Love conspiracies on a red candle

It is important to know that a love conspiracy must be read on a candle with faith in the heart, and then any planned action will be completed and will bring only a positive result. The conspiracy stands out for its magical and even mystical effects, especially when the church fire is burning, which personifies the strength and power of intentions. It is important to remember that this ritual is very serious, therefore it is impossible to carry out it without preparing in advance and without thinking through all the smallest details. A conspiracy on a red candle, especially if it is pre-consecrated with water, will come true many times faster than a classic ritual with ordinary candles, even purchased in a temple.

A plot to enhance love

If a girl begins to notice that her lover is a little cool in her feelings, she must, with the help of the Almighty, kindle the fire of love. It will be a kind of prayer that will turn into an effective amulet of relations.

You need to light a church candle and read:

Ceremony for weight loss

The most effective method to lose a dozen extra pounds is to drink a glass of sacred water every night for 31 days, having previously spoken it in front of a burning candle. Slimming candle conspiracies need to be read on an empty stomach.

Weight loss will come if after drinking water do not eat anything until the morning. The candle must burn itself, it is forbidden to extinguish it.

A ritual for acquiring a successful home

The effective power of fire helps in buying a home. Finding decent apartments often becomes an impossible task, especially for people on a budget. Here a candle, white paper or shawl, church candles should come to the rescue. The main thing is to experience a sense of duty to the family and ask for forgiveness from the brownie in advance for moving. Few people think that because of his disagreement with the move, the opening of new doors does not occur. The same plot will help accelerate the sale of housing.

In this ritual, you do not need to wait for the remains of the church candle to burn out, they are simply wrapped in white cloth or a napkin. It must be carried with you until the signing of the contract for the purchase of new real estate.

Conspiracy for Pregnancy

If it is extremely difficult for a woman to conceive a child and pregnancy does not occur, and she burns out from her loneliness, an urgent need to conspire. It will help to carry out the return of forces that will contribute to the conception of the fetus. This conspiracy is effective, very powerful, works at lightning speed.

24 hours before its commission, a woman goes to the temple, reads the main prayers of all believers and buys 12 candles. After 12 nights, full-length mirrors are placed in the room so that they reflect the moonlight from the window. Burning candles are placed around, the womb is exposed and palms are applied to it. The woman strictly looks in the mirror and says the conspiracy to the candle:

“The moon is growing, it will bring me an heir. Quickly rounds, my body changes. Amen".

Words are read 12 times, after the fire should go out by itself.

The ritual of material well-being

A conspiracy for money with a church candle should be carried out during the first full moon of the year that has just arrived. At this time, it will become the most effective. In order for the money conspiracy to work and become effective, you need to take:

  • a flap of black matter, it is desirable that it be natural,
  • 12 consecrated candles
  • chalk of red or green color,
  • the icon of the Trinity,
  • black or red candles.

A conspiracy for good money on a red candle will become more effective if a person experiences passion and love at the sight of money. If money is associated with calm and harmony, it is more rational to use a green candle.

At 12 at night, when the full moon can clearly be seen outside the window, one can carry out such a strong conspiracy to attract income. Black matter spreads on the floor. Around the clock, 40 candles are placed. The cross of the Force is drawn in the center of the circle. The icon is placed face down in the center of the cross. And then a black candle is placed on the icon. Then the person gets into a circle, lights candles one by one. The main thing is to light the black or red candle first.

A conspiracy on a money candle, which will be the one that is located in the center, is read with a full wallet. You need to put the biggest bills in the house there. A conspiracy rite of 40 candles for money is:

It is forbidden to leave the circle until the fire of the last candle goes out. All the cinders are going to the icon, after which it is better to bury it on church ground. If the search for such a place takes a lot of time, you can bury the icon at the intersection. If the chief performs the ceremony, he will soon find new employees who will increase his income. The black candle conspiracy must be read with faith in the realization of good intentions.

Money conspiracy with a green candle

The green candle will not only help strengthen your financial situation, but also help you survive separation. If the heart of the offender is engaged in love affairs, there can be no question of strengthening the financial side. Numerous energy losses prevent cash flow into the home. The intertwined energies of love and money need to be cleaned, and a green candle will help. A love and money ritual is held 12 days in a row.

You need to start during the growing moon, every day by waxing the desired amount of money that I would like to receive. A green candle can be purchased at any store; it does not have to be a church candle.

You need to read these words:

This conspiracy involves finding a good guy who can increase his girlfriend's income and help her financially. It is advisable to read it at night, candles should burn out every time.

A conspiracy for money on a green candle is very effective if all its conditions are correctly fulfilled. Strong conspiracies on a candle for money should be read with faith in the soul that the financial situation will improve. After that, the money will flow. A strong conspiracy to attract money should be read on a green candle for 12 days in a row, without pauses, then the result will not be long in coming.

Red candle magic

Wax candle rituals have always been considered very powerful and effective love spells. The magical combination of witching red energy and fire has an extremely powerful effect. Red color symbolizes love and passion. A wax candle represents the fiery element and the internal energy of a person. Both attributes activate the activity of bright spirits, which direct positive energy to the desired area, impregnating everything with love.

Magical rituals using a red candle can be two species:

  • With one candle - the effect of such conspiracies is aimed at attracting the attention of a particular person, as well as love in general,
  • With two candles - such rituals are performed to restore cooled feelings.

If you can find a red wax candle in the shape of a heart, be sure to use it in a love plot. This symbolic attribute helps to attract a certain romantic energy, because when you look at a candle of this shape in the subconscious mind, an image of a happy couple in love involuntarily arises.

Preparing to read conspiracies

Red candle conspiracies do not present any particular difficulties, but their implementation requires some preparation. Preparatory actions before the ceremony are divided into three stages.

First stage preparing for the red candle conspiracy includes the following steps:

  • Wet cleaning of the room in which the love ritual will be held,
  • A relaxing warm bath with aromatic oils. Foam and other soap lotions should not be used,
  • Purification of consciousness through a yoga session or light exercise.

Second phase preparation for the ritual includes the following aspects:

  • Preparation of additional attributes needed for this particular plot. For example, in rituals to attract love often use red fabric of natural origin,
  • Items that in our society symbolize love or mean something to the performer of the ritual also have a strong influence on the effectiveness of the conspiracy. You can bring roses, chocolate, cards or rings to the room,
  • The clothes in which the performer will perform the ritual must be new. It’s not necessary to buy an expensive suit in a fashion boutique. The main thing is that the outfit should be of a decent appearance and before reading the conspiracy it should not be worn more often two or three times. Avoid casual wear or tracksuits. Choose a toilet in which it would not be embarrassing to appear in a theater or at a business meeting.

Third stage includes the latest, so-called cosmetic preparations. The room is cleared, all the attributes are in place, the formal attire is prepared, and the text of the spell is learned by heart. Now it's up to the small thing - to conduct the ritual itself.

To repay a debt

A powerful conspiracy to repay debt will be the most effective solution to all monetary problems. Initially, you do not need to give money in debt - it is the energy of a person that he gives to the poor. The Almighty said that people should help those in need. But they had to give money just like that, and not in debt.

To return the desired amount will help a conspiracy to repay debt on a candle. You can use both church and green wax candles. It works well to attract money.

This conspiracy, which is carried out at home, also helps to get rid of "friends" who borrow and do not give money.

