Apple pastille at home: simple step by step recipes

Pastille is an original Russian product that is adored throughout the world. If you want to surprise a foreign guest with something Russian, the pastille will do this very well.

Belevsky apple marshmallow in Russia began to be produced back in 1888. According to legend, the merchant Ambrose Prokhorov was very fond of apples. And in order to keep apples longer, he came up with making pastila.

A few years later, Belevskaya pastila received a prize at an exhibition in St. Petersburg and gradually gained recognition not only in Russia but also abroad.

Today I want to share the recipe for this old Russian dessert. Cooking pastille is easy and very long stored. I usually cook 3-4 servings at once, and then for several months I pamper myself with a cup of tea.

Apple pastille at home: a simple recipe in the oven without sugar

My grandmother never used an oven to make pastille. Previously, there was no gas in the villages, but now that it has appeared, it still does not favor it, preferring the good old brick stove.

But using the oven allows you to significantly speed up the process, which in turn makes it possible to process more apples, which is very convenient when the harvest is really rich.


1. For cooking, we need only apples. They need to be peeled and peeled, cut into slices and put in a pan in which they will cook. The number of apples is determined easily - how many got into the pan, we take so much.

The pan should be thick-walled (cast-iron) or aluminum. In ordinary enameled apples will burn.

2. Put the pan on medium heat, add 1 glass of water and cook for half an hour under a closed lid so that the fruits soften.

Stirring is not advisable at the same time, but if you are afraid that it may burn, mix gently, being careful not to turn apples into mashed potatoes ahead of time, since after cooking the liquid will need to be drained and I would not want to lose a lot of pulp with it.

3. After 30 minutes, check that the flesh is completely boiled and easily pierced with a fork, remove the pan from the heat and drain the resulting liquid.

4. Interrupt the pulp with a blender to a state of mashed air.

5. Next, take a baking sheet, cover it with cling film or parchment paper (parchment paper seems more environmentally friendly to me, but here you need to carefully read the instructions for using cling film — is it safe when heated) and apply puree to it with a thin layer, with a thickness of not more than 0 , 5cm, or better even thinner.

6. Turn on the oven to the smallest fire (something around 60 degrees) and send the future candy to it. There are several such baking sheets that can be made at once, depending on how much it fits in the oven.

Drying is carried out for about 10 hours with the door ajar, so that the moisture released by the fruits evaporates.

If the cooking happened in the evening, then we dry the pastille for a couple of hours, but at night we turn off the oven without reaching the baking sheet. We continue in the morning.

7. The candy will be ready when it is no longer sticky. Then it must be carefully removed from the film, rolled up and cut into portions convenient for storage.

It is easiest to store in plastic containers with a lid.

Homemade apple pastille without a blender according to an old recipe

And here is the grandmother’s recipe, which was prepared in my childhood, when I hadn’t even dreamed about any electric kitchen assistants. All hands.


And again, we only need apples. And sugar, if the grade is sour.

1. The apples are peeled and peeled, cut into small pieces (to simplify further cooking) and put in a cauldron or other thick-walled dish. Turn on the medium heat, pour a glass of water and cook for 20 minutes under a closed lid.

2. After 10 minutes add sugar and mix gently. It is difficult to say how much it needs, on average, 1 cup (200 ml) per 4 kg of peeled apples is recommended.

3. After cooking, the apples will soften enough to transfer them with a mallet in mashed potatoes. It is no longer necessary to drain excess water, since sugar is dissolved in it. And it should not be much.

The resulting mashed potatoes should be tried and, if necessary, add sugar and mix thoroughly while the mashed potatoes are still hot.

After that, we wait for complete cooling.

4. Using a spoon, apply the cooled pastille to parchment paper with a thin layer and leave to dry in the sun for 2-3 days.

There are two important points:

  • The paper must be thick so that the finished pastille can be easily separated from it.
  • It is necessary to dry it in the sun, and not in a warm room, otherwise the marshmallow will simply grow moldy.

5. The pastille is ready at the moment when it ceases to be sticky. It is easiest to store it minimized.

Belev apple marshmallow

Belevskaya marshmallow is one of the delicious sights of the Tula region, known for a century and a half. They make it only from Antonov apples. I don’t know if this recipe has anything in common with the old one, but, in any case, this marshmallow does not differ in taste from the one sold under the name Belevskaya.

Apple pastilles at home - a simple recipe in an electric fruit dryer

I want to talk about a simple recipe for apple marshmallows, more precisely, even about two. They will differ in the preparation of applesauce, and hence the taste. I suggest you make both options and determine which taste is best for you.

We will make pastilles from autumn apples. I know for sure that one grade is Welsey, I don’t know about the second. But for us this is not the main thing, you can use any fruit. Prepare the apples: wash, cut out the damaged places and remove the core with seeds, then cut into quarters and send to the pan. Pour 100 ml of water into the pan.

A small digression: there are several ways to prepare pastille - from apples that have undergone heat treatment and without it. Without heat treatment, it is believed that pastilles are healthier, more vitamins are stored in it. It is difficult to argue with this, but there is such a substance called pectin, so in apples it is in the form of water-insoluble protopectin, and it goes into water-soluble pectin when heat treated with a temperature above 60 degrees.

Therefore, applesauce from apples that have been steamed or baked in the oven contains much more pectin than from raw ones. A certain amount of vitamin C during heat treatment is of course destroyed, but there is already someone who wants to get it. And the taste of pastry from baked apples in the oven is the most delicious.

In this recipe we will steam apples. We close the pan with a lid and set it on medium heat. After boiling, simmer the apples for about 15-20 minutes, until they soften.

After time, open the lid and interrupt everything in mashed potatoes. We do this on a large blender and after 30-40 seconds you get a smoothie. It does not even need to be wiped through a sieve. You can also make a submersible blender, but then rubbing through a sieve is desirable.

From this point on, further cooking options diverge. According to the first option, we lay out the resulting mashed potatoes on the pallets of the electric fruit dryer. If your dryer has special pallets for pastille - well, use them. We don’t have them, we cover each tray with baking paper and put mashed potatoes on it, with a layer of no more than 5 mm.

I want to draw your attention to paper, it exists in various forms. The most common white paper is not suitable for pastilles. It adheres strongly to it, and it can only be peeled off if it is soaked with a damp towel after drying. There is silicone paper for baking, both white and brown, this will be the best choice.

