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In a dream, a person must spend a third of his life - a lot. After a full sleep, the charge of energy and working capacity is enough for a long time. At the same time, intermittent, shallow sleep, poor falling asleep can become a real torment, especially on the eve of a responsible day.

The most potent sleeping pills are limited-release drugs, and a prescription is needed to purchase them. Such drugs, for example, include old and well-known barbiturates: ethinal - sodium, barbamil, phenobarbital. To purchase such modern and mildly acting drugs as Imovan (zopiclone) and zolpidem, you also need a prescription.

At the same time, there is a large group of OTC drugs that have sleeping pills. They are commercially available because their psychoactive inhibitory effect on the central nervous system is much lower, and an overdose does not cause serious side effects. However, they can provide sleep in most cases with uncomplicated sleep disorders.

Introducing these drugs in decreasing order of sleeping pills


The cost of 650 rubles (0.003 g No. 24)

In humans, melatonin regulates sleep and wake cycles, and is a "sleep hormone." Its task is to cause the effect of drowsiness, which increases the chances of falling asleep. In addition, melatonin has a mild sedative (sedative) effect.

Benefits: overdose of the drug is not possible due to its very rapid breakdown. Good sleep continues after the drug is removed from the body, so sleep can be considered physiological. Melaxen works on the principle of "done - left." The medicine does not change the course of the natural cycle and structure of sleep, does not cause nightmares, does not affect awakening. After using the drug, there is no feeling of drowsiness, you can drive a car.


  • manifestations of allergic reactions, the occurrence of peripheral edema,
  • relatively high cost.

Conclusions: The drug can be recommended for mild and moderate forms of insomnia, in the complex therapy of functional disorders accompanied by sleep disorders, and also as a means for faster adaptation to a quick change of time zones.

From reviews of Melaxen: “I had absolutely no side effects, I had a healthy and strong, normal sleep, in the morning there was not a bit of drowsiness, and at night I saw beautiful color dreams. I used it on a pill 30 minutes before bedtime. After drinking the whole package, not addictive. One of the best remedies for insomnia, I recommend! "

Causes of Insomnia

The most common causes of falling asleep include:

  • change of time zones,
  • late falling asleep,
  • anxiety,
  • restless legs syndrome
  • pain,
  • depression,
  • alcohol addiction,
  • mental illness
  • somatic diseases
  • endocrine disorders.

Short-term insomnia can last about a week. This condition occurs after stress and does not pose a health hazard. Consequences for the body arise if sleep disturbances last several weeks or months. In this case, examination and treatment with the appointment of sleeping pills is necessary.

What sleeping pills is better to buy

Most serious sleeping pills have a narcotic effect and change the structure of sleep, so they are prescribed only by a doctor and dispensed by prescription. The class of prescription sleeping pills include barbiturates and benzodiazepine-based agents. Such drugs have a sedative or stimulating effect and are prescribed according to an individual scheme. Sleeping pills without a prescription is a way out when you are temporarily unable to consult a specialist or in case of short-term sleep problems.

Modern synthetic drugs based on ethanolamines are relatively safe, do not change the phase of sleep and provide its duration up to 8 hours. And as a pleasant bonus from their reception, you will get strong nerves and a good mood.

A sound sleep without the effect of addiction and dizziness will give melatonin. A synthetic analogue of the sleep hormone regulates the rest-wakefulness cycles, and positively affects the emotional and intellectual sphere. In addition, melatonin is an excellent remedy for weather dependence, as it adapts the body to changing weather conditions.

On sale there are homeopathic medicines that are safe for children and the elderly, which with regular use relieve insomnia. If sleep problems are the consequences of neurosis and anxiety, choose sleeping pills with a sedative effect. Soothing herbal preparations and syrups are also suitable for children, which will calm a hyperactive baby and give him a sound and healthy sleep.


Unlike potent drugs of the barbiturate group, diazepine and Z-drugs, over-the-counter sleep pill:

  • have a less pronounced inhibitory effect on the nervous system,
  • do not change the structure and duration of sleep phases, do not cause morning lethargy,
  • have fewer contraindications
  • adverse reactions cause much less and less pronounced,
  • do not provoke addiction and drug dependence,
  • can be applied both courses and once.

Over-the-counter sleeping pills for older people are more preferable because they are characterized by a greater degree of safety.


(doxylamine succinate, 15 mg in effervescent and regular tablets). Also available under the name Sonmil.

The cost of 350 rubles (30 tablets).

It is a blocker of H 1 histamine receptors, and is essentially an antihistamine. But it is not intended for the treatment of allergic diseases, but is used only for sleep disorders and insomnia. This is one of the best sleeping pills for relieving insomnia in young, healthy people who do not need to drive a car the next day.

Benefits: effervescent tablet has a quick effect, the drug reduces the time to fall asleep, increases sleep time.

Disadvantages: the drug has side effects characteristic of antihistamines: dry mouth, difficulty waking up, possible drowsiness during the day. In addition, the drug is not indicated for patients with impaired renal function of the outflow of urine, as well as with respiratory failure during sleep.

From reviews of Donormil: “The medicine turned out to be wonderful. I did not read the instructions and took two tablets on the first day. Ten minutes later I was sleeping. Having slept all night, I felt sleepy the first half of the day. The next night I took one tablet, according to the instructions. I fell asleep after half an hour, sleep was calm, awakening was awake. "

The best homeopathic sleeping pills without a prescription

Homeopathy is the safest way to treat insomnia. The composition of such funds includes extracts of herbs that relax the nervous system, muscles and normalize sleep. Do not expect a miracle from one tablet, but a complete course of treatment in most cases will save you from problems falling asleep. And at the end of it you will no longer encounter insomnia again.

Corvalol (Valocordin)

Contains phenobarbital (in the composition of the tablet - 7.5 mg, 1.826 g in 100 ml).

The cost of drops (50 ml) - 40 tablets (No. 20) - 150

Corvalol (Valocordin) is the only OTC drug containing phenobarbital barbiturate. This immediately puts this drug on a par with more serious competitors, and its low cost makes it very attractive to the general population. It is recommended to take from 10 to 40 drops per reception.

Benefits: the drug has a characteristic odor, valerian and mint potentiate the effect of phenobarbital. It can be used as a distracting agent for pain in the heart area instead of validol, drops can be used in different, individual dosages. The drug has a mild antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscles of the internal organs, is indicated for tachycardia (palpitations) and psychomotor agitation.


