5 strongest prayers for a successful exam

It’s good to pass an exam - which student did not dream about it? Of course, the guarantee of high marks is, first of all, diligent study and attentive preparation.

But, in addition to this, you can seek help from our heavenly patrons. So, believing Christians often read a prayer before the exam to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

How to contact Nikolai the Miracle Worker for help with studies?

For a long time they prayed to Nicholas the Wonderworker in different needs and circumstances. And he never deprived with his help and intercession of those who, with a pure heart and sincere faith, offered their prayers to him.

You can come to him with requests for help in any life situation. However, this saint of God gives special protection to the students.

Who else can pray for study:

A prayer for study to Nicholas the Wonderworker can be read in the following situations:

  • before exams
  • before any important learning events,
  • if there are difficulties in the learning process,
  • if you become lazy to learn.

You can turn to the saint both in your own words and read special texts. It should only be remembered that such an appeal to God is not a spell or conspiracy.

The essence of prayer is a conversation with God and his saints. Therefore, one should always pray reverently, with great faith and hope in God's mercy.

Unfortunately, many people today regard faith as a magical action. Say, I’ll read a prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for the exam - and everything will be in order, I will definitely pass it. Such an attitude will not only bring no benefit to a person, but it can even harm spiritually.

About Orthodoxy and Magism:

It must be remembered that faith in God is not a one-time action before any important event, when we come to the temple and put candles there. Faith lies, first of all, in the desire to constantly change yourself according to the commandments of God. And if we ran into the temple for a moment, put a candle in front of the icon of the saint, read the text and forgot the path to the temple for a long time, such actions will not bring any benefit to our soul.

Arriving at the temple, you can order a prayer service to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker about the children who pass the exam. This can be done by the student himself or his relatives or relatives. At the same time, it is very advisable to come at the indicated time and attend the ordered trebe in order to turn to the saint for help with a personal request.

If there is no opportunity to visit the temple, or if a person decided to pray immediately before taking the test, you can turn to the saint simply in your own words. There is a pious tradition to carry a small icon of the Miracle Worker. In this case, there is always the opportunity to pray before his image.

A prayer for study to Nikolai the Miracle Worker helps to calm down, tune in, calm unnecessary nervousness. Many believers noted that they felt the effective support of the saint in crucial moments.

In order for the words to really benefit, you need to follow only two rules: to sincerely and wholeheartedly pray and, for its part, to take responsibility for learning.

Then no difficulties in studying will arise.

Why is St. Nicholas decided to pray for students

The special “specialization” of each saint and the calls to pray to them in various life circumstances are nothing more than a pious tradition. No one forbids a person to pray for anything to that ascetic to whom he feels a special disposition.

A help in specific everyday situations, as a rule, is connected with the circumstances of the earthly life of the future saint of God.

So, the Miracle Worker himself was an educated person, quickly and easily learned to read and write and disciplines available in his time. That is why it is believed that he patronizes the students in a special way, and prayer before the exam to Nikolai the Miracle Worker helps to pass it successfully. And this is true if you ask for help sincerely. But you should not go to the other extreme - they say, I will pray and you can do nothing more. You do not have to wait for help from this approach.

Let us, from a pure heart and with clear faith, ask for the intercession of the great Divine saint, Archbishop of Myra, and then each person will certainly feel his presence in his life!

“O St. Nicholas, the Pleasant of the people! We remember and venerate Your holy goodness, Do not leave now and now God's (God's) slave (slave) sinful (sinful)! Cleanse the mind of unnecessary thoughts, have peace of mind for my soul, Grant, be condescending, I am quick to the exam to come! I believe, blessed are you and fair, I hope holy for your salvation, Hear my prayer for our Lord. Amen"

“Lord, Jesus Christ, we fall to you and pray to Thysya, look at us who pray for you. Remember the Lord Your promises: “where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them,” remember the packs also, by Your Resurrection, spoken by You: “I am with you until the end of the age.” Blessed be your holy disciples and apostles after your Ascension, and promised them the Grace of the Holy Spirit and granting them the gift of wisdom and reason on the day of the Fiftieth, having created some of them teachers of the wisdom of faith. Grant to our lad (names) now undergoing examination tests of the same Spirit of Wisdom and reason, as well as once granted with Your holy disciple. Dear our youths, without fear and embarrassment, do not forget anything from the teachings taught to them and reasonably state what is required in the trial. I will make the examiners peaceful and supportive, as I once did such a thing to the Monk Sergius and the righteous John and your other saint. With their prayers, together with the martyr Tatiana, with the saints Basil the Great, John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian through Your Holy Spirit from the outgoing Father, be merciful to us all forever and ever. Amen!"

Why does it help

Parental request is one of the strongest: sincere and disinterested, coming from the heart. Of course, for successful study, the student’s mind and knowledge, a desire to attend classes, carefully prepare for them are necessary, but the mother’s word can help and protect the child. After all, the mother is connected with the child by an invisible thread, taking his sorrows and sorrows as her own.