Turn the dryer on 70 degrees and dry until ready for about 10-12 hours.

Ready marshmallow should not stick to hands. Then we remove it from the dryer and twist it into rolls, or cut it into plates.

In the second version, the mashed potatoes obtained after the blender are sent back to the pan and boiled until thick on medium heat. We will boil for about 1 hour.

It is better to take a pan high, the mashed potatoes will collapse strongly with bubbles and sprinkle with hot drops. Be careful.

An hour later, the color of the puree darkened, and the edges, when holding a spoon, keep their shape.

Well, we spread the marshmallow on the trays of the dryer, after having previously laid the baking paper, with a layer no thicker than 5 mm. Turn on 70 degrees and dry for 6-8 hours.

Then cut into plates. The photograph at the beginning of the recipe shows that the lighter is made according to the first option, darker is prepared according to the second.

Try both options and write your comments.

Pastila - an ancient Russian delicacy

In our country, which is generous with fruit sweets only in the summer, even under Ivan the Terrible we noticed a feature of apple and berry puree. Stiffening, it turns into sweet plates that can persist until a new crop. Moreover, the plates, the longer they lay, the sweeter they became. To obtain an even layer, mashed potatoes were spread with a thin layer on pieces of the canvas, hence the name “pastil”.

Since the first mention of the pastille (1578), its composition has changed. One thing remains unchanged - all the ingredients of homemade marshmallow are natural, which means they are extremely healthy. There are few sweets that can be said about - the more you eat, the more you will benefit!

For the manufacture of pastilles, apple or berry puree, honey, egg whites, gelling additives (gelatin, agar-agar) are used. In short, no chemistry! The product slowly dries at low temperatures, at which the vitamins do not break down.

Step-by-step photo recipe for making pastille with honey

It is a common misconception that replacing sugar with fructose in dishes makes them more healthy and dietary. This dangerous misconception has grown on the fact that fructose is replaced by sugar diabetics. Fructose doesn’t really increase blood sugar and allows people with diabetes to eat sweets. But this has nothing to do with “diet”.

With fructose, you will gain pounds just as fast as with regular sugar.

Therefore, honey containing almost only fructose, of course, is very tasty, but not at all safe. In all, it is important to observe the measure.

To prepare 1 cookie sheet we need:

  • Apples - 6 Medium
  • Honey - 1 tbsp
  • Water
  • Lemon juice - 2 tbsp.

1. We need lemon juice so that the apples do not turn black while they are waiting in line. Therefore, before cutting them, we take a bowl of cold water and dissolve 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in it.

2. The apples are peeled and peeled and cut into slices.

3. Then transfer the apples to the pan (water with lemon juice needs to be drained), add half a glass of clean cold water and turn on medium heat.

Cook under a closed lid, periodically gently stirring, 15-20 minutes until the apples become soft and translucent.

4. After that, remove the pan from the fire, wait until the fruit has cooled, and then interrupt them in a blender.

5. Add honey and beat again.

6. The resulting mashed potatoes are evenly distributed on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or a silicone mat.

It is important that the paper covers the pan completely, including the sides.

Preheat the oven to 60 degrees and put the pan in it for 5-6 hours. The oven door is left ajar.

7. The finished marshmallow is easily separated from the substrate and does not stick to your hands.

8. Roll up the straw from the pastille and cut into portions of the desired size.

Done. Bon Appetit!

How to make applesauce

I will tell you how I make applesauce, you can use your own way.

I cut the apples in half and spread them on a baking sheet covered with parchment. Bake for 20-30 minutes, depending on the juiciness of apples, at a temperature of 190 ° C. I rub on a typewriter to rub berries and fruits. Then I punch with a submersible blender until smooth. Mashed potatoes are ready.

Simple making apple pastilles at home

Surely everyone tried a delicate and thin apple marshmallow, which has an incredible aroma and a slight acidity. There is nothing complicated in making such a delicious dessert. However, you will have to have a lot of patience. After all, pastille at home from apples is dried for a long time.

So what ingredients do we need to make such a treat on our own? To do this, prepare:

  • fresh sweet apples - 3 kg,
  • drinking water - about ½ cup.

Dry pastille

Pastilles from the dryer, based on Belev apple pastilles. Perhaps this is one of those rare cases when it can be argued that sweets prepared according to the proposed recipe are not only very tasty, but also useful. Using natural products - apples, egg white and brown cane sugar, we not only get a treat that gives great pleasure to both children and adults, but also partially solve the issue of preserving the grown apple crop. The site already has a recipe for cooking Belevsky pastila in the oven. I would like to share my already two-year experience in preparing apple lozenges in an electric dryer. I hope that it will be useful to those housewives whose ovens are not able to keep the temperature below 100 degrees, but there is a desire to cook.

How to cook pastille at home?

There are 2 options for making homemade pastille:

  • from fresh apples
  • made apple puree.

For the first recipe, you need about 1.5-2 hours of time, during which you need to complete the 1st stage of preparing the pastille:

  • wash and peel apples,
  • grind them in a blender,
  • boil over low heat (or water bath) until the liquid is completely removed,
  • wipe the resulting mass through a sieve to obtain a homogeneous mass.

But you can significantly save time by using ready-made applesauce.

I use mashed potatoes for baby food: everything has already been done there to produce a homogenized product, and even enriched with vitamins! In addition, this puree undergoes strict safety control, it has a very high percentage of pectin, there are no preservatives or dyes.

For reference: Pectin is an extremely useful component of marshmallows (marshmallows, marmalade). It leads to an increase in immunity, neutralizes toxins, removes heavy metals and radionuclides from the body. Workers of harmful industries in Tsarist Russia were given marmalade to remove toxins from the body.

How to make apple marshmallow with protein at home

Most recently, we met with pastila, produced in the city of Belev. In 1888, industrialist Amvrosiy Prokhorov opened in this city the production of puff pastille, which was formerly called Prokhorovskaya, and now Belevskaya. A distinctive feature of pastilles is the presence of egg white, which gives airiness.

The technology for preparing such a sweet is not difficult, and today we will prepare it. According to the classic recipe, this sweet is made from apples of the Antonovka variety. Antonovka has the largest percentage of solids, so its production is most profitable. Well, we will do from what grows in our gardens.

  • The apples
  • Sugar - 10% of applesauce, or to taste
  • Egg white - 1 protein per 500g applesauce

What sort of pastille we’ll make, I won’t even say. I only know that apples are autumn, not very sweet and quite tough. But for marshmallows just right.

