Chocolate icing for cocoa or chocolate cake

Many housewives love to cook homemade desserts. Cakes or cake with chocolate icing will please adults and children, especially if you strictly adhere to the recipe. A glaze made of white or dark chocolate will be a great option for decorating a dessert with bird's milk, biscuit cakes and other homemade cakes.

How to make chocolate icing for a cake

In order for the fudge to obtain the desired consistency, it is important to determine for what purpose it is planned to be used. The technology depends on whether a matte or glossy mixture needs to be obtained. Classic chocolate icing on the cake is easy and quick to prepare. Each housewife has her own recipes and secrets for making fudge for pies and muffins, however, you can take into account several basic rules on how to make chocolate icing for a cake:

  1. The consistency should not be very thick or liquid. A creamy mass is ideal, because it is more convenient to apply to the product. This mixture hardens faster.
  2. If you get a very liquid composition, it is recommended to add a spoonful of powdered sugar. Too thick diluted with a spoon of warm water.
  3. It is better to make powder yourself from sugar with the help of a coffee grinder. Finished powder must be sieved additionally.
  4. If you replace the water with lemon juice, then the chocolate icing for the cake will turn sour, which will give an unusual taste to the sweet dish.
  5. If you need a lean option, just melt the tile.
  6. Many recipes include the addition of butter for greater softness.
  7. If before glazing put on the product jam from berries or fruits, then the mass will lie in an ideally even layer.

Chocolate icing - recipe

You can make a mass of pastry tiles or cocoa: depending on which chocolate icing recipe for the cake you like. You can use the resulting composition for applying inscriptions, combining cakes, decorating. An experienced hostess knows that glazed pies always look more attractive than unprocessed ones, so it’s worth spending a few minutes to prepare the composition. The classic base involves the use of sugar, cocoa, milk or water.

Below are some photos of recipes that describe how to make chocolate icing for the cake. Before using the fondant, it is recommended to cool slightly so that it does not spread over the dish. If using an oily cream, cool the mixture even more. Spread better with a brush. A special taste will give a little vanilla, rum, cinnamon or cognac.

From cocoa

The presented recipe will tell you how to cook a delicious plastic mass for decorating confectionery. When solidified, a dense glossy crust will be obtained. To prepare such a mass, it is recommended to take dark varieties of cocoa powder and high-quality butter. Chocolate icing made from cocoa is suitable for coating cupcakes, sweet cakes, pastries or desserts with a creamy consistency, for example, soufflé.

  • milk - 4 tablespoons,
  • butter - 50 g,
  • cocoa - 1 spoon,
  • sugar - 4 tablespoons.

  1. Melt butter over low heat.
  2. Add granulated sugar and milk to the stewpan.
  3. Cook until sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. Sift cocoa powder through a sieve, add to the milk mixture.
  5. Warm everything up for about two minutes.
  6. Cool the composition before decorating the cake.

Made of chocolate

The easiest way to make a glaze is to melt a bar of dessert chocolate. You can use varieties of white, milk or dark, depending on personal preference. Chocolate icing for chocolate cake is a quick way to decorate the product (as in the photo).For the recipe below, you need to take a tile with a cocoa content of 72%.

  • milk - 5 tablespoons,
  • chocolate without additives - 100 g.

  1. Break the tiles, put in a bowl oiled. Water cannot be added.
  2. Add milk to provide the desired density of the enrobing mass.
  3. Put a bowl of food in a water bath.
  4. Heat until completely melting at a temperature of 40 degrees. Constantly stir the composition with a dry spoon until it melts.

White chocolate

If home-made cake is prepared for a special occasion, you can use white chocolate for glazing. With such a coating, the dessert will become truly elegant. The mass is suitable for decorating rolls, cakes or cream jelly. White chocolate icing for the cake can be prepared with cream, condensed milk, vanilla. Below is a classic recipe with a photo.

  • icing sugar - 180 g,
  • white chocolate - 200 g,
  • milk - 2 tablespoons.

  1. Break the tiles, place in a bowl.
  2. Put the container in a water bath.
  3. Add icing sugar.
  4. Pour in a spoonful of milk.
  5. Stir the mass constantly until a thick, homogeneous paste is obtained.
  6. Remove the bowl from the stove.
  7. Add a spoonful of milk.
  8. Beat the mass with a blender.
  9. Use the product until it has cooled.

On sour cream

The mass prepared according to this recipe will turn out to be thick, with a characteristic sour taste. The icing for cocoa cake with sour cream is suitable for thick homemade cakes or cookies, you can cover it with a traditional sausage with nuts. It will not drain or sugar, and will immediately lie in a beautiful mirror surface. If you wish, you can additionally decorate the product with butter cream, nuts, candied fruits.

  • sour cream - 2 tablespoons,
  • cocoa - 2 tablespoons,
  • powdered sugar - 4 tablespoons,
  • vanilla sugar - half a teaspoon,
  • butter - 1 spoon.

  1. Combine the powder, sour cream, vanillin and cocoa in a bowl.
  2. Put on low heat.
  3. Cook for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly.
  4. Remove the bowl from the heat.
  5. Add butter, mix.
  6. Apply to cakes until cool.


Glasazh looks especially beautifully and festively on homemade pies. Mirror chocolate icing for coating the cake is prepared with a special syrup or with the addition of a small amount of gelatin. Such a mass very beautifully solidifies on the surface of the product. If the glaze will be obtained with bubbles, you can pass it through a sieve before applying to the cake. You will need a thermometer: you can use the mass when it cools down to 35 degrees.

  • glucose syrup - 150 g,
  • water - 135 ml
  • sugar - 150 g
  • condensed milk - 100 g,
  • gelatin - 15 g
  • chocolate - 150 g.

  1. Gelatin pour 65 ml of water.
  2. Put sugar, syrup, water in a bowl.
  3. Put on a small fire.
  4. Stir the mixture constantly until sugar dissolves.
  5. Place broken chocolate, condensed milk, gelatin in another bowl.
  6. Pour in hot syrup. Beat with a blender and cool to the desired temperature.

With butter

One of the easiest and most proven methods of preparing a composition for glazing confectionery products is chocolate icing made of chocolate and butter. Chocolate can be chosen to your taste, but prefer the option without additives. If you want to decorate the dessert with nuts or berries, lay them out already on top of the frosting.

  • semisweet chocolate - 125 g,
  • butter - 50 g,
  • thick cream - 3 tablespoons.

  1. Put the ingredients in a metal bowl.
  2. Heat in a water bath, stirring occasionally.
  3. Refrigerate before use.

Made of milk chocolate

This recipe is suitable for those who are going to please the household with cakes, muffins, rolls of thin pastry. Fragrant milk chocolate icing for the cake will be sweet, with an original aftertaste. The surface of the glazed cake will be matte, and if you want to achieve a mirror shine, you need to add oil to the composition.

  • low-fat cream - 150 g,
  • chocolate - 180 g

  1. The tiles are broken, placed in a bowl.
  2. Add cream.
  3. Heat over low heat until smooth.

How to coat a cake with chocolate

It is important to know not only how to prepare the mass for decorating a pie or cake at home, but also how to properly fill the product with a sweet mixture. Glazing is a simple procedure: even a novice hostess can decorate a cake. The main rule - the chocolate icing for the cake should cool slightly, but not thicken, so that the composition does not begin to drain from the cake or turn into a lump.

It is recommended to decorate the cake with chocolate icing with a rubber brush. If you are making a dessert made from thick dough, try using jam from apricots or peaches and strawberries for an additional layer of grease. Coat the cake, leave for several hours.

After that, you need to put the cake on the wire rack and you can begin to design it: pour it with chocolate, leveling the surface with a spatula or rubber brush. If desired, the product can be additionally decorated with nuts, berries, confectionery sprinkles. Cool the cake for several hours in the refrigerator or on the balcony.

Cocoa, milk and vegetable oil fast chocolate icing

Chocolate icing prepared according to this recipe will be obtained even by a novice hostess. Tasty, tender, moderately viscous - and in the frozen form it will not cease to shine. Such glaze is made from a small number of simple inexpensive ingredients, which can significantly reduce the cost of preparing the recipe. At the same time, the cocoa glaze is not inferior in taste to chocolate glaze.