Prayer of parents for children before the test of knowledge or offset

You can download and print the praise in Russian, so that at the right time you have at hand, instructions here.

Instead of sedative

Usually during stress people take sedatives in order to tidy up their emotional background. But almost all of them have side effects that are completely undesirable, for example, drowsiness. Orthodox, deeply religious people know that fellowship with God brings peace, tranquility of the soul and heart, relieving depression.

To do this, try to relax, mentally turn to the Savior with a chant or simply in your own words: tell us about your problems, about what you would like. If you do this daily, you will surely feel the peace and serenity that has come.

Prayer for the child passing the exam (USE)

This prayer must be read to parents during the test of children. Martyr Tatyana is the protector of students, petitions to the saint are very effective. She became the first woman to be allowed to attend services. Until a certain moment, only men did it. Since this fact implies enlightenment, the Orthodox consider it the patroness of education.

Moral support

Naturally, everyone experiences a sense of excitement before exams or tests: whether it is an excellent student, a good-grader or a three-way. Relatives of the survivor should provide him with verbal and emotional support: inspire confidence that the test will be successful. In addition, you can help yourself by contacting the holy saints of God with prayers.

Effect on the body

Worship has a powerful effect on the mental state. Scientists have proven that this way a person forgets about reality, which injures. At this time, the processes in the body are significantly slowed down, breathing and heart rate are leveled off, the pressure returns to normal. After prayers, people evaluate problem situations from a different point of view. Communication with God normalizes the psycho-emotional state.

A petition to the holy and disembodied heavenly forces

Sergius of Radonezh - miracle worker, founder of monasteries. They turn to him for help in school and employment, in getting rid of arrogance, arrogance, spiritual and physical healing.

It is known that the teaching was difficult for the Saint himself: Sergius could not force himself to sit down at the books, but after the service a miracle happened - he enjoyed studying objects, reading and remembering. Therefore, the Rev. never leaves a person in trouble who sincerely believes in God's support.

The text of the prayer to Sergius of Radonezh before the exam

Appeal to the guardian angel

Guardian angel - our earthly patron, who appears immediately after the sacrament of baptism, helps his whole life to cope with difficulties and troubles. You can contact the defender in any circumstances. Assistance in studies is no exception.

Most students have a feeling of great anxiety, confusion, nervousness on the eve of such an exciting event as exam control (USE): whether it is oral or written. You must contact your guardian angel for support by prayer, or write an appeal on a piece of paper, put in a pocket of clothes or bags. If possible, go to church: light a candle to the guardian angel and ask for support.

Request Matrona of Moscow

On the eve of the upcoming test test, it is worth putting a candle to Matrona of Moscow, praying before her icon for a successful delivery. It is not necessary to do this with memorized texts - just describe the situation in your own words. The main thing is that it be genuine, with sincere faith.

Prayer for the child to pass the exam

Prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Nicholas the Wonderworker has long been worshiped in a wide variety of situations. Those who ask sincerely, with true faith in the soul, are not left without protection. The saint does not deprive the intercession of students. You can ask for help not only before the final checks and control, but also if there were difficulties in the educational process or you became lazy.

At the same time, you can contact him when checking knowledge for the position of security guard. Do this by pronouncing special texts, or in your own words. Do not treat the prayer as a magical rite, believing that as soon as you read the text, everything will work out right away. No, such an action will not be of help, but will harm your spiritual life.

Faith is a constant desire to change, to comply with the law of the Lord, the desire to attend the temple not only in grief, but also with joy. Pray for God's intercession for intercession with a pure soul and heart, then you will certainly feel his presence in your life.

Maternal request for daughter or son

The main person and teacher in the life of the child is the mother: she gives support and support, helps to make the right choice, to overcome difficulties. The petition of the mother, addressed to the Lord and the Saints, is considered one of the strongest. Pray for your child at all stages of growing up: whether he is in kindergarten, studying at school or university (university).

In an adult independent reality, we also need support: maternal and God's. Do not forget to go to church: even if everything in your life and the life of your loved ones is good, thank the Lord for this, and may good luck be on your side.

Mother's prayer for exam (test) of a daughter or son

To students

Studying at a university or university presupposes a rather wide range of knowledge and in order to pass the test well, prayer addresses alone are not enough. A petition directed to God and the Holy Righteous will help to cope with laziness, pacify and aim in the right way. The rest is yours! Attend classes, prepare for each of them, outline lectures, do not hesitate to ask a teacher a question, if you suddenly misunderstood something, and then the learning process will become much easier.

On delivery in GAI - to Nikolay the Miracle Worker

Passing the final form of knowledge assessment in the traffic police is a crucial, exciting moment. The test consists of three stages:

  • theory,
  • race track (practice),
  • town.

At the first stage, you will need focus and knowledge, as well as calm. This will help to concentrate on the question as much as possible so as not to give the wrong answer due to overvoltage. On the second and third - you must carefully listen to the requests and instructions of the driving instructor, but do not rush to comply with them: first carefully consider the decision. As a rule, they test you by an erroneous command, misleading.

