skin. The problem type of skin is manifested by an increased separation of sebum and a frequent rash on the face. For such skin, you must use appropriate cosmetics. A cream for problematic skin will relieve redness and eliminate inflammation.
  7. Skin diseases can be accompanied by a rash, itching, and red spots. With a number of diseases, the skin on the face is inflamed with pronounced redness. In this situation, it is necessary to consult a doctor and use a therapeutic cream in combination with other therapeutic drugs prescribed by a doctor.

We get rid of redness of the skin

Most often, redness occurs on dry and oily skin of the face. In the first case, due to irritation and dryness, in the second - due to inflammation. Special cosmetic products will help neutralize redness, soothe the skin and return it a uniform shade.

However, often redness of the skin can be caused by allergic reactions and other processes that occur in the body. Before you begin self-medication, you need to visit a doctor to exclude the presence of serious diseases.

If during the examination it turned out that the redness of the skin is an exclusively cosmetic defect, it can be eliminated with the help of skin care products. If the redness of the skin is not a consequence of a dermatological disease, you can use special cosmetics - creams and serums, designed to remove the redness of the skin. Special bases and tonal products containing green or yellow pigment are also excellent at redness. With their help, you can give the skin a uniform shade.

Causes of facial redness

Girls love to have a uniform uniform color, but often everything is spoiled by a reddish tint, which can appear for various reasons. To choose the right tool to deal with the problem, it is important to correctly determine its source.

The reasons include:

  • Natural physiological changes in the body - a problematic appearance appears during the weathering of the face, from high temperature and steaming in summer and when winter lowers air temperature. Most often, the red tint passes by itself, as soon as the external factor disappears,
  • Bad habits - a person instantly turns red after taking alcohol or smoking. Most often, a man suffers from this problem, but a woman cannot be an exception. The constancy of bad habits over time affects the state of the vessels, due to which the pressure rises, and a small red spot turns into irritation on the face,
  • Age above 40 years - this is due to the approach of menopause and a decrease in the hormonal activity of women,
  • A human feature on a psychological level - a person begins to blush at the time of a strong emotional impact. Also, such a reaction causes an incorrect response to environmental problems. Most often, in such situations, the child becomes covered with spots, which pass when a stressful situation is resolved,
  • Active facial skin massage - the use of techniques with tweaks and beatings, which are aimed at working out all layers of the epidermis. If muscle tissue and tiny vessels are affected in the process, rosacea develops,
  • An allergic reaction - often occurs when using creams, masks or scrubs that are not suitable. In this case, itching, fever may additionally occur, the neck may redden from irritation,
  • Problems with internal organs, circulatory system - redness is one of the possible manifestations of the disease,
  • Dermatitis, eczema - with untimely treatment, they acquire a chronic form. Most often develop as a result of severe allergies,
  • Skin infections - this reaction can occur, regardless of the type of infectious agent. Not only the foot and nails can suffer from the fungus, as it seemed before. The face also undergoes fungal attacks. In this case, the pathogen can only be removed using a complex of medicines and special ointments,
  • Photosensitization - with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, red pigment spots appear. Also, a cream from red spots on the face can cause such a reaction if the composition includes essential oil.

Causes of facial irritation

Factors that provoke irritation can be different. The most common causes include:

  1. Reaction to the sun's rays: the aggressive effect of ultraviolet radiation causes redness and peeling.
  2. Exposure to temperature: extreme cold, heat and temperature changes cause reddening of the skin.
  3. Allergic reaction: when irritants come in contact with the skin or enter the body, this can cause a rash and itching.
  4. Body infection: viral, bacterial, fungal infections are often accompanied by irritations on the face.
  5. Medication: taking medication can cause redness as a side effect.
  6. Insect bites make the skin redden and itch.

There are also specific causes of skin irritation, depending on the person's age.

How to get rid of facial redness

In pharmacies, you can buy ointments that relieve irritation, but before buying a cream or ointment from redness of the skin on the face, you need to exclude possible diseases by contacting a dermatologist. If the doctor determines that rashes on the face, redness or the appearance of red spots are the result of dermatitis or other skin diseases, complex therapy will be prescribed for treatment. In this case, in the treatment regimen, along with medications, an ointment from red spots on the face will be included, which removes the inflammatory process.

Red Spot Ointment - Rosex

In addition, the doctor will definitely recommend normalizing nutrition, and until the acute phase of the disease is removed, do not use cosmetic powders, talcum powder, correctors, so as not to increase irritation of the skin.

Attention! You can not comb affected red areas of the face. This can lead to a deeper infection, which will result in serious complications.

If damage to the skin on the face is accompanied by dizziness, pressure drops, enlarged lymph nodes, pain in the joints and feet, a comprehensive examination of the body should be done, as a result of which the causative agent of the disease will be detected. It can be diseases of internal organs, pink lichen or infection with infectious diseases, as a result, weakening of immunity. In this case, redness cream on the face can not do.

With pink lichen, the localization of its plaques can be on the skin of the neck, face and chest and abdomen. This disease affects men and women aged 20 to 40 years.

Effective Ways to Eliminate Redness

A good cream for redness on the face fights several problems at once:

  • Reduces irritation, suppresses the inflammatory process,
  • Must relieve redness,
  • Moisturize the epidermis.

Effective Ways to Eliminate Redness

Dry skin type is most prone to redness, which means that for treatment, first of all, it needs to be moisturized well and moisture should be constantly maintained. To do this, you can use a complex or one cream for redness on the face, if the drug is correctly selected and has the right composition.

For treatment in the tool should be:

  • Vitamin complex - for nutrition of the dermis with useful substances. Most needed vitamin B,
  • Hyaluronic acid, urea and glycerin. All this has an excellent moisturizing effect and also prevents the appearance of flaky areas,
  • Plant-based oils - their focus - nutrition, smoothing, moisturizing and increasing tissue elasticity,
  • Extract of plants with medicinal properties. Their presence helps to fight inflammatory processes. They have a healing effect, eliminate acne,
  • Magnesium, aloe vera - perfectly remove irritation and remove redness,
  • Cucumber, tea or ginger - their focus is bleaching,
  • Panthenol, allatoin - relieve redness, moisturize and nourish,
  • Hydrocortisone - aimed at reducing puffiness.

