The correct arrows on the eyes - step by step instructions

Any professional makeup artist can explain how to draw arrows on his eyes with eyeliner. The process is not difficult, but requires accuracy and the right choice of product. Depending on the cosmetics used, the lines on the eyelids can be wide and bright, or thin and subtle. With their help, you can adjust facial features, emphasizing the advantages and masking minor flaws.

Arrows: what are their advantages

Spectacular arrows can become the brightest and most noticeable detail of makeup. They accentuate the eyes and may slightly alter their incision. With proper makeup, it is possible:

  • to raise the drooping edges of the eyelids, making the look more open,
  • emphasize the brightness of the iris,
  • visually increase the density of eyelashes,
  • make your eyes bigger.

Arrows never go out of fashion, only their width, length or color changes. You can draw them for yourself without resorting to professional makeup artists. To work, you need a magnifying mirror, an eyeliner of a suitable texture, brushes and cotton buds to correct minor defects.

What are the popular types of arrows?

Arrows are of the following types:

Classic arrows (classic ordinary, everyday arrow).

Egyptian arrows (look very good for an evening exit).

Arrow wings (suitable for sophisticated and creative natures).

Thick and thin arrows (suitable for study or office, various events and parties).

Cat's eye (this type of arrow is suitable for young girls).

Double arrows (suitable for evening makeup).

Creative arrows (suitable for parties).

Arrows in smokyeye style (suitable for an evening, romantic dinner).

It is interesting that beautifully and correctly drawn arrows always look spectacularly and perfectly in photographs!

How to draw arrows for beginners: basic rules

The first thing that is necessary for a successful attempt to draw arrows in front of your eyes is a margin of time. Haste in this matter is not appropriate.

Experienced make-up artists advise beginners to practice with a pencil, as it can be wiped and painted again without effort. Stylus need to choose a soft texture and rich color. The following is a detailed step-by-step instruction with a photo.

In this procedure, the following stages are distinguished:

  1. A comfortable position in front of the mirror (bright lighting).
  2. The pencil should be sharpened sharply.
  3. The elbow rests on the table. The eye from which drawing begins is half-closed.
  4. First you need to draw a thin line closely along the growth of the eyelashes, starting from the central point of the eyelid to the outer and inner corners of the eye. You must act as carefully as possible so as not to injure the eye.

Arrows in front of a pencil. Step-by-step instructions on how to draw arrows beautifully and evenly

  • At the outer corner of the edge of the arrow is displayed over the edge and lifted up.
  • The space between the eyelashes must also be carefully painted.
  • All errors are neutralized with a cotton swab.
  • In the same way, the arrow is applied to the other eye.
  • Eyeliner: what it is

    To create perfect lines on the eyelids you will need the right makeup. Stores offer many options, and consultants are always ready to tell you how to draw beautiful arrows on your eyes and which products you should prefer. When choosing, you need to consider the type of skin, personal preferences, the nature of makeup and other subtleties. You can find a quality product in any price category; excellent eyeliners produce brands of the mass, middle, luxury and professional segments.

    One of the options for eyeliner

    Among the most popular options are:

    1. Powder products. This category includes classic pencils that require sharpening, products with jars and tubes that are applied to the eyelid with a spatula, as well as a variety of colored pigments. Suitable for girls with oily skin, as well as for beginners who are just beginning to get acquainted with makeup. Means do not differ in high resistance, can be smeared and crumble. Those who wear contact lenses or have particularly sensitive eyes should discard this type of product.
    2. Liquid eyeliner. Packaged in tubes with a built-in brush. It can draw very thin lines, ideal for subtle daytime makeup. It is well fixed on eyelids, does not flow and does not roll down. With constant use, it can slightly dry the skin.
    3. Gel options. Very resistant product, packaged in small jars and tubes. It is applied to the eyelids with a thin curved or beveled brush, quickly fixed and does not change color during the day. It is removed by means of removal of especially resistant make-up. Suitable for oily skin, allows you to draw arrows of various brightness and width.
    4. Cream texture. A very gentle option for dry and sensitive skin. Suitable for those who wear lenses. It is well fixed on the eyelids, applied with a brush or a comfortable brush. Easily washed off with cosmetic milk or micellar water.
    5. Liners and felt-tip pens. Hybrid pencil and liquid eyeliner. Means of this category are convenient to use, do not spread, can draw very thin lines. At the same time, they dry quickly, are quite uneconomical.

    For everyday wear, deep shades are suitable, which are selected depending on the color of the eyes. Green iris is shaded by brown or burgundy lines, gray and blue - dark blue and saturated gray will do. The depths of the brown eyes are underlined by green arrows. For a summer party, you can use an extravagant bright palette: golden yellow, azure, turquoise or lilac. Tips on how to make up your eyes with eyeliner of unusual tones should be looked for in the blogs of professional makeup artists who love bold color experiments.

    A universal option for the evening is a classic velvet black. Spectacular eyeliners with sparkles are found, they are applied independently or used in a duet with dark products of a saturated texture.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to draw perfect, beautiful arrows

    Initially, you need to decide on the image that will be created. Next, you should choose a means of expression: pencil, felt-tip pen, liner, eye shadow or liquid eyeliner.