Before the tests, you should sleep, calm down. As practice shows, the majority, who did not give up their rights the first time, had enough knowledge to successfully complete the route, but because of excitement and stress they missed this opportunity. For this case, there is also a prayer that helps to pass the exam in the traffic police. It must be read before leaving home, which will help get rid of internal fear, direct thoughts in the right direction and give a positive attitude. If you feel that you are worried on the way to the trials or already directly at the venue, you can repeat the text of the prayer to yourself. This will certainly help to put your thoughts in order.


There is no specific strong prayer to help pass the exam. Any appeal to our Savior and all Saints will be heard. It is important that it be sincere, with pure faith in heart and soul. Read petitions naturally and naturally, for prayer is communion with the Lord.

Tell us what worries you, what you worry about. Then help from above will certainly come. And if your child needs help, ask Christ for his support: it will be easier to learn with maternal prayers!

Read the prayer naturally and naturally.

Prayers for the exam are very easy to use. Before the exam, you must go to church, put a candle in front of the icon of the saint, ask him for help. If for some reason there are no icons in the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, John of Kronstadt, the Blessed Virgin, then contact St. Nicholas with a request. Best of all, order a prayer service to start a new business.

When reading a prayer, pay attention to the stress, because you need to pronounce the words correctly so as not to lose their meaning.

Before taking a ticket, ask the Almighty for help: “Lord, bless! God help me". This will surely reassure you, help you control yourself.

Who to ask for help?

Many are concerned about the question of which prayer to read before the exam is better. Not only irresponsible students are interested in this, but also those who have no problems with grades. Any exam is a lottery, so learning all the tickets equally well is impossible. If the discipline is complex and important, and you are very worried, then any Orthodox prayer or prayer appeal to Sergius of Radonezh will help. She will give peace of mind and good luck.

All baptized people can ask for the successful passing of exams not only of St. Sergius, but also of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Matron of Moscow and other saints.

It is not necessary to be attached to the exact transmission of prayer words, because you can formulate everything in your own way.

And if you decide to read the canonical prayer, it would be useful to memorize it so that nothing distracts you while reading from a mental union with the Lord and the saints to whom the prayer is addressed.

What to expect?

Prayer must be sincere, then the Most High will hear you and will certainly help. This does not mean that you will come across the only ticket that you need, but luck will surely turn its face.

Feel confident, try to relax and behave naturally. The less you worry, the quicker remember everything that you taught and you can structure it to the teacher.

Say prayers with grateful zeal, not forgetting to study the material you have learned. And for the exam itself, be sure to bring along a small pocket icon of the Blessed Matrona or St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. And with sincere faith in the soul, proceed to surrender it.

Prayer before the exam

This prayer must be read on the eve of the exam, as well as before entering a class or audience:

“Rev. Sergius of Radonezh, accept the sincere prayer of the servant of God (name). Send me reason, let not be afraid, and strengthen my cowardice. With your prayers, may I be strong in my studies and will not forget important answers. Ask the Lord for blessings upon my head. Amen".

After reading this prayer, you can safely go to the exam. Before answering yourself, say "Our Father." Prayer words help you focus on the answer and leave fears behind.

Prayer for a successful exam

You can ask for help from your Guardian Angel. Prayer should be read in the evening before the exam, and then in the morning, just before the answer. The patron saint of heaven will surely help you overcome uncertainty and will support you with his invisible presence.

“The Holy Angel, a faithful servant of God, I appeal to you with prayer. Send me (name) the grace of God, inspire and help me cope with fear and excitement. Be with me at a difficult time and do not leave without your support. Grant me reason and memory so as not to forget the teachings and answer all questions. Be merciful, angel of the Lord. Amen".

After saying this prayer, peace will come to your soul and you will be able to answer all the questions asked without fuss and hassle.

Mother's Prayer Before Exam

The maternal heart knows when to help the child. From time immemorial, maternal prayers protected children before birth, protected them from illnesses and other troubles. Any mother wants her child to successfully overcome difficulties and pass the first exams with honor, defend a diploma or pass intermediate subjects to continue their education. Before exams, each mother can be addressed with prayer words to the Higher Forces, and they will certainly be heard.

Before leaving the child for exams, read the appeal to the Matronushka:

“Holy Matronushka, I appeal to you with prayer. Protector of children and mothers, help my child (name) overcome all the trials. Add to him (her) the mind, and do not leave at the time of excitement. Show the easy way and save from human malice, evil evil. Amen".

During the exam, the mother can pray to St. Tatiana for her child:

“Saint Tatiana is a great martyr, patroness of students. I appeal to you, patroness of all who have chosen the thorny path of science and education. Help my child (name), in an honest way, obtain knowledge for himself, to answer the whole question and pass the sent tests. Give him clarity in his thoughts and avert anxieties, covering his mind. Follow honesty and justice, do not let my child (name) be offended. Amen".