The apples were washed, cut into halves and the middle part with seeds was removed.It would be possible not to cut, but to bake whole, but this was done on purpose, so that excess moisture evaporated during baking. The photo shows that the halves of the apples are cut up. This is also done for a better waste of moisture.

Halves of apples were placed on a baking sheet and sent to the oven. Bake at a temperature of 170-190 degrees for about 40 minutes.

So, it took us about 40 hours to bake. After that, the baking sheet was pulled out of the oven, and the apples were transferred to a bowl and all the halves were crushed with a hand blender.

Next, rubbed the resulting mass through a sieve.

Weigh the resulting mashed potatoes and send to the mixer bowl. Turn on the maximum speed and start the whipping process. Add sugar in portions.

Beat for about 3-4 minutes. The puree will lighten a little. After that, add egg white (only protein without yolk) and continue to beat further at maximum speed. Over time, the candy will increase in volume and whiten. Beat until stable peaks, this is when the foam does not flow and keeps its shape. In this case, the entire mass will increase 3-4 times. It took us about 10 minutes.

Now the main thing is to protect the pastille from being eaten by relatives. Her taste is pleasant, the consistency is airy.

We pass to drying. We cover the baking sheet with baking paper, do not grease it with anything. Level the pastille with an even layer with a thickness of not more than 0.5 cm. For alignment it is convenient to use any kitchen tool with a flat side, such as a pastry shovel. We leave a little in the cup for future gluing of the layers.

The baking sheet is sent to the oven with a temperature of 60-90 degrees. We stand for about one hour, turn off and go to sleep, since the time on the clock is already one in the morning.

The next morning, turn on the oven again, heat up to 60-90 degrees and stand for another hour. Turn off and go to work.

In the evening we took out a baking sheet from the oven. The pastille has cooled down and acquired an elastic state.

It was separated from the paper and cut into pieces.

Did you eat some of them right there? The other part was smeared with the apple mass left in the cup in the evening, glued together, put them on a baking sheet and sent again to the oven with a temperature of 80 degrees for another 1 hour.

After the oven, the treat was cut into small pieces.

Try to make according to our recipe and unsubscribe in the comments how you did it.

Whipping mass

Beat the mashed potatoes at a high speed mixer for about 3-4 minutes until lightening and increasing the mass in volume.

Continuing to whip the mashed potatoes, add protein. When the mass increases a little more in volume, gradually I begin to add sugar.

I continue to beat the mixture until all the sugar has dissolved. It took me about 7 minutes.

The mass is thick and lush, but at the same time a little fluid.

Apple pastille at home in an electric dryer

It is safe to say that pastille is definitely better than sweets. Especially lucky were the lucky owners of an electric dryer, or a dehydrator. If in most recipes the apples must first be boiled or baked, then having a dryer you can use fresh fruits. The mass will not overheat much, respectively, will retain nutrients and vitamins to the maximum.

In such kitchen equipment, often the kit comes with a pastille tray, which does not have large openings, or is equipped with a thin film. If you decide to purchase such a dryer, make sure that it is included, otherwise you will have to buy it separately. Fortunately, there are already enough manufacturers, everyone offers one or another option.

For one medium-sized device, it takes about half a glass of mashed potatoes per pallet, or a little more. Depends on the thickness. Another plus of use is the ability to precisely adjust the internal temperature. According to the recipe, it is required to dry the pastille at a temperature of no more than 37-40 degrees for 15-20 hours. Make sure yours supports this mode. It is recommended not to exceed a temperature of more than 60 degrees.

If your dryer is not equipped with a pallet, you can cover the bottom with thick parchment paper, or even better, use a thin silicone mat. So the marshmallow will be easy to remove.

The main recommendations are given, we proceed to the practical implementation of the idea. For cooking, you need only apples.

Cooking process:

1. Cut the apples into quarters, peel the core. If you have purchased fruit, then it is better to cut off the peel. Unscrupulous manufacturers often add pesticides and chemical paraffin to marketability. But if collected from your country apple tree, then this is another matter. It remains only to cut off rotten places, if any, and to rinse well.

2. Send the pieces to a blender, grind it in mashed potatoes. In the recipe we will not use either sugar or honey. If you want to diversify the taste, you can additionally add other fruits or berries.

3. We prepare a pallet, depending on the sheets that you will use, you can decide whether to lubricate them with vegetable oil. Find out more precisely, it is possible only empirically. In any case, so that the finished product does not stick to them, they advise you to literally lubricate with a drop of oil. Now we spread the apple mixture and evenly distribute it over the entire area.

4. Turn on the dryer at 40-45 degrees. If you make the temperature higher, the pastille will crack and dry out, although the process will go faster. But it is better to wait 14-15 hours and get a normal product in the end. If you suddenly need to interrupt, for example at night, then this can also be done. Finish the next day. A pastille is considered finished when it ceases to stick to hands.

Now the layer can be removed from drying and rolled up, or cut into small layers. Be sure to treat with tea. The final taste of such a product depends entirely on the kind of apples that you use. It can turn out both sweet and sour. Nevertheless, it is a great dessert and healthy food. Bon Appetit.

Fresh apple pastille

The recipe for a delicious and healthy pastille from fresh apples. Such a marshmallow differs in that fresh (!) Apples are used for its preparation, which are not boiled, not stewed, not baked ..., which means that all vitamins and enzymes are stored in it! And besides it is prepared without sugar. Detailed recipe in the video below.

Homemade apple candy without sugar - recipe for the oven

Friends, in the first recipe, we looked at how to make pastille in an electric fruit dryer. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a convenient device. Therefore, the following recipe is designed for the oven. We will dry sweets in it. Of course, there are still options such as a hot battery, warm sun and a heated bath. But we are urban people, and for us the most common and convenient option is the oven.

  • Apples - 2.5kg.
  • Sugar - to taste
  • Water - 100ml.

Wash the apples, cut into halves and remove the seed boxes. Also cut out all the damaged places. Fold the prepared and peeled halves on a baking sheet and pour water.

We send the baking sheet to the oven, heated to a temperature of 150-180 degrees, and bake the apples for 30-40 minutes.

After baking the apples, transfer them from the baking sheet to the pan. We interrupt everything with a submersible blender to the state of mashed potatoes.