The green candle plot is read three or five times. The main thing is to read the words, believe in luck and mentally imagine the amount of money that you need to get from the debtor.

Also, a candle can be enriched with essential oils that a person likes and makes him feel financially stable and well-being. Such an aroma will remove the negative, cleanse the chakras of love and money. If you sprinkle salt on the fire during the burning of a green candle, it will purify the space from evil spirits and black energy, which does not allow a person to get rich. The plot is the strongest on the green candle, so it should always be in the house.

Love conspiracies on a red candle

Wax candles have always been considered quite effective attributes of love rituals. Of course, this is not the only aspect of their application. Whatever task a person may encounter, in the book of spells of an experienced witch there will certainly be a special candle plot to solve the problem.

For universal love plot on a red candle it is necessary to wait for the phase of the growing moon, prepare a clean white sheet of paper and write on it the name of the chosen one. After that, set fire to the edge of the paper and, while it burns, say the text of the previously learned spell.

The universal red candle plot is:

Love me as a servant of God (your name) for who I am - my eyes are clear, my curls are silky, my face is flexible, my face is white. May you not oppose my will and your fate, to stand before the altar together and be always together. My love is strong, blinded by flame, branded in the heart and wrapped in red. I cherish and cherish a strong feeling, incomparable with anything, and there is no desire more than to draw back to myself and tightly attach it. Heart to heart, feeling for feeling, as a single whole, slaves and a slave of God let them burn in the source of passion. I conjure for tenderness, I speak for fidelity, I condemn for happiness. Love is hot and clear, pure and kind, forever and ever (call the names of the performer and her chosen one). My words - to the beloved in the ears and in the heart of the most. May it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen.

When the paper burns out, collect the ash and throw it out of the open window. The red candle should also burn out to the very end. Try to ensure that during the performance of the ritual there are no drafts, because a prematurely extinguished candle will mean failure, and it will be possible to repeat the rite again only after a month.

Rules for conducting rituals by candlelight

When conspiring for love, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Strictly observe the time of the ritual, if indicated. When it is said “in the full moon”, then it should be done in the full moon.
  2. In addition to candles, the room should no longer have light sources.
  3. Take care that no one is around, and the family could not interfere with the conspiracy.
  4. Any doubt destroys the magic of love spell. The operator must believe in the effectiveness of the ritual.
  5. It is impossible to report that a ritual is planned with which a love spell will be made.
  6. Never attempt to bewitch a victim only out of curiosity, revenge, or anger.

The only reason for the love spell should be a hopeless situation when it comes not only to the operator, but also to other people. This may somehow justify the forcibly made binding that united two people who were not destined for each other by fate.

To attract love

To carry out a conspiracy to attract love, you need to wait for the dark time of the day. On a red wax candle, write the name of a lover with a needle. After that, light it with matches, you cannot use the lighter. Looking at the slowly burning flame of a candle, whisper the text of a love spell in a whisper.

The conspiracy to attract love has the following text:

Aki, let this flame burn brightly - so let the fire burn in the heart of the servant of God (name of the beloved), let it burn, his feelings will awaken. Light the passion in the heart of the servant of God (name of the beloved) for me to break out - as they say, so be it. Amen. Amen. Amen.

After these words, wait until the candle burns out. Do not blow it ahead of time and try to avoid drafts in the room. If the candle goes out, then the ritual did not work, and it will be possible to repeat it only after a month. When the candle burns to a cinder, you can go to sleep. Take the rest of the candles, wrap them in a handkerchief and hide the package under the pillow.

Waking up in the morning, go outside and bury the remains of the witching attribute in the backyard. During this process, in a whisper, repeat the special, previously learned, words that should complete the ceremony.

Words that need to complete the ceremony to attract love:

I bind men to myself - I oblige them to love them. Help me the talisman - disperse any deception. I drive to my house well done, Not lazy, not misguided, not thieves. Come to me - grooms. From the yards of others. Rock Paper Scissors. Amen. Amen. Amen.

How to spark passion in the heart of an indifferent man

If the chosen one does not notice the operator, you can test on it a plot designed to stimulate the senses in a man. This rite is recommended for beginners to love men. Friday night is chosen on the young moon, when all the relatives parted, and the room was freed for witchcraft. They take a blank sheet of white paper and write on it the name of a loved one. Then they set fire to the wick of the red candle and bring a leaf to its flame. While it burns, you need to have time to say:

“You love me, a servant of God ... the name ... the way I am - my eyes are clear, my curls are silky, my flexible, my face is white. May you not oppose my will and your fate, to stand together at the altar and be always together. ”

Fire will serve as a vehicle of your will and help to draw the attention of a young man.

For the next ritual, buy two new red candles, maybe a small size.Carefully write down your name on one of them with a pin, on the name of your beloved on the other, light them with a match (not a lighter) and read the following candle plot nine times in a row:

“As these candles burn with bright fire, so they bring us together forever. Candles are burning up, our souls are filled with love - like a candle and with candles, to be with you forever with me. ”

While continuing to read love, carefully draw the flame of each candle on the other, and then connect their fiery tongues. And the conspiracy to love a man in the coming week will manifest its instant effect.

Tip: keep the red candle stalls all the time while you are with this man, they will serve as a charm of your relationship.

How to attract your fate

What to do if there is no person in the environment with whom you would like to connect your life? A strong conspiracy to love and attract fate will come to the rescue. For him, take a red candle, from the wick of the candle the entire length to the base write with a needle or pin:

"I (the date of your birth) met my beloved."

Under the words draw a long line, on the other hand draw a spiral, twisted clockwise, across the entire area of ​​the base - a cross. Then light a candle and mentally recreate the ideal image of a young man, the more the better. After visualization, carefully extinguish the flame with your fingers.

Such a candle plot will help if your heart is really empty. If you secretly sigh for a certain guy, then it is better to choose a conspiracy to love a man for a particular person. Despite lengthy preparations, the next strong love plot is simple and effective. To carry it out you will need:

  • three candles of white color
  • one red candle
  • photo of the chosen one
  • white tablecloth or white sheet.

Get up at the full moon at night from midnight to three in the morning, cover the table with white cloth, in the center, fix all the white candles at the corners of an imaginary triangle, in which the acute angle is directed to the east side. Between them, put the prepared photo so that the head points towards the sunrise.

Then light the candles one at a time, the first from the lower right corner of the triangle and then counterclockwise. From the flame of the last white candle, light the wick of the red candle. When molten wax flows from it, start to drip on your face with a photo between your eyebrows and say love words:

“Your thoughts are about me, your mind is obedient to my will, love of yearning is for your soul.”
Then transfer the candle to the heart area:
"I fill your heart with passion, I conjure love alone."

Lastly, drop drops of wax in the groin area and read:

“By the lust of thy loins I burn, I command only one wish. Amen".

After that, burn the photo over the red candle, collect the ashes. White candles should burn out to the end, but extinguish the red candle immediately after the ritual. Cinders and ashes in the morning should be taken out and buried under a tree with a female name, but not under the aspen.

Church Candle Plot for Love

If your husband got cold in his second half, which often happens for couples who got married early, began to glance at each beauty they met, or, even worse, had already got a mistress, then a powerful love plot will help return your husband to his place of permanent residence.