  • The characteristic smell of the medicine is able to soak the whole apartment with frequent use.
  • Many people have a prejudice that Corvalol - “a medicine for the poor” - this is completely untrue.
  • Not recommended for breastfeeding.

From reviews: “Corvalol is the best sleeping pill. I take it all my life. Both my mother and grandmother. In addition to helping with insomnia and a heartbeat, I apply it on my face in summer - the medicine remarkably repels mosquitoes, and does not have any terrible chemistry. Solid five!”

General principles for treating insomnia

A potent sleeping pill is not always required. Sometimes it’s enough to adjust the mode of sleep and rest, eliminate the annoying factor. However, with prolonged chronic insomnia, medications cannot be dispensed with. When prescribing drugs, take into account:

  • symptoms
  • associated pathologies
  • drug interactions
  • side effects of drugs
  • patient age
  • physiological conditions (pregnancy, lactation).

Important! Sleeping pills from the benzodiazepine group should not be taken if breathing is disturbed in sleep (night apnea). Prolonged hypnotics are contraindicated in patients who are forced to drive vehicles or engage in work that requires attention the next morning.

Fast-acting sleeping pills are indicated in the following cases:

  • the duration of insomnia is 1–4 weeks with minor consequences for the general condition of a person,
  • insomnia for more than 4 weeks, which is accompanied by negative health effects.

If in the first case sedative drugs with hypnotic effect help, then with severe insomnia, potent sleeping pills are prescribed.

Hypnotics - a last resort in the treatment of insomnia

The human mind has always been distinguished by its ingenuity and tried to “outwit” nature to its advantage. Thanks to this “confrontation”, civilization is developing. To date, many drugs have been invented, which in the distant past could only dream of.

Insomnia has not been an ineradicable problem for a long time. A huge number of sleeping pills "for every taste and color" provided to the services of consumers. But, as you know, the coin has two sides and the use of the medicine entails some reservations.

If there are no medical indications, it is better to do without medication first. Regulation of the day, the principles of healthy lifestyle, are able to effectively correct minor deviations.


The category of sleeping pills includes a large number of drugs, which, depending on the active substance, can be divided into five main groups:

  • Barbiturates (phenobarbital) - are part of many sedative and hypnotics (Valocordin, Korvaltab), over-the-counter, as well as in a number of prescription drugs (Luminal, Butizol, Cyclobarbital, Pentotal), they are quick-acting, but they are addictive and have a high probability of overdose. .
  • Benzodiazepines (flunitrazepam, midazolam, nitrazepam, triazolam) are a class of psychoactive substances that reduce the excitability of CNS neurons, have a sedative effect, provide longer sleep, but have negative consequences, for example, worsen quality and change sleep cycles, and also cause dependence.
  • Supplements and medicines based on melatonin (a hormone that promotes the development of the deep phase of sleep). The production of melatonin is reduced for various reasons, for example, due to bright light (light bulbs, monitor screen), adulthood (after 45-50 years, the level of endogenous melatonin gradually decreases). Synthetic hormone reduces sleep time by approximately 12 minutes.
  • Z-drugs or non-benzodiazepines (zopiclone, zolpidem, zaleplon) are used to treat mild insomnia. The pharmacodynamics of the drugs are similar to benzodiazepine, but the benefits include a lower likelihood of developing addiction and less negative impact on health.
  • Natural remedies on herbs (valerian, motherwort, mint, hops) - affect the speed of transmission of nerve impulses in the brain, resulting in reduced stress levels, the intensity of mental processes and provides a better sleep.

Synthetic sleeping pills

Most modern synthetic sleeping pills, which do not require a doctor’s prescription, include an artificial analog of sleep hormone (melatonin) or histamine H1 receptor blockers (ethanolamines).

Melatonin-based drugs are recognized as the safest, because they are not addictive, practically do not give side effects, while coping with insomnia.

Ethanolamines require more careful handling., since they have a large list of contraindications, their administration is often accompanied by side effects. There are also other groups of synthetic sleeping pills with a stronger mechanism of action on the body.

When choosing sleeping pills without prescriptions for good sleep, you need to keep in mind that the list of those includes several dozen drugs. Before acquiring a particular tool, it is necessary to carefully study the composition and characteristics of the effects on the body.

Novo - Passit

Herbal preparation (valerian, lemon balm, elderberry, passionflower, St. John's wort, hawthorn, hops, guaifensin). Available in tablet and syrup form.

The cost of tablets number 30 - 600 rubles, syrup (200 ml) - 330 rubles.

Combined herbal preparation with pronounced sedative effect. Guaifenzin has an additional anti-anxiety effect, which in total allows the use of the drug to treat sleep disorders.

Benefits: has a quick effect. In case of insomnia, it is recommended to use a syrup, which acts even faster. The drug can be used without a course dose: the effect of the first dose is quite pronounced.


  • Daytime drowsiness and a feeling of depression may develop, especially with an overdose.
  • Contraindicated in children.
  • It is not recommended for use in patients with chronic alcoholism.

From reviews of Novo Passit: "It is very good that the drug is of natural origin. A pleasant surprise was that, in addition to improving sleep, Novo-Passit helped to eliminate anxiety, some kind of nervousness, and alleviated the headaches caused by sitting at the computer."

Over-the-counter list

The pharmacy can offer a list of medications with sleeping pills, which can be purchased without a prescription:

  • herbal sedatives
  • homeopathic remedies
  • sleeping pills with melatonin,
  • histamine H1 receptor blockers (antihistamines),
  • combined preparations with phenobarbital.

Herbal remedies have a mild sedative and hypnotic effect. They are relatively safe with minimal side effects.

Homeopathic preparations in the composition have components of mineral and plant origin. Medicines are effective only after a course of treatment. These over-the-counter drugs are recommended in the treatment of insomnia.

Antihistamines have a hypnotic side effect. These include only histamine H1 receptor blockers.Self-treatment with antiallergic drugs can lead to poor health, as they have many side effects.

Combined drugs, which include phenobarbital, quickly relieve anxiety and help to fall asleep. However, with an overdose or prolonged use, this strong non-prescription sleeping pill has the opposite effect.

Important! Means with melatonin (sleep hormone) are effective for problems with falling asleep. Despite the fact that the medicine can be bought without a prescription, a doctor’s consultation before use is necessary, since the drugs have side effects.