After the apples are killed, try the taste. If you thought it was very sour - add a little sugar. There are no recommendations, focus only on your taste sensations. If sugar is added - mix.

The mashed roast is ready. We cover the baking sheet with baking paper and pour the whole mass on it. We level it with a layer 5-7 mm thick. If the layer is thicker, the drying process will be much delayed. Moreover, the pastille dries from above, but not from below.

The baking sheet is sent to the oven, and dried at the lowest temperature. Do not close the door, leave a small gap for moisture to escape. The optimum drying temperature is 60-80 degrees. If you have convection - turn it on.

In our case, the pastille dried for 7 hours. To the touch, she stopped sticking to her hands and squeezing her finger. We check for detachment and make sure that everything is dry. Let our sweets cool and remove it from the paper.

And then according to your desire. Either cut into plates, or roll into a roll and cut into pieces. To prevent the plates or pieces from sticking together, mix them with a small amount of powdered sugar.

That's all. Bon Appetit!

Useful pastille in 15 minutes

To prepare the simplest pastille you need:

  • baby puree - 2 jars of 200 grams each,
  • sugar - 1 tablespoon,
  • powdered sugar for sprinkling.

How do i do this:

  1. Dissolve sugar in applesauce. To speed up the process, you can slightly warm up the mashed potatoes in a water bath.
  2. I put the parchment on a baking sheet, grease it with a thin layer of vegetable oil, in order to avoid mass sticking and lay out the prepared mixture.
  3. I put the tray with the workpiece in the oven with a temperature of 50-60 degrees for 4-5 hours.

Note! The baking sheet must be placed in the upper part of the oven, while the door of the plate must be ajar at all times.

Dry the layers with the mixture can be in any device that can maintain a given temperature. So, I tried to make pastille in a hotter, but best of all it turns out in an electric dryer for vegetables and fruits (see video:

Apple pastille, cook in 30 minutes).

The pastille turns out like this:

After the marshmallow ceases to stick to the hands, it is removed from the paper, twisted into a tube or cut into strips, figures and sprinkled with icing sugar.

The grandson, whose teeth are being cut, is happy to suck such a strip. At the same time, he flatly refuses fruit puree in the “usual” form.

Adult family members eat apple tubes instead of chemical crackers and pseudo potato chips.

Note! The calorie content of such a marshmallow (100g) is 200-250 kcal.

  • Candy "Milky Way" - 472 Kcal / per 100g,
  • Iris "Kies-kis" - 430 Kcal / per 100g.

Even my daughter-in-law, sweet tooth, who is anxiously watching the figure, eats homemade pastille with pleasure.

If you like lush pastille, like the one sold in the confectionery departments, then I recommend a different recipe. But note that the calorie content of such a treat is already 290-300 Kcal / 100g of product.

Heat treatment

After the apples are prepared, they should proceed to their heat treatment. To do this, put the fruit in a deep enameled pan.

So that at the initial stage the apples are not burnt, they add a little water. As for sugar, it is poured only if the fruit is sour and not very tasty.

Having closed the pan with a lid, its contents are brought very slowly to a boil. By periodically stirring the apples, they are boiled until they are completely boiled and converted into mashed potatoes. Such a process can take you 60-90 minutes.

Cooking in steps:

To prepare homemade Belevskaya (Kolomna) loose pastila, we need apples, granulated sugar and icing sugar, as well as one egg white. The number of fresh apples may differ from the indicated, but the bottom line is that fairly thick applesauce needs exactly 500 grams.

So, first of all, we will cook applesauce. To do this, you will need to bake fresh apples in the oven or microwave. This time I used the oven, so I baked the whole apples. By the way, thanks to this, the pulp will not darken and the puree will be light.

The apples need to be baked for about 30 minutes (depending on the size of the fruit) at 180 degrees. But, again, look at the readiness of apples: when pierced with a fork, the flesh must be fully cooked and become very soft. You see, some even burst - that's fine.

Now, while the apples are still hot enough, we get the flesh. To do this, it is convenient to use a fork to hold pieces of fruit, and a spoon to take out the flesh.

We collect the tender baked apple pulp in a separate bowl.

Punch it with a submersible blender or wipe it through a sieve to get a homogeneous, smooth mash. We measure exactly 500 grams. If it remains, just eat it yourself or treat the baby. My son helped me in the process of preparing pastille in the kitchen, so he gladly ate the rest of the mashed potatoes, and also licked a bowl - a very tasty and natural homemade treat.

Add to the still warm mashed potatoes (do not forget 500 grams) 170 grams of granulated sugar.

Mix and leave the sugar puree until completely cooled. You can stir the mass for a couple of minutes, then sugar will dissolve very quickly in warm puree.

When the applesauce has completely cooled down (you can put it in the refrigerator to speed up the process), transfer it to a large bowl and add one egg white. Remember that when whipping, the mass will increase very much in volume, so the dishes should be spacious.

Beat mashed potatoes with a protein mixer at high speeds for about 5-7 minutes, or maybe more (I don’t know how powerful your mixer is). The main thing is to get a snow-white magnificent mass, quite dense - like a marshmallow.

Now this airy apple mass will need to be dried. To do this, take a rectangular shape with sides (approximately 20x30 centimeters), cover it with baking paper. We spread the snow-white cream and level it with a spatula. About 1 cup of the workpiece must be left to lubricate the layers - just leave it in the refrigerator.

You need to dry the apple marshmallow in an open oven at 100 degrees for about 3-4 hours. You will see how the mass becomes creamy and settles a little. In addition, she will no longer stick to her fingers.

Turn the finished apple marshmallow onto another sheet of parchment paper. So that the sheet that was in the form can be easily removed, just moisten it with water a little and wait about 5 minutes. Then it is easily removed. Otherwise, you will not delete it without loss.

With a sharp knife, cut the layer of loose marshmallow into 3 equal parts. Only neatly, since the pastille is very tender, it is as if permeated with air bubbles.

Remember, we left about a glass of apple puree whipped with protein - now we need it. We coat with a mass of three layers of marshmallow.

Then also from above, as well as the sides, so that there is no free space.

Again, dry the homemade Belevsky pastille in a warm (not more than 100 degrees) oven for about 1-1.5 hours, so that the mass does not stick.

When the marshmallow has completely cooled, we rub the powdered sugar into it. Do not sprinkle, but rub it with your fingers.