You can take regular cocoa powder or cocoa powder for baking. The latter has a brighter aroma and dark saturated color, their taste is identical. When you cool the finished glaze, the main thing is not to overexpose it, otherwise it is unlikely to cover the cake beautifully or another dessert.

How to make chocolate icing?

The easiest way to decorate the dessert is to make icing for the cake from a bar of chocolate. To make it, you don’t need anything else, but you can supplement the recipe with a small amount of butter. Before you melt the chocolate for glaze in a water bath, you need to build a structure from a pot with water and a stewpan. On an open fire, they do not recommend melting chocolate, it can curl up.

  1. Break the tiles and transfer to the stewpan.
  2. Boil water in a saucepan, place a container of chocolate on top.
  3. Stir constantly, wait until all slices have dissolved.
  4. At this stage, the icing is removed from the stove, add oil, mix well.

Chocolate and milk icing

Chocolate icing for chocolate cake, the recipe of which is described below, is prepared very simply and quickly. To enhance the taste, you can supplement the composition with a spoon of cocoa powder. It is not necessary to wait until the fudge cools down, it is applied hot for dessert, so the cake is better saturated, and the glaze hardens, forming a glossy surface.

  • dark chocolate - 100 g
  • butter - 50 g,
  • milk - 100 ml
  • sugar - 50 g
  • cocoa - 2 tbsp. l

  1. Warm the milk in a stewpan, not boiling.
  2. Throw butter, and pieces of chocolate, dissolve, stirring constantly.
  3. Mix cocoa with sugar and pour milk-chocolate mass into this mixture.
  4. Stir until sugar dissolves and apply to cake while hot.

Milk Chocolate Frosting

This chocolate glaze recipe is the simplest and least hassle-free, the tile can be melted in a water bath or in a microwave oven, butter is added to the composition, supplemented with a spoon of cocoa if desired, for a more rich taste. If the fudge is too thick, pour 20 ml of warm water or milk. This glaze option is not suitable for creating drips, but is suitable for covering souffle cake.

  • milk chocolate - 100 g,
  • cocoa - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • butter - 50 g,
  • water - 20 ml.

  1. Break the tile, melt in a convenient way.
  2. In hot chocolate, throw butter and a spoonful of cocoa, mix thoroughly. Pour in warm water if necessary.
  3. Chocolate icing for milk chocolate cake is ready for use.

Chocolate and cream icing

The most common dessert design is to make chocolate and cream icing for the cake. With such fondant, you can make out completely different sweets, it looks more like ganache - a thick and quickly hardening cream. Choose dark, high-quality chocolate, which lends itself well to melting, cream needs exceptionally high fat content, at least 35%.

  • dark chocolate - 100 g,
  • butter - 40 g,
  • cream 35% - 100 ml,
  • icing sugar - 50 g,

  1. Break the chocolate, transfer to a bowl.
  2. In a saucepan, dissolve the powder in cream, warm, not bringing to a boil.
  3. Pour the cream into the chocolate slices and wait until they dissolve.
  4. Throw oil, if necessary, break through the mass with a whisk.
  5. Dark chocolate icing is ready for use.

Chocolate and butter icing

Chocolate and butter cake icing is a common decoration for homemade desserts. It is important to remember, choosing the basis for fudge, that the higher the percentage of cocoa beans in the composition, the more dense the substance will come out. If you want to get streaks on the surface of the cake, you need to increase the amount of milk, given that during the cooling process the icing will harden.

  • bitter chocolate - 200 g,
  • butter - 150 g,
  • milk - 100 ml.

  1. In a water bath, heat the milk.
  2. Throw pieces of chocolate, stirring constantly.
  3. Remove dishes from the stove, drop the oil, mix thoroughly and use immediately.

Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Megapopular mirror glaze made of white chocolate is actually incredibly simple to prepare. This fudge will turn an ordinary cake into a real masterpiece. A glossy mass is obtained due to the addition of gelatin, the rest of the ingredients are quite familiar for such recipes. Given that the base is made from white chocolate, the sugar in the composition will be superfluous.

  • milk - 100 ml
  • cream 35% - 100 ml,
  • vanilla,
  • gelatin - 15 g
  • white chocolate - 150 g.

  1. Pour gelatin with a little water.
  2. Combine milk and cream in a saucepan, warm, not boiling.
  3. Remove the milk from the heat, throw the pieces of chocolate, stir until dissolved.
  4. Add vanilla and gelatin, mix well, until a smooth glossy mass.
  5. Strain the mass through a sieve and apply on dessert still hot.

Chocolate Selection for Glaze

When choosing chocolate for glaze, you need to consider some requirements for its quality: it should not contain additives in the form of raisins, nuts or other fillings. Porous chocolate is also not suitable. Sometimes chocolate icing made from dark chocolate may require the addition of powdered sugar to enhance sweetness or mix it with condensed milk.

In addition, when melted, cheap chocolate products can be folded and lumped, thereby completely eliminating the possibility of obtaining a beautiful, uniform glaze. It is possible to add to the glazing mass, enriching the aroma, vanillin, alcoholic components (rum, cognac, liquor) or a variety of flavorings, and sprinkle icing on top with coconut flakes or special toppings.

You can make icing from dark chocolate, from milk, white or confectionery. White chocolate is advantageous in that by adding food coloring to it, you can get any, most incredible, shade of glaze. Confectionery chocolate is chosen for easier melting and no need to add other ingredients to the mass. In contrast, ordinary chocolate, if simply melted, will be too thick for glaze, although the taste of ordinary chocolate is many times higher than the confectionery.

In addition to the recipes for chocolate chocolate glaze for cakes, it is desirable to take into account some features of the application. Putting icing from melted chocolate is in two stages: the first layer is thin, and already on top of it, final, thick.The temperature of the glaze should be 35-40 degrees - such that, dropping a finger into it, is tolerable: too hot glaze will spoil the product and will be too liquid, and too cold - too thick and not plastic.

White chocolate icing and condensed milk

The icing of chocolate and condensed milk turns out to be insanely sweet, so it is often used with unsweetened cakes, so the taste of the finished dessert comes out more balanced. This fondant will perfectly cope with the task of decorating not only the cake, but also other sweets. By consistency, the mass comes out more dense and thick, unlike other, more familiar options.

  • white chocolate - 150 g,
  • condensed milk - 100 ml.

  1. Break the tiles, melt in a water bath.
  2. Add condensed milk, mix thoroughly.
  3. This simple chocolate icing for chocolate cake is immediately ready for use.

Recipe for hot chocolate milk chocolate glaze

As a basic, simplest glaze option, you can melt a bar of chocolate, such as milk. Thus, chocolate glaze from milk chocolate will turn out, which will be sweet enough to cover with it not particularly sweet products, ice cream, fruits (strawberries) and even dried fruits, receiving as a candy, for example, prunes in chocolate.

The bottom of the container in which you will melt the chocolate can be slightly greased with oil, if you are afraid that there may be sticking to the bottom.

Put the broken chocolate in this container and heat it in a water bath, stirring it a little with a spatula until it is completely softened and flowing, even chocolate texture.

Let it cool slightly and apply as directed.

In this recipe, icing from milk chocolate at the same time it is necessary to mention how to use a water bath and what it is. You will need two containers of different sizes, placed one on top of the other, but so that water from the larger is not poured into the smaller. It is necessary to pour water into a larger one and warm it to 50 degrees (boiling is not necessary), and to a lesser degree - the melted product, and maintain the temperature until everything melts to the required degree. Do not cover with a lid, as condensation will form.

Colored icing for white chocolate cake

Such icing made of white chocolate with dye can transform the most boring dessert. To make fondant you need high-quality gel dyes, but if you don’t have such, use berry syrups, although they will not be able to dye the mixture in a saturated bright color. For a glossy effect, add gelatin to the composition.

  • icing sugar - 100 g,
  • water - 100 ml
  • white chocolate - 150 g,
  • cream - 100 ml,
  • dye - 5 ml
  • gelatin - 10 g.