The ritual should be carried out in order:

  1. First you need to go to church to buy a white candle, the largest of the assortment. At home, you need to melt it in a metal plate, and divide the liquid wax into 3 parts.
  2. Two parts are poured into a cup of water, read our Father, and see what happened on the back of the cake.
  3. 1/3 part must be mixed with rye bread and from this mixture blind two candles. Twist the wicks for them from white yarn.
  4. Install homemade candles on a table nearby, light them, and then carefully drip one wax onto a second and vice versa.

At the same time, a prayer for love must be whispered:

“Two mighty oaks stand on a stone mountain.Crowned together, branches, roots mixed, intertwined trunks. As they hold each other, do not fall, so (name) will love me, burn with passion for me. Without the sun, the crowns of the oaks will not scatter, without fire my candles will not melt. Flame is love, bread is heart. Love burns the heart, burns out the soul, drives blood from (name) to me, from me to (name). Forever stand oaks, forever love burn in the heart. The candle will burn, mix, bind forever. ”

Continue to drip with wax until their constituents mix, wait for the wicks to die out. When finished reading, knit together a thread of white yarn and hide.

Love spell on church candles

If the following conspiracy on the church candle for love is carried out correctly, then the relations between the constantly quarreling newlyweds are normalized. After the ritual, they will become warm and indestructible, and the couple will begin to build harmonious relationships. The ceremony should be carried out with church candles on a table covered with a new snow-white tablecloth. Light the candles, speak the spoken words three times, each time extinguishing with tongs, but without blowing out one of the candles. Words of love read in a whisper:

“Oh Lord Almighty, I beseech you, blind the wall very high, the deepest pit, barbed impassable fence, insurmountable combustible grief. Depth - 3 fathoms of earth, height - of immeasurable height, longing - of infinite depth. Protect and lock God's servant (name of the beloved). Until this castle is opened, until that time God's servant (name of his beloved) will never stop loving me. Amen".

Then tie the candles together with a white woolen thread, set them on fire again until they are completely burned. Wrap the remaining wax in a piece of linen and hide. This conspiracy to love her husband actually works well even in difficult family situations.

Full moon

The full moon has a special place in witchcraft practice. During this period, all magical creatures crawl out of their shelters. Powerful light and dark spirits fill our world with witching energy. It is for this reason that candle conspiracies conducted in the full moon phase are more effective.

For full moon conspiracy you need to buy a loaf of rye bread. Divide the red wax candle into three parts, dig two in the backyard, and melt the remaining piece into the pulp of rye bread. Blind two homemade candles from the resulting mixture. Wicks for these attributes are made of white yarn. Place two candles side by side and light them from one match. During the ceremony, alternately drip wax from one candle to another, and during this process read the previously learned text of the spell.

The full moon love plot has the following words:

On a rocky, steep high mountain, two mighty oaks grew. Century-old trees sprawling crowns intertwined, strong roots interlocked, thick branches mixed. They stand on a steep cliff of each other and do not fall. So we with the Slave (s) of God (s) (name of a beloved or beloved) we will go side by side in life and support each other. Do not slip and fall, because passion holds us. Without the sun, the bright crowns of mighty oaks cannot be spread, without the flame of the roast, my candles cannot be melted. Flame - love is strong and passionate, bread - our hearts. The flame burns, the heart burns with love, fills the soul with passion, mixes our blood. Do not divide us, do not separate us. Our hearts will be filled with eternal love. Candles will burn, hearts forever unite, we will be bound forever. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The remains of burnt candles must be tied with a white woolen thread, and then hidden in the room where the spell-singer’s bed is.

A plot at the beginning of a relationship

This ritual is suitable for the very beginning of a relationship when there is doubt about a sweet friend. If a girl thinks that the man is not satisfied with the relationship and selects another option, you can be safe.The next rite will strengthen relations, inspire confidence in the future. With its help, you can translate relationships from the lungs, non-binding meetings, into deep feelings.

For work, prepare:

  1. Red thread from natural yarn. Suitable wool, cotton, linen.
  2. New box of matches.
  3. Three small church candles.
  4. Three candlesticks.
  5. White cotton fabric that can be replaced with a sheet or tablecloth.

In the evening, lay the fabric on the table, light in turn the wicks on the candles, all with one match. If the match burns out faster, the remaining candles are lit from the first lighted candle. Then read the conspiracy-prayer three times, while extinguishing one of the candles with tongs:

“Creator Almighty, I ask for your help,
Rise with a high wall, a deep pit,
Gates deaf, impassable forests,
Longing hearty, tormenting torment
Turn around in the heart of the Servant of God (the name of the man who wants to fall in love with himself)
Lock and lock so that the Servant of God (name) does not leave me,
Turn seven times with the key and take it with you
So that he can’t open the castle,
Yes, I, the Servant of God (name) can’t stop loving. ”

After finishing, tie the candles with the thread prepared in advance, light them with one match and wait until they burn to the end, while the smoke should go outside. Usually, candles are put in an open window so that the wind does not blow them out, and watch them burn.

Full Moon Love Conspiracy

To conduct this ritual you need to wait for the full moon, open the window at midnight and read the plot with a red candle in your hands:

“Life is joy and light in the moon face dressed.
The night light You are my strength.
Break the barriers, two souls will be happy.
Draw a road, give help to happiness.
Sweet maiden (name) to strive for joy.
My friend (name) does not know what awaits him.
Church love candle warms
My beloved slave (name) is inviting me to the light. ”

This ritual with a candle can be performed both on a love spell of a guy and a girl. Hide the cinder and go to bed. In the coming days, the object of your sighing will turn to you.

Candle plot against rival

When another woman interferes in love, the following ritual will help to stop her.
Get a new candle, take it in your left hand and light it. As soon as it burns out a little, put it out, dropping it completely into the water and saying:

"How the fire of water escapes, how the fire of water escapes,
So the servant of God (name) of the servant of God (name) shuns, the servant of God (name) avoids
Let them quarrel and curse like fish on land, do not get along. ”

Remove the candle from the water and wait until the wick dries. Then light it again. After a few drops of wax fall into the water, dip it completely with the words:

“How the water of fire is afraid, how water runs from fire,
So the servant of God (name) the servant of God (name) is afraid,
From the servant of God (name) escapes,
He will not want to see him; he cannot hear him.
I’m closing a conspiracy from a rival to seal a wax,
I’ll bury her love for her beloved in the earth.
The word is strong to the rival of the servant of God (name) is sculpted. "

Collect all the remaining wax and bury it under the tree. It is better to choose alder, birch or linden.

How to make a man call

A quick love spell on the phone is increasingly being used at home. You can make a call dear to the heart of a person using a ritual with candles. If you are afraid of a conversation for some reason, then you can make a ceremony so that the dear will send you an SMS.

This ritual is performed on the full moon. Prepare a sheet of A4 paper, a simple pencil and a red candle. With a lit candle on a piece of paper, write a conspiracy, whisper in a whisper through the text below and think about your chosen one. At night, this sheet of paper should be put under the pillow, and burn in the morning. The plot sounds like this:

“Like wolves howling at night to the moon,
So (name) will feel longing.
Longing green torment him
Until he writes me a letter! ”

Then how much space is enough on the sheet, write:

If a loved one did not write SMS, then the next day, at bedtime, looking at his photo and sending a strong energy message, say 3 times:

“Here is a dream for you about me! I conjure, answer me! ”

The next rite is carried out on the growing moon with the window open. In one hand you need to take a photo of a man or an object that he recently held in his hands, and in the other a red candle. You must cast the next spell until the candle goes out.