Well, actually, this is the whole recipe for homemade Belevsky pastila. It turns out such an apple-pre-apple, very tender, sweet and aromatic treat. Of course, you have to tinker, but it's worth it!

Apple Marshmallow

This delicacy was the main treat for children in the Krasnodar Territory on the Mikhailovsky Pass, where my grandparents lived all their lives. The household was always large, from which they just did not make it - from plums, from apples, from currants! My grandmother and my brother gave me pastille rolls or cut strips, but how can we refuse the sweets that were specially prepared with love for the rare arrival of our grandchildren? While I do not have my own children, I decided to pamper my niece - Varenka, she is such a lover of all kinds of berries “from the bush”, although she’s only a year and a half old.

Cooking apple candy at home - a simple recipe in the oven

Pastila can be prepared in the oven. Well, if you have it with convection, the process will go faster faster. For many, it comes as a surprise that the layer does not dry completely, and a sticky syrup forms on the surface. There can be two reasons for this: the first - the layer turned out to be uneven, somewhere thicker, somewhere thinner, and the second reason if you do not leave the oven door open.

Also of great importance is the coating of the baking sheet, or what you lay on its bottom. You can use baking paper, but if your pastille is thin, it will be difficult to separate, most likely it will just tear.It dries out gradually, from the edges to the center. Alternatively, you can try drying, separate it from the paper, turn the layer over and dry for several more hours.

Paper is also different, if one side is smooth, it is definitely better than usual. But it will be easiest to work with mass if you get a silicone mat of a suitable size. It will last a long time and will not create difficulties. And then oil will not have to be used.

Go to the cooking:

1. You can use all the apples that you have on hand. Both good and battered, of any sort. The main thing here is to decide how the first processing will be done. You can boil them in a cauldron, you can cut into pieces and bake in the oven. If cooked, the mixture will turn out uniform. When baking, different grades may be different in hardness. We will cook in a cast-iron cauldron, or pan (make sure that it has thick walls and will not burn in it). This is done so that the pastille is elastic and does not crack.

Fruits, rinse, peel, cut corrupted places, cut into pieces and put in a pan. Add about 100-150 ml of water to a 5 liter pan. If you are at a loss to determine the required volume, first pour water 1 cm from the bottom into the pan, and then send apples there.

2. Bring to a boil and reduce the heat. It is necessary to cook (stew) apples. Cover with a lid, but periodically look after them, if necessary mix. If it suddenly starts to burn, then you can add some more water. It will be ready when all the apples are soft. Remove from heat and grind with a submersible blender to a puree mass.

3. It is very good if you get a homogeneous mass. There is a small point about additives, if sour apples you can add a little sugar. It is to your taste. Or you have a desire to make the pastille more interesting, often add cinnamon or vanilla. Turn back the heating on the stove and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Use all precautions, you can gurgle strongly, sprinkling boiling syrup on the sides.

4. The resulting mass in volume will be about half that. This means that we have evaporated enough liquid. We take a baking sheet and cover it with parchment paper, it can be greased with a thin layer of ordinary refined oil. We scoop out several spoons from the pan evenly distributed over the entire surface. The optimum thickness of the layer is 5 mm, taking into account that the mass is still dry, we will have a 3 mm pastille at the output. It is very good.

5. If you cook pastille in the oven with convection, then set the top-down mode immediately. Temperature in the region of 70ºС degrees, not more. You also need to leave a small gap between the door and the wall of the oven, you can put a tablet, pencil or wooden spoon. About 2 baking sheets come out of the whole mash, during cooking they can be interchanged for uniform readiness.

6. Prepare for at least 4 hours if you have a very thin layer. But it may take more time, so look at the touch, it should not be wet or sticky. Let it cool slightly and begin to separate the marshmallow from the paper. If in the center it still does not turn out to be completely finished, you can turn the layer over and dry out a little more.

7. Everything is ready. Now all that remains is to cut the pastille into convenient pieces. For example, you can powder a layer with icing sugar, roll it into a tube and cut across.

It turns out such interesting sweets. You can roll up small rolls and dress them with a rope for storage. But hardly such a treat asks for a long time. So be sure to try to cook, you will be satisfied with the result.

Egg whites

Her recipe is as follows:

  1. Squirrels of 3 eggs are beaten to a state of fluffy white, using a mixer or a pastry whisk.
  2. A mixture of apple and berry puree (0.5 kg) is added, mixed with a mixer for another 10 minutes.
  3. The resulting mixture is laid out in a container on baking paper, all this is placed for 5 hours in an oven (hotter, dryer) and dried at a temperature of 50 degrees.
  4. At the end, they take it out, separate it from the paper, cut it into small sticks and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

And one more recipe, according to which the pastille of the usual, "store" taste is obtained, only without harmful impurities and components.

Cooking apple pastille as Belevskaya

In the previous recipe, I briefly described the history of the Belevsky pastila, and showed how we do it. I’ll give you another recipe. But this time we will roll it into a roll, it will turn out something similar to apple roll.

  • The apples
  • Sugar - 100g per 1kg of mashed potatoes
  • Egg white - 2pcs per 1kg mashed potatoes

Wash the apples, cut them in half, remove the seeds and all the rotten places. Although this may not be done, it will be easier to wipe through a sieve.

Halves of apples are put on a baking sheet and sent to the oven with a temperature of 170-200 degrees for 20-30 minutes for baking.

First bake the baked apples in a hot state with a blender, and then wipe through a sieve to obtain a smooth puree.

Then we begin to beat this puree with a mixer at maximum speed. After a minute, we begin to pour sugar. Mashed potatoes will begin to turn white and rise. Beat another 2-3 minutes.

When all the sugar has dissolved, pour the egg whites. Continue to beat at maximum speed. After a while, the mixture will begin to whiten and greatly increase in volume, about 2-3 times.

Then we lay out the whole mass on a baking sheet covered with baking paper, with a layer of about 1 cm. We do not grease paper. We leave a little mass for the subsequent smearing of the layers.

Pans with apple mass are sent to the oven and set the temperature to no higher than 100 degrees, the door is not completely closed, we make a small slot for moisture to exit. Bake for 6 hours.

After the oven, the pastille can be cut into layers, smeared between them with the left apple mass and get large and thick pies, or greased with the mass and twisted into a roll. We will twist.

We coat the plate with apple paste and gently roll it into a roll.

Coat the outside and send back to the oven for 1-3 hours with a temperature of no higher than 100 degrees.