  1. Pour gelatin with warm water and leave for 30 minutes.
  2. From syrup and powder, boil the syrup.
  3. Warm the cream with chocolate, pour in the syrup, whisk with a blender.
  4. Pour the gelatinous mass, dye, without stopping the progress of the device.
  5. Strain the icing through a sieve and use as intended while still warm.

Soft Chocolate Cake Frosting

Soft chocolate icing for chocolate cake does not freeze on the surface, it remains as smooth as cream. This fondant is well absorbed in the upper cake, so it can not be soaked additionally with syrup. For a special flavor, brandy or brandy is added to the composition, but if a treat is prepared for children, it is better to refuse such an additive.

  • sugar - 150 g
  • cognac - 20 ml,
  • cocoa - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • chocolate - 100 g
  • oil - 70 g
  • milk - 50 ml.

  1. Melt the chocolate, pour the milk, warm the mass, not bringing to a boil.
  2. Mix sugar with cocoa and add chocolate to the dry mixture.
  3. Add cognac, oil, mix until smooth and apply to the cake.

Microwave icing

Simple chocolate icing is prepared in a matter of minutes, you just need to keep track of the time. Chocolate is mixed during melting every 10 seconds.The composition includes only simple ingredients, the result is a smooth, sweet glaze that will harden on the surface within an hour. This amount of ingredients is enough to cover a large cake.

  • dark chocolate - 150 g,
  • milk chocolate - 100 g,
  • butter - 50 g,
  • cream 35% - 100 ml.

  1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 10 seconds.
  2. When the mass is smooth, add the butter and pour in the cream.
  3. Put the icing in the microwave for another 10 seconds.
  4. Stir and use immediately.

Chocolate icing recipes

Since Soviet times, every housewife knew how to make chocolate icing at home. This required a simple set of ingredients: chocolate or cocoa powder, fat milk, plus a little butter. Modern confectioners have significantly replenished the recipe box. Now with the help of it you can turn an ordinary homemade cake into a culinary masterpiece.

Classic Chocolate Glaze

Chocolate icing for cocoa cake, the recipe of which was used back in the distant USSR, does not lose its relevance today. An affordable set of components, plus a taste that has been loved since childhood, is what you need to decorate homemade cakes.

Ingredients Composition:

  • unsweetened cocoa powder - 3 tablespoons,
  • milk - 100 ml
  • sugar - 4 tbsp.,
  • 82% butter (for shine) - 100 g.

How to make chocolate icing from cocoa powder:

  1. Get oil in advance from the refrigerator. Before starting cooking, it should have time to soften, then it will be convenient to work with it.
  2. Pour cocoa with sugar into a ladle, pour milk. Stir the resulting mixture until a uniform color appears.
  3. If the dishes have a thick bottom and walls, you can put it on a slow fire, but it is safer to heat the workpiece in a water bath. In both cases, the mixture must be stirred.
  4. Once the composition has acquired a single structure, remove the dishes from the heat and allow to cool slightly.
  5. When the temperature of the chocolate billets approaches room temperature, add the butter and beat until smooth.

If necessary, you can easily make the chocolate coating more thick. To do this, before heating, add 1 tsp. flour (starch) or yolk.

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

Lovers of sweets especially appreciate it for the gastronomic pleasure and pronounced aroma. The main difficulty of the preparation is the selection of the right basic ingredient (real chocolate is an expensive pleasure). Therefore, the cost of this decor will be an order of magnitude higher than chocolate icing from cocoa.

Ingredients Composition:

  • icing sugar - 180 g (the amount is adjusted to taste),
  • tiled dark chocolate - 2 pcs.,
  • high fat cream - 2 tbsp.

Chocolate icing for the cake, the recipe from the chocolate of which allows the use of almost any kind of product, leaves room for imagination. If you melt the white tile and add food colors to it, you can decorate homemade cakes no worse than in restaurants.

Cooking Technique:

    The main task of cooking is how to melt chocolate for glaze so that it does not curl. This process should not be neglected, because at the slightest overheating, a valuable component spoils.

Attention! If dark chocolate can still be melted over low heat, then white bar has lower softening temperatures. Only a steam bath is suitable for her.

The resulting aromatic fill is not intended for long-term storage (although there are tips on the network that it is suitable for re-melting). When the mass has cooled to room temperature, it must be used immediately for its intended purpose. Re-heat the workpiece is not worth it, it will lose all the taste and aroma.

Chocolate glaze on sour cream

Those who don’t like overly sweet desserts will have more chocolate icing made using sour cream. The lactic acids present in it pleasantly dilute the base component.This life hack can be noted if the fill is too cloying.

Ingredients Composition:

  • cocoa - 3 tablespoons,
  • sour cream - 100 g,
  • sugar - 3 tablespoons,
  • butter - 2 tbsp.

Cooking Technique:

  1. For the icing of cocoa, stir in the pan the first 3 ingredients.
  2. Turn on the minimum possible fire and start warming up.
  3. With continuous stirring, boil the mixture until smooth.
  4. Add oil and keep on fire until it is completely dissolved.
  5. Cool the chocolate product and you can decorate any pastries.

Chocolate icing from sour cream cocoa thickens after cooling, but retains a liquid structure.

Chocolate cream glaze

Cream and chocolate icing is suitable for covering almost any dessert (sponge cake, shortcakes, ice cream, cupcakes, cake, eclairs and much more). Pleasant creamy taste works real miracles. But you must comply with the condition: use a high-quality fatty product.

Ingredients Composition:

  • cocoa - 4 tablespoons,
  • sugar - 3 tablespoons,
  • 33% cream - 3 tbsp.,
  • vanillin - a generous pinch.

Cooking Technique:

  1. Upload all ingredients to the stewpan.
  2. Beat a little with a whisk to evenly distribute chocolate.
  3. Heat, stirring occasionally. The appearance of the first bubbles on the surface is a signal that it is time to remove the mixture from the fire.
  4. Cool the chocolate icing and cover it with dessert.

If necessary, the recipe is applicable for chocolate, only you need to maintain the balance of products (2 parts of the tile are taken for 1 part cream). It is better to warm the mixture over steam.

Diet Chocolate Glaze

Following the PP regimen is not a reason to refuse desserts, especially since they can be coated with the correct chocolate glaze.

The nutritional value of 100 g of such a fill is shown in the table.

ParameterNutritional value
Squirrels2.9 g
Fats1.8 g
Carbohydrates22.2 g
Total calories118 kcal

Ingredients Composition:

  • milk fat content of 2.5% - 40 ml,
  • cocoa - 10 g
  • sugar - 25 g
  • water - 70 ml
  • flour - 6 g
  • vanillin - 1 pinch,
  • refined vegetable oil - 1 tsp

Cooking Technique:

  1. Combine bulk components and pour them with milk.
  2. Stir until smooth and heat in the microwave for about 1 minute (depending on the capacity of the appliance).
  3. Add vegetable oil to add shine to the chocolate mass, and adjust the density with boiled water.

On the contrary, if the chocolate glaze is slightly liquid, add additional flour.

Caramel Chocolate Glaze

Having slightly changed the traditional recipe for icing for the cake, you can make a real “toffee” of chocolate. It will complement pancakes, pancakes, ice cream. It is unlikely that it will completely fill the surface of the cake, but for the design of patterns and inscriptions - that’s what you need.

Ingredients Composition:

  • cocoa powder - 3 tbsp with a slide
  • 75% chocolate - 120 g,
  • cream - 140 ml,
  • granulated sugar - 100 g,
  • butter - 2 tbsp.,
  • coarse sea salt - a small pinch
  • corn syrup - ¼ st.,
  • liquid vanilla extract - 1 tsp,
  • drinking water - a couple of spoons.

Cooking Technique:

  1. Boil the syrup diluted with water.
  2. Strictly pour sugar in the center of the boiling contents of the pan.
  3. When the mixture warms up to 160 degrees, gradually pour the cream.
  4. Introduce the cocoa butter, and then add the composition with chocolate. Mix.
  5. The final touch is vanilla and salt.

Give the thick mass a little insist and decorate with it the dessert.

