How to choose the most effective remedy for warts on the hands

The human papillomavirus (HPV) provokes the appearance of warts on the body. It is activated with stress, decreased immunity and other provoking factors. To eliminate growths of different etiologies, a variety of drugs are used. For example, a wart remedy is sold in a pharmacy in the form of a liquid that effectively removes plantar corns. To freeze papillomas on hands, it is better to use special aerosol cans for painless removal of warts at home.

What are warts

Benign neoplasms on the skin and mucous membranes that occur as a result of HPV infection are called warts. They come in different sizes from 1 to 15 mm, localization and type. Perhaps the fusion of several growths, forming large tumors of a hemispherical or conical shape. At first, papillomas do not differ in color from the skin, but over time, neoplasms become brown or even black. Treatment with purchased remedies for warts in a pharmacy is best done in a comprehensive manner:

  • outside - to remove the neoplasm,
  • systemic antiviral - to destroy HPV,
  • systemic immunomodulatory - to increase immunity.

Varieties of therapeutic agents in action

Before you buy a remedy for warts on your hands in a pharmacy, you need to understand how it works. All drugs can be combined into several groups:

  • keratolytics
  • necrotizing
  • immunostimulating and antiviral,
  • cryopreparations.

Many of these drugs can be used alone at home. But it is better to apply them comprehensively. It makes no sense to just remove the growths - they will grow again. It is important to strengthen the patient's immunity, to help the body cope with the infection. What kind of remedy is suitable in a particular situation, it is better to ask the doctors, because, for example, many medicines are not recommended for pregnant women.

Funds are available in several forms:

  • aqueous or alcoholic solutions
  • creams or ointments,
  • patches
  • gels
  • oils and other drugs.

They can be used for treatment strictly in accordance with the instructions.

What are the means

Patients with this problem immediately wonder how to remove warts and papillomas with pharmacy drugs. Preparations are made in gels, ointments, creams. Special pencils are also available. In addition, there are always medications for oral administration, since only a complex effect helps to get the maximum result.

Rating of the best remedies for warts

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best cauterizing (coagulating) remedies for warts1 Collomac 272 ₽
2Verrucacid 203 ₽
3Solcoderm 954 ₽
4Kondilin 660 ₽
5Lapis pencil 123 ₽
Do-it-yourself cryodestruction of warts1Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo 849 ₽
The best keratolytics from warts1Wartox - cream-paste 182 ₽
2Salipod 92 ₽
3Salicylic acid 19 ₽
The best antiviral and immune remedies for warts1 Oxolinic ointment (dioxotetrahydroxytetrahydronaphthalene) 30 ₽
2 Isoprinosine (Groprinosin, Normomed) 585 ₽

The effectiveness of the treatment of warts on the hands of drugs

The growth of formations on any area of ​​the skin causes the human papillomavirus. You can get infected from another person during sexual intercourse, using the patient’s personal belongings. HPV can be in a dormant state in the body, begin to act with a decrease in immunity, frequent stress, and depression.

The patient does not experience pain and other unpleasant symptoms in the affected areas. The formations do not look aesthetically pleasing.Some types of the virus are oncogenic; frequent injuries contribute to the development of cancer.

With HPV, you should seek the help of specialists. Treatment of warts should be comprehensive, the patient needs to take antiviral drugs, which only a doctor will prescribe. Just removing the growth is not enough. After some time, if you do not take the medicine, it will grow again.

Remedy for papillomas in a pharmacy

Unfortunately, not all therapies for skin papillomas and warts give a 100% result. There is always the possibility that, after a time after the disappearance of the neoplasm, it will grow again. For this reason, it is advisable to begin treatment of warts and papillomas with medicines that can be purchased at the pharmacy. If they do not help, then then move on to more aggressive and expensive procedures (laser, cryodestruction, and others). Or immediately start with the most effective, safe and modern cryo-preparations, the use of which will give a guaranteed result without the likelihood of relapse in the future.

Varieties of Warts

There are several types of warts:

Plantar. They are formed on the legs, while they can be mistaken for ordinary callus. But they are distinguished from corn by a papillary structure. If the wart on the fingers of its owner does not bother anything (except for its unaesthetic appearance), then the plantar appearance when walking causes painful sensations. They often appear in those people who suffer from excessive sweating of the legs, neglect personal hygiene and wear uncomfortable shoes. Today, you can individually choose a medicine for plantar warts, which we will discuss below.

Ordinary (vulgar) warts. Arise on the hands in the form of rounded dry nodules. Perhaps the appearance of several pieces at once, as well as their further fusion. In other parts of the body, they take the form of papillomas - elongated soft outgrowths.

Genital warts. These are outgrowths that occur in the perineum - on the folds of the skin and genitals, around the anus. They can develop both asymptomatically and causing sensations of itching and discomfort.

Keratomas (senile warts). This is a separate view. Their appearance is caused by age-related changes in the epithelium, and not by a viral infection. Keratomas appear in people after 40 years. First, a pigmented spot appears on the skin fragment, over time it grows into a dark plaque with a loose structure.

Youthful (flat) warts. They occur in adolescents in the form of flat formations on the face and hands. They can develop due to abrasions and cuts on the skin or by themselves.


Keratolytics will help get rid of papillomas. This is a worthy tool against growths on the hands, which acts on the warts, eventually dissolving and exfoliating them. This group of drugs includes various acids, which can be in the composition of ointments, solutions and gels.

Most often, these medications contain salicylic acid from warts. If you decide to use this method of combating growths, when buying salicylic alcohol and ointment, pay attention to the content of salicylic acid - it should be optimally 5%.

Groups of pharmaceutical products for warts

Used for the chemical destruction of warts

Choose a remedy for warts should be considered. It is important to first clarify the diagnosis with a doctor in order to avoid possible complications. In therapy, drugs of the following groups are used:

  • necrotizing
  • antiviral
  • keratolytic
  • immunostimulatory.

Necrotic drugs contain substances that cause tissue necrosis. Such drugs do not cure the virus, but destroy the root of the wart. As a result of necrosis, the tissues die, and the papilloma literally falls off the skin. The use of such drugs should only be on rough skin areas due to the risk of chemical burns.

Antiviral drugs are used to prevent the spread of human papillomavirus. These are special ointments and gels that are applied to the wart. With insignificant growths of such preparations, it is enough to get rid of cosmetic defects on the body. Antiviral drugs are also used for multiple warts, before their surgical removal.

Keratolytic agents are drugs with an exfoliating effect. They soften the skin of the wart, stimulate the process of cell renewal, which leads to a gradual exfoliation of the growth body. The main disadvantage of such funds is the need for prolonged use.

Immunostimulants increase local immunity, activating it to fight the virus. Such wart remedies are used in conjunction with other drugs. Most often, immunomodulators are prescribed in tablets, in addition to treatment with ointments or surgical methods.

What you can buy in pharmacies

It is possible to find an effective remedy for papillomas and warts in a pharmacy, but often this requires patience. Through samples, patients are able to select the medicine that will have a good result.

One of the most popular means is 3% oxolin ointment. This is due to affordable cost (from 250-300 Russian rubles) and good indicators in the treatment of warts and papillomas. It is important not to be confused with a similar remedy for nasal use.

Oxolinic ointment is applied to the formations themselves up to 3 times a day. The tool is actively against viruses, papillomas and warts gradually dry. In most cases, the duration of treatment is up to 2 months.

Another ointment for warts and papillomas - Clareol. This tool is considered the most effective in the treatment of this pathology, which affects the cost - from 1500 Russian rubles.

Clareol is applied in light circular motions until completely absorbed (it is important to do this carefully so as not to damage the formation). The drug helps to dry the warts within a week. Multiplicity of admission is 3 times a day, the duration usually does not exceed 10 days.

Also used Vishnevsky ointment. The price per package is on average 30-40 rubles. The ointment is applied to the papillomas, after which they are covered with a clean cloth. The tool is used up to 3 times a day.

Vishnevsky ointment has an antiviral and disinfecting effect, thereby effectively saving the patient from rashes. But the drug has a significant drawback - a strong characteristic odor.

Also applies ointment Levomekol. It contains an antibiotic (chloramphenicol) and an immunostimulant (methyluracil). Levomekol helps restore the balance of epithelial cells, fights the inflammatory process in the tissue, and has a disinfecting effect.

The tool is applied twice a day, usually the patient gets rid of warts and papillomas within a month and a half. Packaging will cost an average of 150 Russian rubles.

The medicine for papillomas and warts in the form of a gel - Panavir (the basis of the drug is herbs). It is applied directly to the formations themselves, suitable for the genital form of the disease.

The drug fights the virus itself, activates the immune system. The frequency of application is 3-5 times a day (depending on the severity of the disease). The course is from 5 to 10 days. Packing cost - 150-170 rubles.

Mentioned above Clareol It is also available in the form of a gel. This is not reflected in the price of the drug, it is approximately equal to the cost of the ointment. The gel from papillomas and Clareol warts is applied in the same way, the frequency and duration of use are no different from another form of release.

