The best recipes for facial cleansing masks at home with a video

From childhood we were taught that skin needs to be properly taken care of. As time passed, we grew up, changed, and the rules of skin care changed. So, for example, in childhood it was enough to wash twice a day, as a teenager, many began a merciless fight against acne, tried different creams, usually moisturizers, and when they matured, they effectively prevented the first wrinkles. However, few people know that from the age of sixteen it is very important to carry out purification. This can be achieved by applying facial cleansing masks. They can be purchased at the store or prepared independently. There are many simple and useful homemade recipes for cleansing masks, which you can cook with your own hands at home.

On coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a wonderful ingredient for home scrubs, cleans pores, exfoliates dead skin particles of the epidermis. The main thing is that the grinding is not large, does not injure the skin during massage. The best recipes for coffee grounds:

  • mix it with natural yogurt in a ratio of 1: 2. In addition, you can add a little ground oatmeal,
  • mix in equal parts coffee, sour cream, olive oil,
  • 2 tablespoons cucumber juice and a small amount of olive oil should be poured into a tablespoon of the ground
  • mix equal amounts of slightly warmed honey with coffee.

The basic rules for using homemade scrub masks: apply on a steamed face, massage gently, hold for 10 minutes, rinse with water. See more coffee grounds recipes in this video:

Benefits of Facial Cleansing Masks

A homemade face cleansing mask not only flawlessly removes dust from our skin, which settles on the street, greasy secretions and dirt, but also has a number of other beneficial effects. However, much depends on the ingredients that make up its composition. At the same time, dry skin requires hydration, and oily skin, on the contrary. Therefore, the choice of recipes must be approached responsibly, taking into account many nuances.

A natural cleansing mask, as a rule, exfoliates dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, promotes collagen production, gives the skin a beautiful and healthy appearance and removes black spots. Some masks start the rejuvenation process, remove small wrinkles and the so-called "crow's feet".

Face cleaning at home

Facial skin is exposed to harmful substances daily. Dust, sweat and greasy secretion form a film on the surface of the skin. As a result, the pores become clogged and the oxygen saturation of the skin cells is disrupted.

A face mask for cleaning the face, which can be prepared at home, frees the pores, cleanses the skin from impurities and allows it to "breathe". The result is a healthy complexion and matte velvety skin.

With regular use, these masks will help get rid of imperfections in oily skin, such as black spots, acne and closed comedones.

In order to make cleaning as effective as possible, you should follow simple rules:

  • mask ingredients must be of high quality,
  • such cosmetics should be used no more than 1 time per week,
  • After cleaning at home, a soothing facial mask is required.

The cleaning procedure is carried out for skin of any type:

  • to cleanse oily skin, the product is used once a week,
  • for normal and prone to dry skin - once every 10 days.

The mask should not be used for owners of thin sensitive skin, as well as for rosacea. Do NOT use if there is inflammation or skin infection.

The face mask for cleaning has gained wide popularity due to its amazing effect after its application:

  • pore cleansing
  • reduction of acne and black spots
  • wrinkle reduction
  • smooth matte complexion
  • reduction of age spots and traces of acne.

This effect is achieved due to the delicate exfoliation of the upper stratum corneum.

Down with acne and black dots

Obvious skin imperfections always spoil the mood, acne refers to just such. Masks will facilitate the solution of the problem:

  • 1 tablet of aspirin, 0.5 tsp of warm water, 1 tsp of honey. Dissolve aspirin in water, add honey,
  • a tablespoon of oatmeal flakes to steam for 10-15 minutes. in a small amount of boiling water, combine with a teaspoon of lemon juice and the same amount of soda. For dry skin, replace lemon juice with a spoon of kefir. Stir quickly and apply a soda and acid reaction on the face.

The healing effect of masks is that they dry acne, and they heal faster.

A difficult cosmetic problem is acne. A complex effect is required: the fight against inflammation and the spread of infection, narrowing of pores, ensuring the normal state of the sebaceous glands. Try acne and blackheads such a composition:

Mix 1 tablespoon homemade kvass with oatmeal until gruel, add cinnamon on the tip of the knife and a little orange oil.

Acne and acne are a common problem in young skin, and adult skin also suffers from black spots. An effective mask with activated carbon and gelatin fights against them:

Grind 1 tablet of coal thoroughly in a mold, add 4 g of gelatin and 10 g of milk. Put until the gelatin is completely dissolved in a water bath, cool. Apply with a brush to the skin with a thick layer, this will be easier to remove. Wait for complete drying (usually 15-20 minutes) and remove the black film.

On its back you will see everything that polluted your pores. Coal absorbs fat, toxins. In addition to deeply cleansing, the mask has a healing effect. But use it no more than once a week. You can use the composition not on the whole face, but only on problem areas - this is the nose, forehead, chin.

See other videos for blackheads and acne in these videos:

The benefits of home cleansing masks

The mechanism of action on the epidermis is as follows:

  • funds penetrate the pores, dissolve sebaceous secretions,
  • the ducts open
  • together with the composition, toxins, accumulated dust, dirt, come out from deep layers of the epidermis,
  • dead particles are removed,
  • oxygen access improves
  • face freshens, tightens, leaves a greasy shine.