Important! Do not use drugs that contain a flower extract and any essential oil. Such components give a strong aroma and often provoke allergies in owners of a sensitive type of dermis.

A pharmacy is a place where most of the funds allocated for treatment are sold. These include Hydrocortisone, Panthenol, Fenistil. All these are ointments from redness on the face, which are used in the first place. For further treatment, it is still better to pay attention to cosmetics that are used daily.

You can make a rating of the best drugs with this focus, according to women with skin problems.

Rating of the best anti-redness drugs

These include:

  • Redness - a moisturizing cream for red face, developed by the company Clinics. Regular use allows you to lighten the skin, remove redness and heal wounds and irritation. The cream is suitable for the treatment of skin problems, has a matting effect, increases protection against winds and sunlight,
  • Uriage - a cream designed to combat atopic dermatitis. The useful composition allows not only to reduce inflammation, but also increases the protective function.
  • Day cream with buttercup extract Yves Roche - the main emphasis was placed on buttercup extract, which quickly and effectively eliminates redness, irritation and peeling. The cream is also aimed at deep hydration with regular use,
  • Rosex is an ointment for treating redness, acne, and other skin problems. It is an antimicrobial and antiprotozoal drug. It is allowed to use the ointment for six months daily.
  • Bioderma - for the most part, the cream treats redness that occurs as an allergic reaction of the body. Also effective in controlling rosacea,
  • Cream protection and hydration - manufacturer Natura Siberika has developed a texture that not only heals and protects the skin, but also helps to increase resistance to external factors,
  • La Plairie Redness Complex - This cosmetic product made in Switzerland includes many different plant extracts aimed at reducing the inflammatory process and removing redness. The tool is aimed at combating problems arising from hormonal disruptions, allergic reactions and the influence of the sun.

10 Nature Siberica Protection and Moisturizing

The most effective cream for redness and mild manifestation of rosacea from the mass market segment is Nature Siberica “Protection and Moisturizing”. In its composition, the product contains an extract of Rhodiola rosea, allantoil, vitamin P, hyaluric acid. An indisputable plus is the content of SPF protection factors. A feature can be considered 99% natural composition, free of silicones, parabens, mineral oils.

Means from Nature Siberica have established themselves as the best in their segment. The choice for Nature Siberica is made by lovers of natural cosmetics. Representatives of the fair sex note that the drug moisturizes the skin well and removes slight redness. True application due to the light texture is only possible in the warm season. Use the product daily, in the morning under makeup. A nice bonus is the fight against wrinkles. Another plus is the convenient packaging with a dispenser.

In children

Infants, kindergartens and primary school children are more prone to rash than adults. Children have very thin, sensitive and delicate skin, which reacts sharply to any irritants.

Symptoms of irritation in children manifest as redness of the skin, rash, spots and small pimples, as well as severe itching.

The cause of the appearance of red spots, pimples and itching in a child can be:

  1. Hormonal jumps: a change in the level of hormones in infancy and adolescence causes the appearance of acne and redness.
  2. Teething: the appearance of milk and molars can be accompanied by rashes on the chin.
  3. Sweating: excessive sweating in infants causes a red rash on the face, neck and in the natural folds of the body.
  4. Seborrheic dermatitis: manifested by colorless pimples on the scalp, forehead and temples. It occurs in infants and children of early school age.
  5. Contact dermatitis: poor hygiene products, rubbing on clothes or underwear can cause a red rash on the face and neck.
  6. Food Allergy: Children often suffer from intolerance to certain foods. The intake of such products is accompanied by a rash, itching, redness.
  7. Infectious diseases: scabies, chickenpox, rubella, measles and other diseases characteristic of children cause redness and heavy rashes.

Some of these reasons can be dangerous for the child’s body, so if you have a large number of pimples and redness that do not pass on your own, you should consult a doctor.

Rating creams and ointments for redness

To treat redness or red spots that have arisen in connection with an allergy, begin by eliminating contact with the allergen, then the treatment is carried out with antihistamine drugs: hormonal and non-hormonal anti-allergenic ointments.

With serious skin lesions, hormonal ointments of fast action are prescribed: Prednisolone and Elocom-C. They must be used in accordance with the instructions, otherwise an overdose can cause more severe inflammation of the affected area of ​​the face.

Non-hormonal drugs include creams for redness on the face, which can also be used for children:

  • Kutiveyt - cream for external use. Helps with bites of various insects, red prickly heat, simple and flat lichen. The cream is contraindicated in case of acne, fungal infections of the skin of the face, herpes and chickenpox.
  • Sinaflan is an ointment for external use with a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antipruritic effect. Eliminates or reduces the inflammatory response of the skin.

Attention! Sinaflan can give aggravation with acne. It should be used very carefully in the treatment of infants. Ointment is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Owners of hypersensitive problem skin with an ultra-thin lipid barriercosmetologists recommend using specialized creams for red spots that occur on the face:

  • Moisturizing cream with the calming effect of Hydro Active,
  • multifunctional cream “Deep hydration and rejuvenation” Biotrade / Pure Skin Cream after peeling procedures,
  • “Isida” cream-gel for problem skin prone to allergic reactions: itching, irritation, reddish skin after cosmetic procedures,
  • redness cream of the famous French brand Eye Care Cosmetics.

Beauticians pay special attention to recommendations for dry sensitive skin, one of the most in need of care. She reacts sharply to external and internal stimuli. So, the list of recommended red face creams can be supplemented with Aqualan cosmetics made in Finland (it was developed by scientists for dry, sensitive skin), as well as products of the domestic brand Natura Siberica, which has won the trust of Russian users. This cosmetics uses natural herbs.

Finnish cosmetics Aqualan

Redness-prone skin creams

Having cured the root of the problem, it is necessary to choose the right funds for further care. To this end, they choose the best face cream for redness-prone skin, which is used daily to prevent the re-development of the problem.