The drug is well tolerated and is highly effective. It is believed that this is the best tool for removing papillomas and warts, which can be purchased at pharmacies.

Another gel - Antipapillomaswhose value is about 150 rubles. The tool must be applied to the formations themselves, but they must be steamed before this. The warts will darken, and after a few days will begin to exfoliate and disappear. The largest papillomas may require up to 5 uses.

The best cauterizing (coagulating) remedies for warts

Most often, active acids, intense oxidizing agents, which target local necrosis, i.e. tissue necrosis, act as cauterizing agents. Why are alkalis never used, which are also capable of causing cell death? The fact is that acids have a drying effect and cause protein denaturation, while limiting the necrosis zone. They coagulate proteins. In the case of alkali, the opposite process occurs: in the depths of the tissues, saponification of fats begins, since alkali dissolves fat. If you try to reduce the wart yourself with caustic potassium, you will get a loose zone of unlimited necrosis, which will spread deep to the sides.

Therefore, in no case can not be used as self-medication concentrated alkaline solutions to reduce warts.

What means does the modern pharmaceutical industry that relate to cauterizers produce?

Forms of the release of drugs for warts

In pharmacies, there is a large selection of tools for removing protrusions on the dermis at home. Drugs for warts on the hands are produced by pharmacological companies in various forms:

Pharmacy products are divided into groups:

  1. Necrotizing. The composition of the drug includes aggressive components that cause necrosis of the cells of the dermis, of which papillomas, warts and condylomas are composed. When applying funds, the formation is destroyed and gradually rejected. Most medications are alkaline and acid based solutions, they can not be used by pregnant women and children.
  2. Means of cryotherapy. The action of the drugs is based on freezing, after application, the growth tissue is covered with a crust, which subsequently disappears.
  3. Immunomodulatory - restore the function of the immune system, contribute to the destruction of the virus.
  4. Keratolic. Drugs are able to soften keratinized growth cells, gradually remove them.

Necrotic solutions cope with unwanted elements on the skin, the result of their use is noticeable 15 minutes after application. Dangerous in that they can cause burns, skin irritation, it is impossible to remove the formation between the fingers, toes, on the mucous membranes.

Treatment with keratolic drugs along with the use of immunomodulators is considered the safest, although long-term, course of therapy - from 1 to 3 weeks.


You can find tablets of papillomas and warts in the pharmacy, which should be taken as part of complex therapy. To get rid of the virus from the inside will help:

  1. Isoprinosine. An immunomodulating drug with a non-specific antiviral effect. Take pills after meals with water. The daily dose for children from 3 years old, weighing 15 kg and adults is 50 mg / kg body weight. The average duration of treatment is from 5 to 14 days. Contraindications to taking the drug are children under 3 years of age, chronic renal failure, gout, arrhythmia, urolithiasis, hypersensitivity to the components.
  2. Hepar sulfur. Homeopathic medicine based on crushed oyster shells. To remove papillomas, you need to use this tool at the dosage recommended by the homeopath. With self-treatment, allergic reactions in the form of a rash, urticaria, focal redness may occur.

The most popular papilloma remover in a pharmacy is ointment.It must be borne in mind that these funds require prolonged use to achieve any visible effect - sometimes up to several months. The best remedies offered by pharmacies:

  1. Viferon ointment. It has an immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Strengthens local immunity, improves the condition of skin cells, and prevents the reproduction of the virus. The main indication is the presence of warts or papillomas of various shapes, sizes, localizations. Apply to the lesion 3-4 times / day for no longer than 4 weeks. With an overdose or prolonged use, the drug can cause allergic reactions. In rare cases, the use of ointment is accompanied by a violation of the internal organs.
  2. Oxolinic Ointment. Topical antiviral. For the treatment of warts, it is applied pointwise 2-3 times / day. The course of treatment is from 2 weeks to 2 months. If it enters the mucous membranes, the ointment can provoke a burning sensation, itching, redness of the skin, and rhinorrhea.

Ointments from warts, although effective, but their dense composition is inconvenient: they are absorbed for a long time and leave marks on clothes. More convenient are creams and gels for the treatment of skin growths. They are absorbed faster, without losing their effectiveness. At the same time, a quick cure for warts when using this dosage form is also most often impossible. The most popular remedies offered by pharmacies:

  1. Gel Panavir. Antiviral herbal medicine. The active component of the drug is an extract of potato tops, which stimulates the production of interferon in the body. The main substance, seeping under the skin, violates the process of reproduction of viruses, which leads to their death. The gel is applied 2 times / day for 5-10 days. Among the side effects, hyperemic skin changes are sometimes observed.
  2. Imiquimod Cream. Immune response modifier, immunomodulator. It has an antiviral effect. For the treatment of papillomas and warts, the cream is applied externally before bedtime 3 times / week and left overnight. Treatment continues until the problem is resolved, but no more than 16 weeks. Among the adverse reactions are pain and itching at the site of application, erythema, erosion, edema.

How to get rid of warts?

Warts caused by human papillomavirus infection can disappear on their own, because in some cases, HPV can be successfully cured by the body's defenses. If he has already taken a chronic form, and warts appear on the body, you can get rid of them with the help of different medications. There are drugs that are taken orally, along with them externally you can use special solutions, ointments or creams. So which cure for warts is better to use? Below is a list of the most effective modern tools.

Antiviral and immunomodulating medications

The concept of human papilloma virus unites a group of viruses (to date, more than 100 of them have been identified). Some of them are harmless, appear only in the form of cosmetic defects. Others lead to respiratory failure, cancer pathologies.

Doctors believe that up to 70% of the world's population are carriers of HPV. The pathogen is recognized as the most common sexually transmitted virus, but this is not the only way to spread. The virus can enter the circulatory system through the household, through microdamage to the integument.

In most cases (up to 90%), the body itself destroys the microorganism within a year. When immunity is weakened due to various reasons (due to stress, concomitant diseases, improper lifestyle, etc.), the virus activates, warts and papillomas appear on the skin or mucous membranes.

The external manifestations of papillomavirus infection are disposed of in radical ways, eliminating growths.

You can do this with:

  • electrocoagulation
  • laser
  • cryodestruction
  • surgical excision
  • medications.

Often, after the intervention, warts reappear - this means that the body is not able to cope with the infection on its own. Therefore, along with external means for eliminating papillomas, the patient is shown taking antiviral and immunomodulating drugs.

Attention: taking drugs of these groups can only be prescribed by the attending physician, strictly observing the recommended dosage!

Interferon derivatives are commonly used in the treatment of papillomavirus infection. They strengthen the protective barriers of the body, help repel the attacks of viruses of various etiologies.

In parallel, the patient is prescribed preparations of ascorbic acid and tocopherol acetate. It is a powerful antioxidant endowed with anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties. Additionally, glucocorticosteroids may be used.

The most recognized therapy is the one that combines the use of external topical agents and oral medications. Here are some popular pharmaceuticals.

The best necrotizing drugs

Pharmacy necrotizing agents for warts are an effective way to get rid of a single growth in a short period of time. In the presence of a large number of papillomas on the body, it is impractical to use this method. The fact is that necrotizing agents relieve symptoms (papilloma), but not the cause of their appearance (virus). A large number of papillomas on the body indicates a strong activity of the virus. Their removal will not bring the expected result, since new warts will appear as long as the virus is in the active phase.

Effective remedies for warts with necrotizing effect:

  • Verrucacid is a potent solution that contains phenols. The drug literally burns the wart to the root. The composition also contains components that prevent the spread of the virus to surrounding tissues. A distinctive feature of this drug is comparative safety. Verrucacid does not cause burns to a healthy epidermis when accidentally ingested. A bottle of the drug will cost about 200 rubles.
  • Super Celandine is an alkaline solution characterized by aggressive action. It quickly destroys wart tissue, causing necrosis. A feature of this drug is its quick action, but it is associated with a high risk of burns to healthy skin in case of accidental contact with the product. Super Celandine solution is sold in pharmacies in small bottles of 1-3 ml. The cost of the drug is not more than 40 rubles.
  • Ferezol is another phenol based product. The drug destroys the tissue of papillomas, causing their necrosis. Available in convenient vials with a special applicator designed for accurate application of the drug to the wart. The cost of the solution is 300 rubles per bottle.
  • Solcoderm is a solution of several aggressive acids. It acts in a cauterizing manner, causing destruction of the wart tissue. A feature of the drug is a very quick action. One drop of the medicine is enough so that the next day there is no trace of the wart. The drug costs about 600 rubles.
  • Vartek is a cream based on the extract of the poisonous plant podophyllum. This drug acts quite delicately, gradually destroying the wart tissue. Relatively slow action provides comparative safety of the use of the drug. The disadvantage of this medicine is the high cost - a little more than 3 thousand rubles in large pharmacies.
  • Rules for the use of necrotizing agents and precautions

Vartek is indicated for the treatment of genital warts (anogenital warts) with external localization

A necrotizing wart remedy can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription. Aggressive drugs are used only once.A drop of the drug is applied to the growth once, avoiding the solution on healthy skin. For this purpose, it is recommended to glue the epidermis around the wart with a band-aid or grease with a greasy cream or vegetable oil.