Rules for using facial cleansing masks:

  1. A natural face cleansing mask should be used by persons who are sixteen to thirty years old twice a week, and those over thirty should apply it at least three times a week.
  2. It is very important that you must make a cleansing mask before using it. In no case do not make the mixture in advance, as already thirty minutes after it is cooked at home, it begins to lose nutrients, as a result of which it becomes less effective.
  3. Before applying, you need to wash yourself, using a special tool designed for washing: with foam, gel, etc.
  4. Remember that even a simple mask can be harmful if you hold it on your face for a long time. It is recommended to keep them for about twenty to thirty minutes, not more.
  5. When choosing a recipe for a cleansing mask, it is important to consider the combination skin you have, dry or oily. The ingredients in its composition depend on this.
  6. Do not apply folk masks when the skin of the face has been exposed to the sun for a long time or has rashes in the form of allergic reactions. It is also not recommended to do the procedure after tanning, as the skin at this time is especially sensitive.

It should be borne in mind that even the most effective cleansing mask does not provide instant care. Reviews on the use of women who use these funds confirm this fact. Some women claim that they noticed an improvement in a month, while others had to wait a bit more. Providing such facial skin care, you will forget about the wound, not age-related aging, skin aging and other problems. Your appearance will be flowering and young.

Important advice from the publisher

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Masks for narrowing pores from simple products

To clean and narrow the enlarged pores, homemade masks prepared according to the following recipes will help.

Starch and kefir will help to narrow pores and return dullness to the skin.

To prepare the product, you need to pour two tablespoons of starch into sour kefir and apply to the entire face for 15-20 minutes.

A mask mask made from gelatin will help cleanse pores and significantly reduce the number of black spots.

For cooking, you need ordinary food gelatin, which is sold at any grocery store. Powder is poured with milk in proportions of 1: 1. For gelatin to dissolve in milk, the container with the mixture should be heated in a water bath, stirring occasionally. After the mixture acquires a uniform consistency, it is necessary to wait for it to cool completely, and then add one protein.

Whipped protein helps to narrow the pores. It can be used as an independent tool, or you can add the juice of half a lemon and a few drops of the essential extract of tea tree. This mask is ideal for owners of oily skin prone to rashes.

Oatmeal and milk gently cleanse the skin, making it soft and velvety.

To prepare the mask, you need to take two tablespoons of chopped oatmeal (by the way, face masks from hercules improve the condition of capillaries, microcirculation of blood, contribute to the retention of moisture in the epithelial cells), which pour hot milk. The mixture is infused for 15 minutes, and then it is applied to a previously cleansed face.

Before applying a cleansing mask, it is recommended to steam the face with an herbal compress. For oily skin care, the ideal option is to use a decoction of pharmacy chamomile or calendula.

8 best homemade cleansing face masks recipes

Are you tired of purchasing cosmetics that do not represent anything and do not have any effect? Give them up! The best face cleansing masks prepared from the gifts of nature will justify all your hopes and transform your skin. The recipe for a cleansing mask, which is ideal for you, you can find below. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to remove wen on the face at home.

Facial pore cleansing mask

Everyone should clean their pores. An adverse environment negatively affects the skin. This leads to premature aging and unhealthy skin color. This can be avoided thanks to a properly selected cleansing mask. At the same time, neither lotion nor gel, which are also intended for cleansing, can cope with this task. The thing is that they clean them superficially while the mask penetrates deep into the epidermis layer and lives on its vitamins, which are so lacking in modern conditions. You can safely use it, not depending on the type of skin.

Best Home Recipes

Before starting the procedures, pay attention to the nuances:

  • use products and products suitable for a particular skin type,
  • wash, then apply a cleansing mixture,
  • if the time is not specified in the recipe, carry out the procedure of cleansing the epidermis within 20 minutes,
  • use a little warm water to remove the compounds,
  • at the end of the procedure, cover your face with a moisturizing or nourishing cream,
  • the fatter the skin, the lighter and more tender the consistency should be,
  • clean the epidermis twice a week,
  • apply masks regularly, sometimes let the epidermis rest for 2-3 weeks.

Remove greasy shine

Cleansing oily skin should remove excess fat, narrow pores, and normalize sebaceous glands. Cleansing face masks at home can help with this. One of the options:

In equal parts dry grass of chamomile, sage, calendula, yarrow, horsetail, coltsfoot, St. John's wort, grind in a coffee grinder and pour 2 tablespoons of the collection with hot water for 15 minutes. Apply herbal slurry to the face.

Effectively eliminates oily sheen and reduces pores of chicken protein. Use masks based on it:

  1. a protein with a few drops of lemon juice,
  2. add a little oatmeal, olive oil, 2 tsp of honey to the protein.

The oxygen mask cleans greasy shine well. In cosmetology production, the range of such products is becoming wider. But a similar composition can be made at home. Pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide will help. Keep in mind that it is better to breed the mask in ceramic or glassware, because peroxide can interact with metal or plastic:

Grind oatmeal (1 tbsp), add to it a dry pharmacy chamomile (1 tsp), white clay (15 g) and fill it with half a glass of water, add 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide.

The mask is not stored even for a short time, so immediately apply to the face, hold for 5-7 minutes and rinse with water. Due to the drying effect, it can not be used often. See even more recipes in this video:


  • oatmeal,
  • water.

Preparation: Take some oatmeal (for once) and boil it with boiling water. The resulting mixture is applied to the face. This recipe, to increase effectiveness, can be supplemented with other components. If you have oily skin, add one spoonful of lemon juice to the mixture. If necessary, it can be done with the yolk, if there is no lemon under your hands. For dry and combination types, milk is recommended instead of plain water. As you know, spices and salt are superfluous.

Benefits of Cleansing Masks

A cleansing facial mask is of great importance for the overall positive condition of the skin. What exactly is it useful for? Mostly, it exfoliates dead epidermal cells, making it easy to enter the pores and destroy sebaceous secretions.