    There are some rules designed to make drawing arrows easier:

    • for complex shapes, it is appropriate to use stencils that are selected (or made) in advance,
    • the line of movement can be first marked with dots or dashed lines, and then draw a solid line over them, filling in the voids,
    • if during use of the cosmetic product there are signs of allergy, it is necessary to get rid of it,
    • depicting an arrow with eyeliner will be easier if you slightly raise your eyelid with your finger. The arrow will come out smoother. To make the rounded edge symmetrical, you can help yourself with a paper sheet or other improvised means,
    • all “roughnesses” are erased with a cotton swab, tinted with a foundation or shaded with shadows.

    Liquid eyeliner - classic for arrows

    It is a case or tube with liquid pigment and brush applicator. Liquid eyeliner can be not only black. Cosmetic brands also offer brown, gray, blue, and even purple and green eyeliners. This diversity is due to the fact that several years ago fashion houses released models that defiled with a make-up with multi-colored arrows.

    If the applicator is really thin - then applying liquid eyeliner is a pleasure. Using such a brush, you can draw very neat arrows of the desired thickness. So that the eyeliner does not tighten the skin after drying, apply it on the foundation for visage. After drawing the arrows, allow the pigment to dry for 10-15 minutes. And then you can safely dye your eyelashes.

    Liquid eyeliner from YSL

    Drawing the "classic arrow"

    First you need to prepare your face for drawing arrows. This can be done using the tonal foundation, then we make expressive eyebrows. This can be done with a pencil or eye shadow. We apply light, pastel shadows on the upper eyelid. After that, take dark shadows and paint over the edge of the eye at the corners. Take a pencil or eyeliner and draw a thin or thick line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. The arrow's tail is raised to the eyebrow line.

    But it is important to remember that the arrow is accurate, we draw it directly along the ciliary contour, near the hair growth with a thin line from the inner eye, gradually increasing towards the center!

    The basic scheme of drawing arrows on the eyes

    The basic scheme for drawing arrows on the eyes is quite simple. It will help beginners create smooth lines and “not reinvent the wheel”. Let's take it step by step:

    • First, draw the bottom line: it starts from the outer corner of the eye and continues the line of eyelash growth. At first it’s better not to serif too long - 0.8 mm - 1 cm is enough
    • From the center of the upper eyelid (navigate the pupil) we draw a line to the made “tail”,
    • Draw a connecting line from the inner corner of the eye to the top of line 2,
    • Paint over the resulting voids in the resulting circuit. The arrow is ready!

    You can vary the length of the tail, the thickness of the arrow and its end, depending on your preferences and goals.

    Ideal arrows must be even, without nicks at the edges and spaces in the “body”!

    At first, the arrows often have to be redrawn again, erasing the previous version, but with time you will beat your hand and learn how to create the desired outline the first time!

    Preparatory Activities

    Numerous makeup aids will help you understand how to draw arrows beautifully and correctly. Useful tips can be found in fashion magazines and blogs of popular makeup artists. Step-by-step diagrams will explain how to color your eyes in different styles, this information is especially important for beginners. Answer the question of how to learn how to draw arrows, can be cosmetologists and experienced consultants in luxury stores and professional corners.

    Geometry and fantasy

    Before starting work, the eyelids are cleaned with micellar water or a soft tonic on herbs without alcohol. Then they apply a fixing base in the form of a gel, cream or paste. The product is easily distributed and quickly absorbed. Its purpose is to smooth the skin, close the pores and help cosmetics stay as long as possible.

    The moving eyelid is covered with shades of a neutral shade: beige, pearl gray, cream. They will make makeup complete. The drawn arrows will be beautiful and even, the paint will fix well on the skin and will not leak. After that, you can start doing makeup.

    The arrows on the eyes with a pencil are easy to draw without first applying shadows. For such makeup, it is better to use the product in a natural range: brown, beige, khaki, greenish. The image is suitable for everyday life, it will be complemented by fruit gloss on the lips and pale pink blush.

    Stencils for drawing arrows

    Today, there are transparent stencils for arrows on sale. Such a feature of them makes it possible to use one sample in both eyes. This trick allows even a novice makeup artist who does not have skills to depict arrows of any shape. In addition, the aid saves time and nerves.

    Stencils are reusable. It’s easy to adapt to them: having fixed it in the right place on the eyelid, you need to hold it with your hand. At the same time, the cosmetic cutout in the other hand is painted over the marked cutout on the stencil. If desired, and some abilities, you can make a stencil yourself from cardboard.

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    It is no secret that every woman draws arrows in her own way. Someone starts with an upturned tip, and someone in general from the middle of the century. Someone first draws a clear outline, and only then “paints” it. There are craftsmen who are able to move a straight arrow in one motion. And, of course, there are no people in the world who cannot cope with this task. It's just that you, as an artist, need to find your own style.

    Reminder from the 80s - eyeliner

    Even our mothers and grandmothers let the eyes down with a pencil. He copes with the task of eye makeup. Pencil, as well as eyeliner, can be of any color. Before proceeding with the make-up, the pencil must be sharpened properly. In order to facilitate this process, put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. After such cooling you get a very sharp and even edge.

    For expressive gaze, draw inter-ciliary space. It is also recommended to paint over the lining of the eyelids. After such manipulations, the eyelashes will appear thicker and more magnificent.

    Pencil for arrows from Chanel

    Drawing a “thin and thick arrow”

    We begin to draw an arrow from the inner corner of the eye. We draw a thin, neat line along the ciliary contour, as close as possible to the cilia. And so we do it several times until there is a clear, beautiful line. Similarly, we do with a thick line, only the line itself is thicker.