Chocolate ganache

Chocolate cream ganache is a creation of French confectioners. It used to be used as a filling, but a decoration in the form of smudges has become a hit of recent years. Despite the simple cooking procedure, the composition is moody. Failure to comply with the recommended proportions and temperature will lead to the fact that the ganache does not freeze and spoil the appearance of the product.

By the way! Professional confectioners test the readiness of the glaze using a chilled bowl.If the chocolate mass flows beautifully on it, gradually hardening, the decor is ready for application.

Ingredients Composition:

  • 50% dark chocolate bar - 90 g,
  • butter - 35 g,
  • fat cream - 75 ml.

Cooking Technique:

  1. The recipe for chocolate icing for smudges on the cake requires strict adherence to the recommended dosage composition of the products. Before you start cooking, you need to measure the recommended amount of ingredients on a kitchen scale.
  2. Warm the cream on the stove to 70-75 degrees. The main thing is not to let them boil.
  3. Crush the chocolate, and pour hot cream over it. At first the mass may look strange, but by stirring it is brought to the desired, uniform condition.
  4. Dice the butter and add it to the main base. It will give the chocolate glaze shine.

To make a neat smudge, it’s useful to know some subtleties:

  • the surface on which the ganache is applied must be well cooled and level,
  • during work, the cream thickens quickly, so it will have to be warmed up periodically,
  • smudges of different length look beautiful, only thick chocolate icing can give them
  • you can apply ganache with a tablespoon, or use a confectionery syringe,
  • Chocolate decor begins with the design of smudges, and then proceed to the central part of the cake.

According to a similar scheme, colored glaze is prepared. Instead of dark, white chocolate is used, and butter is replaced with a vegetable analogue. And of course, it can’t do without food coloring.

Icing with rum

If the baking is intended for an adult company, traditional chocolate glaze is complemented by alcoholic notes.

Ingredients Composition:

  • chocolate and cream - 250 g each,
  • rum or cognac to choose from - 1 tbsp.

Cooking Technique:

  1. Warm the cream well, not bringing them to a boil.
  2. Break the chocolate into pieces and pour on the hot milk component.
  3. Immediately begin to stir the foods intensively. Due to this, initially solid fragments will begin to gradually dissolve.
  4. When the mass becomes homogeneous, add rum.

The icing can be used in this form or to give splendor to beat with a mixer for 3 minutes.

Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Glazed pastries always look spectacular, but dessert can not be compared to anything in which you can see your own reflection. For this purpose, a mirror glaze. The downside of this coating is one - it is suitable only for a perfectly flat surface. Therefore, it is customary to apply mirror glaze to mousse desserts, or to pre-level confectionery with mastic.

Ingredients Composition:

  • Cocoa - 120 g
  • cream 33% - 250 ml,
  • gelatin packaging - 12 g
  • sugar - 2 tbsp.,
  • drinking water - 300 ml.

Cooking Technique:

  1. Dissolve gelatin in water according to package instructions.
  2. While the gelling component swells, mix water with cream and granulated sugar.
  3. Warm the resulting liquid until the crystals are completely dissolved.
  4. Pour 35-40 ml of the mixture and dilute cocoa powder in it.
  5. Let the creamy substance boil and pour the chocolate component into it.
  6. Stir the liquid and cook on the stove for about 5 minutes.
  7. Add the swollen gelatin and stir. An immersion blender can be used to provide better mixing. However, in this case, bubbles will appear on the surface of the glasssage, which can be eliminated by passing the glaze through a fine sieve.

Before use, chocolate mirror icing for the cake should cool to 35-38 degrees. Failure to comply with the temperature range will lead to the cream draining from the surface, forming gaps, or it will harden lumps early.

The next problem that occurs when mirror glaze is ready is how to apply this splendor to a cake:

  1. The main parameter to be guided by is the density of glazage.
  2. Chocolate mirror glaze should be applied when it cools down to 35 degrees, and have time to complete the work until the mixture becomes colder than 28 degrees (for color glaze, the values ​​are slightly lower).
  3. If the base mixture turned out to be liquid, it will have to be cooled to lower values. Correct excessive density by adding glucose or sugar syrup.

Mirror chocolate icing is applied to a completely frozen cake. You need to glaze it immediately after removing it from the cold, walking with a clean palm on the surface, otherwise the ice condensate will significantly spoil the dessert.

How to decorate a cake with chocolate icing

A step-by-step recipe for the preparation of icing for a chocolate cake is used by inexperienced confectioners (except for glazage). Knowing the little tricks for decorating cakes will 100% eliminate the likelihood of failure.

Glaze coating rules:

  1. Before applying the mass must cool to room temperature.
  2. The degree of readiness is usually determined by touch (if the fingertip is tolerated, the mixture can be distributed according to the dessert).
  3. The cake needs to be decorated with chocolate icing in 2 stages. First apply the base thin layer, and then the topcoat.
  4. Some types of chocolate glaze (especially those that are prepared without heat treatment) must immediately be put into action, otherwise they will instantly harden.
  5. Hot liquid decor cannot be spread over butter cream. Between them there should be a layer of jam, jam, powdered sugar, nuts or other products.

You can also experiment with the recipes themselves, because we combine chocolate with many ingredients. Regular milk is replaced by goat, condensed or coconut counterpart. A particularly delicious dessert is obtained by adding cinnamon, anise, ginger, citrus zest or juice to the glaze.

Chocolate icing for cocoa or chocolate cake is a win-win way to decorate homemade cakes. On its basis, you can make classic glazing and aesthetic decor, no worse than store desserts.

Chocolate cake icing

  • chocolate bar 100g
  • cream 25% 50g
  • cocoa 1 teaspoon
  • butter 50g
  • granulated sugar 150g
  • flavoring (cognac liqueur cinnamon vanillin)

The world of sweets is huge and diverse. Each sweet tooth has its own preferences, but there are also such delights that literally everyone likes.

One of the first places is rightfully occupied by chocolate. She is tastier than tasty, after her it's hard not to lick her fingers. Few people have the strength to resist it - even a simple cookie in such a “clothes” becomes an exquisite treat.

The gastronomic interest of consumers contributes to increased demand. Demand creates supply - trade offers similar desserts in a large assortment. In each store, customers expect counters bursting with goodies. It is possible to make such a miracle yourself.

Many are interested in how to make chocolate icing at home. This is not difficult even for an inexperienced housewife, if you follow the recipe step by step and take into account some nuances.

How to make chocolate icing for cake and other chocolate products

The choice of raw materials directly affects the final result, therefore it is necessary to approach this matter with full responsibility.

Main product selection

  • Tiled should be homogeneous, without fillers and impurities.
  • Porous does not fit, when heated, it turns into a lump.
  • It is undesirable to use cheap. Under the influence of heat, it tends to curl. Both the aesthetic component of the finished product and its taste suffer.
  • Bitter can be bitter, sugar levels this deficiency.
  • Confectionery is easily melted and applied to the product, but differs in a not-so-pleasant aftertaste. It is possible to fix the problem with the help of various additives.
  • The best option in all respects is the classic one, for example, Alyonka.
  • Milk is excellent in manifesting itself, including Nesquik.
  • Great recommendations from white.

How to melt a chocolate bar

With apparent simplicity, work must be approached seriously and thoughtfully. Overheating is undesirable, burning is unacceptable.

  • Grind the tiles - break them into small pieces or grate.
  • The dishes in which the operation will be performed must be wiped dry.
  • It is allowed to grease its bottom with vegetable fat to avoid burning the mass.
  • The melting process is carried out in a water bath.
  • Fire needs to be kept small.
  • Water in the first tank should not touch the bottom of the second.
  • Strong heating can lead to loss of gloss of the finished product.
  • You have to constantly mix the contents with a wooden spatula or spoon.
  • If liquid enters, the mass may become unfit for consumption. Condensation forms under the lid, therefore it is strictly forbidden to use it. Steam is not allowed in the kitchen.
  • A microwave is available. With this method, you can not do without careful monitoring of the process, avoiding overheating and burning. Reliable helpers are the "minimum" mode and the "defrost" function.
  • Well-known blogger Andy Chef advises to dip sweets in boiling water in a special bag. Overheating is not possible, and only one minute will be required. By the way, as a basis, you can use his own version of chocolate biscuit.