Home cleansing face masks pull out not only dirt and dust from the skin, but also harmful toxins, rid the skin of black spots. Oxygen improves access to cleansed skin, making it look fresh and beautiful.

The cleansing face mask at home penetrates deeply, which provides not only a beautiful look, but also healthy skin.

Also, this procedure has a very useful property for lifting the face and giving the skin elasticity. Cleansing the face at home will contribute to the production of collagen, thanks to which shallow wrinkles and wrinkles near the eyes (“crow's feet”) disappear, and as a result, the skin will look just super.

The advantages of masks designed for cleansing are many. It is only necessary to competently and carefully approach the choice of the recipe of the composition, so as not to harm your skin.

Compounds for oily skin

For this type of skin, it is easiest to find a cleanser. The epidermis tolerates the effects of lemon juice, yeast, and other potent products.

Do not overdo it! Do not think that problematic, rougher skin integuments will endure without tangible consequences. Observe dosage and duration of procedures.


Grind a teaspoon of sage, yarrow, chamomile, coltsfoot. Add the same amount of calendula, St. John's wort, horsetail, pour boiling water (you need half a liter). After a quarter hour, strain. Moisten gauze well with slits for lips and eyes, put on face.


A powerful tool. Dilute 20 g of fresh yeast with water, pour a teaspoon of cranberry juice. Do not hold the composition for longer than 10 minutes. Mandatory nourishing cream.


Beat the protein, rub with 1 dess. l grated potatoes, add as much of any honey, slightly salt the mass. Put a thick layer of the mixture on your face.

Clay mask

A wonderful remedy for problem skin. It will take white or blue clay. Dilute the powder with purified water, add whipped protein, a dessert spoon of heated honey. Keep the clay mixture on your face for 30 minutes.

Tar mask for combination and oily skin

An effective cleanser actively fights acne. Take 1 dec. l high-quality nutritious cream, rub the same amount of tar soap, mix. After 15 minutes, rinse off a thick layer of mass. Remember the light cream after the procedure.

Important! Not suitable for thinned skin!

Protein mask film

It draws excess fat, actively cleanses pores, perfectly tightens, improves facial contours. Do not forget to lubricate the area around the eyes with vegetable oil or nourishing cream.

Beat 2 proteins, apply the first coat. Wait for it to dry. In the same way, thoroughly treat the skin three to four times. Rinse off the dried layers with warm, but not hot, water.

Acne Honey Chamomile Mask

Gentle cleansing of oily skin and reducing inflammation are the result of regular use of this simple, affordable product. Take 5-6 fresh chamomile flowers (dry steam), chop, add 6 tbsp. l good honey. Warm up in a water bath for 10-15 minutes, strain.

Every evening, apply the mass on the face, after a quarter of an hour wash off. Chamomile honey can be stored in the refrigerator for a week.

Black dot mask

Combine a teaspoon of gelatin and warm milk, let it swell, heat in a microwave oven, add whipped protein. Cover the skin with a dense mass, carefully treat the problem areas. After a quarter of an hour, carefully remove the film, along with dirt and skin secretions. The pores will open, there will be much less black dots.

Mud mask with chamomile decoction

Dilute 4 tbsp. l healing mud decoction to a suitable density. Excellent cleansing, anti-inflammatory.

Mud mask with propolis from black dots

Combine in a porcelain bowl 2 dessert spoons of mud with water, bring to medium density. Put a small piece of propolis, mix thoroughly. The composition effectively opens the pores.

Activated carbon film mask

This composition not only relieves inflammation in acne, but also perfectly cleanses the epidermis from all kinds of contaminants. A quick way to prepare the active composition: crush a tablet of coal, pour a dessert spoon of gelatin crystals, the same amount of cold milk, mix. Heat the mass in the microwave for 15 seconds. After 25 minutes, remove the film.

Honey-tar mixture

Use the recipe if you need to gently cleanse your face, but it is full of acne. Stir in a bowl 3 tsp. light honey, add 1 tsp. birch tar, rub. Gently apply to skin.

Honey-lemon mixture

A simple tool effectively cleanses, whitens, refreshes, eliminates excessive pigmentation. Combine chopped lemon pulp (a tablespoon.) Or freshly squeezed juice with a dessert spoon of high-quality honey. Keep the lemon-honey mass on your face for no more than twenty minutes. Remember the gentle cream.

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Rules for home masks

For self-made cleansing masks to become your helpers on the way to beautiful and healthy skin, follow the rules of manufacture and use:

  • home masks are not stored even for a short time, use them only freshly prepared,
  • make sure you are not allergic to any of the components,
  • formulations are applied only to clean skin. Wash with cleansing gel or milk, cleanse your skin with micellar water,
  • do not use scrub masks on sore, dry, sensitive skin,

  • masks are more effective if they are applied to a steamed face, but you should not have contraindications for this procedure,
  • the applied composition should be comfortably warm,
  • all proposed masks are applied for 15-20 minutes, with the exception of those recipes where your time is written.

After aging on the skin, rinse off the cleanser with water, apply your usual nourishing cream to your face. After cleansing, it will act much more efficiently.

If you want to know more beauty recipes, look for them on the pages of my blog and subscribe to updates, then do not miss new tips.

Blackhead Cleansing Mask

This recipe is ideal for everyone, but at the same time the mask is indispensable for owners of skin prone to the formation of oily sheen. This is the most common and effective way to get rid of unwanted points. Apply it three times a week. The recipe for the mask from the black dots is prepared on the basis of alcohol and calendula. It is this herb that is the best to deal with such an unpleasant problem. To use this recipe, girls with dry skin need a minimum number of times, since alcohol will make it even drier.