Types of drugs

For the treatment of insomnia, there are several types of drugs of various pharmacological groups:

  • barbiturates
  • benzodiazepines,
  • z-preparations
  • antihistamines
  • Melatonin-based medicines.

To treat insomnia and eliminate anxiety, patients are prescribed benzodiazepines. In large doses at night, these drugs are quick-acting sleeping pills. In small doses, they have an anti-anxiety effect during the day.

Barbiturates inhibit the functions of the central nervous system. At a therapeutic dose, they quickly fall asleep. However, they have a number of negative actions:

  • addiction development
  • risk of overdose and poisoning,
  • fixative amnesia.

Important! Barbiturates and benzodiazepines are contraindicated in patients with respiratory failure and sleep apnea.

Nebenzodiazepines or z-drugs are a new generation of sedatives for treating insomnia. They have a number of advantages compared to barbiturates:

  • do not suppress the phase of deep sleep,
  • provide fast falling asleep,
  • lengthen the duration of sleep.

Long-term use of z-drugs is addictive. When canceled, daily anxiety occurs.

Antihistamines (antiallergic) drugs are not sleeping pills, but due to such a side effect as a sedative effect, they are prescribed for insomnia. However, the first generation antihistamines have a hypnotic effect (Diphenhydramine, Suprastin, Tavegil). May cause tachycardia, dry mucous membranes, increase airway obstruction.

Medications based on melatonin or the sleep hormone help normalize physiological sleep, eliminate nighttime spills, and help adapt when changing time zones. Overdose leads to headache, morning drowsiness, nausea.

Over-the-counter drugs for good sleep

It happens that sleep disturbance is a consequence of an existing or recent illness. In this case, sleeping pills are prescribed by a doctor as an element of complex therapy. It happens when people suffer from insomnia as a result of work characteristics. For example, with a regular night schedule, frequent flights by plane with a change of time zones. In all these cases, a good sleeping pill without prescriptions for sound sleep is actually relevant.

Persen - Forte

Combined preparation (lemon balm, mint, valerian).

The cost of packaging in 20 capsules is 350 rubles.

The drug has a mild sedative and hypnotic effect, insomnia is mentioned in the indications. It has a mild antispasmodic effect. Unlike Novo-Passita, it does not contain guaifensin, and unlike Corvalol, it does not have an intrusive smell.

Benefits: Persen's version of the "night" is specifically designed for night use. It helps to fall asleep well if insomnia is caused by nervous excitability, that is, an altered mood background.

Disadvantages: there is no liquid dosage form. Usually, the liquid form has the desired effect faster. The drug is not recommended for people with biliary tract diseases, as well as for children under 12 years old. With prolonged use, it can cause constipation.

From reviews of Persen: “It seems to me that only a course intake has a good effect, and a single dose does not improve sleep. But if you drink it at least for a week, your mood becomes even, and it becomes easier to fall asleep.”

In what cases are prescribed

Quick-acting drugs are prescribed for patients who have problems falling asleep (presomnia). The reasons for this condition may be:

  • pain,
  • itching
  • fear,
  • anxiety,
  • vivid emotional experiences
  • change of time zones.

Presomnia develops against the background of uncontrolled intake of sleeping pills and sedatives, as well as with alcohol and drug addiction. In each case, only the doctor decides which sleeping pill to quickly fall asleep to appoint the patient.


(herbal tea leaves for infusion in the form of filter bags)

The cost of packaging (20 filter bags) is 50 rubles.

Phytosedan is available in several varieties of collections (No. 2, No. 3), which differ in a slight change in the formulation. The basis of the composition is herbs: motherwort, thyme, oregano, clover and valerian. One packet is poured with boiling water, kept for 15 minutes, then drunk at night.

Benefits: it has a mild, natural effect, facilitates falling asleep, is able to eliminate spasms of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, is used in the treatment of vegetative - vascular dystonia


  • Not indicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • The infusion is prepared immediately before use, can be stored for no more than a day, it is better to use it in a warm form, which, unlike tablets, is more difficult.

From reviews of Fitosedan: "Herbs for 50 rubles turned out to be much more effective than a lot of expensive products. I bought it in a pharmacy and brewed it. It’s a little bit bitter, but it has a pleasant, calm smell. Already on the second day of use, I realized that it does its job perfectly: it does not cause bruising during the day, but sleep comes soft and easy. "

Strong over-the-counter insomnia relievers

The powerful effects on the symptoms of poor sleep are different drugs from different groups. And among the synthetic and in the list of natural medicines there are the most effective. The following are the names of sleeping pills that can be purchased without prescriptions:

  • Donormil is a medication of the ethanolamine group. Despite a number of negative “side effects,” the drug is still sold over-the-counter. The medicine was widely available due to its powerful effect on insomnia. It is worth consulting with doctors before fleeing to the pharmacy for this “salvation”.
  • Another thing is Glycine. Safe fast-acting remedy based on the secret of the human body. It is applied at any age. It is common in the complex treatment of people after a stroke.
  • Melaxen is the undisputed leader in various ratings. A hormonal drug based on the synthesized analogue of the hormone melatonin. Customer reviews are mostly positive. During treatment, overdoses are excluded.
  • A fairly “young” remedy is Dreamzzz. Its base is a mixture of natural components: gaba alishan, beaver stream, lofant and other plant concentrates. Recommended for use by children (from 2 years). It has beneficial effects on the central nervous system and many systems: somatic, autonomic, endocrine.
  • "Sonilyuks" in drops is a powerful sleeping pill. Despite the recent appearance on the market, it has already gained authority among users. The medicine includes extracts from medicinal plants. The structure of the composition and method of treatment is similar to "Dreamzzz".

Analyzing the above information, it is easy to determine and acquire a strong sleeping pill without prescriptions. If you are tormented by doubts about a particular drug, you should consult a specialist.

List of quick-acting sleeping pills without a prescription

There are many drugs to treat sleep disorders. With short-term insomnia, you can buy medicines without a prescription in a pharmacy. In more severe cases, a good quick prescription sleeping pill is indicated.

Non-prescription sleeping pills have fewer side effects and have a mild sedative effect. There are a number of such medications.


The active substance of Sondox is doxylamine succinate, the drug is an analogue of Donormilahas absolutely identical properties and mechanism of action. The price of the drug ranges from 100 to 200 rubles. for packing.