Each of these prayers will help to cope with excitement and confidently overcome temporary difficulties. Do not be afraid to ask the Saints for help, for the Lord has always bequeathed to pray to Him in sorrows and in joy. After passing the exams, be sure to thank the Higher Powers for their help. We wish you good luck and excellent ratings. Be happy and do not forget to click on the buttons and

Strong prayer to the Lord for study / exam

Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, bless me to study / exam, send your holy help, to the extent I can achieve what I have desired: that which is acceptable to you, Lord, and useful to me. Amen.
Blessed Lord, we have bestowed upon us the grace of Your Holy Spirit, who grants and strengthens our spiritual strengths, so that, attentively teaching us the teachings, we will increase for you, our Creator, in glory, for our parents to comfort, the Church and our country for the benefit. Amen.

Prayer to all holy and incorporeal heavenly forces for help in teaching

Holy God and in the saints repent, singing the triceps of heaven in heaven from an angel, praising to the earth from a man in his saints: given by the Holy Spirit, grace is commanded as far as the gift of Christ is made, and by that delivering to the Church of your holy ova the Apostles, ova prophets, ova the heralds , Shepherds and teachers, their own word of preaching. To you Himself the one who is acting in all, the Mnosi have been blessed in every way, by the various virtues that are pleasing to You, and to You we have left the image of your good deeds, in the joy of those who have passed, prepare, in it yourself the temptations of the past, and for us to be assisted. Remembering all these saints and praising their charitable life, to You Samago, I praise them, and they alone do your bestowing gifts, believing diligently, I pray to you, sanctify the saints, let us sinfully follow their teachings, and, moreover, yours, all through God, forgiveness be glorified, praising your holy name, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit forever. Amen.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel for good luck before the exam, exam

The holy angel of Christ, the faithful servant of God, the warrior of His army of heaven, I appeal to you in prayer, overshadowing myself with the holy cross. Send me heavenly grace on my spiritual strengths and give me meaning and understanding, so that I sensitively heed (heeded) the charitable teachings that the teacher gives us, and with my mind has grown tremendously for the glory of the Lord, people and the Holy Orthodox Church for the benefit. For this I ask you, angel of Christ. Amen.

Ways to reassure yourself before the exam

  • Long before the exam, you need to make a preparation plan and follow it exactly. This will help to better control the situation and will not allow to postpone the important stages of preparation to the last moment
  • In case of insomnia due to nerves, it is possible to use mild sedatives, but it is better to consult with adults and doctors about the choice of drugs or soothing teas
  • You can write a cheat sheet for the exam. If you write them yourself, then most likely they will not be required on the exam itself. But this will once again give a feeling of calm and self-confidence, and also allow you to repeat important rules or formulas and more
  • A great way to distract from the experience is to dilute the mental load while preparing for the exam with physical exercises. At least a few minutes you need to do exercises to let off steam and take a little rest from overvoltage
  • Well, if there is someone who can do the massage. This is a good way to relieve stress and fatigue. You can massage your eyebrows and forehead yourself, heading to your temples - this relaxes and also allows you to calm down
  • A few days before the exam, you need to prepare everything you need - clothes, documents, a bag with the necessary little things and a bottle of water. This will save you from hysterical searches for the right things at the last moment. You can take a chocolate with you - it will cheer you up
  • In the morning, a cool shower is best. It also relaxes and soothes well, and also gives confidence. If there is no way to take a shower - before the exam you can just wash with cool water
  • You can learn breathing exercises that can calm a person in a stressful situation. To do this, take a deep breath and slowly, straightening your shoulders, exhale, counting to five

Prayer to Sergius of Radonezh on the successful passing of a driving test in the traffic police

Often, the approaching exam for passing a license causes real depression and increased anxiety in a novice driver. A person loses sleep and the opportunity to do familiar things, which only reduces the chances of passing exams successfully. To feel a slight excitement on the day of the exam and during its conduct is completely normal, even useful, as it increases concentration and motivation. Prayer and our advice will help you to calm down before changing the law.

About the Monk and God-bearing Our Father Sergius! Look at us (name) graciously and, to the land of the devoted, elevate you to the heights of heaven. Strengthen our cowardice and establish us in the faith, but surely we hope to receive all the good from the mercy of the Lord God through your prayers. Ask by your intercession every gift to everyone and to everyone it is prosperous, and all of us through your prayers, bless us on the day of the Last Judgment, get rid of your part, the gums of the country, community of life and the blessed voice of the Lord of Christ to hear: come, blessings of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the world . Amen.

Troparion, voice 4
Even as a virtue, the ascetic, like a true warrior of Christ God, wielded the passion of Veli if you were a temporary disciple, in penal, vigilant and veneration the image of your disciple, and also instilled in the Holy Spirit, His action is lightly decorated, but as if having the boldness to Remember the Holy Trinity, commemorate the flock, if you had gathered thou wise, and don’t forget, thou hast promised to be visiting your child, Sergius the Rev. Our Father.