Indications and contraindications

Cosmetic procedures and even products intended for skin care have both indications for use and prohibitive factors. Does such items have a face cleansing mask?

There are no particular indications for the use of the procedure, because face cleansing is required for absolutely everyone. Before any complex of facial skin care, cleansing will be in the first place before all procedures, only professional is done once a year, and here is complete freedom. Therefore, home procedures are useful for any type of person, only for everyone it is worth choosing their own required ingredients.

Oddly enough, the procedure also has no contraindications. The only warning will be with caution to the components of the composition to which there is or is possible a manifestation of an allergic reaction.

Important! With redness, rash, itching and other unpleasant moments on the skin of the face, a consultation with a dermatologist is necessary. He will conduct the necessary tests, identify the allergen and prescribe treatment. The following home procedures can be performed only with the permission of the same specialist.

Some doctors strongly do not recommend the use of any cosmetic products for severe acne. This can aggravate the situation and lead to facial skin abscesses, and the consequences of this disease can be unpredictable.

Dry Skin Recipes

It is more difficult to clean thinned, wilting, peeling skin integuments than with high and normal fat content. This section contains masks that allow you to carefully remove all unnecessary substances from the surface of the epidermis.


Wash the chicken egg well with a brush, cook, clean. Take the shell, grind in a coffee grinder to a state of dust. Combine 1/2 tsp. shell with a tablespoon of homemade curd, dilute with milk.


Note! A different set of herbs is used than when cleansing oily skin. For half a liter of water, take a teaspoon of mint, chamomile, rose petals, linden blossom, add rose hips. Brew, let it brew. Wet the prepared gauze liberally, put it on your face.


Heat three dessert spoons of oatmeal with hot milk, wait until the mass swells. Need a thick layer of the mixture. The composition gently cleanses the pores, whitens, rejuvenates aging skin.

Cottage cheese

Pound a couple tablespoons of good cottage cheese with a teaspoon of thin honey in a bowl. The tool gently cleanses the epidermis, nourishes, whitens.


Take the dirt purchased at the pharmacy, add a little milk, grind to a creamy consistency. Recommended time is 15 minutes.

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Facial cleansing mask for dry skin

You can independently prepare a mask for dry skin from eggs in just a few minutes, for this you need the following:

  • eggshell
  • cottage cheese,
  • sour cream or milk.

Grind the shell from the egg in a coffee grinder, so that it turns out flour. Then add one spoon of cottage cheese and stir well. Pour a little sour cream (milk) into the resulting mass. Stir everything, you should get a thick slurry that can easily be applied to the face.

A cleansing face mask can be easily done at home. For example, a mask for dry skin can be prepared from ground shells, cottage cheese and sour cream.

Take a comfortable position and apply a mask on a cleansed face, detect exactly 15 minutes, when the time is up, move warm water and wash her face.

Cleansing facial mask, nourishes and cleanses the skin well.

A face cleansing mask for oily skin is prepared on the basis of the following ingredients - sour milk, oatmeal.

Take 16 ml of sour milk and add oatmeal to it until the milk thickens. After the desired density is achieved, pour 5 ml of olive oil. In addition to hydration, the mask is suitable for getting rid of blackheads, as well as for narrowing pores.

  • Banana Cleansing Mask (recipe)

For dry skin, a face mask with a banana is suitable, try this simple recipe. Take a small banana, peel it, soften the pulp well, and then mix with 18 ml of honey (pre-melt it), as well as 5 ml of lemon juice. In order for the mask to thicken, many add oatmeal.

Recipes for many masks can be found on the Internet, or ask a cosmetologist. Be sure to use masks according to skin type.

A good recipe for a cleansing facial mask: banana + lemon juice + oatmeal.

The best facial cleansing mask for combination skin is made with honey and egg yolk.

If you have a lot of oily areas on your skin, then they can and should be dried. To prepare the mask, use the following recipe:

mix one egg yolk with a little honey

squeeze a few drops from a lemon and add to the total mass (for a whitening effect),

mix all the ingredients, apply in massaging movements on the face (but do not rub!), spot 10 minutes, wash with slightly cool water.

A cleansing face mask at home is prepared quickly, and most importantly, all the ingredients are available to everyone. You no longer have to buy expensive cosmetics, because now you can make a mask yourself.

Expert Advice

No cosmetologist in the world will refuse the stage of skin cleansing. But in the conditions of the cosmetology office, special means and tools are used to draw out impurities and keratinized skin cells, and improvised products are used in the conditions of home walls. How do qualified specialists react to this?

Everyone remembers the Soviet “Chamomile” for cleansing the pores of the face. Cosmetologists will not argue with this procedure, but unanimously agree in its favor. Face masks also have their own opinion from experts.

Masks for cleansing the face at home have proven themselves and competent cosmetologists. Many of them even advise carrying out such a procedure for caring for themselves at home.

What do cosmetologists advise to pay attention to?

  1. Skin type. It depends on which components should be contained in the composition, and which are simply contraindicated.
  2. Cooking time (it is recommended to cook immediately before use). After preparing the mask, the woman has no more than half an hour to apply it on the skin of the face, otherwise after 30 minutes the mixture will not bring any benefit.
  3. Preliminary cleansing. Even good facial cleansing masks need to be applied to pre-clean skin. To do this, you need to wash yourself with a special product (foam, gel).

Advice! Refusal to wash face skin with soap will help get rid of an overdried skin condition.

  1. Regularity of use. The visible result after a single use of the mask will not be visible. It is necessary to make a whole course of masks to achieve the desired effect. The duration of the course can vary from one month to several.
  2. Tan. Masks used after active sun exposure or tanning beds can cause skin irritation.
  3. Recipes Experts assure that the constant use of the same composition of the mask can be addictive and not show the desired result, so the recipes of the masks should be varied.