    How to choose a suitable arrow shape

    • For deep-set eyes. Try to focus on the outer corner of the eye, while not placing the line too close to the growth of eyelashes. For example, you can use forms No. 2, 5, 7, 14 and 16,
    • For bulging eyes. For this form of eyes, photos No. 5, 6, 9 and 16 are perfect.

    The following video provides professional building recommendations that will help you understand in detail how to draw arrows correctly:

    Application Technique: Basic Techniques

    Even a beginner make-up artist can draw arrows with a pencil. To make them smooth, it is important to sharpen the stylus well and try it on your hand. It’s more convenient to work in front of a magnifying mirror in bright daylight or artificial light.

    With your left hand you can hold the eyelid slightly so that the skin does not stretch too much. Pencil lead a line along the roots of eyelashes, starting from the middle of the century. It is better to draw straight arrows with short frequent strokes, placing them as close to each other as possible. This example is suitable for beginners. Bringing the line to the outer corner of the eye, it can be slightly extended, this will visually lengthen the eye section.

    Draw an arrow

    To draw arrows with liquid eyeliner, you need a solid hand and some skills. First, the contours are outlined with a pencil in tone. Then the brush is dipped in paint and a neat thin line is drawn over the basting. If necessary, it can be duplicated, the line will be wider and brighter. Make arrows conveniently with different brushes. A thin round draw a contour, placing it just above the contour of the eyelid. Then the gap is filled with a dense beveled brush.

    You can draw arrows on your eyes with liquid eyeliner in another way. First, the lines are applied with a thin brush, and then gently rubbed with a cotton swab to make the outline softer. The procedure is repeated until the color becomes sufficiently saturated. It is important to be careful that blurry lines do not turn into dirt.

    Dry pigment is applied only to the upper eyelid, distributing it with a plastic rod and leading the line at a slight angle. After the arrow is ready, excess paint is removed with a clean cotton swab.

    Varieties of arrows

    There are several options for arrows:

    1. Thin. This look is considered a classic, suitable for both low-key daytime makeup and evening makeup in an ensemble with shadows. The line is drawn along the entire length of the eye and rises to the edge.
    2. Egyptian. Such arrows were relevant in the time of the pharaohs. The technology is as follows: on the upper eyelid, the arrow is drawn in a standard way, and along the lower eyelid there is also a line that goes down to the edge. Thus, the arrows diverge in different directions.
    3. Double. This technique involves drawing two arrows on the upper and lower eyelids, which duplicate one another.
    4. Feathered. The line is abundantly drawn with a soft pencil, and then you need to walk along it with a special brush to make the outline blurry.
    5. Cat's eyes. Within the framework of this technique, both centuries are actively circled. Then, at the edge of the eye, the two lines converge at one point, from which a solid curl is drawn towards the temple.
    6. Wide. The basis for such arrows is drawn classic, only the color is thicker.
    7. Wing lines. A broad line is drawn throughout the upper eyelid, rising to the edge of the eye. On the lower eyelid, an arrow is drawn from the middle of the eye, then clearly along the base of the eyelashes. At the edge of the eye, both lines are connected.

    Method number 1: Arrow with blue shadows

    A great option for those who are not sure that they can draw a perfectly smooth arrow - in any case, you will cover it with shadows with the effect of shading, so you can not worry about the clarity of the contour.

    Apply beige shadows to the moving eyelid, and add a dumb shimmer on top.

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    Using liquid black eyeliner, draw an arrow, preferably thin.

    Use the blue shiny shadows - apply them to the arrow until the eyeliner is dry.

    Add some of the same shadows to the lower eyelid. Done!

    A little imagination and eyeshadow can even fulfill the arrow

    For everyday office and light make-up, arrows that are made with shadows are suitable. It is a gentle and airy outline to highlight the eyes, but will do it quite subtly. You will need an assistant in the form of a special brush with a hard pile and a beveled edge. For a deeper color, the brush can be slightly moistened with water. So the shadows will fall denser.

    Eyeshadow palette from IsaDora

    Little Tricks: Avoiding Mistakes

    Beautiful arrows for the eyes should be neat. The right choice of cosmetics will help to achieve this. Tools can be mixed to achieve a perfect texture. For example, dry pigment should be added to the cream eyeliner, the color will be more saturated.

    Liquid eyeliner

    Drawing arrows with eyeliner is not so easy. The substrate will help to make smooth and beautiful ponytails. A plastic card is applied to the corner of the eye at the desired angle. It will become a support for the handle of the brush, the arrow will rise slightly, and the hand will not flinch at the most crucial moment. You can understand how to make a line correctly after several workouts.

    For those who do not like the bright lines on the eyelids, but want to draw attention to the eyes, liquid eyeliner will help. A thin brush with a small amount of product makes thin strokes between the eyelashes. A soft black or dark gray color is suitable.

    In order for the arrows on the eyelids to be visible, it is better to use not voluminous, but lengthening mascara. A black or dark gray product is preferred that does not distract attention from the eyeliner.

    Understanding how to make up the arrows on the eyes is not difficult. The main thing is to learn to do it carefully. Having mastered the basic techniques, you can begin to dare experiments, try new products and combine colors. After that, you can publish your own lessons on the topic “Draw beautiful arrows” and collect numerous compliments.