Kondak, voice 8
Having stranded Christ's love, Reverend, and having followed it with an irrevocable desire, thou hast hated all fleshly pleasure, and as thou shalt sun the sun of thy fatherland, thou shalt enrich Christ with the gift of miracles. Remember us who honor your blessed memory, let’s call it: rejoice, Sergius the Wise.

How to reassure yourself before the traffic police exam

Depression, lack of proper sleep, and daily regimen violations can greatly complicate preparation for the exam.

These simple recommendations will help you to maximize your ability to pass the exam and overcome unnecessary excitement.

  1. Take sedative. But you should be careful with this method, since medicines in high dosage can cause CNS blocking and a delayed reaction, and the driver must act promptly when passing the exam in the traffic police.
  2. Try to choose the time and center that are most convenient for you. Do not plan any serious tasks and activities for the day you pass the exam: this will help you focus and direct your concentrated efforts to preparing and passing the exam.
  3. Do not think that you come across a picky examiner. The one who checks you is an ordinary person with his problems and worldly concerns.
  4. Do not be afraid not to turn in. The pass test is not the most important thing in your life. This is a completely ordinary, ordinary event, which can both turn in your favor and require additional preparation and engagement of efforts.
  5. Try not to tell your friends about the impending exam. This will relieve untimely issues and the effect of "fueling" anxiety. If you fail to pass the first time, no one will make excuses for the miss, and if the change is excellent, you will share your joy with others with a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Try breathing exercises. If you had previously mistrusted breathing exercises, it was time to calm down the skeptic. The ability to control breathing can properly saturate the brain and the body as a whole with oxygen. The regulation of breathing will teach you how to easily control a changeable mood and relieve anxiety. These simple steps will help the driver to believe in themselves and abstract from the jitters.

Prayer Matrone of Moscow before study / exam

Holy righteous mother Matrona! You are an assistant to all people, help me too (say aloud what help is needed). Do not leave me with help and intercession, pray to the Lord for the servant of God (name). In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker for study / before the exam

O St. Nicholas, the Pleasant of the people We remember and venerate Your holy goodness, Do not leave now and now God's (God's) slave (slave) sinful (sinful)! Cleanse the mind of unnecessary thoughts, have peace of mind for my soul, Grant, be condescending, I am quick to the exam to come! I believe, blessed are you and fair, I hope holy for your salvation, Hear my prayer for our Lord. Amen.

Mother's Prayer for exam of daughter or son

Lord Jesus Christ, we fall to you and pray to Thysya, look at us who pray for you. Remember the Lord Your promises: “where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them,” remember the packs also, by Your Resurrection, spoken by You: “I am with you until the end of the age.” Blessed be your holy disciples and apostles after your Ascension, and promised them the Grace of the Holy Spirit and granting them the gift of wisdom and reason on the day of the Fiftieth, having created some of them teachers of the wisdom of faith. Grant to our lad (names) now undergoing examination tests of the same Spirit of Wisdom and reason, as well as once granted with Your holy disciple. Dear our youths, without fear and embarrassment, do not forget anything from the teachings taught to them and reasonably state what is required in the trial. I will make the examiners peaceful and supportive, as I once did such a thing to the Monk Sergius and the righteous John and your other saint. With their prayers, together with the martyr Tatiana, with the saints Basil the Great, John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian through Your Holy Spirit from the outgoing Father, be merciful to us all forever and ever. Amen!

Prayer instead of sedative

About 54% of students believe that believing in a good result significantly reduces pre-examination excitement and helps pass the exam. This is especially important for sensitive people who tend to fear failure. And all would be fine, but excessive excitement prevents you from concentrating and remembering information during the test. Even if you learn everything, you can be too nervous and confused, without remembering the required material. Prayer allows you to remain focused and focused during the exam without wasting energy on struggling with feelings.

According to psychologists, after prayer a person feels the support of God. The result - confidence and improved mood, faith in a favorable result and calm. In such a stressful situation, an understanding is especially necessary that everything will be fine. In the language of psychology, thanks to prayer, a person “leaves” the epicenter of stress and as if observes the exam situation from the outside.

Mother's prayer for successful passing the exam by a child (daughter, son)

When a child prepares for a serious exam, the prayer of the mother can be an effective help. This is due to the fact that the energy connection between the mother and the child remains for life.

Prayer for the successful passing of the exam by a son or daughter should be pronounced at the moment when the child leaves home.

The prayer text sounds as follows:

This prayer should be said three times. It is also allowed in the above prayer words to speak the scarf and put it in the pocket of the clothes that the son or daughter plan to wear for the exam. But this should not be reported to his child.

When the time comes when the child is scheduled to pass the exam, you should turn to the Holy Archangel Michael with a prayer.

It sounds as follows:

Praying to students for good luck at an university exam

In order not to worry before an exam at the university, you need to read a special prayer. Prayer to the Higher Forces will not only calm down, but will also inspire hope in the successful outcome of the upcoming test. With the help of prayer, you can increase your self-esteem and tune in to obtain a high result.

The most popular among students today is the prayer to all the Saints and Ethereal heavenly forces.

It sounds as follows:

What prayers to read before the exam?