Redness-prone skin creams

It is best for daily use in your arsenal to have a set of tools that can be combined into a list, depending on the direction of the action:

  • Moisturizers Toleriane Soothing Protective Skincare, La Roche-Posay - a cream aimed at deep moisturizing and enhancing immunity ;
  • Sun protection:
  1. SHEER MINERAL UV DEFENSE SPF 50, SKINCEUTICALS - fluids for protecting sensitive skin from sunlight ;
  2. Centella Recovery Skin Salve, Kiehl’s - a protective balm that helps restore the protective layers of the dermis.
  • The calming effect of NUTRILOGIE 2, VICHY - are used to care for very dry skin types, preventing peeling and the appearance of beauty.

In adults

The cause of inflamed and irritated skin in adults can be:

  1. Vitamin deficiency: a lack of vitamins in the body and an unbalanced diet lead to the appearance of red spots on the skin.
  2. Stresses: strong feelings, nervous exhaustion and lack of sleep cause acne, provoke the appearance of red spots and worsen complexion.
  3. Cosmetic allergy: poorly formulated and makeup products can cause inflammation and redness on the face.
  4. Mechanical damage to the skin: skin wounds caused by shaving or hair removal often cause redness on the face.
  5. Very oily or dry skin: increased activity of the sebaceous glands causes a rash on the face, and dry skin provokes redness and peeling.
  6. Taking oral contraceptives: birth control drugs change the hormonal background of a woman, which leads to the appearance of acne and itching.

To cope with the problem, it is necessary to eliminate its cause and choose the right cosmetics that can relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Skin Care After Treatment

Having completed the treatment of inflamed and reddened skin, cosmetologists recommend paying attention to one of the famous brands of medical cosmetics - Bioderma. All products are suitable for the most sensitive skin, as it is based on hypoallergenic formulas.

Black pearl - a cream for the face, prone to redness, it protects against environmental influences. The company has developed a line of cosmetic products for women from 35. Thanks to the cream, the skin is protected from ultraviolet radiation and moisturized.

Cream “Nutritic Intense”, which includes La Roche-Posay thermal waters and lipids, performs the function of moisturizing and restoring the driest and most sensitive skin.

Delicate treatment for sensitive skin problems is performed by a cream made in France - AVENE Cleanance HYDRA.

Cream made in Germany by Janssen Calming Sensitive Cream works with oily sensitive skin. Suitable for face care in the winter. In summer it works like a night cream. It restores water balance, is able to remove redness and prevent peeling.

Beauticians recommend budget creams for dry reddened skin. These include the Korean cream The Saem baobab collagen, which has established itself as filled with vitamins and minerals. It is used as a night. By morning, the skin becomes velvet and moisturized.

Cream The Saem baobab collagen

Preventative measures

In order not to have to heal the skin, it is best to prevent the problem in time. In this case, use chamomile tincture instead of tonic. Chamomile can be washed daily instead of gels. The broth is frozen, after grass ice is used for useful lotions, which saturate the dermis with useful substances, tone up tissues and blood vessels.

Interesting. It is useful, according to cosmetologists, at home to wash with a decoction of parsley foliage. It is used to remove light redness. Additionally, parsley whitens the skin and eliminates pigmentation.

When choosing cosmetics for skin care, it should be remembered that all worthy products are usually of high cost and quality. You should consume a lot of vitamins for healthy and beautiful skin. You also need to choose only hypoallergenic cosmetics, so as not to aggravate skin problems.

How to choose a cream for irritation

Quickly remove irritation on the face with a well-selected cream. The correct tool should have the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory effect to eliminate irritation,
  • antibacterial properties for skin disinfection,
  • hypoallergenicity, the ability to use with any type of skin,
  • improving the protective properties of the skin,
  • regenerative properties for quick healing,
  • moisturizing and nutrition using natural ingredients.

How to protect your skin from irritation?

What should be included

The following components will help get rid of irritation on the face:

  1. Plant extracts: relieve redness, eliminate inflammatory processes, accelerate regeneration and disinfect.
  2. Base and essential oils: improve the elasticity of the skin, moisturize and nourish, activate the natural barrier function.
  3. Lanolin: stimulates blood circulation, relieves redness and rashes, protects.
  4. Glycerin, hyaluron: eliminate peeling, dryness, prevent dehydration.
  5. Salicylic acid, zinc: relieve irritation, eliminate inflammation.
  6. Vitamins: stimulate the regeneration of the skin, provide protection against adverse external factors.

The choice of specific plant extracts and oils in the composition depends on the type of skin.

Beautician Tips

TOP 5 important tips from cosmetologists:

  1. When choosing cosmetics for facial skin, do not save. A quality product from a famous manufacturing company is more expensive, but it is guaranteed not to harm.
  2. Include more vitamins in your diet to make your face look healthy and attractive.
  3. To eliminate inflammation, use products with natural ingredients.
  4. Try to use hypoallergenic cosmetics so as not to cause a rash and itching.
  5. An effective remedy for facial problems is the one that suits you. Try a few creams to make a choice.

By listening to these tips, you can quickly deal with rashes and redness.

There are several causes of redness:

  • dermatological diseases (rosacea, erythema, etc.),
  • closely located vessels
  • allergy,
  • malnutrition and bad habits,
  • hereditary factor
  • temperature differences
  • too sensitive, "thin" skin.

Whatever the redness of the skin of the face is caused, it is necessary to deal with this problem in a comprehensive manner.

Firstly, it should be clearly understood which procedures are strictly contraindicated if the skin is prone to redness:

  • steam baths
  • paraffin masks,
  • massage,
  • Tan,
  • too cold / hot water
  • rubbing with a hard towel,
  • actively rubbing scrub or cream.

Any of these actions provokes vasodilation and activates a rush of blood to the surface of the face.

What is in the composition?

Redness cream on the face should contain substances that eliminate red spots.