    How to draw arrows on the eyes

    It is very difficult to answer the question “what is better to draw arrows” - everything here is purely individual. The modern cosmetics industry offers numerous products, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you need to choose from them according to your personal preferences only through a series of trial and error! We will designate the main types of funds:

    Workshop Cat's Eye Arrows

    This type of eyelid makeup transforms the image, making it expressive and memorable. In this technique, it is better to first draw the base under the arrows on the eye with a pencil.

    The technique of creating "cat's eyes" is well understood by the photo and step by step instructions:

    1. The first stage involves applying a contour along the entire line of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid.
    2. Next, the stylus is placed to the outer corner of the eye, and a line is drawn almost vertically upward.
    3. The resulting curl is neatly connected to the main line.
    4. At the next stage, a “triangle” is drawn. A line is drawn from the extreme point of the curl to the middle of the upper eyelid. The drawn corner is painted over.

    Method number 2: Draw an arrow in two layers

    The easiest way to draw a straight arrow is to first draw a line very close to the eyelashes, and then draw a second line from above.

    To begin, emphasize the ciliary row with a liquid eyeliner. Then start drawing the arrow from the very tip - back off a small distance from the outer corner of the eye. Pull the eyelid slightly so that the line is even.

    From the "tail" of our arrow, draw a line to the middle, still pulling the eyelid a little bit.

    The closer to the inner corner of the eye, the thinner the arrow should become and gradually fade away.

    If desired, you can highlight the kayal with a black pencil.

    Modern technology and eye marker

    A marker or eyeliner-felt-tip pen is a pencil with pigment inside the bottle and a dense applicator. Such a brush in its composition still resembles the tip of a felt-tip pen. Summing up eyes with such a marker is a pleasure. Especially if you are a big fan of art shooter or haute couture makeup. After applying the pigment, you need to wait a bit until completely dry. Then mascara and makeup is ready.

    Marker by Smashbox

    Drawing “cat eye arrows”

    First, a straight line is drawn along the very edge of the growth of eyelashes from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, the end of the arrow bends up. Together with a pencil, eyeliner, different colored shadows look very good, then your eyes will be very expressive and bold.

    Bright arrows for eye enlargement

    Girls with small eyes should not use black eyeliner, but opt ​​for a lighter one. If you want to emphasize also the lower eyelid, then only with a white or flesh pencil. Thus, your eyes will visually appear wider.


    For those who are looking for a way to learn how to draw arrows on their eyes, eyeliner is an excellent help - an ageless classic with which fashionistas created their arrows for decades to a row! Today, at least 2 types of eyeliner are known:

    Liquid eyeliner is easiest to work with. In addition, it is the most popular tool for drawing arrows. It is usually available with a hard felt or soft bristle brush in the kit. Liquid resistant eyeliner Precision eyeliner from Kiko milano equipped with a felt applicator, which will help you quickly and easily learn how to draw arrows!

    How to make arrows for visual augmentation

    Using correctly drawn arrows, you can visually enlarge small-sized eyes. As a fine tool, you can take both a pencil and, for example, eyeliner. The main condition: the closer to the nose, the thinner the line is drawn. Also, for the effect of enlarging the eyes, it is appropriate to draw an arrow from the middle of the upper eyelid to the edge of the eye.

    If you start to draw an arrow from the bridge of the nose, and make the line bright and thick, this technique will be erroneous, because visually the eyes will become even smaller. You need to finish the arrow carefully by making a small curl pointing up. The long "tail" of the arrow in the eyes of a small size will look unnatural.

    On the lower eyelids, makeup artists advise only to emphasize the outer corner of the eye, then blending it to create the illusion of shading. As an alternative, some make-up artists draw a line on the lower eyelid just below eyelash growth. In this case, it becomes necessary to brighten the space between the white of the eye and the growth zone of the eyelashes, and also down to the drawn line.

    Method number 3: First, draw the outline of the arrow

    This method is very convenient if you are not sure that the hand will not flinch and you can draw a line in one continuous motion. For its execution, not liquid eyeliner is suitable, but a special felt-tip pen or stick.

    First draw a thin arrow from the outer corner of the eye towards the eyebrow - it should look up. Then, almost from the middle of the eye, draw another thin line and connect with the first.

    You got the outline of the arrow - you just have to fill in the free space. This is really very easy!

    Paint? Not. We draw arrows eyeliner

    Eyeliner is most often used to draw a thin inter-ciliary arrow. It is used as bass for a daytime make-up or as the basis for thick retro eyeliner. Both options are quite simple in their implementation. Thin arrow for everyday makeup:

    • draw a thin line from the outer corner of the eye parallel to the ciliary edge towards the eyebrow,
    • make a thin ciliary contour,
    • draw a line from the ciliary contour to the tip of the arrow. Connect them
    • For greater brightness of the makeup, paint the mucous membrane on the upper eyelid with a black pencil. And the daily make-up is ready.

    Everyday Makeup

    Thick arrow in retro style:

    • make the tip of the arrow. To do this, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye towards the eyebrow line,
    • at a distance of 2/3 or ¾ from the inner corner, draw a line that will connect the ciliary line of the upper eyelid with the tip of the arrow,
    • fill the inner space of the contour. Make the transition smooth throughout the eyelid. It should be remembered that the arrow should have a thin thickness at the inner corner and thicken to the outer.