Any Orthodox prayer can help in learning. She must give peace and good fortune. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will draw out exactly the ticket that you learned, but in general everything will be successful.

If the discipline is so complex and important that you are very worried and all the knowledge seems to disappear from your head, turn to such Heavenly Forces as:

  • Nicholas the Wonderworker
  • Sergey Radonezhsky,
  • Cyril and Methodius,
  • Matronushka Moscow,
  • King David
  • Guardian angel,
  • Tatyana the Great Martyr.

The Almighty only hears and fulfills sincere requests, so pray with your heart, repeat everything that was taught and calm down.

Prayer for passing the driving test in the traffic police Nikolai the Miracle Worker

St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker helps everyone who addresses him with a variety of questions. A prayer to him will help if you need to successfully pass the exam at the traffic police.

In this case, prayer will act as follows:

  • It will help to get rid of insecurity, inner fear and excitement.
  • Allows you to focus and direct thoughts in the right direction, even in the event of a stressful situation.
  • Provides a positive attitude that will allow you to get high results.

The prayer reads as follows:

This prayer is usually read before leaving the house. But if upon arrival at the traffic police you felt that the excitement did not go away, then immediately before the exam you should mentally say another prayer.

Strong prayer to Sergei Radonezh for help in passing any exams

For the successful passing of any exams, it is recommended that you pray with Saint Sergey of Radonezh.

A prayer of prayer to this Saint will help:

  • Not only pass the exam, but also get good grades.
  • Get rid of pride, which will not overestimate yourself.
  • Calm down and properly set up for the exam.

Tradition says that the Monk Sergey of Radonezh during his life was given very hard study. He could not force himself to even pick up the book, although he understood how important this was. Therefore, one day Sergey Radonezhsky decided to turn to the Lord for help and read a prayer. From this moment he began to study with pleasure. Moreover, everything read to him was very easy to remember, so soon he became the most educated person. That is why the saint always hears the prayers of people who turn to him and ask for help in educational matters.

Before the exam, each student or student can turn to Sergei Radonezhsky for help. But at the same time, you must always remember that a lot when passing the exam is up to you. If you do not know the program material, then no prayer will force the teacher to give you an excellent mark. But on the other hand, if you study well, a prayer appeal to the Saint will allow you to gain confidence in yourself, and, therefore, this will guarantee a successful exam.

The prayer text reads as follows:

This prayer can be read not only before passing the exam, but also before defending a graduation project or dissertation. Parents may also make a prayer request to Saint Sergey of Radonezh before their child’s exam. It will become useful even if you feel that one of the items is hard on your child.

Strong prayer to the Lord to study and pass the exam

Among us, there is hardly anyone who has never turned to the Almighty with one or another request. Many noticed that if the prayer before passing the exam is sincere and pronounced with strong faith, the Lord will hear and help her. When some significant event is ahead, we always remember the Almighty and ask for his help. The exam is also no exception, because our future to some extent may depend on our future.

Before saying a prayer, you need to relax, mentally turn to the Creator (you can even in your own words). Share your concerns and desires with him. Priests advise to do this every day in order to feel serenity and peace. But even if you have not done this before, no one will forbid you to do this right before the exam. Any help due to which you will gain confidence and restore order in your thoughts will not be superfluous.

Attention! If you suddenly forgot to read a prayer before or during the exam, do not worry, you can do this after. It is believed that even prayer after an examination for a good grade can help.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for passing a driving test in the traffic police

St. Nicholas the Pleasant helps everyone who sincerely turns to him for help. He will listen to you and help even if you are worried that you will not be able to pass the exam for rights. Prayer to him helps as follows:

  • relieves of inner feelings and insecurities,
  • allows you to focus and avoid stress,
  • adjusts to a positive result, providing a positive attitude.

Usually a prayer is advised to be read before an exam, at home or on the road. But if you suddenly came to the traffic police and you were overcome by fear and excitement, then it is also worth mentally pronouncing it, being already at the very exam, it may help you calm down. Important! Everyone knows the proverb: "Hope in God, but do not lie yourself." Probably, this statement more than ever comes to the person who is passing the exam. The Almighty is ready to help everyone who sincerely asks him, but this does not mean that for your part you should not do anything. Therefore, do not delay and prepare well for the upcoming exam.

Prayer to Sergius of Radonezh before the exam

The greatest Ascetic of the Russian land and the converter of monasticism in Northern Russia, Sergius of Radonezh lived in the XIV century. He did many unusually great things for the good of the church and government. As a child, young Bartholomew (such was his name in the world) longed for teachings with all his heart, but he did not succeed. Grieving for this, the lad tirelessly prayed to the Lord to help him. Once, a boy met an old man, to whom he suddenly opened his whole soul and told about his grief. Sympathizing, the old man began to pray for his enlightenment. Indeed, the grace of God descended on Bartholomew, and he began to easily absorb information in books. After that, he decided to devote his whole life to God. The older Bartholomew became, the more he wanted to retire, as the ancient ascetics did. But love for his parents did not allow him to do this, it was they who blessed their beloved son to serve the Lord. Having buried his parents, he fulfilled his cherished dream, settling with his brother in the dense forest beyond Radonezh. Together they built a cell and a small church in honor of the Holy Trinity. And Bartholomew was called in monasticism by Sergius. But his brother soon left him, unable to withstand the severity of flattering monasticism. And Sergei lived for a long time alone, struggling with many temptations that overpowered him. Patience and prayer helped the young ascetic to overcome difficulties and devilish adversities.