The following components are most effective for these purposes:

  • Vitamin complex or individual vitamins of different groups,
  • Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea - moisturizers that will help fill the skin with moisture and eliminate peeling,
  • Plant-based nourishing oils for nourishing and moisturizing the skin,
  • Herbal extracts: chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, succession, yarrow and many others,
  • Allantoin and panthenol perfectly remove inflammatory manifestations and eliminate redness. These substances can be contained in both summer sunscreens and winter nourishing cosmetics.

How to get rid of redness?

If it is established that redness of the skin is a cosmetic defect, then it is quite possible to reduce its manifestation by changing the usual skin care.

To begin with, refuse to wash your face with water. It is best to wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in a cleansing lotion for sensitive skin. Water overdries the epidermis, enhancing redness. It will not be amiss to use anti-stress moisturizing and soothing masks. Some folk remedies very well remove redness, for example, a compress of potato juice, strong black tea, aloe juice, infusion of chamomile and calendula.

Include in your daily skin care special cosmetics designed to combat the redness of the skin. There are such LaPrairieDarphin. At Cliniquefor example, there is a whole rulerRednessSolutions, which has already established itself around the world as an effective way to combat noticeable facial redness.

If conventional tonal products do not mask redness of the skin, use special ones - bases, tonal creams and powders containing yellow or green pigment. These shades perfectly neutralize the red color, making the skin tone even.

If possible, refuse strong coffee, tea, alcohol, spicy and fried foods: these products provoke redness of the skin.

9 Bark Capillary protector

Cream from a domestic manufacturer is the best budgetary remedy for rosacea. The composition allows you to strengthen the capillaries, remove vascular asterisks and redness. The active ingredients are thermal water, betaine, verbena, vitamin C, green tea extract, shea butter, avocado oil, Japanese Sophora. The advantage of the product is the effect of slowing down the aging of the skin.

With regular use, users record excellent results. Homogeneous complexion, smoothing of wrinkles, good hydration - these are the visible effects of the application. The manufacturer recommends applying a capillary protector 1-2 times a day, after using thermal water, in order to achieve a pronounced result. Of the minuses, a big expense due to packaging in the form of a jar can be noted, but this aspect does not affect the quality of the result. With regular use, you can achieve an excellent effect.

For children

The use of an ointment for inflammation for children should be especially careful. Children's skin negatively perceives most cosmetics.

It is worth paying attention to the following tools:

Panthenol, Be-Panthen. The active substance is dexapanthenol. It is used for dryness, peeling, redness and rash of various origins.

Gistan. Hypoallergenic agent with dimethicone, betulin and plant extracts. It is used for dermatitis, insect bites, urticaria, eczema.

La cree. Contains panthenol and plant components. Soothes irritated skin, accelerates regeneration, activates natural barrier functions.

Mustela Stelatopia. A gentle emulsion for caring for babies. Eliminates redness and rashes, deeply moisturizes and nourishes, protects.

Before applying the product on the facial skin, check to see if it causes allergies. Put it on the bend of the elbow and wait 5-10 minutes.

Natura Siberica “Protection and Moisturizing”

  • It contains an extract of Rhodiola rosea,
  • Increases the immune resistance of the skin,
  • Vitamin P in the composition of this tool helps to restore the skin,
  • Allantoin and sun protection factor protect the skin from ultraviolet rays,
  • Moisturizes and protects the skin from negative effects, removes redness,
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

Anti-redness nutritional complex with Cellular Nurturing Complex Anti-Redness, La Prairie

When the skin is stressed by exposure to sunlight, hormonal imbalance or cosmetic procedures, a highly effective two-in-one repair agent will come to the rescue. Super moisturizing serum and emollient balm for topical application will be indispensable for your skin.

The well-thought-out composition of both products, rich in plant extracts, contributes to the natural regenerative processes of the skin: it will reduce redness, a feeling of tightness and irritation, as well as create optimal skin comfort.

8 Uriage-Roseliane

An effective remedy for rosacea is considered to be a drug from Uriage. Brand products undergo rigorous testing by dermatologists and pharmacists. Roseliane is no exception. The composition includes the following active ingredients: Uriage thermal water, extracts of ginseng and red algae, shea butter, the patented complexes TLR2-Regul and SK5R. They will help to remove redness on the face, a feeling of dryness and burning.

Positive opinions can be found everywhere. Users note that Uriage-Roseliane is an excellent cream for the winter period. We can say that this is the best product in the segment of protection against temperature extremes. The texture is melting, with a pleasant aroma. All redness hides perfectly due to the presence of green pearlescent particles in the composition. It is recommended to apply in the morning and in the evening. It can also be used for makeup. However, it must be borne in mind that for oily skin, it may not be suitable in the summer, due to the appearance of oily sheen (due to the oil in the composition). For the rest, Uriage has earned the love of women from all over the world for its performance.

From redness

When choosing a face cream for redness, take a look at these remedies:

Radevit. Ointment with vitamins A, E and D Normalizes the sebaceous glands, activates protective and regenerative functions.

Elokom. Contains corticosteroids. It is used to treat sensitive skin affected by ultraviolet radiation and climatic conditions.

Skin up. A tool with activated zinc in the composition. Relieves redness and inflammation of various origins. Eliminates fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.

Lanolin. It is used to soften the skin, has a calming and cooling effect.

This list can be supplemented with ointments used to get rid of redness in children.

Yves Rocher “Daytime with buttercup extract”

  • The composition contains buttercup extract, soothing red spots,
  • Suitable for sensitive type of epidermis,
  • Can be used as a base under a tonalnik,
  • It perfectly moisturizes the skin,
  • It has a thick consistency, but it is well absorbed.

What makes the skin red?

The causes of a red face when a treatment cream is urgently required can be different - from the usual reaction to frost or draft, to serious diseases that require medical attention.