Dosage is selected individually, depending on the nature of insomnia and the characteristics of the body. Doctors recommend starting with half a tablet one hour before bedtime, the maximum dose is 2 tablets. The duration of sleep after taking Sondox is 7 hours. About the drug you can hear both positive and negative reviews.

Negative experience is most often due to the manifestation of side effects:


Cost No. 50 - 49 rubles.

Glycine is a simple amino acid, its role is to regulate inhibitory processes in the cerebral cortex. The action of glycine is complex and complex: it must be used not only for violations of falling asleep. To improve sleep, it is absorbed under the tongue, since absorption in the hyoid vessels prevents passage through the portal system of the liver, which accelerates the effect.

Benefits: since glycine (aminoacetic acid) is present in sufficient quantities in the human body, an overdose of glycine is hardly possible until serious complications are achieved. In addition, the drug has an anti-anxiety effect, simultaneously improves memory and memory processes. Used in therapy, neurology, widely prescribed for school children.

Disadvantages: the special hypnotic effect of glycine has not been separately studied. The effect of the drug is to restore the imbalance between mediators of the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system.

From reviews of Glycine: “I started using glycine on the advice of friends during the session, because I used to abuse coffee to memorize a large amount of information. Disruptions, memory impairment, irritability and poor sleep began. One week after starting glycine, I managed to get rid of all the unpleasant sensations. Improved sleep and memory. "

Light non-addictive drugs

Pharmacology provides a wide selection of sleeping pills available. They can be divided into light, medium and heavy. Such a gradation corresponds to the degree of exposure and a number of conditions: human health, age, periods of pregnancy or menopause. In most cases, drugs with a mild effect are required.


Refers to biogenic sleeping pills. It is a combined herbal remedy with sedative and hypnotic effect.


  • is an adaptogen, normalizes circadian rhythms,
  • contains only natural ingredients,
  • beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system,
  • relieves fatigue and irritability,
  • helps to fall asleep quickly,
  • does not affect concentration.


  • helps only after a course admission,
  • may cause allergic reactions.


  • individual intolerance,
  • children under 2 years old.

Price: from 1000 rub.

Reviews patients are mostly positive. Many note that drops improve the quality of sleep, help cope with irritability and stress.

Analogs: Alora, Novo-Passit, Persen.

On a natural basis

Herbal preparations have their advantages: the absence of side effects, are not addictive, the ability to combine the drug with other medicines. The drug form is very diverse: powders, capsules, alcohol tinctures, herbal preparations. Here are some examples of natural sleeping pills:

  • Valerian root. Used in the form of tablets, tinctures. It has a calming effect, it is used for vegetovascular dystonia, increased anxiety, and nervous disorders.
  • Chamomile flowers in packaged bags, or in the form of loose powder. From them you can prepare a good sleeping pill at home. It is used in the form of a tea drink, the dosage depends on the degree of anxiety of the patient.
  • "Tincture of motherwort" - a simple medicine, time-tested. Affects the process of falling asleep positively.

With combined composition

There are complex drug remedies. Their composition is a compilation of natural and synthetic elements. By force of influence, they surpass the previous view. Here is a sample list of over-the-counter sleeping pills:

  • "Corvalol" is an effective medication that is prescribed for neurotic conditions and irritability. It has a sedative effect, helps to fall asleep.
  • “Valocordin” - thanks to a special plant component and phenobarbital, it has a calming effect, relieves spasms, and helps to sleep.
  • “Dormiplant” - tablets, the prescription of which includes valerian rhizomes and lemon balm leaves. Levels emotional stress, normalizes sleep with prolonged use.
  • "Persen" is a herbal preparation, the recipe of which is similar to the previous sleeping pills. The main additional element is peppermint. It has a fairly quick effect without serious side effects.
  • Novo-Passit is a medicine containing many medicinal herbs. It is used for neurosis, depression, and disturbances in the cyclical nature of dream phases. Available in the form of tablets, syrup. A common medicine among "office" workers, as it is often prescribed for "manager's syndrome."

All natural remedies require regular use for a long time. If after a week there is no improvement, you need to change tactics.

Homeopathic medicine

The basis of homeopathic treatment is the theory of the "memory" of water. Any useful element that has got into the solution transfers certain “information” to the water component. And on the basis of a properly "charged" fluid, drugs are created for various diseases. It is worth noting that numerous studies of alternative medicine have not shown a therapeutic result. Most doctors consider such drugs a “placebo” - a pill. Despite this, homeopathy is quite common among people. These sleeping pills are dispensed in pharmacies without prescriptions. Here are some names:

  • Hypnosed in granules. In addition to insomnia, heals headaches, cramps.
  • "Koffeya" - sedative for adults based on coffee beans.
  • “Ignation” - helps with insomnia due to obsessive thoughts and trauma from the loss of a loved one.
  • Aconitum is a drug for children. It lulls and eliminates the fear of darkness.
  • "Nuksvomika" - a remedy for insomnia as a result of overeating, alcohol and nicotine addiction.

Preparations for children, the elderly, pregnant

Anesthetics for babies, the elderly and women “in position” should be characterized by increased safety. In this case, the principle: “Do no harm” is more relevant than ever. Ideally, it’s good to use natural products. During pregnancy, even the use of herbal infusions requires clarification by a gynecologist. For old people and adolescents, in addition to herbal remedies, Glycine is excellent. "Sanosan", "Bai-bai", "Tenoten" - a list of children's sleeping pills, non-addictive, over-the-counter.


Sonilux is an adaptogen with sedative and hypnotic effects. Assign for insomnia associated with psycho-emotional stress.


  • helps to fall asleep
  • restores the phases of sleep,
  • normalizes the activity of the nervous and cardiovascular system,
  • restores performance
  • not addictive
  • does not affect memory and concentration.


  • may cause allergic reactions,
  • may worsen with exacerbation of chronic diseases.


  • hypersensitivity to the components,
  • children under 2 years old.

Price: from 1000 rub.

Patients share mostly good reviews about the drug as a sleeping pill. A positive effect on the emotional state is noted.

Analogs: Dreamzzz, sedative herbal remedies.


Even if the medicine is sold without a prescription, it is worthwhile to be safe again and study the list of side effects and contraindications. Long-term use of a sedative has a hypnotic effect and can lead to dependence with all the ensuing "bonuses" in the form of "breaking", poor health and other unpleasant phenomena.

It happens that insomnia is caused by a serious illness. If you ignore this fact and self-medicate, the patient may overtake a worsening of the pathology, up to the fatal ending.