Chocolate icing made from chocolate alone is very appetizing, but too thick. Additives will help the mass to become more liquid and soft, the successful compatibility of the components will enrich the coating with a variety of taste sensations.


  1. High quality.
  2. Compliance with expiration dates.
  3. Compliance according to the declared color, smell, consistency. It’s nice to connect taste buds to the visual method, that is, try it.
  4. Room temperature.

The amount of ingredients is given per 100 grams of the main product.

By experimenting with proportions of the same composition, you can get different results each time.

  • The icing for a cake of chocolate and milk is prepared quite simply and quickly. Add 6 tablespoons of whole, pre-heated, milk to the melted chocolate mass, or directly into it a sweet product crushed into small slices, allowing it to melt until completely dissolved. Next, you have to mix the mixture thoroughly to obtain a shine.

Chocolate icing made of chocolate and milk lays on the product smoothly and beautifully.

  • Cream (50 grams) will improve palatability, but add calories. They will give ductility to the mass, it is convenient to cover with it even an imperfect, tuberous plane. The fat content of the product is not less than 25%.

The cooking method is similar to the previous one.

  • Chocolate icing and half a glass of condensed milk are flowing, which is an excellent indicator. It can be cloying, more suitable for decorating unsweetened flour desserts. Boiled condensed milk will enrich the taste palette, will delight with an unusual caramel color. The inability will have to make its inability to harden completely, which creates inconvenience when cutting.
  • When adding sour cream with a fat content of 20-25%, the fondant is tender, does not dry, does not crumble. 4 tablespoons of the dairy product should be knocked down with a quarter cup of granulated sugar, add a slice of butter and pour into the melted mass. Put on fire, bring to a boil, but do not boil.
  • Cocoa (1 tablespoon) together with an animal oil product (50 grams) will make the mixture more plastic, significantly enhance the aroma. It is advisable to sift the powder through a sieve before adding. This will help to eliminate the likelihood of lumps.
  • Coffee will stain the mass black, share the divine smell.
  • Interesting is the chocolate icing for chocolate cake, which is well-curing, boasts a shiny surface.The cooking is complicated, but the result is worth it.

Place a mixture of 150 grams of glucose syrup, 150 grams of granulated sugar and 75 milliliters of liquid on the fire, heat to a boil. In hot assortment, add chopped pieces of sweets from cocoa beans and 100 grams of condensed milk, pour in pre-soaked gelatin (1 teaspoon) and mix until the grains dissolve. If some of them remain, you have to strain the mix through a sieve.

The resulting composition must be placed in the refrigerator. The dishes must be covered with cling film to avoid drying out.

To get a mirror surface, the baked semi-finished product should be kept in the freezer. Before use, the composition must be heated to 36 degrees and applied warmly to the frozen product. It freezes instantly, creating a perfectly smooth layer.

To defrost a cake, you need to place it in the refrigerator for several hours.

  • An easier way to obtain a mass similar to that described above is to exclude syrup and granulated sugar from the list of ingredients. The mixture is great for decorating eclairs. It is strong, therefore, after it hardens, the cakes can be safely mixed and put in the dishes.
  • The icing for white chocolate cake is good in itself, but food coloring will help to get a real color masterpiece. It is also indispensable for applying inscriptions and drawings, especially on a dark plane. Dyes are introduced at the dissolution stage and thoroughly mixed.
  • A good solution is the use of flavorings: cognac, vanillin, rum, liquor, cinnamon. Each confectioner has a secret in this area. Some add a pinch of salt - it pleasantly sets off the taste of sweet.
  • A treat with a twist can be obtained by replacing the liquid with orange or lemon juice. This will also have a positive effect on aroma.
  • Adding eggs will turn the composition into a soufflé melting in your mouth. First, the crushed yolk is introduced, then carefully, in small portions, the whipped white protein intervenes. It is he who creates the necessary airiness, volume.
  • The top cake of the biscuit billet is not soaked in syrup - it is soaked in pouring, which makes it a real delicacy.

    Making baked semi-finished products

    To achieve the best result, it is important to correctly prepare products and composition for glazing.

    Semi-finished product requirements

    1. Must be cooled. To prevent the product from drying out during cooling, it is recommended to put a piece of bread for sandwiches on top of it.
    2. Flat surface and edges are desirable. If the middle of the top is slightly raised, you still need to carefully cut the protruding part in the form.
    3. To obtain a perfectly smooth plane, you should lubricate it with a thin layer of jam, which will close the pores.

    Composition Requirements

    1. Must have an optimal consistency. Too viscous is diluted with liquid, and powdered sugar is added to the liquid.
    2. The desired temperature is 35-40 degrees. The indicator is defined as follows: a finger drops into the mixture - it should be hot, but bearable. Excessively hot becomes liquid and spoils the semi-finished product, cold loses plasticity, it is difficult to apply.

    How to decorate

    • It is convenient to glaze the cake on a rotating stand or on a round dish. It is advisable to cover the edges of the dishes with waxed paper to protect them from contamination. At the end of the process, the paper should be removed.
    • The best helpers in a responsible business are a special spatula, a wide knife, a silicone brush.
    • Glazing is carried out in two stages. A thin layer is applied on the first. It is designed to cover possible crumbs, fill obvious bumps.
    • Then put the baked goods in the refrigerator for half an hour.
    • The second layer should be thick enough. It should be applied quickly.
    • If the product in any places was uncovered, you must hurry with the correction of flaws until the composition has hardened.
    • Do not touch the glazed surface until it dries completely. If defects have formed, you can use powder, coconut flakes or other decorations to mask.

    The glazing method described above is called smearing . There are several more types.

    Douche used in the hope that the mass flows down the sides of the product, forming smudges. The most effective way of registration.

    Dipping convenient for decorating donuts and other small items, as well as fruits and nuts.

    With the help of glazing, muffins, cakes, gingerbread cookies, pies, sweets acquire a noble appearance and become fantastically delicious. Even desserts with the popular Italian mascarpone cheese do not disdain the same design, feeling great in a brown "fur coat".

    Sweet tooth of the whole world, regardless of age, profession and nationality, having seen such delicacies, forget about calories, about the load on the liver, and their hands are involuntarily drawn to treats. Photos on the Internet, and even more so videos on YouTube, cause increased salivation. Those who taste it in reality share the most enthusiastic reviews. Truly, chocolate icing for chocolate cake is the queen in the world of sweets!

    Cooking Frosting

    The cake, covered with smooth chocolate icing, is worthy of the highest praise. This decor serves as the basis for drawings, fruit and cream compositions. You can do with even minimal decor in the form of several large nuts, pieces of chocolate and cinnamon sticks.


    By the way
    A mass of cream and chocolate to cover the confectionery is called ganache.

    • dark chocolate - 100 g
    • cream - 100 ml.

    Recipe and design methods:

    1. Break the chocolate bar into small pieces.
    2. Bring the cream to a boil. Better to take a fatty product.
    3. Add chocolate to cream, stir until completely dissolved.
    4. If you need a thicker glaze, then add a little chocolate, and vice versa, to make a liquid coating, pour into the cream mass.
    5. Before coating the cake with icing, it needs to be cooled. The chocolate itself must be warm.
    6. The cake can be fully glazed. For this, the mass is poured into the center and leveled with a spoon or spatula.
    7. Another way is to fill the center and put chocolate smudges around the edges. To do this, hold a pastry bag along the edge of the cake, periodically stopping and pressing on the bag.
    8. Place confectionery beads, sprinkles, coconut flakes, elements from protein cream, fresh or canned berries, fruits, nuts on the icing.

    If you cool the ganache in the refrigerator, and then warm it to room temperature again and beat it, you will get a magnificent chocolate cream for interlacing and creating relief patterns using a pastry bag.

    Glaze Spider Web

    This is an original way to make a cake with your own hands.

    • white chocolate icing
    • melted dark chocolate,
    • pastry bag,
    • skewer.

    How to draw a spider web:

    1. Coat the top cake with white glaze.
    2. Using a pastry bag from the center, draw several circles at the same interval.
    3. Use a skewer to draw several stripes from the center of the cake to the edges. The web is ready!