Common factors include:

  1. Genetic predisposition. Dermatologists argue that red spots, as in principle a tendency to irritation, are inherited. If there is a grandmother in the family who suffers from such a problem, then with a certain degree of probability, the cosmetic defect will “get” to the daughter or granddaughter. Often this is due to the characteristics of the epithelium, the structure of the vessels.
  2. Allergy. In an age of active development of the human chemical industry, allergens lie in wait in a variety of places, ranging from food to household personal care products. Dust, hair, cosmetics - all this can trigger the appearance of redness on the face, rashes and itching.
  3. The structure of the epithelium. The structure of the epithelium, as well as the location of the vessels, are considered individual causes. Usually European-style girls with milky-white skin are predisposed to redness.
  4. Improper care. In many ways, this factor depends on the knowledge of the features of your skin. But many girls do not pay attention to this, choosing advertised decorative cosmetics, or cheap.
  5. Frost and wind. Beauticians always warn women that the cold season is a real test for the skin. There is even such a thing as an allergy to frost - it costs a woman (and a man) to leave the house when her face turns red.
  6. UV rays (sun) are another enemy of our skin. Today, when the sun is very active in the summer, it causes irritation and redness, and sometimes the abuse of the sun baths leads to serious burns of the epithelium. Exactly the same consequences can lead to enthusiasm for tanning beds.
  7. Bad habits. Smoking, love to drink a glass of wine "for the coming dream" do not pass without a trace for the skin. Gradually, redness appears on the face, which can be difficult to get rid of.
  8. Hormonal changes. Pregnancy, menopause, critical days are often accompanied by rashes and redness.
  9. Skin diseases. They are different, but many are accompanied by redness, itching, acne, rashes. In these cases, you need to understand the reason only with your doctor.
  10. The effects of acne and acne. Often in place of deep pimples there are ugly spots that greatly spoil the appearance.

It is clear that some reasons without the help of a doctor cannot be eliminated and redness will have to be treated in the doctor’s office (and maybe several). But still, you need to take care of the skin every day, and it is better if this cream is selected taking into account the type of skin, which can, if not removed, significantly reduce aesthetic defects on the skin of the face.

Redness Moisturizing Cream Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream, Clinique

Makes redness less visible and eliminates the discomfort associated with persistent redness. The cream instantly soothes irritated skin, and with constant use improves its condition and appearance. It helps prevent redness and makes skin tone even. In addition, this mild formula protects the skin from external aggressors such as wind, changing temperatures and a polluted environment.

This non-fat cream is intended for skin with permanent redness. It contains green pigments that mask redness and give the skin a natural, healthy tone.

7 Ciracle Anti-Redness K Cream

A bright representative of the rating of creams for rosacea can be called Ciracle Anti-Redness K Cream. In Korea, as nowhere else, they make sure that the face is in perfect condition. Therefore, choosing a Korean manufacturer to treat the disease is the right decision. The most active ingredient in the composition is vitamin K, which strengthens blood vessels, eliminates redness. Also included is Centella asiatica extract, hyaluronic acid, sunflower oil, lavender oil, thirst oil, lycetin. The components allow you to relieve inflammation, nourish and moisturize, smooth small wrinkles, increase elasticity.

Many users note the effectiveness of Anti-Redness. The product is more suitable for dry, damaged and sensitive dermis. When living in a large metropolis, the use of Ciracle Anti-Redness is extremely necessary. Some users noted that it can clog pores (due to the presence of oils in the composition). But if the drug is suitable for the type of skin, then the effect will not take long.

From itching and burning

The most effective ointments for itching the skin:

Gistan. Contains Betulin. It relieves skin itching caused by dermatitis, insect bites, infectious diseases and allergies.

Triderm. Hormonal cream, soothing burning sensation. It is used for lichen, allergies, dermatitis and dermatosis, eczema.

Fenistil-gel. Antihistamine. Saves with insect bites, dermatoses, urticaria, chickenpox.

Sinaflan. A hormonal agent used in a short course. Relieves burning, itching and swelling. Helps with allergies and skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis.

Redness, rash and itching are unpleasant symptoms, relieved by special ointments and creams. The rating of the best drugs, as well as an overview of the necessary components, will help you choose the right tool.

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Uriage Roseliane

  • Eliminates redness on the face,
  • Suitable for sensitive skin type,
  • It has a dense consistency, is conveniently distributed and well absorbed,
  • Relieves irritation and eliminates inflammation,
  • Does not create a film on the surface of the skin, does not interfere with skin respiration.

What should be a good cream for redness?

Good creams from redness on the face should solve several problems at once: relieve irritation and inflammation, remove redness, fill the epithelium with moisture. Dry skin is more often prone to redness and needs to be constantly moisturized. To cope with such tasks, one cream is real, but the composition of such a facial product should be appropriate.

The composition of the cream should include:

  • vitamin complexes: they nourish the skin, fill with energy, help natural renewal, vitamins of group B, which are called beauty vitamins, are especially effective.
  • urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerin. They are considered the best moisturizers that remove peeling, fill the epithelium with moisture from the inside,
  • vegetable oils: it can be avocado, jojoba, amaranth oil, olive oil. Oils nourish, moisturize, smooth, increase elasticity,
  • extracts and extracts of medicinal plants: calendula, chamomile, St. John's wort, yarrow. There are many natural healers who relieve inflammation, heal small acne, heal and eliminate irritation,
  • Magnesium - perfectly soothes, removing visible signs of irritation,
  • scarlet faith, it is worth mentioning separately, because this plant is almost the only one that even in its pure form treats redness well. And in a cream with a strengthened formula, it just works wonders,
  • feverfew, tea, ginger, cucumber - they all have a pronounced whitening effect,
  • panthenol, allatoin - medicinal substances that eliminate redness, moisturize the skin and nourish its deep layers,
  • hydrocortisone. It contains steroids, and those in the cream whiten reddened areas of the skin on the face, treat irritations, soothe, and reduce swelling.

But what ingredients to avoid are flower extracts and essential oils: they are very fragrant, and can cause allergic reactions in owners of sensitive skin prone to irritation. So a sharp floral smell in the cream is not an option.

6 Bioderma-Sensibio forte

The most popular cream for inflamed dermis is the representative of the French pharmacy cosmetics Bioderma. Used not only to combat rosacea, but also during acute exacerbation of the skin: peels, burns, severe irritation. Each Bioderm product includes a brand name thermal plankton. Sensibio forte was no exception. Other active ingredients are: licorice root extract, vitamin E, beeswax, shea phytosterols, allantoin.