Barbiturates are powerful prescription sleeping pills. These are derivatives of barbituric acid, which suppress the functions of the central nervous system. The doctor selects the dosage individually, since an overdose is often possible, which leads to respiratory depression. They cause drug dependence.


Tetraligen is a neuroleptic drug (has moderate antipsychotic activity), contains alimemazine, which affects different groups of receptors (dopamine, adrenaline) in the brain.

The drug has a wide range of pharmacological actions - sedative, antiallergic and antitussive. Teraligen is used for lack of sleep, to normalize the mental state and eliminate insomnia in neurosis.

During the treatment period, it is recommended to exclude the use of alcoholic beverages, and with long-term use every 2-3 months, conduct a blood test to monitor the liver.


The drug is prescribed in most cases in neuropsychiatric dispensaries with difficulty falling asleep. The active substance of sleeping pills is amobarbital.


  • leads to fast falling asleep,
  • has an anticonvulsant effect,
  • It has a pronounced calming effect.


  • causes a violation of coordination of movements,
  • provokes dizziness and headache,
  • cancellation can have nightmares and depression,
  • may cause nausea and vomiting,
  • requires dosage adjustment,
  • has toxic effects on the liver and kidneys,
  • used with caution in case of respiratory diseases.


  • hypersensitivity
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • insufficiency of the liver and kidneys,
  • porphyria
  • myasthenia gravis.

Price: from 300 rub.

Patients celebrate quick effect of the drug with a minimum dosage. However, after prolonged use of Barbamil, people experience sleep disturbances.

Analogs: Estimal, Belsomra, Barbafen.

What you need to know:

The above list of the best insomnia remedies that you can buy without a prescription is far from complete. Everyone can add new tools, or swap them, since the effectiveness of the drug is largely due to the individual reaction.

Many "doubles" are not listed. So, the drug "Dormiplant”Just as the described“ Persen ”contains lemon balm, mint and valerian. Homeopathic remedies are not described, since they do not have a definable effective dose, and cannot be considered from the point of view of evidence-based medicine.

In conclusion, you need to pay attention to situations in which insomnia becomes a symptom of dangerous diseases. So, insomnia may indicate the following health disorders:

  • hyperthyroidism. There is a low-grade fever, weight loss, short temper and irritability,
  • stress, the appearance of depression. Such insomnia can be persistent and chronic,
  • sleepy sleep apnea
  • Parkinson's disease,
  • cerebrovascular disease, the effects of strokes, dementia.

If it was not possible to stop the unpleasant symptoms of sleep disturbance for several days, then you should not look for more potent drugs, but you should definitely consult a doctor.

Expensive and cheap drugs

Pharmacology is a profitable business whose task is to sell. Therefore, not always the most expensive medicine is more effective than cheap. At the same time, inexpensive herbal remedies are not very strong.

In terms of price - quality, according to numerous reviews, the following sleeping pills “won”: “Melaxen”, “Novo-Passit”, “Glycine”, “Persen”.


Refers to antiepileptic and hypnotics. Refers to long-acting barbiturates. It is used for difficulty falling asleep and sleep disturbances. In small doses, it has a hypnotic effect. In case of an overdose, respiratory depression and cardiac activity are depressed.


  • fast acting
  • relieves anxiety and fear
  • has a powerful sedative effect.


  • causes allergies
  • with prolonged use inhibits the activity of the central nervous system,
  • there are many side effects from the blood-forming organs,
  • leads to impotence,
  • provokes bradycardia.


  • porphyria
  • drug and alcohol addiction,
  • damage to the liver and kidneys,
  • myasthenia gravis
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation.

Price: from 280 rub.

Doctors respond well to the medicine, but do not recommend taking it for more than 10 days due to the rapid development of drug dependence.

Analogs: Barboval, Corvalol, Bellataminal.


The active substance "Andante" is zaleplon, it is prescribed as a sleeping pill for episodic insomnia and problems with falling asleep. It is produced in the form of capsules with a dosage of 5 mg and 10 mg. The price per pack of 7 capsules of 5 mg averages 200 rubles.

The dosage of "Andante" is selected individually by the doctor. The standard dosage regimen is 5 mg per day, with at least 2 hours after the last meal.

The drug is rapidly absorbed, reduces the time to fall asleep, and also prevents night and early awakenings. "Andante" is not recommended for more than two weeks to avoid addiction.


Benzodiazepine sleeping pills belong to the class of psychoactive substances. They have sleeping pills, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant effects. The most powerful drugs with prolonged action. Their half-life can be up to 240 hours. Despite the fact that long-acting sleeping pills are less likely to exhibit a “rebound” effect after withdrawal, there is a risk of intoxication when they are taken.


Ivadal (zolpidem tartrate) is a sleeping pill, produced in the form of tablets in packs of 7, 10, 20 pieces. The price of the drug is from 2000 rubles. This sleeping pill is prescribed in case of problems with falling asleep, as well as with early and frequent night awakenings. Scheme of admission - 1 tablet per day, immediately before bedtime.

Patients note the effectiveness of the drug, even with a single use. With strict adherence to the instructions is not addictive.

Alcohol compatibility

Only a good “snack” is compatible with alcohol. If moderate alcohol consumption occurs, sleep disturbances disappear after a long “timeout” and a healthy regimen. If a drinker has an alcoholic binge (this problem does not disappear with a wave of a magic wand), coupled with insomnia, you can try to be treated with herbal or homeopathic medicines. It certainly won’t be worse.


Refers to benzodiazepines with an average duration of action. Used for short-term treatment of insomnia.


  • speeds up the process of falling asleep,
  • eliminates anxiety and phobias,
  • prolongs sleep time
  • indicated for alcohol withdrawal.


  • has a residual effect in the morning,
  • addiction development
  • disturb attention span,
  • older people have a risk of intoxication,
  • prolonged use leads to the opposite effect.


  • myasthenia gravis
  • shock conditions
  • glaucoma,
  • respiratory failure, sleep apnea,
  • children under 18 years old
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines.

Price: from 100 rub.

Doctors respond well to the medicine, but do not recommend insomnia as a long-term treatment.

Analogs: Estazolam, clonazepam, lorazepam.


Imovan is a sleeping pill from the group of cyclopyrrolones, its active substance is zopiclone. It has a sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, tranquilizing and muscle relaxant effect. The average cost of packaging a drug is 300 rubles.