    Icing does not have to cover the whole cake. Chocolate can be beautifully shed in a thin stream on the airy mass of whipped cream, protein or custard. The easiest way is to draw parallel lines, moving a snake from one edge of the cake to the other.

    Melted Dark Chocolate Chocolate (with video)

    As already mentioned above, when making glaze from hot chocolate, it is necessary to add additional products so that the glaze is not too thick. It is ideal for applying to cakes, biscuits or pastries.

    Break the chocolate bar as small as possible and melt it in the same way as described above. In the melted mass, mix the cream and immediately remove all the "bath" containers from the stove.

    Presented on the video chocolate chocolate glaze of perfect consistency: it can be applied to the product with a special brush, spoon or spatula directly from the container in the water bath, so that the residual temperature of the water maintains the ideal consistency for such a glaze.

    The secret of chocolate openwork

    Masterpieces of confectionery art are covered with thin ligature from melted chocolate. Repeat this trick easily with your own hands, just plain parchment paper is enough for this.

    • chocolate,
    • parchment paper
    • a pastry bag with a thin nozzle.

    How to draw a picture:

    1. Break the chocolate into pieces and put in a water bath. Stir, stir, and make sure that steam or water does not get into the pot, otherwise the chocolate will curl.
    2. Cool the chocolate and pour into a pastry bag.
    3. You can draw immediately on the cake - for this you need a smooth and plain surface.
    4. To make an accurate and accurate drawing, you should make a sketch on parchment paper.
    5. Fine wrap the pattern with melted chocolate.
    6. Place the parchment in the refrigerator to completely freeze the chocolate.
    7. Separate the finished drawing with a thin knife and carefully transfer it to the cake. The composition is placed both in the center and on the sides, but in the second case a sticky coating is required.

    How to make chocolate icing for dark chocolate cake: recipe with photo

    There is also no difficulty in how to prepare icing for a chocolate cake, on the contrary, it is more dense and obedient from chocolate than the usual icing from cocoa, and therefore the result looks much more appetizing, not to mention the advantages of simplicity of this option .

    The photo of the chocolate chocolate icing recipe shows a Lviv cheesecake coated with it and decorated with dried apricots and prunes.

    • 100 g of dark chocolate
    • 3 tbsp. l milk.

    In a prepared container for melting or a special silicone ladle, finely break the tile and pour milk. Heat in a bathhouse until completely melted, stirring occasionally to ensure that the milk is evenly combined with chocolate.

    Upon receiving a plastic-pouring mass, remove the icing from the bath and gently pour it with cake or other previously laid out products. Correct flaws immediately before the frosting cools with a brush or spoon. Upon completion of frosting, place everything in the refrigerator to speed up solidification.

    How to make chocolate icing from a bar of white chocolate

    For the preparation of white chocolate icing from a bar of chocolate, all the principles remain the same and for application in the icing you just need to dip the product and let the chocolate completely harden. The taste of the glaze is the same as that of the progenitor chocolate, only complemented by a delicious crunch of breaking glaze.

    There are no secrets on how to make white chocolate icing from a chocolate bar: they are described for dipping, and if you use the pouring method on a flat surface, it is important to level it a bit and correct minor flaws. You can also use it for various inscriptions and drawing on the surface of cakes or pastries, such a white inscription on black chocolate is especially effective.

    • 100 g of white chocolate
    • 5 tbsp. l milk or cream.

    Melt the chocolate in a water bath, add milk to it and, stirring occasionally, wait until the proper mass consistency is reached. It is important not to add water, use dry dishes and do not cover it with a lid to prevent condensation.

    Dark chocolate icing with smudges for cake

    The most common of the effective methods of decorating cakes is decorating a cake with smudges with chocolate icing. The most popular in such icing for cake is the use of dark chocolate, but using white and adding dyes to it, you can achieve absolutely any shade of the surface or decor of the finished product. Glaze a la "Rainbow", which uses 5-7 contrasting colors, is now considered especially fashionable.

    • 80 g of chocolate
    • 40 g butter cream
    • 40 g butter.

    Add chocolate to the cream warmed up in a water bath or stewpan and, if it is a question of a change in color, then use gel food colors at the same stage. Stirring, wait until the chocolate has completely dissolved and the mass acquires a uniform shade, if necessary, slightly warming the mass, but without bringing to a boil.

    Also, stir the butter and, having completely dissolved it in the mixture, cool it to 30-40 degrees and a stretching consistency so that when applied to the cake, the same streaks will appear.

    The surface of the cake should be completely even, and it should be cold enough so that when it hits its edge, the chocolate, dripping, solidifies with relief drops. Glaze can be applied by draining from a thin spout a capacity for melting, a light, deep spoon, or, much more conveniently, from a pastry bag or cornet rolled up from waxed or oiled paper. Pour the remaining glaze in the middle of the cake and smooth it a little with a spatula until it has frozen. Refrigerate for 15 minutes to completely harden the chocolate before serving.

    Making shiny mirror chocolate glaze

    The most beautiful chocolate icing is mirrored, which, although it requires practice, but its appearance fully justifies the efforts made. This chocolate icing has a shiny surface after hardening and looks very professional, like in expensive pastry shops.

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    • 150 g of chocolate
    • 150 g sugar
    • 150 g glucose syrup,
    • 100 g of condensed milk,
    • 75 g of water
    • optionally food coloring.

    For gelatin mass:

    Put gelatin to swell, and in the meantime, bring to a boil a mixture of sugar and syrup with water and immediately remove from the stove. In the syrup, while hot, place the crushed chocolate and condensed milk and mix thoroughly before adding the last ingredient - the finished gelatin mass. If you want to change the color, at this stage also use food coloring (and to obtain white glaze - titanium dioxide).

    It is recommended for greater uniformity to mix the final mixture with a blender, only avoiding air bubbles entering the mass.

    Strain the finished mass and send it to the cold overnight, after covering it with a film. Before use, slightly warm up to the recommended temperature of 33-36 degrees.

    In addition to the peculiarities of making chocolate of this type of glaze, it is important and proper to coat the product with it. Chocolate mirrored icing should be applied to the pre-leveled surface of carefully frozen items (fresh from the freezer) to form a perfectly smooth surface with instant hardening, without any extra drips. After glazing is completed, it is necessary to remove excess, drips and droplets with a flat spatula or spatula. It is impossible to touch the surface of the glaze with your hands, therefore, to move the cake or small items coated with it, it is recommended to use spatulas or pre-prepared trays. Small defects in the coating, especially at the bottom of the products, can be masked with powders or decor. The finishing touch - to defrost pre-frozen foods before glazing, place them in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours or night.

    Now about the additives in the icing. For example, you can add cocoa, and to make the experiment more unusual, you can also make chocolate icing from chocolate in the microwave. At first glance, it seems that it will be even easier to cook, but it is important with this option of melting to monitor the process and not overheat the chocolate and, moreover, to prevent it from burning. The power of the furnace must be set to about half of the maximum possible and heated gradually, turning off every 30-50 seconds to mix future glaze and control the consistency.The more grams of chocolate you heat, the more time it will take, be guided by the mass itself

    Chocolate icing recipe with cocoa and chocolate in the microwave

    Cocoa in chocolate glaze with chocolate is used in approximately equal proportions by weight and gives it great softness.

    • 0.5 g Art. Sahara,
    • 35 g of chocolate
    • 3 tbsp. l milk
    • 2 tbsp. l butter
    • 3 tbsp. l cocoa.

    Dissolve sugar in warm, pre-warmed milk, and separately thoroughly mix cocoa and soft butter (if desired, they can be replaced immediately with chocolate butter). Combine these two masses in a microwave container and add crushed chocolate. Heat in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes, controlling and mixing, as described above, until the mass is completely uniform.

    Immediately cover the finished product with icing (cupcakes, biscuit cakes or pastries).

    Chocolate icing for chocolate and sour cream cake

    The second option is the addition of sour cream. Chocolate icing made of chocolate and sour cream has a very delicate flavor, reminiscent of childhood and grandmother's cakes. Actually applying such icing from chocolate and sour cream for a cake is an ideal solution, adjusting the density to achieve various effects by changing the proportions of chocolate in it. Also suitable as a decoration for desserts and cream homemade cakes.