Typically, after a few hours, the reaction begins. Papilloma is reduced in size and changes color. After a few days, it blackens and disappears, and a small wound appears in its place.

Vartek cream is used once a day for three or five days, depending on the size of the growth. After a maximum of five days, the wart changes color and turns into a dark crust.

Contraindications to the use of necrotizing agents:

  • childhood,
  • the presence of wounds and abrasions on the skin,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation.

Such drugs can not be used to remove warts on the face and inguinal area due to the risk of skin burns and scar formation. On the mucous membranes, necrotizing drugs are not used. Only vulgar warts, flat warts and tongues can be removed using such means.


An effective remedy for warts on the hands is Collomac. The active substance in it is the same salicylic acid, but there is also lactic, which has a keratolytic effect. There is also an anesthetic component, namely polycanol, so that the patient does not experience discomfort during treatment.

Apply 1 drop of solution to the wart 2 times a day. After a week of use, the neoplasm should be rejected. Sometimes the wart disappears in 4 days, provided that 10 ml of the drug was used per day. For children, the dose of the drug should not exceed 1 ml. You can be treated no longer than seven days.


Cream may be prescribed to patients Aldara. It is suitable for getting rid of formations on the genitals. The cream is applied to the warts before bedtime with a thin layer until completely absorbed (with light movements). Multiplicity - 3 times every week (use should be only on fixed days). In the morning, the place of application must be washed with low-alkaline soap.

The main component of the drug is imiquimod, which has an antiviral effect and activates the immune system. The duration of use varies, doctors recommend applying the cream until the rashes completely disappear. The cost is 130-150 rubles.

Review of effective remedies for warts on the hands

Ancestors treated growths, cones on the hands and palms with the help of folk remedies: celandine, potatoes, mountain ash, garlic or calendula. A modern person has the opportunity to get rid of formations by removing them in a hospital or at home with the help of pharmacy funds.

A dermatologist should examine the wart, determine the type of virus due to which it appeared, evaluate the shape, size and appearance of a benign tumor. After that, a medicine suitable for removal is prescribed.

Wart Acid

Among pharmacy products that are dispensed without a doctor’s prescription, drugs containing acid are effective. On papillomas and warts, they have a cauterizing effect. However, they have serious disadvantages, such as the appearance of chemical burns and noticeable scars on the skin. The most effective:

  1. Salicylic acid. To remove growths, you need to buy a drug in high concentration from 10 to 60%. Apply acid to the desired area 1 time / day. The duration of treatment is 1 month. If a single application is ineffective, it is allowed to increase up to 2 times / day. However, it should be remembered that the risk of local burn in this case also increases. You can not use salicylic acid for diabetes and oncology of any genesis.
  2. Kolomak. Buy this remedy for warts in a pharmacy is not difficult. It consists of: lactic, salicylic acid, polydocanol. The drug is produced in the form of a solution, which should be applied to the growths several times a day, but not more than 10 mg.The course of treatment is up to 4 weeks. It is forbidden to use the product for people who are allergic to components.

The drug "Ferezol"

Such wart remedies are cauterizing agents that have a mummifying effect. Produced in the form of a solution intended for external use.

So, using this tool, how to get rid of warts? The medicine must be applied carefully enough to damaged skin. This is best done with a cotton bud.

If the wart is small, then a single application is enough. If its dimensions exceed 2 mm, then the solution must be applied several times with interruptions so that it can dry. With repeated application, the skin around the wart should be greased with zinc paste (after the procedure is completed, it can be removed with a cotton pad).

Removal of plantar warts with the Ferezol preparation requires preliminary preparation. Before applying the solution, it is necessary to steam the area with the wart (make a bath with soda and soap) and with the help of nail scissors cut the keratinized layer.

If re-processing is required, then it is necessary to wait until the resulting crust disappears, and after 7 days after this, conduct another 5 procedures.

A doctor’s prescription is not needed to use Ferezol, although it is not so safe, therefore, there are instructions that you need to know before the procedure:

bandage or plaster is prohibited on the treated area,

mucous membranes should be protected from the ingress of solution on them,

repeated application of the medicine can be repeated only after a week,

the treated area during the day can not be lubricated or wet with water,

the area of ​​the anus, genitals, between the fingers with this solution is not recommended to be treated,

when it gets on healthy skin, you need to immediately treat this area with ethanol.

This product does not leave scars on the skin.

Panavir gel

Panavir is a gel from plant warts. It has pronounced antiviral properties, activates the synthesis of its own proteins in the patient’s immune system.

Due to its composition, it penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis, destructively affects the cells of the "roots" of the papilloma.

Apply the gel with a thin layer on the affected area five times a day. The duration of treatment is from 4 to 10 days, depending on the size of the formation.

Antiviral agents

The use of antiviral drugs for warts is indicated in the following cases:

  • a large number of growths on the body,
  • frequent relapses of papillomas after removal,
  • decreased immunity,
  • the presence of the virus in the blood.

Antiviral drugs for warts are available in tablets or in the form of gels and ointments for external use.

Effective antiviral and immunostimulating agents against growths, papillomas and warts:

  • Oxolinic ointment is the simplest antiviral drug for HPV. This tool costs no more than 150 rubles per tube. The ointment should be applied to the warts up to four times a day. The result is noticeable two weeks after the start of treatment.
  • Another simple but effective drug is Acyclovir. The medicine is designed to combat the herpes virus, but shows good results with HPV. The cost of the drug is about 50 rubles. The main disadvantage is the need for prolonged use.
  • Medications widely used in the treatment of plantar warts are Riodoxol and Aldara. They differ in pronounced antiviral activity and potent immunomodulatory effects. The drug Aldara is one of the best remedies not only for plantar warts, but also for condylomas. This cream is allowed to be applied to the inguinal zone, genitals and perianal region.

The use of such drugs is necessary 2-4 times a day. The minimum duration of treatment is 10 days.The course of use of the drug depends on the size of the warts and their number and is selected by the doctor individually for each patient.

Salicylic ointment

Known ointment for warts on the hands, the active component of which is salicylic acid. It is applied to the growths once every 2-3 days, 2 g each, after which the treated area is bandaged with a sterile bandage. Before each new treatment, it is necessary to remove dead particles and wipe the skin with alcohol.

Before use, you should study the instructions. So, women in position are allowed to use only 1 g of ointment per day, treatment with this agent for kidney dysfunction is undesirable.

Advantages and disadvantages

During treatment, usually there is a slight reddening of the swelling zone on the healthy skin around the wart. Usually it disappears after two days, and do not be afraid. This is a normal occurrence. Kollomak's treatment is painless, and after a few days a dark brown scab appears on the wart. In no case should you remove it; the scab should fall off on its own. In addition to these minor unpleasant symptoms, salicylate intolerance, acid interaction with some other drugs, for example, sulfonylurea derivatives, which are used in diabetes, are possible. Also, a relative drawback will be the need to wait until the solution has dried, the drug should not be used in children under 1 year old, and, most importantly, you need to apply the product only to simple warts, and it is forbidden to apply Collomac to birthmarks, formations in the genital area, face or covered by hairs.

Ointments, creams

Ointment from warts on the hands can have a different principle of work, include keratolytic, immunomodulating drugs. The doctor will individually select a more effective composition. Salicylic ointment related to keratolytics has gained fame. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect. It is applied to the protrusion twice a day, trying not to touch the skin nearby. Therapy lasts at least 1 month. The cost of the ointment is small.

Viferon ointment and Panavir gel are classified as immunomodulators. Means protect the body from the virus, block its activation, strengthen the immune system. Viferon is treated for 1 month, applying the substance to the formation from two times a day. The composition includes vitamin E and peach oil. Panavir is used at least five times a day, the result is noticeable after ten days of application. The composition includes natural substances.

Imiquimod cream, which relieves warts on the hands, is applied to grow 3-4 times a week, activates the protective functions of the immune system, it contains antiviral substances and components that contribute to the rapid regeneration of the skin. Take the drug as prescribed by the doctor, the drug can cause side effects in the form of redness on the dermis and irritation.

The drug for freezing warts

A few years ago, cryodestruction was carried out exclusively in specialized medical centers. Today, freezing of skin growths can be done at home. For self-removal of warts by cryodestruction, the modern drug Veruklin is most often used. The principle of action of Veruklin is based on the quick and painless freezing of warts along with the roots. It is applied once - within two weeks after the spotted application of the drug, the wart disappears without leaving scars and scars on the skin. In addition to high efficiency, it is possible to note the safety of the use of Veruklin and the absence of any side effects (allergic reactions, chemical burns, dermatitis and others). With one bottle, 12 warts can be removed.

Means "Viferon"

In the human body is a protective protein interferon, which has the ability to withstand the ingress of viruses.Scientists have synthesized a protein that is identical to this, as interferon fights both viruses and simple bacteria. At the same time, pathogens do not develop resistance to it even at significant intervals.