Imovan is absorbed into the blood in a short time, shortens the period of falling asleep, and ensures a long sleep without awakening. The duration of the course is selected individually, depending on the type of insomnia and the age of the patient. Route of administration: 1 tablet before bedtime.

Many patients who took "Imovan" in their reviews note that the drug really allows you to cope with insomnia, but often such side symptoms as nausea, drowsiness, and an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth are manifested.

The danger of addiction: how to avoid it

So that sleeping pills do not become a real "poison" and are not addictive, you must adhere to several rules:

  • Buy sleeping pills only if home remedies do not help: cooked warm bath, milk with honey, evening walks.
  • Use the medicine should not exceed the period specified in the instructions, after which you need to change it.
  • If “unhealthy” symptoms appear during the use of the drug, it is necessary, without delay, to visit a doctor.
  • during treatment, try to avoid alcohol, taking additional medications.

A debugged sleep regimen will enhance the positive result of treatment: waking up in the morning and going to bed at the same time.

Chloral Hydrate

Chloral hydrate is a sedative, hypnotic, analgesic and anticonvulsant. Under the influence of this drug, a person easily falls asleep and sleeps in a long, deep sleep.

"Chloral hydrate" is recommended to be taken orally with enveloping agents, since it has a strong irritating effect on the gastric mucosa. It has a lot of contraindications, quickly causes addiction.


Drops based on natural ingredients contribute to fast falling asleep and deep full sleep.


  • positively affects the state of the autonomic and central nervous system,
  • shown to children from two years.


  • weak sleeping pills,
  • cost
  • allergic reactions.

Contraindications individual intolerance, hypotension, and allergy to the components of the drug include.

Patients respond positively to sleeping pills, but note that the medicine helps only after a course of treatment. Of the negative reviews there are low efficiency and high cost.

Price DreamZzz from 900 to 1100 rubles.

Structural analogues not. The medicine can be replaced with other herbal remedies: Novo-Passit, Alora, Fitosed.


Benzodiazepines of medium duration. Inhibits the action of the central nervous system. They are used to treat insomnia, epilepsy, psychopathy, and alcohol withdrawal.


  • makes it possible to quickly fall asleep,
  • prolongs sleep time
  • reduces emotional stress and fear,
  • exhibits an anticonvulsant effect.


  • reduces cognitive function,
  • causes a violation of coordination,
  • provokes dyspeptic disorders,
  • prolonged use leads to drug dependence,
  • after a sharp cancellation, a “rebound” effect is possible.


  • acute respiratory failure
  • myasthenia gravis
  • glaucoma,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • impaired liver and kidney function.

Price: from 100 rub.

Doctors recommend the drug as a hypnotic for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Patients note bruising the next morning after administration and the development of side effects after 14 days of use.

Analogs: Alprozolam, lorazepam, Temazepam.


Good sleep is a natural need of a person along with food, water and air. If a failure occurs during the night's rest, this is a signal to reconsider your own lifestyle. By sacrificing sleep in favor of work or entertainment, a person risks losing something more that you can’t buy for any money.


"Rohypnol" - a powerful sleeping pill, sold in the form of tablets and injections. Its main active substance is flunitrazepam. In case of insomnia, doctors prescribe 1 tablet of “Rogipnol” before bedtime. The drug begins to act half an hour after administration.

The maximum duration of therapy is 3 weeks, with longer use it is addictive.


Z-drugs are new hypnotics of non-benzodiazepine agonists of benzodiazepine receptors. Relate to strong sleeping pills. The name of the Z-group came from the names of common drugs: Zopiclone, Zolpidem, Zaleplon.

Important! The drugs do not disturb breathing, therefore, they can be used for night apnea. They have a minimal risk of side effects, less likely to cause dependence and the consequences of use the next morning.


Corvaltab is a sedative drug based on phenobarbital, ethyl ester of alpha-bromisovalerianic acid and peppermint oil, which is prescribed for insomnia, hypertension, neurosis, tachycardia, and vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Like Valocordin, Corvaltab has a sedative effect for 5-7 minutes, and after 10-15 minutes it provides good sleep (when taking 3 tablets at the same time). Since the drug is symptomatic and does not cure the cause of sleep disorders, frequent use of Corvaltab to prevent addiction is not recommended.

Corvaltab is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, arterial hypotension, impaired kidney and liver function, severe heart failure, pregnancy and lactation.

Herbal preparations

Soothing and sleeping pills OTC drugs for sound sleep, produced from plant extracts, are considered harmless to the human body, the list of such funds is quite large. They have a mild sedative effect, have a minimum number of contraindications, are not addictive, their intake is not accompanied by the development of side effects.


The remedy for insomnia contains the active substance zolpidem. It has a slight anticonvulsant, anxiolytic effect.


  • reduces time to fall asleep,
  • improves sleep quality
  • does not cause daytime sleepiness,
  • quickly begins to act.


  • sometimes causes dyspeptic disorders,
  • may cause allergies
  • with prolonged use or exceeding the dosage, there is a dependence,
  • the risk of suicidal mood in people with depression increases.


  • hypersensitivity
  • depression,
  • liver and kidney failure,
  • myasthenia gravis
  • alcoholism,
  • children under 15 years old.

Price: from 1600 rub.

Patients respond well to the medicine. It is noted for its quick action and the absence of a feeling of weakness and drowsiness in the morning.

Analogs: Hypnogen, Zopiclone, Nitrest.

Peony tincture

Evasive peony tincture - contains root, peony leaves and ethyl alcohol. Tincture is prescribed for somatoform dysfunction of the nervous system, neurasthenia and sleep disorders.

The therapeutic effect of tincture is to normalize the emotional background and biological rhythms. The drug for treating sleep disorders reduces the time to fall asleep, increases resistance to stress and helps to quickly get rid of insomnia.

Side effects of the drug are a decrease in pressure, an increase in blood viscosity and the appearance of heartburn as a result of increased acidity of the stomach.

Tincture should be taken taking into account the appearance of a hypnotic effect, occurring after 1-1.5 hours and acting for 3-4 hours, not more than two weeks, and then take a break for 2-3 months.


A plant-based alcohol tincture has a sedative effect.


  • helps adapt the body to mental and physical stress,
  • eliminates anxiety,
  • exhibits anxiolytic effect.


  • may cause allergic reactions,
  • contains alcohol
  • reduces concentration.

It has contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • age to 18 years
  • autoimmune diseases
  • collagenoses
  • immunodeficiency,
  • epilepsy,
  • head injuries.