“There is an oak-dubovich in the open field, a wind-vetrovich walks across the field.
Oak Dubovich and Wind Vetrovich, find me my heart friend (name),
And put in his heart a longing for green, cold sadness and cursed sadness.
So that he would grieve without me as a cow mourns without a calf, a sheep without a lamb.
Let him search for me, call me and wait, may (name) not rest without me! Amen, amen, amen! ”

After reading, put the photo or thing that you held in your hands during the ceremony under the pillow. In the morning you will receive an SMS or the cute one will call you. With such a ritual, the consequences do not threaten the operator, and this conspiracy can be reused.

How to make a binary love spell

A binary love spell is brought when they want to make a double love affair, which is more difficult to break. Black and white ceremonies are known that differ in location, conspiracies used, goals and consequences. Any magical action, where the objects of the operator and the victim are used in the ritual, can be attributed to binary love spells. Let's take a closer look at one of these white love spells.

With red candles, a ritual is known, which is attributed to white magic. It is often used by masters and at home, and according to reviews gives an average effect. To work, you need to buy 18 thin red candles. Such an amount will have to be burned in 9 days, while the magic work lasts. For this ritual, you need to take two thin wax candles. They need to be twisted among themselves, and at the same time to read the love text:

“As these candles are twisted together, you and I will be retired.”

Then the twisted candles are set on fire with one match, approach the icon of the Mother of God and say:

“I’m not lighting a candle, but lighting a soul and a heart on a slave (name) for me, a slave (name), forever.”

Having finished the plot, you need to wait for the wicks to burn out and go out themselves. The cinder can be collected and hidden, or disposed of, melt, thrown into the bin. This rite is quite gentle. It is more aimed at harmonizing relations. It does not have strong side effects resembling spoilage. To enhance the effect, you need to apply visualization.

The strength of all these conspiracies depends on the energy of the operator, the ability to visualize. Before you begin magical rites, practice visualization. It is useful to remember in all details how the chosen one looked in the last meeting, his clothes, hairstyle, conversation, manners. Try to mentally get up, reach out to him, hug. Feel the smell, warmth, energy that comes from the person you want to bind to yourself. The habit of observing oneself from the side during visualization changes the perception of life to a better life, and then many desires are fulfilled without specially memorized texts. It is enough to state your request to the Higher Forces.

With red candle and needle

Rituals with a needle are quite popular in Voodoo magic, however, these sharp accessories are not uncommon in love plots. Such rites are extremely powerful. Their execution requires great respect for the heavenly spirits. In no case do not conspire with needles and candles from boredom or for fun, because the result comes very soon, bringing with it changes in the life of the chosen one. After reading the spell on the candle and the needle, you risk tying a person to yourself for a long time, be prepared for the consequences.

For plotting with a needle take a red wax candle and scratch on it along the entire length along the wick the name of the lover.Then light a candle with matches, do not use a lighter, and then read the previously learned text of the spell.

A plot with a red candle and a needle has the following words:

I get up, but don’t pray, I’ll go, but not cross myself, I will go through a clear field and a light forest and across the blue ocean to a dashing land. In the land that the sun does not shine, the bird does not fly, the beast does not walk, only the wind walks. There stands a black tower about thirty towers, and in that tower there are thirty blueberry sisters, all yearn for a clear sun and a sweet piece, for good people. So it would be (the name of the object of a love spell) yearned for me, and the wind from all thirty sisters would carry a fierce melancholy so that he would not see the light of white. And so that I would be nicer to him than mother, more joyful than the sun, sweeter than royal treats. But my word is strong, stronger than the sleep of a hero. Key, lock, tongue. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Wait until the candle is completely burned, then hide it in a secluded place and in no case tell anyone about the love ritual.


Often beginner sorcerers have doubts as to whether or not to use love spells. The possible consequences of the rituals frighten and alarm them, because in the process of a strong energy flow, the inner world and the emotional state of the chosen one change significantly. Will he stay the same?

Love spells using needles can be some danger, but in all other cases, there is no doubt. The rituals described in this article do not have a negative effect, since they are elements of white magic. Rituals help to reveal your own hidden potential, believe in yourself, overcome embarrassment and improve charisma. Developing all these qualities, you can easily attract the attention of the chosen one.

Conspiracies of white magic do not change people, this is the specialization of dark sorcerers. Light spells push the chosen one in the right direction, they help him to see in the girl those positive aspects and qualities that were previously hidden behind seven seals.

We attract finance

A conspiracy on a green candle with basil stands out for its effective power by attracting the power of fire and aroma. These words need to be read in the moonlight, the candle should burn. Cinders are collected and buried under a tree, which causes a person to associate with money.

Black strong plot on twisted church candles

For black love spells, you can use church candles, because they themselves emit a strong energy, especially in combination with effective words. Initially, you need to buy two candles on which the name of the person is cut out, which fascinates and whom they fascinate. You can also carry out the same conspiracy on a black candle, here a person himself chooses which candle impresses him more. The use of a black candle in a conspiracy will be effective if a girl wants to tie a guy to herself, and a red one - to fall in love. Regardless of the selected candle, the following words are read:

When reading these words, you need to connect two wicks together and fasten two candles together. So they must burn together. This rite will also be effective if the husband wants to leave the family, or to eliminate the rival forever. Effective consequences will occur immediately, and there will also be a deliverance from unnecessary energy, which does not allow love to freely circulate through the veins. The ritual has been tested for years and has helped many couples.

A plot with a black candle on a married man is read in front of the temple entrance. This is done at night. Before the doors you need to draw a castle, along its borders place 13 candles (12 red and one black). It is easy to take a married man out of the house, the main thing is to clearly understand that there is no turning back. The black plots in the photo and the red candle should be held at midnight:

  • all 12 candles are lit
  • in the hands of a woman holding a black candle and a photo of the chosen one.

The following words are read:

This conspiracy with a candle on mutual love must be carried out competently, because in other cases it will not have the desired effect.

What is the power of candle conspiracy magic

A candle conspiracy has always been considered a sufficiently strong and effective ritual, and if you choose the right color choice for this attribute, this will enhance the effect of magic, help to tighten the desire and strengthen the vibrations. Using candles in the ritual, practicing magicians say that the latter bring a certain quality of red fire to everyone’s life.

The power of the magical conspiracies presented is that its fire helps:

  1. Increase vitality at times and strengthen your own potential.
  2. Helps to get rid of troubles, as well as increase your own sexual charm.
  3. Attract charisma to your asset and establish physical and mental health - all these men feel on a mental level.
  4. It helps to strengthen spiritual potential, and thereby you will become attractive for a man not only as a lover, but also as an interesting and wise interlocutor.

Whatever problem and task you turn to magic and use red or other color magic attributes, rituals and conspiracies will help you. The main thing to know which to apply.

Rite of Love with a Red Candle

For this magical ceremony, it is on Friday, with the growing moon, in advance to prepare a white, blank sheet of paper and write on it the name of a loved one. Then it is set on fire from the flame of a red candle - it serves as a magical conductor for you, and while it burns to the ashes aloud clearly say:

“You love me, a servant of God ... the name ... the way I am - my eyes are clear, my curls are silky, my flexible, my face is white. May you not oppose my will and your fate, to stand together before the altar and be always together. ”

After the collected ash is thrown through an open window and dispelled in the wind.