The drug “Viferon” is a medicine for warts on the legs and arms, which basically contains interferon, therefore, there is no doubt in its effectiveness. In addition to it, the ointment contains vitamin E and peach oil, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as a regenerating effect. The ointment base allows the Viferon preparation to easily absorb into the skin.

The method of its application is quite simple. For a month, warts must be lubricated several times a day. There are no age restrictions for using the ointment.

Salipod patch

Salipod wart patch contains about 33% salicylic acid, so it successfully fights against neoplasms, although it is often used against calluses. These are elastic plates that can be of different sizes: 2 by 10 cm, 6 by 10 cm.

Using the adhesive part, these plates are attached to the problem area of ​​the skin. It is advisable to cut the patch exactly in the shape of the wart, trying to arrange it so that it does not come into contact with healthy skin. Along with Salipod, external creams with resorcinol and zinc oxide cannot be used. Many who used Salipod note that he helped to cope with the growth in just a few days.


This is a domestic tool to combat warts, which has a very simple composition: aromatic alcohol phenol and metacresol. Together, these two active chemicals cauterize, coagulate the skin, and exhibit an antiseptic effect. Verrucacid is shown not only with conventional warts located on the skin of the hands and feet, but also in the presence of papillomas, dry corns, keratomas and genital warts.

This drug must be applied once with a thin wooden stick to small warts and papillomas, the size of which does not exceed 2 mm. If the formations are larger, then you need to lubricate them several times, usually from 3 to 4, repeating the application after each drying. Usually, for the complete reduction of warts on the hands and soles, it is necessary to apply Verrucacide from 7 to 10 times with an interval of 3 minutes. In order not to cause a burn of the surrounding normal skin areas, it is necessary to lubricate the wart with zinc paste around the circumference, in order to prevent. As for genital warts, it is recommended that a dermatovenerologist or urologist carry out the procedure for their removal with Verrucacid. As in the previous case, a scab appears on the warts, which disappears independently on average, after a week.

If, after its falling away, it turned out that the formation was not completely removed, you can re-process it. If necessary, the number of such repeated procedures can reach 4 or 5. This drug is produced by the domestic pharmaceutical company Retinoids, and it is produced in a 2 ml bottle, and its cost is 240 rubles.


A well-known remedy for cones and growths on the skin in the form of drops is Condillin. It has an antimycotic, mummifying, cytostatic effect. One drop of the drug is applied to the wart without affecting the healthy integument. They are treated with medication for three days, it is contraindicated during the period of bearing the baby and breastfeeding.

Wart Solution

A liquid medicine for warts is also sold in a pharmacy. The solution not only cauterizes the papilloma, but also coagulates its proteins, preventing the possibility of relapse.

  1. Verrucacid. It has antiseptic and cauterizing effects. The solution destroys viruses, fungi, bacteria due to coagulation of intracellular proteins. Effective against plantar, common, filiform warts, as well as against papillomas caused by HPV. It is applied pointwise to the tumor 1 time.For large growths, repeated application is required with a break for drying. After applying the solution, a burn may appear, accompanied by pain, hyperemia of the skin, swelling.
  2. Ferezol. A solution that has a cauterizing effect. Apply to the damaged area once. For large papillomas over 2 mm in diameter, 3-4 applications are required. To remove moles, Ferezol is contraindicated. The drug should be used with caution - after application, the development of allergic reactions, the appearance of edema and redness on the skin are possible.

Means "Isoprinosine"

This is a medicine for papillomas and warts, which has a stimulating effect on the immune system. Helps fight viruses that are difficult to treat, including HPV. It is produced in the form of tablets. They are taken 2 weeks, 2 pieces three times a day. This course must be repeated twice with an interval of a month. A visible result occurs after a week of using the medicine - the size of the wart is significantly reduced.

Isoprinosine is not recommended to be taken without a doctor’s prescription, since the drug has side effects: gastrointestinal tract malfunction, vomiting, headaches, itching, lethargy, etc.

There are contraindications:

sensitivity to components and active substances,

under 3 years old.

When taking this medicine, you need to take tests every month, checking the work of the kidneys and liver.

Viferon ointment

Viferon ointment can be used from warts on any part of the body. It contains a synthesized analogue of interferon, a human protective protein that can inhibit the activity of the virus. Additional components of the drug - peach oil and vitamin E - have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects, stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

Viferon is an ointment that can be used to treat patients of any age. It must be applied to problem areas several times a day, for a month. The cream is easily absorbed, strengthens local immunity.

Necrotizing agents

This is a group of drugs containing aggressive substances that cause necrosis (death) of tissue. Typically, such a remedy for warts on the fingers contains alkali or acid. But not everyone can use them: they are not prescribed to women in position and children, the rest should also be more careful.

It is believed that these are the best means to remove warts, but if handled improperly, you can get a skin burn. To avoid this, before treatment, treat the skin around the growth with petroleum jelly, fat cream or any other protective agent that can be purchased at the store.

TOP 5 of the best tools

The best remedies for warts, according to doctors and patients:

  • salicylic ointment is the cheapest
  • Panavir is the most reliable tool
  • Wartox is the safest remedy
  • Cryopharma is the fastest remedy
  • Salipod is the most convenient remedy.

Salicylic ointment is the most affordable keratolytic agent. Its cost is about 30 rubles per tube. The tool softens the skin of the wart, promotes the speedy renewal of cells and gradually exfoliates the skin of the growth. Apply the ointment to children over 12 years of age and adults. The tool is applied to the wart in the morning and evening for two weeks. Contraindication is individual intolerance to the main active substance, pregnancy and lactation.

Panavir is a good gel for warts, the drug has an antiviral and immunostimulating effect. It blocks the spread of HPV to healthy skin, helps to quickly cope with growths and prevent their reappearance. The gel should be applied to each growth three times a day. Treatment is carried out within 21 days. The drug can be applied to the mucous membranes, so the gel is also used for genital warts.The approximate cost is 500 rubles. The drug does not cause side effects and has only one contraindication - Panavir intolerance.

Wartox is a urea-based cream. It is recommended to use it with plantar warts. Urea is a potent keratolytic, so it quickly softens and exfoliates large dry growths. Cream paste costs about 300 rubles. It is applied to the wart once a day. It is necessary to use the drug until the symptoms disappear completely. The drug has no contraindications, except for urea intolerance, but it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. The tool can be prescribed for children over 10 years old, but only for the treatment of plantar warts. The main advantage of the drug is its high effectiveness against plantar warts, which other drugs can not cope with.

Cryopharma is a liquid nitrogen remedy. Its action is aimed at freezing the wart, which causes tissue necrosis. The drug is produced in a cylinder under pressure, the application of liquid nitrogen is carried out using a special complete applicator. The cost of the product is 600-800 rubles per bottle.

Apply nitrogen according to the instructions. The exact pattern of use of the drug depends on the size of the wart. The disadvantage is the risk of scar formation after removal of the papilloma. The main advantage of this drug is its quick action, since the wart disappears after a few hours. Cryopharma is used once. The product is applied to the body of the wart using a special applicator and hold for 30 seconds. The wart in the eyes darkens and decreases in size.

Salipod is a patch soaked with salicylic acid. It is glued to the wart and left for 2-3 days. During this time, the wart is significantly reduced in size. The cost of the drug is about 50 rubles. The drug in the form of a patch does not cause side effects and has no contraindications, except for intolerance to salicylic acid. It can be used for children over 6 years old and adults. The main advantage is ease of use. The patch must be glued to the skin and removed after two days.

Aldar cream can be added to the list of the best drugs. A feature of this drug is that it is effective against genital warts and can be used on sensitive areas of the skin. Nevertheless, due to the high cost, this cream is not affordable for everyone.


A lap pencil from warts and papillomas is used. It is applied to the formation once every 7 days until it disappears completely. Lapis pencil has disinfecting and cauterizing effects, its price is 130-170 rubles.

Pencil has the same effect Wartner. They lubricate the papilloma once a day until it disappears. The price of the drug is from 250 rubles.

Wart fluid

For chemical removal of skin growths, there are special fluids. The most potent drugs in this group:

  1. Super pure. Despite the name, there is no celandine juice in this preparation. Substances contained in the composition of the Superchistel, cauterize the wart, after which it dies. Therefore, the drug should be used with great care, since it can cause burns on the skin and leave scars. Before use, it is necessary to steam the skin and treat the tissues around the neoplasm with a baby cream. The liquid is applied to the lesion with a special applicator 1 drop day. For a small growth is enough 1 time. Corns should be cauterized 1 time 5 days in a row. You can not use the drug in the presence of skin lesions at the site of application, circulatory disorders, for the treatment of mucous membranes.
  2. Papillek. Means with emulsified consistency. To combat all neoplasms, apply a thin layer to the desired area and do not wash off for 10 hours. Large papillomas can be processed up to 3 times / day.Local reactions are manifested in the form of short-term burning. When applying, precautions should be taken - there is a risk of burns.