The medicine has good responses. The negative reaction of patients is associated with the development of apathy, fatigue. Price from 115 p. Analogs: Sedavit, Calm, Persen, Dormikind.


Novo-Passit is a sedative consisting of extracts of such medicinal plants:

Sold in the form of a solution and tablets. The average cost for a package of 10 tablets is 170 rubles, for the same amount you can buy 100 ml of syrup.

With a mild form of insomnia, the drug is taken 3 times a day, 1 tablet, or 5 ml each.

Evening dragee

The evening dragee contains a powder of valerian roots, peppermint leaves and hop haplops, and is used for nervous agitation and the effects of sleep deficiency.

Dragee has a sedative and hypnotic effect, normalizes the cardiovascular system, moderately reduces blood pressure, and also quenches the pain caused by neuralgia and migraine.

The natural composition of the drug provides a full sleep without consequences. Contraindications to the use of the drug is individual intolerance.


Lotusonica is a herbal preparation with a natural composition (lotus seed powder, yam root, arborvitae extract, Chinese dates and mulberry leaves). Indications for the appointment of Lotusonica are neurasthenia, insomnia, overwork, irritability.

Lotuson has a broad pharmacological effect: not only normalizes sleep, but also reduces pressure, strengthens the immune system and improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Use Lotusonica for insomnia is necessary in the evening for 30 days. The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding and with individual sensitivity to the components.

Persen Forte

Persen-Forte is a sedative and antispasmodic drug, sold in the form of tablets and capsules.

It includes extracts of medicinal plants:

One of the main indications for taking Persena Forte is insomnia. Due to the significant content of valerian rhizome extract, taking the drug can reduce the time to fall asleep, improve sleep quality, and provide good rest. The average cost of packing a drug from 10 capsules is 190 rubles, 40 tablets is 300 rubles.


Morpheus is a spray with extracts of the fruits of hawthorn, peony, motherwort, oregano, peppermint and other medicinal herbs.

Indications for use of the spray are insomnia of various origins, increased psychological stress, neurotic conditions, vegetative-vascular dystonia, restless legs syndrome.

The drug helps to restore full sleep, reduces the number of awakenings at night, eliminates morning drowsiness, improves performance. The course of treatment should be no more than a month. The spray is sprayed under the tongue (3-5 clicks), while the effect manifests itself in 20-30 minutes.


Carotid is a dietary supplement in tablets with a herbal composition (motherwort, hop cones, cinnamon, chamomile, lemon balm), which has a calming, antispasmodic, analgesic and hypnotic effect.

The use of Sleepy pills helps to normalize circadian rhythms, improves falling asleep, provides normal sleep, while reducing daytime drowsiness and weakness after waking up.

Contraindications to the use of the drug are allergies to components, pregnancy, breastfeeding and diabetes (sugar contains in the composition).

Alcohol + Barbiturates

Ethyl alcohol enhances the toxicity of barbiturates, enhances their effect, reduces the adequate response and leads to increased CNS depression.

In people with respiratory failure, the combined use of ethyl alcohol and barbiturates can lead to inhibition of the respiratory center.

In people with alcohol dependence, treatment with barbiturates leads to rapid drug dependence.

Sleep formula

The sleep formula is tablets, which include medicinal plants (extracts of hops, motherwort, esholtzia), as well as magnesium and B vitamins (thiamine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin).

The action of the drug is cumulative and consists in normalizing the nervous system, reducing anxiety and anxiety, rapid onset and improving sleep quality with mild forms of insomnia.

The drug is also available in capsules "Strengthened formula with vegetable melatonin," in the form of a colloidal solution and syrup for children.


"Restox" is a preparation based on plant extracts (agave, aralia, eleutherococcus, marshmallow), the combination of which provides not only a quiet, sound sleep without awakening, but also eliminates the causes of snoring. The product is available in liquid form, dosage schedule: 15 drops / 3 times a day before meals. The cost of the drug is 1000 rubles. Sold only on the manufacturer’s website.

Patients in the reviews note the cumulative effect of the drugThe first improvements usually begin to be observed 7 days after the start of administration.

Alcohol + Benzodiazepines

Only under the supervision of a doctor, benzodiazepine-type drugs are prescribed for alcohol withdrawal as a sedative. Medications facilitate the detoxification process.

The combination of benzodiazepines and alcoholic beverages leads to severe intoxication. In humans, CNS functions are impaired, the respiratory center is inhibited.

If you do not wake up the victim and do not provide first aid, he may die from respiratory arrest.


Normoxan is a natural sleeping pill based on medicinal plants (Scutellaria baicalensis, pharmacy valerian, passiflora) and amino acids (L-thianine, 5-hydroxytryptophan), which affect brain neurons and enhance the effect of the treatment complex.

Normoxan can be used for difficulties with falling asleep, frequent waking up, feeling sleepy during the day, increased anxiety and irritability, stress. The drug not only provides a full sleep, but also improves mood due to the content of amino acids in the composition.


It has two active components - diazepam and cyclobarbital.


  • has a pronounced hypnotic effect,
  • eliminates muscle tension and anxiety,
  • exhibits muscle relaxant effect.


  • the appearance of weakness, tremors,
  • daytime sleepiness
  • with prolonged use, dependency formation is possible.

It has contraindications:

  • intolerance to components
  • myasthenia gravis
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • hypercapnia
  • suicidal tendency
  • children and old age.

Patients well respond about the drug. Negative reviews are associated with side effects against the background of prolonged use: dependence, withdrawal syndrome, hallucinations.

Average price: 560 rub

Analogs: Relanium, Seduxen, Sibazon.

Alcohol and H1-histamine receptor antagonists

Ethyl alcohol reduces the sedative effect of antihistamines and increases the risk of side effects. In this case, a person cannot fall asleep due to increased heart rate, anxiety, dry mouth.

To sleep, the patient has to increase the dosage. As a result, this leads to drug addiction.


Nervonorm is a dietary supplement in the form of tablets containing five soothing herbs: lemon balm, valerian, motherwort, hops and hawthorn.

Using Nervonorm makes it possible to adjust the duration of sleep, helps to fall asleep quickly, eliminate acute reactions to stressful situations. Also, the additive helps to reduce the lipid profile of the blood and has a general strengthening and analgesic effect.