The formulation allows you to achieve the fastest effect. Women praised the product for its instantaneous action. It can be applied up to three times a day. After application, a moisturizing effect and a calming effect are provided. Many users use Sensibio as an SOS cream. This is the best drug for restoring an inflamed dermis, which you can buy at a pharmacy. Most reviews confirm its effectiveness in rosacea. Due to the dense texture, it must be used mainly in the cold season. However, as a means of local action against redness and irritation, Bioderma is an indispensable assistant.

What can be done at home?

If for some reason the cream is difficult to buy at the moment, and the defect causes suffering, redness often removes home procedures that are accessible and understandable to everyone. Follow the steps, follow the reaction of the skin and do not forget that the main rule of home care is systematic. A couple of home SPA, unfortunately, will not help.

The procedures for the ambulance at home look like this:

  1. If you suspect an allergy, you can drink one tablet of a sedative, a little tincture of valerian root or motherwort. You can make soothing tea from the leaves of lemon balm, strawberries, mint.
  2. If the cause was a poor-quality cosmetic product, it is easy to check with a simple facial cleanser: for this, wash with water mixed with milk (in a 1: 1 ratio), and then rinse your face with a decoction of chamomile.
  3. The effects of acne are eliminated with a couple of aspirin tablets. They are crushed and mixed with water until a gruel is formed. You can add a drop of honey, grind everything. The mask is applied to redness, and then washed off with water.
  4. "Bodyag" saves from redness after acne - an extract from a marsh sponge is sold in pharmacies for a penny, but resolves red spots surprisingly quickly. True, you will have to wait out the feeling of a slight burning sensation, and even at first the spots will redden even more due to a sharp rush to the blood. Bodyagi is also applied pointwise, avoiding the area around the eyes, lips.
  5. Masks of cucumber, aloe leaves, kefir, lemon juice often help (it is mixed with oatmeal and water, it is strictly forbidden to use lemon in its pure form!).
  6. Well-known "rescuers" of beauty - ice cubes with herbs tone, remove redness, soothe. Freeze broths of wild rose, sage, chamomile and wipe face cubes in the morning and at bedtime.

But all these measures do not eliminate the need to have a quality cream in a cosmetic bag. We will tell you which remedies deserve the best recommendations from owners of sensitive skin, prone to redness and irritation.

Anti-redness cream Intral, Darphin

Provides a visible result in the fight against redness of the skin. Softens, restores and strengthens its natural protective functions. It has a masking effect due to the green color. It is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy shine. A beautiful foundation for makeup.

5 La Roche-Posay - Rosaliac UV RICHE

Cream from the well-known pharmaceutical brand La Roche-Posay strengthens the walls of blood vessels, removes irritation and redness. This is the best anti-peeling option available at the pharmacy. The effectiveness is achieved due to the presence of the following ingredients: vitamins CG and PP, caffeine, shea butter. SPF filters are also present in the structure as an additional protection of the vessel walls.

For reactive and very sensitive skin, La Roche-Posay is a lifesaver. Buyers note that it calms, tones, moisturizes. On the Internet, most reviews of Rosaliac UV RICHE are positive. Use the drug daily in the morning and in the evening. Convenient packaging, economical consumption, visible results - these are the main positive points that La Roche-Posay users note.

Redness Mineral Powder Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder, Clinique

To solve the problem of skin redness, Clinique offers Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder: dermatologically tested powder, laboratory tests which showed an instant reduction in noticeable redness. The patented compact powder is ideal for skin with chronic redness and periodic redness. Under the cover and protection of this unique mineral formula, the skin “remains calm” and even.

Rating of the best creams for red face

Some ointments and creams from redness at the lyceum, for example, Hydrocortisone, Panthenol, Fenistil Gel or Aloe Vera Gel, are medicinal and are sold in pharmacies - a prescription for purchase is not required. But for daily care, pay attention to cosmetics with soothing ingredients.

Clinic Redness Moisturizer

Regular use of the cream makes the face noticeably lighter. Redness goes away, small wounds on the face heal, irritation disappears. Over time, the healing effect becomes even more noticeable - even the skin tone evens out. It begins to glow from the inside. The formula of the cream is soft, the texture is non-greasy, the composition contains green pigments that mask red spots. The tool heals, mattifies, protects from the sun and wind. But the price is 50 ml. about 5000 p.

Cream from redness Uriage Rosilane

The tool is suitable even for those who from time to time suffer from atopic dermatitis. The composition includes thermal water, copper, zinc gluconates and the secret of the manufacturer - a special complex that stimulates the immune system, suppresses inflammatory reactions. The consistency of the cream is soft, but dense, thanks to which it is perfectly applied and quickly absorbed. There is no sensation of film on the face, so you can use the cream in the morning. Price 50 ml - 650 p.

"Protection and Moisturizing" from the company Natura Siberika

The composition of the product contains pink rhodiola, known for its ability to repeatedly increase the resistance of the skin to external irritants. There is also vitamin P, a regenerating epithelium, allatoin and UV factor. The cream quickly removes redness, heals mild irritations, and relieves the inflammatory process. The texture of the cream is pleasant, the smell is very delicate. Price for 50 ml. - 200 p.

"Day cream with buttercup extract" from the company Yves Rocher

Buttercup extract - the main component of the cream from Yves Rocher. The advantage of the plant consists precisely in the rapid removal of facial redness, irritation and peeling. The cream has a pronounced moisturizing effect, suitable for daily use even for those who suffer from very sensitive skin. In this case, the cream can be used as a foundation for foundation. The consistency of the cream is thick, it is applied easily, and absorbed quickly. A jar of 50 ml costs 700 r.

La Plairie Redness Complex with Cell Complex

The Swiss manufacturer’s serum contains a record number of extracts and plant extracts that relieve inflammation and destroy redness. The effect is promised for those who suffer from redness due to hormonal imbalances, constantly burns in the sun, or are faced with poor-quality cosmetic procedures that damage the epithelium. The complex is super moisturizing, light in texture and nourishing due to the balm, which is also included in the serum formula. After several applications, the feeling of tightness goes away for a long time, the skin is smoothed and looks younger. The price is not the most affordable - from 5000 r for 50 ml.