Beauticians say that cleansing masks for facial skin are especially useful and important for women with any skin type and at any age.

Deep cleansing face mask

Such a recipe is recommended to be used only for those girls who have oily skin. However, if you have a different type of skin, but it is very dirty, you can also use such a wonderful gruel. But you need to keep it, not thirty minutes, but fifteen. All the ingredients for it can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Masks for cleaning with salt and soda

Salt and soda are often used in home cosmetology to cleanse the face. They perfectly free pores from contamination. The use of the following recipes is not recommended in the presence of inflammation or open wounds on the face, in order to avoid severe burning.

Tar soda mask. Place a small amount of soap in any container and thoroughly foam, then apply the resulting foam to the face. Baking soda is applied on top of the face, and a slight burning sensation may be felt. After 10-15 minutes, the mixture must be washed off with cool water.

To treat oily skin, tar soap is needed, and owners of dry and normal skin should prefer natural baby soap.

Tar is the strongest natural antiseptic, destroys bacteria, parasites and fungus. Therefore, we recommend the use of tar cleansing face masks according to a folk recipe.

Sea salt is a well-known skin care product. For cleaning, you need a spoon of any cream and a teaspoon of salt. The ingredients should be mixed and applied to the face.

The cream in this recipe plays a protective function, avoiding overdrying of the skin due to the large amount of salt.

Salt and hydrogen peroxide are great for cleansing oily and problematic skin. For cooking, you need half a teaspoon of salt and the same three percent solution of peroxide. The ingredients are mixed and the mixture is applied to the face for 5-7 minutes, after which it is washed off with cool water.

When using masks for cleaning at home, you should carefully listen to your own feelings.If you feel a strong burning sensation on your face, immediately rinse off with cool water.

Cleansing masks for normal skin

It is necessary to remove pollution in any condition of the epidermis. Do not forget to cleanse healthy, radiant, youthful skin in time. Choose recipes with fruits, berries, vegetables. At the same time, moisturize your face.

Exotic cocktail

Interpret 2 tsp. avocado, banana, add a little kiwi pulp, a few drops of grapefruit juice, 1 tsp. liquid honey. The time of the pleasant procedure is 15 minutes.

Coffee plus honey

The aromatic mixture of coffee grounds and high-quality honey gently cleanses the pores, gives velvety to delicate skin. The scrub mask is prepared from components taken in equal amounts.

With light circular movements on the face area, apply the coffee-honey mass, leave for 10 minutes. After washing well, moisturize your face.


You will need a good mayonnaise (tablespoon), grated pulp of cucumber. A thick layer of cucumber-mayonnaise mass cleanses, moisturizes, whitens.

Berry mask with gelatin

Grind strawberries, black currants. Separately, prepare a gelatin mass of 1 tsp. crystals and 1 tbsp. l cold water. Put the swollen mass in the microwave for 15 seconds, combine with mashed berry. Mask film cleanses the epidermis, nourishes perfectly, gives a pleasant complexion.


The effect of the application is noticeable after two or three procedures. Boil white beans, chop, pour 1 tbsp. l olive oil, add 1 tsp. lime or lemon juice.

With sauerkraut

Grind a little sour cabbage, apply together with the juice on the prepared cheesecloth, cover your face. Acid breaks down fat, whitens, removes impurities.

After 10 minutes, remove the cheesecloth, wash in cool water. Remember: a nourishing cream is required after the procedure.

From the following video you can find out another recipe for cleansing masks that is suitable for all skin types:

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The most effective cleansing masks

The recipes of the mask for cleansing the face at home are so vast and varied that when choosing a particular one, eyes widen. A cosmetologist can tell you how to choose an individually suitable mask, but it will not be superfluous to independently understand the topic. How to make a facial cleansing mask at home?

Simple face mask recipes:

  • by mixing the ingredients that are in every home: a tablespoon of soda and a teaspoon of boiled water, you can get an excellent composition to combat black dots. Apply the mixture on the face for no more than 15 minutes, and it is washed off with cold water.,
  • soap-salt mask is also not difficult to prepare. Cotton wool or cotton pad should be wetted with hot water, soaped very well (until foam), pour salt on top and rub your face with massage movements. The soap mixture remains on the face for literally a couple of minutes, after which it is washed off,
  • Boiled oatmeal in boiling water will also serve as a cleansing effect,
  • who doesn’t have sauerkraut in the refrigerator or in the heat, carefully prepared by mother or grandmother for a harsh winter ?! It's time to get a jar for cosmetic purposes. Applying this product on the face will allow you to cleanse the epidermis, narrow pores. And within 20 minutes, cabbage has time to soak the skin with nutrients.

The simplest mask for cleansing consists of aspirin and honey. Learn how to make it!

These masks are used to clean the face at home with any type of facial skin, but a check for an allergic reaction should remain.

A cleansing mask for dry skin of the face has recipes no less than the common ones that are allowed to all.

Examples of recipes for facial masks at home for cleansing the skin of a dry type:

  • finely chop the boiled egg shell (preferably in a coffee grinder), combine half a teaspoon of egg dust with a tablespoon of homemade cottage cheese, add a little milk,
  • in pharmacies they sell healing mud. For the mask in order to cleanse, it is required to add milk to the purchased dirt, leave on the face for 15 minutes,
  • banana, low-fat yogurt (a couple of spoons) and a spoonful of honey - another effective recipe for cleansing dry skin of the face,
  • if a woman has free time, then you can prepare a mask of beans: a glass of this product must be soaked for several hours. Next, you need to put the beans on the fire and cook until cooked. After cooling a little, wipe the beans through a sieve, and add a spoonful of olive oil to it and squeeze the juice of half a lemon.