    • 110 g fat sour cream,
    • 100 g of dark chocolate,
    • 35 g butter,
    • 2 tbsp. l powdered sugar.

    In a heat-resistant container, mix and boil the cream with sugar, immediately after boiling, removing from the stove. Stir the sweet liquid and pour the finely chopped chocolate into it. After 3 minutes, mix the mixture, the chocolate should have completely melted by then, which means you can add butter. Mix the icing again, it is convenient to do this with a whisk, and use as directed.

    Dark chocolate icing with condensed milk

    When condensed milk is added to chocolate icing, a delicate flowing mixture is obtained, which is convenient to use for pouring cakes and various cream desserts. The finished product is quite a lot, about 450 g, so you can store the icing until the next time (but no more than 5 days) in the refrigerator and melt a little before use, or you can just eat with a spoon or dipping cookies and slices of wafers in it, then little tomboys to help you.

    • 380 g of condensed milk,
    • 75 g of dark chocolate,
    • 0.5 tsp vanilla (cognac, liquor, other flavoring),
    • 1 chips. salt.

    In the middle flame of the stove, heat all three ingredients until they are completely melted. Salt in this case will create a complete taste of glaze and add originality to the whole decorated dessert.

    Stir and continue to warm a little more for another 10-15 minutes until the glaze thickens. If you do not need a very thick glaze, remove it from the stove earlier than this time, focusing on the eye.

    In a completely cooled glaze, you can add various flavors (for example, vanilla), mix and apply for dessert or baking.

    Chocolate gelatin eclair icing

    The sister of the above glaze for the cake, creating a mirror effect, will be the icing of chocolate and gelatin. Sister, because it is better to use such chocolate icing for eclairs, various small cakes and small portioned desserts. It looks very impressive! Important notes: we select only high-quality chocolate, you only need to glaze the cakes already filled with cream, and after the glaze has completely hardened, they can even be shifted in a way convenient for you, the glaze does not deform from this.

    For 250 g of empty eclairs (without cream):

    • 50 g of a mixture of black and milk chocolates,
    • 3 g of gelatin
    • 30 g of serum.
    • Leave gelatin to swell in serum in advance.

    Melt the chocolate that is convenient for you and add the gelatin mixture into it, quickly stirring.Bubbles may appear in the future glaze, continue to stir until the mass is even (without lumps!) And let it cool completely.

    Test the finished glaze in the palm of your hand: it should not spread and have a corresponding, mirror-like appearance. If the mass is thick, slightly warm it; if it is liquid, hold it a little in the refrigerator. Upon reaching the required consistency, proceed with glazing.

    Confectionery Chocolate Donut Glaze

    And for various pastries, and for buns with poppy seeds, raisins, marzipan filling, and for beginners, donuts are becoming familiar, and for donuts, chocolate icing is prepared no less quickly. Usually, such glaze is made from confectionery chocolate or special purchased mass for the preparation of glaze.

    • 200 g of confectionery chocolate,
    • 50 g butter cream
    • 25 g butter.

    Grind and melt the chocolate, pour a thin stream of cream into it and place the butter cut into pieces. On a minimum flame of the stove, heat until all the ingredients are completely dissolved and the mixture mixed. Remove from heat and start dipping donuts or other pastries in the icing. On top of the icing, you can sprinkle with chips or sprinkles. Allow the glaze to solidify completely in the refrigerator and serve.

    Chocolate glaze for biscuit chocolate cookies

    For cookies, chocolate icing is good to use with varieties of "Mushroom", glazing shortbread cookies and decorating biscuits. The same glaze is suitable for marshmallows.

    • 250 g icing sugar
    • 100 g of dark chocolate,
    • 60 g of milk
    • 10 g butter.

    Melt the milk and butter in a water bath until it is completely dissolved. After that add chocolate and powder and also melt while stirring.

    Chocolate Popsicle Glaze Recipe

    It’s easy to make chocolate icing for cake pops and chocolate coated home sweets. Dried fruits and nuts, various homemade small confectionery, cookies can be dipped in such a mixture.

    Before proceeding with glaze coating, all products for this must be thoroughly cooled, you can even hold them for half an hour in the freezer.

    • 150 g of dark chocolate
    • 150 g of white chocolate
    • crumbs for decoration,
    • colored sprinkling.

    Watching not to overheat, melt the chocolate, each in a separate container. Dip products into it one by one, creating layers of glaze on the surface. Excess glaze must be shaken off. Powders can also be used on top of the still wet glaze or to draw patterns with contrasting color chocolate glaze.

    In order to prevent sticks from falling out of cake pops, they must also be dipped in chocolate before being placed in candy. Leave the finished sweets in the refrigerator for another 15-20 minutes until all layers of chocolate have completely solidified.

    Stages of cooking.

    1. First of all, mix in a small saucepan all loose ingredients - cocoa and sugar.

    2. Continuing to knead, gradually introduce milk, and then vegetable oil. As a result, the mixture should acquire a uniform shade.

    3. Then send the pan to medium heat and, constantly stirring, let the future glaze boil slightly.

    4. Without stopping stirring, wait for the mixture to thicken and immediately remove from heat.

    Now you need to let the glaze cool slightly. And after that you can pour chocolate cake or any other dessert to your taste with chocolate icing.

    Cocoa chocolate icing - recipe with butter

    In this equally simple chocolate glaze recipe, butter is used instead of vegetable oil. It gives the delicate creamy enveloping taste of chocolate fondant, so if you are not on duty and not on a diet and you have butter in the refrigerator, give preference to it. You need to use a softened thawed product, so get it out of the refrigerator in advance. Milk should be slightly hot.

    As mentioned earlier, you can use regular cocoa powder or baking powder. The difference in color and aroma - in a bakery, it is more saturated, but with ordinary cocoa, the icing will turn out to be very tasty.

    How to Make Mirror Glaze with Gelatin

    According to this recipe, chocolate icing is amazingly delicious and really very shiny and mirrored. It seems a little more, and you will see your reflection in it. At first glance, it may seem that it is rather difficult to prepare, but this is not so - all actions are very simple. The only condition is that you need to start cooking in advance, since the glazage must be at least 8 hours in the refrigerator before you start putting it on the cake.

    Products for this version of chocolate coating are very simple: most likely they will be found in the refrigerator of every housewife. Glazage prepared according to this recipe is suitable for decorating any cakes, rolls and pastries, including mousse. Please note that the optimum temperature for using this glaze is 28-30 degrees - it is measured using a special thermometer. If for some reason you want to reduce the amount of gelatin, then the most minimal option is 10 grams. With this amount of gelatin, 60 grams of cold water will be needed.

    A simple recipe for chocolate and cream glaze

    Chocolate icing according to this recipe is incredibly simple to prepare. Only 2 ingredients, a few minutes of your time and a real chocolate with a pronounced rich taste. It is very important to choose a good chocolate. Do not save money, as the quality of your icing will depend on its qualities. Of course, cream should also be on par. And the fresher, the better.

    You can adjust the thickness of the chocolate coating using the amount of chocolate - the more it is, the thicker. If you need beautiful smudges on the edges of the cake, then you can reduce its volume by 10-15 grams. Now read this shortest recipe and cook it yourself.

    Chocolate chips

    To make a cake beautifully in a few minutes, use chocolate and a grater. Chips cover both the central part and the sides. On a fine grater, fine chocolate chips and dust are obtained, on a large grater, beautiful curls.

    • dark chocolate - 1 bar,
    • chocolates or small pieces of chocolate (you can white) - 2-3 pcs.,
    • cinnamon - optional.

    How to decorate a cake:

    1. Rubbing chocolate should not be too warm, as it melts quickly in the hands. But it is not recommended to freeze it, as its fragility increases.
    2. Grate half the tiles on a fine grater.
    3. On a large - chop the second half.
    4. Sprinkle large chips along the edge of the cake.
    5. Fill the center with small crumbs.
    6. Complement the decoration with chocolates and strawberries. Spectacular technique - before placing on a cake, dip the berries in melted white chocolate and sprinkle with grated cinnamon.
    7. Complete the composition with a whole cinnamon stick.