Find out how you can get rid of redness with folk remedies and cosmetics:

4 Avene Antirougers forte

French cosmetics have always been effective. Avene is suitable for sensitive skin with local redness or initial signs of rosacea. The product is able to cope with microcapillaries, remove irritation and redness, a burning sensation from the inside. The main ingredient is the soothing epidermis thermal water Avene, the effectiveness of which has been proven over the years (more than 150 clinical studies). Seed extract will improve complexion, relieve “heat”. It is worth noting that the cream is applied in the daytime, as it contains SPF filters. Can be used under makeup.

Experts in the field of cosmetology and dermatology around the world speak about the effectiveness of the product. Representatives of the fair sex note that during application, redness leaves the face, small capillaries decrease. Avene maximizes its effective properties after a month of constant use. However, sometimes consumers noticed that the effect of Antirougers after the end of the course of use is not delayed. For a long and lasting result, you need to use it not on a regular basis. Then you will feel its greatest effectiveness.

Real customer reviews

Julia Ivanova, Perm: “I constantly suffer from redness in the winter season. I solve the problem this way: at home I make masks with aloe juice, I apply Panthenol for the night every other day, and before leaving the house I use Yves Rocher cream with buttercup. The result is pretty "

Stella Temnikova, Kaliningrad: “Nothing helps me personally like removing a reddening skin like a mask with a cucumber. But here it is important to observe the condition - use only cucumbers from the garden. In winter, cucumber cubes save me: I cut the cucumber and freeze it. It’s convenient and cheap. ”

Irina Bogatova, Samara: “I fell in love with a series of Natur Siberik, moisturizing the skin. The cream is inexpensive, but it helps amazingly! At home I support the skin with masks with oatmeal, where they add aloe juice (I specially grow it now on the window) "

Olga Koryankina, Ivanovka village: “Since we live in a village modestly, I prefer folk methods - masks, ice cubes. I support the effect of baby cream, it is available. But still I wouldn’t refuse a high-quality cream if I had the means. ”

Vitalina Skorobogatova, Kryvyi Rih: “I like the products of Yves Rocher - it really works. But still, if my redness is too strong (and this happens often during critical days) I drink Suprastin. "

The problem very often departs from regular care when pharmacy products, home care, good creams are combined. But sometimes it’s important to completely change your lifestyle to get rid of the problem. Nevertheless, it is important to remember: there are no unsolvable problems.

Women and girls often face the problem of sudden redness on their faces. This may be a reaction to cosmetics, improper cosmetic care, dermatitis and many other problems. In order to correctly eliminate such a reaction, it is necessary to find out the reason when visiting a dermatologist. This is necessary to exclude serious diseases.

If the reasons for the appearance of redness are not associated with problems of a dermatological nature, then a quality cream can not only mask the redness, but also cure it. The most important thing is to choose the right cream or foundation with a healing effect that suits your skin type.

3 Holy Land Day Care BIO REPAIR

Holy Land is a professional cosmetics made in Israel. Brand products can often be seen in beauty parlors. Dermatologists note the cream for rosacea as the best among competitors. The active components are bifidobacteria lysate, collagen, vitamin E, elastin, sodium lactate, glycine, inositol. The benzophenone-3 contained in the composition provides double protection against sun exposure. This distinguishes BIO REPAIR from its counterparts on the market.

Featuring a soft texture, Holy Land removes the manifestations of the disease and soothes the skin. Buyers note that with regular use, the water balance is restored, the complexion is leveled, redness is gone, vascular asterisks are reduced. The drug is applied 1-2 times a day, as a basis for makeup or as an independent product. Due to its light texture, it is more suitable for the summer period. Otherwise, the benefits of BIO REPAIR are undeniable.

2 Lierac Rosilogie

The drug is a French manufacturer, which pleases with persistent results with rosacea. The active ingredients of the product are: needle extract, prebiotic, shea butter, green pigments, sea water, cuff extracts, horsetail, field ivy. The combination of components allows you to remove inflammation and swelling, redness, normalize the microflora of the epidermis, eliminate burning and tightness, the vascular network. Lierac Rosilogie distinguishes itself from its competitors by the momentary impact on the problem.

The manufacturer, based on neurovascular studies, claims that a lasting effect from the use will be achieved in a month. Pleasant texture, odors of jasmine, gardenia and musk make the application special. Representatives of the fair sex argue that the cream is better than others to cope with the neutralization of redness on the face. The most correct use case is to apply it twice a day after the skin cleansing stage, then the effect will not take long.

Recommended redness cream

If during the examination with a dermatologist you found out that redness on your face is a reaction to improper cosmetic care, then this problem can be eliminated with the help of a properly selected cream.

A quality cream should eliminate not only the cosmetic defect of hyperemia, but also nourish, moisturize the skin, eliminate irritation and inflammation. The cream is selected for your skin type.

Beauticians say that people with dry skin types suffer most from various skin defects.

If you are allergic, you can choose a line of hypoallergenic cosmetics, or carefully read the composition to avoid allergic reactions. It is also not recommended to take cosmetics with a strong odor or containing essential extracts.