After any cleansing procedure performed at home, the skin needs hydration. To do this, apply the usual cream on the face.

Cleansing masks will bring tremendous results, but picking your own (and not one!) Will be difficult. Although the selection of homemade mask recipes is wide, it is simply impossible to dwell on one thing, because I want to try a lot.

Reviews of women remain twofold, therefore, in order to actually verify the usefulness of such masks, you need to try everything on yourself and draw conclusions on how this or that composition will suit your type of face.

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The best recipes for facial cleansing masks at home

  • Activated carbon mask

A cleansing face mask with gelatin, as well as with the addition of activated carbon, can penetrate deep into the skin. Take 4 tablets and dissolve in milk (take 2 tablespoons). After this, add one tablespoon of gelatin to the resulting mass, wait a few minutes for it to swell. Put the whole mixture in the microwave and turn on at full power for 1 minute. A facial cleansing mask at home is applied to the face with a spatula. After you feel that it has turned into a film, you need to remove it. Gently hook it on the chin and remove. Also read other activated carbon mask recipes.

A cleansing mask at home can be made from tablets of activated carbon or soda.

Such a tool will save you from acne, it will cleanse the skin well.

A cleansing face mask with soda tones and soothes the skin well.

Take one spoonful of sour cream, add half a spoonful of soda to it, mix well and quickly apply to the skin. After 20 minutes, wash your face with warm water.

Any mask should be prepared according to recipes. If you did everything correctly, the skin condition will noticeably improve.

In no case do not allow situations when your skin becomes dirty, watch it carefully, because only in this way you can look good.

Masks after cleansing the face

Facial cleansing is a procedure that injures the upper layer of the skin. As a result, discomfort and redness may be present for some time. After cleaning, you can not use the cream so as not to clog the pores, but you need to calm the skin. The mask is intended for this after cleaning the face at home, which will help relieve irritation and soothe the skin.

Kaolin and talc are mixed in equal proportions and diluted with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (3% solution). A powdered tablet of chloramphenicol is added to the mixture. The mixture is applied for 5-7 minutes.

The mask has a calming and antiseptic effect, relieves redness and soothes the skin.

The average bunch of parsley should be finely chopped and mixed with a tablespoon of homemade sour cream or yogurt. The mask is aged on the face for 15-20 minutes.

The product soothes the skin and has a slight whitening effect.

A mask of mashed vegetables and fruits will help soothe the skin after cleansing. For cooking, use cucumbers (a face mask of cucumbers helps to get rid of black spots and acne. Recipes can be found in this article), carrots, melon.

A potato mask soothes the skin and saturates it with essential microelements.

For cooking, you need one large potato, grated on a fine grater. The resulting slurry is mixed with sour cream and applied for 15-20 minutes to the skin.

A mask from plantain and nettle will help reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. The leaves of the plants should be finely chopped and the juice of half a lemon added.

In addition to the calming effect, the mask also whitens the skin slightly.

Masks prepared according to these recipes are applied to the skin an hour after removing the cleansing mask. You can use them as an independent tool, but not more than twice a week.

Soothing masks are not only the final part of a deep cleansing face. They can also be used if the skin is irritated or inflamed. Masks based on sour cream and yogurt will be a good soothing remedy for the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Ingredients for oily sheen-prone skin:

  • chamomile (field),
  • sage (leaves),
  • calendula flowers (dry),
  • yarrow (exceptionally dry grass)
  • horsetail (use dry grass)
  • coltsfoot (you can use fresh)
  • St. John's wort (it is best to use dry grass).

The technology of preparing cleansing masks at home: the best recipes for all skin types: 2 comments

Very cool recipes, especially I like on the basis of honey, such masks best support the effect of cleaning the skin in Nava. Thank you for the article!

Wow, thanks for the good advice that you can’t do the same, albeit an effective mask for a long time. I didn’t even know that the skin could get used to. I mainly make masks at home from improvised products and products in the kitchen (potatoes, cucumbers, oatmeal, honey, etc.). There is an effect, but not always the one I would like to see. And recently I went to the pharmacy for chamomile flowers, and at the same time I bought myself an alganamask clay mask with papaya, I decided to try something new. I liked that it moisturizes the skin and relieves dead cells. In general, I discovered alginate masks for myself, now I will use them, but I won’t forget about the usual masks from products.

What you need to know about face cleansing

  1. The cleaning procedure is a stress for the skin, because masks contain active substances. Therefore, the tool should be used no more than once a week.
  2. After cleaning, the pores of the skin open, restoring the oxygen saturation of the skin cells. After the cleaning procedure, in no case should you apply cream to the face or use cosmetic oils. The heavy components of these cosmetics clog the pores, resulting in the formation of comedones (see reference).
  3. As a result of cleansing, the pores open and clean. They need to be narrowed, “closed”, so that dirt does not begin to accumulate in the pores again. For this, ice cubes are used. Ice can be prepared from medicinal herbs, natural fruit juices or mineral water. It is recommended to wipe the face with ice several times, and then proceed to applying a soothing mask after cleansing.
  4. Before using home cleansers, an allergic reaction must be excluded. To do this, a small amount of the mask is applied to the skin (you can behind the ear) and leave for half an hour.
  5. Masks for cleaning the face at home are not recommended for owners of sensitive skin and in the presence of rosacea. Masks should also be discarded in case of severe skin inflammation or an infectious disease.