Ritual attract love

For this ritual, it is worthwhile to prepare a red candle in advance on which to write the name of a lover with a needle and then set it on fire. Next, look for a while at the flame of a burning wick and say:

“Aki, let this flame burn brightly - so let the fire burn in the heart of the servant of God ... name ... let it flare up, his feelings will awaken. Light up your passion in the heart of a servant of God ... name ... let it flare up to me - as it is said, let it be so. ”

After that, stay in the room while your magic guide is burning - do not blow it out ahead of time, otherwise the rite will be interrupted and the ritual will not work. When she burns to a cinder - go to bed, wrapping it in a new handkerchief and hiding it under your pillow for the night. And in the morning, hide in a secluded place.

More rituals with red candles

For the first ritual, take 2 red candles, and on the first write with a needle your name, on the second - the name of the chosen one. Ignite them from a match and at the same time clearly say 9 times:

“As these candles burn with bright fire, so they bring us together forever. Candles are burning up, our souls are filled with love - like a candle and candles, to be with you forever and ever ”

Saying all this, burn them in a flame one another, as if intertwining it with each other - in the very next few days the man will show interest in you. The main thing after the ritual is to keep them as an amulet - it will keep your love from extraneous negativity.

Another ritual will come to help you - they conduct it exclusively on the men's day of the week and always with the growing moon. At night it’s worth taking off all your clothes and pick up a red, always a wax candle - with it you drive slowly along the body and at the same time say:

“Aki, let this candle light up with fire, so the soul of a servant of God ... the name ... shines with strong love - tell him how beautiful I am, bind his heart. “May he yearn and sigh, desperately wanted to hug me.”

In this ritual, female energy is intensified - the main field of the ceremony is to make the beloved touch the remaining ritual cinder for at least a minute.

To attract a loved one - you can conduct another ritual. Buy a red candle in advance on Friday, and it will be good if the full moon falls on this day according to the lunar calendar.

Then light the magic fire conductor from the match and read the words 7 times:

“As the fire of love flares up, so this candle burns, does not end - it is filled with passion. Let the servant of God in the soul ... name ... come in, endearment and love for me will turn around like hop on a holiday, and holiness in fasting. Be interrupted by the growth of loneliness. ”

Let it burn out to the cinder and just throw it away at the intersection.

Features of love spells and rituals for red candles

Feelings are not always mutual. Often there is not even a photo of a loved one, and even not everyone can decide to apply blood. There are simple rituals with red candles that bring good results.

Love is a strong feeling that is not subject to anyone, therefore the energy ritual message of love has a huge impact on the biofield of a man, and often affects the whole person’s life, requires responsibility.

One red candle love plot

Before starting a love spell, you should prepare a special candle. Souvenirs, as well as used at least once, will not work. Red candles for rituals can be purchased in special esoteric stores. They are made according to a special technique, new and not bearing extraneous energy.

To get a 100% result, make a red candle for a love spell yourself: you will need natural wax (found at beekeepers), cotton threads, a shape to give the desired thickness, a dye.

  • Red color is the most energetic, it brings activity, attracts passion and mutual attraction. In a man excites strength and assertiveness. The red candle even helps give birth to the long-awaited baby.
  • Make a love spell at a time when the moon will grow, prepare 1 red candle and a picture of the chosen one completely from head to toe.
  • Privacy in the room. You must not be distracted during these hours.
  • Light a red candle and drip 2 - 3 drops in the photo, where the head, heart region and genitals are located. Concentrate and say:

Next, wrap the photo with a small piece of red material, tie it with a dark thread and put a drop of wax on the knot. Say the following words:

Let the red candle burn out, do not extinguish. Go to bed, and in the morning collect the leftovers and take them to a place where there is running water. Hide the bundle so that no one even accidentally finds it. After some time, be sure to get some fascinating news from the man who interests you.

1. Features of the rite by candlelight

A love spell with a red candle is always simple and effective. In addition, it is always an aesthetically beautiful ceremony that can be performed both indoors and outdoors. But at the same time, the ritual should be performed only at night and in the absence of any artificial lighting, which is distracting. In some cases, if the light of a street lamp enters the room, the rite will not be effective. Therefore, it is important to use thick curtains in the room during the love spell and at the same time pull them tightly. But there are also such ceremonies where on the contrary it is necessary to open a window.
Among the various witchcraft rituals, a love spell by candlelight occupies a special place. But at the same time, a prerequisite for success is the absolute observance of the rules and recommendations for the ceremony.

1.1 The meaning of the color of candles in magic

A love spell on candles can be carried out with candles of different colors, but rituals with church candles remain the most popular. A common way to bewitch a man is a rite that involves twisting the church candles together.To do this, it is better to use long candles made of yellow wax, as they are more plastic.
The red candle is used in strong love rites of both white and black magic. Such an attribute is able to maintain a balance between Good and Evil, and, therefore, minimize the negative effects of a love spell.
A white candle is a common attribute in white love spells. It symbolizes the bright feelings of man. Similarly, a black candle is used in the rites of black magic.
Why should a red candle be used in a rite? The answer is simple. It has long been so customary that red is a symbol of love and passion. This is the color of blood boiling through the veins at the sight of one's half, the color of a ripe apple that seduced Eve and Adam, one of the many stunning shades of sunset that lovers love to admire.
The red candle is a frantic combination of the internal forces of man and the external power of the elements of fire. When combined, they represent an incredible symbiosis of spiritual and natural energy, reinforcing the action of the rite many times. At the same time, it stimulates the activity of bright spirits and allows you to direct the received charge of magic along the desired path, since everything will be saturated with love.
A red candle is considered symbolic and is very often used to activate latent energy, as a kind of stimulus for personal growth and an impulse for mutual passion.

2. Rules

You can carry out love spells on candles by yourself, but do not forget that a professional will make this work much better and safer, and will be able to guarantee an accurate result.
When conducting the ceremony on your own, you must follow the rules. The outcome of the ritual depends on the accuracy of following them:

  • It is strictly forbidden to conduct a ceremony with candles in the daytime. For such a ceremony night is necessary.
  • The ceremony is carried out alone.
  • To enhance the action, they open a window, freeing up space so that the light of the moon penetrates the room.
  • Turn off all extraneous light sources.
  • The room in which the ceremony is held must be clean.
  • No one can talk about the planned magic rite.
  • Candles use only wax. Paraffin is not good.
  • The ritual is carried out on the growing moon and the full moon.
  • Do not often spend strong love spells on candles. This harms both novice magicians and those who are targeted.

2.1 Cases when a love spell is not valid

Love spells on red candles are strong enough, but in some cases they do not help to bewitch a loved one. The following circumstances may prevent the action of love magic:

  • Someone has already bewitched your chosen one. In such cases, first you need to do a lapel ceremony. Please note that you must know exactly who has cast a spell on a man before you,
  • A man already has feelings for someone else. If it’s strong love, independent magic at home will be powerless,
  • Bewitched has a very strong positive energy. It can become a serious barrier, through which not a single love spell penetrates,
  • Mistakes were made during the ritual.

If you find yourself in one of the situations described above, then be sure to consult a psychic to choose the most suitable ritual and put protection on yourself and your loved one for the future.