    Retro style visage

    Rules for applying arrows with liquid eyeliner

    There are three types of basic liquid eyeliner techniques:

    • Drawing a line on previously drawn points,
    • Hatching line drawing,
    • Line drawing according to the intended pencil drawing,

    You also need to consider and not forget the following rules that will help you use liquid eyeliner correctly:

    • The most important and important thing is to install a mirror directly opposite you. This is necessary in order to get a smooth, beautiful and symmetrical line,
    • Then you need to degrease the eyelid with tonic and after that put a little powder on it,
    • To apply a smooth, beautiful line, you need to take a comfortable pose and lean your elbow on the table so that there is firm support,
    • Eyes should be a little open and look down
    • Do not pull eyelids, since you get the arrow of the wrong shape that you would like,
    • Arrow thickness choose to your taste
    • Draw an arrow from the middle of the eye to the outer cornerand then from the inner corner of the eye to the middle,
    • Once you have drawn the arrow, do not close or open your eyes stronglyso that there are no unnecessary prints left.

    Original arrows for holiday makeup

    Bright arrows on the eyes with a pencil will help to create a festive mood. Detailed instructions with photos will reflect unusual, but easy to implement ideas.

    It is easy to diversify the usual methods of make-up arrows in the presence of appropriate cosmetics and rich imagination:

    • with the addition of gold, a thin line with a gold eyeliner is drawn over the already drawn arrow of brown, blue or black color,
    • the arrow is framed, the arrow is first shown with a light eyeliner, and after that it is gently traced around the outline with a thin black or brown line,
    • many options for arrows can be represented using a combination of black and white eyeliner,
    • eye makeup looks fresh and positive using contrasting shades of eyeshadow, pencil and eyeliner within the same color sector, for example, blue in combination with violet and blue.

    Method number 4: Draw an arrow in a few strokes

    If all the other options for creating arrows did not work, then try to draw it with a few jerky strokes.

    First, highlight the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid with beige shadows.

    Start drawing an arrow from the inner corner to the middle of the century. Then break off and create the tip of the arrow with a jerky movement - from the outer corner of the eye and slightly beyond it.

    So, you got two strokes - connect them together!

    To make the arrow clear, pull the movable eyelid a little and draw the eyeliner again, with the second layer.

    Pencil graphic arrow

    Step-by-step instructions for creating an arrow using a pencil:

    • draw the space between the eyelashes on the upper eyelid,
    • draw a ponytail arrows. To do this, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye towards the tip of the eyebrow,
    • draw a line along the eyelashes. Connect it to the tip of the arrow. For convenience, you can slightly pull the skin with your finger to the side. But do not overdo it so that the line does not turn out wavy,
    • optionally, the eyeliner can be made thicker. To do this, draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the tail over your “sketch”. But remember that the classic arrow should be a little thin at the inner corner and only compact to the outer corner. Mascara, blush and makeup is ready!

    Graphic arrows in pencil

    Rules for drawing arrows with a pencil

    Listed below are some guidelines to help you draw arrows correctly in pencil:

    • The mirror should stand right in front of you
    • First, apply the necessary shadows., then on top of the shadows you need to draw an arrow with a pencil,
    • If you do not apply shadowthen the eyelid needs to be treated and degreased with lotion,
    • And if you suddenly made an extra lineusing cotton buds, remove excesses and shortcomings,
    • To lay a beautiful and even line, take a good, comfortable pose, rest your hand on the table,
    • You can put inconspicuous points for yourselfwhere you are going to draw the line
    • It’s best to draw an arrow in two steps: first from the inner corner of the eye, and then from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

    Arrows for eyes of different types

    To correct facial imperfections, arrows in the eyes with a pencil are also suitable. Detailed instructions with photos will describe the correct makeup technique, depending on the nuances in the structure of the eyes.

    Drawing arrows, you need to proceed from the features of facial features:

    1. Close set eyes. Lines on both eyelids are recommended to be applied from the middle of the eye. The “tails” of the shooter can be thoroughly removed beyond the edge, and the space formed between them can be clarified with shadows or with a light pencil.
    2. Lowered corners of the eyes. The beginning of the line is drawn from the point at which the corner of the eye begins to sink. In order to create an optical illusion, the end of the line is greatly raised.
    3. Deep set eyes. In this case, you need to highlight the contour of the eyes. A thin line is drawn along the eyelash line from the bridge of the nose, which becomes richer towards the edge of the eye and only slightly extends beyond it. On the upper eyelid along the border of the growth of eyelashes, a solid line is drawn from the bridge of the nose to the edge.
    4. Almond shaped. This form is the most successful for all kinds of experiments, since any kind of arrow is suitable for it.
    5. Hanging eyelids. Standard arrows will not be visible on the eyelids of such a structure, so "broken" lines are drawn. First, from the middle of the upper eyelid, a normal line is drawn, ending with a curl. Further from the tip of the curl at an angle to the side of the eyelid a small “tick” is drawn.With closed eyes, a kink is visible. On open turns a cute arrow.
    6. Bulging eyes. Above, a broad arrow is drawn a la sixties, and below the eyelid is drawn through the mucous membrane of the eye.

    Method number 5: Cheatry!

    And our last piece of advice for the most inept: if you don’t get an even arrow tip, just glue a piece of scotch tape near the outer corner of your eye and start creating. The film will not allow excess eyeliner to spread and the arrow will turn out perfect. The main thing - do not touch the eyelashes with tape, otherwise trouble can not be avoided!