The outer layer will be ready in 30-40 minutes, you can get it. At the same time, the consistency of the treats inside will be very soft and tender. For more drying, hold for a couple more hours. In general, the time depends on what you want to get in the end.

That's all. Cook with pleasure.

Mashed potatoes, pastille formation and drying

Cooking apple pastille at home is a rather long process. However, it cannot be called laborious. After all, such a dessert is made easy and simple.

After the apples are stewed in their own juice, they are laid out in small portions in a fine sieve and crushed intensively with a blender. As a result of such actions, you should get a very gentle homogeneous puree and cake that can be thrown away.

How is marshmallow at home made from apples? To make the thinnest dessert possible, use a wide spatula or a knife with a blunt end.

Thus, all cooked puree is laid out on a flat surface and spread so that its thickness does not exceed 4-5 mm. The thinner the layer, the faster the product will dry.

Thin apple pastille at home is well obtained in a special device - a dehydrator. Having laid the fruit puree in the capacity of this device, the dessert must be dried for 60-180 minutes. If you decide to cook pastille in the oven, then for this you will need a little more time.

It should also be noted that some housewives prefer to make dessert in the open air (in a draft or in the sun). In this case, the pastille will be ready for use only after a few days or even weeks (depending on the weather).

Marshmallow at home

I decided to put up this not even a recipe, but an advice to thrifty housewives: in what other variant can you eat your favorite jam, or frozen fruits. And most importantly, this dessert is very loved by children.

Apple puree marshmallow recipe fast and tasty

Another great way to make apple marshmallows. Here we need ready-made applesauce in jars and instant gelatin. This way is useful when you need to cook a delicate, not very sweet dessert. But keep in mind that such a treat will not stand for a long time, so you need to keep it only in the refrigerator. And preferably eat on the first day. But there are usually no problems with this.


  • Apple puree - 500 grams:
  • Gelatin - 20 grams

1. For the recipe, we need the usual baby applesauce. You can make mashed potatoes yourself. But here we have the question of making a quick and tasty dessert. Pour 20 grams of instant gelatin in 500 ml puree. Mix and give time for it to begin to swell. If the mixture is warm, it dissolves quickly, if not, then it can be helped by putting it in a warm steam bath.

2. After the gelatin has completely dissolved, let the mixture cool to room temperature. Marshmallows whip always in the cold. So they will become denser faster, they will better keep their shape and air bubbles inside themselves. You need to make it like a steam bath, but use ice or very cold water. Here, of course, you need to look so that the marshmallows do not freeze ahead of time.

3. Take some convenient shape that fits easily in the refrigerator. We use cling film to cover the bottom. so that later it is easy to separate from the form and cut. Pour the whipped mixture of applesauce, level it and put it in the refrigerator.

4. Keep in the refrigerator until completely solidified. Then you can easily remove it from the mold, cut into small convenient cubes.

It remains only to lay out on a dessert plate. This pastille can be served separately as a quick dessert. It is not very sweet, it does not contain many calories. Before serving, if desired, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar, but remember that so on the marshmallows after some time, moisture will begin to appear. It seems that everything that can be said about such a recipe. I hope you enjoy it with its simple and fast implementation. Bon Appetit.

Chicken protein and gelatin pastille

Before using this recipe, you need to be sure that the eggs are not infected with salmonellosis, so this pastille will not be subjected to heat treatment.

The eggshell must be washed thoroughly before separating the squirrels.

  • Gelatin - 1 packet (20g),
  • Eggs - 2 pieces
  • Apple puree - 2 jars of 200g each,
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp. spoons.

  1. Soak gelatin in 1 cup of hot boiled water until completely swollen.
  2. Beat whites in a strong foam - until the formation of "peaks".
  3. Gently spread the mashed potatoes while continuing to whisk the mass.
  4. Pour gelatin into a thin stream.
  5. Stir for another 3-5 minutes at a slow speed.
  6. Put in a container covered with baking paper or parchment.
  7. Refrigerate for 8-10 hours.

As you can see, the process of preparing pastille, requiring the participation of a person, does not take much time. The main time that is needed for the complete ripening of goodies passes without the participation of the hostess.

Note! The final product is sweeter than the feedstock. Therefore, it is recommended to replace sugar with natural honey, if it is not allergic, and in an amount less than in the above recipes.

For children with allergies, instead of honey and sugar, you can add sweet fruits (bananas) or vegetables (carrots, pumpkins) in mashed potatoes. This marshmallow is not only healthy and tasty, but also very beautiful.

A simple recipe for apple pastille

If the recipes for making pastille with egg whites are quite complicated, and you do not want to do this, try to cook according to the simplest recipe, the recipe of which I will now describe.

  • Apples - 2kg.
  • Sugar - to taste
  • Water - 100ml.

We prepare apples - wash and cut into arbitrary pieces, cut out damaged places, remove seeds and seed boxes.

Put everything in a pan. Pour water and put on a slow fire. Bring to a boil and cook for 15-20 minutes.

We send the whole apple mass to a blender and interrupt to a puree state. Or we do it submersible, to whom it is more convenient.

We spread the resulting oil on a baking sheet covered with parchment. Parchment can be greased with vegetable oil. We level it with an even layer with a thickness of 5-7mm.

The baking sheet is sent to the oven, heated to 70-90 degrees. Do not close the door, make a small gap.

Dry for 5-7 hours. Time depends on the moisture content of applesauce, temperature, layer thickness and the oven itself. Ready-made pastille should not stick to your hands and should be easily separated from parchment.

That’s almost all. We take the pan out of the oven and let it cool.

Separate the pastille from parchment and turn it into a roll. Then cut into pieces.

As you can see, the recipe is very simple and the most time it takes to dry the finished mashed potatoes. Cook and enjoy the treat. Bon Appetit!

And by tradition, I want to show you a video recipe for making fruit pastila without cooking and without sugar. A very interesting recipe, you will see a lot of interesting things in it.

That’s all for me. Cook for health. Well, I say goodbye to you, until we meet again.

Sincerely, Alexander.

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How to make dessert from fresh apples?

Cooking apple pastille at home is possible not only from fruits that have been heat-treated, but also from fresh mashed potatoes. How to do it? To do this, we need only a few kilograms of juicy and sweet apples. They are thoroughly washed, cleaned from the seed box and peel, and then rubbed on a very fine grater. In this case, you should form a homogeneous and delicate smoothie without rough lumps. It, as in the previous recipe, is spread in a thin layer on a flat surface and dried in a dehydrator or in the fresh air.