Oxolinic Ointment

Oxolinic ointment is effective in warts, because its active components disrupt the development of the virus at all stages, and prevent its reproduction. The tool does not cause pain, does not leave scars.

Apply the drug three times a day. To eliminate the plantar papilloma, it is better to lubricate the foot at night, put on a clean cotton sock on top. The duration of treatment for warts with oxolinic ointment is determined individually, and varies from two weeks to four months (in severe cases).

After applying the ointment, redness and a slight burning sensation are possible. Sensations usually pass quickly. You can not use oxolin for people allergic to its components and toddlers up to two years.


It contains several acids at once - lactic, oxalic, nitric and acetic. Under their influence, the wart tissue first becomes grayish or yellowish, and then changes color to brown. After some time, the dead formation falls off, the wound heals. A wart should be removed by a doctor or other medical professional under the supervision of a doctor. Do not apply it with a cotton swab, for this it is better to use the applicator, which is in the package.

Some recommendations

Before application, it is recommended to make a foot bath or hands with warm water, wipe dry the area where the patch will be glued

Knowing the ways in which a wart can be removed, it is recommended to use the following memo so that the treatment is effective:

  1. Keratolytics and necrotizing agents can only be used to treat papillomas on the skin of the body. Keratolytics on the face should not be applied, as they cause severe peeling of the skin. Necrotic drugs can leave a scar on the site of the wart, so they are not used on sensitive areas of the skin.
  2. The use of necrotizing agents is always accompanied by the development of a strong pain syndrome. For this reason, such medications should not be used to treat warts in children.
  3. Antiviral gels and ointments can be applied to delicate skin and mucous membranes. It is not possible to remove large papillomas with such ointments, so you should consult your doctor about the possibility of using such drugs in conjunction with other methods of treating HPV.

The most effective cure for papillomas on the skin is the one prescribed by the doctor. Despite the many different drugs presented in pharmacies, self-medication is not recommended. Consulting a dermatologist is inexpensive (an average of 500 rubles), but only a doctor will help you choose a truly effective tool that will get rid of a cosmetic defect quickly, painlessly and safely.

Other means

There are also other means to combat pathology. Delivers warts and papillomas Superchistel.

The product is applied only to the skin (usually one drop is enough), on the mucous membranes its use is prohibited. A small amount of fluid is lubricated by the wart. After that, it darkens, and after a couple of days it dies (and is easily removed). Large papillomas can be lubricated up to 3 times per day, taking into account equal intervals between applications. The price is from 15 to 50 Russian rubles for packing.

Against papillomas, a Chinese remedy is used “Dr. Wei”. Packing cost - about 1200 rubles. The composition of the drug includes formic and carbolic acids, which cauterize rashes, as well as oils and proteins that restore the structure of the skin.

It is necessary to apply the product on the formation of the contents of the bottle with acids, after 3 minutes - another bottle.The maximum frequency of use is up to 5 times a day, duration - up to 2 weeks.

In pharmacies you can buy medicine Papilite Comfort, consisting of extracts of garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, red pepper, rhododendron, as well as propolis and caragan. These components have antiviral activity. Papilite is applied to the papillomas with several nozzles from 2 to 5 times a day. Duration of use - until the warts disappear. Package price - about 1000 rubles.

Another remedy for removing warts and papillomas is Castor oil. They moistened a small amount of cotton wool, which is applied to the right place and kept there for 10 minutes. Such applications are carried out twice a day for about 30 days. Castor oil is an affordable remedy, the bottle is worth from 20 to 70 rubles.

The drug "Panavir"

It should be noted that the surgical removal of warts makes it impossible to forget about them forever. Most likely, they will reappear, since the virus is very deep.

Considering the medicine for warts, it is worth highlighting the Panavir gel, which is a drug of targeted action in the fight against viruses and is of plant origin. In addition to antiviral function, it improves the functioning of the immune system, and this stimulates the production of a protective protein by the body.

Studies have shown that when using the gel for ten days, it both affects the disappearance of the visual manifestations of the virus and fights the virus itself, which is located deep in the skin tissue. This was seen by a reduction in the number of warts that appeared.

Apply the gel is much more convenient than using ointments or solutions, because it:

provides painless use,

due to its base, it enters the deep layers of the dermis,

does not cause allergies

the gel cannot be washed off for three days,

used for prevention.

Independent use of the product without consulting a specialist is not recommended.

This is an effective cure for warts in children. Its effect is with the effect of necrotizing drugs. Iodine is enough eater to cauterize a wart, while the antiseptic properties of the solution only enhance the effect. It is recommended to apply it twice a day for a week.

Rules for the use of pharmacy products for children

Warts on the hands of a child should be shown to a dermatologist. Children often scratch and scratch foreign elements, which threatens the appearance of wounds through which additional infections penetrate the body, contributing to a decrease in immunity.

Self-treatment threatens with negative consequences. Children's skin is more sensitive than adult skin; the use of solutions with aggressive components often causes a burn. Doctors rarely prescribe formulations with a freezing effect to small patients; careless application can damage healthy skin nearby.

Pharmacy pills and drops from growths can cause hives, itching, redness and irritation of the skin.

Dermatologists often prescribe immunomodulating drugs for children to treat benign tumors: Viferon ointment or Ridoxolum, Panavir gel. Salicylic ointment is also considered safe for children, it must be applied in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician.

Action groups

Modern drugs for warts are grouped depending on the effect on the neoplasm. Folk remedies stand out that are less effective in comparison with drugs from the pharmacy, but may have fewer contraindications or can be used in situations where it is not possible to buy specialized drugs.

At the first signs of growths, it is necessary to seek the advice of a dermatologist, who will select the medicine taking into account the nature of the disease and the characteristics of a particular patient.

Pharmacy drugs prescribed by dermatologists are divided into the following groups:

  1. Destructive substances that remove neoplasm tissue. Due to the presence of aggressive active ingredients in the product, not all such drugs can be used to remove warts in a child.
  2. Antiviral tablets and ointments. Removing formations will be useless if you do not suppress the activity of the virus that caused their appearance. In order to prevent relapse and prevent the growth of existing growths, antiviral drugs of local and general action are used.
  3. Immunostimulating agents. Like drugs from the second category, they can be intended for local and general treatment. The purpose of such funds is to strengthen the immune system so that the body has the strength to fight the virus on its own. As a rule, such treatment is prescribed simultaneously with destructive agents to remove neoplasms.

Each of the means has its own advantages and disadvantages, which include all kinds of contraindications and side effects. In connection with these circumstances, it is better not to self-medicate warts, especially in a child.

Pharmacy products or procedures

Treatment of warts and papillomas with medications in most cases gives positive results. The effect depends on the degree of pathology, the general condition of the patient, the faithful implementation of the doctor's recommendations. In rare cases, laser removal or other methods are immediately applied.

Typically, patients are prescribed drugs for external or internal administration and only in the absence of a result the question is raised about other procedures.

Plantar and conventional wart patch

Pharmacies offer to treat skin growths with special plasters. The process of removing warts in this way is usually quite long, and can last for a month. All patches act the same, and differ only in price:

  1. Salipod. The main active ingredient is salicylic acid and sulfur. Due to the effect on the growth from the inside, the virus in the epithelium dies, and the neoplasm dies. To completely get rid of the problem, 3 patches are enough, which are cut to the size of the growth and glued for 6-8 hours. The course of treatment is quite long - 1-2 weeks. Contraindications to the use of the drug are: the age of the child up to 10 years, an allergy to components, pregnancy.
  2. Mediplast. It treats warts with salicylic acid. The method of application is the same as that of the patch Salipod. It is recommended to change it 1 time / 5 days. Do not use Mediplast for allergies to salicylic acid, to remove moles, while taking medications containing resorcinol or zinc.


As the name of this drug, manufactured by Yamanouchi, follows, it is intended for the elimination of genital warts. And, although condylomas are not really warts, you must include at least one remedy specially designed to reduce genital warts. Condilin contains podophyllotoxin, which has not only a cauterizing and mummifying effect, as in the past case, but also the so-called antimitotic. Illiterate articles on the Internet sometimes write “antimycotic,” that is, antifungal, but fungi have nothing to do with it. Antimitotic - means "preventing mitosis", is the division and reproduction of cells. That is why Kondilin is much more expensive than his predecessors, because in addition to chemical destruction, he “prohibits” cell division, and prevents relapse.

You should know that Kondilin is specifically designed to treat genital warts only, and should not be applied to warts, this is unlikely to lead to any desired effect. Special applicators that are attached to the package are a plastic ring on a long handle.It must be dipped in the solution and then put on the condyloma, thus, smearing it from all sides. Apply Condilin in this way for 3 days, morning and evening, After 12 hours. Then they take a break of 4 days, and then continue again. In this case, the course should not exceed 1 month. The cost of one package of Condilin with a volume of 3.5 ml with an active ingredient content of 0.5% is, on average, 3000 rubles.