3. Varieties of love spells using candles

Love conspiracies are very diverse: from rituals with photographs to using the hair of lovers. However, the red candle conspiracy remains the most mysterious and powerful ritual to attract love.
There is far from one love spell on a candle; most have similar features and have approximately the same effect. Choose the one you like and you won’t be mistaken. The most important thing to remember is that the effect is practically independent of the way of a love spell, the love spell performer has the greatest influence.The more clear, transparent, strong, positive the intention is, the higher the chance that the effect will be achieved as soon as possible, the first time.
The candle plot differs from the others in the special power that the fire element feeds. Concentrating the resulting energy on specific people allows the inscription of the names of lovers on a candle.
There are two types of rituals:

  • with one candle, to attract the interest and attention of a certain person with whom they were not in a relationship, and also as a magnet of the very quintessence of love in life,
  • with two candles, if the feelings of one of the partners began to cool and require the restoration of the former flame.

In some cases, a candle in the shape of a heart is suitable, as it is quite symbolic and helps to accumulate the necessary energy on an interesting topic and task. Having decided on the purpose of the ceremony and having bought a new candle of the proper color, you should proceed directly to the preparation.
With the slightest doubt about the advisability of carrying out the ritual, they don’t start at all, since only a professional can remove the consequences.

4. Love spells on one red candle

The advantage of love spells for one red candle is simplicity, low cost (material) of performance and versatility (the gender of the bewitched person is not important). Nevertheless, remember that the ritual performed by a professional psychic will last for several years, and the rituals of beginners can work for less than a year. The power of the chosen ritual can very easily be diagnosed by any psychic of the portal “Wizards of Love”.

4.1 Spell with visualization on the candle

Passion and love are often associated with red. Therefore, some rituals are performed with objects of red color, including with red candles. And in order for the love spell on the red candle to help fulfill the dream of being with a specific person, you need to purchase just such a candle and wait until midnight.
When the arrows converge at 12, take a wax red candle and draw 2 names on it. Then set it in a saucer and light it.
This love spell works on the principle of visualization. Therefore, so that the consequences are exactly what you expect, do the following. Looking at the flame, think about how you spend your days and nights with your beloved, what happy days await you in the future. Since the effectiveness of this rite directly depends on the accuracy of the desired and strong faith, it is in your interests to represent everything as accurately as possible. After the candle burns out, the ritual must be completed correctly. To do this, remove the hardened wax in a white paper envelope and hide in a secluded place.

4.2 Love spell on the soul of a loved one with a candle

At night during the full moon, you should strip naked and take a lit candle made of wax in your hand.
Several times you need to carry the candle along your own body, constantly repeating:

After that, you need to put out the candle and try to arrange so that the chosen one held the cinder in his hands for at least a moment. If this does not work out, then you need to throw an unburned candle, for example, in a pocket in your clothes or on your desktop so that the magical attribute is as close to your beloved as possible.
For this love spell for candles, only wax red candles, preferably purchased in the church, should be used. Curly souvenirs, for example, New Year's candles, cannot be used.
During a love spell, the power of fire is used on candles, which can significantly increase the energy force of an impact. It is very important to concentrate, completely calm down and renounce all worldly concerns before the ritual begins. In this case, a positive result will be guaranteed.

4.3 Enchantment on a red candle with his left hand

With your left hand leading to your heart, grab a candle and carefully with your fingernail of your right hand draw on it your name and the name of your beloved. When finished, light a candle, continuing to hold in your palms and looking at the fire, say:

Leave the candle to burn until the remainder. Do not extinguish it and try to eliminate drafts. A prematurely extinguished candle will mark failure. If this happened to you, then immediately contact an expert to prevent all unwanted negative consequences.

4.4 Love spell on the church red candle

This love plot is being made on a red church candle. A red wax candle is not sold in every church, so you have to look for it. When buying candles in a church, don’t take change, leave it with the words “for a common candle” and go home. A love conspiracy using a church candle should take place at home and only on their own. You can choose any time for the ceremony, the main thing is that there is nobody at home and no one distracts you. Disconnect all phones - when you read the conspiracy for love, there should be complete silence at home. Stand in front of the mirror and light the wick of the red candle, saying the words of the conspiracy:

Further, looking at your reflection through the flame of a candle, from memory say three times a conspiracy to a church candle kindling strong love in a person being charmed:

After reading the plot, put out the candle and put it in a secluded place so that no one touches. If everything is done correctly, the effect of the plot on love using a church candle made of red wax occurs on the seventh day after the ritual.

Oksana turned to the psychic of our portal (hereinafter the names are changed). Oksana’s family was very poor, and the girl from childhood used to put up with small hardships. We had to live from paycheck to paycheck, for more or less large purchases, even for good winter boots, it was necessary to save.

Therefore, when Oksana met and began dating Eugene, a rather successful local businessman, the girl seemed to fall into a fairy tale about Cinderella.

Eugene was rich and did not skimp on gifts for his chosen one. He often gave her jewelry, bought good clothes, did not forget to take care of the girl’s parents — he even helped them close loans.

It’s just that these relations didn’t go beyond a couple of dates a week for a long time, although both Oksana and Eugene loved each other very much and did not want to rush to legitimize relations. However, the evil girlfriends, envious, convinced Oksana that all this was no accident.

“They all kept repeating that Zhenya didn’t really want to be with me, just having fun with a poor girl who was eating gifts that cost him nothing,” Oksana told the psychic with regret. “They convinced me that he did not take our relationship seriously, and I would certainly lose him.”

Oksana loved Eugene and really wanted to be with him. His wealth did not matter to her, however, when her friends began to “poke her nose” in difference in financial situation, Oksana nevertheless became worried and, on the advice of her friends, turned to a fortuneteller.

A certain Marfa Petrovna received in the same city where Oksana lived. “This gypsy grandmother looked at the crystal ball for about five minutes, and then stated that Zhenya wanted to leave me and had already found another,” said Oksana. - But she supposedly can fix all this, make a love spell on passion and sex, and Zhenya will be mine, lose her head, immediately lead down the aisle and all that. Well, I agreed. ”

Only after this, the relationship of lovers began to develop completely not according to plan. At first, Oksana thought that everything was wonderful. Eugene became much more likely to call her on dates, which regularly ended in violent passionate sex. But then Oksana noticed that Eugene was becoming more and more taciturn, rude, less likely to answer her calls.

“Before, we often called up and talked about everything in the world,” recalls Oksana. - We on dates willingly talked on a variety of topics, shared everything, supported each other. And then it all disappeared. ”

The last straw for Oksana was the fact that Zhenya, who had previously adhered to a healthy lifestyle, began to drink, and because of this he started having problems with business. It was at this moment that Oksana decided that something needs to be done.

“I did not want to go to this Martha again, and there were no more fortunetellers in the city,” Oksana shared. “So I decided to resort to the help of a psychic online.”

The psychic of our portal diagnosed the couple and found that the work set by the fortuneteller was fundamentally wrong. The relationship of Oksana and Eugene was originally built on mutual understanding and close communication. Young people were like-minded people and, first of all, appreciated in each other the ability to support, listen and be near at a difficult moment.

Love spell for sex fundamentally killed this aspect of their relationship, because whenever they were near, Eugene wanted only intimacy. He did not receive from Oksana what he valued most of all in their relations, and therefore began to doubt whether he needed these relations - after all, you would not go far for sex.

After explaining the situation to Oksana and securing her consent, the psychic removed the sexual link from the couple and immediately put harmonization in order to return their relationship to normal. Oksana then shared that in a couple of weeks this unnatural craving for sex had subsided - the lovers were again able to communicate normally. Moreover, harmonization helped them solve some minor problems in relationships that existed until now - they were able to better understand and accept each other, agreed on such important issues as childbirth, etc.