The composition of the cream against redness of the skin should be as follows Components:

  • Amino acids are the most important component of natural hydration. Good creams contain: hydroxyproline palmitate, glycine octanoate, palmitoyl oligopeptides and some others,
  • Antioxidants - inhibit the oxidizing effect of free radicals that cause the aging process. Any of them must be present in the cream: vitamins C, A, E, F, K, selenium, coenzyme Q10, glutathione, ginkgo biloba extract, SOD, witch hazel extract, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, grape seed extract,
  • Highly Active Peptides penetrate into the cells through the epidermis and contribute to the regenerative functions of the cell, affecting the production of the necessary proteins in the required amount,
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid - This is one of the main components of many cosmetics. Hyaluron attracts and holds water molecules around it, due to this the skin becomes toned and elastic,
  • Low molecular weight collagen Is a protein responsible for the elasticity and hydration of the skin,
  • Lecithin affects the process of repairing damaged cells and is involved in the formation of new ones. It promotes the deep penetration of fatty components into the skin, and also softens and tones the epidermis,
  • Linolenic acid Helps to transform skin fat into energy raw materials for the body. It is her deficiency in the epidermis that leads to redness and peeling,
  • Lipid base helps the rapid penetration into the deep layers of the epidermis of active components,
  • Mucopolysaccharides (Glycosaminoglycans) fill the gaps between the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin and moisturize it,
  • Elastin is a filamentous protein, which includes alanine, valine, proline and other amino acids and desmosins, which create a strong elastin network that tightens the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles, and also moisturizes,
  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD) - a natural enzyme, which slows down the division of somatic cells and is a protective barrier. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and protective agent against the influence of external factors, including is an antioxidant,
  • Lavender, Olive and Peach Oil Suitable for all skin types. Eliminates redness, irritation, inflammation, peeling and itching. These oils nourish, moisturize and velvety the skin,
  • Beeswax - nourishes, cleanses, softens the skin, and also has protective and therapeutic effects,
  • Natural antiseptics and anti-inflammatory drugs in creams include: extract of aloe vera, calamus, birch, calendula, chamomile, raspberry, oats, parsley, plantain, dill, string and sage.

Important availability vitamins in the composition of redness creams. They have the following effects on the skin:

  • Vitamin A eliminates signs of photoaging. Promotes collagen production. It is the strongest antioxidant. Also helps exfoliate old cells. Quickly penetrates the skin to the deepest layers,
  • Vitamin E Is a vitamin of “beauty." Renews and nourishes skin cells,
  • Vitamin C - an antioxidant that fights free radicals and thereby inhibits the aging process,
  • Vitamin F - This is a protective barrier against pathogenic microflora, which is involved in the formation of cell membranes. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and retains moisture in the skin.

If the cream contains the following components below, then it can be not only useless, but even dangerous for your skin.

Dangerous components in the cream from redness:

  • Lsodium aureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth - these components greatly degrease and dry the skin, there is irritation of the sebaceous glands, which give the opposite reaction of counteraction. Those. the skin peels and becomes oily,
  • Triethanolamine, diethanolamine and monoethanolamine - carcinogens. In combination with surfactants, coconut oil causes irritation and allergies,
  • Mineral oil - This is refined oil, which gives a short-term effect of well-groomed and velvety skin, after which it looks worse than before applying cosmetics. Creams containing mineral oils dry the skin, clog pores, and form a dense film on the skin that prevents the release of fat and sweat. This contributes to the spread of pathogenic bacteria, rash, etc.
  • Paraffin destroys the protective barrier of the skin,
  • Polypropylene glycol Polypropylenglycol, propylene glycol Dries the skin, destroys cell membranes. Causes allergies and irritations,
  • Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl, benzyl paraben, etc.) are dangerous preservatives that are highly toxic and can cause cancer. They also disrupt the hormonal background and often cause severe allergic reactions,
  • UV filters (benzophenone-1 (BF-1), benzophenone-2, benzophenone-3, 3-benzylidene camphor, 4-methylbenzyl-den camphor, etc.) - cause changes in the hormonal background,
  • Aluminum salts prevents the release of sebum and sweat and, as a result, acne is formed,
  • Triclosan (triclosan) causes irritation, inflammation and rashes on the skin.

1 Vichy-Idealia

One of the most popular is the drug from Vichy, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. The manufacturer makes VICHY mineralizing thermal water the basis and adds secret ingredients - fermented black tea extract, blueberry extract and adenosine. Idealia moisturizes the face for 24 hours, evens out the texture, gives a uniform color, removes redness, and returns radiance. The tool is perfect for applying makeup.

The product is designed for several types of skin: dry, normal and combination. Consumers note moisturizing properties, soft texture, pleasant smell. It is better to use it in the morning after cleansing. As part of the fast pace of life in a metropolis, the cream will protect against negative external influences. An expensive glass jar is very beautiful, but not everyone likes the packaging format without a dispenser, as consumption increases. Perhaps this is the only negative. Most women noted that Vichy-Idealia is the most effective in combating rosacea and redness.

Cream Selection Criteria

Before you purchase a cream, you must not only familiarize yourself with its composition, but also choose individually, taking into account a number of criteria and external characteristics:

  • Take into account the type of skin - this is the most important thing in the selection of cosmetics. There are five types in total: combined, dry, normal, problematic and sensitive. Depending on the type of skin, the cream will contain the necessary amount of certain important components,
  • The age criterion is also important, since different active substances are included for different age groups. And also, the degree of hydration depends on it,
  • The packaging must be intact, there must be a production date and expiration date, a bar code, composition and other important features of the product,
  • Correspondence of price and quality.

The best creams for redness on the face

Having found out the cause of the appearance of redness on the face, you can start searching for a suitable cream, based on rationality. An allergy cream will help eliminate the allergic reaction. After application, red spots and other symptoms disappear within 10-15 minutes.

If the blame for the manifestation of redness was improper skin care, then cosmetics for sensitive skin will help out. A nourishing cream will save you from temperature extremes, and a sunscreen from UV rays.

For problem skin, there is an appropriate line of cosmetics and individual creams and ointments with a therapeutic effect. Some of these ointments and creams are sold in pharmacies without a prescription - "Hydrocortisone", "Panthenol", "Fenistil gel", etc.

To the most effective and good creams for redness on the face The following apply.

Natura Siberica “Protection and Moisturizing” Ives Rocher “Daytime with buttercup extract” Cream for face redness Uriage Roseliane Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream - moisturizing cream from Clinique Cream for redness Cellular Nurturing Complex Anti-Redness with a cell complex from La Plairie Intral - serum and redness cream from Darphin

To combat various types of redness on the surface of the skin there are many means, but in order to eliminate redness that is not caused by serious diseases, it is recommended to use the above funds. In any case, before use, consult a cosmetologist and carefully study the composition.

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