Modified cell-destroying drugs

Such a tool for removing warts makes it possible to destroy the neoplasm in one procedure. To do this, you need to cauterize the wart with a solution based on an aggressive active substance or freeze it with a cryotherapy. When using funds in this category, you must adhere to the instructions: sometimes the drug is so strong in action that you can remove warts with its help only in a medical facility under the supervision of a doctor.

Treatment Prediction and Precautions

The prognosis for the treatment of benign lesions on the skin of the hands is favorable, if all the medications are used according to the indications, the patient follows the dosage of the drugs, the therapy is complex. Precautions will help reduce the risk of overgrowths on the skin:

  1. Careful observance of personal hygiene, regular washing of hands with soap.
  2. Be careful when visiting public baths and pools.
  3. Do not use other people's personal items, towels, bedding.
  4. Prophylactic examinations by a dermatologist.

The selection of the medicine should be entrusted to the doctor, the dermatologist is able, after examining the wart, to prescribe an effective drug to eliminate it.

How to choose the best medicine

Choose the best drug possible only with the participation of a professional. It is not worth buying medicine on your own, it is important to consult a dermatologist who will conduct a full examination and examination. The results will help to determine the correct and effective treatment regimen.

It is important to note that treatment is always complex. Only this approach will help to achieve a positive effect.

Effective Cure: Wart Celandine

To get rid of the growths on the body that were caused by the papilloma virus, the juice of this plant is effective, since it contains about 20 toxic substances. This, in fact, ensures the removal of warts - growths as if burned out.

The best remedy for warts and papillomas

It is difficult to choose the best among all the remedies for warts sold in a pharmacy, since they affect all people in different ways. Nevertheless, there are innovative and universal tools that in the vast majority of cases demonstrate pronounced effectiveness from one application. Currently, the most effective and universal remedy for warts is Veruklin aerosol. The basis of its action is the most modern method of cryodestruction today. The procedure for removing the wart with Veruklin at home will take about a minute - after applying the drug, the wart painlessly “freezes” and disappears on its own within a few days. Veruklin copes with warts in one application, without causing allergic reactions and without leaving scars and scars on the skin.

If you could not get an effective remedy for papillomas in a pharmacy, any drug today can be bought in the online store. To do this, you need to browse the catalog on the site, and then order the drug with delivery. The price of the medicine will vary, depending on the manufacturer, the volume, form of release and commercial policy of the outlet. The average cost of a medicine for warts in pharmacies in Moscow and the region:


The action of these funds is based on the freezing effect. In some situations, this is the best solution to remove warts.For example, with the help of the preparations Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo, plantar warts can be quickly removed. A crust remains at the treatment site, which disappears after a few days.

During the treatment, the affected tissues are exposed to a cooling agent, in connection with which the nutrition in the cells is disturbed and they die.

This method of removing warts is very effective, but it has its drawbacks and contraindications:

  1. If the treatment is carried out carelessly, it can damage the surrounding skin. This can lead to ulcers and cold burns. To prevent this, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions for the drugs and act in accordance with its instructions.
  2. An effective remedy for warts is not available to people who have an individual cold intolerance. The percentage of people with this type of allergy is quite low, but anyone has a chance to be such an exception. Therefore, it is better to use the drug for the first time under the supervision of a doctor and after consultation with him. In the future, warts can be disposed of independently and at home.
  3. Drugs with a freezing effect can not be used to treat young children. We will have to look for alternative methods of treatment, since babies may develop a negative reaction to the effects of cold.

Lapis pencil

Lapis is silver nitrate, which also refers to cauterizing compounds. Lapis pencil is used not only in medicine, but also in jewelry: its application to metal allows you to distinguish between gold and fake. He is almost forgotten by modern medicine, but in vain. In addition to the bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, the lapis pencil still very well cauterizes and necrotic epidermis. If there are small warts on the hands or feet, then if you immediately use a lapis pencil, you can get rid of them without any expensive drugs. Silver nitrate has a bactericidal effect and prevents the development of human papillomavirus (HPV) in warts.

How to use a lapis pencil to reduce warts? To do this, wet its tip in cold water, and rub the wart once or twice a day. An instruction is attached to each pencil, and the duration of the course of treatment should be determined based on this instruction. It is released by Ignacamph LLC, Russia, the city of Manturovo. One pencil costs 145 rubles, which is very inexpensive.

Cauterizing and mummifying

Means of this group cause necrosis of damaged tissues. The most famous of them are the following drugs:

  • Ferezol. An oily solution based on phenol, tricresol is used as an auxiliary substance. An effective tool for burning warts on hands and feet, but on the face and mucous membranes it is better not to use it, since the drug can leave burns on healthy skin. Small-sized formations, such as filiform warts and papillomas that have just appeared, are treated once. But if you need to bring out a growth on the sole or papilloma of large sizes, then you will need to smear the formation again immediately after the previous portion of the product has dried. For ease of application, the manufacturer provides a special applicator, but even with it you need to be careful. To prevent burns, it is best to lubricate the skin around the treated wart with a fat cream. Due to the toxicity of the drug, it is forbidden to simultaneously process an area of ​​more than twenty square centimeters.
  • Verrucacid. A means for cauterizing warts, belonging to the same group as Ferezol, but having a more sparing effect due to the replacement of tricresol with metacresol. The drug can be used to remove growths on the limbs and skin in the genital area, but it is better to lubricate the healthy tissues around the formations with a fat cream to prevent burns.
  • Vartek.The latest tool, the main active ingredient of which is podophyllum extract. This plant belongs to the category of poisonous, and extract from it has a necrotizing effect on the wart. Available in the form of a cream, it is convenient and eliminates papillomas in one or two procedures. Its only drawback is the high price compared to other drugs.
  • Superchistel. A popular solution, one of the cheapest. A very effective remedy for plantar warts and other large growths. It is applied to the skin of neoplasms using an applicator, suitable for removing warts on the extremities and skin of the genitals. It is better not to use it on the face, as if an error occurs during application, you can get a burn. Contrary to its own name, it has nothing to do with celandine, because the active substance of the drug is a mixture of sodium and potassium hydroxides.

Which of the above is best, each patient decides for himself. Only a doctor can correctly choose a medicine, since he will take into account not only the financial capabilities of the patient, but also his individual indications: a predisposition to scarring and scars, the general sensitivity of the skin and the likelihood of allergic reactions to each remedy.

The drug "Cryopharma"

This medicine for warts on the hands is one of the safest. It can be used independently. This drug immediately freezes the wart, after which it completely disappears after 10 days. If the wart is old and large, a double exposure to the agent is required with an interval of 2 weeks. The medicine is contraindicated in children under 4 years of age.

The next medicine of the same principle of action is called Wartner, although it is forbidden to use for people with diabetes. In addition, side effects may occur:

loss of skin pigmentation,

scars in the wart site.

Before using any remedy, you need to accurately identify what kind of formation that has arisen on the body, since a wart can be easily mistaken for:

This article does not cover all methods for removing warts. But now you know how to independently remove warts at home, resorting to effective and high-quality drugs.

Medicines that kill the papilloma virus

The main feature of this group of drugs is the effect on the virus, and not on the tumor itself. Most often, the composition of the drug contains interferon - a substance that inhibits the activity of papillomavirus, and, accordingly, stops the growth of tumors. Antiviral drugs have a creamy consistency for ease of application.

It is best to choose a wart remover with your doctor, since each drug has its own contraindications and features.

Unlike destructive agents, these ointments from warts do not contain caustic substances. Therefore, they can even be used to treat growths on the face, genitals and in other sensitive areas.

Medicines of this group are endowed with a significant drawback - to get the effect you have to use them for several weeks without missing a procedure.

Do-it-yourself cryodestruction of warts

The use of cauterizing drugs is not entirely safe. There is a completely different direction of the destruction of warts, namely with the help of ultra-low temperatures. Usually, liquid nitrogen is used for this. No preparation is required, you can do everything yourself, since there is no special movement technique for this. Instant freezing of warts immediately anesthetizes, or, in extreme cases, causes only a feeling of slight discomfort.

Cold instantly coagulates the blood vessels, and therefore bleeding with these methods of removal does not occur. If properly applied liquid nitrogen, then cryodestruction does not cause the development of scar tissue.What modern drugs are sold in pharmacies to reduce warts with the help of severe cold? This choice is small. In the modern domestic market, these are two Western drugs: Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo. Consider them. Since the preparations are very similar, it makes no sense to study them separately. The whole difference is that the Wartner Cryo has a 15 ml larger cylinder, has a different name and is made in Ireland. Their price is about the same: more than 900, but less than 1000 rubles for the end of 2018.

Gel Panavir

This is an antiviral drug with immunomodulatory effects. The active ingredient of this white gel is the polysaccharides of Solanum tuberosum shoots. Such antiviral drugs help remove warts on the hands, are effective in condylomas.

When using the gel, remember that they are not recommended to treat children (under 18 years of age), and it is also contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys and spleen. Panavir gel should be applied in a thin layer to the skin areas where the warts are located, about 5 times a day. You need to be treated for about 4-5 days, but sometimes the course has to be extended to 10 days.