The tool has no contraindications (except for allergies to components) and is not addictive. The cumulative effect of the tablets appears after 2-3 weeks. Nervonorm should be taken 2 times a day for 1 tablet, and at high levels of stress (for example, during exams) 3 times a day.

Corvalol (Valocordin)

Corvalol is a medicine whose main components are peppermint oil and phenobarbital. The identical composition is possessed by Valocordin. The drugs have a pronounced sedative effect, therefore, contribute to the relaxation of the body and faster falling asleep.

In case of insomnia, doctors recommend taking 1 tablet or 25 drops of Corvalol or Valocordin (dissolved in 50 ml of water) before going to bed, in a situation of severe stress it is allowed to take the drug up to 3 times a day.

Persen night

Nocturnal Presen is a drug complex of valerian rhizomes, melissa and mint leaves in the form of capsules, which has a calming and antispasmodic effect. The drug has a quick effect and eliminates insomnia caused by stress or increased emotional excitability.

Capsules are taken in the evening for 1-2 pcs. The optimal duration of treatment is up to a month. You should not use the product for longer than 1.5-2 months without interruption, since the effectiveness of Persen decreases due to addiction to plant components.

It is not recommended to use the drug for diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract, arterial hypotension, pregnancy, lactation, under the age of 12 years and in case of an allergic reaction.


"Barboval" is a complex agent that includes a number of components (ethyl alcohol a-bromisovalerianic acid, validol, phenobarbital, ethanol). It is produced in the form of drops and tablets, the cost of the drug is quite low - from 50 rubles.

"Barboval" is prescribed as a sedative and antispasmodicIt is effective in the treatment of neurosis, nervous disorders and insomnia. In the latter case, it is recommended to take the medicine 10-15 drops three times a day before meals.

Side effects

Prolonged use or an overdose of drugs for insomnia can lead to the manifestation of a number of negative consequences:

  • less deep and slow breathing (dangerous for bronchial asthma and other pulmonary diseases),
  • complications of liver diseases (especially when taking medications with valerian in the composition),
  • hypotension,
  • nausea, heartburn, poor digestion (constipation, diarrhea),
  • dizziness, impaired sense of balance,
  • drowsiness in the morning after waking up,
  • decreased mental performance, attention and memory,
  • lethargy and feeling of overwork,
  • addiction and a decrease in the pharmacological effect (especially in old age),
  • recoil syndrome after discontinuation of drugs (superficial sleep, nightmares, deterioration of well-being),
  • allergic reaction (chest pain, difficulty swallowing, hives, hoarseness, nausea, tachycardia, swelling of the eyelids, lips or nose).

You must follow the general rules for taking sleeping pills:

  • Take the medicine no more than 1 time in 3-5 days, and with daily use no more than 2 weeks.
  • To study the interaction of drugs taken at the same time. In some cases, combinations of drugs enhance sedation, cause bleeding, and lower blood pressure to critical levels.
  • Exclude the use of alcohol, antihistamines and painkillers.


An antihistamine that has a sedative and hypnotic effect. Blocks histamine H1receptors. It has a moderate local anesthetic activity.


  • relieves nervous tension
  • helps to fall asleep.


  • causes dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • provokes visual impairment,
  • provokes urinary retention.

Contraindicated in:

  • epilepsy
  • hypotension
  • asthma
  • prostate adenoma
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Among the negative responses are: decreased attention span, inefficiency, daytime sleepiness, headaches.

Price an average of 25 rubles.

Analogs: Benadryl, Clemastine.

The dangerous effects of an overdose

An overdose of potent sleeping pills often leads to inhibition of the central nervous system. Inhibition occurs in a person, the pulse slows down, breathing is disturbed. Inhibition of the centers of the medulla oblongata leads to a coma and death due to respiratory arrest and heart failure.

Side effects

The interaction of alcoholic beverages and sleeping pills causes side effects. A prolonged stay in the same position during sleep can cause positional squeezing of the limbs. Violation of blood flow in the limbs leads to renal failure due to the accumulation of decomposition products in the muscles. In severe cases, due to necrotic changes, the limb is amputated to the victim.

Other side effects include retrograde amnesia, digestive disorders, drug dependence. In this regard, it is necessary to avoid the use of alcohol-containing drinks during the treatment of insomnia.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies for insomnia are distinguished by a gentle effect on the body, their intake is not accompanied by the development of unpleasant side effects.

Homeopaths believe that each remedy should be selected on an individual basis, depending on the nature of the disorders and their root cause, the characteristics of the nervous system and the general health of the patient.

List of over-the-counter homeopathic sleeping pills for sound sleep, over-the-counter, totals several tens names, the most popular of them:

  • “Koffeya” - is applied during overexcitation,
  • “Ignation” - helps with sleep problems that arise against the background of strong emotions,
  • Argentum Nitricum is indicated for improving sleep before exciting events,
  • Sulfur is recommended for people who suffer from frequent awakenings due to a light sleep,
  • Likopodium is designed for people who suffer from early awakenings.

Sleeping pills for children

In case of serious disorders of the nervous system in a child, a doctor may prescribe medications that have sleeping pills.

Over-the-counter sleeping pills for sound sleep include drugs for adults, for children, and for pregnant women.

In childhood, only herbal sedatives are possible, these include:

  • infusion of valerian,
  • "Persen" (from 3 years old),
  • "Dormiplant" (from 6 years old),
  • syrup "Alora" (from 3 years old),
  • Novo-Passit (from 12 years old).

How to take, so as not to get used to

Despite the fact that in modern pharmacies there are a lot of sleeping pills available, they should be treated with extreme caution.

In order to avoid getting used to such tools, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • carefully study the proposed instructions,
  • strictly observe the dosage indicated in the instructions,
  • Do not exceed the maximum allowable duration of the drug.

Who should not take sleeping pills

Almost all sleeping pills (especially synthetic and combined) have contraindications.

Such drugs can not be taken:

  • children (the instructions for each tool indicate the age at which admission is allowed),
  • women during pregnancy
  • women during lactation,
  • with renal and hepatic diseases,
  • in combination with alcoholic beverages,
  • with individual intolerance to the components.

The list of sleeping pills without prescriptions for good sleep is quite large, therefore, despite all the possible contraindications, in each particular case it is possible to choose an effective remedy.

It is important to know that insomnia can be a symptom of serious illness (hyperthyroidism, sleepy apnea, Parkinson's disease, chronic depression, etc.). If taking light sleeping pills does not help, you should seek help from a doctor.

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