HeirFace recipes for face skin care at home will help you become even more beautiful, as well as maintain healthy skin for many years. Leave your feedback and be always beautiful!

Ingredients for Tightened Skin:

  • lime color (best to use fresh)
  • chamomile (suitable dry or fresh),
  • rose petals (fresh),
  • rose hips (best to use fresh)
  • mint (suitable in any form).

Preparation: The ingredients are crushed in equal proportions in a coffee grinder. Then, for 0.5 cups, take two tablespoons of the gifts of nature. Mix the ingredients. Water must be hot. Cover the container with a lid and let the mixture brew. It will take about fifteen minutes. After that, you need to lie down and apply grass on your face. You do not need to squeeze it. Pay attention to the fact that it is impossible to cook herbs on fire, since useful substances “die” from this procedure.

Recipes for all skin types.

A mask of honey, eggs and milk will help to tighten the enlarged pores, clean them of dirt and fat, and normalize the secretion of sebum. Mix together 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 honey. Apply on face and neck. Leave to solidify. Rinse with cool water.

This mixture can be slightly modified to help the combination skin acquire a natural healthy glow, excluding the egg, increase the amount of milk and honey by 2 tablespoons, use every day. Apply for 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Curd matting agents have proven themselves well; they draw dirt and sebum out of the pores. It can be applied in pure form, but can be mixed with cream, hold for no longer than 30 minutes.

Egg mask for the dermis is an excellent tool to deeply cleanse the face of dirt. As a rule, it draws dust, fat from the pores, while calming the dermis, giving it a beautiful pinkish color, smoothing wrinkles. We recommend using homemade eggs. Separate the yolk from the protein. Beat the yolk, spread on cleansed face and neck for 10 minutes. Rinse with cool water. After whipping the protein, apply to the same areas again for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. Apply moisturizer immediately. This principle of application stimulates blood circulation and helps smooth out wrinkles.

Tomato means makes the skin tougher and closes the pores. When you make tomato juice, the remaining pulp (fresh, not digested) must be applied to problem areas. Tomatoes have a huge number of various enzymes and vitamins that perfectly cleanse the face, tone it.

Banana mask. Truly, this is the most famous and effective mixture for a normal dermis, which cleanses the face, gives it velvety, eliminates facial wrinkles. To make a banana mask, mash 1/4 of the banana while it remains oily, apply mass on the face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water, and then use cold water so that the pores are closed, the face has acquired firmness, tone, elasticity.

Vinegar mask - vinegar restores the acid balance of the skin, and also acts as a soft exfoliant. Try adding 1 cup of raw apple cider vinegar to a warm bath to facilitate the separation of peeling skin. Do not rinse the fluid after the procedure for several hours.

Video: camomile cleansing mask

Masks for dry problem skin

Cucumber remedy: cools, soothes, relieves inflammation and moisturizes the skin. Wash and cut the cooled cucumber into thin circles, then put slices of vegetable on all problem areas, even in the area around the eyes. Relax and allow the coolness to soak into the skin, also decongestants are made from cucumbers.

Yogurt-banana cleansing mask - this cooling mixture nourishes the dermis, cleans it from the inside, gives a feeling of freshness, removes tightness, helps get rid of acne and blackheads on a dry epidermis. Mash one banana thoroughly, combine with 2 teaspoons of plain bold yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey, you may need to heat it in a water bath so that it becomes liquid and can be mixed into a homogeneous mass. Mix thoroughly, apply on face, allow to dry completely before rinsing. Soft banana-based anti-aging agents help create a lifting effect at home, tighten the contour of the face, nourish the skin with vitamins and antioxidants.

Milk mixture. Milk baths are a popular treatment for inflamed and dry skin, it helps to remove acne and rashes, it copes with age spots and wrinkles. Mix ¼ cups of powdered organic milk with enough filtered water to make a thick paste. Apply to clean skin, rub like a scrub for a few minutes, but leave to dry afterwards. We recommend rinsing with a soft sponge. Sometimes you need to warm up the components, this enhances the effect.

Photos - Oatmeal

Avocado recipe. In this fruit, scientists found "good fats" that help quickly restore dry skin of the face, cleanse it of dirt and sebum, eliminate itching, burning, tightness. Cut in half, cool the half that you will use, the second can either be used as a hair mask, or left in the second session. Cover the surface with plastic wrap to prevent the surface from hardening. When the avocado has cooled well, it should be mashed and mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply on face for 30 minutes.

A mass of oatmeal. Oats have long been used to soothe skin inflammations in dry and sensitive dermis. For cooking, you need to grind 1/3 cup oatmeal in a food processor until a homogeneous powder consistency is obtained. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoon full-fat milk, stirring until the mixture thickens (if it is too thick, dilute). Let it brew for 10 minutes and then apply on face for half an hour.

Peaches on guard of young, problematic dry skin are super-refreshing mask components. Peaches contain enzymes that cleanse and close the pores. It is necessary to clear one small fruit from the seed, then cut it into small pieces. Add one egg white and beat thoroughly. Apply on face for 15 minutes.

Summer mask for cleansing problematic dry skin from black spots. Mix 1 small peeled cucumber with ¼ cup of aloe juice and 200 milligrams of aspirin. After the paste becomes homogeneous, it must be refrigerated for 15 minutes, the cooled mixture applied to problem areas. This tool perfectly saves from charred skin, relieves pain with itching during rashes.

Masks for oily skin

To clean clogged enlarged pores, you need to mix the following ingredients:

  1. One tablespoon of cucumber juice
  2. You can mix it with blue clay: if you use a combination dermis, we recommend using kaolin, and if you have aging problematic skin, then pink or green clay will do,
  3. Lemon (teaspoon of juice)
  4. One beaten egg white.