Such a marshmallow from apples at home is quite acidic. This is due to the fact that fruits that are not thermally processed oxidize fairly quickly in the air, noticeably changing not only their appearance, but also their taste. To get a sweeter dessert, a small amount of powdered sugar can be added to the finished puree.

Homemade apple puree pasta recipe with agar agar at home

Parsing the issue of preparing pastille, I came across a mention that agar-agar can be used. It was new to me, I decided to find out more. It turns out this is a natural analogue of gelatin, which is obtained from algae. A very common product among people who monitor their weight.

Is it possible to cook pastille from such a product? It is possible, but it will resemble more marshmallows. And it tastes like a pleasant tender souffle. For everything to work out you need to know the intricacies of cooking dishes with agar-agar.

1. Bake the whole apples in the oven, so that the inside is completely softened. Later, we need to mash them.

2. It is easier to do all this if you have a metal sieve. Grind through it and get mashed potatoes. Alternatively, you can replace the finished baby puree. But it will already be sweet and with additives.

3. Prepare agar-agar. This is such a powder made from algae, it is diluted in a liquid, and then gives it a jelly state. Depending on the manufacturer, make sure the required quantity per 100 grams of liquid. In most cases, this is 1 gram per 100 water.

4. About agar-agar you need to understand the following point. It begins to act when boiling, that is, if it is water or mixed syrup, at a temperature of 100 ° C the liquid boils. We cook for 1-2 minutes, this is enough for the agar-agar to gain strength, and everything begins to thicken.But it freezes at a temperature of 40 ° C degrees, there is no need to put it in the refrigerator, such as dishes with gelatin.

5. The process of preparation of agar-agar requires special attention, be sure to control the temperature. You will need convenient dishes, then use a mixer to whip the mashed potatoes. If your mixing is tight, you can add a little water.

6. After the apple mass becomes more magnificent, you can try to give it a pinkish tint. For this, you can add juice of red berry. In our case, this is a few frozen cherries, squeeze the juice and a pink tint you are guaranteed.

7. It is time to add boiled agar-agar; use dishes that tolerate temperature differences well. Whisk again with a mixer.

8. The resulting souffle is laid out in some form. Suitable for baking silicone muffins, or some paper molds. Leave for solidification.

9. When the temperature of the agar-agar drop below 40ºC degrees, the molds will harden. Then it will be possible to shift them to a plate.

Adjust the sugar level yourself, in addition to vanillin, you can use other odors and perfumes. A very light marshmallow with a minimum of calories. Here is another option for making apple pastilles with agar-agar at home. I hope you find it useful for yourself.

In conclusion

Cooking pastille at home is even for busy and not very experienced housewives. The easiest way is to use baby fruit nutrition, which includes applesauce.

There are 3 recipes for making pastilles:

  1. Classic, containing only apples and sugar. The pastille is dried at a temperature of 50 degrees. The result is plastic tubes or plates.
  2. With the addition of egg whites. A mixture of applesauce and protein is slowly dried until cooked at 50 degrees Celsius. It turns out crispy meringue-pastille.
  3. With egg proteins and a gelling component (gelatin, agar-agar). The mixture freezes in the refrigerator. It turns out marshmallow marshmallow, airy and plastic.

Whatever recipe you choose, the result will definitely please you.

And if you consider that the resulting delicacy is also very useful, then I’m sure that it will be constantly in your diet! Bon Appetit!

Making a thick candy with sugar

Now you have an idea of ​​how to prepare homemade apple pastille. The magic dessert according to the above recipe is quite popular in our country. However, some housewives prefer to make not a thin, but a thick marshmallow. Its preparation is complicated by the fact that it requires the use of a larger set of products and time for drying. But first things first.

So, to make a thick pastille, you need to prepare:

  • apples - 300 g
  • protein from a large chicken egg - 1 pc.,
  • sugar - 100 g for syrup and 60 g in mashed potatoes,
  • drinking water - 60 ml (for syrup),
  • agar-agar - 8 g (for syrup).

Apple juice cake after juicer - a simple and tasty recipe for the winter

In a good season, when the harvest of fruits and berries is large, many begin to use juicers and juicers to prepare various drinks for the winter. And after all the juice is squeezed out, there remains a large amount of oilcake, which is simply a pity to throw away. Here is how to use a way to prepare pastille from a cake for the winter.


  • apple cake - 1 kg,
  • granulated sugar - 150 grams,
  • water - 50 grams

If you planned to make a cake pastry from a cake, then sending apples to a squeezer, clear them of a peel and seeds.

Spent cake should be transferred to a pan with a thick bottom. Pour water over apples, heat and simmer for 5 minutes under a lid. If your wrinkles are very dry, you can add more water. After the apples are soft, they add granulated sugar. Boil over low heat for 15-20 minutes.

The mass should become more dense and boil. So that the puree does not burn, it must be constantly mixed with a spatula. Then remove from heat and cool slightly. Then it can be made into layers and dried by the methods described above in the recipes. That is, in the oven, in the dryer or just in the air.

By the way, due to the fact that cake is used and there is less juice in it, the pastille from it is stored longer. So you can safely harvest it for the winter along with your juices. Bon Appetit.

Homemade marmalade "excellent"

It has a natural apple flavor, dense texture contains a lot of pectin and fiber. It can be used for baking, it holds its shape perfectly and does not spread. And you can cut and serve, like sweets, for tea and cookies. In any case, a piece of marmalade for breakfast will improve your mood for the whole day.

A method of preparing a fruit base

Thick apple pastille at home takes longer than the previous dessert option.

First you need to process the fruit. They are washed, peeled and cut out of the core. Next, the apples are chopped into slices and placed in a pan with a thick bottom.

Putting the dishes on the stove, its contents are slowly brought to a boil. If you are afraid that the fruits will burn, then you can add a small amount of drinking water to them.

Cook apples on low heat until they are transformed into mashed potatoes. After that, they are removed from the stove and partially cooled. Putting the fruit in small portions into a fine sieve, grind them with a pusher. The output is a very gentle mashed potatoes and cake, which is immediately discarded.

To make the pastille thicker and more airy, sugar and egg white must be laid out on the processed apples. The resulting mass is beaten with a blender until it turns white. After this, they begin to prepare the syrup.