    Powder effect and arrow shadow

    To get straight arrows you need a brush with a beveled edge. This brush is also used for coloring eyebrows. Before use it needs to be slightly moistened. This will prevent shadows from crumbling and allow you to draw a clearer line.

    Shadows usually create a slightly muffled arrow. She is slightly boudoir, but can perfectly fit into everyday makeup. This version of eye makeup is performed not only on the upper eyelid, but also captures the lower. How to create a haze around the look.

    Stepwise execution of arrows:

    • apply some shadows to the wet brush, then brush the tip off hand. This way you remove excess material,
    • draw a line with shadows on the lower eyelid. Take the tip beyond the boundaries of the mobile eyelid, while raising its top,
    • then repeat the manipulation of the upper eyelid. But at the outer corner of the eye, the line will need to be connected to the tip of the arrow. If desired, the arrow can be sealed to the outer edge of the outer eyelid. A little mascara on your eyelashes and you are ready to captivate with a languid look.

    How to choose an arrow shape for your eyes

    To choose and choose the right arrow configuration for yourself, you need to consider 4 points:

    • Eye shape
    • Eye section
    • Landing eyes
    • Eye color.

    If you have small eyesthen the bright arrows from the middle of the eyes are best for you and the line of the arrow should be drawn outside the outer corner of the eye. Thus, you will visually expand your eyes.

    If you have round eyesthen the arrows around the eyelid are best for you, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, going slightly beyond the edge of the eye. Do not forget to color the eyelashes. Thus, you visually stretch your eyes.

    If your eyes are wide apart, then the arrows are best suited for you with a thick line throughout the upper eyelid, extending the line of the arrow to the bridge of the nose, but not reaching the outer corner of the eye.

    If you have narrow eyesthen the arrows around the eye of the same thickness are best for you, slightly thickening in the middle of the eye, but do not lengthen the line beyond the corners of the eye. On both edges, the drawn line can be shaded with shadows and a brush.

    If you have lowered eyes, then the arrows on the upper eyelid are best for you, while the end of the arrow is thickened and raised up.

    Eye color also plays an important role in which arrows suit you best. There are four rules you can consider:

    • Firstly, any eyeliner color is suitable for black eyes,
    • Secondly, blue and gray eyes are suitable for copper and purple eyeliners,
    • Thirdly, brown eyes are suitable for eyeliner of blue, green and plum color,
    • Fourth, eyeliner of such colors as gold, burgundy, turquoise, plum and purple is suitable for green eyes.

    A wide variety of arrows, how to make them and with what colors of their best to combine, you will find on the Internet. You can also view photos and see how you can step by step draw arrows and choose for yourself what you like.

    Do not be upset if they say: “The first pancake will be lumpy!” The more you train and try to draw arrows, the more and better you will succeed! You will fill your hand and gain more experience.

    So DON'T DISAPPEAR! Train! Learn! Experiment! Try yourself in new images, surprise your friends and relatives! And most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP!

    How to choose the right color for the arrows - optimal shades

    The colored arrows on the eyes with a pencil perfectly complete the image.

    A detailed instruction with a photo will illustrate: how, emphasizing the color of the iris, you can also vary the tint makeup palette.

    • Dark or black eyes. With this languid shade, any color scheme will be appropriate. You can emphasize the depth and unusualness with the help of violet-blue colors. Gentle and tasteful look smoky nuances of green. Glittering options are also worth a try.
    • Gray and blue eyes. The whole gamut of yellow in overflows of tones from gold to copper-brown will become a successful "frame" for the eyes of this color orientation. Bright accents look interesting in the form of a contrasting color line along the lower eyelid.
    • Brown eyes. A blue eyeliner is ideal for highlighting eyes of all shades of brown. As additional tones, plum, malachite green, turquoise, gray are used. You can experiment with a red-pink palette.
    • Green eyes. In the color wheel, the contrast for this color is red. To emphasize this magical shade of the eyes, cosmetics of such a range are appropriate: violet, purple, wine, burgundy. Gold and copper colors also look good.

    We select the arrows for the type of eyes

    When creating any image, it is important to consider the "basic material". That is, when you pick up a skirt, you look at your size of clothes, the shape of your hips, the advantages and disadvantages of your legs. So in makeup. When choosing lipstick, you take into account the volume of the lips, skin tone and even the shade of the tooth. With the eyes you need to be even more careful. After all, incorrectly applied makeup can violate the proportions in the face. A correctly made makeup will only emphasize your dignity and enhance the beauty.


    Before drawing arrows with a pencil, it is necessary to take into account some features of the use of this tool:

    • It is necessary to slightly powder the eyelid to avoid possible spreading of the stylus or its prints on the upper eyelid. For the same purposes, try to choose wax-based pencils that are moisture resistant or waterproof. A great option is a permanent eyeliner Double wearfromEstee lauder ,
    • You need to draw arrows with a soft, but at the same time well-sharpened pencil. Otherwise, the contour will turn out blurry and ugly. If your pencil is too hard, you can slightly melt its lead by holding it over a lighter or a candle,
    • Do not forget to carefully work out the inter-ciliary space to avoid gaps in the contour.