Now Oksana and Eugene are already planning a wedding. According to Oksana, everything is fine again in their relationship, and even better than before. “Now I will only turn to real professionals,” Oksana assured our experts. “The inept work of a charlatan almost brought me to a break with the love of my whole life.”

Conspiracy with a red candle on love in the church

There are several of them. It is enough to come to the temple on foot, get 2 red candles (don’t take the change, say: “For a common candle”), put it near any icon of the Mother of God.

  1. Such a love spell is considered the Eternal Wedding and is very strong. It is difficult to remove it, so you should not carry it out for fun.
  2. Preliminarily, take a picture of your beloved in your breast pocket (next to your heart) with your portrait. Speak in a whisper of love words:

It is recommended to leave the temple without looking back and do not enter into a conversation with anyone. Do not talk at home, and preferably go to bed early.

Other spells on a man’s love on a red candle

  • Make a love spell using a glass ball for ritual acts and a red candle.
  • Hold a ball in your hands, direct all thoughts to fulfill your desire, light a red wax attribute and say:

Turn your and your chosen ones' images inward and put them deeper in the closet on the shelf where your underwear is folded.

When you are lonely and you can’t meet your soul mate in any way, you are offered a simple and harmless love spell for a future lover.

To do this, capture the words “I (date of birth) met my beloved” on a red candle in length, and on the other, draw a spiral clockwise, draw a cross on the bottom of the red attribute.

Put out the wick with your hand. This type of love spell is not dangerous to anyone, because not a single real person is affected by the energy field. However, the result in this case will certainly be.

5.1 Love spell with red candles

This ritual is one of the most popular and simple love spells. You need to take two red candles and scratch the names on them with any sharp object: the name of the chosen one on one, and your own name on the other.
Next, light candles from one match and say such a plot nine times:

Speaking the words of the conspiracy, you should burn the candles with each other's flame in such a way that the wax softens as much as possible. In the last words of the conspiracy, you need to quickly extinguish the candles and press them together with all their strength. The better they stick together, the stronger the magical effect.
After a love spell, your chosen one will soon begin to show signs of attention to you. Candles should be hidden and carefully stored, treating them as a talisman of your mutual love. And if suddenly in time there will be a cooling in the relationship, then you need to use the candles again, dousing them with fresh fire from two red candles.

Love spell with a red candle in the full moon

The full moon is considered an ideal time for magical rituals, especially of a loving kind. You can buy a red candle in the church. After waiting for the full moon, you need to stand in front of the window naked and light a candle. Move her along the body and begin the ritual.

“I am dressed in the moonlight. The power of the moon is my strength. Her face is in me. Mother moon, disperse the obstacles. He and I are very happy about this. Draw our path, make it bright. Moonlight and the fire of a sweet candle calls, the road to me tells. Amen!"

Other conspiracies to love men on the red candle

Another strong love spell on the red candle is read at home in front of the mirror, lighting the room with flame. Buying an attribute for the ceremony, you can not take change. You need to leave her with the words “take and drink for our union”, it is not necessary that the seller hear, you can pronounce in a whisper. Arriving home, a woman strips naked and stands in front of a mirror with a lit candle in her hand:

“Today I light not a mirror. I light the fire of love in your heart (name). Your passion will be strong, melting like candle wax. My words are sealed. Forever and ever. Amen!"

There is also a nuance in this ritual. It is necessary to wait for complete combustion. The cinder must certainly be held in the hands of a man. This is not easy to do, but there are options. You can put it in your pocket amid a pile of little things and keys. Then the cinder will certainly accidentally fall into the hand. You can also hide it in a drawer, sticking to a certain thing and ask the man to bring it. Surely he will touch. Any tricks are good, but if a man holds a cinder, then he will not be able to avoid the effect of a love spell.

The next strong rite is carried out at exactly 12 nights. You will need a red candle and a photograph of your beloved man. You need to sit in the center of the room and light a candle. The photo should be on the floor. Dripping wax on it, you need to say the words:

“You won’t eat, you won’t drink. You’ll walk for hours along my house, howl like a wolf, wander about with a homeless cat, only dream about me and wish for me. I conjure, seal, there is no turning back. Wherever you go, you’ll come nowhere. Key. Castle. Tongue".

5.2 Love spell on red candles and a photo

It will take two paper strips, a red felt-tip pen, two red candles, a photo of the bewitching, a box or casket, red cloth.
Closer to midnight, with the growing moon, place all the items prepared for a love spell on the table. Take two strips of paper from them. On each of them with a felt-tip pen write the names of a guy and a girl. Take both red candles in your hand, squeezing them to each other, rub a little in your hands, as if trying to warm. Then wrap the candles squeezed together with strips with names, closer to the base and securely tie a red ribbon. Place it on the table next to the photo and light it. Read the plot three times:

Burn the candles for nine days, repeating the love spell for three to five minutes at a time, while the candles should not burn out completely, and the red ribbon and strips are touched by the fire, take care that the candle is long enough. If the candles do not stick tightly to the tape, the middle part and the upper one can be wrapped with red thread. To extinguish candles only with fingers, forefinger and thumb.
Wrapped up the ribbons and stripes of the candles, wrap them in red cloth (linen, scarf, silk) and put them in a box, after putting the photo, and store in a secret place. The effectiveness of the effect is extremely high, in terms of time - from three days to one month. When carried out correctly, it works almost immediately.

What candles are suitable for a plot?

Magic candles can be made of different materials.

Candles can be made:

  1. From wax - they are best suited for any ceremony and have more power.
  2. From animal fat - use magicians of the highest category for rituals with sacrifice.
  3. From paraffin - often used in the application of spoilage and the evil eye.

The shape of the candle can be:

  1. Fine - for cleansing rituals.
  2. Tolstoy - to attract energy.
  3. Cylindrical - for all other rituals.

For any conspiracy, get thick candles made of wax.


  • This love spell is a very powerful ceremony and can really help.
  • You need to prepare for it and conduct it to the growing moon, new attributes are taken.
  • Remember that for the sake of a joke or revenge, a love spell is categorically not recommended - because often the consequences can be very serious.
  • It is important in these love spells to clearly represent the future, to believe in a conceived and successful outcome. Any conspiracy on the red candle will have a magical effect.

Conspiracy on a green candle

Green color is often associated with money in people, because dollar bills have a greenish tint. The green candle contains the energy of wealth, so a conspiracy must be conducted to attract finance.

The ritual should be done on Thursday. On this day of the week, the planet Jupiter affects its cash flow with its energy. Before going to bed, a green candle is lit and placed in front of a mirror. At this time, you need to imagine how money is filling your wallet, and then look at the candle fire in the mirror and read the plot:

»I multiply the flame of greenery. I multiply wealth and money. As the fire flares up, so the money is attracted, every day more and more. How many rays the flame has, so much income will I have. Amen".

After casting a spell, extinguish the fire and hide the cinder. The rite will begin to operate in 3 days.

Sometimes it happens that money is attracted, but in small quantities. To avoid this, a ritual of purification must be performed before the ritual. To do this, an attribute is fumigated, setting fire to a sprig of thyme or pine above it.

Red candle plot

Red is the color of love and passion, therefore, all ceremonies aimed at attracting love are performed with a red candle. Buy it should be on Friday, and conduct the ritual on Sunday at midnight.