Cryopharma and Wartner Cryo - European quality of cryodestruction

Cryopharma is nitrogen in a 35 ml aerosol can manufactured by Pharma Spray, the Netherlands. This drug is able to remove small and medium warts, including chronic and plantar warts. The active substance is liquid nitrogen, which is released from the cylinder under pressure at a temperature of minus 196 degrees. You should carefully study the instructions: a special applicator is applied to the spray can, which must be put on the spray can, and then attach tightly to the wart, and then press the can. A sign of proper application is a slight burning sensation, and a complete whitening of the wart after exposure to nitrogen.

Typically, the duration of cooling varies with the size of the wart. In the case of small formations - this is 10 seconds, in the case of the plantar, which are covered with a thick layer of keratinized epidermis, the exposure time can reach up to 40 seconds. Most often enough once. If the wart is old, or has a too keratinized surface, then two or even three cryotherapy sessions may be needed. In the event that after 3 sessions there was no removal of the wart, then a specialist consultation is necessary. The average cost of one cylinder is 950 rubles.

Viferon ointment

Even such effective ointments as Viferon from warts should be used for a long time. The interferon contained in the preparation inhibits the activity of the virus in a specific area of ​​the skin, causing the papilloma to stop growing. Apply ointment from warts will be required daily for thirty days. Only following the instructions to the tool will help to achieve visible results after this period.


The cream has a necrotizing effect, has a pleasant texture, is very simple to use. It is applied to the wart twice a day using the attached applicator, for no longer than three consecutive days.

Since the active substance of the Vartek cream is an extract from the roots of the poisonous plant podophyllum, it can not be used by children, pregnant and lactating women.

The best keratolytics from warts

Keratolytic drugs often come to the aid of both the first and second group of drugs. If the wart is covered with a large and thick layer of solid horn mass, then it is difficult to etch with chemicals, and may not freeze immediately. Therefore, before applying cryodestruction or chemical necrosis, in a number of cases it is necessary to cleanse of deposits, both dense plantar warts, and tumors of another localization, covered with a thick horny layer. For this, a group of keratolytics is used.


This wart cream is one of the most expensive drugs.Its main advantage lies in the greater interval between procedures. If ointments need to be treated with a problem area several times a day, then Imiquimod is applied only three to four times a week. Before the procedure, you need to wash the treated area, and after application, allow the drug to dry. Surplus is not required to be washed off.

The course of treatment with cream lasts from one week to a month, depending on the stage of the disease. Before you get rid of warts with this method, you should consult your doctor about contraindications and possible side effects.

Wartox - cream-paste

Vartoks is a cream-paste, a cross between liquid and thick. He can easily cope with small warts and tongs on his own, and does not require the use of aggressive chemical methods or cryodestruction methods. Its action is that urea, or urea, intensely softens the skin, removes horny deposits, and glycyrrhizic acid, which is found in the licorice root, inhibits the human papillomavirus.

This paste is used in some cases, together with steaming the wart in hot water, after which it is delicately treated with a pumice stone or foot scraper. After the wart has become soft and the stratum corneum has significantly decreased, you should take a cotton pad, apply cream paste on it, and apply to a softened and steamed wart. After this, the affected area must be sealed with a plaster, and avoid accidental ingress of water. The duration of the ointment is one day. After that, the remnants of the paste are washed off, and everything is repeated again. Usually after a few sessions, but no more than five, the wart disappears. Between the application of Wartox cream paste, folk remedies can also be used, for example, application of a clove of garlic, or alternate this paste with the application of a special keratolytic patch. A tube with 20g of cream paste costs 270 rubles; it is produced by Green Dubrava CJSC, Russia.


This is a natural preparation made only from natural ingredients. It consists of extracts and extracts of caragan, Jerusalem artichoke, rhododendron, garlic, red pepper, as well as propolis. This is a safe drug that can be taken by both pregnant women and children. It helps to strengthen the immune system, prevents the reproduction of viruses. It can be used internally, as well as treat them with growths.

Papilka Plus

Balm, which is also made from natural ingredients, namely castor and perlite oil, tea tree oil, with the addition of carbolic acid, sodium and potassium hydroxide. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks. The package contains two bottles, one of which is designed to remove the growth, and the second - to regenerate tissues.


Levomekol ointment acts indirectly on education. It does not burn out the growth itself, but inhibits the activity of the human papillomavirus, disrupting the biosynthesis of protein in the cells of the pathogen.

The composition of the gel includes:

  • chloramphenicol is a broad-spectrum antibiotic,
  • methyluracil - a component that accelerates the processes of cell regeneration, relieves inflammation, and develops local immunity,
  • Macrogol 1500 - a substance for improving the permeability of integuments.

Apply Levomekol from warts as follows:

  1. Rinse the treatment area thoroughly with soap.
  2. Get wet with a towel.
  3. Grease surrounding tissues with cream.
  4. Apply medicine precisely.
  5. Seal with a band-aid.

Attention: it is not advisable to process more than 10 at the same timecm² of skin.

The procedures should be carried out in the morning and in the evening, for 14 days, then take a week break, repeat the course. If redness, rash or itching appears after the ointment, its use should be stopped immediately, consult a dermatologist for advice.

Home remedies

If desired, you can remove growths and at home.But these methods are not suitable for children. Before you get rid of warts on your hands at home, it is better to consult a pediatrician. If the growths do not bother the baby, you can not touch them - over time, they will disappear on their own. Adults, after consulting a doctor, can use solutions and ointments at home. There are interesting folk recipes that will also help to cope with the problem.


Acyclovir ointment from warts is often prescribed to patients who have confirmed HPV activity.

The drug destroys the DNA of the virus, stops its reproduction, stimulates the body's immune response. It does not provoke scarring, so it can be used to treat exposed areas of the body, as well as areas with delicate integuments.

Acyclovir should be treated for papillomas from 5 to 10 days, applying ointment to the formation 2-3 times a day. Longer use of the product is not recommended, so as not to cause drying and peeling of the epidermis.

Acyclovir tablets are taken one, 5 times a day at regular intervals. This drug helps prevent complications in the form of a virus lesion of the mucous membranes of the internal organs, and has an immuno-strengthening effect.

Of the other pluses of the remedy, there can be noted the absence of an unpleasant odor, good absorbency, economy, and compatibility with other medicines.

Salicylic acid

Finally, salicylic acid can also be used to soften warts. However, its concentration should be high, not less than 10%. At the same time, in pharmacies you can find acid of a rather low concentration, which does not exceed 1 or 2%. But if you can find a suitable remedy, then you can apply it to the wart once a day, and treat this place before application in the same way as in the case of Salipod and Wartox cream-paste. This low-cost method is suitable for small warts, since salicylic acid, used alone, has a greater risk of burns, does not improve skin trophism and healing, and if applied, it should be on very small areas. Perhaps this is the cheapest of all means, since you can buy a bottle of salicylic acid with a strength of 10 to 60% for an amount not exceeding 50 rubles, and it lasts for a long time.

Medications for oral administration

Choosing the best remedy for warts, some people can not use destructive drugs and ointments.

When warts appear in hard-to-reach places, doctors prescribe pills.

This happens when the warts are located not on the outside, but on the mucous membranes inside the body. For example, condylomas in the larynx, inside the urethra in men and on the cervix in women. The treatment of warts in such situations is carried out with medical methods.

Sleigh skin

This product is suitable for all skin types, it fights painless warts without leaving scars on the skin. Sani Skin consists of castor oil, tea tree oil, salicylic acid.

The drug needs to lubricate defects three times a day, from 7 to 14 days. After a full course of treatment, the formations dry out and fall away without causing pain or discomfort.


Home methods remain in demand. So, HPV does not tolerate an acidic environment, therefore, in order to get rid of the growth, you can treat the wart formation site with vinegar. Apple is less toxic, but you can buy a regular, table. You just need to lubricate the warts several times a day or make compresses at night from a mixture of vinegar and flour.


The most common drug in this group is Isoprinosine, which is prescribed by doctors to increase immunity. But the tablets also have an antiviral effect. Having bought a remedy for warts in a pharmacy, you will need to take it for two weeks in order to exclude the appearance of new growths and accelerate the healing of existing ones.The course can be repeated after a month of rest from drugs.

The best antiviral and immune remedies for warts

Finally, in conclusion of the rating of drugs for warts, you need to consider drugs that affect not only locally, but also produce a systemic effect. This is a group of antiviral and immunomodulating drugs. They are appropriate to use in the complex therapy of warts, when the body has a persistence of the human papillomavirus against a low immune response. They are indicated for various immunodeficiencies, and other pathological conditions.

It does not make sense to prescribe immunomodulating and antiviral therapy to a person who has a single vulgar wart, which, most likely, can be managed on his own. But in the event that there is a recurrent condylomatosis with damage to the anogenital zone, with the presence of herpetic infection in the body, such funds will be shown.