    We draw arrows with a pencil along with a step-by-step video tutorial from Elena Krygina:

    Before drawing arrows with shadows, it is important to create a base under the shadow using a primer and prepare a thin beveled brush. Let's take a look at the application step by step:

    • Guided by the diagram above, we build the body of the arrow, starting from the inner corner of the eye and ending with the tip. To do this, you can use a small amount of pigment, so that in case of an error, correction can be easily carried out,
    • Carefully connect the resulting points, trying to create an exact even line,
    • Paint over the spaces
    • It is better to dye eyelashes only after the arrow is ready.

    In order to make the color more saturated and bright, you can apply shadows to the finished arrow, made with a pencil or eyeliner.

    Almond-shaped eyes

    This eye shape is considered ideal for makeup artists. It does not require adjustment. And she easily accepts any makeup. The corners of this form are located on the same level or the outer ones are raised slightly higher than the inner one. Makeup artists seek to adjust the remaining eye shapes to fit this one.

    Any arrow is suitable for this form. The most basic option in makeup is an elongated outer corner. To do this, emphasize 1/3 of the lower eyelid with shadows or a pencil. Take the tip a little out of the eye. Then draw an inter-ciliary line and connect it to the tip. Gradually thicken the arrow to the tail. Basic visage for every day is ready.


    All means are good for creating perfect shooters. You can combine several cosmetic products, for example:

    • Gel eyeliner + shimmer shadows or metallic shadows. Having worked the arrow on top of the shadows, you will add shine and brightness,
    • Pencil + eyeliner. It is much easier to erase a pencil in case of an error. Therefore, a beginner can create an arrow first with a pencil, and then work through the finished version with an eyeliner. In addition, the pencil ideally masks the spaces between the eyelashes, so it will be a great addition to the eyeliner in filling the inter-eyelash space
    • Pencil + matte shadows. The arrow drawn with a sharp pencil will look beautiful if you shade it a bit with the help of black shadows. Be careful to blend only the outer edge of the contour!


    In the recommendations for beginners, a special place is given to a pencil, since it is more convenient for them to draw. The only drawback of this tool is the lack of resistance in the process of wearing. During the day, there is a need to correct makeup.

    Particularly obvious drawbacks of pencil arrows will be in front of an impending eyelid and naturally oily skin. In this case, you can fix the pattern by first applying a tone of powder, and after the image of the arrows, fixing them with shadows in tone. Thus, the pencil “seals” between the layers.

    Pencil lines can be easily shaded by creating smoky eyes makeup.

    Eyes with drooping outer corners

    This form has one small feature. The outer corners are slightly down. When combined with the impending eyelid, which is often found in such eyes, it gives the impression of a sad look. But for a skilled makeup artist - it does not matter. For an experienced master, this is just an excuse to create stylish makeup. Arrows "haute couture" are perfect in this case. They will raise their eyelids and open their eyes.

    Start making by creating a ponytail. Draw a line from the outer corner toward the eyebrows. Then fill the inter-ciliary space with a pencil. Connect the top line to the tip. Fill the void if it still remains. In the absence of need for heavy makeup, the lower eyelid can not be let down. Now you are ready to shine.

    Raised Outside Corners

    How to fix errors and inaccuracies

    Even if you know for sure how to draw arrows correctly, nobody canceled the possibility that a hand accidentally flinches. Few people know that to correct their mistakes it is not necessary to draw the entire arrow again - you can do with a small correction:

    • minor irregularities can be hidden with dark shadows, neatly shading them over the flaw,
    • if a roughness arose on the arrow, then you can make the outline thicker and remove the defect, but it is important to control the symmetry in both eyes,
    • inaccurate protrusions on the outer edge can be painted over with a concealer and a brush.

    On a note

    The arrows strongly accentuate the eyes and the area around them, so the eyebrows should look perfect.

    Black arrows are great for evening makeup. During the day, brown, beige, blue or dark green look more appropriate.

    Arrows are best drawn after applying shadows. If you do not plan to use them, then take a clear powder. It will even out the surface of the eyelids and the arrows will be sharper.

    The arrow should be drawn with the eye open. Look in the mirror right in front of you, without taking your face to the side.

    The elbow of the hand should be emphasized, since when drawing arrows on weight, they most likely will not turn out as smooth and accurate as we would like.

    Draw arrows directly along the ciliary contour.

    You should not use only a pencil, otherwise after a while the arrows will “float”. Therefore, it is better to fix the arrow with a liner or shadows.

    The tip of the arrow should be pointing up.

    Small eyes

    Small eyes are a collective name for many forms. This section includes narrow-set, with an overhanging eyelid and closely spaced eyes. All of these options require a visual increase in their shape. An ideal solution would be an arrow of medium thickness with a long tip.

    When creating makeup for small eyes, draw the tip of the eyeliner slightly thickening it from the bottom. Then draw a line along the upper eyelid. Connect both lines already outside the folds of the eye. Thus, you will compact and increase the outer contour. So your eyes will become larger. They will get perfect proportions.

    Current trends in the types of arrows

    Not sure which arrows to draw? Let's look at the most relevant and popular types of arrows:

    This thin arrow perfectly accentuates the shape of the eye and will be a great addition to daytime makeup. Just work out the eyelash growth line with a pencil and carefully go “abroad”, creating a thin arrow.

    It assumes an equally densely designed upper and lower eyelid with a fairly long and slightly bent up arrow.

    It resembles a basic one, but a little thicker and more authentic, with an emphasis on the outer corner of the eye. Direct reference to makeup of the 50s of the XX century.