Over time, people learned about the hermit Sergius, and among them there were those who wanted to live and save their souls under his guidance. In his endeavors, the reverend always went first, and the brothers followed him. Rumors about him reached Constantinople itself. Patriarch Filofei sent his blessing and letter to Sergius of Radonezh in which new charters of the desert dormitory were approved. Sergius was also linked by spiritual friendship with Metropolitan Alexy. The saint even asked the elder to accept after him the Russian metropolis, but St. Sergius humbly refused such a high honor, still wanting only monastic humility.

Today they pray and ask for help in various situations, including before passing the exam. Let us bring the texts of prayers to the saint.

Prayer to Cyril and Methodius before the exam

What is known about saints Cyril and Methodius? These are the first Slavic enlighteners who presented the Slavic alphabet. Cyril and Methodius were born in the family of the Solunsky governor. There were seven children in the family. Moreover, it is interesting that Methodius was the oldest, and Cyril (before monasticism he was called Constantine) - the youngest. Konstantin was a very smart boy and very pious. From childhood he was called Constantine the philosopher. These two brothers, one of whom was extremely intelligent (Constantine), and the second was very pious and prayed a lot (Methodius), the Lord entrusted such an important task - to compose the Slavic alphabet for us. By the name of its creator it was called Cyrillic. It is interesting that Methodius composed his alphabet, which was called "Glagolitic". But she did not take root. Today, only Slavic philologists know her, and even that, perhaps, in passing, without paying special attention to her while studying, and we successfully use the work of these holy brothers. They had to live, pray, teach and write in different places, but mostly in Pannonia, in the places that are occupied today by Czechs and Slovaks, in Moravia and Swabia. During the work, the brothers suffered a lot from the German bishops, who were carpentry, believed that only three sacred languages ​​(Latin, Greek and Jewish) were worthy to praise God. Brothers, however, argued that every nation has the right, according to the scripture, to read, recognize and write the word of God in their native language.

Despite the fact that Konstantin was a younger brother, he died earlier. Dying, he told his brother Methodius that he should not abandon their common cause - to teach Slavic peoples. Methodius fulfilled the request of his brother. He preached, taught, surrounded himself with smart and, very importantly, righteous students. It was he who laid the foundation for the conversion to Christ of the Slavic peoples. The first phrase, written in Cyrillic: "In the beginning was the word."

It is generally accepted that a prayer to Cyril and Methodius will more help before an exam or a control in the Russian language and other humanitarian subjects. But you can use it before any important exam or just to make your studies better. By copying it to a piece of paper, you can read it right before the upcoming test, which will allow you to get rid of stress and calm down.

Attention! Praying that the child passes the exam well, sincerely said by the parents, is considered one of the strongest. Therefore, be sure to pray for your child.

Prayer to St. Tatiana before the exam

In preparation for exams, you can seek help from a student patron. She always helps those who study to master the necessary amount of knowledge, concentrate before passing the test, calm down and get together.

Oh, holy martyr Tatiano, bride of the sweetest bridegroom of your Christ, the lamb of the Lamb of God, the dove of chastity, suffering, as if dressed in royal clothes, respected to the face of heaven, now rejoicing in glory everlasting, from the days of the young, the holy servant to the Church, who was promised to the whole church, and beloved all the blessings of the Lord! We pray to you and we ask you: have heeded our heartfelt petition and do not reject our prayers. Grant purity of body and soul, breathe love for Divine truths, lead us on a virtuous path, ask angelic protection from God for us, heal our wounds and bodily ulcers, grant patience in evil, heal sinful ulcers, protect our youth, preserve our youthless and painless old age , in the death hour, help me. Remember our sorrows and grant joy. Visit us, who are in the prison of sin, instruct us soon to repent, light the flame of prayer, do not leave us orphans, glorifying your suffering, we praise the Lord of strength, always, now and forever, and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to the Archangel Michael for the exam

You can turn to a prayer before the exam to the holy Archangel Michael. This is a strong prayer of parents for children before the exam, which helps the child concentrate and successfully pass the test at this crucial moment.