Agar-agar is filled with ordinary drinking water and allowed to stand for about an hour. Next, sugar is added to the ingredients and the resulting mixture is placed on the stove. It should be heated to a temperature of 100 degrees.

After the implementation of the described actions, the syrup is removed from the stove and at room temperature it is cooled to 70 degrees. Then it is poured into applesauce and whipped at low speeds using a mixer.

How to cook pastille

Cooking pastille is a great way to preserve a large crop of apples, plums, and other fruits. But from apples, shepherds, I must admit, it turns out the most delicious, special, with a memorable taste. The pastille contains a minimum of sugar, which is good for maintaining the shape. And most importantly, for its preparation, you can use a variety of fruits (which should be incredibly nice for gardeners) - spoiled, overripe, immature, fallen to the ground. We will make a classic thin pastille, the taste of which has been known to us since childhood, when this pastille was sold by neat grandmother-summer residents rolled up in rolls and wrapped in clean paper.

For the preparation of such pastilles from apples, it is best to take apples of varieties with sourness, for example, Antonovka varieties or others. Because such apples contain a large amount of pectin, and the pastille from them will be more healthy and well-gelled. So, step-by-step preparation of thin classic pastille (at will, you can also make it more “chubby” from it).

Step 1. Rinse the selected apples for making pastille, put them on a baking sheet (you can in a slow cooker, in a pan), add a little water in a bowl with apples so that they do not burn and bake or simmer until soft.

Step 2. Cool the fruits, wipe together with the peel on a sieve, you can chop the apples in a blender.

Step 3. The mashed potatoes obtained after processing with a sieve or a blender should be boiled in a saucepan, stirring for half an hour.

Step 4. Cool the applesauce, decant the juice, otherwise the pastille will dry for a long time and settle excessively.

Step 5. Now beat the applesauce, you can add sugar to it to taste. Only sugar is needed quite a bit (some housewives do not add it at all), otherwise the mass will be viscous, and this will affect its final taste. Beat the mashed potatoes until the mass becomes lighter, increases in volume.

Step 6. Cover the baking sheet or simple cardboard boxes with clean kitchen parchment (for baking products). We spread on it an apple mass the thickness of the one that needs the marshmallow. Here is the taste of the hostesses. I want pieces 2-3 cm thick - which means that such a thickness and you need to lay the mass on a baking sheet. If we plan a pastille, which we will then roll into rolls, then we lay out a mass of five mm of thickness.

Step 7. Dry the pastille at home, in the apartment. If possible, put it in the sun during the day. You need to dry the pastille in a natural way for just a couple of days. If in the oven (ajar and at 100 degrees heating), then six to seven hours of drying the pastille will suffice. After drying the pastille, a sheet of parchment with it is turned upside down.

Check the resulting marshmallow. It should be dry, strong to the touch. If the pastille is damp, dry it again.

Video on how to cook apple marshmallow in the oven

Well, friends, the article is approaching its logical conclusion. But as usual, I leave a link to the video from the YouTube channel at the end. This is for those who are more comfortable watching, and have absolutely no time to read. From the family kitchen channel you will learn how to prepare several types of fruit and berry pastille without sugar.

Tastes can be very easily combined in mashed potatoes. Therefore, this does not mean that you can cook pastille only from apples. Now in the presence of convenient kitchen appliances, the process is greatly simplified. And there is time to try different new tastes. So vegetable pastilles are obtained, for example from carrots and pumpkins, even “overseas” fruits can even be dried. It's all about fantasy and your desire.

On what. That's all for today, friends. I hope you enjoyed it and found a lot of useful things for yourself. Cook with pleasure and your efforts will certainly be rewarded. All the best. Good and health to your families. Good luck

Drying process

Having prepared the basis for the pastille, proceed to its drying. For this, gentle and airy mashed potatoes are laid out in a high form, which is pre-coated with cling film. Aligning the surface of the dessert with a spoon, it is left in this form for 10-12 hours.

After the specified time, the finished pastille is laid out on a flat surface by inverting the form. After flavoring it with a lot of powdered sugar, the dessert is cut into strips and left to dry for 3 days. The pastille is considered finished when its upper and side parts are very hard, and inside it is tender and melting in the mouth.

Belevskaya pastille from apples at home

This is a regional variety of Russian pastilles. Since the end of the 19th century, it began to be produced in the city of Belev, Tula Region. Such a dessert is made in the form of a roll with egg white and sugar.

To prepare Belevsky pastille at home, we will need the following components:

  • Antonovka apples - 1.8 kg,
  • proteins from large eggs - 2 pcs.,
  • sugar - 200 g.

Step-by-Step Basics

To prepare such a treat, the apples are thoroughly washed, cleaned of the core, and then cut into small slices, which are laid on a baking sheet covered with baking paper.

Having prepared the fruits, they are sent to the oven, preheated to 170 degrees. Observing this temperature regime, apples bake for about twenty minutes.

After this time, all products should become as soft as possible. They are removed from the oven, spread in a fine sieve and intensively rubbed with a crush.

Half the granulated sugar is spread to the resulting puree and beat with a mixer until a lush and light mass is formed. Such a process can take you about 20 minutes. Egg whites with the remaining sugar must also be whipped. So that they form a stable and magnificent mass, it is recommended that they be previously held in a refrigerator.

After processing applesauce and proteins, they are combined in one bowl and continue to beat until smooth.

The process of forming and heat treatment

Having received a lush and airy mass, proceed to its heat treatment. About 5-6 large spoons are separated from it, and the rest of the mixture is laid out in a deep and wide form, evenly distributed with a spatula (2-2.5 cm thick).

In this form, the product is sent to a preheated oven and dried at a temperature of 150 degrees for 6-7 hours.

After the specified time, apple pastilles should noticeably change in color, become brownish and acquire a dense consistency. It is taken out of the oven and carefully cut into 5-6 equal parts (strips). After that, they are lubricated with the previously left fruit mass and stacked on top of each other.

Having formed a multi-layer dessert, it is again sent to the oven and baked for about two hours at the same temperature.

How to serve?

After the Belevsky pastille is repeatedly subjected to heat treatment, it is carefully removed from the oven and sprinkled with powdered sugar. In this form, the dessert is left at room temperature until completely cooled. Then it is cut into small pieces and served with a cup of tea.

Watch the video: Homemade Lemon Gumdrops (April 2020).