Mix everything, apply to clean skin until it dries, rinse with warm water without the use of detergents, then go over the face with a hard cloth, for example, with a terry or a special sponge.

Photos - Fruit masks

Good narrowing cleansing home-made face masks are obtained with fruits. For example, take one apricot, mash it and mix it with a teaspoon of blue clay, add as much yogurt (you can use fat yogurt). Mix until smooth, apply on the face, avoiding eye areas, rinse after 30 minutes.

An excellent whitening mask is obtained using lemon (2 tablespoons), olive oil (1) and banana. Beat everything until smooth and spread onto problem areas. Wash off after 20 minutes. This includes whitening ingredients, so it will help get rid of freckles.

Gelatin - This is a facial mask that cleanses the pores of oily and acne skin, acts deeply and surely, there are very good reviews about it. Mix a bag of powder with a spoon of milk, put in a water bath, it is necessary that the mixture swells, then we smear the skin with a nourishing cream (otherwise it will be very difficult to remove the product), leave it to solidify. After we pull the edge of the film and take it off, it is also called the “Velcro” tool, thanks to the “dead snap”.

Of home-made cleansers for oily skin, one of the leaders is considered tarry mask. We do not recommend using natural birch tar, as it is very difficult to individually select the proportions, it is better to lather the tar soap, mix the foam with face cream from it, grease the resulting dermis solution, rinse after 15 minutes.

For aging oily skin with acne and blackheads, a mask of potatoes with calendula tincture is suitable. Grate one potato on a grater, combine with an egg and a spoon tincture of calendula, apply to problem areas of the face, excluding the eye and mouth areas for 20 minutes.

Photo - Tar mask

This recipe is often used: mix blue clay with oatmeal (1: 1), season the mask with olive oil (1 spoon) and gently massage in the face with rubbing masses.

Hot yeast cleansers are also known for their good and strong effect, they are used if you need to clean your face before the mask. You need to buy active yeast, combine them with milk, as for dough, and put it in a warm place, then add olive oil and oatmeal to the solution, mix again, the mass should turn out to be quite cool. We put it on a fire, it is very important not to overheat, the mass should be hot, but at the same time, create a pleasant feeling of warmth on the face, but not burning. Rinse off after 10 minutes. This tool will help get rid of wen and purulent acne.

Useful Tips

Traditional medicine recommends using moisturizers with cleansing masks. herbal decoctions. They relieve inflammation and moisturize the dermis teas from:

  • Chamomile, nalfey, thyme,
  • Calendula, parsley (bleaches), strawberry leaves,
  • Plantain, knotweed, cornflowers.

In masks, do not use fruits that you are allergic to. If you pay attention, in the recipes you can notice a certain sequence. Since nourishing masks contain oil components and fruits, they do not help against acne and blackheads, but they help to cleanse the skin and restore its immunity.

For combined porous dermis, peeling is recommended. If you have rashes in an active form, then we recommend using super-constricting mixtures, which include soda, sea salt, possibly citric acid. For sensitive derma prone to the appearance of blackheads, recipes should be used, based on gentle abrasive substances - oatmeal, fruit acids, etc.

Most of these products are suitable to make with your own hands not only effective cleaning home masks for the face, but also for the body and hands.

Professional Tools

Made masks are most often more effective and useful, but there is not always time for "folk art", so we suggest considering super-cleaning and firming professional masks.

Photo - Gelatin masks

Conventionally, they can be divided into several categories:

  1. Exfoliating (they are peeling) - Mary Kay, Nivea-films,
  2. Scrubbers - Daniel Jouvance, Natural Pharmacy,
  3. Anti-inflammatory - for sensitive skin - Glorion, Vichy,
  4. Natural products (on herbs, animal fats, acids) - warming masks in the sauna (for face and body) with spruce and other oils, cosmetics with extracts of various plants - Dr. Nona (Israel), Loreal, Clean line.
  5. Masks-creams (do not wash off) - Avon, Amway, Green Pharmacy, Vitex.

When you should not make masks, contraindications:

  1. With seborrhea, lichen and other chronic skin problems in the active stage,
  2. If you are allergic to any component,
  3. With open wounds,
  4. Do not mask with acidic components during the diet.
  5. Women's forum advises to be very careful pregnant, a professional recipe book of the same opinion.

Of course, self-prepared products will be cheaper in terms of the ratio, but the finished face cleansing masks will quickly solve all your problems. To buy them, visit a special cosmetics store.

Cleansing mask for dry skin

Please note that this recipe is not suitable for those whose skin is oily. The use of this mask will cleanse your skin, make it matte and beautiful. Plus, you get the desired hydration that you miss so much. The mask also slows down the aging process and favorably affects the metabolic processes in the skin. Apply four times a week. It takes about two hundred grams of sauerkraut. Apply it on the skin of the face, gently distributing the product. It is necessary to put in lying position. Remember that a yushka can leak from it, so put an oilcloth under the head before the procedure. It takes twenty minutes to keep such a “beauty”.

Be sure to wash yourself after the procedure.

Cleansing face mask with clay

Such a mask is prepared exclusively from cosmetic clay. It can be blue, white, green, etc. For the normal and mixed type, pink clay is ideal, which is a mixture of white and red clay. Red clay will be the best solution for women with sensitive skin, but for aging skin, on which wrinkles began to form actively, it is recommended to select yellow clay. Perfectly cleans black and gray clay. At the same time, the latter improves blood circulation in the skin, which contributes to its rejuvenation.

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