O Lord God the Great, King Beginner, send, Lord Your Archangel Michael to the aid of your servant (name), take me from my enemies, visible and invisible! O Lord, Archangel Michael, pour out myrrh of moisture on your slave (name). Oh Lord Michael the Archangel, demons to the smasher! Prohibit all the enemies who are fighting with me, make them like sheep and crush them, like dust before the wind. O Lord, the great Michael the Archangel, six-winged first prince and governor of weightless forces, Cherubim and Seraphim! O Lord pleasing to Michael the Archangel! May we help in everything: in insults, in sorrows, in sorrow, in deserts, at crossroads, on rivers and seas, a quiet haven! Deliver Michael the Archangel from all the charms of the devil, always hear me, your sinful slave (name), praying to you and invoking your holy name, speed up my help, and hear my prayer, O Great Archangel Michael! Lead all those opposed to me by the power of the honest life-giving cross of the Lord, by the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos and Saints the Apostle, and St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker, St. Andrew the Holy One and the Holy Prophet of God Elijah, and the Saints, the Great Martyr Nikita and Eustathius, the Rev. Father of all the saints and martyrs. Amen.

Prayer to the great martyr Tatyana before the exam

Saint Tatiana lived in the 3rd century in Rome. She was the daughter of noble Roman patricians who were Christians. Her parents taught her the basics of the Christian faith.

Saint Tatyana was a deaconess - this is a rank in the early church, which today, in principle, does not occur, although there is talk of reviving the institution of deaconess. These are women who, in childhood, devoted themselves to the Lord, or, having become widowed, were dedicated to the service. They performed a variety of church instructions and obediences: from caring for the property of the church to preaching among the female population, etc. They had a fairly wide range of responsibilities.

During the reign of the emperor of the North, severe persecution began. These were the 30s of the III century AD. One of the governors of the emperor, the Roman chief brutally persecuted Christians.

The description of her suffering is saturated with such miracles, such anger on the part of those who tormented her, that it would be strange or even unbearable for a modern person to read it. Today we are far from righteousness, we doubt much, but we are sure that the saints are truly. Tatyana, who suffered many torments for Christ, finally died. Together with her, her parents were executed. Parts of the relics of this martyr are in different places. For example, her right hand is in Pskov, namely in the Pskov-Pechersky monastery.

Prayers addressed to Tatyana the Great Martyr more than once helped to cope with passing exams, defending diplomas and dissertations, or writing control tests in mathematics, passing the Unified State Examination, etc. Many students look forward to Tatyana's day with great impatience, since it was recognized as the Day of all students.

Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of the “Add Mind” icon

The Most Holy Theotokos the Blessed Virgin, the house, he himself created the Wisdom of God, the gift of the spiritual Giver, from the world to the premium mind our raising and bringing all to the knowledge of reason! Receive prayer of singing from us, unworthy of thy servant, with faith and tenderness, worshiping before your perfect image.I implored Thy Son and our God, grant him power to us, wisdom and strength, a judge of righteousness and impartiality, a priest of spiritual wisdom, zeal and vigilance of our souls, a pious gentleman spirit of purity and truth. And now, the omnipotent, all-encompassing our Mother, give us wisdom to increase, die, combine in enmity and separation of substance, and put them at peace with unresolvable love, for those who have forgotten about the lack of comprehension, the peace, and the peace, the good-hearted knowledge of those who ask for grants, overshadowing us forever, Cherubim bright and seraphim honest honestly. But we, the glorious deed and the wise wisdom of God in the world and the life of our vigilant ones, will be removed from the earthly vanity and the overwhelming living cares, and we are kindly kind to the Lord, but we are kindly kind to us. and to all the Creator, we send, now both from now and ever, and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to Spyridon of Trimyphus

O blessed Saint Spyridon! Pray for the mercy of the God of God, may he not condemn us because of our iniquity, but let him do with us by His grace. Ask us, the servants of God (names), from Christ and our God for a peaceful and serene life, healthy soul and body. Deliver us from all spiritual and bodily troubles, from all yearning and devil slander. Remember us at the throne of the Almighty and beseech the Lord, may He grant many of our sins forgiveness, a comfortable and peaceful life, may he grant us, but the demise of our belly will be shameless and peaceful, and the blessings of eternity in the future will grant us, may we continually send glory and thanksgiving to the Father and the Son and The Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever.

Exam Prayer Support

Another reason is the feeling of support. It is important for a person to gain confidence that the Higher forces will be on his side. Support is especially needed for the female half - 61% believe that faith in God can reduce anxiety before exams. That is why even as adults, women tend to say a prayer for their children to pass the exam.

Believers first ask the priest for a blessing before preparing for exams. According to them, then testing is easier. They also pray to the Mother of God, turn to the Apostles Peter and Paul, John Chrysostom, Gregory the Theologian, Nicholas the Wonderworker. They also ask for help from the Holy Martyr Tatyana, the patroness of students. You can also read the prayer to Sergei Radonezh.

The effect of prayer on the body

Scientists, as always, question everything. Researchers from the state of North Carolina (USA) decided to conduct an experiment by inviting priests of various faiths to pray for patients who suffered from various heart ailments. For several days, doctors took notes.

The results were surprising - the pace of recovery increased by 93%. Scientists concluded that during prayer many processes in the body return to normal. For students, this means that stress levels are significantly reduced. And if the body feels good, it is much easier for a person to concentrate and pass the test.

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