If there is already an object of love, but it does not pay attention to a person, then you should first retire and then read the plot on the red candle for love:

“The fire of love burns, it flares up and fills with great passion. Let it penetrate into the soul, and return mutual love to the heart. Let the mind (the name of a loved one) be filled with affection, love and attraction to (your name). Let his (her) love be intoxicating, like wine on a holiday, and feelings be sacred, as in Lent. Let the thread of loneliness break forever! May it be so".

After reading the plot, they do not blow out the candle, but wait until it has completely burned out. The cinder is wrapped in cotton cloth and hidden under a pillow.

White candle plot

With the help of a white candle, you can make a rite of purification of the aura and remove the negative from the home.

The ritual is allowed to be performed in the daytime. The candle should be lit and put on the table. At this time, a person should calm down and achieve peace of mind. When this happened, the plot is read:

“The house is being cleaned with a holy flame. He brings only good, and evil drives away. His energy flows beyond the threshold and cuts off all envious paths. Both day and night, the road blocks evil. Let the flame expand, spreading energy through the ceiling.That the house was always joyful and radiant. So that happiness and luck be with everyone who lives in it. So that peace and rest reigned here, and quarrels and evil are gone forever. Amen".

After reading, you need to walk around the house, bring the flame to the dark corners. This ritual must be done to clean the energy of the home. When all rooms are consecrated, the fire is allowed to extinguish.

Black candle plot

This conspiracy is read on a married man if they want to take him away from his family. A similar ritual refers to black magic, because it is read at night in a cemetery. The words of the spell, which will be independently read by the girl, will affect the man quickly.

Before conducting the ceremony, you need to find in the cemetery the grave of a person with the same name as a man. A gift is placed on the grave of the deceased, and in the other hand they hold a picture of her lover. In front of the fence, a candle is lit and a conspiracy is read:

“I will leave the door, from the gate into the open field, in the expanse. I’ll ask the strong ones for the winds: remove heavy grief from me, remove dry melancholy from my heart. Send sadness and longing, through Mother Earth, to a fine fellow alone. Take the longing through the green meadows, the fast river, the bushy fluffy, beautiful flowers. Do not drop sadness on Mother Earth, on grass ant, on mountains high, on dry swamps.

Bring sadness and longing to the good fellow slave (name). My heart asks him to kiss white hands, sweet lips. So that I would be dearer to him than my mother. I thought all the thought, both during the day in the sun and at night in the moon. Let my words be strong, I will close the castle and throw the key out in the sea. Amen".

After casting the spell, pray 3 times. Put out the flame. Put the cinder and the picture in a black bag and bury it next to the grave. The plot will begin to operate in 3 days.

Single candle plot

To return the husband to the family or to get the love of a man, you need to conspire on a church candle for love, which should be read on the growing moon.

For the ceremony, you will still need:

At night you should lay a red tablecloth on the table, and put a picture of a man and a needle on it. A red candle is lit and placed near the photograph. You should take the picture in your hands, and for a few minutes look the chosen one in the eye. It is necessary to imagine that he is nearby, to feel his breath and warmth.

Then pierce the forehead of the man with the first needle and say the words:

"Love thoughts enter your mind."

The second needle should stick directly into the heart, while reading other words:

"As this needle pierces the heart, so you, your love will settle in it."

Insert the third needle into the victim's genitals and read:

"As this needle sticks, so does your desire for me."

After that, wax is dripped several times onto the picture, and the needles are removed. The flame should be extinguished, and the photo put under the pillow and go to bed.

Two candle plot

A rite made with 2 white candles will help to get married. It is conducted by girls to whom a loved one does not make an offer.

Still needed for the ritual:

  • a knife with a black handle
  • candlestick.

The best time to read conspiracies is after midnight. On the first candle with a knife should scratch the name of the man, and on the second - his own name. Then they are intertwined and cast a spell:

“I am intertwining our destinies, I am connecting the life of the Slave (name) with my forever and forever. Amen".

After reading the plot, you need to light both wicks and say:

“I kindle the fire of love in the heart of the Slave (name), I ignite his love for my own. Amen".

After this, the flame cannot be extinguished, you need to wait until it goes out. The cinders are cleaned in a candlestick at night, and in the morning they are buried under a tree. This marriage ceremony begins in a couple of weeks, the man will make an offer.

Three Candle Plot

If a girl does not pay attention to a young man, then a ceremony should be done: "A conspiracy to love a girl." For the ritual you will need 3 white or red candles.

Between 00:00 and 03:00 a white tablecloth is laid on the table, and lighted candles in the form of a triangle are placed on it.

For the ceremony, you will need a photo of a girl who is placed in the center of the triangle.

In the picture, the girls drip with wax and read the words:

“Only with love thoughts will your mind be filled. I fill your heart with love and passion, I order to love always only me. I want your lust to burn, and you really want me. ”

After that, the photo is burned, and the ashes are buried in the ground or thrown into the river.

A seven-candle conspiracy from a rival

If a man began to pay attention to another woman, then it would be more likely to conduct a ritual of getting rid of the rival with 7 candles.

At exactly midnight, the candles are placed in a semicircle on the table and lit. In the center of the semicircle they put a photograph of their man and read a plot over her:

"If I am your destiny, then always stay close. I am distracting my rival, she must not be near you, I will not allow her to use our destiny. I wish her eyes were turned away from you, and the other man, on the contrary, liked. May this fire become a wall between you. Amen".

The plot is read 7 times, and then all the attributes are removed to a dark place and not reached until the man stops communicating with the rival.

How soon will it work?

Conspiracies begin their action quickly if done correctly. If the enchantant performs the ritual with pure thoughts and without malicious intent, then magic can work in a few hours.

If the goal of the enchantment is to make someone suffer, then he will not act soon.

If the plot did not work, you need to thank the higher forces for this. Thus, they protect a person from misfortune.

Possible consequences and how to avoid them?

For the spellbinder and his victim, the consequences may be different. Do not forget that no matter what ceremony was performed, the consequences will always be.

  1. Exacerbation of chronic diseases and the emergence of new ones.
  2. Depression, constant irritability.
  3. Infertility.
  4. The occurrence of financial difficulties.

For a victim of magic, the consequences may not be better than that of the entrancer:

  1. The appearance of bad habits and addictions.
  2. Impotence.
  3. Suicidal thoughts or attempts to commit suicide.
  4. Depression, neurosis.
  5. Change in body weight, pallor of the skin.
  6. The emergence of incurable diseases, tumors.

Before conducting any ritual, you should think about whether it is worth letting other terrible problems into your life. It’s best to let go of the situation so as not to harm anyone.

Love spell on two red candles

For the ceremony you will need two red candles. At midnight you need to light both and read the words 10 times. This should be done slowly, but at the same time not to let them turn into cinder:

“They burn and crown us forever. You (name) and me (name). Our souls are full of love. You will be my married husband, and I will be your beloved wife. For you there is no more beautiful to me, no better, no more desirable. May it be so! In the name of all the magic lords. "

After you need to connect the two candles together with a pigtail. They should be stored in red matter all their lives. A magical attribute should not be seen by a man. Otherwise, the ritual will be destroyed.

It is also forbidden to talk about rituals. Even in secret and even close people. This is a mystery that must remain a closely guarded secret. Even the woman herself should try to forget what was done. Magic is a powerful weapon that you need to be able to possess. Otherwise, its destructive power will destroy everything in its path.

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