    How to make chocolate and milk frosting

    Just four simple ingredients, a few minutes of your time, and you will get a delicious aromatic chocolate icing. The taste of the resulting goodies is more dependent on the chocolate from which you cook, so you should not save on it. You can choose any one to your taste: dark or milk, but it is better if it does not have additional ingredients, for example, raisins or nuts. It is also not recommended to use porous chocolate.

    If you take the proportions that are indicated in the recipe, the glaze is quite thick. To make it more fluid, you can add some more milk. But do not overdo it so that it does not spread throughout the dessert.

    You need to cook the icing in a water bath. Do not worry if you do not have special utensils - just take a large saucepan and a smaller saucepan. Do not take too small so that it does not touch the bottom of a large pan when you put them in each other.In a large pot you need to pour a little water, and when it practically boils, the top will heat up and cook from it, while not having direct contact with the fire.

    Chocolate gelatin recipe

    If you have nothing against gelatin, then chocolate icing for this recipe is a great option. Due to the jelly-like substance, it turns out to be more glossy and mirror-like in appearance and smoother in structure on a finished confectionery product.

    For cooking, chocolate is used. You can choose dark or milk to your liking, the main thing is natural and without additional additives - they are superfluous in homemade chocolate glaze. If chocolate is not at hand, you can replace it with cocoa. In this case, 50 grams of powder will be required. The icing comes out quite liquid - consider this when watering a cake or other dish. Strictly follow the recipe, and you will definitely get a delicious decoration for dessert.

    Chocolate icing cacao with sour cream

    This recipe produces an incredibly light and delicate chocolate coating. It is perfect for covering any confectionery. The products in the composition are the simplest, and cooking does not require any special skills.

    Please note that if you take the ingredients strictly in the proportions indicated in the source data, the glaze will turn out to be very thick: it will need to be distributed on the product yourself. Many people prefer this option: it does not spread, and you can cover the dessert with a fairly thick layer of chocolate. In addition, it is easy to complete almost any pattern on it. If in your plans to make, for example, a cake with neat smudges, be sure to add some milk or cream during the preparation process.

    The most delicious chocolate icing - video recipe

    And for those who do not have enough clarity in the recipes, I propose to watch a very good video of making classic chocolate glaze. It will turn out to be very tender, uniform and dense, will not spread too much and will simply harden perfectly on your cake or pastries.

    As you can see, chocolate icing is incredibly simple to prepare, and at the same time it plays a significant role both in the spring look of the dessert and in its taste. Be sure to try to cook it according to one of the above recipes, and the most familiar dish will be a little different.

    Chocolate leaves

    An unusual way to make a cake is to make chocolate leaves. They turn out just like real ones, only edible.

    • small green leaves
    • brush
    • melted chocolate.

    How to create a decor:

    1. For decor, rose leaves are suitable. They must be washed and dried.
    2. Melt the chocolate bar in a water bath.
    3. Using a brush, apply mass to the leaves.
    4. Move them to the refrigerator and wait an hour.
    5. Carefully remove the green leaves. Chocolate decor is used to frame the cake and as an element of composition in the center.

    Cocoa powder

    The famous tiramisu dessert is decorated with cocoa powder. This product transforms the taste of cheese cream. Making a cake sprinkled with cocoa is easy and at home.

    How to decorate a cake:

    1. Take the finished stencil or make it yourself out of paper. Place on cake. If the upper part of the product is covered with cream, then the stencil should be kept a little higher so that it does not stick and does not spoil the surface.
    2. Sieve cocoa powder over the screen using a sieve.
    3. Carefully remove the stencil. The drawing is ready.

    What else goes with chocolate: design ideas

    Simple and successful ways to decorate a cake with chocolate and shop sweets:

    1. On a New Year’s cake in the center, it’s logical to place a figure of Santa Claus from confectionery chocolate. These are sold at grocery stores in anticipation of the holiday.
    2. Marshmallows will look good on a dark chocolate background. An interesting and modern ensemble of marshmallows and macaroon cakes will delight sweet girls.
    3. The composition in the center of the cake can be made from ordinary marshmallows, breaking it into pieces and pouring with melted chocolate.
    4. Idea: to cover the cake on all sides with a thick and sticky cream and a dense layer to place various sweets. It can be simple sweets from a set of chocolates or small chocolates “Twix”, “Bounty” and “Kit-Kat”.
    5. Long biscuits like the children's Bondi, long wafer rolls or Kit-Kat chocolates are used as sides. To keep the fences, they are tied with a decorative bow.
    6. If the sides of the cake are high enough, in the center you can fill up the colored tablets "Mmdems" or "Skills" - such a content will delight children.
    7. Chocolate dragees centered on popped rice or walnut are simply made to complement chocolate cream.
    8. Children will also enjoy marmalade figures on a chocolate dessert: bears, snakes or candied colored pieces with a fruity taste and color.
    9. Cakes are often decorated with cookies. Small crumbs, cute “ears” from puff pastry or Oreo cookies are used. Whole "Oreo" are laid out in a circle, and the lower edge of the cake is drawn in halves.
    10. How to assemble a chocolate hedgehog: cut cake cakes in the form of an oval with a point (there will be a nose). Coat the cake with icing. On the back, place soft round chocolate candies. Form the nose and eyes from the darkest chocolate.
    11. A delicious tandem is made up of chocolate and coconut. Raffaello candies will look especially beautiful on a chocolate layer.
    12. Colored inscriptions are clearly visible on chocolate glaze. They are drawn from iceberg or cream.
    13. Do not forget about fresh berries and fruits, which are a welcome addition to any dessert. Almost everything is combined with chocolate. Fresh berries are laid out next to the figures from the chocolate cream: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. From fruits, apples, peaches, pears, bananas, pineapples are used.
    14. Nuts, especially whole hazelnuts, almonds and cashews, complement the chocolate flavor. They are also added to the cream in the form of chips and are used for interlayer cakes. Confectioners add almond flour to creams. To do this, nuts are simply crushed in a coffee grinder.
    15. Supplement the picture and ordinary icing sugar.
    16. Citrus zest: lime, lemon and orange will give a spicy touch to the dessert.

    How to work with chocolate: tips

    Decorating a cake with chocolate is a fascinating task, but a small mistake will easily spoil all the work. What you need to know about working with chocolate:

    1. The storage temperature of chocolate is from +12 to +20 degrees.
    2. So that the chocolate is not saturated with extraneous odors, it is stored in a sealed package.
    3. Do not forget about the expiration date. Do not use chocolate coated with white coating.
    4. If glaze or openwork patterns are created, then chocolate is taken without fruit and nuts in the composition. And for decoration with pieces of chocolate, a product with jelly filling, raisins and other additives is suitable.
    5. A very convenient device is a pastry bag with a variety of nozzles. But if such an item is not available on the farm, they do it with their own hands. To do this, you need thick paper. A cornetik is rolled from it and its edge is cut off.
    6. When melted, white chocolate forms sugar grains, so it is heated only in a water bath and to half. To a homogeneous state, the mass is adjusted by stirring.
    7. To melt, professional confectioners use a special chocolate dragee.
    8. Cognac or rum is added to the chocolate cream as a flavoring.
    9. Cheap chocolate may not melt, so do not save when choosing a product.
    10. Any cream can be turned into chocolate by adding cocoa powder. It is preferable to take cocoa for cooking. Instant drinks do not have such a rich taste, and cheap substitutes are not always good for your health. If you still use Nesquik, then you need to reduce the sugar content, since there is so much of it in the powder.

    Chocolate is the most popular sweet, which means that a cake decorated with sweets and chocolates will appeal to everyone. It’s worth a little practice in creating unusual decorations, and there will always be desserts on the festive table that are in no way inferior in beauty to the products from the confectionery. Perhaps, in the process of creating the decor you will be visited by original ideas, and a new recipe will appear in the cookbook.

Watch the video: Chocolate Frosting Using Cocoa Powder by Sewli's kitchen (March 2020).