By themselves, they do not treat warts, and after taking pills or injections, these formations do not dissolve and do not fall off. But immune medications prevent relapse, or the formation of warts in new places. Consider tableted and local preparations, and the most famous of them is ordinary oxolin ointment.


Another folk remedy is essential oils. Many of them have antiseptic effect. There are many oils that are used for this therapy:

  • tea tree
  • thuja
  • sea ​​buckthorn
  • lemon
  • cinnamon
  • eucalyptus and others.

The selected oil you just need to lubricate the wart several times a day.

Folk recipes

Long before the advent of pharmacy drugs that could remove the papilloma, the fight against growths was carried out using various folk remedies. Some of them are just stupid superstitions like special slander and rituals. Others are based on various substances contained in herbs, medicines and even seasonings. With their help, you can really remove the warts.

Celandine juice

It’s not for nothing that the celandine got its name: the juice of this plant has long been used to treat dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases. This is a simple method to remove warts, and it’s completely free, as celandine grows everywhere. But you need to know some features:

  1. Only a flowering plant helps, that is, treatment is best done in May or June.
  2. Instantly remove the wart does not work, it takes time - about 3 weeks.
  3. It is necessary to cut off the plant at the root and about 4 times a day drip celandine juice on the skin with warts.

There are many tools that can help remove warts from your hands. But before use, do not forget to carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the contraindications. It is advisable to consult a doctor who will help you choose the most effective tool that is not able to harm with certain chronic diseases.

Medicinal herbs

Wart removers can be found in your home medicine cabinet or kitchen. Effectively binding to the growths of onions, garlic and aloe leaves. Another proven remedy is celandine juice. If you are going to be treated with celandine for warts, you should consider the possibility of getting a burn in areas with sensitive skin.

If there is no money to buy Verrucacid and similar drugs, you can remove the warts with iodine. It has a cauterizing effect on warts, while the risk of injuring the surrounding skin is minimal, especially if you lubricate it with cream before the procedure. The tool is cheap, but it will not work immediately - when processing the papilloma several times a day, the result will be visible at least a week later.

Homeopathy treatment

To restore the body's defenses with papillomavirus infection, homeopathy preparations are effective.They are prescribed when growths constantly appear or their number increases.

Caution: homeopathic medicines should be used in combination with other methods of therapy, and not as monotherapy.

In the treatment of warts with homeopathy, compositions based on:

  • fall asleep
  • red pepper
  • cedar resin
  • birch tar,
  • cordyceps
  • thuja cones
  • calcium
  • comfrey root
  • oregano oil
  • sulfur
  • hemp oil and some other substances.

Independently choose dietary supplements is not worth it. First you need to consult a doctor who will select the appropriate drug, taking into account the age of the patient, the presence of concomitant chronic diseases.

From plant components, you can independently prepare formulations for the excretion of papillomas.

Celandine or Superchistel

Since ancient times, celandine juice has been used to treat various skin problems. Using it is very simple. It is necessary to cut the plant at the root, squeeze the juice, drip on the growth four times a day. The course of treatment is three weeks. It is better to collect grass in May-June, when it blooms (at this time, celandine juice is most effective).

Attention: the pharmacy drug Superchistotel does not contain plant components - it is an aggressive mixture of potassium and sodium alkalis.

Use the product very carefully. It causes severe burns. The skin around the growth should be smeared with a thick layer of greasy cream, gently apply Superchistotel directly to the defect with a cotton swab. It can not be used to treat pregnant women, as well as children. In addition, scars may remain on the hands after applying the composition.

Isoprinosine (Groprinosin, Normomed)

Isoprinosine is a strong immunostimulant, and is used in many viral diseases, as in acute, because chronic form. The former include influenza, measles, chickenpox, monocytic tonsillitis (or infectious mononucleosis). And among chronic viral conditions, there is a papillomavirus infection, which most often causes a wart. The drug is available in 500 mg tablets, and the immunostimulating effect is associated with the expression of receptors in the T-helper population, and with an increase in the activity of cytotoxic lymphocytes. It is necessary to use the drug at 6-8 tablets per day for an adult, at an existing dosage of 50 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, if divided into 3 doses. The duration of treatment is from 1 to 2 weeks. A package of 30 tablets, which is unlikely to last an adult for a week, is quite expensive - 1100 rubles. Launches her company Luzomedimenta Portugal.

This remedy should be prescribed by a doctor based on low immunograms, and usually one or two warts are completely insufficient to spend 1000 rubles in vain. Therefore, the administration of isoprinosine will be justified only in case of high activity of the virus according to the results of analyzes, for example, determination of antibodies in blood plasma and PCR for human papillomavirus.

Mixtures with salicylic acid

Can be used to get rid of warts funds, which contain salicylic acid. For example, a three percent alcohol solution of a given acid. It does not work as well as specialized drugs, but can remove palmar or plantar warts in two weeks. Sold at any pharmacy.


In some cases, the removal of warts can cause serious harm to health. On any means contraindications to their use are indicated, which must be carefully studied and precautionary measures taken.

There is a general list of situations in which the elimination of cosmetic defects will have to be postponed.

You can not remove papillomas with:

  • inflammation in the area of ​​exposure,
  • exacerbation of any infectious diseases (including herpes),
  • allergies to the components of a particular remedy,
  • dermatological pathologies.

Extremely careful approach to the issue of getting rid of papillomas should be given to patients with diabetes mellitus. Almost all aggressive drugs for this disease are contraindicated. Attempts to burn out growths in the syndrome of "diabetic foot" can lead to damage to the nerves in the leg.

Attention: it is forbidden to remove the growth at the slightest doubt in its purity!

One of the most aggressive types of cancer, melanoma, is successfully masked as warts and papillomas. With mechanical damage, it "wakes up", rapidly metastasizes, leads to the death of the patient in just a few months. Recognize the nature of education can only an oncologist, based on data from a histological study of tissue education. Therefore, before trying to eliminate skin defects, you need to visit a doctor to make sure the safety of the attempts being made.

When removing warts, it is important to remember that this is not a cosmetic defect, but a symptom of an infectious disease. It is important not only to remove unaesthetic growths, but also to defeat the virus that provokes their appearance. It is impossible to burn out (especially cut out) papillomas without a preliminary visit to a dermatologist. Self-medication can lead to serious consequences!

Vegetable oils

In search of a remedy for warts on their feet, many pay attention to castor oil. Its main advantage lies in the ability to destructively affect the papillomavirus. The tool can be used for the prevention of papillomas in a specific area of ​​the skin. Since warts on the soles are very painful, regular foot treatment for many carriers of the virus will be a salvation from this problem.

Genital warts, formations on the face and neck can be treated with tea tree oil. It has a softening effect on damaged tissues, has an anti-inflammatory effect and can relieve itching caused by growths.

Important Cautions

Most drugs designed to remove warts are effective due to aggressive chemical components. With careless use, destructive drugs may get on healthy tissues. It causes burns to the skin and mucous membranes. To prevent this, you need to study the instructions for the drug and adhere to safety rules during the procedure.

In no case should children be allowed to handle warts on their own. Many drugs have their contraindications, which is why it is forbidden to pregnant and lactating women, as well as to persons under a certain age.

Before applying ointments and destructive preparations, the features of different parts of the body should be taken into account. It is forbidden to use alkaline solutions to remove warts on the face.

In the case of both folk methods and officially recognized medicines, it is undesirable to self-medicate. It is better to contact a dermatologist when the first growths appear, which will help you choose the drug that is suitable in a particular situation. When choosing a treatment method, individual characteristics of the patient will be taken into account: allergic reactions and chronic diseases, the degree of skin sensitivity, the number and localization of tumors.

18 effective remedies for warts and papillomas that you can buy in a pharmacy

Patients with this problem immediately wonder how to remove warts and papillomas with pharmacy drugs. Preparations are made in gels, ointments, creams. Special pencils are also available. In addition, there are always medications for oral administration, since only a complex effect helps to get the maximum result.

Wartox - cream-paste

Vartoks is a cream-paste, a cross between liquid and thick. He can easily cope with small warts and tongs on his own, and does not require the use of aggressive chemical methods or cryodestruction methods.Its action is that urea, or urea, intensely softens the skin, removes horny deposits, and glycyrrhizic acid, which is found in the licorice root, inhibits the human papillomavirus.

This paste is used in some cases, together with steaming the wart in hot water, after which it is delicately treated with a pumice stone or foot scraper. After the wart has become soft and the stratum corneum has significantly decreased, you should take a cotton pad, apply cream paste on it, and apply to a softened and steamed wart. After this, the affected area must be sealed with a plaster, and avoid accidental ingress of water. The duration of the ointment is one day. After that, the remnants of the paste are washed off, and everything is repeated again. Usually after a few sessions, but no more than five, the wart disappears. Between the application of Wartox cream paste, folk remedies can also be used, for example, application of a clove of garlic, or alternate this paste with the application of a special keratolytic patch. A tube with 20g of cream paste costs 270 rubles; it is produced by Green Dubrava CJSC, Russia.

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