    Short arrow with a thick base and slightly bent tip. The beginning of the arrow goes beyond the outer corner of the eye with an acute angle. Sometimes the lower ciliary edge can also emphasize. Ideal for creating a “cunning” look.

    There are several ways to draw double arrows:

    The basic contour is carefully shaded along the upper edge.

    There are a lot of options for how to draw arrows on the eyes. Fantasy makeup artists do not stand still!

    Round eye shape

    This type differs from the amygdala with a wide open eyelid. This gives the appearance of a puppet image. With a strong desire, you can slightly level this effect. To do this, it is worth “stretching out” your eyes with the help of a visage with powerful arrows.

    Narrowing the eyes will help darkening the mucosa in the outer corner. To do this, draw with a pencil the eyelash growth line on the upper eyelid. Darken the bottom corner. Make a ponytail. It must be strictly horizontal. Too high a tip near the eyeliner will spoil the look and make it artsy. Then draw a line from the middle of the upper eyelid to the tip of the arrow. Fill the void. Add some mascara. Now you are ready to look!

    High set eyes


    This eyeliner combines the convenience of pencil drawing and the durability of a standard liquid eye makeup product. Drawing arrows with a felt-tip pen takes a small amount of time, which is also comfortable. Of the shortcomings, we can only note the fact that this product itself quickly becomes worthless, since the cap dries up due to constant opening.

    Eyes Overhanging

    At first glance, this feature in appearance reduces makeup options. But this is not so. With a little effort, you can get a good result that does not reduce the eyes. The only prohibition is underlining the lower eyelid. This can aggravate the effect of the upper eyelid and the eyes will seem completely sad.

    To make up such eyes, it is necessary to emphasize the line of eyelash growth on the upper eyelid. Pull the tail slightly out of the eye. Then tighten the arrow. Make it as thick as possible. At its maximum, it should fill the entire space of the upper eyelid. This will open your eyes and give it intrigue.

    Arrow for the impending century

    Dry eyeliner

    Externally, this product is indistinguishable from the usual shadows. When mixing it with moisture, additional properties are manifested. A separate brush is required. This eyeliner is especially convenient to draw the ciliary contour.Also with this tool you can apply the thinnest lines. The durability of dry eyeliner is usually decent.

    Asian eye shape

    For owners of oriental appearance, arrows called “cat's eye” are suitable. They emphasize the beauty of the look and add charm to the image.

    Drawing arrows in the style of a cat’s eye, go through the eyeliner along the entire ciliary line (bottom and top). Extend the tip diagonally so that it strives for the temples. Paint your eyelashes liberally with mascara and your look is ready. Spin your eyes and bewitch your attractiveness!

    Step-by-step instructions for creating a make-up for oriental beauties

    How to draw arrows with shadows

    The technique of applying arrows with shadows is easy to master, guided by the rules:

    • for painting with shadows, you should use a dry brush made of natural pile with a slightly beveled end,
    • first the foundation is laid on the shadow,
    • then a line is carefully drawn from the inner corner of the eye to the edge,
    • imperfections are removed with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover milk,
    • also uneven arrows can always be shaded and create a different image.

    10 secrets of perfect shooters

    • If your hand trembles when creating eye makeup - put your elbow on the table. So the hand will be fixed in one position, and will not become an obstacle to you. You can also additionally create support using the little finger, which should rest on the cheek.
    • In the absence of experience at first, the arrow may not be very smooth. It doesn’t matter. Just soften the outline with shadows or a pencil. This eliminates all errors.
    • To prolong the life of arrows, which are made using liquid eyeliner, powder will help. Only the powder should be transparent or transparent as it is also called. Wait for the eyeliner to dry and lightly powder it.
    • You can correct the curved line from a pencil or eyeliner using the concealer. And if it was not at hand, use a transparent lip balm. It will help you erase flaws easily.
    • If you are new to creating a clear contour, you can put several points along the ciliary row and then connect them into a line.
    • If you are not sure about the chosen shape of the arrows, first draw them with a gray pencil. This is the so-called "draft line." After that, you can safely fix it with liquid or gel eyeliner.
    • Creating an even tail, you can use tape. To do this, stick a small piece at the outer corner of the eye. Draw the tip, then boldly remove the tape.
    • Draw the tail of the arrows only with the eyes open. Otherwise, you can get a distorted version.
    • Start doing makeup from the “uncomfortable” side. If you are right-handed, on the left and vice versa. So you are accustomed to doing a symmetrical make-up.
    • Apply mascara with eyes slightly closed. This will help keep the eyelid clean. The main thing is that the makeup is neat.

    Which pencil for arrows is better to buy

    All pencils existing in cosmetic companies can be divided into two types:

    1. Kayal. The stylus of this product leaves a greasy, moist mark. This pencil is ideal for creating even bright lines. It does not lend itself to shading, but you can draw a line on top of the shadows. Not particularly stable during socks, revealing the need to correct errors.
    2. Dry pencil. The core of this tool is harder, which expands the range of possible arrow patterns. Resistance is higher than that of kayals. An uneven line can be shaded at any time and correct the situation.

    The arrows on the eyes are depicted in all kinds of techniques. Even with the help of one classic pencil, you can adjust the shape or emphasize the solemnity of the moment. Considering the makeup you like in the photo, with step-by-step instructions it will not be difficult to realize such an image in life.

    Watch the video: Red Arrow Alignment Ball Marker (March 2020).